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Psychic’s Go Soo likes his clean-cut image
by | November 10, 2010 | 50 Comments

The newest project for Go Soo and Kang Dong-won, the action-thriller movie Psychic, opened in theaters today, and in conjunction with all the promo activities for the film, we’ve had interviews and photo shoots galore with the two lead actors. Such as the following interview with Go Soo (which is actually a collection of several separate interviews).

In case you’re unfamiliar with the film, Psychic stars Kang Dong-won as a man with the supernatural power to control people with his gaze. This is a burden more than benefit, and his character just wants to live normally. Then he meets Go Soo, who is, curiously, the only person who remains immune to his powers. Thus begins the showdown. (Watch the trailer here.)

Since being discharged from military service in 2008, Go Soo has been busy with a few acting projects in varying media: a stage play, a film (dark thriller Baekyahaeng: Into the White Night), and a drama (melodrama series Will It Snow For Christmas?).

The latter project shot him back into the media spotlight and won viewers’ hearts with his melo acting (and his tortured eyes), and also earned him nicknames like “Go-vid” (as in, Michaelangelo’s David) and “Go-neu-nim” (a play on the word for God). Speaking of which, it’s too bad nobody thought to call him God-Soo.

Of taking this film role, he said:

“I fell in love with the screenplay the first time I read it. I laughed a lot, and it made me think that if it were film just as is, it would turn out very entertaining. After that, I met the director, and he was someone who piqued my curiosity. [Kang] Dong-won had already been decided, and I thought it would be great to work together.”

Filming, which spanned five months, involved a good amount of physicality for Go Soo’s Kyu-nam role. He has to face off against Kang Dong-won, who possesses tremendous mental power, which requires mental strength of his own. The film therefore sapped a lot more energy than other projects.

Go Soo explained how the production shot at relatively familiar, ordinary places, but because of the context of the story, they took on added meaning: “They were imaginary characters and unrealistic situations, but in the end we seemed realistic, and these ordinary places felt like simulated reality.”

With his sober, good-guy image, the interviewer suggested that fans may get the idea that the actor is a bit staid and even boring. To which Go Soo replied jokingly, “I’m actually a pretty interesting person. You might call me the type to sit there quietly but hope to be recognized.” He also said, “I like experiencing new situations.”

Variety programs are these days most often visited by B-list stars, pop stars trying to broaden their audiences by appearing in the public eye, and up-and-comers. Which is to say that they don’t frequently attract the big-name A-list stars or the serious actors. Go Soo explained that he’s not against the idea, “But if I went on them, I’d have nothing to say.”

Regarding his clean-cut image, he said, “People probably think that of me because they don’t see me in my everyday life. It’s not that I don’t think of changing that image. It’s not a bad thing. I don’t even have need to say, ‘But that’s not true of me.’ I accept it naturally and thankfully.”

He explained liking to go through things alone, and wants to take a trip around the world, or try a desert trip or road movie. “I haven’t gone to the Pusan International Film Festival yet. Why don’t they have those every month?”

He spoke modestly about his path as an actor; despite a career spanning a dozen years, he called it the beginning stages: “Now is the start. It feels like I’m heading out to work in the morning. I’m holding my briefcase and leaving the house and when I arrive at the office, it feels like it’s time to start doing something.”

He tempered that by saying, “I think I’ve come along at a good pace, not too slow and not too fast. I want to keep things like now, without getting more greedy.”

Go Soo has already begun working on his next project, a movie with Shin Ha-kyun called Before the Hills, which sounds like an intense ride. Set in the days of the Korean War, he and Shin are taken as prisoners of war by the North.

The film is currently shooting, and since it’s a war film, most of the actors are men, as are the crew. The interview prodded by saying that that must be boring (as in, no pretty actresses to flirt with!), but Go Soo answered that he enjoys hanging out with the guys, and after filming is over for the day, he sits in the street with the staff and drinks convenience store beer with them.

