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Secret Garden: Episode 12
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We’re kicking it up a notch this week, as the love square starts to get going in earnest, thanks to Seul the Master Feeling Denier. Although I guess we can’t really call it a love square, can we? It’s more like an arranged-marriage-with-cousins-and-a-MerMistress-square. Yeah. I just grossed myself out.


Joo-won declares in his ever-so-magnanimous way that he’ll be the Little Mermaid then, and proceeds to toot his own horn about how cool and awesome he is for deigning to put himself at a disadvantage to be with her. Oh, god. I just realized it. You’re THAT guy—the guy who wants so much to win the race that you don’t even notice that you killed your horse to get there first. Tsk, tsk. You really know how to make a grand gesture all about you.

Ra-im just rolls her eyes at his cluelessness. She points out that in his grand scenario, either way, one of them has to disappear. “You like me that much, but a future with me…turns into bubbles?” And therein lies the problem. It’s made extreme here by way of Joo-won’s outlandish ego, but at the crux of the matter is the most common debate between men and women since dating began.

Joo-won acknowledges that it’s the only way their story can end: that’s their reality. He lays out the enormity of what his marriage means, to his business and his family. He even posits the fantasy scenario: let’s say he gives it all up, for Ra-im, and they run away to go live in a tiny house somewhere. Sure, they’ll be happy, but for how long? Will she be happy knowing what he gave up? He doesn’t have the confidence to never resent her for it. Does she? Damn, well now you’re starting to make sense and it’s annoying me.

Suffice it to say, this is NOT the romantic speech Ra-im needed to hear to sway her.

Ra-im: I’ll say it again: you’re right. Everything you’re saying is right. But hey, Stupid, where on earth is a woman who’ll jump at the chance to happily and beautifully cultivate a love that’ll just turn to bubbles? Nowhere in the world is there a woman who will start a love, giving up the ending. That’s why we’ll never work. We have no answer.

Joo-won counters that there IS an answer…HE’ll be the MerMistress! Did you not hear a word that she just said? Gah. He tells her that not everyone who dates gets married, so why should they let that stop them? Ha. Haha. Just because she didn’t marry every guy she dated does NOT mean that she’ll jump at the chance to be a MerMistress simply because the outcome will be the same. Do you know nothing about girls? I’d like to body swap with his therapist to knock some sense into him.

Ra-im tells him to get it through his thick skull—she doesn’t like him, so he can take his MerBubbles and shove them up his arse. Or I’m paraphrasing. Whatever. At that, he pets her on the head, changing her expression in an instant. He calls her out for denying her feelings when it’s abundantly clear that they’re mutually attracted to each other. Well, he’s got you there. He tells her to think about it sincerely before answering, and leaves.

Meanwhile, Ah-young and Secretary Kim remain at the dinner date, as they try to suss out the meaning behind Joo-won’s concern over Ah-young’s very intimate habits. Secretary Kim is in tears, hilariously having a fit over whether or not his boss and his girlfriend are having some secret affair.

She comes home and starts eyeing the chandelier in her apartment strangely, and declares to Ra-im that Joo-won must’ve put a secret camera in the light fixture. Otherwise, how on earth could he know the things he knows? Ra-im’s eyes widen, as she asks if Ah-young went about her life as usual, sans underwear and all that, when she expressly warned her to be careful. Yeah, you warned her cryptically, as Ra-Him, so how is she supposed to know?

Joo-won’s mother comes by his place to be debriefed by the housekeeper. She sees Ra-im’s map of the complex, hilariously assuming that Joo-won made it, and wonders if he actually calls Oska “oppa.” AHahahaha! I’d die happy if I could see that. It’d be better than the kiss.

She hears that Joo-won wears Oska socks, talks to himself, and gets frequent visits from Ji-hyun (his shrink). All causes for concern, of course, but the Oska socks shock her the most, heh. She also spies the fruit basket that Ra-im had brought to her house, sitting there. She orders it disposed of, but Joo-won comes home in time to save the tangerines from an untimely death.

