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Dr. Champ: Episode 14
by | November 14, 2010 | 63 Comments

Although it fell in some clichéd scenarios, played with our distrust and waryness for some possible upcoming tragedy and its romantic storyline was still a bit draggy; I felt this episode as something organic and logical for the most part. Finally, our two leading heroes are strongly standing on their feet, walking on the wild side and laughing at the face of danger. I don’t want to talk about the heroines, they make me lose my appetite.


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Episode 14 recap

Almost like two children after their first kiss, Ji Heon and Yeon Woo just look awkwardly to each other. They hesitate as to how to react until she decides to go first, only to take the wrong way to her car. Ji Heon notices this and indicates the right direction.

(They are so cute together)

At the car, it’s pretty obvious they’re suffering some post kissing shock, so he turns on the radio to cool things and kill the nefarious silence, but some random mega-corny “kiiissss meee” song is playing. LOL. Seriously, this scene is worth its duration in gold. He changes the station, and ta-da, the song she sang for him is playing (aww), so he uses this chance to break the ice and tease her for her lousy singing skills (awww x 2).

Yeon Woo leaves him at home, and then, at her own place, deliberates on what happened. The next day, still dazed, she talks to her mum about her two men: the one she supposedly likes and the one she actually kissed. Her mum’s reaction is priceless – is that what she’s doing these days? Heh. This sudden response forces her to use an abstract third person to talk freely – “a friend did it” – relieving her mum and getting her full, unbiased attention. Not being involved in this messy love affair, mum sees “her friend’s” no-reaction after the kiss as a clear signal of affection: not only she didn’t slap the kisser, but also the man must have felt her acceptance to make his move. Yeon Woo is now more confused and considers the possibility of harboring unconscious feelings for him.

Sang Bong, now fully focused on his rehabilitation, is trying for the first time to drive his wheelchair. Difficult as it is, he eventually succeeds albeit with a lot of effort while Ji Heon watches from afar (and my heart breaks [again] for my OTP).

Yeon Woo wants to clarify last night’s issue, so she calls him to meet in a park by an enormous monument to love (I guess), since there are flower-decorated hearts all over the place. Either she’s terrible choosing locations to refuse a guy’s heart or we should call Freud to tell us what this means. After justifying her acceptance of his kiss the night before as a rush accident product of the cold weather and that athlete’s condition, she says her goodbye and leaves.

He won’t let her slide this easily and follows her around with the excuse of having to buy something that needs her approval. She chooses one big, voluminous scarf, which she tries on for him to evaluate. Apparently, he liked what he saw (even when she looked so uncomfortable that it was insanely cute), because he bought it for her. She can’t help but standing frozen, like a human statue, while he leaves her first. Aw, he’s so smart and nice!


Yeon Woo suddenly reacts and calls his name to make him stop. The fact that he’s acting like this annoys her and it kind of overrides their professional relationship – she fears they won’t be able to be comfortable around each other as friends anymore. That’s where she’s failing to see the bigger picture; he doesn’t want her friendship, no matter how strongly she’s refusing to see him as something more.

At Taereung, the judo team is slowly transforming into a burning pit of hell. There’s the love/hate relationship going on with Ji Heon, but also the escalating bad mood between Taek Woo and Go Bum. Their reasons might be trivial (Go Bum accused the team leader of driving his car), but the hatred is getting more intense by the day.

Meanwhile, the medical team (minus Yeon Woo, clearly) is completely unaware of Do Wook’s upcoming departure as he’s not willing to inform them just now. On the other hand, he is willing to know what happened that night, when Yeon Woo left to go and meet Ji Heon. She tries to evade his questioning, but he teases her affirming that he sure knows why Ji Heon waited for her.

Realizing that the team is breaking because of all the tragedy that has fallen on them, judo’s coach makes new room assignments to improve the guys’ partnership. Thus, Ji Heon has been paired up with Woo Ram (wooo), but Taek Woo will have to put up with Go Bum’s nasty attitude (heh). Taek Woo protests, but it’s useless – he’ll have to prove that he’s a true leader, teaching the younger, inexperienced Go Bum the ways of a good athlete.

Finally, Yeon Woo reached her “graduation day” from Do Wook’s office, after successfully treating a patient. She’s not so happy about this, and wants to remain there, but you know what they say – do it once and it’ll become a habit. Therefore, he refuses to let her stay.

Unexpectedly, Hee Young calls Yeon Woo to let her know one interesting piece of news: today it’s Do Wook’s birthday. Considering he’s all alone in Korea, she asks her to spend time with him, but beware, it’s not that she’s giving a free pass for them to go beyond their professional relationship, it’s just for today. Yes, sure. Girl, if you hand him over, don’t complain later.

