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Mary Stayed Out All Night: Episode 12
by | December 15, 2010 | 265 Comments

Pro: The episode had some fluffy, light, funny beats, which I’ve been missing lately.

Con: This show has LOST ITS MIND. The plot makes no sense at all.

Pro: At least the nonsensical plot is moving?

Con: But there’s no consistency to the characters!

Pro: How ’bout that awesome taunting look on Jang Geun-seok’s face above?

Con: Yeah, you got me there. But the plot! The story! The laws that govern human actions and emotions!

Pro: …Yeah, you got me there.

Con: I win! Oh god, I’m talking to myself. This show has driven me insane.


Byul – “기억이 안나” (I Don’t Remember) [ Download ]

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Seo-jun throws a hissy fit about the song, refusing to sing something inspired by Mary and Mu-gyul’s love, calling it sickening. Mu-gyul seethes to have his work thus debased, while Jung-in goes after Seo-jun.

Mary unpacks her luggage at Mu-gyul’s place, balking when Mu-gyul takes the blanket over to the bed. He assumes they’ll be sharing his bed, while she assumes nothing of the kind. She wants to buy another bed, the alternative being him sleeping on the couch, a choice he rejects due to his bad back. I think Mary’s missing the obvious solution: SHE sleeps on the couch.

(I hate when the ladies in dramas are such princesses, automatically assuming that the men will give up their beds for them and pouting if they don’t. You know what they say about assuming things…)

They compromise by splitting the bed down the middle, deciding that a flimsy curtain will keep them apart. Mary shrills at him on how to hang it up, complaining that he’s giving himself the larger half, and he pricks his finger in the process. Thankfully that’s enough to get them to stop carping at each other (bickering = cute, sniping = tiresome) and she rushes to his side and sucks the blood from this finger, which I guess is cute, though unsanitary. Mu-gyul suggests a kiss to commemorate the occasion, and I think Mary has officially gone insane because she declines.

Instead, she is preoccupied with questions of his relationship with Seo-jun and asks how things ended. He gives the vague answer that he told her to meet someone cooler than him, though there’s clearly more to it.

Jung-in asks Seo-jun the same question — about the breakup — which takes us to a flashback. She had been working on a film when she had been pulled aside by the fiancé she had just broken up with. He was a rich businessman, which suggests this was an arranged match brought about by her family, and he had been angry at the rejection.

Mu-gyul had arrived on set just in time to see Seo-jun emerging from the man’s car shaking off the grip he had on her wrist. He’d assumed the worst, that the man was her “sponsor.” (A sponsorship to an actress is one of those dirty open secrets in the industry, not unlike the casting couch. It’s akin to a mistress relationship; an actress sleeps with the sponsor, who in turn promotes her career.)

Mu-gyul had gone off and gotten drunk with another girl, and that was the end of that.

Lee Ahn joins their table at the restaurant to tell Seo-jun that he just barely managed to dissuade Manager Bang from suing her for assault. Jung-in picks upon on Ahn’s interest in Seo-jun and comments that he’s a good guy for Seo-jun, though she scoffs at that.

Jung-in tries to give Lee Ahn a sincere warning about Manager Bang, but Ahn has his own loyalty to preserve and waves that aside.

When Ahn leaves the table, he reports to Manager Bang that he was unsuccessful in convincing Seo-jun that the tabloid leak didn’t come from her.

Dad’s snack shop has an unexpected customer in the form of Mu-gyul’s mother, who is there with her luggage in tow. She hasn’t gone to Paris after all and feels guilty about the whole ring fiasco, so she apologizes to Dad about it, though he has no idea what she means.

While settling in to Mu-gyul’s studio, Mary finds the pawnshop claim ticket for her diamond ring, awed at how expensive it is. She asks hopefully if his mother will keep her promise to pay back the money, but Mu-gyul can’t quite lie and assure her of that, so he says he’ll pay it back instead.

When Dad calls Mary to ask what this ring business is, he’s upset to hear that Jung-in’s father gave her a ring, which Mu-gyul’s mother then pawned. He threatens to come right over and give Mu-gyul a good talking to, so Mary and Mu-gyul hurry to leave so they’re not home when Dad gets here.

Or, you know, you could just LOCK THE DOOR.

But no, they rush outside just as Dad turns the corner, and in a bid to remain out of sight, they decide to hide. IN A TRASH DUMPSTER. I kid you not.

Dad bangs on the garage door and yells a few threats, although he doesn’t barge right into the studio which just proves my point that the couple should have just stayed put. But if you prefer to hear the tirade from the inside of a trash can, who am I to stop you?

Dad hunkers down outside the door to wait for Mu-gyul to come home, forcing the couple to remain huddled in the freezing dumpster.

The smell of Dad’s ramyun wafts over to the hungry kiddos, although how anything wafting into their nostrils can smell appetizing is beyond me. You’re sitting IN A TRASH CAN.

Mary gets an idea and calls Jung-in, asking him to call her father away so she and Mu-gyul can go home. Jung-in does just that, and Dad reluctantly gives up his watch to hurry away.

Finally, Mary and Mu-gyul are free to go home and warm up in front of the heater. However, when they head to the bathroom to wash the garbage smell off, they find the pipes have frozen.

As Dad leaves his shop for the night, he finds Mu-gyul’s mother waiting for him outside. Without a place to go, Mom gives her luggage a pointed look and shoots Dad her best pathetic-puppy-dog look, trying to appeal to his sympathy.

Dad ends up offering her his spare room, but it comes with strings: Until she can repay the 10 million won needed to claim the ring, she will work at his snack shop. Also, she will help him break the kids up.

Mom briefly considers that her son won’t like her meddling in his relationship (you think?), but figures there’s no harm in signing, as there’s no guarantee that the adults’ efforts will break them up.

Yet when she hears that Mary has a fiancé with whom she is supposedly living at present, Mom grows offended for her poor baby. Oh, are we playing the “I can hurt my own son but nobody else can” game now?

Mom warns Dad not to fall for her, and the two assure each other that they are not each other’s types, thereby sealing their fates — no way they’re escaping a loveline of their own now.

Mu-gyul braves the cold weather to collect water for washing from an outdoor faucet, which is when Jung-in calls to confer about the title song. However, Mu-gyul’s panting and impatience to hang up spurs his imagination into overdrive, and he tries to prod Mu-gyul into telling him what he’s doing without asking. Mu-gyul has no idea the wayward turn Jung-in’s thoughts have taken, particularly as he half-squeals (from the cold) and grunts (from the exertion of hauling water) and barks out a dismissive, “Mind your own business!”

At home, he warms up the water and washes Mary’s face and hands with a towel, then settles in to his half of the bed. He can’t resist sneaking a peek over to Mary’s side, smiling as he watches her sleeping for a few moments.

In the morning, Mu-gyul walks Mary over to Jung-in’s house for the husband trade-off, and narrowly escapes being seen by her father. Dad’s there to scold Mary for giving the ring to Mu-gyul’s mother, calling her foolish for believing that she’d pay her back right away — turns out Mom got scammed (again) and wasn’t able to go to Paris after all.

Manager Bang drops by to meddle some more, offering to let Lee Ahn back into the drama (again)… if they get rid of Seo-jun (again). Jung-in isn’t going to let himself be manipulated like that, but Manager Bang warns that “If I die, I’m taking people down with me.” Earth, prepare to be scorched.

Jung-in takes Mu-gyul with him to scout out a location for the showcase, and as they drive over together, Mu-gyul makes a show of reading a text message from Mary. He coos over it excessively, getting all lovey-dovey, shooting Jung-in taunting glances while the latter sits there uncomfortably.

Jung-in gets his petty revenge, though, by slamming on the brakes. Mu-gyul pitches forward with the momentum, and Jung-in gets a childish sense of satisfaction — he even has to look away to hide his smirk. Getting his expression under control, Jung-in turns back to face Mu-gyul, asking innocently, “Are you okay?”

OH YOU TWO. Can we just have the Mu-gyul and Jung-in Comedy Hour, please? I’d forgive the lack of plot or logical character development if we could just see these two being petty and jealous and silly all the time.

The two men arrive at the venue, which Mu-gyul doesn’t like, suggesting a guerilla concert instead. The idea grabs Jung-in’s interest, but a phone call cuts this short and now it’s payback time: Seeing the caller’s name, Jung-in smiles widely and answers loudly, “Mary!”

Now it’s Mu-gyul who fidgets impatiently while Jung-in takes his time talking to Mary, making the conversation a lot more cozy-sounding than it actually is. For instance, he asks if she’s making dinner, and she says no. Ignoring the logical flow of conversation, he replies anyway, “I look forward to tasting your cooking,” which puzzles her. She has no requests for dessert, but Jung-in answers (for Mu-gyul’s benefit), “I’ll make sure to bring home the cake you like.”

At dinner, President Jung has another gift for Mary, which turns out to be concert tickets for the whole family. Jung-in spies the photo occupying the place of honor in his father’s wallet, which naturally strikes him as odd since it’s Mary’s mother, who looks just like Mary. That association just makes it creepier that President Jung requests Mary come to the concert with the ring, as he wants to see her wearing it. Gah, I swear this gothic plot is straight out of a VC Andrews novel.

Jung-in starts to put two and two together, and he asks Mary about their fathers’ friendship. She answers that they go back a long time, and that President Jung knew her mother before she met her father.

The most pressing concern is getting the ring back, and Dad assures Mary that he’ll get right on it. He orders Mu-gyul’s mother to retrieve it immediately, so off she goes in a huff to prove that she’s a woman of her word. Sort of. She buys a cheap ring to pass off as the diamond and gives it to Mary, who accepts it with a huge sigh of relief.

Battle of the Faux Redheads: Manager Bang confronts Seo-jun to take issue with the latter’s refusal to apologize. Come now ladies — one of you tarnished the other’s name and public image, while the other drew the other’s blood. How ’bout we call this one a wash?

Manager Bang urges Seo-jun to drop out of the drama, or get on her knees to beg forgiveness. Yeah, good luck holding your breath on that one.

Mu-gyul presents his bandmates with the score for the new song “Hello Hello,” and one glance is enough for them to declare him a sell-out. Where’s the “rock spirit”? This is total mainstream pop fluff — “Hyung, I’m disappointed in you.” Really, now? Is that the right thing to say to the guy whose coattails you’re riding?

Jung-in steps in to throw his weight behind Mu-gyul’s decision in writing a song to appeal to the mainstream, given that a drama OST should appeal to the mainstream.

Off to drown sorrows in drink. The boys glumly declare that Mu-gyul has abandoned rock and crossed over to the dark side. Mu-gyul joins them and says he’ll be making rock music till he dies, which sounds like the title to a bad rock song in and of itself. Unconvinced, the boys ditch him.

Rather unsporting of the oh-so-authentic rock musicians who don’t even write their own songs, yeah? Dude(s), you don’t make the music anyway — all you do is PLAY the stuff Mu-gyul writes. Also: This is hardly the stuff we’d expect of the guys who acknowledged that they had no talent and were considering quitting music in the first place. I think the Character Development Fairy must be drunk along with half the characters.

Seo-jun joins Mu-gyul at the table, apparently having turned on her Mu-gyul Homing Signal. She finds him adrift, mentally, unsure of what anything is anymore.

Perhaps she’s feeling sorry for him or maybe she realizes what a brat she was being earlier, but Seo-jun says she’ll sing the song after all. She’s his fan, whether he makes rock music, ballads, or dance songs.

An ultimately pointless but adorable exchange: On the morning of concert day, Jung-in and Mary come out of their rooms in various states of disarray — he’s just out of the shower, she’s just woken up and sports massive bedhead — and they stammer awkwardly around each other until they flee for safety.

The family dines that evening before the concert — Mary, Jung-in, The Worst Father In the World, and The Worst Father In the World Minus One.

Dad has been suspicious of how easily the ring was returned, and realizes it’s not the same one just as President Jung asks to see it. Though Mary doesn’t understand Dad’s rising anxiety, Jung-in clocks the unease on his face and clues in to the problem as President Jung takes a look and immediately knows it’s the wrong ring.

Jung-in smoothly offers up the explanation that Mary had found it too burdensome to wear such an expensive piece that he’d had an imitation made.

That spares them President Jung’s fury, but it also means a certain Worst Mother In the World is still at large, and it’s no great surprise that Dad finds that she has high-tailed it out of there. Sins of the mother get transmuted into sins of the son, so he goes off to take it out on Mu-gyul.

Jung-in drops Mary off at Mu-gyul’s that night, and she apologizes for not telling him about the ring. With his usual generosity, Jung-in doesn’t ask for an explanation and says there was probably a good reason for it.

Mu-gyul doesn’t love hearing Mary speaking fondly of Jung-in, but it’s true he did save her tonight, and therefore their three-way ruse. Mary explains about the fake ring, which upsets Mu-gyul because he’d told her he would take responsibility for getting it back.

Just as Mary explains that she didn’t know it was a fake until too late, an angry pounding sounds at the door. It’s Dad, and he’s fuming mad. Mary and Mu-gyul dash around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to hide while Dad raises the (unlocked!) gate to barge in.

Oh, this again?


So now we’re recycling plots from within the same episode? Are they running out of ideas or what?

Here’s the thing about the new writer/writing style. It’s different. It’s not glaringly obvious, but I think for those of us who are following each episode fairly closely, it’s pretty clear that a significant change occurred between Episodes 10 and 11. There are good and bad aspects of the shift, and I suspect the way you feel about the change may hinge upon which you find more important: movement versus consistency.

For instance, I actually liked Episode 11 a lot more than the previous ones, and felt like the drama finally figured out how to tell a decent hourlong story. Stakes were raised and more stuff happened, propelled by a zippy, sorta-wacky spirit. The problem is, people were suddenly acting way over the top and out of character from their established personalities, but that was the trade-off: More conflict and speedier plot, but not necessarily a smooth transition. That means that the characters in Episode 11 and 12 don’t feel like the same characters of Episodes 1 through 10 because they’re suddenly acting and reacting in weirdly exaggerated ways, which can be jarring since we’ve had 10 hours to get used to how they used to be.

Perhaps it might help to forget — as best as we can forget — what they USED to be like and just go with the flow, because I don’t think there’s an easy way to reconcile everything in a cohesive way.

Still, as much as I complain about the silliness of what happened, I’m sort of glad that at least there’s something to comment ON. For a while there I was bored silly because the drama felt so flat, but now we’re at the other extreme where things happen for no reason. But at least I’m not as bored as I was before.


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  1. kiki

    YAY!!! been waiting this whole day for the recap!

