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2010 Beanie Awards: Vote for your favorite dramas of the year
by | December 9, 2010 | 682 Comments

It’s December, and you know what that means around these parts: Time to reflect on the past year and see how the dramas stacked up! And boy, were there a lot of them.

As in previous years, I am planning a multi-part series (with special guest bloggers, natch!) to wrap up the year, which we’re busily writing up now — keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks! If you want a refresher on how previous years have gone, here’s this handy tag to take you right to them.

But before we tell you what we thought about the dramas of 2010, this is YOUR turn to weigh in and vote for your favorite shows, couples, bromances — and, yes, your big disappointments — in what we’re calling the Beanie Awards. They’re in your hands; give ’em out with care!



Starting off with the big one, vote for your favorite drama of the year, whether that means your pick for an artistic “best” or simply an emotional favorite. The voting list is by no means a comprehensive collection of all the dramas that aired in 2010; it would be too overwhelming to include them all. So we narrowed the list to twenty of the likeliest candidates, and since we realize it may be tough to just pick one, you can select up to three dramas.



Which drama made you laugh, whether with insane antics, witty banter, or a heartwarming sense of humor?



Some of these are more traditional in their format (such as Dong Yi), while others have fusion elements (like the trendy-romantic vibe in Sungkyunkwan Scandal), and others were downright genre pieces set in the past (sci-fi and paranormal-oriented Joseon X-Files). But they were all set anywhere from a hundred to a thousand years in the past and cloaked in colorful period costumes.



This is a bit of a mishmash of a category, I know. Still, I wanted to separate out these dramas from the rest of the trendy or sageuk crowd.



Alas, I can’t offer you much insight on this category, being that I am not quite so avid a follower of this genre as I am the others. However, family series make up a huge part of the airtime on Korean television, so it deserves its voting category.



Ah, romance. The lifeblood of the Korean drama, particularly the trendy variety. Which pairing tickled your fancy the most? Which couple got your inner fangirl squealing in delight? Which OTP did you root for through all the requisite angst that ran interference during those cursed episodes in the middle when you really just wanted them to kiss already?



Speaking of kisses… We know that a kiss in K-dramaland isnt ever just a kiss. It’s often so much more — it’s a decision, an epiphany, a game-changer. Which kiss made you squee the loudest? (Or snort in laughter, as the case may be.)



If kisses are declarations, surely the piggyback ride, seen in practically every kdrama since the beginning of kdrama time, also makes a statement. Such as, “I want to take care of you.” Or maybe it’s more like “I don’t want to take care of you but I care too much to NOT take care of you,” or even “I don’t WANT to care but I can’t help it so I’ll take care of you anyway.” Most loaded means of transportation EVER.



The charisma and/or appeal of a character is an elusive quality that can make or break a drama: sometimes lovable characters can sustain entire dramas with their charm even when, let’s face it, the rest of the stuff ain’t so good. But when a character gets under your skin and makes you fall in love with them, there’s a certain magic that comes into play. Who did that for you this year?



Friendship is rarely the focus of a drama, but the presence of a good friend — or several — can elevate a drama and warm your heart. They exult with our heroes when there’s cause for celebration, console them with liquor and sympathy when they’re down, and hold back their hair when they’re really down.



Villains can be bratty interlopers, crazed madmen (or women), or evil masterminds. All we know is: They spice up dramas and are lots of fun to hate. Who needs boring ol’ Fate to complicate your life when you’ve got enemies like these?



Boys. Sometimes fighting. Sometimes frolicking. Need I say more?



If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent many a drama feeling that dread in the pit of your stomach when you realize, Crap, I picked the wrong team. It becomes painfully obvious that the couple you’re rooting for is never gonna make it, often leaving one party out of the loop and broken-hearted. Who was your favorite couple who was Not Meant To Be?



Breakout doesn’t necessarily mean newcomer, although the two often go hand in hand. The actors in this category may have had other credits to their names, but it was in these selections that they shined, made their presence known, and springboarded to what will likely be greater fame. (Note: Some actors had big roles this year, but have been around or were previously well-known, and therefore were left off the list.)



“Overrated” applies to dramas that had mainstream popularity, but perhaps didn’t deserve the level of attention they got. By the same token, “underrated” applies to dramas that didn’t get as much love, but which you thought deserved more attention.




Don’t you hate it when a drama is doing so well, and carries so much promise, only to fall flat in the final stretch? Even if 95% of a show is solid, a bad final 5% can really cause a drama to plummet in your affections. Sadly, this happens way too frequently.



Likewise, it’s a bummer when a drama boasts a fantastic cast or your favorite star… and then fails to use his/her talents. Not only do you feel cheated, but you feel sorry for the actor who got suckered into a role that sorely underutilizes them.



There was a fair number of male stars rockin’ the curly hair this year, for better or for worse. I KNOW WHO I’M VOTING FOR.



With the rise of the “beast-men” trend, we saw a lot more abs, often glistening with sweat (thanks, Chuno), and a LOT more examples of facial hair, from minor scruff to the dreaded pornstache to full-on beards. Who rocked it best?



As we know, idols are advancing into television dramas with greater frequency these days, to a point where you can hardly throw a stone without hitting a chiseled idol ab. The phenomenon is usually met with some skepticism by viewers who are wary of untrained, inexperienced actors getting leading (or prominent supporting) roles, even as the idols are used to draw in more viewers. Some are bad, sure, but some are surprisingly solid. How did they do in your eyes?


