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Secret Garden: Episode 6
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Oh, the goodness. There is SO MUCH of it to go around. I knew it’d be explosive when they started inhabiting each other’s bodies, but this? This is drama heaven. I can’t promise that the schtick won’t grow old, but if Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won keep playing it up like they do here, they can go ahead and beat these gender-bendy shenanigans into the ground.

For naming purposes, we’re going with soul-first / body-second. So: Ra-Him for Ra-im-in-Joo-won’s-body (played by Hyun Bin) and Joo-wanda for Joo-won-in-Ra-im’s-body (played by Ha Ji-won). Got it? Okay. I couldn’t pass up Joo-wanda. I mean, who could pass up Joo-wanda?


Joo-wanda and Ra-Him wake up the whole of Jeju Island with their screams, as they each freak out over their new…assets. They both make their way over to mirrors, and doubly freak out to find out just exactly whose bodies they’re in. Ra-Him does an especially girly jump-hop in front of the mirror that makes me so giddy for all the girliness to come.

She tears out of the hotel room, leaving Oska to wonder if maybe he did something in his sleep. (Ew! Aren’t you first cousins?!) She’s greeted outside by screaming fans, who let out a collective “aw man” when they see that it’s just some random dude, and not Oska. Heh, that’s probably the first time Binnie’s ever gotten that response from a group of fangirls.

Joo-wanda comes running over to the hotel, having run out of the sauna without changing. There, outside the room, they meet face-to-face, and stare gobsmacked at…well, their own faces. Can you imagine the strangeness of your own face staring back at you?

I like that they don’t have to go through the very obvious you’re-in-my-body-and-I’m-in-yours conversation, since, duh—it’s clear they’ve been switched. They don’t know how it happened (although Joo-wanda doesn’t lose the opportunity to insinuate that Ra-Him somehow did this to him), and he tells her to meet him around in front, but discreetly, since he owns the joint. She snarks that he says that everywhere he goes, and he says that’s because it’s true. You have a point. But it doesn’t make you any less of a snot.

Ra-Him gets sidetracked by the appearance of Seul, as she wonders how a woman so young became a director. Yeah, it’s called Daddy’s Money. You’ll soon find out what that’s about. Joo-wanda catches her peeping, and drags her out, only to be cut off by Jong-soo.

He addresses Joo-wanda by his usual informal speech, eliciting a very pointed reaction from him. Hahaha. This dynamic is going to be endlessly funny. Jong-soo stares strangely, and the situation only gets stranger for him, as Ra-Him apologizes for “Gil Ra-im’s” rudeness.

She nudges him to apologize and not forget who she is, getting an insincere “sorry” out of him. Jong-soo decides that he needs to talk some sense into Joo-wanda, grabbing him by the wrist. Ra-Him jumps in to stop him, but then when Jong-soo tells her to butt out, she hangs back meekly.

As he’s getting dragged away, Joo-wanda says, “Aren’t you going to stop me? What am I, just supposed to go with this guy?” Bwahahaha. Ra-Him decides that she has to assert herself here, and insists that she’ll take care of Joo-wanda right now. She grabs him by the wrist (Heh) and takes him away, as Jong-soo and Seul watch curiously.

She had also made him bow his head at Jong-soo, which he gripes about when they’re alone, because he doesn’t even bow to his own grandfather that way (who he calls by title, “President,” rather than grandfather). She reminds him that it’s HER head bowing, not his, but he replies that while he’s in there, it’s his head too.

They’re interrupted when Ra-Him asks just how much he drank last night…and then proceeds to do the pee dance, as Joo-wanda’s eyes widen in horror. Ruh-roh. How to pee with boy parts? He waits outside the bathroom, and asks how things are going, adding that she should just go like she normally would….as Ra-Him lets out a scream of terror from the stall. Oh my god, I’m dying.

They sit down in a café, and Ra-Him hangs her head down in defeat. She starts to cry, and Joo-wanda snaps at her to just TRY crying with his face. She spits back why he didn’t trade bodies with Kim Tae-hee or Jeon Do-yeon. Heh.

Joo-wanda tries to think through the problem rationally, but can’t focus because of his falling bra strap. Ra-Him tells him to shorten it, and reaches into his shirt to help him do it, startling everyone around them. Uh, awkward. They decide to take it outside.

Joo-wanda decides that this isn’t a problem to be solved the usual way, and shuts down all of Ra-Him’s suggestions—a doctor, a fortuneteller, a church, a temple. She says there’s only one thing left then…a kiss. Omo.

Ra-Him says that it’s what happens in all fairy tales—crazy stuff happens, and then a kiss puts everything back. This is an unusual problem, so they need to go with an unusual solution. Joo-wanda asks if it’s the best they’ve got, but it’s ALL they’ve got, so they decide to try it.