    • 1.1 Bunicutzika

      Dear Drama,
      I’ understand from your introduction that you’re F. I’m too. I’m from Eastern Europe. I’ve started to watch TV kdramas last year after my national tv broadcast YI SAN. After that I’ve become a “fan” of K culture and seen a lot of kdramas & movies. For me, some aspects of love & parents respect are strange. I’ll never undestand how a girl can be marryed to 2 guys and if she’s married at least to 1 she doesn’t make love with him. That’s a motive to cancel the marriage both legal or clerical in my christian culture. Maybe the doubt in Asia can last for a least 100 days (for me 24 h)? Is it true? So for me it’s a SciFi, but beacause I like the actors & music I’m still watching it. So, I can’t undesrstand why at 24 Y.O she refuse to kiss him but accept to sleep w. him in the same house? Why? If she accepts 3K ring why to give it away? Does she want to make such a gorgeous gift to a reckless mother (she knwos her)? It’s not possible if she has at least 3 neurons. So for me it’s no change but the relationship bwn KMK & BJI. The girl Mae Ri unfortunately it’s a little bit uggly & has strabismus. Maybe it’s the writer’s intent to make 2 powerfull men to be in love with a Cinderella (no money, no look, but innocent and good heart). How can she be innocent at 24 y.o.???? At 29 she will need a pickhammer and Kmales cannot afford it, unfortunately. That’s life, not drama.

  2. anh

    Another flop of the year. They have such good cast and a fun premise. And they messed it up. OMG!

    • 2.1 srkambbs

      It just gets boring and boring………..Looks like a change of the writer didnt really make much of a difference…

      • 2.1.1 gala

        but I have to say, it feels more like a shoujo manga [manhwa?!] now. like, we have the main story there but it’s very episodal and random.

        i think i’m just enjoying it for the sheer purpose of seeing JGS and MGY acting alongside each other. it’s really nice to see MGY act with someone her age.

        • soyachan

          I agree with you. The show in this episode was like a rom-com manhwa as it could be. It wasn’t bad for me. It’s done the job to entertain me. I quite like it. I just hope it ‘ll end well and have more memorable scenes.

      • 2.1.2 BJ

        I couldn’t agree with you more!!

    • 2.2 miss unknown

      agree!! I already stop watching since ep. 8 after a longgg patience…but can’t hold it anymore…it’s so boring now…there’s seriously no plot point…

    • 2.3 spark67

      This is so sad…because I looove MGY. And despite myself, I like JKS. But other than Mery’s father, there isn’t a single likeable character in this drama. Seo Jun gets on my nerves as a snotty, devil-withOUT-a-cause attitude 24/7; Jung In is just…pretty candy but pretty boring and dull. The characters I DO LIKE? THE BAND members. They’re cute and adorable. Why can’t they be more of the plot? I mean, it’s not like there IS a coherent one anyway. What a waste of talents. It gives me a bad reminder of the garbage that was “Princess Lulu” with Kim Jung Eun and Jung Jun Ho. Yick. I think people forget that it IS about the writing and viewers are not as stupid as they appear. So again…I think this story was based on a very popular Korean comic book but is the story in the comic book as asinine as this one? I mean, I admit I don’t read that many Korean comic books, but I DID read “Goong” or the English version would be “Princess Hours” and I actually liked it. But this just leaves me breathless…with its absurdity. But what’s more absurd? This drama without any coherency or consistency in its plot or me for liking the few MGY/JSK moments that keeps me watching when I really should have abandoned ship long ago? Sigh…

      • 2.3.1 anh

        Yeah right? Much to my admiration to MGY, her two projects only sounded good at the beginning. I don’t even feel disappointed anymore. I just feel bored and frankly don’t care.

        I personally don’t like the manhwa authors’ works. Full House the drama is much better than the original story.

        There is one manhwa that I always hope they would turn into a drama – The bride of the water god. But only if we have good writer + cast + director….

        • a

          BRIDE OF THE WATER GOD yes!!!!!!!girl,YOU should be making the decisions for KBS!!1

        • alice

          I agree. I would watch Bride of the water god. I read it online until i couldn’t find the site anymore. Do you guys know where I could read it? Or atleast tell me what happened?

          • jadetaia

            i got hooked on that manhwa too!!! it’s still going, i think. i read it at


            (they should have up to chapter 85) and am collecting the volumes. it’s so beautifully drawn, that i would love to see it live … perhaps with some of the cinematography style of Secret Garden? that show has some gorgeous shots too …

          • a

            try animea
            and mangatashokan

        • x0mi07

          OMG! go go go!!!! bride of the water god! fantasy drama set in the olden times….XD XD XD

          swoon for the beautiful drawings! <3 <3 <3

          • Anh

            And very “Korean” melodrama story! If they can make Bride of the Water God into a drama! OMG! But it requires a lot of care though since the manhwa is sooooo beautiful.

            I can totally see JGS as Habaek !

        • sweetaddiction

          OMG YES, they should. Bride of the Water God is really good although it got a bit confusing around chapter 60ish, but still good. I could totally see Keun Suk as the Water God.

          But MSOAN-wise, I’ll just stick to the recaps. They are more entertaining that watching the drama itself. How sad for the talent wasted here of the actors and actresses.

          • Ara

            Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yeah!!!

            Bride of the water god should be a drama!!

            Ooh. Maybe they can make the manhwa “pink lady” a drama or better a MOVIE as well.

            That would be rad.

    • 2.4 SteamyBun

      Skimming through the recaps really does make me sad to see that it’s not a very well-loved show, but then I pass over something funny or adorable and am tempted to start watching. I mean come ON, they have three of the hottest (and talented) young actors in one show and they screwed it up? I’m going to watch it. And force myself to love it just to spite the universe lol.

      • 2.4.1 koreandramalover/kdl

        yes, how right you are, SteamyBun!

        how COULD the powers-that-be behind this drama allow such potential be wasted?

        i am sure the actors themselves are losing their minds over the way the drama has turned out…

        such a tragedy… :(

        • SushiS2

          It’s actually really awesome. i don’t know what people are looking for but this is a really good drama.

          it’s light and warm.

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            SushiS2, firstly i do agree with you that the drama is light and warm, and sweet and funny as well 😉

            and personally i have never said or thought that MSOAN is REALLY BAD, but more of how it does not come across as SUBSTANTIAL enough PLOT/STORY-WISE, especially considering the potential of the line-up of A-list actors in it…

            What i believe most viewers are disappointed in is by how this drama does not manage to adequately answer this question : What is the drama ALL ABOUT?

            If it is only to showcase the fluff and craziness of the young, with young love, arranged marriages and parental disapproval, thus the existence of the double-fake-marriage, then it has failed because the premise has not been explored at length or intelligently…the execution comes across as full of ambiguity and illogical at best;

            If it is about exploring the psyche of the restless youth in the indie-rock world and the issue of responsibility and commitment, while clashing with the rest of the world around them, then what the drama has managed to show so far does not even come close to delving into that premise because it just seems to skim through it all without any resolution or defined message for viewers to take away;

            If it is about familial problems attributed to less-than-perfect parents, once again, the drama has only managed to recycle tired elements from countless other dramas, which are then seen as being thrown haphazardly into this drama in the hope that everything will work out…

            I think MSOAN is suffering from an identity crisis – what kind of drama it wants to be known as and the message/s it is trying to tell the viewers through its plot/story.

            Maybe it has bitten off more than it can chew on the plot/story front and has veered off course from its initial intended destination and is now struggling to get back on track with a new writer…

            A major complaint among viewers is how the drama does not stretch the potential of the A-list actors and may have wasted the talent of the actors, who have shown their immense talent in previous projects…

            I may be totally wrong with all that i have said but that is my humble take on the whole MSOAN issue… 😉

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            however, i have to add that as the drama has not ended, let’s hope that the remaining episodes can manage to turn things around and prevent MSOAN from becoming a train-wreck (which it has already become to some viewers)… 😉

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            maybe i could condense everything i have said so long-windedly in just the following sentences :

            if MSOAN’s story is only to show attractive and cute main actors talking, posing, moving, smiling and being cute with each other, while the rest of the cast are put there simply to get on the main actors’ and the viewers’ nerves and drive them and us insane, then what is the point of it all?

            what is a drama without the DRAMA – intense, exciting, intelligent, thought-provoking elements that make or break a drama?

            what is the point of making the actors go through a merry-go-round of the same, tired, old histrionics/craziness without a purposeful goal/destination in sight?

            what is the purpose for the existence of a drama if the viewers are not invested in, or could not care less, with what is happening to/with, or will happen to, the characters in it or how the plot/story unfolds because the drama does not challenge, intrigue, touch or move us intellectually, emotionally or psychologically?

            or worse, what is the point of making a drama that just insults our (the viewers’) intelligence?
            (which i hope is NOT what MSOAN is doing at the moment)

    • 2.5 serenity56

      agree. waste of talents. JGS and MGY are such good actors but this isn’t right, the plot of the drama just killed them. KJW is also awesome, he has shown his acting ability in Bad Guy.
      I am afraid that most people are watching this not because of the plot anymore, but because they’re too cute to look at. I gave up watching, so i just rely on the recap. in the future, if i see or read any GOOD improvements on the plot i might decide to watch again, but for now, i am not so sure.

      • 2.5.1 Msles59130

        Exactly! I am pretty easy to please, but I am too bored to watch this now. Nothing ever happens, well not since THE kiss.

  3. oyo(;

    I love when theyre jealous!

  4. Ace

    Oh, JB! Re: Pro vs Con – You crack me up! And I haven’t even started reading your recap…

  5. pipiet

    conversation make me laughing hard…..hahaaa
    im pro…but agreed with co….this drama so boring but i like jgs so much…so im still watching…hehee

  6. Amg1

    I am incline to say “This is the worst Drama of 2010″, and Play Full Kiss being in second one, what a waste of talent SHHHHHSS!!!! : O {

    • 6.1 noob

      I would have to say that playful kiss was the worst… (gotta run and hide~~) but , this is pretty bad too… what a waste of talents, especially because I adore MGY and KJW :(

      • 6.1.1 Carina

        I think Playful Kiss is better than this, and I’m no huge fan of PK… but I figure at least PK just had a non-existent plot, and none of the rampant character inconcinstency problems that MSOAN has. :/

        Though I still LIKE MSOAN better even though I think is it the worse drama quality-wise because Mu-gyul >>>>>> annoying prissy Mr. Perfect Seung-jo, IMO.

        • july

          In my opinion, PK is worse than MMM. I like MMM, I’m still enjoying the show especially MGY and JGS despite the negative criticism of some viewers/fans.

        • candy09

          I beg to disagree. PK is much worse!!!!

          • GreenTea

            LOL!!! Maybe I’ll keep watching MMM because I am a fan of JGS. I got way more addicted to PK, but got kinda bored late toward the end. Oh Drama God, where are all the good and fun and heartwarming dramas these days….

    • 6.2 Amg1

      I am trying to figure a “Proper Name” for the “Worst” dramas, since we already have the “Beanie Awards” for the best dramas, and more than one deserves a special award for being really bad.

      Any Suggestions??
      : O }

      • 6.2.1 Anonymous

        what about “Meanie Awards”? Viewers become mean people out of sheer frustration over the story/directing/acting……

        • Madison

          [Viewers become mean people out of sheer frustration over the story/directing/acting……]

          hahahaha I seriously laughed for 5 minutes at this comment

      • 6.2.2 alice

        Or Weanie awards. W-for worst

    • 6.3 ce

      Why is Playful Kiss the worst? There’s Cinderella’s Sister, Bad Guy, Runaway Plan B, I Am Legend…PK had bad editing, weird directing, and some bad writing (except for the YouTube episodes) but the characters: Oh Hani, Seung-jo’s mom, Duckie, & Hera made viewers love it. I’m not a PK addict, also not a KHJ fan (in fact I didn’t like the idea initially of KHJ as the male lead for PK), didn’t watch the first 2 episodes until now, but I gave it a chance and I must say that the Korean version despite the mistakes on the technical stuff is better than the other versions. I’m looking forward to Jung So Min’s future projects and I’ll have an open mind about KHJ too.

      The same for MSOAN, people are still watching because of the two leads. And it hasn’t ended yet so we can’t judge if it’s the worst or not. You’ll never know if they can redeem the craziness during the last four episodes. For SG, we also don’t know if it’ll be the best or not since there are still 10 more episodes.

      But still, if that’s your opinion, then fine. For some, they say that BOF was the worst drama last year…

      • 6.3.1 alice

        At least PK and BOF made some viewers anticipate the upcoming episodes. MSOAN just is… blah. I don’t even look forward to them. It’s like, yeah so Mary is going to JI and then again to MG and then back to JI and then back to MG… what are we watching again? I got lost in between all that…

        • kitten

          Still can’t get over JGS won the yahoo buzz awards and KHJ just placed 2nd? :) :)

      • 6.3.2 YesungBiased

        Why is Cinderella’s Sister nominated for the worst? It had good writing, it had a good soundtrack, good filmography etc.
        Things just started to drag a little after halfway, but it was still good nonetheless. I’m sure there’s worse dramas out there.

        • indigowine


          CS might’ve been the best drama of the year if only they make Eun Jo died (or. okay.. dissapear) at the end of the episode, cause that’ll be superb! The only bad thing about CS is the way they ended it =(

    • 6.4 cloudy_sky

      I disagreethough, PK might be slow but there were quite a fair bit of meaningful n poignant moments, and was much better executed than this, it’s a real pity n a waste of the 3 young talents, but honestly I feel like the charm of this show has died a long time back…..alot of ppl are hanging on cos of the cuteness and chemistry but the characters has no depth n the PLOT!!!! Im just speechless….sad for the cast, I guess at the end of the day, the plot n script are really the driver of our emotions, as much as I like the cast, this is a real mess :(

      • 6.4.1 frappuccino

        err… “poignant” moments in PK? was there any at all? lol. I respect your opinion but it’s one adjective I’d never use for PK, even a bit. 😉 I haven’t seen much of this M3 drama, but I guess I’ll try to check how these good actors try to make something out of this seemingly weird plot.

  7. soli

    Sorry JKS…but..terrible..Ugh

  8. Clare

    ….episodes are getting to nowhere they are going around and around….and what’s with the creepy dad who is trying to get Mary to become his lost love or something…..

    • 8.1 zan

      YEAH!!! i totally agree with you.. and totally creepy dad!!

  9. YesungBiased

    “Can we just have the Mu-gyul and Jung-in Comedy Hour, please? I’d forgive the lack of plot or logical character development if we could just see these two being petty and jealous and silly all the time.”
    I second that. i don’t know why they didn’t include humor along with jealousy earlier. it’s hilarious and adorable, and i hope there’s more!
    i hope there’s more funny and adorable Jung In and Mary moments too!

  10. 10 cuteangelika

    thanks for the recap… i cant explain it but i still love this show. Im an analyst at work so I tend to have dramas as my refuge to stop analysing and just enjoy it… and so far, im enjoying this, it tugs my heart and gets the message across me. I guess it’s one of those that when you love it, you love it but when you dont, you dont.

    • 10.1 mindless

      I so agree!! This drama has so many faults but I keep coming back for more. I don’t mind leaving my mind at home at all =)

      • 10.1.1 Asiandramafan

        Aye, aye.. same with me. I love this series with it’s faults and all.

  11. 11 Carinne

    The car scene betwn Mu-gyul and Jung-in is the best part.

    :^ , ^:

  12. 12 Pat

    JI looks so pretty with shower hair. I read the recaps just for the photos…….. plot having gone so far astray. But these guys are such a candy treat.
    (Bad guy was WORST than playful kiss treacherous actually)

  13. 13 kaigou

    “I think the Character Development Fairy must be drunk along with half the characters.”

