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Dr. Champ: Episode 12
by | November 7, 2010 | 49 Comments

There, there, darling.

Drama, we need to take some time to think. I’ve never been a particular fan of this tactic, taking it as a subjacent “I want to break up, but don’t have the courage to”. This time, I’ll remain optimistic. Don’t ask me why; not even I understand that. Despite seeming gratuitously sadistic and cruel, I firmly believe you’re more than that. I listened to your excuses and you’re right – you’re not completely to blame if you ate some gummy bears adulterated with high concentrations of methadone, which ended in you having hallucinations and being a general idiot.

However, you’re still not completely reliable and we’re remaining friends until either you prove yourself worthy or we confirm you’re a tragedy junkie.


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Episode 12 recap

This episode kicks off with Ji Heon grabbing Yeon Woo in a pretty unbelievable move that shows exactly how deep he’s sunk. Do Wook saves the day (and pretty much Ji Heon-Yeon Woo’s relationship) by ordering him to stop it with that childish attitude. Since Ji Heon’s acid stare refuses to go, Do Wook provokes him a little, describing his behavior as something shameful. Furious, Ji Heon grabs Do Wook only to be stopped by the latter’s warning – if he continues what he’s about to do, he’ll make sure his days as an athlete are over.

The doctors go out to pay a visit to Sang Bong (Ji Heon is still in denial), and Yeon Woo confronts Do Wook for his harsh words to our judoka guy. Do Wook’s pH must actually be negative, as he also questions her “new method” to cure athletes’ diseases – it would include kissing them. Shocked, Yeon Woo just remains in silence.

Meanwhile, Ji Heon remains in his not programmed robot alter ego, training like crazy, treating human beings like crap, etc. Or, like Yoo Ri puts it after being completely ignored by him, “Butt has changed”.

After so much time, Yeon Woo has picked her books again in order to gain some brownie points from Do Wook. Her efforts are proving to be successful, since she treats an athlete at Do Wook’s office without being mocked by him for the first time. Their next patient is a guy who has a competition that same day, but is suffering from an acute pain. She gives him a temporary solution which must be given by Do Wook due to her lack of experience and difficulty of the procedure (it involves giving an injection, and hitting a nerve would make the athlete’s condition more painful).

At judokas’ training facility, Go Bum is making some people go crazy. And by some, I refer to all of them. He’s refusing to acknowledge his “maknae” role, something Taek Woo won’t tolerate. They eventually stop fighting over it, but the fire is just growing slowly between them. That same day, both doctors visit with the excuse of just watching how the team is doing, while focusing mostly on Ji Heon’s progress (or lack of). In fact, Ji Heon is hallucinating with Sang Bong, thus losing concentration and failing to train properly.

Do Wook thinks that the best way to force Ji Heon to return to the land of the living is to make him accept what has happened and visit Sang Bong. Yeon Woo, on the other hand, is not so sure, since the accident was very recent. Either way, the coach, deeply concerned (either for the judo team or Ji Heon – maybe both?), wants to know whether he’ll be able to be an athlete again by the time a Japanese team arrives in 10 days for a good-will match. Do Wook takes this timeframe as a deadline for Yeon Woo: she’ll be responsible for his recovery. If she fails, Ji Heon most likely will be dismissed again from the team. After the coach leaves the mini meeting, Yeon Woo protests – her experience treating is poor, it would be better if Do Wook took the case. He’s against her suggestion, it’s time for her to spread her wings.

As a first step, Yeon Woo visits Sang Bong and talks to him, even when he’s still with his eyes closed. She just expresses how cool he was enduring pain like a champ at the Olympic Games (since he was fractured), and ends telling him that his friend is messed up too. In a different level – more psychological maybe – but as painful as his. Offering her help to reunite them, she walks away.

