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Mary Stayed Out All Night: Episode 10
by | December 13, 2010 | 107 Comments

Episode 10 is vintage Mary: Some incredibly adorable scenes between Mary and Mu-gyul, who do puppy love like nobody’s business, and some repetitive plot conflicts that go around in circles. But no matter, since this may be our last time seeing this kind of storytelling style, since the writer change kicks in with the 11th episode.

I’m not holding my breath for a major shift, but it will be interesting to spot the differences, if any.


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Mary comes upon Seo-jun kissing Mu-gyul and watches them unnoticed. Mu-gyul hasn’t initiated or participated in it, but neither does he set her straight or push her away. Instead, he merely tells her to go home, unruffled by the kiss.

Spotting Mary, Seo-jun confronts her with disdain for acting all innocent-like while leading two men around in a merry chase. Mary stands up for herself, saying politely that she understands that Seo-jun, as Mu-gyul’s ex, wouldn’t like her, but that she has never toyed with either man.

I sort of see where Seo-jun’s coming from, but can’t help but think she rubs me the wrong way with her attitude, as though this is all an affront to HER, which she masks as concern for the boys. What happened to the cool, ballsy Seo-jun of earlier days? Why has she turned so… petty and sneering?

Mary picks up the discarded guitar-pick necklace on her way in, and is quieter than usual as she prepares dinner for Mu-gyul. He eats enthusiastically, and Mary tells him that she enjoys seeing him eat even more than when he’s onstage. Spoken like a true mother, and he says as much. She laughs, “Yeah, you’re my kid.”

Mary asks if there’s anything he wants to do as a couple, and gets carried away imagining them getting couple rings, and couple T-shirts, and couple necklaces, and couple hats… Lady, be careful what you wish for. With a boyfriend like Mu-gyul, you’re more likely to be mistaken for sisters.

He says that’s kid’s stuff and tells her to up her game. Clearly Mu-gyul’s mind is in sexier places, and he imagines that she’s about to propose a makeout session, which is what the rest of us would do. But no, innocent Mary proposes a romantic campfire in the woods, to his disappointment. And ours.

He perks up again when she shyly suggests something else, something special, something she’s afraid to ask, that she wants to do tonight… Mu-gyul gulps.

Which… ends up taking them to a deserted construction site.

They ride a rickety elevator to the top, and as they climb higher, Mary breaks down in fear and clings to Mu-gyul’s leg, crying, “Dad!” Talk about mixed messages. Mu-gyul attempts to liberate his pants from her death grip, and they make it to the rooftop.

Mary explains that she read in a psychology book that if you have a bad memory of a place, making a new (better) memory in that place can help get rid of the old one. As a child, she’d once been chased up to a rooftop by loan sharks who’d been after money owed by her father, and afterward she had started to have nightmares.

She’s shaken by the memory, and even now tears of fright fall from her eyes. Mu-gyul gathers her close, then gives her a sweet peck on the lips, saying that ought to keep her nightmares at bay.

As it starts to snow, he tells her he hopes her dreams will whiten away, like the snow, and they stand there together, holding each other. It’s adorable.

Mary gets her campfire after all as they huddle together in the snow afterward. Wanting to return the favor for helping her get over her fear, she asks what situation makes Mu-gyul particularly happy, or if has any bad memories needing exorcising.

The first is easy enough — he’s happiest when he’s conditioning his hair. LOL. The second answer requires some explanation, and he relates the story of going to an ice rink as a child one day to look for his mother, and freezing his butt off while she never showed. Mary promises to do both with him — condition his hair, and accompany him to the skating rink.

More scandal follows Seo-jun (sigh, again), because her late-night kiss with Mu-gyul has found its way into the tabloids. Another headache for Jung-in to take care of.

Worse yet, it angers co-star Lee Ahn, who in this drama’s reality is a big Hallyu star. He and his manager threaten to leave the project if filming doesn’t begin on the contracted date.

On top of that, Manager Bang makes good on her threat to pull investors from the project (since it was Lee Ahn’s involvement that brought them onboard), and now Wonderful Life finds itself flailing.

Admittedly, the drama’s explanation for why this is such a Dire Situation is on the flimsy side, but I suppose there’s a certain (perhaps incomplete) internal logic at work: The initial scandal with Lee Ahn and Seo-jun’s “romance” brought out the Seo-jun anti-fans, who resented her for claiming their beloved oppa, and they went to town with an internet assault. In addition to the usual slander, they also started digging into her past, including investigations of her education and family.

This Mu-gyul scandal paints her as a cheater as well as a scandalmaker, turning her into a thoroughly irresponsible, unlikable star. No longer is she bankable on her talent alone, and business entities don’t want to associate with her drama. Now she’s a liability.

That’s the dilemma Jung-in faces when he meets her, but he decides he’s sticking with her. As bad as things are now, it’ll be worse if she leaves the production. Solution? Call a press conference. That’ll show ’em.

Mary overhears the news of the dropped investors when she drops by the office for a meeting with the writer, who likes her story suggestions. Then, she catches the televised press conference as she walks by a storefront on her way home, and stops to watch as Seo-jun addresses the reporters.

At first Seo-jun gives “safe” answers to the press’s questions, saying that she and Ahn are just co-workers, and that she and Mu-gyul are friends. However, a reporter presses on the issue of Mu-gyul, and Jung-in steps in to issue a blanket “no comment.” Except Seo-jun ruins that by declaring, “Kang Mu-gyul… is the man I love.”


Mom flounces home to congratulate Mu-gyul on this public declaration from a star, which in turn makes him a star. He has no idea what she’s talking about, so she fills him in on the gossip, which he waves off, calling their photographed kiss as a mere goodbye gesture. Mom remembers he has Mary, so she warns him not to two-time his women, having been the receiving end of that in the past.

