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Secret Garden: Episode 10
by | December 13, 2010 | 311 Comments

Apparently everyone woke up on the right side of the bed this episode, because every eligible bachelor in town starts lining up at Ra-im’s door, and fighting each other like the ten-year olds that they are. Oska wins for Best Smile, Jong-soo wins for Most Embarrassed, and Joo-won wins for Sparkliest Boxers. Yup. You heard me.


Joo-won discovers Ra-im and Oska mid-flirt outside her apartment, where he’s clearly been waiting for her like the stalker that he is. The best part is that Oska and Ra-im gang up on him like a pair of older siblings, just to rub it in his face. Wait, scratch that. The best part is the new tracksuit, this time hand-stitched by French artisans. HA.

Ra-im: “Why are you wearing an ajumma’s long underwear?” Heeeeee. She adds that she told him quite clearly that she didn’t want to see him anymore, so he’s either got rocks for brains, or he’s REALLY REALLY into her. I just love her right now. She’s so much better as a sassypants than the over-apologetic meek girl.

She pointedly tells “oppa” to drive home safely, and walks right past Joo-won without a word. He follows her to her door like a little kid, whining that he didn’t get a proper goodbye. She slams her front gate in his face, and he screams, “My nose is higher than other people’s! It could’ve gotten hurt! Didn’t you think of that?” Haha. Even in his rants, this guy is all about how awesome HE is. It kills me.

She goes in without a word, and Ah-young gives her a package—it’s some books she ordered. She tells Ah-young that she went to someone’s house and it had a library filled with books, and it made her wonder if he had read them all, what he was thinking when he read them, and if she read them too, she might find some truth about him that she may have missed before.

Aw. How freaking ADORABLE is that? Trying to know a person (who is outwardly unknowable) by reading the same books as him? That’s the cutest and nerdiest thing ever. It hits me right here.

She puts the copy of Alice in Wonderland on her shelf, and we see that she’s started a little collection of her own. Next to her collection of action DVDs is the beginnings of her own mini library, with the likes of 1984 and One Hundred Years of Solitude. I love that juxtaposition of their two personalities sitting side by side on her shelf. Strangely enough, it looks a lot like my bookshelf, which perhaps means I have a split personality, but that’s neither here nor there.

Joo-won follows Oska home to ask if he really meant that stuff he said to Ra-im. He throws the question of sincerity right back at Joo-won, asking if he can really take responsibility for his feelings, and for Ra-im. Joo-won: “Responsibility? Did you take responsibility for all the women you dated?” Oska: “That’s why I get cursed at.” Heh. Point taken.

Oska tells him to be honest about himself—that he isn’t the type to give up everything for a woman because he doesn’t feel the need to. He couldn’t even handle the bag incident, let alone the wave of terror that’s bound to come from his mother. He points out rather correctly that Joo-won thinks of marriage like a business deal; hence he should just meet some girl more like him, and stop with Ra-im before she gets hurt. Aw, I sort of love Oska oppa coming to her defense.

He questions Joo-won about his motives with Seul too, citing the handholding incident from the golf course. He wonders if he’s planning to marry Seul and just have some fun with Ra-im: “Rotten bastard. Take your hands off of both of them. They’re both too good for you.” Dayum. And woot, Oska! I love that Joo-won has SOMEONE in his life that’ll tell it like it is.

Joo-won sits alone in his empty palace, brooding over his hyung’s words. He puts Ra-im’s map back together, and above his own name writes, “Cowardly.”

Ra-im stays up to read Alice in Wonderland, and this time the titles on her shelf form a little poem:

Alice in wonderland
Like a fairytale
The night that Eun-ha shot through the galaxy
A bad boy is standing there
This insignificant melancholy
She walked at the pace of memory

(I’m approximating on the third title, which is a play on the name Eun-ha, the same word for galaxy, or Milky Way—it could be The Night that the Milky Way Pierced the Galaxy, but that makes no sense. Hence, the pun.)

Jong-soo records himself reading the script for Dark Blood and gives it to Ra-im, the helpfulness of which I don’t really understand, as he’s reading a script in English, in English, but anyway, she’s touched, and she trains fervently for the role.

Both Joo-won and Ra-im go back to their daily lives, and as Joo-won gets ready for work the next day, he discovers a little memo that Ra-im left behind—a printout of instructions on how to tie a tie. Ha. Something about that stirs Joo-won, whether it reminds him of the body swap, or her.

Oska gets nagged to go to his fan-signing, which he’s afraid to do, given the current plagiarism scandal. Meanwhile, Seul is still brooding over being falsely accused for leaking the song, but when her friend points out that she’s still got the wherewithal to get her hair done, Seul reminds her that even if the world is crumbling around her, the one thing a woman must guard is her appearance. Ha, the fervor of your superficiality is astounding. Truly.

Oska holds his fan-signing, which is depressingly spare at first, but a small group of fervent fans show up to cheer him on. He decides to give them signatures as Choi Woo-young, and not Oska, for their belief in him as a person. Seul decides to show up in line, and asks for a signature addressed to her as his forever love, and without a reply, he writes, “To Yoon Seul, Thank you for loving me all this time. –Oska” She reads it with tears outside.

Joo-won goes to the opera, where he of course buys three seats so that he can use both armrests for himself. (Okay, I will confess to secretly wishing I could do this, but never having the gall. Or the money, let’s be real.)

He imagines Ra-im sitting beside him, and spends the entire opera thinking of her. The next day he tells Secretary Kim that he couldn’t concentrate at all; this time he’ll need an entire row of seats, to keep the riffraff at bay. Okay, now you’re just being crazy.

He leads a presentation for a new resort that he’s got in the works, which utilizes the natural mountainside surroundings as a retreat. Director Park steals some of his thunder as soon as he finds out that Joo-won’s grandfather is stopping by for a peek.

Joo-won comes home to find Dr. Lee waiting, having just stopped by because he strangely hasn’t been calling all the time, like he usually does. She asks if he hasn’t run out of his meds, which reminds him that he hasn’t taken his meds for a while now…how was it that he slept in that tiny apartment without them?

He shakes it off and says that it seems he doesn’t need them anymore, and doesn’t explain the rest since he doesn’t actually want to be committed for being insane. Yes, I would agree. Best not to tell your shrink that you’ve been running around in a woman’s body.

He asks if people usually need to give up something in order to get something that they really want. She says yes, since usually the thing you want so ardently is outside your means. He scoffs that anything, let alone “that woman” is outside his means, or above his social standing.

Just then, a delivery arrives, and it’s all of the stuff he had bought for Ra-im’s apartment. He stares down at all of the returned boxes, and rants that she has to be so righteous and proud. Dr. Lee points out that it’s not what most women would do, and tells him that she IS out of his league. HA! Damn straight!

Oska breathes a sigh of relief as the plagiarism scandal gets reneged, and when Seul meets with Tae-sun, we find out why—Tae-sun was the original songwriter of the copied song. She offers him a contract to do any music the way he wants.

On a snowy day, Joo-won sits at home and reads Alice in Wonderland, and then plays with a smurfs app that repeats everything he says: “Omo, Kim Joo-won-sshi, do you know how long I’ve waited for your call? I miss you like crazy.” Aw, such a lonely little boy.

He goes for a walk in the snow, and then comes upon a shiny new toy that’s fun in two ways—as a video game, and as a means of torturing Oska. Oska comes over fuming that Joo-won’s snaked the arcade game he’s waited three months to get, and when he tries to take it back, Joo-won threatens to out his scandalous pictures with his ex Chae-rin. They strike a deal for Joo-won to keep it for three months, after which he’ll return the game AND the original pictures. Ha. These two. Giant kids with way too much time and money.

Oska tells Joo-won again to be honest with himself about Ra-im: “Stop with your Lovers in Paris cosplay and go back to your normal self!” Hahaha.

Joo-won actually HAS decided to stop seeing her…but not right now. Pfft. He says that he likes her too much because she’s curious and new, but that he’ll eventually probably grow tired of her, and she’ll become like every other woman in his eyes—the typical nine out of ten women who are just common. Um, shouldn’t your obsession with her and her constant refusal of your advances tell you that she’s probably that ONE in ten that you’ve never encountered before? Moron.

He thinks a few months of seeing her will do. Gah. The only reason I’m tolerating you right now is because you’re just digging your own grave. A few months of seeing her will only make you more in love with her, genius.

Oska calls him out for being a bastard, and Joo-won just sticks to his ridiculous obsession with The Little MerMistress, refusing to face the fact that HE’s the one who’s in love with her, and not the other way around. He plans to date her for a few months and have her disappear, as per Operation: MerMistress.

To that end, he shows up to the action school day after day, with some new flimsy excuse to see her: first it’s that he gained weight while she was driving his body around, and now he wants his abs back. Next he gives her the boxers she wore and washed while she was in his body, telling her to wear them. One pair is actually SEQUINED. No, really.