682 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. alittlepaperstory

    Awesome!! I voted on almost all the categories!

    • 1.1 paper

      Why almost all? πŸ™

      Hands up if you voted for SG :p

      • 1.1.1 Chris

        Present! Secret Garden all the way! πŸ™‚

        • Informantxgirl

          Yup, for most, except the kiss. Coffee House did it for me, though the one included in the poll isn’t the one that made me weak in the knees – it was still hot, but the second one at the train station – I think I squee-d so hard, my ears bled. Or at the very least, I had to pause and do a little dance of joy. Not. Even. Joking. Hottest kdrama kiss ever, in my opinion. Too bad the drama was so underrated.

          Fun poll! πŸ˜€

          • glacierkn

            Coffee House’s kisses blew all others far far away!

          • pohonphee

            yes that kiss in the station from Coffee House

          • Christy

            If there was a kdrama heaven of kisses, THIS kiss would be its god. Seriously.
            I repeated it over and over and i swooned every time i saw Kang Ji-HwanΒ΄s tip of tongue at the end of the kiss πŸ™‚

          • ruthie

            yup thats what i thought too…coffee house’s kissing scenes are awesome! it blew all the kissing scene under the best kiss category!

          • Gloria

            Same for me! πŸ™‚ <3 That kiss was so hot, and you could really feel the chemistry between the couple.

            and I agree, the drama was enjoyable and very underrated :/

            I'm surprised that so many people put Taecyeon for the worst use. In fact, he was probably my favorite character in Cinderella's Sister (when the drama started getting infuriating -_-), and he did a pretty good job making his character lovable in an almost childlike/innocent way. I'm questioning that bit of the poll .. .__.

            Anyway, I enjoyed voting! Though Kdramas have disappointed me a little these past few years, at least this year had a few that I really grew to love. (SKKS, SG, Gumiho) πŸ˜€ <3 Thanks for the poll, javabeans.

          • ShaLaiLai

            I totally agree that Coffee House’s kisses were more passionate compared to any other kiss I’ve seen so far from these dramas. Kudos to the directors…finally…a REAL kiss!

          • Radhika

            i dont agreee with this comment.
            For me the one tht made me weak in the knees — was the one listed there — @ the telephone booth with beer exploding!!

            I LOVED COFFFEEE HOUSE <3 — definitely the most underrated dramas of all times!!

        • pahboohchak

          totally with you. SECRET GARDEN ALLLLLLL THE WAAAY! Joo-Wanda!! <3

          • Emeldy

            LOL… I know i voted SG and Yoo Ha In in every nomination.

            I did enjoy CS when it was airing. I loved it. I definitely don’t think it was overrated.

          • Wildflower

            Ra-Him!! XD

      • 1.1.2 smiles

        Massive giant fan of Secret Garden – made me a freaking crazy Hyun Bin fan girl and it just fantastic, the writing the acting, everything. But its not finished!!! So i’m really struggling so i’m torn whlist voting between that and GUMIHO Girlfriend….STRESSSS!!!!!!

      • 1.1.3 alittlepaperstory

        It was simply because I didn’t watch any of a certain category (like Family dramas). So I didn’t vote in that category.

      • 1.1.4 dramalover2012

        Secret Garden FTW! I voted all that i could with SG in it…except the overrated ones..and the other negative ones….:P

      • 1.1.5 febrina

        I VOTE FOR SUNG GI…………………………………~!

    • 1.2 lilymon

      dont vote almost all, vote all!!!

      seriously, sungkuyunkwan scandal, secret garden and mary stayed out all night rocked the world!

    • 1.3 DRAMAADDICT4ever

      Top 3 fav. dramas
      1.My girdfriend is a Gumiho(the best of all 3)
      2.Secret Garden
      3.Sungkyuwan Scandal

      Favorite family Drama:
      Wish upon a start (the kids were so darn cute!!)

      Favorite couple:
      Hoi-Hoi! couple all the way!!!

      Best Kiss:
      Hot steamy “Coffee House” kiss on train

      Favorite character:
      Gu-Miho-could she have been any more cuter!!

      Breaktrough Performance:
      Yoo Ah-in from SkkS( Seriously he was the main reason I liked the drama so much.)

      Most underrated Drama
      COFEE HOUSE!!!(I know alot of people think PP is the most underrated drama but personally I got frustrated with the lead girl in the beginnig episodes so I did not finish it).

      Best Vilain:
      is is not even listed since to me best villain
      is Jo Pil yeon from Giant, what a smart bad ass villain!!!

      Again this is just my personal best I don’t intend to offend anyone (^^).

      • 1.3.1 jose

        for me the biggest stars of this year (and i must write ,this 2010 was or is 1 of the best i ever seen,great variety of dramas and of many genres i never forget this 2010,to me at least was the year with the more dramas i watched ,a gem) and i watched they were also the stars of most fans because they had more votes ,were: my girlfriend is a gumiho ,sungkyunkwan scandal and secret garden ,but i also liked coffee house ,it was even close in my favorites as the first of my 3 and because of it ,i choose coffee house as the most underrated (specially in ratings),i also choosed pasta,runaway and joseon x files ;favorite comedy ?too bad only 1 option because i had in my top gumiho,secret garden and coffee house,and i choose gumiho ;historical ?i loved sungkyunkwan but dong yi was of more episodes and my love for hyo joo make me choose dong yi,action? runaway,an ambitious project in the asian continent i were impresed,romantic pairing ? many but i choose gumiho !!! shin min ah and the guy from brilliant legacy,kiss ? gumiho too,piggyback ?of the options i only watched sungkyunkwan and i choosed it,character ?gumiho ,too(i think i was obssesed),the next was i am legend,villian ?the 1 in gumiho was as truly evil as the 1 i choosed from sungkyunkwan ,bromance was for me the 1 in sungkyunkwan ,alternate pairing the 1 in coffee house,stache ? sungkyunkwan and idol star use ?coffee house and i am can’t wait for see the critics and opinion of this blog about them even if in some they don’t agree with me

