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2010 KBS Drama Awards
by | December 31, 2010 | 290 Comments

KBS just may have the longest winners list at the end-of-the-year award ceremony, but they do have the most programming. Not surprisingly, some of the big winners were expected names, like Baker King Kim Tak-gu, Cinderella’s Sister, and Chuno.

The Grand Prize of the night went to Jang Hyuk, who beat out Choi Su-jong’s president (of the nation), Jeon Gwang-ryul’s president (of a baking company), Kim Gab-soo’s president (of a makgulli factory), Lee Mi-sook’s scheming wife, and Moon Geun-young’s damaged daughter characters.

Red-carpet-wise, KBS’s event was much more interesting than MBC’s lackluster event the night before, and perhaps a step up from the slightly better SBS awards, although there was a curious abundance of white. Everyone wearing it looked great, but I had to wonder whether, if you put ’em all together, they’d look like models at a bridal convention.


Daesang: Jang Hyuk (Chuno)
Top Excellence, Actor: Kim Gab-soo (Cinderella’s Sister)
Top Excellence, Actress: Jeon In-hwa (Baker King Kim Tak-gu), Moon Geun-young
      (Cinderella’s Sister)

Excellence Awards:
Miniseries, Actor: Yoon Shi-yoon (Baker King Kim Tak-gu)
Miniseries, Actress: Eugene (Baker King Kim Tak-gu)
Drama Series, Actor: Oh Ji-ho (Chuno)
Drama Series, Actress: Park Min-young (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
Special Production Drama, Actor: Kim Su-ro (God of Study)
Special Production Drama, Actress: Han Eun-jung (Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child)
Serial Drama, Actor: Lee Jong-hyuk (Marry Me)
Serial Drama, Actress: Kim Ji-young (Marry Me)

Supporting Actor: Sung Dong-il (Chuno)
Supporting Actress: Lee Bo-hee (Three Brothers)
Newcomer Award, Actor: Park Yoo-chun (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
Newcomer Award, Actress: Oh Ji-eun (Three Brothers), Lee Shi-young
      (Birth of the Rich)
Writer Award: Kang Eun-kyung (Baker King Kim Tak-gu)
Actor, Youth: Oh Jae-mu (Baker King Kim Tak-gu)
Actress, Youth: Kim Yoo-jung, Seo Shin-ae (Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child)
One-Act Special, Actor: Sohn Hyun-joo (Texas Hit), Lee Seon-kyun
      (Our Slightly Risque Relationship)
One-Act Special, Actress: Jung Yumi (The Great Gye Choon-bin)

Popularity Award: Song Joong-ki (Sungkyunkwan Scandal), Moon Geun-young
      (Cinderella’s Sister)
Netizens’ Award: Park Yoo-chun (Sungkyunkwan Scandal), Park Min-young
      (Sungkyunkwan Scandal), Jang Geun-seok (Mary Stayed Out All Night)
Best Couple: Jang Hyuk & Lee Da-hae (Chuno), Jang Geun-seok & Moon
(Mary Stayed Out All Night), Yoon Shi-yoon & Lee Young-ah
      (Baker King Kim Tak-gu), Song Joong-ki & Yoo Ah-in (Sungkyunkwan
), Park Yoo-chun & Park Min-young (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)


The hosts of the event were perennial cutie Song Joong-ki (Sungkyunkwan Scandal), veteran Choi Su-jong (President), and a very tall Lee Da-hae (Chuno) in between. (She IS wearing platforms.)

Aw, what a trouper. Lee Da-hae came to the ceremony even though her body is being ravaged by a flesh-eating disease. (Neck up, gorgeous. Neck down, well, still attractive, just also being attacked by monster algae.)

Jang Hyuk was the big winner of the night, and I’d say he deserved it for Chuno, which was the role of his career. And he finally cuts off his mane of glory! Not gonna lie, I’ll miss his hair, although he’s always been good-looking clean-cut as well. But… that bowtie? And the holes punched out of his lapel like something out of an office-supply catalogue meant to hold up your keys? It’s like he went straight from lion on the prowl to mama’s boy at the nerd prom. (Omg, how great would a nerd prom be? I mean that completely sincerely and without sarcasm. I think I’d have a lot more fun at one of those than I did at my own.)

Jang Hyuk came as part of the Slouchy Bad Posture Trio, otherwise known as himself, Oh Ji-eun (Three Brothers), and Sung Dong-il (Chuno). To play on the bride theme, Oh would be the fashionista bride who’d rather have something edgy and new than something traditional and expected. Even if that means slashing her sleeves and shredding her skirt.