After watching Seo-jun drop the bomb, Mary sits in the park wiping away tears, all while knitting a sweater for Mu-gyul. Her friends track her down and tell her to forget that two-timing bastard, then take her for a drinking session, advising her alternately to go for Jung-in instead, or grab Mu-gyul for good and fight off that sneaky actress wench.

Another trio of angry ladies present themselves: Mu-gyul’s student fangirls confront him outside the academy, Love Actually-style, bearing signs that insist that he break up with Seo-jun. He inches away from them warily, then breaks into a run.

His bandmates tease him about the gossip, and their paths conveniently cross with Mary’s group. The sidekicks relocate to get their drink on while Mary and Mu-gyul talk.

If the ignored phone calls haven’t been enough of a clue, Mu-gyul can see from Mary’s expression that she’s upset and explains that even if Seo-jun still has feelings for him, it doesn’t mean he has any for her.

Mary points out that he hasn’t made a decisive break with Seo-jun; he asks incredulously if she’s accusing him of clinging to her. While he turns away to get his frustrations under control, Mary walks away holding back tears. She ignores his call again as she rides home on the bus alone, thinking back to that kiss — she’s been busy defending it to everyone else as nothing, but she can’t shake off her feelings of hurt and unease.

Mary calls her friends to find out where Seo-jun lives and makes an unannounced visit. There, her spirits sink to see the framed photos of Seo-jun and Mu-gyul back in their days as a happy couple.

Mary asks why Seo-jun made that announcement today, saying with an accusing tone that if she still loves him, she should have protected that love back when they were together. She gets back the surprising answer that Seo-jun did — that Mu-gyul was the one who couldn’t follow through. And here Mary had assumed that the relationship ended because of Seo-jun’s failing.

Mary’s here to ask Seo-jun to check herself; don’t put Mu-gyul in any further difficult situations.

Mu-gyul hears from Mary’s friends that she went off to see Seo-jun, so off he goes, arriving too late to catch Mary. He asks Seo-jun why she keeps complicating matters, referring to her public declaration, but she says that she can’t control how she feels. She’d have moved on if she could.

She reminds him that she gave up everything — family, background — so she could have him, but he just ended everything suddenly with her. I’m not sure what her point is, ’cause as far as I know love isn’t about keeping score, and Mu-gyul asks if this is her attempt at revenge. He leaves with one request: “Don’t hurt Mary.”

She notes sadly as he heads out, “You’ve really changed.”

Seo-jun texts Jung-in a request to be dropped from the drama, saying that’ll be best for all parties. He tries to call her immediately, only to find that she’s turned off her phone.

Jung-in receives a call from an investor who is pulling his funding, and sits with his head in his hands, feeling overwhelmed with frustration. And then, he looks to his phone and sees the photo of Mary, which I suppose is supposed to be some big symbolic gesture showing us that she’s the shining beacon of hope in his life, or whatever. Instead, I find myself thinking, Man, this drama has the strangest soundtrack.

Mu-gyul combs the streets looking for Mary. Finally, he heads to Mary’s home, where Dad gives him a far-from-friendly greeting, particularly worried since Mary isn’t home yet and isn’t picking up his calls.

The scandal with the actress has turned Mu-gyul into a full-on playboy in Dad’s eyes, and he insists that Mu-gyul stop meeting Mary and shoves him away.

Mary strolls through the neighborhood, deep in thought, and Jung-in casually sidles up next to her until she notices him. They’ve both had rough days, and sigh over how difficult this drama production is going. He had particularly wanted it to succeed because it was his first business endeavor, but he’s finding that everything is going awry.

She encourages him that he can do it, that the project won’t just die, and he thanks her for her vote of convidence.

As they part ways, Mary slips on the ice and goes crashing to the ground. Jung-in acts swiftly — fast enough to grab Mary, but not to prevent their fall, and he ends up with a cut on his forehead. She’s dismayed to have caused him injury, but Jung-in smiles at this reversal from their childhood accident.

Mu-gyul arrives to see Mary sitting with Jung-in after tending to his cut, and jealously grabs her wrist. Glare-off!

Mu-gyul wants to talk with Mary, but she’s not in the mood tonight and tells him to go home, leaving him outside.

He arrives home to find his mother sobbing — her trip to Paris is on the rocks, thanks to her shaky credit. The credit bureau won’t allow her to leave the country unless she pays the 30 million won ($25,000) she owes after being talked into signing as guarantor for a business venture that went bust.

Mu-gyul realizes with horror that she has used 20 million won from his account to pay back most of the debt — the 20 million he was going to return to Jung-in in exchange for dropping the drama. (Guess who’s going back into the production? Again?)

Frustration bubbling over, Mu-gyul asks his mother why she lives like this, always at the mercy of a man who dumps her or cons her of money. Mom falls back on her old excuse — that she’s an “unlucky bitch” — and those hated words remind Mu-gyul that he’s included in that. And that it was her so-called bad luck that led her to have him. He throws those words at her now, angry to be reminded again that he was an unlucky bastard from birth.

Hurt and angry, Mom retorts: “You’re right, I should never have had you. I’m sorry, for giving birth to you without your permission.” She falls to the ground sobbing that she’s sorry. Mu-gyul is torn between being hurt by his mother’s words and for hurting her.

(This scene is probably the best of the episode, because it brings to the surface some real emotions and is grounded in solid acting. That look on Jang Geun-seok’s face as his mother calls him the result of bad luck? It kills me.)