Later, Yeon Woo talks to another doctor about her concerns regarding our two judokas. Her initial doubts are cleared when he explains that Sang Bong is still in step 1 of the “Five Stages of Grief” (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance), so he needs to wake up to reality as fast as possible. If Ji Heon shows up, it’d be a win-win scenario: Sang Bong’s wrath would certainly push him into the other stages and Ji Heon would finally face his guilt. She has to work his psyche and persuade him.

So, the rules of the game have been set, the only thing Yeon Woo needs is to realize how to reach this new distant Ji Heon. With that in mind, she asks her mum for advice. When they were facing hard times due to financial bankruptcy, how did she cheer her husband up? It’s not a matter of “cheering the person up”, they would think you’re stoopid; what truly helps is just being there for them and holding them.

Well, for a married couple, holding each other is quite easy, but Yeon Woo has another idea – the guitar may keep her away from skinship!

At the National Village, Ji Heon can’t shake off his robotic new attitude, even when the coach gives him those 10 days to practice when and how he decides to. He warns him, if those Japanese guys come and he’s not ready to fight as a professional, kaboom, it’s o-vah. Afterwards, an incident at the cafeteria caused by Go Bum’s high tendency to douchbaggery, ends with Ji Heon accused of not having dignity because of his judo-block. Way to torture this guy over and over again.

Unsurprisingly, Yeon Woo’s tactic fails miserably (how many things have failed this episode?!). She chooses a song about love. Love. And she sings it to the guy who’s madly in love with her. Good choice. Not. Anyways, he softens a bit, only to restart his programming and go back to square one: she will never understand the excruciating pain he’s going through, she should just shut her trap and get lost.

Hee Young’s WTF decision to leave Do Wook is so uncomfortable to bear, that when she accompanies Yoo Ri for a medical check up, one could literally take a piece of air and build a statue. This evident distance between them is quickly noticed by Yeon Woo, who in her first WTF moment of the night, faces Hee Young to ask her if they’ve broken up.

Rolleyes to the infinite.

With her suspicions confirmed, she storms into Do Wook’s house (!!) having understood that now that he’s been rejected, he’ll leave Korea for good. His dream wasn’t so poetic after all, he was just following a woman.

And exactly why are you entitled to make this kind of reprimands, again?

Anyway, back to Ji Heon’s Depressingland, the man himself is forced by his niece to watch a documentary on Sang Bong. No, they little boy is not a sadistic torturer, he still doesn’t know what happened, and he’s super excited because his uncle is appearing (quite sporadically and in the background) on TV. Ji Heon, on the contrary, wants to avoid that damn program at all cost.

Sang Bong: The most difficult opponent? It’s not because he’s good, it’s because he’s my friend.

(Ji Heon turns his head to watch it directly)

Sang Bong: I was feeling bad towards him, so I considered going up a weight division. But my coach was against it. In any case, since my friend has entered the national village again, I’m happy.

I can’t breatheeeeeeeeeeee! Why is this so sad?!

Sang Bong’s words shake Ji Heon’s dulled senses off. He’ll go and face his friend, and his own fragility. In order to do this, he calls Yeon Woo to accompany him (thus saving her from an atrocious haircut, or hair-murder?); his panic is too big to handle alone. She goes right away to the hospital, and takes him to Sang Bong’s room.

As if Sang Bong had felt that Ji Heon was the one entering his room, he opens his eyes only to see the responsible for his tragedy. Quite predictably, he suddenly turns violent (similarly to Do Wook’s reaction when Hee Young was leaving him), squirming on his bed and shouting Ji Heon to get lost.

How can I continue writing when the tears blur my sight?

Sang Bong’s pain was written all over his face, and who could blame him for firing up against his ex-friend? Thinking it coldly, yes, Ji Heon didn’t do it on purpose, but does it make it any better? No. And I love this storyline to bits, period. I could do without the romance if they managed to handle skillfully this particular sub plot.

Ji Heon walks away in shock and goes back to his curled up pill bug status. His companion sees him leaving the hospital and follows him, just to witness his mental defeat. Now, she understands what her mum said by holding a person can be more helpful that cheering them up – she stays by his side, in silence, as his support.

