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Mary Stayed Out All Night: Episode 16 (Final)
by | December 28, 2010 | 264 Comments

Hurricane Mary, coming through! This drama goes out the same way it began…totally insane. But you know, by now it’d be even MORE schizophrenic if the drama did a total 180 and started to make sense. So it’s best we go out with as much crazy as we started with. It’s time to embrace the mental instability. Or at least start drinking heavily…


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Mu-gyul gets his non-answer to his stupid Choose Me Now or Forever Hold Your Peace question and walks away without looking back. Mary immediately gets a call that Jung-in is awake. (So, if Mu-gyul had waited two minutes, you would’ve been able to answer? I guess that’s not the point, but…)

Mary rushes in and Jung-in looks up at her lovingly. While Mu-gyul goes home to clear his studio of Mary’s belongings and the curtain that divided their bed, Jung-in talks to his father about the wedding.

Jung-in: Father, does this wedding have to happen? I love Mary sincerely. So I want her to be happy. But if she marries me like this, she’ll never be happy.

Finally, some reason. Dad thinks after the wedding will be plenty of time for Mary to change her mind. Ha. Words are meaningless to you. Jung-in asks if Dad is trying to make him even less fortunate than himself. He calls Dad out for loving another woman for thirty years. Jung-in: “It must’ve been hard for you. But it was harder for me, and Mom, who stood by your side.” Oof. Heartbreaking.

And now it makes sense (?!) why Jung-in is so quick to let Mary go, despite loving her. Because he spent his whole life loving his father, and watching his mother love him, while he loved someone else. To live that all over again, in his own marriage, would be the height of cruelty. He asks his father to reconsider the wedding once more, to which his father turns a blind eye, because he is a heartless shell of a man. [Also a plot device. –javabeans]

Mu-gyul packs up the rest of Mary’s things with a heavy heart (which runs so counter to your actions earlier, schizo-boy, but whatever). But Mary comes running in, short of breath.

Mary: THIS is my answer, Stupid.

And, Quote of the Day goes to Mary! Mu-gyul sighs, utterly relieved, as he clutches her tight in a hug. He thanks her for coming, even now. Um, YOU were the one who put a time limit on her answer, dummy. It’s a sweet reunion, if only because the actors play it as such, but frankly, there’s no dramatic tension in it at all, and makes me even angrier about the hospital breakup scene…all that, for this?

Jung-seok ponders for a while, then decides to hurry the wedding. Oy. Even Mary’s dad wonders what’s gotten into him, as it seems rushed with Jung-in’s condition and Mary’s state of mind.

As soon as they’re reunited, Mu-gyul gets a call from Jung-in asking to see him concerning Mary. He heads over to the hospital, and Jung-in tells him that the wedding is still on. Mu-gyul points out that his words don’t match up, and Jung-in just says that he’s being honest, man-to-man.

Mu-gyul leaves and Jung-in says to himself that he’ll see in due time. Oh, jeez. I see where this is going, and it’s not totally out of character for Jung-in to go all Fairy Godmother on them, but it’s still crazy.

Mary gets called home to talk over wedding prep with Dad, and she goes along, too defeated to resist anymore. Dad calmly tells her that he’s not doing this because of Jung-in’s wealth, but because her mother married him for love, but ended up with such an unfortunate fate. He tells her that starting love is easy, but maintaining it, preserving it, is the hard part. Well, now, that makes a whole lot of sense, and is delivered in a non-hysterical fashion. Could you not have been this way from the beginning, dear Papa?

He tells her that all he cares about is her happiness. Well then maybe, just once, you should listen to what your twenty-four year old daughter is telling you, about what she wants for her own life. [Yeah, the “Daddy knows best” argument really doesn’t hold any water when the premise of your argument is how your decisions turned out so badly. –jb]

Mary texts Mu-gyul that night, asking him to wait three more days for her to end things with Jung-in. Okay, now I’m starting to take Mu-gyul’s side with all this. Why do you keep extending things? Mu-gyul agrees and they plan to meet on the third day.

The day arrives, which is of course Mary and Jung-in’s wedding day. Both she and Jung-in prepare with long faces, and she texts Mu-gyul to wait for her. He takes his guitar and plays a new song in the park, waiting for her to arrive.

