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Mary Stayed Out All Night: Episode 15
by | December 27, 2010 | 242 Comments

This episode is all Mu-gyul. Unfortunately, it’s all Mu-gyul being petulant and mopey, which tends to put a damper on things.

I’ve already lost my mind trying to follow the wacky logic of this drama, and the last episode pushed girlfriday over the edge. Which means… now it’s time for Mu-gyul to lose his hold on sanity. I love ya, Jang Geun-seok, but I spent all episode dying to wrangle some sense into you. Alas, it seems you can wrangle sense out of lots of things (like this drama), but not into. I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation for that.


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After being caught in that backhug with Jung-in, Mary chases Mu-gyul out of the house, trying to explain that she was only here in order to end the fake marriage for good. Mu-gyul retorts that her hug sure didn’t look like it was “ending” anything, and walks off in a snit.

And so, Mary returns to the empty studio, where her sad little birthday party for Mu-gyul sits, unfulfilled. The girls call to invite her to join the posse for a Christmas party, but Mary’s not in the mood, and barely holds her composure together as she declines. The friends notice her teary voice, but figure the couple has just had a minor lovers’ quarrel.

Mu-gyul broods his way through the bus ride home, ignoring the obvious interest from the other passengers who recognize him from his recent performances and sneak phone-photos of him.

When he arrives at the studio, to Mary’s relieved apprehension, he barely engages with her, ignoring her attempts to lighten the mood.

Mu-gyul tells her that the hardest thing for him was “changing myself suddenly” — but it was because of Mary that he could endure the embarrassment of changing his music style and standing up there onstage. OH REALLY NOW. That makes sense, since Mary held a gun to your head and told you to change everything about yourself for her sake and declared your old self unworthy… OH WAIT. That’s just the revisionist version in your martyr fantasy.

He wants her honest answer about what Jung-in means to her; shaking his head in disgust, he calls the Mary he saw today “a stranger.” Unwilling or unable to hash out their issues tonight — he’d prefer to let it fester — he asks for alone time, and Mary trudges off heartbroken.

After seeing Mary’s father working on a stack of wedding invitations, Mu-gyul’s mother hurries to the studio to express her dissatisfaction about Mary to Mu-gyul, who doesn’t want to hear it. Even in his funk, Mu-gyul sighs that Mary’s not that kind of girl, so Mom produces the invitation to prove her point, saying that a wedding can’t happen without the bride’s permission. You’d think that, wouldn’t you? Maybe you’d like to have a word with a certain drama writer…

Mu-gyul tells his mother to move out of Mary’s father’s place, since he returned the ring and she is no longer beholden. Mom happily phones Mr. Wee to tell him good riddance, and berates him for selling off his daughter to a rich family. Wait, but two minutes ago you were expressing how disappointing you found Mary’s character for agreeing to marry another man… Oh, that would be Logic talking, who has no place in this drama and is therefore speaking at a frequency inaudible to our characters. I bet the dogs and cats agree with her, though.

Kicked out of the studio for the time being, Mary comes home to Dad’s. Trying to keep the mood light, she merely explains her presence by saying she missed him, but when Dad asks about Jung-in, she admits that she asked for a divorce. He’s alarmed (at his meal ticket running away), and pressures her to beg for forgiveness. (“Forgiveness” — agh! That is just the most bass-ackwards way of looking at this scenario, like she’s somehow empirically wrong for not accepting his affections, that she needs to beg to be allowed his grace again. You are just the worst dad ever.)

Figuring this Mary’s gloom is all about that playboy rocker, Dad reaches for his phone to give Mu-gyul a piece of his mind (which would be a woefully small piece, I’m thinking), but Mary bursts out in protest. Fighting tears, she says it isn’t about him — today’s been a really crap day, and she doesn’t have it in her to fight with Dad like this.

As for the drama: In the wake of Mu-gyul’s hit performance at the showcase, it’s smooth sailing again for the production team of Wonderful Day. Jung-in suggests a company workshop in a scenic spot, and wouldn’t you know, the drama has coincidentally received a sponsorship offer by such a place.

Mu-gyul barges into Jung-in’s office wearing a glare and accuses Jung-in of planning this all from the beginning — that he’d intended, all along, to force Mary into marriage. Gah, now Mu-gyul’s making as much sense as Dad, which is to say, not any.

Maintaining his composure, Jung-in tells him not to misunderstand yesterday’s events, since Mary came at his request. Then he exercises some massively poor timing by handing over Mu-gyul’s schedule for the upcoming week. Yeah, good luck getting him to cooperate with your business plans. Unsurprisingly, Mu-gyul declares that he’s through working with him.

Mary asks her father if he really wants her to marry Jung-in. Dad assures her that there’s no father who wouldn’t want to see his daughter well-married to a rich man who is eager to marry her, and declares that “I want nothing but your happiness.” Also, “Love and reality are very different things.” I think he’s confusing “different” with “mutually exclusive.”

Mary seeks solace in the bookstore, and who should come by but Jung-in. Rather than making his presence known, he takes a seat one bookshelf over and waits for her to notice him.

She catches a glimpse of him just as he gets a worried call about Mu-gyul being a no-show for a TV appearance — mention of that name gets Mary’s attention. Figuring that he can’t have gone far, Jung-in heads off in search of his errant rockstar.