In this current situation, it’s pretty clear that Ji Heon’s mood is in no shape for competition – or even training at all – so he decides to quit. His coach is showing his heart for one, telling him that as the responsible for the team, yeah, he is quite worthless, BUT as his sunbae, he can’t allow him to run away like this. He believes Sang Bong would think the same. Having said that, he challenges Ji Heon to compete with him: for 5 days, he’ll have the chance to fight with him, until he flips him over. They won’t sleep at night, they’ll train and prepare; that’s his offer and Ji Heon’s last chance.

Yeon Woo is facing interesting changes in her life too. She’s finally decided to let go of Do Wook’s surveillance, and go back to treating patients in her office.

The day of the good-will match has arrived, and so has the deadline for Ji Heon’s recovery. Yeon Woo considers attending the match, only to stop before entering (ack, frustrating!). She has no time to reconsider, Do Wook calls her to attend a meeting with the vice director to further discuss their “budget problem”: it seems that at last, they’ve granted them a reunion with the Bureau Chief.

Coach’s late at night sessions of private training have paid up, leading to Ji Heon’s positive performance at the match. Yay! As he goes out, he receives a motivational text message that Yeon Woo had sent before, driving him to try and meet her. Oh, mighty Gods of the Olympus, how unfortunate must be Ji Heon’s timing? He catches her while she was leaving with Do Wook.


They change formalities about that day’s match and before Ji Heon could utter a word, they had already left for their budget meeting. The reunion with the Bureau Chief was one of the most awkward moments in this episode, including some sexist remarks on Yeon Woo and Do Wook talking about his injury in exchange for a serious consideration of the medical machinery matter.

After the dinner was over, Yeon Woo let the doctor know how surprised she was at his accommodating behavior. He teaches her a valuable lesson in life: don’t be so stiff if you want to succeed. As a matter of fact, he was actually doing it for her sake; she’s the one who’ll need the equipment once he’s gone. With tears in her eyes, she rejects his compassion – she doesn’t want him to go.

Do Wook tries to explain his motives for having suddenly given up on the National Village. When his life as an athlete was terminated, he took medicine as his new dream. So no, he wasn’t there just for a chick as she had previously deducted, he was indeed following his dream… or so he thought. When he met Hee Young, the past that was left behind, came back to haunt him. As a person who’s still stuck in the past, not letting go of his tragedies, he can’t be the National Village’s representative. In a nutshell, he has to go back because of this. He’ll help her with all his heart until he leaves, it doesn’t matter which strategy he must use.

Yeon Woo: Can you not go? I still… need you.


Do Wook: Don’t worry, I’ll leave a doctor who’ll work instead of me.

Yeon Woo: No, I said I need you, not another doctor.

Okay, no. This is not the way to go, writers. Hopefully, you’ll fix this by next episode’s initial chat?

Do Wook is so cool about her stubborn crush – he decides to smile tenderly without making her feel dejected or embarrassed.

And why am I getting hopeful here? See, the following day, Ji Heon (I bet he’s dead tired of handling his brother’s decease, his friend’s disability and his chosen woman’s changes of mood) goes directly to face Do Wook.

The subject? Yeon Woo.

The moment? Now.

No rules. No chickening allowed. Let the Doctor – Athlete Smackdown begin!

Kaedejun, you’re the referee!

Personal comments

…and we better have a definitive adult talk! (considering Do Wook has never showed any romantic interest in Yeon Woo, this doctor-athlete discussion should be quite amusing)

I’m amazed at my willingness to give second chances to this drama, one after the other. The truth is, while the romance bits are driving me bonkers, the pure “dramatic” storyline is smashing my heart to smithereens.

I have catalogued Sang Bong as a mere plot device many times here, and I stand by that definition. Nevertheless, he’s interesting as such, providing the kind of angst I wasn’t expecting; and I have nothing more than curiosity to see what follows. Yes, my inner curious self has been sparked by this devious twist. I came for the romance, I stayed for the sport’s angst; that’s a first time for me (seriously, how cute is the judo team?).

