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Dr. Champ: Episode 13
by | November 12, 2010 | 57 Comments

WHEE! And we all know why. It’s because Kaedejun finally got her long lasting wish of getting to recap a Kim So Yeon-kiss. Yes. She can now die happy.

But before that, we want to know how the showdown goes!

Do Wook smirks at the idea of having to discuss Kim Yeon Woo with a pubescent little boy (who happens to tower over him).

Ji Heon: To me, there’s no one but Dr. Kim Yeon Woo.
Do Wook: So?
Ji Heon: So don’t mess with her.
Do Wook: Are you saying this while knowing what it means?
Ji Heon: You have someone else you like. Eating dinner together and such is considered as “messing with her.”
Do Wook: *rolls eyes* Don’t misunderstand. Yesterday’s dinner was because of work. But…how did you know I have someone else I like?
Ji Heon: I heard it. From Kim Yeon Woo.
Do Wook: It makes me feel bad that you two were talking behind my back like that. But I’ll make a note. There’s no one for you but Dr. Kim Yeon Woo. Happy?

He adds that he already broke up with Hee Young (or rather, they never started anything in the first place), and makes note of the fact that Ji Heon must be feeling better mentally since he’s concerned over a woman. It appears that though Ji Heon won, it’s a cheap win, since Do Wook gives Yeon Woo up so easily.

Yeon Woo on the other hand, isn’t quite as willing to give up Do Wook. She waits for him at his office, brewing coffee, because she wants to go back to doing treatments with him. He sees her with different eyes… as a pest. And he doesn’t like coffee at all.

Meanwhile, Taek Woo’s annoyance towards Go Bum increases two fold when he hears about what the jerk did to the lunch lady. The judo boys discuss about Ji Heon’s improvement and speculate that Coach Oh just might have a tiny beating heart; Taek Woo begs to differ – it’s because Coach Oh has no choice but to go with the “second best” with Sang Bong out.

Yeon Woo calls Hee Young out for a talk. Purpose? She wants Hee Young to hold on to Do Wook. She’s the only one who can keep him at Taereung, since he’s leaving because of her. (That’s a hefty assumption, Yeon Woo.) Hee Young doesn’t want to be further entangled in this mess; in fact, shouldn’t Yeon Woo take this chance to confess her feelings for Do Wook?

Yeon Woo thinks Hee Young is being unfair towards Do Wook – if she wasn’t going to get back together with him, she shouldn’t have led him on by wavering in front of him. That’s when Hee Young confesses that his crippled state is because of her, and so she feels to guilty to date him. She warns Yeon Woo not to tell Do Wook, since he doesn’t know that she knows. Do you realize who you’re talking to? It’s Yeon Woo, Miss I-Think-I-Know-What’s-Best.

Do Wook and Yeon Woo head over to the gymnastics arena to check up on athlete Lee Kyung Woo, whose ankle has been miraculously healed without a proper visit to the doctor’s office. Her coach says that Kyung Woo is mostly healed – but that’s not completely healed. She didn’t even tape up her ankle, which could be at risk for further injury. Since it’s also the day that a lot of media outlets will be coming to photograph and interview her, she has no time to visit the medical center.

No problem! Yeon Woo will do it right there!

Except…Yeon Woo does a shoddy job of it, since she’s not taping it in a secure way that would prevent future injuries to her muscles. Do Wook pushes her aside and tapes it up himself, expertly, tightly, and neatly. He orders her to learn it correctly, not just imitate how others do it.

Ji Heon visits Coach Oh to receive permission to go out. He wants to visit Sang Bong. Just so happens, Yeon Woo and Do Wook are already there, seeing him. Do Wook is trying some reverse psychology on him, saying that it might not be so bad for Sang Bong to stay immobile on the bed. He’s already got upper body strength, so if he gets on a wheelchair he can start moving. He’s already got two gold medals, so he’ll be rich for life. Yep, not a bad life at all – except that you can’t walk.

Sang Bong glares at him. That’s the reaction Do Wook wants, and he tells him that laying down is not going to solve matters. If he wants to change his fate, he needs to do it now.

As they leave, they pass by Ji Heon, who’s trying to enter the room. However Sang Bong’s father is pushing him away, saying, “I don’t ever want to see your face. It would be best if we didn’t see each other again for the rest of our lives!”

