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JB and GF face off: Battle of Delusional Hopes
by | December 29, 2010 | 177 Comments

girlfriday: I think this year I need to make some New Years Resolutions.
javabeans: But I don’t like to set myself up for failure.
girlfriday: Don’t be a wuss.
javabeans: I call it pragmatism. Say I get my hopes up about a drama. We might call her Mary. And then… without fail…
girlfriday: Your Jang-Geun-seok-shaped heart gets crushed into a million pieces?
javabeans: Joining the Lee-Min-ho-shaped mound of heart-pieces from Personal Taste.
girlfriday: That’s the price we pay, my friend.
javabeans: I mean, you give me a drama with Eric and Kim Kang-woo, right? And they’re these hot buff frenemies? But then you put ‘em on a boat and make it about the Coast Guard, and I just don’t know how I feel about that.
girlfriday: How you feel about it is, yay for hot buff frenemies…in the water.
javabeans: But remember Air City?
girlfriday: Damnit. Must you kill all joy?
javabeans: The Grinch left me a job to do, missy.


girlfriday: Well my first resolution is to give idol actors another try.
javabeans: Are you making up resolutions just to justify your excitement for Dream High?
girlfriday: NO. That’s crazy. I would never do that.
javabeans: Purely incidental, then?
girlfriday: Of course… … Okay, maybe a LITTLE.
javabeans: Dude, you don’t need to make up random resolutions. That show’s gonna be awesome. In one way or another.
girlfriday: RIGHT? I’m ridiculously excited about it.
javabeans: I’m ridiculously excited about Kim Soo-hyun. (What? He’s legal. *goes online to check*)
girlfriday: So…is he?
javabeans: 22, awwww yeah!

girlfriday: So wrong.
javabeans: No wronger than Lee Min-ho. (City Hunter!)
girlfriday: I choose to ignore Lee Min-ho’s real age.
javabeans: I choose to ignore Lee Min-ho’s real persona. Fantasy Lee Min-ho in my head is enough for me. DON’T RUIN MY DREAMS, Reality!
girlfriday: Reality has no place here.
javabeans: Nor does it have a place in the absurd world of My Princess, which I’m pretty sure I’m gonna eat up with a spoon.
girlfriday: It’s going to evaporate before you can take a bite.
javabeans: Cotton-candy dramas have their place.
girlfriday: So do hand towels.
javabeans: SNERK. Sohn… Soo-gun.
girlfriday: Pffft!
javabeans: He’s a wet towel.
girlfriday: Hence the AWESOME moniker.
javabeans: A damp bandana.
girlfriday: Your shining moment of 2010.
javabeans: A droopy afghan.
girlfriday: Okay, now you’re killing it.
javabeans: A flaccid neckerchief.
girlfriday: The dead horse ain’t gettin’ any deader.
javabeans: Which is why it won’t hurt if I KICK IT a little more.
girlfriday: Santa is totally going to revoke your Christmas presents.

My Princess

javabeans: Oh, he’s totally hot though.
girlfriday: Who, Santa??
javabeans: Mr. Hand Towel!
girlfriday: Oh, phew. I thought you were revealing some weird fetish.
javabeans: No, all my weird fetishes are strictly private.
girlfriday: Let’s keep it that way. So, what are the odds that Dream High won’t fail me?
javabeans: About a hundred to one. (or is it the opposite?)
girlfriday: Back to math. You know how I feel about numbers.
javabeans: Let’s just say… don’t be holding any breaths. Or counting chickens or carrying easily spilt milk buckets.
girlfriday: But the chickens are so cute! They can dance! You KNOW how I feel about musicals and dance movies.
javabeans: I….don’t actually? Is it time for YOU to reveal some secret shames?
girlfriday: I…have no idea what you’re talking about.
javabeans: Just answer me this: Can you name all the actors in High School Musical? Like that main guy with the swoopy hair?
girlfriday: Zac Efron? Um….no!
javabeans: I don’t know if we can be friends now.
girlfriday: Too late. I already know all your secrets.
javabeans: Oh, you’re going all Scientology on me now?
girlfriday: Yep, aliens and all.
javabeans: Well since we’re stuck in this together, I promise to be your shoulder to cry on if Dream High fails you.
girlfriday: Then I’ll be there for you when My Princess inevitably hits the crapper.
javabeans: It might be good?
girlfriday: Ha. Care to make a wager?
javabeans: Only if you’ll put your Dream High hopes on the line too. *challenging eyebrow raise*

