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Mary Stayed Out All Night: Episode 11
by | December 14, 2010 | 201 Comments

Listen, it doesn’t make any more SENSE, but the pace is up and the cute is up, so we’re in happy territory. I wish the live-in hijinks had begun eons ago, not only because it made more sense back when the contracts were in effect, but because they add a nice layer of conflict and interaction that was sorely needed. Seo-jun continues to be an energy suck, but Jung-in steps up his game, and now the triangle seems to be back in action. Finally. Now if we could just get all three of them to move in together…


Mu-gyul lays down the new (completely irrational) gauntlet: they should just play house then. Um…WHAT, now? Like all move in together? And share a bed? I know we made jokes, but…

Oh, that’s not what you mean? It’s hard to tell with all that charged staring going on between the guys. They don’t even know that Mary’s in the room, to be honest, let alone consider what she might have to say about all this living-with-two-fake-husbands deal.

Outside, she asks Mu-gyul why on earth he asked for them to get further entangled in this marriage contract by playing house. Yes, good question. He shoots back angrily that he just threw it out there because he was sick and tired of time-sharing his girlfriend, and never in a million years expected Jung-in to agree. But…now you’re just going to time-share her with sleepover privileges. Be honest. You just wanted her to spend the night.

Show, If you were going to go the route of extra crazy marriage contract hijinks, then why didn’t you do that back when you could’ve gone all out, at Episode 2? Now it just makes even less sense than it would have before. Sigh. Whatever. It makes no sense, but better crazy roommate hijinks than zero conflict stasis. Bring on the nekkid bathroom run-ins!

Mary comes home to find that Dad has got the exact same idea in his head too—she’s to move out and go to Jung-in’s house at once! Convenient that everyone’s falling in step. Mary begs for one day to think it over, and Dad reluctantly agrees.

She calls Mu-gyul to say that maybe it’s better that they go with his crazy plan, which he balks at. But…you’re the one who brought it up! Did everybody have a lobotomy?

Jung-in comes by to get permission from Dad, and Mary agrees to the plan. She asks Jung-in why he agreed to this when he knows how she feels about Mu-gyul. He says that he’s helping her in the only way he can, as she helped him. She sets one thing straight: her loyalty to Jung-in is just that—loyalty, and her feelings for Mu-gyul won’t change. He says it’s okay and she gets ready to move in the next day.

Mu-gyul warns her over the phone that in all the world, the one thing you can’t trust is men. Hehe. She reminds him that HE’s a man, so is he not to be trusted either? Mu-gyul answers with the phrase most commonly uttered by men, in all languages, the world over: Men are not to be trusted, except for me!

He tells her to check the locks on the bathroom twice every time, and not to wear short skirts. Despite his posturing, she finds his worrying cute, and promises to check in. She packs to leave and has a sweet moment with Dad, who finally lets it sink in that his baby is leaving. Aw. Despite his egregious errors in the responsible parent department, their relationship is cute. She gives him a proper bow before she leaves, and she ends up worrying more about Dad eating properly without her.

She arrives at Jung-in’s house, and he shows her to her room, which he’s basically built into the library, so that she can sleep amongst the books. She takes one off the shelf and notices a handwritten post-it note from Jung-in addressed to her, and finds one in book after book: his thoughts on the theme of the book, and a personal note to her. OMG that’s the cutest thing ever. I’m totally nerd-swooning right now.

Mu-gyul waits all day for her call to no avail, and false-starts a few angry text messages before giving up, so as not to appear petty. Heh. Your cover’s blown, buddy. You should just own it.

Mary and Jung-in have dinner with his father, who over dinner calls her “baby,” not in the romantic sense (ew), but like a parent would call his own child, saying that he just wanted to call her that once. Then, he tops it off by giving her a present…an engagement ring the size of Kansas. What the…?

Who gets an engagement ring from her father-in-law-to-be? And that’s not even factoring the double ick of that ring probably having been intended for her mother, who happens to look just like her…oh, gross.

Jung-in complies and puts the ring on her finger, making Mary feel awkward that they have to keep up the act in front of his father. At home she tries to return it, but he asks her to keep it at least for the duration of the contract, since it’s a sign of affection from his father.

On the other side of town, Mu-gyul’s friends and Mary’s friends call Mu-gyul out for drinks, knowing that this is Mary and Jung-in’s First Night together. They joke that despite their trust in Mary, they know nothing of the other guy, who can’t possibly “just be sleeping.” Plus, they say, if he romances her with candles, she’s done for. It’s enough to drive Mu-gyul to drink, and then leave in an aggravated huff.

He goes home and stews in his jealousy, long enough to let his mind wander to an imaginary scenario where Jung-in wines and dines Mary with over-the-top candles and music…enough to bring her over to the dark side.

His phone startles him out of the reverie—it’s Mary, and he answers with: “What are you DOING that you aren’t sleeping right now??” Hahaha. She’s been knitting his sweater, so she answers that it’s a secret, just hitting his raw nerve even more: “You have secrets? That you’re keeping from ME?”

She tells him that Jung-in turned the library into a room for her in a pleasant tone, adding that it’s not as bad as she thought—being here. That just sends him over the edge: “Really, then if it’s that great, just live there then. Don’t come back tomorrow, and just stay there forever!” I do love a jealous Mu-gyul. So cute.

Mary stays up all night to finish knitting Mu-gyul’s sweater, and comes out to find Jung-in setting the breakfast table. He adorably sits down to practice what he’s going to say to her, and how he’s going to act, which just makes him extra sweet in Mary’s eyes, and mine for that matter. It echoes his dorky moment trying to leave that note for her at his father’s house. She catches him in the act, making him do a spit take in embarrassment, but he coolly recovers and greets her as if nothing happened. Ha.

Jung-in goes in to work that day and greets a sullen Mu-gyul, who’s back to work on the OST. Jung-in asks if he might know where Seo-jun disappeared to, but Mu-gyul tells him to keep him out of all things Seo-jun related.

He asks if anything…happened last night with Mary, and Jung-in sees the opportunity to jab at his nerve. Jung-in: “Are you curious about our First Night?” Mu-gyul: “No! I’m not curious IN THE LEAST.” Jung-in: “Perhaps it’s best if you hear about it directly from Mary-sshi.” He gives his best eyebrow arch and leaves with a saucy smile, as Mu-gyul stews in his jealous soup.

Mary arrives to find Mu-gyul’s mom deep in the throes of breakup/finance angst, and she makes the giant mistake of showing her the engagement ring that she got from Jung-in’s dad. Mom tries it on and swoons, thinking all her problems could be solved with just the one bauble…

…leading her to ask Mary in haste if she can borrow it. Mary hardly hears her and just says “Yes” without realizing what she said, but Mom runs out before she can stop her. Oh, geez.