Kim Gab-soo wins Top Excellence, yay! When you’re as well-known and prolific as Kim, sometimes people start taking you for granted, but it’s lovely to see him get some props. And of all the bazillion dramas he acted in this year, the one he wins for (Cinderella’s Sister) would also be my pick. So consistently warm, vulnerable, and sincere, even when the plot was caving down around him.

This little guy, Kim Dong-hyun, has also gotten around this year, and played Kim Gab-soo’s son in Cinderella’s Sister before going on to be little Nuri in I Am Legend and one of the young boys of Sungkyunkwan Scandal. He’ll next be seen in the new weekend drama Believe in Love. Seven years old and four major drama series to his name? Oy, I feel unaccomplished.


I love how Moon Geun-young looks here — classic, simple, and pretty. I’m sorry that Mary Stayed Out All Night tanked, but it still netted her a couple award — although really, if you give out five “best couple” awards, it’s kind of a cop-out, no? Plus, she picked up an acting nod for Cinderella’s Sister, where she was amazing, as well as a popularity award. Three out of four ain’t bad. (She was also up for an acting award for Mary.)

If she were at the aforementioned imaginary bridal convention, I’d have to say she’d be the classy no-frills bride — everything would be elegant, but simple.


*Tear* There were times when I didn’t think this day would ever come — Jang Geun-seok, looking impeccable at an awards show? I need a moment to soak this in.

This almost makes me sad to think the days of showing up to events dressed up like a crazy hobo, or a glam-rock groupie, or Severus Snape, or a cheery neighborhood ajumma are over. Well, it was fun (and absurd) while it lasted!

Micky Yoochun, or Park Yoo-chun, can bask in his success transitioning between idol star and actor (a rarity, since idols are most often dogged with criticism), as he pulls in a newcomer acting award for Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I actually think he looks better in the old-timey Joseon garb, though that could just be because I found his socially inept nerd character endearing. But I do think it’s the bangs. (Not a fan.)

It’s pictures like this — fresh! flirty! — that initially had me furrowing my brow when Park Min-young was announced as the cross-dressing lead of Sungkyunkwan Scandal. ‘Cause, ain’t no way a bunch of smartie scholars would look at her and think, “Yeah, that’s a boy.” And they’re the future leaders of the nation? But with some (okay, a ton of) suspension of disbelief, she managed to pull it off, and now returns to looking pretty and womanly. If I’d just spent months dressed as a man, I’d wear gowns like this every day.


I’ll give you a moment to ogle. Okay, done yet? *scrolls back up* No?

I don’t know how Yoo Ah-in (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) can pull off looking fierce and hot wearing a shiny gold bowtie, but he does it. And then also pulls off adorable, winning for best couple with his best bud Song Joong-ki, although I think it’s a shame he didn’t win for New Actor. (I actually liked Yoochun and his character, but he wasn’t better than Yoo Ah-in in that drama, no way. I would say I was willing to fight for this stance, but I have a feeling nobody would fight against it.)


Gah, Lee Shi-young would have me in a perpetual fit of envy, if only I didn’t like her so much. With her talent, I’m surprised she didn’t break into the industry earlier. She had a few dramas this year but it was Birth of the Rich that got her a newcomer award here.

I love everything about her look, even that blunt blob which, face it, not everyone can pull off. (It’s the type of cut you ask for at the salon, and when you’re done, your face falls because now you look like a 12-year-old medieval pageboy whose voice hasn’t dropped yet, while somehow Lee Shi-young gets to be luminous and regal. The world isn’t fair.)

And now it’s Baker King Kim Tak-gu time! The drama was KBS’s biggest hit of the year and netted a number of awards, including one for Yoon Shi-yoon in the title role. He arrived with his co-star Lee Young-ah, who is just the cutest wee little pixie thing. Yes, many of those words are redundant, and yet, I feel they are all needed to convey her adorability. Even though that ring/cutout at the hip reminds me of (the inverse of) those T-shirt rings that were all the rage in elementary school. Don’t judge, ’cause I know you all had ’em. In multiple colors. Decorated in glitter and puffy paint.

I’m ambivalent about Eugene‘s look. On one hand, she is always gorgeous, and her hair is effortlessly loose and she’s confident and cheery. The black gown, though? Eh. The cut of the neckline is something you’d find on your standard business-casual tank top, although it does have an interesting sheer back. Don’t love, but don’t hate.

Is Joo-won still in character as Tak-gu’s bitter rival, with that scowl on his face? The look seems off to me — jacket too long? pants too skinny? — but on the other hand it makes him look like a cute little boy. Out of a Dickens novel. Who’d have to be the hero’s rich enemy, since Dickens didn’t have any wealthy young protagonists, making him… just like Ma-jun to the David Copperfieldian (or Pip-ish?) Tak-gu. Wait, is this all some massive meta statement?