It’s a harsh statement to overhear, and Do Wook suggests that Yeon Woo go have dinner with Ji Heon instead. However, Yeon Woo is insistent that she eat with Do Wook tonight – she has something to say.

Dun dun duuuun – she spills that Hee Young knows the true cause of Do Wook’s injury. She explains that Hee Young simply feels guilty and feels that she can’t be with him. Do Wook is all, “So? What do you want me to do about it? Hold on to her instead?”

He’s pissed she’s butting into his personal life, but she admits that she has no power in making him stay, even though she wants him to. The implication is clear – the balls are in Hee Young and Do Wook’s court. It’s just a matter of who wants to throw it first.

Yoo Ri is sick – with fever and with the cough. Hee Young gives her some medicine and tells her to rest, and that’s when she’s called to the medical center. In the dead of the night. To see Do Wook.

To sum up, Do Wook knows that she knows, and calls her cruel for refusing to apologize still. In his opinion, she ought to say that she will never hurt him and stay by his side forever. (Even if you’re being sarcastic, you’re expecting too much, Do Wook). Hee Young defends herself: she had considered feigning ignorance, or begging at the knees for forgiveness, but she couldn’t bring herself to do either of those options just to be with him. She tells him straight off – they’re not happy with seeing each other anymore anyways, but only see painful memories in each other.

Do Wook miserably says that he wanted it kept a secret because he knew how horrible she’d feel. Hee Young tenderly hugs him, and finally whispers, “I’m sorry.” And then she sends him away, to someone who will hopefully make him happy.

In a cute interlude with Taek Woo and his lackey, the two of them complain about having to carry the large water coolers. It’s supposed to be Go Bum’s job, but that jerk has thought it unfair for him, the maknae, to do everything himself. To increase Taek Woo’s hatred of him, the lackey mentions that Go Bum is from a rich family. Guy’s got looks, money, and balls. To stand up to authority, I mean…

The two of them see the small car that zips around the village left empty and decide to drive it over to the arena instead of carrying the coolers. That also means they steal it from Bom Jang and his important guest. Heh!

The rest of the team spy Ji Heon at practice early and compliment on his improving form. Even Go Bum is impressed, because Ji Heon has shown great mental strength to be coming back to practice even though his friend is paralyzed on a hospital bed. Ji Heon grabs his uniform and then tosses back his towel. “I don’t think I can give up exercising because of you,” Ji Heon says in a low voice. “I will definitely defeat you.”

Yeon Woo gets a call at work from her mother. Because Mi Ja has been busy boasting to her customer about her daughter working with famous athletes, one of them asked if she could get an autograph. Yeon Woo quickly hangs up on her, much to the amusement of the other nurses. To save face, Mi Ja pretends that Yeon Woo agreed and will get her the autograph.

When Yeon Woo goes to see Do Wook in the office, she’s hoping he’s changed his mind about leaving. Not true, says Do Wook. The next patient, Kang Jun Suh, comes in with a cough. Yeon Woo notices in his medical records that he has an abnormally large heart, which causes concern on her part. She wants to run tests, but Do Wook overrules her. His heart is typical of an athlete’s since he exercises a lot. If she doesn’t know this, she needs to read up on more sports articles.

The judo team begins their hazing of Go Bum. It’s the same trick they did to Ji Heon and Woo Ram, where they have to run to the top of the mountain and come back down in fifty minutes. Of course, Go Bum wants to show off his speed and pushes past Taek Woo and the others. The others quietly fall back, giggling at the thought of Go Bum seeing no one waiting for him at the top of the mountain.

Ji Heon is the only one missing from this hazing session, and he has tried to go visit Sang Bong, but is unsuccessful once again. Bumping into the two doctors, he hands Yeon Woo a small envelope and asks her to give it to Sang Bong for him. Do Wook advises that Ji Heon concentrate on his training, and leave the persuasion to him and Yeon Woo.

In Sang Bong’s room, Do Wook opens the envelope. Inside are pictures of the beach. Pictures of the sunrise, the sunset, the beach during the summer, the beach at night, and finally, Jeju Island. I wipe small tears away from my eyes at this loving bromance. Sang Bong closes his eyes, painfully remembering his plans for vacation with Ji Heon after the competition.