“I’ve done three movies, and now it’s less awkward than in the past. At first I would see my pores and dry, peeling skin on that huge screen, but now I want to see it with a cooler head and with a rational perspective.”

Kang Dong-won and Go Soo in Psychic

At 32, Go Soo is two years older than his co-star (who is about to head off for his own army obligations), and shook his head at the question of whether there was any actual mind-playing or rivalry between them on set: “A lot of people think that, but there wasn’t any of that. I don’t think I have that competitive spirit. And a character like [my] Kyu-nam is the simple and honest type.”

He said, “Dong-won is the only person who could have played the psychic in Psychic,” praising his co-star for how well he suited the role of Cho-in in character, mood, and even appearance. (He remains doubtful whether he could have pulled off Kang’s permed hairstyle. I remain grateful he didn’t try.)

He described their working relationship: “Filming with Dong-won was comfortable. We had that rapport that men have where even if you don’t say anything, you know what the other is thinking. For instance, if I can’t make it to a get-together, Dong-won will step in and take care of it. On the set, it’s comfortable even when I’m changing my clothes around him.” [And thus launched a thousand fanfics…]

“Aside from that, if one of us says, ‘Let’s grab a beer,’ we can go right out without feeling reservations. I enjoy going out late at night for a beer, but I can’t really do that with actresses. And when we’re talking, we have a lot in common with each other.”

(That does it! Who else has a new OTP now?)

“If I were psychic, what kind of thoughts could I hear? I’ve had some interest in the topic for a while now. I wonder if people are different from me. We’re busy living, but I’m interested in things like telekinesis or psychics, and other surreal things. If psychics really exist, I get curious about what would happen, and how the world might change.”

Go Soo admits that while he understands now that his public image can differ from his projects, depending on the roles he takes, “I’ve worried about it a lot in the past. As a person, I don’t want to change my image. But I do want to express a variety of characters through my projects.”

Interestingly, Go Soo has never had a “scandal,” whether the romantic or less-savory other kinds, which is pretty rare in the entertainment business.

Half-jokingly, half-seriously, Go Soo said, “I want to stick around a long while.” He added, “If we’re speaking in terms of color, I’m close to colorless. That’s why I want to wear lots of different colors, and in order to do that, I’m preparing in the meantime. You have to always be prepared and ready. I want to be an actor who’s remembered for being serious and steady.”

One interviewer chose a light question to wrap up the interview, asking what Go Soo would choose to sing at a noraebang for his 18th song. The answer: “Do you really want to know? Should I really tell you?” With a joking expression, he hesitated a few beats, then said, “It’s an old song… It’s ‘Like Now, Like This.'” (The song was a 1970s hit by Korean group Fevers; you can listen here..)

It’s okay if you’re kind of a fuddy-duddy, Go Soo. We still love you.

Via Mk.co.kr, My Daily


50 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. JiHwan

    Show down between Go Soo and Kang Dong Won. Man, that sounds incredibly HOT!

  2. asianromance

    “On the set, it’s comfortable even when I’m changing my clothes around him.” [And thus launched a thousand fanfics…]” —> HAHAHHAHAHHAHA

    the poster for this movie looks incredible!

  3. Cam

    OOH! Go Soo and Kang Dong Won = BAM BAM!!! ^__^

    Wow, I really love to hear what Go Soo say that he’s very comfortable with Kang Dong Won while filming this incoming movie, heh!


    I can’t wait to see this movie — how curiously, haha!

  4. lixin64

    Aww…I’ve been missing Go Soo ever since WISFC =]

    Just wondering, is there a special significance to the 18th song, or was it just a random number?

  5. Keylye

    LOL. Psychic may be advertised as an action-thriller, but we all know it’s really a romance…

    • 5.1 Momo


  6. Jenju

    Oh Go Soo how I miss thee

    thy lovely bone structure and blinding smile are the reasons I kept watching that angst ridden drama and all its lucrative turns. I didn’t even throw anything at the screen like I wanted to for thine face was in it.