Joo-wanda: Okay, but we have to decide beforehand. Light peck, or heavy…
Ra-Him: We’ll know when we’re there. Close your eyes.


She goes in, and lands a light peck. Joo-wanda smiles involuntarily, but when he opens his eyes, nothing’s changed. Cue cawing crow to signal awkward failure.

He decides it’s because there wasn’t enough contact (heh), and pulls her in for a real kiss, long enough for both of them to get into it, and forget about the reason that they’re kissing in the first place. They’re about to get handsy in the middle of the kissing, but they catch themselves, and pull apart. Aw, man!

Back at the Mysterious Garden, the mysterious lady turns out to be…Ra-im’s father. Ten points for those who guessed it in the last episode. He watches their mystical reflection and apologizes to Joo-won, saying that it was the only thing he could do to save his daughter. Oh, no you di’n’t, Cancer. Stay away, or I will smite thee!

Joo-wanda teases her that she just wanted to kiss him (Dude, you’re the one who initiated the makeout session) and further gripes that if they end up like this permanently, she has nothing to lose.

Incredulous, Ra-Him agrees that he’s right—then she’ll just need his PIN number and birthdate, so that she can clear out his bank account, buy everyone at the action school a new car, produce an action film, buy Ah-young an officetel, oh and yeah…marry someone horrible that he’ll never be able to endure. Hahaha.

She leans in close, stopping for a moment to stare, kind of surprised by her own face: “So this is what I look like…” to which Joo-wanda scoffs, “Wow. Listen, I’m amazed at how handsome I am too, but I’m keeping that to myself!” Pfft. So I guess there’s no chance the soul-switching knocked the arrogant out of your ass?

Ra-Him’s phone rings, but she realizes that it’s not on her person, so she goes digging around in Joo-wanda’s pockets. Joo-wanda can’t control being ticklish all of a sudden, and giggles adorably.

Ra-Him is due on set, and tells Joo-wanda that they have to go, otherwise she’ll be fired. He doesn’t care, so Ra-Him says she’ll have to go straight to Seul and confess…how yesterday he was just playing hard to get. Joo-wanda’s eyes widen in horror and he chases after her, exasperated at how short his legs are now. Heh.

Back at Oska’s suite, his manager tries to get him out of his funk to shoot the video, reminding him how much he secretly wanted to see Seul. He advises him to face her, and start over, or get over her, but Oska confesses that he doesn’t have the courage to do either.

Ra-Him and Joo-wanda head back to the sauna to pick up her stuff, and Joo-wanda hilariously does a double-take at a well-endowed woman, ready to follow her into the women’s locker room to change. Ra-Him grabs him by the scruff of his collar, telling him that he’s not allowed to change (because she doesn’t want him seeing her naked body).

They get interrupted with the shoot for Ra-im’s getaway date with Oska…only now he’s hugging Joo-wanda who tells him to get lost, as Ra-Him apologizes. He seems more confused by his cousin being nice, than by Ra-im seeming to be cold.

They make it back to the hotel room to clean up and get changed, and Joo-wanda heads in for a shower. Ra-Him stops him, saying that she’ll clean her own body. Joo-wanda: “So…what you’re saying is…you want us to look at your body…together?” Ra-him: “Pervert.” Pwahaha.

She says that it can wait a day (in case things magically go back to normal tomorrow), so they’ll just wash their faces. He starts with shaving her face (aw, so cute) but she says she can handle it—she shaves too. Joo-wanda asks, interest piqued, “Where?” She just shrugs coyly.

With a command to keep his eyes closed, Ra-Him hands him a bra to put on, but he struggles to get it on and gives up. She shows him how to do it herself, adding that he’s probably faking it, since he’s taken dozens of bras, off of dozens of girls before.

Joo-wanda: “Yeah, but putting them on is different from taking them off.” Ha. Ain’t that the truth. But wearing them is really the hardest part, especially if you’re getting into any bras with verbs: push, lift, separate…there’s no good there. What I’ve learned is: verb + bra = bad.

Oska shows up to the video shoot, but refuses to do anything but close-ups, leaving Jong-soo to do all the heavy lifting. He sits and broods over Seul, clearly not over her in any way. His ex Chae-rin shows up, having been cast by Seul, but thinking that it was Oska’s doing.

Back in Seoul, Joo-won’s mother meets with his shrink, asking in her condescending way why she’s been coming by his place—does she sleep with him? Dr. Lee is clearly used to her, and deals with her coolly. Mother has asked her there to consult on older women’s likelihood of pregnancy, but succeeds in belittling her, just for fun. That thing you feel on the back of your neck? Yeah, that’s horror.