Mu-gyul is at the moment busy proving how rock he truly is, playing noisily on his guitar while his friends cover their ears and worry about his mental state. They know better than to mess with him when he’s in a dark mood like this, but Jung-in comes right in and unplugs the guitar cord from the amp. (Eee, might this be sign of impending romance in the air? Oh right. Wrong drama.)

Mu-gyul glares and starts to leave. Jung-in asks if he has always been this irresponsible (hello? Have you even seen the beginning of this drama, Jung-in?), and asks if he really wants to say goodbye to his career like this.

Mu-gyul reasserts that he won’t work with Jung-in. So Jung-in reverse-psychologies him, saying, “Neglecting your promises and doing whatever you please must be what rockers do. How cool. If the man Mary liked only ever amounted to this, then I guess I still have a shot.”

Jung-in adds that he can’t let Mary go to a guy like Mu-gyul, causing the latter to bristle — who is Fancypants to decide whether to “let go” of Mary or not? Jung-in replies that if Mu-gyul wants to make him give up his pursuit, he’ll have to take care and watch how he behaves.

I actually like this tactic — provided that Jung-in is doing this, as I suspect, as a way of jolting Mu-gyul out of this nonsensical self-destructive spiral, and not as a genuine challenge for Mary’s love.

The posse tries their hand at stepping in to spur the couple toward reconciliation. The boys call Mu-gyul to call him over with a fake reason, saying that one of the bandmates has decided to give up on music and get a thoroughly unrockerly job. Shudders!

Likewise, the girls call Mary: So-ra fakes sobs while Ji-hye explains that she’s just been through a tough breakup.

The false pretenses succeed in getting them to the same place, and Mu-gyul is first to arrive where the crew has set up heart-shaped candles and romantic music. He turns right around to leave, running into Mary, who’s much happier to see him than he is to see her.

Still in his pissy mood, he takes a deliberately obtuse approach, as though he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. He takes off, ignoring the calls of his friends, who emerge from hiding and try to urge him back.

He goes back home, still peeved, and receives a call from Seo-jun, whom he meets for drinks. She’s done Mu-gyul the favor of stepping in for his absence today, and senses that something went down between him and Jung-in. She tells him not to be too much of an ass with Jung-in, because that’s no way to repay the man who helped him make a proper debut.

He balks at her description, not wanting to admit to Jung-in’s help. Seo-jun is unimpressed, tsk-tsking, “How petty of you, Kang Mu-gyul.” She makes sense, actually, which is messing with my head. Is she back to being cool now? How is it that the self-absorbed Seo-jun became the mature voice of reason here? Did Mu-gyul’s lost sanity leach its way into those around him instead? Now, if his mom starts acting like a reasonable parent all of a sudden, my brain will be paralyzed with its inability to process.

Preparations for the wedding proceed, under President Jung’s pleased and watchful eye, while Jung-in gets the drama workshop organized.

On the day of the workshop — really a bonding retreat more than anything — Mary arrives as employees are boarding the bus. Two employees give Mary a coy greeting, having received the wedding invitations — courtesy of President Jung, who sent them to the entire office — and say they thought she was dating Mu-gyul.

Uncomfortable with the truth being thus revealed, Mary excuses herself, deciding not to go after all. However, she’s prodded along by her friends, who arrive to join in the fun, having been invited by Jung-in. But… they were just playing Cupid for her and Mu-gyul last night… and now they’re playing along with the Jung-in romance angle? Fickle friends.

The employees push Jung-in into the seat next to his supposed future wife Mary, and the two sit there trying not to let the awkwardness get to them.

But during the ride, Jung-in nods off, his head coming to rest on Mary’s shoulder. She gently pushes his head back onto its own seat, but he nods off again and snuggles closer this time.

Mu-gyul sits at home in a sulk when Seo-jun calls to urge him to join them for the workshop. She tells him that Mary went too, hinting that you never know what’ll happen on a trip… He doesn’t rise to the bait, though, and declines in his surly way.

At the mountain retreat, Jung-in leads the group in a toast to their success. Mary separates herself from the group, and Seo-jun clocks her glumness and approaches.

Given her sudden bout of maturity earlier this episode, I fully expected her to share some words of encouragement, but no, instead she rips Mary a new one about her upcoming marriage with Jung-in.

Seo-jun scathingly accuses Mary of hurting Mu-gyul, saying that she has brought Mu-gyul more struggle and unhappiness than good stuff. That even despite love, there are things you can’t force with sheer will. And that it’s time for Mary to step back and leave Mu-gyul’s life.

Okay, I’m revoking your cool card, Seo-jun. Even more presumptuously, Seo-jun declares that it seems to her that Mary actually loves neither man. Oh, thanks for telling me how I feel, bitch… is what I’d dearly love to tell her.

Miserably, Mary goes for a walk in the forest, thinking back to her relationship with Mu-gyul in a series of flashbacks that culminate with his adorable public love declaration onstage.

Meanwhile, Mu-gyul sits at home and looks over the cat necklace he’d bought as Mary’s Christmas present.

As she approaches the top of a hill, Mary finds herself in a vast field of reeds. She shouts off into the distance, “Kang Mu-gyul! I’m sorry! I just gave you trouble — the marriage and living together was all my fault. But I wanted to live happily with you. That must’ve just been my greed. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry for putting you through that.”

Her words start to choke her up and she starts sobbing, which is the pose she’s in when Jung-in finds her and helps her stand.

