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Dr. Champ: Episode 16 (Final)
by | November 21, 2010 | 81 Comments

What?! I loved this moment!

Oh… The most beautiful (visually speaking – yes, I loved screencapping this one) drama of the year is about to end, and I’m as happy as a k-drama watcher can be, with a most satisfying ending after weeks of obsessing over such beloved characters.

I’d like to thank you avid DrChampers (?) who read and discussed throughout the series, hanging there, waiting for a resolution that would soothe your impending wrath or simply for a step forward in a drama that was almost always in the same place. And, obviously, a big hug and thanks to javabeans and girlfriday for lending us this space to write and spazz freely like two delusional fangirls or depressed emo girls in a bad day to boot (depending on the episode) *muah*

This recap is a little bit longer, it includes my awesome kaedejun sunbae’s comments below, too!

Without further ado, onto the recap!


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Episode 16 recap

The episode kicks off directly at the cemetery, where Ji Heon, alongside his sis-in-law and Yi Reum, are paying their respects to his brother. Placing some flowers, he asks for forgiveness for not going more frequently – and that’s something that’s not going to change in the near future due to his need to train.

(It’s assumed he won against Go Bum, even when it’s not showed)

With the Asian Games right around the corner, the judo team has no time to lose, especially the 73 kg. category (the one Ji Heon is in), since they’ve never lost the gold medal. Go Bum has to make sure Ji Heon trains harder than ever, more focused and professionally.

Meanwhile, Taek Woo’s injury is healing as expected – but not at the rate he’d want. Yeon Woo points out that, while it can be healed in less than three months if his will power is strong enough, he can’t overwork himself. After he leaves, Ji Heon enters with a slight thigh discomfort, which needs to be checked using ultrasound. As you know, the transducer needs to be in contact with the skin, so he has to pull his pants down.

In front of Yeon Woo.

Yeah, sure.

The guy is infinitely embarrassed and decides to go with the Director instead.

Yeon Woo: I’m a doctor.

Ji Heon: To me, you’re a woman.

His problem turns out to be insignificant, he’ll only need to use some hot packs and that’s all. Do Wook takes the opportunity to congratulate him for being the national representative of Korea at the Games. Ji Heon, on the other hand, takes this opportunity to inform him that he’s dating Yeon Woo, so he should congratulate him for this too.

Do Wook (smiling): I’m disappointed in Dr. Kim Yeon Woo. You’re saying that she fell for this kind of man?

Ji Heon (flustered): What’s wrong with me?

Do Wook (enjoying it): You’re too stuffy. You don’t even know how to use your head.

In a nutshell, Ji Heon’s appeal. Do Wook is great.

Anyways, the doctor admits that they’re both stuffy, so they should be quite compatible. On a serious note, he cheers him on, saying that he was pretty cool when he confronted him regarding Yeon Woo. Ji Heon’s tendency to always give his all, putting everything at stake, is admirable in the eyes of Do Wook.

Do Wook: Don’t fall for me though, since I’m leaving soon.

How can such a great character be paired with a bland girl like Hee Young simply blows my mind. That same day, she calls him to have a chat at a café. He purposely arrives late, in retribution for her past misdeeds (LOL). Her big news is that she’s leaving the National Village once the Asian Games are over, so, if he was leaving because of her, there’s no need now. At the beginning, he confesses that she was the reason for his departure, but not anymore – he wants to do something greater. Upon saying their final goodbyes, he looks for something more creative than the formal “Good bye”, and chooses “Merry Christmas”. They smile, their thoughts full of what has been and what could’ve been, as they eventually part ways.

The day has arrived, and Yeon Woo is ready for her role as the official doctor alongside the head nurse. Ji Heon is ready too, for the day he’s been waiting for so long, and we get a bit of patriotic fervor, moving music included, while he remembers the most important moments of his long road till here – the first injury, Sang Bong’s accident and final acceptance.

