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Mary Stayed Out All Night: Episode 9
by | December 7, 2010 | 200 Comments

Oh, Cute. You sure do go a long way with these two. I wish your sister Conflict could visit with as much regularity. And we won’t even talk about your third cousin Logic. There’s just no sense in crying over him. Then in the meantime, could we… maybe… get those handcuffs back?


We open on the alley of smooches, as Mary and Mu-gyul pull away post-kiss. A tear falls as Mary looks up at him. Just then, her phone rings. It’s Jung-in, and he’s waiting for her outside of Mu-gyul’s place. Well that’s what happens when you promise to marry one guy and then kiss another. Things get sticky.

Seo-jun can’t believe that Jung-in is going to be engaged to Mary of all people, and didn’t tell her. Oh, because his marriage is somehow all about YOU, isn’t it?

Mary and Mu-gyul show up not only handcuffed, but holding hands. Aw. They look at each other and brace themselves for the onslaught. Seo-jun: “Are those…handcuffs?” She can’t take this double whammy from both men all at once, and leaves.

As soon as she’s gone, Cop Rock arrives with the handcuff key. Jung-in takes it and frees Mary, taking her away for their engagement. She stops him, saying that she can’t go, and he drags her away anyway. Mu-gyul intervenes, shouting that she said she wasn’t going.

Face off!

Uh…awkward conversation instead? Okay, then. Inside, Mary tells Jung-in that she needs to follow her heart. She falters at Jung-in’s disappointment, but Mu-gyul puts his hand on hers silently, in a show of solidarity.

Jung-in sighs and agrees to call off the engagement, but asks what they plan to do from here on out. Mu-gyul says that it’s their problem now, but Jung-in reminds him that it’s all three of them still in this, since legally, HE’s her husband. Oh, right. Eep!

Jung-in reminds Mary that she’s the one who said that loyalty was most important, and tells her that it’s the time for her to be loyal to him and their deal, concerning their fathers. He asks her to keep the contract, giving their fathers and his business time to stabilize.

With that, he walks out, and only outside does he let the disappointment show on his face. Perhaps if you tried more romantic words than “business deal” and “contract” regarding your relationship, you might have a flying chance in hell. Just a thought.

He shows up to the engagement dinner alone, and tells the fathers that Mary was too distraught after visiting her mother’s grave today, so he was the one who called off the engagement. Aw, points for deflecting.

Mary’s dad jumps to the conclusion that there’s something about Mary (keh) that Jung-in doesn’t like, and announces that he’ll fix her right away. Guh. And Worst Dad of the Year goes to…!

Jung-in insists it was his idea, and his own father’s health starts to weaken at the shock. Jung-in hangs his head as he watches his father leave, disappointed in him yet again.

At home, Mary tells her dad that she can’t go through with a loveless marriage. He pinpoints right away that this is about Mu-gyul, and he can’t understand why she’d fall for such a bad seed. Mary: “He’s not like that!” Dad: “What, do guys like that wear a sign on their foreheads? How do you know?” Pffft. Now I’m getting all sorts of ideas. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if people walked around with their most dominant personality trait stamped on their foreheads? Dating would be SO much easier.

Dad cries that his biggest regret in life was watching Mary’s mother go, without having been able to provide her with anything. His one wish is to have his daughter not repeat her mistake. And yet, she married YOU for love, didn’t she? So you’re the Mu-gyul to Mary’s mom, and still you have not an ounce of understanding for Mary in this situation? Gah, parents. Do as I say, not as I do.

He grounds her and takes away her phone. Uh, aren’t you like, 24 or something?

Jung-in has the doctor check on his father, who tells him to just fold now instead of dragging out a losing battle. Jung-in tells him that he may have started this for his father, but he’s going to see the contract through for himself—he wants Mary to be his wife now.

Mu-gyul sits at home, folding paper airplanes and sending them flying all over the room, as his mom prances around trying on different outfits to take to Paris. She’s all aflutter for the big move, while he sulks that she seems to be so pleased to leave. She notes that he used to fold paper airplanes when he was little and missed her. Well then can’t you take a hint that he doesn’t want you to go? Also, adorable that he’s doing it now as a sign of missing Mary.

He flashes back, and we see little Mu-gyul flying paper airplanes at his mom’s window, where she’s shacking up with her boyfriend-du-jour. She sends him home with a wave from her window, and little Mu-gyul walks home alone. “My Precious” plays, and now we see that the song was probably written about his mom, not a girl. Aw, Kang Mu-gyul, you’re kinda breakin’ my heart.