At home, Mary also battles her conflicted feelings, thinking over the events of the day while knitting her red sweater for Mu-gyul, even though her friends had insisted that he doesn’t deserve it. The sweater is something of a symbol in this episode for her feelings, something she turns to whenever she’s feeling particularly torn or upset, even though she’s not sure what she’ll do with it ultimately.

As threatened, Manager Bang and Lee Ahn present Jung-in with paperwork suing for contract cancellation. They argue that Lee Ahn’s missed out on profitable business opportunities and his image suffered as a result of the scandal.

Jung-in apologizes for that, but his sharp mind has started thinking about the origins of the scandal, and who has most to gain from it. He warns Manager Bang that she’s picked the wrong guy to screw over, having picked up on her habit of signing contracts, only to tuck away the signing fee when nullifying the contract.

Lee Ahn has been a loyal client of Manager Bang’s from the beginning of his career, and while he’s selfish and simple, he’s been unaware of his manager’s nefarious dealings, and this takes him by surprise. Jung-in appeals to his sense of decency and says this may be Ahn’s last chance, and asks him to choose wisely: “Manager Bang — or me?” (…in bed?)

President Jung calls sonny boy to tell him he’s putting an end to this drama venture, deciding that Jung-in isn’t fit to run his own business after all. Jung-in kneels in supplication and says that he hasn’t failed yet — he still has a month to convince Mary to marry him.

This he says just as Mary and her father arrive to pay a visit to the president, and they overhear Jung-in pleading for another month before pulling his drama investment. The president declares that he’d already made this decision when his engagement was called off. He orders Jung-in to give up the production company and start working for him instead.

Mary steps in and asks the president to give Jung-in one more chance at the drama. She kneels alongside Jung-in and defends him, saying that the broken engagement was her doing, not his. She’s the one who deserves his scorn.

Who is the president to deny the girl who looks like his long-dead lost love, whom he desperately wants to marry his son? He agrees to grant Jung-in one more chance.

Mary arrives at Mu-gyul’s studio in better spirits today, to his relief. She confesses that she went to see Seo-jun, and She admits that seeing the photos of them made her jealous — it seemed like he’d already done everything she wanted to do with him, but with Seo-jun.

He understands, but assures her that he’s never gone to the skating rink wearing a sweater his girlfriend has made him. They agree to go soon, and Mary promises to finish knitting quickly. Mu-gyul also promises that while he likes her, he’ll only like her — no looking askance at other women. I’m sure he means this in a sweet way, but his time limit (“while I like you”) sounds ominous, and Mary asks, “For how long?” He doesn’t have a ready answer for that.

Mu-gyul’s jealousy flares when Mary telsl him that she’ll have to help Jung-in again, but he understands that she has her loyalty. Still, when she asks him to join her and Jung-in tomorrow for a coffee date to talk things over, he refuses.

The next day, Mary anxiously looks around the cafe, hoping Mu-gyul will show and disappointed that he hasn’t come.

Jung-in interprets this to mean that they can talk this over just between the two of them — which is when Mu-gyul cuts in, here after all.

Sitting down and leveling a firm stare at Jung-in, Mu-gyul suggests that it’s time to cut the child’s play: “Let’s give this real marriage arrangement a try.”


Oh, wait. He means with Mary. Aw. And here I thought…


When I fired up the ol’ internet machine today, I forgot that Mary was airing two episodes today and started watching Episode 11 instead of 10. I can’t believe I watched it for ten minutes before realizing I had accidentally skipped an episode — and strangely enough, even before realizing my mistake, my thoughts on Ep 11 weren’t, “Why is everything moving so fast?” but “We’re STILL here?” So, sigh. The drama-within-the-drama is in trouble — again. Seo-jun is the source of scandal — again. The contract is on — again.

How much more of this can there be? The problem with all this back-and-forthing, aside from merely being repetitive, is that it creates this lack of faith in the resolution. If the characters are stuck in the same dance, over and over and over, then how are we to believe that the final resolution will stick? In order to have any faith in the characters at the core of this drama, we need some real, organic, authentic character development. Advancement instead of just change. I sort of feel like we’re stuck in one of those children’s puzzle games — you know the kind where you have square tiles that you have to slide around, one tile at a time, until the tiles form a picture. Every episode is like one tile move.

It’s funny that the writer is faltering on this drama, because to be honest I actually quite liked her previous show, Love & Marriage, which was also very low-key, loosely plotted, and romance-centric. I remember commenting on the lack of dramatic conflict, and yet in that drama the rest of the story somehow worked within its framework. I suppose it’s because it had more of a theme (marriage, divorce, the possibility of finding your true love the second time around rather than the first), and the main characters — Kim Ji-hoon and Kim Min-hee — had adorable chemistry together. Although certainly Moon Geun-young and Jang Geun-seok have just as much.

Well, I’ll be eager to see what kind of welcome changes Episode 11 brings. Please, let there be some. And for the better.


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  1. mhaia

    recapped just came out?

    First to read? wow.. nice.. 🙂

  2. Y

    Thanks for the recap 🙂

  3. Karluhh

    I don’t understand why the drama is that bad.I really like it.It’s a breezy watch,plus there’s more than enough eye candy.Yes,I think the drama had lots of unused potential,but I hate to see people bashing and being so dissappointed in this drama.Maybe I’m just biased and I want Jang Geun Suk to be successful in everything 😉

    • 3.1 Bella

      I started off loving this drama to pieces because of the two leads were super adorable but don’t you think the plot has been stuck in the same position for the last 9 episodes???