Mother reminds him that this is still HER house, and that she can kick him out at any time. She tells him that she poured the best of everything into raising him; therefore, he ought to live up to that. If only raising children were like following a cake recipe. You can’t put all the best ingredients in and then expect Perfect Child Cake.

She pushes him in the right direction with a little threat: either start going on blind dates again, or Gil Ra-im will end up in another country. He agrees to the blind dates.

He meets a new woman at the art gallery of course, and soon after Seul calls Ra-im to meet her there as well. She tells Ra-im that Joo-won was just here, and that either way, he’ll meet and marry someone like herself. She’d rather that it be her. Oh, okay then. She acknowledges that Ra-im and Joo-won’s feelings are sincere, and thus apologizes, as if she’s already marrying the guy.

Ra-im wonders why she’s doing all this when the man she really loves is Oska. Seul admits that she did at first, and that she even started all this to return to Oska. But now she doesn’t even believe that he has a memory of their love, so she plans to do whatever she can to hurt him. So you admit that this is still ALL ABOUT OSKA. How is the wrongness of this whole plan not abundantly clear to you? I suppose you don’t care is the point.

She tells Ra-im frankly that if Joo-won is back to going on blind dates, then both she and Ra-im them are as good as out. She adds that they’ve chosen a difficult target. Well, I’d say you’ve chosen a difficult target, whereas Ra-im is the target, from Joo-won’s point of view.

Ra-im starts work on her audition tape for Dark Blood and ignores all of Joo-won’s calls all day. Don’t you know that’s just going to send him to your front door later?

And sure enough, there he is, waiting for her to come home. He demands to know why she’s been ignoring all his calls, and doesn’t take, “Because it’s annoying” as a hint to get out of her face. He whines that he couldn’t get anything done all day because she wouldn’t answer her phone, but she throws back that he apparently managed to go on a blind date just fine.

He’s surprised that she knows, and she asks all the things she learned from Seul that day, about what he gleans about a woman’s perfume use and whatnot, on a museum blind date. He counters with a glint in his eye, “Are you jealous? Does it make you angry? Should I stop going on blind dates?”

It’s actually adorable how much he wants her to admit that she’s jealous, but she doesn’t oblige, walking right past him. He calls out that he came all this way, “Because I missed you.”

That stops her in her tracks as he comes around to face her, wanting to stare at her face a little longer. Okay, that’s cute. He tells her it’s her fault for deleting the pictures of her on his phone, and makes her pose for another one. She makes an angry face, which of course just makes him hotter for her, since he said she’s prettier when she’s angry.

He tells her to hurry up and give him an answer, (to the letting him be the MerMistress question) otherwise he’ll be back tomorrow. You guys do really have the strangest relationship.

Mom has a pow-wow with Oska’s mom about how to get rid of an unwanted girlfriend. Oska’s mother, who has lots of experience in this arena, says that you have to fight fire with fire; you can’t go head to head with her, like Mom vs. Girlfriend. That’ll never do. The answer is to pit her against another woman, one who’s going to be a fierce opponent.

Enter Seul.

Mom brings her unannounced to the next family dinner, where Joo-won and Oska sit side by side, both stunned into silence by her appearance. Grandfather asks if Joo-won intends to marry her. He squirms for a second, then meets his mother’s challenge: a spring wedding will be fine. Oh geez.

Mom introduces her to Oska, who she pretends to meet for the first time. Joo-won cries foul at that, prompting her to lie to cover it up, and for Oska to walk out. She goes to find him, and he asks her what she wants him to do, so that she’ll drop this charade. She tells him to think about WHY she’s doing all this.

Seul: The thing about women is, the most common of women can become a queen, and the most rarefied woman can become a maid…according to how she is treated by the person she loves.

Nicely put. But the statute of limitations on a broken heart only goes so far, honey. After a certain amount of crazy behavior, the rest can only be blamed on you.