Mary angsts over the two men in her life, when she hears something at her window. She opens it to find Mu-gyul flying paper airplanes from below, in an explosion of cuteness. She sneak out past Dad, who’s camped out in front of the door like a sleeping guard dog.

She takes Mu-gyul to look at the moon over the Han River, and yells out, “I’m ruined!” Yeah, we all felt that way the day Jang Geun-seok fell onto our radars. Whadduya gonna do?

She tells him that they hurt so many people with their relationship’s beginning, and wants to do well from here on out. Mu-gyul promises to be good this time. Mary says she wants to see the ocean, so they decide to go right then, on a whim. Love it. They set off to see the sunrise.

Jung-in arrives early the next morning to see Mary, but he and her dad discover that she’s gone.

The sun’s already up, but Mary and Mu-gyul are still driving, wondering if maybe they left too late to catch the sunrise. They wonder why they didn’t see the sun come up, only to realize that they’re heading to the Western coast because it’s the closest, without realizing that duh…you can’t see the sunrise from there. Heh.

They decide to turn back, only the car decides to conveniently die, so they wait while a mechanic fixes it. Mary calls her friend to have her explain to Dad (why can’t you call him yourself?) and gets a call from Jung-in. He asks to speak to them both, but Mu-gyul takes the phone and tells him to stop calling, and hangs up.

He asks Mary how long she plans on living under her father’s thumb, since clearly, he’s never going to approve of their relationship. She can’t believe he just thinks it’s that easy, and they fight over their respective parents’ meddling.

Seo-jun calls Jung-in and asks to see him, and he takes her to his version of an arboretum—the bookstore. He sees her eyeing a copy of Walden, which Mary had done just the other day when he gave her that library. He asks if it’s a book she likes, and she says that she came to like it because of Mu-gyul. Well, it’s pretty spot-on that of all things, Mu-gyul would spread his love of individualism to each girl he dates. But I don’t think you’re as happy being self-reliant as you’d like to believe.

Mary and Mu-gyul sleep while the car gets fixed, and wake up apologizing for their fight. Mu-gyul offers to go see her dad to convince him, making Mary beam. They decide to take a day trip somewhere, since they’re facing some separation time once they return.

Meanwhile, Dad hears from Mary’s friends that she and Mu-gyul went to the ocean to watch the sunrise, so he takes the girls with him in search of Mary. Only they head to the East coast, of course, since that’s where they should be, logically.

Mary and Mu-gyul arrive at a campsite in the woods, and lie down in the cabin, dead tired from the long night. They get cozy and Mu-gyul moves in for some smoochies, only Mary finds the situation a little TOO cozy for comfort. She pulls away and awkwardly suggests they go outside, while Mu-gyul just snuggles up closer and wants to stay in. Rawr.

To his dismay, she drags him out.

Jung-in takes Seo-jun to the market next, basically retracing his steps from his last date with Mary. Despite both being upset over Mu-gyul and Mary, they do have a spark with each other.

Mary and Mu-gyul go bike riding and build a campfire, noting the happy nuclear family camping one cabin over. Mary asks if Mu-gyul has ever wanted to build a family like that, and he says that he’s never really considered it as a realistic possibility. He grew up essentially without either parent, so he didn’t ever think he could be a good father or husband.

Mary muses that that must be the reason why he’s such a serial dater. He admits that it’s freeing to only date casually—he can come and go as he pleases. She notes that it’s really only one-sided then, since he basically only dates girls when it suits him.

He adds that girls all tend to be the same though—they start out all “you’re so cool,” and then end up nagging him to death. Kyah, the eternal male-female struggle. Mary assures him that she won’t be a nag, and he beams, saying that a musician’s ideal woman is someone who doesn’t nag.

She asks him to teach her how to play the guitar, since she’s a rocker’s girlfriend now. Gah, could they be any cuter?

Back in the city, Seo-jun plays guitar for Jung-in, as she tells him that her family wanted her to marry someone like him, but she refused because she wanted to live her life for herself. She thought that Mu-gyul felt the same way, that marriage was just an institution meant to shackle love. But she realizes now that it was just an idealistic fantasy.

Mary and Mu-gyul sit by the campfire and watch as an old couple walks by, both envious of such long-lasting love.

