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Mary Stayed Out All Night: Episode 14
by | December 21, 2010 | 471 Comments

Well, it finally happened. You knew it was coming. The episode in which girlfriday’s sanity gets kidnapped and sold on the black market. What’s the going rate for what’s left of my marbles?


So…Mu-gyul gets KIDNAPPED. No, really. I was hoping that maybe I just had too much to drink and imagined that part last night, but then I realized I would just be angry at myself for imagining such a ridiculous scenario…and lo and behold, it’s actually happening. Sigh, Drama. Sigh.

Mary manages to conveniently find a pair of cops to hop a ride with, as they chase down the kidnappers. Gracious kidnappers that they are, they lower their window so that Mu-gyul can see Mary hanging her head outside the cop car as they drive alongside. Aw, they’re fans of romance, the kidnappers. That’s sweet.

Meanwhile, Jung-in does what he can to delay the showcase, and calls Mary’s phone. Dad picks up, and when Jung-in says that he’s looking for Mu-gyul, Dad lets it slip that he’s busy getting himself served. Jung-in’s ears perk up, but he gets no other information.

Then, for no apparent reason other than the fact that they’ve caused enough dramatic tension for Mu-gyul, the kidnappers decide to pitch him (AND his guitar—hey, thanks! He’s gonna need that!) out of the moving car. The cops ditch Mary just as handily, with no recourse or explanation. This drama is So. Weird.

Mary worries about Mu-gyul’s injury, but he insists on going to the concert, of course. Because rockers don’t need medical attention. They only need Rock.

Jung-in tries to stall as best as he can, but they’re out of time, and Absolute Mu-gyul takes to the stage…without Mu-gyul. Jung-in persuades Seo-jun to front the band in Mu-gyul’s place, but the crowd starts chanting Mu-gyul’s name, backing them into a corner.

They stand there, frozen, not knowing what to do…

…which is when Mu-gyul makes his way through the crowd of screaming fans, Mary in tow. The awesome part about this is, none of the enthusiasm of the fans is faked in any way. They really are this excited to see Jang Geun-seok perform.

He takes to the stage, still cringing in pain from his hand injury. He starts to say his big declaration to Mary, that this song is for the girl who warmed his cold heart…but then breaks into laughter at his own cheesiness. Heh.

He pauses, and then shouts into the mic: “Mary Christmas…I love you!” Mary pretty much dies right there, among the screaming fans.

Seo-jun’s jaw drops at the unabashed declaration of love: SO not the Mu-gyul that she used to know. Jung-in just breathes a sigh of relief that the concert didn’t go down in flames.

Mu-gyul sings “Hello, Hello” and the concert is a roaring success. Then, all of a sudden, we cut to Mu-gyul tied and gagged, back in the trunk of the kidnappers’ car. What the…if the concert was all a dream, I’m going to rip some heads off, starting with this writer…

Oh, it wasn’t. The re-kidnapping is the dream. Mary wakes him up, asking if he’s having a nightmare, and Mu-gyul opens his eyes to find that he’s in Jung-in’s house but doesn’t remember getting there. It turns out he collapsed right after the concert, and they brought him here.

Mary asks if he can think of any reason someone would want to kidnap him (Oh, let’s see….) but he can’t. Jung-in has an inkling, and says he’ll look into it. Does he not know that his father has a yakuza background, or is he just in massive denial?

Speaking of denial, Seo-jun has a drink with Lee Ahn, and decides that Mu-gyul doesn’t love Mary. Listen, if you don’t know the meaning of words, then I can’t help you. I’m pretty certain “I love you” is quite rudimentary grade-school level stuff.

Dad meanwhile calls Jung-in’s father to very loudly ask if he took care of Mu-gyul…right in front of Mu-gyul’s mom. He then decides to go see Jung-in, where the three kids are sitting there, discussing their next plan of action.

Dad has a fit, of course, and this time they don’t try to run away or hide. Jung-in tells him that it’s all his doing, and they pretty much tell him everything. Dad can’t believe that Jung-in would lie and use Mary to secure investments for his company, with no real intention of marrying her.

Jung-in is clear about one thing: he does want Mary to be happy, and will do anything to help her have the life that she wants. Aw. But Dad is just ridiculously, irreparably against Mu-gyul, and will not listen to reason. Gawd. I’m getting REALLY tired of shrill papa, who has NO RIGHT to call anyone out for being a ne’er do well.

Mu-gyul and Mary both plead, with Jung-in even chiming in, but Dad continues to be a frustrating, stupid block of wood. He declares that it’ll never happen, and leaves in a huff. He goes straight to Jung-in’s father and tells him everything, which is frankly a relief, since the repetition of lies was getting quite tiresome. Jung Seok is peeved that the kids dared to fool him, and plans to do something about it. Does it involve more kidnapping? Please, no more third-rate kidnapping attempts.

Back at Mu-gyul’s place, Mary tends to his wounds, where he takes full advantage of her tender loving care, much like he did when they first met. He tells her to blow on his shoulder, then his forehead, and his lips…

And Mary, instead of kissing him, decides to smack his lips for puckering up. Listen, I’m concerned there’s something wrong with you. Can someone please explain to me what she is doing pushing Jang-Geun-seok-lips away from her person? Does not compute. Does not compute.

Mary remembers that his birthday is on Christmas Eve, and asks what he wants as a present. He thinks for a while, then decides there IS something he wants…to get rid of that curtain dividing their bed. Rawr!

He makes his best come-hither look at her, while she cluelessly wonders why he’d want to get rid of a curtain in perfectly good condition. Oh, Mary.

Jung-in has some bed drama of his own, but in the form of a nightmare/memory, where he recalls a fight between his parents, with that picture of Mary’s mom as the catalyst. He wakes up crying, and we finally get to see a glimpse of Kim Jae-wook‘s acting chops, which have heretofore been sorely underutilized in this drama.

His father calls him over to give him the wedding invitations. So I guess we’re barreling through with the faux wedding after all, eh? The Denial…it is strong with these people. Jung-in has finally had enough (Thank God) and stands up to his father for the first time. He calls him out for kidnapping Mu-gyul, and asks what he thinks Mary will say when she finds out.

He adds that he’s always followed his father’s wishes because he thought it was the right thing to do, but he’s not going to play that game anymore. He tells Dad not to use him and Mary as pawns anymore. That gets Jung-in slapped across the face for his defiance.

Mu-gyul’s mom gets to brag to a couple of Mu-gyul fans about being his mom, which Mary’s dad eyes with some curiosity, although he won’t acknowledge it. Mom rushes over to Mu-gyul to fawn over his newfound success, while he brushes her off coldly, still upset with her for Paris, the ring, and let’s face it—her general flightiness.

She tells him that she’s working at Mary’s dad’s restaurant to repay her debt for the ring, and adds that she overheard Dad talking about Mu-gyul, asking his hyung if he took care of him. It dawns on Mu-gyul that Jung-in’s dad is the culprit.

He goes to confirm it with Jung-in, who doesn’t deny his father’s wrongdoing. He apologizes on his father’s behalf, but Mu-gyul isn’t here for an apology. He doesn’t understand why Jung-in’s father thinks he has the right to decide Mary’s fate, and decides that it makes no sense. Join the club, friend.

Jung-in tells him that his dad’s got some fixation with Mary (yeah…don’t you two think that’s, say, weird?) and that he’s doing all this with the misguided notion that it’s what’s best for her. Mu-gyul tells him that he’ll show them who the right man for Mary is, the one who will make her truly happy in the end.

Jung-in even encourages him to do well with the drama OST so that he can succeed. Well, if you’re not even going to put up a fight, it’s no fun, is it? So, now there’s zero romantic tension, and ramped up Daddy tension instead? That’s the name of the game? Really, Show?

To that end, Jung-in books Mu-gyul’s schedule solid, as his popularity grows, idol-size. He goes on a radio show, which Mary listens to, and talks about writing the song for Mary Christmas, only the radio host twists his words to make it sound like it’s a nickname for Seo-jun. Mary happens to hear it while she’s shopping for treatment for Mu-gyul’s hair, making it sting even more.

Dad calls her home with a fakeout that he’s sick, and gives her money to get a hanbok for the wedding. She tells him that they can do all the planning they want, but ain’t gonna be a wedding without a bride. What…is that…logic? What are you doing here?

Dad lets it slip AGAIN that Jung-seok will force her to marry if he has to, just like he did with Mu-gyul. Mary’s jaw drops, as she tries to get Dad to tell her if he really had anything to do with Mu-gyul’s kidnapping. He refuses to say anymore, so Mary runs off to confirm it for herself.

She happens to walk in on Mu-gyul and Jung-in arguing over doing a photo shoot with Seo-jun, and catches them just as Mu-gyul shouts, “What, are you going to drag me there by force, like your father?” He turns to storm out, and sees Mary standing in the doorway.

Mary’s eyes widen as she looks at Jung-in. She asks if his father really ordered Mu-gyul kidnapped, and decides to go confront him to put an end to the madness. Yes, please.

She tells Jung-seok that she and Jung-in lied to him because of his investment in the drama production, and tells him that she’ll take whatever punishment is necessary herself, so to stop hurting Mu-gyul. He doesn’t even deny kidnapping him or admit that it was wrong; he justifies it, in fact, by saying that it was necessary to keep her from living a lifetime of regret because of a mistake.

She tries to tell him that it’s no mistake and that she’s happy with Mu-gyul, but he cuts her off and reminds her that he’s a man of his word, and that she made a promise with him. What, now? Doesn’t your act of violence negate that stupid promise? How about just “I love him, so shove off”?

Mu-gyul ends up doing the couple-themed photo shoot with Seo-jun, who marvels at how much Mary has changed him. She seems to be purposely trying to jab at him, implying that Mary’s tamed him like a housecat, but he doesn’t seem to care.

Mary falls asleep waiting up for him, and wakes up to find him crouching by the bed, watching her sleep. He just came home for a moment to see her face, and she tells him that she told Jung-seok the truth, and that she no longer has to stay at Jung-in’s house. I don’t remember you saying that. Anyway, they make a date for Christmas Eve.

Mu-gyul stops by a jewelry shop to pick up a little kitty necklace for his kitten Mary. He smiles thinking about her giant Shrek-cat eyes. He goes on interview after interview, gaining popularity by the minute, and even gets Manager Bang re-orbiting him to sign with her again. Why, because he has amnesia?

Jung-in comes home that night to an empty house, and sighs when he looks for Mary but she’s nowhere to be found. See, you didn’t actually tell anyone that you weren’t living here anymore, did you?

He calls and she braces herself as she answers the phone. He asks, voice shaking, if she’s going to be late tonight, and when she’ll be home, so that he can take her to the bookstore. Oh my god, heartbreaking. He closes his eyes, knowing what’s about to come, but not wanting to hear it.

Mary tells him that she went to see his father and told him the truth, so she’ll no longer be coming by the house. Jung-in, grasping at straws, tells her that the contract isn’t over yet. She tells him that it seems meaningless at this point, so she’s calling it off. She hangs up, and his heart sinks.

It kills me that he’s so unable to just admit that he likes her, and has to use the dreaded contract as an excuse to be near her. Also, I really wish this revelation had come waaaaaay earlier. Like centuries ago.

It’s Christmas Eve and Mary preps for her birthday date with Mu-gyul. She makes a cake and pulls their bed-dividing curtain back, tying it with a heart. Aw. Her phone rings and she races to pick it up thinking it’s Mu-gyul, and asks when he’s coming home.

But it’s Jung-in, calling her to come over one last time…because he has something to say that he never got to tell her. He’s sitting in the kitchen with fruit and cupcakes, wearing a reindeer sweater…aw, somebody give this guy a hug.

She apologizes and tells him that it’s Mu-gyul’s birthday today, and she can’t come over. He asks her for just a moment of her time, but she turns him down.

Aw, it kills me, the holiday party where Mary waits for Mu-gyul alone, and the holiday party where Jung-in waits for Mary alone.

She waits and waits, and finally gets through to Mu-gyul’s phone. He just arrived close by, but pretends to be stuck in traffic, and tells her to go ahead and sleep because he’s going to be a while. Her face falls in disappointment.

Meanwhile, Jung-in texts her to say that he’s going to keep waiting until she comes to hear what he has to say. Oh Noes! Don’t go now!

Mu-gyul picks up the engagement ring from the pawnshop (thus freeing them from the contract and any ties to Jung-in) and heads home.

Jung-in sits alone at the world’s saddest Christmas party, until Mary arrives. He tells her that he has to have cake, otherwise it doesn’t feel like Christmas; Mary says she knows what that feels like, since after her mom died and Dad was busy being chased by debt collectors, she spent Christmases with candles stuck in Choco Pies. Oh my god, that’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. He’s officially the worst dad ever.

Jung-in: “It’s nice…spending Christmas with someone else. It’s warm.” Mary, with tears in her eyes, asks him for a divorce. She knows she’s breaking his heart, but says it’s what’s best for everyone involved.

Mu-gyul rounds the corner, and we see that he’s not in Hongdae, but in Cheongdam, on his way to Jung-in’s house to return the ring. Crap.

Mary gets up to leave, but Jung-in backhugs her, asking her to stay like this for just a minute longer. Tears fall, as she lets him hold her like that…

…which is when Mu-gyul walks in.

Double crap.


Now THAT’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout, Show! Why the hell did it take us so long to get here? Why did we spend so many episodes with Jung-in denying his feelings, when clearly he’s not just some benevolent cupid for Mary and Mu-gyul?

What a crazy episode. The last ten minutes were great—some actual conflict in the love triangle, with pent-up feelings and all. But the rest of it was like blowing hot air. I hate this one writing tick in particular, which happened to be ALL OVER this episode like cheap perfume: it’s that circular thing where characters say words to each other, which in the moment are delivered like big declarations…and then the other person DOES NOT HEAR the words that are coming out of their mouths.

All episode long, people were shouting things, for no reason it turns out, because there was zero plot advancement that followed. Usually, let’s say: I know something you don’t know, so then I tell you, and then that awareness changes something in our dynamic. You learn, you reply, we go forward with new knowledge. That’s how human beings interact. Even if it isn’t, that’s how narrative information propels a story forward.

But we just spent an hour with people declaring things, like “I love her,” or “I don’t want to marry him,” with no effect, no change, no ripple. It’s like they’re all shouting into a vacuum, and not at each other. It’s confusing, at the most basic level of conversation, because what on earth is EVER going to make these people listen to each other? What is the point of words in this drama? Will they suddenly be hit with lightning bolts in the eleventh hour, or drink some magic listening tonic?

