Dramabeans Podcast #4
by | November 28, 2010 | 98 Comments

In which javabeans and girlfriday discuss:

  • Frequently asked questions;
  • kpop, new and old-school, and idol stars;
  • some of our favorite plots and devices;
  • favorite old dramas like Last Match and Propose;
  • Runaway;
  • anticipating My Princess;
  • Bae Yong-joon and Hallyu;
  • our Korean mothers and the dramas they watch;
  • and body-swaps, Secret Garden, and Who Are You.

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Songs Used in Podcast (In order of use)

“I Won’t Cry” by As One
“Candy” by H.O.T.
“DOC와 춤을” by DJ Doc
“난 알아요” by Seo Taiji & the Boys
“Delete” by Younha
“부탁해, My Bus!” by Jang Geun-seok from the Mary Stayed Out All Night OST
“Bang Bang Bang” by MBLAQ from the Runaway Plan B OST
“Sungkyunkwan Scandal” from the Sungkyunkwan Scandal OST
“빨간 우산” by Kim Gun-mo
“나타나” from the Secret Garden OST
“잠못드는 밤 비는 내리고” by Kim Gun-mo


98 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. :D

    I love your Podcasts!
    who’s that in the above picture?

    • 1.1 twinkie

      that looks like sung yuri to me. ..

      • 1.1.1 dit

        Seems like Lee Jin to me.

        • jo

          it’s sung yuri

    • 1.2 lan

      Looks like Park Bo Young to me

    • 1.3 bubbic

      Song Yuri…?

    • 1.4 bird

      that’s sung yuri appearing as a guest on ock juhyun’s radio programme, along with the other members of fin.k.l. it was a reunion special, i think..

      • 1.4.1 LaLa

        or maybe it’s either javabeans or girlfriday, i’m thinking.

  2. hapacalgirl

    LOVE As One! okay now back to the podcast.

    • 2.1 pabo ceo reom

      The “limp rag” comment had me going LOL.

  3. weissman

    same question is that you?

  4. egg

    oh noo, I was looking forward to your discussion of Playful Kiss! BUT THANK YOU for you podcast, I always enjoy them immensely!!!

  5. Memei

    I hope you talk about how hot Yoo Ah In is! Hehe and how he’s like Lee Min Ho, totally gorgeous but with substance (with regards to their acting). they’re hard to come across nowadays 🙂

  6. dulcedeleche

    sweet! can’t wait to hear it!

    • 6.1 dulcedeleche

      Okay comments now that I’m done listening.

      I agree with your assessment with the use of cliches….and one cliche (well it’s not really a cliche but more of a method for creating tension) that annoys me is that every conflict occurs because of so many misunderstandings. And they can’t deal with them because they don’t talk to each other or trust each other. That’s what’s refreshing about My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. They don’t let misunderstandings hinder them to the point where you’re yelling at the screen cause you know all the conflict would be resolved if they would just talk to each other!

      I just remembered one post javabeans did where she compared dramas she was watching with first dates. I totally think you guys should do that with a podcast.

  7. Kuging

    OMG heroines!

    JB is that yo? u look exactly the way you sound.Pretty!

    how about GF?

    • 7.1 mandax

      I think the above is sung yuri.
      anyway, jb is equally beautiful as .

  8. diya

    i love your podcast <3 made my day

  9. diadda

    podcasts are fun! Just had this discussion on k-music on FB! even with H.O.T in the topic. Don’t know how you guys are always right in that groove of informative, fun and topical. Keep it up!

  10. 10 yeone

    I’m guessin the main focus of the above pic is:
    the microphone? LOL
    awesome podcast as always JB & GF 😀

  11. 11 Lea

    You’re so pretty. It’s not fair that your witty and pretty. Seriously, God, shuffle the talent cards. Did that even make sense?

  12. 12 Kdramafan

    I think we’re all a little curious if the picture you posted with the podcast is javabeans or girlfriday or a kdrama actress (to maintain your anonymity).

  13. 13 Memei

    Yay! I knew you want to recap Sam Soon. It’s enough to know that you want to do it even though you won’t haha. That, for me, is enough 🙂

    Sam soon will always be the best drama. The acting is so good and even though Henney was like a moving monument there, you could just overlook that because the story’s good.

  14. 14 evelia

    Right now I am watching Sam Soon and I am enjoying it. Thanks for the podcast.