(I’ll say it once again: the girls in this drama are a complete mystery)

As a way to get rid of Go Bum’s annoying presence in his room, Taek Woo changes partners with Ji Heon (much to Woo Ram’s displeasure) in exchange for giving up the informal speech and a little favor.

Cake in hand, Yeon Woo arrives at Taereung, being noticed by Woo Ram and Ji Heon who were passing by. The latter’s “Frak my life” face is quickly caught by his friend who leaves them alone.

Still considering it’s uncomfortable for her to keep the scarf, she tries to give it back. Surprisingly for both her and me, he smiles warmly, wondering if the guitar wasn’t uncomfortable too.

Gah, I want my own Ji Heon.

Annoyed, she says that she’ll bring it next time, but he shows no concern over that; he just smiles again and leaves. She’s stunned at his behavior and I’m like, when did this guy learn how to be so insanely cool?!

The rumor that Do Wook will leave has spread through the medical team, so he doesn’t mind to deny it but asks them to keep it secret. On his way out, Yeon Woo runs into him – didn’t they have that pending dinner/drinking get-together?

Both doctors go on a standard date-like dinner, and she suggests eating seaweed soup without saying outright that she knows today it’s his birthday. Quick as ever, he wonders who the informant was, only to hear that it was Hee Young. After eating (and some teasing regarding his present), Do Wook makes some inquires about Yeon Woo’s oppa, letting her know that he remembers most of the things she told him.

Onto Yoo Ri’s side of life, it’s revealed that her cough hasn’t still disappeared, AND that Go Bum is frantically obsessed with her. In an attempt to get her number, Go Bum takes Ji Heon’s cellphone but to no avail – Ji Heon arrives just in time to stop him. Tough guy won’t back off, though, and he goes directly to face her in person. Oh, but he’s not there to be nice, not at all; he’s found out that the one who took his car was her (!!), so he wants a compensation for the scratches she put on his car. Now. Rejected, he tries to grab her by the wrist and drag her, but Ji Heon arrives just in time to stop him (…again). Ji Heon, who was unaware of the true story behind Go Bum’s approach, is left in shock.

Back to the doctors, Do Wook decided where to go next, the National Village’s ice skating rink. After his accident, he had never visited that place, still traumatized by his situation and, contrary to what he feared, his first thought when he entered was “How cool I was when I trained”. Having just skated twice when she was younger, she accepts his challenge to go and skate. At first, albeit with some difficulty, she slowly advances without any grace, but steadily. Alas, she had to fall, huh?! In order to get the doctor in the rink?! Bah! Well, I’m not so frustrated because it gives Do Wook the chance to smile openly at her clumsiness, and he’s adorable while doing so.

When I took this part as a metaphor for her career as a doctor, it made more sense for me. I don’t know if that was the original intention of the writers (I guess not), but it mirrors exactly her long path till this point – the steady moving forward, the downfall, and his arrival as her support.

As Yoo Ri’s begging Ji Heon to defeat the jerk, Yeon Woo passes by accompanied by Do Wook, who notices the exchange of glances between them.

Yeon Woo is about to return to the medical centre to grab the cake, but Do Wook kindly refuses. She protests – there’s an hour left – but he thinks she should spend time with the person who’ll stay by her side in the future, since he’ll leave her anyway. His words are quite enlightening, and reflects on them at home. Must she let him go? (all the fangirls out there say YESSSS!). She looks at the guitar, should she give it back, as Ji Heon previously suggested? (and now we shout NOOOO!)

The next day, Do Wook’s departure is not very well received by the Vice President, but there’s nothing they can do to hold him back. Turns out that the President had originally told him to stay there for the time he wanted, expecting it to be longer, so it’s worthless to talk him out of it.

Just to see if Yoo Ri was suffering of pneumonia or bronchitis, an x-ray exam was taken, prescribed by Yeon Woo. While they are waiting for the results, Yoo Ri asks the doctor if she likes Ji Heon, but understands her silence as a negative response. Relieved, she commands her not to change her mind. Ehem, too late sweetie.

Anyway, the results are here, and see those dark clouds approaching? It seems like Yoo Ri’s future might be in danger, due to both her x-ray results and the antecedents of lung cancer in her family (damn, cancer, REALLY? Did these writers run out of ideas?).

The probabilities of it being malignant are high, so she’ll have to undergo a biopsy to check if it’s a cancer or a benign tumor. For that reason, Yeon Woo meets with Hee Young and they agree that it’ll be best if the coach told her the bad news.

