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Secret Garden: Episode 5
by | November 27, 2010 | 334 Comments

Finally, it’s here! The moment we’ve all been waiting for. And while it’s been a long time coming, I feel safe declaring that it did not disappoint.

Last week’s episodes were a bit more serious, setting the stage for the inevitable body-swap… but now that we’re here, I can’t WAIT for all the wacky hijinks to begin. Characters have met and clashed, stakes have been set (and raised a couple times), and now all that’s left is for the insanity to unravel. Yeehaw!


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At the posh Jeju resort, Activity #1 in Ra-im’s “Romantic Date with Oska” — lunch — is crashed by Joo-won, who anticipates their arrival.

Joo-won, feeling secure in having established the upper hand, points out, “Your guest can’t take her eyes off me.” Oska returns, “It seems more like she’s glaring to me.” Unfazed, Joo-won answers, “That’s right, since I told her she’s prettier when she’s mad.”

The waiter regretfully turns Oska away because all of the tables have been reserved by Joo-won — so the only option is for all three to dine together. What, you’re not even going to pretend you want to get away from Joo-won by trying a different restaurant?

Joo-won goads Ra-im during the meal, but the joke’s on him because he has to put up with their cheesy exchange as Oska compliments Ra-im’s beautiful eyes. Joo-won’s expression grows increasingly incredulous as she says bashfully that it’s because a blinding star sits in front of her. Oska gallantly offers to turn away from her, but Ra-im volunteers to go blind instead.

Joo-won barely holds onto his lunch at the sickly-sweet banter. And that’s before she ups the ante by asking to call Oska oppa. Oh, no she di’n’t just resort to the Oppa-Pout-Wiggle! Joo-won stews in his petty jealousy, which is just what he deserves.

A singer — Tae-sun — performs, which momentarily sends our two bickering not-yet-lovers into flashback.

Joo-won remembers watching Ra-im wrapping her bandana around her safety-pinned bag after he’d insulted her for it. Another flashback takes us back to their fight at the department store, after which he’d returned to the pile of fancy clothes he’d thrown on the floor and told his employees to have them wrapped.

Ra-im’s flashback takes her back to the moment she first received Joo-won’s text message to meet her at the bar, resulting in an uncharacteristic display of girlish insecurity as she’d rooted through her roommie’s wardrobe for something pretty to wear.

Oska excuses himself to confront Tae-sun, who is under the misconception that Oska reserved the whole restaurant so that he could sit in it alone. He’s insulted as a performer, that his stage was so belittled (since he’d robbed him of an audience) by the very person who supposedly wants to help him. Oska feels wrongly accused, and wrist-grabs him to hold him back. He clarifies that he didn’t rent the place, and that he’s never once belittled Tae-sun’s musical skills — because Tae-sun’s better than him. (Aw, is this the romance we should really be cheering?)

And then, just as I make that quip, Tae-sun warns Oska to let him go and tells him that he’s gay. Oska thinks he’s joking at first, then stammers that it’s no big deal, that he doesn’t care, that there are lots of gay people who are out these days.

Back at the table, Joo-won mocks Ra-im’s fawning over Oska, which is such a contrast to the stiff way she deals with him. She answers that oppa treats her like a young woman and not a poor charity case, unlike some other people. Touché.

Joo-won warns her that Oska’s a player, but the conversation is interrupted by the appearance of Seul, who covers up her jealousy at seeing another woman sitting with her future husband. Is it strange that supreme confidence and delusion are so difficult to tell apart?

Ra-im snorts in amusement while listening to this amusingly stilted exchange; Seul feigns surprise to see him in such a “fateful” meeting, just “like magic.” Sure, if magic can be acquired through massive amounts of money, bribery, and manipulation.

Joo-won curtly dismisses her, but as Seul leaves, Ra-im recognizes her and chases her down. It takes some prodding, but Ra-im reminds her of their earlier encounter, determined to wrest an apology or at least acknowledgement from the woman who almost got her friend fired.

Joo-won steps in and tells Ra-im to apologize, because she was the one who upset the VIPs who pay 100 million won a year for the privilege of that exclusive, plebeian-free lounge. Seul smirks to herself and feigns a demure, damsel-in-distress-y attitude — until Joo-won turns to her and tells her to apologize, too, for not honoring her promise to let the incident slide. Way to piss off both ladies, dude.

And then, Oska steps in and asks for a moment alone with Seul, face grim.

Joo-won makes sure to tell Ra-im that he wasn’t taking Seul’s side; he was just on the side of rules. Well, okay then — that’ll make her like you. Ra-im asks what’s so different between her and those snooty people who think they’re so great, and he boils it down to one thing: money, with which they buy inequality and discrimination.

Ra-im asks if he’s the same way. He answers, “There’s no reason I shouldn’t be.”

Another budding argument is interrupted by the appearance of Jong-soo, who registers Ra-im’s presence with displeasure. She explains that she managed to score a free plane ticket, which elicits a smile from Joo-won (ah, so she’s NOT just here to see Oska?). Asked about lodging, she assures him that she’s found a jimjilbang (sauna) nearby — which, if you’re familiar with Korean dramas, is something of a last resort. (They’re not meant to be cheap hotels, but since you’re allowed to hang out at your leisure after paying an entry fee, they’re often used in place of that former standby, the all-night PC room.)