girlfriday: Okay, Dream High vs. My Princess: Battle of Delusional Hopes
javabeans: Can a battle have two losers?
girlfriday: HA. Then maybe we say, first drama to suck royally loses.
javabeans: OMG i thought you said “suck royalty.” Which would be a verrrry different drama.
girlfriday: Rawr?
javabeans: We can hope.
girlfriday: What does the winner get?
javabeans: A satisfying sense of superiority?
girlfriday: Doesn’t pay the bills. How about drinks?
javabeans: Great! I’ll be drinking either way.
girlfriday: Yeah, but I’ll have to foot the massive bill if Dream High can’t get it together.
javabeans: Five idol stars, a pop-songwriter for a producer, and a Hallyu star calling the shots? What could possibly go wrong?
girlfriday: Two words: hand towel.
javabeans: 🙁

My Princess

177 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Mil

    Mr. Hand Tower!!! Hot shower scene *calm down mil*
    So excited for 2011~~~ my resolutions? same as u gals lol.
    um whatelse to say~yeah i’m the 1st one hehe

    • 1.1 ditdut

      OMG, it took me till the end of the post to realize what “Hand Towel” guy is!! LMAO.

      • 1.1.1 enjay

        same here…lol…you gals are so funny…

        • Phisky

          Who is it? I still don’t know LOL

          • rasmiih

            hahah its “Song Seung Heon,” which sounds like “Song Soo Gun” (meaning Hand Towel) b/c he’s known for bad acting

      • 1.1.2 Peachy

        How I love Mr Hand Towel! lol He is so Hot also he is not really bad actor. 🙂

  2. maez

    OH NO!! EXCITED!!!

  3. momosan

    ::giggles madly::

    GF, you would have had a better bet with What’s Up. At least you’d have had a few actors stashed tastefully among the idorus.

    Or at least that’s my story and I’m sticking with it….

    • 3.1 w

      High five to momosan!

    • 3.2 mellowyel

      with What’s Up there’s only one idol. there’s also a model. with Im Joo-hwan in it though, the acting talent quota immediately goes up. i’m excited for that one.

    • 3.3 Elaine

      Any idea when it’s out? 😀

  4. questions987

    LMAO My money is on Dream High going south. Sorry GF…I’m as excited as you are though!

  5. Anna

    Love you girls.

  6. Nabby

    Totally awesome. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one with the same hesitation over Poseidon. Seriously, I love the guys, but the setting…not so much. At least there is hope that the two of them will get stranded out at sea with no one else. Now there is some opportunity for bromance.

  7. Severine

    LOL! You guys are on a roll, and please continue rolling!

  8. soysauce

    HAH! Great post!
    I have a feeling that My Princess is going to be a HUGE, or rather, a more disappointment than Dream High.
    But hey, EYE CANDIES!!!!!

  9. Yenna

    bahahahah BEST post everrrrr

  10. 10 Nhu

    Oh my god. So many good jokes here. By the way, can I request a last 2010 podcast? I would die to hear you guys actually make some of these jokes on there…

    Not that I’m not already dying in laughter reading this now.

    And I’m right there with you in delusional hopes. Oh…. what I put myself through for hot boys…

    • 10.1 Ida

      I second this request of another podcast- but I’ve a feeling that Jb n Gf won’t be able to do one before the 2011 begins-there’s only 1 day left anyway! But I’ll look forward to some in the near future at least when my princess n dream high have started airing anyway.. I bet Jb n Gf will have plenty to say in their podcast once they air lol.

      • 10.1.1 D

        i would like to think these convo posts are transcripts to the supposedly podcast..

        not complaining, keep em coming..

      • 10.1.2 Clare Louise

        Here! Here! I infinity count the motion even though its 2011.

  11. 11 crook

    Omg, My Princess is gonna be like a hit of crack after a bad withdrawal. I know I shouldn’t, but that doesn’t stop it from feeling so good.

    Some more numberless math: there is a direct correlation between how hot the actor is and how terrible of a drama I’m willing to sit through.

    Mr. Hand Towel’s level of purty speaks for itself so this really isn’t much of a contest for me.