      • 3.1.1 lyra

        and they ended the lagged episodes by replacing the writer. *winks*

      • 3.1.2 miss unknown

        I agree! I started being very optimistic about the drama cuz of the two leads! They’re so adorable and have alot of chemistry but then it really just stuck at one place for the past I guess u could say 9 episodes….it’s the same thing over and over again which I hate!!! There’s no development on the characters at all! From Mary to Jung-in to Mu-gyul, etc…it’s saddening…They’ve been the same them ever since this drama started… I wished they would have developed Jung-in’s character more b/c the end is coming soon now…there’s really no time left…And Mu-gul if he really wants to keep Mary, why don’t he cut his hair as a way of sacrified and shows that he really loves and cherish Mary like Mary’s dad wants!? Ugggh…there’s so much things that could happend, but the writer is staying still and it’s getting on my nerves…LOL

        • newbie

          In reality, cutting your hair short doesn’t prove that you love a person even if that person’s parents tell you to do it.

          • Anonymous

            true, but the premise of the DRAMA is not realistic at all…

      • 3.1.3 whatis

        yea… totally.
        At some point, I’m thinking… are we just purposely dragging out all the episodes in between 5 and 15? Just run the same problems over and over and over again until we get to the big finale.

        At some point, the cute can’t compensate for the lack of coherence of the story.

        And sometimes… the cute is just cute. I don’t even know what the purpose of the cute is. There are just long music videos of them being cute.

        • Amg1

          Well I am sad to say that as of episode 9 I am “Officially Off” this drama I will keep reading the recaps, but I think I have wasted 9 hours, the multiple personalities of this drama have proven to be more than I can handle, hopefully with the new writer things may change but episode 10 still show that the writer just did a ‘Half Ass” job, and the first causality in this drama wars has been the story line, another drama that could have been, how sad !!!!! : O {

          • Emeldy

            I have to agree with all of you. Before the drama aired i was so excited. I adore the cast. But i am sad to admit that this drama failed to get me hooked. I tried liking it, i seriously did. I stop watching by ep.6 and by ep.9 i am not even interested in reading the recap, The story has failed to hook me. Sorry! I am officially leaving the bus.

  4. Bella

    Thanks for the recap! Please let there be some changes!! I really hope the plot will move on without being in the same place for episodes after episodes.

    • 4.1 a-a-a

      Yeah.. Talk about changes! The plot just won’t move forward. It’s as if, due to the failure of the marriage contract the first time around, the new writer get another shot… and the viewers will probably shoot themselves soon…. BANG! lol

  5. zan

    finaly!! been stalking this site for updates on Mary.. and seriously.. the plot is getting dull that i am reading recaps rather than watching the episodes.. hmm.. hope the new change of writer brings something fresh on the plate.. ah well!!

    ME first!! haha

    • 5.1 Jomo

      **Spoiler Warning at comment 6 below**

  6. Disneyfan

    Come on now, this series is not that bad. I enjoy watching it, maybe I’m a bit biased also because I love the two main leads, MGY & JGS. Together they make the sweetest couple and every scene they have together just shine.

    I also watched ep.11, and definitely there’s improvement. Mu-Gyul realize he’s been changing since he met Mary. Gotta love the ice skating scenes between them and jealous Mu-Gyul is so adorable.

    • 6.1 Natalie

      same here! i don’t think the series is that bad although i was hoping for a bit more with ep 11.

      Every scene with Mu Gyul and Mary is just so incredibly precious. JGS and MGY have amazing and such natural chemistry.

    • 6.2 Amg1

      *PLEASE GIVE AMPLE WARNING BEFORE POSTING SPOILERS* One of the main “PROTOCOLS” here at Dramabeans, is to only comment about the episode that has been recap, if you do nt warn people than is Uncool to spoiled it for them since a lot of people have not watched episode 11 yet!!!! LOOKS LIKE YOU GUYS ARE A BUNCH OF NEWBIES AROUND HERE!

      In all seriousness please post a warning at the beginning and at the end of your classing spoiler!!!

      Thank you guys a bunch!!
      : O }

      • 6.2.1 Amg1

        .edit. I meant “closing”!!

    • 6.3 MSOAN

      I must agree with u….yup i think this series is not that bad….i love it ;D

  7. js7

    I think Jung- in should get the girl!! Just to settle this nonsense that has been continuing for the last 6 episodes!!!!! Seriously!!! I like the drama, but its not going anywhere!!!!! 🙁

    • 7.1 serenity56

      i agree! i really don’t know and i’m not sure but the story is just progressing really slowly. it is true that the cheesy moments between Maeri and Mugyul are cute but common, i don’t know which direction are they really heading. it’s getting boring.

  8. Nokcha

    The ‘eye wars’ between Jung-in and Mu-gyul kill me..

    • 8.1 semigemi

      i keep going: “kiss him kiss him” every time they do that

  9. Natalie

    Pretty much the same stuff again, but the campfire/rooftop scene was ADORABLE, and the emotional blowup between Moo-Kyul and his mom was so good and yeah, painful to watch—– how many times must Jang Geun Suk play a musician that is blamed to be the cause of all his mother’s problems, haha.

    I’m fine with the character development of the two leads so far, but I’m really hoping they’ll step it up with Jung In, who is boring me again.

  10. 10 mybus

    JGS was definitely fantastic in the quarrel scene between MG and mum…I think I re-watched it a few times just to soak in the wonderful performance.

  11. 11 bobo

    The one thing I don’t understand–didn’t Seo Jun give up her family/life, etc. so she could pursue acting? Why is she blaming it on Mu Gyul when they were only together for a month anyway? I guess that’s why I’m having so much trouble standing her character. You were together for a month, and then he dumped you. Get a clue, he doesn’t like you. I don’t understand why she thinks she has the right be upset at all. Get over it. So sick of the psycho ex-girlfriend.

