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Ryu Soo-young joins My Princess
by | November 22, 2010 | 37 Comments

My Princess, the next romantic-comedy series to come from Secret Garden writer Kim Eun-sook, has now filled out its primary quartet with the addition of Ryu Soo-young (Lawyers of Korea) in his first project after fulfilling his military service.

The drama drew attention early on with the casting of Kim Tae-hee (IRIS) and Song Seung-heon (East of Eden), then added Queen Seon-deok’s Park Ye-jin as a meddling third wheel out to claim Song for her own. Ryu will play Kim Tae-hee’s teacher; he’s a professor in the fine arts department where she studies, and is someone she has grown to trust and depend upon.

On top of that, Ryu’s character once dated Park Ye-jin’s character. How neat and tidy this relationship chart is! I’m sure we’ll get lots of awkward coincidences cropping up between our foursome.

On the whole, I’m not sure how I feel about this news. I don’t have a strong opinion of Ryu Soo-young, and I think he’s equally capable of going bland or appealing. I did find him adorable in Bad Couple (before that plot went to hell in a cancer-y handbasket, at least), so I know he can do gentleness and warmth. But these four leads… I just don’t know if the acting talent is all there.

And true, I am enjoying the heck out of Kim Eun-sook’s current drama Secret Garden, but I’m not drawn to this one’s plot — an ordinary girl finds out that she’s suddenly a princess — in the same way. Plus, My Princess will have a co-writer, Jang Young-shil — who co-wrote Lovers, which I hated, and On Air, which I hated more.

My Princess will replace Kim Hye-soo’s melodramatic mystery drama Home Sweet Home on Wednesdays and Thursdays, premiering in January.

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37 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. holey moley

    i think ye jin will take the first place out of the four leads when it comes to acting talent…and i’m hoping that kim eun sook will continue her good trajectory in writing starting wirh the epic city hall then the uber awesomesauce that is secret garden…loved the first half of lovers in paris (not so much the acting of kim jung eun there….she vastly improved in legend) but then it sucked later on, that’s why i avoided the lovers trilogy…planning to watch on air (despite javabeans’ hatred) during my break next year just to reminisce park yong ha (will SOAM this christmas)

  2. Taber

    Lovers is on my best drama list, I wasn’t taken in by the main character but the storyline and the secondary character did it for me, the same goes for On Air it wasn’t on my list of favorite but it was ok.

  3. dramaville

    secret garden was quite a surprise. something i didnt expect to like.

  4. Sylvia

    Oh no – I don’t like him much, sad to say. But since he isn’t going to be the male lead, it should be okay…

    Weirdly enough, I liked Ryu Soo-young when he played the evil guy in “Successful Story of a Bright Girl”. Maybe it was the glasses. 😉 Or maybe it was that I loathed the lead in that drama so much…

    Anyhow, in every other role I’ve seen him in, he’s seemed oddly unlikeable to me. So, yeah. Hope his love is and remains one-sided. 🙂

  5. Usi

    He is one of few Stars who are truly hot. He never will be mistaken for playing gay or girlish. Very manly….. *rarw*

  6. Molly

    Something about him reminds me of Go Soo in that picture…

  7. asianromance

    i love this guy! he’s great a playing evil and conniving (Successful story of a bright girl) and warm and gentle (18 vs 29). Bad Couple- omg, the cancer storyline was a total “wtf? I thought this was supposed to be a rom-com”.

    but no matter how much talent there is in the 2nd leads, if the writing isn’t letting the actor use his/her talent, then it’s sort of hopeless. Remember Jung Il Woo in My Fair Lady?

  8. deeko

    I love him! He was so adorable in Bad Couple… But Lawyers of Korea (cringe), I dunno. :-/

  9. michi

    oohhh! i LOVE RSY! started liking him in Save the Last Dance and I loved him more in Bad Couple!

    he may not be that popular but among the 4, I don’t agree that he is the one with the least talent! ^-~

  10. 10 dannaluk

    i really liked him in 18 vs 29

  11. 11 alex

    so did I

  12. 12 all4movies

    The actors (except Ryu Soo-young) don’t appeal to me so I’ll probably pass on this one.

  13. 13 sophia

    so…the line up was scaring me because it was kim tae hee and song seung heon, both of whom are very weak actors, but now that park yejin and ryu soo-young will complete the other two main characters, i’m glad 🙂 but i’m still a little skeptical as to how this drama will go with two weak main leads…mm…

  14. 14 hellochloe

    Yah, haven’t seen him in a while. Visually speaking, he looks much better with this long-ish hairstyle than a clean cut one.

  15. 15 kerik

    oh i love him! before this i have no interest, but now i guess i have to try watching. writer please, let his character be reasonable and not typical evil 2nd character.

  16. 16 Mel

    He’s under rated….