It’s unfortunate that the accident intertwined his and Ji Heon’s fates, and now, if one cries the other will be sad, and if one smiles the other will be happy. Sang Bong laments, “Why did it have to be Ji Heon?”

It’s now late in the evening and Go Bum hasn’t returned from the top of the mountain. The boys start worrying, wondering if he got lost or got hurt. Much to Taek Woo’s annoyance, the boys all start heading up the mountain in search of him with flashlights. They reach the top, calling out his name, but there’s no response. All of a sudden, they see a dark figure sitting on one of the jungle gym bars. It’s Go Bum.

Why is he sitting there all alone instead of going back down? He was waiting for the team to come up, since no way in hell was he going down a mountain in the dark all by himself.

The next day, Bom-Jang congratulates Do Wook – the dinner meeting paid off! They got a bigger budget! Bom-Jang even pinches Do Wook’s cheek! Do Wook frowns, but he can’t resist the smile from growing on his face.

And there’s more good news!

Sang Bong calls the two doctors in to his hospital room: he will start rehabilitation tomorrow. His goal: to walk out of the hospital room on his own two feet. He knows it will be hard, and so he’s going to spend all his efforts into healing himself. He won’t worry about Ji Heon anymore. Instead, he’s leaving it to Yeon Woo to look out for Ji Heon.

Ack! More tears in my eyes! This time of pride. Even Do Wook has a huge smile on his face as he walks out of the hospital.

They call Ji Heon out to a restaurant, and he’s none too happy to see Yeon Woo there with Do Wook. But he is stunned to silence when Yeon Woo tells him of Sang Bong’s decision. He wonders if this means that Sang Bong will be able to walk like Do Wook, but Do Wook can’t promise that. Either way, it can’t be worse than lying in bed forever. To celebrate, they eat!

After dinner, Ji Heon indicates that he wants to talk to Do Wook. Alone. Is it about Yeon Woo again?!

Ji Heon thanks Do Wook. Sincerely. But he still hates him to the core as a man.

Hehehe. Do Wook gets the hint and orders Yeon Woo to drive Ji Heon back to the village, calling him a “little kid.” Hehe – and Yeon Woo still doesn’t pick up on the hint! She hurries Ji Heon into the car, but he hits his head at the top of the car as he slides into the seat. Teehee – and Do Wook is oh-so-amused by all this. As am I.

Ji Heon sits uncomfortably as Yeon Woo drives, because he has motion sickness. (Say whut? He never complained before…) Afraid that he’ll throw up in her car, Yeon Woo pulls over and they take a walk on a pathway overlooking the skyline.

As Ji Heon takes in deep fresh breaths, he notes that Yeon Woo is always eating with the director and sitting next to him. Yeon Woo picks up on his jealousy and realizes that’s why Do Wook describes him as a little kid. So petty. He looks up at the sky; there are no stars. Yeon Woo takes out her phone and product placement for Samsung Galaxy S! opens up an app that allows them to see the constellations in the sky. Even though it’s cloudy, the stars are still there.

They move on to horoscopes, and Yeon Woo reads his:

“Sagittarius. Today is not a good day. you’ve heard good news regarding an acquaintance, but you feel tormented because there’s nothing you can do. Everything that happens around you is depressing. You may have an unexpected dinner date, but the energy you get from the food is not good and you may get indigestion. The unlucky streak will continue for a while but there is a way out. First, when you feel frustrated, look up at the sky.”

Ji Heon rolls his eyes upwards. Yeon Woo continues:

“Second, squeeze your left thumb, where all the bad luck has accumulated.”

Ji Heon quietly squeezes his thumb.

“Last, touch your elbow with your tongue.”

Ji Heon turns away and tries to lick his elbow with his tongue. Then he realizes that he’s just being stupid. Yeon Woo laughs at him for being so gullible, and that brings a wide smile to his face.

Ji Heon smiles!!! And I’m not the only one cheering! Unfortunately, he also feels a tad guilty for being so happy right now. But a phone call from Do Wook to Yeon Woo bursts his little happy bubble. They have an emergency regarding Kang Jun Suh.

Ji Heon holds her back, and insists that she come back after she finishes her work with Do Wook. Yeon Woo tells him to just catch a cab and go home, but she looks back to see his forlorn figure sitting on the wooden fence.

