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Tamra the Island: Episode 15
by | November 23, 2010 | 16 Comments

That damn Lady in Red! This woman grates on my nerves so much. I have long been wishing for her to stop smirking so infuriatingly smugly, but it seems I have another hour to wait, as she keeps putting all of our characters through twists and turns. The only good thing about Tamra ending is getting her to stop smirking.


Yan meets with the Lady in Red after witnessing some kind of rock burning process, presenting her with a piece of silver, saying that she failed to separate it from the lead. She smugly smirks and notes that she must take more care over the negligent workers. He asks what her back-up plan is if the silver isn’t ready in time. The East India Company won’t be trading with them anymore.

She thinks that they will, and instructs for William to be let in. William has been shown the contract that Yan threw away, and now believes that Yan was only with him for money. He concludes that he can no longer trust Kyu or Yan.

But Yan protests; it’s the Seo Rin group that he can’t trust. He asks how William came to work for the company, and William throws that question back at him. They refuse to tell each other. Yan finally decides that he will let the East India Company continue business with the Seo Rin group. But William must return to England with him. William will agree only if he helps him bring Beo Jin as well.

Yan scoffs at the fact that he is still obsessed with Beo Jin; as long as Kyu is here, she won’t leave. They then switch to speaking in English, apparently with the sole purpose of making me laugh. There is no trust in their relationship anymore.

As Beo Jin is working, she sees Yan and chases after him. He doesn’t look too happy to see her, but she just offers pleasantries, and asks why he is here. Is he here to take William?

They discuss how William came to be here, and Beo Jin tells Yan William’s story: that Kyu got him killed (where he hell did he get that idea?). Yan sets her straight (thank you! I love you now, Yan), telling her that the King ordered William’s death and Kyu tried to save him. He felt sorry for not being able to do anything.

Beo Jin is pleased to hear this and decides that William must be informed. But first, she tells Yan about seeing the Man in Black, who she recognised because he was trying to kill Kyu. Yan scoffs and leaves.

Back at Beo Jin’s place, Bong Sam arrives to meet Mum on Kyu’s orders, to see if he can do anything to help them out. Sweet boy, that Kyu.

Sweet boy who is marrying an awful lady. Three men storm into the house, saying that Shi Hyun has ordered them out. They start violently overthrowing furniture and throwing items out of rooms.

Shi Hyun arrives on the scene, pleased. There’s no fury like a woman scorned, that’s for sure. Could I hate this woman any more?

(It is interesting, though, the fact that acts like this are all she can do. Kyu will never love, or even like her, and she knows it. She is so ineffective in the ‘man-stealing’ part of the evil other woman, all her effort is going into the ‘make-life-hard-for-the-leading-lady’ part. And funnily enough, this is what makes her so ineffective at the ‘man-stealing’ part.)

Beo Jin arrives home that night to see the massive mess left behind. Mum is somewhat drained, considering the evilness of the elite in Han Yang. Just because they’re poor, does that mean they aren’t human?

Beo Jin obviously feels guilty over her role in creating this mess. She starts to clean up but Mum tells her to leave it, because they’ll be leaving anyway. She fills her in on the orders to leave and Beo Jin is upset by this.

“Should… I… return to Tamra? Tamra is still my home. There are so many things that I left in Tamra. The cave, the hills. Although diving is too hard for me, there is the ocean. How are Dad and Beo Seol? Dad said that if I have a hard time, I can return whenever I want.”

Beo Jin’s tears have been building up throughout this speech and eventually she just sobs loudly in her Mum’s arms. Also witnessing this breakdown is Kyu.

Both the women notice him, and Beo Jin stands up, asking if he came to cause more trouble for them. She tells him to leave and never come again. Beo Jin runs into her room, and Mum repeats her words to get out. They’ll leave tomorrow, so there’s no need to worry about them. Han Yang is a terrible place to live anyway.

As she is about to go inside, Kyu tells her that there is no need to leave. He was the one who asked them to come, so it is his responsibility to find them a place to live. He feels so sorry towards them for letting them go through so much. Mum tells him that they can find their own place; she doesn’t want to owe him anymore. She is grateful, but asks him never to come see them again. My poor Kyu!