On the other hand, what about the writer and female leads? Are they a mortal enemy or what? Both Yeon Woo and Hee Young are ridiculous, hysteric, unfairly cranky. I’m trying to understand Hee Young’s attitude from last episode, and her logic is still a mystery: you feel guilty ergo you mistreat the guy. Say what?!

Yeon Woo seems to have made one (temporary?) step backwards in character development, trying to cling onto Do Wook, even when in previous episodes she had acknowledged her defeat. I’ll just wait a little more before choosing to be irreversibly harsh and unforgiving, because I kind of understand how much she respects and admires her boss, and seeing him go must be shocking enough to make her do this kind of stupid teary semi-declarations. I can’t explain my dissapointment when I didn’t see any progress in her snail paced opening up to her colleagues, patients and, particularly, Ji Heon. Don’t get me wrong, even if I love him till the end of the universe and beyond (and would love to see him happy by the ending), if she’s not interested, there’s nothing we can do (at this point it’s pretty safe to say that she’ll warm up to him sooner or later). However, she was in charge of his recovery, but barely talked to him what? Twice? (they had 10 days, right? Ji Heon made it thanks to his coach). What happened with their growing friendship from before the accident? The only moment in which she showed some concern was when she let her concrete walls fall, and hugged him at the hospital. It was a small gesture, but it spoke volumes about her and her existing ability to empathize with him. She has a soul after all, and he only lets it out when she’s by his side – she has no need to prove anything to him, her self imposed social barrier has no point at all.

Maybe Ji Heon and Do Wook can team up to make the ladies get back to their senses?

Coach approves.


49 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. rainbowcolorrs

    thank you!

    • 1.1 rainbowcolorrs

      also, do you mean nephew when Ji Heon is watching the Sang Bong documentary? I thought he was a really cute femaleish looking boy all this time!

      • 1.1.1 aberdeen_angus

        Sorry about that, a typo.

  2. shzei

    YW and DW romance is quite opposite of typical rom k-drama . Usually, the female is one that doesn’t know the one-sided love from a second male lead but we have DW. LOL

  3. jangnanseureon

    Yes!!! I’m really loving Yeon-Woo!

  4. kaedejun

    “She chooses a song about love. Love. And she sings it to the guy who’s madly in love with her. Good choice. Not.”


    I headdesked so many times too – the moment with Hee Young being an especially painful one for my poor head. That scene was useless. Thank goodness it lasted that five minutes and nothing more.

    I’m not too happy with how Yeon Woo is clinging on to Do Wook either, though I understand. It’s just that I was afraid that he was going to also confront her about her feelings for him, and thankfully he did not. Instead he said that another doctor could be a director.

    And GAH – that hospital scene sure was heartbreaking!!! it was too painful to watch – for the first time, I couldn’t stand watching Sang Bong writhe around the hospital bed like that. (Although – if he were paralyzed, how’d he twist the lower half of his body separate from his upper half? I might be ignorant on this medical fact, but it seemed weird that he seemingly COULD control his lower body) That was another headdesk-to-hide-my-eyes moment.

    i really liked that the moment Ji Heon is given the chance to take charge of his future (by training with the coach), Yeon Woo also decides to take charge – by not treating alongside Do Wook anymore. And he seemed amused!!

    “I came for the romance, I stayed for the sport’s angst; that’s a first time for me (seriously, how cute is the judo team?).”

    Much agreed chingu – same here!