  15. 15 hapacalgirl

    There is nothing wrong with being a fan of old-school kpop. I have listened to kpop since late 90s/early 00s (thanks to the international channel lol ) and I am not even that old (I’m mid-20s).

    I love the roommate plot device (like Attic Cat for example).

    I agree with Mary Stayed Out All Night. I love the cast to no end and I adore the Geuns chemistry but I feel like all this chemistry and acting talent is being wasted on a bleh plot and bleh writing. Its very hard for something with the Geuns in it to bore me but I feel like they are the only reason why I am watching it now and not because I actually find the story interesting.

    I think Dr. Champ was pretty close to regular people such as Triple (such wasted talent on that show though) as we are going to get on a prime time slot.

    Ooooh Biscuit Teacher was awesome as was Delightful Girl Chun hyung.

    Haven’t watched Runaway yet but will check it out when I have more time. I have had a soft spot for lee jung jin since 9 End 2 Outs, he is such a handsome manly man I agree and he has such a manly voice too.

    I agree with SSK and think the end was such a cop out. Also Yoo Ah In and Song Joongki were so under utilized.

    With those two leads My Princess is going to be so lol-worthy. Although Seung-hoon is from one of my favorite kdramas of all time (Autumn in my heart) so I will forever have somewhat a soft spot for the guy but I agree he acts the same as he did when he started.

    I loved “Who Are You” even though I am not the biggest Go Ara fan. Still need to watch Secret Garden but I have no more time for any more dramas at the moment.

    As you can tell I was commenting as I was listening to the podcast. Great podcast as always by the ways.

    • 15.1 Informantxgirl

      Great podcast! I could listen every day, seriously. 🙂

      “Who Are You?” totally surprised me with how much I loved it. Totally agree that the hero started off a huge, major question mark – I seriously had to go check on wiki to make sure I had the right guy. He just annoyed the heck out of me, but he won me over completely later, so yay! Go Ara was so flat…but that would be like dissing on Batman Begins because Katie Holmes was miscast. It was just so good overall that I forgave her for being more than a little cardboardy. I think Go Ara’s character was meant to be stronger and more fleshed-out, but the actress just didn’t take it to that level, IMHO (again, Katie Holmes in Batman Begins comes to mind).

  16. 16 rayray

    This was my first time listening to a podcast by you guys! so exciting and so much fun Hahahahaha! I really enjoyed listening:D thanks!

    And I sadly totally agree about the whole MSOAN! I do love the actors but it doesnt have that oopmh factor(cough like secret garden cough cough). It has/had such potential but its fizzing out…

  17. 17 asianromance

    your funniest podcast ever!!!

    I miss those old kpop songs! I love As One!

    I agree with your assessment of MSOAN. The cast is amazing, but there is nothing there that makes me want to pick up the next episode. Hopefully that will change with this week’s episode.

    SSH had actually done a rom-com before but only in movie format. It’s the movie rom-com movie, He Was Cool (he was this jjang character). But Jung Da Bin (RIP) did all of the comedic stuff. But he has never done a rom-com in a drama before where he will be forced to exhibit some funnyness and hopefully deliver for 16 hours. Kim Tae Hee hasn’t done a rom-com lately either. So maybe a rom-com is what they need. (sadly, the plot sounds blander than SSH’s acting)

  18. 18 danni

    LMAO at jb and Lee Jung-jin. I only find this hilarious because jb rarely fangirls unless it’s Kang Ji-hwan or Lee Jung-jae and even then it’s like minimal (compared to the rest of us).

    Thanks for the podcast! I always find them interesting.

    • 18.1 Rens

      yeah when JB was all like “lee jung jin represents more than himself, he’s representing his fellow brothers of masculinity!” I was like woah, because JB always seems so composed. haha GF seemed shocked aswell.

      Thanks for the podcasts! I’m always excited when I see one up!

  19. 19 Lucky

    Love! I was refreshing for Secret Garden Ep 6 recaps and found this little surprise. You guys are just too funny. It’s like listening to my girlfriends talk. JB, you sound exactly like my friend! And I love your obsession with KHJ’s perm.
    Glad you guys talked about kpop idols, cuz I’ve been wondering what you guys listen to! I only got into FT Island and the whole K-pop scene after reading your YAB recaps.
    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on ep 6!

  20. 20 dannaluk

    yes JB….you have to watch Housemaid for Lee Jung Jae….and dont be embarrassed i did too 🙂

  21. 21 Tammu

    This was another interesting podcasts. I loved it when GF cracked up laughing at that Korean insider joke about hand towel? She just lost it in giggles, lol.