Meanwhile, the wedding begins, and guests start streaming in. Seo-jun arrives and greets Jung-in, and then calls Leo to ask why they’re not here, as Mary’s friends. It’s news to everyone else that Mary’s going through with the wedding, so they rush over to find Mu-gyul and send him off to crash the wedding and get Mary back.

He runs like the wind, and arrives to find Mary and Jung-in standing at the altar. Although he ran there to stop it, he takes one look at Mary in her wedding dress, smiling at Jung-in, and tears well up. He turns away and leaves, just as their friends arrive on the scene.

So Mu-gyul leaves, and their friends arrive just in time to witness the real reason for the wedding: to stick it to their fathers. Jung-in announces that he’ll love Mary forever (aw) but he won’t marry her, as this wedding is something orchestrated by their families and they don’t intend on becoming husband and wife. Mary apologizes to her father, and says that they’ve chosen to preserve the love that they’ve chosen.

Well, finally a definitive statement from her. Why it required going through with the wedding to announce to their fathers that they have no intention of getting married doesn’t make much sense, but I suppose it’s been pretty well established that neither father will listen to reason, and well, the drama simply wanted to create the dramatic not-a-wedding scenario. Although it’s unclear why, as anyone could see this coming a mile away.

Their friends stand around and call Mary instead of Mu-gyul, telling her to go find him. Why didn’t anyone think he might need to know what went down at the wedding after he left? Do your job, friends!

Mary finds out that Mu-gyul was there, and rushes off to find him. Meanwhile, Mu-gyul comes home, crying over losing Mary. It’s sad for him, but lacks all dramatic tension because we know that it’s just a matter of time before he finds out the truth.

And to that end, Seo-jun comes by to tell a sulking Mu-gyul that he should’ve stuck around at the wedding, long enough to watch Mary and Jung-in run out, and even sign divorce papers to end it all. Mu-gyul immediately perks up, and rushes out.

Aaand, we’re back to running! Run, Mu-gyul, run! And why all of a sudden do lovers not have cell phones in moments like this? I mean, I agree that running in the snow is way more dramatic than texting, as far as the audience is concerned, but it’s also conveniently not an option when the drama decides it’s dramatic running time.

Over in the land of errant fathers, Jung-in apologizes to Dad for taking it that far, but tells him that it was the only way to stop him from forcing that marriage till the end. He adds that while he loves Mary, he can’t marry her in place of his father’s love for her mother.

Mary’s dad walks in and overhears their conversation, realizing for the first time why Jung-seok has been pushing this marriage. He declares it wrong (yes, so, so wrong), and leaves, disgusted with him. Thank goodness for that. [Okay, you get to go back to being Second Worst Dad Ever. –jb]

Mu-gyul runs and runs and arrives at the playground, to find Mary huddled and waiting for him. He runs over calling her name, and her eyes fill with tears as she asks what took him so long. Mary: “I ended things with Jung-in and came. But you weren’t here. I was so scared.”

Mu-gyul apologizes (oh thank god for the disappearance of pissy Mu-gyul) and hugs her, sorry for not trusting her, and himself.

Back at home, they’re back to being cute, and Mary fills him in on one important detail that she so conveniently left out: that she and Jung-in signed divorce papers while he was still in the hospital. [Thereby negating the need for that stupidly dramatic not-a-wedding, you mean? –jb] Mu-gyul smiles, instead of asking her if she’s lost her mind, and then gives her the kitty necklace he’s been carrying around since Christmas. She gives him a kiss on the cheek in delight. Mary: “It’s a kitty! Is it you?”

Jung-in gets disowned by his father, and kicked to the curb. He expected as much, and plans to head out on his own. Good for you. High time for you to be an adult now. He meets with Mary to finalize the divorce and part ways. She thanks him for everything, and he wonders how things might have been if they had met under more natural circumstances. She’s relieved that things can go back to the beginning, which they can’t for him, since he’s fallen in love with her. He watches her walk away, lingering for a moment.

Mary goes to see Dad, who was initially under protest, but finally caved to reason, once he saw just how crazy Jung-seok really was. He doesn’t tell Mary about Jung-in’s dad being in love with her mom, but he does tell her that he kicked Jung-in to the curb.

Mary calls Mu-gyul and worries that Jung-in has run into trouble again because of her. Mu-gyul laughs good-naturedly and teases her for worrying about her first husband in front of him. Ha. And why couldn’t you have been this understanding before, I want to ask.