While Ji Heon is competing, little bits and pieces of a relevant flashback of unknown events are revealed. Originally, Ji Heon paid a visit to Sang Bong (who’s recovering steadily), to ask him why he left the day of the competition againts Go Bum. Sang Bong explains that he wanted him to win – if he had lost, their last memories of judo would’ve been those of the accident. At first he’s surly and unwilling to further talk, but Ji Heon’s attitude, promising to dedicate his (possible) victory to him, is moving enough to make him give important advice for his upcoming match.

Armed with the best tactics, courtesy of Judo’s Yoda Sang Bong, Ji Heon wins his two first games by ippon, much to his sis-in-law’s pleasure (she’s following the games even at work – aww).

Within the 82 kg. category, Dong Ho has a good performance, winning a gold medal and provoking such an ecstatic response from Taek Woo, that he even hugs Go Bum to celebrate. Dong Ho, in tears, calls Taek Woo, regretting that only he could win a gold medal. Next time, Taek Woo promises, they both will get a gold medal.

The bromanceeee!!!!

Do Wook, before leaving, has left a project to build a Sports Medical Center to replace the Hancook Hospital once their contract is over. The Vice President is still unwilling to accept Do Wook’s departure, so he begs for him to stay, to the doctor’s enjoyment.

Ji Heon’s passage to the finals isn’t for free. While watching the game, Do Wook found out that our lovely judoka has been injured. Upon hearing this information from him, Yeon Woo runs to the judo arena, only to confirm that Ji Heon has broken an intermediate phalange – if he continues with the match, he could get a permanent injury.

Gah, is the judo team cursed or what?!

He believes he can endure it, even without anesthesia, so he’ll continue as planned. Just before the match, they walk together the long corridor to the arena. She, as a doctor, asks him not to get injured; and as a woman, she promises to stay by his side.

It’s peculiar how they decided not to show us both Go Bum’s match and the finals, maintaining the intrigue and going forward with the characters. In the end, it’s all about that, the people, not those ephemeral grand occasions.

At the airport, Yeon Woo and Do Wook are finally saying goodbye. As a farewell gift, he confesses that he fell for her when she showed her strong resolution right at the beginning, when she “betrayed” her previous boss – now that there’s no longer that awkwardness product of her crush, he can say this stuff without feeling burdened. She was the first person who made him smile after the accident too, so he can confidently leave her believing she’ll do a great job.

When she arrives home, all deflated for Do Wook’s departure, Ji Heon is waiting for her (as he always does).

Yeon Woo: I’ve lost a cool colleague, a marvelous sunbae and a great teacher in one day.

Ji Heon: It’s okay. Instead, you have a cool, marvelous and great man right next to you.

Aberdeen approves of this!

He’s bought couple sneakers for the clear purpose of exercising together (I know, the couple stuff has always sounded extremely ridiculous to me, but it-is-just-too-cute in dramas), and gives them with a tone of voice close to a squeal. Not being able to resist his charms, she smiles and rubs his head tenderly.

Before and after knowing the truth about Ji Heon (those of us who have seen Giant know how scary she can be 😆 )

Annnddd, mum had to arrive just in time to discover their little affair. At first, she’s utterly delighted by his physical appearance, and after Yeon Woo says he was the one who got her purse back when it was stolen, she’s beyond euphoric. Her happiness is bound to be shattered – he’s only an athlete. No matter he won the silver medal, she most coldly asks him to leave.

Once he’s out (but still overhearing what’s happening inside), mummy shouts at her mindless daughter for choosing such a lousy prospect.

That night, our ill-fated couple meets to have some drinks. Yeon Woo won’t admit that her mother strongly refuses to the match, but he knows it well enough. It’s not a problem, though, since he’s the type to become more charming the more you know him – her mum will take some time to see him in a different light, but she’ll fall for him just like Yeon Woo did.