Upon hearing the disheartening news, Yoo Ri asks for some time to think about it before going to the hospital. At the pool, she calls Ji Heon to time her, and afterwards wonders what he would do if he had to go to the Asian Games but was sick. The (hypothetical) prospects of it being his last chance to attend, would make him go no matter what.

When they were returning to the dorms, Yeon Woo asks for some time to talk to her, but Yoo Ri doesn’t yield an inch – she’ll wait two months, and after the Asian Games are over, she’ll do it.

Ji Heon, after her puzzling questions and Yeon Woo’s private chat with Yoo Ri, suspects something’s not right. Therefore, he asks Yeon Woo what’s going on, but she evades the subject and affirms everything’s fine. Having cleared that lingering bad feeling he had, he is curious as to what has happened to her promise to return the guitar. She wavers a bit before admitting she’s grown fond of it, so she’ll give him the money later. As he continues with his cool attitude of okaying and leaving first, she’s left in shock all over again.

After Hee Young’s personal visit regarding Yoo Ri, Do Wook pays her a visit and presents her two options – she can either confirm it’s benign and train without worries or she can wait until the Games are over, and train full of stress. If it’s cancer, she can get the surgery done quickly, so the benefits of doing it right away are way better than waiting. The downside being, she’ll probably have to stop swimming altogether. She’s had up and downs throughout her swimming career, but it’s her passion and she won’t give up, even if her life’s on the line.

Yeon Woo can’t believe that they’ll have to wait till after the Games to further analyze Yoo Ri’s case. Regardless of Do Wook’s explanations and requests for secrecy and respect towards the athlete’s decision, she goes back to her fat mouthed self and informs the vice president (!!!!!!!!!).

This. Is. So. Disappointing.

Do Wook is visibly displeased at this turn of events, and doesn’t think it twice before blaming Yeon Woo for Yoo Ri’s and Hee Young’s possible dismissal. His words resound in her head, as she drowns herself in alcohol.

Finally, Taek Woo buys insurance from Ji Heon’s sis-in-law to compensate for the room’s swap. To celebrate, they were going for some drinks until Yeon Woo called asking for Ji Heon’s presence. He goes right away, only to find her deflated and depressed and with some strange request – he has to tell her that she made the right call, without asking any questions as to what she did. He complies, and prepares for his routine of smiling and leaving, but she calls his name twice – one to thank him, the other just because air’s free.

Ji Heon: If you call me one more time, I’ll take it as if you didn’t want to be friends with me.

He turns to go away but…

Yeon Woo: Park Ji Heon ssi.

And I say, don’t you dare say some stupid thing next episode or I’m gonna slap you in the face!

Personal comments

I wanna take this out of my chest first – where the heck is Sang Bong? Honestly, I’d rather see him throughout his rehabilitation, than receiving another sub-plot that involves cancer (again, REALLY?). They’d have much more place for deeper dramatic conflict – Ji Heon’s acceptance, Yeon Woo’s support and growth by his side, Do Wook’s experience helping matters. At the same time, some athlete’s cases here and there to spice up the storyline and not make it redundant, and I’d be BFF with this drama.

I’ll take what they gave me, and see how they tie everything up, then.

It sure took Yeon Woo a hell lot of time to open up to Ji Heon. He had to take the cool way out of her always bumbling feelings for Do Wook to make her realize that maybe she’s more inclined to like him than she had previously thought. I found his attitude both bold and refreshing; he knows he can’t go against her idealized image of Do Wook, but he also knows his heart – he absolutely can’t play the friend, so he’d rather be just a patient than a supporting character in her fairy tale. Frankly, while Yeon Woo’s attitude sometimes makes me wish that Ji Heon suddenly discovered his love for Yoo Ri, I can’t but hope these two end together. Their personalities complement each other perfectly, and Ji Heon has developed an amazing gift for seeing right through her.

Now that we’re about to wrap up the series, I’m pleasantly confirming that Do Wook is not just a House rip-off. And I would’ve liked if they hadn’t made the connection so easy for us viewers, so we could enjoy his character a little bit more. Anyways, he’s charming and witty, but at the same time extremely warm and human, always concerned over everyone’s worries. That’s why I found Yeon Woo’s attitude near the end of the episode so hurtful and unfair. He’s been training her, helping her, even bearing her ever changing mood, lack of passion for her work and constant mistakes, only to be betrayed without thinking it twice. I admit I felt somewhat uneasy when Yoo Ri decided not to check her condition. And yes, Yoo Ri being checked is something that’ll most certainly be better than waiting.


She didn’t weigh the consequences of her actions and showed no concern over the patient’s conscious decision. We’re near the end and I’m clinging onto the “this is benign” possibility, so everyone will end up smiling and stuff. However, we’re not left with the sensation that Yeon Woo has successfully learnt how to empathize with athletes and their dilemmas; she’s still the same stubborn girl who kicks her subordinates and thinks very highly of herself.