To make matters worse, Dad calls, wanting to drop some medicine by Jung-in’s house, so Mary dashes out to meet him there. She calls Mu-gyul, whose face falls to hear that she’s back at Jung-in’s, but she promises that she’ll come back no matter what.

Mu-gyul arrives at home to find Mom packing for Paris in delight. He wonders how she took care of her debt, and she tells him that she basically pawned Mary’s ring, which she tells him was Mary’s idea. Oy.

Mu-gyul has finally had enough of his crazy mom’s antics, and blows up at her for her irresponsibility. She swears that she can pay it back as soon as she lands in Paris, but he doesn’t believe her; who could? He lays into her for all the times she’s hurt him and left him behind, without a care for his feelings, and tells her this time, never to return.

She doesn’t believe him at first, but he’s done being jerked around, and with tears in his eyes, he repeats that she should never come back. Heartbreaking. Mu-gyul’s mom is the epitome of the flighty narcissist, and even as she fights back tears, she STILL goes.

Mary gets stuck at Jung-in’s place, as Dad stays for dinner and drinks, insisting drunkenly that they call each other yeobo like husband and wife. Mary gets a call from Mu-gyul, who’s waiting for her outside.

She sneaks out, and he rails into her for enjoying the good life with a rich heir and taking pity on him—his assumption, of course, thinking that Mary gave his mom the ring. Mary can’t get a word in edgewise to explain, as Mu-gyul calls it quits and leaves her in tears.

He goes home to find the sweater that Mary knitted for him, tucked away in his fridge of all places. He holds it to his face and immediately feels like a heel for his hurtful words. He thinks of the skating rink and heads there alone, wearing his new red sweater.

Mary’s dad finally dozes off, and she rushes back to Mu-gyul’s place. He isn’t there, but she sees that he’s found his sweater, so she realizes where he must be.

Mu-gyul skates with a long face, and finds himself looking around despite himself. He scans the crowd, and Eskimo Mary appears in the crowd, making him light up instantly. He thanks her for showing up and they hug. Aw.

Commence cuteness! Mary and Mu-gyul spend the evening at the ice rink, doing what they do best—making puppy eyes at each other, melting all the ice around them.

Lee Ahn finds Seo-jun hiding out at a club, where she admits to wanting to be found, but not by him. Manager Bang shows up to ask if she wants to sign with her, which gets her a drink in the face in response. Seo-jun asks if she made a pretty penny selling her scandal pictures, and they end up in an actual catfight. Seo-jun pushes Manager Band against a wall, drawing blood. Whoops. That’s the lawsuit-happy lady you just hit there.

Mary and Mu-gyul return home from their date, and without turning on the lights, Mu-gyul draws her in for a hug, and then goes in for the kill…

…which is when their friends flip the lights on and totally kill the mood with a giant banner that reads: Congratulations on your First Night! HAhahaha. Worst way to deliver your intended message, ever. They totally invade their space with their usual round of drinking games, so Mary and Mu-gyul sneak out for some alone time.

Mu-gyul offers to play her a song that he wrote while thinking of her. Oh, dear. Get those smelling salts ready!

He plays it for her, just humming the melody since he hasn’t written the lyrics yet. Mary looks at him the only way you COULD look at your boyfriend who wrote a song just for you, and she tells him that it feels warm, and unlike any of his other songs.

He tells her that it’s how she makes him feel (AW) and that it’s the first time his music style has changed. I love the implication of that—that Mary has changed him so thoroughly that his music is different now.

Mu-gyul: I want to put lyrics to this song that are expressly for you. How about you write the lyrics yourself? That’s how music is completed—music and lyrics meet, and make one song. Like us.

Personally, I’d like lyrics AND a song, if you’re ever planning to write me one, Kang Mu-gyul, but I do enjoy the sentiment of each of them bringing something to complete a song together.

They snuggle, all smiles, all the way through the night and back to Jung-in’s by morning. They have a near-miss with Dad at the front gate, but manage to go undetected…for now.

Mary works on the song lyrics all morning, and calls Mu-gyul to ask him if what she wrote is okay, but he gets another call from the nightclub where Seo-jun is passed out, asking him to take her home. He ends up going to the club and hauling her home, and when she wakes up, he basically tells her to get her act together, and if she’s going to disappear, then to do it after she’s repaid her debt to Jung-in (his trust in her) and leave cleanly.

All four corners of the love square show up for work at the same time, making for a lobby entrance with dramatic looks Full Of Meaning, to no particular end.

They get to work recording the OST, with Seo-jun in the sound booth and Mary, Jung-in and Mu-gyul in the studio. Well THAT’s not awkward or anything. Seo-jun looks down at the sheet music for the drama’s title track, called “Hello Hello,” music by Kang Mu-gyul, lyrics by Wee Mary.

That’s enough to stop her in her tracks, as she goes over to throw a tantrum that Mary wrote the lyrics to his song. Seo-jun: “Are you asking me to sing a song declaring your love with Wee Mary?! I won’t do it. I’ll die before I do that!” She tosses the sheet music in the air.

Actresses. SO dramatic.


Well, despite the fact that the live-in fake-marriage thing makes no sense when the initial double contracts are in the wind, it’s still a welcome source of internal conflict that the drama was sorely lacking. I was wondering why they didn’t do this initially, because in my mind, when I heard “double contract marriage,” this is more what I imagined—basically a double-roommate scenario with lots of running back and forth and mounds of petty jealousy.

So although it comes late (and with the writer change) it seems the drama is finally doing some of what I wanted it to, back when it set off on this wacky voyage. With a premise as out there as this one, why not take full advantage of it and go all the way? I say, all or nothing; the crazier, the better.

Now that it’s steering itself back to its original premise, I feel like what Mary went through was a bit of an identity crisis. The original writer wanted to do cool-indie-fresh, but forgot that her premise was wacky-silly-fun, and somehow ended up with crazy-hobo-mess.

I’ll forgive your past transgressions, Show, if there’s more roommate shenanigans to come. See? I’m easy to please.


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  1. buttertoast

    WHOOOO! Thanks girlfriday!

    • 1.1 Someone

      This is the Worst k-drama in many years. cant think of any more bad than this one.

      • 1.1.1 Vera

        If it’s the worst K-Drama in many years, why are you here commenting? Didn’t you see the title? It’s the K-Drama that you don’t like.

        Anyways, I seriously <3 the couple! They're so sweet~~!

        • Rob

          @Someone :
          if you think this is the Worst k-drama in many years,that means you haven’t seen a lot of korean dramas. In the last years,south korea made hundreds of dramas, and a lot of them were worse that this one,trust me.


