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Secret Garden: Episode 11
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Ah, finally the break I’ve been waiting for! After all the Brooding, that is. (There is a LOT of it.) Not that I haven’t been enjoying the heck out of Secret Garden, but plotwise we’ve been in slower territory for the past couple episodes, and it’s about time that things shifted. Power dynamics slide around and set us up for some potentially very interesting things in the near future. (I hope.)


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With Ra-im sitting right there, Joo-won makes his thoroughly dishonorable speech to his mother about how he’s only playing around, and that she has nothing to fear because his fixation with Ra-im is temporary. As though that’s not bad enough, he adds, “Even if this woman were to change her mind and agree to marry me, don’t give your approval. Oppose it till the end, and rid me of this woman.”

While I deliver a mental slap that I deeply wish could be physical, Mom eyes him in suspicion, as this is too easy (she didn’t even have to bust out her secret hussy-ridding voodoo incantations!). Ra-im stonily replies that although Joo-won sees her as an adequate temporary plaything, to her Joo-won isn’t even worth toying with, “not even temporarily.” She adds that she’d be grateful if Mom kept Joo-won from following her around.

Rather than being pleased that her problem has washed itself off her hands, Mom is offended at Ra-im for speaking so bluntly, for not being cowed by her intimidation, for being so low-class as to come bearing an offensively poor gift like a fruit basket.

Of all the things to breaks through Ra-im’s stoic facade, it’s that last complaint that does it, and her bottom lip trembles while Mom finishes her tirade and storms off.

Fed up with this family, Ra-im shakes off Joo-won’s arm, warning him to stay away from her. A telling remark: “If it’s just a short while for you, do you think it’s automatically a short while for me?!” On one level, this points out his extreme selfishness in neglecting to consider how this affects her, but on another level, it gives us a hint that she might find herself drawn to him if she allowed herself.

As she walks through the neighborhood, he trails her in his car, then parks and orders her to get in. It’s a good thing you’re so pretty, Joo-won, because you sorely lack charm.

Ra-im accepts the ride on the condition that she drive, and he lets her take the driver’s seat. But when he walks toward the passenger side and reaches to open the door, she zooms off, stopping a few feet away. He approaches again and reaches for the handle, and she zooms off again, halting a few more feet away.

Joo-won catches up to the car and angrily faces Ra-im, who makes her point: Not so fun being toyed with, is it? More than anything, she was hurt by their careless regard for her fruit offering, having been taught by her father that guests should bring a gift when visiting somebody’s home.

Joo-won says in his belittling way that surely she didn’t expect him to take her side, did she? If she did, she’s pretty naïve; how could he have possibly taken her side against his mother, when that would have made her even more furious? That’s something out of a fairy tale, and he asserts that what he’s doing now is the best he can do. (And here’s where I might point out that crushing realization that many of us make on the cusp of adulthood: Sometimes your best just ain’t good enough, buster.) Somehow Joo-won makes this more about him, even though she’s the one who was demeaned, saying that she should be understanding. Apparently in Joo-won’s world, understanding is a one-way street. Guess they’re easy to navigate when he’s a bulldozer.

Ra-im says that that’s true — but it pains her that he’s right, and she berates herself for briefly letting herself feel drawn to him. Joo-won replies, “If it upset you, I’ll apologize. I’m sorry.” But Ra-im tells him not to bother, since he isn’t sorry.

Off on their separate ways they go to brood, reliving past moments together in a series of flashbacks. Ra-im sits in a cafe alone for a long while, staring off into space while deep in thought, until she is eventually joined by someone who sits down and drinks straight from her coffee cup: Joo-won.

He deliberately dabs his lip with foam to make her laugh, but she’s hardly in the mood. Trust Joo-won to have heard her rejection and fixated on the one line that gave him hope: the part where she mentioned feeling drawn to him.

Although Ra-im doesn’t deny it, she points out that there are times in life when ignorance is bliss. She he counts him as one of those instances, advising him to find a rich, classy woman who’ll make his mother happy.

When Oska calls, he guesses from Joo-won’s tone that something happened, that his mother tried to buy Ra-im off and made her cry. Joo-won admits that he really thought he could do it: “I was sure I could keep myself from falling for her.” Alas, things didn’t work out as planned.

I love that Oska has this brotherly heart-to-heart while he’s at the salon, changing his hairdo. He tells the stylist that an ajumma showed up to his latest fansigning sporting his hairstyle, and while he doesn’t expect to pass for an idol boy, looking like the sister of an ajumma fan is really not his style. He can’t help insisting, “I looked better from the back, though!”

More cacophany regarding Oska’s plagiarism scandal arises when news surfaces about the identity of the songwriter of the original song… which turns out to be Tae-sun (who wrote the song under the name “Sun”), as Seul has already discovered.

Oska blusters about being an equal victim in the mess, but Tae-sun ponts out that Oska had a couple chances to find out this truth — such as when Tae-sun gave him the song on his mp3 player — and had known Oksa would come looking for him. However, he’d anticipated that the first thing to do would have been to give him an apology, and the fact that Oska didn’t bother shows a basic lack of courtesy.

Seul joins them — or rather, joins Tae-sun and and pointedly ignores Oska — which suprises the latter, who had no idea the two were on familiar terms. Seul presents Tae-sun with contract papers, having agreed to meet all his stipulations.

Oska is stunned and aggravated, because HE was the one hot to cultivate Tae-sun as his protege. But it’s exactly for that reason that Tae-sun agrees to the contract, knowing how much it’ll burn Oska up, and he declares that he has just now decided to sign with Seul.

Oska asks Seul if she was really the one who leaked the latest news, in a voice that clearly believes she did. Her reply references their earlier argument (and their lack of trust issue): “If you say it’s me, then it must be me.”

They’re both hurt as they part ways, and as Oska takes a phone call with his mother, he looks directly at Seul as Mom sighs that she’d like to see him settled and married. Just as Seul passes within earshot, Oska replies that he will find a nice girl to marry.