The next day he meets with Shi Hyun. Kyu: “I can’t marry you. This is the money for her house. Please stop making trouble for her. Since I’ve told you my intentions, I will leave first.”

So straightforward, I love it. But she protests; news of their marriage has already spread. If it is cancelled in this way, she and her family will be put in shame. He asks whether she wants to spend the rest of her life with a man who doesn’t want her. She should stop now so as not to get more hurt.

Meanwhile, William is thinking about Beo Jin, and about Yan’s words that she won’t leave if Kyu is here. He decides to see the Lady in Red. He tells her that he wants to leave with Beo Jin. She just informs him that one day she will ask for payment. He must keep his promise then.

She tells the Man in Black to let him out every so often, but he reminds her that he is meant to be dead. She is not worried; one day he will bring trouble to Kyu. And she (I think you can guess what I am going to say) smugly smirks.

Bong Sam once again arrives at Beo Jin’s, handing over medicine. Ggeut Boon’s mother gets very excited, thinking that her daughter’s efforts must have paid off and now Kyu loves her! Bong Sam, of course, instead hands the medicine over to Beo Jin’s Mum, saying that it is for Beo Jin (Kyu had heard Mum saying that Beo Jin had a fever the previous night). Kyu is being so sweet lately, I think it could possibly kill me. Mum rejects it.

But Bong Sam laments over the fact that Kyu has cancelled his engagement, and Mum sparks up at this and immediately takes the medicine, running inside.

Kyu arrives home to have a guest waiting for him. Yi Bang! Yes, I’ve missed you! Kyu has too, and he adorably runs up to him to greet him, smiling widely.

They sit down and Yi Bang tells Kyu that something is fishy in Tamra, and the chief of police is planning something: a port. They are building massive structures not necessary for simple cargo ships to and from the mainland. Even worse, the demands are so large that they are forcing the locals into hard labour, putting immense pressure on them.

Yi Bang presents Kyu with a map of the construction and tells him to look at the bottom. The Seo Rin symbol is there. They decide that the thieves of the tax goods must be involved with this project.

The Lady in Red’s dirty hand prints are obviously all over this. But telling Kyu that she wants to build ports for foreign exports then illegally building a port for foreign export in Tamra is like a flashing neon sign saying ‘I AM BAD!’ But then again, she is so smug, that I don’t think she really cares, or puts any stock in Kyu’s suspicions or power.

Back at Seo Rin HQ, the Lady in Red is called to see something in their metal room. It seems they succeeded in making a huge amount of silver objects. I’m not quite sure what they are exactly. Objects with high value but no practical use? If the creation of these is a sub-plot, it is one that has not been well developed. We can safely assume, however, that they succeeded in extracting silver from lead (which Yan doubted earlier this episode), and these are silver items with high value, made from lower value lead, thereby making a hefty profit.

She is very excited about them, for they can now commence trading with the East India Company. Yan is called in and she tells him to bring the company to Tamra. Yan wonders whether the infrastructure can handle their ships, and she smugly informs him that several ships could fit in their port. He needn’t worry about guards, she says, for Tamra practically belongs to Seo Rin group anyway.

Later that night, Beo Jin and William meet at the lake. She remembers how when she lived in Tamra she really hated the ocean, but now she really misses it. William holds her hand and thinks how longing for something is painful. He is scared that one day he will long for her. He is determined not to lose her. In her sadness, it seems she knows that they cannot be together forever.

William walks her home, and as she is about to go in, he pulls her back and kisses her forehead. Unfortunately for him, that doesn’t seem to make her happy. Pulling back, she sees Kyu.

He looks like he has seen a ghost.