        • jose

          the 1 in gumiho was as truly evil as the 1 i choosed from sungkyunkwan : bad writing ,i meant the 1 in gumiho wasn’t as evil as the one in sungkyunkwan so i choosed sungkyunkwan (and she wasn’t powerful against a gumiho and the one of sungkyunkwan had much power or more i think)

      • 1.3.2 js

        i voted exactly the same as u!! haaha.. I agree most underrated Drama is COFEE HOUSE and i love hoi hoi couple the most

      • 1.3.3 topthree

        we had the same top three choices! :DD

  2. JiHwan

    It was fun voting! Great selection of dramas under each category. I can’t wait to see the year end reviews. Hip hip hurray for 2010 dramas!

    • 2.1 ilikehim

      Actually, the ONLY drama i was really into in 2010 was Secret Garden.
      I actually followed the soompi thread and look up spoilers..
      The last time i was so obsessed over a drama was You’re Beautiful.
      I guess the best drama always come last, at the end of the year?

      • 2.1.1 nancy

        yup your right but many also agree with me that Prosecutor Princess is really underrated, guys who didn’t wtach it yet, go while ur waiting for secret garden, cuz it’s an awesome and fun drama!!

        • fmv

          Agree that Prosecutor Princess was underrated.

          • Sukispop

            +1. Prosecutor Princess is possibly the most underrated drama of 2010. One of the best dramas for me in 2010.

          • DRAMAADDICT4ever

            I do agree this drama was underated, but honestly I think the most underated drama has to be coffee house.
            I believe, it even had lover ratings than PP but it was so enjoyable and I loved the ending!!!
            that was a drama that had peope divided up to the last episode ,although for some people(me included) it was clear EY and JS were the main couple there were others that wanted SY and JS together. I got to say that I rooted for the ending couple from start and did not like some rude comments against Park Si Yeon(how canyou say she is ugly?), but o well
            everyone is entitle to his/her own opinion I guess.
            Anyways, I cannot believe 2010 is almost ending!!!
            come on 2011!! we are waiting for you with open arms.

        • chel~

          and another thing, how come the piggyback scene of Ma Hye Ri and In woo is not nominated in that category,.. that was so sweet,.. i’m disappointed,..T_T

        • pahboohchak

          same here. I mean, Park Shi Hoo was sooo HOT!! hahahaha! I just had to say it. =)

      • 2.1.2 kjkfan7

        Me too! Loved YB and this year it’s SG!! Great minds think alike. Haha
        JB, love your “beanie awards “!! πŸ™‚

      • 2.1.3 chel~

        me too,.. I agree… the story of prosecutor princess is great,.. unfortunately, it didn’t get enough popularity,..

  3. Krickitat

    Ah yes! so fun

    Ahhh but we need to add “best/worst Wrist rape scene”.

    • 3.1 Ruq

      LOVE this =D

    • 3.2 estel

      YES! It’s just as ubiquitous as the piggy back, if not so emotionally complicated.

      • 3.2.1 Krickitat

        ahhh no you underestimate a good wrist rape scene.

        If she gunna get on that plane?
        Is she gunna continue to do this behavior that is obviously keeping you apart/pissing you off/embarrassing?
        Is it time for a messy steamy kissy scene?
        Are you just gunna let her walk away?

        Wrist grabbing (Aka wrist rape) can lead to: kissing, piggybacks, fighting, arguing, hot looks, and emotional moments.

        Lets not forget man on man wrist rape, a truly rare gem. We need more of this.

        • ni

          yup, Oska wrist-raping Ssun was pretty hilarious and somewhat hot o_O

          • Krickitat

            Now you jusy have to define whether its Rape -wrist grab you DO NOT want
            Raep- Wrist grab you didnt know you wanted.

    • 3.3 Revy

      Ooh yea definitely this.

    • 3.4 Ayn


    • 3.5 x0mi07

      true!XD jb and gf! best/worst wrist rape scene!XD

  4. kaedejun

    wow – the results are not heavily favored for sungkyunkwan scandal at all. nuh-uh. πŸ˜› hehehe


    although – maaaan – what happened with the best kiss? PP’s Kim So Yeon and Park Shi Hoo kiss has got to get up there!!! (lol – i’m so not biased at all…)

    • 4.1 flygirl

      I agree. I was so bum that their kiss wasn’t listed. LOL.

      • 4.1.1 Sukispop

        I also agree. I thought that the “game over” kiss in Personal Taste was hot…that is, until the second kiss in Prosecutor Princess(“I love you. You bastard.”). That was off the charts HOT.

        • hpn88

          I am in complete agreement with this entire thread. the kisses in PP were perfect.

          • ceejae37

            im with you there…was looking for prosecutor princess…sad that it was not on the list

          • fmv

            Agree that Prosecutor Princess was the best.

        • chel~

          very well said sukispop,.. I totally agree,.. there are very few nominations for PP,.. so sad,..