Baker King parents Jeon Gwang-ryul and Jeon In-hwa, the latter of whom schemed and manipulated her way into an acting award.

Twelve-year-old Oh Jae-mu played young Tak-gu, and for that he won a youth acting award. I will overlook the clunky brown shoes with the black suit since he’s a young kid who has never acted before Tak-gu, meaning I doubt he has a wardrobe full of shiny gala wear. Give him time, though.

My first thought upon seeing Jeon Mi-sun (Baker King Kim Tak-gu) was, “Oh, so that’s the name of the lady I see in all those dramas.” My second thought was, “…dressed up like a bar madam in the old, old West whose saloon really doubles for a brothel. A clean, high-class, fancy brothel.” At some point, are we not too old to wear bowties on our biceps? Wait, were we ever young enough for that?

Another show that got its share of props was Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child, whose three leading ladies all got acting nods. Here is Han Eun-jung, looking statuesque and elegant even with a gigantic bow sprouting from her butt.

Both Han’s young co-stars were awarded for their performances: Kim Yoo-jung in (yet more) white, and Seo Shin-ae going traditional in a hanbok. I love that her shoes are peeking out from the dress, and also that they are traditional-style yet high-heeled.

Lee Min-ho! He was dressed more formally last night at the MBC awards, where he was accepting an award for Personal Taste. But here, he’s cuttin’ loose and I love that he came wearing a T-shirt under the jacket… although I do dearly wish he weren’t so enamored of his skinny pants.

Lee Jong-hyuk and Kim Ji-young both took home awards for Enjoy Life. My goodness, her capelet is enormous.

I read somewhere recently that black pantyhose is considered passรฉ. How can black hose be passรฉ? That said, I sadly think Lee In-hye (Comrades) looks a little passรฉ. But beautiful and happy and cute! Just… a little overdone with the cuff and black nails and multiple rings and bracelets and platform leather stripper heels. I think that dress could’ve been awesome without the belt, jewelry, or hose, though.

Oh Ji-ho got an acting award for Chuno? Are pigs flying? And there’s something very… weird… going on with his pants that makes me a bit uncomfortable. (I’M NOT A PERV, THE LINES, THEY POINT THERE.)

Lee Seon-kyun, who won an award for his one-act Drama Special episode Our Slightly Risque Relationship, is looking better (hair-wise) than he did the night before, but my lord is that an ill-fitting suit. I have seen my share of ill-fitting suits, but this one may just take the cake. Did he run out of fresh ensembles after yesterday’s awards and have to borrow Dad’s? And then lose twenty pounds overnight? Sag, sag, sag.

Kim So-eun (Fine Windy Day) would be the casual-Hawaiian-getaway bride, to continue our convention scenario. She’s already got the wavy loose hair and the glowing tan; now all she needs is some hot groom arm candy.

Lee Pil-mo! *Drools over the hair.* Wait, I didn’t mean drooling ON the hair, I meant because of it… Uh, there’s no fixing this one, is there? Here the Kim Su-ro actor poses with his Sol Pharmacy brother Sohn Hyun-joo, the latter of whom won for his Drama Special episode.

Park Eun-bin (Queen Seon-deok). Super-cute look on a cute girl, but I think the torso’s too short. I get the floofy bubble-skirt effect it’s going for, but instead it looks more like bubble-hips-and-butt.

Is it me, or is this dress proportioned all funny? Kim Sung-eun (Enjoy Life) looks lovely, but that dress either needs to be way longer, or way shorter. It’s like the designer couldn’t decide whether to make it into a mermaid gown or a ball gown, and in the end didn’t do any deciding after all. Maybe s/he got frustrated when pageant Barbie was told by her newly bankrupt oil-tycoon Daddy that he couldn’t afford to buy her a new pageant gown AND a bridal dress and forced her to choose, and after a brutal round of Sophie’s Choice, she poutingly made one work double-duty.

Kim Ha-eun (Chuno, Runaway Plan B): Aw, is this what all the young coven ladies are wearing to the witch debutante ball now? How sweet.


And that’s it! Now we bid adieu to the old year. Onward, new year!

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  1. maez

    Finally the KBS awards.

    • 1.1 maez

      Soong Joong-ki is flawless…ALWAYS FLAWLESS.

      • 1.1.1 Ani

        I do not disagree one bit. Not. At. All. Now, let’s resuming drooling over Song Joong-ki and Yoo Ah-in.