Mu-gyul is still at home sulking when Seo-jun calls in a panic to say that Mary and Jung-in have both disappeared. They’d headed up into the mountains together hours ago, but are nowhere to be found. Now she feels guilty for her harsh words earlier, and worries about what may have become of them.

At least that pulls Mu-gyul out of his self-pity party, and he hurries to the retreat site, where the rest of the attendees have formed a search party. They scour the woods for the missing pair, but with everyone tiring, they decide to retreat to the house and wait for emergency services.

As it happens, Mary and Jung-in are perfectly fine, just lost, as they try to find their way back. That is, they’re fine until Mary trips over a fallen log — Jung-in grabs her and shields her as they roll down a hill.

His face is riddled with scratches by the time they come to a rest, and he lands hard (possibly hitting his head). Mary frets and tries to revive him, but he’s out cold. The best she can do is lean over his prone body and try to keep his blood moving to keep him warm.

Mu-gyul arrives to bad news — still no sign of the missing twosome — and decides to go looking for them alone. He declares that if he doesn’t, he’ll regret it forever, and heads into the woods with a flashlight. He finds Mary huddled over Jung-in’s prone body, crying and worried… and we’re not really going to play this supposedly dire situation for jealousy, are we? Oh, I guess we are. Because they couldn’t ruin Mu-gyul’s character enough already.

And then… cut to hospital.

Jung-in is in his third day of unconsciousness, and Mary keeps vigilant watch at his bedside, both concerned and feeling guilty for being the reason for his injury.

Mu-gyul does drop by the hospital but chooses to remain in the background, not announcing his presence to Mary.

Mom asks Mu-gyul if he really loved Mary (speaking in the past tense), and advises him to date a stunningly pretty girl next, to show her. Mu-gyul’s moping is accompanied by that universal trendy drama sign that we’re approaching the end: the flashback clip reel.

Having made a decision, Mu-gyul arrives at the production company offices, where Seo-jun has stepped up to pick up some of the slack in Jung-in’s absence. She fields a call from the director, who wants to switch production companies, and cites loyalty as her reason for sticking with it — Jung-in may be her boss, but he’s also her friend. Her words are successful in convincing the director not to jump ship.

Seeing how well Seo-jun is managing this interim role as producer, Mu-gyul offers a rueful apology as he hands over an envelope — he’s requesting a dissolution of his contract.

She calls him cowardly, reminding him of their own breakup, saying he’s always been this way. What made her angry was that he didn’t come to her and confirm his suspicions — that she was sneaking around with a sponsor — and instead decided things on his own. So now, she makes one request of him — don’t do that to Mary. While they might be able to chalk up his past behavior to immaturity, it won’t fly this time.

Aw man, she’s being cool again and now I’m confused again. Constant character inconsistencies = head hurty.

According to Jung-in’s doctors, there’s no good medical reason for why Jung-in won’t wake up, and therefore the only thing they can suggest is for Mary to encourage him to wake up.

Jung-in’s father comes by to relieve her of her watch, urging her to go home to get some rest. Reluctantly, she agrees and heads out — which is where Mu-gyul finds her and pulls her aside for a talk.

The conversation starts out uncomfortably as Mu-gyul asks why Mary’s here. She answers that it’s her fault that Jung-in’s in this situation in the first place — she can’t ignore the fact that he was protecting her when he got hurt.

Mu-gyul tells her that she’s done enough, and that nobody could accuse her otherwise. But if he doesn’t step in, she won’t be able to leave Jung-in — and they need to make this decision now. Mu-gyul first apologizes for giving her the cold shoulder and avoiding her, but declares that it’s time for her to answer his question.

Knowing what’s coming, Mary asks if he can just wait until Jung-in wakes up. After then, she can — no, she will — go to him freely.

But apparently his love has a time limit, because he says, “If you can’t answer now, you won’t be able to later, either.” (Whaaa? And why not?) He asks, “Is it me, or him?”

Mary can’t answer, and Mu-gyul accepts that as a rejection, leaving her behind as he stalks off.


I’m amazed that an episode could be so angsty, and yet also so boring. I am also exhausted by Mary Stayed Out All Night, which is trying so hard to inject some last-minute drama into the drama. If only it didn’t feel so much like kicking a moaning, wounded horse on the ground, substituting straight-up pain for dramatic conflict.

Okay, to play devil’s advocate, I CAN actually understand a bit of where Mu-gyul was coming from in this episode. He sees Mary in a clinch with his rival and assumes the worst — and his reaction, while overblown, isn’t without precedent. As Seo-jun points out, he did the same with her in assuming the worst, then cutting things off swiftly. One would assume that being in love would afford a girl some consideration, but Mu-gyul seems determined to make himself into the martyr here in refusing to even hear Mary out or accept that there might be another explanation.

But okay, let’s even accept that as plausible, given his turbulent history with his mother, which has made him skittish with women and love. I get it. (One wishes the drama actually did anything with that thread, though, to make this point actually resonate, rather than seeming so haphazardly constructed.)

Alas, all that reasoning doesn’t keep him from being an utter self-absorbed prat about it. Why does he have to put a time limit on Mary’s decision? Sure, he doesn’t like seeing her loyalty keep her by another man’s side — even if he does cite loyalty as Mary’s best feature — but this isn’t a normal circumstance. The dude is unconscious and seriously injured — can’t you wait a day or two? No, you can’t? I guess it makes sense, since everything IS about you, Mr. Pouty Rocker Man!


