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My Princess releases teaser poster photos
by | December 16, 2010 | 69 Comments

Aw, now that’s adorable, no? Not only does Kim Tae-hee play a rags-to-riches Cinderella type of character in MBC’s My Princess, she’s pretty much dressed AS Cinderella, with that ballroom gown and sparkly tiara. Well, seeing as the drama is basically a modern-day fairy tale, why not go full-out for the princess motif, right? Although I’m confused as to why the princess is holding balloons and posing against a fake castle backdrop, like she’s a cast member in Disneyland’s Main Street parade.

In these stills, Kim Tae-hee’s character Lee Seol, an ordinary university student, poses with Park Hae-young (Song Seung-heon), the sole heir to a chaebol corporation who is also a foreign diplomat.

Kim Tae-hee’s no stranger to the trendy rom-com, though it’s been years since she’s done one (2004’s Love Story In Harvard), while this is Song’s first rom-com drama ever. I’m hoping that the woodenness I’ve come to expect from him in his dramatic and action roles is less of an issue in a light-hearted comedic drama. If anything, the two make a pretty gorgeous pair. Yay for eye candy!

The drama premieres on January 5.

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69 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mymymai

    I thought this was a car showroom promo at first. If they want to do Cinderella, then where is the pumpkin carriage drawn by horses? Sigh~

    • 1.1 therainhouse

      Haha! Pumpkin carriage…

      Props to the product placement team though.

      Anyone has any idea about what those numbers are about?

      I love pretty things. Even more when they come in pairs. I can only imagine how pretty the children of Song Seung Hun and Kim Tae Hee would be if they got married. I wish in my heart of hearts for a hookup between these two beautiful stars.

    • 1.2 annie

      well in my eyes, that car somewhat look like a carriage and a horse. ^_^

    • 1.3 matinsoleil

      hahahaha you’re so right!

  2. Carmie

    I’m kinda looking forward to this drama. I’m in the mood for something light hearted. Hopefully this makes sense more sense than MSOAN.

  3. Emi

    His character description makes me laugh every time πŸ˜€ But so much pretty!

    • 3.1 HS


  4. myweithisway

    It’ll be interesting to see how well they act this…if the storyline is half as nonsensical as MSOAN, I’ll be tuning out–I doubt they have enough charisma to hold the show together if the show doesn’t have a strong storyline.

  5. D

    i saw the trailer yesterday and saw a Samsoon bangs.. and this poster stills confirmed it…

  6. jeri

    they are gorgeous together πŸ™‚

  7. Melkim

    Remember SSH in “3 guys and 3 girls”? I thought his comedic timing was great in that.

  8. JD

    *O* I can’t deny–I’m a bit excited.

    • 8.1 JD

      OK, I just watched the trailer and now I’m REALLY excited to see how this turns out. As long as Kim Tae Hee keeps up that onscreen dorkiness, I’m IN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. KWP

    The pictures make me lol so hard. ><

    • 9.1 VanillaSalt

      Omg when I first looked at ur comment I thought it said “this poster make me so hard” and I wad like O_0

      • 9.1.1 Justine


  10. 10 Shorties

    Song Seung Heon may not have ever been in a rom com Kdrama but wasn’t he in He Was Cool (which i thought was pretty hilarious and cute) and Make It Big (which was also a funny movie)…does that count as comedy? ahahaha…though I saw the trailer and he seemed pretty stiff in it since his character is serious or something…booo

    • 10.1 JD

      I’m sorry, but I thought He Was Cool was terrible D:

      • 10.1.1 girlatsea

        I have to agree. Just terrible. I really don’t understand why people love this movie so much.

        • Biscuit

          It had a bit of Hana Yori Dango.

          Sort of. Normal girl sticking up to the big guy, and the nice guy gets rejected… and all that other… stuff.

          • asianromance

            I think that is why I loved it too. It came out at the tail end of my interest for Hana Yori Dango/Meteor Garden and during my obsession with Guiyeoni’s internet novels (though now I’m like, how did I enjoy those novels where a good chunk of the word count are emoticons?! ).

            And not to mention that Jung Da Bin (RIP) was so lovable! SSH didn’t really get to exercise any comedy in the movie, so I’m hoping that My Princess may bring out a funny side in him.

            I think the first pic of Kim Tae Hee makes her look a bit like Audrey Hepburn!

            (and if KTH’s character becomes a princess- does that mean she gets to be richer than SSH’s character?)

    • 10.2 D

      yes, he was in both movies cos i have hv these 2 VCDs, LOL….

      ummm, he was ok not really the funny guy. I fell for Lee Ki-woo (Hansung oppa) instead of him, kekekeke..