Holding back his temper, Jong-soo gives her his room key and tells her to wait for him — they’re gonna have a talk after he’s done with work.

Ra-im skips off happily, figuring she can take a shower, ignoring Joo-won’s incredulity at the idea of her lounging around a man’s hotel room.

Joo-won orders Secretary Kim to secure another room, but with Oska’s music video being shot here, there are none to be had. Even Joo-won’s own usual suite has been usurped… by Oska.

Seul announces that she’d like to be on good terms with Oska now, since they’re “about to become family.” In her delusions. They hadn’t parted amicably, but she says they should be able to get along since they weren’t in love — a declaration that Oska doesn’t agree with.

So when she asks about that woman Joo-won was with, he answers that he’s dating her. For all Seul’s nonchalance about their past, she looks pretty upset to hear it.

The breakup is shown in flashback: Oska had prepared a romantic scene and gotten down on one knee, reciting a speech and presenting a monstrous diamond. But Seul had called him a has-been star, laughing at his naivete for taking it seriously when she was just playing around.

Back at the resort, Oska heads to see… Joo-won, of course! In my mind, he’s seeking out a buddy for some companionship, but he gives Joo-won a different reason, proposing a bike race and accompanying wager.

Joo-won’s not interested until Oska offers to move out of their villa if he loses. But if he wins… he wants Gil Ra-im, a person he suddenly “desperately needs.” Given the timing of his realization, something tells me this is more about pride and revenge than emotional fulfillment.

Oska does have a shred more understanding about women than Cousin Crazy, though, and he points out that Joo-won isn’t capable of giving up everything for a woman. He, on the other hand, can: “Women can sense that instinctually. Especially poor women.”

Ra-im sees the men preparing to head out and, since she enjoys dirt biking herself, asks to be included. She doesn’t mind being in the middle of a bet, and offers up her own conditions — if she wins, she’ll be cast in Oska’s MV.

And off they go.

At a fork in the road, the men’s close jostling flips a sign and points it to the opposite path. I find it highly improbable that the kickass stuntwoman with a head start would find herself in last place, but I understand that the story needs this point, so… Yeah, she takes the other road.

When the men emerge from the forest and speed toward the finish line, Joo-won constantly looks behind him, wondering where Ra-im went.

Joo-won’s in the lead, but he hears a scream through the walkie-talkie and halts — twenty feet in front of the finish line — giving Oska the victory. More worried about Ra-im than the bet, he yells back in the walkie-talkie, but gets no response.

He and Oska separate to search different parts of the biking route, calling emergency service in case medical attention is needed. (A hilarious bit: A paramedic asks Secretary Kim to describe Ra-im’s clothing so they know what to look for. He hasn’t seen her today, so he can only say, “Well, if the president chose it… pretty clothing?”)

At the forked road, Joo-won sees the sign pointing the wrong way and heads down the road less taken.

He’s imagining all sorts of horrible possibilities, but to his surprise he finds Ra-im safe and sound. However, there’s something strange about this forest — the walkie-talkie doesn’t work here, and neither do cell phones. Oddly, Ra-im hadn’t heard the scream that sent Joo-won on the search in the first place — and she certainly didn’t do any screaming.

Unaware of the search party that’s looking for her, she’s most bummed that her chance to do the car stunt has been ruined. She’s calm and matter-of-fact about this all — in contrast to Joo-won’s nervous worry — and points them to a remote restaurant, where they can call a taxi.

They follow the sign to the isolated shack, called “Mysterious Garden,” which is located deep in the woods and amidst lots of fog.

The building itself looks rather familiar, although Joo-won doesn’t connect it to the strange house in the painting he’d almost bought.

The Mysterious Garden turns out to be a bizarre place decorated with strange talismans and owned by an even stranger proprietress. Ra-im looks around at the many colorful bottles while Joo-won tries to call out.

The woman serves them a chicken dinner while asking Joo-won closely if he’s sick — maybe he’s got that pesky cancer, or some other illness? Her strange intensity is unnerving, and he scoots away. To Ra-im she says, “Nice to see you” — which is a greeting that is often used to mean “Nice to see you again.”

Ra-im sees that the woman is making liquor, which her father also liked to do. The woman retorts, “He liked drinking it more than making it.”

It’s a medicinal type of liquor, which she is making “to save my daughter.” But when Ra-im asks if her daughter is sick, the woman says in her curious way, “That is apparently her fate.”

They make it back to the hotel safely after dinner, and Joo-won chides her for accepting a gift of two bottles of liquor from the woman. It’s an odd thing to give, and he jokes that she’s got an (old-fashioned, quirky) ajusshi living inside her. Ra-im returns, “I’ve got several.”

She adds with a little smile, “One of the shy ajusshis among them has something he’d like me to tell you. Back there, thanks for coming to get me.”