Still, I’m torn.

Her human side is quite honest, kind and deliciously clueless; that’s why these feverish decisions of hers break my heart – she has all the qualities for me to love her, but she can’t reach that higher status of “grown up heroine” just yet. We have two episodes left, and if there’s still a single minute left that could give us a hint of growth, I’ll keep my faith.


63 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Alexis


    • 1.1 Ani

      *grumble grumble* This first thing…. What the hell is so freaking important about it? X/

  2. Denali

    Yippee!!! Been stalking DB the whole day or so. Off to read now, but I wanna express my thanks to you, already, aberdeen_angus. 😀

    • 2.1 Denali

      I was so mad at Yeon Woo because her decision to tell the Vice-President of Yoo Ri’s tumor was wrong at all levels! She betrayed not only Do Wook’s trust, but also coach Hee Young’s and Yoo Ri’s. How will athletes ever trust her after such incident, including Ji Heon who had sided with Yoo Ri when she had asked for his decision had he been sick for the Asian Games… YW was on the right path and bamm, she messed things up. Btw, I too, in YR’s shoes, would have waited for the Asian Games…
      Plus she seems to be enjoying Do Wook’s presence a little too much, buying the birthday cake, going on that restaurant and having fun on the ice rink. C’mon, girl!

      Speaking about Yoo Ri now. Frankly I feel like the writers have been toying with me as she is getting closer to Ji Heon who even lets her hold his arm for their walk to the dorm. I was expecting Yeon Woo who sees them like this to express at least a bit of jealousy, but nope. Nothing at all. Plus, when Ko Bum comments on Ji Heon being unwilling to let go of Yoo Ri although he has no feelings for her, I couldn’t read Ji Heon’s face. I still think that he likes her only, crazily. I just can’t help but worry about my fave pairing although I really wonder what he sees in her. ^^

      Ji Heon: If you call me one more time, I’ll take it as if you didn’t want to be friends with me.
      I was wondering about the translation: would it also mean that if she calls him, that’s because she regrets having befriended him? Or does it necessarily imply that if she call him once more, she wants to be more than friends with him? I hope that she won’t tell him some crappy stuff, which she would eventually forget, as she is still under the influence of alcohol.

      • 2.1.1 Judoka

        i choose 2nd answer

        “she wants to be more than friends with him”

        • Lilian

          argh…is she going to tell him about Yuri’s case??? that will cause a disagreement between them….guess they need some climax or conflict before the last episode…

      • 2.1.2 aberdeen_angus

        Well, if she’s saying she doesn’t want to be friends or anything at all (as in, “Don’t you ever dare to show up in front of me”), it would be kind of harsh?

        Also, they’re nothing now, he’s refused to be his friend so it would be redundant to tell him “don’t wanna be friends with you”.

        So, it has to be more like “Hey, what if…”

        (Or so I hope)

        • Denali

          @ Judoka & aberdeen_angus
          I was kinda hoping for that too yet I was fearful. Notice the past tense in my sentence? That’s because I have just seen ep 15 and I won’t give any spoiler but one word:


          And the preview, oh my, the preview! Happiness, cuteness galore all the way, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

          • aberdeen_angus

            I watched it too!!!

            IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!



            I love Ji Heon!!!!!!! <3

  3. Alexis

    I have to agree I was really pissed when Yeon Woo did that silly thing at the ending. Wasn’t Ji Heon’s incident enough for her to learn her lesson?? Apparently not, since our high and mighty doctor thinks she knows what’s best for everyone and has to butt her nose in every little thing. By doing what she did, she has made me lose patience and respect for her. I mean, yes, you did it for the patient’s well-being but does the patient not get to choose her own road?? Who is to say that Yoo Ri will regret it if she gets the test and possibly treatment after the Games? Yeon Woo is pathetic in the fact that she can’t be human and FEEL the things that are important to other people. It is also a telling sign that she can’t be bothered about other people and is a selfish bitch.

    I really love Kim So Yeon but this character is seriously disappointing. 🙁 Still I will continue watching it and hope for a not so disappointing ending.. Frankly, she does not even deserve Ji Heon 😛

    • 3.1 GaRa


      I initially felt that they could’ve swung OUR feelings her way by inserting a few needed scenes in which this lung cancer thing is actually scene as a threat (like maybe YH making a diagnosis about how a few months would be too long if it is cancer for Yoo Ri to recieve surgery) so we could all sympathize with YH being a tattle-tale (‘I want to save lives! not careers! Am I wrong?!’) anyway… they didn’t which just means that the script-writer has fallen in love with JH and wants him to herself – that can be the only explanation of why she’s killing the Dr.