        • kimy

          Yoo Ah-In is so HOT and Song Jong-Ki is so CUTE. So disappointed that Yoo Ah-In didn’t win the award for New Actor. His acting was great in Sungkyunkwan Scandal…

          • momosa

            Its puzzling why he is in the New Actor category. As I know he’s been around for years. Supporting Actor sounds more like it. Positively, maybe this is their way of lining them up for contender of Best Actor in near future! Yeah! YAI! YAI!

          • Ms Guccibabie

            Yeah, he acted his cute little butt off. You wanted to just shaked PMY for not noticing his feeling. Anyway how hottt is he in that pic. Rawr!! It’s like you look @ his face *swoon*, then look @ his bowtie lean your head to the side, then look @ his face again *double swoon plus drool* look @ his tie again and say “f*** it!” and jump him! Hahaha!

    • 1.2 RoastedSweetPotatoes

      Happy New Year to All!

      Could anyone be so kind to translate…I just want an idea of what Song Joong Ki said during his emotional acceptance speech? Thanks.

      • 1.2.1 RoastedSweetPotatoes

        Song Joong Ki looked stunning in his white tuxedo when he accepted the Male Popularity Award…He was in tears so I really want to know what he was saying.

        • luna.tic

          he was thinking of his blind grandmother who was watching at home. he asked her to turn the volume up to hear that her grandson has won an award.

          • anais

            It was so unexpected and so touching. Especially the way he phrased everything. I couldn’t help but tear up and watch the bit over and over again.

      • 1.2.2 Algebraic

        Found it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhS7H3YY4fI&feature=player_embedded The first comment translated his speech.

        • anais

          I’m going to translate almost literally because I just love his phrasing:

          “…Especially, my (maternal) grandmother is on my mind a lot… My m. grandmother, because her eyes are unwell, she can’t see (before her). So, while she’s lived her whole life not seeing this grandson’s face even… To grandmother who’s probably watching from home right now, Grandmother, you can hear my voice well, can’t you? Please raise the volume a little more and watch your grandson receiving an award. I love you very much, and it’d be good if you could stay healthy. I thank you sincerely… (he then switches to thanking the general public for their love of SKKS)”

          I really love the affectionate bond conveyed in the formality of his speech. It may seem ironic to those unaccustomed to honorific speech, but his formality makes so much more obvious how dear his grandmother is to him, so much more so than informal speech does.

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            thanks, anais, for kindly translating Song Joong Ki’s teary speech… ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Rika

            He’s so sweet. I watched his speech with your translation in mind and it made me cry a little.

  2. hanjiyoon

    Yes! Can’t wait to lay my eyes on this.

  3. Aqua

    Wow, all so beautifully dressed (well… most.) I wish MMM won more awards but the script was horribly written so maybe thats why… but still thanks for the update as usual!!

  4. supah

    Uh, Comrades? I thought it’d be a nice pull and tug between ratings monster Tak-gu and genuine quality: Comrades — with maybe a wee but of Chuno.
    But this… is really, really disappointing.

    But congrats to Sung Dong-il in Chuno, he was so awesome there, ditto Jang Hyuk.

    And Seo Shin-ae! J’adore! Have yet to watch Gumiho: Fox Child but I’ll get there one day.

    • 4.1 boondoggle

      “…And Seo Shin-ae! Jโ€™adore! Have yet to watch Gumiho: Fox Child but Iโ€™ll get there one day.”

      Do yourself a favor and “get there!” All three ladies are brilliant in that one, but it is certainly little Shin Ae who provides the greatest amount of adhesive to keep the drama together. A great overall performance by the entire cast and the third award in the child actress category for Seo for whom the prize was initiated as a special honor (along with male recipient Park Ji Bin [Yi San]) due to age-defying her performance as an eight year old in 2007’s MBC drama ‘Thank You.’

    • 4.2 beggar1015

      I, also, can’t believe Comrades didn’t get anything. The acting alone should have been recognized, IMO.

  5. kaigou

    They actually gave a couple award to Song Joong-ki & Yoo Ah-in? Clearly, the subtext on the wall was pretty obvious to more than just us fangirls.

    (Also, the commentary on the gowns is just priceless: “Aw, is this what all the young coven ladies are wearing to the witch debutante ball now? How sweet.” You crack me up!)

    • 5.1 Jomo

      I was smiling broadly and snickering at all the comments but almost lost my coffee on the coven one!

      Nice job,JB !

      What a bunch of hotties in this list.

  6. Atsirk

    Ok. Oh Ji-ho’s outfit=yeah. That was a bit weird.
    JGS looks so handsome.
    And where the f**k is Chun Jung-myung?!

    • 6.1 maria

      THIS! i need some chun jung myung dressed in a tux… or not dressed at ALL!!

      also oh ji ho was.. just… i concede. you’re right. all the lines point THUR.