Jung-in tries to sleep on the couch in his office, which really wouldn’t be that uncomfortable, save his really long legs. He tosses and turns, and finally gives up. His solution?

…He walks into Mu-gyul’s studio and drops his bags down. Omo! This drama got REALLY good all of a sudden. [FIFTEEN EPISODES LATE. –jb]

Jung-in announces that he’ll be staying here for a while, and also announces that he wants to put out a single for Mu-gyul’s song. Mu-gyul just looks at him like he’s crazy, and can’t help but laugh at his declaration that he’ll be living here.

Mu-gyul gives him a blanket to sleep on the couch, but Jung-in insists that he can only sleep in a bed. Mu-gyul: “There’s only one bed…”


Jung-in decides that they can just put up a curtain and share the bed. Mu-gyul grabs him by the arm (with love?) and tells him to follow his rules in his house (the same words Jung-in used when he made Mu-gyul sleep on the couch in his house). Jung-in recognizes the words, and goes to the couch sheepishly.

And thus begins the real relationship that we’ve been waiting sixteen episodes for. Jung-in and Mu-gyul settle into a bickering courtship of their very own, like an old married couple. It’s officially the best thing this drama has ever done. [For, like, 2 whole minutes. Yeah, I’m bitter. –jb]

They ride around in Mu-gyul’s bus, as Jung-in personally escorts him to every media appearance, and on their way home one night, Mu-gyul falls asleep…on Jung-in’s shoulder. Jung-in is startled for a second, and then smiles (Eee!), totally enjoying the moment. Mu-gyul wakes up and ruins it, making for some awkward tension. Ha.

It’s almost even more upsetting for the drama to give us a taste of what could’ve been… [Bitter bitter bitter bitter bitter… –jb]

They arrive home to Mary, who’s waiting with dinner. She finds out that Jung-in is staying there, and Mu-gyul eyes him with great displeasure, as Mary treats him kindly. Can these three just live together like this, forever? Please?

Mary sees Mu-gyul on tv and decides that he’s gotten too skinny. Mary: “That’s it. I’m gonna have to catch a chicken.” She makes chicken soup for their cozy little threesome, and Jung-in gets jealous over Mu-gyul’s extra chicken leg, to which Mu-gyul offers him a date. No…not that kind of date, although…don’t I wish.

Jung-in gets a call that Wonderful Day finally secured all its funding. Cue smiles all around, and a handshake between the two boys.

Mary and Jung-in finalize their divorce…again. Didn’t we already have this scene? At home, the crew prepares a surprise party, in honor of the divorce. Ha. I do love this group’s reasons for throwing parties. Mary and Jung-in arrive home and blow out the candles on their Happy Divorce cake.

One year later, Mary has become a budding drama writer, and Jung-in comes to see her. He’s back to greet his father, who has returned, and things seem settled between their families. While they talk, a guy runs up to her, calling her noona and sunbae, asking who the guy is. She introduces him as her first husband with a smile, and the guy balks, but decides he doesn’t care, because he’s written a song for her. She laughs that she’s got a lot of those, and Jung-in notes that she tends to attract musicians.

She goes to see Mu-gyul, playing in the park as usual. In voiceover, she says that she and Mu-gyul are the same. They broke up twelve times, and are dating for the thirteenth time. Heh. That’s cute.

At home, she complains that the studio is too warm now (successful musician = running the heat as much as he wants). She says this place was better when it was cold; they used to keep each other warm. Mu-gyul smiles and comes over for a snuggle.

Seo-jun is her usual self, and continues on her path as an actress.

Mary and Mu-gyul walk along together, sharing tunes, and happily in love.

Mary (in voiceover): In the face of many crossroads, in the youth of our twenties, we chose another path.


Well at least we got a nice last half of a finale, with somewhat open-ended, but well-wishing farewells for our characters. There wasn’t anything revelatory, but we at least got some Jung-in/Mu-gyul hijinks, which amused me. And I do enjoy the ending for Mary and Mu-gyul, that they very realistically broke up a dozen times and continue to grow up together, without easy solutions to everything.