The problem you set yourself up for when you do this, is that when characters all of a sudden DO listen, when you’ve been saying the same damn thing for a bazillion episodes—”Dad, I really, really, really don’t want to marry that guy”—then what is the impact of those words suddenly taking on meaning in the end?

Yes, this is a strange obsession, I know. But just once I’d like for someone to say something in this drama, and for the other person to hear the words, compute their meaning, and reply like a functional human being.

Okay, rant over.

On the upside, lots of pretty Mu-gyul-onstage this episode.


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  1. Khris

    OMG!! Love to see mugyul on stage <3

    • 1.1 Amg1

      ****READ PLEASE******

      HEY YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

      Please remember that we are all having fun!!!!!!

      Whether you like this Drama or not is “Beside The Point” but please refrain from making personal attacks, I know that some of us are more “Sarcastic” than others and i kinow that there are a lot of “hardcore fans” of this drama, but I think is “Uncalled” for when people start to take it personally and the attacks start to become personal.

      I have been guilty as charge so lets keep it all in good jest!!!

      Thank you all!!!!!!!!
      : O }

      • 1.1.1 Viola


      • 1.1.2 TIFFANY

        ****** FOR THE NEW WRITER****

        PLEASE READ THIS:::::

        im just gonna ask why is it always a happy ending, although that’s a good thing, but can i just suggest to be more dramatic like someone’s gonna be dead in the end i mean in the very last episode? so it will mark to our hearts and mind that kind of scene in this drama..its either MARY or MU-GYUL, i know its gonna be sad but for sure it will mark maybe i say gonna be an epic,since all korean drama are ends happily… what do you think ????


        • Layla

          Nooooo!!!! lol Tiffany I hope you’re kidding!!!! :) he he…

        • Sheng Her

          I think if someone dies, it should either be Mary’s dad or Jung In’s dad. If Jung In’s dad dies, he would finally be free from his dictatorship and stand on his own two feet. If Mary’s dad dies, she would realize his role in her life and maybe rethink her own, take a break from the craziness etc. (Goes off to Paris, does some growing up, comes back, develops feelings for JI and whilst still having old feelings for MG, have some actual drama, conflict and a REAL love triangle, hello season 2! haha)
          Or maybe both dads can die. Then JI wouldn’t have anyone to please and can fully pursue Mary as he desires. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! this ending is a win!

        • youh

          i think its rather weird to suddenly fit in a death somewhere just for the sake of being different..cos the whole atmosphere had been light-hearted and no hint of major catastrophe…..if sb were to die SUDDENLY…..it just doesnt match up…there’s gotta be a build up somewhere at least..

        • nice

          i think the drama is going to be too overboard if they did that.. besides, its a rom-com, not a drama..

        • michie

          looks like you haven’t watched many k-dramas to say such things! Try ”warrior baek dong soo”, and you’ll never wish sad endings…I cried like a baby till the end…!!!

  2. bobo

    i will say this: that backhug was FREAKING HOT

    • 2.1 gigglegagaing

      HAHAHAHA. yeah, and every girl around the world is now wishing that they’re mary. i wish i was. HAHAHA. obviously, kim jae wook is the HOT guy in this drama, not the lead actor..

      • 2.1.1 Alexadubu

        ooh. yes, i have to agree with you there.

        JGS is beautiful, but KJW is sex on legs.

        • zan

          I SO TOTALLY AGREE!!! haha.. though im a fan of JGS, KJW is just HOT in this show compared to JGS…

          • Caramenilla

            Toooooooooootally agree, I prefer KJW in this drama than JGS.
            oh, or is it because of the hair -_-

          • nite

            Thank god I’m not the only one who likes KJW better. Not only is he rich, he’s so cute. If she was smart at all, Mary would pick him. But we all know, that’s not going to happen, by the k-drama laws. -__-

            Hopefully, he’ll end up happy with another girl.

      • 2.1.2 Sheng Her

        gosh, how lucky is Moon Geun Young. getting to act with Jang Geun Suk and Kim Jae Wook?!
        If I was Mary, I think that would be enough to sway me over to Jung In (even though I was never into Mookyul haha).

      • 2.1.3 watermelon

        How I wish I’m Mary! Dang!

        I’ll keep MG for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday while JI for Thursday, Friday and Saturday! Sunday will be my rest day! hahaha

      • 2.1.4 gracias

        super duper agreed XD

    • 2.2 Christy

      I so agree! KJW is smokin’ hot!

  3. stars4u

    okay… now what???

    • 3.1 Anonymous

      I’ve been asking the same question after the first 5 min in every episode.
      After they have given a ‘cheap’ answer to the last moment ‘ill – constructed’ cliff-hanger of the previous episode.

      Girlfriday ! Thank you, for the great laughs. You rock!

      Whenever I’m watching this I pity myself for stooping so low just because of a nice cast, but after reading your playful, creative recaps I just admit that even Achilles had an exposed ‘heel’ and couldn’t help it.

      *thumps up*

  4. Francesca

    gave up since episode 8 but I’m happy it’s finally getting there. Personally, I’m rooting for Jung-in.

    • 4.1 JOYce

      Me too! jung in team go go!! :p

      • 4.1.1 luna.tic

        team Jung-in :) fighting!

      • 4.1.2 maria

        team jung-in!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Peridottee

          Jung In FTW!!

          Mayday, Mayday! Calling for team Jung In!!

    • 4.2 Sheng Her

      I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hoping for a reversal ending. That would be so unexpected. GO TEAM JUNG IN!!!!!!!

      • 4.2.1 ge

        JUNG IN !!! YEAH!!

      • 4.2.2 Joly

        Jung-In Fighting Hey Hey Hey !!!!!

      • 4.2.3 Anonymous

        I’m so rewatching if there’s this twist in the end!

        Trying to find the signs that led to it!

    • 4.3 danni

      Team Jung-in! Team Jung-in! Team Jung-in!

    • 4.4 Ladymoonstone143

      Count me in…team Jung In…lol

      • 4.4.1 inane

        me too……Vote for Jung In…this drama has to do something different..the only way is make mary n jung in together…

        • ntlk158

          im all for jung-in as well :) i WISH they’ll twist the ending too but thats highly unlikely isnt it? *blow air*
          although moo-gyul is cute here but i totally prefer jung in / kim jae wook, went n find all his runway jobs and OMG that cheekbones, i wish i’d knew him back then il sign him up ! ^_^

      • 4.4.2 Caramenilla

        Count me in too!! Team Jung in!

    • 4.5 Jung Seok

      What about me? Who’s in for Team Jung Seok?

      • 4.5.1 Gangster

        Me, master. Sorry we let the rocker get away. Her fart was killer and she screamed a lot.

        • Jung Seok

          You’re confusing me with your pronouns. You’re fired.

    • 4.6 drew

      I’m team Jung In! Because I want MG for myself :)

      • 4.6.1 Trina

        I’m Team Jung In too……. ^^

  5. JOYce

    thanks for sticking w/ this show 😀

  6. g

    this drama is driving me fluffy-rolling-my-eyes-non-stop-nuts. for some unknown reasons had to rewatch random episodes of You’re beautiful and Baby and I .

    still love JGS’s lovely voice. saankyu JB and GF.

  7. koreandramalover/kdl

    i am sorry, girlfriday, for the torture u had to go thru recapping this episode… :(

    but thank u from the bottom of my heart for your willingness to continue recapping nonetheless… 😉

    i empathise with you and javabeans… 😉

  8. mommy

    finallyyyy the most interesting episode!! love triangle is here but we already know who MR will choose

  9. javabeans

    If I buy your marbles, will they return MY sanity?

    What do you MEAN, that’s not how it works???

    • 9.1 girlfriday

      I don’t think the transitive property applies to marbles.

      ‘sides, you’ll just lose ’em again next week when you have to recap the next episode.

  10. 10 Sarah

    why have we all stopped the song of the week in the reviews! that’s my primary source of listening and download ksongs! T.T

    • 10.1 anais

      Yeah, I was wondering who sang today’s version of one of the OST songs that Jang Geun Suk usually sings. Moon Geun Young?

      As for the drama, whatev! Lunacy. I’m at this point in it just to see pretty faces, listen to some nice songs sung by voices I dig, and hope I don’t let this ever get to me as to make me blow my top in utter disbelief.

      Sigh. This drama reminds me a bit of all the times when I second-guessed my initial judgment and gave second chances to people who turned out to prove my initial judgment right, only by that point I’d come to invest so much energy and care into those people.

      JB and GF, props to you for seeing this through. Major props to JGS, MGY, and KJW – I wonder what’s going through their minds.

      • 10.1.1 Sheng Her

        My Precious?
        the only other singers are Ernest and Kim Hyo Jin (Seo Joon). Moon Geun Young doesn’t sing anything, as well as Kim Jae Wook.

        • anais

          There was a new one during this episode. It wasn’t Kim Hyo Jin’s My Precious. A much breathier and slightly raspy voice. Less slick a production.


          To be honest, normally I’d go back and find the song, but I just can’t subject myself to this episode anytime soon again. :)

  11. 11 Renhye

    Whatever happens I will stick to this drama till the end.
    It makes my heart awwww at such moments how can I part ways to this drama?.. HOW?.. (T___T)

  12. 12 ohemgee

    i loved the boys in their holiday sweaters!!!

  13. 13 hh

    Gosh, GF! I’m reading your recap over lunch and I love it! :)

    Finally, we are going somewhere with this drama, regardless whether it is late or not. Btw, can anyone let me know – how many episode are they in MSOAN?

    Man.. This drama is wasting JGS, MGY and KJW’s talents with crappy plots (erm.. sorry dear writers..)

    • 13.1 hh

      and, thanks to JB and GF for the recaps! ;D

      This is completely out of topic but, Christmas is around the corner and I just want to wish Mary er.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Hope Santa is giving you the presents that you’re wishing for and may next year be a prosperous year to all!


  14. 14 roshogolla

    Lol.. I gave up on this drama a long back, but I still think it can be salvaged if they bring back the yaoi moments between Jun-In and Mu-Gyul. If only it could turned into another Antique Bakery.. Otherwise I don’t know where will we go with all the craziness and irrationalities ..

  15. 15 genesis

    MSOAN is coming to town (sung to the tune Santa Claus is coming to town)

    You’d better go run, you’d better go hide,
    You’d better go shout, I’m telling you why,
    MSOAN is coming to townnnnnnn!!!!!!!

    Don’t see this when you’re sleeping,
    Don’t see this when awake,
    Go see this when you’re mad or screwed,
    So be smart, for goodness’ sake!

    • 15.1 Amg1

      Dude!!!! That was kinda mean yet so appropriate!!!!!

    • 15.2 Amg1

      I was reading the comments from @ 3 others sites (not gonna mention any names!!)

      and the “Hardcore 3M” fans are “Furious” at us here at Dramabeans because in their eyes all we are doing is “Bash their favorite Idols” and they imply that we are just “Mean and Hateful People”, but I will like to say that “it is not my personal fault” that this so anticipated drama turn into a piece of “Schizophrenic Rubbish”, and yes is true that we all enjoy making fun of this drama for being so bad.

      But as my grandma used to say “Son if you cannot handle the heat, get out of the kitchen”, and the “roasting of 3M” is in full swing.
      : O }

      • 15.2.1 genesis

        hey Amg1 agree with you! Don’t venture into hostile territory my grandpa used to say ke ke…wanna join us for turkey and cheese xmas eve dinner? Bunch of crazies attending….all driven nuts by MSOAN hahahaha

    • 15.3 DRAMAADDICT4ever

      Hahahahaha, I love your song, at it fits perfect with this drama.

    • 15.4 Mary Mary Mary

      Love it! You are so right!

  16. 16 genesis

    Sung to the tune of Jungle Bells

    Crappy all the way
    Oh what pain it is to watch
    This horrible nightmare-eh

    Crappy all the way
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    Santa please make it stop

    • 16.1 zander

      turkey and xmas ROFL

      • 16.1.1 Sue Ann

        LOL BRAVO!!!!

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      Santa will scoot up the chimney again if he catches a glimpse of this show ke ke

    • 16.3 Nana

      LOL, Mu gyul can kiss your ass in writing songs department.

    • 16.4 hh

      LOL. I am pretty sure that MSOAN has chase away your sanity! I have no doubt it does that to everyone who view it. 😛

      • 16.4.1 genesis

        yeah MSOAN has pushed me over the edge LOL but I’ll have Amg1 and you guys for company koookooooookooookooooo

    • 16.5 czak

      kinda feeling bad for this drama for the comments/reviews it gets, i guess since people had high hope for it with its actors caliber, people just ended up disappointed in the end.
      But now, it is multiplied with all the Xmas-related songs that is sang. I guess there really is no helping it, since its Xmas season & wih people want something Good (drama/plot/story) for the christmas but with this drama, it just doesnt work for some people..
      oh show why do you have to be this way…

    • 16.6 Jen

      haaha thats so funny! but i’m still enjoying the nonsense of the show, i get excited for every monday and tuesday! I’m so sad its about to end.

  17. 17 Sheng Her

    “Aw, they’re fans of romance, the kidnappers. That’s sweet.” ROFL I was like “why did the kidnappers roll down the window?” I doubt MG could’ve done it, with two guys beside him and all. But i guess they’re all for the romance haha.
    the cops ditching them was even more ridiculous. aren’t you going to take care of the victim first? or at least have one cop be with the victim and the other chase the kidnappers?

    on a different note, I complete love Kim Jae Wook and Jung In. so sad that he never really got to “act” in this. he only had a few scenes, and even then there were only 3 or 4 scenes total that were worthy for good acting. major talents gone to waste.
    but anyways, with that aside, my heart cried out for Jung In so many times. I hate how he was in this love triange, but never really in the love triangle, only until it’s too late. He kissed her in episode 7, but the writer never really developed anything after that. they could’ve done so much more in his and Mary’s relationship, but no. sticking to the main couple. SIGH (honestly, there’s too much lovey-dovey going around, it’s making me sick). such a big disappointment in the script.

    I hope Kim Jae Wook gets lead role for his next project, as well as a better script.