    I think we should just start doing shots whenever any of the fairies show up and/or show signs of heavy drinking — the Character Development Fairy, the Exposition Fairy, the Tension-Building Fairy, the Plot Development Fairy, and the inevitable — appearing soon in an episode near you — Majorly Dysfunctional Incestuous Overtones Fairy.

    On the other hand, I’m not sure my liver could survive even a single episode, at the current rate.

    • 13.1 anais

      Ha! Faboo idea! To go along with all the drinking games played by the posses.

  14. 14 May

    Hm, just a thought, but the plot might be nonsensical cause of the new writer change?
    I guess they were reinventing the characters, in a sense.

  15. 15 mysin

    the two boys,,, finally,,, getting-even for each other,,, in funny ways, I mean (no fight peace only), now this is what I’m talking about, showing your feeling, boys,,, ;D

  16. 16 tamtam

    I held onto a glimmer of hope and… it really doesn’t sound like it’s going to get better. Maybe it gets worse BEFORE it gets better. Either way, I really do appreciate these recaps for keeping those of us who stopped watching informed. Putting it like that sounds like I’m taking advantage of your recaps, but I really was genuinely watching along, then… I just couldn’t take it anymore. It’s not in the worst drama status or the most boring… perhaps the most waste of talent and potential of the year. It’s almost mirroring how “Wonderful Day” is falling apart within the drama as it progresses. Is that on purpose? Heh. The only way this is entertaining to me, is reading your snarky/sarcastic remarks on the drama, we’re cringing and laughing along with you. :)

    • 16.1 drama4lyfe

      i agree with you completely. I didn’t notice about “Wonderful Day” until you mentioned it.

  17. 17 NNN

    I liked it but if I was 12 years old…

  18. 18 Yen

    This was probably mentioned already, but his mom = Kim Sam Soon’s divorced sister! 😀 I was wondering why she seemed familiar.

    • 18.1 sweetie

      ohh yes..that”s why i’m so familiar with her face 😛

  19. 19 LuvAznDramas

    I wish we can redo this series with new writer, rather have the wacky over the boredom. I agree with most of you its a waste of talent for JGS, MGY and KJW, though their acting skills are GREAT the story is lacking! Regardless, I will still finish this movie because I’m a HUGE JGS fan and will support him, hopefully he makes another great drama like You’re beautiful! (soon)

  20. 20 anais

    Just glad that I’m not the only who’s noticed that the characters are very different from the way they used to be.

    And I miss my very very cool Mugyul. This new Mugyul is fine, just not as compelling for me personally.

    The assertive and spunky Mary – poof – and replaced by a doormat, wallflower Mary, taking back stage to Jung-in and Mugyul. (Oy, Moon Geun Young. She must be bored out of her mind. She can play this Mary while sleeping.)

    The continuing development of the Jung-in/Mugyul dynamic however – thumbs up! Or more specifically, some life finally from Jung-in, yes!

    • 20.1 kaigou

      –Oy, Moon Geun Young. She must be bored out of her mind. She can play this Mary while sleeping.–

      Agreed. She was a total powerhouse in Cinderella’s Sister, which was a doozy of a downer and tortured beyond belief by the Silent Noble Sacrifice Fairy, yet somehow MGY rose above that, unlike most of the rest of the cast. I’m absolutely boggled by how on earth she ended up in this… bus-wreck.

      It’s definitely becoming a storyline where you like the characters only because the lead actors are good enough to make you give half-a-damn. If less-talented leads were at the helm, I probably would’ve given up after the first episode.

      Still, it’s a complete waste of MGY’s talent, but it does say something for her that she’s not totally phoning it all in.

    • 20.2 koreandramalover/kdl

      yeah, right, anais?

      how tragic that immensely talented actors as JGS, MGY and KJW have been placed in such a
      ‘bored-out-of-our-minds-but-what-the-heck-can-we-do-about-it’ kind of a position, right?

      hehe…just shows how amazing actors they are that they could still act so compellingly well in spite of the lack of quality in the material in their possession…

      i too, CANNOT STAND a princessy, clingy, helpless, wallflowery doormat of a girl/woman, esp since i have never been one before in my life, so i just cannot take it in the female characters in the dramas who are like that… 😉

      how CRIMINAL it is to subject MGY to such a persona…

      siiiighhhh… 😉

  21. 21 mybus

    I’ve opted to go with the flow, since I was anticipating discernible changes from ep11 onwards. If the production team was aiming to maintain consistency, then I suppose the writer replacement would’ve been a rather radical option to take. The new writer came in after 10 episodes…pulling off a 100% successful turnaround with the entire development so far is impossible.

    Or perhaps it’s just that I’m easily satisfied that we’re out of the stagnant phase and JI is finally no longer a woodblock, haha! I mean, we finally have him competing pettily with MG, and that’s hella entertaining XD

    In the car-braking scene, when JI turned away to hide his laughter, the only thing in my mind was “Boy am I glad KJW has prominent cheekbones LOLOLOL”.

  22. 22 ririzzang

    And I thought I saw the Baker Kim Takgu poster in one scene..

    • 22.1 anais

      You did. It’s in the building of Wonderful Day’s production company.

  23. 23 zet

    I stopped watching when this drama turned into a stupid/crazy/lame romance drama.

  24. 24 sunshine

    OMG I’m kind of afraid that to make more drama for the drama, they’re going to kick in the our-parents-are-in-love-so-we-can’t-be-together plotline for the 2 Geuns and the secretly sibling plotline (which would make the father grosser than he already is) for JI and Mary.

  25. 25 bobo

    i seriously enjoyed reading your recap so much more than actually watching the episode, but jung in’s looks were pretty awesomely hilarious in this ep at least. boy’s actually (sort of) has a personality now, although i keep on thinking that jung in and mary will end up being siblings. yay for incest!

  26. 26 asianromance

    Thank you, javabeans! I don’t think I could have watched this episode, but your recap of it makes it look like it would be a good episode to drink to. It looks like it’s heading to Witch Amusement territory. Not even Mary-Mu-gyul cuteness can save this series now. And now I’m uberly creeped out by the dad. It’s so sad that there were so many things they could have done with this drama. it had a pretty refreshing start. they could have really worked on Mu-gyul and his mommy issues. Jung-in and his daddy issues. And do more with the history between Jung-in’s dad and Mary’s mom. I wonder if the actors are as disillusioned as we are.

    “I hate when the ladies in dramas are such princesses, automatically assuming that the men will give up their beds for them and pouting if they don’t. ” I know!! If I were a guest in someone’s house and my host wants to sleep on the bed, I would offer to sleep on the sofa. And when there were no beds available, once I slept on the floor while the guys got the sofas. Mary should consider herself lucky to be with the hottie that is Mu-gyul/JGS. I would sleep on the floor for an entire week if JGS will be there to give me a kiss every day.

    • 26.1 koreandramalover/kdl

      i second you “the sleeping on the floor for an entire week if JGS will be there to give me a kiss every day” part…hilarious! :)

      i too CANNOT STAND a princessy, clingy, helpless, wallflowery doormat of a girl/woman, esp since i have never been one before in my life, so i just cannot take it in the female characters in the dramas who are like that… :(

    • 26.2 izzie

      haha! if JGS make me sleep on the floor, I swear, he will wake up on the floor with me not knowing how the heck it happened! 😀

    • 26.3 koreandramalover/kdl

      haha!! izzie, izzie!!! :)

      your verbal diarrhoea at work again!! :)

      but i wouldn’t want you any other way!! :)

      rock on, izzie!!! 😉

      • 26.3.1 izzie

        LOL! KDL! 😀

        how can you possibly have proper thoughts when you stay in a room alone with JGS? how? 😉

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          LOL! hehe, izzie, please stop giving me ideas…naughty ideas…hehe… 😉

          but as usual, you are right… :)

          sane, coherent thoughts fly out the windows and doors if ever JGS or the Moon or Won Bin or Hyun Bin or were to be in the SAME room with me… 😉

          sorry, javabeans, for mentioning THE … :)

          just can’t resist…he IS sooo captivating in Fugitive Plan B… :)

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            ooops, accidentally clicked ‘Submit Comment’ before i could type in the name ‘Lee Jung Jin’ in post earlier…

            so here it is again :

            LOL! hehe, izzie, please stop giving me ideas…naughty ideas…hehe… :)

            but as usual, you are right… :)

            sane, coherent thoughts fly out the windows and doors if ever JGS or the Moon or Won Bin or Hyun Bin or Lee Jungjin were to be in the SAME room with me… 😉

            sorry, javabeans, for mentioning THE Lee Jungjin… 😉

            just can’t resist…he IS sooo captivating in Fugitive Plan B… 😉

          • izzie

            “sorry, javabeans, for mentioning THE Lee Jungjin…”

            oOooo… Yoo’r so in trouble! 😀
            (hehe, the ‘yoo’ thing is what sametang, sumee, pastmidnite and I had been bantering about in the Gong Yoo thread. 😀 )

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            oooohhh…personally, i am not enamoured of Gong Yoo and thus you couldn’t find me in that thread… :)

  27. 27 bobo

    and jang geun suk looks just like a pretty girl peering from behind the curtain…

  28. 28 Anonymous

    Too bad and wasted of good talents. I’ll watch their next dramas and hope those will be better.

  29. 29 whatis

    ahhhh!!! I started out writing a critique on the episode, and drama. But… it got so frustrating even just thinking about it!!!

    Thanks for the recap! This is how I will finish this drama. I don’t think I’ve been this frustrated with a drama ever – Hong Kong/Taiwanese dramas included! This is crazy!!

  30. 30 izzie

    “movement versus consistency”

    *sigh* what a trade-off! We just can’t have the cake and eat it, can we?

    I haven’t watched this episode, though, so I can’t give a proper comment. But judging from this recap, I’m intrigued rather than turned off.

    Hah! I wish the two dads fall for the bad mom and form a love triangle of their own – although that thought sends shivers down my spine, at least something would render them too pre-occupied to do anything creepier and inanely-damaging to the three leads.

    Someone has got to exhume Mary’s mom to show to that creepy dad for him to realize and internalize that his old love was gone. An evil alien in my head tells me that Jung-In is just an excuse for him to keep old love’s clone close. (Yiih! more shivers down the spine!) :(

    Mary should Stay Out of the Creepy Dad’s Life for life!

    and Lee Ahn should just bang Manager Bang so that she becomes happy and get a proper life!

    As for Seo-jun… oh lovely, lovely tiara girl… I think you’ve long suprassed the age when wearing a tiara makes you look cute. And that was ten years ago. The tiara neither makes you look cool nor fierce. It makes you look insipid and childish. (Oh right. Childish is your character. Episode 1 told me different.)

    • 30.1 koreandramalover/kdl

      you know why there is the following saying :

      we can’t have our cake and eat it too?

      because if eating a cake with such insanely messed-up ingredients would just lead to indigestion, or worse, food poisoning… hehe…

      especially if zanier ingredients are mixed in, in the future, in the form of a love story between Mary’s Dad and Mu-Gyul’s Mum…*shivers down my spine*

      love, just loooove, your take on Seo Jun’s utterly, maddeningly ridiculous and inappropriate physical appearance… 😉

      • 30.1.1 izzie

        “especially if zanier ingredients are mixed in, in the future, in the form of a love story between Mary’s Dad and Mu-Gyul’s Mum…*shivers down my spine*”

        and if they manage to produce an offspring, which would be a messed up mixed version of MuGyul and Mary… and the two oldies… the show would have officially mutated into a slasher movie.

        Give the child a knife and make it say, “I’m your best friend!” and it’s all set. 😛

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          haha…slasher movie??!! haha!! ROFL my head off!! :)

          vintage izzie!! :)

          • izzie

            i’m putting the fault on JungIn’s daddy who started all the creepy here. 😛 *rewinds JI Daddy scenes in mind* ew! XP

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            “*rewinds JI Daddy scenes in mind* ew! XP”

            yeah…major, major *eeewwww*!!!! hehe…

            note to self : look at the Moon’s lovely countenance before sleeping tonight to erase memories of JI Daddy’s *eeewwww*ness…


          • samgetang

            hi izzie and kdl…sorry to be late in the game here :-)

            i just finished marathon watching epi 5 to 12 in 2 days…can u beat that? in between sleep, eat, cook, telephone calls, laundry, dishwashing and all the stuff normal people do. thank God for vacations…

            this kdrama kinda grows on you, hehe…

            one thing’s consistent in this show is its limbo-effect on me. i watched it through the repetitive soundtrack of “My precious…” and by the time i was on the 7th epi i was thinking this is ain’t that bad after all…i sorta felt like gollum holding the ring and whispering through gritted teeth “precious…” 😉

            seriously, i liked that mary and mugyul’s relationship started from friendship. there were no pretensions, no mind games. they just grew fond with each other and that’s that. it was a welcome relief after all the tension (snap.crackle.pop) between joo woon and ra im in secret garden. their relationship flowed so naturally towards each other and when it came to facing up to their feelings they did just that without even any sane thought on how they will face their responsibilities, commitment or how they will support themselves afterwards if they are left with no work or means of living…so boho, so gypsy…it’s perfect. by the time JGS found the red sweater that MGY has knit for him and brought it to the skating rink then they hugged while he said “thank you for coming here”, i’m done for! i’m hooked! :-) hahahaha!

            just shows that if you are intent on liking something, you can…despite all odds and despite your own better judgment 😉

            i’m thinking that after watching this drama i will have to debrief myself and repeat to myself what a really good drama should be. maybe i will watch a really good one after this and just tell myself that sometimes you need to see the not-so-bad so you can truly appreciate the good while searching for the best.

            and that’s why i say this show has momentarily lulled me to a kind of limbo where all sanity is skewed and twisted. it has its charms and that’s why i can relate to those who truly love this show.

            what i learned from this show is the “precious” realization that making a story/script is not that easy. after seeing some very good films/series we begin to take for granted that these things may not come easy for those who for example came late in the game or just newbies or maybe really just out of their league. i have more and more appreciation now for really good writers, they are truly a rare gem! :-) their works are so good, flawless and seamless and that we become so immersed with the story so much that we forget that it is all made-up and we become one with the characters, they feel like kindred souls on a similar journey.

            i said this show kinda grows on you because after investing my “precious” minutes, hours, moments with it i was rooting already for the writer/s to make an excellent job and be able to redeem themselves in whatever way they can. the terrain may feel bumpy many times but i hope the destination will be worth it.

            thanks, kdl, for reminding me to watch MSOAN…i learned so much after this….and cant wait for next episodes and its final resolution! :-)

          • izzie

            lol. Someone did a LOT of catching up. 😀

            i sorta felt like gollum holding the ring and whispering through gritted teeth “precious…”

            LOL. I have this image of you in my head caressing JGS’s lovely locks and being gollum-y. 😀 (please excuse my weird imaginations – they pop out of nowhere.)

            just shows that if you are intent on liking something, you can…despite all odds and despite your own better judgment

            haha! I tried to do that for this drama. But there are things that prevented me from succeeding at it. (my reasons below.) 😉

            seriously, i liked that mary and mugyul’s relationship started from friendship. there were no pretensions, no mind games. they just grew fond with each other and that’s that.

            this is the thing that I like about the show. it’s a different take on a love story, as far as kdramas are concerned. and I so believe in friendship being the foundation to a romantic relationship, coz it encourages honesty and good reason. (In SG, take the funny factor out of the tension between Ra-Im and Joo-Won and I would abandon the show. I’ve seen too many tension-laden romantic stories too.) I also like the third wheel factor. if Mary would be torn between the two male leads, she has good reasons. I would’ve also loved it if Seo Jun had a better head and fighting chance at winning either Jung-In or Mu-Gyul. The three leads were great. If only Seo Jun was equally-interesting, I would be glued to this show despite the participation of crazy parents and posses. If she wasn’t there to tug the hearts of Mu-Gyul and Joo-Won and serve as a prospective alternative to Mary, then what is she for? I wish the writer would repackage her and keep her away from being another female villain bot. She’s become a whiny villain bot. (As opposed to Tickle-Me-Elmo, she’s Push-My-Emotional-Buttons-Seo-Jun. Push her buttons and you get the same reaction every time.)