      AND NYAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA who else did EXACTLY what JB was saying when looking at the Yoo Ah In pictures?? LOOOOL!!!!!!!

    • 6.2 SteamyBun

      I know!! I’ve been waiting for KBS’s awards just to see CJM. Where oh where could he be…. ?
      And I was kinda hoping Moon Geun Young would get the Daesang. It’s all fair since she’s received it previously and Jang Hyuk is also deserving… but still… hers in CS will always be one of my favorite performances ever! And Taecyeon should have gotten best newcomer or something.
      He he. I guess we know MY pick for show of the year!

  7. jfc

    love that last pic of JGS! Happy New Year!

  8. a

    The hot guys!
    The clothes
    But most importantly Jalgeum Quartet and JYJ!!! They were AWESOME live <3<3
    YAI really rocked the wacky tie
    I thought SJK looked like Lee Min Ho tonight <3 hair was Gujunpyoish

    • 8.1 a

      I forgot to talk about HOW HOT L.M.H looks
      I forgive him for wearing highwater pants!!!!

  9. mommy

    am I 2nd??? that’s a good way to start this year ๐Ÿ™‚
    love Moon Geun-young here, classic & elegant: LESS IS MORE!!
    happy new year everybody!

  10. 10 Ruby

    wow, everyone looks stunning! i love kim so eun’s look, she decided to go a little more au naturel this year, which is lovely.

    song joongki always steals my heart, and how cute does yoo ah in look on stage with his BFF ๐Ÿ™‚

    some may not agree (or deem it predictable, seeing that it garnered a 50% rating towards its end) but i’m very happy that Baker Kim Tak Gu won for best drama ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. 11 Omega

    I love Lee Da-hae.
    Wow… Micky 3 awards, he deserved it. He worked hard for it, he was film SK Scandal and also preparing for JYJ tour.
    Keep up the good work and want to see more of Lee Da Hae’s drama

    • 11.1 sharreb

      totali agree. happy for him. love kbs among all 3 awards. saw alot of my fav actor n actress.

  12. 12 poohbear

    Mi Sun: “Tak Gu-ah!!”

    Congrats to everyone!!

    MGY looks lovely. But where’s babyfaced Chun Myung Hoon? Shouldn’t he be holding Moon?!! Arg!

    • 12.1 hapacalgirl

      He’s probably shooting his movie during this time and since he wasn’t really nominated for much probably didn’t see a reason to attend.

  13. 13 poohbear

    And I agreed…Yoo Ah In should’ve won the New Actor award…..

    • 13.1 Soo Ae

      Yes i totally agree with you and Javabeans! YAI should have won that award!

  14. 14 Myuul

    GeunGeun couple had powers.

  15. 15 cherry

    Congrats to the SKKS cast!!! โ™ฅ ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. 16 rayray

    soo happy to see that my (quite inappropriate )crush Kim Gab-soo has been recognized!! squeeee!

    The actors/actresses are dressed so much nicer here for the kbs awards compared to the others!

    hahaha I do love this post,not only do I get my Kim Gab-soo, but Song Joong-ki, Yoo Ah-in and JGS! It indeed is a great start to a new year :B

    • 16.1 snow

      i’m happy for kim gab soo as well! he was great in cinderella’s sister, really enjoyed his performance there.

      and congrats to jang hyuk for winning the daesang!

      • 16.1.1 rayray

        indeed ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 16.2 a-a-a

      OMG rayray, I was soooo excited about Kim Gab-soo as well! * High Five *
      The man has the sexiest eyes ever… love him! And he totally deserved his award.

      Also, I am sorely disappointed that JGS looked so dashing! This is so boring! He is my favorite part of the awards, because as JB described, hahahah, his attires are the most entertaining. And JB’s commentaries on them are my favorite! oh pooshhhh.. well maybe next year he will appear in a panda suit lol!? ๐Ÿ˜€

      In any case, JB was still able to make me die of laughter with the following:
      “… Itโ€™s the type of cut you ask for at the salon, and when youโ€™re done, your face falls because now you look like a 12-year-old medieval pageboy whose voice hasnโ€™t dropped yet…” hahhahahahaha EPIC!

      Thanks JB, for making me laugh so much on the first day of the year! I absolutely heart you, especially when you are sarcastic and snarky ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for all the hardwork!

      • 16.2.1 rayray

        hahaha he does have the sexiest eyes!!! kekekeke *high fives back*

        oh boy I sure was hoping JGS would bring forth his inner crazy fashoinista! the severus snape look is always in fashion kekeke

  17. 17 ais

    I seriously laughed about your comment regarding JGS… I was shocked as well seeing him dressed so formally last night. JGS owns me heart and soul, he can put on any outfit and I never cringe because he can pull it off, my only wish was for him to dress a bit formally on awards show, and yes… the time finally came ๐Ÿ™‚

    KBS has the best end-of-year awards show. Congrats to all winners!