Mu-gyul: How many moons do you think it takes to live half a lifetime together?
Mary: It’s probably not possible with just love.
Mu-gyul: Then…loyalty?
Mary: Yeah…with loyalty, it might be possible. It’d be nice if we could last a long time with loyalty.
Mu-gyul: With you, somehow I can paint that picture in my mind…

They lie down for a quick nap with plans to watch the sunset this time (heh), and Mu-gyul falls asleep watching over Mary. But when he wakes up, he’s in for a rude awakening as Dad looms over him and announces Mary’s permanent exit from his life.

Mu-gyul and Mary end up on their knees in front of Dad back at home, and ask for his permission. He doesn’t budge, of course, and keeps Mary from leaving with him. Mu-gyul does find out that Dad married Mary’s mom in opposition to her parents, and announces that he’ll be back.

Jung-in comes by to ask Mary to go somewhere with him. She doesn’t want to, but then he tells her that his father isn’t well. Oh, that old ploy?

Mary’s dad doesn’t realize that she’s gone off with Jung-in, and heads over to Mu-gyul’s place to find her. He runs into his mother instead, and the two have another yell-a-thon at each other, that strangely devolves into a mutual sympathy session at their difficulty single-parenting.

Mu-gyul hears his mom crying and goes outside to get her to stop (’cause it’s embarrassing) and Mary’s dad softens a little bit in light of his mom. He finds out that Mary isn’t there and leaves.

She arrives to meet Jung-in’s father, and Jung-in asks her if she’s given any thought to their contract. She doesn’t reply, and he takes her silence to mean that she won’t go through with it. He asks her for one favor: to keep up appearances for his father’s sake, since his condition is aggravated by stress. She doesn’t want to lie anymore, but Jung-in reminds her that she’s the one his dad adores, and asks her again. Sad that he feels like he can’t be a source of joy for his own father.

She does as he asks, and smiles for Jung-in’s father, though with a heavy heart.

Mu-gyul has a drink with his bandmates, as they discuss the trials and tribulations of mixing rock and love. Haha. They don’t come up with any answers of course, since Mu-gyul’s life isn’t exactly one that screams “I am stable husband and son-in-law material.”

Interestingly, I find that this is one of the first times that the drama is being realistic about its world—that a young man who has worked his whole life to keep from having attachments and responsibilities is now scared in the wake of signing up for the whole horse-and-cart, so to speak. If this is going to be the main conflict from here on out, I MUCH prefer this to the earlier wedding-vs-wedding shenanigans.

He texts Mom with an “I miss you,” and asks her how the Paris-prep is going. He wonders why she doesn’t marry. She laughs at the thought, and says that she doesn’t want to be tied down, and she doesn’t have the confidence to make it work, but she IS going to give Paris a try. She adds that it might be her age talking, but that she does get really lonely, especially when she thinks of what she’ll be like when she’s an old grandma. Mu-gyul reminds her that he’s always here. She smiles at that and then wonders, “But what about you?” He sighs, lost in thought.

Mary comes home and Dad goes another round with her, refusing to budge on Mu-gyul. She begs for him to understand—this is the first guy she’s ever loved, so can’t he cut her some slack? Dad says that he’ll never approve of Mu-gyul: “You have to receive love in order to give love. He’s surrounded by darkness.” Whoa. That sounds eerily close to words out of my own father’s mouth. Why are all dads the same?

Mary insists that Mu-gyul is adorable and full of love. Aw.

Dad says that first love isn’t meant to be. Mary reminds him that he and Mom were first loves, and he says that’s why she was unhappy—because first love blinded her from reality. He insists he wants Mary to be happy, but it’s clear that he’s more interested in making sure she doesn’t repeat her mother’s “mistake” than in her opinion on her own happiness.

Mary tells him that being with Mu-gyul is the happiest she’s ever been. She’s lived so long with so much on her shoulders; she begs him for the chance to dream and be happy.

Jung-in tells Seo-jun that he plans to keep Mu-gyul on as the music producer (or get him back, I suppose) and asks if he’s okay with it. She says that she’s fine and that she’s just going to focus on work for the foreseeable future.

Jung-in goes to meet Mu-gyul, to discuss work but also Mary, and the two have another face-off. I’m pretty! No, I’m prettier! Oh, is that not what they’re fighting over?

Jung-in reminds Mu-gyul that he’s Mary’s legal husband, so if anyone’s going to end this love triangle, it’s him. Well, you’re the one who insists on staying in the game, so I suppose it’s your own grave you’re digging. He asks if Mu-gyul is ready to marry, since he is. Are you proposing? Oh, you mean to Mary. Got confused. Mu-gyul scoffs at Jung-in’s “marriage preparation,” which amounts to money, and nothing else. But it does give him pause.