Mommie Dearest meets up with Oska’s mom, and the sisters have a meltdown over the possibility that their father might actually succeed at having a son with his new wife. As the only heirs to the family fortune, they obviously can’t have another sibling now, and a SON at that, who would inherit everything.

Ra-Him and Joo-wanda show up to the video shoot, and Ra-Him apologizes to Jong-soo, bowing again. Jong-soo just gets angrier at her apology-by-proxy, and Joo-wanda suggests they discuss it over a cigarette.

Cue chorus of stunned silence. Jong-soo: “You…smoke?” Joo-wanda: “I…..do….NOT. Coffee, then?”

Ra-Him trails after them, donning a wig…um…why now? Whatever, there’s no reason but it’s freakin’ hilarious. She tries very badly to spy on them, and meanwhile Joo-wanda figures out the score with Jong-soo in two seconds flat. He announces that his crush has been found out, smirking arrogantly. Jong-soo just slinks away, unable to say anything. Aw, he was pathetic enough when Ra-im was driving her own body, but now with Joo-won behind the wheel, he’s done for.

Ra-Him returns to the set and hands out refreshments to her sunbaes, overzealously acting like her usual self. Oska shows up, and at Ra-Him’s formal greeting, he decides something’s really up with his cousin, and feels her face for a fever. She smiles sweetly, blushing, as her right foot pops up in her signature girlish gesture. Hahaha.

Oska shoots his scene with Chae-rin, a car chase followed by a dramatic plea not to leave. Seul makes them do take after take, dissatisfied with the acting, and stops the production to ask him publicly whether or not he knows what it’s like to hurt because you lost the person you love. He lies no. She’s happy to tell him, and continues to unburden all her pent-up pain, at having to cry alone for fear of ruining his reputation, all the while believing that he never hurt at all because of her.

Well clearly there’s some GIANT misunderstanding here, not that both parties in a breakup don’t ultimately feel hurt and betrayed anyway, but they both feel like they are the ONLY ones who felt that way. It’s enough to send Oska packing, as Ra-Him observes the whole scene keenly.

She goes up to Seul afterwards, with a kind word that it was clear she was telling her own story. Seul just assumes that Joo-won has found out her past with Oska, and declares that she’s had her share of experience with love, but she’s done now. She asks that he do the same, and come around to her, when he’s done playing with Ra-im. Good grief, woman. Ra-Him stands agape, realizing just how different their worlds really are.

She tells Joo-wanda that Seul isn’t actually into him, while he tells her that her director IS. Into her, that is. Sheesh. This is confusing. She flatly denies it (clueless girl) and leaves to go room with Oska gleefully. Tee hee.

Joo-wanda tries to stop her, putting one leg out in front of her, and she knocks it out of the way, muttering, “There’s nothing to see anyway.” Hahaha. He shouts, “You saw everything, didn’t you?!” Well, she had to pee, remember??

Ra-Him sneaks quietly into Oska’s room, and freaks out when he appears in nothing but a towel. She shyly turns her back and offers him a robe. Oska doesn’t know what’s gotten into his cousin, but he likes it, whatever it is—because it’s the first time he’s felt like his little brother again since the accident. He catches himself (presumably Joo-won wouldn’t stand for his accident to be mentioned), and glosses over it. Iiiiiiiiiinteresting.

He jovially pats Ra-Him on the chest, making her do this:

…and scream bloody murder, as Joo-wanda bursts in to make sure it’s all on the up and up. In order to make her stay in the other room (he can’t have her staying here with another man!) Joo-wanda starts coming on to Oska, with his best oppa-pout-wiggle. Classic. Ra-Him watches horrified, as he asks if he can spend the night here with oppa, making her leave in a huff.

Having gotten the wrong idea, of course, Oska thinks he’s settling in for a cozy evening with Ra-im, but Joo-wanda just tsk-tsks him in his head, and leaves him hanging.

Everyone does some soulful staring in an angst-go-round, and Joo-wanda sits in his hotel room, finally coming to a very important decision…he’s just going to take one peek. Heh. He starts lifting up his (her?) shirt, but then sees all her scars and bruises, and discovers that her body is literally covered in them.

They wake up the next morning, hoping against hope…but find that they’re still swapped. Joo-wanda comes over to Oska’s suite, and finds Ra-Him there alone, with a note from Oska saying that he’s left early.

Joo-wanda sighs that she may as well wash up then, making Ra-Him rush him in protest. He just throws back the same insult she did yesterday: “Nothing to see anyway…” He lifts up the shirt to ask how a woman’s body can have so many scars and bruises, as Ra-Him tackles him to keep him from showering.