That cheesy ahjumma from an early episode still has her eyes fixed on Ji Heon. However, this time is different; Yeon Woo won’t allow her to touch her beloved boyfriend. Needless to say, he’s beyond amused by the whole situation.

Tipsy and slightly swaying, Yeon Woo finds it impossible to take two steps forward without falling, so Ji Heon lifts her up to take her home. Once inside, she asks for water but falls asleep before he can give it to her. Seeing she’s uncomfortable (YEAH, SURE), he attempts to take her coat off, jumping right over her. Having triggered the most hilarious reaction due to his inappropriate position, she kicks him out, shouting like their first time at that apartment (even the same neighbor witnesses the scandal). He tries to explain that he wasn’t meaning anything wicked, but receives no response from her.

After some time, she goes out and finds him freezing outside (way to manipulate her heart, smart boy [in fact, it’s pretty amazing how he’s learnt how to handle her personality]). With a smile, she lets him in.


It seems like some time has passed, Ji Heon’s finger is cured by now, and his judo team has been dissolved. The former cutest judo team in drama history meets to celebrate Dae Sup’s newfound path in life: he’s opening a restaurant. Taek Woo, Go Bum, Woo Ram, Dung Ho and Ji Heon are all there to commemorate their friendship.

At 30, Ji Heon is finding it difficult to continue with his athletic dream – while as a person he’s at his peak in life, as an athlete his efficiency has most surely decreased considerably and his chances of being accepted in a team as well.

But worry not!

Mr. Coach arrives just in time to offer a spot in the National Village, to train for the London Olympics. Woot to the woot!

Completing our overlook at everyone’s happy endings, Sang Bong has finally reached mental peace, and is recovering at an amazing pace. He’s even found himself a girl, a nice nurse (Min Hyo Rin) with whom he’ll be going out that night, triggering Ji Heon’s jealousy. Hahaha, I could watch a whole show based on these two’s shenanigans.

The medical team has a new clumsy doctor (SHINee’s Onew), and Yeon Woo is pretty much correcting all his faults (she even emulates Do Wook’s half smirk). What she didn’t expect, is that her marvelous sunbae has returned as the new Sports Medical Center’s Director (talking about big plans for his future).

As a pretty neat way to tie things up, Yeon Woo and Ji Heon have decided to go to a balloon lamp festival that night. While he’s waiting for her, she’s convincing Do Wook to accompany them, as a welcome reunion. Ji Heon tries to act cool, showing no concern over his lady and her former crush arriving together. He can’t keep up with the charade for long, and asks for a private conversation with her.

To his surprise, Yeon Woo has set up a rather interesting matchmaking meeting: she called Hee Young to the festival too, to test if her love story with Do Wook is dictated by fate itself. Therefore, they can’t go back to where Do Wook was, and can’t see how her plan was successful: both the doctor and the ex coach see each other from a short distance, and smile tenderly.

At last, Yeon Woo and Ji Heon can enjoy their date alone. Now that Do Wook has returned, him working alongside Yeon Woo makes Ji Heon a little uneasy – that they’ll go back to their everyday relationship is a bit hard to swallow. However, he’ll be by her side too, while training for London Olympics. She’s surprised by this, but her amusement at his never-ending jealousy makes her smile sweetly.

After letting their balloon fly, he wonders what she wished for.

Yeon Woo: I probably wished the same as you. Gold medal?

Ji Heon: Not for me.

Yeon Woo: Then… What did you wish for?

Ji Heon: Kim… Yeon… Woo.

She wishes for him, he wishes for her; and my heart melts for one of the cutest OTP out there.

Aberdeen’s comments

That’s how you end a perfectly adorable episode! Dr. Champ’s strength was never angst, but cute, down-to-earth little sweet and relatable bits. And the finale was full of those!