He then shows up to complain that he’s constipated—what did she feed his body? Pwahaha. At each turn, she calls him crazy, and eventually perverted. Yeah, I’d have to agree. Finally, he shows up to complain that his department store’s profits are down, due to something she signed off on, heart-signature and all.

She tells him that she was just following Secretary Kim’s advice, to which he says he’ll have to fire Secretary Kim then. She doesn’t want him to get fired so he offers up a trade that he gets to come see her whenever he wants, and she’ll greet him with love and gratitude and joy. Pfft. Yeah, she’ll greet you with swearing, is what she’ll do.

She makes one motion with her latte towards his be-laced tracksuit, and he freaks out, “Get mad at ME, not the clothes!” Heh.

She takes a sip and ends up with foam on her lip, which he calls out as a typical coy maneuver when women are around men. She reaches to wipe it off, but he grabs her hand out of the way and leans in, getting up out of his seat. With a soft kiss, he licks the foam off her lips. Yowza.

How is it possible that you can be so unattractively metro about your tracksuit one minute, and then make my stomach do flips with a move like that, the next? Gah.

She makes a move to hit him, and he warns her that from now on, if she hits him, he’ll do the same thing (kiss her, not hit her back). Awesome. I see lots of hitting and kissing in their future.

The action school gears up for a sageuk shoot, and Joo-won manages to tag along, with help from Ra-im’s sunbae. His outfits as an extra are just…priceless, and he tries to get his sunbae to switch outfits with him claiming that “there must be something wrong.” Heh. Serves you right to play a lowly commoner.

He’s terrible, naturally, since he refuses to lie down on the dirt to play dead (choosing instead to lie down on TOP of another dead body), and using the opportunity to attack Jong-soo, who’s on the same side in battle. Keh.

Ra-im comes out, dressed in her Damo costume, and Joo-won goes gaga. So cool to see Ha Ji-won playing Ra-im, playing this role. She does a beautiful swordfight with Jong-soo in the snow, and Joo-won watches in awe from the sidelines.

In voiceover, he remembers a line from Alice in Wonderland, about looking through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars, so that everything seems like a fairytale. Joo-won: “I must be suffering from the same thing. Otherwise, why is every second with that woman, who means nothing, like a fairytale?”

At lunch, he asks why on earth Ra-im does this work, when no one will ever know she was in this film, or reward her with money or anything else. She says that he’s right, but that her fellow stuntmen will remember her as she’ll remember them. She asks him how many people will remember him, or break their arm in his place. Naturally, he can say nothing, the man with zero friends.

She adds that it’s the work they’ve chosen. “What are you to judge what we do? Who the hell are you?”

The action school goes out after the shoot for some gopchang (pig intestine lining) which you’ll remember Joo-won refused to eat the last time. Ra-im does the Korean thing of putting some on everyone’s plate around her, but purposely leaves Joo-won out. She reminds him that he doesn’t eat such things. He complains that she should still offer him some regardless of whether or not he’ll eat it, asking her not to treat him differently.

She counters that being treated differently is what “his people” pay for, remember? Ha. Awesome thing to throw back in his face. One of the guys calls him out for not being a man if he can’t eat this stuff, and Joo-won postures that of course he can, which is right when Ra-im pops a piece in his mouth. Heh. Ra-im: “Chew and swallow.” Joo-won: “NO! I’m gonna melt it down!” Everyone has a good laugh at his expense, including Ra-im.

The next morning, Joo-won wakes up…in Ra-im’s bed. He turns over to find Jong-soo lying next to him. HA. He screams and Ra-im comes running in from the kitchen, and he panics, “Did we swap again?” Heh.

He asks why he’s there, and she tells him to try a little harder to remember last night…which we find out devolved into a drinking contest between Joo-won and Jong-soo. Boys.

They match each other shot for shot, and Joo-won declares drunkenly that he’s going to have breakfast with Ra-im the next morning, and that he’s going to sleep over. Jong-soo says that he can’t. Joo-won: “I’ve slept over plenty of times! You don’t even know.” Haha. Ra-im’s eyes widen in horror, “Hey!”

They end up in front of her place, and Jong-soo stops Joo-won from going in. Joo-won: “What, this is my house! I’ve lived here. I’ve worn her panties. I’ve washed her body. I brushed her teeth three times a day.” OMG I’m dying. How can he say, “I’ve worn her panties” with a straight face??

Jong-soo wakes up, confused as to where he is, tipping Joo-won off that he’s never been here before. Well that shouldn’t be news, given his demeanor with her. As Jong-soo sits down for breakfast, Joo-won washes up, and he peeks out to ask Ra-im if she threw away his toothbrush, and if he can have the blue towel, because he likes that one best. Awkwardly awesome.

The three head back out, only to be encroached upon by a THIRD suitor. Hahaha. This is becoming like a clown car of eligible bachelors. Oska appears, wanting to kidnap Ra-im for a consult on some stuntwork, and she asks Jong-soo for permission to go. He obliges, and she heads off with Oska happily.

Left behind, Joo-won asks why he just let her go. Jong-soo asks why HE didn’t do anything to stop her then. Jong-soo: “Are we…on the same side?” Joo-won wonders why he doesn’t know: the-enemy-of-my-enemy…

Oska asks Ra-im for her help on a CF that he’s shooting, and they go back and forth with their usual level of overly cutesy play-flirting, but this time Oska betrays some sincerity. She’s caught off guard and says that she’s kidding. He knows that she is, but adds that he’s being careful, because he’s growing fond of her…Ruh-roh.

She gets a call from Joo-won’s mother, and heads over to meet her. Ra-im asks tentatively if Joo-won returned the money, and Mom has a fit over her gall, thinking she’s spent they money, and then told Joo-won to pay it back. She curses her for her daring to face off with her, and when Ra-im says that her words are harsh, she grabs her water and tosses it in Ra-im’s face…only Ra-im’s got the reflexes of a stuntwoman, and dodges it swiftly.

Hilariously, she realizes what she did and apologizes, passing HER glass of water over, saying that they can go again. Hahaha. Just then, Joo-won walks in to stop his mother.

You think for a moment that he’s going to be all gallant and noble, except this is what he says:

Joo-won: Why? What for? There’s no reason for you to treat her this way. You’re wasting your energy on something useless. I didn’t say I was marrying this woman. Why are you dragging her here and making her the star of some third-rate drama? If I happen to hang my life or death on her, stop me when that time comes. This is only for a moment. You can’t even wait one moment?


King of Bastards, Kim Joo-won. My god, I don’t know how on earth you’re going to redeem yourself in her eyes after this. Part of the enjoyment of watching you be such an ass is the light at the end of the tunnel—that we know you’re bound to change, and grow, and STOP being such an ass.

Currently, though you are falling ever deeper in love/obsession/whatever you want to call it, you’re also not growing as a person, and it pisses me off. Don’t get me wrong—I don’t dislike the drama because of this, since I clearly enjoy any chance for Joo-won to get his comeuppance, and I do love his character for all his quirks and lonely isolation. But at this point I’m rooting for Ra-im to stomp on his heart and gleefully skip away.

I love that the momentum of this episode (until the last five minutes) is that Ra-im is gaining the upper hand. She’s free because she doesn’t have the same emotional attachment that Joo-won does, and even if she’s attracted to him, his off-putting personality is enough to nip some of that in the bud. It’s actually hilarious to watch all three men stumble over each other to gain her affections, however ineffectual they may be.

In the end Joo-won is the only one who really gets under her skin, but so far most of that is a beehive of negative vibes, so I don’t blame her for hating him. Theirs will probably go down as one of the great bickering courtships, which I love, but man, if I ever found myself in that kind of relationship in REAL life, it’d be cause for an intervention.


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  1. lala

    This just made my day! THX GF!
    Enjoy the drama and your recap very much!

    • 1.1 lala

      Cannot believe I’m the first one to comment

    • 1.2 DRAMAADDICT4ever

      How can a character make me Love him and HATE! him at the same time? seriously!!!!!
      When I watched yesterdays episode I felt bad when Ra-im told him he did not love him( even though he definetly deserve it),then watching him do all the crazy things just to be around her,its just too darn cute.
      This man can say the most beautiful words to a woman, but at the same time he can say the most degrating and horrible ones. Honestly he does not need an enemy or another contender to win Ra-ims love, he IS HIS OWN ENEMY!!!He digs his own grave with his own mouth!!!!

      It can’t get any worse right? for now, I am just waiting to see how he is going to redeem himselft and make me root for him again, because at this point if l was Ra-im(LOL!! I wish) I would beat him up to a pulp and put a restraing order against him.

      On another note I love Ra-ims character, she is truly a hard working bad ass woman, no wonder all this man are following her around. There have been other dramas when you see the two typical hot guy falling in love with the main girl FOR NO REASON!!! ok maybe for just being cute and stupid, and make me go seriously?there are no other women around you?

      • 1.2.1 DRAMAADDICT4ever

        I forgot to add two things
        1 this is my favorite episode so far!!! and thank you
        girlfriday for reccaping this wonderful episode.

      • 1.2.2 czak

        I so agree with you…
        in this drama… oska & Jongsoo is really not a rival.