            Sadly, I’ve just decided to give up on the drama. 😛
            I admire the actors, I like the lead characters, but I just can’t appreciate the rest. I wish I could see it from a different point of view, but I guess I’ve seen too many dramas (Filipino, Korean, American, Latin, and Chinese) that I’m left looking for something new. Maybe I need to degauss and take a break from kdramas for a while to be able to look at these shows differently.

            But then again, I wasn’t even looking for a perfect storyline. I could sit and watch with only fun and cuteness to see. For MSOAN I was getting by with the cuteness and the lightness, until the kidnapping stuff came along.

            I kept thinking what was it that I was looking for/expecting from this drama? Here it is: at least one cool/truly mature character. Mary and MuGyul? nope. Jung-In? probably getting there, but not quite. Seo Jun? definitely not. Any of the parents? effing no. Any of the posses? definitely not. The drama-in-the-drama writer? probably. but I don’t know much about her, so I really can’t say. besides, she doesn’t have a significant effect on the storyline.

            This probably explains why I’m so ticked about Seo-Jun. She had the potential to make things a lot more interesting in MSOAN. Among the characters, this was the one that came with the promise of the mix of cool and maturity who could bring on the “yay”-worthy twists to the story. (oh there’s another one – Jung-in’s Dad – but he’s become way too creepy and obsessive.) The way they were selling this character when Jung-In was browsing through resumes of actresses to cast in his drama, she was screaming great promises. Given her background as someone who has rubbed elbows with everyone from high society peeps to regular dudes and have lived the life as a pampered princess and an actress who fought to make it on her own, she should’ve been the well-rounded individual who can bring out-of-the-limits-of-the-box answers to problems that bug Mary, Mu-Gyul, and even Jung-In and leave them indebted to her, giving her real strings to pull on the main characters, and thereby making good sense of her existence in the drama. I’d love to see that kind of female character in a drama for once – the young and empowered one. But that’s just my wish. 😉

            Jung-In reminds me of a ticking time-bomb, and i am at once afraid and excited to see HOW it will explode (because it WILL explode, knowing how it is an essential element in dramas) and the effects it will have on Jung-In himself and others around him…

            my goodness, KDL! seems like you were spot on. looks like the time bomb has already commenced it’s explosion sequence, i.e. Jung-In’s tipsy scene. I was hoping he explode and set everything and everyone right, but looks like he was exploding to his own destruction. for the sake of the drama, I hope he grows that much-needed spine. he’s such a doormat to his father and to Mary as well. (considering that Mary is a doormat to everyone, does that put him at the bottom of the food chain?)

            so in MSOAN, we’ve found a ground where our opinions differ 😉 stemming out from our own expectations for dramas. I so enjoy having these discussions with you, my kdrama sistahs. Your insightful takes on things make me question my likes and dislikes as well. Who knows? Maybe for the sake of our discussions, I might find myself watching MSOAN again. 😉

          • samgetang

            izzie hi!!!!! glad to see you here.

            this is crazy….hopping from one post/thread to another hoping to get a glimpse of any of your, kdl’s, sumee’s or pastidnite’s comments, hehe :-)

            making me dizzy, that’s what it did hahaha!

            we should have a homepage soon where we can rest after all this running around in circles, waahhhaahahaha! that’s why it’s called a homepage, right/?:-)

            i know!!!! thanks for your lengthy but very meaty and substantial post above…

            i echo your sentiments whole-heartedly!

            i guess we are all looking for that “one thing” in life (and no im not referring to the perfect soulmate…argggh!) but i think this is a common human experience we are seekers of beauty, excellence and perfection. we were created by God for that. sometimes we shortchange ourselves and most of the time we give up and settle for less.

            i was about to say the same…

            when i first decided to continue watching MSOAN it was because I wanted to share the experience with KDL who brought it up with me. but at the back of my mind i was looking for the gold beneath the rubble. who is that one person/character in the show who will save this show for me?

            in spending time with it and staying open to the possibilities i discovered mary and mugyul…their union is not perfect but for me it was the best thing that the show can offer in the aspect i mentioned in my prev post.

            ive set my expectations very low for this show after viewing the 1st 3, 4 episodes. so i was able to enjoy the littlest bit of fun and drama that they can offer in their weird and crazy way. i am sad though cos they have a powerhouse cast in the lead roles and could’ve been stretched so much more in the acting department but alas the writing has much work to do. changing the writer in the middle of the airing also seem like a catch 22 thing…damned if they do, but also damned if they dont…arghhh!

            and so did i find that one person?

            although mary and mugyul are such cute and adorable characters, its not one of them. i was thinking maybe JI cos he has this uncanny knack in biz. he has the potential to be bigger than he is, more magnanimous, create the saving grace for this show. he looked one-dimensional before but he’s gaining more flesh by the last few episodes. he started cold but he started warming up to mary, sharing a moment to read a book w her in the book shop, strolling w her in the market, plus their shared childhood, his gift in eyeing the hidden talent of mary for script writing…and giving it venue for expression…these are very promising in my humble opinion.

            but his attitude towards his father is sad and pathetic.
            like what kdl said…he seemed like a ticking time bomb indeed. i hope he will not slide down to non-sense and indeed be the saving grace here.

            as for seujun i agree with you izzie…the moment she started to be whiny and all self-absorbed the tiara lost the little sparkle that it had for me. hope she can even save herself…

            so now im left with nothing…waaaahhh! …except maybe the desire to finish what i started and enjoy the jealousy slant of the two male leads over mary 😉

            still i am all hope…im still watching this show til its crazy (and hope not bitter) end, hehe…barring time constraints and life’s pressing demands 😉

            thanks for sharing all your wonderful thoughts with us, izzie. they are “precious” to me…im exhibiting LSS (last song syndrome) now, hahaha! blame it on marathon viewing…yikes!

  31. 31 Ani

    X/ I give up? I don’t now. We’ll see? *sigh* Thanks for the effort on recapping ladies.

  32. 32 bunny

    the pro/con intro was the best ever!

    thanks so much for the recap JB!

  33. 33 koreandramalover/kdl

    haha…javabeans, where do I begin to express how grateful I am to you for not giving up on recapping this drama? 😉

    I am so sorry to know how this drama has driven you insane (not literally, I am sure 😉

    but am so grateful to you that in spite of that,
    you have not given up on providing us,
    the visitors to Dramabeans and followers of MSOAN, with the chance to savour your incredibly witty, exceedingly entertaining and intelligent insight on MSOAN… 😉

    Just some of the gems (which I totally concur with you) from this recap :

    – I hate when the ladies in dramas are such princesses, automatically assuming that the men will give up their beds for them and pouting if they don’t. You know what they say about assuming things

    (i totally agree…how sad it is that the writer/PD has placed such a talented actress as MGY in such a ‘princessy’ position)

    – she rushes to his side and sucks the blood from this finger, which I guess is cute, though unsanitary. Mu-gyul suggests a kiss to commemorate the occasion, and I think Mary has officially gone insane because she declines.

    (the sucking of blood is definitely insane, as is declining the kiss)

    – Oh, are we playing the “I can hurt my own son but nobody else can” game now?

    (exactly! How ironic of the Worst Mother in the World to act in that way considering SHE is the reason her son grew up with an inferiority complex as a result of her wayward adolescent AND adult behaviour.)

    – OH YOU TWO. Can we just have the Mu-gyul and Jung-in Comedy Hour, please? I’d forgive the lack of plot or logical character development if we could just see these two being petty and jealous and silly all the time.

    (hehe…how much zany fun would we have if the Comedy Hour does materialize??!!)

    – That association just makes it creepier that President Jung requests Mary come to the concert with the ring, as he wants to see her wearing it. Gah, I swear this gothic plot is straight out of a VC Andrews novel.

    (not ever having read a VC Andrews novel before, i can’t say i understand your reference but i totally agree with the TOTALLY CREEEEEPY feeling from this scenario)

    – Rather unsporting of the oh-so-authentic rock musicians who don’t even write their own songs, yeah? Dude(s), you don’t make the music anyway — all you do is PLAY the stuff Mu-gyul writes. Also: This is hardly the stuff we’d expect of the guys who acknowledged that they had no talent and were considering quitting music in the first place. I think the Character Development Fairy must be drunk along with half the characters.

    (IMO, the Character Devt Fairy DEFINITELY has lost his/her mind, not JUST gotten drunk)

    – Seo-jun joins Mu-gyul at the table, apparently having turned on her Mu-gyul Homing Signal.

    (hehe…reminds me of another character with the Homing Signal – Tweedle Evil, the one-half of Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Evil, from Personal Taste, whose name i can’t remember!!)

    once again, javabeans, thanks so much for not giving up on this insane ride…;)

    • 33.1 anais

      VC Andrews novels – especially Flowers in the Attic – comprise a family saga with incest at its roots.

      • 33.1.1 koreandramalover/kdl

        oh, i see…i shall try to find the time to read it ’cause my interest has been piqued… 😉

        i have always been a reader of the crime/thriller/spy genre…one of my favourites is Agatha Christie…

        thanks so much for the info, anais! 😉

        • anais

          No, not quite Agatha Christie.

          VC Andrews is… twisted. Yet compellingly so. In that hidden vice sort of way.

          Definitely not a crime, thriller, or spy novel. It was packaged in the US in the 80s as a young adult series, slightly trashy but…

          Some of the gothic dimensions of the series reminded me of Anne Rice’s Mayfair saga series (with Lasher) and the second and third volumes of the Vampire Chronicle (Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned). But with an authorial voice quite a bit less splashy than Anne Rice’s.

          I vaguely remember the siblings locked in the attic, the 60 year old grandmother who looked 20something thanks to amazing surgery, incest-begotten children, Dresden doll-like features or something like that… All very hazy now but the feel of it all.

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            oooh…compellingly twisted?
            hmmm…definitely must find the time to read them… 😉

            Anne Rice’s Mayfair saga series (with Lasher) sounds interesting as well… 😉

            thanks so much, anais!

            so glad to make your acquaintance here in Dramabeans for i have benefited from the incredible mind-gems you have shared so far here… 😉

            thanks so very much, and hope you continue to grace this blog with your intelligent and thought-provoking ideas and opinions.. 😉

        • javabeans

          Since I brought it up…

          VC Andrews wrote gothic trash novels, and as anais mentions, the Flowers in the Attic is her first and most famous novel and subsequent series. The books were so popular that after she died, ghostwriters kept up her brand by churning out more epic “sagas” of twisted family dynamics that all featured incest, rape, and other sensational topics. As you can imagine, they were appealing for their “taboo” subject matter, particularly for young impressionable minds who might have had to, *ahem*, sneak them around strict parents or stealth-read them at the library. I would NOT recommend them as good reading material for anybody, but if you’re curious go ahead, just know that they’re meant to be trashy.

          One of the early “sagas” was the Heaven series, which is the one I’m referring to here, where there are three generations of women who all look exactly like each other. Girl, mother, grandmother. There are men in their lives who are positively obsessed with them, and carry on the obsession into the next generations. It’s creepy, to say the least.

          • D

            ummm, i was a bookworm, i remember reading them in our public library when i was in mid teens, couldn”t recall borrowing any but I know the first one I read has a very torn cover (sign of a well read book?)

            yes, it was creepy and disturbing but after a few titles, the novelty worn off.. i just sort of move on to other genre

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            oooh…interesting…trashy? creepy?

            no wonder then, my teachers steered my friends and I away from such books, which is why i never got round to reading them…
            too many other mind-blowingly compelling books/genres to read up on but so little time in which to do it…

            thanks so much, javabeans!!! 😉

            can’t thank u enough for the sharing!! 😉

            bless you! :)

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            btw, i wanted to appear cool about it, but i REALLY CANNOT resist it…

            WOW!!! A reply from our esteemed Javabeans!!! :)

            WOW!!! WOW!!! WOWWWWW!!!

            How AWESOME!!!

            How FANTABULOUS!! 😉

            How HONOURED!! :)


            *bows* * bows* :)

            BLESS YOU, Javabeans! :)

            (kindly forgive my lack of self-control here…hehe) 😉

          • anais

            I would NOT recommend them as good reading material for anybody, but if you’re curious go ahead, just know that they’re meant to be trashy.

            Don’t know why but this part just has me breaking out in laughter unfailingly.

  34. 34 lyra

    idk, but for me episode 11-12 at least made me laugh.
    at least for Jung-in’s character it somehow made a step forward, unlike before. i can see a jealous but gutsy jung-in rather than that of the stoic groom-to-be who only knows how to say yes.

    i am a little bit worried of seo-jun’s character here. seems like it will take another ten episodes to redeem who she really is in the story. because seriously, i cant find any relevance of her one month relationship with mugyul then run after him like they have been together for a decade? oh, thanks for reminding JB , the plot..ugh.

    the pro and con convo cracked me up.thanks for the recap!!

    am still in this ship, err..bus .haha

  35. 35 Christy

    A quote from Princess Bride seems so apt for this episode:

    “LOOK You see, The Cliffs of Insanity, Hurry up move the thing, and, and that other thing, MOVE IT”

    I’ve lost my mind in this crazy, inconceivable, surreal plot but at least the bus is MOVING!! Needless to say I enjoyed this episode and I’m looking forward to episode 13. I think I’ll just watch this drama for the crazy factor.

    Anyway, where is the Butakhae, My Bus OST song? I miss it and I hope they play it again in some of the drama scenes. I get a kick out of its crazy lyrics.

    • 35.1 koreandramalover/kdl

      yes, i agree with you, Christy, about the My Bus OST song…

      it is amazingly catchy and terrific fun! :)

  36. 36 Serious

    honestly, i couldn’t agree with you more JB. The plot is just so repetitive and crazy now -.- but the characters are a lot more fun(?) to see. Although they’re a bit different than how they used to be (ahem, Jung-in), i did like the characters exchanges :)

  37. 37 hereorthere

    lol @ the VC Andrews reference – funny stuff.

  38. 38 LaLa

    I stopped watching this drama long time ago… but i still love your recaps…i think they are much more entertaining…

  39. 39 punch

    tee hee it’s like there’s a devil and an angel on your head :)
    javabeans is more interesting than the plot

  40. 40 alice

    Even reading the recap is not fun. Sorry Dramabean, I only read the part where you talked to yourself (which was more exciting then the episode), a little of the beginning and then skipped to your ending. This drama makes PK look so much better. Not trying to make comparisons but I felt compelled to since there were so many PK and KHJ haters.