  7. kitkatx

    Kang Dong Won and Go Soo…

    holy crap.

  8. momosan

    [And thus launched a thousand fanfics…]

    cracked me right up…

    Ah, to be in Seoul to see this (and Cyrano….)

  9. sora

    I still love you Go Soo sshi!!

  10. 10 Q

    “This is a burden more than benefit, and his character just wants to live normally. Then he meets Go Soo, who is, curiously, the only person who remains immune to his powers.”

    Twilight much? XD

    • 10.1 djinni

      BWAHAHAHAHAH…oh god i didnt even think of that! now the twilight/psychic crossover fanfics start.

    • 10.2 viola

      Oh My God! Do you realize what you have just done….. Must..resist..writing..fanfic.. But I Can’t!!
      I think someone is using mind control on me. I can’t stop wanting to write, tortured angst-ridden, star-crossed, one-must-die-for-the-other-to-live, hyphen-riddled fan fic. With Sparkles. 😉

  11. 11 enjoydrama

    Yes, missed Go Soo since WISFC. Please, please choose a drama next!

  12. 12 Ladymoonstone143

    I love Go Soo since Green Rose…hope he will choose a drama next time. I miss seeing his face on the small screen…:)

  13. 13 snow

    new OTP ftw! ahh go soo, he’s so sexy! i love his smile, so infectious!

  14. 14 dannaluk

    “That does it! Who else has a new OTP now?”
    ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kang don won + go soo = my dream otp
    that’ll be even smexier than jae shin and yong ha

  15. 15 MUSE

    I’m sure others have noticed, but how much does kang don won’s character look like L in Death Note?

    • 15.1 ellie

      ME TOO! I totally noticed that…the scruffy hair and the circles under the eyes and the outfit! I would kill to see a Korean version of Death Note. ^^

  16. 16 shiningmoon

    Just wondering what OTP means???…
    Love Go Soo, he’s sooo sexy, cute, I just love him!!! ^_^

    • 16.1 Taohua

      OTP = One True Pairing

      I’m looking forward to this and Go Soo has really improved with each project. I hope he does a drama next…I miss his soulful eyes on the small screen 🙂

      And wow KDW really has been doing movies back to back…or at least it seems like it.

      • 16.1.1 shiningmoon

        Thank you, for the explanation!!! ^_^ sometimes I’m a little off about the abreviations…

        Hope Go Soo come back in a drama soon, miss him, and his smile ^_^.

        KDW is sooo cute too… and it seems he was busy this year. Wish him luck in him army dutty.

  17. 17 furansizuka

    Well if they have enuff bromances to boast in this movie, I’ll put aside Jaeshin-Yongha for a while :p

  18. 18 skkslover

    OMG I saw him totally unexpectedly hanging out with his friends near where I work. he is gorgeous and really hot in a laidback kind of way. he was really polite too and those eyes!!

    Anyway I love the sound of this movie already. My favorite actors together on the same screen- i think the intensity of their eyes alone will kill me.

    • 18.1 djinni

      seriously… those 2 are so emotive with their eyes alone they could do a whole movie with no dialogue…. but i still would want to hear their shmexy voices.

  19. 19 elisa

    i wanna watch this so badly

  20. 20 Drama Dazed

    I am a huge fan of Kang Dong Won. Go Soo’s kind words about KDW and their friendship is very heartwarming indeed. My esteem for Go Soo has upped several notches. He sounded like a truly humble and down to earth person and I do like him very much in Will It Snow For Christmas which was the only drama I had ever seen him in.

  21. 21 red

    kang dong won in those psychic pictures looks like L from death note

  22. 22 joeydragonlady

    Love the poster…seriously. Will be looking out for this film.

  23. 23 birdscout

    Such a handsome man, and sounds really sincere and “normal”.