After the meal, Joo-won tries to talk his mother out of the match, insisting that Seul is in love with someone else. He doesn’t mention that the other person is his cousin, which he really should, although I suppose that’d ruin Oska’s chances of marrying her. But, then, what’re the odds of that going down now? Mom decides that she’s just perfect, (on paper, of course, which is what matters to her) and that’s that. Joo-won leaves in a huff.

He goes to see his hyung, rushing to try and clear up the misunderstanding. He insists that he didn’t invite her there, and that it’s all his mother’s doing. Oska knows but stays mad at him, making Joo-won whine, “why?” like a little puppy. I do love that Woo-young is the level-headed hyung to the ever-petulant Joo-won.

The reason he’s mad isn’t what he thinks: he’s mad that Joo-won insisted on being rude to Seul and giving her a hard time in front of their family, by letting it slip that she knows Oska. He chastises Joo-won for always thinking only of himself, and never how his actions might hurt anyone else.

Ra-im happens to call him at that moment to move their training session around, and he takes the opportunity to rub it in Joo-won’s face, and asks to see her. Joo-won’s sparkly panties get in a bunch, as Oska says that Ra-im is the only person who can make him feel better right now, and runs off to meet her. Burn.

Joo-won retaliates by calling Seul and asking her to meet. Heh. He asks her what the real deal is between her and Oska, and she coolly replies that they’re past lovers, nothing more. He doesn’t think it’s so much in the past, and tells her that Oska is still in love with her.

She’s unmoved, declaring that she’s over that hormone-driven era of her life. She doesn’t see a problem with their marriage even with Ra-im in the way, as she isn’t the type to meddle in a husband’s “private life,” making Joo-won’s jaw drop at the extent to which she is a cold and heartless high society Bride Bot.

Over an open grill and pig skins, Ra-im and Oska have a chat, and he admits to having her meet him just to piss off Joo-won. HA. He tells her that he’s dated a LOT of women, but still doesn’t understand them in the least. The first and last woman he ever loved has returned as his worst demon, and he’s at a loss for how to deal with it.

Ra-im tells him that all demons are wronged beings in some way, and that some women continue to show their love through their intense hatred. Well, that’s certainly a true statement about Seul, although the spectrum of love/hate is all relative, eh?

There they sit, the four of them on each other’s dates, opposite the wrong person, and brooding over the other.

Joo-won’s sister heads to the department store lost in thought about her last encounter with Jong-soo, when she gets into an altercation with a guy who tries to smoke in a non-smoking area. He raises a hand like he’s going to smack her (dude, take a chill pill) and Jong-soo appears out of nowhere to block the guy’s hand and be the big hero. She swoons, and he exits, in a hurry to go yell at Joo-won.

It turns out that the action school was in a whole bunch of debt, and when Joo-won was Joo-wonda, he happened to intercept a debt collection call, and paid half of it off. He did it to keep Ra-im from finding out about the debt, and only paid half because he knew Jong-soo would have a fit about it anyway.

Well, you thought right, because Jong-soo ain’t havin’ any of your pity/help/investment or whatever. He demands that Joo-won take his money back from the bank and storms out.

There’s other drama at the action school, as two newbies decide to drop out because the training just got too tough. Ra-im sends them off with good wishes, but fights back tears, as she feels personally responsible for not being there to help them stick through it.

Ra-im’s sunbae Jung-hwan comes to see Joo-won and tells him about the action workshop coming up. The location hasn’t been decided, so Joo-won volunteers to take care of that himself. Joo-won asks why he’s helping him get close to Ra-im (because he has lots of money, of course) and also why he uses banmal with him. Jung-hwan: “I’m going to be 31 this year.” Joo-won: “I’m 34.” Whoops. He sits up straight and switches to jondae right quick.

Oska plans for his Christmas concert, and finds Tae-sun at Seul’s studio to tell him that he’ll be a guest performer onstage. He asks after Seul, but she avoids running into him, and watches him leave.