    • 17.1 Twinklefan

      I think he’s all dressed up to match MGY..wink wink.

      • 17.1.1 momosan

        I was actually thinking the same thing – that MGY’s stylist snagged JSG and made him up nice – good because he DOES clean up pretty. And they looked adorbs together.

        And sniff…the mane of glory….alas.

        • NYAH

          It’s like how Maeri changed Mu-Gyul’s music styl. MGY changed JGS fashion style. XD

      • 17.1.2 geun2love

        i agree..

  18. 18 theasianstalker

    Love the fact that Yoo Ah in and Song Joong ki won a couple award.

    • 18.1 come2noona

      Ditto! Too cute!

      • 18.1.1 indigowine


        for those who’d like to see the Best Couple award moment! They’re official now!! *tears*

        • kaigou

          Is there any chance of someone recapping this segment? Because I’d really love to know what’s being said, especially among the quartet!

        • danna

          you can see how awkward YAI was (he’s so dorky cute!!) when it was anounced…Park Min Young couldnt stop laughing…..Joong Ki on the other hand was having a blast and was like I’m Gu Yong Ha…the guy just loves to have fun with his roles

        • aPam

          OMG LOL!!!!!!! bahahahahaa Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In were so surprised..

        • w

          Thank u for the link!!!!

  19. 19 myweithisway

    Bromance of all time!

    • 19.1 myweithisway

      Also, totally envy Moon Geun Young’s and Lee Shi Young’s dresses…so pretty!

  20. 20 fyEK

    i automatically squeal at best couple: Song Joong-ki & Yoo Ah-in ..lol~.. the oddest and best best couple.. i was never one to support bromance beforer but who can ever say no to them? XD

  21. 21 mochoo

    I wish I can have Lee Da Hae slim body and her skin complexion, smooth and glowing. But I know if I got that, automatically people will hate me, they will check every inch of my body.

    Most of the ladies that night are so beautiful, how they managed to look so beautiful with minimal make-up.

    • 21.1 dramaboy1

      hmmm…i mean the face isn’t too hard, you just need go through tens of surgeries and botox sessions…she looked a lot better when she was natural

      • 21.1.1 mean


    • 21.2 Anonymous

      minimal? are you kidding? it just looks that way. so don’t kid yourself.

  22. 22 blah

    is that lee byung hun in the first picture,in the gray suit?!

    • 22.1 myweithisway

      that’s what I was thinking…anyone know for sure?

      • 22.1.1 apqaria

        Yes he is lee byung hun, he presented The Grand Prize of to Jang Hyuk as he was the winner of it last year

        • myweithisway

          Oh so that’s how they do it. Thanks =)

          but he’s not looking his best =(

    • 22.2 pohonphee

      Lee Byung-hun looks like Oska or is it just me ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. 23 mani

    congrate to all winner..But how kind of competition is it? all 5 nominees won Best Couple Award?

    • 23.1 myweithisway

      LOL, there is no competition–just fanservice

  24. 24 danna

    “*Tear* There were times when I didnโ€™t think this day would ever come โ€” Jang Geun-seok, looking impeccable at an awards show? ”
    hahahahaha!….that’s exactly what i was saying a few minutes ago…not only did he break (his) tradition but was alos one of the better looking ones there….i think it has something to do with the fact he was with MGY the whole….he gotta match up to her amazing look right?

    • 24.1 danna

      also i wast dreaming when i saw the vid w/ five winners for Best Couple?!…that’s lame.. they couldnt just pick one?…or two at the most?

    • 24.2 MANILA2011

      Me too!

      I am so happy!

      I hope he realizes how good looking he is with “normal” get up in an awards night. Even all the males wear the same suit he will still stand out.

      If all these were in Moon Geun Young’s favor then let her marry JGS, she can be a good influence.

      • 24.2.1 Faith

        They look great together in MSOAN.

  25. 25 come2noona

    The “Severus Snape” look… I almost peed my drawers laughing so hard.

    • 25.1 Rika

      Me too! I just about lost it there!

  26. 26 Rika

    Oh my gosh. I laughed. SO MUCH.

    Javabeans, you totally make my year (2010 – I can’t say for 2011 yet). And I’m guessing you had a 12-year-old medieval pageboy haircut when you were younger? Yeah, so did I.

    • 26.1 teacake

      LOL! The “medieval pageboy” was best line in this post! It’s probably because I can relate, for I was rockin’ that haircut well into adulthood.