    • 17.1 gigglegagaing

      AGREEEEEEEEEEEEE~~ hahaha. i was like, why would kim jae wook take this project in the first place..why why WHYYYYYY~~!!! it’s such a waste of time. seriously. the rating obviously isnt doing good, so moon geun young or not, she’s not doing anything to the drama. and yes, the lovey dovey parts get too cheesy sometimes.

      • 17.1.1 Sheng Her

        I guess if it’s something that appeals to Kim Jae Wook, I would watch it just for him even if everything else was out of order or pretty much nonexistent (as in this drama). Bad Guy was okay, and his character was definitely interesting to watch. Hopefully he gets a good part for his next project.

        I don’t know if I can handle KJW being heartbroken again if he only gets to be second lead. But as a good fan, I will watch it anyways

    • 17.2 The Kidnappers

      allow us to explains ourselves:

      – guitar boy was so nervous, he farted. hence the open window. :(

      – we don’t like run-ins with the law. the open window exposed our faces. we had to let guitar boy scoot. at the most we will only face “attempted kidnapping” at court. that is if charges will be filed at all. looks like we’re off the hook, cops were uninterested they booted chasing girl out of the mobile.

      • 17.2.1 genesis


      • 17.2.2 Mu-Gyul

        I told you… it wasn’t me! <_<

        • The Kidnappers

          Where else would the smell of ROTTEN CHEESE come from, eh? None of us had pasta or something.

        • The Cops

          Hey boy! Own up to it! Why d’ya think we booted ye girlfriend out of the mobile? She made us open our window to have a good look at ya, but what did we get? A WISP of ye fart!

          Awful! I say, AWFUL, boy!

          • Cop's car

            I don’t normally talk either, ummmmm ummmm what was I gonna say…oh yeah cldn’t have the girlie on me cos she was so heavy! Wearing so many layers like she wanna weigh as much as her dad. Plus I smelled the fart too OOOHHH UGGGHHHHH it made me crazy like this show~

          • Wi Mae-Ri

            You guys! I’ seriously offended!

            I’M NOT FAT!!! :(

            Mu-Gyul-sshi! Defend my honor, honey!

          • Mu-Gyul

            Honey, you forgot your “m.”

          • Wi Mae-Ri


            WHERE ARE MY FANS?!

          • Jung In

            Mae Ri sshi.

            Um. I have not speak to you for a long time. I just came back from North Pole. I can write and speak English now. But not so good (pls forgive).

            How are you? Sorry I never call you when I was away. My phone service ended after my bank account closed.

          • Mu-Gyul

            Ha! LOSER! 😛

          • Wi Mae-Ri

            no phone?

            no bank account?

            no good!

      • 17.2.3 Kidnapper who sat next to guitar boy

        Yeah you did! Right in my face, man!Why d’ya think I wound down the window? I was choking ,man, that fart was a real stinker man! And I should know, yeah, I’m a farter myself, but man, this fart was the mother of all farts!!!!Hey, man! Just own up like a man though you kinda look like a girl to me no offence

        • The Kidnappers' Driver

          Wait. Farter was a BOY?! *confused*

          • Kidnappers' Car

            Duhhhh I don’t normally talk duhhh but got something to say duhhh wanna say duhhh guitar boy is a girl duhhh I swear duhhhh and that fart duhhhh was guitar girl’s duhhh it was a real stinker duhhh I caught a wisp duhhh and found I could talk duhhhh don’t ask me how duhhh

          • Mary's script

            where I am?..O0o0Oh Fart! Good Idea,I should use it in next epiode….where are you farter sorry I mean writer.

          • Mu-Gyul's Script

            What can I say? I’m all gassed up.

          • anais


      • 17.2.4 Jung Seok

        Useless gangsters! You’re all fired!

        • JOYce

          Ypu guys are too funyy! FUNNY!!! 😀

        • noob

          woot!!! raise the roof 😛
          I’d rather see these silly peeps play comic roles in this drama… GOLD!

      • 17.2.5 blackiris

        ROTFLOL 😀

        • Ania

          you guys, you made my day :)

          the weather is so grey here but after reading your comments I felt hella better

          • Anonymous

            What a sense of humor ! Very funny LOL.

  18. 18 zoe

    hahahahaha….turkey of the year indeed…I’ll think of this show when I’m eating my turkey on Xmas eve

    • 18.1 Queen of Rehearsals

      turkey and cheese. i’m cooking.

  19. 19 gigglegagaing

    omigosh. this is like the crappiest, yet addicting drama. i just cant get myself over it and i wanna know how it’s going to end for jung in! boohoo!!

    my heart goes to jung in all the way. i mean, COME ON~ jang geun suk? eh~ it’s just toooo teenage like love. while jung in is like the man i’ve dreamed of since i was a lil girl-of course without the cuckoo dad and past. HAHAHAHAHA.

    i dont care whats gonna happen to mu gyul, all i care is whats gonna happen to jung in. the new writer better make a good happy ending for him. i dont wanna see another “i’ll let you go and if you’re happy, then im happy” kinda thing. nor do i want jung in to end up with seo joon, the bratty actress who thinks the world revolves around her.

    • 19.1 Sheng Her

      Actually, what I’m doing right now is skipping forward the scenes between Mary and Mookyul and going straight for the Jung In scenes HAHA. I don’t care about Mary and Mookyul. As long as Jung In has a happy ending, then I’ll be happy. I agree, I also do not want to see the “I’ll let you go and if you’re happy, then I’m happy” ending. I’m totally hoping for a reversal ending. JI somehow makes her heart sway in the last two episodes (or Mookyul and Mary are brothers and sisters and JI could be with Mary LOL! yes!!! It’s become quite nonsensical, anything could happen. but who knows, maybe there would just be incest. EW. but honestly, I secretly wished that if Mary really did end up with Mookyul, she’d end up like her mother… which, I assume was unhappy for the most part, as dad had said in an earlier episode that her mom was blinded by her first love => him).
      I at least want JI to be released from his father’s dictatorship. Sadly, that might be the happiest ending we see for JI.

      I originally wanted to see JI and SJ together when it seemed pretty obvious that MR and MG would end up together (because JI & SJ seem to get along well, they seemed to understand each other and enjoy the other’s company). But the new writer didn’t keep the old SJ. If she kept the old SJ, I think SJ would’ve been able to let go of Mookyul and see JI as the good, sweet man that he is. SIGH. but, I guess what’s done is done. SJ’s not fit for JI anymore, now that she’s the spoiled princess.

      I actually don’t see the appeal in Mookyul. I think Jung In has so much more appeal than Mookyul, I don’t understand why he wouldn’t end up with the girl in the end.

  20. 20 Natalie

    thanks for sticking by this show! it’s really silly and the writing is insane but I really think the leads make it enough to watch it.

    and gosh, the geun/geun couple just make me squee so much.

    • 20.1 Asiandramafan

      This show is fun and entertaining to watch. MGY & JSK chemistry is off the chart sweet and sizzling, that’s enough to make me follow it week after week.

    • 20.2 Nica

      It may have worked for you..but not on me..whew! Don’t get me wrong..I also like JGS but I just don’t like how the story turned out. I guess reading dramabeans’ recaps is better than watching it..hahah

  21. 21 Amg1

    This “Episode” is not even worth commenting!!!!!!!!!!

    If I was to take a “shot” of Tequila every time that “She” gets “Manhandle” by any of the two “husbands” I will be at the “Emergency” ward by now.
    This drama deserves the award for more “schizophrenic” drama of 2010! KOO KOO KOO KOO!!!!

    • 21.1 genesis

      LOL just join me and sing the MSOAN jingles…..crap, crap, crap…….ke ke

      • 21.1.1 zach

        this crappy show is driving us all kookoooooo

  22. 22 Serendipity

    This just about kills me!

    Both my current addictions MSOAN and Secret Garden has 2 episodes with no english subs. Both have climatic ending for each episodes. Lots of angst and brooding moments from the hot guys – very drool worthy moments which I have no idea why! (I watched them raw of coz)

    I thank you jb and gf for giving me glimpses to my addictions and give me some understanding of what is happening. Love you both!

    I’ll be stewing/brooding over Christmas until I get my eng sub fix for BOTH Secret Garden and MSOAN. Waiting with bated breath – or going comatose soon

    Merry Xmas everyone!

  23. 23 victor

    “asking her to stay like this for just a minute longer. ”

    HAHAHAHAHA omg i haven’t watched the episode, did he really say that? omFg we’ve seen this exact scene with these exact words so many times before in so many dramas i can’t believe they are still using it

  24. 24 Queen of Rehearsals

    jung-in wins mary over.
    jung seok crosses over to secret garden to secure the magical brew.
    he invites his son to a drinking session.
    they body switch.
    mission: achieved.

    • 24.1 zach

      hahahaha …..hilarious

    • 24.2 rachel

      yes, hilarious!! physical manifestation of a father trying to live his life over again through his son. jung seok is really psycho. 😀

    • 24.3 genesis

      hey queen I don’t think he’s going to be happy in his dad’s body cos the old guy’s losing his hair

      • 24.3.1 Queen of Rehearsals

        who said anything about jung-in being happy? 😛 this is creepy daddy show!

        • genesis

          Oh wow… daddy’s show eh? So it’ll have to be renamed Secret Daddy

          • Queen of Rehearsals

            No. Secret Creepy. 😉

        • genesis

          Hahahaha so funny!

    • 24.4 x0mi07


  25. 25 Tanny

    So much anticipation but what a dissapoinment.

  26. 26 Sumee

    Oh my freaking god .. But I guess the last 5 mins made up for it & yes thanks to jang geun suk for his whatever wired hotness (even with that hair ). This drama sure is making me loose my sanity trying to understand it + still watch it ! 😉

    • 26.1 koreandramalover/kdl

      hi there, Sumee, my Moony Loony noona!! 😉

      so nice to see u here!! 😉

      i am in the same position as u!!! 😉

      i can’t understand why the writer/s wrote the plot/story the way it is but i can’t help but be attached to it because of JGS, MGY and KJW… 😉

      • 26.1.1 Sumee

        Heyi sista KDL ..i seriously thought this drama will definately be awesome..but bang on my nose..its quiet haey-why ! seriously JGS, MGY and KJW… are totally wasted ! :-(

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          u know how i have stuck with watching this drama?

          look on the bright side always and appreciate

          – the sweet, adorable and heartwarming moments btwn Mary and Mu Gyul;

          – the times when JGS sings on stage – i just swoon watching him sing and move to the music… 😉
          (brings back memories of the times when my rocker boyfriend [now ex-boyfriend] did the very same thing on stage more than 20 years ago) 😉

          – the memories of what my now-ex-boyfriend did for me when he was on stage – his heartfelt confession and the songs he composed to dedicate to me (about 10 songs altogether in our 2 years together) 😉

          how CAN i not watch this drama??? 😉

          btw, did you notice Mu Gyul’s wink to Mary when he was singing during then showcase?
          it was just so SPECIAL… 😉

          • Sumee

            awwwwwwwwwwwww…ur story is so fascinating..i am sure dating a rocker would have been a hell of a ride 😉
            & songs esp for you ..you are blessed !:-)

            regarding this drama i just cannot find myself attached ..i am emotionally checked out !!!!

  27. 27 danni

    “Gracious kidnappers that they are, they lower their window so that Mu-gyul can see Mary hanging her head outside the cop car as they drive alongside. Aw, they’re fans of romance, the kidnappers. That’s sweet.”
    -Lol, MSOAN never fails to confuse me. I was just like, “Did the kidnappers just roll down the window? WHY?!”

    So usually, I can deal with the crap MSOAN deals out, but this episode was just weird. As soon as the concert switched to Mu-gyul getting kidnapped, “this is going to be the longest hour ever” was the only thing going through my mind. It was just bad, just a really bad episode that I just wanted to end.

    On the upside, I love Jung-in and the end just killed me. It was so sad when he was calling Mary. I haven’t rooted for the second male lead in a while, but I am so mad that Jung-in is not getting the girl in the end. Ugh, at least let him get rid of his crazy dad by the time this show ends next week. That will at least make me half-satisfied.

    • 27.1 Sheng Her

      Everytime I read a comment about Jung In or reread the recaps about Jung In and the ending for this episode, my heart breaks… and I still gotta rewatch this with subs, just for KJW/Jung In too T.T

      I’m just so incredibly frustrated that Jung In was never really given a chance. screw you writers. I don’t care about your OTP, I just need my sweet, happy, cute, in-love-and-is-loved-back Jung In moments!
      If only Mary had never gone to meet Mookyul that one night that she was to be engaged to Jung In……….. scratch that. If only Mary had never went to Hongdae with her friends………… sigh.

  28. 28 lyra

    are we having lucid intervals now because of this “crappy” drama? haha. something you have thrown out from your big tube window but amazingly you still sticking on it , create songs even for it, and though you boycotted the remaining series, you still read the recaps. how ‘s the sanity level gals? haha 😉

    i feel like am in a pandora box.but hugging it nevertheless. wooot <3

    thanks for the recap. lovin it hardcore!

  29. 29 Melissa

    Damn! Now I understand why Juliet killed herself! Freakin’ parents! Gah!

  30. 30 rachel

    thks for recap!

    looks like people who dislike this drama are still hanging around to check what’s happening in the drama and ranting episode after episode! lol!! love-hate relationship? morbid fascination?

    there IS something abt mary! on to the glorious crazy end next wk! it’s now a rom-com plus melo-drama.

    i so want to know the story of jung in’s father and mary’s mother and his 30-yr fixation on her. he’s crazier than joon won (hyun bin) of secret garden! 😀

  31. 31 whatis

    ahhh thanks for the recap guys! It’s the only way I can get through this series. — I have resorted to just reading the recap to get through the series since I’ve already invested a good amount of time watching it, and I’d like to know where this train wreck takes us.

    GF, you took the words right out of my brain which fails at articulation. Yes, this is how it has felt for the past many many episodes. Their dialogue has no meaning at the end. They might as well not be saying anything and mime this whole thing, and it could be more interesting – silent acting. (Just watch that last scene of Episode 12 in Secret Garden) ’cause frankly, Mary saying the same thing infinite times, Jung-in lying infinite times, Seo-jun in denial forever, just doesn’t make any sense, and it creates much, much frustration in the viewers.

    I think it would also help if the Papa is actually a very protective father, who has been looking out for Mary’s interest forever. I think I would find that more reasonable than the way he is now.

    The drama is just all over the place, opening cans of worms and then trying to cover them in the most miserable way.