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  1. buttertoast

    YAY! Been waiting. Thanks javabeans!

    • 1.1 Ani

      My first reaction to the “YAY! Been waiting” part was “Really?”, because this drama was a disappointment to me. I don’t think it sucks or anything because I’m not good at analyzing dramas (English-speaking movies? Yeah, sure. English-speaking series? Sometimes. Yeah. Korean Dramas? Nope, not so much). What I do know is that I kind of lost interest in this drama, I just don’t know why. Maybe for the reasons jb and fri mentioned. Maybe not. But I just don’t feel like watching it. And then it occurred to me that what you said does make sense. I await the recaps because I have neither the time or energy to bother with watching the drama (except maybe to stare the very very VERY pretty guys).

      I second the “Thanks javabeans” part. X)

      • 1.1.1 Ms Guccibabie

        More like “Thanks anyway Javabeans”. Moon Geun Young AND Jang Geun Seok, really. Bad writers, bad… and the sad part is episode 1 was really good. Tsk.

  2. bobo

    this was seriously the worst episode ever. is there any point in watching the last episode of a drama where you hate all of the characters by the end? i feel so bad for these wonderful actors and actresses. what a waste of talent and time. dare i say i actually prefer the first writer to this one who obviously forgot to take her anti-psychotics?

    • 2.1 ochyred

      BIG AGREE with you.just wasting…

    • 2.2 Annie

      I so agree with you. I prefer the first writer as well. After the changed the story line just getting absurd and ridicull. It makes me wonder. If this is based on a Manhwa, wasn’t it done deal already written?. Anyway.. I hate it now. I feel like eating 5 bowl of ramen. Ugh!

      • 2.2.1 tryingtoberesponsible adult

        hahaha why would u even waste 5 bowls of ramyun on this weird show?

    • 2.3 yakunamo

      hahaha!!! Mary decides to leave both guys and go to college….

    • 2.4 lolipop

      i agreed with you…i watched it half way n realized that i dislike some of the characters in this drama…

      so i decided to just read the recap..it is hard to find a very entertaining n doesn’t move towards boredom drama nowdays.

  3. Anh

    omg! is it the end soon or what?

    • 3.1 Jane

      I believe the next episode is the last, so at least relief is near. I just hope this albatross doesn’t damage any of these great actors careers.

      • 3.1.1 rich

        I hope not… Gaaah… this drama is such a waste. T.T

      • 3.1.2 yakunamo

        I put up with it only because I’m head over heels Jang Geun Seok….sigh!!!!

  4. decemberbelle

    thanks jb!!!

  5. Guest

    OMG! I didn’t think you would post this late. I haven’t seen the drama but I’ve followed your recaps. Happy New Year

  6. Guest

    No fair!!! I became fifth. It’s all good though.

  7. tofubean

    LOL at the “unplugging guitar cord” by Jung-in!! It really reminded me of The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry. Maybe if he had some kind of romance relationship with Mu-gyul this drama would be more interesting and I wouldn’t have given it up at the beginning… now I’m just reading recaps to see how the writer can pull this off

  8. Ladymoonstone143

    Thanks Javabeans for the great recap as always….

    Stopped watching the raw episodes and just enjoyed myself reading the recaps here. Can’t believe that this show will be over…and I was thinking this would be the ultimate show that will be remembered for 2010 because of the actors on it…and I was so disappointed with the writing and the overly used scenarios on the drama.

    Nevertheless, Jung In is still sooooo cute.

  9. Movma

    I actually found this drama boring BORING BOORIIINGGGGGG.

    • 9.1 Vendetta


  10. 10 hmseen

    Gosh! MG is being so immature….and having such a major case of inferiority complex! He just couldn’t trust his own feelings and giving ultimatum like that to MR….I am not surprised that the last episode will be crammed with lots of things to end it as we would want it to be…MG+MR… sheeshhh….I really got no other words to say with these new plots…

  11. 11 lyra

    from your recap mugyul went to hwang taekyung angsty level, aight? because i didnt watch it raw. bad connection and all.soompiers are bombarded with disappointments about episode 15. am i warned? based on your recap it’s not a full throttle disappointment though.

    but ill rather wait for the english sub this time.
    and oh, they are still shooting until now!! o.O

    one bus episode to go. kudos to JGS , MGY and KJW. the show might have fallen totally into pieces but these three had pulled off and still became the pro to wrap it up.

  12. 12 ochyred

    its killing me…..girlfriday, please just tell me…with whom that ma-ri will end up in the end………anyone knows….. i’ll feel very upset ….if there is no happy ending……….

    • 12.1 Made4u

      Mary will end with mugyul ofcourse in the end. There is no law in kdramaland that states that she could end up with jung in.

      • 12.1.1 beeline

        I also believe Mary will choose MG at the end. . . but if this drama continues, they would have broken up by episode 17. No other drama have I disliked a main character so much. MG is too selfish and immature. . . I’ve completed disliked him when Mary chased after him crying in the wedding dress in ep 13? in the cold and he refused to turn around.

  13. 13 maureen

    Just remember your lookig at Jang Geun-seok. There is that. Other then that, this show is so sad! Why! So sad. Just one more ep. yeah

  14. 14 piggierabbit

    This drama is CUH-RAZY.

  15. 15 lalala

    omg this drama sucks.