Joo-won heads to the mountains to do an inspection of the new resort that he’s building, and the action school pulls up to the villa for their workshop. Joo-won greets them with a smile, while Ra-im and Jong-soo both look at him with the classic at-Joo-won look: surprise peppered with much exasperation. Jung-hwan uses the opportunity to switch right back to banmal with Joo-won, and takes the blame for planning the workshop with him.

Joo-won pulls Ra-im aside, asking her what her answer is, and why she’s playing so hard to get. He asks what she did with Oska the other day, making mock cooing noises to simulate what the two of them sound like when they’re flirting. Ha. She says it’s none of his business, to which he shouts, “But WE’VE KISSED!”

Hahaha. You really are a five-year old about the kissing. She covers his mouth in a big hurry, and they go inside. Jong-soo announces to everyone that his post as the team leader will go to Jung-hwan next year, since the rule is that it rotates every year to make sure that the action school is never without a leader in case of injury or death. Well that’s morbid.

Joo-won joins Jong-soo outside to say that he’s a little bit cool, since as a leader himself he knows that giving up a position of power is difficult. Well, it’s harder if you’re a control freak.

He asks if it’ll ever be Ra-im’s turn, and Jong-soo replies that she has the potential, as he’s been saying about her all this time. Joo-won asks if he can’t just fire her then, before she dies some fiery death. Jong-soo says that he’s thought about it, but action is everything to Ra-im, and he has no right to take that away from her. Joo-won decides that he’ll have to do it himself then.

He heads back inside to find Ra-im already asleep on the floor, amidst all the other guys, some of whom are sleeping, while others stay up to drink. He steals blankets for her and himself, kicking the guy sleeping next to her to make room for himself. Heh.

He lies down next to her, just quietly watching her sleep, with the happiest look in his eyes, at just being able to look at her face. It kills me, that look.

As he watches her sleep, she starts to have a nightmare, and he puts his finger on her forehead to wake her up. She stirs awake and they lock eyes, suspended in the moment.

They have a conversation in voiceover, so essentially one-sided for both, although they answer back and forth as if they hear each other.

Joo-won: Why is it always so grim in your dreams?
Ra-im: Because in my dreams…you’re there.
Joo-won: With me…even in your dreams…are you not happy?
Ra-im: Come anyway. Tomorrow. And the next day.


Aw. So. Sweet. Hey, a girl can’t help how she feels, no matter how much her head is saying no. Sometimes that just fuels you in the wrong direction, which is, as anyone can attest, the perennial problem with bad boys.

What’s funny about this couple is that they’ve dug their own stubborn graves, and now they’re totally stewing in their own feelings. They’re falling ever so precipitously in love with each other, all the while declaring how it’s never going to work out. Well, when you make it so difficult to even begin, how will you ever find your way out?

The best part about this episode is that it makes one thing very clear: words bad, silence good. Their banter is almost always a hindrance to them, as they usually end up saying the worst possible things to each other if given the opportunity. Joo-won especially has the WORST case of foot-in-mouth syndrome I’ve seen in a while. But when given a moment of silence, their feelings are undeniable, and no amount of babble can cover over that kind of sizzle.

Snap, Crackle, and Pop.


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    Btw, the song that one of the stuntmen were singing, is it Kim Kwang Seok’s “Too painful love isn’t love”? I first heard that song from “The Classic” and I thought it sounded familiar.

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      and about SEUL, Gosh I super LOVE her even if some people don’t. I get why people dont get it, she is taking the wounded heart out for revenge plot too extreme. But personally, I get her— her angst, her pain, her revenge plot and her contradition. I get what pulls, pushes, shoves & shakes her — OSKA. I guess if they had a drama all on their own it should be titled, “ALL ABOUT OSKA”
      Her actions & reasoning maybe demented & stupid but i guess for those who truly loved and had fate in the one they love, but ended up burned in the end, this happens…

      I love what she said:
      “the thing about women is, the most common of women can become a queen, and the most rarefied can become a maid… according to how she is treated by the person she loves…”
      I think she was hinting to OSKA that when she loved him, she felt like a queen, so on top of the world just being loved by her. and additionally being loved by him, she felt like doing everything for him — do whatever he wants & do whatever makes him happy cause everything in her world revolved around him.
      but she should have added:
      “and sometimes the most well-mannered can turn into your worst monster…”
      cause when she hurt her, she really turned out to be
      “Worst demon” quoted from OSKA.