To cover up his pleasure, Joo-won balks that the ajusshi should’ve said so earlier, so Ra-im counters, “If you keep this up, the ajusshi who likes to fight is going to make an appearance.”

She holds out one of the bottles to Joo-won, which he rejects. Until she clarifies that it’s for Oska. Then he grabs it, naturally.

They find Jong-soo waiting for Ra-im with arms akimbo, anger simmering that she disobeyed his instructions to wait for him. Ra-im apologizes, assuring him that she’s here to work and not play, even if it looks like the opposite is true.

As they walk off together, Joo-won balks at the idea that the stunt team will be using the same hotel room, but Jong-soo answers evenly that his team doesn’t discriminate between gender. Maybe that’s why you’re not gonna get the girl, dude.

With exasperation, Jong-soo explains that he’s keeping her off the shoot because she’s not ready. She insists that she’s not afraid of injury, and doesn’t want to always be pushed behind just because she’s female. To which he tells her that she had better find another team, then, “Because I’ll always make you stand behind, till I die.” O…kay. That’s another reason you won’t be getting the girl, not that we’re counting because really, the only important reason is: You’re not Hyun Bin.

Joo-won enters at this point to press his point about Rai-im sharing their room, or rather, Ra-im NOT sharing their room. Therefore, he’ll vacate his own room so she can use it, while he’ll share with his cousin.

Mention of the LOEL store event makes Jong-soo wonder if Ra-im is here as prizewinner, muttering to himself that he’d done something stupid, which answers the question of how her name was in the raffle in the first place. Ra-im accepts Joo-won’s room offer, explaining it to her boss as preferring to make him uncomfortable over her teammates.

Joo-won follows her back to his room, peppering her with questions about her relationship to her boss. She asks why he’s bugging her and following her around as though the truth weren’t as obvious as a pink elephant in the room holding flowers and candy and a sign reading “I LURVE YOU.” He answers that she already knows the answer.

He says that he possesses too many things to give up all for a woman, but then he opens his arms to her: “So, let’s try a hug.” In his worldview, women fall into two neat categories: women to marry, or women to play around with. (Aren’t you a prince! In your fairy tale, I bet people call you Charming just to be ironic.) “But you keep hanging around someplace in between the two. So let’s hug just once.”

She challenges him, “And if you like it? Then what?” He smiles: “Then I’ll make sure you live a life that’s different from your life now.”

Ah, so she becomes Cinderella. Ra-im is not impressed at this prospect — but even less so at his correction: “No, the Little Mermaid.” Which is to say that she can hang around as a nonentity, “Then disappear, like bubbles.”

Ohhh. You. ASS. And here I thought you’d already scraped the bottom of the barrel in the last episode. Even Hyun Bin’s general awesomeness isn’t doing much to elevate you now, Joo-won. Ra-im’s eyes fill with tears as though even she’s surprised at how cruel he could be, like she hadn’t expect him to go this low.

At least she has the good sense to slap him for his assery this time. But he just says, calm as you please, to think it over.

Meanwhile, one of her sunbaes pulls some strings to get Ra-im a meeting with the MV director… which goes about as well as you’d imagine. Seul enjoys this reversal, while Ra-im bows her head meekly.

Oska flips out when he joins the MV team, only to realize who the new director is. He flatly refuses to work with Seul, and storms out. His manager arrives just in time to get the brunt of Oska’s anger, but he retorts the this is all a situation of Oska’s making anyway — nobody else would work with him.

Oska fires back that he won’t do the MV — and they may as well cancel the album while they’re at it! He kicks everyone out and gets ready for a long sulk.

Joo-won joins him, and settles down for a brooding session of his own. Oh, are you lonely, baby? POOR WIDDLE RICH BASTARD.

When Joo-won wonders at his cousin’s relationship to Seul, Oska merely answers that she’s his anti-fan. Ha. I guess that’s not a lie, technically.

Ra-im spends the night at that sauna after all, which I’m vastly relieved to see, since staying at Joo-won’s place after his ever-so-gallant speech would have been tantamount to accepting his terms.

Both Ra-im and Joo-won sit contemplating their bottles of liquor for a while before uncorking and drinking. To signal the enormity of the mojo they’re tapping into, as they drink, lightning flashes and a storm brews outside.

And in the morning….

Joo-won wakes up in bed and sees Oska lying beside him…

Only it’s Ra-im’s voice that thinks, “Am I dreaming? What a sweet dream.” S/he looks at Oska with adorable giddiness, pleased with her subconscious for conjuring such a delightful dream.

On the other hand, Ra-im’s body wakes up in the sauna, in a room of sleeping ajummas — where Joo-won’s voice wonders at his own strange dream.

Slowly, it starts to dawn on Ra-im… and Joo-won… that their dreams are too vivid.

Ra-im (in Joo-won’s body, or as I might have to call her, Ra-Him) stumbles out of bed, looks down at her strange hands… and registers a strange presence, um, below.