  16. 16 nixxochick

    i personally enjoyed this drama to an extent, its not my favorite and yes the plot/writing is pretty bad, but i dont get why people would watch it if they find it boring..personally, i would never watch something i find boring or just plain dumb, it would be a waste of my time, so when i read comments saying stuff like that i just dont understand why watch it in the first place….anyway, thank you for sticking to the recaps Javabeans althouhg you didnt enjoy the drama, it really means a lot for those of us who liked the drama and waited for the recaps

    • 16.1 javabeans

      To give you a serious answer, I think part of it is hope, especially if the drama started out promising — I still think of Mu-gyul and his lettuce bouquet and giggle, or Mary’s flower-child dance moves. We keep tuning in because there’s a chance, however slim, that we might find that spark that hooked us earlier. But when the episode tanks, we still reserve the right to comment on our disappointment with it.

      And then at a certain point, you also have that completist in you figuring that you’ve invested a certain number of hours into this sucker, you may as well see it through. So while I don’t have any illusions that 16 is going to suddenly be good, I’m still gonna watch it because, well, I made it THIS far!

      • 16.1.1 ge

        agree, i still watching it ( or at least reading the recaps ) because i found this drama promising on early episode..

        crossing fingers for the final episode not to be super ultimate boring..

      • 16.1.2 ninz

        gotcha .. jb.. we made it this far.

      • 16.1.3 koreandramalover/kdl

        perfectly put, Javabeans! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        thank you for echoing my sentiments exactly! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        for what its worth (which i fear is not much),
        thank you for thinking and feeling the way you do abt MSOAN,
        for your hopefulness, toil and perseverance
        (as well as Girlfriday’s)
        have allowed followers of MSOAN, such as myself,
        to savour the wonderful recaps you have kindly done for us…

        (i have taken the liberty of saying that you and Girlfriday have done the recaps for us, the followers of MSOAN because that is exactly how I see you, Girlfriday as well as the other recappers – doing what you do here, recapping selflessly and tirelessly, for us mere visitors to Dramabeans to enjoy)… ๐Ÿ˜‰

        i concur with everything you’ve said abt this episode…but might i add an observation (which may be totally wrong…hehe)…i had a feeling that you had reserved much stronger words of discontent and disappointment abt MSOAN because your tone in the recap (at least to me) seems to be rather mild… ๐Ÿ˜‰

        if i could hazard a guess, probably you are emotionally and intellectually drained from having your hopes dashed at every episode…and i say that because it is exactly how i feel… ;(

        but thank you for going along with the torturous ride, Javabeans…only 1 episode left, so here’s my salute to you and Girlfriday!!! Bravo!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        God bless your heart, mind, body and soul! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • 16.1.4 Star

        I don’t like the plot to jb. but honestly i love the actors. staring at them is just worth my time. i suppose nobody can deny the on-screen chemistry between JGS and MGY. thanks jb!

    • 16.2 jen

      People aren’t. Episode ratings = horrible.

      I watched it in the beginning and I just HAD to drop it. Now, I just read recaps because I’m still curious to see how the writer will awesomely wrap everything up.

      • 16.2.1 ge

        ME TOOO… OMG!!
        I only read recaps now..

      • 16.2.2 kaigou

        …or unawesomely wrap things up.

        There’s car wrecks, train wrecks, and this… is like four trains, three motorcycles, two helicopters, and a partridge in a pear tree wreck.

        • Pat

          This show is ALREADY on my all time unforgiven list with
          Lovers in Paris and Bad Guy even tho the ending is not done.

      • 16.2.3 i.can't.wait.for.dream.high.and.kimsoohyun.

        I KNOW, HUH.

        LMAO at the “four trains, three motorcycles, two helicopters, and a partridge in a pear tree wreck” comment. ๐Ÿ˜›

  17. 17 hehe

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  18. 18 ge

    kang mu gyul is a big NO NO !!

    please make jung in and marry a happy ending.. they are so cute together..

    • 18.1 JOYce

      Agreee! Gotta lovee jung-in!!!
      This drama makes me hate jgs :p

  19. 19 MaryF


    Mu-gyul is just killing me with his selfish behavior!!!

    why is that when he gave Seo-jun a goodbye KISS but Mary cant even give Jung-in a goodbye Hug… ?

    he’s such selfish!!!

    I guess Mary ENDS UP with Mu-gul unless… wo0o0ow!

    • 19.1 MaryF

      & why is that I have to watch this drama 4 the sake of Jang Geun-suk?

      A huge disappointing!!!

  20. 20 L'horreurD'Esther

    The drama got so baaaad during ep.7 that I had to stop. Mind you, I was probably one of the only ones who didn’t know ANYTHING about this drama. I was aware of the promos like 2 days before the 1st subbed ep. on kimchidrama. I had a bad feeling that it was going to suck BUT since Kim Jae Wook is so aesthetically handsome with his Japanese flair….I had to tune in. Ugh….a hot guy can only carry a drama so far….it’s a waste of his good acting skills! MSOAN……booo…..it’s but it’s true: boo-hooo-hoooooo! I can only read the re-caps since ep.7! I am enjoying Athena and SG at the moment, thank the sweet sky!

  21. 21 twylah

    yey. thanks for not giving up with the recaps. nothing. nothing.will.surprise me anymore with this show. just bring it on.i guess.

  22. 22 ladyhello

    HM. I have this thing.

    No matter how much I LOVE (and I do mean LOOOVE, adore, etc) an actor/actress, one bad character/role easily kills my love.