Kyu: How could you be alive? … You deceived me knowing that he was alive? You… How could you do this to me? I didn’t even know and I completely broke down in front of you. Seeing me like that, was it fun? The state I was in, that embarrassing state, did you enjoy it?
Beo Jin: It’s not like, Exile!
Kyu: I am no longer the Exile who lived in your storage room.
William: Park Kyu, the fact that you tried to kill me and I am alive, are you angry? I should be dead, but I am actually alive, is that why you are angry?
Beo Jin: It’s not like that William. He didn’t try to kill you. In order to save you, in front of the King he pretended to try and kill you. Isn’t that right, Exile? Right? Say it! Say that it isn’t true!

Kyu just walks away in a mess of emotions. Once out of sight, he all but breaks down.

Beo Jin, meanwhile, gets drunk at home.

Beo Jin: Mum, I am a stupid idiot…I didn’t know my feelings at all. My William is the first person I gave my heart to. My Friend. He came here and faced so many hardships. I said I would protect William. I promised.… Park Kyu. Exile! My heart… Although he hurts me and is mean to me sometimes. Actually, Mum, I… the Exile… I also am a woman with secrets. I… because of me, he was so hurt.

She cries with her head in her Mum’s lap.

The next day, we see the cutest puppy. Ever. Seriously. Look at him! Ack! So cute!

Anyway, this adorable ball of adorableness is picked up by William (it’s standing on its hind legs! So. Cute.) as Yan enters his room. He scoffs at the dog (hey!), but William tells him that he had to look after him because it seemed like he was calling him (okay, William, I almost forgive you for being so awful to Kyu because you care for this puppy).

Yan asks how long he plans on staying here. He is going to work for the East India Company now, and he can help William. William simply shows him his branding mark with the Seo Rin symbol. He thinks that if the people in Yan’s company see it, they will assume he is a spy. Yan warns him to be careful of the Lady in Red; she has no qualms about killing people.

Later that day, Yan shows Kyu the silver item made by the Seo Rin group (with their symbol on it) and Kyu notes that they discovered how to isolate silver from lead. Yan tells him that he is returning to his company to help with the business deal. Kyu asks why Yan is helping him when his investigations could hinder their business deal. He just tells him that there is no assurance Kyu will succeed.

As Yan is about to leave, Kyu stops him and gives him a book of his family history. Turns out Yan is actually Kim Yoon and his family is Korean. Kyu asks why it is necessary to disguise himself as Japanese? Yan deflects, but Kyu then reminds him that by taking part in this business deal he is opening up his home country, Korea, to foreign powers. This seems to have an effect on Yan.

It seems Kyu now has enough puzzle pieces to understand the big picture, and he visits his friend, the Prince. He tells him all of his suspicions, including that of the Seo Rin group using the East India Company’s army to try and take over Tamra. The Prince now understands why they have government officials in their back pocket, and they even tried to bring him into it. He pulls out a valuable stamp/seal (with official power) to aid Kyu’s investigations.

Later, Kyu meets with Yi Bang, and they conclude that all of the government officials who went to Tamra were allies with the Seo Rin group, sent so that the port could easily be built. Kyu decides that they cannot wait any longer, and instructs Yi Bang to return to Tamra, and take all of the divers, including the daughter of the chief diver (Beo Jin), with him. They’ll be taking down the company tonight, so he mustn’t forget her. Oh, angst over separation for a good reason, I love it.

Meanwhile, plans are underway at Seo Rin HQ also, the Man in Black talking with a minion about going to Tamra soon, which is where she is changing the base of the company to. The Man in Black reveals that the Prince gave Kyu his seal, realising that he will try and take down the company. He will finally have the chance to kill Kyu. Beo Jin, having heard all of this, is not all that pleased.

Unfortunately, Queen of Annoying Ggeut Boon loudly calls out Beo Jin’s name at that point, and the Man in Black sees them. They greet him normally, and he doesn’t seem too suspicious.

Ggeut Boon remembers her purpose in finding Beo Jin, which was to grab her to bring back home. Yi Bang is there to take them back to Tamra. Beo Jin doesn’t like this idea and decides that she should go and see the Exile. She convinces Gegut Boon to go first and let her come later, with the promise that once they return, she will support her rise to Dae Sang Goon (head diver). Ggeut Boon permits this happily.