    I’m aware there are people out there who are still very much enjoying the drama. Props to you. But for the rest of us, the reason why we’re even “wasting our time” to comment on this show is obviously because, we once cared alot about it. For me, I am disappointed at the way it turned out, but am holding my breath hoping that maybe a miracle would come and at least end on a good note. Just as how we rave about dramas we like, we should also have the equal opportunity to comment on the dramas we dislike. Since, after all, the “Comments” section is for comments.

    • 31.1 watchumlots

      Oh, shared opinion.

      With acting talent, eye candy, good storyline, even if it is a drama, it doesn’t have to be so damn corny! SOMETHING could be believable, even a little thing. There is plenty of drama in someone saying something that should, or would, be normally be said. Or simply telling someone “I do not think that is any of your concern.” Or, “I am not going to marry your son so you will pay off my father’s debts.” THEN the real drama could begin. It would be even more dramatic because it would be PLAUSIBLE.

      Perhaps I am another frustrated writer?

  32. 32 JAM

    I’d just LMAO reading your recaps! won’t even bother watching the crazy show now and waste my bandwidth. You are a much better bet. 😉

  33. 33 anais

    When I finished watching this episode, I was soooo totally praying that there was a recap of this here. And boy am I so thankful because I think I would have gone out and smoked an entire pack of ciggies in frustration if I hadn’t had the recap and comments as laugh therapy.

    Thanks, folks. For the Mary Christmas craparol jingle and the Kidnappers for your back story.

  34. 34 Jennyo

    Seriously, doesn’t Jung-in’s house have a door that locks? How are they just going inside his house like nothing? This drama has officially gone too far for me. Why do I keep watching? Why?

    • 34.1 Jen

      its crazy but so interesting! 😀

    • 34.2 Joly

      I agree with you about this drama has gone so far but I stick with this .How can I do? So many people like us still follow to watch and eagar to know what will happen in the next episode.
      Because we’re all dramaaddicted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pal.

    • 34.3 Ning

      Yup, and I thought he should’ve learned from his castmate in Bad Guy what happens if people don’t lock their doors ^^’

  35. 35 JD

    LOL the comments KILL me

    • 35.1 Caramenilla

      ROFTL!!! AGREE! Reading it is so much better than watching the show itself.

  36. 36 mybus

    First time in 14 eps that I’m torn between MG and JI; then again, what I have for the latter is largely pity. Props to KJW!

  37. 37 momosan

    hey, the comments are labeled “rant and/or rave” for a reason.

    Personally, I’m enjoying the heck out of M3. It boarded the train to Crazyville a long time ago, so I just sit back and giggle madly at it. The couple is just so darned cute, and they’ve literally pulled out every silly drama stunt possible (although by my count we’re still missing a birth secret….possibly JGS is really the long lost unknown son of evil Dad….and then KJW can get his wish and stab evil Dad? No?)

    It completely makes no sense, but was it ever going to? Seriously? I think not. It’s being very very silly. Even without a drinking game it’s just ridiculous, and if you happen to be in the mood for OTT silly, then this show serves up the zany with no qualms….kinda reminds me of the unexplainable manga based doramas that you just have to accept are wack.

    And I love that jacket JGS is wearing at the concert. If he has ANY sense, he’ll liberate it for his own wardrobe.

    • 37.1 anais

      although by my count we’re still missing a birth secret….possibly JGS is really the long lost unknown son of evil Dad

      I know!!! I am more and more wondering if there’s precisely this birth secret.

  38. 38 Queen of Rehearsals

    mu-gyul still gets mary
    jung-in was devastated he went on an expedition to find himself
    that’s when gong-yoo and im soo-jung set out to find kim jae wook

    • 38.1 Michelle

      You suck. haha 😛

      • 38.1.1 Queen of Rehearsals

        and so does this drama. haha.

      • 38.1.2 Amg1

        HEY!!!!!!!!!I do not want to get between you 2, but my lady @Michelle,if you start to get personal with the “INSULTS” then go and “Scr**” yourself!!!!! No one in this forum has attack you or offend you as an individual, so take it like a “Grown UP” or you do not have a place around here. If you are unhappy about the critical comments that is fair enough but for you to start with personal insults it is uncalled for!!!!!!

        P.S Do not forget that this is just a drama, maybe you need to chill for a while!!!!

        : O }

        • Jung Seok

          she sucks, no? 😀

        • DRAMAADDICT4ever

          I second Amg1,Why does some people take our constructive criticism(being sarcastict)to the heart?

          All I can say is that I am having so much fun reading this recaps and comments more than watching the drama itself so what?,and it is sad because I totally expected this drama to be on my good list but it ended on my black list.

          Lastly @”Queen of Rehearsals”,NO she does not sucks, she only has better imagination than MSOAN’s writer,LOL.
          and YES this drama does sucks(^___^)

  39. 39 Diane

    I thought this drama was getting a lil boring and out of line, but now it’s finally getting somewhere. But it’s almost near the end..how will it end. It’s horrible to admit, but I wish Mary will end up with Jung-In, sigh..if only that was possible. Can’t wait until next week!! 😀

  40. 40 gamsahabnida

    “Gawd. I’m getting REALLY tired of shrill papa, who has NO RIGHT to call anyone out for being a ne’er do well.”

    You go girlfriday, THAT’S what I’m talking about. He just kills the last bits of joy out of every episode. The inconsistancy of the story line confuses me, it makes me feel bipolar.

  41. 41 Molly

    …and they still don’t have locked doors!

    • 41.1 Queen of Rehearsals

      door locks must be pricey in Korea.

      • 41.1.1 Jacky

        My thoughts exactly! How is it, that people just walk into other people’s houses unannounced? WTF!

        I so want to quit this drama but, against all common sense, I keep on giving it another chance (and another chance…).

  42. 42 churasan

    Thanks for the recap! I loved MG on stage – JGS is awesome when he performs! JI – why did you wait so long… you only have two more episodes left! I know this drama’s got dozen cliches in it, but this is the kinda stuff that makes Korean dramas… well… Korean dramas (or least that what made me fall in love with them). LOL :)

  43. 43 ArtemisSoh

    “And Mary, instead of kissing him, decides to smack his lips for puckering up. Listen, I’m concerned there’s something wrong with you. Can someone please explain to me what she is doing pushing Jang-Geun-seok-lips away from her person? Does not compute. Does not compute.”

    girlfriday, I totally identify with that. In that kind of situation, it would have been hard to keep off him 😛

    Just check out your brains when watching this and you’ll have more fun. 😛 It’s just fluff like those trashy novellas that one can finish reading in 4 hours.

  44. 44 Claire

    Okay your recap is SO much more entertaining than the actual episode. Thank you!

  45. 45 ikaw@ako

    why is jang eun suk looking more and more like a girl.
    triple crap..
    i don’t know what those two self-fish, twisted fathers are thinking about. they are so illogical and im not sure if they know the meaning of: LEAVE THEM ALONE!!

  46. 46 Whatever haters...

    These comments are even sillier than the plot of this show …if you don’t like it…just move on, already!

    • 46.1 sos

      If you don’t like dramabeans recapes;I think there is another recape for MSOAN;The initial sentence is “Our lovebirds are running around like headless chickens…”…WTF..kekeke

  47. 47 Jung In

    Hello everybody, my name is Jung In. I just came back from the North Pole. I went on expedition to find myself. While I was there, I studied English every day. So now I can write English. But my spoken English still not so good….pls forgive. You wanter to know why i went so far away? It is cos I was sad. I was sad becos:

    1. they didn’t make me the no1 guy. The long haired guy the no.1 guy. So that made me sader (I pronounce sader but writing is SAD pls forgive.)

    2. they made me wear short long pants. Yes, it is winter now so my ankles were frozen like cold Xmas turkey during shooting. Is not fair. The long-haired guy got to wear long pants. So I was sader (pls forgive).

    3. they told me to act sader in show. Is crazy show. I wanter to laugh all the time cos the show so crazy but I have to act sader. So that made me sader (pls forgive).

    To my fanser, thank you for your support. I will try harder in 2011. Maybe I will keep long hair and borrow my mother’s dresses so I will looker like the long-haired guy. I must also practise looking angry like the long-haired guy, not sader. Merry Christmahs and Appy New Year.

    • 47.1 Zoe

      LOLwelcome back Jung In!

    • 47.2 Blubell

      Don’t be sader Jung In, you will make me sadeder

    • 47.3 rosered


    • 47.4 Fanser no #1054

      Don’t be sader, we got Team Jung In for you!! We give you all the long pants you wanter 😀

    • 47.5 gingganggolli

      Everybody is getting crazy in Christmas…oh well look what you done MSOAN…

    • 47.6 who?me?

      very fun! No No sorry very Sad..I’m sader too!

    • 47.7 Jung Seok

      So this is what you’ve been up to after failing to bag Maeri, huh?

      You think it’s fun, eh? I’ll tell you something funny! Mu-Gyul is your brother! And I’m not your father. I’m your mother!

      • 47.7.1 Jung In

        Father! All my life I never say no to you, but you slap me and close my bank account. Now you say you are my mother! No father or mother will leave their son with short long pants to go to North Pole. You are mad.

        I have no brother who will make me sader. I will not speak to you again.

        • genesis

          ROFL omg you guys are making me laugh until I cry

          • Peridottee

            I laugh until my lips split open.. it’s bleeding now. How come you make us laugh tears and blood??

        • Jung Seok

          Suits me! You haven’t been brushing your teeth for a long time!

          I’ll just send you text messages. Or e-mails. Don’t block my messages. I have gangsters.

          • Jung Seok

            Is that so?

            Which service provider are you, by the way?

            I’ll send my ‘people’ over.

        • mmm

          pity guy…so sader..you’r your father is your mother…you should be even more ader.

    • 47.8 Sheng Her

      if you’re so sad, should i give you a hug? ;D

      • 47.8.1 Jung Seok

        How about me? I’m sad too.

        • Jung In

          You are bader daddy. You freezer my money in the banker. I hater you.

          • Jung In

            I catcher fish in North Pole and bring backer for you cos you are my daddy but you bad daddy. You freezer my money in the banker. No more fish for you.

        • soli

          we can’t hug you cuz we don’t know you are fatherrr Or motherrrrrr, So 0ne questioner! is Jung_In your doughterrrrrr?…

          • Jung Seok


            and both.

          • tracy

            if Jung In is your daughter and you are his mother and MG is your maybe son/daughter, then who’s MG’s mother? Huh? I’m going nuts cos of you guys!

      • 47.8.2 Jung In

        I am sorry, you cannot backer hugger me, cos I am shy, I only backer hugger Mae Ri cos I liker her….maybe another time. I am one woman maner. Also I just back from North Pole and haven’t taken my bather. Pls forgive. I bow to you. Merry Christmahs and Appy New Year.

        • Jung Seok

          Does anyone have a time machine? I want to go Terminator on this boy. <_<

          • Jung In

            You one bad bad daddy. You wanter to send gangsters after poor son and now you wanter to terminater me. You think I scarer? I not scarer! I only scarer bader dreamser when I sleeper. I not scared of you you big bad bad daddy. I bow to you. But I still hater you.

          • Jung Seok

            when did I ever have a German son? I was pretty sure you were Korean when I sent you out to the North Pole.

            you can keep the fish. make some kimchi.

        • seo jun

          @tracy Honesly i don’t know who is MG’s mother but I have to say it “I’m Jung Seok mother”

          • tracy

            What???????!!!!!! *faints*

    • 47.9 Jung In

      Fanser, if you turn to the other page, I am grateful. I need help. Thank kiuu all. I bow to you.

      • 47.9.1 Bex

        LOLOLOL. Wow. This actually made me laugh so hard. HAHA.
        I’m not ‘sader’ anymore. xD

      • 47.9.2 Santa_Klaus

        jung in….


        I’m sorry. The year after you were born, money was a little short. I didn’t expect raising a newborn would cost so much. in order to buy materials for the gifts for the children around the world, I had to borrow some money. Jung Seok agreed to GIVE me money but told me his only wish was to have a son. Since it was christmas, I had to give him the gift he wanted. In the end I gave you up so i could give gifts to all those little children.

        I’m pretty sure you understand now why you’re so caring to Mary and Mu-Gyul and Seojoon. It’s the Santa blood in you.

        I’m sorry you didn’t come see me when you went to the North Pole.

        To the Readers:
        This is the big birth secret. This is why also why Jung In now speaks with a German accent.

        HO HO HO!!!!

    • 47.10 lmao

      yay! fanfic! LOVE it. =P

  48. 48 call me~ms ray

    agreed just check out our brains and watch to have fun,

    remember young “kids” watch this drama so don’t put unnecessary pictures to their brains…ah ah ah

  49. 49 pohonphee

    I giggled a lot when I read the recap, and I giggled even more when I read the comments, ha, ha, ha The recapers and the commenters at Dramabeans are crazy, thanks for the laugh

    The most “reasonable” kidnapping in K drama land ever that has the most “significant” effect on a k drama’s storyline ever.

    I admit if it is no way Jung-in will end up with Mary at the end, I rather chose sad ending instead. Just for compensating the flat plot. I know I’m such an evil, but I started getting bored with Mu-gyul – Mary overload cuteness at few episodes back.

    It has already been at 14th episodes, but I feel like the drama has just started.

    • 49.1 Sheng Her

      yep. sure MG and MR have chemistry, but it gets so dull and boring when they are together.

      If you think you’re evil for that, I’m more evil than you. ha.

    • 49.2 asianromance

      There are the Mu-gyul and Jung-in scenes to look forward to! (and i’m even starting to root for Seo-jun and Lee Ahn)

      Thank you for the recap, girlfriday!

      is it weird now that the drama has gone nuts that I’m finding it much more interesting than the past bajillion episodes?

      • 49.2.1 Sheng Her

        That’s true. but Mookyul is so hostile towards Jung In and I think is very intent on breaking ties with him after the 100 days. oh well. Jung In forever~

        I too am rooting for Lee Ahn and SeoJoon. SJ is not a bad person. I think SJ needs someone to love her.

  50. 50 zach

    I’m enjoying the comments so much more than the show…..you guys are so funny and crazy….the christmas songs and kidnapping comments are hilarious….you all should be writing the script that way it’s sure to be a hit!!!!!

  51. 51 zach

    LOL poor Jung In…..you just can’t win!