Meanwhile, Joo-won-in-Ra-im’s-body (what shall we call her/him? Joo-won-ita? Lady Joo-won?) puts a hand to his/her chest, and realizes that there’s more there than there used to be…


I know that Joo-won is written as the world’s most supreme dickwad specifically because he’s going to get served in the coming episodes. And the more egregious the offenses now, the more satisfying the downfall later. I get that, and I look forward to it.

Even so, I think they pushed him just a wee bit too far for my liking in this episode. If the body-switch hadn’t happened at the end of this episode, I may have hated him too much for even the promise of turnaround to mollify. There’s a line between making the hero a misunderstood, or maybe stunted, or maybe socially inept blunderer who just doesn’t know how to be a nice guy, and making the hero a hateful asshat. Unfortunately, I don’t think Joo-won is aware such a line exists, nor does he care, because lines are for common people. Back it up a bit there, buddy.

That said, props to Hyun Bin for going for it and portraying the character’s privileged, arrogant, offensively superior attitude. And if the last few seconds of this episode are any indication, he’s going to be amazing to watch as the girly Ra-im.

By the way, feel free to throw out suggestions for what to call these two when they’re body-switched. I found that when doing Who Are You, it was necessary to call the main character by different names to make it clear who was in whose body at any given point. (There, it was Seung-hyo when he was normal, and SeungHyoDad when he was possessed by the spirit of Dad.) I have a sneaking suspicion that referring to these characters might get a wee bit confusing without clear monikers to establish who we’re talking about.


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    I don’t like Ra-Him because when I’m quickly reading the recaps, i doublt i’ll pick up on such a small spelling difference.
    TO be honest, I’m not sure the new names will be necessary because the characters will constantly be in their new bodies, not switching back and forth, like in Who Are You. Even without you indicating it, Ra-Im is a he and Joo-Won is a she.

    Here’s my mom’s theory (POSSIBLE SPOILER, IF I’M RIGHT) on the crazy lady, which I mostly agree with: It’s Ra-Im’s dad’s spirit. Crazy lady knows too much about Ra-im and her father, and nothing about Joo-won. She feeds Joo-won more chicken knowing that it will soon be Ra-im’s body; she doesn’t bother taking care of Ra-im’s body because it will soon be Joo-won’s and who cares about him?
    She asks if Joo-won is sick because she wants Ra-im to have a healthy new body, and doesn’t care whether there are any problems with Ra-im’s body (which shedad would know anyway).
    As for motivation, my Mom thinks the dad just wants Ra-im to be rich and successful. My idea is that he knows that Ra-im will get sick soon; he says that “it’s her fate to get sick” which is why he makes the alcohol (which is body switching potion. So he makes the kids switch bodies in order to save his daughter from inevitable illness).

    In a nutshell: The crazy lady is Ra-im’s dad, who wants Ra-im to switch bodies in order to save her from her sick body.

    • 22.1 javabeans

      The one complication I foresee in using their regular names is that we’re not just talking about things from Ra-im and Joo-won’s points of views — there’s also the pesky complication of how they are perceived by other people, which would be the opposite of their current body-swapped identities.

      Girlfriday and I will probably decide based on which is most easy to understand, so we’ll keep the door open for now.

      (I do think the Dad-spirit-person knows who Joo-won is, because the Dad in Ra-im’s photo frowned at him in disapproval.)

      • 22.1.1 Katey B

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        • Katey B

          SInce it’s a body thing how about Bod-Ra and Bod-Joo?

      • 22.1.2 Haj

        Oh boy, a reply by javabeans herself! mini squee. Sorry, you’re just sorta awesome.

        Ahh, I see, i guess the name changes are pretty important…

        Mm hm — I did think of that, but I wonder how much dad-spirit knows about Joo-won? Did he know about Joo-won beforehand, or did they first “meet” in that locker photo? So far I’m leaning towards the latter because there is no indication otherwise. I don’t count that as knowing him, just knowing OF him.
        Or maybe they met in the picture but dad has done some supernatural checking up?
        that probably wont get answered until much later…gah.

      • 22.1.3 tari

        But probably Dad frowned simply because Joo-Won said something about “she takes after her mother” or something.

        The magic-thing didn’t bother me a lot…since in real life, if there’s such thing we’re not supposed to understand it either..just saying..

      • 22.1.4 balletbabe

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      • 22.2.1 whatis

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        • paper

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    • 22.3 holey moley

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    • 22.4 Crew

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      But probably not. I need my Binnie fix.

      • 22.4.1 paper

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        Specially in Korea stomach cancer is the #1.

    • 22.5 noob

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    • 22.6 izzie

      i think Joo-Won’s body is the one that’s sick/gonna be sick, basing on the ahjumma’s inquiry with him. she must have said that it’s her daughter’s fate (Ra-Im probably) to be sick because she’s going to be in Joo-Won’s body.

      or the sickness the ahjumma might be referring to is the body switch.

      if I end up in Joo-Won’s body – handsome, but someone I cannot kiss nor embrace (talk about being Narcissus) – I think I’m going to be sick too. 😛 or be sick from the a$$**lic reputation that comes with it. or be sick from the insane money that comes with it.

      it’s sickening that there’s no eng subbed ep 5 yet. 🙁

      • 22.6.1 jeezvive

        oh this is a different point that you are offering. ur saying that RI is fulfilling her fate to be sick in JW’s body? and not running away from it through the body swap as most here have been theorizing?