Beo Jin runs out quickly to try and find Kyu, but three men stop her and drag her away. We see her taken into a small room, tied up.

Kyu (smart boy) goes to check on the divers and Yi Bang, to hear that Beo Jin hasn’t yet arrived, and that she said she would go and meet him. Mum and Kyu are both worried, but Kyu takes Mum’s hand and assures her that he will find her and send her safely back. Mum trusts him, and requests for him to come back to Tamra at least once. He promises.

After they leave, he speeds into town to ask if anyone has seen her. There is no sign of her anywhere.

Meanwhile, the Lady in Red is preparing leaflets to be spread all over Han Yang that night. All of their government allies have been informed of their plans. The Man in Black walks in and informs her that the girl is locked up inside their base. She is happy that she finally came in handy.

The Lady in Red and Man in Black go to Beo Jin’s room, and bring along William. She reminds him that he is her slave, revealing his branding mark. His life and death is based on her words. She reminds him that she requested the price of saving his life… Now is the time to pay up.

He vows to do anything to save Beo Jin’s life. But she scoffs; what could a foreigner do for them? Clearly, there is something, as the two are taken out of the room, heads covered. Yan witnesses this.

That night, the take down is finally underway as the royal guards take down the front gate of Seo Rin HQ. As they are walking in, Kyu wishes to himself for Beo Jin to be safe, and instructs the guards to enter and arrest everyone without exception.

As they all gather, Beo Jin is nowhere to be seen, and Kyu wonders if she has escaped. They have, however, arrested the Lady in Red, who has been all too calm throughout this process. She smugly smirks at Kyu.

The next day, the Lady in Red’s leaflet is creating quite a stir. It reads, according to one man in the town, “if the foreigner returns alive, the Prince So Hyun will become King. If Prince So Hyun becomes King, the Park family will prosper.” They wonder where the foreigner is and what Park family it is referring to.

While the Lady in Red is locked up (Still. Smugly. Smirking), Kyu presents his case to the King, listing all of her offenses. The King is furious, ordering for the head of the group and all of its followers to be decapitated.

But just then, the Prime Minister arrives with something to show his Majesty. In walks William.

He accuses Kyu of plotting treason for the Prince to rise to the throne and of course Kyu denies all of this furiously.

William is ordered to speak and he confirms all that the Prime Minister has said. Kyu wonders if this means something happened to Beo Jin.

The final piece of evidence is brought in: the Prince’s Seal. This about proves it to the King and he is livid.



Wow, so now the question is, how can this all be resolved in one hour? I don’t know, but I am betting I will be holding my breath the entire way through episode sixteen. Of course, a happy ending (at least for most of our characters) is a given, but as to how on earth we will get there, I have no idea.

I adored Kyu this episode. Of course, I have always adored him, but something about him taking action, being so decisive and final with his engagement, as well as being so sweet to Beo Jin made me renew my love for him. And now the poor boy is accused of treason. Obviously it says something about his character that when the King is seething at his alleged crimes, all he thinks of is that something must have happened to Beo Jin. He absolutely deserves his happy ending and a happy life with Beo Jin.

It seems I don’t have much longer to wait for the Lady in Red to be rid of her smug smirk. Even when her head is in a block of wood, she smiles. Hopefully something will happen next episode for her to finally realise that she is no longer the giant controlling all of the humans in her little dollhouse.


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  1. xiaoSxin

    This is the penultimate episode!! Thank you so much for recapping this series nattacatta!! Sharing and spreading the love for Park Kyu is such a wonderful thing.

    Of course, this episode just breaks my heart for the 100 and nth time for Park Kyu. No words can really describe my adoration for Park Kyu. And Im Joo Hwan’s performance as the noble but arrogant aristocrat will be the one to beat in my heart of hearts. (quote from GF in her review of MNIKSS)

  2. delaney

    Now I really want to watch the DC version. So bad.