          ” If it’s the worst K-Drama in many years, why are you here commenting? ”

          @Vera That’s a stupid thing to ask.Why do i keep hear and read this stupidity so often?Why so many people think that if you think something is bad, you are not entitled to express your opinion out loud?
          Oh, and please, spare me the answers such as “you are entitled to have a bad opinion about something,but you have to motivate with arguments why you don’t like it” , just spare me those replies ! And you know why? Because when someone says “best drama EVAAAAAAA!!!”, there is no arguments in that statement yet no one is asking for arguments.

          • fuzziebunnieslippers

            Thank you!

          • koreandramalover/kdl


            surely you could have been nicer with your words?

            after all, we can agree to disagree with maturity, civility and grace, can’t we?

            doesn’t it make ur heart hurt because its beating fast just by you typing out such harsh, mean-sounding?

            you do know that when we are so angry, our heart rate goes up and that it could lead to high blood pressure, which could lead to more health problems?

            besides, anger is just 1 letter short of ‘danger’.

            so is it really worth it to be sooo angry that u need to resort to spilling vitriol?

            we are after all talking about DRAMAS here…not the end of the world, nor is it a matter of life or death…

            take a deep cleansing breath and let it out slowly…

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            ooops!! missing ‘words’ in the following :
            “such harsh, mean-sounding words”

          • Stephanie

            I think it’s safe to say that it is the worst trendy drama this past few years. If it weren’t for the main couple, it really would be horrible. At the very least, the past few years brought trendy dramas that felt PLANNED. This was haphazard and messy. It’s not even a last min change/rush ending that is the problem. From the very start the the story was messy.

          • Justin

            Rob, even the 1st amendment has limited freedom. So, you are on wrong track if you are thinking about using “freedom of speech” as your argument.

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            Justin, thank you very much for the information… 😉

            really appreciate your input 😉

          • Rob

            Rob, even the 1st amendment has limited freedom. So, you are on wrong track if you are thinking about using “freedom of speech” as your argument.

            @Justin: Hi ! i’m on the right track :D.
            As long as I have the freedom to say “this is the best drama ever made”, i’m sure I also have the freedom to say “this is the worst drama ever made”, because basically it’s the same thing : it’s all about having an opinion. So stop talking about amendments my handsome man 😀

          • Rob

            Rob, even the 1st amendment has limited freedom. So, you are on wrong track if you are thinking about using “freedom of speech” as your argument.

            @Justin: Hi ! i’m on the right track :D.
            As long as I have the freedom to say “this is the best drama ever made”, i’m sure I also have the freedom to say “this is the worst drama ever made”, because basically it’s the same thing, it’s all about having an opinion. So stop talking about amendments my handsome man 😀

          • oh please

            LOL @ YOU.

          • LizzyD

            I think she’s asking why you’d waste your time reading a recap/commenting on a drama you consider “the worst kdrama of the year”. If it’s truly the worst then ignore it and move along.

          • anais

            I debated jumping into this one but a point of clarification regarding the First Amendment.

            Rob is totally within the limits of the First Amendment. The only way in which he would be out of bounds is if he incited violence. While he could have been nicer in his choice of words, he didn’t tell anyone to inflict bodily harm.

            Now, let us return to our program: Aigoo! Mary!!!

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            thanks, anais, for the info! not being an American myself, i am grateful for the info on the First Amendment… 😉

            and i echo your sentiment : ON with the rest of the insane ride of a drama – MSOAN!!! 🙂

        • Rina

          I wouldn’t call it the worst in years…since I can think of many that would be worse than this one. I think its a matter of good actors, not so good script. Oh well, we all have our opinions.

      • 1.1.2 jojo

        Style comes to mind. However, it did provide me with many unintentional laughs.

      • 1.1.3 Kat

        Well… even though the script is not the best it’s not the worse.

      • 1.1.4 MJ

        Ya agree. if they were going to show cuteness only, they should have made a documentary on puppies:-) why wasting talents of actors and huge amount of money.

        • Onnai

          LOL:-) but i found mary and Mugyul more cute than puppies. anyway bad drama with good actors.

      • 1.1.5 luliqz1

        i know you all are gonna kill me but i think that bof was worse and i saw it until the end…so this one is not that bad

        • roar

          I agree luliqz1. BOF was worse than this drama. I couldn’t stand the lead actress. Lee Min Ho was gorgeous. But that’s about it.

      • 1.1.6 Simmy

        I can think of a lot that are worse, but I feel your disappointment. I feel like this drama had SO MUCH POTENTIAL…well maybe it never did, it just had actors that got me excited. I stopped watching this a long time ago, but I read the recaps when I’m bored. I REALLY want a drama where jung-min (kim jae wook?) is the lead! so desperate to see him do more kissing, my fantasies need material! 😀

  2. annie

    I love the way you recap.. it makes me giggle more then watching the drama. 🙂

    • 2.1 kaigou

      Seconded. When the show is down, we get snark, and when it’s on the up-curve, we still get snark, but with puppies!

      A recap at dramabeans makes everything allllllll better.

    • 2.2 Alka

      Exactly the same for me !
      I don’t think I’ll watch the show again (OR maybe only the breakfast-rehearsal bu Jung-In and the new-song-cute-singing…) just reading your recap is already better !

  3. anna

    i lost interest in this show eons ago..hmm should i continue now that finals are over??? hmmm

    • 3.1 rayray

      ahh me too!!! Im thinking of watching after the show is over!!(only if it gets really good that is)

    • 3.2 ola

      yes! I don’t want to watch it alone, ania!

  4. 반디


    • 4.1 반디

      Aww fourth but o well~~ thanks for the recap..it’s a frat way to unravel after finals =.= Ick I hate finals with a passion

  5. bobo

    i guess it’s a little better, but seo jun needs to take a long vacay…forever

  6. Nokcha

    Been waiting! Thanks! I almost gave up on this drama a few episodes ago…..glad I hung on!

  7. maria

    i guuuuuueesssss… for now, i’m still enjoying your recaps more than watching it lol. ….she is SOOOO stressful!! so crabby! go take a vacation or something, hunny.

  8. Natalie

    Definitely can sense the change in writing here, the writing was way too slow and odd before. The hijinks definitely feel more like it was supposed to come in in the beginning of the series, but I’m fine, as long as the drama gives me my healthy dose of CUTE, I really don’t mind. I’m easy to please when it comes to this couple.

  9. jazz

    MG and MR’s story is back to zero but this time it’s different…the fake marriage has turned into a reality! I like how player MG was tamed by innocent MR and learns what it’s like to love and be loved. I remember that he was the last one to know that he’s already in love when he got jealous over MR talking to JI while he was performing on stage. First time eh? Now that JI’s drama is at stake, the couple have handled it maturely by helping him. My only worry is:

    What if MR ALSO FALLS FOR JI?! — after all he’s an ideal man and she hasn’t seen him half-naked yet! lol

    Wouldn’t it be like Demi Moore’s movie Indecent Proposal where his husband agreed to lend her to some rich guy and she ended up falling for that man?