        I mean Oska is still hang up on Seul- big time. personally with their backward-upsidedown-rangled-tangled history I end up hoping that one would just shoot the other to stop all their self inflicted pain laced with stupidity. I keep thinking that in love line, wouldnt it be better if they end up in a love triangle with Taesun. (kekeke perverted right) but i like them to fight over Taesun cause that would be EPIC. I’d be rooting for oska-taesun cause frankly whenever they talk i can see/feel tension in the air…

        with jongsoo, well clearly he is the typical 2nd male lead, shoulder-to-cry-on, knight-and-shining-armour in the side who always never gets the main lead. I mean I dont get his POV in this story. He is handsome, smart, rich & a gentleman. Why doesnt he make a move on Ra-im..? is it because he highly regards professionalism as a golden rule that confessing to the woman he loves is such a breach of every known contract and moral code..? that is just stupid!!! and he just putting himself in a lot of torture. and that is the part why I will never root for him. that characteristics of his is just unattractive in all female population. how can you get a girl o like you when you yourself put a high high high wall of moral conduct between the 2 of you. and even if there was not that, I think its too cowardly that he wouldnt make a move, i mean they have been working together for the longest time & he didnt make a move.. come on that is just cowardly. however handsome, rich, smart & sexy he maybe, stupidity & cowardice just doesnt bode well with me…

        so which points me to JooWon’s real rival.. and like Dramaaddict4ever said. JooWon’s greatest rival/enemy is himself. He just digs his own grave. In the pre-swap episodes i thought his own grave was like already 6ft dug. I thought he could never get lower & deeper. But watching & reading this episode i think he is competing with himself in digging his own grave to reach the core of the earth.
        Hmmnn JooWom JooWon JooWon, we all know you lack social skills and have very love metional quotient but that speech right there is just despicable to its EPIC PROPORTIONS.. If i were Ra-Im swear each and every cell in your body to hell/purgatory/devils lair. and after that i’d get a voodoo doll and sever you soul into thousand pieces that even voldemort would envy. then I’d let you live have immortality just so you could suffer forever in lifetimes in this earth…

        dont get me wrong I love JooWon. I mean Trully madly & deeply. He is the character that has embedded himself in my heart with all his wish-washy mouth, tracksuit-laced get-up and arrogant pompous acts. But that is just me watching from my TV. and HyunBin just made me love him more, million times more for bringing to life joowons character…

        • czak

          *Low emotional quotient8 sorry for typo

        • geanna

          i feel like doing the same to joo won too! ugh! we all should close our eyes n burn him in hell! coz if we open our eyes, we’ll never have the heart to do it~ he’s Hyun Bin after all~ hahah

    • 1.3 huh?

      GF It was pork skin, not Gopchang.
      And Don’t you get that He was intentionally being an asshole in front of his mother to protect Raim from further mistreatment of his mother?

      • 1.3.1 ni

        we don’t know that yet. this being JW i doubt that that’s the case. he DID tell Oska that he was just gonna see her for a few months and then break it off. this being JW i doubt that he’d lie (consciously). we all know that hes stupid and doesnt know he wont be able to break it off, but he himself doesnt know that yet.

        • jodasg

          I agree. he dun seem to be acting in front of his mum :( think he is seriously thinking that he can break it off after a couple of months. He just brush it off as an obession with the ra-im, that after he tried it out, it will be over. Obviously, true love is fairy tale to him.

          • zodd

            He also said essentially the same thing to Oska earlier in the episode.

      • 1.3.2 lynx

        am with you on that.

        The fact that there’s was that priceless moment of lip quiver and glimmer in his eyes. *heart break* (or am i reading too much into that) makes me sure, that’s his way of living his life – not doing nothing which was his typical response before. Now he’s doing something. And the fact that Ra Im gave him this glare / look of disbelief – makes me sure – U just won no one buddy. Like the row with Seul and Ra Im over the VIP incident.

        Good luck Joo-Woon.. maybe another body switch? 😛

      • 1.3.3 Prissypoo

        Agreed with “huh?” above… It’s all just an act of Joo-Woo who knows well enough how to counter his mom in their weird condescending manner just so she could get off Ra-Im’s back for at least a little while. Of course, it did look like he’s hurting Ra-Im even more now which added even more tension between the two. Yet, it’s needed as a ‘common’ k-drama formula.

        Remember it’s almost the same tactic he used for accepting the money from his mom when he was Joo-Wonda? He literally explained that to Ra-Im later too why he did that which I thought was pretty smart.

        Anyway, this is an excellent episode! So funny yet so touching… Both writing and acting are right on (maybe except that Seul part where she’s again petty enough to line up as a fan to get an autograph just to… Don’t get me started). It’s going to be another loooong week until the next 2 episodes.

        • kappy

          I’m with you, Prissypoo and Huh? As JW’s sister told RI, JW is most like his mom, so they understand how each other’s mind works and therefore can counter each other in their (as you put so well) “weird condescending way.” I, like you, also recalled JW’s in-depth explanation of why he accepted the money when he was Joo-Wonda–another instance of his trying to beat his mom at her own game.

          It IS a long week, but hey, it’s almost Saturday…

      • 1.3.4 houstontwin

        I also thought that he said what he did to protect Raim, despite what he said to Oska.

    • 1.4 PickmePICKME

      I second this. This did make my day. Even though I was refreshing like no ones business last night, i’m glad i didn’t get my fix at 3am, but instead at 5:58 lol. I love this drama, I love Kim Joo-Won even though his meanness is both sexy and just sad. Ugh


  2. Most beautiful person

    thanks GF for recap:)

    • 2.1 pabo ceo reom

      Can someone make a new banner for Dramabeans with the whole kiss/lick between Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin? I need my computer screen for other work, but I keep rewinding.

      • 2.1.1 Lilian

        That scene was awesome…..at that time, Joo Won was definitely not a coward! =)

  3. sparkly blue

    wah!! finally! i was like refreshing the whole day!
    kamsahamnida! i really love ep.10!
    the cream kiss~ gyaaaaaaa!!! i think i’ve gone crazy by that little affectionate gesture by joowon~ <3

  4. Casie J.

    Haha~oh this episode was cute and HOT with the foam kissing! Mm–mmh!

    So does anyone else think that beautiful mansion Joowon and Oska live in might not have an adequate heating system to back it up? I could have sworn seeing breath clouds while they’re in a room of the wall windows.

    • 4.1 Casie J.

      But then again seeing a picture of Joowon walking around in the freakin’ snow with nothing but a thin sweater and a little white parasol maybe they’re immune to the cold. =P

      • 4.1.1 oy

        kakaka….it must terrible for actors to act in a drama in the winter. Just to be pretty on screen they have to suffer from the cold

      • 4.1.2 izzie

        :) hehe. if you see their behind-the-scene shots, every now and then, production assistants run to them with coats and blankets. the thin layer of clothes are just for cinematic purposes. the shot ain’t gonna look too good with lots of layers of fabric on the actors. :)

        • asianromance

          Yeah, it looks so cold in South Korea during the winter time. I live in northeastern US and while it does get pretty cold up here, I don’t notice anyone getting breath clouds while being INSIDE, like that scene in ep 9 where Joo-won, finally back in his own body, visits Oska. I’ve worked in a building before with little to no heat one February and even then, I didn’t make any breath clouds. It must be so freakin cold for them!

          • izzie

            I don’t know why it’s so freakin’ differently cold in Korea. I was in Seoul last winter and it was only 4degC and no snow – but my friends and I had breath clouds.

          • sweetaddiction

            I think it could be because they didn’t turn the heat on? I mean if they did, it must be SUPER cold then for us to see their breath inside.

    • 4.2 buhdoop

      I saw the same thing! I was like wth? Where is the heat?

      • 4.2.1 izzie

        “Where is the heat?”

        uhmm… the heat has already left the building *cough*RaIm/Taesun*cough*

        • buhdoop

          OMG why did you just make me laugh out loud at work! I had to control myself.

          • izzie

            so sowee!!! 😀

        • Casie J.

          Oooh! Nice shot! XD

    • 4.3 kpopfan

      I saw that too. they must be freezing!

  5. isabella

    God! Thanks for the recaps….I am so addicted, its not funny. My job is suffering big time.

    • 5.1 rayray

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      • 5.1.1 crazyunnie

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      That foam kiss was hot…so jealous!
      I love Joo-won, but some of the things he says makes me cringe. Did he have braids or dreads during the Sageuk shoot? I was distracted by the whole get-up. I wouldn’t be surprised if that outfit was probably hand stitched by some European artisans as well.

      • 9.1.1 mina

        the ensemble reminded of one of the enemies of the chinese in asian history..the huns? in mulan? with the furry hat and frizzy hair and everything. keke

      • 9.1.2 Jomo

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        I belly laughed for a few minutes after watching Key Lime give him a look of utter disbelief.

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    Thanks for the recap, the video I watched didnt sub the part about the books so I am glad to see the meaning here. I think the writer must be a great reader or the director just likes to use this quiet way of expressing the character’s feelings. (second time already).

