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Faith loses its second leading man in Kang Ji-hwan
by | December 26, 2010 | 37 Comments

Hmm, another setback for high-budget medical sageuk series Faith, which has lost leading man No. 2, Kang Ji-hwan, who’d been called in after the drama first lost Lee Jun-ki to army duty.

The reason given by Kang’s management, S Plus Entertainment, was that he would be cutting back on all acting and industry activities, due to legal matters stemming from his contract dispute with previous management company, Jambo Entertainment. There had been reports that the dispute had been settled, allowing Kang to star in SBS drama Coffee House earlier this year, but the Korea Entertainment Producers Association has a different take on things. Since Kang didn’t abide by their request to stall all activities until a settlement was made, matters have dragged on over the past year.

The association has asked its members to keep Kang out of Faith; they did the same with Coffee House, which went ignored, but this time Kang has stepped back. His reps apologized to the association and acknowledged that this matter has become more than a company/actor issue and is now an industry matter.

The drama, directed by Legend PD Kim Jong-hak, is being produced in 3D for broadcast in the first half of 2011, and has cast Kim Hee-sun, Philip Lee, Kim Seung-soo, and Choi Min-soo.


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37 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. rrock

    oh dear!

  2. suchdreams

    aww no. That’s some bad luck. Maybe third time lucky?

    • 2.1 Anonymous

      Actually, Ji Hwan was already the third choice for male lead in this drama. The first actor that Kim Jong Hak Productions approached for the role was actually Jo Hyun Jae (sometime in the 2nd half of 2009 when JHJ was still in the Army). But because Jo Hyun Jae is still more than half a year away from military discharge at that time, KJH Productions settled on Lee Jun Ki; and we know what happened there.

      The production again approached Jo Hyun Jae after his discharge but JHJ decided to put his career on hold to spend time with his seriously ill father, who died October this year; so the production then offered the role to Ji Hwan.

      Now there are speculations that Kim Jong Hak Productions has approached JHJ once again.

  3. mskololia


  4. jandoe

    awwwwwwww this sucks!! πŸ™

  5. Ashley

    Well, at least we got Coffee House. That’s the upside to all this. I hope it gets settled soon so he can get back to work on something else. Honestly I was only really interested in this drama because of him.

    • 5.1 JiHwan

      Yeah. I guess I can rewatch Coffee House a couple million times while waiting for all this nonsense to be settled.

  6. Autumn

    i thought it was the second lead that the drama was losing, but nooo~~ i was so looking forward to see KJH in this. hoping the contract matters will be settled swiftly and definitely.

  7. Jane


  8. Atsirk

    Damn it! I was excited to see KJH next year!
    Arrrgggghhh…what’s with actors and legal disputes?
    I hate this πŸ™

  9. cassie

    but I thought they already started filming with Kang and I think there are some published stills and all…it looked SOOOOOOO fine


  10. 10 e.s

    I was so looking into this “Faith” drama and pining so much hopes for it with Kang Ji hwan as i know he will definitely bring in a different dimension to this unique drama…but alas what a disappointment.

  11. 11 Min

    Hmmm so what will they do now??? i’ve seen the trailer and it looks like Kang Ji-hwan already filmed a lot of scenes!

  12. 12 lyra

    darn it. >.<

  13. 13 asianromance

    This totally bites! It’s my most anticipated 2011 drama at the moment! first lee jun ki and now kang ji hwan. I feel like this drama is becoming cursed…

  14. 14 meechandkor

    Aww.. terrible πŸ™ Why cant they just let him be!

  15. 15 Soxxy15

    Aww I was anticipating Faith because of Kang Ji Hwan. This totally sucks. I wonder who is going to replace him.

  16. 16 Kerstin

    that sucks. Coffee House made me a fan of Kang Ji Hwan and I was anticipating Faith so much.

  17. 17 kellie

    Kim Seung-soo is in it? I LIKE him. Thanks for the tip.

  18. 18 jen

    gah ! I love KJH

  19. 19 lessaofpern

    OH NO!!!!! πŸ™

  20. 20 Jenju


  21. 21 dannaluk

    aww shucks….i. was looking forward to this cus he looked good in sageuk garb in the few stills they released weeks ago…wonder who coul replace him?

  22. 22 pohonphee

    Noooo….Kang Ji Hwan….

  23. 23 hjkomo

    Oh, no… γ…  γ…  πŸ™

  24. 24 Quix

    Aww this makes me so sad πŸ™ I’m going to miss him!!!

  25. 25 E- kun

    DAMMIT!! I need them to get it together! Kang Ji Hwan and Philip Lee being in a drama together was a Christmas present for me in the next year! F!

  26. 26 sunshine

    I’m just thankful he managed to make it into Coffee House despite all of his management disputes. It’s a shame that it will be a while before we get to see him on scree again, though.

  27. 27 Nhu

    Will… not be watching this then. xD

    I… just… It’s Kang Ji Hwan! Unless they bring in someone I can equally fan girl-squeal for…

  28. 28 jodasg

    That’s right, Bummer! πŸ™

  29. 29 mrskimchee

    BIG bummer πŸ™
    Can’t think of anyone else that would suit to replace him here yet….SIGHHHHHH

  30. 30 mrskimchee

    oh wait….maybe lee seung gi..since he hasn’t got anything lined up yet for next year??
    would love to see him in saeguk, maybe he’s the 3rD time lucky

    LSG + Saeguk + 3D = Faith πŸ™‚

  31. 31 Dee

    Dang it!! Thought I can watch his new drama by next year. πŸ™

    Stay strong Ji Hwan.

  32. 32 lovebee

    awww πŸ™ I wanted to see KJH in a new project super soon!

  33. 33 oh! tht! chick!

    this just plain sucks πŸ™ I so so wanted KSS and KJH to star in the same drama sigh sigh such a waste πŸ™

  34. 34 Angelitocurioso

    Keeping the FAITH!!!

  35. 35 sylvia

    It seems that lee min ho is doing very well as the chosen actor for the drama Faith.

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