        • Anonymous

          I agree too! The perfect kiss, by far!

        • haruko

          Yeah. I incinerated.

    • 4.2 kit

      <33333 PP, must agree with you times a million

      AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR RECAPS. That's what made me go back and watch the whole thing in three days last week. So amazing omg. They're in my top 10 couples. Maybe in top 5. +_+

      • 4.2.1 Sukispop

        After watching Dr. Champ(KSY) and then starting Queen of Reversals(PSH), I had to go back and watch PP. I was quickly and easily reminded of why Prosecutor Princess is one of my 3 top favorite dramas of 2010. What a great drama…and very possibly the best written drama I’ve ever watched.

    • 4.3 dramacafe

      Agree! Plus their cute piggy-back ride!

      And yes same as kaedejeun — I’m so not biased at all *winks*

    • 4.4 missjb

      OMG! ME TOO! Kissing scene in PP made me hyperlanting, squealed, jumping like an idiot…. coz I didn’t expect it was coming!!!!!!!

      God….. Prosecutor Princess symptoms in me rise again, lol

      and PSH – KSY is my most favourite couple this year… Although There aren’t many skinship between them, but there is something make me smile like an idiot everytime I watch their scene…. Their bickering is really fun to watch…!

    • 4.5 mary

      AGREE!!! (to everyone on PP)

      Seriously, “I love you, you bastard” doesn’t get a finalist spot???

      And their piggyback was also cute… something about PSH making the road longer so he can piggyback KSH for a longer time. Hmph.

      But then again, if it’s one of the most underrated dramas, it probably won’t get alot of votes even if you put in in the choices, right? πŸ™

      Watch PROSECUTOR PRINCESS, people.

    • 4.6 adney

      I wonder too about So Yeon and Shi Hoo’s kiss and piggyback moments ;p

    • 4.7 x0mi07

      that one! BEST. KISS. SCENE. EVER!

      • 4.7.1 Jackie

        Yeah. ONE OF THE BEST.KISS.SCENE. is Procecutor Princess and Personal Taste. Actually I loved many drama kiss scene like Gumiho is my Girlfriend, the farewell kiss scene in the court. 2010 is full of good rom-com dramas.

    • 4.8 SAYA

      I am really upset prosecuter princess’s kiss wasnt listed. It was the best kiss in the kdrama history for me.

      • 4.8.1 Chung

        I love Prosecutor Princess but watching it again the kiss seem kinda ackward…but the kiss in Personal Taste is HOOOOT! But I’ll watch it again maybe I am wrong:)

        • dramafever

          I agree with this comment. Park Shi Hoo in Prosecutor Princess was so into the kiss but Seo Heon expression is ackward and uncomfortable. Verses in Personal Taste the both of them were into the kiss and it’s HOT!!!

          • CIntanegrikekasih

            I Thought best kiss scene is not in epi 13, but the one in the earlier episode. Not because this kiss is HOTTEST, but the way In WOo make a sudden plan and the process doing it make me hyperlanting, squealed like crazy. Park Si Hoo is so manly there lol

            It’s not the best KISS scene, but best kiss SCENE for me.

          • CIntanegrikekasih

            oppsss sorry…. it’s like a spoiler

          • Jacky

            That “Game Over” kiss was HOT indeed!

    • 4.9 Linda

      so true! the first kiss in PP was so HOT HOT HOT!!! especially when he smiles cheekily before ‘going in for the kill’!

  5. lupe

    happy that i can post how i feel!!!!!

  6. mickeymouse

    sungkyunkwan scandal and gumiho…i can’t decide between this too. i love both dramas equally; FULL OF CRACK.

    woong-ah and micky..i’m torn!

    • 6.1 carshii

      OMG… i knoww!!! i was pretty much in favor of skkscandal through out (almost all categories skk scandal owned for me!) at first i was undecided but the jalgeum quartet is just hard to resist!!!

      favorite dramas 2010 (in order)
      1) Skk scandal (topped JUST because of j4)
      2) my gf is a gumiho (was my first choice until i watched skk scandal)
      3) secret garden (loving it so far..)

      dissapointing dramas 2010 (for me only..)
      1)Mary stayed out all night (i got bored… they have such an amazing talented cast.. )
      2)cinderella’s sister (the pilot was AMAZING.. )
      3) Playful kiss (only watched because of hyun joong.. likable characters.. but boring)

      • 6.1.1 halls

        “Playful kiss (only watched because of hyun joong.. likable characters.. but boring)” instead of the foolish Jung So Min. Hung Joong’s acting was much better than JSM, a newbiz, doesn’t know how to act.

    • 6.2 DRAMAADDICT4ever

      Hoi! Hoi! couple
      Oh I miss them so so much!!!

      • 6.2.1 Anonymous

        i was all SKKS in every vote!!! ;DD but ithought it was underrated ='[

      • 6.2.2 Rina

        I do too, miss their cuteness! *finger guns*

      • 6.2.3 Nikki

        Aww, Hoi Hoi…Those two little words make my heart smile!!! MGIAG FOREVER! I sobbed so much I had to pause it watching the finale. MGIAG rocked from beginning to end. SKKS gave us a cheap ending.

  7. yukii

    Isn’t Sungkyunkwan Scandal also a comedy?
    There are many LOL scenes in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.
    I’m wondering why it’s not included in the “Favorite Comedic Drama.”

    Thank you for the poll. I voted in all categories, except for the Family one. It was fun!