    Back the the tracksuit, when I first saw it I just knew it will be a precursor to the 2nd body switch because it is so feminine! I think HJW will look great in it.

    Is it me or Joo Won’s mother is always styled in some Victorian princess look? hahahha

    As for Seul, I just think she is too gorgeous to hate.

    • 15.1 Artemis

      Didn’t he say in this episode that it was French? The other two were Italian?

    • 15.2 Neurotic not Crazy

      I think after the traumatizing jail incident (a commoner wearing a knock-off version of his suit) he abandoned Italy for France.

      • 15.2.1 izzie

        french or italian… his fashion sense is the window to Joo-Won’s soul. and on this episode he wore a curtain. i have the odd suspicion that we haven’t seen the last of this curtain/lingerie/table-cover of a tracksuit.

    • 15.3 rayray

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  16. 16 meg

    About Jong soo recording the script in english….I think it’s purpose is mainly to help Ra im with pronunciation. I think Ra im can read some English, just that people who aren’t adept at the language have some difficulty with correct pronunciation. It’s been said in an earlier episode that Ra im can compete for looks/stunt abilities. Her only difficulty lies with the language.

    • 16.1 tweetpandora

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    • 19.1 Rong

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      • 19.1.1 Casie J.

        OMG. I loved that scene. It was a moment of sweetness rarely seen by Joowon.

      • 19.1.2 belle23

        lol and to think, the moment joo won saw ra im in her frumpy get up (mismatched outfit) he was quick to berate her about it, not knowing how much effort she put into “dressing up” ;p

    • 19.2 bloghopper

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      i think the bag must have some special meaning to ra im in the first place, not because she couldn’t afford a new one…

    • 19.3 Neurotic not Crazy

      The discovery of the tie tying instructions echoed the “you didn’t make an effort to dress for our date” mis-perception.

      Of course, Joowon hasn’t discovered how had she worked to strike the right note for their ‘date’, but at least now he knows about the tie.

      I wonder if he’ll ever notice the books she has begun to collect, or if that will have to wait until the next switch?

      • 19.3.1 rayray

        oooooh all throughout the bodyswitch,I was hoping Ah young would tie a handkerchief around her neck and explain its significance to him!!!

        • Serious

          that would be awesome… didn’t think of that >:]

      • 19.3.2 belle23

        i think, since all the little details were thoughtfully planted by author, they always get pointed out or referred to in later episodes..the bag, the books, the neckerchief…they’ll get their moments later on..watch. LOL I’m just happy that Ra im has all these sassy comebacks for JW’s insensitive comments in the previous episodes. Like she never let’s him get away with his asshattery. Even if it seems that she let’s his thoughtless comments pass at the time JW said them, she calls him out on it later. She’s not little mermaid because she doesn’t “love” the prince…she won’t offer him gopchang (?) because isn’t that what “his” people pay for, that they be treated differently..? And so on.

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    i really really want to see how RI will really fall for him. cos seriously, i have to agree that none of his actions are redeeming or amazing enough to get RI to just fall for him. *wonder how the writer will pen change the situation. please dun make it too ridiculous for us* but at the same time, i also want to see how they’ll look like when they are completely honest with one another… so exciting!!!

    p.s. i still remember CH’s turning pt was ep 11 when the whole atmosphere just changed and made me just fall in love TOGETHER w MR & CG so much. Total eps for both is 20! Hopefully, the writer’s pattern of writing is similar and we’ll get sthg REALLY gooey next week!!! every stay strong and hang on til next week!

  22. 22 k

    My girl crush HJW was SO awesome in this episode. She was sassy, hilarious, moving (that speech she made to RAT BASTARD aka Joo-won about her fellow stuntpeople remembering her and vice versa…so awesome), and kickass as her character in Damo.

    Seriously, I wanted to hit RAT BASTARD so much more than I usually do during this ep. His comeuppance better come soon or heads are gonna roll.

    • 22.1 Ojou_Belle

      Agree about HJW being a girl’s crush…

      She can be so cool and hot at the same time!

      And I’m a true blue girl GDI!

      Got disappointed with Joo Won thi epi…hope he realizes

      she’s the one soon.

      About the tie print out, I think Joo Won realized that she

      did think about hm for at least five minutes, as

      opposed to what he keeps telling her that she doesn’t.

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    gahh, dunno whether to love or to hate joo won, still confused whether he is the antagonist or the protagonist. the writer really gets her revenge on the theorist, i can’t expect what’s in for the next half of this drama. gosh, such a tense wait for next saturday.

    thank you girlfriday and javabeans!

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    Though I couldn’t bring myself to feel any hate or contempt for JW, the poor bloke just doesn’t know he’s already so deeply in love! – that RI is his ultimate cure, not poison, you crazy mofo kim.

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    I loved your description of the soft kiss and belly flips.

    I was watching this sitting next to my son. When this kiss came, I kinduv whimpered. So he asked me if someone got hurt…He heard the shattered pieces of my heart crying!
    (How’s that for dramatic!)

    Your Honor, may I offer my continued defense of Joo Won, Rat Bastard? He does have a plan to win Key Lime, and that involves smoke and mirrors with his 0ma.

    He is more knowledgeable about her tactics than he was before the switch. In the past when women he liked disappeared from his life suddenly, as in dissolved into bubbles, he thought it was because they no longer loved/liked him. Now he knows his mother made that happen. So, he has to battle her more carefully.

    He is asking his mother to back off in words that an overprotective 0ma needs to hear. “Come on, Mom. You know me. Would I ever marry this? Relax.”

    We need mom to relax, so later, “Chan!” something really awesome happens that the writers thought of to make 0ma lose!! I don’t know what it is, but I am sure it will be amazing?!! Right?!!

    PS Who thinks that the reason the arcade driving machine came into JW house is because JW will end up in Key Lime’s body driving in some ridiculously dangerous stunt that if he hadn’t had that practice he would have died (in Key Lime’s body.)

    • 31.1 belle23

      oh yeah, smoke and mirrors. jw knows how devious his mom is. pretending not to care about ra im will make her leave ra im alone and give him time to…fall even more in love (lol)? dig his own grave? the thing is, ra im will most likely take his words at face value coz she has no reason to trust him.

      • 31.1.1 Jomo

        I know, I was worried about Key Lime getting hurt even more, but maybe in the beginning of 11, Rat Bastard, will rectify this.

        Does Joo Won happen to mean Rat Bastard in Korean?

        • ladida

          “Does Joo-won happen to mean rat bastard in Korean?”

          hahaha. Made my day!

      • 31.1.2 Jomo

        I have more evidence, if it please the court.

        In Ep 9 – at Rat B’s office when they switched back handepones, Key Lime yells at him for accepting the money, saying she would have NOT taken it and kept her pride intact.

        That’s when Rat B says:
        “I took it so you could beat my mother. So that my mother would think you weren’t someone who could be treated like that. I think it was better for me to go instead of you.”

        I think he sincerely wants his mother to respect Key Lime, and that he was impressed with how she talked back to his mother the first time at his house. Key Lime had said Joo Won wasn’t good enough for her. because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

        I can’t wait to see how Key Lime reacts to Joo Won’s comment. While the last shot she has a hurt expression, I am hoping she will let JW feel the full extent of her disdain.

    • 31.2 buhdoop

      I completely agree(comment #44 below). And I love your theory about the video game!

    • 31.3 izzie

      re: the videogame theory… if that’s what to happen, then maybe the next switch would happen just when Ra-Im’s already in too deep committed to the movie with the dangerous stunt, which would put Joo-Wonda in a situation where he would have to do it for her? are they gonna use the slippery winter roads here?

    • 31.4 kappy

      I like how you think (and write). I’m in agreement, too. And I was trying to figure out why that arcade game came into play–surely it was not just to use as a bargaining chip in JW’s threat to expose those pics of Oska and Chae Rin. Good theory.

  32. 32 kaedejun

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  34. 34 Dante

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    He can do meloangst, hardcore criminal intensity and comedy (which is probably the hardest).

    He is so talented. And a total dork in real life.

    I flove him — and I floved this episode. Talk about ROTF LMAO! And that was WITHOUT the English subs!

    How are these two gonna fall in love? Is it gonna take a “life-threatening illness” do make it happen?

    • 34.1 Anonymous

      is HB really a dork in real life? Not just sort of quiet (wanting to keep his private life private) like Go Soo?

      I have no idea what they are truly like but they both intrigue me.

      Acting-wise I enjoy them both but I think HB has it over GS a little bit-maybe I just enjoy seeing HB in the role’s he has played.

      Looks-wise I’d have to say GS but HB’s eyes get me every time.

      If anybody can point me to anything written in English about either man away from their acting I’d appreciate it.

      thanks as always for your recaps and comments. As always you and Javabeans crack me up.

      This episode has got me interested more in Joo-won’s psyche as he’s soo self-assured (-you’d have to be to carry off wearing those tracksuits) but is s-l-o-w-l-y getting to realize others may have another point of view.