  3. ah_in_fan

    thank you for your recaps!

    tempts me to buy a copy! *gives in*

  4. abc

    Hmm, I’m really feeling the cut in these last episodes

  5. swui

    I am not sure about Korea. But generally, gold and silver are very important in trading during the olden days especially between 2 different countries. The are considered the “international currency”. Silver is less in value compared to gold of course.

    The silver object are actually called “yuanbao” (chinese). A yuanbao is a small metal ingot that was used in ancient China as money. The most common shape of a yuanbao is boatshaped, elliptic, oval, with a circular or oval little bump in the middle (used in the drama). Being made out of silver or gold, the value was determined by weight in taels, which is a weight measurement, part of the Chinese system of weights and currency.

    Of course, even as I clarify the use of yuanbao as currency…I thought it was mainly used in China. So I was surprised to see it used in the drama. Then again, if the East India traded with china in those currency, I guess they would trade with Joseon in the same currency…

    Just curious though, I thought Gold and Silver were widely used in ancient times everywhere (maybe cause I saw too many chinese period dramas) …so if it wasn’t used in Joseon, what did they used as currency to trade then? Barter system? With goods?

    • 5.1 blurnutcase

      I’m not very sure about the period, but in SKK, they seem to be using coins. I guess the silver is kinda like “international currency” as it can be melted down and remolded.

  6. goldenflower

    Thank you, I still adore this series as well! Waiting for the last one! Good job!

  7. karen

    awwwww. i want that puppy

  8. Jenn

    Great job once again! Thank you so much for your hard work. 🙂

  9. kerik

    Haha Ggeut Boon the Queen of annoying. But man, I love her! And Bong-sam too. The scene when he describes Park Kyu’s greatness to the two guards in Tamra is among my favorite scenes. They’re hella funny. I know I’m weird, hee…

  10. 10 bourbon

    Hey Nattacatta!

    Just wanted to compliment you for the great job you’ve been doing. I’ve always liked Tamra, so it was slightly disappointing when the recaps stopped abruptly. Its really brave of you to recap a show that’s already finished airing, but you still give it fresh touch, and i look forward to the recaps!

    Best of luck, for the final episode 🙂

  11. 11 hermes173

    It’s a little sad that the recaps for Tamra are coming to an end.

    I’ve enjoyed them very much. Also thought that it was good that that it had the opportunity to be exposed to many people who had missed it when it first came out (moi for example – I gave up after the first 5 minutes; the faux English scene really gave me the shudders.)

    • 11.1 Moko

      me too, I had stomachache and felt like vomitting.
      But it when you get past those few minutes….gyaaaa ^_^

  12. 12 Bluefyre

    I’m in the middle of watching this episode and I just had a thought…

    William looks like Anakin Skywalker now in the time when he was turning evil. LOL! Especially in the maroon/brown/black robes he was wearing in that one scene. It just tickled me XD

    That’s all. Just wanted somewhere to share. Sad it’s ending..but I’m glad there’s a 21 ep version to fall back on. Thanks for the hard work you do recapping!

  13. 13 Moko

    Although it’s all cut down and feels kinda fast and messy it’s still awesome. There are not many serieses who would be able to pull that off. But I would still like to watch the Director’s Cut….Or maybe they just got rid of many side chracter scenes and just took the good ones? …ahhh I don’t know what to do…21 hours are long…

  14. 14 jomo

    I watched the 16 ep version first, and hurried back to do a rewatch when I found the 21 on viki.

    I cannot impress on you how much better the 21 version is.
    It makes soooooo much more sense. It is a travesty that it was cut down in the first place. Totally understand why they were willing to re-release with all scenes intact.

    For example, in THIS version of this episode, Park Kyu shows up at BJ’s house and witnesses her breakdown, and Mom disses him saying how they are commoners and unworthy, etc.
    He leaves.

    However, in the uncut version, after BJ goes to her room, Mom comes out, finds PK, and allows him – almost forces him – to stay the night with her sick daughter. He tenderly watched over her, applying the obiligatory head cloth, showing how much he loved her. While he leaves before she wakes up, she does find out he did this for her later. THIS IS A HUGE HUGE DIFFERENCE! Of course he eventually chooses him. He is wonderful.

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