        Yeah! we are all getting sick thinking of someone getting sick and anticipating the subbed version 🙂

        • izzie

          it’s a rom-com, and I just can’t see how it the plot would wind up into something heavy as terminal illness. the sickness that the ahjumma referred to could be Joo-Won’s claustrophobia. could it be that that problem would be left behind in JW’s body for Ra-Im to suffer and be used as another tool to understand his complicated personality?

          however, phobias have something to do with personal experiences and fears and reside in people’s memories. that fear should go with Joo-Won’s soul into Ra-Im’s body together with his memories. (I can’t compute this one anymore.)

          • jeezvive

            yes me too, i cant accept that THIS drama will incorporate something as heavy as a serious illness/sickness. Maybe we are putting too much weight on the word sickness here and it could mean something light as what you think, JW’s claustrophobia.

          • izzie

            another theory here: if the claustrophobia gets left behind in Joo-Won’s body…

            – it would dampen Ra-Im’s risk-taking tendencies, which could be something that Spooky Fireman Dad in Ahjumma Disguise meant to curb in her. the daughter not only gets rich, she becomes safety conscious.

            – it would unleash Joo-Won from his fears and experience the world carefree.

          • jeezvive

            that’s nice, i like that! I cant wait for ep6!!! a few hours from now 🙂

    • 22.7 nikesma

      Anyway, I read in softy’s recap that she thinks the mysterious ahjumma is actually her father (same as your mom thinks, Haj!) and I think I wanted to believe that. Is it too much? and is it too much if I say that the ‘grin-to-sour-face’ from his dad picture when uri JW ‘stalked’ *cought* RI’s locker, tell us something?

      RI did mention that her father has the hobby to brew that kind of medicine as well(according to hellochloe’s blog). Meaning her mother doesn’t nor have the ability/knowledge to do it? So, not her mother?

      Quote dramabeans:

      “The woman serves them a chicken dinner while asking Joo-won closely if he’s sick — maybe he’s got that pesky cancer, or some other illness? Her strange intensity is unnerving, and he scoots away. To Ra-im she says, “Nice to see you” — which is a greeting that is often used to mean “Nice to see you again.”

      Ra-im sees that the woman is making liquor, which her father also liked to do. The woman retorts, “He liked drinking it more than making it.”

      It’s a medicinal type of liquor, which she is making “to save my daughter.” But when Ra-im asks if her daughter is sick, the woman says in her curious way, “That is apparently her fate.”

      I skipped all other scenes and read this first. Say, that ahjumma is actually her father. She says RI’s father like drinking it more than making it” means he makes because he loves to drink it. Does that mean, he likes to swap bodies? Because we all know now what kind of medicine is that. Or does that medicine capable of doing something else, I don’t know.

      Next, it all makes sense if that ahjumma is actually her father when she said “to save my daughter”.

      Ok now we go to her first comment to JW. So she’s wondering if JW is sick or have illness. Which puzzles us if he has any, cuz we know that ahjumma is no ordinary ahjumma. Then she says “That is apparently her fate.” to RI. Maybe because RI will save JW by the body swap? The ahjumma knows the relationship between RI and JW and what will become of them, I guess. She probably knows RI loves him and will be willing to do anything to save JW later on? That’s why she said “it’s her fate?”

      That was my first thought before I read your comment, Haj. Yours makes sense, as well… but is it just as simple as RI’s dad soul want her to be rich and successful?

      • 22.7.1 Alexis

        I also thought the ahjumma is Ra-Im’s dad. Strangely, it never occurred to me that it might be her mom.

        I also thought that she served Joo-Won those chicken legs in a bid to let him put down his guard so he will answer her questions? Too bad, she asked too many questions so the opposite happened. 😛

        I felt she said she made the medicine to save her daughter cos she knows how much Ra-Im is falling for Joo-Won and if they don’t swap bodies, there may be no way they can truly understand each other n maybe get together??

      • 22.7.2 rainyrainy

        I think RI’s father asking JW if he is sick or not was just to be sure that his daughter’s soul won’t be swapped to a sick body and that she will be fit , if there will be any physical sickness it will be in RI’s Body and not JW’s , ok that’s my thoughts .
        but wait , another though comes to my mind : RI’s Dad is a fireman no ( that’s what I could understand from te pic with RI ) ? Firemen are people who sacrifice themselves to save people stuck into fire , maybe the father wants his daughter to sacrifice her fit body and switch into possible becoming sick JW’s body to save him ( but still dunno how will this happen ) .
        anyway I still wish that the sickness the father is talking about is an emotional and not physical sickness or fatal sickness .
        I hate sad ends and I feel sorry for myself whenever I get hyped for a show when it’s end turns to be sad .

    • 22.8 bleu

      If the reason behind the body switch is just coz daddy – assuming he’s the mysterious woman in secluded restaurant – wants Ra-im to be healthy, rich and successful, I will be very much bitter. This mainly because I have to watch my husband laughing his ass off when he found out his comment the other night was spot on: someone will end up with cancer/some other form of deadly illness..