  52. 52 teacake

    Omg, I can’t take Jung-in’s heartache! So sad.

    • 52.1 who?me?

      So It makes you sader…

  53. 53 blubell

    Jung In I’ll follow you to the North Pole anytime you want

    • 53.1 grace

      Jung In, if you are sad, I am sader, all your fanser will be saddeder together-ther

  54. 54 aprodithe

    Oh mannn….you’re so funny..

  55. 55 purple

    Many say this drama is boring. How come it has the most # of comments when everyone seems interested?

    • 55.1 mmm

      bçuz the comments are most interesting part of this drama !

      • 55.1.1 anonymous

        yes, i agree with you

  56. 56 curioser!curioser!

    Oh my, poor GF and JB and the comments you guys made had me literally crying, LOL.

    I stop watching the show on episode 8, and still read the recap, not commenting though. But I just couldn’t bring myself to even read the previous episode recap and that got me thinking, “Wow, this drama is suck big time, even JB’s saucy review couldn’t interest me”. So glad I find the energy to read this recap today. Made my day :)

    I mean we all entitle to our own opinion, agree to disagree etc etc. Some may still watch the show for different reasons, and I know a lot of people who love this drama still want to read DB’s recap and hear JB’s and GF’s opinion. A lot of people who dislike this drama want a place to spill out their frustration, the way I see it, they doing it because they care and frustrated, what else they bother to rant.

    But, my heart goes for JB and GF, if you dislike a drama so much, why don’t you drop the recap on certain episode, like you did before, and write a review when the drama is finished (we still have a place to rant) I know a lot of people screaming NO!, because they’re having so much fun reading this recap, either the drama is good or suck or suck big time but try to put yourself in their shoes guys. I want to save what’s left of GF’s marble for recapping MNKSS instead, I definitely will read that.

    DB wouldn’t complete without MNKSS’ recap/review.

    • 56.1 heather

      Yeah drop it! There are better reviews than yours anyways. MMM lovers, let’s just go to the playground and have fun there :)

      • 56.1.1 curioser!curioser!


        Namaste..the light in me honors the light in you :)

      • 56.1.2 koreandramalover/kdl

        “there are better reviews than yours anyways”

        how harsh your words are, heather…

        does it make u feel good saying such harsh words simply because u want to/think you have the right to?

        what goes around, comes around…

        it takes one to know one…

        how could you attack JB and GF so?

        kindly take your leave and never come here again
        because your mean words just sully the wonderful atmosphere here in Dramabeans!!

      • 56.1.3 zander

        You are so rude

        • clrk

          I think it’s not rude. He/She’s just telling the truth. I used to like it here but the side comments are way too nasty. I also agree that the drama was poorly written but people are not ranting about the drama anymore instead, they’re bashing the actors and actresses. This is just a drama. Don’t be mean.

          • tamtam

            I don’t think the original comment was a personal attack, more like a brush off the shoulder, but fans of DB and the drama are both getting nastier. I like DB’s recaps too, they’re indeed witty and funny, but there are some DB fans who are so far up their butts it’s embarrassing to have come across some of their comments.

            And fans of the drama needn’t take these recaps so personally, it’s all in the name of entertainment and having a laugh at the bad writing, which can’t be argued in the first place. I understand it can be misleading when a recap can be either objective or subjective, it’s never been DB’s style to stay objective, it’d be to boring that way.

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            “I think it’s not rude.”

            i don’t know how you were brought up, but i was brought up to know that using words like :

            “There are better reviews than yours anyways”

            would qualify AS BEING RUDE,
            especially because it was directed
            at the OWNER of this blog
            where those words were posted!!


            “He/she’s telling the truth”?

            “but people are not ranting about the drama anymore instead, they’re bashing the actors and actresses. This is just a drama. Don’t be mean.”

            I am sure you know very well what you said but i find it the height of irony that you talk about TRUTH when you fail to notice that not ALL of the commentors here are bashing the actors/actresses…

            and i find it truly ironic also that you said :

            “Don’t be mean”

            when WHO it is that STARTED being MEAN with his/her words posted here, that caused the replies to his/her post, including yours??

            i strongly suggest you think twice, thrice or countless times before you post any comments that would just be a reflection of how UNFAIR you are…

          • koreandramalover/kdl


            “fans of DB and the drama are both getting nastier.”

            how do you judge the level of nasty, i wonder?
            what kind of barometer do you use?
            have you even READ some the comments made by those who positively loathe MSOAN?


            “I like DB’s recaps too, they’re indeed witty and funny, but there are some DB fans who are so far up their butts it’s embarrassing to have come across some of their comments.”

            don’t you think that YOU are the one being OUTRIGHT NASTY here?
            and uncouth, crass, crude, childish??

            (and I am choosing nice words here because i don’t wish to go down to YOUR lowest of the low level with your words)

          • Queen of Rehearsals

            tamtam and koreandramalover…

            I see where you mistunderstood one another. tamtam was pointing out that the comment of curiouser!curiouser! wasn’t an attack on anyone. She’s right. It isn’t. However, it is not that particular comment that started the heated replies.

            It was heather’s subsequent comment that ignited the flame. I have to agree with koreandramalover on this one that it is indeed rude. If anything else, it is not considerate of the efforts of the recappers (who labor for the sake of drama fans), and by not understanding the contents of the recaps and the commenters’ points, it is also not well-thought of.

            To everyone, as we all exchange minds here, expressing admiration and/or disappointment, it is very difficult to avoid rubbing on them our passion and pride. Oftentimes, we forget that at the middle of this all is just a fictional story. However, we must admit that the drama is not merely the point of contention here, but bruised egos – for although it’s not our real name that’s published here, the comments are ours.

            To fans, it may seem that criticisms on the drama meant questioning their tastes. (As for the hardcore hallyu star fans out there who misunderstand every criticism on the show where their idols work on, they really need to refocus on their studies to improve their reading comprehension and overall judgment. I worry about them.) To non-fans, or former fans, it is not pleasing for them to be told to suck it in and shut up after being had by a show.

            Guys, let’s think things over and try to understand one another. Let’s not put to waste the thousands of years of civilization that brought us here, nor put to shame the schools that we’ve come from, or the family that raised us with the best values that they can provide – even if we interact behind handles/nicknames. Having masks on is not excuse for losing good manners. Being rude behind pen-names, if done so often, can rub on to our real characters. You never know when your attitude here will cross over to your real life personality, especially if you get used to it. One day, we might wake up as real-life bitches without realizing it. So, easy on the words, shall we?

            Can we raise our tolerance for one another, and at the same time, be on watch for ourselves? There are ways to point out other people’s lackings without bringing on insult. I, myself, was told that I suck – on page 1 of these comments. But I opted to deflect it, and reorient the issue on the lacking of the drama. Nonetheless, let me express my gratitude to those who sided with me.

            I came here in the name of fun, but I couldn’t help but drop a serious note on this issue because we’re all starting to lose the fun in here (unless in the twisted minds of some people, hurling insults towards others is fun).

            Think about this before replying to heated comments: if we think we are the ones with the better sense of things, what would a person of better sense say? And bear in mind where these all are really about.

            Now, if you’ll excuse me. I’m going back to ‘zany.’ 😉

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            @ Queen of Rehearsals

            God bless your heart, Queen of Rehearsals… 😉

            how do i begin to thank you for your kind, heartfelt, insightful and compassionate take on what transpired here? 😉

            please accept my humblest and sincerest appreciation for your comforting, encouraging and supportive words for both tamtam and myself… 😉

            and i agree totally with every single wonderful word in your post…i can’t have said it any better… 😉

            i feel so blessed to get to know so many fine individuals here in Dramabeans like yourself, Queen of Rehearsals… 😉

            heartfelt thanks again, Queen of Rehearsals 😉

            and let’s continue with the zany cos i am just one of the many zany noonas in DB (the other zany noonas are my soul zany sistahs samgetang, izzie, sumee and pastmidnite, just to name a few) 😉

        • tamtam


          Since you believe yourself as a person of a higher level than I am, I feel oblige to answer your questions with a humble reply.

          Firstly, I’m guessing I struck a nerve because I’m not as enamored with DB as you are. Bless your heart, you need not to be so aggressive, I was merely making a general observation. It’s not you, it’s me, and people who can see both sides of the coin. Just because I’m not siding against one side with you doesn’t mean I’m making a personal attack on you.

          Secondly, you need not “mean” words to make a demeaning remark as you have demonstrated to us so clearly. If you reread all of your nice replies just in this one recap, you’d feel embarrassed about writing them in the first place. Hence, my definition of “nasty”, not literally, of course. Figure of speech, if you will. The fact that you’ve been so offensive and rude to me proves my point. I don’t know about you, but I find there are more pleasant ways to go about one’s day than childishly arguing back and forth. (It’s not even about the show, but about who’s “better”. Come, now, let’s grow past this.)

          Thirdly, I’m not going to argue with you nor insult you. Instead, I will compliment you on your efforts as a true DB fan, blind-sighted as it were. But, if anything it must be extremely flattering for them. From the way you’ve written, you seem a passionate and dedicated person. It seems you’ll very be successful in the endeavors you’re committed to if your determination here is anything to go by. I wish you well, have a good day. Should we cross paths again on DB, I have nothing, if not, good words for you.

          • JD

            ‘Kay guys, lets end the personal attacks here. Getting into a heated debated about the drama is fine, but let’s not attack the personal other. Doesn’t matter who is right or wrong–it just makes both parties look bad.

          • tamtam

            Indeed. Apologies if anything I’ve written seems to be a personal attack, though to be clear, I’m not in either camp :)

          • koreandramalover/kdl


            ” I wish you well, have a good day. Should we cross paths again on DB, I have nothing, if not, good words for you.”

            after 3 paragraphs of bashing me, you ended with the above statement…

            how am i supposed to believe the sincerity of your words?

            well, if you wish to believe what you want to believe, then what can i say?

            if you believe that i was rude and offensive, while you WERE NOT, then what can i say?

            what i CAN say is :

            we agree to disagree and leave it at that…

            i have never wished any harm to anyone in my whole life, and i am not going to start now, or ever…

            so, i echo your statement above…whether you believe it or not…its up to you…

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            @ JD

            thank you for your kind words… 😉

            much appreciated 😉

          • koreandramalover/kdl


            if i did offend you, my sincere apologies 😉

          • tamatama

            tamtam you are rude. R u heather’s alter ego?

          • tamatama


            tamtam was rude. She should be apologising to you. But you are big-hearted enough to apologise to her. Beware those who mask sarcasm with deceptively soft and humble language.

          • tamtam

            If stating that you were rude and offensive to me is considered bashing, the I’m guilty.

            I agree, my comment can be seen as offensive, just like how some people can see DB’s remarks on MOSAN can be seen as offensive. I can understand that, but is not a personal attack on you. I listed no names, pointed no fingers, yet you took it one step further to belittle me. Well, whatever the case, I no longer mind it. Let this be a lesson to me, then. Thank you.

          • koreandramalover/kdl

            @ tamatama

            God bless your heart, tamatama, for your kind words 😉

            i hope you know how grateful i am to you for the time and effort you put in to give me words of such comfort and support, especially because it is so unexpected… 😉

            please accept my humblest and sincerest thanks once again 😉


            @ tamtam

            i really did not mean to belittle you…

            if you remember, you used the following words to refer to some of DB’s fans :

            “but there are some DB fans who are so far up their butts it’s embarrassing to have come across some of their comments.”

            i was shocked especially with : “who are so far up THEIR BUTTS”…

            i have never been interested in personally attacking any commentors here because if you HAVE read my comments in any of the posts i have put up in DB so far, you will see that i have always said : we can agree to disagree without coming to blows.

            and you said that what you said was not a personal attack even though you did not name names but
            when you used the words above to refer to DB’s fans, don’t you think that qualifies as a personal attack because you did IDENTIFY the people you are talking about as DB’S FANS…

            but, please understand that everything ive said is not meant to bash you but simply to clarify what i believe needs clarification…

            and i sincerely apologised because i believe that even though i did not have the intention of offending anyone with my words, if i DID offend you, i have to apologise because that is only the right thing to do… 😉

            and for these words : “Let this be a lesson to me, then.”
            i wish to say that you have a big heart too…
            so please do not bash yourself up, ok 😉

            and because of your big heart, i reiterate that i wish you only the best as you did for me… 😉

            so, let’s put what transpired here behind us and move on with our exciting adventure into Kdramaland with peaceful hearts and minds… 😉

            thank you and my sincere apologies again 😉

      • 56.1.4 zoe

        If you don’t like it here feel free to scram

        • Okie Dokie

          Seriously, we don’t need your ungratefulness here.

      • 56.1.5 Jung Seok

        Yes, Dear Heather… come. Play with me. 😉

        • DRAMAADDICT4ever

          hahaha good one!!!

        • Viola


        • Viola

          @Jb and GF
          I hope both of you have a wonderful holiday! :) Thank you for all you do for the drama addicts out there. *hugs* Fighting! 😛

        • tanya


      • 56.1.6 brookeeve

        You… off my planet. You do not get to play here anymore.

        I like MSOAN, but I’m not crying ’cause people here disagree with me. I’m not hating on GF and JB ’cause they don’t like it. I’m okay with people thinking differently than I do.

        I do gotta say though, if we were together in real life, Heather, I would have punched you in the mouth for saying that. JB and GF spend way too much time doing a fanservice for us for you to be saying that on their own site. Go play with all the happy little people who think exactly like you do. Sounds like a boring place to me, but whatever. You can feed them whatever script you think necessary for them to be your friends.

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          hear, hear, brookeeve!!! 😉

          you said it perfectly!!! thanks so much!!! 😉

        • tanya

          and take tamtam with you! Chao!

      • 56.1.7 Okie Dokie

        Wow, rude. They put up recaps as a service for us fans of their site who want to read them. If you don’t like their comments, don’t read their recaps. I don’t understand why people come here to partake in JB and GF and the other recappers efforts only to then insult them. This is their site, you don’t have to be here if you don’t like what they have to say. In fact, their we DB-family members don’t want you wet towels around either.

        Everyone has their own opinions, why are you dogging on theirs?

        • lessaofpern

          Okie Dokie, where is the love button when you need it.