    Kang MG shouldn’t have brought up the marriage proposal! He shouldn’t have shared MR to JI! He might regret it! 🙁

    • 9.1 tariattanahjawa

      Totally agree, I know Mu-gyul is supposed to be all cool and cute, but it doesn’t make any sense if Mary doesn’t fall for Jung-in, just a bit, after all his kind gestures. The new writer should show more of Mary’s reaction towards Jung-in, leveling the battle field. Besides exploring MG’s issue of commitment it would be cool if we see Mary really torn between the two boys, and not just because she has a sense of loyalty for Jung-in. Nice recap GF, “the crazy-hobo-mess” LOL

  10. 10 Krickitat

    episode 12 was even better!
    Thank goodness for a new writer I say.

  11. 11 Purpleclouds

    So JungIn has given up on Mary already? Don’t like that at all!

  12. 12 YesungBiased

    this episode was definitely better than the previous ones. episode 12 looked good as well, though i understood nothing of it (without subs). waiting for recaps of ep 12!

    Jung In is just absolutely adorable. My favorite scene was him in the morning with his cute, dorky moment, rehearsing what he’d do. AW♥♥♥♥♥♥
    Those little moments of Jung In are so cute~ (leaving the note in the doorway as well xD)

  13. 13 ge

    i prefer jung in forever…

    i dont get it why marry fell for mu gyul for no reason, since jung in has more possibility to love, background history ( i think its cute enough ), notes on the books, attitude and bla bla bla… marry seem not to like jung in because it was arranged mariage… awww rebel girl!!!

    • 13.1 jat

      AGREEEEEE!! i know i supposed to like the main couple yeah they are.. cute? but if there any reason i still stick to this drama it is JUNG IN! OMG he’s so freaking adorable! I fell for him since the first episode.. and I know the title of this drama is Mary bla bla bla but, I call it Jung In !

    • 13.2 alison

      agreed with you

  14. 14 w

    The show has lost me now…it is ep 11 and still the storyline is going nowhere.Wasted talents…

    • 14.1 serenity56

      i totally agree.. still, i rooting for jung in… Kim Jae Wook is hotness overload.

    • 14.2 noob

      i think it was mainly due to misdirection. changing the writer half-way cannot be good for the flow. Although I still fast forward half of an episode, I found bits of amusement in episode 11. I agree with girlfriday that all this fun should have been incorporated in the early episodes, but oh well…. the pro-boho lifestyle writer didn’t aim for that i guess. with only 4(?) episodes left,I feel like this drama is just doomed… i mean, the only “conflict” in this entire series was her hopeless dad trying to marry off her daughter to some rich family. It’s kind of funny how MGY’s cinderella sister had left similr impression on me when it ended. when Cinderella’s sister ended, I went hmmmm okay, i see everyone’s all happy but what was the point??? and mary stayed out all night…well, it never even had a significant conflict to start with in my pov

  15. 15 tildy

    Mu gyul and Mae ri are just too cute. Like two small furry animals huddling together for warmth.

  16. 16 Lily Lopez G.

    I still watch, its getting saucy (finally!!!!). Ya see patience is a worthy virtue ;D

  17. 17 Dele

    Jung-in is just so loveable. I mean the notes in the books, probably in all of them is so freaking romantic, thoughtful, and adorkable. I’d like a Jung-in please. I love his inner dorkiness. Suit me just right!!!

    It’s too bad Mu-gyul and Mary are so cute together. I can’t root for Jung-in, but I’d like to be his consolidation prize:)

  18. 18 whatis

    yay! thanks for recap! – ’cause I couldn’t finish the episode!

    Seo-jun’s existence in the drama is becoming less and less relevant. When the dust has settled, she comes in and messes it all up again, and again, and again. Instead of the almighty “miracle that saves the day,” she’s the ultimate “chaos that always manages to ruin everything, for everyone, including herself.”

    I don’t understand Jung-in’s insistence on using her anymore. After ALL that, do you REALLY, REALLY want to use her in your drama? And he’s running around like a headless chicken to patch things here and there on her behalf. I feel tired for him. What a waste of energy.

    But I am glad that it seems like the pace is picking back up again. Feels like we’re back to a parallel square 1, ready to embark on this journey, again, for the better… but with only 1/4 of the episodes. I’m cool with that.

    • 18.1 cha

      I agree with you 100%…I would really hate it if jung in ends up with seo joon…

  19. 19 mybus

    Totally agree with you on the part abt JI’s dad giving Maeri the ring. It was downright creepy! With Maeri and JI trading looks of discomfort, I kept imagining some internal dialogue like:

    Maeri: *holds out hand* Your dad is nuts…
    JI: *puts on ring* Damn right about that…

    I’m cautiously optimistic about the new writer! I got a lot more laughs out of this episode and the next one.

    • 19.1 Carinne

      You’re funny. Damn straight.

    • 19.2 ellazala


    • 19.3 bubbleyum

      i actually did not think this was that wierd. my parents live in korea and it is common culture in korea when their children get married to provide the wedding “gifts/dowry” which includes ring, nice expensive watch, etc etc. my parents did this for both my sister and brother when they got married. very different from american culture here where the guy buys the engagement ring. (in korea, i have seen more commonly the guy getting “couple rings” while dating.) also in korea after the daughter-in-law has a baby, it is common practice for the parents-in-law to present her with a big gift(usually some kind of jewelry) as well.

      i guess it would have seemed less creepy if jung-in’s mother had still been alive and she was the one giving a ring to her daughter-in-law, but these dads are doing the best they can as widowers. i think it’s kinda cute.

      i also think that it’s nice that a rich guy’s dad/parents are actually wanting their son to marry a poor girl without connections, for once in a k-drama!

      it doesn’t seem like jung-in’s dad actually had any real romance going on with mary’s mom to have a ring to propose with. sounds like it was a one-sided crush… unrequited.

      • 19.3.1 mybus

        I have heard of elders giving jewelry before, so it wasn’t actually the act that made me feel queasy, but the thoughts that could possibly behind it. JI’s dad has been pretty pushy (and unreasonable) about the whole marriage thing after all, it’s hard not to imagine him looking at Maeri like she’s her mum.

  20. 20 Alexis

    I have almost given up on this show but will watch this ep for all its cuteness Gf has recapped. 🙂

  21. 21 mamaj

    well, the only thing that’s keeping me invested in this show is the fact that you are recapping it, gf. If it’s worth your recaps, then it’s worth my viewership. the cute is enough to keep me going but the mary-go-round story is starting to get old. i’m still determined to see this through to the end… the new writer seems more promising, though.
    the cute is uber, the pretty is mesmerizing. just wish the story would redeem itself soon!
    Luv ur recaps to death!