      But seriously, I think it’s too selfish/shallow reason. I’d understand If daddy is a villain since it is normal in Kdrama to have a villainous daddy trying to kill someone so that his own child can be alive, rich and successful *cough*Baker Kim Tak Gu.

      I would rather have the body switch as a random act of kindness given by the higher above to both Ra-im and Joon won to have them grow better as a person. Much like the way fairy Godmother appears in front of Cinderella on the night of the Ball (heh?! totally unrelated and random..^^)

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    As to the body-swop they’ve gone done it and at first I was like ‘This works…’ when I saw Ra-im’s reaction on seeing Oska in bed with ‘her’ then I saw Joo-won’s meltdown in the sauna and I’m like ‘Nooooo.’ I thought somehow it would be a super-smooth transition but now realize it was too much to ask (of anyone).

    Oh well…it was nice while it lasted.

    Will hope for better things in Episode 6.

    BTW as to the names I say keep them as is as it’s just the bodies that have changed ie. they are still who they are except for the bodies.

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    • 27.1 jyiskool

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      hahaha HyunBin rocks..!!!
      love him arrogant little rich kid…
      I love the dynamic between the cousins. at first i thought their relationship was kinda irritating but i love their dynamic, its seems that they understand each other compared to other people. let me just clarify OSKA is older right, just funy cause he is easily manipulated by JW. made me think back in ep1 when he mentioned that JW is the devil, if CR were to slap oska then JW would be the person she would curse to hell..
      and JB i do agree, ever since the emergence taesun, i somehow feel sexual between him & oska.. wouldnt it be great if they end up together..? TS is better than seul..!!!
      I love love love HyunBin’s scream, so girly!!!
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    His downfall better be just as cruel or even worse! In all these episodes, he has just been way mean. And this being right after they had a nice bonding moment when Ra-im thanked him. Sigh… that is just not right… NOT right at ALL!

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  38. 38 Nom_Kitteh

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    I loved this episode so much–visually it was a new grand view of Jeju. I loved the dirt back roads and forests, unlike the usual oceanic views I am used to seeing of the island.

    If I may defend Hyun Bin for a second: I think his asshatery makes him that much more endearing. Many of the K-dramas I have watched show spoiled rich brats who act like noveau rich kids, to be honest. Hyun Bin’s character acts like someone who has had money forever and ever, which makes his complete and utter discombobulated approach to love with Key Lime (sorry–that’s how I see her name, seriously in my head and I can’t shake it) makes him…authentic. So his words, while cruel, capture a man truly baffled by common folks. He’s not spoiled so much as he is…well, rich. So it makes me love him even more for fumbling his way in the metaphoric dark towards his girl.

    I love this drama so much. Key Lime putting in an effort to dress up before going to see him was such a pleasant surprise. She is such a girl–and I love it. Also…maybe she does like him a bit, too, and maybe if he would reach out as a real human rather than privileged ass, maybe she would respond?

    It is amazing to watch two stellar actors work their way through these scenes.

    I admit that I didn’t want the switch to happen. I am worried now how the drama will shift. If it goes into too much slapstick, it will spoil the magical real qualities it has captured in such lovely subtle ways.

    Finally, Oska and Emo Boy need to make out. There, I said it.

    • 38.1 czak

      hahaha agree with the last part you said. ever since Taesun emerged I always felt sexual tension between him & Oska…
      they are meant to be..!!!
      are their any such thing in korea, mentor-student relationship in the K-enteratainment…
      hmmnnnn wonder of wonders…

    • 38.2 epyc

      Agreed – the spoiled rich brat we used to see in dramas are at best the noveau rich but the Joo Win character is the real deal. Common ordinary folk is beyond his comprehension! To his credit, he is not one contented with just being rich and doing nothing. Everything he does comes with ‘elite’ analyses and the demand for the very best without compromise, that is until RI coming in tilting the scale.

      Thanks, JB, for a superb recap!

  39. 39 random

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  40. 40 Memei

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    anyway, I think it’s hilarious that when they do get together in the end, they’d know each other’s body flesh by flesh! hahahaha.

  41. 41 Neurotic not Crazy

    Thanks for the great/fast recap.

    loved: That’s another reason you won’t be getting the girl, not that we’re counting because really, the only important reason is: You’re not Hyun Bin.

    I think Ra-Him is good of Ra-Im in Joowon’s body.

    Perhaps Joo-woman or Joo-girl for Joo-won in Ra-Im’s body.

    Watched the raw, had little idea of what was going on.

    But from the recap- Cinderella/little mermaid speech sounds contemptible, but you can’t get the guy on dishonesty. He is almost Asperger honest.

    Couple of things the productions does that keeps me in his corner.
    1-the flashbacks. He constantly acts like an ass, and constantly reflects on his behavior and regrets it. I’m curious to know why he behaves like that if he feels bad about doing so. That’s the difference between him and Seul. She behaves badly and no prodding seems to make her reflect or feel bad.