    • 11.1 moonstruck

      my thoughts, exactly.

  12. 12 vietnamfan

    This is a meaningful drama!Keep watching it!

  13. 13 Alexis

    I really hope this drama starts moving on fast.. It’s really disappointing so far.

  14. 14 lyra

    “Manager Bang — or me?” (…in bed?)

    LMAO!!! now all i can think about KJW is in Bed!! haha!

    i also have the same feeling about episode ten since it wraps up the ex-writer lagging quest. when i started episode 11 , i was also surprised about the immediate ( i mean RUSH) turn of events. but live streaming didnt cooperate that much that i was like a blind last night . arghh.

    because of the gradually lost of Seo jun’s coolness, i find her a bitter ex girlfriend . =(

    and i may be watching the episode 10 raw tonight because of JGS ‘ dilemma towards her mother. woot

    thanks for the recap, as always! ^^

  15. 15 Dramabeansfan

    woohoo! THIRD! 😀

  16. 16 estee

    hi there, tq A LOT 4 ur recaps. usually im just a silent reader coz everytime i want 2 give a comment it would be the 50th or above… MSOAN is totally boring from d storyline but i really love JGS N MGY cappingas a cuple. much better than in ur beautiful (my 0pinion)..dont stop recapping this drama ok????? aku cinta drama korea^^

  17. 17 semigemi

    “Manager Bang — or me?” (…in bed?)
    i giggled like a 12 year old reading that

  18. 18 kaigou

    “Instead, I find myself thinking, Man, this drama has the strangest soundtrack.”

    *dies laughing*

    I’d say that’s on a par with my response to some of the scenes: gee, I wonder if those plants in the background are real or fake. Hunh.

  19. 19 danni

    “Instead, I find myself thinking, Man, this drama has the strangest soundtrack.”
    -Yeah, that’s what I thought throughout both of these episodes which says a lot since I don’t usually pay attention to background music when watching dramas.

    Ha, somehow the in bed? joke never seems to get old.

    The scene with Mu-gyul and his mom got to me too, but left me frustrated. The potential for this drama to be better is there, that scene proved it, but then we’re back to the same old same old. *Sigh*

    I actually liked these two episodes of Mary. I guess watching Mary works if you switch your brain off and just go with what’s going on,though I have to admit I was screaming at my laptop near the middle of episode 11.

    I agree about the Love&Marriage thing (except the fact that nothing ever happened drove me nuts. Seriously, nothing happened. EVER. Well, until the parents’ divorce, that was interesting). Somehow though, I’m enjoying Mary more, even though I’ve skipped watching some episodes and just read recaps.

    I’m a little disappointed that we’re back at the marriage contract, but really, who didn’t see that coming? We’ve got to keep Jung-in in the game somehow. I wish the whole drama production thing could get scrapped though because it’s just boring and nothing ever seems to get accomplished (actors are in, actors are out, this is Jung-in’s last chance, Jung-in gets another chance), but this is Mary so…sigh.

    For what it’s worth, the recaps make watching Mary more enjoyable. Your and gf’s cracks on the show always have me laughing. Thanks again jb!

    • 19.1 Emeldy

      I have to agree with JB on this. Love&Marriage was way more Fun. I kinda enjoyed the cuteness factor more in Love&Marriage.

    • 19.2 YesungBiased

      guys, episode 11 and 12 are MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better! don’t give up on this drama yet!
      there’s cute scenes, funny scenes, and more conflict!

      but yeah, if they don’t keep Jung In in the game, I might as well stop watching. I just want my Jung In moments♥ whether if that’s with Mary or someone else, as long as he’s cute and happy, I’m happy watching him.

      and yeah, Mary most likely won’t choose him in the end, but at least i get my moments. I’ll prepare myself for the ultimate heartbreak T___________T i don’t wanna see Jung In get his heart broken……….

      • 19.2.1 Biscuit

        This drama has already has a lot of “cute scenes, funny scenes, and more conflict”. (and here I’am thinking, “Oh boy, MORE conflict? Finish solving answer A before giving us a gazillion more conflicts, drama.”) But I think what some of us viewers want is the story to PROGRESS ;D

        • Anonymous

          Hear, hear!

          Cute scenes are great in dramas as long as the story is also moving along.

          Ex: MGIAG > cute scenes + funny scenes + breakthroughs, development, & growth = one of the best 2010 kdramas

  20. 20 claire

    well for me, i really love the drama…come on you should expect this because it came from a manhwa anyway…i’m addicted to this, my friends and cousins too love this drama…oh well each and every one of us has different tastes and entitled to our own opinions…

    • 20.1 Biscuit

      I’ve actually read plenty of manhwas/mangas/comics that were very well written. This would just mean that I wouldn’t last an hour reading MSOAN and others would just say that the manhwa is very flawed to begin with. Not saying it’s true, it’s just that it being a manhwa wouldn’t excuse it for being draggy. So I didn’t really expect it to be like this… really.

      But I guess it really goes down to taste 😀
      I agree it’s fun to watch for it’s cute moments.

  21. 21 whatis

    Okay, I rolled with episode 10. I didn’t know where it was taking me, but I went with it. Felt like we were setting up to embark on the rest of the journey. Like.. this is it.. crazy seo jun went nuts, and now, everyone’s going to have to go over this hurdle, and we’ll be good.

    But no… episode 11 was killer, went backwards or something? I have no idea. Couldn’t even watch it till the end i got so tired. I’m depending on you, dramabeans, to tell me what happens. ’cause quite frankly, I really, really cannot stand to watch it anymore.

    Please tell me good news on the 2nd half of Episode 11.