Rawr, with the skinship! She wraps her arms and legs around him and they struggle, which is exactly when Seul arrives.



Not really a cliffhanger, as far as endings go, since Seul is neither someone we care about yet, nor a real presence in Joo-won’s life. She basically told Ra-Him to play around and just come around to her, so really, they’re just doing what she said to do. Would’ve been more dramatic if Jong-soo had discovered them, as he seemed to be the more invested party in this episode.

As for the switch, I love the physicality of these two actors. They embody the switch so naturally, in their posture and their gestures. Hyun Bin is killing it with his comedic sense, but so is Ha Ji-won, as the arrogant bastard trapped in the body of a much shorter woman. Somehow Joo-won’s loss of stature in her body just makes him that much funnier as a character. He’s immediately taken down a peg, because he doesn’t get to do whatever he wants, and he’s beholden to her in such a perfect way—she’s driving around his body, so he’d better do as she says. As for Ha Ji-won, I love that she gets to play the aggressor now—her smirky faces are so spot-on, and she owns everything, from the kiss down to the surly attitude.

What’s great about the swap is that it serves as an awesome new excuse for skinship. That’s not me touching YOU. That’s me touching ME. Wait. That sounds dirty. You know what I mean. They feel at ease to get all handsy with each other, because they still feel like that other body is theirs. Because the ownership goes both ways, they have no qualms about being all over each other, but get squeamish if the other is about to shower or go to the bathroom. My inner twelve-year old is squealing in delight.

Before, I was mildly interested in the scenes with other characters, but now that the switch has happened and it’s nonstop comedy hour with those two, it actually angers me when we cut away to the other characters. Thankfully, we don’t do it too much, otherwise I’d be throwing things. I do really enjoy how Oska is being used as a triangle-but-not, as a middleman for affections, a rival, a brother. Their post-swap interactions with him are priceless. Don’t even get me started on the genius of Binnie’s girlish swooning over Oska.

I honestly don’t know how we’re going to get anywhere in the story if they keep up this level of tomfoolery. Not that I’m complaining. It’s the best thing since carbonated makgulli. But pausing 47 hundred times in one episode for laughter isn’t productive for anyone. I’m also enjoying that it’s a different kind of laugh-a-minute tone. For example, with My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, I laughed in a that’s-so-hysterically-cute-it-kills-me way, but here it’s an I-delight-in-your-comeuppance sort of gleeful laughter. Does that make me evil? Wait. Don’t answer that.


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          I love your idea about the accident! It would be interesting if that was the case…

        • bea

          Perhaps Ra-im has sustained serious bodily injury from her stuntwork and may require major surgery like an organ transplant, something she definitely can’t afford. If Ra-im’s dad’s goal was to switch her with someone with the cash to send her body to the hospital, the obvious choice for the body switch would be Yoon Seul since she’s female (and in case she has to reside in that body permanently). But I guess there’s a yet-to-be-revealed body-switch law of the universe they had to follow that made Joo-won the choice. I can’t wait to find out 😀

    • 22.2 girlfriday

      Just want to clarify: the sickness is in no way confirmed, or even mentioned. I was just throwing a joke about Cancer as a plot device/cliche. All the father says is that he needs to save his daughter and it’s left mysterious. Sometimes I forget about the lack of subs.

      • 22.2.1 izzie

        Thanks so much for the clarification, and sorry for jumping right into the conclusion re: sickness confirmed. I guess I was too scared from seeing that ahjumma & SFD pics to maintain coherent thoughts. (sigh) glimmer of hope! 🙂

        now it’s back to: what could he be saving her from? 🙂

        • Secret Fan

          Ah.. I was wondering about that too.. In one of the earlier episodes… when Joo-won is rummaging through Ra-im’s locker, the face of the dad in the picture turns sad as Joo-won picks up the girly makeup-stuff. So I was thinking that perhaps her dad feels guilty for suppressing Ra-im’s girly side…?? and somehow the body switch will help her (a) realize that she’s a girl (b) find love…. Well, that’s my theory..

          • rainyrainy

            secret fan , I was thinking exactly the same when I saw the father turning sad on the pix when JW saw her make up , was also thinking that he was feeling sad , and guilty as you said , for how his daughter’s life is so tough and that she can’t her show her girly side so she can continue her work and earn her living , now we have to know why RI chose this tough job and if the father has any connection with that .

          • izzie

            What if he’s saving her from getting Parkinson’s which she could get from doing dangerous stunts that could harm her head? Or from another witch/warlock that’s out to get her? What if Jong-soo has an evil side which he effectively hides and that’s what SFD is saving Ra-im from? (ok, that’s goin too far…) Gaaah!