    • 4.1 holey moley

      LOL at your headdesking with HeeYoung… actually, i will not waste any amount of energy with that black hole…in fact, i’m creating scenarios now in my head wherein she could either burn in flames, explode into million pieces, or just plainly be eaten by any monsters in joseon x files…HA! Because, she’s seriously sucking the energy out of UTW…his doctor character has been somewhat awesome lately (not including him being stucked with her…)

      as with aberdeen, i’m LOVING the sports angst…i even wished it was not just a subplot but the main story…gotta LOVE the BROMANCE…i cried buckets of tears in the hospital scene, heck, even on the documentary part i was even reaching for the tissue…

      i actually wanted KSY to cut his hair during that scene, because it would mean only one thing to me, her hair is back into being badass in athena…yeah rock it!!! (i will still cling to my hypothesis that she is athena in athena…)

      • 4.1.1 pohonphee

        Agree De wook is awesome except his act sticking up with Hee Young. De wook doesn’t get together with Yeon woo is ok for me as long as he doesn’t get together with Hee Young either.

      • 4.1.2 absothe

        If Hee Young where to walk under a car or something I would be totally fine with that. Saves me the bother of pressing the forward button. Seriously she is the worst actress ever, how can you have the same expression on every fr*cking scene?
        But it better not be Ji Heon driving the car, cause that would be just the end of my sanity.

        • aberdeen_angus

          “But it better not be Ji Heon driving the car…”

          LOL! 😀 😀 😀

        • holey moley

          omaygad!!! i’m seriously laughing myself out!!! i think my soul has left me….i’m only typing this due to reflex…HAHAHA!!!!

          joking aside, if the writer has still plans in making ji heon a walking ball of guilt and angst, then all hell will break loose…because, seriously, how could you damage further a damaged man?…i actually think the writers have some serious fetish in manpain…why don’t they just use that sadistic ideas to hee young….(thinking of other ideas on how to torture her? any ideas? anyone?)

  5. ohemgee

    you guys are doing a FANTASTIC job recapping this show! so fast, in fact, that i can’t keep up!! 😉 but that’s ok because i need my JH-YW cuteness factor!! not to mention all the cute athlete bromance!

    i am loving this show more than i ever thought i would have. such a good surprise!!

  6. kdramaobssessed

    aberdeen_angus, I LOVE your in-depth recaps so please don’t take any offense with this question, but I am DYING to know exactly what verbal exchange took place between Ji Heon and Do Wook at the end. Just saying it’s a showdown is not enough!!! Can anyone go a little further on exactly what dialogue was exchanged? Ji Heon seemed really determined to express something and Do Wook just smiled; what did it meannn???

    • 6.1 rainerust

      No dialogue yet. That’ll be for the start of Episode 13 (tonight!). All JH says is, ‘I need to talk to you.’ and DW smiles and answers, ‘Yeon Woo?’ and all JH does is nod.

      So yeah.

      • 6.1.1 kdramaobssessed

        thank you!

  7. Revy

    Oh my all this Dr Champ news is so wonderful.

    I am still not interested in Hee Young story. She just really bores me.

    I am so excited for this Judo vs. Doc showdown with words.

  8. red

    if ji heon does the “im not good for her so look after her for me” thing……..i leave and never come back

    i was hoping with jiheon’s emotional step back from the relationship…yeon woo would do the moving forward…but sadly no

    • 8.1 wiggygreggy

      I totally agree! Well…in a previous episode, Ji Heon did say that HE would come to her. Was that just all talk?! I’m very interested to see how the writers of this show will tie everything together in the end. Only 4 more episodes to go!

  9. Do-ra-ma

    The Bromance!!!! NO! How heartbreaking was that hospital scene?

    But Yeon Woo’s silent hug… That’s the glimmer of hope. But, other than that, man is she really hung up on Do Wook. But, from my perspective, most of that is an admiration/respect for the man, with an unrequited crush mixed in. Her feelings for him are just all jumbled up into one big messy ball of emotion.

    Do Wook’s impending leave is certainly a surprise. But, it’s true, his motivation for coming back to Korea WAS Hee Young. Hate to say it, YW, but DW is just not interested in you in that way. It’s strictly professional.

    Brownie points for the judo coach. I’m glad he was able to get JH back on track. He’s usually dispassionate, so it was a bit moving to see him express his feelings about JH’s decision to quit. It’s what the guy needed in addition to facing his fear, and the comfort from someone close.