Kang Jun Suh was admitted to the hospital due to difficulty breathing. The coach begins to suspect that Yeon Woo may have been right after all, and that the problem really was the enlarged heart. However, the tests come back proving that the heart wasn’t the cause. The coach is relieved, and holds Jun Suh’s hand. However, that triggers another panic attack and everyone is shooed out of the room.

Outside, everyone is worried. If Jun Suh doesn’t stop hyperventilating he will never be able to compete in handball again. The coach is distressed, and as he rubs his knees in frustration and worry, Do Wook and Yeon Woo both notice the white powder on his pants and hands. It’s rosin allergy. Though Jun Suh may have been playing handball for 15 years, did the coach recently change to a different brand of rosin?

Do Wook congratulates Yeon Woo for figuring out the cause, but she’s a little miffed that the coach, who had been blaming Do Wook the entire time for his “misdiagnosis,” didn’t even thank them for figuring out Jun Suh’s problem. Do Wook likens them to sherpas; they lead the mountaineers up to new heights, and may do it several times, but they are never recognized. The mountaineers/athletes are lauded, but it’s OK, because in the end the mountaineers/athletes know that it’s all thanks to the sherpas/doctors.

To celebrate, Do Wook suggests getting a drink together, but Yeon Woo remembers about Ji Heon. (Yay! She’s thinking of him now!) She makes a call to ask if he’s still there, but suddenly the phone cuts off. Knowing him, he’s probably still there waiting for her. Do Wook is mildly impressed that he’s so patient and sends her off. It’s sweet that he really doesn’t care if Ji Heon gets the girl.

Of course, Ji Heon IS there. His phone died on him, and he’s freezing cold. He asks for her hand to help him up, but once he stands, she awkwardly lets go.

Yeon Woo: Why did you wait here this long?
Ji Heon: Because there’s something I wanted to do.
Yeon Woo: What? Do you want to look at stars again?
Ji Heon: No.
Yeon Woo: Then what?
Ji Heon: You might regret that you even asked.

And he leans in for a kiss.


I’m floating in the air like a big yellow balloon…aberdeen_angus, you’re gonna have to tether me down again.


AW HELLS YEAH! Sang Bong is talking again and choosing to get back on his own two feet! Ji Heon is out of his depression rut! Hee Young and Do Wook are reconciled! (sort of.) Hee Young’s scenes are reduced to just ten minutes out of sixty! Yeon Woo is thinking of Ji Heon finally! And the KISS!

I’m in heaven.

But on to the one thing that was bothering me in this episode. I don’t know how I feel about Yeon Woo becoming the “fluid” member of the love square that will help catalyze Hee Young and Do Wook’s relationship. I’ve said before that Do Wook is the only “fluid member” of the love square that can catalyze Ji Heon and Yeon Woo’s relationship. However, it seems like the writer is trying to do the same for Yeon Woo, perhaps to balance out the relationship square. I think it’s making Yeon Woo seem more pathetic than she really is. Do Wook is funny because he’s so actively playing the role of matchmaker between Yeon Woo and Ji Heon, so his role works. However, Yeon Woo is not as effective towards Do Wook and Hee Young’s relationship, simply because she has the extra baggage of liking Do Wook. Her motivations for making him stay and confronting Hee Young are more emotionally complicated. It’s not working for me, and I would rather if she focused on herself more than worry about Do Wook. Do Wook isn’t going to do anything with Hee Young (it seems), so he has every freedom to meddle in her business as a way of extracting himself from the love triangle that he doesn’t even want to be in anyways.

That said, I’m glad that she chooses not to drink with Do Wook and goes to search for Ji Heon. At this point, she knows Ji Heon too well, and can’t ignore him like she used to. To think, we only have three more episodes left. I’m kinda antsy at wondering how this series will end. All signs are pointing towards Do Wook’s impending departure, but I really wonder if he’ll really leave. K-drama Law states that he won’t. But rules were made to be broken.


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  2. dannaluk

    yipeeeeee!!…though i was really annoyed in the beginning by the yeon woo’s clinging in the begining…the kiss has softened me a little….awwww…i hope aberdeen doesnt feel bad abt not getting the kiss…hopefully she’ll get the next one

  3. iExquisite

    AHHH! I’ve been waiting for this moment (: aw <3

  4. iExquisite

    AHHH! I’ve been waiting for this moment (: aw <3 thanks for the recap!