      As i have said in EP11, SEUL epitomizes the saying
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        To Czak.

        Totally agree with you about JW.

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          That is where I like JW than OSKA. although JW is a total *ss at least he says it based on how he sees it INFRONT of Ra-Im. I think it is much more painful being backstabbed than being told about something straight in your face….

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        Sory i’m not feeling her nor do i care that she’s in pain i may be coming off as harsh but i call like i see it. First she was the one very insecure in their relationship, it was Oska who kept reassure her that she was the only one woman in his life for him.The guy who told her to find out Oska’s true feelings she knew was his rival like the stupid chickenhead that she is. She went along with his trick and listen to the guy trick Oska into saying that, yeah i said trick because Oska was quite aware of the guy’s feeling for Seul he said what he did to him to make it sound like she wasn’t all that special to maybe not have him interested in her too. Odska also stated what was even worse than their breakup was that she went away with the guy he hated the most in the world that he knew was interested in his woman.Seul who thinks she so modern and a woman of the times reacted like the childish immature little girl she is. Believing what she heard instead of confronting Oska right then and there she instead cries and decides to breakup with him to get him back for the hurtful words she overheard. I say she should have been a woman about her business and deal with this problem right on the spot. Her idiocy is even more compounded and her turning down his proposal a man who you heard thinks you’re no better than a easy lay is proposing marriage and you don’t ask him why when you overheard him say what he did to the other guy? Now years later you want to comeback in his life torturing him with these silly petty games but not only at his expense but others are being hurt by your childish games. She needs to grow up and she doesn’t deserve Oska either and i hope her little manipulation backfires in her face that Oska mother wouldn’t approve of her now.

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    Ra-im: Come anyway. Tomorrow. And the next day.”
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          • nickie

            Key Lime is “Gil Ra-Im”–same pronunciation in korean but can be spelled differently in english based on the differences in the phonetic sounds of letters. It all depends on the translator some may use Key Lime to refer to the protagonist and others may use Gil Ra-Im/Kil Ra-Im/Gil Lime/Kil Lime.

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    And yush, when Joo Won lies out his reasons behind the unsensitive stuff he says, IT TOTALLY MAKES SENSE.But seriously, when in love, I’d never even come up with thinking about such stuff. Either it has to do with his somewhat different psyche, or he’s a genius. Srsly. XDD
    Can’t they just go all lovey-dovey already for like 2-3 episodes, so they can eventually start on the (already foreshadowed) angsty stuff already?! :DDD I mean…we didn’t get the solution to the body-swap and the “I’m sorry, Joo-Won, but I did this in order to save my daughter’s life” yet, and I bet my computer the solution to this is going to end in angst. 99.9%-probability. (And I dunno about you guys, but Ah Young mentioning her dream about “Ra Im sleeping” = Death? O_O and then “the president crying” =…well…crying? XDD and THEN mentioning her dreams tend to come true…to most people it might seem insignificant, but I just can’t get this scene out of my head. I mean this may focus on romance now, but don’t forget we’re still in a fantasy-series…we had a body-swap, so best freinds with foretelling-abilities wouldn’t be too unlikely, would they? XD So I smell that this scene was a slight foreshadowing as well…and it foreshadowed some MAJOR angst…and angst isn’t something that should be rushed (I mean, stretching out them falling in love so long and then when they finally become a couple something bad happens OH SO COINCIDENTALLY RIGHT AFTER THAT?…no, please…XD), and I feel if they don’t hurry, they won’t be enough episodes anymore for it not to be rushed.
    So…you better plan it nicely, scriptwriter, so it doesn’t start to feel unreal to me. :DD
    …btw. I still love this. ;D

  20. 20 pohonphee

    Sometime it is crazy how fast recap at Dramabeans is.