His mother has had enough of sitting back while Joo-won gets the glory as the department store president, and meets with Director Park to strike a deal. She offers to make him the new president — usurping Joo-won’s position — if he will accept Oska as his VP. With his age ticking upward, Oska can’t stay a pop singer forever, and she wants him to have a position in the family biz after retiring. Director Park is happy to join forces in staging this coup.

Then, it’s Brooding Hour for all. Each of our main characters spends time coping with their feelings, Joo-won and Ra-im both reading through Alice in Wonderland in deep thought.

While they read, Oska plays piano, Seul thinks back to their breakup, and Jong-soo views footage of Ra-im in action. Joo-won and Ra-im alternate voice-overs of the following key passage from the book, a conversation between Alice and the Cheshire Cat:

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.
“I don’t much care where–” said Alice.
“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat.
“–so long as I get SOMEWHERE,” Alice added as an explanation.
“Oh, you’re sure to do that,” said the Cat, “if you only walk long enough.”

The next day, Ra-im is at the lockers readying to begin her workday when she takes note of the photos posted on her door; they’ve been there for ages but she hasn’t noticed them lately. The one with her and her father spins her off into a flashback from her high school days.

It’s a mundane scene, but full of affection as she and Dad meet on their way home and he gives her a stuffed cat doll, which she still owns. No doubt this memory was jogged by the Cheshire Cat.

Ra-im hears that she passed the first stage of auditions for the Dark Blood film, and will need to send in her demo tape. Excitedly, she races to meet Jong-soo to hear the news from him.

He confirms the news and congratulates her, and she is so thrilled that she offers to treat everyone to dinner. He declines the invite, which confuses her, so finally he gets blunt: she was right to tell him what she did, and need not worry about his feelings — what he needs now is space and time.

He means her rejection of him, of course, but she has no idea since it was really Joo-wonda who did the rejecting. Jong-soo tells her to pretend she knows nothing (not hard, when she’s utterly at a loss), while he’ll make sure he’s not “found out” again.

Ra-im may not know what he means, but she’s pretty sure she knows how things got to this state, and she fumes.

Over at Joo-won’s glass castle, he takes an unexpected interest in his staff’s setup of Christmas decorations. He’s more of a hindrance than a help, getting in everyone’s way, but he gamely pus himself right in the thick of the decorating session.

Joo-won even hangs a pair of Oska socks on the tree — not for his benefit, surely, but for the Fantasy Ra-im whom he imagines standing beside him.

He tells the Imaginary Ra-im that he doesn’t like decorating Christmas trees — he doesn’t enjoy tending to anyone’s birthday other than his own, HA — and says, “But I think you’d like it, because you only like things I don’t like.”

He tells her she won’t be getting Christmas gifts, because Santa doesn’t give presents to kids who cry. (Which, WTF? What kind of messed-up Santa mythology has he been told?) Imaginary Ra-im counters that he’s the one who made her cry, but Joo-won shrugs, since it’s not the reason for the crying that matters as much as it is the tears that are shed.

“Jerk,” she says. “I know,” Joo-won replies. “Why’d you go and cry?”

And then, the real Ra-im comes stalking in, interrupting his reverie; she walks right through her fantasy self, dispersing the apparition in a wispy poof.

Seeing Real Ra-im standing right where Fantasy Ra-im had been standing, Joo-won’s eyes widen and he has to poke her cheek with a finger, wondering, “Are you the real Gil Ra-im?”

Ra-im glares furiously and demands to know what he’d told Jong-soo.

Joo-won reminds her that he’d already pointed out that Jong-soo likes her, acting like she should thank him for telling Jong-soo never to confess the truth. Her actual reaction is far from gratitude; she calls Jong-soo her teacher and family, the person she most respects in the world. Furthermore, this is her business, not his: “More than the pain you gave me, it hurts me more that you used my face to hurt the director.”

Joo-won scoffs that it’s not like she would’ve dated Jong-soo anyway, and challenges, “Do you like him back?” Contrary to his expectation, she answers readily, “Yes, I like him. Thanks to you I know how he feels, so I’m going to like him as a man now.”

Way to drive your quarry straight into the enemy’s arms. Smooooth. Joo-won stands there speechlessly as she heads out, then hurries after her. Whirling her around, he plants a declarative kiss on her lips.

Ra-im struggles, but he keeps his grasp firm and continues kissing. I suppose it’s supposed to be romantic, but there’s an uncomfortable vibe that cannot be escaped given the palpable tension (and not just the sexual kind) and use of physical force (though one wonders what happened to the badass fighting stuntwoman who can’t shake off his grasp).

Intently, Joo-won tells her that he’s “earned the right” now (to interfere in her love life), and orders her to stop thinking about other men. Oh, if YOU say so.

Oska interrupts the scene, immediately sensing that they’ve fought. He advises Ra-im to kick Joo-won to the curb, to which she replies that no matter how hard she tries, Joo-won won’t acknowledge being dumped.

When Oska offers her a ride home, Joo-won interrupts to say he’ll take her. Ra-im ignores him and accepts Oska’s offer, leaving Joo-won to stare plaintively like he’s just lost his favorite toy. Which he has.

Ra-im begins coaching Oska for the physical work in his CF, taking him to the climbing wall. Halfway up, she realizes she has forgotten her chalk (to keep sweaty hands dry), so he offers up his pouch for her use. Ra-im cops an accidental feel, and jerks her hand away embarrassedly upon contact with his butt. Oska, however, declares that he’s the kind of guy to “turn the other cheek” (lmao), and offers up the other side for equal treatment.

They have lunch afterward, during which Ra-im confesses that she lied about being his fan for the past three years. In fact, she’s liked him for thirteen, from before his debut when he was in a Hongdae band, “When you sang even worse than you do now.” Lol. She may be a fangirl, but she’s not deluded.

Hesitantly, she asks him to explain the details of the Jeju bet between him and Joo-won. Oska fills her in on their game of wagering the things they want most — Joo-won with Ra-im, Oska with his house. Since Oska won, he teases that Ra-im is his now, which leads them to play-flirt about getting married.