It’s quite amazing, now that the drama is over, how much my love has grown for it in the last two episodes. I admit I had tough moments with this, when I felt confused, and didn’t know where we were heading. Some middle episodes were indeed draggy, the plot was close to inexistent, and I grew tired – I remember referring to this drama as a roller coaster ride: sometimes it gave me shots of adrenaline, but I felt dizzy and disconcerted too. However, I never lost hope, because that natural, optimistic and subtle vibe that captured my attention in episode 1 was still there – maybe hidden, but not lost.

Why did I love so much the finale? Well, I found it genuine, non histrionic and utterly human. Frankly, neither of the characters changed radically (Yeon Woo experienced a nuanced evolution in an emotional journey from outsider to involved, but her core beliefs/ways are untouched), and I digged that. We merely accompanied their journey towards the (un)fulfillment of their dreams. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a “realistic rom-com drama” is a contradiction in terms, but this was as close as we can get, at least emotionally speaking.

For once, the leading girl was annoyingly cranky and the boy was super cute. Being by each other’s side, her crankiness watered down (I love how she’s still stubborn and somewhat difficult to reach), and he’s grown up enough to make him more adult but keeping the inner child that makes him so unique. As for the doctor/coach, they never were so interesting to begin with, but their chances of finding what made their love so unforgettable again, gave me a cuddly feeling.

Then, what about their dreams? What does a dream mean, actually? When something you’ve wished for all your life, fueled by a tragic experience and a tough reality suddenly collapses, do you too? Because, in the end, Yeon Woo stuck with the job she took grudgingly, thinking about it as something temporal, Ji Heon didn’t get his gold medal, and Sang Bong is still trying to rehabilitate. But, what was important about all these people was the bonds they found together, those which went beyond shiny medals or vacuous, distinguished jobs. When Ji Heon finally wishes for Yeon Woo, he’s showing how much he’s learnt about life, about what’s important. Those things that seemed like his beginning and his end, were pushed back to a supporting role in his life.

After all, after the tears and the blood you shed while fighting for what’s dear for you, a defeat can happen. The real question is what you do with that tragedy, how you decide to react and take it. Our characters moved on, forgave and forgot, and found new challenges and motivations to rediscover life.

And that, my friends, is commendable. They’re no ones, they’re anonymous people in a world full of anonymous people, just fighting everyday to be happy. Their end is not yet written, and I rejoice knowing that so palpable, admirable and, why not, adorable people could be walking by my side every day.

Kaedejun’s comments

Quiet dramas are the sneakiest; they make you come in with little expectations and with a little Uhm Tae Woong, and then BAM your heart is ensnared, caught somewhere in between Sang Bong and Ji Heon while Yeon Woo tries to diagnose you. You struggle, wanting to scream, “YOU’RE DISAPPOINTING! YOU’RE NOT A HIT!”, but you can’t, because Yeon Woo is so stubbornly telling you that you love the drama. And you do. This drama with no lofty goals and no plot twists has successfully captured my attention for eight weeks.

To sum up – this drama was beautiful, Jung Gyu Woon and Kim So Yeon were so cute as a couple, and the bromance was the best relationship ever (especially Ji Heon’s look of shocked betrayal that his buddy is actually gettin’ a girl. In a wheelchair. Even he couldn’t do that! Cue jealous rivalry all over again). Uhm Tae Woong was wasted in this drama, but he was excellent eye-candy foil to Jung Gyu Woon. He redeems himself and his character after halfway through the series, when he starts becoming matchmaker to Yeon Woo and Ji Heon, and he doubles his points with the glasses at the end. But again – wasted, save for being eye-candy.

I also can’t say that the plot was great. It was a bit predictable. Ji Heon and Sang Bong’s relationship was probably the only thing that was unpredictable, and that may be why I love it so much. Ji Heon as a character was also a little unpredictable, since he’s the active pursuer, the kind generous typical “second male lead” that actually gets the girl. *And there’s hope for you nice guys yet!*

But despite some reservations, I definitely enjoyed this drama for the small moments. Slice of life it truly is.