          • pockified

            I think RI’s dad’s face in the photo turned sad because he knew he’d be essentially ‘ruining’ JW’s life in a few eps and he feels bad for what he’s going to do to this young man….

      • 22.2.2 bea

        I can’t help but think about the movie Angel Heart, in which the main character transferred his soul to another body to escape the devil. It’s possible that Ra-im’s dad is saving her from some faustian bargain he made. Perhaps her fate is to be his replacement as a forest witch. hehe. I don’t know. It’s fun to speculate 😀

  23. 23 Guiligirl

    Thanks a thousand times Girlfriday for your funny recaps. I initially didn’t have an interest in Secret Garden, but you seem to have the ability to drag people along with you on this funny journey with the dramas that you recap. Merci merci merci !!! <3

  24. 24 faye

    Can I just say, watching hyun bin (in character of course!) demonstrating how to put on a bra was one of the funniest moments I’ve seen in drama this year. This show is truly something!

    • 24.1 budsdiana

      I second that, this was the scene that really CRACKED ME up, HB demonstrating how to wear a bra. A laughed so loud my dogs (sleeping near my feet) woke up from their deep slumber with a jerk and was giving me a sort of “huh! whats wrong with my human…” look.

      • 24.1.1 Lilian

        Haha..that was super hilarious! I laughed so much and so loudly. I also love the scene when Oska was touching his chest, and also his face. Hahahaha….

  25. 25 slipstreams

    I’m crushing on this drama hard right now! I’ve never laughed to the point of speechless incapacitation watching raws before. But amid my squeals of delight, I find myself mentally flinching and steeling myself for the sucker punch that is alluded to by Ra-Im’s father. I don’t know if I could ever forgive you drama if you dump us into an angsty morass. Don’t Ra-Im and Joo-Won have enough complexes already between the two of them. I quit if there is going to be the stand off…”you deserve to live more than me” “no you do!” “I can’t live without you” “I’m even less equipped to live without you!” exchange. In short, I’m so enamored of the drama as it stands that it makes the prospect of delving those overwrought waters of terminal disease more painful.

  26. 26 anon

    Thank you for recapping, reading this made me like the episode even more!

  27. 27 Ace

    LOL! Thanks for the recap!

    Joo-won was quite funny when he did the foot thing that Ra-im does when talking to Oska.

    I watched this raw (live) with a 2 guy friends: Singaporean (but his family’s from India) and a German. I just told them the basic set-up and they understood what was happening even if we all knew so little Korean. They enjoyed watching Binnie and they’re now crushing on Ha Ji-won!

  28. 28 sunni

    Thaaaank you so much! Thank you for your effort of recapping Secret Garden…
    Now I can understand this episode much better =)

  29. 29 momosan

    I was just living for the moment when Binnie fangirled at Oska. And.It.Was.Priceless. I had to keep hitting pause on the video to laugh. Oh man.

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    So i’ve been refreshing this page since last night….and so i’m so glad you’ve finally posted this…yay!!!

  32. 32 diadda

    Personally I hope this switch lasts long enough for Binnie to go through his time of the month. Ra-Him looking mortified and scared at the horrors 🙂

    • 32.1 izzie

      yeah! learning how to use napkins/pads can be easy. but how would he deal with the PMS, if Ra-Im’s body has any? 😀

      • 32.1.1 tari

        Hahaha..*imagining Joo-won having period*

      • 32.1.2 Severine

        OMG I would love too see Joo-wanda wearing sweatpants and downing a gallon of ice cream while cursing at Ra-Him. haha.

        • izzie

          I would love to see how he walks the first time he puts a pad on. 😀 I can think of many guys i know that i want to go thru it – not involving me in the body swap, of course. 😀

    • 32.2 geanna

      homg me too! PMS+period pain~ i bet it’ll be both hilarious and romantic for joo-wanda and ra-him to get through that time of the month since joo won (being his usual asshole self) would never know what every woman has to feel when that time comes around… he’ll be down on his (her?) knees begging for ra-im’s mercy for help! maybe that way, he’ll understand women more n be more sensitive about her feelings~ roflmao!

    • 32.3 Anonymous

      Ditto… Yes, I was thinking about Binnie having the monthly curse….too, more for Binnie to do, check out the nickers and like everybody that leg bending fangurling was so awesomely funny, Yes Oska your cousin is SICK!!!! Binnie you rock!!!!

  33. 33 crzycpl

    This episode was TOO FUNNY! Both actors should be applauded *clap clap*

    Thinking about it … could another actor pull it off as well as Binnie? Probably only Cha Tae-hyun or Yoon Kye-sang? But, in any event, Binnie should get the Best Actor award for his portrayal of Gil Ra-im!!

    I can’t wait for more next weekend.