  12. 12 Dreaming

    I’m rooting for Dream High, although My Princess seems interesting too. I’m going to end up watching both anyway haha!

    But, I have a very soft spot for music and drama. So I’m leaning towards Dream High, I’m just hoping its not one cliche after another 😛

  13. 13 ;alsdkjf;ldkf

    the conversations loose my interest very fast. annnoying.

    • 13.1 Carmie

      What evah hater. Got nothing good to say then don’t say anything at all

      • 13.1.1 Beng

        Totally agree to Carmie. And just to add, i think you lost interest because you don’t know what were being discussed. If you want to belong, learn fast, if not, you have no business reading the blogs.

    • 13.2 keysmashing as well

      ia w/ your point.

      I love this blog for its mixture of fangirling and professionalism, so I hope you guys will maintain that. Are the articles-written-as-dialogue going to continue? Granted, it IS your blog, but I hope–no, I know you guys are mature and welcome of constructive criticism.

      • 13.2.1 Carina

        It’s close to the New Year. Some craziness is still welcome on my hand!

        Doubt that these news posts will continue like this well into the new year, then they’ll have run their course, I agree. But until then, how about we grab a glass of soju? 😀

    • 13.3 pipit

      I’m speechless!

      I think when the creator of this blog made this wonderful blog her purpose was not to entertain us her lucky readers. As such we should be grateful that what they love doing give us so much benefits.

      Reading and judging require no talent at all.

      But writing (especially the kind like what they do here) demands beyond just talent. It takes a lot of time, energy, dedication and love for us readers of this blog!

    • 13.4 skyyy

      *insert haters gonna hate gif here*

    • 13.5 ..

      Well is there anything that will tighten your interest? Seeing that your interest has been loosened by these conversations, I’d like to help you become less annoyed. ^^

    • 13.6 djes

      oh so sorry to know that your love to dramabeans is not enough to accept it for better and worse…. 🙁

      because my love is…blind. 😀

    • 13.7 Anonymous

      shhh hater,
      i loved this blog!! so funny keep it up your great !!!

  14. 14 Ashnia

    I am actually excited for Dream High but I have a feeling its going to get overshadowed but the other Mon-Tue dramas. QoR has a sudden rise in ratings and Athena well the ratings are going down but I feel like once the story picks up the ratings will follow. So Dream High has some major competition.

    On the other hand I think My Princess has a better chance. President has not been doing well at all ratings were like around 4% last week (hard to believe that King Of Baking, Kim Tak Gu was on the same time slot). SIGN is also premiering that night and it bolsters Kim Ah Joong, Park Shin Yang and Eum Ji Won. It all depends on how well Sign fares and you can predict if its hit or miss with My Princess.

  15. 15 rayray

    heeheehee :B

    this is the first time in a long time where I m not looking forward to any upcoming drama..ahh the voooiiiiddd! I m not sure what I ll do once SG finishes..I ve even forgotten how to function normally without a kdrama obsession!

    Mary kiled all my hopes and faith(present and future) so I m gonna approach dream high and my princess with caution + shield and armour.

    • 15.1 Viola

      Let’s not forget the chanting and magical crystals rayray! After Mary broke my Jae Wook shaped heart, I don’t trust any dramas anymore. *sob* 🙁

      • 15.1.1 danna

        LOL…that’s why 2010 kinda sucked for me too…the dramas with the dream casts screwed up…..what we need is for something to come along and totally surprise us next year…so lets keep some faith

      • 15.1.2 rayray

        I ve got them all ready! But I really do need your special vaccinnnees!!! Would you please manufacture a new batch of vaccines that target both heartbreak and bitter-bad-taste-in-the-mouth disappointment caused by a drama? then theyll never hurt us agaiinn!yay 😀

    • 15.2 asta17

      I’m the same way about this coming season – what with SG more than halfway done, I don’t know what I’ll do with myself not having Ra-Him’s crazy antics to laugh at. Perhaps it’s time to surface up some old dramas that I never watched. Would winter sonata be worth watching, you think, or would I now find it overly cliche in an era of modern dramas?

  16. 16 Lady Seoul

    Mr.Hand Towel!
    Oh! You guys are so weridly Awesome. hehe^_^ <3
    I'm putting my bets with . . . hm, tough one. I'll secretly keep it too myself. haha

  17. 17 Dane

    you guys are hilarious..
    but totally right..:)
    happy new year!!