    I think “Mary Stayed Out All Night” and everyone in it fits perfectly to this “thing” of mine and that’s just sad. For me.

    ๐Ÿ™ Sad face.

  23. 23 rachel

    ‘… Because they couldnโ€™t ruin Mu-gyulโ€™s character enough already.’ – i cdn’t agree more!

    i miss the bright mu-gyul! i blame the script-writer for making mu-gyul so insecure and miserable!!! and when mu-gyul’s miserable, lots of us are too.

    i love u, jks. wish u needn’t play this role which is getting flack right left and centre. but u play the role wonderfully. mu-gyul is getting the flack! i still love jks!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. 24 i.can't.wait.for.dream.high.and.kimsoohyun.

    Oh, Mary. Mary, Mary, Mary.


    What to do with you.
    You were so cute at first. But then everyone started acting out of character and everything was so crazy.

    What you could’ve been…. :/

  25. 25 mellowyel

    if only someone could promise me that the resolution would make more sense than the problem… i doubt it, but i’ll be watching anyway. something in the first few episodes struck a chord with me and has kept me watching till now. no point quitting now, is there?

    kudos to the drama team for doing their best despite the craziness of it all.

  26. 26 Queen of Rehearsals

    Mu-gyul tells her that the hardest thing for him was โ€œchanging myself suddenlyโ€ โ€” but it was because of Mary that he could endure the embarrassment of changing his music style and standing up there onstage.

    I await the day when the Mu-Gyul character learns accountability.

    Even if Mary had pointed a gun to his head to force him to change his music style, complying is still his choice. Whose fault is it that he didn’t fully grasp the consequences of his actions before jumping into decisions?

    This act of Mu-Gyul is un-romantic. (Oh well, what else could it be, given the situation?) But it’s also a$$holic. He did favors for the girl – which she didn’t ask for – to come across as a sweet boyfriend/husband, and when things go sour, he slaps those favors to her face. How does a guy redeem himself after such behavior?

    If I were the girl, how would I be able to accept and enjoy his romantic deeds if:
    – somehow, I would doubt if they were true to his heart, and that he might be suffering because of it
    – at the back of my mind, I know that he lists those as favors and therefore my debts to him

    Is the writer aware that this show is already hanging on a single thread that is the MuGyul-Mary relationship? Now that the thread is frayed how else would the show cling on to dear life?

    Or is she in Team Jung-In?

    • 26.1 Ania

      lol at the comment that the writer is in the Team Jung-In.

      looking at the few past episodes I think she really is, with the library as a gift and that kind of stuff.

  27. 27 marypooped

    Please don’t make it like….”Oh no, I still love her. Yay, she still loves me. *insert Reunion scene*”


  28. 28 denny

    I think it’s a bit unfair to say that the drama losing its point. Why MG acts like this@ Its obvious that he should do it like things in real life happen. He is of course angry just like SJ – ke gave up his hole lifestyle because of that relationship and has not control over events and thing anymaore. He should now rely on someoneelses decisions and he is not used to it. He is somehow lazy person like any genial artist and stiking to shedule and not having a time to do things he enjoys is a very big step 8 even jump to him. So he is angry to this nessesary change of his life. AND beeing imature in settling ralations sucsesfuly, he is insecureq uncertane if he is realy god enough for his lova for life.So he is trying to run away. But of course he can’t do it anymore because he is so much in this love that avoiding it is most damage for him. Something like JI’s daddy about MR’s mama.

  29. 29 isayhey

    I wish the original writer was still on. It was boring before but at least it wasn’t crazy. And illogical.

  30. 30 lycheecruiser

    continuing with the drama only because you stuck with it all this time jb. worst epi ever. no cute? where is the cute? i need my dosage of cuteness, drama. it’s your lifeline, just so you know.

    drama is smart though. using the ‘loyalty’ theme into tricking us to stick through with it.

    • 30.1 rachel

      some of us are loyal to the drama, some to the characters, some to the actors. loyalty rules!

      but where’s the loyalty where the script-writer is concerned??!! that’s why it’s messy? no loyalty to writer = no consistency in plot/character devt?

      • 30.1.1 lycheecruiser

        good point. in that case, my loyalty lies with jb hehe. one more episode and our precious actors, dramabeans, and the whole kdrama fandom in general can all move on with life.

  31. 31 S

    Honestly im very much disappointed in this drama! The storyline & script is effin slow. Are they aware that it’s just a 16-episode drama? With this ep i feel like we’re still in the middle part of the book. It’s the 15th alrdy bt the sme characters remain flat w/c made them uninteresting! If only not for the love for JGS! I mean come on! How cn u make a loong story (peak & end) to just one last ep? This drama is not only a bit boring but very predictable! It seems like they started shooting w/ an incomplete script & just thought abt the rest as the show progresses. Im jst disappointed dis mch cz i was enjoying during the first episodes. Good thing the OST is really good!

  32. 32 swui

    omg..i’ve been wanting to start mary after my exam..but after so many negative comments…i don even know id i should anymore…

  33. 33 kdramafan

    man, this show sucks big league. i am still amazed how they managed to make such a big flop with an A star cast. I had such big hopes for mgy and jgs, which admittedly might be part of my disappointment. But now, will they ever want to be in the same room with each other, let alone star in the same drama? I think zero chances.