    I don’t know how they did it. The Dramabeans’ fan might think she/he is the first, only to find out her/his comment is at the next page. Never do that again I tell ya, at least you feel you are that fast and lucky enough, or be prepared to look stupid when your first is twenties or thirty something.

    • 20.1 Anonymous

      HAHAHA!!!that is so true, on yesterdays recap. I thought I was #5 but then I realize my comment was already at 27

      • 20.1.1 Nica

        It’s because everyone is always following the site..hahah

  21. 21 Uden

    I agree with Nana @16: Joo-won is crazy and his craziness is contagious! I’m going nuts here waiting for subs!

    Thanks for recaps, GF!

  22. 22 DRAMAADDICT4ever

    I was not expecting this recap so fast!!!(^^)thank you very much this just made my day.

    I don’t know what I am going to do after this drama ends, because it has given me so many wonderful moments in every episode, some funny some sweet. The last scene when she was sleeping and at some point she frowned and he did the same I was like OMG!!
    then what they both said to each other withouth even speaking!!!while her sumbae was singing at the backgroung was just perfect.

    I honestly thought than nothing was going to top my obsession I had with MGIAG but Secret Garden just prove me wrong, if the first one was just cute and funny the latter is funny and excitingly sexy.

    • 22.1 müge

      I was trying to hide the same feeling about MGIAG till ur comment, and now I’m relieved.
      I was dying for itbut SG is beyond. I’m not getting crazy because I’ve admitted that I’m already because of this drama.
      and I wish that craziness would last forever and I could see the hottest couple forever….

  23. 23 deeko

    Yikes. On one hand I loved this episode because Ra-Im was beginning to show her feelings more blatantly in her frustration with Joo-Won. Then, I felt like grabbing my hair and screaming at the screen because of JW’s arrogance and childish antics…

    It’s cute because I’m sure he’s never acted like this with any other woman and it’s scaring him and those close to him. Still, it is very annoying for me to watch him dig a deeper hole when Ra-Im is concerned.

    As for Oska and Seul, I’m gonna need them to get it together. In a way, Tae Sun is like a ping-pong ball, moving from court to court. Poor dude. It’s dizzying!

    I got chills when they lay next to each other and spoke inadvertently to one another. I’m crazy over these two when they finally admit to each other about their feelings. Seriously, I am a fan of HB and HJW’s chemistry. Amazing.

    • 23.1 hookedonmonix

      Ha, yes- Tae Sun is like the child in their bitter divorce/custody battle.

      • 23.1.1 Qwenli

        that is so funny! you are right!

  24. 24 badtanline

    All i wanna say is:

    1. Po’ Secretary Kim! (So-wa-moo!)

    2. Child cake!! Ewwww.

    3. Hyun Bin + Leather Jacket + Glow. Help!!!

  25. 25 Anonymous

    JB & GF awesome, awesome caps as always.

    JW watching RI sleep….. reminded me of when my baby was born. I could stare at her all night and day softly touching her. JW’s been a goner since ep 1.

  26. 26 x0mi07

    i cried reading the recap… hahaha… at the end part.XD i’m still crying. i can’t help myself… it’s too sad….>,<

    thanks soooo much for the recap gf!^^ <3 <3 <3

  27. 27 stars4u

    waaaaaa!!! the end part is so heartbreakingly beautiful!!!

    • 27.1 Sukispop

      I couldn’t agree more. I think I re-watched that scene about a half dozen times, and it never ceased to take my breath away.
      The voice-over exchange had a poignant beauty in it words, and served to underscore what Ra-im’s eyes were already telling us- that she was indeed falling in love with Joo-won.

      What a great episode…and what a wonderfully beautiful drama Secret Garden has been. I’m loving every minute.

      Thanks, girlfriday, for your awesome recap!

  28. 28 tariattanahjawa

    “Joo-won counters that there IS an answer…HE’ll be the MerMistress! … Gah. He tells her that not everyone who dates gets married, so why should they let that stop them? Ha”

    Sure, he’s being an ass by kinda saying “let’s just date, who wants to get married?” it save like how many years in a common relationship…4 years maybe. A lot of us probably hated him for saying that.