    2-during the race, even though he had a bet on the line, Joowon kept looking back and worrying about Ra-Im.

    Ra-Im’s financial reality has been a point of discussion on the board, so I found it amusing and incomprehensible (except for it being an inside joke) that the character had THREE different coat during the bike race scene. The white jacket she races in, a dark parka when Joowon found her and an orange jacket when she exited the taxi.

    I thought it was interesting that the drinks Ra-Im and Joowon drank cross coordinated with the clothes.

    She drank red- wearing orange
    he drank gold/orange wearing red.

    Speaking of magic, did anyone notice that the bottles of the flowery alcohol were bottomless. The bottles looked as if they held 16 ounces, but it seemed the characters drank about 2 gallons of whatever from their individual bottles.

    • 41.1 Azafran

      Didn’t JW’s secretary say in response to the paramedic’s question, “Well, if the president chose it… pretty clothing?” so I’m guessing that all those jackets were at JW’s expense?

    • 41.2 Azafran

      Didn’t JW’s secretary say in response to the paramedic’s question, “Well, if the president chose it… pretty clothing?” so I’m guessing that all those jackets were at JW’s expense? And those bottles truly did seem bottomless!

    • 41.3 Azafran

      Didn’t JW’s secretary say in response to the paramedic’s question, “Well, if the president chose it… pretty clothing?” so I’m guessing that all those jackets were at JW’s expense? And those bottles truly did seem bottomless didn’t they?!

    • 41.4 izzie

      “The white jacket she races in, a dark parka when Joowon found her and an orange jacket when she exited the taxi.”

      while the extra jackets could have been provided by Joo-Won, my question is: How was she able to carry/pack all those jackets? Her backpack’s too small to accommodate all those jackets, and layering them on her wouldn’t be possible at all – if she manages to do that, it would make her look bulky.

  42. 42 Jossy

    This drama is getting soo good!
    Great recap JB, as usual – of course..
    Hmm names.. Lol I think you hit the nail on the head with Ra-Him.. As for girly Joo-Won, Joo-Wonna? Joo-Woman? Joo-Wonk? Joo-Wong? Joo-Won’t? Ok ok I’ll stop now. Haha

  43. 43 chong

    lady-joowon 😉

  44. 44 Lucille

    I’m so happy the switch took place today. I love this series. My only problem was that I thought the drama was too JW heavy. I feel I know him a whole lot better than I know her. We know he is in therapy, his relatives, his family dynamic, personality, and his quirks. What do we know about RI? She’s a stunt woman and has a complex about being pretty. Is her father alive? Does she have siblings? Why is she quick to argue with woman, but not men? Why is she so stubborn? I am hoping that along with JW, we get a better understanding of RI during the switch.

  45. 45 :D


  46. 46 Lucille

    BTW, what was all that stuff before the drama?

    • 46.1 Nom_Kitteh

      Yeah! What was that announcement before the drama started? Did it have anything to do with NK and preemption, etc., in case of troubles or something?

      • 46.1.1 noob

        It had to do with the previous series (Life is Beautiful),I think they violated some law about over-commercializing in a drama or something… doesn’t have to do anything with Secret Garden 🙂

      • 46.1.2 Haj

        The drama before it, Life is Beautiful, was receiving a warning — from whom i dont know, broadcasting companies or the government — about illegally advertising/product placement during the show.

        • anais

          Oops – so it was about product placement? That’s better than about the gay storyline. What a relief.

      • 46.1.3 heejung

        Yeah, I was just going to ask about that blue announcement too. All I got out of it was that SBS was apologizing to the viewers, but for what I don’t know…

      • 46.1.4 anais

        It seemed as if it had something to do with Life is Beautiful. My Korean isn’t good enough yet (I often sit with my electronic dictionary in my lap and look up words as I watch, but I didn’t this time), but what I caught had something to do with SBS being committed to providing programming that meets viewer expectations/standards. I could be entirely off-base, but if what I understood was correct, I had the sneaky feeling at the time it was in response perhaps to any criticism regarding the depiction of homosexuality / homosexual relationships in Life is Beautiful.

        If that is true, perhaps the notice had something to do with this episode’s outing of Tae-Sun.

        Eck. Going back to the raw with electronic dictionary now.

        • anais

          OK – still a gist because I didn’t want to write down everything.

          So, apparently, SBS was told that it violated some restriction by the broadcast correspondence/communication committee (my guess, the censors) when it aired Life is Beautiful. Whatever it violated had something to do with providing notification/notices to its viewers regarding content of the material being aired. So it was instructed to apologize to its viewers. SBS assures that it’ll abide by broadcasting stipulations/regulations and try its best to air programming that’s better than before.

          I didn’t watch Life Is Beautiful, but my guess is that it must have relate to the story line involving the gay son and his gay partner.

          • Nom_Kitteh

            Thanks so much for your responses, all. Really, K-drama fans are the nicest, friendliest people. I was way off with my interpretation–which, truth be told, makes it all so much more fun!

    • 46.2 Lucille

      Thanks everyone. I didn’t watch Life is Beautiful, but I guess it is the first drama to have a real prominent Gay storyline. Right?