    • 33.1 A

      Wonder how Jang Hyuk would have done, though. I do like him. Not that I don’t think Binnie is doing a fantastic job.

    • 33.2 r

      Hah, funny you should say that… because as I was watching this without subs I was thinking the only other actor I thought that might be able to pull his character off would be Jae Hee, though at that time I was thinking of the rapid-fire dialogue.

      Thanks for the recap girlfriday, and for sucking us into this show!

      • 33.2.1 Lilian

        Hyun Bin so deserves a best actor for this….explosive! I liked him in MNISKSS but here he is just amazing!

  34. 34 Rainyrain

    thanks for the update GF , it was awwwwwsome
    yes I also loved epi 6 it was totally funny but tell u the truth now I’m waiting for epi 7 after watching the preview , just wanna see what will be RA-Him’s reaction when she will find the motobike key and the money she gave to JW next to his bed and hen I want to see her reaction when she will see JOO-wanda with fashionable and expensive clothes .

  35. 35 shaz81

    Thanks for update Girlfriday, I am just so super hooked on the show Hyun Bin is playing the bastard rich man so well and as for Ha Ji-won she was killing me with her inner girlness BUT the switch >< just to EPIC. I am interested to know what kind of highjinks they will get up to now, why is saturday so far away !!!!!

  36. 36 Sumee

    it is so totally hilarious ! i just can’t stop laughing 😉
    What I’ve learned is: verb + bra = bad. 🙂 I agree to the maximum epitome !

    • 36.1 izzie

      Hey there sumee! 🙂

      Lol! Cant wait for Joo-Wonda to learn more girly stuff. 😀

      • 36.1.1 samgetang

        hi izzie and sumee! glad to see you here. 🙂 finished watching eng subbed episodes 5 and 6 of SG (at kimchidrama) so I now allowed myself to read the recaps, hehe! epi 6 is super-duper, extreme, ultimate, most hilarious episode of all 🙂 was laughing so hard i thought my brain would be rattled with all the head-banging going on while I held on to my sides, hahaha! but the more serious moments were also precious like the scene between RaIm (in JW’s body) and Seul and between JooWoon (in RI’s body) and the action director. HB was so funny when the cousin held his face and he did the Raim girly stuff…while everyone watched..and wondered what got into him 🙂 he was even more sweet and coy than when HJW did it, hahaha! 🙂 im sure the cast and crew of this kdrama had soooo much fun doing all these scenes 🙂

        • izzie

          yay! 😀

          haven’t seen the eng subbed ep 5 & 6 yet. will try to watch it later. got very busy at the office cuz I was in charge of putting together a 7-ft. Christmas tree out of recycled materials for a contest. 🙁 and then there’s the real job.

          “HB was so funny when the cousin held his face and he did the Raim girly stuff”

          – one of the moments where I almost fell from my seat laughing. at midnight. when everyone was sound asleep. t’was too late to muffle the guffaw. glad nobody woke up and conked me in the head. 😛

          I’m trying to watch MSOAN at the same time, but doesn’t find it as amusing. it’s still SKKS for me this year.

          Secret Garden looks like it’s gonna push the envelope with the gender-bending and gay plot lines.

  37. 37 saranga

    i was totally on the hedge about this drama up till this week. then i watched these 2 episodes and particularly this sixth one, i was cracking up. and i had not expected to do that.

    although i am still confused- was ra-im’s father mentioned in previous episodes?? should i be aware of why he might have done the body swap in the first place?

    hyun bin is cracking me up. i was hating him last week and now i love him this week. haha i think he’s better than ha jiwon. i still can’t quite get on board with ha jiwon completely, but i’m warming up to this drama. heheh

  38. 38 Lovely Heretic

    LOL. The bloopers at the end are hilarious! Hyun Bin has so much confidence while putting on that bra and when he does that SNAP~! thing. . .oh it was priceless!

    Loved this episode so so much! I love HyunBin’s acting. That picture with him waving had me cackling out loud. So glad my roommate wasn’t back at to hear me. . .otherwise I’m pretty sure she’d be sure I was crazy.

    Saturday needs to come faster! =O

  39. 39 Anonymous

    Omo, this seriously looks hilarious and so good to the last drop. I’ve got to catch up on homework so I can watch it. Oh, and it’s the guy from The Legend – Overload of all things adorable!!!

  40. 40 deeko

    Hahah, I completely agree with you, GF! This episode was my favorite by far. Well, ep. 5 was also great because I was getting wary of JW’s rude, snotty reaction to Ra-Im and his obvious concern for her safety was too cute to me.

    Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won are killing it so much in this episode. I was so excited to watch ep. 6 and had to watch it twice just to revel in the hilarity of it all. Complete genius.