    • 21.1 anais

      I totally forgot that Episode 11 was penned by the new writer, primarily because it seemed to recycle the worst of the old stuff and threw in some other aggravating cliches from k-drama canon.

      Worst of all, I’ve been watching the show primarily because I adore Mugyul and Mary as a couple and because Mugyul was just so cool. But episode 11 made me wonder whatever happened to that very cool (not the too cool for school coolness, but genuine coolness) character. JGS’s acting also rang a bit false with this shift in character. I’m hoping that the writer was a bit handicapped coming in and developing the random plot points already begun by the production. Here’s keeping fingers crossed.

  22. 22 Christy

    “Lady, be careful what you wish for. With a boyfriend like Mu-gyul, you’re more likely to be mistaken for sisters.”

    Your recaps always make me laugh. 😀

    I certainly like this episode better than the last. More emotions, more poignant scenes. Finally they’re getting their act together.

  23. 23 nope

    Hope it be the last time seeing this kind of story telling style!!let’s pray…ecxept two lead..everythings are boring with this drama..

  24. 24 LL

    can it get any worse?
    i mean even i skip 3 episode and come back to watch it ].. still the same…nothing change nothing NOTHING

    that’s how bad the writer is…
    why you want to continue watch the drama when everything is just running the same old circled of events..
    and it bored me so much i have to stop watch it..

    • 24.1 soli

      JKS and MGY are good couple..but that’s not enough,they’re just going to repitetive dates and then ánything don’t improve just staring at eachother isn’t meaningful chemistry in my opinion…I prefer don’t write anything abt storyline it will make me nervouse.

  25. 25 mmmaggie

    Twenty-first? 😛

    As someone who hated Playful Kiss for similar reasons until I decided to accept it for what it was and enjoy it, I am actually still liking MSOAN. JGS — cute. KJW — cute. The band — cute. It’s amazing how much patience I have for a cute boy, let alone lots of cute boys. 😉 Also I think that even though the plot seems to be spinning its wheels, the actors are so strong that they make their scenes watchable. Having said that, I really hope with the new writer, the plot starts focusing on questions you and girlfriday brought up in previous recaps — Mu-gyul’s lifestyle and outlook on marriage/relationships that are the real issues in a Mary/Mu-gyul coupling. The allusion to that today, with Mu-gyul promising to be faithful WHILE he’s into her, is something I hope they build on because that would be really interesting.

    Thanks for the recap, javabeans!

    • 25.1 lyra

      we are still in the same bus with different driver. yey! ^_^

  26. 26 koreandramalover/kdl

    “Mu-gyul is torn between being hurt by his mother’s words and for hurting her.
    (This scene is probably the best of the episode, because it brings to the surface some real emotions and is grounded in solid acting. That look on Jang Geun-seok’s face as his mother calls him the result of bad luck? It kills me.)”

    i was tearing up at the scene and rewatched it several times because it was just so awesome!!!

    Sitting down and leveling a firm stare at Jung-in, Mu-gyul suggests that it’s time to cut the child’s play: “Let’s give this real marriage arrangement a try.”


    Oh, wait. He means with Mary. Aw. And here I thought…

    haha!!!! javabeans, here YOU killed me with your awesome imagination!!! 😉

    THANKS SO SO MUCH, javabeans (and girlfriday),
    for not giving up on recapping this drama… 😉

    you and your recaps complete me…
    in my humble exploration of the Kdramaland…;)

    • 26.1 rachel

      thks for recap.

      just as mentioned above – 2 great things about mary stayed out all nite :

      – jks’ awesome acting

      – javabeans/gf’s witty comments/hilarious imagination 😀

      pl continue to make my day with yr recaps of this drama!!

      • 26.1.1 koreandramalover/kdl

        rachel, how blessed are we to have found Dramabeans and the awesome Javabeans and Girlfriday and the other equally awesome recappers, right? 😉

        and i echo your sentiment, rachel :

        dearest Javabeans, Girlfriday and the other recappers, please continue to make our days by gracing our lives with your one-of-a-kind-out-of-this-world-unforgettably-superlative thoughts and feelings on the dramas in Kdramaland… 😉

        thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kind souls… 😉

  27. 27 JOYce

    Big Thanks for the recaps <3

    all i can say is.. the wheels on the bus go round and round…

  28. 28 Dandelion

    Thanks jb and for the song too!,

    You are my recap entertainer than watching MMM. lol !!

    Something to add to your comments if you don’t mind.

    “With a boyfriend like Mu-gyul, you’re more likely to be mistaken for sisters.”

    Most of the time when they are going out together without the kissing scenes they are sibblings !!.

    “He inches away from them warily, then breaks into a run.”

    His actions look girly and sissy too – sorry MG & MR fans !.

    “Mu-gyul arrives to see Mary sitting with Jung-in after tending to his cut, and jealously grabs her wrist. Glare-off!

    – Kind of immature behaviour since he has been going places and sleeping together, spending more time with MR then dating time between JI with MR,
    MG lacks confidence of his lover – MR ?.

    The lift scene and the bonfire scene – NOT necessary
    because they had done so many things together, what else to let us know that their love is now stronger then before and they will not be thrashed or trampled by others ?.

    As for the bowing scene, they look more like a couple who recently got married ….

    • 28.1 YesungBiased

      Yeah, I’m getting irritated and annoyed with Moo Kyul’s immature behavior. Can’t he trust Mary to be loyal? He knows that she’s loyal, yet he won’t leave her alone with Jung In tsk tsk tsk.
      Yeah, getting a little irritated and annoyed with his imaturity and jealousy (which I guess it might be because of his mother’s relationship issues, as well as his own…..?). I’m relying on the cuteness of Kim Jae Wook/Jung In to get me through this drama, which can only be possible if he’s with Mary (or Seo Joon, but most likely with Mary).