  22. 22 Pru

    I’m officially off the Mary Mu-gyul bus, Quick Quick Quick. I’ve lost all interest in both of them. Don’t know exactly when it happened, but now, I only want more of Jung-in. The robotic freeze frames have finally been put aside for some freaking adorable expressions. His smirks, sly smiles and looks of concern are killing me. His breakfast practice run of reaching for the bread basket to see if it would be most comfortable for Mary was ridiculously cute. And the spit take? Omo, too too much. I almost never “rewind”, not even for a kiss that took 16 episodes to get to, but I had to at that scene. I can’t even tell you what those post it notes in the books did to me. I thought the library as a gift was pretty stellar to begin with, but the handwritten notes? OMG, I was gone. And his catch of Mary slipping on the ice was one of the most realistic stunt falls I’ve seen in a long time.

    Jung-in has officially become the man of my dreams except for the “he has a crazy dad” part. I get excited every time I see his suit clad figure enter the screen. Imagine what would happen if he was sans suit. I love how he is trying to be considerate and sweet to Mary given the really awkward (and completely unbelievable) living arrangement. Unlike the one who’s heart goes Beep, Beep, Beep, Boom, Boom, Boom and gets mad and pouts all the time.

    Oh, and I was so pissed at how careless Mary was with the ring. Yes, I understand you stayed up all night to break the world record for fastest knit sweater, but have a brain will you? You didn’t grow up on a deserted island where you wouldn’t realize that that ring is stinking expensive and that it would be bad for both you and Jung-in if anything happened to it.

    So obviously, I want Jung-in to be happy. Successful in business and in lu-uve. But, I will be so upset if they stick Jung-in with I-need-to-wear-tiara-like headpieces Seo-jun. And I will officially divorce my contract and love marriage with this drama if Jung-in and Mary end up related in any way.

    • 22.1 JAM

      Pru, totally agree with what you’ve said! I’m skipping the bits wth Mu-Gyul and Mary in them and just looking for the suit-clad figure. And yes, Robot boy is gone for now and replaced with a more cheeky version. However, I’m a little confused still – he says one thing to Mary but behaves differently. Is there a PLAN then?

      • 22.1.1 oy

        are you a mind reader? LOL

        I also fw the MM bits. I don’t understand why so many scenes to show that they are cute together. I got that messages ages ago already. Maybe I don’t want to understand because I just want more Jung In with or without Maeri scenes.

        as for the confusion. I also don’t like that he seems to have given up on pursuing Mary so easily. But then again, if the lady has already said that her heart has someone else? So in order not to become a crazy person, who cannot take a no for an answer, like SJ, he has distanced himself a bit, but his heart has a life of its own.

    • 22.2 YesungBiased

      i’ve been off the mary/moo kyul boat for a while. but same here, i’m mainly watching this for jung in and his cuteness. i do agree that he’s the perfect guy, minus the creepy dad. i get mad at mary for not choosing him, and i get mad at moo kyul when he gets angry and breaks up whatever sweet, cute, romantic moments jung in and mary have.
      unless if moo kyul makes jung in become all cute and jealous, then i don’t want any disturbance from him.
      i just need my jung in scenes X)

      • 22.2.1 cheska

        This drama is a showcase of bad parents. Now if only drama princess’ parents would show up then the cast is complete.

        Also, i don’t see the point on jungin’s fixation over drama princess’ talents. And why up to now, their drama-in-drama production kept getting delayed. Why can’t they just shoot the freaking drama and proceed to more sensible plot-twisting tools?

        I feel bad for the posses here: mugyul’s, mary’s, and even the writer. Why? They only exist in the drama as tools to effect the plot twists. Their own stories don’t hold good ground on the show. They’re only there to help describe the main characters, and not to challenge their development. They don’t bear much significance. Pluck them out of the show and the story will roll in the same fashion.

        And jungin must be really, really tired. He takes care of his dad, he stages a play for mary, he nannies drama princess, he plays dungeons and dragons with mugyul, plays poker with loser actor and his manager, and tries to run a business. And humors mary’s dad. He’s prone to burning out.

        • oy

          LOL….about Jung In being prone to burning-out
          now that you mention it. He is rather busy taking care of everything and anything around him.

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          thank you, cheska! 😉

          i am floored by your interesting, intelligent and insightful take on MSOAN… 😉

          i have to say you have opened my eyes to another way of viewing MSOAN… 😉

          thank you! 🙂

        • izzie

          yeah. 🙂 this drama should have an alternate title: Jung-In Stayed Up All Night (And Day)

          • Simmy

            YES! very funny title, and I would watch that…actually I’d watch him reading sarah palin’s biography in an empty room; I just want to see him!

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            haha!!! 🙂

            as usual, your witty humour shined through, izzie! 🙂

            so funny and so true!!

            i agree that jung-in could be in for a nervous breakdown even though he is NOT staying up all night (and day)… 😉

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            oopss, sorry izzie, grammar mistake!

            should have been ‘witty humour SHONE through’

            hehe 😉

          • izzie

            LOL! where’s that ‘edit’ button when we need it? 😀

            didn’t notice it, though, until you pointed it out. 😀

            i’ve had lots of those things in my previous posts. they make me cringe when I get to re-read them. haha! cheers to the typo-erring moony-loony-noonas! 😀

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            hehe!! yeah…its like “when is a taxi-cab when we need it?” scenario, right?

            but i sincerely did not notice any grammatical errors in your past posts, or maybe because i am not as good enough in my grammar skills to notice them…hehe… 😉

            cheers to the typo-erring moony-loony-noonas!!! 😉

          • izzie

            “YES! very funny title, and I would watch that…actually I’d watch him reading sarah palin’s biography in an empty room; I just want to see him!”

            @simmy: I’d love to see him again make coffee. an extra-special brew. 😉

    • 22.3 KARA

      i agreeedddddd!!!JUNG IN are very poor haracteristic here…
      i also very confused why mary will prefer moo kyul since his life are..veryyyyy..verryy…not..have future at all~
      every second i watch it..i just found that moo kyull just drink..play…sleep..and have amny money problem..

      mary already have many problem with her storylife..how would the heck she will prefer moo kyul…the one with many problem too???
      and..did u all notice..mary become harsh and bad since she with moo kyul..she even push aside her dad..to run away to moo kyul…=.=’a

      JUNG IN~he is…really..i cant said it..i cry a lot when he hugged mary at christmas eve day..T.T..

      and..same at many people here..i watch this drama till end..just because i want to see JUNG IN~


      this drama have a cute and lovely cast & fashion style..but…the storyline..really…wierd…

  23. 23 Disneyfan

    Jung-in was so cute in this episode. I love the part where he was arranging breakfast for Mary and Mary was there all the time watching him acting it out….LOL This is the side of him the writer should added long time ago. Finally, Mu-gyul have some real competition.