      Make It Big – the movie itself is quite funny but I had my eyes on KSW (sorry, that was wayyy back then)

      @ JD & girlatsea – I agree the movie itself is not that great and i much prefer the fanfic but it’s a movie I hold very dear to my heart becos of JDB (RIP) and ofcourse LKW*mine* i can’t explain why I love it so much..

    • 10.3 bd

      HWC was unwatchable.

      If KTH’s role allows for some of her natural charisma/dorkiness to shine, she’ll do better than SSH.

  11. 11 missjb

    i love eye candy…. bring it on… heehee

  12. 12 miss unknown

    So far from the trailer I could say that I already like Tae Hee but I don’t know about Song Seung-heon yet…we’ll see I guess…

  13. 13 hpn88

    The poster’s are cute and they’re pretty much the only thing that’s caught my eye so far.

    • 13.1 hpn88

      ok edit…I just saw the trailer…2 words: RICK ASTLEY!
      Now all I want to know is if that was meant as a joke or are they serious right now?

  14. 14 teapot

    Actually, I kinda think the first pic is downright brilliant. Its just got so many LAYERS. I mean obviously the costumes play up the whole Princess bit to the extreme, and then you have the uber-luxe car (as if to scream royalty, people!) in front of the palace backdrop. If they’d stopped there I would have found it treacly, but no. Instead of a full-shot palace backdrop, they use this undersized one, and add those stage curtains, which takes the whole thing from overliteral to almost tongue-in-cheek.
    And the balloons? Well, I have no idea if they have some hidden meaning, but they do a damn fine job of adding height to the composition which draws our eyes up to the lighting grid, to point out, yes this is a stage! (the balloons also do a pretty good job of (mostly) obscurring that lighting umbrella that looks so kooky in the second pic). And whoever styled the balloons deserervs a rose boquet; the way the top lavender and deep purple ones resolve into the black header is GENIUS. Go ahead, just try reimagining the picture with a white and pink one at the top. See?
    Which brings me to the colors, and.I.just.die. The way the rich blues of the sky (thanks in part to that pesky umbrella light) juxtapose with the the deep reds of the curtains and the car is gorgeos. And I love the little whispy elements that tie the colors together, like the hint of pale blue on the neck and sash of the gown and that center red balloon.
    For me, that top pic is like choloate melting in my mouth while I sit, wrapped in a silk-velvet blanket, in a pool of sunlight streaming through the window. If the drama uses visuals half as well, I might just watch it for the pretty!

    • 14.1 suz

      it is very pretty. πŸ™‚

    • 14.2 belacan

      it si like kindergarden story book.

    • 14.3 teapot

      um, OK. In hind site I kinda geeked out on that one.

    • 14.4 AT

      I love how you explain this–teaches me to appreciate the finer details of a picture.

      • 14.4.1 acta est fabula, plaudite!

        I agree πŸ™‚

  15. 15 Fasiris Fay

    very pretty, I’m actually excited about this…if only to see how horrible its going to be πŸ˜›

  16. 16 maria

    no horse-drawn carriage, no dice!! πŸ˜€

  17. 17 Sobia

    I think these are really great promo pics. I like how the wider view picture on the bottom shows how it’s a set and how everything is fake — maybe they will be getting a bit meta on us with this revamped fairytale (and do a better job pulling it off than MSOAN)?

  18. 18 Cam

    WOOOOOOT WOOOOOOT!!!!! ^________^

    I am sure that this drama will be great for a lightly-comedy drama, heh.


  19. 19 Kisa

    where the heck is park ye jin that is the only reason im gonna watch this drama

  20. 20 suz

    can’t wait for the fashion in this drama! :] heh

  21. 21 girlatsea

    God, it does look really pretty. I saw the trailer and I think I’m getting pretty excited for this.

  22. 22 blueangel

    I’m really looking forward to this drama for some reason. When i first heard about it i wasn’t too sure but i’m really interested in it now!
    I can’t wait and i’m sucking up all the goodies we’re getting. Thanks for all the treats JB and GF

  23. 23 YBisTOP

    I am super excited for this drama! Looking forward to watch it!

  24. 24 rainbowstarrs

    I am optimistically looking forward to Song Seung Heun
    I know he’s not the best actor but I used to think Park Shi Yeon couldn’t show any range of emotion at all. I saw her in Coffee House, and she’s amazing, love her now.

    Looking forward to checking this one out!

  25. 25 danna

    …they look adorable…and the i love those baloons…..though why we have them here seems to me a mystery

  26. 26 Biscuit

    All I can this is: Sooooooo puurrrrrtttttyyy.

    It’s almost like a cf.

    Although, I still don’t feel any anticipation for the drama. I just like the pictures.