  18. 18 Carmie

    I like the back and forth between you two. I’m sort of rooting for Dream High because I believe in Kim Soo Hyun but I’m trying not to be too hopeful. If any past dramas have shown me talented actors/actresses does not always make for a great drama coughcough Mary coughcough. And My Princess I’m waiting for the first episode because ever since the trailer was rickrolled I’m a little cautious about it.

    • 18.1 lambayyx

      i want to believe in Kim Soohyun too, but i think he’s only in this drama because of Bae Yongjoon (he’s under BYJ’s company, Key East) :/

  19. 19 djes

    Girlfriday, I’m with you with Dream High. Seriously I want it to be successful. If we lose, just e-mail me your account number I’ll help you with that bill. I have paypal account too, so don’t worry.
    But we won’t lose, right?

    I really want Dream High beats My Princess. Really.

    Because I love Taecyeon to bits. ( he’s legal, I’m definitely sure. I’ve checked every times whenever he ripped his shirts. )

    And my best friend and I already excited about City Hunter. Because it’s City Hunter! well yes, Lee Min ho too. We’re praying he’ll be as pervert as possible. And I hope he gets a serious sexy lead actress.

    • 19.1 Natalie

      I agree with everything about this comment. 🙂

    • 19.2 lb_tmi

      sista.. it’s Lee Min HoMYGOD!! remember??

      and i want Dream High to succeed solely for fangirling purposes as well.. YAY Taec and WooYoung!!

    • 19.3 a

      you just stated the exact reason why i dont like taec….
      too much shirt ripping and really really angry ummm … “rapping” if we could refer to it as such
      nonetheless i liked him in C.S
      the bread pin and eun jo bat shall remain in my memories!!

      • 19.3.1 girlatsea

        I agree with everything you just said. The whole shirt ripping is so not my thing. I’m SORRY.

        But I just LOVED him in C.S, he was so cute, innocent and completely devoted to Eun Jo.

  20. 20 bathala

    I’m really enjoying the new format. 🙂 Kawaii!!!

    MSOAN was weird. I finished it though … total head case.

    Speaking of High School Musical, I have two kids and we even have the HSM songs in our Singstar for the PS3. Now my auditory system automatically shutdown when I recognize any HSM songs. LOL.

    Hmmm. What to watch after SG?

  21. 21 anais


    “flaccid neckerchief”

    Methinks this was best of the dialogues. I was worried it would get old, but so pleased to have worried for naught.

  22. 22 memei

    The Mr. Hand Towel joke lost me. Who’s he?

    • 22.1 anais

      Song Seung Heon

      • 22.1.1 oy

        why is he called Hand Towel?
        sorry, have apparently not watched enough K-drama or read db recaps insufficiently

        • Ida

          Basically his name song seung heon sounds similar to the korean direct translation of handkerchief or hand towel “song soo gun”.. Jb and Gf kinda nicknamed him handtowel as his acting is akin to that of a wet handtowel ie limp flaccid not much spunk/character.Basically he’s not the best actor.. In most things he’s acted in at least.. Or at least that’s what I interpreted it to mean when they talked about him in their most recent podcast 4. Listen to the podcast if you want further clarification – or just for a laugh!! (the podcast is hilarious…)

          • Ida

            Sorry I meant to write “sohn soo gun” not “song soo gun”!!

          • oy

            thank you very much for your clarification 😀

  23. 23 Crazymoonyfan

    OMG….I can’t love you girls more…..can I???? Can we have a kdrama is all about friendship…like you girls…that will be awesome……you girls rock!!!!! Wish you have a wonderful year ahead of you…….and before 2010 ends….I must say “Thank You” for all the joy you have brought to my kdrama addiction.

  24. 24 Laya

    You gals just gave me a whole lot of stuff to look forward to in 2011 <3 <3

    What? I meant more stuff to read on dramabeans, a course! You totally rock! XDD

  25. 25 Min

    this is getting…

    • 25.1 ...

      annoying? exciting? boring? What, what?

  26. 26 mellowyel

    Mary slayed me. my fragile heart can’t take much more. i need to build myself a teflon shell to protect me from bad dramas. Or maybe I should lower all my expectations and be pleasantly surprised. And look for the silver lining in everything? like – Dream High may suck, but at least maybe I’ll get to see Wooyoung dance like crazy? and IU sing her guts out? And Kim Soo-hyun pwn the idol actors with his talent and good looks? My Princess – i suppose watching Mr. Hand Towel and making comparisons to the Princess Diaries would be fun.