    Still I’m a Geun Geun fan, and nothing beat their sweetness together. Kudos to the new writer!! Please keep it up.

  24. 24 Ladymoonstone143

    Thanks so much for an awesome recap Girlfriday. I enjoyed yours and javabeans recaps and eagerly waiting for them rather than watching the raw episodes. Still the same premise and I just hope the 5 remaining episodes will do something.

    Judging by the recaps, I am rooting for Jung In…but I think it is just bias because I love KJW….lol

  25. 25 scarletangel

    Woot! I’m definitely rooting for Jung-in.. He’s melting me!!

    Can someone give KJW a lead role pls?? He’s juz awesome!

  26. 26 Clare

    i really don’t enjoy nor even like how they had turned Seo jun’s character that seemed so cool in the beginning into the spiteful character she is now. To be honest this completely does not make sense on how a person’s normal character would change this fast. Don’t get me wrong, i do know why they did it but I just wished they had a more tactful way of doing it….like in a way that allows her to keep some of coolness while still appearing as a hateful person….so challenging but I think dramas were supposed to make things come true….

    • 26.1 YesungBiased

      true. i really liked her character from the get go, but now that she’s becoming more and more like the usual, jealous, female second lead, i’m getting more irritated and annoyed with her.
      not that i’m for moo kyul and mary, but her actions affect jung in also, which is the biggest part for me.
      i hope they don’t let her turn into the jealous female second lead, or i’d be utterly disappointed.

  27. 27 Italian tracksuit

    Ha! This episode seems to be really cute and thats all there is to it..! Thanks for the wonderful recap!

  28. 28 asianromance

    Thank you for the recap!

    It looks like things have moved along a bit, but I’m still feeling a bit confused abt this drama. Even though the plot hasn’t moved much, I’m still like “whoa, what the heck just happened? (or not happened?)” And Mu-gyul’s mom- I wish Mary will yell at her to stop hurting Mu-gyul!!

    Seo-jun is just dragging the story. Never thought I’d see such another draggy character this year besides that 2nd female lead from Wish Upon a Star.

    “Who gets an engagement ring from her father-in-law-to-be? And that’s not even factoring the double ick of that ring probably having been intended for her mother, who happens to look just like her…oh, gross. ” — I also find this gross. I found the whole situation– with the dad forcing his son to marry the daughter of the woman he loved- the daughter, who happened to look much like her mother—pretty icky. forcing your son into such a situation so you can live variously through him with Mary/Mary’s mom is just disturbing.

  29. 29 Minnetter

    I love this drama… identity crisis and all^^ because GF you may be easy to please, but I’m even easier^^ cute was all it needed to be for me to like it. that and have Jang Geun Suk… hahaha

  30. 30 soli

    Tnx…Your recapes are Much better than Drama

  31. 31 zan

    yup.. i agree with the fact that everything is back to square one.. i am just waiting for whom MR will choose.. both JI and MG have their good and bad points.. GAHH!! If it’s me, i dont know who to choose.. but seriously.. MG and MR are just too adorable together..

  32. 32 Pansy

    been waiting all day. i even checked while at work,lol

  33. 33 jess

    What?! Jung In stepping up his game? Hallelujah!!!

    Thanks so much for the recap! 🙂

  34. 34 danni

    Jung-in was so cute in this episode (and the next one), I just wish there had been more of him. The notes in the book, the adorable table setting…sigh. My only complaint is that he’s not really fighting for Mary and has instead become second male lead that will be happy as long as Mary is happy. Well, whatever at least he’s not being a narcissistic psycho *cough*Seo-jun*cough.

    Logic is still lacking but I definitely giggled and smiled at this episode because of the jokes the show was making instead of laughing at the show. Oh Mary, if only you had been like this earlier.

    Thanks for the recap gf!

  35. 35 koreandramalover/kdl

    wow, thanks so much for the fast recap, girlfriday! 😉

    i agree with everything you said in your personal comments esp the following :

    “a handwritten post-it note from Jung-in addressed to her, and finds one in book after book: his thoughts on the theme of the book, and a personal note to her. OMG that’s the cutest thing ever. I’m totally nerd-swooning right now”

    “Who gets an engagement ring from her father-in-law-to-be? And that’s not even factoring the double ick of that ring probably having been intended for her mother, who happens to look just like her…oh, gross.”

    “I do love a jealous Mu-gyul. So cute.”

    “He tells her that it’s how she makes him feel (AW) and that it’s the first time his music style has changed. I love the implication of that—that Mary has changed him so thoroughly that his music is different now.”

    “Personally, I’d like lyrics AND a song, if you’re ever planning to write me one, Kang Mu-gyul, but I do enjoy the sentiment of each of them bringing something to complete a song together.”

    I agree with you that the shenanigans are wonderful but i also agree with Javabeans in her opinion abt how the drama should be exploring deeper into the issue of Mu-Gyul as a rocker afraid of commitments because of stability issues (financial, emotional) in relationships, thus making the drama more substantial… 😉

    • 35.1 izzie

      re: handwritten posts… how much time does Jung-In have on his hands, by the way? he’s got all the business thing going on and doing things for everybody, and then… writing notes for every book in a library?

      i like it that in this episode, Mu Gyul seem to be starting to deal with his life issues, beginning with speaking up to his mother abt her lackings. looks like it has been her long-standing strategy to speak about her faults first before anyone could bring it up. it’s a different thing that her son said it to her face. but it looks to me like after being used to establish MuGyul’s background, her sole purpose now is to create troubles to help keep MuGyul and Mary entangled in a web with JungIn. just how different is her character from Mary’s dad? not much. do we get variety in terms of characters? not much.

      on the other hand, JungIn is not too different from Mary until he finds his spine, split from his father’s financial clutches and try to make it on his own. I mean, how can he truly prove that he can make it on his own when he uses his daddy’s money as his life’s harness? and what does he pawn for it, his soul? what does it make out of his father?

      seriously, if he marries Mary, how is he going to deal with the fact that everything about his life was maneuvered by his father? his business, his married life… if the old man wasn’t sick, how far down the family tree does he plan to do the controlling? to JungIn’s children too? I sense divorce in no time, even sans the MuGyul factor… unless JungIn has absolutely no pride.

      cuteness can only go so far. couples who live with cuteness hardly even reach the phase of having the seven-year itch. i hope MuGyul’s character continue to develop from hereon, otherwise, aside from his good looks and his music that’s there to like, what’s there to love about him?