      Hopefully he new writer can turn it up a few notches, as well as having more Jung In/Mary moments! Itching to see more of those moments!

  29. 29 hmseen

    I am still keeping some faith that there will be some turns to the storyline that give the punches we want…. let see how ep 12 goes…. although I still love to see the lovey dovey scenes of the main leads…..

    Thanks for the recps jb

  30. 30 Eyerisk

    Thanks jb,
    you make me laugh more with your comments !!.

    The marriage contract again – ahem !! The screenwriter is going for the “face” off for JI character
    for the cute couple to be together in the end.

    Too late to give more “jive” to JI character development.

    So, of course the “prized” scene will be on the cute couple, we see that coming from now on from the new screenwriter !!. JI to the very last hwaiting !!

  31. 31 Nom_Kitteh

    Thanks for the recap, JB.

    Hopefully there will be movement from this point forward. One hopes. The problem, though, is that there is nowhere for the drama to move to. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, at stake. Mary and MG could right now move in with each other, lead a life of sex-den debauchery, and really, there would be no real consequence, and nothing in the world would significantly change or be affected if Mary were to be with MG or if Mary were to be with JI. Therein lies the problem.

    HOWEVER, if the new writer can shove this drama away from puppy love and cliched crap about bad mothers and bad fathers to a genuine love story of three young people loving each other and facing the pitfalls of love — real heartbreak and all — without the contrivances of fake marriages, etc. — then this drama has a shot at succeeding.

    I hope the new writer lets Mary genuinely have feelings for both guys. THAT would be a good stake. Let JI have feelings for Mary AND have care for MG. Let MG care about JI. Let this be a kind of Que Sera Sera type of messed-up messiness of messy emotions — but lighter, of course — and then we might salvage something awesome from this drama.

    I think you’ll enjoy ep. 11. There are subtle differences that do tell you that we are in another writer’s text 🙂 .

    All that said, I am really enjoying the light escapism the drama offers, and the two male leads are just so easy on the eyes (ah, so, so easy on the eyes).

    • 31.1 Ara

      You just took the words right out of my mouth. Are you my long lost twin perhaps? <<< this might be a new Melodrama idea. Lol.

    • 31.2 koreandramalover/kdl

      i second u on your thoughts, Nom_Kitteh…every single one of them… 😉

      and i totally agree that JGS and KJW are such delectable eye-candy…


      need i say more? 😉

  32. 32 Ara

    I see why this drama is loosing its marbles. The whole plot only sticks to a typical kdrama pattern: second character conflicts and do-you-love-me-or-not arguments which we know is very overused in kdramas. How about adding more mu gyul versus Jung in (in bed) angst in it?

    Adding the character of seo jun in this drama in the first place was the big mistake. If they could have let it flowed with just Mu gyul, Jung in and Maeri like in the manhwa and not involving another party to rock the love boat between the main characters could have change the whole plotline dramatically. That could have might made the drama more interesting than what it is now.

    What the production crew is focusing right now is just to fanservice everyone which is not working. They should show more stronger plots, instead of focusing on an irrelevant problem and dragging it till the last episodes of the drama.

    I have to agree with the mugyul- mother scene. Now that’s the plot I’m talking about.

    I hope the new writer makes some changes soon because the high expectation we had for this manhwa turned drama is starting to run out.

    They should ask the manhwa writer of msoan for some suggestions as well, like what the full house production did. Btw, she is the same author who wrote msoan and full house.

    • 32.1 soli

      agree..this drama is based on the fanservice!
      that’s why just couple fans admire it…Wrong way.

    • 32.2 Ara

      I was writing this in such a hurry in my iPhone that there might be a lot of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

  33. 33 selenoliber

    I love the main couple but hopefully a new writer means a whole new direction. The chemistry is being wasted b/c the characters aren’t allowed to grow organicly. Instead, they are trapped by a horrible plot that plops them here and there and expects them to react to the same situation over and over again. The truly sad part is that they have so much to work with–so much original material in Mu-gyul’s character, and his insecurities, not to mention the similarities in family situations between him and Mary. If only they would explore some new branch where the couple could focus on solving their problems instead of just blaming inept parents, lamenting over scandals and walking in at inopportune times to see their loverboy/girl smooching someone else.

  34. 34 Dionie

    Thank you jb, what a good laughed I had !!

    The characters are necessary for a drama but how the actors acting mould the story of MMM !

    And also how we as viewers comments on the the plot story and also on the acting.

  35. 35 mee

    =[ disappointed with this ep… oh welps i can still look forward to secret garden sub comin out in couple of days yay =D

  36. 36 Katey B

    Hi Javabeans,

    I haven’t watched this episode yet (as am revisiting My name is Kim Sam Soon and I don’t want to break Hyun Bin the spell.)

    I figured I could still read your recaps for MSOAN though and you had me laughing aloud and saying ‘Girl, you really like the boy-on-boy action’.

    Your later comments make me think we are still in Days of our Lives mode with MSOAN which is a shame.

    Oh well, back to My name is Kim Sam Soon for me.

    Hang in there.

    • 36.1 Katey B

      Have now watched Ep 10 of MSOAN and didn’t find it bad but it’s definitely lost its luster. I used to watch each episode before it was subbed, read the recap here, then watch the subbed versions. Now I’m thinking I’ll just wait for the subs then read the recap…

      I still think the actors are awesome as they’re so believable. It’s their job I guess as professionals but a change in writer and the problems beforehand must have been stressful. Like most people here I feel it’s the lack of story development that is the drawback.