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    Finally there’s a recap from kaedejun and there’s a kiss also. I might say, I’ve refershed dramabeans page for many times xD to wait this recap

  6. aberdeen_angus

    Hahahaha, @danna, not at all. In fact, for the most part, I liked episode 14 more.

    My biggest issue though, is that I can’t understand Yeon Woo quite yet. I think that she fails as a matchmaker simply because Do Wook has no interest in her help. He’s more mature and has a heavier past with Hee Young, so it’s not so easy as in throw the ingredients in the cacerole and you have instant dinner. Ji Heon and Yeon Woo totally work because the former is completely obsessed with her, and his insistence is bearing fruit.

    Seriously, how cute are JiHeon/YeonWoo when they’re together? I can’t get enough of them; his goofiness + her crankness = WIN.

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  8. Do-ra-ma

    I’ve re-watched the last twenty minutes of this episode numerous times already (from Sang Bong’s decision to get rehab and onward)…it’s all incredibly heartwarming and just too cute. JH and YW’s scene together was especially magical to me. The chemistry, the location, the use of music, that gorgeous camera. Sigh. Their’s is a sloooooow building relationship, but that makes it even more special for me. Even if I want to shake YW sometimes.

    Congrats for getting THE KISS episode!

  9. rose

    seriously, Kim Seo Yeon is such a lucky woman. she gets to kiss hottest Park Shi Hoo and this guy.
    so Lucky..
    now say you love him, if you keep insisting you love the doctor, then i’m gonna hate you.

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    @Kaedejun. Thank you for your hard work.

    This episode put a big smile on my face : O }!!!!!!!! I think Dr Champ and Judo boy are the perfect couple, Yeon Woo is moving a little slower than Ma Hye Ri, but I like it better because when at the end the drama finally resolves the OTP it will be “Sweeter Than Honey”.
    Yeon Woo/Ji Heon FTW!!!!!!
    Thank you again for your hard work!!!

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      i hope we gonna see the 2nd kiss (hhhaa in my dream)..today is saturday..i check naver then no spoiler regarding 2 final eps or Dr.Champ kekeke

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    i was so excited about the kiss but her reaction, although i know shes not completely in love with him, is kinda disappointing and well…i just hope theres another one because omg i love ji heon and he deserves his love and i want to see her initiate a kiss with him so that i can feel good and know that she likes him…arrrg! this drama is so good and its almost overrrrrrr!! -_-

    • 11.1 Jacky

      I understand that he caught her by surprise but, her reaction was just blegh. Me, I would have jumped all over the hotness that is YH.

  12. 12 judoka

    i love the kiss …sweet …gentle…smooth hahha LoL, and the scene after kiss ……i love even more (we’ll see in eps 14)

    Jung Gyu Woon so lucky he had a chance to kiss our Sso …..

    and Sang Bong scene…… so touching!!

  13. 13 donnapie.wordpress.com

    I’m happy to note that the cute and funny is back in the game!

    It might have come subtly and late into the episode but at least it’s there …

    Oh how i missed it so…

    (Why is it that Ji Heon only have to ask Yeon Woo why she sat beside the director and it already makes my heart thump like crazy and my lips split into a grin without me knowing?

    WAE? WAE?

    Why does this guy always know the right things to say to make me melt and spazz like crazy?


    Yeon Woo: Do you know it’s the first time i’ve seen you laugh in awhile? What are you thinking?

    Ji Heon: About how i should not be laughing… About how i feel so tormented i could die (pause) About how i wonder if its okay to like it this much when i’m with you…


    *Me melts like candy*)

    However, we all know what the kicker is for this episode…

    And no, it’s not the fact that finally Yeon Woo seems to have seen the light by turning down Do Wook’s invitation…

    (even if it was somewhat marred by her asking him if they can take a raincheck and schedule it for tomorrow…

    Seriously girl? SERIOUSLY? )

    But it was how despite the fact that Ji Heon seemed to have used the oldest style in the book by acting cold as an excuse to pull Yeon Woo close to him, that kiss was still soooo perfect…

    It might have been due to the background music…

    It might have been the way he swooped in soooo slowly to plant his lips on hers…

    It might have been that secret smile playing about his lips or the magical camerawork but personally, i think it might have been because i was waiting for this to happen and now that it finally did, i wish the magic could have never ended…

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  16. 16 Kitty

    It’s already 13th, and there is no sign of Do Wook falling for Yeon Woo. I’m a little dissapointed for that. I kinda hoping that there will be two guys falling for her, and by Do Wook’s character, he will not admit it but felt it secretly. Doesn’t matter to me if she ends up with Ji Heon anyway.