He heads home lost in thought, and finds Seo-jun waiting for him outside his place. She returns the necklace he made for her, which he tells her to throw away. Her armor begins to crack at that, and she tosses it on the ground.

She tells him that she’s done pretending to be friends. He tells her to stop coming by unannounced then, and she agrees, declaring that she’ll leave with one last goodbye…

…and she kisses him. Mu-gyul doesn’t kiss back, but he doesn’t pull away either.

Mary rounds the corner with groceries for dinner in hand, and comes upon the exes in liplock, and stands there, frozen.


Gah, I’m so not in the mood for a second lead like Seo-jun right now. She’s all about the idealism and the love-is-free-from-shackles (made funnier by the use of handcuffs to bring our couple together, heh), but then in practice she’s just as bound by love as anyone, if not worse, since she refuses to face the giant pink elephant in the room: he’s just not that into you.

Now that we’re getting to the heart of the realistic conflict that Mary and Mu-gyul face as a couple, I really wish this drama could go back in time and skip the double-contract-marriage plot, and just go straight for the Hongdae indie rock-n-roll vs. the Making of a Cheongdam-dong Daughter-in-Law. So much more interesting, especially since the contract wasn’t really used to its full potential.

At least that seems to be where we’re headed from here on out: the battle of First Love vs. Arranged Marriage. One guess as to who wins.


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    • 7.1 Taber

      OMG, why do Mu-gul have to be rush into marriage? It enough that he love her and believe they should get marry someday, why does it have to be this very second just because Jung In is willing? Something this important should not be base on parent’s approval only, if at all. I think Mu-gul should stay true to himself and take the time to do what right for him because then it would be right for Mary. Mary need to STEP up in understand and support him, she should understand his hesitation is not due to lack of love but a lack of confidence. Marriage is something you do together so each person should be able to give equally, yes we all know it never equal in a relationship, but the capability should be equal.

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    But overall there was so much cute in the episode I’m willing to erase that last scene as long as they give us more cute in the next episode. Fingers crossed?

    • 12.1 pastmidnite


      we..eell…it’s a drama, i suppose. they (almost) always don’t. or if they do pull away, it’s always too late…
      every time there’s a scene like this, i always anticipate the third person in the triangle to show up. and rarely they don’t 🙂

    • 12.2 Taber

      YES! Mu-gul did not pull away, nor do I think he should have, the kiss was about Mu-gul and Seo Jin in the closure of her lingering feelings and the end of whatever guilt he feels toward her. He was cold and non-responsive pulling away or even pushing her away is not the kind of person Mu-gul is. Mary did not pull away from the kiss with Jang in and that kiss wasn’t about closure it was about Jang In probing to see if there any attraction and Mary curiosity too see if there is anything as well

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    I really much rather prefer if they just introduced another girl for Jung In at this point or if he just stayed single lol. Haha… Like Go Ara or something. That couple would be nice to look at lol.

    To add…. I REALLY REALLY HOPE that they don’t make Jung In into one of those jerkface pricks because I love Kim Jae Wook and truthfully, it’s just healthier and less aggravating to the viewers if they just show Jung In moving on and gaining some independence from that jerkface father.

    • 13.1 enjay87

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      • 14.3.1 blue jay

        “She takes Mu-gyul to look at the moon over the Han River, and yells out, “I’m ruined!” Yeah, we all felt that way the day Jang Geun-seok fell onto our radars. Whadduya gonna do?” – that…..really ….had me cracking up, shaking in laughter coz that hit right at the mark…..much more than any episode till now has. I smile and say aww at the cuteness of the lead pair, but that’s pretty much it.

        And yeah, I seriously agree that all the 4 leads/sub-leads can definitely do so much more if the plotline gives them a chance. It is getting a tinie-winnie bit irritating that their talents are so under-utilised, while watching this drama it sends me off to fiction land with so many better possible deviations……sigh……but, still chances that it might get better ^^

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    For some reason, I just can’t get into this series. I don’t know, maybe cause I’m one of those crazy ones that likes the typical drama story of mean rich guy falls for the poor nice girl. I think the 2 are really cute together, but I don’t know the story isn’t keeping me interested. I’m sure when I come back and rewatch it again in a few months, I’ll like it. And I usually really like marriage contact centered plots. I just think they make for interesting stories – do they actually happen like that in real life?

    Anyhow – I wish the best for the cast, they do have a lot of chemistry. This kinda reminds me of how I felt about YEH’s last series.