      Anyway – about cancer, once you get a biopsy it spreads faster – also, doctors leave the choice to the patient of whether they want it or not so all this tattle-tale business just comes off as bitchy and heartless. I hate you Doctor Woman!!

    • 3.2 asianromance

      I was upset too! isn’t there such a thing as doctor-patient confidentiality? While it may feel morally wrong for you to let this girl endanger her life, it’s sort of your doctor’s code to respect her decision.

      but then everyone in this drama is sort of annoying and wishy washy besides the athletes.

      i’m mad at the potential cancer route. seriously, first a debilitating injury that has left a character paraplegic and now a potential cancer victim?

    • 3.3 missjb

      That’s what I think.. KSY char annoyed me as hell… (I Love KSY though) I don’t see them together as a couple because of Yeon Woo’s attitude.

      And honestly I did’t want Yeon Woo would suddenly redeem herself out of nowhere. I want it believable. but it seems likely will to happen.

    • 3.4 Anonymous

      what I didn’t understand is that early in the drama, she hadn’t even started to appreciate her role in the sport village and yet she believed so strongly in doctor-patient confidentiality that she refused to reveal why the athelete fainted from the use of penicillin. at this point, she is supposed to have grown to like this job and genuinely care for her patients. notwithstanding that, she decided to go ahead and betray yoori as a patient.

      it’s an obvious conflict which i can’t reconcile. if it’s because the earlier patient had her reputation at stake while yoori doesn’t (because she’s not some celebrity sportswoman), that only exacerbates my view of KSY’s character.

  4. Do-ra-ma

    I agree with most your sentiments regarding this episode aberdeen_angus. Yeah, Yoo Ri’s situation is cliched. Yeah, Yeon Woo’s actions were like a slap in Do Wook’s face. And yes, she certainly is testing my patience. Her arc of character development almost seemed to circle in on itself. She means well, we know it, but she only sees things objectively, without giving thought to the patients and their spirits. She’s going to need a wake up call in the last couple of episodes.

    And I do appreciate Ji Heon’s change of tactics: instead of chasing her, he’s letting her come to him. It’s mature of him, and like you pointed out, rather cool. The guy definitely deserves all or nothing from YW. I’m optimistic that she’ll give him the former by the end.

    Oh, and this may be some not-so-subtle symbolism, or I’m looking too much into it, but the staging of the scene in which YW called up JH the day after THE KISS perfectly portrays their relationship (http://i630.photobucket.com/albums/uu26/dramabeans/drama/2010/DrC-even/DrC14/drchamp1400013.jpg):

    JH is a guy with a big heart, who is not afraid to let his feelings be known, even if others laugh or look down on him. YW’s heart may not be anywhere near as big as JH’s, but she DOES have one. Little by little, thanks to the two men most prominent in her life since joining the athletic village, her heart has been growing. And though she may deny it, her’s and JH’s hearts are now connected…

    That was a nice (if rather blatant) choice of set decoration on the production team’s part.

  5. :D

    Yeon Woo annoys me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Amg1

    @aberdeen_angus. As always thank you for your hard work!

    I must say that I am loving
    Dr Champ more and more with each passing episode, I think her character is quite relatable, not every one in real life has the ability to make the right choices even when the right one is evident to a lot of people, I like the fact that this drama is really all about Yeon Woo growth as an individual, I have had very close personal friends that behave like her, it is unnerving at times, but is also very satisfying to see them grow and learn to make the right decisions.

    Ji Heon’s attitude in this past episode is quiet refreshing I like the fact that yes he realizes that the only way to win her heart is by “letting her go” and to not be “overbearing” he has put the ball in her court and force her to make the ultimate decision, and like you said I hope she does not say anything stupid after calling him Park Ji Heon ssi! Otherwise I am going to be “Mighty Upset”!!!

    thank you again for your hard work!!!!!!
    : O }

  7. sora

    thank you thank you thank you!!!

  8. erraticsoul

    I agree with what Yeon Woo did in this episode – I think it is going to turn out that she was right this time and everyone else was wrong. I mean, how many times can they make her screw up before she becomes the hero? Remember at the very beginning of the drama when that athlete died at the Olympics because the doctors didn’t stop her from competing or something like that? Wasn’t that why they got Do Wook to come to the sport’s village in the first place?

    • 8.1 Sukispop

      I agree with you. I think(and certainly hope) that it’ll turn out that Yeon-woo’s decision was the right one. Throughout her time at the sports village, Yeon-woo has had to learn that athletes are different than regular people when it comes to treating them for injuries…and that their treatment must also take into consideration the needs of their teams and the timing and schedules of their competitive events.