  27. 27 yknow

    lmfao <3 JGS finally graduated into something more sophisticated! BEST PART: HE FINALLY CUT HIS HAIR! HURRAY!

    LOL Yoo Ah-In and Song Joong-ki won best couple..xD

    • 27.1 NYAH

      no, he just tied it.

  28. 28 red

    yoo ah in only won a couple award???…are they mental ??? he should have got the acting award, he did a better performance than yoon si yoon for me

    • 28.1 Soo Ae

      Oh I know! He definitely did a better performance than everyone else on that list!

      KBS what the!

  29. 29 Ace

    I have a theory about JGS’s red carpet style. The more successful his drama is, the more cringe-worthy his outfits are in the red carpet. =) So this year since Mary sucked, his red carpet look is inversely proportional to how that drama fared. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Yoo Ah In is hot! He should have won for best new actor..Ah, so many pretty guys and gals in this awards show!

    • 29.1 myweithisway

      Brilliant theory ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Makes it harder to decide whether I want his projects to soar or falter…

    • 29.2 eve

      “The drama was so successful…I’ll try the Snape look tonight…I’m sure the fans wouldn’t mind.”

      “MMM tanked…might as well wear something pretty to satisfy the fans.”

      • 29.2.1 myweithisway


      • 29.2.2 rachel

        soar or falter – i benefit both ways. ๐Ÿ˜€

        soar – i’m so happy for him; i don’t mind how he looks (becos he always looks gd any which way!!)

        falter – i’m so happy he’s wearing something pretty even tho’ he’s so pretty!! ๐Ÿ˜€

        but i prefer him to soar and look outlandish.

        outlandish style is better than no style at all!! he’s stylish tho’ his taste might not be the look of the night!!

    • 29.3 danna

      Hahahaha!…you guys are hilarious!!!

  30. 30 Twinklefan

    I think most of the awards are pretty fair. I’m especially thrilled that MGY & JGS got so many awards even though their showing didn’t do that well in rating. Moon Geun Young look so beautiful here and JSG looked so cleaned up (to match Moon?).

  31. 31 stars4u

    Song Joongki and Yoo Ah In = best bromance ever!

    I love how Yoo Ah In looks even with the golden tie!

    • 31.1 Soo Ae

      Yes he totally pulled that off looking HOT!

  32. 32 NYAH

    Jang Geun Suk changed his style to be able to match Moon Geun Young. Oh the power of the GeunGeun Couple~

    Despite the fact MMM was not as good as we expected, the couple are truly adorable together.

    I hope they will find a better project together– a project with a better writer. ๐Ÿ˜

  33. 33 Jackie

    Finally Jang Geun-seok looks normal. Love that Joong-ki and Ah-In got best couple, but giving out so many couple awards detracts from it, I think.

    And nothing against Micky, but YAI truly deserved that award. I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities for him in the future, though. Bring on the new year!

    • 33.1 Jackie

      They had my fan video up on the Hallyu wave part, but they didn’t show any of it! ๐Ÿ™

      If anyone wants to see a Sungkyunkwan Scandal Puppet Parody, check it out here.


      • 33.1.1 anais

        OMG, hilarious!!!! Loves it!

        Tweetbyeokseo!!! And the hiccup!

  34. 34 cookies&cream

    Omo, JGS looked so awesome here! LOL for the couple award! Oh well, I love SJK & YAI also, the bromance of the year ๐Ÿ˜‰

  35. 35 snow

    liking the looks of moon geun young (elegant), lee young ah (cute), kim ha eun (bit of sass) and lee shi young (classy).

  36. 36 mani

    MGY’s dress is very elegant and she looks pretty and mature Unlike her MSOAN’s look..but why this girl is too skiny?

    • 36.1 D

      why do you mean by skinny – compared to some photos i’ve seen before, this is her looking very normal!

      have to understand she just done with a drama a few days ago..

  37. 37 rubie

    Lee Byung Hun looking dapper despite only appearing in the last 5min for the Daesang presentation. Looking forward to great projects in 2011 — the Jdorama guest-starring and many more Korean movies!

    • 37.1 Anonymous

      actually LBH is looking old and washed out beside jang hyuk.

      • 37.1.1 Ani

        Jang Hyuk is a fine looking speciman (minus the wardrobe flop)… Oh there’s a thought. Jang Hyuk minus wardrobe. Yum.

  38. 38 gala

    kbs awards was very special to me since it’s the 1st tym JYJ got to perform. so i think i’ll always hold a special place in my heart for this year’s awards.

    other than that, im not sure whether to be happy or sad for JGS’s normal look. lol. i scratch my head at his usual eccentric style but now i’m scratching my head at his normal-looking fashion. heh.