    I’ve added some dramas on my list to watch after listening to this podcast too!

    Looking forward to the next one~!

  22. 22 Ruq

    This was hilarious. I accidentally shut out the tab that was playing the podcast and I had to re-listen to the beginning while I was loading it again and I was cracking up noting the contrast between the way you seemed to be following some kind of organized structure at the beginning and how it basically just devolved into insanity closer to the end.
    I love it!

    I feel the same way about Mary. And Lee Jung Jin. And congratulations on bringing me down from my SG high! I’m totally terrified of some serious crash-and-burn at this point.

    I’m on here all the time but I’m a pretty quiet reader so I just want to tell you that I /love/ how you guys run Dramabeans!

  23. 23 olivia

    Yay!!! another podcast…

  24. 24 minnetter

    I found this so funny and interesting^^ Thank you for sharing^^

    It’s midnight here and I’m listening to you guys on my computer, and I think I disturbed my neighbours with my laughter^^ oh the joys of brick walls that have no insulation and the benefit of noise that travels so quickly and easily through it^^

    You made my day^^ I’m currently living alone so I barely get out and I either study till I wanna puke or just lay around doing nothing until guilt takes me to go jogging for a bit, but otherwise I’m alone, so it was nice to hear voices that sound so similar to friends back in L.A. and talking about topics I wish I could talk about with friends, but can’t since I’m currently the ONLY one watching K-dramas… because my friend is an internet hater and will only watch K-drama’s if they magically appear on her TV…lol

    I thought you might mention Dr. Champ since I think that it’s as close as real life people as you might get in a 16-ep drama any time soon. I really enjoyed the road we walked with the characters and though I wish they had exploited the bro-mance more, instead of choosing to go for the typical she-has-cancer-maybe tactic at the last moment to show how much the doctor has grown. I would have preferred it if maybe she had been involved in the rehab process for sang bong and helped bring him together to Ji heon sooner^^

    Secret Garden= newest crack, sincerely love Hyun Bin now, though I hadn’t realized I’d actually watched many dramas and movies he’s starred in… lol… I thought I hadn’t… until I start to recognize a smile here or there, and it haunted me with Deja vù feelings and I had to go and look him up… hahaha

    MSOAN- JGS is all that’s keeping me there, I have watched everything he’s in… so I guess that makes me a fangirl? because I’m willing to stay around for the next 11 episodes just for him and his cuteness with MGY, who I’m only liking in this… previously I just couldn’t bear her, I don’t know why, but I couldn’t feel her acting… CU just drained me after the first 6 episode of her biotchiness and I departed from that train.

    I’m looking forward to IADD or IODG whatever they’re going with because vikkii has it the first way. this one i’ll admit that it’s mainly because SJ Donghae is in it (his vampire-ish teeth make me want to hug him-it makes no sense but that’s how it is).

    Same with President, I’ll stick around to watch it for SJ Sungmin, and also Athena for SJ Siwon (though I don’t know how much my love of my make-believe brother-all in my head, ‘cuz i think he’d make a good brother- wonnie will keep me attached to a spy drama, i’m not big on it, I’d rather a cop drama.)

    Runaway- heh I love Bi, I do, really, he stole my heart in FH, even though I never really did like the acting… i don’t know it wasn’t really that good acting wise or story wise, but I liked the chemistry between him and Song Hye Gyo who I admire^^ But I’m not going to watch it, it’s like I’m going to get a geography quiz with all that map hopping, plus I didn’t stick to the 8th and I’m now too lazy to go and watch it from the beginning to the last…

  25. 25 jigglybelly

    thanks, guys! i know you’re busy, but it always makes me sad when a podcast ends because you can’t make them as often as I would love to hear ….

  26. 26 Katie

    I LOVE hearing you two talk. Even though I spend most of the time wondering “Who are these people???” (about the actors you are mentioning) I love listening to this. Although I don’t always agree with you guys, I do adore you both. You two are so cute!!!! 🙂 Especially when you talk about your mom’s/christmas presents/inside jokes we don’t really get. Thanks so much ladies! I can’t wait for the next podcast!

    • 26.1 TaPioCa

      Yea..same here.i really enjoyed listening to u gals chatting and laughing all the way tho i dun really get it most of the times.i just love how both of u laughed! 😀 you gals really have made my day.thanks so much.i’m really looking forward for the next podcast!