    • 15.1 bashful

      Hi there,

      Thanks for sharing your thougths on MSAON.

      I too saw YEH’s last drama (Take care of the Young Lady). But I thought it is very different than MSAON. Unlike MSAON, I did not get the same excitement, the same “looking forward to next episode” feeling from TCOTYL. Also, I found the second lead story lines (the ones played by Jung Il-Woo and Moon Chae?) so much weaker. Both second leads’ story line did not have much reason to fight for their love interest and that in the end it was the grandfather that held back YEH’s character and the butler (don’t recall his name but he is Oska! in Secret Garden). Whereas here in MSAON, we find Jung In (although with stiff acting I thought) is trying to hold on to Mary because of fear of his father’s ire or disappointment. We also find Seo Jeon clinging to MG because she was the ex-girlfriend who wanted to get married but MG did not. So I thought there is more conflict (and thus more to look forward to) established here in MSAON than TCOTYL.
      Lastly, I thought YEH’s portrayal of a spoiled heiress and her interaction with the butler character a bit forced. She was much better in Goong and Coffee Prince. But in MSAON, I thought JGS and MGY’s portrayal as a couple is not forced at all. I find them so naturally cute together, as many have echoed the same praise in this site.

      Just my thoughts…

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      i’ve watched that too many time and got tired of it >.>

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    Logic is totally out of the picture when it comes to this drama. (which makes me feel that as much as i love the pairing and actors and acting chops… it’s hard to stay gaged because the logic hole and plotholes – oh dear God)

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    • 20.1 YesungBiased

      i’m hoping that we will be able to dig in a little more into her past and her family life.
      she looked fine at the end of the second episode though. she looked like she was finally ready to end whatever feelings she had for MG.
      I still like her. sad that so many are hating on her. if Seo Joon read these negative comments, she’d go mad lol

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    I really hope that the Major Conflict in this plot could switch to something other than the double marriage dilemma, because truth be told, it’s getting a little worn out. I love the characters so much, and I think they are really the highlights of this drama, along with the actors that portray them.
    Because of this drama, I can’t wait for Mondays to come! 🙂

  23. 23 xmga

    Thanks for the recap. 🙂

  24. 24 bashful

    Hi GF,

    Thanks much for your recaps!

    I love this episode too.

    LOL at your comment about what it would be like having signs on our foreheads about our dominant personality.

    Thanks again.

  25. 25 dannaluk

    lol @third cousin logic…..i’m glad we’re getting some conflict now whether logically or not….7 more eps…better up your game drama!

  26. 26 PickmePICKME

    I seriously hope beyond hope that Maeri doesnt believe what she be seeing. As a drama addict, she better knows better and to trust kang Mu Gyul. hahah I just noticed that Mu Gyul sounds a little like Michael in a weird way. aww Michael. But anyways, i seriously hope beyond hope that shes smart enough to know what up. Or that mu gyul push that bitch off in the next ep.

    Song of the day: Move bitch by Ludacris ft mystikal. LMAO it just came in my head

    • 26.1 anais

      Well, right now would be a good time for her to stand by her adherence to loyalty. Although faith probably would help too.

  27. 27 ladeeda

    I’m willing to overlook all the illogical things going on, this drama is my “fluff” drama really, I’m just along for the ride, it’s entertaining enough for me to keep watching more.

    Though that Seo-jun is grating my nerves… such a drama queen. I think (but hope it’s not true) she will end up with Jung-in, who I kinda feel sorry for with all his issues (esp. with daddy).

    Must say, I never knew Jang Geun-seok before this drama, so when I first started watching, he was unattractive looking to me. His look really is not my type. He’s a good actor, but just his look didn’t impress me. But after this episode, I realized it’s only when he’s doing his mopey and mean looks, because this episode, when he was so full of genuine smiles (esp. the airplane scene with Mary), he actually looked.. gasp… cute to me!

    • 27.1 yakunamo

      I fell in love with Jang Geuk Suk watching “You’re Beautiful”….I love his voice particularly when he sang “Fly me to the Moon” kkkkk!!!

  28. 28 PickmePICKME

    PS.. I can’t believe i yelled at Kim Jae wook in this ep, like he was just any kind of second lead. Im so sorry. But still I hope he mans up, slap his dad around like he should and marry Seo Jun, because even though I dont like her for mu gyul…i see that she and Jung In have a chemistry going on

    • 28.1 YesungBiased

      LOL high five sista~
      he and Seo Joon are looking cuter together. Especially when he was playing the guitar for her after her crying in the shower scene, she looked at him… I don’t know how to describe the way she looked at him, but it was just really cute and beautiful. It was like, with deep respect and admiration and how a girl would stare at a boy she’s in love with… 🙂 cute~
      Jung In should totally end up marry Seo Joon. Their personalities match much better also, and they do look good together.