    • 40.1 alice

      You guys can not say that KHJ did not improve towards the ending… esp in the Youtube versions. He was so much better and less awkward. KHJ is not a strong actor like JKS which is why I’m more disappointed with MSOAN. They have 3 strong actors and still the drama is a big mess.

      • 40.1.1 ce

        Since his character was aloof, I would say KHJ suited the role. And he really did improve. The reason why I like Seung-jo better than the other versions is because Seung-jo had warmth whereas the others didn’t. There was a side to the Naoki character that I liked that I haven’t seen before. That added to my looking-forward-to-the-next-episodes feeling.

        I actually gave up on MSOAN after episode 4. Gave up on reading the recaps too but picked it up again when I heard there was a writer change. It still sounds messy, despite the strong actors, but we’ll just see how it all ends. I’m thinking of watching again starting with episode 11 (but the recaps sounds so much better!). I could’ve also stuck with JGS (adored him on YB) & MGY (respected since AIMH) but I really couldn’t stand the secondary characters and lack of character development. I love cliches, cheesiness, puppy-cuteness, brainlessness, but only in moderation.

  41. 41 nadya

    I’m laughing so much that i don’t even care about the plot right now!!! LOL 😀 I think this is what the drama was lacking the last few episodes, it got to mellow and this was like a super boost of fun stuff…now if we get the fun and cute together till the end, that would be amazing!

  42. 42 koreandramalover/kdl

    MSOAN is turning out to be a drama of the SERIOUSLY DISTURBING…

    the characters’ characterisation reflect that :

    Mary’s Dad, Mu-Gyul’s Mom and Jung-In’s Dad are SERIOUSLY DISTURBING in their self-centredness and utter lack of regard for how they can/must do to make their child truly happy;

    Jung-In’s Dad is SERIOUSLY DISTURBING in his obsession with his lost love – Mary’s late mum – to the extent that he is willing to resort to EMOTIONAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL AND FINANCIAL BLACKMAIL of his own flesh and blood (Jung-In), Mary’s Dad and Mary herself (or anyone else, for that matter), in order to deal with that obsession;

    Jung-In is SERIOUSLY DISTURBING in his total lack of motivation to break away from his father’s strangle-hold over his life and REALLY LIVE HIS OWN LIFE, unencumbered by his dad’s money/influence/blackmail, however hard it may be, because life is, after all, not meant to be easy for anyone to live, with or without money;

    Seo Jun is SERIOUSLY DISTURBING in her obsession with HER lost love in Mu-Gyul, that she is characterised as possessing NO common sense whatsoever when it comes to her reaction and actions pertaining to anything and everything connected with Mu-Gyul;

    Only Mary and Mu-Gyul are the saving graces in this drama so far, character-wise BUT only because in Mu-Gyul’s case, he has shown that he has the POTENTIAL to be a better person…

    BUT if he does not prove to Mary and her father that he can really take care of Mary in every way that matters, then he will fall into the category of SERIOUSLY DISTURBING as well – because he just cannot be a responsible and committed man to the one he loves, and will forever take flight when the going gets tough.

    i wonder how the story is unfolding next…

    • 42.1 izzie

      “if he does not prove to Mary and her father that he can really take care of Mary in every way that matters”

      kdrama-heaven forbid that MuGyul changes to prove himself worthy in Mary’s Dad’s eyes… cuz Mr. Wee is such a “qualified” judge of character. *coughs violently*

      the real disturbing thing is that… I know MuGyul’s Mom! (the character, not the actress) She’s my college best friend’s mom who effectively guided her daughter to the “right path” and yep, we the friends had to deal with her too from time to time. (yep, even regarding financial concerns.) somehow, she trascended the barrier from real life to kdrama universe. and became Korean. I worry everytime she gets screentime. I fear that she would jump out of my computer screen and ask money from me.

      • 42.1.1 koreandramalover/kdl

        haha!!! haha!!! help!!! i can’t stop laughing!!

        – *coughs violently* – vintage, vintage izzie!! haha!! :)

        – “i fear that she would jump out of my computer screen and ask money from me”

        so sorry you have a real-life ‘Mu-Gyul’s Mum’ in your life…

        how DAMAGING parents can be, right?
        when they are supposed to PREVENT damage from happening to their children…

        *shivers down my spine*

        • izzie

          “so sorry you have a real-life ‘Mu-Gyul’s Mum’ in your life…”

          she’s so the same right down to the age, body build and hairstyle, it scares me. really. :(

          as for seo-jun. I liked her at the beginning. I thought she’d turn out to be this cool noona/unnie with the ‘tude. bitchy, but cool. I was hoping that she would be the one to conk everyone’s head when they’re acting nonsensical. I would’ve cheered for her to get Jung-In for they come from the same background (not the plain rich kid, but the formerly-pressured/parent-controlled, rebellious rich kid) now she ain’t even bitchy. she’s just plain whiny. XP

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            “she’s so the same right down to the age, body build and hairstyle, it scares me. really.”

            oh my God!!! no wonder then you say it is as if she has taken over Seo Jun’s character…*more shivers down my spine*!!!

            as for seo jun, i agree with you!!

            i was thinking exactly the same thing, especially in the first few episodes when she was portrayed as a considerate and independent-minded lady in her interactions with Mary especially…

            and yet…sadly, her character has sunk into a ‘mindless, perpetually tragic’ persona, courtesy of the writing…sooo tragic! :(

            but an an eternal optimist, i am hoping against hope, that the subsequent episodes can help to redeem her character and surprise us all…

            after all, hope is the last thing that dies… 😉

          • izzie

            “i was thinking exactly the same thing, especially in the first few episodes when she was portrayed as a considerate and independent-minded lady in her interactions with Mary especially…

            and yet…sadly, her character has sunk into a ‘mindless, perpetually tragic’ persona, courtesy of the writing…sooo tragic!”

            looks like she’s cool with everything, until her MuGyul issues grew bigger – especially towards the middle where everyone she met is in one way or another connected to MG. her sulking is understandable since it is now known that MG ditched her for suspected cheating without giving her the benefit of an explanation. however, the way she tangles and drags everybody else in her melodrama just ain’t right. and also, she’s got to outgrow that headband/tiara thing. how could she expect everybody to take her seriously with that distracting thing on her head? 😛

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            “looks like she’s cool with everything, until her MuGyul issues grew bigger – especially towards the middle where everyone she met is in one way or another connected to MG.”

            exactly my thoughts, izzie! :)


            “her sulking is understandable since it is now known that MG ditched her for suspected cheating without giving her the benefit of an explanation. however, the way she tangles and drags everybody else in her melodrama just ain’t right.”

            yes! yes! a thousand times yes! that is what is mean by “mindless, perpetually tragic persona”…she goes about behaving as if she can’t or won’t think (use her mind) rationally and logically, but just based on her emotions alone, portraying herself as a victim, without taking appropriate, mature and decisive actions to tackle the problems staring at her in the face…


            “and also, she’s got to outgrow that headband/tiara thing. how could she expect everybody to take her seriously with that distracting thing on her head?”

            could it be the ‘princessy’ persona coming to the fore??
            eternally thinking that she needs a crutch, in the form of the tiara-like-headband, to make herself feel better or good about herself, if nobody else can make her feel that way?? if so, then she is a truly pathetic creature…

          • izzie

            “eternally thinking that she needs a crutch, in the form of the tiara-like-headband, to make herself feel better or good about herself, if nobody else can make her feel that way?”

            she looks worse being a whiny baby with a tiara on. if she’s going to keep that fashion statement, she better learn to match it with a fierce diva attitude – the type that would make everyone cower if she doesn’t get her way, and not the kind that would throw a tantrum fit like an overage brat.

            seriously, do they need someone like that in the drama?

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            “she looks worse being a whiny baby with a tiara on. if she’s going to keep that fashion statement, she better learn to match it with a fierce diva attitude – the type that would make everyone cower if she doesn’t get her way, and not the kind that would throw a tantrum fit like an overage brat.

            seriously, do they need someone like that in the drama?”

            – my sentiments exactly! WHAT exactly is her purpose in being in the drama?

            Just for DRAMATIC purposes because of the drama-within-a-drama context of MSOAN and her purpose is to provide the dramatic (read : childish) but ultimately pointless perspective?

            If so, then WE’VE BEEN HAD, izzie… :(

            I do hope i am wrong, and Seo Jun will be shown as a character that adds value to the drama, since it cannot possibly be the driving force of the drama…
            or at the very least, make Seo Jun be useful enough to make a difference in some small way to the drama,
            at the end of it all…

            To me, if she is taken out of the drama totally right now, she will NOT be missed, neither will her absence cause any upheaval…

            just my humble opinion…

    • 42.2 LizzyD

      But KDL, he braved the cold to get her cold water! That’s the Kdrama equivalent of slaying dragons to save the princess!! Seriously though, why does he have to prove himself worthy of her to be with her? And girl can take care of herself as she has been doing for the past 24 yrs.

      • 42.2.1 koreandramalover/kdl

        it is more of a question of proving to the OTHERS (namely, the parents) in the girl’s life that he can take care of the girl, more than proving to the girl herself, because after all, the girl has been brought up by the OTHERS, and so, how to escape the scrutiny and judgement of passing the care of their lovingly-brought-up child to a relative stranger?

        if you have ever brought a man home to meet the parents, you will understand what i mean… 😉

        i swear , even the most confident and self-assured of men, literally shook in their boots when faced with the PROSPECT of meeting MY parents, note to mention REALLY MEETING them, because of the glare of scrutiny…

        especially because i come from a strict and conservative religious background…

        BUT the irony of it is, AFTER meeting my parents, the men realised to their complete and pleasant surprise, how easy-going, friendly and non-judgemental my parents really are…haha… 😉

        so, it is more of the fear of the unknown than anything else… 😉

        • LizzyD

          Of course I know what you mean with 4 girls and one very strict Asian dad. One time my older sister brought a boyfriend home and after he left, my dad suddenly got up and went after him. Poor guy was so nervous he left the house and walked to his car without his shoes. hahaha This was a full-grown man who was a doctor too. My sisters and I still laugh about it. Mary’s dad makes me so angry (think back to the construction site flashback of little mary crying) that I almost feel like he has lost all parent rights. And this is coming from someone who believes so firmly in respecting the elders that I can’t call my graduate school professors by their first names.

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            haha!!! hehe!!! a shoeless doctor walking to his car?

            how positively terrified he must have been, right?
            poor dear… 😉

            did he end up marrying your elder sister? :)

            and yes, I am just like you too – i would be caught dead (by my parents) before i could call my university professors by their first names… hehe :)

          • izzie

            haha! bring back the memories! 😀

            back in high school, my biggest crush (the school heartthrob) visited me at home. he was so scared of my father that he brought his entire posse for moral support. 😀

            Dad kept passing by the living room where we all were. When he had the opportunity to talk to me he told me, “I know who among them is the guy. He can’t fool me.”

            so yes, fathers can scare the heck out of even the most playful playboy admirer. 😀

          • koreandramalover/kdl


            so you had a past with a PLAYFUL PLAYBOY, yeah?

            soooo interesting!! hehe 😉

            so what happened with him?? dooo tell… hehe :)

          • izzie

            “so what happened with him?? dooo tell… hehe”

            ahaha! He was every inch a gentleman when we were together but he was trouble magnet, :) I was never the jealous kind, but I had to let him go to find peace of mind. 😛 at the very least, my school bag became the punching bag of a jealous girl when I happened to leave it alone during a class break. Good thing, I didn’t leave my packed lunch in there, or I would’ve found my knapsack in an icky mess. 😛 young girls…

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            ooohhh…interesting!! 😉

            at least you HAVE had the experience… 😉

            i have never known a playboy before but something close to a rocker/artist type but of course it didn’t work out because we both knew my parents would have disowned me… 😉

            and also because i myself did not have faith in the relationship any way… 😉

            aaahhh…history and experience…which is why i follow MSOAN up till now…brings back poignant memories… :)

          • izzie

            “i have never known a playboy before but something close to a rocker/artist type”

            – oOoo… the free spirit kind? they’re usually very interesting guys, but it’s hard to find one that you can keep in one place for a long time. 😉

            “i myself did not have faith in the relationship any way…”

            – but why? :( (curious mind wants to know.) 😉

            “history and experience…which is why i follow MSOAN up till now…brings back poignant memories… ”

            – both good and bad, yep! :)

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            hmm…yeah, a bit like a free spirit,
            and forever dreaming of going places with his music…
            he was a drummer and guitarist
            (a funny combination, i know, but he loved them both) and he was in a band with his closest friends…

            i didn’t have much faith in the relationship because he was what we can call ‘a chick magnet’?
            similar to your case i guess…

            i was forever thinking of how insecure i felt when he was playing in front of all the screaming girls in pubs and clubs…especially because i didn’t frequent such places and never will…

            on top of that, we had very little in common –

            i was and still am a bookworm, he wasn’t;

            he was a talented musician (he wrote his own songs)
            while i couldn’t (and still can’t) play a musical instrument for nuts…hehe..

            he was a dreamer, while i am more of a realist/pragmatist;

            he was forever struggling financially and because of that, he told me right from the start that he cannot commit himself to anyone yet…maybe in 10 years or even more…and i knew right then that i shouldn’t be waiting for someone who may NEVER be able to commit himself to me… 😉

            eventually we drifted apart after i finished my university studies, while he was drifting along with his band…

            we first met through mutual friends at a wedding and i was enchanted by his guitar-playing, esp because it was my first time knowing a musician…also because i LOVE listening to music from the guitar, violin and drums… :)

            we were together for almost 2 years and we had both good and sad memories, but do you know what was really remarkable?
            We NEVER argued or fought!
            Not even once!
            Do you know why?
            Because we knew right from the beginning that our time together will not last because of our differences and so we decided NEVER to argue but to talk things out calmly and patiently, so that we would only have good and sad memories of our time together…:)

            why sad memories, you may ask?

            sad because we knew we were just too different to ever be able to build a lasting relationship together and we knew we were going our separate ways one day and so we were essentially going through each day just appreciating the time we had together…

            that was more than 20 years ago…

            i have not seen him since but have heard from a mutual friend that he has settled down in Malaysia, with a different band… :)


            my decision to watch MSOAN hasn’t been easy because i wasn’t sure how i would feel after all these years but so far it has been ok, helped a great deal by the hilarious parts in the drama that made me laugh my head off and the wonderful recaps by our dear javabeans and girlfriday right here in dramabeans… :)

            hope my trip down memory lane has been engaging, not snooze-inducing… hehe :)

            what about your time with the playboy?
            any fond memories of your time with him?
            *curious mind wonders* :)

          • izzie

            Woah, kdl! your history with the rocker guy is really something! Though short-lived, it was rather beautiful with the maturity dashed into it. I so admire couples who know when or when not to argue, and know w/c issues are worth bothering about. Sad to hear that it didn’t last long, but then again the separation paved the way for you to meet the one whom you’re really meant to be with. :)

          • izzie

            will tell you about the playboy later. 😉 i have to go pack now for a trip. me going on vay-kay. :)