      But- sometimes the hard decision has to be made, regardless of what it might cost to the team’s goals and efforts. This was made evident earlier in the drama, when Yeon-woo identified that Ji-heon’s leg was suffering from compartment syndrome. Against his will and the demand of the competitive event he was engaged in, she performed the necessary surgical procedure and saved his leg.

      I really hope that Yeon-woo made the right(and hard) decision. It’d be a shame(and a bad mistake imho) if the writers decided to make her take a huge step backward(on her path to becoming a real heroine in the drama) at this very late stage of the drama.

    • 8.2 sol

      i also agree with her actions, but purely because when YW and DW first joined the village they gave all athletes a physical.
      The fact that Yoo Ri didnt have a tumor then but has one now means that i could be a fast progressing tumor and she may not make it to the Asian Games if it keeps growing.

  9. dannaluk

    i had very mixed feelings about Yeon Woo decisions in this episode..on one hand i was upset and on the other hand it made sense to me, Do Wook could probably empathize with Yoo Ri’s decision better since he had been an athlete himself while Yeon Woo doesnt have that and she’s just thinking objectively as what any doctor would consider best for her patient… also she has not been at Taerung long enough to understand the athletes…..plus how well would Yoo Ri be able to compete with that tumor anyways??….i’m sure that her decision will in some way turn out for the best..on the other hand i’m glad that she’s finally getting where we’ve wanted her to with her relationshiip with Ji Heon….though i’m a tad upset it took them this long to maker her realize it

  10. 10 Paloma

    Do you know what I loved most from this episode…when Uhm Tae Woong openly smiled at the ice skating rink. I adored him in that moment.
    …sometimes beauty is in simple things….

  11. 11 kaedejun

    yes, yeon woo’s decision at the end of the episode to tell was annoying. and it divides me too because she did something that was so like her, and yet so unlike her.

    She would have told because she wants to prove that what she’s doing is right, and for the benefit of the athlete. Her past “mistakes” were because she did things that weren’t beneficial to the athlete, but this biopsy could actually help. However, last time, she didn’t want to divulge the athlete’s STD diagnosis, and so you’d think she knows how to protect doctor-patient confidentiality. Perhaps the reason she told now is because as she gets to know these athletes better, she wants to become more involved in their lives, taking each case personally.

    However, that’s not really the way to “empathize” with the athletes as Do Wook was saying.

    On to the fluffy stuff – definitely like THIS Ji Heon – waaaay better than the little boy constantly chasing her.

    and the girls – i feel like the writer is trying to break cliches with them (hence their weird attitude towards Do Wook), but they end up failing. the other cliches (like the cancer) feels less cliched than these girls.

  12. 12 marinai

    The romantic angle is dragging but as you said” WHERE IS SangBong? and I now, I’m so liking YooRi!!! I hope nothing bad will happen to this cute little thing ! and if she gets JiHeon in the end, I won’t cry for YeonWoo!
    This drma is goog but please END IT well writers please!

  13. 13 Revy

    Ji Heon why can’t i find a man like you. Gosh so sad that there is only two more episodes.

  14. 14 ck1Oz

    The episode was so darn frustrating that I’m only continuing because of Kim Yeon Woo.Although I hate how her character is written.Considering surgeons are usually not passive in real life more so orthopaedic surgeons they sure wrote a weak as indecisive no insight character.

    The highlight of the whole episode was your recap.So thank you.

  15. 15 Suzanne

    thank you a_a.

    When you call someone you know well park ji heon shi !
    it sounds too formal for my listening ear !
    but will dr. lee leave her ?

  16. 16 Claire

    Thanks aberdeen_angus

    The asian games is now on and these athletes are still at taereung camp ?.

    uhm tae woong – priceless !

    • 16.1 Judoka

      LoL Korean Team has already recieved 13 gold medals hahha

      • 16.1.1 Claire

        Still got a long way to go ! China here we come !!

  17. 17 mellowyel

    thanks for the recap!!!

    too bad about Yoo Ri’s cancer plotline though. they could have at least made it out that she was secretly a chain smoker and thus increased her chances of lung cancer, or that swimming somehow increases your risk for lung cancer.

  18. 18 Lea

    The last shot of the tree between Ji Heon and Yeon Woo made me feel uneasy. I mean, it’s right between them! They couldn’t plant it somewhere else? Was the camera just superglued so it had to have that shot? Am I reading too much into this? Probably.

  19. 19 rainerust

    I will never understand the girls in this drama. Who cares? I’m here for Ji Heon and Sang Bong! I’ll OTP them anyday. Also UTW’s character is hot, although I could’ve done less with the lovey-dovey scenes with the ex-gf.