          😀 😀 😀 😀

          @Javabeans and Girlfriday : I stopped watching Mary a while back ( for me that was a shocker because I NEVER give up on a drama, but this one was such a waste of talent) Thank you for your wonderful recaps. (That was the only good thing about MMM)
          Javabeans and Girlfriday Fighting!!!!!!!
          Sending over a latte…… you get a milk mustache…. you get kissed by your MINES….. Secret Garden Style…..

          😀 😀 😀 😀

          Hope that made you SMILE……

        • Viola

          hear hear!

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          @ Okie Dokie

          thanks so much for your apt and sincere comments!! 😉

          i echo every word 😉

      • 56.1.8 lessaofpern

        So long! Hope the door doesn’t hit you on your way out!

        • tanya

          Oops! Too late! It hit her square in the face! ke ke

          • tamatama

            she looks like rudolph now (the reindeer)

          • Jung In

            Hello, everybody, my name is Jung In. I am sader again. I am sader becos funny people comer here and say bader things about my fanser. Pls forgive. I no maker you mader. But I so sader. Becos my fanser all happy happy. People come and say not happy stuff. Maker me sader. Maker my fanser sader. Pls if you don’t liker don’t come. Pls forgive. I bow to you. Bye bye.

          • koreandramalover/kdl


            LOL!!! tamatama, that was funnnyyy!!! 😉

            thanks for making laugh…;)

          • koreandramalover/kdl


            ooopss! it should be :

            thanks for making *ME* laugh… 😉

  57. 57 Jung In

    Thank kiuuu, all my fanser. I am so happy you all liker me. So I am not sader anymore. I was sader cos Mae Ri whom I liker did not liker me. She liker the long haired duder…why? I not know (pls forgive…my English not so gooder…the North Pole no lighter so cannot reader English bookser clearly)I will try to get her lover that is why I gaver her a backer hugger. But you all liker me so I am happy. I bow to you. Merry Christmahs and Appy New Year.

    • 57.1 noob

      oh Jung In, you’ll always be the “gooder” of the 2 in all our hearts ! make sure to eat your cake and find another boo of your own 😉

      • 57.1.1 mmm

        Dear Jung In who carer that silly girl ! you are morer handesome than Long haired guy;You can find smarter and taller girl…

        • x0mi07

          rofl at taller…XD i’m as short as mary….XD XD XD

    • 57.2 heather

      So what’s your point? Comments here used to be articulate and interesting. It seems it became a haven for anti fans who have nothing better to do.

      • 57.2.1 zoe

        Get lost

      • 57.2.2 zander

        Yeah go roast a turkey or something

      • 57.2.3 koreandramalover/kdl

        your mean words speak more of the kind of person you are more than you even realise…you need to do a lot of growing up before that were to happen, i guess…

        you and your mean words are NOT welcomed here so you should not waste your time, money or effort by posting any further comments

      • 57.2.4 DRAMAADDICT4ever

        Heather get lost!! or just go to the playground with Jung Seok he invited you anyways,LOL!!

        • Jean


      • 57.2.5 Okie Dokie

        heather, why are you starting a fight on this site. We’re here to enjoy the fanservice not to fight. Obviously, we’re not going to let people insult JB and GF, so why are you continuing to add fuel to the fire? Do you not have anything better to do?

        • Jean

          go make kimchi soup heather

    • 57.3 Adeline

      Jung In, if you need intensive English classes, pls feel free to contact me. Free. One to one. Time unlimited.

      • 57.3.1 Jung In

        Are you smarter and taller than Mae Ri? Maybe you buy me a lighter, I can read my books. My dad closed my bank account (and made me even sader) so my money is low.

        I give you backer hugger to pay for lighter. Or my short long pants.

        • mmm

          Good Deal..backer hug but you shouldn’t do it just for 1 minute Ok!and off course i’m taller than her(170cm)…but my english is bader..sader!!!!!!!!!

          • Jung In

            Taller is gooder! Your English not bader than mine. I am shy, 1 minute hugger is my maximum. But I also have fish from North Pole. Okay? To get a lighter for my books.

            Speaking honestly, I still dream of Mae Ri. Either I liker her or maybe it is a nightmare from her socks. My short long pants not longer enough, so I wear her socks for warm ankles and I dream EVERY night. Scarer.

          • Jung Seok

            I also still dream of Mae-Ri. And I’ve been looking for those socks.

        • Adeline

          I’m definitely taller than Mae Ri and have an IQ of 300. I’d love for you to backer hugger me again, omggg! In fact, you can backer hugger me anytime!

          Don’t be sader, I’ll buy you a lighter though honestly, I don’t think that reading your bookser is going to help you improve your English, no offence.

          Take my advice, dude, lose the short long pants. They make you look a bit…um…strange, no offence.

          And there’s a rumour going around that MG’s a serial farter….is that true? Seeing you’re living with him, you’d know rite?

          • mmm

            @Adeline..he is mine !you’re a boys stealerrrr

          • Jung In

            You are a kind girl. But I am shock that my books cannot improve my English. Is that true? I read them when I went to North Pole becos my housemaid put them in my bag.

            If I lose my short long pants, I have no pants. It will make me sader, becos my legs will be cold and I am shy to have no pants.

            Long haired guy? Oh, that one time he slept in my bed, I throw the sheets away. Smells bad. Then after he slept on my couch, I throw it away too.

          • Jung In

            Girlser, girlser, pls dont fighter over me….I am a gentleman and a gentleman never tells on his friendser. So I will just say that I, Jung In, am not farter. All that comeser outa my butter is a softer whoosher sounder….it is more like how you say it a sigh. Like a little winder. But no sounder. Thank kiuuu. I bow to you. Merry Christmahs and Appy New Year.

          • lessaofpern

            ROTFL thank guys for the free laughter therapy 😀 You all made my day 😀

        • zach

          hahahaha hilariouser!

          • genesis

            Jung In, shyer is gooder! I lover shyer men. I adorer scarer men. I will backer hugger you if you haver bader dreamer. I will buy you new sockers to keep your ankles warmer. You backer hugger me, I backer hugger you, we backer hugger forever and ever, how about thater?

        • blubell

          Jung In we can cooker your fish from the North Pole and have that with turkey and cheeser for Xmas dinner

          • jo

            HAHAHAHA u guys are so crazy funny

      • 57.3.2 Jung Seok

        See why I never thought highly of this kid? Bad investment… tch!

  58. 58 zander

    yeah Jung In don’t mean to hurt your feelings but I seriously think you need to ..um…go for more English classes

  59. 59 kelly

    Come on HATERS stop making fun of this drama, please please please have some respect to the hard working production team & the talented 3 leads showing their acting chops & doing their best.

    Dear JV & Girlfriday I beg you two to stop torturing yourself, stop hurting ppl feelings by stop recapping. Why not spent those long precious hours in recapping the last two episodes going to the gym to improve your health & achieve an ideal Body Mass Index (it might takes some time & big effort to get there though).

    Million thanks!!!

    I haven’t read this recap + comments but I know they’re just purely bashing…

    • 59.1 koreandramalover/kdl

      its ironic that you said you haven’t read the recaps/comments and just assumed that “they’re just purely bashing” and you bothered to come here to post your scathing comment!!!

      what goes around, comes around…

      it takes one to know one…

      how could you attack JB and GF so?

      kindly take your leave and never come here again
      because your mean words just sully the wonderful atmosphere here in Dramabeans!!

    • 59.2 helterskelter

      JB and GF are hurting people’s feelings by recapping the series? Wow. And you didn’t even bother to read what she said. Plus you insulted them by insinuating that they need to lose weight. Get a life.

    • 59.3 x0mi07

      who are you to come here just to act all high and mighty?!

      if you’re not here to read the recaps, then leave this page.

      go and take your chilsidh insults with you.

    • 59.4 giddygirl108

      This comment is unbelievable absurd. You can’t critique something until you actually read the fine print.

      If you’ve actually read the recaps, you’d know that JB and GF love and appreciate the actors. It’s what actually kept them going with recapping and watching the series. Here’s a taste of logic: no one does something unless they thoroughly enjoy doing it. Unless you’re saying JB and GF that they’re masochists.

    • 59.5 Jung Seok

      and I thought I WAS the crazy one!

      whew! such a relief! 😀

      • 59.5.1 Oska

        “Nice shot!”

        • Santa_Klaus

          oska oppa!^^ *spazz spazz spazz*

          chonun pen-i-eyo!XD XD XD

          • Jung Seok

            What would Mrs. Klaus say about this?

          • santa_klaus

            Jung Seok, that was Mrs. Klaus. She forgot to change my user name to hers.

            Stop trying to sully my name. Your son already knows he’s my son.

          • Jung Seok

            Why is your name “Santa?” isn’t that a girl’s name?

    • 59.6 Okie Dokie

      Umm..purely bashing? And you know this by NOT reading the recaps? Try reading them before you speak up.

    • 59.7 lessaofpern

      My mama always said….. If you don’t have anything nice to say…… don’t say anything at all. Please don’t be insulting.

    • 59.8 Tanah_Jawa

      Yo! JB I think you guys should set up a sign that says:

      This site is unsuitable for reader under the age of 15.

    • 59.9 brookeeve

      Number 2 on my list, right behind Heather.

    • 59.10 Viola

      Dude did you just call JB anf GF fat?!!!!!! And to add insult to injury, you did in such a pretentious, pseudo intellectual way too. *sigh* I suppose you needed to prove your worth and intelligence to the cruel cruel world in some ways.

      “Why not spent those long precious hours in recapping the last two episodes going to the gym to improve your health & achieve an ideal Body Mass Index (it might takes some time & big effort to get there though). ”

      Oh wow, I am utterly impressed by your grasp of sarcasm couched in such cleverness! Is that the validation you needed for your life? And now that you received it, will you please disappear like the little mermaid from this site? Thank you.

      • 59.10.1 koreandramalover/kdl

        hear, hear, Viola!! haha!!! 😉

        you said it perfectly!! 😉

    • 59.11 Okie Dokie

      @ Kelly, again. Do you know the meaning of respect? Before you request it from us, why don’t you try to learn what it is and show some respect to JB and GF.

      oh, and grow up child, your comment on their weight is neither here nor there and completely stupid and immature.

      • 59.11.1 DRAMAADDICT4ever

        Here are two options:
        1.Kelly is a stupid brat that has nothing else to do, and does not recognize the diference between criticising a drama or their actors,because as far as I read most comments are commenting how bad the “DRAMA” is and how is wasting the talent of the “ACTORS” in it.

        2.kelly is just a bitter lonely soul that has nothing better to do than to provoke us by making stupid comments,thus knowing we will defend Jb and gf.

        Lets just ignore her(maybe His?) venomous comments and keep on having fun,not with the drama of course but with the amazing comment that are making me laugh like crazy(^^).

        • koreandramalover/kdl

          hear, hear!! 😉

          you said it perfectly, DRAMADDICT4ever! 😉

          thank you!! 😉

      • 59.11.2 koreandramalover/kdl

        hear, hear, Okie Dokie!!! 😉

    • 59.12 Jung Seok

      My dear kelly… what a talent you have! Not needing to read but knowing what’s written? Spectacular! I am a fan!

      You must be number 1 in your class? Such talent, such intellect! Makes me think why I even bothered with someone as dumb as Mae-Ri when there are young girls like you who can do better. You belong to my clan!

      Come, let’s lower that BMI of yours further in my gym. Heather awaits us there. Oh, you lovely, lovely fans of Mae-Ri.

      • 59.12.1 Viola

        Jung Seok Ahjusshi, I think you need a p.r. rep. :) I am afraid the drama has unfairly blackened your image, because I find myself inexplicably drawn by your kindness to Heather and Kelly.

        Ah if only I was a few years older and not married to Siwon….

        • Jung Seok

          Dear Viola,

          Has age ever been an issue to me? … ?

          And I can ‘take care’ of Siwon, no problem. I hired a new set of goons to replace those incompetent fart-inhalers. I have a new goon-car too – it’s equipped with state-of-the-art exhaust fans.

          I appreciate your kindness towards my person.

          Send me your resume with your 2×2 photo, and I’ll consider your proposal.

          • Viola

            *face averted* *hand on forehead* Go! Go from me and do not ask me to sin against my vows! I am weak, I don’t think I can withstand the mad passion you have exhibited for me!!

            *trembling voice* My re..resume?! AND a 2 x2 photo?! *gasp* No man before you has been so bold!!

            It breaks my heart but I must decline. Ours is a love not meant to be. I will stay with Siwon and mourn your absence for the rest of my days.

            Farewell my Jung Seok. You shall never see me again. *Picks up dress and runs off sobbing*

          • goon-car

            That’s mister goon-car to you, bad daddy! Jeez show some respect! I may be a goon and a car, but I got my rights too!

          • Choi Siwon

            That is my wife you are speaking of so lightly. I will appreciate you not taking such liberties again.

            You think you can ‘take care’ of me? I got twelve guys at my back who think that you can try. I mean, have you seen my abs?

          • Jung Seok

            Dear Viola… I was merely considering you for a PR rep, and you talked about ‘love.’ You confuse me.

            I usually hire employees of certain age for their experience, but for your sake I was re-considering that standard. And I am very well aware that husbands do not take kindly on their wives’ PR jobs, hence my brewing plans for Siwon.

            You need not run away. I can’t and will not chase you. I’ve been winded since playing and running around with Heather and Kelly, those wonderful young girls. I have too much in my hands already.

            But if you’re so fixated on me, I can offer my long-short-panted son, Jung-In as an alternative. But I’m afraid he only knows to hug from the back, so if you want to get a hug and kiss from him at the same time, you must have excellent yogic abilities.

            So wipe your tears and think about my employment offer. (You are not, in any way, related to Manager Bang, are you?)


            Goon-car, goon-car, goon-car….

            This is not what I asked for when I ordered a Knight Rider car. You should be at least thankful to me for having you equipped with exhaust fans that would suck out lethal farts from disturbed passengers.

            If you continue blabbering with your rights-schmights… I’m going to have you flattened at the junkyard, just like the one that came before you. I am that spankin’ rich, and you are very much dispensable.

            Silence or junkyard? Your choice.

          • Jung Seok

            Choi Siwon… young man, I have goons for that purpose. If you have twelve, I have twelve-hundred of them. I am that spankin’ rich.

            It is your wife that misunderstood me and talked about ‘love.’ I was simply looking on employing her for her loyalty. You two need some talking to do. I can refer you to my former marriage counselor if you want.

            And abs… I have lots of those too. Eight-pack abs, tenderly protected over by my love handles.