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  1. Crew

    “With a smile, she lets him in.

    😉 ”

    hmm, wonder what happened there. bahaha

    And during the phone call with Yeon Woo, Ji Heon says it’s been five years with the team. Do you know how many years have elapsed? Because if it’s the London Olympics, it shouldn’t be five years.

    • 1.1 Tristan

      I think he’s talking about the team he’s been in from before the show started – you know, before he entered the National Village and all, he was still training with a team. The time passed is just something like a year or so, since Ji Heon has only gone from 29 to 30.

      Anyway, I loved this pretty much the whole way through, just for the tone. So cute, and even the angst I found to be tolerable. And also, no one were super prince/princess filthy rich! Hurrah, normal people.

  2. nhr

    Been reading recaps. Thanks for sharing the lovely moments with me too! Dr Champ was truly adorable and I love how they break conventions – typical second lead gets the girl! How can I not love this drama?

    Awesome work both of you. Dr Champ was one heck of a ride, but totally worth it!

  3. theasianstalker

    I actually was disappointed with this episode. I really wanted to see the match against Go Bum and the final match in the asian games. This episode seemed to me to be rushed in the end. And what about the relationship between Yoo Ri and Go Bum? We never got to see where they decided to go with that.

    • 3.1 Kaedejun

      I kinda agree. I really wished i could see the final matches, but i think it was a deft use of time jumps (so that they could fit in more stuff in one episode without being too rushed) and because like aberdeen said, it was a drama more about the people rather than the situations they were in.

      But of course, the look of utter embarassment and defeat on Go Bum’s face would have been priceless 😀

      • 3.1.1 okie dokie

        I agree, I really wanted to see Ko Bum be humbled. It would’ve made more sense in then end where he was finally accepted to the group.

      • 3.1.2 aberdeen_angus

        Strangely enough, I had an intense love-hate relationship with Go Bum’s character. I loved how he’s still a jerk, but the judo guys consider him part of the group. I guess he’s found his spot there, and could develop better manners among them (otherwise, if he was the disgusting fella he was at the beginning, I don’t think they should’ve invited him to that celebration).

        That’s why I put his smiling screencap in my recap. Why yes I’m biased 😀

        • Lilian

          yeah..the Go Bum part was definitely too rushed. It would have been good to develop it more and see how he changed into a better person.. a team player instead of just thinking of winning despite the consequences!

  4. maez

    One of my favorite dramas. Now I can’t wait for her appearance in Athena. Kim So-yeon is my favorite actress. 🙂

  5. Ohemgee

    simply loved it.

  6. Carinne

    As the beginning, this show had me at wishing lantern. And so it didn’t disappoint me in the end.

    Pure choco abs gala. Very nice show.

  7. Paloma

    I would like to thank all the actors and actresses for this beautiful drama. Sincerely, thank you….
    Definitely looking forward to see them again.
    A big hug for Uhm Tae Woong. He is one of my most favourite actors. I will miss him.

  8. sora

    I loved this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Paloma

    I would like to thank javabeans, girlfriday, aberdeen_angus and kaedejun for all their comments.
    You let us share our thoughts and feelings through our comments.
    You let us smile and laugh with all your lovely recaps.
    Thank you very much for everthing.

  10. 10 cingdoc

    Since this drama is blocked in our region since epi 11, I really appreciate that you guys have been recapping it….I might not have ‘watched” the drama since then, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it til the end all thanks to you. Thank You for all your hard work 🙂

  11. 11 chloe

    Thanks or the recap. The recaps definitely enhanced by viewing of this drama. I liked the ending very much; it was satisfying, complete, and fit the drama. I wasn’t “what the …” at the end, which sadly happens more than I want and effects my overall enjoyment of the drama.

  12. 12 NickDobi

    I’m smiling to myself =D

    as i did during watching this drama.

    thanks for recapping this!!!!!!