As for the first half, don’t even get me started on the not-a-wedding. Mary refusing to tell Mu-gyul, just to “fool” (pffft) the audience….blech. Of all the things I hate, it’s manufactured conflict that really makes me sigh. I feel nothing when events in a drama unfold in a way that is solely in service of creating dramatic tension, because for me, it has the opposite effect. If characters don’t act organically, then the scenes lose all tension because I know that these are just machinations to make them breakup/makeup back and forth, simply because it’s the finale. And that’s lame.

So overall, the finale is exactly what the drama was, on a whole: bipolar. It’s the perfect encapsulation of the two ends of this drama, somehow existing in the same space. It’s both I-am-youthful-free-and-indie, and drama-tropes-on-hyperdrive. Watching this drama was a lot like Mary, yo-yo-ing back and forth between her two guys: trying to do right by both, which eventually just leads to being confused. I wish Show had done a lot of things, but choosing one tone and one path would have done a lot to buoy all the crazy.

Mostly I wish for better things for the three leading actors, because I really love them all, despite nobody getting the chance to do anything here. It hurts me to think of what this drama could have been, if they had been written as characters, and not as caricatures.


Even though I’d long given up on Mary being a good drama, the finale was even more disappointing than I was bracing myself for, because while it was a mess of non-logic, it wasn’t even the FUN kind of crazy. And for all but the last ten minutes, it was strangely morose and lethargic. The characters were sad and resigned, like they’d given upon themselves just as the drama had given up on them.

I have the same gripes about the lame wedding fake-out as girlfriday — and since the drama wasn’t very clever about the misdirect and probably tipped a lot of us off right away about being a fakeout anyway, it didn’t even have that surprise-twist factor to justify such a cheap shot. For one brief moment, I was ready to grudgingly accept the wedding scene because I thought they were going for the bookend effect, using it to parallel the drama’s opening sequence — Mary’s Tim Burton nightmare about being married off to the wrong groom — and then they DIDN’T EVEN DO IT.

Now, as for the last ten minutes — they reminded me about all that I’d previously enjoyed about this drama, which is a bittersweet thing since it came so late and was so fleeting. I’d actually forgotten the sweetness of these people, because their recent moping/sulking/brattiness has been so unpleasant to witness, on top of being jarringly out of character. But seeing the dryly funny moments between the two boys? Hilarious. Now this is the kind of stuff I was hoping for when we first heard the words “two contract marriages” — wacky hijinks between the three that gives rise to hilarious scenarios. Gah, it kills me that the writers didn’t think to bring Jung-in into the studio household earlier, which by the way would’ve contributed a better side conflict as well if they paired it with Jung-in losing funding and needing to save the drama while crashing with his wife and her boyfriend. I mean — how great would that have been? Remember all the awesome bedtime jostling scenes of Sungkyunkwan Scandal? To think we could have had that here. Arghhhhalskdjf;ajdf;akjds;fs. Bitter sad bitter.

More than anything, I feel sorry for these actors, because they’re not just good-looking fresh faces capable of cute-ing it up — they’re also some of the bright shining talents of their generation, and were utterly wasted. I’ve learned long ago that a drama with a great cast isn’t enough — that directing and writing are even more crucial — but somehow, I always fall for it every time, getting excited and then facing that crushing disappointment as you watch the cast gamely doing their best despite the sinking ship. Kudos to them, and hopefully we’ll see them soon, in something much more worthy of them.


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    And it’s a wrap! 🙂

    • 1.1 candy09

      I love the ending especially the Mu Gyul-Jung In bromance!!!

      -Jung In insisted he’ll sleep on the same bed with Mu Gyul,
      -Jung In grinned (lol) when Mu Gyul moaned while sleeping on his shoulder,
      -Jung In offered Mu Gyul kimchi in exchange for the date placed on his plate,
      -and Mu Gyul’s face as he looked at Jung In when they found out the Wonderful Day secured its funding!

      They’re even better to watch in youtube! Glad that MSOAN did not disappoint me till the end!

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      And my real name is Jung Geun Seok! Ha! 😀

    • 1.3 lyra

      Yeah! and this is what JGS thought about this bus ride ^^

      ”Of course I didn’t regret choosing this drama. But I feel sad that I selected this drama when I just saw the role. It would be better if I could have a profound understanding and comprehension of the script.” Then he said, “If I just thought about my role and how well I could act it out in the past, now what I realize is that I should consider on a wider side.” “That is the problem of how to work out with other roles. For example, why the role has to be acted like this, is there any collision between every role, etc. All these situations must be taken into account. ” Knowing that fans had a high expectation for him, he felt guilty about his imperfect.”