Chae-rin makes a surprise appearance at their table, having been directed here by Joo-won, who told her that Oska was here with a strange woman. She’s pouty to see that it’s true, and Oska immediately assumes that she’s still holding the threat of naked pictures over his head. Except that there are no naked pictures. Chae-rin admits with a laugh that she made it all up.

To prove to us that heartless Seul isn’t quite so heartless after all — it’s just disguised under massive layers of materialism and snobbery — Seul looks at Oska’s “Thanks for all your love” autograph near tears. More brooding as she thinks back to old memories of being told that Oska was playing with her, and hearing Oska declare as much. Spurred by that hateful memory, she rips the autograph up, composes herself, and puts her plan in motion.

The chaebol mothers engage in their never-ending round of My Son’s Better over wine at the hot springs. Whoops, almost wrote “whine,” which is just as apt. Oska’s mom starts pushing the “Joo-won’s only successful because of his talented subordinates” angle, and alludes to an accident that wiped out some of his memories, saying he’s still not back to normal (Joo-won’s mom bristles at her pointed use of normal), and may suffer aftereffects for life.

Seul and her friend enter the pool at the other end and start chatting about Seul’s recent blind date. Though no names are mentioned, dropping a few key phrases (about him owning this spa) perks up the moms’ ears, and they listen closely.

Bait successfully cast, Seul sighs that it’s not working out. He’s in love with someone else, and she doesn’t want to be the woman who breaks that up, especially when he only sees her for her status. The ladies sigh that Seul’s good-hearted nature is her undoing, which, *snort.* Well, this IS a fantasy drama.

The mothers waste no time making themselves known, and Seul immediately acts contrite, bowing her head respectfully to Joo-won’s mother.

Mom invites Seul to have a cup of tea with her, liking her for a few reasons. First, Seul had already been selected as bride candidate when she was set up on the blind date with Joo-won, meaning she’s pre-approved in the areas of wealth, status, and background. Second, she’s not Ra-im. At this point, both are equally desirable in Mom’s eyes.

Mom confirms that the stuntwoman is the third party, muttering that she was too nice in her dismissal of Ra-im. Scary thing is, I think that WAS her being nice. Who else shudders to think what horrors she might unleash if she were actually trying?

Secretary Kim enjoys a date with Ah-young, and is therefore reluctant to interrupt it by answering Joo-won’s call. He ignores the phone several times, finally picking up in annoyance to bark that he’s ignoring the call for a reason.

Joo-won can’t believe his secretary would dare talk to him in such a way, but Secretary Kim feigns ignorance and says innocently that he assumed the President Kim who was calling was that other president Kim, the owner of the restaurant that sells pig’s feet. Offended (pig’s feet?!), Joo-won suspects he’s lying, further affronted when his secretary pretends that his signal is cutting out.

But it’s Joo-won who gets the last laugh, because he knows Secretary Kim’s weakness. Ah-young.

He calls Ah-young and Secretary Kim into his office, where they wait nervously for him to get to the point. Unexpectedly, Joo-won invites Ah-young to dinner, which sounds awfully like a statement of interest…

Joo-won adds one caveat: They’ll each bring their best friend in the world along to dinner. Dressed prettily, of course. LOL. He’s getting pretty transparent, isn’t he? And yet, even more hilarious is the fact that neither Ah-young nor Secretary Kim realize that this is all a roundabout way to summon Ra-im.

So after all that effort, Joo-won is left staring in dissatisfaction when Ah-young turns up with a friend who is very much NOT Ra-im. (Although even sadder may be the fact that his “closest friend” is Secretary Kim, who spends the entire scene glare-pouting at Ah-young.)

Pointedly, he says, “Ah-young-sshi, you must have a lot of friends.” She replies that this IS her closest friend, especially with things being awkward with Ra-im these days. Joo-won bursts out, “How can friendship change?”

He starts to explain that this whole arrangement was for Ra-im, but stops himself. Instead, he asks Secretary Kim how well he knows Ah-young. He rattles off a list of things he knows about her, picked up from his time in Ra-im’s body, which sound positively strange coming from Joo-won’s mouth — sleep and bathroom habits, for instance — capping off with advice: Secretary Kim should stay with her even if she dumps him once, because she believes that the way to keep a guy who’s merely playing around with a girl is by dumping him and seeing if he sticks.

Joo-won says, “Take good care of her,” tells Ah-young to come home late tonight, and leaves.

He goes to Ra-im’s apartment, waiting outside in his car and making calls that go ignored. Finally, she trudges up the hill toward her gate, where he intercepts her.

He’s upset and incredulous, demanding, “Who do you think you are?” She looks at him indifferently, and her lack of emotion just fuels him — he can’t understand how she can not care about any of this. How can she be so unaffected, especially after they kissed? How could someone as lofty as he be reduced to sitting around for her for hours? Hey, don’t ask me to explain your mental issues, buddy.

He blames everything on her — if she’d just told him she wasn’t Chae-rin when they met, this would never have happened. You know what else would have prevented events from spiraling this far? How about some sanity on your end?

Ra-im calls him a nutjob, to which he agrees, blaming her for making him into one. (I think you were doing just fine on your own, frankly.)

It’s killing him that he’s so torn up, while she’s going about her life as normal, “So I’m going to do anything and everything from now on.” Uh-oh, I think he just stated his intention to let his crazy loose. To that end, he asks for her cooperation: “You have no intention of becoming the Little Mermaid. So I’ll become the Little Mermaid myself.”

He clarifies: Now he’s the one making the offer to disappear like bubbles after their relationship has run its course: “I’m outright begging you.”


Well, finally! As much as I think Hyun Bin is killing this role, and am getting a huge laugh out of his wacky antics, I’ve been gradually disliking Joo-won more and more over the past few episodes. In this one, I found him damn near insufferable.

He has that maddening way of spouting sexist, classist drivel with unflappable calm, as though his way of thinking were perfectly normal, turning the tables around to make it sound like everything is Ra-im’s failing instead of his own. At least Mommy Dearest is under no illusions that she’s being benevolent or kind, whereas Joo-won has this gift of framing his actions in a way that absolves him of responsibility. And like Ra-im, I find myself almost seeing his point, even when his point is pure fiddle-faddle, which is frustrating because you have to concede that there’s a logic to his madness.