    • 7.1 DRAMAADDICT4ever

      We need to give other dramas a chance to win. Besides SKKS is dominating most polls.
      Hurray! for 2010 for giving us such enjoyable dramas, I hope 2011 gives us even better ones, you better top MGIAG, Secret Garden,and SKKS!!! please make my drama addicted brain happy!!

      • 7.1.1 nikky_p_28

        Not in koreandrama.org though
        SKKS is way…..way….. off which is indeed strange to me and there’s no SG there too!

        The best kiss scene i usht admit was the coffee house train scene that was the BEST KISS I’ve seen in Kdrama land. It was soooooo hot hahahaha. Although best kiss scene made me think of SKKS elevator kiss too – that was another one, I felt mickey was disrobing min young there LOL so that for me is the second one. The Gaht/Hat made an imprint on my mind, will never look the same to me anymore. That was an OH! MY! GAHT! LOL

        • DRAMAADDICT4ever

          I went onto koreandrama.org to vote but for some reason I got angry when I saw playfull Kiss and Mary Stayed out last night on the lead for best drama of the year? I felt even worse when I saw MGIAG and SKKS way behind.
          Lol!! silly me for a moment I forgot that these polls are for pure entertainment and not everyone is going to like what I like. I guess at the end of the day we just have to be gratefull that we were able to watch so many enjoyable dramas that made us laugh,smile,giggle,cry and even angry, and hope that 2011 brings us even better dramas to enjoy.

          • drama judge

            I felt so disappointed that playful kiss is going to lead in the drama award. The drama failed in the viewer rate. How can it be leading on the drama award. The drama gave the viewers real bad tastes. How can the most popular idol, KHJ, showing constantly kissing, hugging, and bed scenes with a new girl who doesn’t know how to act. Playful Kiss was not considered viewers at all. Most viewers were teenagers who love KHJ. They do not know what is important in their lives. They just follow what their idol stars do. Showing those too many erotic scenes to the teenagers create them to follow the same ways what their idol stars do. That causes more teenagers problems such as teenager pregnancy. As a adult, we need to protect the immature teenagers to become matures to grow to be strong adults. Playful Kiss was a bad example to teenagers. Thus, I do not support PK at all.

  8. yankoala4

    yay! 2010 has a lot of great drama to watch.. i anticipate this award =)) and the review =D

  9. Ruq

    The most difficult decision ever was the “Favorite Character” category. There are a TON of characters I LOVED even if the dramas they were in felt kinda meh.

    • 9.1 Kat

      YES ME TOO! I’ve got so tied in between Kim Joo Won & Goo Yong Ha! πŸ˜€

      • 9.1.1 anais

        Nan Goo Yonghada~!!

        OMG totally miss miss miss miss him!!!

    • 9.2 anansi

      Definitely the hardest! But Mi-ho nailed it for me, she’s just so adorable. Her finger-guns-with-a-wink killed me! lol

      I just love my Woongah and Mi-Ho!

    • 9.3 anastassia


      I have mistakenly vote for Yong Ha. I didn’t notice Mi Ho. For me, Mi Ho is the most greatest and adorable character I have come across. She is just natural and great character played by an excellent actress.

  10. 10 moonyyy

    I love that Moon Jae Shin/Yoo Ah In and MGIAG are dominating this poll!

  11. 11 anna

    aww that was fun!! i love the comments esp. the ‘stache one hahha

  12. 12 estel

    Man, in the favorite kiss category, I wish I could vote for most of them, all for different reasons. Same for favorite trendy.

  13. 13 coconutjuice

    That was seriously such a hard poll. There were TOO many awesome nominees in each category! Couldn’t decide :C

  14. 14 xiaoSxin

    This is going to be fun!!!! Thank you!!! Let the battle begin!

  15. 15 nazz

    2010 is the most watch drama i have ever watch for entire life. So many good, promising drama produce this year. Some with good start but sucks with the ending. Some with good casting, but somehow lack of story.

    overall it’s the most enjoy year for drama lovers ..
    Wishing for many more for 2011 …

    JB and GF .. good job for keeping and updating us with lots of entertaint info on kdrama .. love both of u .. so do the other writers/recapers … ^^

    • 15.1 gala

      i’m the opposite. 2010 has been my rewatch-an-old-drama year! there were good selections but i seem to lose interest oh-so quickly. in fact i only depended on dramabeans review on Coffee House, Wish Upon a Star, Prosecutor Princess, etc. without this blog site, it wouldnt feel like i watched half of the list. ha! [thanks to javabeans&co.]

      btw, just to put it on the record: most underrated: Joseon Xfiles; most disappointing ending: it has got to be Runaway for me!

      • 15.1.1 Anvesha

        I thought I was the only one doing that.. this year I was very depended on the blogs for a few dramas, then I end up not watching it, PK and SKKS were the ones but I have plans to watch SKKS for Yoon Ah In, Song Jung gi and and of course Yoochun (dbsk <3) Thanks to everyone in Dramabeans ^^

        I enjoyed Coffee House, I really did and I will agree the kisses were out of this world. but.. but.. I still can't like the ending lol I guess I liked cliches way too much to have the bubbly girl (who I love to criticize) not get the man. It was funny, I only skipped the last episode.

        MGIAG was the best for me.. If SG does as awesome all the way through, then there will be competition.

        • Jackie

          Add me to the list. I always. always. always depend on JB and GF comments and review, ratings in this Blog. I cant live without Dramabeans, honestly. This is site the part of my worldwide web life. Love itt!!!