    And for that final scene? Very, very interested! But, I have a feeling it’s not gonna mount up to much as far as a love triangle goes. DW enjoys teasing JH about his love for YW. He’s incredibly amused by it all, so I don’t think we’re gonna see him declaring war over her. Well, he might lie just to mess with JH, but he wouldn’t be serious about it at all.

    Bring on episode 13! NOW!

  10. 10 Lovepark

    I really liked the judo coach in this episode. It reminded me of his “HIT” character and how adorable he can be despite looking burly. I found it sweet that even though he was the jerk before, he helps Ji heon because he’s his sunbae and can’t see another athlete fall this way. I especially liked the scene where he fell asleep and pretended that he was only thinking about the Japanese playing style for the upcoming match. Who knew he was actually a marshmallow on the inside!

  11. 11 asianromance

    Thank you for the recap!

    I’m glad they decide to have Sang Bong really behave like someone whose life was shattered, even if my accident. I would have given this drama two middle fingers if Sang Bong was all suddenly like “Ji-heon, I know it was an accident. give me a hug there, bud”. Paralysis is still paralysis.

    i gave the drama one middle finger for hurting Sang Bong and putting another tragedy on Ji Heon’s conscience. I feel like with only 4 episodes left..how will they have him deal with BOTH sang bong’s injury and his brother’s death?

    i’m tired of the romance subplots in this drama- give me the story of Ji Heon and how he is going to deal with all this crap that has hit him.

  12. 12 Amg1

    Thank you for your hard work!!!

    I have put my heart on the line, I hope that Dr Champ will come to her senses and realized that Judo-boy is the right person for her.

    The Bromance still one of the best subplots of the whole drama!!!

    “Dr House” character some how compare to the over all story line is to weak, lets hope that the next episodes will gives us some resolutions!!!!

  13. 13 Louie

    Now that we’re on episode 12 already, the Hee-young/Do-Wook love story still remains poorly developed and I do not expect it to get more exciting.

    I think the plot still shows YW’s indecision as to her feelings for JH at this point, since the writers would want a “blinding, dramatic” realization of her feelings for him towards the end of the story.

  14. 14 dramafan88

    Do Wook is so meh – why is she so hung up on him seriously? Yawn.

    Go Ji-Heon-YeonWoo Team!

  15. 15 Chriser

    I love the recap on here but there is one thing that gets me. I thought Ji Heon’s brother had a son which would make him a nephew. You mention niece. Did the writer get confused about the gender of the kid? When did the little boy have a sex change?

    • 15.1 aberdeen_angus

      He, yeah, somewhat my mental wires got all crazy. He’s a nephew, not niece.

      Sorry, Yi Reum.

  16. 16 dannaluk

    yea….i totally get you..the girls are getting on my nerves too….but is anyone else having a strange experience with this drama where you try to ship every single person that comes up on screen simply cuz they’re hot??!!…..i think i’m going crazy….urgh…i think i even tries to pair the random patients that showed up a the clinic…..*sigh*…. athletes and their hot bods….i think i better go get some sleep

  17. 17 pohonphee

    Ha, ha Love Do-wook and all his sarcasm..
    Hee-young stay off from him!!

  18. 18 donnapie.wordpress.com

    So there i was thinking that this episode will be a total snoozefest because once again we get the much ballyhooed about injury of Sang Bong and the condition that Jiheon is in when i suddenly found myself just tearing up at these two even if this topic has been repeated over and over since Episode 10…


    Man, these two have it…


    And this has got to be the saddest break up ever!

    That documentary about Sang Bong where he was shown being soooo happy just talking about Ji Heon totally struck a chord in me…

    How much must he have valued Ji Heon’s friendship to the point where he is considering his welfare first even before his, no matter if he has to cut corners?