      I’m rooting for an Oska and Ra-im pairing as I’m all ready to woo Joo-won with my cafe latte. Have a quick open umbrella to knock some sense into his mother. (As a consolation) I’m happy for Jong-soo to get with Joo-won’s sister. Tae-sun is just cool on his own so I don’t see a need to pair him up. No need to mention anyone-else is there? Put on a bow on it and it’s a KTB Christmas!

      • 34.1.1 Katey B

        Oops the above was me, Katey B.

  35. 35 Dante

    Forgot to include this kind of acting, which is K-drama specific: chaehole. Chaebol + asshole = Chaehole. Or Assbol. Either way, it works.

    • 35.1 ladida

      I vote for Assbol. It has a classier ring to it, don’t you think? :)

    • 35.2 kirikhin

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      nice. [:

      • 35.2.1 Lilian

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    Even if they won’t become couple in real life (which i want them to be), can they at least make much more dramas together in future???

  37. 37 shaz81

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  39. 39 tariatjavaland

    Joo-won may disagree but for me he IS the Little Mermaid in this story, not Raim. But I don’t think Raim playing the role of “the prince” either. LM didn’t get the prince, instead she got another happy-ending (a better one?), she got awarded as a daughter of air. Here my two cents worth on the whole Little-mermaid-thing in this drama. Please bear with me (and my poor English ^^).

    LM is a princess, lives comfortably, has the most beautiful voice and a tail to roam about the ocean aka her comfort zone. JW is the prince in is his life, his wealth and inheritance represents LM’s tail and voice. After meeting with “the prince” LM wants a life as human. LM wants MORE, despite the perfect life that she has. Therefore “The prince” can also be considered as your desire, wanting more, to be a better version of you. “The prince” in this drama for me is JW’s DESIRE to be a better person, to have the guts to stand up to his world and family and to conquer his fears.

    On episode 10, he admitted that he’s a coward though he realized the positive influence R has on him (he doesn’t need his medication). And he started to find a clue that R might also interested in him, he found her note on how-to-tie-a-tie. Up to this point he casually thinks that he could leave this “relationship” anytime, since R is not the clingy-type. Will he sacrifice his ‘voice and tail’ (wealth/inheritance) in order to get the girl of his dream? By doing so he’ll be a better man. I have faith that we get there, since Raim is “the reward” of this story (sorry Raim, woman = reward, that’s lame I know). It would be weeeird to have a sad ending after all the laugh. We didn’t laugh our ass off during Romeo and Juliet, that’s why it ended with death, but we did during Twelfth Night and that one ended with wedding. Where’s the role of the soul-swapping in all this. I figure it involving 2nd swap in which Ra-Him gets seriously hurt (probably an accident during a shooting, since JW made his debut as a stuntman too) and Joo-wanda tried to save her. That’s would prompt JW to be one-sexy-gutsy-lover instead of a mere-delusional-conceited-chaebol *still hot though, more shaving scene pls* ^^

    • 39.1 fuzziebunnieslippers

      hmm that’s a really interesting point.

    • 39.2 blessed home 88

      i agree with this little mermaid theory and i think you came up with the end which makes sense to me.

    • 39.3 outofcontrol

      That what I think too. That Joowon is the Little Mermaid in the story rather than Raim. Glad to read I’m not alone in this line of thought.

      • 39.3.1 dramalover2012

        have you watched ep 11/12 yet? he kinda admits he is the “little mermaid”! sorry if im ruining this for you….>.>

  40. 40 Anonymous

    I just love wipe off the latte foam off with a kiss scene. Gosh!

    I think, Ra-im has also fallen in love with Joo-woo knowingly or unknowingly, why else would she want to find out more about him? She didn’t try to push him away when he hugged her. She is as proud as Joo-woo is to admit, but can’t blame her, Joo-woo has treated her too harshly for her to admit.

  41. 41 Alexis

    I loved the kiss!!!! Gosh, had to rewatch that soo many times!

    Btw, thought that JongSoo recorded the script in English because RaIm asked for his help in English in the prev ep? I had the idea the script is in English. That’s why she had to learn how to speak English. Thus, it makes sense that he had to read out he script for her to practise speaking the lines for the audition.

    Also, “he discovers a little memo that Ra-im left behind—a printout of instructions on how to tie a tie.” I thought he was thinking of how different their worlds were because in her world, the guys she knows don’t even need/use ties thus she does not know how to tie them and had to look it up.

    I agree on JooWon being a BIG bastard and jerk! Frankly, if I were RaIm, he would have been slapped big-time and treated the same way he intended to treat RaIm. I hope she treats him as a mere plaything and have her “fun” with him before flinging him out with the garbage. But then again, her heart is not as bad as mine so I don’t think that is gonna happen.

  42. 42 Myxale

    Thanky youuu! This epi si gonna be real good!

  43. 43 Pat

    I think the character of Joo Won bears no relation to a real person and is written a little too broadly, as if he is in a different movie than the rest of the cast. Too Skinny Binny is however doing a great comedic job with the script.

    • 43.1 odezza

      Too skinny binny lives in an alternate universe all on his own. lol

  44. 44 buhdoop

    I have a different take on what he said at the end.

    Maybe he said that because he knows it is the only way for his Mom to leave Ra-Im alone. If he told his Mom that he was falling in love with her then the Mom would probably try make Ra-Ims life horrible. But telling his Mom that she is just a fling will make her back off.

    At least that is what I hope he meant.

  45. 45 chong

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  46. 46 Noor

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    javabeans thanks for recape

    now i will continue with my assignment & i will wait for Mary Stayed out all night recape 2morrow

  47. 47 1aco

    As this moment we love to “hate” Joo Won but I can’t wait to, when the change happens all the comment of him being a jerk or a bastard to how much we like him and how sad we will feel when Gil Ra Im rejects him if that happens..(of course just for a ep or two we have to see him hurt over what he lost..)

    I like what the writer doing .. Because I feel that the impact will bee much stronger when Joo Won finally realizes all the hurtful things he said and has done to Gil Ra Im …

    ps.. I hope we see a body change soon…

  48. 48 odezza

    MerMistress. LOL

    Threatening her with kisses for every assault, so that was it! Because I watched episode 10 sans subs, I had no idea that Joo won kept returning to the action school “day after day”. I thought those conversations happened all in the same day and I felt a bit lost when the scene suddenly transferred to the coffee shop and the kiss happened.

    Joo won in that commoner outfit…..with this big Mole on his face!!!… insisting on lying on TOP of another dead body…hitting jong soo with that sword. ROFL

    Needless to say, Joo won and Jong soo waking up in Ra im’s apartment made me feel like I was in another drama entirely. Thank you so much GF for this recap 😀

    • 48.1 badtanline

      Yeah, that mole really killed me — and astronomically increased my respect for Hyun Bin as a serious actor!!! Seriously, vanity must not be one of his weaknesses!!!

  49. 49 Lenita

    gawd just reading about that kiss gives me butterflies; seeing it for real on screen would probably turn me into a stupor for a few hours…

    • 49.1 Ojou_Belle

      Yes, stupor…..

      I was in that when I saw it….

      Really …. it was definitely a stupid stupor

      I was in a stupor when he kissed the foam off…

      OMG! Gotta go watch it agan now that I remember!

      This is like the 44th time I watched it!

      • 49.1.1 lovin it

        SAME HERE.

  50. 50 jangjengjing

    I love the ending… HJW is the best actress of the year 2010, when you look at her eyes, you know she’s already the person she’s acting to…

    What would be interesting is: hearing what JW said to his MOM, RI would comply with the short term relationship JW is thinking of and be the GF he dreams but with the condition, he’ll be out of her life for good!

    But of course JW will not be thrilled because it would all be an act…

    I salute to the writer of this drama, she brings us to different levels of expectancy each episode… as well as to the director for bringing the best from everybody!

    I give so much credit to GirlFriday because you love what you are doing and you give freely your talents to us here reading your work. What you sow you shall reap! you will receive good things as well in forms you’ll be surprised so CHOW!

  51. 51 mardie

    i have to say, i like that blue sparkly track suit better than this lacy(?) magenta 1. euw!!!

    i laughed out loud when i saw that pic of him with sunglass and the costume!! priceless!!

    i dont know if im the only 1 who have this thought, but joowon’s character reminds me a bit of Dr House…..

    • 51.1 Nana

      O my god .. thank you .. Dr. HOUSE .. I keep thinking he reminds me of someone but I couldn’t quiet grab the picture .. you must be smarter than I am .. thank you

      • 51.1.1 mardie

        ha ha.
        not smarter, just watched too much of Dr House, and strangely attracted to him. haha.