      • 1.3.1 lyra

        dont take the guilty bone sukkie. it’s not you. IT’S THEM!!! *points at the 2 writers.* 😉

        • scarecrowslady


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          abi likes this *thumbs up*

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      well i’m a late bloomer and catching msoan only now! ep’s 13 through 16 tore through me yes unfortunately & girlfriday javabeans did a great recap, i was LOL haha!! well it’s over, i hope jks does something new soon, miss seeing him. much as the drama was bichaatde he did so well, he’s such a new-age sensitive male actor, HOW does he do it?? 🙂 he also wins my Most Beautiful Man Crying award!! 🙂
      watch out for his new cd/album Monochrome released on 25 Feb!!!

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    oh mary ended already? good thing though about this drama is the 3 leads..can’t think of anything more. hope to see more drama from them soon!!
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      ayhhhhhhhhhh,,,,,,,,,,,,wat a wasted drama with a great actor……..

      • 2.1.1 ette

        i totally agree with you. the cast had the potential to be great fun and exciting but the script/drama failed them. which makes me sad. in so many ways the drama could have been better. all that kept me going was the 3 leads. the other actress didnt really impress me either. but moon geun ying was effortless in her acting. (:

        • justyne

          i agree with you. the drama could’ve been better. The actors saved this drama from being labeled as a “forgettable” drama. i actually had to skip some parts and whole episodes actually.

          • Minnie?

            I just read This cause it has other’s opinion… Watching the drama alone isn’t as fun without listening to some opinions… Even the funny ones.

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    Thanks, JB and GF,
    Such a long ride to go

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      FINALLLY. This drama was such a torture to watch… but I stayed for my beautiful Jung In. ^_^

      • 4.1.1 SHF

        I am 7 years too late to this Mary game, but I am glad I did. I love Kim Jae-wook and I wish there was more of his work to see! Anyway, I watched from ep 1-11 and then I just skipped to the end! I also skipped most of JGS’s parts and went straight to Kim Jae-wook’s parts! lol

        Mary had a perfectly great guy and she was too stubborn. What a waste. I’m so glad I did not waste my time on this drama when it first aired. I would have been so angry lol.

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    yeah,..it’s a wrap!

    whew! manage to this with the drama because of JGS,..{giggles! }

    anyways,..still MARY CHRISTMAS! a thing that i will remember from this k-drama

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      this ending could have been so much worse
      so as far as trainwreck dramas go this was a good finale

    • 6.2 lyra


      Yes! He changed it because originally, Mary stayed out All Night should end up with Mary & Jung In!

      and MG cries in his moms arm!

      But because of KeunSuk’s bright idea…

      changed all contents!

      and turn it into,,, JI♥Mu-Gyul scenes and other comic factors!

      source: http://www.facebook.com/#!/notes.php?id=147589235265778

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        *texting on the plane to Timbuktu*

        What an ass…

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      …and JGS looks so good with MGY. god, i hope those two will work again: i wanna see them in something i really can whole-heartedly invest my time and dedication. MSOAN didnt do it for me but i will eventually finish watching it just to see these two together on screen.

      if not a drama, i hope they can be in a movie together. heck, even a cf would make me happy.

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    As much as I love the three leads, this drama will go down as the worst of the year for me. As a writer myself, I can’t even begin to understand what substance was influencing the writer in the ‘dramatic tension’ and characterizations in MSOAN. Even the pinch-hitter brought in late managed to bring just enough zing to the final episodes to make it feel half as worthy of a drama as Playful Kiss. Now THAT sucks. OUCH.

    • 11.1 scarecrowslady

      I can’t even begin to understand what substance was influencing the writer in the ‘dramatic tension’ and characterizations in MSOAN?

      One word. Drinking.

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    Thanks for sticking through this drama – it must have been harder to write than watch – and the show is pretty unwatchable enough as it is.

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    Just finished reading Ep. 15’s summary and now I get the pleasure of reading the next one. A big THANK YOU to girlfriday and javabeans because I totally stopped watching this drama with all its cliches and inconsistencies. What a waste of talent and eye candy.