    It’s so heartbreaking to see how that accident could have happen and how it is now standing in the middle of their friendship like a huge, obstructive barrier just when they’re rediscovering each other…

    To see Ji Heon beat himself up over something that is totally not his fault makes me just want to comfort him but i must admit that i was disappointed with him too when he just wanted to just up about and quit the judo team although i was somehow expecting it… (where has that take charge man i love gone to? WHERE?)

    However, I welcomed the fact that Coach Oh changed Ji Heon’s mind and that Ji Heon is now showing some spunk from his old self back as he takes baby steps to once again pursue his dreams despite of this setback just because of the encouraging words the coach has given him… (nice way to clean your slate in my books coach-nim! You’re now off my persona non grata list!)

    A mighty fine decision i might say from Ji Heon’s part given how he has committed the same mistake in the past and it only ended up making him regret that the rest of his life… (the quitting i mean…)

    As for Kim Yeon Woo, as much as i like this girl, i wish that she can just finally cut all romantic ties from Do Wook and set her sights on Ji Heon, because really, all that effort is futile…

    (HELLO? Is it any more obvious how much he’s hung up over Hee Young?)

    Though I really appreciate all the help that she has given him during the time that Ji Heon needed her the most, there is also a part of myself that wishes she can just give him space if she can’t follow through because i don’t think he can bear any more if ever she is just looking at him as a friend and giving him false hopes…

    I really can’t bear to see Ji Heon go through so much angst all over again… I think he’s had enough…

    Personally, i thought the ending of this episode was a little anti climactic given how Do Wook is not really much of a competition for Ji Heon anymore since he has made it clear to Yeon Woo where his heart really belongs…

    Still, i can’t help but get excited over this development as i wait with bated breath for possesive Ji Heon to make his re-entrance and maybe then, we’d be back to the good times and then we’ll finally have some laughs right around here all over again…

  19. 19 absothe

    I’m just waiting for Wheesung’s song, cause then I will know everything will be allright.
    Wheesung where are you?

    • 19.1 absothe

      No Wheesung in ep 13 and 14 🙁

  20. 20 Marti

    Uhm Tae-Woong’s hair is enough to make me watch this, if I wasn’t already planning to for my girl So-yeon. It’s acting all on it’s own!

  21. 21 Denali

    Woot to aberdeen_angus for keeping your promise! 😀

    DW/HY pairing: it’s only fair for any relationship to be given an attempt and then whatever must happen will happen. No matter how ‘uninteresting’ HY is, I am a deep sucker for happy endings and seeing glimpses of happy DW has me greedy for more of such scenes. 🙂

    YW/DW: that teary-eyed plea of hers by the river when she ‘confessed’ needing him was meant for him as a mentor doctor, NOT as a love interest. She has realized that his own experience, as a former injured athlete, makes him the most skilled medical director ever for the National Village, from whom she still has/wants to learn. I really don’t think that her own feelings are getting in the way there, because she has fully acknowledged that his only love interest is HY. And yes, aberdeen_angus, feelings don’t vanish in a flash. Besides who would not be reluctant to see this capable man leave just like that, for the wrong reasons?

    JH/DW: JH has already expressed his interest in YW to DW, who finds this and them amusing together, thus I wonder whether that request of their chat might not be work-related. Or maybe he wants to know if the YW/DW relationship hasn’t had any development while he was emotionnally/psychologically away?

    The answer shall come soon – am I the only one trembling? 😀

  22. 22 rainerust

    LOL I almost wish someone would do a live recap of this (bring back SKKS good ole times!) but I’m happy enough knowing episode 13 is screening today.