  27. 27 gi

    wow, I still can’t believe I actually sat here and listened to two people just talk for almost an hour. I’m supposed to be going to sleep, but I really listened to it all. I was surprised when it was done that it was that long because I was entertained the whole time. Thanks you guys, I wish I could just hang out with you two so that you can teach me about koreaness and whatnot.

  28. 28 sleeplessinwgtn

    Lke you, javabeans, my liking for Who Are You and its characters grew from episode to episode. I’m so glad I stuck with it even if I am not into the supernatrual kind of genre. I sol loved the comic scenes tempered with the melodrama (I’m a sucker for tearjerkers, I rate a drama by the amount of tears I shed)

    I loved how each of the character redeemed themselves at the end; its a feel-good drama.

    And I so loved the theme song by Winterplay,

    Thanks for the podcasts and looking forward to the next one.

  29. 29 cingdoc

    Thanks JB & Girlfriday…it’s always nice to hear from you guys…I love how friendly the podcast is…just friends(including us)chatting away about things we wanted to know,drama’s we’ve watched & loved(or regretted)…It still amazes me how you 2 Dynamic Duo have time to do this “extra” goodie for us(in additional to those wonderful recaps)…Thank You 🙂

  30. 30 kate

    Loved the podcast! I could listen to you girls chat all night. 🙂

    I do hope MSOAN picks up; I agree that the writing isnt very strong, and not utilizing the actors. but the cuteness between JGS and MGY keep sme watching.

  31. 31 JiHwan

    Thanks ladies for the podcast. It’s getting late (and I have class tomorrow!) so I basically skipped to the secret garden part. By the way, just a suggestion, you should put the time next to each section that you discuss so we can skip pass things we don’t want to hear (like Bae Yong Joon!). Not that you guys aren’t extremely interesting to listen to.

  32. 32 Joly

    Thanks both of you for work so hard for dramabeans fans.I follow this site every day several times.
    Hope you’re guys healthy and keep going your best job.So….

  33. 33 musicwithin

    I`m disappointed in Mary skipped the curfew too…. bring out the big guns already, drama!

    Great podcast, loved the ranting!

  34. 34 christina

    It’s like 5am and I pulled an all nighter, but you just made my day! I was going to go to sleep, but I’m now just going to listen to your podcast, drink some pepsi and go watch some drama before going to school ^____^

    • 34.1 ida

      you seriously do that!? woah– my utopia is basically just watching dramas all day… but i have an assessed chem prac which sucks.

  35. 35 Rossi

    Thank you for another fun treat! I didn’t understand the Song Seung Heun (spelling?) joke but I was laughing so hard at how girlfriday was like dying over it. XD

    Some technical input if you guys want them for the next podcast. I heard girlfriday really loud and clear this time, but I had trouble with Javabeans sometimes. It sounds like you were talking really far away from the microphone.

  36. 36 ninji

    I always seem to forget that you’re making podcast a little now and then. But it’s always a pleasant surprise to wake up to. Yay.

  37. 37 Stephanie

    I can’t believe I heard the whole thing. I can’t multitask well so I stared at my laptop for 1h for the podcast hehe.
    can you list the titles you said in korean please? It was during the topic of old dramas

  38. 38 myxmo

    Yay, my wishes has been granted! I must’ve been good this year. Thanks javabeans & girlfriday! 🙂

  39. 39 mskololia

    Really enjoyed your podcast ladies!

  40. 40 myxmo

    Oh, and a suggestion. Only if it’s not too much trouble, of course. Can you provide the download links of the songs featured in the podcast? Just because you feature really awesome songs that I would’ve wanted to listen to in its entire length. I hope I’m not the only one who thinks so. 🙂

  41. 41 michelle

    awesome podcast, you two. i thoroughly enjoyed it!

  42. 42 hajae

    Oh gosh, I kept rewinding to the part when you said “you dress him up like a he-woman”. I don’t know why, but it just sounded really cool XD

  43. 43 sara

    I’m so how curious, it’s just me wait to hear something about your NY comic event??? I’m not living in US, bout always check the site, maybe it was canceled and I’ve not attention…
    by the way thanks for another great podcast! I love it.

  44. 44 Lily

    You’re going to discuss Who Are You? Yay!!

    I’ve looking forward to your podcasts! (:

  45. 45 frumbie

    i really laughed out loud in a coffee shop while listening to the Lee Jung Jin part…”although himself is you know, plenty” LMAO

  46. 46 mellowyel

    Thank you for the podcast! I love these. This one was especially hilarious with JB fangirling and the constant laughter.