            Do you have love handles? No? That explains your wife’s wavering love. Talk to her.

          • viola

            Jung Seok Ahjussi, you really do need a p.r. rep, as demonstrated by the misunderstanding with Tracy!

            Forgive the melodramatics earlier, I was writing a scene called ” how to be a die away heroine” and I was so caught up that I wrote my application to be your p.r. person in that mode. I shall be more careful when applying for future jobs.

            I suppose my husband got caught up in it too. He is rather hot headed, especially when it comes to me. Again my apologies. :)

      • 59.12.2 tracy

        creepy *shivers*

        • Jung Seok

          tracy… I am lovely that way. 😉

        • tracy

          did you say spanking? *shudders* creepy

          • Jung Seok

            Why do I have the feeling that if I reply to the ‘spankin’ issue (I was again, misunderstood.) I will be forever banned from DB? :(

    • 59.13 Lenita

      no no no, no hater herer, just sader girlers who wanna backerhugger from jung in oppa…

  60. 60 giddygirl108

    One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. If Mary doesn’t want Jung-in, I’d love to take him off her hands. I’m still waiting for my Christmas present 😉

    Dude..wtf…the last part is dramatic but do people ever lock their damn doors!? EVER!?

    • 60.1 soli

      that pple sleeping with their shoes so they don’t need lock their damn doors!

      • 60.1.1 helterskelter

        hahaha 😀 this made me laugh.

  61. 61 Eleven11

    Holey potatoes, this drama brings out the crazy in absolutely ALL directions – the lovers, the haters, the apathetic and the poor recappers stuck in the middle of it all.

    Reading the recaps, you can feel the exasperation quickly reaching the point of mental collapse, and reading the comments… well.. PHEW. It’s like the comments section of youtube and some cosplay site had a baby and dramabeans adopted it.

    I mean no disrespect, mind you. It really suits my experience with this drama.

    Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you are celebrating), you fruitloops. =]

  62. 62 Vally

    Thank you so much for the recap, I love the comments , I kept laughing that people came to see if I was ok. Some are exagerated though.

    I think this drama is so weird. You mentionned earlier that the writers had changed like at episode 10 or so . Then there are two possibilities:
    1/This drama is really supposed to be like a melo romantic drama but the second team of writer decided to quickly ‘spice’ things up with cliche ‘kidnapping’ , the last scene too much cliche also etc… The effect it looks really ‘patched up drama’ and I expect the end boring .Happy ever after . Then no wonders the ratings!!

    2/They really want us to think it is cliche but they know where they are going,In that case the end we can be very surprising ==>ending why not Jung in+Mary , Mary alone flying with MG mother to Paris , Jung in and Mary brother and sisters???

    What do you think??You must be used to see how a drama evoluates generally .
    But frankly when I heard the change in writers I expected more stuff to happen it is still so slow…it is episode 14 at this rate we expect tensions in episode 175…well the problem it is planned for 16 or max 20 episode, no?

    Just started to watch it on KBS World (ep 1-4) and I really cannot make my mind if I like it or not or if I will continue to watch it at all .

    • 62.1 mommy

      I’m rooting for a MSOAN season 2 which will called M”ARY STAYED HOME ALL NIGHT”
      end of season 1: MR can’t choose because she is so loyal and doesn’t want to hurt anyone
      sesaon 2: after flying alone to Paris and study Arts, she comes back to choose but struggling.
      MR still love MG (because he was her 1st love) who becomes a superstar but her feelings for JI growing up since he joined her in the City of Lights and LOooove ( litterature, painting…)
      She is an adult now & have to make a decision….
      ahaaaaa I’m going a little bit crazy of this drama!!
      KBS, if you need a new fresh writer, I’m HERE!!!

      • 62.1.1 soli

        season 2 kidding? right?…you mean more fun comments..extermly agree.

      • 62.1.2 Anonymous

        Hey! I actually like that idea!!!
        Mary’s dad and Jung In’s dad sends Mary off. She does some growing up. She comes back all grown up and more sophisticated. She develops feelings for JI and still has some for MG. She ends up with JI in the end! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. 63 j2

    at last, some sense to the story… well, the last few minutes anyway… just had a bad feeling about the ending of last episode that nothing about the following episodes would make anymore sense but the last few minutes somehow made up for it. (somehow…) hopefully the last two episodes would at least try to keep up with the ending of this one… (crossing fingers)

    thanks again for this wonderfully done recap. ^_^

  64. 64 Caramenilla

    I guess I should thank JB and GF and also all the commenters for making this show much more enjoyable to be read than to be watched XD

  65. 65 fleeif youdon'twanttobescorched

    wow, the vibe here is positively scary.. do not say a wrong word here or be damned…..

    To those who are still trying to be nice, err, Happy holidays ? 😛

    • 65.1 Okie Dokie

      It’s just a little hostile because people are disrespecting and insulting JB and GF and the JB family won’t stand for that.

    • 65.2 Viola

      Happy Holidays to you too! *hugs* This is NOT how it normally is. 😛 Come to one of the Open Threads, you will see how full of light and joy not to mention the zany ( the nicer cousin of crazy :P) we are capable of here! :)

  66. 66 MANILA2010

    I agree with zach. The comments are very enjoyable and of course girlfriday’s recaps. I’m laughing my head off right now just reminiscing the comments above and the exchange of dialogues between rocker boy, kidnappers, maeri, jung seok and even kidnapper’s car. Its so hilarious. I also believe that this drama has driven most of us if not all of us to the edge and reason is now on a holida. Damn you’re cuteness Geun Young, you’re wonderful singing and stage presence (and everything else) Geun Seok and and you too Jae wook you! Can’t you be a little less damn hot?! It doesn’t go well with my Ramyun…

    More power to the recappers in spite of the crazy story please continue for two more episodes..

    I know it is unlikely but what what if they decided to add four more episodes?!! Just a thought. Ke ke

  67. 67 Jung In

    Hello everybody, my name is Jung In. I write again becos I want to ask favours of fanser, or any kind people. My father closed my bank account after I did not make Mae Ri sshi my lover, so my money is low. So now, I have no house in Korea and I need some things to live well:

    1) Lighter
    2) Long pants
    3) Mineral water in a bottle. A few bottles is gooder.
    4) Warm food that is not fish
    5) Hair tonic to make my hair longer

    I can give you some things if you like:

    1) Short long pants
    2) One book. I have 10 books but I want to keep some to read so I can improve my English. I studied every day, now I can write and speak. But not so good (pls forgive).
    3) Wonderful Day script
    4) Mary Stayed Out All Night script. I highlight my lines, you can see why I wanter to laugh if you read.
    6) Fish from North Pole. They are very fresh.
    5) One of my 2 sweaters. It has reindeer, hand-stitched in Italy. My precious, from an old friend who wears bright sports suit.

    I do not know what else I can give. Some people wanter my backer hugger but I am shy. But speaking honestly, I am looking to be roomer, not live in the street. If you can accept 10,000 won for empty room, I am grateful. Becos that is all my money now. Merry Christmahs and Appy New Year.

    • 67.1 soli

      sader..No backer huger….but thank God we still have yor highlighting liners…

    • 67.2 genesis

      Jung In, it is gooder that you are still alive. Beyond that, I can only pray for you. Backer huggers! Merry Xmas!

    • 67.3 Mu Gyul

      HAH! LOSER!

    • 67.4 Kidnappers' Car

      Duhh if you can fart as loud as guitar-boy-girl duhh I can give you a ride duhh to the Salvation Army duhh you can get them to make duhh fish stew for you duhh

      • 67.4.1 Jung Seok

        What, car? You’re addicted now? To the fart?!

        • Kidnappers' Car

          duhh bad daddy duhh I’m mister car to you duhh I may be a car duhh but I got a heart duhh more heart than you duhh bad daddy

          • Jung Seok

            Okay, that’s it! I’m sending you to the junkyard!

          • Kidnappers' Car

            Junkyard junkyard….getting duhhh real sick of your threats duhhh big bad daddy duhhh me and my new bud goon-car duhh we not scared of ya duhh got my voice back duhhh drove past guitar-boy-girl 10 times up down duhh sure enough he farted duhh real big one duhh enough to keep me going duhh another day duhh

    • 67.5 North Pole Eskimo

      Hey dude, it’s not so bad…..look at me, stuck in this freezing igloo! Almost got mauled by a polar bear on my way to fish. Come to think of it, I remember you vaguely. You were catching some fish on the other bank. I remember you cos of your short long pants. Can you get your mama to buy you some new pants? You look strange, dude,hem in an extra layer or something.

      • 67.5.1 North Pole Polar Bear

        Hey mister eskimo dude, show a little respect will ya? I’m mister polar bear to you! And I wasn’t going to maul you…..I had a real bad tummyache….some strange guy in short long pants left a whole bunch of rotten fish by the bank. I ate them all up…jeez wait till I get a hold of that guy!

        • Kidnappers' Car

          Duhh that’s what I was saying….what’s a car to do to get some respect around here duhh…..running out of voice duhhh…..someone get the guitar girl-guy duhh…..I need a fart fast duhhh

  68. 68 Adeline

    What can I say….at least you have your short long pants!

  69. 69 zach

    are you sure those fish are still fresh??

    • 69.1 Jung Seok

      They were rescued from the throats of polar bears. That fresh.

  70. 70 zander

    ROFL I’m laughing so hard I’m gonna burst!

  71. 71 soha

    Mu gyul + Mary = a lot of cheesiness

    wish that jung-in will end up with Mary

    • 71.1 koreandramalover/kdl

      i guess you probably have never experienced the kind of giddy first love like the one between Mary and Mu-Gyul, which to me came across as being extraordinarily SWEET, adorable, heartwarming, honest and full of warmth… 😉

      i know the feeling because i have been there… 😉

      but i guess what is sweet for one person
      is cheesy to another… 😉

      seek and you shall find…

      seek the good, and the good will come to us…

      see the glass as half-full or half-empty – it’s a choice…

  72. 72 katiamon

    oh my god! Jung In is such a sad kitty! I’ll take care of him!!!! sorry MG!
    BTW, Mary Christmas to all of you!!!!! huhuuu

  73. 73 riri_jkt

    just got december issue of asta tv magazine brought as souvenir from korea.. basically contains 10 pages of JGS, half of them with MGY … hahaha

    • 73.1 mmm

      Wow it is absolutely important news…Thank you so much for calling us..my Poor Jun_In it will break his hearter..Don’t rad it @Jung_In ;it make you sader;sader and sader………

  74. 74 Banu

    Auwww… reading this is so much fun than watching it.. XD

    But really it’s now 2 ep. left right.. why the hell took it soooo long for Jung-in to finally confess to her…?.. I mean… the writers are crazy.. it’s total 16 ep.. so they had to at least made him madly in love with her in ep 6 or something.. don’t get it why they waited for couple last episodes .. It would be more fun.. also about the poor ratings..

    thanks for written EP.. XD

  75. 75 Dandelion

    Thanks girlfriday

    Jung In, it is never to late to confess your love for MR.
    You tolerate your dad’s bad hehaviour – an abuser so,

    Do take control of your life and for once be SELFISH for your happiness and get hold of MR if you truly loved her.

    Like the saying goes:-

    There are two kinds of Man .

    The want who make history and

    the one who endure it !. Which one will you chose ?.


    Hwaiting Kim Jae Wook , you’re so fine !!.

  76. 76 deasyyyyy

    thank you so much.i dont know if GF makes the recap i am interested..please let just GF makes recap for marry and secret garden..

    sorry to say for others..

  77. 77 TC

    i’m rolling in laughter in this craziness…hehehe— just tuned in MSOAN and stumbled into JB’s whacky comedy central. it’s been a long time since i laughed this hard. complements to MSOAN for bringing this top of the line humorous insanity…hahaha

  78. 78 noona

    I don’t see any wronging doing in this drama. Sometime, we deny what is really happen to us because it is very dificult to accept it. I understand when I first broke up with my boyfriend. I keep texting him like nothing heppen and hopefully he would change his mind which similar to JI’s feeling. We all must have some time get crap from our parents. They seems non sense in our eyes. However, I understand Mary’s dad why he insists his decission about Mary’s marriage. If I were him, I would do the same with my daugther. MG doesn’t have anything, no money, home, and good job. The solution to make him accept MG as son-in-law is MG has to success as MG said to MR. “I hope that my situation will get better and your dad will accept me,” Mg said. “You are better do well with the ost and success,” JI said. These three kids have their ways and are growing up. MG who has never care about success, now he is after he falls in love with Mary. This drama makes sense and all heppen reasonablely.

  79. 79 tachan

    i am leaving for Athena. Goodbye show….

    • 79.1 Jung In

      fanser, pls do not leaver me….this show so crazy I needer lotsa fanser so I don’t go cuckoo.Pls I begga you

      • 79.1.1 Jung Seok

        Son, that’s just pathetic. I must admit, I’m getting bored playing baddie and creepy, while I could play charismatic instead. Besides, no matter what we do, Mu-Gyul’s gonna get Mae-Ri, so what’s the use?

        Come on, let’s watch Athena too.

      • 79.1.2 Santa_Klaus

        I’m here for you Jung In. I will always be here for you. this is because….

        I. AM. YOUR. FATHER.

        He wanted a Christmas present and I didn’t have any to give because I had no money. This was one year after you were born and I was broke because I didn’t know how expensive it would be to raise a child. So I gave you up because he actually wanted an HEIR for a present. He gave me lots of money in return so I could give gifts to children all over the world. He’s still one of my main financial supporters to this very day.

        I’m sorry I gave you away to Jung Seok. But I’m proud of you because you care so much for Mary, Seojoon and Mu-Gyul (but don’t you think you care for Seojoon and Mu-Gyul too much?!). Caring for others is the Klaus trademark. *ho ho ho!!!!*

        Come and visit me some time. It’s Christmas so I’ll give you all the things you want (as long as Jung Seok won’t cut my funding). You don’t even have to give me a back hug. If you come, you can also take the conditioner gift basket I was planning to send out to Mu-Gyul.

        HO HO HO!

        • Santa_Klaus

          p.s. this is the birth secret everyone’s been waiting for! this is also why jung in speaks german now!

          ho ho ho ho ho!

          • Jung In

            Hello Papa Klaus. I am your son Jung In Klaus.

            Papa Klaus, I am so sader. They gonna kill me next ep. They gonna make me roll down hiller! Papa Klaus, I am scarer!!!!