    I wasn’t “purposely” looking at that area, but in the third photo where he’s crouching, the inseam of his pants looks so weird O_o

    • 23.1 lb_tmi


      just admit it. i do. 😀

  24. 24 Ning

    On his being comfortable with KDW but not with actresses, I can’t help but think of Prof Higgins and Pickering in their room, singing I’m an ordinary man ^^

    The poster is amazing, wonder if this would be released outside Korea?

  25. 25 hellochloe

    Oh man, KDW’s eyes in the poster looks AMAZING! They look like a good duo 😀

  26. 26 deannadsc

    I miss watching Go Soo in a drama..where I could gaze at his penetrating eyes & marvel at his perfectly sculpted face…at least twice a week!!!
    He’s the kind of actor that lasts long in the industry cuz he’s so steady & really talented…aside from being gorgeous, of course!!!

  27. 27 Justine

    Wow! I would love to see this movie with Kang Dong-won and Go Soo in it. Now that so many fangirls are writing on this otp, I’m hoping to see future movies with Wonbin and KDW in it. Then my yaoi fantasy is satisfied.

  28. 28 koreamom

    another perfect pairing! love both of them from way back. i have trouble watching scary or heavy movies BUT the actors will draw me in. if it gets too intense, i will just keep staring at their eyes and lips hahaha! kang dong wan is amazing in his different character roles and i will really miss him when he goes to the army! but they all do come back again, don’t they? makes anticipation a good thing.



  30. 30 Aya

    woah, amazingly visual poster O_O

    From the cut-off diagonally placed faces, the flowing hair indicating motion, the glittering rain and dark colors, Go Soo’s shadowed angled profile and KDW’s intense snake/cat-eyed sharp features in the background.
    … though, what’s up with the hangul font for 초능력자 or it’s texture: is that supposed to be lettering carved in stone? Rain? Why the fading edges?

    How ’bout a yearly wrap-up of “compare & discuss k-movie/drama posters”, JB?

    And, omg, I want to watch this badly, too.

  31. 31 Janista

    I am about to say that KoSoo is one of the most handsome korean actor. His talent is also recognized.
    No wonder I will watch this movie.

  32. 32 espinas

    you are numer one!

  33. 33 espinas

    the best actor..good luck

  34. 34 manayekta

    my dear go soo :u are my love for ever

  35. 35 Ko Soo Indonesia Fans (KIF)

    Ko Soo and Kang Dong Won ? If you all see the interview of Kang Dong Won and Ko Soo for Psychic BTS…..ha..ha…ha Ko Soo is still very shy. His shyness is one of his attraction. He said in that interview : “Doing film is fun but interview is a little bit hard” (ha..ha…ha ..of course, because he is too shy, but during the promotion of Psychic he makes a marathon interview, we can imagine how difficult it is for him….he will tamping his forehead or cover his mouth….ha…ha…ha, the shy gesture that we love sooooo much, We love you Ko Soo ssie)

  36. 36 Destefani

    I know it is almost impossible and crazy but I would like to contact Go Soo´s agency to get something for a friend.
    She really adores him.
    Imagine if he can send something to her.
    He cannot go from East to West and knock her door (only in her dreams :-)) but maybe he can send her a nice photo with his autograph.
    She would be like melted butter on the floor.
    Please, someone can help me with the agency address?
    Thank you very much in advance.

  37. 37 DANA

    oh my cute go soo!missing you so much

  38. 38 mimi

    hi! Destifani i think that is what you are looking for ^^ I am not sure:P

    Adresse :

    627-17 HB Building, Gangnam Gu, SinSaDong, 135 895
    Seoul, South Korea

  39. 39 green rose

    love you forever, ko soo oppa..

  40. 40 Shina

    When a film will translate into Russian and will show in average asia

  41. 41 NewKDramaAddict

    Watching this now on You Tube! Fantastic thriller!! Can I say that I love Kang Dong-Won in the movies!

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