    I enjoyed the last 5 mins of this episode (not much else) though. You can see how much JH has changed in YW’s esteem, now that she needs him to validate her actions. And he throws her off now that he’s playing the cool card, which shakes her up (and that’s good, because a girl shouldn’t get too complacent). I’m hoping the “Park Ji Heon sshi” at the end means she’s going to move beyond just being friends with him. There’s only TWO MORE EPISODES damn it! I deserve some sort of happy ending! (And so does Yoori! Her potential cancer thing had better be benign!)

  20. 20 donnapie.wordpress.com

    I think the scriptwriter is toying with us… She has a beef with us Ji Heon and Yeon Woo shippers and is taking us for a ride… If i ever get my hands on that scarf that Yeon Woo returned, i swear i’d strangle her with it!

    That does not discount the fact however that i was once again hopeful at that ending scene… (DANG IT! What can i do? I swear i’d steel my heart but i’m just such a sucker for this pairing!)

    I hope everything ends well between the two of them and i would seriously cut someone if they just cut off with a kiss! I want to see more fun, spazzworthy Ji Heon Yeon Woo scenes, pretty please?

    • 20.1 pumpkin

      Ha ha ha! Love your comments donnapie. I’m rooting for that pair too! VERY MUCH!

  21. 21 amatea

    i’m excited what the end will be

  22. 22 fmv

    WWWAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH…..Ive watched episode 15 today and I am very very very happy…..I watched it raw and I am already satisfied. I am looking forward for tomorrow and the subbed versions of course…

  23. 23 Alvina

    Honest to god, if Yeon Woo was the only main character in this drama, I would not watch it at all.

    Girl makes me so frustrated sometimes that I just want to strangle her! oh my! Ethics are one thing; a complete and utter disregard for past experiences and present circumstances is COMPLETELY different!

    Does she not learn?!!

    Knowing drama heroines, nope… she wont until the final episode XD

  24. 24 Amg1

    Episode 15 is “Sweeter than Honey”!!!!!!!
    Yeon Woo/Ji Heon’s Ship FTW!
    : O }

    • 24.1 absothe

      I had the weirdest hick up going into ep 15, but suddenly it stopped at about 32 min in the ep. Gues why?:p

      • 24.1.1 Paloma

        Yes!!!!! It is a beautiful episode. I felt like melted butter almost all the episode.
        Jung Gyu Woon is absolutely adorable and cute. What a charming actor.

        • fmv

          I think the kiss was executed PERFECTLY.

          • Denali

            This kiss was better than their first one as it was a mutual sign of affection, but far from perfect, imo. Why? Aside from the missing zoom on their lips (ha ha, pervy me), look at Kim So Yeon’s shoulders. They are all up her neck which is typical of a defensive posture, for protection. Her discomfort thus is showing which makes me feel discomfort. I wonder whether Yeon Woo or So Yeon is expressing herself there. At least we get the idea that she is more than willing to be kissed. 😀

    • 24.2 aberdeen_angus

      Yesss, Amg1!!! We waited, we waited, and we got one awesome episode full of win!!!!!!!

      Agghhhh, love it!

  25. 25 ricecooker

    I have to disagree with the assessment that Yeon Woo didn’t weigh the consequences of her actions etc, did a bad thing etc.

    If she had been thoroughly heartless, she would have gone straight away with the results to the top. YW went through the process of letting the coach, Do Wook and later confronting Do Wook with the decision to allow Yoo Ri to go on to the Asian Games before being frustrated and telling Do Wook she would break the news.

    With her feelings and respect for Do Wook who saved her career, I don’t think this was an easy thing for her to do; despite her callousness at times, she has shown time and time again, she will stand up for her beliefs to save her patient’s life.

    How different is YW’s firm belief in saving her patient’s life verus Do Wook, the coach and even Yoo Ri’s own self-glorifying desire to go on to the Asian Games even at cost of one’s life? Whilst one can understand an athlete to compete on the world stage as a testimonial to everything he/she worked for, how would Yoo Ri’s family feel about the doctors who sent their child possibly to a knowing death? Not to mention the integrity of the doctors or coaches and the athletes village if Yoo Ri had further collapsed during training or the Games itself?

    Do Wook actually confuses me more than YW. On one hand, he gives advice to SB after he’s been hurt, trying to make him see different avenues and how life goes on etc. On the other hand with Yoo Ri, he would suddenly “understand” as an athlete and encourages her to go on even with the possibility of death. Wasn’t he brought in to prevent this because of an athlete’s death in the village? Isn’t he too playing God with his own set of beliefs?

