Jung Il-woo gives theater production a try
by | November 7, 2010 | 20 Comments

Jung Il-woo has been making a concerted effort to get serious about his acting, whether it’s from immersion in in-depth character analysis or broadening his horizons with theater work. He took on a role in a stage play earlier this year portraying a gay man with AIDS in Beautiful Sunday, and is taking another step into the theater biz as producer/planner for an upcoming stage play.

The project is Hanyang University Theater and Film department’s 50-year anniversary production as they put on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and Jung will be in charge of administrative and production for the first half. He matriculated at the school in 2008, and will be joined by fellow celebs and students/alums Yang Mi-ra (Three Sisters) and Ji Sung (Swallow the Sun).

A rep from Jung’s management company, N.O.A Entertainment, explained, “After acting in the stage play Beautiful Sunday in March, Jung has developed a lot of interest in theater. He has taken on a leading role in an event that is important to the school. Jung Il-woo was in the 2006 entrance class of Seoul Arts University, and is a latecomer to Hanyang University. Because of that, he is taking an even more active role in school affairs.”

The production of Hamlet will run from November 23 to 26, and will be open to the public.

Well, I’d rather see the Jung Il-woo in front of the curtain (so pretty, in an elegant sort of way, and that’s not even counting his bygone Mane of Glory) rather than behind the scenes, but I do have a major noona-crush on him, so I’ll take what I can get. Now to get crackin’ with the hoodoo incantations to bring him back to dramaland…

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20 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Sere

    you’re SO not alone there, JB. Can’t wait to see him act again

  2. kixbaby

    it takes a great actor to play the role of the complex Hamlet. i really want to see this production

  3. lale

    hey me too……..

  4. Francesca

    I love this man. Great actor, great personality and work ethic.

  5. Selli

    Why is it always a GAY man with AIDS?! XD Oh well, good luck Jung Il-woo ^^

  6. koreandramalover

    “so pretty, in an elegant sort of way, and that’s not even counting his bygone Mane of Glory”

    Oooh yesss…JB…how beautifully accurate you put your thoughts down on Jung Il-Woo’s SUPER SMOULDERING looks…

    May I add my 2 cents’ worth on how blessed he is with (at least I hope his looks are God-given and not through the expert hands of a plastic surgeon) :

    ~ dreamy-looking eyes that seem to be able to gaze endlessly into a person’s soul ~

    ~ luscious lips that seem to be INSANELY luscious to be on a man, just CALLING to be kissed…hehe ~

    ~ soft, smooth, unblemished and healthy-looking complexion ~

    add to all that :

    ~ a calm, dignified and gentlemanly demeanour ~
    ~ a warm, mellifluous and mesmerising voice ~
    ~ dedication and commitment to vocation
    ~ a loyal and trustworthy friend

    So much blessings…how truly blessed he is…and those who have the privilege of being a part of his life… 🙂

  7. Ruby

    excited to see him venturing out of the acting zone! although yes, would love to see him acting soon. go ilwoo! fighting!

  8. hellochloe

    What a pity. I have not even watch him in any dramas yet!!(missed Iljimae and ignored Take Care Of Young Lady).

    Oh please do a drama soon, a cameo will also do. . .

  9. therainhouse

    Is he acting at all in the play?

    Is he only involved in the administration and production?

  10. 10 Observer

    a major noona-crush, Javabeans,you are so funny!! ^___________^

  11. 11 Bloop

    Blahhhh I want to see him in a drama!!!! >.<

  12. 12 Beng

    i have such a major noona crush on him too. I’ll also do/help in the incantation JB. Want to see him to in Kdramaland

  13. 13 gala

    if i were an actress, he’d be my dream leading man. i just recently finished iljimae and couldnt stop gushing over him. sigh… how i wish his iljimae was the first one to air than Lee Jungki’s. i’ll sound so biased [so forgive me LJK fans] but the latter was no match to the former. JIW’s iljimae was simply breathtaking.

  14. 14 neri

    good Luck to you!

  15. 15 Dewdrops

    Hello pretty boy….i missed your acting in High Kick and Take Care of the Young Lady. You know you really have kissable lips!!I wanna bite you!!!RAWWRR…

  16. 16 hjkomo


    Good for him. Glad to see he’s still working on his craft, even if it’s behind the scenes. 😀

    We miss you, JIW!

  17. 18 Ayaii*

    ilwoo oppa ,fighting!!

  18. 19 loveyou

    love you

    love you

    love you

  19. 20 Lilbitch

    I strongly agree The Return of Iljimae with my boyfriend Jung Il Woo melted my heart and turned my knees to jelly. He’s not just a pretty boy but pretty goooood aaacccttttoorrrr! I admired him so much ! I adored him!love him!

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