So it’s pretty satisfying to see him driven to the limit of frustration, because it’s really a hell of his own making. All along, he’s been poking at Ra-im, treating her like a doll without a brain or a heart. Then acting like the doll is out of line for making him care about it. You can’t have it both ways, but he was exhausting his excuses to explain his actions in a way that his emotionally stunted mind could understand. HE’D created this, but refused to acknowledge that.

Offering to become the Little Mermaid isn’t exactly the reverse of telling her to be one — telling her to get lost after he’s finished playing with her is NOT the same as volunteering to do the same yourself. It’s all about agency; he’s still calling the shots in both scenarios. But here’s a baby step forward, for him to even consider swapping roles, to hand over the position of power, to be that desperate for her company that he’ll concede this symbolic point. He made his bed, and he’s finally lying in it.


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  21. 21 VanillaSalt

    seriously, i kinda starting to ship oska and ra-im together rather than joo-won and ra-im. He’s sorta getting on my nerves. He’s self-absorbed, doesn’t care about anyone but himself and thinks an insult can be fixed by a kiss? I think not, buddy. you need girl feelings 101 class. seriously.

  22. 22 Jomo

    Thank you for the lucid recap of Capt Crazy Mouth!

    I really love HB, but JW here is such a jerk!

    BTW, when JW tells Key Lime she won’t get presents, he is quoting the song:
    “You better watch out
    You better not
    You better not pout
    I’m telling you why…

    I wonder how JW can be so sure Key Lime doesn’t like the director. It is interesting that he is picking up on her non-attraction. And I love the fact that she proves him right by saying. “I will try to like him as a man.”

    The kiss was rather frightening, I agree. I don’t understand why he has earned the right to interfere in her love life. It can’t only be because they body-swapped, could it?

    Meanwhile– Where’s mystic Opa for all this? Don’t we get to see a sparkle of magic somewhere? Couldn’t he have sent one of the tangerines flying at JW’s 0ma?

    • 22.1 Biscuit

      I still LOL at his “I wore her underwear!” line from the last episode. In his brain, he has all the right to interfere in her love life simply because he feels he has some “authority” over her. He doesn’t think normal, so naturally it’s hard to understand.

      • 22.1.1 izzie

        body switch #1: blame it on the alcohol
        body switch #2: blame it on the rain
        I tawt I had a body switch again when I woke up beside a hot guy (again): blame it on the alcohol (again)

      • 22.1.2 Alexis

        I agree but I love Ra-Im for her spunk and guts. Even though Joo-Won always says she is stupid (that’s why she is doing “physical” work), I think she is pretty smart to be able to push all of Joo-Won’s buttons. Ha.. Take that, you inconsiderate buster!

    • 22.2 Bengal

      from the way I see it… he thinks he “has the right” is referring to what she said earlier, “what right do you have to hurt the director?”… he explains that he should have the right when:
      – the person he likes so much gets angry at him over another man [the Director]
      – the person he treasures so much is saying she’s hurt because of another man [the Director]… remember earlier how great she said that the pain of Joo-wanda using her face to hurt the director was…
      – the person he wants affection from so badly goes to find him because of another man [potential-rival Jong-soo]

      and again, in a Joo-wonesque twisted way… it all makes sense – his reasoning for wanting to hurt the director… just as any hero would do given those named situations (above)… and even more so since now Ra-im has said that she would begin to consider the director as a man…

      and now onto the spazztastic moments of this episode… the most picturesque scene was the Christmas tree… I was like “awww… she should be there with him” and then she showed up!… the conjured Ra-im at least… the butt grabbing was lulzy… and the lil merman at the end… awwwww…. can’t wait till I watch the next one… thanks for the recaps

  23. 23 VanillaSalt

    also, when is the whole change gonna happen? not the body switching one but the one where the guy changes from a total ass-hole, jerk, who is arrogant to a kind, caring, man who only looks at his girlfriend. Seriously, joo-won needs an attitude check. i wonder what made him like this…

  24. 24 Serious

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    i don’t know about anyone else, but i’m waiting for that bawling scene… it’s like a must for a k-drama. main girl character cries in front of her love interest. and it always makes me cry watching it… can’t. wait.

    • 24.1 We Yumi

      I could do with a little Joowon bawling in front of his love interest because he has really messed up big time and is in real danger of losing her.

  25. 25 jeri

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  26. 26 Ojou_Belle

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    I love the ending…what with the stare and the silent

    invitation to enter her dreams!

    • 26.1 Ojou_Belle

      Ooops! Wrong episode! Hahahaha! So sorry for the


  27. 27 Biscuit

    I’m hoping for another body swap, now that Joo Won has hurt Ra-Im even more compared to what he’s done to her PRE-swap. If he really wants to switch roles and be the mermaid, I hope he gets to literally switch lives with Ra-Im once more.

    I think this is the time where Joo Won really needs to see things from Ra-Im’s perspective, because I don’t think he’s been able to taste her life one bit.

    Sadly, there has been no indication of a future swap. Poo.

    This episode was OK. But boy, 8 more episodes… some guy needs to GROW.

    Btw, I wonder if baby Joo-Won/Ra-im were linked into the accident and switched souls……… only to find out that the real soul of kid JW is really Ra-im… (I know. Nuts. But there was an accident! Memory loss! It’s possible in this fantasy mess!)

    • 27.1 ajooma

      perhaps it was Ra-im’s father who rescued Joo-Won in the fire and died in the process. now he’s trying to save his daughter’s life by switching w Joo-won’s…

    • 27.2 Janny

      OKAY WHAT MEMORY-LOSS ACCIDENT?!….I mean I know about Ra Im’s father dying(well, is he really dead now, of what? I mean he wanders around in a hosue in the forest….XD) in an accident, but I know nothing of a memory loss. o.o *can’t believe she actually missed somethign in her most fave drama ATM*

      Oh and….about the growing up-thing. If they’ll really stop at 20 episodes, he’d really need to hurry up. But seeing the current ratings (I mean, Episode 12 had a rating of 28.2 percent…that’s not bad, really. o.o) and the fact that they’ll already convert it into different media forms…I’m pretty much sure they’ll extend it the way things look atm. Pretrty sure. To at least 24 to 25 episodes. 🙂

  28. 28 DRAMAADDICT4ever

    It is good to know I was not the only one stalking this page all day like a mad woman.