    • 33.1 Amanda

      This drama is a big disappointment,the only good thing about it is the great actings from MGY and JGS,so they don’t have to feel ashame.They know best that this drama is giong nowhere but they stay till the end and that show how professional they are,that makes me admire them even more.Hope to see the two of them together in the future with better projects.

      • 33.1.1 Myuu

        Even though the show wasn’t as successful as it should be, MGY and JGS had made a big fanbase out of their tandem. Despite the low ratings, their tandem seems to be very popular. The cast is the only thing that brings this show forward.

  34. 34 mrskimchee

    OK…..I really don’t care who she ends up with now…just want to see this ends…so I can start watching something else..

  35. 35 tildy

    Oh wow. I’ve been sticking with this till the bitter end, but this episode had me catatonic. Out cold. I enjoyed the first half of the drama because of the cuteness but how are we at the penultimate episode with so little movement and growth.

    Thanks for the lovely recaps!

  36. 36 Moozy

    No noooooooo.. Huh.. I am going to stop watching this now. I swear!!!! But to you dear JB thank you soooo much for subbing it – we value your hard work JB . I just don’t like what’s happening to this 2 today. sob sob sob… @_@ twisting me in knots.

  37. 37 eatsleeplove

    ARGH. JANG GEUN SUK.. I LOVE YOU…. but this is ridiculous.

  38. 38 ellazala

    So MSOAN does get this crazy…i’m effing disappointed~

    **sobs**rolling on bed**screamin**strangle my Mokona doll’s neck**re-read the recaps in case i clicked the wrong page**oh, its the right page**continue sobbing**

    i hope the writer won’t kill Jung In in the finale…

    aaaaaaaaaaaaa~ somebody please console me

  39. 39 PickmePICKME

    OMO…This drama is becoming tedious, But I love Mu Gyul and Mae Ri too much to bail. Plus I love when they are together, except this ep. I mean, c’mon. Mu Gyuls anger was not justified in this episode. At least not at mae ri liek this. I guess his mom really messed him up for him to think mae ri was going to jump ship quick because of a simple back hug. Ugh. The other times he caught mae ri and Jung in in compromising situations what did he do first? He threw a punch, now he’s getting all mopey after all that mae ri and you have been through together. And what the hell is this with Mae ri feeling so guilty…i cant even continue or else my blood pressure might continue to raie, which i cant let happen.

  40. 40 notoriousnoona

    This episode made me decide that Mg needs to do his indie thing, Sj should be Ji’s business partner, Ji needs to break up with Devil Daddy and Mr BETTER to take her tail back to school and get a career(ON HER OWN)… While they all stay single-y happily ever after.
    Cause although Mg was being a total BAMF gina-boy, Mr was the one that really riled me up this time, for he and Sj had solid points(which wonder of wonders Sj did not once but twice in one ep!). Mr needs to make a real choice and loyalty can only take you but so far. Plus who the F are you being loyal to? I would’ve respected her more if she’d just told Mg it was over. At this point that works best for the both of them.
    I was also very disappointed in this episode because, though, I did think that these issues needed to be addressed, they’ve been skirted over the entire show, so why bring it up now? I honestly thought we were passed this. The initial potential for these points was lost episodes ago. Seriously, I’m over the “happy couple” ending and just need a “sane emotionally healthy individuals” ending. The finale can’t come any sooner.

  41. 41 ais

    good thing MSOAN has MGY and JGS as lead stars.. this plot has jumped beyond the world of crazy..

  42. 42 appledonut

    I would be satisfied if both Mary and Mu Gyul die due to terminal disease in the end.

    This show already kills. why not kill everyone in the drama?

  43. 43 MANILA2010

    I watched the episode last night via TVU Network and endured not understanding Korean and bad internet traffic. In spite of that I felt Moo Kyul’s dark mood and I thought why is he being selfish and narrow minded to the extreme all of a sudden?

    By the way, where are you guys? Jung In, are you back to the North pole? Backer huger didn’t work? Oh wait…I forgot you’ve been unconscious for three days already…sheesh..I guess the kidnappers got fired for real…

    Happy New Year Dramabeans!

    One more episode to go, lets hang in there!

  44. 44 oy vay...

    this drama is a mess.

  45. 45 Msles59130

    Thank you!! I can only see the raw version, and my Korean is just not strong enough to get all the finer details. so thanks again!

  46. 46 Dandelion

    Thanks jb and the song.

    Oh my screenwriter ! what will your finale be ?,

    will it twist further on JI’s character till the end or “snow white” will give JI a kiss for him to wake up – ring ! ring!

    MR crying and howling like a lost child and as if someone has just passed away on top of the mountain for that living rockie star ! and someone else has to scoop her up !!

    The search party remind me of Winter Sonata.
    Strage MR always HOLDING her phone when communicating with MG but with JI the phone just couldn’t be found, so the hero must come to the rescue, those able bodied friends can’t climb the mountain !.

    Definitely, she will leave the tepunyim whoM she never ever once call him by his name.
    Anyway hwaiting Jung In !!. I know he will go back to Japan.

    Kim Jae Wook – you rock !!!

    Have to watch till the end after writing many comments here.

  47. 47 Jung In

    Hello everybody. I am Jung In.

    I so sader. I coma bader bader. Crazy writer maker me roller down hiller. Lucker I no breaker my necker. But I breaker my header. So now I coma. I no talker. I closer my eyeser. I lieee downer beder whole day.