            That bad daddy you sell me to he one bad daddy. He maker me wear short long pants. My ankles they freezer now they blacker in colour. That bad daddy he never backer hugger me. I so sadder.

            Mae Ri she don’t liker me. She liker that bad long-haired guy. I backer hugger her but she don’t liker me. My fanser say I dancer sexy sexy for Mae Ri she will liker me. But if they killer me, I cannot dancer sexy sexy anymore! I am so sader. The long-haired guy he puncher my face, Papa Klaus. My face is blacker colour now just like my ankles. I am so sader.

            Maybe I will run away to North Pole to be with you Papa Klaus. I want to backer hugger you. But you are fatter. So I will backer hugger half half. I so sadder I cannot backer hugger full full. But backer hugger half half is better than no better hugger. I want to backer hugger elves. I want to rider Rudolph and backer hugger his red nose.

            So I will say HE HE HE to you Papa Klaus. I so sadder so I cannot say HO HO HO.

            HE HE HE

            Your son,
            Jung In Klaus

          • santa_klaus

            My Dearest Jung-In,

            Don’t fret dear boy. you will survive the roll down hill. You will not die. The moment you finish rolling down, stand up and head to the North Pole. I will ask Rudolf to meet you at the Incheon airport and he will back hug you when you meet. He also prepared warm socks for you so your ankles will no longer be black.

            You can dance for my elves. I’m sure they will love it and will give you a life-size Mae Ri doll in return. We will give that long haired guy a conditioner with black hair-dye for punching your gaunt face.

            Come join me in the North Pole. Mrs. Klaus is happy and prepared a lot of food. I brought Oska to sing for her this Christmas.

            I will wait for you and your back hug here in our home in the North Pole. When you return, I’ll try to talk to Jung Seok and see if he also likes a life size imitation Wi Mae Ri.

            Don’t be sad my little Klaus.

            Until next episode… Ho ho ho!

            All my love,
            Papa Klaus

  80. 80 newyork

    If mary sleeps with mugyul and jung in it would save the drama in 2 last scenes. i think they should be allowed to have some hot bed scene since they are 24 yrs old. i love this drama it makes me happy and toasty. for the haters watch different drama ,why hurt countless millions of fans all over the world to feel dissapointed. this mabe flop in korea but it is a huge success in throughout asia. some european countries and usa.So if you are korean you should be proud to have produced such a cute offsprings like Moon geun young and Jang geun suk . They are totally representing your country and fans are loving it

    • 80.1 sos

      i think they should be allowed to have some hot bed scene since they are 24 yrs old”””you’re +18..but your idea will save the drama

  81. 81 AuntieMame

    Frankly, I’m so glad this go-nowhere drama is ending soon, even though I love the interaction between MR and MG.

    Seriously, one has to wonder who are the adults and who are the kids in this drama.

    It’s too bad that the talents of MGY, JGS and KJW were wasted in this drama.

  82. 82 candy09

    I agree. This may not be popular in Korea but this drama is popular overseas. Take for instance Philippines. Its largest network already brought the rights for this drama.

    Have you also visited this drama’s fan-pages in facebook? It’s like United Nations out there, I still have to use google translate to understand their comments.

  83. 83 AYtinaaachris

    “The Denial…it is strong with these people.”


    • 83.1 tracy

      Are you Yoda?

      • 83.1.1 YODA

        Yoda I am. This show I like not. Crazy it is. Crossed over to the Dark Side it has.

        • x0mi07

          i love you! train me to be a jedi warrior master jedi!XD

          • YODA

            The force….it is strong with you young xOmiO7. Be Jedi you can. Name you must change. xObiO7 you will be. Love you I cannot. Train you I can.

          • xobi07

            Master Luke told me I’d find a message from you here Master Yoda.

            I accept the change Master. xObiO7 i will be. I feel the force…. but of my dark side i fear… for a mother like Jung In’s father I have.

  84. 84 koreandramalover/kdl

    “But just once I’d like for someone to say something in this drama, and for the other person to hear the words, compute their meaning, and reply like a functional human being.”

    GF, you hit the nail on the head with that statement!!
    it basically sums up the major handicap of this drama…

  85. 85 tamtam

    I just want Mary to make a “I do not want to marry Jung-In, I love Mu Gyul” mp3, set it on repeat, and make her dad listen until he gets it in his thick croonie head. His worst dad status is worse that Mu Gyul’s mom’s worst mom status. It’s a competition between them to get the worst parent crown now.

    At least with Jung-seok, we know he has this creepy fixation on Mary’s mom, he can blame it on insanity, and, oh yea, he’s a organized crime syndicate, not one for logical reasoning when one does not get what one wants. Even the yakuza is more honorable than him, Ninkyo Helper, man, get educated.

    • 85.1 Taber

      I don’t think it about her saying she love Mu-gul she has to show in her actions. The cuteness is only shown to Mu-gul she never shown in front of any one else. Mu-gul the one that always hugging her and saying cute thing in front of Jung In and Seo Jun. Mary is a word girl she need to start backing those powerful words with serious actions.

      Mary ends up in predicament that I find questionable that not how you protect your love. I have seen to many kissing on the forehead, hand holding, piggyback rides and gift giving with Jung In that I don’t find Mary and Mu-gul interaction to be truly sincere or should I say special. She a coward and a hypocrite, she tell Mu-gul he hasn’t broken ties with Seo Jun, which we all know that not true, he barely give that girl the time of day, and never gave her hope, which I can’t say the same for Mary.

      I don’t find Mary to be the forever, she lack what it takes to be a rocker girl which is strengh and confidence. She very similar to her father she don’t see when she does wrong only know how to point or should I say pout about her misunderstanding of what is wrong. I think she a better fit for Jung In not because Jung in is better Mary just not good enough for Mu-gul!

      • 85.1.1 tamtam

        I agree with some of what you’re saying about Mary. Though, she did show her “loyalty” somewhat when she saw SJ kissing MG goodbye. A lot of girls would think he’s cheating right away, but she trusts him enough to not blow up in his face about it. Also, that Mary puts up with MG’s mom shows me she’s backing up what she’s saying. She’s already got her hands full with her dad, she didn’t need another irresponsible adult mucking up her love life.

        I agree there are moments when Mary’s loyalty falters like indirectly leading Jung-In on by being so oblivious and nice because she feels obligated to him and his dad… and her trust in MG falters, but it’s realistic in a relationship. There can’t be absolute trust all the time, especially when SJ is still clinging onto MG.

        I think we all want Mary to be stronger than she is right now. To stand up for her love in more ways than one. But in this episode, she’s made her stand against crazy uncle, so like GF wrote, at least it’s some progress.

      • 85.1.2 Sheng Her

        “I think she a better fit for Jung In not because Jung in is better Mary just not good enough for Mu-gul!”
        I read this as “Mary isn’t good enough for Mookyul, and Mookyul is better than Jung In.” OUCH (for Jung In)!!!!!!
        Other than that, I agree with the rest of what you said.

  86. 86 ruby

    I just want Jung In to be happy, Kim Jae Wook really needs to be the male lead in his next drama. I can’t take it if he’s gonna be the second-i-will-never-get-the-girl-lead again!

    Let’s just hope for a twist, it will be a better ending at least.

    • 86.1 tanah_jawa

      I was so desperately wanna see Kim Jae Wook, I youtubed the last scene of this epi. aw. Haven’t seen Bad Guy, kinda tempted to see it but haven’t decide. Was it only suck or suck big time?

      It would be nice to see Kim Jae Wook as the male lead and give us some red-hot kissing, wait, he did that and wore nothing but his undershort…in Antique Bakery. I mean kiss a girl..still enjoy “Antique” kiss though :)

      • 86.1.1 Sheng Her

        Bad Guy’s ending didn’t suck that much. The girl chose the main guy in the end, and then they don’t even end up together. So I was like “HAAA! IN YOUR FACE!!!! You don’t deserve one bit of Hong Tae Sung!!!!”
        But, I think Hong Tae Sung/KJW had a happy ending, despite not getting the girl and leaving the family… like a weight has finally been lifted off of his shoulders, after the truth was revealed. So actually, I like the ending. Hong Tae Sung was happy, the girl ended up alone (the main guy wasn’t bad. it just got a little weird towards the end, cuz it seemed like he had a double personality~ one normal, one scary and all about revenge), so I’m all good.
        (Never cared for or liked the main girl Jae In, because she was like a gold digger and seemed fake with her actions towards Tae Sung)

  87. 87 lessaofpern

    I would like to wish all the Beaners and OT’es, our Goddesses and the rest of the Dramabeans team Happy Holidays!!!!! *HUGS* 😀 😀 😀 😀

    • 87.1 leonardswench

      Me, too! And to our cappers, a special “God bless you” for doing all this for …. nothing but the love/hate of drama!

      I’ve said it before, but it’s been a while, time to say it again:


      (Did they hear that?? I was using my drunk party voice, I’ve been practicing for Christmas Eve.)

  88. 88 Amanda

    I still love this drama, love JGS.
    I haven’t seen anybody(even professional singers) who has such a charming stage presence like Jang Geun Seok.His eyes, his voice,his body movements…… melt my heart, take my breath away.
    Two more eps and I already miss him.

    • 88.1 leonardswench

      I totally agree, if he decided to forego the dramas and movies for a singing career ……

      He’s just got IT in full caps, no stop, oozing out of every pore.

  89. 89 Misa

    Jung-in FIGHTING!!!!!!!!! Is it strange that I like him waaayyy better than Mu-gyul??????

  90. 90 ayo

    this is the type of emotion that was needed EARLIER
    also, that back hug made me die <3
    thanks for the recap ^^
    the kidnapping was SO unneeded -__-
    but at this point, i'm afraid (partly because we're nearing the end) that the conflict will last for 15 minutes of the next episode and not a whole episode to build tension….

  91. 91 Sheng Her

    I definitely won’t miss this drama when it ends.

    But I sure will miss Jung In. He’s the best part of this drama. sigh.

    • 91.1 Christy

      I will miss him too. JKS is so cute but it’s really Jung In who captured my heart in this drama. Looking forward to seeing him as main lead soon. :)

  92. 92 Viola

    @ JB and GF
    Lots and lots of love to you both. I hope you have a wonderful holiday! :) *hugs*

  93. 93 Viola

    @ people who are offended

    I think if you read carefully, Gf isn’t bashing any actors at all. She is poking fun at the illogical parts of the story.

    Also, The people who are commenting here aren’t saying anything bad about the actors themselves, just about the characters they are portraying. It’s a huge difference. 😛
    Please keep this important distinction in mind before you comment. Happy Holidays! :)

    • 93.1 lessaofpern

      I saw the same actors in different roles and absolutely loved them. In this drama I just felt that they were underutilized. I was not the only one that felt that way. Why do you think that the writers were switched half way. It was an attempt to salvage the show. But, unfortunately I think that the damage was already done.

    • 93.2 koreandramalover/kdl

      hear, hear, viola!! you’ve put it perfectly!! 😉

      thanks so much, viola! 😉

    • 93.3 x0mi07

      butthurt fans will be butthurt fans. it’s the drama that sucks not the actors. i think they’re playing their parts incredibly well.=)

      jb and gf rock!^^ beaners are awesome!^^

      i want jung in, jung seok, mu-gyul, seojoon, and mary commenting in the next recaps too!!!! those are soooo much fun to read!XD

      • 93.3.1 YODA

        Forgotten me you have young jedi

  94. 94 grasya

    hahaha, i’m having fun just reading this threads comments!

    i don’t think i’m going to finish watching the drama because after this episode? Show, we are so over.

    ps. I initially trailed this drama for JGS, but once it began, I am totally for JI!

  95. 95 absothe

    So this is what happens with dramabeans after Girlfridays sanity marbles are kidnapped.
    Can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, but I do feel bad for Girlfriday, so I’ll help you look for it. And then maybe you can return to how you used to be…

  96. 96 Pat

    Wow . A whole bunch of fans too afraid to go to MSOAN rehab! but afraid for OUR SANITY if we don’t……….So we come to GROUP THERAPY here. Thanks, Drs GF and JB.

  97. 97 Ayun

    I’m also in Team Jung In..

  98. 98 Sophia

    thanks girlfriday!

    WHOA !! What a charisma from KJW
    with that unexpected hugged ! from Jung In !

    released all his pent up emotions to do just the natural thing for a person to be in love,

    some real love emotions atlas !! YES ! from this drama.

  99. 99 Christy


    Gawd, that back hug scene is my favorite scene in this drama so far! That scene just kills me..that soulful look, the heartbreaking introspection. That made me cry.

    Well it’s official in my book. KJW is way hotter than JKS!!

    • 99.1 lavender321

      yes,me too im in love with jung in

      • 99.1.1 tracy

        I love Jung In too. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened to the ratings if Jung In were the lead instead. Sigh

      • 99.1.2 jo

        Yeah me too. I love Jung In. If he had been the lead, I would have watched this show ardently.

    • 99.2 tracy

      Jung In always makes me want to cry. He’s such a lonely soul. That back hug was heartbreaking. And she’s going to reject him again and go chasing after MG? That is so sad. Remember when he kissed her in the rain? It was such a lovely kiss. Then he got punched. So I guess it’s going to be a repeat letdown again. I really doubt he’s going to end up with her. They wouldn’t have put in so many lovey-dovey scenes between Mae Ri and MG otherwise. Still, I hope I’m wrong.

      • 99.2.1 Sheng Her

        Yeah, I kept re-watching the kiss in the rain. I was all giddy that he kissed her but sad because she’ll probably reject him in the end. The kiss scene, the scene where he dreamed of his parents fighting, and the back hug scene were the best scenes for KJW. His acting is very good, but sadly there’s barely any scenes to let him really act. BOO!

        such a lonely lonely soul. Makes me wanna hug him. Makes me frustrated that Mary probably won’t choose him in the end. Mookyul makes me frustrated with his jealousy, always breaking up the Jung In and Mary moments, even if it was just a friendly moment.

  100. 100 Patricia

    Thank you girlfriday.

    Jung In you broke my heart to pieces, I cried too with that hugged scene (K J W ! ). Hope Jung In will find a way out to be happy .

    How will the screenwriter do with this scene that he had written ?? Better be logic from now on with 2 episodes left ….

    Noticed it, both (m & s) having the same hairstyle, tying a bun on top of their head !!.

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