    • 13.1 MissChiVyus

      Darn. 1 minute of typing bumped me down 2 places. haha

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    In other words, the only tension found in this drama was in Mu-gyul’s guitar strings.

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    I gave up this drama seven episodes in, ’cause I couldn’t take the crazy-annoying dads and plotlessness of it all. But I still felt kinda nostalgic and sad that this mad, mad drama has finally come to a close. I’ll probably keep it on my hard-drive for a thorough re-watch on days when I feel the need for a totally nonsensical fix. Also, much thanks and sparkly cupcakes to javabeans and girlriday for the awesome-sauce recaps! 🙂

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    as I said before,it was such a tragic waste of talent! I feel really bad for the actors.It had the perfect formula of Talent,cuteness but its the biggest proof that without good writing or a sane LOGICAL plot,then its all quite useless. If only it was in the hands of some really awesome capable writers*coughhongsisterscough*

    They really should have adapted it completely from the manga..maybe that way it would have followed some sort of fleshed out sensical plot.

    Ah well we should all take a moment of silence to mourn those awesome first episodes of sweet chagiya,mary chritmas, Happy new year, meowing and barking cuteness.

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    Ahahaha.. I ALMOST gave up READING the recap!!! Because the story was just… waaaaay too much. I’m glad I stuck to it until the end (of the recap) The last 10 minutes sounded great.

    The finale really is a shame. And definitely a cause for bitterness that they give us a glimpse of what could have been. Sigh.

    Can we have a do-over?

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    What a relief this thing is finally over already! Really hope JGS chooses a better role next time, one which allows his talents to shine. Unfortunately, Kimi wa Petto is not very hopeful in that regard.

    • 24.1 Ladymoonstone143

      There will be a Korean version of Kimi? I love Kimi probably because Matsumoto Jun was just adorable and the actress was gorgeous. The storyline was different but I would be interested in a Kdrama version of it…:)

      • 24.1.1 READ

        It’s going be a movie released in 2011. Han Ye Seul will be the leading actress.

      • 24.1.2 amhrancas

        Yup. It was actually the role that JGS was supposed to be doing before he took on the role in Mary.

        see: http://www.dramabeans.com/2010/04/jang-geun-seok-confirmed-for-youre-my-pet/

        and http://www.dramabeans.com/2010/08/jang-geun-seok-close-to-picking-new-drama/

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        yeah, i’m excited about kimi wa petto – there’s enough original source material (in the manga) for the korean version to draw from, if they choose, and be different from the japanese version.

        Although, it’s a well-written story based around a reasonably silly premise. I’m pretty sure that’s what I pictured Mary to be in the beginning… =\

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    Finally, the drama is over! Many thanks and congrats to both of you for sticking with Mary, despite its bitterness of crazy plots and stuff, you guys keep on providing us with the great recaps!

    IMO, these actors are really into the characters of the drama. But, the crazy plots of drama destroy this interesting set up. Anyway, kudos to them for sticking with the drama to its ends (i’m thinking East of Eden).

    I’m just wondering. If I’m not wrong, MSOAN was adapted from a manhwa right? If so, how does the plots from the drama differs compared to the manhwa’s? I mean, Goong was an adaptation from the manhwa with the same name. And, there were slight differences towards the end. But, the essence of the story is still the same. I’m just wondering whether MSOAN drama is waaayyyyy out from its original course?

    And oh, since MSOAN is over, what’s the next drama? Dream High?

    Thank you again for the recaps, girls! 2010 has been quite a year, where I’m keep on watching the almost all of the dramas based on your recaps (Pasta, Wish Upon A Star, The Women Who Still Wants To Get Married etc) and (evilly) managed to influence my dearest housemates to watch them too.

    Let us hope 2011 will be a great year for k-dramas!

    • 26.1 adney

      In manga, Mary ended up with Jung In 🙂

  27. 27 brookeeve

    I can’t wait for Diadda to make a video! She can call it… Mary left the boys alone when she stayed out last night!

    • 27.1 viola

      ROFL unnie! I second that!

  28. 28 ellazala

    ahhh~~ it’s over!!!! thank god no one dies…

    pity Jung In though… but he need to bow to the k-drama laws…

    no matter how hot/charming/adorable/sweet you’ll never get the girl

    thanks gf n jb for recapping

  29. 29 krnkimbap

    This drama was definitely the biggest waste of talent this entire year! I was disappointed to do it, but I clocked out after ep 4 since no amount of cuteness could convince me to stick with a sinking ship.