    • 38.1 liea

      yep! i got to accept i watch this award show because of jyj

  39. 39 bubblee

    idk why but the last picture of JGS reminds me of a butler >__>

    • 39.1 mani

      LoL!!! how you dare?His fans will kill you! KkeKkeKke.

    • 39.2 myweithisway

      If he wants to be a butler, he can be mine =D

  40. 40 salt

    1 question… what’s the difference (in excellence awards) between miniseries, drama series, special production drama and serial drama? aren’t all those drama airing in the same timeslot?

    the highlight for me was when YAI and SJK win best couple… they look embarassed and thrilled at the same time…:)))

    • 40.1 neeyuj

      it’s the format of the drama…by length(no. of episodes) or by production value

  41. 41 Anonymous

    LMFAO I always love your hilarious fashion critiques…. SONG JOONG KI!!! LEE MIN HO!!! <3<3<3

  42. 42 Mawiie

    Awww i was sadden by the fact that Yoo Ah In didn’t win an acting award. His performance was so intense! But the fact that he won the best couple award really made my year ;D

    On a side note… What was Lee Min Ho doing here?

    • 42.1 mani

      He was one of the presenters and he wanted kill me with his handsome look!

  43. 43 yukii

    Oh my gosh, Park Yoochun!!!!
    He won he won he won!!!
    I’m so happy!!
    He’s so deserved it.
    He was born to play Lee Sunjoon, it was his role to play, and he played endearingly till the end.

    Best dressed of the night IMO are:
    Park Yoochun, Jang Geunsuk (had to look twice to believe my eyes it’s him. i mean, JGS in a clean cut suit on the red carpet, that’s rare!)
    Park Minyoung, and Moon Geunyoung.
    They are such a treat for the eyes.

  44. 44 djes

    I agree on everything you said about Yoo Ah In. I even unconsciously scrolled up, and then read your *scroll up* and laughed out loud.
    And so happy he and Joongki got the couple award ( yes, it wasn’t a competition, it’s just a fan service, but who cares! ๐Ÿ˜› ). Saw the acceptance videos, and YAI was so shy about it, while Joongki was teasing him..
    “You’re Moon Jae shin to my Gu Yong ha” immediately came to my mind!
    And when Park Min Young were asked whether she’d choose Yoo-chun or Ah-in, and she chose YC, Ah-in looked disappointed, it was soooo cute!

    • 44.1 alert

      you’re so right! Glad I’m not the only one who kept on scrolling up at YAI’s picture!

      I giggled/ drooling like a true fangirl and when I scrolled down, I laughed so hard at JB’s words, and scrolled right up again!

    • 44.2 Ladymoonstone143

      Same here…Ah In just looks adorable. I am glad he and Song Ki won something. I was hoping Ah In would won an award for his acting as Jae Shin…he so deserved it. Same disappointment when I knew that Jung So Min didn’t get a nod on her PK performance…

  45. 45 Autumn

    woot Yoo Ah In! *fans self* that picture makes him he look like a tiger that’s ready to pounce on the camera any minute….^^ shame he didn’t pick up any awards other than best couple with SJK(lol). i too thought he was more deserving of the New Actors award.

    Moon Geun-young’s dress is simple but it looks stunning on her. i thought Park Min-young and Kim Ha-eun looked lovely too; not quite feeling Lee Shi-young’s hair-cut though.

  46. 46 AuntieMame

    Your comment on various aspects of Oh Ji Ho gave me the best laugh on which to end 2010!

    Watch out for ‘flying porkers’ in 2011 and I wish everyone at Dramabeans the happiest of New Years!

  47. 47 maez



  48. 48 ali

    I was giggling over all your comments, snarky but witty. I like ๐Ÿ™‚

    It would be such massive fun to watch miss universe with you.

  49. 49 Fasiris Fay

    Guh-ro is hot hot hot!!
    and :O at JGS pulling off a normal look! Never thought I’d see the day. While he looks good, I was sort of looking forward to seeing his disaster of an outfit :$

  50. 50 mangowango

    “I think itโ€™s a shame he didnโ€™t win for New Actor. (I actually liked Yoochun and his character, but he wasnโ€™t better than Yoo Ah-in in that drama, no way”

    i couldn’t agree more!!! was really hoping he won an award for himself, eg the New Actor award. he was definitely much better than yoochun – and i really have nothing against yoochun but just feel yoo ah-in should’ve won. HE WAS SO GOOD IN SUNGKYUNKWAN. and i also love him very much, that’s why. ๐Ÿ˜›

    ANDDDD JANG GEUN-SUK LOOKS SOOO HANDSOME. i really really cannot stand his hair in mary, AT ALL. he’s so much better this way. mmm. HOT.

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