  52. 52 müge

    what words can exactly describe that drama’s beauty?

    my first watch was next to my boyfriend and I LOL-ed a lot that he couldn’t stand next to me anymore by looking at me like “are you out of your mind?”
    now, I was watching the second time alone and gave a break to control if the recap is done and yessss!!!!
    how an awesome episode again, right?? till the last scene, I’ve melted because of almost every scene.
    – JW’s jealousy
    – JW’s not being able to stop thinking of RI
    – handphone app
    – a printout of instructions on how to tie a tie
    -his excuses to meet her
    -Ra-im’s map back together and sticking on the wall
    of course one of most beautiful kiss ever!!!!! (actually almost all the scenes were awesome)
    I can watch it forever. they’re created for each other, what a harmony. even their lips match perfect (pevert müge)
    it’s so cute that JW can not stay away from RI both pyshically and in mind but he still tries to find excuses for his feelings. oh man!!! you are getting in love deeper and deeper, don’t you know?
    HB acts perfect JW so I can’t be angry wth any his moves. his last words were beyond bad-ass behav. but still I love him so much.
    by the way, we could see oska’s liking RI at last and for the first time I could see the the possibility. when oska cares a woman sincerely, he seems so cool and also cute.
    I’m not suprised three men war. even though there are more men I’ll not be suprised. which man can resist RI’s charm and beauty??
    only bad thing is no preview again.. =(
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Seceret Garden!!!!!!!
    I wish it could last forever…..

  53. 53 JD

    Beautiful recap. Thanks, Girlfriday!!!

    Also, the reason why he gives her a clip recording of the script in English (when the script is already in English) is because, in the previous episode, she said her pronunciation was bad.

  54. 54 tamekadenise

    @girlfriday i think jong-soo gave her the recording of him reading the script so she would get the pronunciations of the english words down since he is fluent in english. i think 😀

    LOVED the episode but the end really made me feel sad, they had been making PROGRESS!!! lol

  55. 55 Ladymoonstone143

    Thanks for another awesome recap Girlfriday…

    There are so many redeeming scenes on this episode…the foamy kiss which I replay soooo many times because I can’t get over how tender that kiss was..and it was not a close mouth kiss either…lol

    The scenes where JW was playing extra…those are hilarious…

    BUT the end…I was clinching my fist on what he said…I hope Ra-im will give him a swift kick on his rear end…

  56. 56 katz

    Thanks for the recaps, GF! Love how you add in those sound effects that go with your commentary, perfect!

    I really love the way Ra-im appears every time Joo-won thinks of her, the way the book titles form a poem and how fairy tales such as the Little Mermaid and Alice in Wonderland get written into the story and related to the two leads.

    AND that kiss… a definite yowza, hell yeah!

  57. 57 tachan

    omo i love this episode. I bet the sequined underwear is also hand-stitched by French artisans.

  58. 58 meltedd

    sparkly tracksuit to sparkly sequined boxers to… http://bit.ly/f6ipDt next? 😀 do you think JW would wear these?

    The point you brought up about the director reading the script in english. The script in english is fine… But he’s reading the directions as well in english?!! what’s the point?

    This show is so ridiculous I spend half of it laughing and the other half about to cry (well not just yet, but I suspect we will soon). Hyunbin is superb, and I love YSH’s Oska as well. Purple lace tracksuit vs tribal warlord with dreadlocks and furhat and aviators? Lol-ing so hard at the aviators. Can’t wait till next week!

    • 58.1 ni

      omg cannot unsee T_T and yes i can totally see JW wearing this without any shame like the fashion terrorist that he is…

  59. 59 Married2ahero

    I absolutely love how messed up Joo-won is. I guess in some parts of my brain in gets a pass because he’s rich, handsome and putty in front of Ra-im. (Does this mean I’m the messed up one??) But I have a huge problem with this drama.
    No matter how cute, or how heart stirring Joo-won is, he’s still a grade-A asshole, and the fact that I like this sort of treatment speaks volumes about a deep division of ideology and instinct in our modern day woman. As women our hearts can’t help but flutter when an exceedingly attractive man takes charge and without care openly displays his affection for a woman wholeheartedly, even putting himself out of his own element just to catch a glimpse of her. This devotion is an ideal we long for. But at the same time we accept this behavior. And like girlfriday captured at the end, if this was real-life then this would constitute as stalking, and verbal abuse. But hey, since we know they’re the “intended couple” of the drama we’re supposed to accept all the flaws, and all the rocky beginning of their eventual, and eternal love. It helps (or doesn’t help) that Ra-im, is an independent no nonsense, kick-you-in-the-balls type of gal. So we think that she wouldn’t stand for abuse of any sort. But as we’ve seen, she does. From her production directors, Joo-won’s mother, and even Joo-won. She is a meek girl at heart, but she projects herself differently because inside she’s so delicate and sensitive (Isn’t this kind of most contemporary women. We know what are rights are, we know what is equal and who will or will not stand for, but inside we do want a guy whose going to recognize this a sweep us of our feet. And if we don’t consciously know this, then if it happened, we wouldn’t be against this type of man.) Her character is veiling the fundamental truth that this is a crappy relationship, and to portray it as the “everlasting love” type, a picture of true love is a problem. If we as women get it in our minds that this is secretly the kind of burning love we desire, then how do we distinguish carnal instinct from cognitive understanding of equality and self-respect. Don’t get me wrong, I only explore this topic because I am troubled with how much joy and satisfaction I get from this highly explosive goose-chase of a drama. In fact, ironically this might be on the top of my list as best dramas ever. So how do we reconcile the two? Thoughts?

    • 59.1 Married2ahero

      Sorry there are spelling errors, I hope they aren’t distracting.

    • 59.2 ni

      well said. although, for me personally, im enjoying it this so much because of all the dialogue and comedy, and because HB is so good-looking[/shallow T_T] and good at acting the asshole role. i dont think we’d enjoy this as much if something similar happened to us in real life. i dont know about you but from my experience, aggressive pursuing and clingy-ness are the same as chasing me away with a bat. but here because we want so desperately for JW to improve, because it’s JW whos good-looking [/shallow again ><] and honest and (as a bonus) rich and witty and funny (unintentionally of course), we seem to condone his stalker-like behaviors lol i dont know, there are very fine lines between drama and reality, but there are still lines. i like watching all these kdramas where ppl go through all kinds of drama, but you can't pay me to go through the same thing in real life. its too much trouble lol

    • 59.3 moomooye

      Well, I think one thing to keep in mind is that in a drama, we have the advantage of having an omniscient point of view. We know the reasoning behind his actions. Although the guy is a jerk, we also see his softer sides such as his loneliness, his imagining of Ra-im, his playing w/ the smurf app. For me, these are the things that really draw me to him, and I suppose I pretend that deep down, he really is not as a jerk as he comes off as. Unfortunately, in real life, we will never see these things, and realistically, it is a crappy relationship. If they portrayed him w/o those subtle details, I definitely don’t think I can root for him at all, even if he is good-looking.

      • 59.3.1 LJ

        Well said Moomooye!! I’m not above admitting that I can be shallow and superficial&that I swoon when the camera zooms in at JooWon’s handsome, brooding face. BUT the main reason why his bastardy ways do not put me off is because, as the audience, we get a lil peek to his psyche..

        His weak moments, his loneliness&insecurities, his crazy mom (that CANT help).. his ‘inner-self’ if you wish. It seems to reflect that he’s much more ‘human’ than he’s willing to let loose when around Ra-Im.

        &that just makes the show sooo much more watchable! I love those scenese when he’s alone and his emotions, fantasies, quirks and what-nots come into play. Hyun Bin is becoming such a good actor!

    • 59.4 samgetang

      married2ahero (i like your name, by the way!), thanks for voicing out what many may have been thinking also in relation to this kdrama.

      i would like to think that one of the reasons we watch kdrama, or any other dramas or film for that matter, is to escape our own realities. with this mind-set, we know that if these situations were to occur in real-life it would be a different matter, and so we take the story with a grain of salt knowing that no one actually gets hurt or suffers as a result of the wrong choices that the characters take. they are all made-up so the caution that should have been taken is not as relevant or significant. and many times for tragic or comedic purposes, the foolish choices or wrong actions are the ones deliberately made. if only wise decisions were made within the kdrama realm then there would be no conflict and it would all be a boring yarn for us to unravel. and where is the thrill in that? 😉

      even in real life, the person who always picks the right choice are often teased to be a bore…while people who habitually takes crazy risks are deemed more exciting.

      but why do we still raise hell or complain when the characters that we root for in the story undergo suffering or make wrong choices? i think most of us would agree that we know it’s just made-up and yet along the way we were able to relate and identify with the characters and we suddenly find ourselves hurting when they are in pain or experiencing joy when they are happy and become triumphant.

      and so we all come back to the question why do we suffer fools in a kdrama? why do we gladly bear to watch assholes continue to do their thing and pass them off as cute and lovable?

      why? 😉

      well, let me hazard some guesses: for one, maybe because we know its not for real. and two, perhaps because secretly we can actually identify and relate with them (nobody’s perfect even in the real world , right?). and three, probably we know that behind those characters and story is a writer who can in fact orchestrate the changes that we hope to happen and so we are more hopeful as compared to real-life where we know that change is not always as easy and only God can change fickle hearts and stubborn minds. and finally, four, because maybe we know that if at anytime we do not agree/like what we see, we can easily jump/hop/skip to the next kdrama without taking responsibility for not sticking it out till the end or how ever long it takes for people to change themselves or be transformed through divine intervention; in this regard, kdrama is liberating.

      these are just my guesses…what’s yours? 😉

  60. 60 izzie

    a couple of things…

    “Why are you wearing an ajumma’s long underwear?”“Why are you wearing an ajumma’s long underwear?” – haha! I remember mentioning ‘lingerie’ (referring to that pesky tracksuit) in the previous thread? LOL!

    that new tracksuit… not only does it look like a woman’s underpants… it also looks like a coffee table cover. I have the urge to put a flower vase on Joo-Wons’s chest…

    it’s kind’a difficult to take Joo-Won seriously during his brooding/pensive moments while he’s in that effing tracksuit. bleh!