    I wanted to make a kind of random comment on Javabeans comment about actors acting their age. I think, weirdly enough, that this is one of the reasons why I like Mary Stayed Out All Night so much – it’s people acting their age, not older or younger. Also because they’re acting my age, so I can relate to them a decent amount.

    I totally agree about the surfaceness of the drama in terms of the indie Hongdae scene. I totally had an “oh, really?” moment when Jung-In was like “its just like I imagined it! You’re a real indie musician!” *facepalm*. I like it best when it’s being as genuine as possible, like the “endless night” bits with the band and Mary’s friends, and when MuGyul isn’t angsting over everything. I didn’t like the last episode because I felt like I was watching the return of Hwang Tae-Kyung. Bring back my happy, drunk MuGyul!

    Secret Garden is the drama that I know is good, but I just can’t fall in love with. I’m keeping up with the episodes, but I’m not invested. I only really started watching because the recaps looked promising. Now that I’m watching it, I see that it’s good, but I guess I’m just not that big on pure romance stories. I need more comedy and more cute, LOL. It’s good to know that I’m not crazy for not being in love with it because it’s up there in terms of quality (so far, at least).

  47. 47 @.@

    thanks for entertaining for an hour 🙂

  48. 48 Informantxgirl

    You might have done this already, so ignore me if you have, but do you watch dramas from other countries and compare them to kdramas? I watched 3 versions of Boys Over Flowers and loved the Korean version, liked the Taiwanese version, and tolerated the Japanese version (that’s just me). I thought BOF was the best of the bunch, in terms of production values and pacing, though yes, it had its flaws.

    Well, each drama should stand on its own merits, but I like comparing ‘originals’ and remakes, hehehe, but also, just your overall feel for dramas from other countries.

    Or even shows/movies that give off a kdrama vibe. I feel like the more Jeff/Annie-oriented storylines on Community come off feeling a little like they wouldn’t be out of place in a kdrama (minus soju, lol). The Pepper Potts/Tony Stark banter in Iron Man – I don’t know, it’s so much like the plucky heroine/chaebol stuff that goes on in so many dramas that I love. 😀

    I am sounding more and more like an addict, aren’t I?

  49. 49 mulan

    You guys are hillarious… can’t help but laugh and also agree about Song Seung-heon & Kim Hyun Joong. I just don’t feel it when they act. Yeah.. Authestic…lol. Anyways,
    I love Who are you? and I believe that Yoon Kye Sang is one Pop Idol that can really act. Hope you can do more podcast…

  50. 50 x0mi07

    i had a LOT of fun listening to this particular podcast.^^ that’s not to say i didn’t enjoy the others… just that i didn’t get to them yet cuz i’m pretty much new to dramabeans… like a couple of months old.^^

    i laughed SO loud when you said kim hyun joong was autistic!XD sorry…. but it was really funny. hyun joong is my first ever k-idol and he’s the very reason i got into kpop. i was a kdrama girl LONG before i ever entered the kpop world. hahahaha….XD just like DB and GF, i got to know my k-idols because of the dramas. i learned to get into SS501 cuz of BOF, FT cuz of YB, and SJ cuz of O!ML. now i know my boys, i’m anxious (not in a good way) for Daddy’s Girl and Athena… *facepalm*

    on a side note, kim hyun joong has offically lost his place in my top 10 hottest guys after that dismal performance in playful kiss. it was SO bad i didn’t finish watching it but just tuned into the recaps here. sorry joongie….>,< he's funnier and has more wit (not to mention facial expressions) in real life.^^

    kim tae hee is forever immortalized in my world because of her intensity glare. can i say jun tae soo girl version?XD but not really that much for her acting.

    anyway, i wish my mom watched kdramas too….XD also, i wish i could get into runaway and bad guy and iris but despite each of these dramas having actors i really like, the stories aren't really my cup of tea…=( bring on the sageuk any day!^^

    so i guess this is it for me. thanks again javabeans and girlfriday.^^ JB's voice is soooo cute and GF's voice reminds me (i know it's not exactly the same) intensely of Sara Ramirez's voice and makes me think of Callie Torres from Grey's anatomy!^^ <– i love callie's voice btw. cheers!^^ <3

    • 50.1 x0mi07

      *khj acted autistic… don’t misquote me triple S ok? i’m a triple too.

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