    However, there are 3 episodes left and i just feel sad that this drama is gonna ended.

  17. 17 missjb

    I having a hard time to acknowledge JH and YW as a real couple, am I the only one?
    I really want to see both of them as real couple…. I really do… but..

    Is it because from the start I’m Do WOok – Yeon Woo shipper? But I Don’t find any chemistry between DW and YW, too…. I can accept that. so It’s not the case.

    How I wish the writers could write a beautiful love story with wonderful development relationship…

  18. 18 Anonymous


    That kiss seriously took 10 takes to film?? Unless it’s better on video.

    • 18.1 missjb

      that’s what i though, LOL

      Maybe for the sake of beautiful angle

      • 18.1.1 Paloma

        Unless you look for excuses to film a kiss ten times.
        If I am there I can easily look for at least 4 excuses:
        1st) No, Paloma. Do not be too expressive!!
        (this is the director speaking…)
        2nd) Do not open your mouth!! This a Korean-drama-style-kiss, not a Spanish one!!
        3rd) Too long!!! It has to be soft, short and simple.
        4th) Why you look so bored!! Change your expression!! You need to look surprised and a little bit pleased…but not too much. jajajajajaja
        (Of course, I am not bored. It is another excuse to rehearse again and again. Well, with Jung Suk Won in front of me….who blames me!!??…)
        Well, I found four excuses already…you create the rest in your imagination…

        Now, seriously, thank you Jung Suk Won and Kim So Yun for giving us a lovely and cute moment with your kiss.

        • Paloma

          So sorry for the mistake. It is Jung Gyu Won instead of Jung Suk Won.

        • missjb

          hahahha thx for your analysis…
          Maybe it’s just me who want a memorable kissing scene between the OTP…. so my expectation was HIGH after heard a kiss scene would be aired in epi 13… since this drama is so pretty… so if this drama don’t have a passionate kiss is a shame hahahaha

          but their reaction after the kiss is a win!

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    thanks for the recap kaedejun! and YEY! for getting to recap an episode with a kissing scene in it.

    a bit off topic – but just like seo in woo made a “voice” cameo in this drama. ma hye ri’s name made a cameo in queen of reversals episode 7. hehe. i just thought it was rather cool!

    keep up the great work dr. champ recappers kaedejun and aberdeen_angus!! can’t wait for the following 3 episodes!

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    It’s like she’s really precious to him and he wanted to

    savor each milisecond of that kiss! GAHHHH!

    I have fallen for this lunkhead judo guy, hook

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    btw, I’ll not be tired of saying how JH is such a cute and hot..

    • 23.1 Paloma

      Do not worry, muge. You are not the only one. JOIN THE TEAM!!! I am a mature woman with a little daughter and I feel like a teenager with Korean romantic dramas. That is called romanticism in your heart and blood. 🙂

  24. 24 angelpur

    I might be the only one but I quite like messedup!Ji-heon…it made me want to give him a hug. And how awesome is Go Bum? Not to fall for that trick 😉

    And lol at your picture of Ji-heon towering over do wook – Ji heon beats that guy in so many levels.

  25. 25 Denali

    @ Kaedejun
    At last, your wish has come true. Who knows, you might get another one answered on ep 15, which we all are so much looking forward to, hey?
    Thank you for your insight on this cute ep, after 2 harsh yet understandable ones. The tables are eventually turning for our fave judo athlete. Yay!
    The supporting cast is awesome too, from the bickering between the Judo coach and his assistant, to all judo athletes and the Vice-President cracks me up. He plays the dummy rather well (also previously as the Mayor in “City Hall”) and is made fun of in the scene of the “disappearing car”, when he was wondering what happened while all this time it was seen being driven away in the background. No spoiler intended, but in the meeting with DW and the President in ep 14, he was hi-la-ri-ous, so much so that I’m sure UTW couldn’t hold his laughter. lol

    @ aberdeen_angus
    Can’t quite figure Yeon Woo either, going back and forth. Episode 14 had me puzzled a lot on her feelings, her choices, which I will share on your recap when it’s up, let’s say this Sunday? ^^ I’m a tad worried though. Well, more than worried, actually, on the consequences which her decisions will imply. Please, Monday, come soon!