    I coma I teleport to Secret Garden. I talker to Joo Won hyung. Joo Won hyung he no1 guy in Secret Garden. He maker me sader. He no lender me his sparkly trackersuit. I roller downer hiller if I wearer sparkly trackersuit can see and caller 911 straighterway. But I no sparkly trackersuit so I roller downer hiller I no wearer sparkly trackersuit. I just wearer my short long pants. Is darker so no sparkly no 911. I knocker my head and poosh! I fainter!

    I asker hyung pls can switcher body with me? I be hyung and hyung be me. But hyung he no liker me. He chaser me away. His girlfriend Ra Im ssi she bader bader girl. She say I LOONY. Her Engrish quiter bader. I LOONLY not LOONY. I LOONLY cos I sader.

    Hyung he don’t liker me, Ra Im ssi she don’t liker me, Mae Ri she don’t liker me, long-haired dude he no liker me, my bad daddy he no liker me. Writer she no liker me. Nobody liker me. I so so sader.

    Fanser, only you liker me.Pls don’t stopper watching this crazy show. Or I will be more more sader sader. I know! I teller you SPOILER so you watcher last ep!

    Ok my spoiler gotta 2:

    1. Maybe I marry Mae Ri.
    2. Maybe I not marry Mae Ri.

    Is gooder spoiler, no? I think maybe I marry Mae Ri becos

    1. Mae Ri she letter me putter my header on her shoulder in bus. She no pusher my header away. Is means she liker me?

    2. Mae Ri she hugger me to keeper me warmer when I roller downer hill. Is means she liker me?

    3. Mae Ri she keeper crying and sitter and looker at me in beder. Oh! Oh! Oh! My face it reder reder cos I say IN BEDER! I honourable maner. I lieee beder. Mae Ri she sitter near beder. She no in beder. Oh! Oh! Oh! I so shy to say again.

    Fanser, I sicker and tireder of long-haired dude. He angry angry angry whole show. He angry when I go upper hiller. He angry when I roller downer hiller. He angry when I lieee beder. Angry angry angry. Maker me more mader. So now I sader and mader.

    So fanser, pls don’t leaver me. This show so crazy I going cuckoo. Wisher me gooder lucker. I wanter waker up faster faster and marry Mae Ri. Then I will piggybacker, rainer-kisser, backer hugger and fronter hugger her every day. Bye bye.

    • 47.1 ghaylet

      I was so sure to find you here.. and here you are. LOL

    • 47.2 a

      i just saved this
      L to the MAO

    • 47.3 tryingtoberesponsible adult

      oooohhh.. this is the most laughter I had during the entire course of this drama!

    • 47.4 Gork

      hahahahah omgg so funny!

      • 47.4.1 x0mi07

        yey!^^ jung in you’re awake!^^ hahahaha…. i bet you’ll wake up by next episode anyway.

        i hope you get your happy ending.=) if not that, i hope you walk away unscathed.^^

        jung in hwaiting!^^ when this drama’s over, you can wear long pants again….^^

    • 47.5 mastille

      This made my day =DDD

    • 47.6 Pat

      Thank you. Understanding the hilarity of this was a
      justification for sitting through the torture that is MSOAN!

      God bless JI

    • 47.7 Jung Seok

      You’re wrong on both counts for your so-called “spoilers”, you mad mad boy.

      I marry Mae Ri in the end. Teach you and that long-haired flightly wimp a lesson for dragging this out!

      • 47.7.1 x0mi07

        i’m rooting for you papa jung!XD

    • 47.8 Okie Dokie

      LMAO!!! ahahaah!

    • 47.9 ellazala

      jung in~!! i lover you~!!! very the much…

    • 47.10 starcookie

      “He angry when I go upper hiller. He angry when I roller downer hiller.”


    • 47.11 Gasenadi

      ROTFL!! THIS is why I sitter and reader the beanut gallery comments. I can’t breather! Thanks for sharer, JI.

  48. 48 walkingegg

    I watch this drama because of JGS. Eventhough I think it was boring from the 1st episode, I try my best to stay till the end so that I can comment the drama fairly.

    It’s a pity that no matter how good he act, one man can’t save a sinking boat! Sorry, other than him, I failed to find one thing that is SEEable.

    This drama makes me miss YAB alot, I am gonna rewatched JGS’s shinny acting in YAB.

    • 48.1 Jo

      Yeah agree with you. I was watching YB last night and he was sooo attractive. The whole show was so interesting. Same actor, yet what makes one show work and another fail? The script! While watching YB I kept thinking of might-have-beens and could-have-beens for Mary. So much promise that just fizzled out into empty air. Like opening a can of coke and leaving it for an hour and you come back and there’s no sizzle anymore. Coke tastes bland and bleah. Much like Mary. What a waste.

  49. 49 norra

    I think mary may not choose both.

    as simple as that huh… and of course everyone would scold the script writer. haha ..

    although the story is not the best, but still wondering what will happen eventually.

    happy new year.!

    • 49.1 bjharm

      My Love Patzzi ending! I vote for it..drive everyone crazy

  50. 50 pohonphee

    When i know how far the writer tries to ruin Myu-gyul’s character, I don’t know why I start to feel that there’s a chance Jung-in will be together with Mary at the end against all K drama rules.

    If finally Mary won’t end up with any body at the end, Jung-in somehow won’t make it through, and Myu-gyul will go to Paris with his mother, then it bwa, ha, ha, ha I’ll forgive this show for being the most waste of talents drama ever.

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