  16. 16 Asha

    SKKS FTW! Yoo AH In FTW! It was fun voting!

    P.S. I was looking for The The Woman who still wants to marry on the TOP THREE favorite dramas of 2010? (Pick up to 3.) , how come it’s not included? nways, Dramabeans Daebak!

  17. 17 rishe

    yay! i voted! excited for the results.. πŸ™‚

  18. 18 myweithisway

    this voting is pure torture, how do I choose???

  19. 19 all4movies

    Aww, it’s already bringing back fond memories (not that there were that many) and the year’s not even over.

    Should we break out the champagne and sing Auld Lang Syne next?

  20. 20 keyt

    That was fast; I thought I’d be first to post. And then the second I typed my comment, it already is flooding. Oh, the famy of Dramabeans.

    Kudos, JB! and GF! This is one amazing poll. I am rooting for all good votes for SKKS. γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ And I think, so far, so good. YAI’s Guloh sure got a lot of attention, as well as his bromance with SJK’s Yeorim – it’ll have a landslide win. LOL Plus, JaeShin and YoonHee’s alternate pairing draws votes, too. Maybe because SunJoon and I should be the fated ones. Haha

    In my country, I am screaming “Grabe!” [sorta like that of OMG] on the initial results of votes, esp those categories SKKS is included. Gotta come back later for more updates. This is reigniting my SKKS Addiction….

    • 20.1 keyt

      * I meant “fame”. Sorry.

    • 20.2 hbfrack

      ei keyt, i’m glad we have two things in common, one that i am also rooting so much for SKKS and that i am screaming “grabe!” too while reading the post πŸ™‚

      • 20.2.1 hbfrack

        btw, thanks JB and girlfriday for this!! a nice wrap for the year πŸ™‚

    • 20.3 Jackie

      Super ” Grabe ” This voting poll is really a torture to me. Hayysss!!! Im rooting for many dramas that I cant choose because I only choose 1 for most of the questions. But its really FUN. FUN. FUN. Thanks JB and GF! Kudos for both of you for keeping this Dramabeans land for us whose addicted to Korean Dramas.

  21. 21 Dory

    Thanks that was fun.
    Sungkyunkwan Scandal FTW!

  22. 22 Autumn

    “RUNAWAY PLAN B: Vicarious running! My workout is complete.”- lol. if only it was this easy…

    man, that was fun.

  23. 23 birdscout

    Oh! So excited to vote!!! The polls have a new name this year? The Beanie Awards! I like it! Thanks so much javabeans and girlfriday for another fabulous dramabeans.com year of kdrama deconstruction. I literally visit this site multiple times everyday (even on my vacations!)

  24. 24 gominam

    yeah, taht was fun voting in all the categories..thanks a lot..

  25. 25 Ani

    YAAAAAAY! Beanies UNITE! ASA! X)

  26. 26 gingeranna

    It’s not fair if sungkyunkwan scandal wins all! Not fair I say!

    • 26.1 minah

      Ahh! I agree. Sungkyunkwan scandal’s raping the award categories. πŸ™

      What about the other dramas!! Some are a bit more deserving of the awards loll

    • 26.2 DRAMAADDICT4ever

      I completely agree with you! SKKS was a good drama and I did enjoy it alot but the ending although it was cute I did not like it. Personally the best drama of the year has to be between MGIAG and Secret Garden.
      MGIAG made me giggle like a little girl and who knew it was going to make me cry buckets of tears at the end?from star to finish this drama made me feel satisfy. I still remenber after finishing the drama I kept going back to rewatch the last episode over and over again, and reading peoples post as if trying to fulfill and emptyness that it left me, something that I never did before.
      Secret Garden is making me feel the same way, and although we are only half way, I love it so much!!!
      and even if it gives me angs, please! let me have my happy ending just like in MGIAG!!!
      Ps….this is just my personal opinion I don’t intent to offend anyone.

    • 26.3 adney

      haha, since that drama was recently ended, it left the most memories for voters. I remembered last year when many people voted for YAB even though other dramas are quiet enjoyable too!

    • 26.4 ...

      How will it be unfair? I’m confused.

    • 26.5 John

      I think the SKKS voting is skewed the way that it is because SKKS finished recently and there was some very pretty eye candy in that drama so people’s judgments in the voting…is a bit off.

      • 26.5.1 DRAMAADDICT4ever

        Funny you mention about SKKS finishing recently,because I remember when I watched Wish up on a star I was so excited about it that I said it was the best drama for me at the time ,then came coffe house and love it so much that though I liked it best, but omg! here came GuMiho with all her cuteness that I did not think anything could top it off. But here comes Secret Garden with all its sexiness and I am torn!!!
        In another note some people are complaining about SG being on the posts,since is not finish yet but I think is good because if it is included on next year, at the end of the year the feeling definetly will not be the same regardless of how it ends because people do tend to vote the most for recent dramas.

  27. 27 dreamgirl...

    I think the Favorite character category should be split in two: male and female characters, it’s too hard to pick just one!

    • 27.1 pinkblush

      I agree!

    • 27.2 Anonymous


      would love to vote for Shin Mina’s Gumiho


      Yoo Ah In’s Moon Jae Shin aka Guhro

      • 27.2.1 im_eve

        haha we have the same vote…though i’m also considering ji woon hehe he was such a pain in the ass it’s amusing!