    I cannot express myself how much I love this drama. for some people it seems that this drama is dragging but to me I feel its perfect because everything is flowing naturally,and compare to other dramas, there has not been a single episode where I got bore!!!! and as far as I know the whole purpose of a drama is to get us the viewers entertain.

    The male lead is taking baby steps into realizing that the way he sees relationships is wrong!!!and even though he is acting like a lunatic we can all see that he loves her.I love that Ra-im shows her pride and lets him know she is not someone he can toy with.Now I am just waiting for both to realize how much they mean to each other and give me the happy ending that I want!!(^^)

    • 28.1 sparkly blue tracksuit

      completely agree with you. there’s nothing wrong with the pace. i’m enjoying each second of it immensely! 🙂

  29. 29 syk1235

    Are you sure you’re Korean, javabeans?
    Don’t you know that the Korean version of the song “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” says, “You can’t cry, you can’t cry. Santa Claus doesn’t give presents to kids who cry”?
    ‘울면안돼, 울면안돼
    산타할아버지는 우는 애들에겐 선물을 안주신대…”

    • 29.1 ni

      wow, even though i appreciate your information i feel like youve been using different usernames just to diss jvbeans and girlfriday. you always start your post with a question lol are you sure? is this the best you can do?

      • 29.1.1 syk1235

        umm… that was honestly my first time writing a comment….
        what were the other times “I” dissed javabeans and girlfriday? what were “my” other usernames?

        do you seriously think that I would dedicate my time to hate on these people? i actually like their reviews and find them funny sometimes, but it’s just that i found it glaring that a korean-drama-obsessed person like javabeans didn’t know the reference to santa claus is coming to town… that’s why i commented on it.

        it just seems like you thought you were being clever by dissing me in a condescending tone, by laughing at me, who you might think is a hater, but in the end, you were wrong. because i know that it was my first comment, you seem pretty pathetic for trying to think of a “clever” diss.

  30. 30 doremi

    I have to say though, as much of a jerk JW is right now, it’s all just gonna make his fall for ra-im that much more delicious…i really hope they can have a non-angsty ending

  31. 31 Anonymous

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    That had me in tears….LMAOROF!

    I had to cut this drama loose after epi 12, but will continue with the recaps as you ladies rock!

    • 31.1 mskololia

      Oops, I forgot to sign my name.

      Anyhow, this line also got me laughing:

      “But here’s a baby step forward, for him to even consider swapping roles, to hand over the position of power, to be that desperate for her company that he’ll concede this symbolic point. He made his bed, and he’s finally lying in it. ”


  32. 32 gingganggolli

    This is perfect. Way to start my week. I love this two I cant stop laughing with all the bickering and now Ha-rim is having her revenge (unintentionally). Poor Jo-won…next….

  33. 33 mastille


    I had my friend translate for me while I was watching and I was mad at Joo Won for the entire episode until he said “I’ll be the little mermaid…”

    SQUEEEEEE!!!!! I was totally back on the JW train.

    Not that it “reverses everything” as you say… but seeing JW’s personality I think it’s a MAJOR step for him… he never would have said that just a few episodes ago… To concede this much, he’s now begging Ra Im to take him in his socially challenged way… and I think he never would have imagined himself begging…

    Ah JW is so crazy… I feel like Ra Im here… why am I still rooting for him? Or rather, rooting for him – after he changes and is better to Ra Im? Can’t wait to see how and when it happens!!!

  34. 34 sleeplessinwgtn

    OMG, so quick!

    You ladies (jb and gf) spoil us.

    I had to content myself with some transcaps (?) – direct translation, no analysis, just to satisfy my craving.

    Thanks again. Do you know if they are airing SG this weekend, being Christmas and Boxing days and also on the following weekend, being New Year and Day after New Year?

    But then again, that might be a irrelevant as I don’t expect people to upload/translate/recap during the holidays. Of course, it’d be awesome if they do 🙂

  35. 35 glomp

    I was watching the part where Joo Won helped out with the Christmas tree decoration. When the tree was finally decorated, Joo Won smiled. For a moment, I was confused. It seemed out of character for him to like Christmas. A few seconds later, it hit me.

    Ah, of course. The Christmas tree is SPARKLY.

    • 35.1 Katey B


    • 35.2 commenter

      lol..too bad there’s no ‘like’ button!

      • 35.2.1 Nana

        loooool .. I so wanted to press the ‘like’ button for your comment 😀

    • 35.3 We Yumi

      Oh, you are so right. For a man of refine taste, he does go for the glitter, down to his underwear.

      • 35.3.1 Laica

        those sequined boxers killed me!

    • 35.4 vinnn

      LOL IRL.

    • 35.5 sparkly blue tracksuit

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    • 35.6 mskmouse

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    • 35.7 Bengal

      I miss sparkly tracksuit already… and the leopard print one… and I should die if i forget the lacy one… can’t wait to see them again in the next episodes

  36. 36 yen_nguyen

    How sweet JW is to hang up that pair of sock. He really DOES what he don’t like just because RI like.

    • 36.1 Lilian

      yeah…I was like. That is so sweet….I wish Ra Im knew these little things he did. Maybe if they switched again, she would discover this and also the map of the house which he tore and scribbled on!

  37. 37 celia

    the end was so great :X

    he was outright confessing his love and everything <3

  38. 38 nauna

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that thought the forced kiss was a little disturbing. Having been on the receiving end of one myself, let me tell ya, there’s nothing romantic about it! It didn’t melt my heart, it just pissed me off.
    While I’m still enjoying SG I am starting to get a little frustrated and to be honest, I’m not sure why. JW is still a jerk..but I do see some stirrings of progress. RI is still holding out and putting him in his place…like she should be. Maybe that’s my problem. I feel like I’m treading water with this show. Okay, bring on the next body/soul swap and let’s get things moving. Only 8 more episodes to go and so much left to do!