    I would swear off k-dramas, but I’m fully hooked now – K-dramas found me this year, and they won’t let me go, no matter how bad they get. My New Year’s resolution? stock up on drinks… and find someone to watch dramas and drink with

  27. 27 Quaggy

    Okay, I have a new year’s resolution for you both: to keep up these conversation posts!! Pretty please? With sugar on top?!? Don’t make me break out the “Shrek cat” eyes! I’m not nearly as good at it as Moon Geun-young!!

  28. 28 pabo ceo reom

    I am on board BOTH train wrecks so let’s all join in the drinking party. (I have to admit that I’m slightly looking forward more to Dream High for some reason… don’t judge me!)

    • 28.1 rainerust

      I’m with you here. Break out the soju!

      (I’m only slightly more excited about Dream High because it’s KIM SOO-HYUN. I’ve ONLY had a crush on him since like, WISFC. And he’s definitely legal.)

      • 28.1.1 lb_tmi

        wait.. i thought it was the year of Makgulli? shouldn’t we be breaking that out instead of soju?

  29. 29 whatis

    okay… I have my bets that Dream High will get tiring real fast. Sorta like what happened with MSOAN.

    My Princess just sounds like your typical Cinderella k-drama. Sounds boring, but it’s like making cake – you put the ingredients together… it might not be the best cake, but it’s still edible, so you eat it anyway.

    New year of dramas! wheeeee!

  30. 30 danna

    i’m very weirdly excited for both..even though the better part of my brain says they’ll both tank…..i mean who knows they may work out afterall…if there’s anything i learnt form 2010 then its that you cant expect everything from just a gr8 cast…i mean just look at MSOAN, PT and all the others that failed me…so hopefully it may work out?…that said Dream High does deem to be worse off if its got newbies ofscreen too

    • 30.1 danna

      also please continue having fun with the new format for as long as it pleases you guys…i’ve had a really g8 laugh today thanx to you guys!

  31. 31 fluffybits

    cant wait for all those dramas in 2011 🙂

    i m actually looking forward to Dream High and My Princess 🙂

    aha, i hope my expectation isn’t too high…

    hwaiting and all the best next year 😀

  32. 32 sora

    hahahahaha I can’t waittttt for dream high!!!!!

  33. 33 xylophonic

    SNERK. Sohn… Soo-gun.

    HAHA. I looked at it, went, ‘huh? is that another actor?’ kept reading then suddenly got it. Mad laughter all around!

    Man, you guys should do this for the awards coverage posts (you ARE doing those…right?!). Back-and-forth about the wacky/awesome/dead boring fashion? I’d read that stuff all day.

    • 33.1 xylophonic

      Oh, and does anyone know when What’s Up premieres?

      I’ve been so freaking excited for it ever since I saw the 4 min. trailer. (As entertaining as Dream High will no doubt be, I have to admit I have more faith in WU to truly hook me in.) I did a wimpy Google search on it and didn’t find. xD

      • 33.1.1 djes

        I read somewhere it will premier some time around March.

  34. 34 gingganggolli

    This is hilarious putting once self in the defense mode all of a sudden. But got to put my vote on My Princess coz really life today so difficult that you want to enjoy watching fairy Cinderella once in a while. Hey we deserve a break! …forget it….got to welcome 2011 with a bang!

  35. 35 alyssia

    I’m looking for both. Even if they suck i will still like it seeing my favorites onscreen. Kim Tae hee cuteness is enough to convince me.

    As for Dream high, I’m watching it for Eunjung. I know i’ll hate those moments where they show the main girl too much. But Eunjung and Taec is enough for me to keep the momentum. What a good way to start the new year!!!!!!!!! Good things to come.

    u guys are hilarious btw. You should do this more. You’re always so unique Javabeans!!!!!!

  36. 36 asianromance

    My bet is that My Princess will garner high ratings even with Mr.Hand Towel and idol actors. And that Dream High, What’s Up, and Poseidon will probably get low ratings. I don’t think Dream High will be that bad. Sure it’s produced by BYJ and JYP, but it’s not like those two guys are writing the script or even directing.