    1984??? is that a reference to Ra-Im’s father acting like Big Brother on her and Joo-Won?

    that bed with Jong-soo… that looks SO comfy. I have the urge to get snuggly with that long-haired stunt director who sleeps like a freakin’ baby… hmm…

  61. 61 m

    can this two ?? their chemistry are so great.. i having butterfly in my stomach everytime those two are near each other…

    i know i know hyunbin dated song hye kyo but…

    haji won and hyun bin are just two cute together…

    enough for my renting..

    • 61.1 müge

      how cute words. we’re t the same boat. I can’t stop thinking them in real life, too.
      their chemistry is awesome, pufff^^

      • 61.1.1 m

        yes!!! both of them are so great as an actor/actress..

        hope they’re dated…

        if this couple enter kbs best couple this year…


        • meltedd

          lol they are up against yongha/jaeshin

  62. 62 caryatid

    i think joo-won said those words to his mom so she’ll back off but i doubt if ra-im will forgive him after those harsh words! man, way to piss-off the girl your obsessing about!

    BUT with the i’ll-clean-your-foamed-lips-with-mine move then i’ll just walk around with my foamed-lips all day so he’ll clean it up for me!!!hehehe^_^

  63. 63 bluemoon

    Oh my god~ I did the exact same thing. I really like this guy, and I look at his facebook and noticed some of the books that are his favorites. One of them is Catcher in the Rye, and I went and brought the book, and finished reading it in less than 3 hours. oh my

  64. 64 Neurotic not Crazy

    Great recap

    “mermistress” priceless

    Episode filled with sweetness.

    “Book-learning” that goes both ways
    “Say it with a Smurf: if your obsession won’t confess love, the blue man will”

    How long was the switch and how many underwear did she wear? It seemed like there were dozens in the box.

    I know people seem frustrated at the rate of the characters’ growth. Some think RaIm is moving too slowly toward Joowon, and others think Joowon is being an ass for too long. But to me it makes sense. Both are being ask to re-consider their self-conception at the core. It is especially hard for Joowon who has a fossilized perception of himself. It makes sense that instead of trying to change he is working to understand the situation to see how he can get what he wants without giving up who he thinks he is.

    For RaIm’s case, he really hasn’t offered anything to her except for the excitement of sexual sizzle. As a stunt woman, she probable has enough things in her life to make her heart race. As someone who lost her mother so young and her father at an early age, she is probably emotionally cautious and more than sexual excitement wants someone who offers emotional security. And at this point, that is the one thing Mr. Kim Joowon is not offering.

    • 64.1 buhdoop

      I agree, I like the way their story is developing. I think it is more believable then them being completely changed people after the swap.

      • 64.1.1 samgetang

        Agree with you both, neurotic but not crazy and buhdoop…

        If it were in real life, change can happen almost til the very end of one’s lifetime, if at all….so the rate of the main leads’ development is actually realistic :-)

        But perhaps, many viewers are not as patient because the lifetime of these characters only takes around 20 episodes or so…they hope to see and enjoy a few of the last remaining episodes with the change actually in force sans the annoying habit or irritating attitude and so it makes some a bit impatient with the pacing :-)

  65. 65 Daniela

    Thank you very much!! I read this before breakfast. Reading this is the best way to start the day.

    I watched the episode first without subs and i love it. I cant understand a thing but i had a little clue about what was happening. My stomach hurted because i laughed so hard when he was “acting”. And then, the last 5 minutes… in CrazyDrama a kind person translated the last part and i was screaming. Why?! Why you have to say that?! You moron! I love Joo-won but i want to slap him too. I m waiting. Like you said, he is digging his own grave and he will fall for her even more.

    I also love Ra-im, she is so cool. The way she return the things he said to her is priceless. I was intrigue about the book scene and now that i understand is so cute.

    Im really waiting the next saturday, and also for him to win her love. Thank you again girlfriday! Awesome as always!

    • 65.1 Daniela

      jejeje is DramaCrazy,sorry

  66. 66 koolbr33z3

    I’m surprised that JW willingly got into a cramped van with RI and the other team members to go to the saeguk shoot. Maybe she’s curing him of his claustrophobia.

    In an unrelated note, how awesome was this episode?! I couldn’t stop laughing. Loved it until JW ruined it with his end speech. What a tool! I seriously hope he was just trying to play mindgames with his mom to throw her off.

  67. 67 rrock

    i agree with you. although i find it hilarious, but at the same time i’m frustrated that there is no character developments in kim joo won. come on its episode 10 already. 답답해.

  68. 68 m

    can this two date ?? their chemistry are so great.. i having butterfly in my stomach everytime those two are near each other…

    i know i know hyunbin dated song hye kyo but…

    haji won and hyun bin are just two cute together…

    enough for my renting..

    • 68.1 SGcrazed

      i totally agree the steamy chemistry is foggin up ma screen has my R Rated thought hyped n my inner nasty self is thinking he should just DO her

    • 68.2 Chris

      I’ll agree absolutely.

      Pure chemistry, just sweet chemistry. They should really date, and date seriously.

  69. 69 bessy

    isn’t it amazing that Ra im STILL didn’t fall in looovvee with Joo won EVEN AFTER the switch? i find this hilarious. because for me, if ra im fell for him that easily (given his emotional stuntedness and general insensitivity) their love story would have been so….contrived. like, you put two characters in enforced proximity for days…poof! they fall in love.

  70. 70 kennedy

    Am I the only one who wants to know why Joo Won and Oska hate each other some much??

    • 70.1 minerva

      no, i’m curious, too. nothing much about the pasts of the characters have been revealed. i’m curious, too, how ra im’s dad died and if his death is related to joo won. and his claustrophobia.

      • 70.1.1 YOO

        and why does he have claustraphobia . i knew you can be born or something with it . but when key lime was joo won oska said something about an accident and then he said he was sorry he let it slip when they had a tiny bromance going on oska mentioned it makes him feel like his his younger brother again . but i don’t think oska hates Joo woon or Joo won hates oska i think they are merely irritated with each other or they don’t know how to show affection . because everytime Joo won is down ( mostly becasue of Lime ( lol seriously lime . ) he goes and finds oske . fac eit peopel , oska is the only one who knows Joo won through and through . His the only one Joo Won is honest with about his feelings .

      • 70.1.2 bloghopper

        hi minerva, i was thinking the same thing too. maybe in the past, ra-im’s dad saved joo-won from an accident or something. well, so much for the theories. hehe.

        • minerva

          i didn’t know people are born with phobias..i thought they developed after traumatic experiences, conscious or sub/unconscious, with some things or events..I rewatched episode 9 and in the end Oska told Raim that he aged 10, 20 +5 years (until he’s in his current age, 35) but he still feels like he’s 10 years old…Joo won is only 2 or 3 years younger than him…did something significant at age 10 happen to Oska? What about Joo won? And, by extension, what about Ra im?
          yes, bloghopper!..so much for theories..*o.o*

    • 70.2 Joebs

      I don’t think they really HATE each other. I guess some men really express their affection/concern for each other in weird ways that include bickering and a lot of teeth-gnashing. (But in this episode I really think Oska was a bit pissed off for real with Joowon’s attitude, especially towards Raim.)

  71. 71 minerva

    am i the only one who found joo won hot while he was shaving in the see-through shower room? *o.0*

    • 71.1 cookie

      cowardly joo won. he’s not afraid of making a fool of himself (ehh..sageuk disaster?) in front of ra im, but he’s terrified of facing up and confessing his feelings.

      • 71.1.1 izzie

        he tries to convince himself that he doesn’t like Ra-Im. that he just fancies her.

        his pendulum affection reminds me so much of Edward the Indecisive Vampire from Washington State.

        • samgetang

          agree, izzie 😉 that’s what makes this story so intriguing! what would make joo woon face and ‘fess up to his real feelings for her….and what would make ra im realize she’s also attracted to this guy…her worst nightmare?

          what’s funny is that unlike some males who try to suppress what they feel for the girl, pretending disinterest, joo woon, on the other hand, appear to be honest and open with his interest of ra im. but he just calls it different names/terms. while ra im has gotten into the bad habit of just being perpetually annoyed with the guy. :-)

          hmmm…very very interesting!