    • 25.1 sleeplessinwgtn

      I agree with you. Yeon Woo is wearing her doctor’s hat here and rightly so; she’s been brought in to look after the athlete’s health. If one looks at it from a doctor’s perspective, you would try and do everything to save your patient’s life. This is a dilemma we all face in our lives.

      I’m not saying I fully support her action; just saying we should evaluate her action in the light of her position.

    • 25.2 Do-ra-ma

      After re-watching the episode again, I’ve come to agree with this. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, for sure, but YW is not heartless like you said. She does indeed value the patient’s life first and foremost; we saw it firsthand back in episode one.

      I don’t feel confused by her actions anymore; she was put in a difficult position and forced to make a touch choice. Sometimes, you have to. And definitely more so if one’s in the medical field.

      • 25.2.1 aberdeen_angus

        I think I said I was torn, and still am. Not saying she’s heartless, she’s just too impulsive, and that could be a liability. We’re within a drama’s premise, so Yoo Ri’s case will be resolved in a positive light and everyone will be happy, but doctor-patient confidentiality exists for a reason.

        I, as a person, completely agree with her decision – I would’ve done the same (that’s why I said she’s got everything for me to love her – her honesty being her strongest feature). As a doctor, I don’t know, as I’m not one and I’m not familiar with medicine’s ethics. Yoo Ri’s choice wasn’t “I want to die”, it was “Let’s just wait a little”. As I’ve said, within the drama’s premise, I’m pretty sure she’ll end up being right, but that doesn’t prove she’s learnt how to manage athletes’ feelings.

        In a nutshell, if she had (at least) warned Yoo Ri of her decision to go and tell the VP, I would’ve been less troubled.

  26. 26 jen

    I would try watching this drama if i had the time.. but the first time i heard of it, all i could think was… SKETCHY. It just doesn’t have the force that attracts you into it.

  27. 27 karina

    I’ve watched this drama for Kim Yeon Woo only. So i think i’ll take the same decision as her as a doctor. People’s life is doctor’s main concern. And I believe that she must’ve diagnose Yoo Ri to it’s danger level till she took that decision. I’ll support my lovely doctor Yeon Woo all the way.
    And i’m so sad that is gonna be ended..

  28. 28 karina

    I’ve watched this drama for Kim Yeon Woo only. So i think i’ll take the same decision as her as a doctor. People’s life is doctor’s main concern. And I believe that she must’ve diagnose Yoo Ri to it’s danger level till she took that decision. So I’ll support my lovely doctor Yeon Woo all the way.
    And i’m so sad that is gonna be ended..

  29. 29 FMV

    I am sad that this show is gonna end tomorrow…Can anyone recommend a good show after this?

    • 29.1 absothe

      Watch secret garden! It’s soooo good, I love it. It’s Hyun Bin at his best.

  30. 30 chubbeecheeks23

    I just started watching this drama two days ago and tried to stop myself from doing a full-on marathon. i just finished ep 14. 2 more eps to go but i’m already missing them. initially, the characters didn’t have much impact on me but as the characters grow, it’s like watching real “people” with life’s struggles. very human.

    btw, i’m so loving ji heon’s transformation from being very open to laid back-cool. makes my heart melt. *dugeun-dugeun*
    and sang bong’s storyline deserve a good ending. i like his story angle way more than the “cancer.”

  31. 31 Denali

    @aberdeen_angus: thanks for all your replies. 😀

    Gah. My heart and brain have been more than pleased with such a happy ending, with a few surprises and lots of laughters, squealing… Witty dialogues and somehow familiar scenes, hey hey. *sigh*

    I too love Park Ji Heon and I will miss all the characters (except the new nurse at the hospital that Sang Bong’s being treated: it’s unexplainable, it’s “physical”, she was so annoying in Triple!), as well as their interactions.

    Looking forward to your recaps, Kaedejun and aberdeen_angus! 😀

  32. 32 love it!

    I was wondering if anyone knows the artist and title of the second song that was playing when they were in the car. The song that she sang for Ji Heon on the guitar.

    • 32.1 aberdeen_angus

      Hi, there! The song is “That’s love” by Sweet Salt.


    • 32.2 Denali

      A very beautiful song that I’ve been listening to endlessly for a few days now.
      Here’s the yt link:


  33. 33 lia

    “Now that we’re about to wrap up the series, I’m pleasantly confirming that Do Wook is not just a House rip-off”.

    Hahahaha Thank God!!!!

  34. 34 mskololia

    The ending was sweet. I was glad to see SB too.

  35. 35 Ijaodola Amidat olamide

    I really like the movie

  36. 36 Ijaodola Amidat olamide

    So intresting

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