  17. 17 Linda

    I loved him in Seoul 1945. It remains one of my favorite dramas because of him. I’m glad he is back.

  18. 18 lebcora

    I totally agree he’s generally under-rated. I’ve been stalking various sites waiting to hear about his return from service! I’m glad he’s back and hope he’s as awesome as ever (see Seoul 1945 and Next-Rebirth). All he has to do is smile and I’ll be happy!

  19. 19 tokyojesusfist

    I cannot fathom why so many Korean movies and dramas are named “My _______,” like My Sassy Girl and My Dear Enemy and My Might Princess and so on.

  20. 20 NY

    I liked Ryu Soo-young in save the lasd dance also, but even more in Next (Rebirth). He played several different characters there, and was very good. I was hoping that they will let him be the main lead, or the equal at least.

  21. 21 fatin

    i like him , he’s a great actor,he is sweet n gud looking. totally under rated! glad that he got a new drama but I’m not sure with the drama tho, it sounds ..not fun?

  22. 22 churasan

    Now I’m more interested with Ryu Soo-young added to the cast. He was adorable in 18 vs. 29. He’s had a balance of good and bad drama storylines. But for the most part, his acting is good. He’s definitely an underrated actor. I’m glad he is making a comeback.

  23. 23 Katsu1996

    I completely agree that the My Princess drama plot isn’t really so intriguing. I actually feel like i’m seeing another version of Goong, which by the way, didn’t do for me. Secret Garden is making me go crazy though, so I think this drama will be great. I loved Ryu Soo Young in Bad Couple too, and I cannot wait to see what he’s at least got in store for this drama.

  24. 24 aX

    I really enjoyed him in BAD LOVE. Can we just drop Kim Tae Hee and have these two guys go after Park Yejin instead?

    • 24.1 aX

      OMG, correction. I absoolutely hated BAD LOVE and everything about it (and this is coming from a Kwon Sang Woo fan)… I meant I love Ryu Soo Young in BAD COUPLE! 😀

    • 24.2 me

      i also hope that the two guys will go after park yejin ^^

  25. 25 nell

    waaaa, i am so hyped up. Ryu is my favorite actor. I am sure he’ll have huge impact on the drama.

  26. 26 aX

    The only thing I’m not looking forward to is Kim Tae Hee. I still find her so overrated from her looks to her acting–but it seems I’m not the only one that’s not too fond of her acting.

  27. 27 Ani

    I am not a fan of this guy. Why? Because in Bad Couple, when he was feeling emotional, he tended to raise his eyebrows a lot. His bangs covered enough of it, but it drove me crazy. I even tried talking and raising my eyebrows (up and down, up and down, up and down), the way he did. I can assure you, it’s not normal (at least for me). Which is not saying much I guess because I’m not your definition of normal – whatever the hell that could be. But his raising eyebrows is on bar with eye-popping In Soo. Just sayin’.

  28. 28 niKai

    i personally think he’s a talented actor, but is yet to have a breakout role. perhaps he will get the chance soon, like Jeong Kyeo Woon in Dr.Champ.

  29. 29 Isabella

    Love Ryu Su Young. Big fan. He is a good actor and I really liked him in Bad Couple. When I watched successful story of a bright girl…he was a good villain and held his own with Jang Hyuk.

  30. 30 michi

    i must say as well that i got interested in this drama when Ryu Su Young joined in 🙂

    agree…he is definitely underrated T.T

  31. 31 Peggy

    Soo Young needs that one defining role.. as in ‘Kim Nam Gil as Bidam in QSD’. He is so pleasant to look at and really a good actor. It is too bad he is the second lead in this new drama as the two ‘firsts’ are both weak as actors, even tho they are eyecandy.

    Incidently I have to say that I loved ‘On Air’ as a drama. Once the first couple of episodes were finished and Yun Ah stopped screaming and over acting, the rest was very interesting. Kim Ah Neul is one of the better actresses in Korean drama I think.

  32. 32 y

    I loved on air too..haha.
    I will still watch it for Park ye-jin and Song Seung-heon.=)
    Although I’m not a fan of Kim Tae-hee, she is ok to me..and I miss Ryu Soo-young…remind me of old times: Successful story of a bright girl & last dance .^ ^.

  33. 33 bbi

    Like Kim Tae Hee since Love story in Harvard. In Iris, I like her more. Will see My Princess. SSH is handsome. Like all casts.

  34. 34 Tako

    wow, good start!. I heard that, it seems that beside the fun, the romance, the real life of an ordinary student, there will be the secret of student’s real family & the tough road to reveal the secret. There is an adventure in this drama. I like that. Sounds very interesting! SSH, KTH fighting

  35. 35 Pam

    I think he’s an awesome actor. I have watched everything I can get my hands on here in America. I find him extremely handsome and I just love his smile. I do favor him with the longer hairstyle. He’s just too cute! He’s definitely leading man macho!

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