          • oy

            @ kdl thanks for sharing :)

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            @izzie : Thanks for your kind comments on my brief but beautiful time with the musician and you are right abt the separation being best for both of us because both of us are where we should be… 😉

            @oy : You are most welcome! I am happy to share 😉

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            @ izzie : Oh, so you are going on a vay-kay vacation? What is a ‘vay-kay’? Its great to know you are going for the vacation! Enjoy yourself!! Take care!! See u again soon here in Dramabeans 😉

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            @ izzie : silly old me! hehe… i know now ‘vay-kay’ is your way of saying ‘vacation’, right? hehe 😉

          • izzie

            so sorry for the very late reply, KDL. :)

            yup! I’m on vacation. :) (so sorry about the three weeks away from work for the Holidays. (yipee!) 😀 and it’s only now that I was able to have a connection to the web, since I went on a trip.

            the connection here is quite decent so I hope I’d be able to visit often. :)

          • izzie

            so sorry for the very late reply, KDL. :)

            yup! I’m on vacation. :) for three weeks I’d be away from work for the Holidays. (yipee!) 😀 and it’s only now that I was able to have a connection to the web, since I went on a trip.

            the connection here is quite decent so I hope I’d be able to visit often. :)

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            hi there, izzie dear!! 😉

            thanks so much the reply, but you should focus on your vacation now… 😉

            have a great time! 😉

            see u again! 😉

          • samgetang

            hi izzie and kdl….hmmm…just finished reading your trip down memory lane. so interesting!!! playboy and rocker types, wooaaahhh!

            i barely remember a guy in my past who sports a long mane of hair such as JGS in this show, he was an archaeologist and also a free spirit….he was into band music and the girls love him too, argghh! stormy days….

            thanks for inviting me here, kdl, so i can at least know more about why you like MSOAN.

            izzie, as always, you had me in stitches with all your funny takes on this drama, tiara and all….LOL!

            this drama is really fun for all the “unbelievable” elements in it…it is almost out-of-this-world! :-)

    • 42.3 Bee

      >>Jung-In is SERIOUSLY DISTURBING in his total lack of motivation to break away from his father’s strangle-hold over his life and REALLY LIVE HIS OWN LIFE, unencumbered by his dad’s money/influence/blackmail, however hard it may be, because life is, after all, not meant to be easy for anyone to live, with or without money;<<

      Sadly enough, from a purely psychological point of view, his character is the most realistic. Something really serious must have happened in his life that he never "grew up" – I assume that his dad always punished him with love withdrawl, and the only way that Jung-in could get his father's attention was to be a good boy. Now he's an adult, and trying to do his own thing (running his own company), but sadly enough he's not financially independant and plays along the lines of the "good boy" theme to ensure his father's cooperation… Call it a comfort zone, the actions of least risk. Thing is, a person won't leave their comfort zone, even if it's a bit unpleasent to them or they are not completely happy, as long as the plus is outweighting the minus effects. Only when a person feels really uncomfortable, they are willing to break out of their situation and face the unkown of new ways.
      But if you look at the character Jung-In, he's at a that breaking point. He has complied with his father's behavour so far, but it's getting more and more painful. Now he's met Mary and Mu-gyul, and that tips the scale of what he's willing to endure from his father, it makes his barely habitable "comfort-zone" and uncomfortable place….
      Now, the question is, will Jung-in give up on himself, or will he break free from his father? If the character of the previous 10 episodes was doing the action, then I'd say he'd break free. With the character changes in the past two eps, I#m not so sure any more…

      • 42.3.1 koreandramalover/kdl

        wow, Bee!! :)

        thank you so much for your thorough, intelligent and insightful comment on my comment!! :)

        i thoroughly enjoyed reading your comment and agree with every single marvellous point… 😉

        and just like you, i am looking forward to seeing how Jung-In (as well as MG and Mary) will be portrayed in subsequent episodes, such that their respective emotional, psychological, inter-personal and intra-personal struggles will unravel…

        but just like you, i am also worried if it can be done with just so few episodes left, unless they have an extension, which should be highly unlikely considering the dismal ratings…siiiggghhhhh….

        Jung-In reminds me of a ticking time-bomb, and i am at once afraid and excited to see HOW it will explode (because it WILL explode, knowing how it is an essential element in dramas) and the effects it will have on Jung-In himself and others around him…

        the sad truth is that Jung-In’s character is a lot more common in real life than we can even imagine, based on statistics the world over on emotionally- and psychologically-challenged people…

      • 42.3.2 oy

        thanks for your input
        interesting read

      • 42.3.3 x0mi07

        jung-in is a hell of a WHOLE LOT like me you have NO idea…>,< totally sympathize for the dude but i must admit… if he wants mary, he should go get her. a character with a personality like mine and jung-in's would still do the best they can for the one they love — whether that be his dad or mary.

    • 42.4 samgetang

      wow! izzie and kdl! verbal sparring between the two of you once again, hahaha! i haven’t read yet all your comments here but by the looks of it, i might be SERIOUSLY DISTURBED after reading this long and winding thread :-)

      so God help me :-)

      • 42.4.1 koreandramalover/kdl

        hehe, samgetang! take care and may God help you! 😉

  43. 43 danaXOX

    you’re a party pooper. correct but still a party pooper

    there’s good plot and good chemistry

    they don’t go hand in hand so perfect examples right now

    good plot, decent (i guess) chemistry – SG
    not so good plot, great chemistry – MSOAN

    and i’ve dropped SG b/c honestly, despite the plot, i don’t pay attention anymore

    on the other hand, i watch every moment of MSOAN

    • 43.1 javabeans

      although technically speaking, since it’s my blog/party, aren’t you really the pooper?


      • 43.1.1 izzie

        well, since it’s your party, then you can poop if you want to…

        why did I say that?! XP gross!

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          haha…izzie!!! HOW COULD you say what you said?

          hilarious!!! haha!! :)

          • izzie

            it’s a bad case of verbal diarrhea… XP

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            hehe…verbal diarrhoea…vintage izzie!!! haha!! :)

      • 43.1.2 danaXOX

        true but then, i guess we would always be pooping on someone’s party by expressing a different opinion on their blog?

        ps i do like your blog btw!

        • x0mi07

          you were the one who started calling names. play nice.

    • 43.2 Anonymous

      That is your opinion, for me SG has better chemistry than MSOAN.

  44. 44 JOYce

    BIG thanks for still recaping, despite……
    Other than that, this series makes me frustrated. I stop watching this series and only read your recap!

  45. 45 teapot

    Wheeeeee!!!!! The character-development may be drunk, but it looks like her second-cousin the gleeful trainwreck fairy has taken over the wheel.
    Is it wrong that I’m enjoying this drama more now that its making a total ass out of itself?

    • 45.1 izzie

      well, if you can’t stir sensibility… stir crazy. 😉

    • 45.2 koreandramalover/kdl

      haha!!! teapot, you just crack me up!! 😉

      i don’t blame you for enjoying the wacky ride, for i am riding along with you!!! :)


  46. 46 Nana

    This is The biggest flop of the year. Other dramas you name it, I can forgive, but this one wastes a way too good casts.

  47. 47 LizzyD

    I’m actually enjoying this drama, but then again, I’d watch 100 episodes of Mary and Mu Gyul being cute together. Plus, I don’t think the plot and character inconsistencies are any worse than a lot of the dramas out there, some of which I still enjoyed. I just wish the secondary characters weren’t so completely annoying. I just want to dig a bottomless ditch and drop kick all of them in there and bury them alive. That would include all the parents, the crazy obsessed with a guy I dated for 1 month a year ago woman, and insane manager who seems to want to ruin her star client’s career.

    • 47.1 koreandramalover/kdl

      LizzyD!!! u really cracked me up!!! hahaha!!! 😉

      “dig a bottomless ditch and drop kick all of them in there and bury them alive”

      haha…tell me, how DO you dig a BOTTOMLESS ditch??

      wouldn’t you fall into it first before you could drop kick the insane bunch of characters?? hehe :)

      • 47.1.1 LizzyD

        Ok, I admit my plan isn’t fully thought out, but I’ll find a way. Do you want to help me? And no, my sister didn’t marry the doctor. My family is crazy so he probably would have had a nervous breakdown if he hung around any longer.

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          hehe…oooohhh yessss, i would most certainly be more than happy to help you bury those maddeningly mindless characters into whatever pit of your choice…hehe…just tell when and where, i’ll be there!!hehe 😉

          oh, so the doctor walked OFF totally from your family?
          hmmm…well then, he is NOT the one for your sister… :)
          if he cannot take your family ‘craziness’ as you said, then he is NOT the one for your sister after all… 😉

          every family has some form of wackiness happening in it…its just a matter of whether it is known outside the family or not and the degree of craziness… 😉

          if i were to tell my life story, including stories from both my parents’ side of the family, with all its insanity and out-of-this-world experiences, you may think that your family is actually quite sane… hehe 😉

          • oy

            sounds very interesting
            I like real life stories 😉

          • LizzyD

            Yes, I love stories. The crazier the better.

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            @ oy
            @ LizzyD

            Hi, there oy and LizzyD! 😉

            I love real life stories too! 😉

            If you are interested to know a bit abt my crazy family background, perhaps you could read my posts in the following link in Dramabeans that i posted as my reply to a commentor on why i do not like Secret Garden… 😉


            I would like to also add something which I did not get to include in those posts of mine :

            There are also illegitimate children from my father’s and mother’s side of the family (my father’s sibling and my mother’s cousin) and the stigma NEVER goes away, for both the adults and children involved, even though more than 30 years have passed…

  48. 48 ViPrimadonna

    LOL! this is the first thing that came into my mind when i first read this: “omo! finally JB has lost her mind!” kekekekeke..

  49. 49 Dandelion

    Thanks jb,

    Will MR become a vampire ? sucking blood,
    totally unhygienic.

    Could contract AIDS with the bohemian lifestyle guy .

    Love every moments of Jung In ! .
    Looking forward to watch his coming days to the wedding ceremony if it happens .

    • 49.1 anais

      Hey hey – Sorry to be a killjoy but…

      I presume you’re just being flippant with the AIDS comment but not everyone who comes to this site may realize you’re being such.

      It’s highly unlikely that one contract HIV (the virus that leads to AIDS) from sucking on a few drops of blood from a tiny puncture wound.

      I have to admit it’s the first time I’ve ever come across HIV and Bohemian being associated. Pot or even heroin maybe, but HIV? Maybe if the bohos shot up heroin using dirty needles, but even that stereotype is a bit outdated.

      Anyhow, just trying to prevent any unfounded stereotypes from being perpetuated unintentionally.

  50. 50 bjharm

    the drama has and still dose raise issues that have importance in today’s korea. That is the idol – anti fan and what stars can feel/face due to nothing more than empty gossip through the internet. Now we have a hint at the sponsor-actress bit, as said it more like a casting couch but the point is of course are the girl willing or forced by their management company.

  51. 51 krit

    jgs looks really cute..getting jealous, making Ji jealous..hahahha!i enjoyed watching those scenes…
    yeah,remind me again,pls the conflict of this drama?..
    i love javabeans’ recap!..i enjoyed reading,LOL

  52. 52 Elsie

    Your recaps are a gift from the DramaGods, I can’t stand one more moment watching this plot, but I still wanted to know where it’s heading to. So …THANK YOU for taking your time to recap it for us.

    I’m not even willing to keep on watching it for the two main leads, since even if I like them taken individually, and I think they are talented, this doesn’t justify employing my time in a bad drama. And besides,
    it’s not like they haven’t read the script before accepting to do this. They knew what they were doing.

    Maybe they were under pressure because the whole nation wanted them to pair up in a drama, and they knew that sooner or later it had to be done. So they have given it a try. (I bet I’m the only one in the whole K-Drama fandom who doesn’t feel their chemistry.)

    I also find MGY cuteness a bit forced, I was unable to put it into words for a while, then, after rewatching some scenes from PK and MGIAG I understood. I was unconsciously comparing her acting to Shin Min Ah and Jung So Min’s, who I still find naturally adorable, while I always have the impression that MGY is trying hard to look like a puppy.

    Of course this is just the way I feel about her acting, and I don’t mean to offend anyone-else’s opinion. I can’t just feel her characters at an emotional level (I’ve already dropped Cinderella Unni, and I’m still in hiatus with Painter of the Wind).

    But I’ll keep on trying, maybe in the future she will be able to surprise me.

    • 52.1 Anonymous

      “I also find MGY cuteness a bit forced, I was unable to put it into words for a while, then, after rewatching some scenes from PK and MGIAG I understood. I was unconsciously comparing her acting to Shin Min Ah and Jung So Min’s, who I still find naturally adorable, while I always have the impression that MGY is trying hard to look like a puppy.”

      Completely agree about SMA & JSM. Though I think that MGY can act the cute part as Mary, and she’s certainly different from her previous roles, I guess I’m also not used to her ‘adorable-ness’ in this drama. Maybe I’m typecasting her in heavy or dramatic roles. Come to think of it, My Little Bride is my least favorite. She can act the part, but you get the feeling that that’s not “her”. On the other hand, I was not a Shin Min-ah fan before MGIAG, so I was pleasantly surprised that she was so adorable as Miho. She’s my fave female character for 2010. Same with JSM whose acting I only heard about in Bad Guy. If I had a little sister, I’d want it to be JSM.

  53. 53 riin

    I enjoy the absurd! bring it ooon!!
    this show is more of a comedy than a romance anyways 😛

    I gave up long ago on wanting the shows to be exactly as I want them to be and now take them just as they are. (that way I save a lot of my nerves XD). the problems start when we label things by their appearances.well.. I think labelling is evil anyways.. XD

    and now I can’t get the MG-JI (love)relationship out of my mind. every time they’re on the screen it seems as if they want to live together or they are jealous of each-other because the other one is talking/being with Mary and NOT paying attention to him 😀
    they are just adorable

  54. 54 Lady Seoul

    I’m kinda thinking what a waste of an Awesome cast!
    I mean the story is fluffy and cute, but man! No plot at all. But I really think the characters interaction got me going on. haha! <3

  55. 55 familyoutingfan

    I LIKE THE OLD WRITER MORE!! Totally agree on the inconsistency of characters!! Whatever happen to the original :( why did they give in to ratings pressure? Sigh it totally ruin the orginial feel of the drama! The initial one was much much better! This feels like the producers are trying a bit waay too hard to please the viewers resulting in a bit of the over-the-top acting.

    This drama had a lot of potential why give in to the usual crap? Aww, Mary Stayed Out All Night had a very subtle original feel at first! Why the change?

    • 55.1 vietnamfan

      Agreed with you!I’m not blaiming any (old or new) writer. Just about the way people coordinate things up, gave up in front of ratings stories. The first half the the drama is really good.Just because people were not patient enough to feel it.
      And then now the feelings are set up, they suddenly change its style.
      Anyway, new style is not bad also.Fun and fast moving!
      I just haven’t been able to get used to this change yet!
      Still love Mu Guyl and Mary.Hard life, hard story (so feel their life boring?) but they gonna fight over their hard stuffs to reach each other…
      Why? Why, they gonna get what they deserve…then people change all things up!
      But I keep support the cast!They save the drama in their way!They worked so hard and well-expressed what they have to express and deserve good compliments!