    Poor Jong-soo but I too agree that whenever we’re taken away from the Ra-Him and Joo-Wanda, I scowl openly. It’s great and all to see Seul and Oska and Jong-soo’s reaction to their behavior, but I love the interactions between Ra-Him and JW. Tooooo cute!

    I was such a fan of Hyun Bin before The World We Live in… and now I’m much more impressed with him. Can’t wait for ep. 7. Such torture I tell you.

    (ps. RH’s red and black socks crack me up for some reason. I’m easily amused apparently.)

  41. 41 Miu

    Whew~ I thought I was going to have a breakdown waiting for this recap! Thanks Girlfriday!

    esp liked… “What’s great about the swap is that it serves as an awesome new excuse for skinship. That’s not me touching YOU. That’s me touching ME. Wait. That sounds dirty. You know what I mean.”

    hahaha, totally hilarious

  42. 42 elli

    will love you forever for this. have been waiting like crazy in front of the pc. thank you thank you thank you!!

  43. 43 Katrin

    Thanks for the recap.

    Just one side thought: I wonder how their love can progress as long as they are in the other’s body.
    Of course they’ll get a better understanding of each other and can grow a deep friendship but how could they possibly be attracted by one another now? If they look at each other they will see themselves. And why would you want to kiss your own lips? The lips of the same gender by the way.

    Of course, there is more skinship now – it has no meaning to them anymore when they touch each other.

    But still, I love it!

    • 43.1 kristin

      I was totally thinking the same thing! Not necessarily about these characters, but in general – I would not be interested in kissing myself. It takes a little bit of the “oomph” of the skinship out of the equation..

    • 43.2 izzie

      Probably a narcissus thing – falling in love with their reflection. Besides they already had a head start at liking each other pre-switch. I think they will like each other more as they are forced to work together and learn more about each other.

    • 43.3 pigtookie

      I agree, it’s not as hot seeing as they’re kissing themselves. Except, it’s not themselves in their own body… they feel their own lips, but the other person’s doing the kissing. So they are indirectly kissing each other.

      • 43.3.1 Jomo

        I agree that it would be very uncomfortable for us, the viewers, to see the switched couple being physically attracted to themselves, hajiman, someone (French, probably) said:
        “Sex is what happens between your ears, not between your legs.” ** (I hope this is not too crass.)

        When they kiss, their individual selves dissolve into one being, with nothing separating them. If their eyes are closed, they are sensing the other person by touch, and seeing them in their mind.

        It is so romantic, and so true to life what they are presenting to us – that the outer shell of a person does not matter in a relationship, but what is inside.

        **if you google this, you will find the quote attributed to Chaz Bono, but there was someone who said it first!

    • 43.4 dorispngPinas

      yap….got the same thinking too….how they’ll gonna fall in love deeper with one another if they’re seeing themselves (same sex) whenever they’ll look at each other??…. also keeping my fingers crossed that the melodrama part will not be OTT and Cancer as the reason for the swap….. but still……I love love this drama esp the actors for their great acting…..though I’ve loved Hyun Bin in MNKSS, and have also seen 2 of his dramas, SnowQueen and The World They Live In, and a couple of his films, but my reason before why I’m watching his dramas/films is becoz I missed his ‘pretty face’ , ’til now…..he now belong in my category of not just having a pretty face but has great acting prowess as well, esp in romcom…….

    • 43.5 blurnutcase

      I hope they won’t keep the switch permanent. I’m feeling a bit uncomfortable with the kissing of your own body part. Ewww…….LOL

      I thought the handsy thing during the second kiss was weird too. Usually the guy reaches for the waist while the girl goes for the neck. Why did Ra-Him go for the neck while Joo-Wanda go for the waist?? Is it because of their height?

      • 43.5.1 ajumma

        Yup, noticed the hand / waist thing too – think it represents how their bodies’ sensation/ enjoyment of the kiss took over the soul temporarily- just like the next phone scene where Joo-wonda giggles as Ra-Him reaches in “his” pockets for Gil Ra-im’s phone, then immediately changes expression once Joo-Won regains control of Joo-Wonda

    • 43.6 goldlilys

      Haha me too. While it doesn’t take away from me enjoying the show, if you think logically about it, it’s weird to start skinship with … well yourself.

      It’s fine when Ra-Him was helping Jo-wanda how to put on a bra, but the kissing bit was awkward. Not that I didn’t giggle with its intensity, but yah just thinking about kissing my own face is weird. But they didn’t show that in the acting.

      Besides this point, goodness I love Hyun Bin’s girly tip toe whenever Oska touches him/her. Then dumbstruck that eww it’s his first cousin. Wait ahh no it’s Ra Im’s soul though.