    • 38.1 sophie

      I don’t think the scene with the forced kiss was meant to be romantic. Well, personally, I didn’t think of it that way. I thought it meant to depict how jealous, desperate, and crazy he is.

      • 38.1.1 Laica

        I agree, it wasn’t exactly portrayed as romantic. You couldn’t see their lips, only their arms, Ra-im struggling to get away and Joo-won restraining her. And it went on a little too long for comfort. (Not to mention Ra-im’s furious expression afterwards, and the way she cuts him dead for Oska right after and he is left feeling like a tool.

        Although I still wish Joo-won hadn’t done that. I really hate forced kisses, even in dramas.

        • asianromance

          I have to say that I appreciated how she actually struggled against him and how the scene was depicted in such a sad manner. This was definitely not some amorous moment.

          I was pretty afraid they would attempt to go the she-started-to-struggle-but-gave-in-to-the-sensations route, which is something that really bugs the hell out of me because it really sends out the message that if you force that kiss long enough, she’ll eventually like it and want to kiss you back. Here in this scene, i think it is obvious that Ra-Im will be upset and hurt no matter how long the kiss went.

          (This scene only needed Oska to come down during the forced kiss and punch Joo-won in the face. Why did he come a minute late!)

          • Lilian

            Yes , Oska as the hyung should slap him and kick Joo Won in the butt. Besides the main love couple, I enjoy Oska and Joo Won’s scenes the most =)

            They may irritate each other like mad, but they are the closest friends???? Poor Joo Won, can’t believe he only had the secretary to bring along to dinner…

      • 38.1.2 Bengal

        at the end of the episode… during his merman speech… he asked her,
        “do you know what I did today because of you?”
        she retorts that she doesn’t care to know, in which he replies,
        “How can you not want to know? you should be curious since we KISSED and all… why are you so aloof?”
        this part showed me that he forced kissed her in the desperate hope to churn up any teeny tiny bit of interest she had in him (which he had confirmed was existent after the car-toying scene)… so he planned it to see if it would work… and after checking up on her… it puzzled him that the frowned-upon kiss was ineffective… but don’t worry everyone, our lil Joo-won is growing up still 🙂 just wait and see… hwighting Joo-won!

  39. 39 asianromance


    would love to lie in bed with Joo-won! =D

    It’s really sad that Ra-Im never knew her mom and her dad died. She also has no relatives. The only ‘family’ she knows thinks it’s totally okay that some elitist-tracksuit-wearing stalker is stalking her against her will. This means 1. no one to protect her and say ‘how can you treat my girl this way? who do you think you are to make her feel sad?’ and 2. if she marries Joo-won, her new ‘family’ are going to be vultures (except Oska and Hee-won). Ra-Im deserves a nice family. If I were an orphan, I would want to marry a guy with a nice mother (like Seung-jo’s mom from Playful Kiss)

    I hate Joo-won sometimes for how inconsiderate and insensitive he is (geez, would it kill him to spare someone’s feelings for once!). It was totally petty of him to use Ra-Im’s body to reject the action director (so Ra-Im is supposed to wallow in singledom after he’s done with her?) and then to screw with Ah-young and Secretary Kim’s relationship by exposing all those things abt Ah-young (he was the one who messed with Ra-Im and Ah-young’s relationship in the first place by being his insufferable self in Ra-Im’s body)! It was a hilarious scene, but poor Secretary Kim! I thought he was going to have an apoplexy!

    I also can’t really hate him because he is always sincere, whether it is spouting elitist drivel or his tender feelings. Yes, it will suck when he tells you that you look fat in those jeans and that you’re getting wrinkles. But you will also know he means it when he says he loves you and that he can’t stop thinking abt you. His sincerity even makes me love him to bits. Joo-won totally screws with my logic.

    This entire drama screws with my logic. From a more objective point of view, this drama so far rates only a 8/10, buoyed by great dialogue, because it doesn’t seem like the plot is moving much (and what’s with the total abandonment of the magic element after the switch-back?? that really irks me!)….while my rating for how much I love and enjoy this drama is: 11/10. I can’t stop rewatching the episodes! Sure I’ve been totally into a bunch of other dramas, but I haven’t been THIS into a drama since the first 18 episodes of Hong Gil Dong.

    as for the kiss- is it weird that the only reason I didn’t find it disturbing is because the background music was so haunting and went so well with it? If they had played some other song, I would have been like wtf! RI, kick him in the nuts! I love that piece of music! Does anyone know what it is?

    • 39.1 hartofseeker

      ahhh!! you used the jackpot word of the night! “Sincerity” that’s it! hahaha that’s the thing about Joowon and Collin… they’re friggin fit-throwing brats… but they have a kind of sincerity there that you can’t ignore and want to dig out and expose to the sunlight and warm air for goodness sake lol

    • 39.2 Laica

      I agree with your entire comment! Especially this part:

      “From a more objective point of view, this drama so far rates only a 8/10, buoyed by great dialogue, because it doesn’t seem like the plot is moving much (and what’s with the total abandonment of the magic element after the switch-back?? that really irks me!)….while my rating for how much I love and enjoy this drama is: 11/10. I can’t stop rewatching the episodes!”


    • 39.3 SG-addict

      Like you, I didn’t find the forced kiss disturbing either. It’s obvious it wasn’t meant to be romantic. Just look at JW’s facial expression after, you could tell he was jealous and desperate.

      Agree with you on the haunting background music too. The timely placing of the OSTs/music at certain parts of this drama makes me love it even more. I thought I was all ready for some angst after 10 episodes of fun and hilarity. Boy, was I wrong! I actually cried at the first 15 minutes of this episode. When the sad music came on at the part where JW was telling Oska over the phone how things were not going according to his plans, how he thought he’d be able to resist falling for Ra Im only to realise he couldn’t, I just … whimpered. I foresee lots of moments in the coming episodes which will warrant such music. On one hand, I welcome it because I want some development narratively, on the other, I’m screaming Noooooo mentally.