    @ Ojou_Belle
    It’s like she’s really precious to him and he wanted to savor each milisecond of that kiss! GAHHHH!
    Well said. Very gentle, sweet, tender. * gasp *
    Add the haunting music to the beautiful photography and we all melt in a puddle of goo. In fact, I have become addicted to Yeon Woo’s and Ji Heon’s themes, which have kept being played on my mp3 player.


    Got a question on Do Wook: what did you ladies (and gentlemen?) think of the scene when he puts the old pic of he and HY back into the anatomy book? What was that meant to express => that their couple will remain a sweet memory to him? That he is willing to start anew? I think this may be relevant in the light of his and HY’s behavior in ep 14 and I would gladly read anyone’s comment on this.

    • 25.1 aberdeen_angus

      I guess he refuses to let go of her (he would’ve destroyed it otherwise), so he keeps that photo that reminds of their happy past together. He’s no longer grudgy over that, or longing or puzzled or even bearing the burden of concealing the truth from her, now he’s over that initial feeling of despair and they can comfortably talk to each other. Everything’s forgiven, only the good thoughts remain (he can only hope to restart with her, but considering he’s still leaving for US, I guess he thinks there’s no chance).

      Or at least that’s what I felt. Knowing these writers, in episode 15 they could make her go crazy and kill him or something 😀

      • 25.1.1 Denali

        Thank you for sharing your insight, aberdeen_angus. 😀

        In a way, Do Wook’s intent to leave the Village, now that he has made peace with his past (mostly about Hee Young but not only – ice rink arena hint in ep 14), is understandable, to start anew somewhere else, since there is not (much? many) holding him back there anymore. Yet why the rush? At first, he wanted to leave “as a loser”, who couldn’t deal with HY’s seemingly rejection of him but that reason has gone now. It’s almost as if he is sticking with his decision since he has already planned his comeback at Johns Hopkins.

        Knowing these writers, in episode 15 they could make her go crazy and kill him or something 😀.
        I would so enjoy for Hee Young to display sme passion or craziness, to contradict the general opinion that the actress needs to improve her acting skills.
        Now seriously, the writer have toyed with my heart and nurtured my anguish in ep 14, planting seeds of doubt with Ko Bum’s words to Ji Heon in their room over Yoo Ri’s phone number, plus the ice rink arena and of course the last scene. I am currently wondering who is eventually going to end up with. Better get some fresh air, breathing in and out. 😀

  26. 26 David

    Just to comment on the kiss, it is not a passionate kiss just to lips pressing together and it took nine times to do that !
    So, nothing spectacular about that kissed.

    • 26.1 Paloma

      It is true. Nothing spectacular. I would have done another kind of kiss if I was the director but I am not!!

      What it is beautiful of this kiss is:

      1) We have been waiting for this kiss for weeks!! When you really want to see something and it happens it is like an explotion in your heart….well…. for romantic, silly women like me…
      2) It was done by gorgeous Jung Suk Won.
      3) And the detail that after the kiss they looked surprised by their feelings. That was cute!!

      • 26.1.1 Denali

        Ditto except that the kiss was done by Jung Gyu Won, not Jung Suk Won (= Yoo Sang Bong). Ha ha, would that be a Freudian slip? 😀

        • Paloma

          You are right!!!! I made the mistake in all my comments. I am so, so, so sorry….

      • 26.1.2 Carinne

        Oh so cute conundrum moment here. Now, that I had gotten spoiled by GF, I suppose a better kiss will evolve soon enough. 😉 I’m sure JSW will do a fantastic job puckering up for the show, however KSY may continue to look awkward, and I expect it ‘cos her character doesn’t really socialize much. If she became anyone’s gf, then I may wonder if she can still have an active personal life when her bf is not around, since she hardly has any confidants besides her. The lady doctor has no close friends. Sad, and is her very weakness.

    • 26.2 Denali

      @ David

      It would not have made sense for that kiss to be spectacular at this point. Because it would not fit with Ji Heon’s personality nor the moment as he does not know what Yeon Woo feels about him.