    • 26.1 D

      with the 2 pretties may it’ll be a 16 eps CF?

      that wouldnt be too bad cos I think KTH emotes better in CF than when acting

      • 26.1.1 Biscuit

        I know. Talking about watching a drama for it’s visuals.

  27. 27 Natalie

    It does look like a parade/Disneyland thing. Ah well, the pictures from the drama so far look cute, I might check it out.

  28. 28 jacq

    Love Love Love SSH!!! Yay for this drama! Can’t wait!

    • 28.1 deannadsc

      I’ve pretty much watched most of SSH’s dramas in the past(except for EoE!!)…& found him mildly attractive!
      But seeing the preview of MP…had me seeing him in a new light!!! esp. after seeing the abs scene!!wink*wink*

      I’ll definitely watch this…maybe not so much for the acting but for the SSH eye candy!!!LOL!!

  29. 29 A

    I would watch this. I suffered through LOve Story in Harvard because of Kim Rae Won, though. KTH really is not a good actress. She just bats her eyelids and looks pretty!! Eep. I also suffered through Autumn Story…. haha.

    Still, looks fun and light enough to watch. Doesn’t she look too old to be a student?!?! It washard enough believing it in Love Story in harvard.

  30. 30 Chris

    Looking forward to watching this too. This looks like a good pairing.

    Admittedly, I am so hooked on Secret Garden at the moment. πŸ™‚

  31. 31 Cpham

    I agree. SSH is woody actor. But so is KTH. But to be fair, they look great together.

    I actually like the balloons in the first teaser poster because it visually asserts buoyancy, bliss, and happiness.

  32. 32 ruthie

    i think the only reason im still debating if im gonna watch this is kim taehee…urghhh i hate her acting! poor her coz yejin is gonna eat her whole(acting wise)

  33. 33 aprodithe

    for some reason i dont expect much for this drama. even though the story is not cinderella, most of K-drama is all about cinderella. lovers in paris, sungkyunghwan scandal, BOF, and the list goes on.
    but i still gives the drama a chance…just like the list above, it can manage to grab my attention even not 100%, so why not…
    just hoping it’s not a repetition or such

  34. 34 cha

    I am looking forward to this drama coz’ of the writer by secret garden’s kim eun sook πŸ™‚

  35. 35 124y

    I never count Love Story In Harvard as a rom-com. For me, the genre was Drama & Romance ( I dont recall any comedy but I remember she had some sickness). so i would count this as KTH’s first romcom!! lets see how she handle it.

  36. 36 SOo-IN-LURVE

    just watched da trailer!!!
    can’t wait to watch da drama…. i guess da rom-com will surely b fun!!!
    Okae JAN5 come ASAP….
    can’t wait for it as i m hookd to SG…
    <3 SSH!!!

  37. 37 ivy

    Is this really Song Seung Hun’s first rom-com? ‘Cause I remember watching him doing a light romance series called Popcorn years back. And that was definitely no melodrama or makjang. It was just a fluffy enjoyable piece

  38. 38 Carinne

    OMG-sh, no they didn’t!?! *rolls eyes*

  39. 39 Observer

    This is called Korean taste of fairy tale i.e. dipping kimchi into soya sauce and wasabi, and serve it on a candle light breakfast table, and all the guests (in this case, the viewers), suppose to eat it with folk and knife!! Er!! Yuck!! That’s called Korean creativity!! ^_________^

  40. 40 le

    i saw the teaser, KTH seems very cute & funny. the 1st i’ve seen.

  41. 41 tae

    i’m worried about this drama, partly because the plot sounds outdated and familiar and mostly because i have little to no faith in either ssh or kth’s acting abilities…

    please prove me wrong T__T

  42. 42 Laeah

    I’d watch it, but any drama with Kim Tae Hee in it makes me want to shoot myself. :\

  43. 43 hmseen

    the two drama that i have watched with Song in has been heart breaking and sad ones….where the female leads ended up dead….so I hope this time round…the screenwriter give him a break and let him have his happy ending…

  44. 44 laine

    this is freaking excited……..

    especially this is the first time of SSH in the rom-com era……

    how he’s acting to be a comedian? aahahaa..

  45. 45 berrymonster

    i can’t wait to watch this drama. January 5 way long to go.

  46. 46 more

    After East Of Eden im not looking forward to the acting

  47. 47 @.@

    i will be checking this drama out, for sure.

    oh, and please help me, i’m suuper desperate which is why i’m posting this here. in fugitive: plan b ep 10 part 3, when mijin is going to kill rain, jini, and detective. arabic instrumental piece. it plays throughout the drama whenever the baddies are plotting evil deeds, but it isn’t on the soundtrack!!!! if anyone know the name or where i can dowload from, simply reply!!! thanks!!!

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