  29. 29 JAM

    For some reason, I’m too am getting bored though I love the main casts to bits. Skipping over all the parts till I get Jung-in and Mary which isn’t much. Sigh…. He’s like Joo Ji-hoon in Goong except he ain’t gonna get the girl this time. SIGH!

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    “Mu-gyul: With you, somehow I can paint that picture in my mind…”

    I died a little inside from how romantic that was. Love it!!!

    Thanks for the recap. Even with all the flaws this drama makes me keep coming back for more. I like all the slivers we get from the leads, and I am def interested in seeing how Jung-In and SJ set off more sparks with each other.


  31. 31 mellowyel

    i love this drama against all logic. lucky for me, logic isn’t necessary to enjoy it, lol. I do wish it wasn’t so clunky though. i find myself anticipating each episode not for the story but for the cute. very few times have i stuck with something for similar reasons, so my patience is wearing thin. I like the idea that we’ll get some development from MuGyul though, so I’ll stick with it for him. He’s the most interesting character at this point, with the most potential for growth – and of course it’s his turnaround that needs to come before we get to our happy ending. unfortunately, that makes it kinda dull because everyone else’s issues with MG/MR is just an unnecessary roadblock, that will eventually only be erased by a random change of heart that won’t make much sense. here’s hoping they do something more with the other characters to make it a more interesting journey to the end.

    thanks for the recap, GF!

  32. 32 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap! I think what’s stopping me from enjoying this series is that I don’t care abt anyone else in the drama except for the main couple. Everyone else is sort of VERY annoying. They tried to make me care abt Jung-In, but his character is not well-sketched out enough for me. And it kills me how he isn’t utilized very well in this drama after watching his performance in Bad Guy. I only like him when he and Mu-gyul are together. I’m so glad JGS and MGY are in this- else I don’t think it will be very watchable. Those two are awesome!

    This drama’s got some good material, but they need someone like Mary in real life to maybe clean it up. =D

  33. 33 반디

    야옹~~ arranged marriage wins over first love for me ^^ but this a drama were talking about, so: first love wins

    • 33.1 YesungBiased

      yeah, just be with the guy who loves you and he won’t hurt you. sigh.

  34. 34 gmei

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  35. 35 JOYce

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    Find myself always skipping Seo-jun's part. Boring and unimportant!

  36. 36 danni

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    -Literally lol’d at this and the marriage proposal. I think it should be against the law to put two pretty guys in a drama ever again, it just makes the imagination go wild.

    I agree, this is not the time for Seo-jun to go crazy second lead, though she was already headed in that direction. She needs to move on. But not to Jung-in.

    I only watched about one-fourth of this episode–time is not on my side right now–but I’m hoping that they take that loyalty conversation between Mary and Mu-gyul and Mu-gyul’s conflict with actually being in a real relationship somewhere. Overbearing parents and interfering exex/fiances can only go on so long before you hit the fastforward button. Maybe that kiss(and the kiss only, no more Show) could help.

    Thanks for the recap gf!

    • 36.1 yahoo!

      I think the reason why they put 2 pretty guys together in this drama is for the viewers to have hard time choosing who’d they want the lead actress to end with.

      Team Moo Kyul vs Team Jung In

      Personally, I’m already having a hard time.

      • 36.1.1 YesungBiased

        I had a really hard time too, but I’ve given up on Team Jung In (with Mary).
        I’m actually not really watching this for Moo Kyul and Mary either, but for Jung In and Seo Joon (go 2nd leads!).
        I think Mary should end up with Jung In, but it’s highly unlikely…..

  37. 37 Serendipity


    I’m pretty! No, I’m prettier! Oh, is that not what they’re fighting over?

    Now my colleagues thinks I am nuts laughing over ’emails’

    • 37.1 Katiamon

      yeees! me too! my family thinks i’m crazy or a schizo for LOL alone in my bedroom XD!

  38. 38 Anonymous

    In the last scenes, Mu-gyul has his hair pulled up in a bun O.o

    • 38.1 anais

      I LURVED IT!!

      I absolutely adore Jang Geun Seok in all his androgyny, especially when he goes all out as with the high ponytail/bun.