    • 71.2 bloghopper

      it’s a product placement, try googling hyun bin’s cf, the one on philips’s 3d shaver… hillarious.

      • 71.2.1 teena

        LOL I think JW’s already AWARE he fancies Ra im, he just doesn’t want OTHER people to KNOW it or CALL him out on it or ASSUME about the future of their relationship. He’s so defensive about it it’s funny!

        Oh, was the shaving scene product placement? I didn’t even notice the brand of the shaver…I was too busy looking at him and his shirtless self.

  72. 72 SGcrazed

    king of bastard haz me noticing how elegant his fingers are YESSS that’s what am obsessed about while everyone else is talking tracksuits.

    • 72.1 geanna

      homg me too! his hands n fingers~ very elegant!

  73. 73 evelia

    Thanks for the recap.

  74. 74 cindy211

    thanks for the recap GF. I was anxiously waiting for it so that I can get the details of the episode since I only understand bits and pieces.

  75. 75 AuntieMame

    JW consistently has said that there is no possibility of a lasting relationship between him and RI. I wonder if his statements are based on his past experiences.

    We are lead to believe that he will dump RI, in the end. Perhaps, his real meaning is that eventually RI will leave him. Just as other people that he loved has left him. Perhaps, his father. Definitely, other women that his mother has bought off or driven away.

    Is this a possibility? I wonder if this is also related to why he told Seul that she can put out the story that she dumped him.

    And, do we know what is the accident that has made JW claustrophobic?

    Also In ep. 9, in the elevator scene, is there any meaning to “Drunkards Dream, Rock Steady” that is embroidered on the back of JW’s business suit?

    As for his harshness/brutality to RI, he is certainly setting himself up to be the bad guy. And, if he is the bad guy, then, she becomes the wounded heroine that will receive everyone’s sympathy.

    Therefore, in his warped thinking, he believes that he is protecting her and her pride and her self-respect. If he’s the bad guy, she doesn’t have to keep saying a million “I’m sorry”, which drove him crazy in the early episodes.

    OMG! He was such a dorky little kid during the filming. And, did they really have to put that great big black mole on his face, when he was wearing the common soldier’s costume?! YES! Because it gave me another good laugh!

    BTW, JW’s sister was correct when she said she was the most normal one in the family. That is a family of wack-o’s.

  76. 76 jodasg

    Nvr look forward to a show so much since BG (but damn that ending) . Hopefully SG dun disappoint.

    Ra-im & Joo Woo relationship is like dancing cha cha – 1 step forward & then 2 step backwards.

    Just when Ra-im thinks she can trust Joo Woo a little cos there are times whereby he seems so sincere, he has to make all those hurting remarks & be an ass. :(

  77. 77 jeanie65jh

    Joo Won’s strange contradiction: to Ra-Im “Didn’t you even think of me once?” ~ He’s always complaining that when she acts, she doesn’t consider him and yet…

    He keeps insisting she is the little mermaid, a passing fancy or distraction. So why? Why should she consider him when she acts if who she is and what she does means so little to him. I really wish Ra-Im’s character would actually address that next time he brings that up.

    I mean, we all know he’s a goner but still…he’s got a looonngg way to go. That’s why I want another switch to happen. He didn’t learn near enough walking around in her skin. Silly crazy man. I love this show.

  78. 78 Show2007

    GF. Thank you so much for the recap. Again, you made my day and just love your opening. “MerMistress” need to add to the dictationary. Bravo for the writer, PD and the CASTS. What a great drama and what a great way to end it. From Warm, funny, to Kiss, Funny and then the Axxhole talk at the last 5 minutes. I have to admit that I want to punch JW face after his “jerk axx” talks but I do think that he just has his weird logic on many “normal things” that’s how he sees things should be done in his unique axxhole way. Again, you don’t expect people change in one night, I see both JW and RI are changing little by little. We just have to have faith and be patience. I believe that next 2 eps will be the turning point and I do believe that JooWanda will appear again and this time he is willing to do the stunt job for RI “is not to save her but to protect her and ensure that she receive the role as he finally respect her and respect her career” well just my 2 cents.

  79. 79 Rosy

    I like Joo Won and his practical approaches

  80. 80 serenexmalice

    probably said already,
    but this soo made my day. :]

  81. 81 dana

    Thank you so much!

  82. 82 phokej

    Thanks for perfect recaps :-) your comments always make my day.

    Well, I quite understand why JW is such badass, just look at his mother :-) She seriously needs a psychiatrist or someone to tell her that not everyone is after her money… with mum like this, noone would be normal. And her hairstyle is… well… maybe someone should also tell her to wake up from the sixties to the twenty-first century… :-)

    I sooo hope that RaIm will give JooWon a proper lesson (perhaps hitting his head isntead of leg) because that’s the only thing that can wake him up to realise he really loves her and that she’s no little Mermaid… honestly he would say that to me only once…

    But anyway I LOVE this show :-)

  83. 83 Noypi

    Only way that I could think Joo Won can redeem himself to Ra Im after all his Bullshit..


    sad but really… dunno what else to think.. LOL

  84. 84 ajmystro


    I can’t stop listening to Baek Ji Young’s The Woman!

    • 84.1 Anonymous

      I know i downloaded that song also playing it non stop along with the 4Men reasons and Oska’s song love them all.

  85. 85 sobohomom2

    Some one mentioned that in City Hall, the romance doesn’t really get cooking until episode 11. And like JW, that guy was also an arrogant basta*d. The dynamic wasn’t all that different–in CH, the “hero” kept saying that he was going to marry to further his political interests and not for love–but in the end, love conquered all.

  86. 86 Rocky

    i really enjoyed your recap for this episode! i must agree with you, joo-won is never going to be completely liked if he keeps acting the way he does…poor ram-im :-(

  87. 87 Yiya

    I laughed so hard when Joo-won and Jong-soo were jostling each other when they were coming out of Ra-im’s house. Boys, boys, boys

    • 87.1 Emily

      lol me too. Though I laughed even harder when even after all their petty squabbling Ra Im ended up going with Oska. XD

  88. 88 mykindadrma

    Love everything about this episode, cracks me up so hard…. Just everyone of you having hate and love toward Joowon, he is so hilarious(especially during the movie shooting ). I laughed and still laughing evertime i remeber… the costume, acting and all. I’ll forgive him for saying mean things because my guess he’s going to get a retribution later in the episode(hopefully not dying though). . On the other note, Ra-im (HJW)never disappoint with the action scene(Love it).

    Can’t wait to see what other exciting things this drama has to offer…As for now this drama is over the top:).. Ha Ji Won, Hyung Bin and th rest are making it happen!!!!!

    By the way…Thanx for the recap, so nice of you:)….

  89. 89 Carinne

    Men in lace is so wrong. The only part I like about this magenta tracksuit is the high collar almost covering up Hyun Bin’s cold red hot ears. He looks pretty hot w/ that face, hair, and collar. Keke~

  90. 90 Marystatedoutallnight&SecretGarden luver

    Thanks so much! I’m just waiting for the subs to come on, but this helped alot!!!!! AMAZING!! UR THE BEST!!!

  91. 91 what is

    I love love LOOOOVE this drama!!!
    Everything about it has been working for me.

    My faavorite favorite scene of this episode was where Jon woo and Jong soo are left eating dust after Oska “kidnapped” our heroine! Looks so stupid, and adorable. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!

  92. 92 dit

    Joowon is Grade AAAsshole. I’m so excited to see him get served. He better gets it.

  93. 93 LL



  94. 94 zj

    I’ve rewatched SG so many times, it’s not even funny!! Does anyone know why Seul is offering to sponsor Taesun? What’s her deal? (And I know she has one)

  95. 95 srkambbs

    Awesum episode as usually & reference to 100 years of solitude. Im reading that book for school right now….coincidence!!!

  96. 96 sophie

    Unless the writer completely messes up the ending of this series, I’m already dreading the serious SG withdrawal I’ll have.

  97. 97 jen

    wow i was pretty much GAPING when he said that at the end. i want to kick him but sadly, i still like him T.T

  98. 98 mee

    aah thank you so much for the recap. made my day =D now going bak to writing my papers boo ;(

  99. 99 deeko

    Ugh. Joo Won makes me shake my head every other minute. One moment, I’m grinning like a goat from his cute antics… then I’m frowning the next because of the jerkish things he says. Seriously, talk about a foot in his mouth syndrome. Please, JW, grow up.

    I’m surprised Ra-Im hasn’t driven him off a cliff yet. She’s got patience. I love how sweet it was that she actually bought those books to know him better. I wish he really understood her heart a little more… and maybe she got to understand him too. He’s misunderstood but he doesn’t help that by his foot-in-mouth disease, which is worse than his neurotic behavior right now.

    I hope they switch again. Seems homeboy Joo-Won hasn’t learned his lesson quite yet.

  100. 100 rich

    Cuuuute! So far, based on the dramas I’m watching now, Secret Garden’s the best. ^^

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