  13. 13 Amg1

    Aberdeen & Kaedejun!!!!!

    Thank you for your hard work as always!!!!!!!

    I want to thank the “Drama Goods” for allowing my favorite couple of 2010, to finally end up together, it was truly “Sweeter than Honey”, this drama was very well done, it reminds me a lot of the “Slice of Life” J-Doramas, where the “development of the Characters” takes precedent over angst and over blown melodrama, this drama was very relatable even till the last episode, and even when the female lead was overbearing most of the times and a “Proper Drama Queen” at the end she saw the light end fell for our “Cool Judo Boy”!!!!!
    Thank you again for your hard work and you 2 “Lady’s”remain my favorite “Dynamic Duo” when it comes to drama recaps!!!!

    Please do not be strangers and I will be patiently awaiting for your next project !!!!!!!!

    Lots of Loveeeeeee!!!!!!!

    Amg1 : O }

  14. 14 okie dokie

    I loved this drama, and the ending had me smiling ear to ear the whole time. I thought the end was a perfect way to do it. Lots of dramas try to squeeze what seems like an epilogue into the last minutes to the drama but this felt very organic.

  15. 15 Hanni R.

    Anybody know the name and artist of the song played when Ji Heon gives Yeon Woo the couple sneakers? It sounds something like…”oh my beautiful girl, oh my beautiful lady…”


    • 15.1 anotheraddict

      @ Hanni R.

      Yeah, it’s “My Way” by Wheesung. You can find it on Youtube.

      Does anyone know where I can find the romanized lyrics for 달콤한 소금 –
      그게 사랑 (“That’s Love” by Sweet Salt)? It’s the song Yeon Woo played on the guitar and it also was part of the OST a couple of times….. thanks!

      • 15.1.1 Hanni R.

        Thank you!

      • 15.1.2 Paloma


        Try this link: romanisation “That´s love”

        • anotheraddict

          Muchisimas gracias, Paloma!

          • Paloma

            You are welcome!!!! (that was cute…in Spanish!!!)

          • aberdeen_angus

            It’s so strange to be reading something in spanish here ^^

            ¡Abrazos! 😀

  16. 16 missjb

    thanks aberdeen angus and kaedejun had been recapped this drama.

    I liked the ending, and the cute and cinematofraphy this drama who make me keep watching.

    This drama is trying to potrayed a character with realistic storyline, and i think they quite successed dilivered it.

  17. 17 anotheraddict

    I enjoyed this drama, but it never fully engaged me (though, in terms of how invested I was in a drama, SKKS was a very tough act to follow and most dramas were bound to pale in comparison). I did really appreciate the down-to-earth feel of Dr. Champ and loved the lack of histrionics.

    I totally agree that Do Wook and Hee Young’s characters were very poorly matched. It probably would have bothered me less if Cha Ye Ryun weren’t playing Hee Young– to me, her vibe is always somewhere between wimp and victim. (And Do Wook wouldn’t be attracted to either.)

    Thanks so much for all your hard work, recappers!

  18. 18 RoastedSweetPotato

    Baby ra ra ra woo hoo woo hoo hoo hoo
    Oh, my beautiful day..
    Oh, my beautiful lady..yeh-eh
    Woo hoo woo hoo hoo hoo
    Oh, my wonderful day..
    Oh, my pretty lady..Cool..

    I liked this Kdrama because I really enjoyed watching Yeon Woo, Do Wook, Ji Heon, Sang Bong and Yi Reum, but the plot line was ridiculously weak.

    • 18.1 RoastedSweetPotato

      Thank you Aberdeen and Kaedejun for recapping all 16 episodes of Dr. Champ!