  39. 39 Anonymous

    thks for recap!!

    – mu gul and mary – very cute couple without the annoying elements of cutesy cloyness. mary’s cute without the ‘too stupid to live’ behaviour (which is used by many actresses to equate cuteness); and mu gul’s cute and masculine at the same time.

    tho’ drama hasn’t got a great storyline, i’ll follow it to the end!! it’s just enjoyable to watch these 2 yg people. i love that they are gt actors – their acting skills really make every scene come alive. the alley of smooches was fantastic!!

    and jks’s intense eyes can make every feeling/emotion felt by the viewer. and his body language tells the story too. ah, u see? i’m a great jks fan!

  40. 40 rachel

    thks for recap!!

    – mu gul and mary – very cute couple without the annoying elements of cutesy cloyness. mary’s cute without the ‘too stupid to live’ behaviour (which is used by many actresses to equate cuteness); and mu gul’s cute and masculine at the same time.

    tho’ drama hasn’t got a great storyline, i’ll follow it to the end!! it’s just enjoyable to watch these 2 yg people. i love that they are gt actors – their acting skills really make every scene come alive. the alley of smooches was fantastic!!

    and jks’s intense eyes can make every feeling/emotion felt by the viewer. and his body language tells the story too. ah, u see? i’m a great jks fan!

  41. 41 rachel

    sorry, accidentally posted twice. got carried away by jks!!

  42. 42 ANONYMOUS

    i hope Jung In gets the girl in the end..

    • 42.1 JAM

      i would like that ending too but its not going to happen. Poor guy, work piling on the stress, dad piling on the stress and now mary. But hey! he hasn’t hit the bottles yet! 😀

    • 42.2 Joly

      I do hope so.HO HO Ho
      Although I like JGS but for me I always feel sorry with second lead especialy KJW.

  43. 43 whatis

    man… am I the only who who’s getting more and more irritated at this drama? I really did start out LOVING it. And I felt very disappointed when I read the news that Giant won the ratings game by a landslide, and MSOAN dropped to a new low – because in general, I love the drama.

    But this episode… my oh my. Felt like it’s dragging its feet across mountains. Maybe it’s just not my cup of tea to watch an awesome and strong female lead being trampled across with numerous guilt trips. And then when she finally has a breakthrough, she not only gets trampled on, but entirely flattened out. I don’t know how Mary can take all that crap, ’cause I’m already extremely frustrated as the viewer.

    I don’t know how many more episodes they intend to run this “please marry this guy who can provide for you financially even though you obviously really really do not want to, and are crying about this whole ridiculous ordeal that your father has forced upon you which is completely illegal in the first place, and also you’re 24 years of age, but in everyone’s mind you are merely a brainless pretty child who cannot think for herself, therefore everyone in the drama will think FOR you, and all of this is, of course, for your own good”

    PLEASE, drama, treat Mary with the respect she deserves. Just can’t help feeling what a shame it is to start Mary off to be recognized as a girl with bravery, composure, rationale, and righteousness (from Seo-jun freaking out episode in bathroom, and also Mary demanding Jung-in to give her work to do so she isn’t leeching) to be reduced to a guilt ridden puppet.

    I gotta say, I’m never a fan of dramas focusing on families. Because there are just too much of the “I’m forcing this down your throat for your own good.” Guilt-trip galore. Bah!!

    • 43.1 rachel

      i too think it wd be a shame for a girl like mary, a great girl with a mind of her own, to become a guilt-ridden puppet. hopefully the script writer(s) wd allow her strong character to overcome stereotypes of a guilt-ridden characters. i want mary to be feisty and to be fighting for mu gul and for her own happiness as well. 🙂

      i know the story’s not that great at the moment, but i still enjoy watching the acting of the 2 main leads.

      • 43.1.1 bashful


        While I can see that Mary’s character is given guilt trips by the script writer (e.g. when JI asks Mary to visit his Dad), I thought the script writer had also let Mary show some backbone. Didn’t Mary sneak out at night to meet with MG, even though she was supposed to be grounded? Prior to that night out, Mary refused and did not attend the engagement party (which was after she acknowledged her feelings for MG).

        Just my thoughts…

      • 43.1.2 schirtlea

        totally agree!

        mary fight for mugyul!

        mugyul i so wonder why u didn’t pull away..

    • 43.2 soyachan

      I like and agree with your comment. The writer didn’t convince me that the charactors acted their age. I’d have no problem if it set up in their teen. Hope the writer and production team will come up with better story for the rest of the drama. If it won’t help the rating, at least the drama should create a buzz like ‘You’re Beautiful’. I love the actors in this drama. I wish them the best.