      Um, I am not making sense, am I?

    • 39.4 We Yumi

      While I’m really against the idea of force kisses being portrayed as romantic, I didn’t find the kiss as disturbing as I expected.

      I think the reason is, although he was kissing her without her permission, what I remember of the kiss is that Joowon was only cupping her head/face and did not restrain her body, which I would have found more disturbing.

      The three times Joowon kissed RaIm (once as RaHim) he only held her face/head. (RaHim held Joowanda’s head/neck). – That position seems less frightening to me. -Of course I just might have devolved into a Joowon apologist. :<

      The closest Joowon came to restraining RaIm was when her held her in a full body hug. She didn't struggle then so that made it alright.

  40. 40 hartofseeker

    i dunno… maybe it’s just me… with the style that this writer often uses…. i really pick on the minute points… that’s what makes SG beautiful… it’s poignant and not flashy in its most important parts…. Joowon’s problem is simply this… he’s like his counterpart in the original Secret Garden novel (the vintage British one)… isn’t REALLY bad at heart… but just horribly horribly off in his interactions with people because the perspective of the world that he has: in the novel, he thinks he’s going to die anyway so he’s extremely bitter and nasty, here… i don’t know if you catched it… his mom said at the earliest scenes of this episode “This is the type of women you chose? (like i’m horrified by your tastes which should be better) when i raised you since you were twelve?? (all these years of high upbringing and you show me this?)” so yeah… it was subtle but i think there’s more story to tell there

    Hyun Bin is awesome here… he shows it well… how Joowon is such a freakin’ brat… all the fits he throws (saying hurtful words because he’s angry, pushing all of Ra Im’s buttons, using the most EQ-stupid ways to express that he’s feeling extremely vulnerable in the last scene here, etc.) and well… that’s how a very immature person acts… all the while with all that pain in his eyes… yes he’s lashing out a lot alright… and then the kid that he is… you see the really soft and vulnerable sides to him when he’s alone… and how much Ra Im affects him… perfect example in the Christmas tree scene: him actually asking for decorations like that and PARTICIPATING in it is so unlike him and we all know the reason why he did that… it’s teeny weeny steps in him learning to receive the attention he wants in ways OTHER THAN throwing fits and to think about the other person instead…

    sorry for long post… but for me… though Joowon is still far from “passing” so to say in this episode… i think the amount of time this is taking is worth it… since he’s taking his steps… small though they are (and often too small to satisfy us viewers)… but not faltering… i appreciate that of the writer A LOT

    • 40.1 hartofseeker

      btw i think the name of the kid in the novel (namesake of this drama) is Collin hahaha randomness…. but really… that scene of him doing the decorations… i was like wow… it reminded me so much of when Collin asked if he could take part with the other boy and girl in tending the secret garden… that i think was the turning point really… when Collin makes greater progress to healing…

      in another sense… Ra Im is his garden here… the catalyst that lets him out of brooding in his dark room, breaths live, fresh air into him… and heals him from his “illness”

      • 40.1.1 samgetang

        Hartofseeker, thank you for your reference on the novel Secret Garden. I have not read the novel so I dont know if there was in any way a connection between the two.

        I was curious though why the writer of this kdrama would use this as a title knowing that there could be a quick identification with the novel, and if there was no intention for the viewers to do that they would not use the same title. But since no one mentioned about the novel I thought what could be the reason for the title?

        But now that you mention it there could really be some or indirect reference to said novel after all.

        Now maybe Id try reading the novel too…to find out for myself. Thanks, hartofseeker.

        • hartofseeker

          lol thank you for your reply~~ actually i read the script for the movie in elementary school and probably read the book too but it was a really long time ago so haha i’m glad i at least remembered that much. After finals… i’m going to dig through my sister’s book shelf and read the book again haha

          and i remember commenting to my sister on the main girl character in the novel about how she’s so “gangster” (tough) lol (like Ra Im) because she was the first one who refused to put up with Collin’s fits and treat him like a poor pitiful puppy ^___< she pushed Collin's buttons too i believe hehe

      • 40.1.2 samgetang

        in another sense… Ra Im is his garden here… the catalyst that lets him out of brooding in his dark room, breaths live, fresh air into him… and heals him from his “illness”

        – i would like to believe this is the connection between the two SG’s

        although i have not read the original novel yet, ive seen some film adaptations on the novel and think that yes somehow the kdrama might have some reference on that aspect.

        if Joo Won was a real person he’d really be a very sad and pathetic individual. we dont see him as such because the drama portrays him in a comical way. so he really needs some serious healing here and these things take time and lots of taking care of much like what anyone will need to do as they tend to a (secret) garden.

        if Ra Im was a real person she’d really be a very cool gal and she got her healing by reaching out to others and taking care of other people (we see this beautifully enacted in episode 10, in the filming scene when they were taking a lunch break, where JW asks why she sacrifices so much for her stunt job, and RI points to the people whom she cares for and who cares for her as well…like a family).

    • 40.2 Tato

      I agree with you…i have not read the novel, i love the movie do….really i can understand joowon, he never been inlove, so this is the first time for him, and ever more horrible, its not the perfect women he expect¡¡¡ soo he is kind of doing everything possible for him, he doesnt want to fall in love, he doesnt want somebody else who ownes him; and obs..he is a rich man, with 0 moral…but is funny, i think he love her, the real she, cause she has always been true to him; not like oska, where is kind of infatuation or her boss….i hope that all ends well

  41. 41 jamieguo

    I’m not really liking Ra-im that much. She really lets Joo-won drag her around, kiss her against her will (supposedly) and talk down to her. Frankly, her retaliation against him is lacking in comparison. Its like he gets all the drama (and great lines) and she’s left with agreeing with him. I agree with what Javabeans said, about seeing his point, but that still doesn’t excuse the things he’s said and done, such as disrupting both her professional and personal life. It also doesn’t excuse his selfishness.