  19. 19 angelpur

    i compltley detested Do Wook by the end of the drama. i couldnt stand him, and wouldve hated it if he had ended up with yeon woo. am i the only one who saw no chemistry between them? i dont know why she liked him in the first place. shame, another project which i don’t like uhm tae woong in.

    anywho, im so freaking happy that ji heon got the girl in the end. he’s so cute and adorable and his efforts werent wasted =]. overall, the 16 hours i spent on this drama was well rewarded in the end.

    • 19.1 Paloma

      Uhm Tae Woong is an excellent actor.
      He had an interesting and charming role in this drama but writers played a “saved game” with the story.
      They did not “squeeze” his character to maximum (and, believe me, Uhm Tae Woong is amazing in moving scenes)
      On the other hand, Hee Young character was a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y plain. (Aberdeen_angus is right!!)
      Writers had enough material to do a beautiful love story: Do Wook´s pain and his deep love for her (and viceversa!!), their conflicts between love and forgiveness.
      Combine all these emotions and you have a really great plot…but we just saw the “peak of the iceberg”
      This is my humble opinion….

  20. 20 müge

    my pray is accepted, thanks god!!!!
    JH was the most beautiful thing in that drama and also his bromance. and of course, one of the cutest couple JH and YW. what a good chemistry!!
    I still find UTW role to be empty and unimportant. he just seemed to me a must as an extra person to show the love angsty.
    at the beginning, I didn’t think that I would love that drama but thanks to JH, I became addicted to it. if they showed more and more YW-JH scenes I would never get bored.
    anyway, thanx a lot for warm, sincere and good recaps. to read the recaps was also enjoyable^^

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    This “drama”(I mean Ji Heon ;P) was so cute ^_^. Love reading every recap, thanks!

  22. 22 dannaluk

    what a cute drama!…definitely not the best of the year but it was immensely satisfying….i loved the breif Onew cameo….i would have like the Min Hyo Rin cameo better if they had her come as a skater…lol

  23. 23 girlfriday

    I freakin LOVED Jung Kyeo-woon in this. He really IS a 볼매, like he says. (Someone who gets better the more you get to know him. It’s my new favorite Korean word-mash. Thanks, drama!)

    • 23.1 miss

      you mean, Bolmae?
      Park Shin Hye gave this nickname to Ju Yong Hwa
      I start to know this korean word mash from shin hye…. ^^

      btw.. nice drama

    • 23.2 aberdeen_angus

      Absolutely! He’s the main reason why I followed this drama so thoroughly (I hadn’t seen any of his previous dramas).

    • 23.3 Laica

      So did I! He was perfect as Ji Heon. I hadn’t seen him in anything before this, but he was absolutely wonderful in this. And I love his elf-ears. 🙂

  24. 24 obivia

    100% satisfying.
    –your recaps (the both of you!)
    –the different “couples” (including the bromances)
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    Thanks so much!!

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    I loved loved the visuals for the ending.It was beautiful.

    Thank you for doing the recaps for this series 🙂

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    absolutely awesome breathtaking drama ever (next to baker king). but this one was really something. simple and sweet and cute and suspenseful and just all around beautiful. ^_^ loved the main characters too.

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  30. 30 quirky

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    and thanks for the recap, its been a long but sweet ride 🙂

    • 30.1 anonymous

      That was my reaction too! haha.

      SM Ent certainly has surprised me a lot this year re project choices for Onew. He’s building a name for himself outside the idol world. Not complaining EXCEPT for the part where they overwork him to death.

  31. 31 perking

    thank you

    love this series to death, also thanks KSY and the rest of the casts for this beautiful series, though in some people, this is a boring , low ratings , for me, it’s the best of this year, besides PP
    learning a lot from this beautiful drama, love, life, career, sad and happiness in life, awesome drama. Now, waiting for KSY’s next project besides Athena, hopefully some projects w/ MBC & KBS,

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    BTW, your words, Aberdeen, including everything i love, thanks ,
    “After all, after the tears and the blood you shed while fighting for what’s dear for you, a defeat can happen. The real question is what you do with that tragedy, how you decide to react and take it. Our characters moved on, forgave and forgot, and found new challenges and motivations to rediscover life.”