        • im_eve

          oops make that ji-woo

          ahh but in d end, min-ah/miho won me over

    • 27.3 meve

      yah yah yah!!!
      so torn, so diverse characters this year..w/c is soo refreshing!

    • 27.4 Anonymous

      i was conflicted between moon jae shin and goo yong ha! i want yong ha to win~ but jae shin is fine! hahaha

  28. 28 htly6f

    love these vote category!

  29. 29 Infiniti512

    Best Kiss should be Tae Ra and Nam Gil in Bad Guy. An adult, real kiss with passion.

    Best Drama should be DongYi. Ji Jin Hee and Bae Soo Bin?! No other reason needed.

    Best Villian, definitely the chick form gumiho. Her nose was scary enough for me. Bad surgeon!

    Sad to say but this year left me feeling bored. There isnt one on that list I’d pick as an absolute fav and so many this year I skipped over or didnt finish. But at least there were gems like Dongyi and Bad Guy.

    I hope for better next year! (Poseidon)

    • 29.1 anais

      Best Kiss should be Tae Ra and Nam Gil in Bad Guy. An adult, real kiss with passion.

      That’s right!! I forgot but that was… um… sizzle…

    • 29.2 Will work for soju

      Thanks @Infiniti512 for bringing this up. Definitely one of my favorite kisses in any drama, k- or otherwise.

      The whole scene in the elevator was so masterfully directed and edited. I love the part where the close-up of the kiss is reflected in the side of the door.

      Whenever I think I like my job, I remind myself of Oh Yeon-soo and what she gets paid to do. The woman is my hero!

    • 29.3 Alex

      Really why no Dong Yi is the top category

  30. 30 woah

    why is dr champ not in top best dramas of 2010? ):

    • 30.1 pipit

      Perhaps JB could explain that.

      But to me there’s nothing really special (we’ve seen it before/we know how it’ll end) about Dr. Champ that could make it stands out against so many other good/interesting dramas this year.

      But it does have a strange pull in the first few episodes, unfortunately it becomes a bore as it progresses.

  31. 31 gi24na

    oowww it was so much fun..^^
    i voted all d categories..2 thumbs up for Secret Garden
    biggest wasted talent??
    d worst use of an idol star??
    guess who???????????

  32. 32 pinkblush

    I sooo love the descriptions for “best perm.” That was really fun!

    • 32.1 a-a-a

      ahahahah that one’s my fav ” for better or for worse”

  33. 33 Maria

    I voted for everything with Moon Jae Shin in it. Including “Most Disappointing Ending”…cause he didn’t get the girl. I can’t really decided on a drama but for me, the best thing about 2010 was Guhro!

    • 33.1 Ladymoonstone143

      I hear you……..and I do agree with you…lol

    • 33.2 max

      OH YES!

  34. 34 loveirina1

    I love piggyback ride in Prosecutor princess most. Coz it is not put in the list, i leave it blank πŸ™‚

    • 34.1 kit

      i adored that scene. her trying to drag herself in his shoes. and all the references back to the earlier stages of the drama in the last ep was mad cute. her trying to piggy back him included wheee.

    • 34.2 adney

      yeah, my most fav piggyback too. Other piggyback made me’ ok, boring’ but that piggyback is so sweet because the reason of her shoes and she didn’t want to make him barefoot

  35. 35 KJ

    gosh, i love reading this post!! and voting is gonna be so tough :))

  36. 36 dulcedeleche

    voted for all of them. but seriously…for the favorite character i was so ready to vote for Seo In-woo (prosecutor princess)…i felt so cheated. Did he really not make the list?

    • 36.1 yjkim_ok

      OMG me too! I was disappointed to see PP in only like two categories.

      • 36.1.1 chel~

        yeah, same here,.. i was expecting it in the best kiss, best piggyback and best couple categories,.. so disappointed,..

    • 36.2 kit

      (i should stop responding to just the PP comments but …) ohman, i know right. in woo made my heart wrench basically every episode after 10. all heart breaking, wailing, squealing, !!!! moments were due to him. and his relationship with ma hyeri. ah, i need to go find someone that looks just as hot as him in a suit, shirt unbuttoned … and those sunglasseeeeees.

    • 36.3 CIntanegrikekasih

      Haha.. yes…. SEO IN WOO is one my most fav character this year (beside Ma Hye Ri). It so refreshing a male lead not act cold, mean, to the fmale lead character in the beginning.

      ANd the Important part is, He has got to an award for his stalking behavior LOL

      He make stalking thing into a new level, HAHA

      • 36.3.1 wii6

        We need more Seo Inwoos in the world. Maybe not as one of a stalker but definitely one with the smile, the wit, the brains, and the heart. Park Shi Hoo totally owned this character! He rocked every episode, nailing the character of Seo Inwoo perfectly

      • 36.3.2 adney

        haha, he’s the best stalker in kdrama, it’s usually second male lead’s role but this time, it’s our main hero, that’s why I love it~

        • Rina

          I can imagine a category, “Best Stalking Skills” or “Best Stalker”.

          • lolo

            PSH and KSY better get awards for their performances in PP. πŸ™‚

      • 36.3.3 haruko

        YES!!!I would’ve voted for him in the character section…I had to stop watching during the semester because his smile was wreaking my ability to concentrate for midterms….or to think in general πŸ˜€

  37. 37 babyemma

    i was only gonna be on this site for five minutes cause im supposed to be studying for my ap euro test tomorrow.. but i saw this so i thought ‘i’ll just rush through the votes & study’ but i found myself reading each category & choices thoroughly.. & now im commenting on it, too. what have you done to me dramabeans ?-______-

  38. 38 Kisa

    more categories i want to keep on voting….