      I do not think that many viewers were expecting anything spectacular although they, or should I write “we” would not mind. ^^ Actually I’d be surprised if such was to happen, because imo Kim So Yeon is not comfortable with skinship (especially not in “Prosecutor Princess”, the 2 kisses were a real pain to watch).

  27. 27 amatea

    I’m very like Ma Hye Ri’s name is in Queen of Reversals episode 7 xD

  28. 28 Carinne

    Not even for a second I believe Ji-heon can easily get car sick. Just a devise tactic to extend a “dating” time with Yeon-woo. Childishly cute.

  29. 29 dramacafe

    Thanks for the recap!!!

    I just love how that kiss came to be! It’s so cute!

    I also like how DW seems to act as some sort of matchmaker to JH and YW.

    For me, when YW came back for JH, it felt like SHE CAME BACK FOR THE KISS!!! *Squeals*

  30. 30 Sarah Birch

    Thanks kaedejun.

    When dr. Kim is in an awkward mess-up decisions she looked for Park Ji Heon !! he is her “rubber” bag, poor man !.

  31. 31 Jane

    The kiss took 9 or 10 takes? It looked like it was done in less than half a take.

  32. 32 kaedejun

    Here’s what I think happened with those 10 takes:

    1) They needed different angles

    2) Jung gyu woon kept messing up and giggling

    3) They had to elicit the perfect reaction and timing from Kim So Yeon – I think the timing of when her shoulders went up is a little more difficult to time than initially thought, especially since she even bows her head in a little too.

    As for understanding YW – maybe I’m more forgiving but I think that she just doesn’t know what she wants. After being cheated on, she’s going to be less trusting of guys nice to her. She gravitates towards DW bc he is in the same field as her (medicine) and she feels she’d have more in common with him. She clings on to him for familiarirty sake, but doesn’t realize (yet) that just because you have something in common means you’re perfect for one another.

    That said, I think her belief that she’s right (or her wish to prove that she is not that dumb of an athletes’ doctor) factors in with a lot of her decisions. She wants to do things that she thinks is right or better for others, whether in personal or professional life. She seems to have the need to fix everything, so even though she likes DW, she is also trying to push him away both for her benefit and DW-HY’s benefit.

    But that’s just based on ep 13. I won’t say more until aberdeen’s ep14 comes out 😀

  33. 33 Jade_Rose

    The song at the part where the doctors were tellin ji heon bout sang bong, was real touching. could anyone tell me that name of that song please?

    AND love ji heon… it was bout time, he kissed her.

    • 33.1 Denali

      It’s “La ya huts hey” by Janinto, the OST #10 track. 😉

  34. 34 John

    please say that someone youtubed that kiss.

    • 34.1 Denali

      Here is the BTS, without the 10 takes, tho ^^: here.

  35. 35 Denali

    Whoops, looks like my link above is not working: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONrkUJCA-no

    • 35.1 missjb

      thanks for the link. 🙂

      JGW seems like playing soccer 🙂

      • 35.1.1 Denali

        You’re welcome. 🙂

        You too noticed that he looks like a sportsperson, playing football that way? 😀

  36. 36 bailey

    Thanks for the recap….. ,

    missjb… I am with you and I do not want DW to be with HY either.

    To carry on watching with Dr. Champ or not too? I shall wait for next 3 episode recap and comments

  37. 37 Fei hwan

    TQ kaedejun,

    Dr kim is always happy when she goes out with Dr. Lee.

  38. 38 Lilian

    haha…finally a kiss! And she was shocked too…but didn’t stop him =D

    I guess the doc may actually leave, but then they skip to few years later and he’s back? I have a feeling they might do the few years later thing just to show how well Sang Bong is progressing too!

  39. 39 felix kong

    hiii everybodyy … this is a terribly long shot – but I was wondering if anyone knows what the Sound Track in Epi 13 which was playing when the three of them walked out of the dinner restaurant ie: during this part:

    “Do Wook gets the hint and orders Yeon Woo to drive Ji Heon back to the village, calling him a “little kid.” Hehe – and Yeon Woo still doesn’t pick up on the hint! She hurries Ji Heon into the car, but he hits his head at the top of the car as he slides into the seat. Teehee – and Do Wook is oh-so-amused by all this. As am I.”

    It is a really lovely OST (very Enya sound type). I would love to know what it is if possible. tqtqtqtq

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