      Will get around to Ep. 11 tonight probably but don’t feel any urgency.

      Props to the DB duo for sticking with this and dramas they find lacking. Also appreciate it when they give up on a drama-having to watch a drama crash repeatedly will take it out of anyone.

  37. 37 dianne

    thanks a lot! as per usual, you had me laughing on most of your quips. ““Manager Bang — or me?” (…in bed?)” almost had me laughing out loud in front of my customer (im a customer service officer)! im eagerly waiting for recaps for ep 11. thanks again jb! 🙂

  38. 38 alice

    thanks JB for the recap, but to be honest im really not as excited to see MSOAN as i was 9 episodes ago. This is probably one of the first recaps that i’ve gone through reading only things here and there…

  39. 39 pohonphee

    ROLF He’s happiest is when he’s conditioning his hair.
    This boy and his precious hair. ha, ha, ha

    I have a suspicion the reason why Moon Geun Young has to have hair extension in this drama is because JGS precious hair. At least the woman lead role has hairstyle as good as or as stunning as man lead role has, doesn’t she?

    Like for now on, every woman actor becoming JGS co-star in drama or movie will have to do something with her hair, anything or it won’t be good enough to match JGS hair.

  40. 40 Jomo

    It’s funny you said:
    “I can’t believe I watched [ep 11] for ten minutes before realizing I had accidentally skipped an episode…”

    I watched ep 10 raw before realizing I had never watched 9 with English subs. It’s prolly the awesome job you guys are doing with the recaps that I don’t need to completely understand what they are saying, but still.
    I didn’t feel like I had missed anything crucial.

    For goodness sakes, biggest waste of hotness goes to Kim Jae-wook in this role. I mean, come on! JGS can deliver on the cute, but why isn’t KJW playing the sexily threatening rival who can seduce her with a look and a touch?

    • 40.1 tariattanahjawa

      good idea, that would be something. cutesy vs lustful.
      I know who got my vote.
      I’m leaving the bus too, just read the recap. don’t even bother to see any cute scene videos that were uploaded on several blogs either. I need my SG fix, maybe I re-watch MNKSS too, or TWTLI there’s a lot smoochy there.

  41. 41 cha

    i am really really starting to get irritated by the seo joon character…enough to really quit watching the drama…i hope the new writer starts minimizing her presence in the upcoming episode…i think her character takes away a lot of opportunity for the 3 main characters to develop…i really dont see any need for her…

  42. 42 belle-fleur

    thanks for recap!!!!
    it`s really adorable to watch the cuteness of the main leads))))))

  43. 43 belle-fleur

    thanks for recap!!!!
    it`s really adorable to watch the cuteness of the main leads))))))
    can`t wait the next recap^_^

  44. 44 Dionie

    Those pictures displaye4d nice on her table chest tell us a lot of things going on intimately with MG, too bad she can’t get over she can’t get over

    • 44.1 Dione

      missed the sentence.

      her lover.

  45. 45 Anonymous

    Honestly, I gave up watching this drama after epi 3? All the parents are just too much, the plot is not atrracting me. I mean I also love the cute moments of the Geun couple but the cute moments are not enough for me. Same with Secret garden. It’s like the plot is going in circles while the character remained the same-for now. Only the funny and cute moments that are keeping many to watch this. But I’ll miss it this time. I do enjoy reading recaps though.

  46. 46 @.@

    seriously, it’s more than halfway through the drama, and still a weak story….i’m hoping that the new writer can give us more logic and reasonable conflict (not useless angst either, because that gets on my nerves) and has some character development for all the characters

  47. 47 Lahlita

    @Javabeans Beanie-unni, if you had to choose between Moon Geun Young drama vessels, either watching the first ten episodes of MSOAN on endless loop or watching Cinderella’s Sister on loop, which would you choose? And, no, ending your own life is not an option. If you end your life, your consciousness will wake up in another identical Javabeans body, Battlestar Galactica-cylon-style, locked in a room where two TV screens will now be playing the drama you chose.

    • 47.1 rainerust

      -Laughs like mad- oh that would be SO entertaining! Actually CS was decent up until Ep 12 I think but hmmm 10 eps of fluff like MSOAN or CS?! You’re killing me that is not a choice I’d like. How about first 10 eps of SG on loop? I could sorta deal w that.

      • 47.1.1 Lahlita

        Sorry, Rainerust, but there’s no Secret Garden in this hell. It’s either the first ten episodes of MSOAN or all of Cinderella’s Sister (I’m leaving in the good episodes as well as the awful ones).
        *Rubs hands together in evilry*

  48. 48 Abby

    But I don’t understand why 2 episodes aired yesterday… I’m puzzled about that…

    • 48.1 cha

      ..2 weeks ago they only showed 1 episode for the week because of the bombing in south korea..

      • 48.1.1 0o0o

        Ohhh..I thought They decide to end this sooner… anyway they can skip two 0r tree eps,No difference! that guys will going to casual dates and in eps MG and Mary will mary. FIN

  49. 49 rayray

    I have broken up once before with this show,went back again and now I m more or less in limbo now that they have changed the writer! I think I ll stick to reading the recaps and if the new writing redeems the show then I ll consider watching again after the show ends 😐

  50. 50 Bex

    I just gave up at the end of episode 8. I find, in dramas, if feelings are confessed when you’re only halfway through… it’s gonna get boring/angsty/dramatic.
    I hope there’s a new twist soon (or more Mu Kyul/Jung In moments…)
    If not, I’ll keep reading the recaps for good scenes to use in MV’s, because that’s really all this drama is good for at the moment.

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