      • 35.1.1 koreandramalover/kdl

        yes, yes, yes, izzie!!! 😉

        i agree with everything you said…

        i was thinking the same things but didn’t have the time or the energy to type them out here…and also because i wanted to see what the new writer may have in store for us…

        but you are so right with every single one of your point and perhaps i could sum up all that you have said in two words : SERIOUSLY DISTURBING.

        the characters’ characterisation reflect that :

        Mary’s Dad, Mu-Gyul’s Mom and Jung-In’s Dad are SERIOUSLY DISTURBING in their self-centredness and utter lack of regard for how they can/must do to make their child truly happy;

        Jung-In’s Dad is SERIOUSLY DISTURBING in his obsession with his lost love – Mary’s late mum – to the extent that he is willing to resort to EMOTIONAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL AND FINANCIAL BLACKMAIL of his own flesh and blood (Jung-In), Mary’s Dad and Mary herself (or anyone else, for that matter), in order to deal with that obsession;

        Jung-In is SERIOUSLY DISTURBING in his total lack of motivation to break away from his father’s strangle-hold over his life and REALLY LIVE HIS OWN LIFE, unencumbered by his dad’s money/influence/blackmail, however hard it may be, because life is, after all, not meant to be easy for anyone to live, with or without money;

        Seo Jun is SERIOUSLY DISTURBING in her obsession with HER lost love in Mu-Gyul, that she is characterised as possessing NO common sense whatsoever when it comes to her reaction and actions pertaining to anything and everything connected with Mu-Gyul;

        Only Mary and Mu-Gyul are the saving graces in this drama so far, character-wise BUT only because in Mu-Gyul’s case, he has shown that he has the POTENTIAL to be a better person…

        BUT if he does not prove to Mary and her father that he can really take care of Mary in every way that matters, then he will fall into the category of SERIOUSLY DISTURBING as well – because he just cannot be a responsible and committed man to the one he loves, and will forever take flight when the going gets tough.

        i wonder how the story is unfolding next…

  36. 36 Ace

    LOL! ” The original writer wanted to do cool-indie-fresh, but forgot that her premise was wacky-silly-fun, and somehow ended up with crazy-hobo-mess…” =)

    This episode sounds good…I stopped watching after episode 4 (and even stopped reading the recaps) because I was expecting wacky-silly-fun and some connection with either the characters or the story but was really disappointed. I had high hopes because it’s JGS and MGY. However, since there’s a new writer which we all hope would get this bus on track again, I’ll be back on board after I see the recaps for episode 12. I might even watch the episodes I skipped after turning off my brain…

    Show, please get better…I won’t forgive you if it turns out that My Princess is loads more fun despite KTH & SSH’s acting talents. Or lack thereof. 😉

  37. 37 Chris

    Stopped reading when the ring was taken from Mary to be pawned. What a senseless & irresponsible woman!

  38. 38 Familyoutingfan!

    Aww I prefer the previous writer more! The feel seems different now! And although this is a tad less draggy it losts the unique style of the drama! Why give in to ratings pressure 🙁 it was actually quite good

    • 38.1 izzie

      “Why give in to ratings pressure it was actually quite good”

      I’m sure many viewers would disagree with you on this. I feel the opposite for this show. But then again, to each her own. 🙂

  39. 39 punch

    how come Moon Geun-young can be scary and cute at different dramas for the same year? she’s so fantastic!

    • 39.1 Memmy

      Agree. MGY is fantastically awesome!

  40. 40 deekutudrama

    I can’t get rid of my thought, why this drama can’t get enough rating?
    Because Mary stayed out all night.

    If Mary didn’t stay out all night, maybe the resuld would different 🙂

    • 40.1 izzie

      “If Mary didn’t stay out all night, maybe the resuld would different”

      If Jung-In was outed maybe the result would be different.

    • 40.2 pohonphee

      Ha, ha, ha If Mary just stayed in all night together with Myung-gul and Jung-in….

      The storyline wouldn’t be this flat……

      • 40.2.1 koreandramalover/kdl

        haha…i like your idea, pohonphee!! 😉

  41. 41 tamtam

    I was struggling to keep watching after episode 10 so I skipped right over to your recap and man, am I glad. Basically I didn’t miss out on much other than more MG & Mary cuteness which is in almost every episode anyway. I love your recaps it’s heaven sent for those who’ve lost patience with the drama but still want to know what happened.

  42. 42 koreandramalover/kdl

    I am a Singaporean Chinese-Malay Muslim and have been following korean dramas for almost 2 years now and i have several questions that i hope kind folks visiting Dramabeans can help to answer… 😉

    1. Why do Koreans like drinking? And many Koreans start drinking from an early age. It has been medically proven that drinking can destroy our health and in the documentary ‘Vitamin’ that airs on KBS World, statistics have shown that Koreans’ health issues have been connected to drinking and eating too much meat, esp considering the very high rate of cancers among Koreans, young and old, men or women.

    2. Do all Korean men smoke? I have read somewhere that 1 in 2 Korean men smoke but most of the dramas do not reflect this fact. It is another way Koreans destroy their health.

    3. Why do the characters in korean dramas have a tendency to just OPEN a bedroom door (or any other door to the rooms in a house) without knocking first? That would be considered really rude in my country and home, from my upbringing and the way people of my country have been brought up.

    4. It is the 21st century now and yet quite a substantial number of the well-to-do Koreans still have a penchant of looking down on the down-trodden in their society, a recurring theme in almost all Korean family dramas what with the label ‘chaebol’ being so ingrained in the Korean psyche. May I know how do Koreans socialise? Do Koreans mix only with people from their own social class? Thus, does Korea still practise a class society in spite of the abolishment of the class society after the end of the Korean monarchy?

    Those are the most pertinent questions i have so far. Thank you in advance to those who are kind enough to answer them in my effort in understanding Korea and the Korean people. 😉

    • 42.1 pastmidnite

      hi there, koreandramalover/kdl 🙂

      so nice to “read” you again!

      i really wish i could answer all or some of your questions, but sadly 1) i’m not korean :), 2) i’ve never been to korea (but wants to, someday), 3) i consider myself a newbie in kdrama land, and 4) those are the same things that i’ve been wondering for some time with yet no explanation so far… especially the drinking part, although i suppose it has something to do with their culture/tradition (i wonder if there’s a correlation somewhere with japan’s colonization of korea, since i believe drinking sake is also common in japan)…

      so i’m so sorry for not being able to help you this time…
      but if i may offer a suggestion… maybe you could repost this again in the open-thread section? as far as i know, the OT community answers to (almost) all kinds of questions… and i hope someone there will answer yours (and mine) ;P

      • 42.1.1 pohonphee

        yes the same with pastmidnite, you should re-post this again in open tread. I wish I can help answer your questions but I’m no korean 🙂 And I want to know the answers of your questions too