      • 46.2.1 Aya

        Yes, “Life is Beautiful” was probably one of the most prominent hush-hush prime-time weekend family dramas this year for its portrayal of the first real gay relationship in kdrama history (read: no bromance, no fan-service, no coded messages, no running-gags of fake bj’s, bf’s or humorous drunken mishaps), which caused a lot of controversies and made national & international news.

        Sadly, the drama kept a pretty low-profile in international fandom, maybe because it ran longer than the average 16 eps, didn’t bring boy-toy eyecandy or any Hallyu stars. But the stories and storylines of all the characters were very heartwarming, quiet and well-acted, in beautiful Jeju settings and still managed to touch on a lot of topics like adultery, alcoholism, depression, unemployment, domestic violence, polygamy…

        The only db deconstructing, reporting or discussion for this series, I can remember of, ended up in a crazy bizarre clusterfuck about religion (?!) in the comment section (and wasn’t handled very well, sorry to say).

  47. 47 Khin Nwe Aye

    JB, I’m getting so mad at JW for is “mermaid” remarks that I forget to thank you for the recap. I’ve been visiting your blog so many times in the past 12 hours and now I’m warded. Jw is really the limit — I’ve been thinking how sweet of him, for once, to be worrying about RI’s safety and even preparing to lose he bike race by constantly looking back to see whether RI is following them or not. And then stops abruptly when he hears RI’s supposed scream. But he has to spoil it all with his brutal way of telling what he’s really thinking — he just wants a fling with RI, and once he has his itch dealt with, he expects RI to disappear quietly, but remember the Little Mermaid doesn’t just disappear, she dies. So, how unfeeling he is to visualize this kind of scenario for RI, the one he’s totally obsessed with, with no ecouragement from he object concerned? Someone remarks that JW doesn’t want RI to enter his family because he knows she’ll be eventually destroyed by the by the horrible MIL, and RI will lose her uniqueness because she’ll have to scrape and bow before the rich family But I don’t thnk Jw is thinking as far as that regarding RI’s future with him. He just doesn’t want to have a permanent relationship, even to play around, with someone of RI’s low status. He has his own views of what his wife should have, and as RI lack all the material qualities he refuses to even think of her as a suitable mistress, I think. At the department store he does declare for him, RI is not even fit to play around. I thyink JW is being portrayed as a complete bastard who never once cares he may be hurting anyone with his blunt speech. I wish he’ll be at the receiving end now that he’s in RI’s body. Maybe then he’ll understand how hurtful when you’re being put down for your status. Maybe he’ll realize how awful Seul can be towards RI. Maybe to the point of gtting her seriously hurt in the stunts to come?

    Regarding new names for soul-swpped pair: I like SHE–rim and HE-won as suggested by one of the commentators. They’re short and the SHE/HE as prefix will show that which real soul is in which body.

    • 47.1 Azafran

      On one hand, I know full well that JW is being an outright jerk in this instance, as in many others, but I can’t help but to love him. I love your theory that Seul will try to hurt RI through the stunts because i am really hoping that this is the fate RI’s shaman-father-mother-possibly is trying to prevent from happening to RI. Someone on soompi said that JW in RI’s body would never agree to do such a dangerous stunt while RI would, thus saving RI from getting injured. I really hope that this is all the creepy forest scene was foreshadowing because i don’t want to go into the melodrama genre through sickness and one person having to die for the other. I’ve had enough of that from MGIAG and there is so much ground left to cover regarding JW’s family and their relationship after they switch back. Please don’t go death-illness on me, please don’t!!! Btw if I recall correctly(if wikipedia is correct lol), i thought the little mermaid turned into a bubble but through 300 yrs worth of goods deeds will become an immortal spirit, so she doesn’t exactly die.

      Thanks JB for the recap!

  48. 48 Fay

    OOHHH! CAN’T WAIT. I was hoping for Joo won’s character to get less bitchy, but apparently that a’int happening soon. >:|
    I wholeheartedly agree with you about the pushing too far thing. If they’re going to portray him in such a negative manner, then we need more scenes of him being cray cray. srsly.
    I love Ra-im for not sleeping in his room after all the shit he said-though I didn’t really get the full gist of it, tbqh. It just makes me side-eye oh ha ni from P.K even more-i’m watching it rn..sort of. I just can’t with that girl, she needs to have boundaries and, idk, PRIDE.

    Taesun being gay……oh please, please, please let there be some other cute dude that Oska introduces him to-well, after they get friendlier, that is. lol Either way, he is damn too beautiful and I need someone to ship him with {ahjushiis not included}


  49. 49 Memei

    Joo-won’s assistant is super cute. The “Omo :O , omo-mo-omoo” part in episode 4 was super super cute and the way his voice curled up when Joowon asked him to return all the deers hahaha. Priceless.

    • 49.1 Pela

      So agree!!! And Ra-im’s sassy girlfriend may be perfect for him after all.

  50. 50 alasam

    thanks for the speedy and awesome recap!

    I think Ra-him is great and I vote for Joo-wanda 😉

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