      This is why this drama has so far made me a fan for its “WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT”. Really unpredictable, twisted, kinda creepy and mysterious atmosphere yet still hilarious. Awesome acting for all cast too. Can’t wait for next week.

      • 43.6.1 Banana

        I NEVER THOUGHT OF IT THAT WAY! Kissing my own face WOULD be weird….

    • 43.7 rainyrainy

      I think now each one of them will learn how to love the person ( the soul / the personality ) of the other and not just the physique , at least it will be this for JW who thinks he is simply physically attracted to RI ( didn’t he ask her to hug each other and see if he likes it or not ? )
      so now he is gonna love the personnality of RI .
      RI will also lear that behind that arrogant rich guy , there’s a clostrophobic and insecure man who need someone to care for him
      ok that’s how I think the two will love each other more during the switch .

  44. 44 qui

    totally diggin this!!
    i love the drama..
    i love Ha Ji won and Hyun Bin!!!
    Thanks for the RECAP.

  45. 45 Jewels

    Thanks GF for the recap, watching it with no subs is one thing, but understanding the episode after your recap is wonderful.

  46. 46 snow

    the screencap of hyunbin wearing a bra is priceless! i couldn’t stop laughing throughout reading this recap, and i’m so glad the switch is working like a charm. hyun bin and ha ji won are fantastic, i could watch them all day.

  47. 47 lei

    word of advice. do not eat sour patch while watching ep 6. it’s not fun choking on sour chewy candies when you are laughing and crying at the same time due to the hilarity.

    • 47.1 Lemon

      HAHA that is funny. Yea doesn’t seem fun at all!

    • 47.2 sky

      wow, didn’t think it could happen but i did the exact same thing while watching ep 6 rofl

      • 47.2.1 lei

        lemon and sky, thankfully i was close enough to the kitchen to grab some water 🙂 and i was watching it raw. i could only imagine what would happen if i already had the subs…

        anyway, i’m watching again tonight, this time with subs. i was gonna eat dinner while watching but i thought not to risk it 🙂

  48. 48 Noypi

    This may just be the best drama everrrrrr.. I’m loving it so much!!

  49. 49 goldcinnamon54

    I have not watched this episode yet, but your recap had me trying to hold back my laughter in class. Too funny!

    As for the reason for the switch, maybe Ra-Im is hurting herself too much with her action stunts and that’s why her dad forced them to switch; so she can take it easy. I really hope thats the reason cuz I really can’t take a disease. Unfortunately, drama-wiki classified this as a melodrama, fantasy, romance and the word melodrama does not bode well.

    • 49.1 r

      “maybe Ra-Im is hurting herself too much with her action stunts and that’s why her dad forced them to switch; so she can take it easy.”

      This is my hopeful theory too. I mean, it’s gotta be hard for a father to continually watch his daughter get hurt this way. I think he’s worried that if she doesn’t stop she might end up getting heavier injuries, or even… *gasps* die. I actually winced looking at all those scars.

    • 49.2 Laica

      Maybe he’s worried she’ll die – or he knows that it’s her fate to die in a stunt. Thus all the repeating harping by the boss on how dangerous it is, plus remember the outing to visit the grave of a stuntman who passed away, to reinforce the seriousness of the job? Why include that scene?

      I’m crossing my finger’s it’s something like this and not The Cancer.

      • 49.2.1 kjkfan7

        That is really an insightful observation! Because her dad never said anything about having an illness. Do you think the body switching will help her NOT do a stunt that maybe fatal? Hmmm….

        After watching this episode, I was in turmoil! Remember Lover’s in Paris and that awful ending! I am hoping this drama does not go in that direction or any direction that has “death” in it!! But I am wondering how the love between them will happen?? Yes I am one of those that want happy endings! I just love this drama and am in serious addiction as I re-watch it over and over again until the next episodes!!

  50. 50 Momolito

    Can someone tell me where can i find episode 5 and 6 with english sub? thanks

    • 50.1 JS7

      Ep 5 and Ep6 are out now with eng subs as of 11/29/10.
      Im watching it thru EPdrama since Viiki won’t show it. ^__^

      • 50.1.1 kjkfan7

        I don’t know if you found the episodes but in case you are still looking….dramastyle will eventually have it. I noticed as I was watching that they had duplicate episodes below the korean ones. Those are the ones that are subbed. They are only up to episode 4 but I’m sure they will have 5 and 6 soon? Hope that helps. Otherwise, JB and GF really do an awesome job with their recaps! I don’t know how they do it because sometimes its hard to translate korean to english to have the same meaning. And to do it so fast! They are super women!

    • 50.2 sara

      actually, you can download and watch eps 1–6 with en sub from viikii from here:

    • 50.3 bettina reyes


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