    JB’s “bitter bitter bitter bitter” comment cracked me up. Ugh, just imagine the wasted potential!!!

  30. 30 Anh


  31. 31 lolipop

    i really hope the actors will get more chances in the future..

  32. 32 Kitchel17

    i like this drama it was really cute even though its bipolar lol

  33. 33 Ladymoonstone143

    Thanks for the 16 recaps Javabeans and Girlfriday. I just followed your recaps and not watching the drama anymore. This was just a huge disappointment. The actors are great but the writers were bad. I hope they will have a great drama in the future especially with KJW. He needed to be in a lead role…so talented and a great actor.

  34. 34 cikqueen

    kim jae wook rulez!!! i hate to see the lead actor which is so “awww” … hope to see kim jae wook in other Kdrama as charming as in this drama ~

  35. 35 brownbeat

    If it had been anybody else, I think I would never even bother to watch how it will end. It’s soooo frustrating to watch wasted talent. And I’d like to KILL the music director/producer, please. Hand me a knife.

  36. 36 mellowyel

    🙁 🙁 🙁

    Sad it’s over, but even sadder it didn’t end on a high note. It’s like the new writer gave up after her second or third episode and just wrote whatever she had to to finish the story. I’m as bitter as jb right now. So bitter, in fact, that I am going to rewrite this show, using the English subs as a basis. (No translations for the manhwa, and I can’t read Korean). By myself. It’ll probably suck, but maybe I’ll actually gain some screenwriting ability/experience from it. and I can kill off some of the disappointment that Moon Geun-Young, Jang Geun-Seok and Kim Jae-wook have to keep this drama on their resume.

    • 36.1 mellowyel

      Just wanted to add that I have a huge respect for drama writers, cos they have to do this under major time constraints, while I have the luxury of doing it on my own schedule. I’m not saying “it’s so crappy, even i could do a better job” i’m saying “let me see if i could make this better at all.” i’m just having fun with it, and flexing my creative muscles. wish me luck!

  37. 37 danna

    LOL..i love all the snark here in the comments section….whatever the drama turned out to be i just dont want this to be th last time we get to see Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young on screen together…or even Moon Geun Young and Kim Jae Wook (!!)…or even better Jang Geun Sook and Kim Jae Wook….i hear that this might be MGY last project for a bit till she finishes her studies…so good luck to her and hopefully it wont be too long before we see her again and I wonder if KJW is due for the army soon…i hope we get to see him at least one more time before he leaves (if he’s due that is)…as for Jang Geun Suk i seriously dont want to see him as a musician again for the next ten years….please pick some seriously angsty role next time!

  38. 38 missy

    i knew it, for jung-in it was mug-yul the entire time! haha! 😀

  39. 39 Elsie

    Mary and Mu-gyul ended up together as they were supposed to, but that made it a crappy ending for me. Episode 15 made me dislike Mu-gyul so much for being selfish, immature and irresponsible. Yeah, I get that he has trust issues and doesn’t want to get hurt because of his mom, but still… Mary didn’t have the greatest childhood either. She had to deal with her dad’s stupidity and now Mu-gyul’s? Whatever~

    They break up and get back together. It’s the thirteenth time? Why bother? The relationship is doomed to fail.

    Ugh! I’m going to pretend I didn’t watch this drama.

    • 39.1 yona

      ahahhahah! i like ur comment. 😀

  40. 40 Anonymous

    JGS message 12-28-2010
    Title : Empty Again

    The shooting time which was like a fierce battle now has become the past
    It was different to how I expected it to be. Everything was not that easy.
    In these two months, there were quarrels and happiness frequently
    Thanks for all going well to this day…
    Rather than to argue with people because of disagreement,
    I’d like to give a big hand to all the actors who had fought to defend their own roles against the scripts
    The result is that I had got a great consciousness and put down a work
    The first condition to be a good actor is to select a good work
    Due to this work…I received a birthright that I could not be arrogant
    The road of Jang Keun Suk will never be perfect
    It is not possible to always get a 100
    But even if it’s only a 60, the things that I can comprehend are much more than from a 100 transcript
    At last, I need to say something to the ones who standing opposite…
    The you that kept supporting me until the end… I love you
    The you that kept watching me until the end. Thank you for your hard work.
    Kang Mu Gyul…He is dreaming to be more freedom than now…
    Bye cri
    translated by hooyeedog @ JKS Baidu Bar

    Ooooo…my poor baby Sukkie..
    You always 100 in my eyes..