    For 2011, I’m looking forward to Faith (even though KJH is no longer in the cast *sob*) and What’s Up (whose trailer looks a heck lot more interesting than Dream High). I’m slightly looking forward to My Princess because I haven’t seen SSH and KTH do really comedic roles and because a part of me predicts that it may well end up being fun and addictive even if overall quality is suspect.

    • 36.1 asianromance

      wait why did I write idol actors for My Princess?? I mean even with Mr.hand towel and Kim Tae Hee.

  37. 37 Sushi

    Dream High or My Princess? This is hard, I will probably bet my money on my princess to go down first, just because dream high is already full of newbie actors/producers. the baseline quality for that drama is already set at a low point, you can only go up from rock bottom. my princess on the other hand, people will expect more out of it since both leads have been around for a while (even if they’re both mediocre). both dramas i’m excited about nonetheless >.< disappointment to come!

  38. 38 yeohweping

    Sarah-beans, I’m going for the deeply rooted tree at the moment for next year.
    But everybody knows how fast I “change and run that even light can’t catch up with me”.
    Where is the 2nd “Thank you” or a drama like the movie “Chaser”?
    Yes, creative is running dry..

  39. 39 Autumn

    i am ridiculously excited for MP and DH too, well more so on the latter becoz of a certain kim soo hyun. i just hope that the music is at least decent.

    *whisper*highschoolmusicalisawesomeperiod *hides*

  40. 40 nelkk


  41. 41 LIME;

    never change.

  42. 42 bobo

    it’s all about expectations. i had high (very high) expectations for mary, so it sucked in comparison. i have no expectations for dream high or my princess. in fact, i expect them to have fluffy plots, bad acting, and eye candy, so if i get what i expect, it’ll be all good. i do have my hopes up for city hunter though, so i might have to try to lower them a bit before may. man, mary made me lose so much confidence. my heart broke into jang guen suk shaped pieces too. i want to put him back together so i can stroke his hair.

  43. 43 Krickitat

    I’m totally on the dream high bandwagon those ads after Mary just looked so freakin cute…me being in alaska precludes me from joining in the wager properly. How bout this, if My princess wins I will buy some bum up here a drink eh?

  44. 44 tinatot

    im a big idol follower but when it comes to dramas… all my cards are on two of my favorite actor/actress! LOL. MY PRINCESS!! i’m betting on javabeans hahaha!

    • 44.1 rockee

      Gosh, must we really pick sides? Ok, if I had to choose, my bet’s on My Princess too. Sorry GF, we
      still <3 you! Mr. Hand-towel all the way! Hehe.

  45. 45 Krickitat

    Can something seriously be so disturbingly hilarious except for ytube videos on replay of epic shots to the crotch?

  46. 46 estelle

    You girls are hilarious! Have I told you that I love you?


  47. 47 diy

    i have hopes to my princess. not so much on dream high. but yeah, expectation in drama is a scary thing..

    mr hand towel is my first korean actor crush! so for all time sake, i think i rooting for my princess.
    will be watching both btw…

  48. 48 miss_procrastination

    I like these conversation posts and the snark!

    I am exciting about 2011 in drama land. Hopefully it’ll be as fruitful as 2010 (and a lot less disappointing in some aspects).

    • 48.1 miss_procrastination

      and by exciting, I clearly meant excited.

  49. 49 agnosi

    I swear my IQ goes up whenever I read your posts; they’re just so full of wit! I love how your posts are simultaneously intelligent and entertaining. Keeps me up on my toes, and I feel like I’m not totally wasting my time reading about *gasp* Korean dramas. At least I can widen my vocabulary range while I’m at it, yes? Thanks for your high quality work; this is why I come to Dramabeans!

  50. 50 j

    Hmm interesting…
    I’m actually interested in both drama, Dream High 60% and My princess 40% =)
    I’m not really in to My Princess much but after watching the teaser, It is surprsingly adorable. I really like Park ye Jin so I’ll watch it 😉
    I love drama related to music .
    The casts in Dream High are so beautiful. But the one I like are Kim Soo Hyun ,Eun Jung and IU.
    But if you ask me to choose between Dream High and What’s up , I would probably choose What’s up.
    Another drama I’m interested in is Paradise Ranch 😉

    • 50.1 pretreb

      my princess – 55% (after watching the trailer xD)
      dream high – 45%

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