      • 43.2.1 Wellington

        …i agree with you. for me the reason is: hong sisters, the writers of yab including gumiho, are much better writers/story tellers.

    • 43.3 Anne

      I know you don’t watch Giant because those words would have rip your tongue out, I like Mary but it NOTHING compare too GIANT..LOL

  44. 44 Paloma

    1) Am I the only one who is absolutely fed up with Jung-in´s father shouting and shouting at him?

    2) Mu-gyul character is absolutely charming. No doubt about it. There are very cute scenes in this drama. I love romanticism in life!!

    3) I am just fascinated with Kim Jae Wook. He has “something”. Interesting man. I like him!! 🙂
    I cannot say exactly the same as Jung-in.
    Again in a drama a very plain character. I am waiting for a kind of “explosion”: tie off, sport clothes, stronger personality, more decisions, fight for Mary with all his heart, another gooooood and better kiss with Mary and him. I want real action with this character!!

    As always thank you for all your recaps.

    • 44.1 Mars

      1: I’ve said this before but both dads are terrible! I am leaning towards hating Creepy Dad the most, stop yelling and get yourself to a therapist ASAP Creepy Dad.

      2: I am crushing on Mu-gyul. The weird thing is that he’s not the usual type that I’d be making eye-hearts at, but he’s somehow charmed his way into my heart! Ha.

      3: Yup! He’s got something. He was better as the Tae-sung in Bad Guy, which is really annoying, because he went from playing a damaged loose canon to a complete snorefest in MSOAN. I’m looking squarely in the direction of the writers because COME ON tap into his awesome. My parting comment is: don’t you think his cheek bones are a little out of control in this?

      • 44.1.1 YesungBiased

        3. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL and I thought I was the only one who thought that about his cheekbones xD

  45. 45 yellow2006m

    I fully believe that JI’s dad only wants JI to marry Mary because he has a perverted desire to be with Mary’s mom through his son. It’s like hes saying “I couldn’t get the real thing so my son should get the next best thing and i can live through him.”

    And Mary’s dad is dumb as hell for not noticing and SELLing his daughter to the perv.

    ANd after seeing SJ kiss MG idont even want to finish this drama…i will though just to see if they can make it worse than it already is

    And as always THANK YOU for your hard work 😀

    • 45.1 Rina

      JI’s dad is such a creeper – I wouldn’t doubt he’s using them to live out his dream of being with Mary’s mom.

  46. 46 hmm...

    I just think it would be the greatest if mary chooses neither and goes out and becomes her own woman -.-;;

    • 46.1 Jomo

      But, in order to fulfull the Drama Code, she will need to do one of the following:

      1. Go abroad – for two years
      2. Go to graduate school, medical school, or be trained as s a something that pays well – for two years
      3. Maybe get sick and require treatment? – for two years
      4. Volunteer for a good cause – for two years
      5. Become amnesiac (or anemic) – for two years

      Bottom line, we won’t see hide nor hair of her, for two years…

      • 46.1.1 x0mi07


  47. 47 Dandelion

    T Q girlfriday.

    In episode 9 Mary is facing the reality that her beloved boyfriend will make her life not simplistic or uncomplicated and it will not be a peaceful marriage at all girl ! grow-up girl !. As a singer with a band group he (MG) will always be surounded by beautiful and young school girls- even his students mob at him. And he will also be groped too.

    She has to share her man with the public in close proximity or physical touching or sometimes leading to intimacy. Have to face the fact like the last cliche – kissing
    from his ex beau. You have to share him with others !.

    She evades MG smooching thrice, could be not sure of her love ? or the screenwriter is playing with our wishful thinking for JI to get his girl and now making JI character a baddie from now on ! which is unrealistic to change his character in episode 10 ?

    Kim Jae Wook , aja ! aja !!

  48. 48 mary

    I really wish the ending of this drama will be different..aalthough mgy n jgs is cute togeether but I though jung in n maeri seems more romantic..I really wish maeri will choose jungin in the end..huhuhu

  49. 49 Llola

    Good acting jobs from all the actors, but this story is so boring to watch.

  50. 50 hmseen

    thanks for the recap…watched this on raw so I was just putting 2 and 2 together but not getting 5…but all haywired LOL! Mary…don’t play hard to get with the next smoochies okay….you just need to trust your heart and loyalty to give and accept with MG…hehehehe

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