  56. 56 vietnamfan

    I bet it’s all because of the way they developed the script. This affected the actors and actresses a lot since they have to change the characters as the story line is not consistent and attractive.
    But I have to admit, I can’t get out of Jang Geun Suk, Moon Geun Young and Kim Jae Wook. They did show they made the parts in the best way.
    People are more than wasting talents but also killing their images after the drama. All loose points. They have to work even harder (how hard they had to already!) to gain their reputation!

  57. 57 gingganggolli

    I really fell bad for the actors in the show, hehehe if I were Moon Geun Young and Jang Geum-Seok I would have drop the drama long time ago. Do you think the actors are enjoying the same scene, lines and acting for 12 episodes? It takes a lot of professionalism to do this. Nice plot, amazing actors but bad writing…hay need to wait for another good story for this two? got to make the world go round but not like this.

  58. 58 honest_will

    hey guys
    i really really have to say this
    why have they ruined such a wonderful show
    cast is great and i like their chemistry
    being able to work along side someone who is of the same age
    and not being awkward
    im trying to give it up but im holding on to the fact that it might be awesome
    it feels similiar to coffee house
    the first eight eps were great and eun jung and the writer was great fun but it was all fluffy and that after each ep
    i would get angry
    the same feeling runs along full house and coffee prince
    they were great show but it got too fluffy to the point where there were no stories
    people would say full house and coffee prince are top notch shows and they are but the story and angst took too long to to get it over with
    im reading recaps of db cos i cant commit to a 60min show full of fluff and underuse of great actors/actresses
    and low ratings

  59. 59 brookeeve

    I really love watching professional actors. They keep going with this script even though they know it is total crap. They know that nothing they can do will save this show, but they just keep playing their characters when they have to be asking themselves: WTF? They just keep on keeping on. What did you want director? That’s what I’m giving you ’cause I’m so confused by the script. Happiness? Tears?

    I’m just waiting for chicken suit fights, Manager Bang to fall in love with Bad Dad Number One, JungIn and MyGyul to find out they’re long lost separated twins, Bad Dad Number Two to give a piggy back ride to Seo-Jun, some more food porn, and a puppy.

    • 59.1 Christy

      My thoughts exactly. :)

    • 59.2 koreandramalover/kdl

      i agree with you, absolutely, brookeeve! :)

      thanks for articulating your thoughts :)

    • 59.3 samgetang

      LOL! brookeve, that was sooooo funny! cant stop laughing….harharhar! :-)

  60. 60 x0mi07

    IT HAPPENED!!!!! mary has become a whiny doormat! *starts crying bucketload of tears* like WTF?! and what in the world happened to mu-gyul’s ever supportive friends who gave up on music anyway?! why would they treat mu-gyul like that?!

    i could’ve given up plot and craziness and cuteness but not character personality and development. you can’t just drug everyone in the show and expect the audience to just ride with it…. it’s crazy! and not in a good way.

    the cute was fine… but the crooning and the laughs are only temporary. two hours after the show, audiences would be like: so what happened to mary again?!


    thanks jb for the awesome recap.

    • 60.1 x0mi07

      and gross for mary and mu-gyul if mu-gyul’s mom and mary’s dad fall in love and get married!!!!!

      cuz then jung-in would win by default. but then i assume all he’ll do is take mary and run away with her because his father is creepy and psychotic!

    • 60.2 izzie

      “IT HAPPENED!!!!! mary has become a whiny doormat!”

      now, I have to watch this ep for confirmation!
      Show, I warned you not to drag Mary to this condition. if she’s become Oh Hani, I’m totally abandoning you!

      • 60.2.1 koreandramalover/kdl

        somehow to me, Mary hasn’t yet descended into ‘whiny doormat’ territory…

        just what i would call a ‘short, sad, reflective moment’…

        but perhaps if you watch the episode, you may confirm it either way… 😉

      • 60.2.2 x0mi07

        maybe not like oh hani exactly but she’s getting there. complaining over a bed? she’s a tough girl. she used to be chased and barged on by gangs! she used to be so smart as to be able to allow her dad to get away….>,<

        she let mu-gyul's mom pawn the uber expensive ring (i'm sure not having money all the time, mary should know the value of such a thing) and just let it go like that.

        it's not mary character i tell you…. it's just not.=,(

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          the way i see it, mary did try to get the ring back, but she was distracted by her dad going to Jung-In’s home and so she rushed to be there to deflect her crazy dad’s 3rd degree…

          and before she could get herself out of the house to get back the ring from Mu-Gyul’s mum, Mu-Gyul has already appeared at Jung-In’s doorstep and berated her for doing something that she did not do – give the ring to his mother to help her and him – and she was not given the chance to say a word in edgewise…

          and because Mu Gyul just walked off before she could say anything in her defence, what COULD she do except let MG walk away?

          i guess she thought that if she were to go after MG at that very moment, knowing how MG was not interested at all in listening to her, all she could do was just let him go…while the natural feelings of hurt and bewilderment just came to the fore and as any normal female human being would experience, tears would follow the hurt…

          don’t forget, she did manage to say these words to MG before he walked off : “hey, you can’t speak as you wish” but was cut off rudely and angrily by MG.

          she wasn’t whiny nor was she crying her eyes out in silence – once she got the chance, she went after MG to clear things up. that’s decisive action for you from Mary.

          • anais

            But she’s taking it all. She lets him walk away. She lets him snap at her. She lets him not let her get a word in edge-wise. It’s as if the drama wants to drill into us how accepting, nurturing, forever understanding, all stereotypes associated with being maternal, to show how much Mary gives all the love that Mugyul didn’t get from his mom. We GET IT!!! Return the spunky Mary who can teach Mugyul how to love in a healthy, respectful way, not one who enables Mugyul in some unhealthy, compensatory dynamic.

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            @ anais :

            You just touched on the biggest problem for this drama – it cannot decide what the plot/story should be and how it should be portrayed.

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          @ anais :

          You just touched on the biggest problem for this drama – it cannot decide what the plot/story should be and how it should be portrayed.

  61. 61 badtanline

    I’m mainly being entertained by KJW’s entrancing bone structure. That is all.

    • 61.1 oy


  62. 62 katiamon

    let’s face it, this drama has sunk deeper than the Titanic… but i still like its silly and cute moments. guess MSOAN is on the top of my 2010 guilty pleasures.
    can’t expect less than madness at ep. 16, hahaha :)

  63. 63 luv_KimRaeWon

    you both(javabeans &GF) have such a knack for delightful humor.. i am interested in korean dramas but i browse this site more for the humor/your style of writing than any-thing else. not watched a single episode of this drama and not into it(no offence to the fans, the avg reviews have put me off) but i still read the entire recap and enjoy it to no end.. the Pros and Cons list is just priceless..

  64. 64 LL

    goodness.. i wouldn’t call SG chemistry for the couple as decent…

    the chemistry is so great… way better than MSOAN …..

    as much as i like just because both of them and they look cute together…

    look cute but no chemistry… even if they play bro/sis still give me the same vibe.. look cute together… meh…

    • 64.1 unlimited

      Oh so this is where SG fans hang-out! Still bitter that you didn’t win the yahoo buzz awards that you’re taking it out by posting bad comments on JKS’ drama? kekeke

  65. 65 aa

    has anyone in this drama take their job seriously just like how a normal person would be..i might be give them more sympathy ….

    and i hate the idea about the spirit of rock music and blah blah..

    if you want to do the drama that focus on music…

    you should make better music..

    what they call rock indy music is sound awful.. my precious seems like some knock-off song..

    if you want to do the drama about the drama then have thing about it.. since ep1-12 the drama still didn’t film yet…nothing ..it likes i watch jung in playing monopoly..

    this issome kind of ” birdie buddie” in the make?

    but anyway, if he ever finish the drama.. i probably gonna tank just like MSOAN does right now….

  66. 66 Chelsie

    I can’t help but agree with you and most of the comments here.

    Though I love and adore JGS and MGY, this drama is getting boring-er and boring-er. Seriously, I stopped watching since episode 8 and just ended up reading your recaps.

  67. 67 kdramafanatic

    Ok, this drama is killing me softly. I think its interesting, but the character development and the plot is driving me nuts. I think the writer was drinking too much when he/she was writing the script. I just don’t get the story. JGS’s character is average (I like his YB character more, KJW’s character is stiff as ever (real pain to watch considering that I was looking forward for his character ever since Bad guy), MGY is trying too hard to look like a lost puppy (she’s been acting ever since a kid and this seems like her first drama). Forced chemistry, ridiculous plot. Recycled concepts. This drama is one major flop. Despite all this, I still watch it, but at a quick pace. Thank goodness for the FF button. I find myself FF the whole episode, finished it in 5-10 minutes.

  68. 68 Asiandramafan

    Wow, the readers here are so negative about M3. I’m actually enjoying it very much. Those of you that are liking the show, don’t be depress from reading all the negative comments here about M3. Check out Koala’s Playground recaps for more positive views. http://ockoala.wordpress.com/2010/12/14/mary-stayed-out-all-night-episode-12-recap/

    • 68.1 YesungBiased

      thanks for the link! readers/watchers here are negative. i’m enjoying it also, especially with the new writer. I will definitely check out Koala’s Playground recaps. The preview for episode 13 posted on Koala’s Playground sounds AWESOME! ^___^

    • 68.2 koreandramalover/kdl

      thanks so much for the link Asiandramafan! 😉

      more perspective on MSOAN is always welcomed! 😉

    • 68.3 cuteangelika

      Yeah, i also go to ockoala’s for a more heartwarming recap on MSOAN. Another blog I like is Rebel souls live transcaps… http://soulsrebel.wordpress.com/

      This is the first drama that I’ve stayed up for to “watch” live, awaiting the transcaps…. that’s how much I got drawn into this drama… and since then, I’ve been late for work, my little girl got less milk and hubby missed out on breakfast (coz I woke up late)…

  69. 69 ya

    the plot is getting nonsense by episodes decided not to watch this anymore n just read the recap. thanks dramabeans

  70. 70 ellazala

    i left my logic out of the room when watching…so i can enjoy the cuteness ONLY~

    • 70.1 g

      I second you. *nods nods*

  71. 71 CapitalScandalRocks

    As always…great episode summary. I stopped watching this dram after two episodes…but always read episode summaries………They are simply awesome

    One question to all dramabeaners
    This show have everything cute leads, cuter second lead (male), not so cute clothes but.

  72. 72 wig

    frankly, i dont watch the drama but i enjoy the witty recap and the comments.

  73. 73 gamsahabnida


    I love all the commments here! Makes up for a *(&%$*@$
    at work…;P I look forward to this when I come home, love my work, but like the charachters in MSOAN ( except for the Guen’s) some of the people I work with THEY DRIVE ME CRAAAAZEEEE!!!!
    At least I can mute the parts in MSOAN I don’t want to hear. I can’t do that at work (>.<). Mary's father is soooo @!+(*^$$^^*#@!!!! ANNOYING. I mute him everytime.

    ok, gamsahabnida for listening to my rant.
    Now on with the show. I shall continue watching just to read the comments.

    JAVABEANS/GIRLFRIDAY: naega neohuideul-eul salanghae!

    • 73.1 koreandramalover/kdl

      so sorry to hear how tough things are for you at work…

      i do hope you can continue to find respite from the craziness at work, right here at Dramabeans, courtesy of the awesome Javabeans, Girlfriday and their guest recapppers…

      take care and may God bless you with peace of mind and heart :)

  74. 74 bobo

    does no one own a pair of pajamas???? jung in sleeping in his freaking suit, mu gyul and mary sleeping in coats and scarves, really the only time when someone wasn’t sleeping fully clothed was when jung in *raped* mu gyul and he woke up without his shirt on.

    • 74.1 koreandramalover/kdl

      hehe…funnnnnyyy!!! 😉

      “”jung in *raped* mu gyul”???!!!

      oh, was THAT what happened between them???!!!

      hehehaha… 😉

    • 74.2 YesungBiased

      i don’t know why Jung In doesn’t have PJs, but at least we have an explanation for Moo Kyul and Mary sleeping in coats and scarves at his house. He doesn’t have any heat. How else do they stay warm (besides piling 20 blankets over themselves)? They’re always wearing coats when they’re at Moo Kyul’s, it only gets colder at night.

      But please, I want to see Jung In in PJs xDDDDDDD

      • 74.2.1 oy

        my brother used to like to sleep in his underwear only. Not sure about now, that he is married and have kids. And I believe lots of guys don’t like to wear PJs.

        I am not just saying this, because I want to see Jung In in his boxer shorts…..hmmm….which is actually a splendid idea, don’t you think so? 😀

        PD-nim and Writer-nim?

  75. 75 oy

    I don’t think this drama is that bad.
    I don’t understand why Jung In’s dad is crazy and creepy, because he is fond of Mary and wants her to be part of his family. Just because he liked her mom? So maybe he is thinking: she was a good person, so Mary must also have good genes. And who does not want good genes in the family?

    And what is wrong with when he likes to see Mary wearing the ring? It is like when you are happy to see someone actually using your gift to him/her, no?

    OK, the way he deals with his son is something else.

    • 75.1 YesungBiased

      i don’t find the Jung In’s dad that bad. It’s just his godly position over Jung In that I don’t like (although it makes Jung In realistic, relatable, and it makes him an interesting character). I would understand the father if he wants Jung In to marry Mary because their families are super close and they’re such great friends. But with them not being in contact for years (I think), I don’t know if that’s the case.

      but the act of buying Mary the ring was a little overboard. the first thought that popped into my mind was “is the dad proposing to Mary or what?” just weird and creepy. Even Jung In was surprised at the act. If dad buys and offers the ring to Mary, he might as well be marrying her (he’s the first one to push the marriage anyways)…. :/ but this will be his SON’S marriage, not his. that’s why it’s just plain creepy and weird. (he gives off the if-you’re-not-going-to-do-it-i-will vibe in regards to Jung In and Mary)

      • 75.1.1 oy

        It did not occur to me that he bought the ring. I always assumed that it was some family jewelry. But even then, I know a Turkish person, who bought diamond this and diamond that and golden things for his daughter in law, when his son married her. He is so proud of her.

        And even if it would happen closer to home, I don’t find it strange, when parents-in-law give presents like that. Maybe it is cultural thing.

        They had not been in contact for years, but the dads are getting along as if Jung In’s dad had never left for Japan. Rekindling their friendship like long lost brothers? They were close like family? So family = family, whether it be now or 50 years from now?

        Just saying. I am watching MMM for Jung In/KJW 😀 . And I think Mary’s dad is funny. That is about it. 😀

        • oy

          I see the jewelry given by parent in law as a form of dowry. When you say diamonds and gold I think of money, but it is probably the ring that people associate more with romantic stuff

  76. 76 Meriam

    I seriously don’t see why everyone’s complaining.i love this show.
    I don’t know what a biased is but I’m guessing its your favourite star, and JGS and MGY aren’t really my favourite,I like ’em, but they’re not my favourite.
    But i Like this drama to be honest.
    maybe its because i havent seen alot of korean dramas (2 other ones:BOF and Youre beautuiful).
    The acting’s great, i can’t wait to see what the outcome is(i hope she marrys jung in) and i just have to watch this no matter what.I kind of ruin it i guess tho because i read this recap before watchng the actual show beacuse im still learning korean and can’t really totally understand so i need the subs, and i’ll go thru any lengths just to watch it.
    sorry for my Long-ness, but i had to state my opinion.