    And I must say, I’m not liking Joo-won either. Oh, I love the actor’s performance of him, and the idea of him, but he’s really jerktastic. He’s like portraying the exact same character people love to hate in other dramas – the woman who can’t grasp the concept that he’s just not that into you, like the bad girl in Wish Upon a Star, who has been told off in so many ways, yet still clings to the hero.

    Well, this time its the opposite way around, with a clingy guy who interferes into the girl’s love life against her wishes and I’m not liking it.

    Long rant, but in conclusion, I think if Ra-im was stronger against him, I wouldn’t mind, but her reactions to him come off as sooo half-a**ed. She wants him to leave her alone? Restraining order. And I love the dialogue, but why is it Joo-won getting most of the kill lines?

    • 41.1 Laica

      I totally agree with you about Ra-im – in this episode at least. I was like, come one, you threw him onto the floor repeatedly before, now you can’t even resist his unwanted kiss? I get that she is confused and attracted to him despite herself – not to mention the sheer force of Joo-won’s personality – but it seems out of character for her. If she becomes this meek in front of him, isn’t she giving in to Joo-won’s odius remarks about her being “low-class” and not good enough for him? He keeps telling her how she should be ashamed of the kind of person she is, especially in front of Oh So Mighty Kim Joo-won. Well, if she starts to buy that crap, she’s not the Gil Ra-im I liked so much in earlier episodes.

      I actually think both main characters are slipping a little here and there out of character, not enough to ruin my enjoyment of the show, but enough to be noticeable. That’s one thing I don’t like about the body-switch. I feel it is responsible for the inconsistency in both characters. That said, both actors are doing an amazing job, and succeeded with the body-switch way better than I could have expected. It just comes with the territory I guess.

      (P.S. She regains some of her feistiness in episode 12.)

  42. 42 Sammi510

    Thank you ^.^

  43. 43 Startulle

    Joo-Woon…..reminds me a little Mr.Darcy! lol

    • 43.1 asianromance

      for me, more like Mr.Darcy’s aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, with his incessant fixation on class and barging into people’s homes.

      • 43.1.1 Laica

        LOL! I can totally see it! And how she takes everything as a personal affront to herself/believes everyone’s actions were done with her in mind.

        I was just talking to my mom today about how this drama reminds me of Pride and Prejudice.

        • Lilian

          oh my gosh…I was just going to mention Darcy. And yes, he is the extreme version…..now he needs to lower his pride, which he has done at the end of this episode!


    • 43.2 Candice

      OMG i have nvr thot about it like that! But he does remind me of mr.darcy!!! How hes so arrogant and conceited, yet he’s true to his heart and to ra im (or in mr.darcy’s case; eliza)

      Thank u for letting me see it in a different POV~^^

  44. 44 whatis

    yea, to Joo-won, he must think he’s making a HUUUUGE sacrifice to be the Little Mermaid himself. When in reality… it’s the same scenario!!! He has a loooooot to do in order to redeem himself.

    I really hope the drama is going to hang on to its comedy, and not jumping into crazy warzone family feud.

  45. 45 marbleloaf

    i cried like crazy this entire episode for some reason…this was the one episode where i was like, “i’m glad their bodies switched back.” was thoroughly satisfied with the amount of angst!

  46. 46 PMH

    I’ve just finished watching episode 12 and can’t wait for episode 13 (spoiler: In Episode 12 end, its nice to see Joo-woo redeem himself, albeit a little. And Ra-im is going to date him? I’m not sure since it WAS A CLIFF HANGER AFTER ALL)
    JB and GF, I’ve been camping before my computer the whole day yesterday for this recap! It came quite unexpectedly late! >( However, my joy is in hearing your comments and recap of the episode. It sorts of summarises everything i’ve watched nicely in my head. HAHA. I watch drama like a giddy fan (if i really like it), and it always ends like a dream which i remember near to zero of the plot. Just omo, omo and omo.
    Have anyone else wondered where the hell is the magical body switch going to happen again, where is her father (or the creepy ajumma who IS THE FATHER)? I’ve been holding my breath ever since the last body switch, expecting there to be some tiny hint or explanation to the whole body switch, but NO! they choose to leave that hanging for the moment! >< I wanna know…. On the other hand no, cause it forbodes unhappiness? (This is the way I interpret it, something BAD! -.-)
    Tomorrow I'm going to Busan!!!! HEHE. Totally over the moon. WHY? Cause I get to catch secret garden live on the tv!!!! I know, childish of me to be excited only at the aspect of being able to catch my dramas live despite my lack of knowledge on korean. But it has always been my childhood dream to watch korean dramas live on tv. HAHAHA. ALL THE SUSPENSE, DRAMA, ANGST, LOVE, in HD! okay, i'm getting out of point here. But seriously, I'm so happy ^^
    This is actually the first time I've posted a comment so please take care of me! HAHA.
    My favourite drama of all time is now Secret Garden. Not because of its plot, its characters (yes, especially you annoying Seul), but rather the hot, boiling chemistry between the mains that make me feel like I'm melting in front of the computer screen, as we anticipate the explosion of romance between them!

  47. 47 guizy

    gosh i was here like every five minutes.
    well i guess it was here and in my angst i didn’t see it,
    BUT YAY ^^

  48. 48 Moonblossom

    Thanks jb! Been waiting for this post since last week!

    JW is such unattractive boyfriend material, complete with scary mom n aunt, I pity Ra-I’m as a character. No doubt with her virtuous character, she would have been the type to be tortured to death as daughter-in-law if kdrama world is real n if Ra-I’m ended up with JW.

    Merry Christmas to all at Dramabeans!

  49. 49 BlackJack

    Joo-won is a total jerk but gosh he IS cute!

  50. 50 Carinne

    In the reels of ep.11, things are looking kinda slow and I figure it’ll stay as such till those last few episodes swell up some heart-tugging good ending.

    Having been loyal to this show thus far, I struck a nerve asking myself why is it I cannot like JW and/or HB? This show has locked up my emotional attachment and held it captive in another person’s body. I got tapped out! I feel robbed and vulnerable just as how HB pose for this show’s official poster.

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one feeling this way.

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