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          hello there, pohonphee! pleased to make your acquaintance, here in Dramabeans! 🙂

          thank you so much for your reply to my post 😉

          i shall do as you suggested, by reposting my post in Open Thread, and hope some kind souls will help you, pastmidnite and I obtain answers to the questions.. 😉

          take care! 🙂

      • 42.1.2 koreandramalover/kdl

        hi there, dear pastmidnite, my dear Moony Loony soulmate! 🙂

        so great to hear from you again too!! 🙂

        miss u so much!!! 🙂

        oh, thank you so much for reading my post and for your reply!!! soo awesome of you and so kind of you to try to answer them for me… 😉

        and i shall do as you suggested, by posting the questions on Open Thread, next time. 🙂

        so so soooo wonderful to ‘hear’ (as you said) from you again, dear pastmidnite!! 🙂

        how are u doing with your translation work? busy, busy? hehe? how’s ur son? turning 3 already? 😉

        take care and see u again soon! 😉

        muah!! 🙂

        • pastmidnite

          hehe it’s the least i could do… really wished i knew the answers!

          guess i can look forward to this friday’s open thread, then? 🙂 c u there, kdl!

          (as for my work… it’s actually the time of year for me to take a break from translating and go for a vacation… to kdrama land! yay! haha… think i’ll do a MSOAN- marathon right away! oh, and my boy will turn 3 in february! gosh, that kid grows so fast! )

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            yes, yes, c u in open thread this friday, God willing 😉

            oh, its good to hear you are getting a break… 😉
            its school holidays in Singapore, so it looks like both you and I are having a break… 😉

            and I am hoping to do a marathon of MSOAN too! 🙂

            doesn’t Jang Geun Suk look and SOUND just DIVINE???

            hehe…you know, to me, he doesn’t come across as hot as much as PRETTY and CUTE!!! 🙂

            hehe..in fact, i think he looks prettier and cuter than Moon Geun Young (Mary)!!!
            which is just…unbelievable but true!!! 😉

            and his VOICE!!!
            ooohhh…i tell you, my heart just MELTS hearing his voice when he is speaking with a low, husky and kind/caring tone or when he is smiling and being cute…

            aaahhhh….need i say more? 😉

      • 42.1.3 pastmidnite

        it had just occured to me that maybe the correlation between korean drinking tradition and the japanese rule is unlikely since i believe Korea was occupied by Japan around 1905 or 1910, i forgot the exact year (correct me if i’m wrong, pls), while i think the tradition could be traced way waay back before that time (again, pls correct me coz these fingers are much too lazy today to do some googling 🙂 )

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          hehe…thanks so much dear pastmidnite, for your kind, kind effort in finding the answer to my question abt the drinking… bless you! 🙂

          let’s hope after i put up the questions in Open Thread, some kind souls would help us with answers to the questions… 😉

    • 42.2 c

      1) i’m not too sure about historical reasons, but currently lots of koreans partake in drinking for social reasons. people bond over drinking, get to know friends through drinking, and for students going to uni sunbaes make them drink. it’s a way to get closer to people and/or to talk about dilemmas. it’s a cycle from uni to work so it never really ends
      2) no, not all korean men smoke obviously, but many do (i’m not too sure on 50%). fewer and fewer people are smoking, even though there are a still a lot, and there are lots of campaigns to stop smoking (and the reason it wouldn’t be shown so much in dramas is the same reason why it’s not shown in other countries as well – the supposed negative influence of media).
      skipping #3
      4) i wouldn’t say there’s a class society still going on. it might be a skewed view a lot of drama viewers have because of this obsession with chaebols that drama pds have. socializing is similar to other western countries; you meet who you meet in college through clubs, then you go to wherever you end up in work, and socialize with the people there. there is no class system in this whatsoever (your coworker might be rich or poor). yes some people born poor stay poor, and some people born rich stay rich. it’s the same in other countries with no defined class system.

      • 42.2.1 koreandramalover/kdl

        helllo there, c! 😉

        thank you soooo much for the detailed and informative reply!! 🙂

        i truly appreciate the kind, kind effort… 😉

        i am glad for your opinion/take/perspective/answers to my questions and am really happy that the smoking part appears to be more positive…

        and the answer abt the ‘chaebol’ thing reflects my own thoughts about it… 😉

        thanks once again, c! 😉

  43. 43 sunshine

    I find SJ’s hair accessory hilarious. Nothing wrong with being edgy with one’s headgear, but it kind of looks like a tiara, which makes it seem as if she has a princess complex. And let’s face it: she kind of does.

    • 43.1 D

      with all her tantrums, i personally dubbed her Her Highness, seriously!

  44. 44 Msles59130

    I’ll just say what we’re all thinking: this drama makes no sense, bit JGS is so hot, who cares?

    • 44.1 blackiris

      ha! thnx for speaking up our mind. LOL

  45. 45 Swt

    Thank you for the wonderful recap!

    *dies again* from the cuteness! 😀

  46. 46 Carinne

    The breakfast scene betwn Mary and Jung-in is the best moment in this episode, I think. I totally fall for Jung-in’s dorkiness. Totally cute, which rolls over to episode 12 too.

    I think this stretch of the show has pulled out the comedic card to keep fans lively. Good call.

    • 46.1 oy

      yes! that water spraying scene, I can’t get enough it, and each time it cracks me up.

      • 46.1.1 Carinne

        I can call him, Bellagio boku ga iru, now; his spray was done superbly uniform. ^ , ^” That was a great finale to a human water show.

        My pun comes from here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x21kClCjkW0

  47. 47 diadda

    I stopped watching this half way through episode 10 and I have found other things to occupy my time. tHat is sooo not a good sign for me. Usually it means i’m not going back. The plot was thin at best even if the actors were great and i simply got bored to death. It is bad when you are actively cheering for the main couple to jump ship and go to another drama someplace else. take the same characters and move them to Athena, President, or Gloria. Give them something to do! Anything! I’m begging you!

    You recap gives me hope, but I will wait for a few more recaps before I invest real time in going back to this.

  48. 48 jodasg

    I am just watching for the cuteness. Otherwise, the drama will be pretty bland cos the all the characters just seems to be running in circles?

  49. 49 estee

    4 me, i just love 2 see d couple, d rest….don,t care….except KJW…lol.
    could it be posible if JGS, MGY N KJW doing same drama, same theme but different storyline….coz i can’t keep thingking how could they waste such potential, talented actors like them…..

    • 49.1 blackiris

      yeah what a waste
      somebody please pair them up again and give them an excellent storyline & script

    • 49.2 Chris

      I’ll agree with you 100%.

      The story line is just not right for such talented actors.

  50. 50 Two Cents

    When is this thing gonna be over already? What a sad waste of talent and time all around.

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