    • 76.1 kris

      Don’t worry, these “critics” only read recaps and don’t watch the drama at all!

      If you like MSOAN, continue watching it. Don’t be swayed by some bloggers :)

      • 76.1.1 koreandramalover/kdl

        kris, is it fair for you to give a sweeping generalisation about whether the “critics” (as you said) only read recaps and don’t watch the drama at all?

        i have given my comments on MSOAN here but i have watched every single episode and i believe many other commentors here have done the same too…

        so, i sincerely hope that you would play fair… 😉

    • 76.2 koreandramalover/kdl

      Meriam, you are entitled to your own opinion, and you should continue watching MSOAN without guilt or the need to apologise, regardless of what others have to say about it. 😉

      Here is a link with English subs of MSOAN :


      Enjoy! 😉

  77. 77 Lily

    Oh Mu-Gyul! I know you are exceedingly, unbelievably cute and adorable but I hope Wee Mary chooses and marries Jung-in.

    Go Team Jung-in!! Fighting!!

  78. 78 monique

    anyone who is watching this show needs to understand you are not watching it for plot, development of the character, the consistency, or even believability, because der just isn’t any, i watch it for the actors the jokes and the constant plot holes in the drama is so unbelievably, but i love the actor and the 3 mean leads and it holiday so i not that too fused i always have secret garden, even through the development for the lead need to getting moving well that’s is all i have to say on Mary Christmas for the time being LOL this is a big fat joke in the views faces

  79. 79 Chris

    Go Jung-In!

    Who wants to have Mu-gyul’s mom, who’s mentally deranged, as a mother-in-law anyway.

    Jung-In’s that is somewhat freaky but adores Mary so much.

    • 79.1 kitten

      Yeah adores Mae Ri so much that she has to be careful to lock her doors…

  80. 80 Christine

    D:< I'm trying to be a LITTLE understanding of Mae Ri's dad and Jung In's dad, but it's NOT WORKING!

    1. Mae Ri's dad? Too focused on paying off his debt. I hope he realizes soon that the point is to make his only child happy. He keeps saying about how he so painstakingly brought Mae Ri up, but I don't see where he's going with this forcing her to marry Jung In.
    2. Same goes for Jung In's dad. He should let his son and the daughter of his former love be happy and choose by themselves.

  81. 81 anais

    Oh Mah Lord!!!

    I just read the written preview for Episode 13 on Koala’s Playground and…

    It’s gonna be crack!!!

    One of Javabean’s favorite K-drama schtick is upcoming:


    I CAN’T WAIT!!

  82. 82 anais

    Huh! My previous comment is awaiting moderation? What gives?

  83. 83 rachel

    lol! i’m enjoying all the comments besides the entertaining recap!

    but in the swirl of the back and forth comments, i’m sitting in the middle of the vortex enjoying the positives of the drama.

    i absolutely love the scene in the car where mu gul taunts jung in with his sms from mary, and i snorted out loud with laughter when jung in pays him back by slamming on the brakes!! later on, i thoroughly enjoyed mu gul’s discomfort and his tapping on his watch when jung in was talking to mary on the phone.

    more of these, please! i watch this drama for fun and entertainment. it’s a romantic comedy, no?

  84. 84 Pat

    The gleeful trainwreck Fairy may bless this drama yet!

  85. 85 g

    *full sharp nod* agree with CON.
    by far, the most adorkable fluffy ridiculously insane drama plot … A-RI-E-NAI TSU-NOOO @__@

  86. 86 Kellie

    thanks jb,

    Jung In is looking handsomer each day , his physic
    posture (at the breakfast table) and his fashionista wow !!

    the luminious necktie !! that sexy look with his bathrobe on and his hair covering the eye Oh ! what a knockout !.

    Sad to feel that you are you are not going to get the girl . but hwaiting ! Jung In, Kim Jae Wook !!.

    • 86.1 Lily

      I’ve noticed it too that JI is getting sexier by the minute! I’m seriously falling in love with JI now.

      Goodness that Wi Mae-ri girl!! Doesn’t she realize what a GREAT CATCH Jung in is???!!

      • 86.1.1 koreandramalover/kdl

        technically, it is not Wi Mae Ri the character who appears not to notice Jung-In but it is the writer/PD who made the character out to be oblivious of Jung In’s charms since they are pulling the strings of the drama, don’t you think? 😉

  87. 87 Susie Q

    Dude. I love this recap. Sassy and totes fun.

  88. 88 Lulu B

    all i can say that i feel bad for such great actors to be stuck with such bad drama, its becoming harder for me to watch it with each new episode….

  89. 89 newyork

    i wish moon geun young and moon chae won(painter of the wind ) .in the painter of the wind they were amazing two women loving each other like that was a dream. in the next project . 2 girls +jang geun suk will make an amazing drama. 2 moons love each other but they cant resist jang geun suk or something like that . i wish i was a screenwriter for the next project for MGY and JGS. They are just adorable. MOON GEUN YOUNG+MOON CHAE WON+JANG GEUN SUK=DREAM

  90. 90 Manda

    Agree w/ you!
    I’m still watching because I like the main characters. =)

  91. 91 Layla

    Well, I REALLY love this drama!!

    It’s silly and it’s stupid in some aspects (as are its characters, sometimes) but isn’t that why we all love to watch dramas?? Escape from the everday etc.

    Haven’t seen ep 12 yet (waiting for the subs!), loved ep 11 though!

    I’m from Eastern/Mid-Europe too, and do analyst work and ‘difficult things’, and REALLY enjoy the escape!! :)
    I agree, the whole concept is ‘Science Fiction’ from the very beginning!! It’s still FUN to watch!!

    And for people who drink so much, and flimsy musicians, it’s NOT inconsistent to be inconsistent!! People change minds, especially those who drink so much!!
    Do you know any musicians??

    The whole ‘sellout’ idea is relevant for many musicians and young people today too… (Do you want to sell your soul to the ‘corporate’ money or do your own thing, what you really believe is right?)

    That’s the choice Mary is making all the time too… To go for ‘safe’ money or to follow her heart…? A lot of young artists and musicians and others need to make similar choices at some point in their lives…

    I was really surprised that some very young kids today really like the music of 1990’s and swear it’s ‘the only real music’ (WTF??) Apparently this drama is a 1990’s revival show too, some of it is cute (where Mary dresses as Courtney Love) some of it is silly, but what do you expect??

    Mary seems a bit intellectually challenged at times, but who wouldn’t be around the main character/s? he he… & so does Moo Kyul’s Mom?? (Maybe they just wanted to emphasize how one’s past can influence present choices too..) I really like her cooking skills & knitting – it’s already cool in USA, it’s still ‘weird’ and only grandmas do it in our country so far!!
    I just wish she learnt to recycle!! Or is that concept unknown in Korea??
    (Maybe it could be brought into the storyline? :))

    Yep, people can still be ‘innocent’ at 24 or later, depends how you were brought up etc.
    Also, the HIV comment seems relevant to me, I was wondering about any stds Moo Kyul musician might have gotten from his hundreds of women and love affairs too… If you google ‘stds Korea’ it seems that there is a huge lack of education??
    I think Mary (or her Dad, or the rich husband/his dad) should insist Moo Kyul gets tested, but apparently it’s too expensive in Korea??

    And before you say ‘you can’t get HIV from kissing’ let me post this link: http://hivinsite.ucsf.edu/insite?page=ask-01-02-25

    I wonder why they don’t address the whole piracy/music biz industry in crisis storyline etc. (Maybe it’s not in crisis in Korea?) Last time I heard, the music biz was excited about RINGTONES (which can be observed in the soundtrack, he he..) I wonder if they’ll bring that issue up in the drama too?? lol
    (Like, MooKyul would have to make a good track for ringtones, and he’d really hate it, ha ha..)

    Also, for anyone with more knowledge, is how they show the drama industry pretty accurate or not? (That was one of the more facinating aspects – ??!)

    It’s ‘science fiction’ that one would write a song on first try and it’s recorded right away by a high profile star who’s never seen it before – though maybe this explains the number of really bad songs in the charts too?? (I do love most of the soundtrack here though!! lol)

    The main characters look 16/18, and not 24, especially the band look like they just finished primary school, lol!! They’re cute& funny and I like them though, lol!!

    Oh and I really loved I am Legend too, kinda Korean Erin Brockovich?? (Couldn’t watch it in later episodes though, just on Vikii and no subs?? :(( huh?? Does it get that bad later on??)

    • 91.1 Christy

      LOL! I would not stress myself out by the lack of logic/rationality in this drama. It’s a drama for crying out loud and we’re really supposed to suspend disbelief in order to enjoy the deeper subtexts and essence that the drama is trying to unravel. We can already see how love is transforming the characters of the main leads. Will Mary’s inexperienced heart help her discern true love or will that pure, untainted heart of hers heal Moo Kyul’s heartache and abandonment issues? Let’s wait and see how love will bring them to all the dark and hard places and redeem them in the end.

      Enjoy MSOAN. There’s more to this drama than its meets the eye. :)

      • 91.1.1 koreandramalover/kdl

        hi there, Christy!! 😉

        thanks so much for expressing your love for MSOAN!! 😉

        am i glad that i am not alone in feeling that in spite of the nonsensical/lack of plot, i just cannot stop myself from LOVING it…and i agree with you…it is because of JGS and MGY, plus KJW… 😉

  92. 92 Layla

    Oh & I need all the domestic inspiration I can get!! he he.. I am domestically a bit challenged.. somewhat.. he he..

    Love the recap & thank you for it!!

  93. 93 Layla

    Oh & I need all the domestic inspiration I can get!! he he.. I am domestically a bit challenged.. somewhat.. he he..

    Can’t wait for Mary to show her spunky side again either!! :) I think she can kick some ass – maybe of sponsors who don’t want to obey contracts (or want to produce & market environmentally iffy stuff) or such??

    Love the recap & thank you for it!!

  94. 94 vincent

    During the last 5 episodes as the plot became more important, the main couple quickly lost consistency in character which was actually the charm of this drama: Mary suddenly stops being the awkwardly cute-acting adult and Mu Gyul lost the abnoxious rocker image and just became the boring loving boyfriend.
    In this episode, they try to return back to the original characters, which is soooo difficult for the viewers after watching the last episodes.
    it is so sad to see the very good cast went into this chaotic script-problem.
    Will there be a saving grace for them? I still hope so.

  95. 95 Karluhh

    Never will I read comments ever again on this site.

  96. 96 claire

    i honestly love this drama! I don’t care about the negative comments…and I’m watching this not only because it’s cute and adorable despite the nonsensical plot…(*sigh* if only they put twists it could be more enjoyable)…but i’m watching it because of the actors…(i know i might be biased because i like MGY, she is one of the best actress in her generation and also JGS and KJW) but you know, i kinda pity them because just imagine what they’re going through right now…maybe they are more disappointed than most people here because they know in themselves they can do better than that…and honestly their characters right now, even the not-so-good-actor/actress can do that…

    MSOAN and SG are the two dramas i’m currently watching…and comparing the two, I like SG better in overall quality not just the plot as most of the people commented here…because it has a certain charm that pulls you to watch it more than others…however I still like the adorable and cuteness of MSOAN…and btw i’m TEAM MOO-KYUL!
    it’s not that i don’t like Jung-in, it’s just that i’m pro leads…^_^…and in reality if a person was that good, if you don’t love him/her and you already love someone else, you can never be happy with him/her…

    • 96.1 samgetang

      claire, it is so refreshing to read your post.

      i came in late in the game and did marathon watching from episodes 5 to 12 and so im not familiar with the general tone of the comments/feedback here at DB on MSOAN.

      after breezing through the recaps and some of the comments in episodes 11 and 12, i realized how this drama is receiving so much flak from i guess people who set their expectations too high knowing it was a JGS-MGY-KJW drama.

      i dont know if what would have been the best for all: set your expectations low so as not to be disappointed and still be able to enjoy the drama for all its worth OR never settle or maintain yr high expectations but keep bombarding the show with all the negative stuff OR set your expectations high as always and just stop from watching the drama to shield yourself from useless angst and frustration?

      what do you think? :-)

      if you follow option 1, there is a high possibility that the show will just continue its senseless plot and so not even strive to improve. those who are already enjoying will continue to do so without the horrors of negative feedback from angry viewers. but they will never know if the drama can still get better. i guess ignorance is bliss…

      if you follow option 2, there is high possibility that with the dwindling viewer share the management and producers of the show will find ways to improve it if they want this drama to win/do better. but there is a high possibility too that those measures will not work at once and may just make everything worse since the damage has already been done and any attempts to improve may just alienate those who have already come or decided to like it just as it is.

      if you follow option 3, maybe more of the same results from option 1 will transpire.

      i dont know if im making sense here. perhaps watching this show will rob you of even your own sanity, i hope only momentarily.

      at the very least i love reading the comments here of people struggling with their own better judgement but in the end still find themselves watching the show, reading the recaps and hey, even stopping by to comment.

      i think this is the magnetic pull of this drama. it’s like an addiction to someone that you cant shake off too easily :-) you know he/she’s bad for you and yet you so want him/her to grow up well and good, to be a fine specimen of humanity despite all odds and challenges and naysayers 😉

  97. 97 ntlk158

    its a 16-episodes drama and we’re at 12.. how r they planning to end this properly? i know its mary & moo-gyul at the end, but i still like the drama and jung-in (in reality even financial aside, girl would fall for jung-in as he seems more reliable i.e. husband material, moo gyul is boyfriend material .. to me at least haha..)

  98. 98 Katey B

    This episode makes me think they didn’t get a new writer-just asked some random person in the office to do something pronto and that person hadn’t a clue so they went and rehashed some of the older episodes.

    Like people say above what a waste of good acting talent.

    I did enjoy this show until about Ep. 9 because it was so light and easy to watch but now it seems juvenile.

    Hope for the actors’ sakes there is a major turn around in writing for Ep. 13 onwards.

    Dramabeans’ Dream Team feel free to invest your precious drama-watching/recapping time elsewhere. I wouldn’t want your collective talent wasted either.

  99. 99 Anime1234

    I can imagine Mary’s dad chasing MuGyul’s mom everywhere like dad was chased in the beginning of the show. Only he knows where to hide so he keeps finding her to her chagrin. The shoe is on the other foot now. ha ha

    It amazes me that he is so mad at her for doing essentially the same thing he did-run away from the people you owe money.

  100. 100 suzi q

    I am seriously getting creeped out by Jung In’s dad. Please end my misery and make the 100 days end faster. Maybe the storyline can get a fresh start and get out of this morass.Getting sick of Seo Jun too.Major pain in the butt.

    This drama is driving me crazy. Maybe the actors too since the plot goes NOWHEREsville.Keep hoping the episodes will get better, but maybe there is little hope left since this drama will end soon.

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