  32. 32 minnetter

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    I’m happy happy happy with the drama 🙂

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    Kaedejun & Aberdeen: you rock!!!!

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    I LOVED this drama for it’s slice of life-ness and Ji Heon’s adorkable character. Aside for his secondary character role in “Women in the Sun”, I was unfamiliar with him, but he provided the spazz that was missing from a lot of other dramas I’ve been loving recently. Namely, he wasn’t a flower boy (like in PK and SKKS), but man eye candy!

    Episode 15 was the most beloved episode I’ve seen in a long time in any drama (the kind you could watch and rewatch again and again), so for me, ep. 16 was a bit of a let down since we didn’t get to see victory on the mat. But your recap brought a new perspective to that disappointment and made it easier to swallow, so for that, too, thank you.

    Kim So Yeon has always impressed me since “Sunshine” and then “All About Eve”, but her recent string of roles in “IRIS”, “Prosecutor Princess”, and then “Dr. Champ” is just amazing.

    I am really feeling a void now that SKKS and Dr. C are completed, but am glad that you are on board for “Secret Garden”, my newest soon to be addiction!

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    Looking forward to UTW’s next project!

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  39. 39 lessaofpern

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    • 41.1 Ohemgee

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    Dr. Champ was low-key, but it was my favourite drama this year so far. I loved all the characters, lead and secondary (except Coach Energy Suck) and I loved the tone, dialogue, the visuals (breathtaking!). I found myself cheering for them, laughing out loud at their antics, crying for them when they were in pain, and remembering them even after they left my screen as if they were real people, and their lives and dreams were still happening somewhere.

    What made this drama for me though was Jung Gyeo-woon. I feel for him within 5 minutes of the first episode. So different from the standard kdrama hero that I’m frankly a little tired of – he’s cheerful, down-to-earth, and brave both physically and emotionally. He goes all out and isn’t afraid of getting hurt. And JGW’s performance was perfect. He WAS Ji Heon.

    Also, I love Kim So-yeon here. This is my favourite character she’s played. A tough, smart woman, who still makes mistakes, and who has a vulnerable side that she doesn’t show to everyone. Stubborn and childish at times. But, brave when it comes to it.

    Thanks again, guys, for all your hard work!

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    This drama will not be in my classic rack collection.

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    The final episode encapsulated a lot of what I loved about Dr. Champ – it was sweet, character-driven, and focused on the mending and strengthening of relationships (romantic and platonic). Even Dong Ho and Taek Woo managed to make me smile. The episode also continued one of the show’s major themes: sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. Sometimes, you don’t win that gold medal. But that didn’t stop the characters from trying their damnedest. They gave their all – in life and love.

    And Ji Heon is the embodiment of that. For the first time, I found myself relating very much with the male lead. JH’s character, upon reflection, is what kept me coming back and what drove a large part of this show. It is incredibly refreshing to have a main male lead who is not a brooding jerk, but a big-hearted, honest, ambitious, dorky, and jovial person. I usually find these traits in the second lead (and thus, always end up rooting for the pairing that will never happen), but this was the first drama in which I related completely with the leading man. I saw a lot of myself in aspects of JH. Jung Kyeo Woon deserves A LOT of props. He nailed the character completely and I truly saw him as JH.

    I’m going to miss this show. It was a bright spot in these eight weeks and I adored watching every minute of it. Was it perfect? No, of course not. But it’s strengths made me forgive it’s flaws. Add in that glorious camera, and I think this will be the series from this year I will always remember. It just hit all the right notes for me.

    Thank you, Dr. Champ!

    • 49.1 Laica

      Totally agree with your comments – very well said! 🙂

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    Does anyone know where to download the guitar song – “That’s love” by Sweet Salt?

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