    (OK yes I’m playing hooky and taking a break from work today because tomorrow will bring worse times so…)

    I wish that, for the umpteenth time, will YW please give up on DW and focus on JH and give him the lovin’ he needs?! (So *cough spoiler* who’s excited for the YOU-KNOW-WHAT in Episode 13? */cough spoiler end/*

  23. 23 müge

    last week to watch ep 11-11 was a torture for me!
    2days, I went to bed with anger, confusion- esp to YW. what the hell is YW still trying to do? how could a person such blind, persistent and indefferent? ( I don’t want to talk about DW and his ex as they’re really meaningless since the beginning to me).
    after seeing the stills, I feel myself a bit relieved but I’m confused about DW’s reaction which he tought YW and her words before took off his car. I’m afraid of he’ll start to feel sth towards YW. if it turns out like that I really don’t know what to do?
    anyway, there is only hours left to watch ep 13- which is my lucky number.
    I hope we’ll see good things tonight…

  24. 24 shu

    T.T sang bong …

  25. 25 ida

    you are going to love 13 and what’s more i reckon this drama is going to pick up some speed…
    no spoilers i won’t leak, don’t worry ^^

  26. 26 rhea

    Sangbong and Jiheon, LOVE!!:)

  27. 27 Alvina

    I agree with a majority of the comments here. I love how out of all of the characters in this drama, I couldnt even care LESS for two of the main ones.

    My primary interest now is in JiHeon’s storyline. I think it’s been that way since episode 1. He transformed from “that guy who probably wont get the girl, grr!” to “that guy is soo amazing, screw the other storylines, what about him?!”.

    It’s now gotten to the point where I just fast forward through the rest of the drama to get to his parts lol.

    I really want to see what they do with his two “angst” points.

  28. 28 Katey B

    Having watched this episode I feel better about seeing YW and DW in the drama. They still irritate me-I think DW’s treatment of YW is unprofessional-but as I can see reason in them some times I can deal with the annoyances. In the scene where YW confronts DW about leaving she looks like she’s got it together.

    How I wish JH’s love interest was someone worthy though. A woman who was self-confident, professional, and loveable.

    BTW wonder if it’s only me who doesn’t like SB’s hospital pajamas-they have a childish pattern that doesn’t sit with his awesomeness.

    I’m glad to see there’s at least one other person who doesn’t mind the JH actress. So what if she’s quiet and looks depressed a lot of the time. I think she’s much more together than YW who keeps throwing herself at DW. I mean YW is practically asking to be used and abused.

  29. 29 josephine

    That’s why I am not looking forward to Ji Heon and YW coupling. I went back to Jung Gyu Woon’s and Lee Soo Kyung coupling in LYATT and that was really special. They really look like a couple. Maybe YW is a tad too sophisticated for JiHeong or maybe as 28 Katey B said YW is throwing herself on DW. Even the chemistry between Jung Gyu Woon and Pak Ye Jin in Come again My Love is better. Anyway I hope JiHeon don’t end up with anybody and reconcile with Sang Bong.

  30. 30 marcellinne

    wow.. can’t wait to know the ending!! is there anyone who can tell me which one will be YW’s lover?? JH or DW?? so curiouss!! 😀 LOL

  31. 31 Lilian

    Argh…the tv scene was heartbreaking…..such good friends and we had to have this….I’m guessing they will become friends again but I hope they make it realistic and not rush it.

  32. 32 cristybutit79

    Can anybody please tell me the title of the song Yeon Woo sings to Ji Heon? I really like it. Thanks!

  33. 33 ahjummabunny

    Hello Everyone!
    I’m dying to find out the name of the song yeon woo sings to ji heon. butakhe

  34. 34 some

    Sweet Salt – This is Love

    I still didn’t find the translation though.

  35. 35 Bogo shipta

    I watched this ep raw and didnt know what Sang Bong said in the documentary but know I know and it ups the bromance one more notch because he contemplated moving into a different weight class to give Jiheon a better chance. And he articulates his ” love ” in audible ways, like the time he told Yeon Woo that if he had a sister, he’d pair her with mr goody two shoes Jiheon. Gosh you gotta love this guy

    Is he a long time family friend? How come he knows Jiheon’s late brother and what they stood for ? Anyone knows or is it supposed to be assumed that he is?

  36. 36 ajstyle2

    how to download the episode

  37. 37 ajstyle2

    pls mail me at ajstyle2@in.com

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