    • 40.1 mellowyel

      aww… good on them for voicing their opinions about the script. Don’t worry JGS, we have faith in you yet 🙂

    • 40.2 Sheng Her

      SIGH. Poor guys~ must’ve been hard on them with this, with the writer change and the inconsistent characters.

    • 40.3 walkingegg

      life is a balance.

      when you lost something and feel sad……you already gained another something…….something worthy that you may not noticed by now……but time will tells.

      everthing is fair and square, so just don’t be sad.

      JGS FIGHTING!!!!!!

  41. 41 JAM

    Thanks again for the recaps and the LOL moments with your comments. Now, since this is over, can we get to Queen of reversals? I don’t even mind if recaps starts with current Eps. I miss watching the show with you wonderful gals. 🙂

  42. 42 brownbeat

    If it had been anybody else, I think I would never even bother to know how it ended. Moon Geun-Young and Jang Geun-seok are to be commended. Otherwise, it’s CRAP. It’s soooo frustrating to watch wasted talent. And I’d like to HANG the music director/producer, please. If I hear THAT song one more time, I might just hunt him down. Awful song choices.

  43. 43 a-a-a

    hahahaha!! All the comments here make it seem as if MSOAN was a cautionary tale for Kdramaland lol! I’m glad I gave up by ep. 8… Any how, even if the drama was the worst EVER, the recaps were awesomely entertaining. Thanks for the laughs JB and GF, you ladies are hilarious..

  44. 44 Dante

    Wow, JB! I said the SAME EXACT THING in comments over on Koala’s site earlier today (your 3rd ‘graph and mine are eerily similar… I kid you not). If only the writers had resolved the stupid double marriage thing much earlier and instead focused on 20-somethings striking out and struggling to make it on their own… Yeah, I know: sounds too much like a U.S. drama. Oh well.

    I look to you, GF, Koala and the other Kdrama bloggers to warn us early on when anyone from M3’s useless writer(s)-PD team works on anything in the future–so we can all be sure to AVOID their shows like the plague.

  45. 45 Jenju

    Two words: Thank. God.

    • 45.1 maria

      better than MY two words: GOOD GOD.

  46. 46 akiyuki89

    honestly, i finished this series out of a sense of duty rather than enjoyment. i always finish the dramas i start watching. this series wasnt that bad, but it totally lost me about 1..2…3… um almost 10 episodes ago. i was kind of disappointed with all of it. i hope the main leads to another drama together someday to make up for this one.

  47. 47 Aqua

    *Tears…. tears….* I know that some people didn’t like this show and thought it was bad, but I still loved it because of the how the acting was. Of course I loved JGS, always did, always will… I loved the cuteness in the show, the chemistry was nice to me, because it was cheesy….
    I’m really gonna miss this show!!!

  48. 48 ck1Oz

    The best laugh I had for the last few episodes…jb’s Bitter bitter bitter…words 🙂

    I killed myself laughing at her giving dinner to 2 husbands.More of that and all of us would have died from too much drooling.

  49. 49 saranga

    i really hated the actor who played mary’s dad. from the start, i didn’t think he had father-daughter chemistry with moon geun young, and his constant whining and his voice made me want to whack him over the head. honestly, he struck me as an obscenely overgrown baby throughout the entire series. hated him. don’t even get me started on seo jun.

    okay, now that i got that out, i don’t think i’ve ever been so let down by a drama before… i really do feel sorry for these actors, because they did not deserve this hot mess of a drama.

    kudos to you guys for actually making yourselves watch this closely enough to produce recaps!!!! T.T

    • 49.1 purplebasket

      It’s more like “WHO’S THE BEST WORST PARENT” contest.

  50. 50 g

    maaa.. at least got some really really adorkable fluffy baka baka scenes from all 3 of these beautiful kawaii actors, AND very rock-n-roll-fashinable JGS and ultra kawaiii Mary <3 AND some really nice songs sung with the beautiful voice of JGS. Amen. Saankyu JB & GF!
    Can't wait for Korean version of Kimi wa Petto <3

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