  39. 39 jean

    I am mostly voting for the dramas I watched this year.. lolx..
    but MGIAG and SKKS is really on the lead.. and also Secret Graden.. :p
    I am happy since two of my fav drama is leading.. yay!

  40. 40 Soo Ae

    OMG! This must be the MOST fun drama awards ever with the cutest name to boot! I was laughing all the way while clicking my votes and viewing the results!

    I love the categories and the nominees! Voting for Yoo Ah In all the way!

  41. 41 endodo4ever

    Disappointing Endings: “Bad Guy: No, really. WHAT. THE. FUCK.”

    But but but I loved that ending!

    JUST KIDDING. It was horrible and in my book, it’s probably one of the worst endings written in K-drama history. EVER! Grrrr…..

    • 41.1 Pat

      And the second lead went from that to MSOAN and ANOTHER
      plot mess in the same year Poor Guy!

  42. 42 yuoi

    MGIG! MGIG! Miho and Dae Woong! Hoi-hoi!!!

    I said everything I wanted ^^

    • 42.1 DRAMAADDICT4ever

      “MGIG! MGIG! Miho and Dae Woong! Hoi-hoi!!!

      I said everything I wanted ^^”

      agree 100%!!!!

  43. 43 Revy

    There should be a ”Best Boyfriend Category”. Judo guy i am looking at you for this.

    • 43.1 CIntanegrikekasih

      Seo In woo has got to be in that categories too.. (Best Boyfriend Category)… Kim seo Yeon, Lucky you…. …

      • 43.1.1 Revy

        Oooh yea how could i forget Seo In Woo. He made the perfect stalker BF

        • cintanegrikekasih

          ahh Ji Heon and Seo In WOo… My favourite male lead character in romantic genre this year….

  44. 44 ahinfan

    i thought you would put MGY in Cinderella’s Sister instead of Mary Me Marry in the BIGGEST WASTE OF TALENT category!

    i had fun voting.

    the ‘stache category was XD!

    thank you JB and GF!


    • 44.1 WW

      I was really wondering why MGY was under “Marry Me Mary” for that category too, lol πŸ™‚
      But I thought about it, and her acting was SO impressive in CS that she became one of the main reasons I was looking forward to MMM.

  45. 45 Roziah

    I voted all the categories and very happy to find out that SKKS voted out others in many categories. Go SKKS Go!!!!

  46. 46 lovepark

    It’s sad that you guys couldn’t add all the dramas, I’m joking, but I guess my tastes are just too not “mainstream”. Jejoongwon was my fave this year. Go Park Yong-woo!
    Thanks for the polls. I still voted among the dramas listed (I watch way too many for my own good).

    • 46.1 kerik

      Hey lovepark, me love Jejoongwon too! Heartfelt, moving, everything:-) I was introduced to awesomeness that is Park Yong Woo, and surprised by how good Han Hye Jin is (I didn’t feel her in Jumong). Watched it after Thundie’s recommendation and grateful that I did.

      • 46.1.1 lovepark

        Glad to see another person in love with Jejoongwon. I read Thundie’s reviews, too, which are amazing. Jejoongwon is underrated, but I get how some people aren’t enthralled with it. I still think it’s a wonderful gem of a drama especially with a splendid performance by Park Yong-woo.
        If anyone is looking for a drama to watch or thinks this year was completely awful, watch Jejoongwon. It’s not the fasted-paced drama, but it has heart and the lovable underdog.

    • 46.2 bashful


      I voted for Jejongwoon too as one of my top 3 favorite dramas this year. Not only were the actors superb, I found the storytelling of how modern medicine came to Korea well done too. I also loved the life lessons it portrayed.

      Cheers to Jejongwon!

    • 46.3 Dana

      I loved Jejongwoon too! One of my all time faves, great cast.

  47. 47 Buster

    Gloria is missing πŸ™

    • 47.1 ungumuda

      i second it!

      • 47.1.1 Anonymous

        i agree gloria is underrated!

  48. 48 sm1leitsamy

    haha i love your comments jb.

    gumiho was super cute in the beginning, but i think the second half was too much heavy angst for me…

    this poll made me remember how much i LOVE sungkyunkwan scandal… ahh but i totally wish they’d redo the ending…!!

    guh-ro…. <3

  49. 49 kdlover

    Prosecutor princess had the best kiss for me also but its not listed!!

    • 49.1 haruko

      agree πŸ™‚

  50. 50 Birdie

    I wonder why Giant or any actors from it did not make it into any category. There were some awesome characters and acting from that drama.

    • 50.1 cc

      Yeah, I so agree with you!
      So sad to see Giant only nominated in 1 category…
      I was going to vote for Jo Pil Yeon for Best Villian! But his name wasn’t there. πŸ™

      Also agree with other people about the best kiss! Which was in Prosecutor Princess…also not in the list.

      • 50.1.1 DRAMAADDICT4ever

        Man, Jo Pil Yeon has to be the Best Villan! of 2010, he can teach a thing or two to those included in that. He was the man!!!!

      • 50.1.2 DRAMAADDICT4ever

        Man, Jo Pil Yeon has to be the Best Villan! of 2010, he can teach a thing or two to those included in that poll. He was the man!!!!

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