I Am Legend’s Hong Ji-min in musical
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…called…wait for it…NUNSENSATION. I kid you not. Really, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

It’s Nunsense! No, it’s NunsenSATION! A sequel to the original Broadway musical Nunsense (1985) about a group of nuns who put on a show, Nunsensation is the Las Vegas-based sequel that sends the group of singing and dancing nuns to…headline a cabaret show? Okay, clearly I haven’t seen this, so I might be missing that crucial logical link that gets us from the convent to the casinos. Just a thought. Either way, sounds totally wacky. To top it off, apparently one of the sisters hits the jackpot (are nuns allowed to gamble?) and hijinks ensue.

Singer and actress Hong Ji-min recently played Fazaaah (the way Kim Jung-eun always hilariously pronounced her name), the over-the-top but lovable and loyal best friend, in SBS’s I Am Legend. She also has some serious vocal chops, so it was a shame that she didn’t get to flex them much in Legend, playing the bassist and resident glamorpuss. Her outfits in that drama alone could be their own sixteen-episode running gag.

Looks like she’ll be donning a nun’s habit in the musical, along with her co-stars Yang Hee-kyung, Lee Tae-won, Kim Hee-won, Kim Hyun-jin, Kim Hyun-sook, Lee Hye-kyung, Choi Woo-ree, Kim So-hyang, and Lee Jung-mi.

Hong said, “Because we’re an all-female cast, we found that we could share our boy troubles freely with each other,” laughing at the advantages of girl-talk and camaraderie on the set. Not as rockin’ as the ajumma-turned-rock-band in Legend, but adorable all the same. There’s something so warm and endearing about Hong, because she really does seem like some crazy lady who lives down the street and gets herself into Lucy-esque scrapes. Her onscreen relationship with her hubby in Legend was adorable, as was her awesome devotion to “Jjang.” Hope to see her in many more dramas to come, as quirky side characters are always a welcome addition for me.

Nunsensation is playing in Seoul at the Doosan Art Center until January 30.

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18 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. birdscout

    Nuns with jazz hands! 🙂

  2. Kender

    BAHAHAHA. This sounds magical. I’m so sorry I won’t be able to see this!

  3. mellowyel

    Looks like it could be fun in a Sister Act kinda way. Love Hong Ji-min – I’m sure she’ll be awesome

    • 3.1 Anonymous

      Totally Agree!!! I thought the exact same thing as I read the story…

  4. dit

    OMG, this sounds like it’s gonna be hella fun!!

  5. hellochloe

    I wanted to comment with a pun, but hmmm can’t think of any. Korea’s musical scene must be awesome. Hope they’ll go international so we can enjoy it too 😀

  6. Jenju

    If they sing Rick Nelson’s I Will Follow You… that would just be epic lol

  7. Ani

    Spirit fingers ladies. Spirit fingers…. This actually gives Spirit Fingers a whole new meaning. XD

  8. Yenna

    I love this musical!
    I saw it in Korea 2 years ago buuuuut no one famous was in it 🙁 but she’ll do great!

  9. diadda

    nunsence was flipping hilarious!!!!!! I never had the pleasure of going to nunsensation though.

  10. 10 jyyjc

    i only knew about her when i was watching i am legend so recently when i was rewatching the woman who still wants to marry, i saw that she played the lady who doused on uhm ji won’s character. i wonder if that was a cameo of her or does she usually play small parts like that?

    • 10.1 isabelh

      She had a larger part in On Air, where she got to do a series of spit takes that made me laugh out loud. So funny!

  11. 11 Porcelain

    I love her…. I think she rocks big sized ladies… and am proud of being one…

    Also she can sing and dance and act to boot!

  12. 12 s0nflwr

    i heard she did the korean broadway version of dreamgirls and was AMAZING! i watched her sing briefly on strong heart and was AMAZED! 😀

  13. 13 Mr Bloo

    The lady who played Ma Hye Ri’s mom in PP is also in the lineup….

  14. 14 rainerust

    Reminds me of Sister Act. I used to like that show SO much. They had a pretty whacky bunch of nuns. It was awesome. This Korean version has potential fo’sho!

  15. 15 Rovi

    OMG, bwahahaha…I’m loving Fazaaaaaaaaah’s pose here…XD

    Even tho others had commented already, really reminds me of Sister Act…without the delinquent-woman-disguising-as-a-nun…

    (So loved the first “Sister Act” film, especially the titular “Sister” & Dame Maggie Smith, who played the Mother Superior (before she played McGonagall…))

    Oh, BTW, for those who doesn’t know, Sister Act is already adapted into a musical…

  16. 16 orangevivi

    i love her!!~

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