    But for me it’s a step, like in most relationship we didn’t plan to get marry too, though most men wouldn’t say that upfront. For me by saying that he’ll be the Mermaid, means that he knew he’ll be the one who likely end up losing everything and miserable for loving her against all odds but that’s the path he chose. So I took his words as “Let’s date. Let’s take chances. I know it’s impossible for us, but who knows what happen next. Come on be brave”. Aren’t we all start our relationship like that? So I don’t hate him in that scene, he is beginning to grow on me.

    And he got a good point there when he said: “Be honest, you like me too”. The only point to be taken as matter of fact. Gil Raim Im-shii, they said, “When love beckons to you, follow him, though his ways are hard and steep” and sparkly in this case. More brooding scene for HJW maybe. GF, guess MerMantress more fitting now 🙂 Thanks for the recap.

    • 28.1 Jomo

      I hear this as a song, anthem really:

      Steep and sparkly
      Steeep and sparkly
      All those sequins in my eyes
      I can hardly see your face
      Throoooough the French maGENta lace….

      • 28.1.1 We Yumi

        With the right tune this would be an ever better theme song than “That Woman”

  29. 29 UJ

    GOD! the last scene is soo emotionally charged..i just loved it…even though i didnt understand a single thing when i first watched it but the way they stare at each other I JUST DIED!
    cant wait for the subs to come out…JW and RI are one of the very few couples who have this sizzling chemistry…to name a few we have Han Kyul and Eun Chan from coffee prince (which i am watching for the nth time now 😀 ) and Mi Ho and Daewoong ofcourse from MGIAG…love them to bits…this drama has totally totally taken control over my mind…my mind just unconsciously drifts towards it….lets just hope for a happy ending…not expecting rainbows and unicorns…just want them to end up together and be happy 😀

    • 29.1 Lilian

      great chemistry…just staring at each other! Wow! I can see sparks….it’s true that for them that when they are silent that you see the love overflowing…

      their words always come out wrong =(

  30. 30 maeumi

    I think he puts his finger on her forehead not to wake her up but to soothe her frown lines.

    So sweet. I’m a goner.

    • 30.1 tariattanahjawa

      Agree, he didn’t mean to wake her up.

      And he mimics her as she frowned..so cute.

      • 30.1.1 zj

        omg yes! i watched the staring at her sleep scene sooo many times, and the best part is really when he frowns as she does! so cute *pout*

    • 30.2 SG-addict

      Agree, not to wake her, just to smooth out the frown. Like how he did in ep 1. SWEET!

    • 30.3 Ojou_Belle

      Yes, just like in Ep 1…it’s like he doesn’t want her to be

      sad even in her dreams. He is sweet as long as he

      doesn’t open his mouth. There must be something

      wrong with his synapses because his intentions are

      honest and “good” but they come out all wrong when

      he turns them into action.

      • 30.3.1 Dory

        Yeah I remember this from episode 1 in the hospital. This scene is simply beautiful.

      • 30.3.2 Gloria

        HAHA at “He is sweet as long as he

        doesn’t open his mouth.”

        but it’s sadly very true. XD

    • 30.4 sophie

      I agree. That’s actually what my DH does to my forehead, when I start to have bad dreams and wrinkle my eyebrows

    • 30.5 Lilian

      Yes! I agree. I think he did it another time previously!!

  31. 31 Angela

    Thanks as always for the wonderful recap!!!

    There is one thing I’ve been confused about for a while though, regarding the whole family-inheritance-thing.

    If Oska is older than Joo-won, then why is Joo-won the one in charge of the family business and not Oska? Does it have something to do with the rank of their mothers? Because originally, I thought Joo-won’s mother was older than Oska’s, but I could’ve sworn in a past episode, it said she was actually the younger sister (unless I’m remembering wrong.) Does birth order have nothing to do with it then? Was this something decided when they were younger and is solely the grandfather’s decision? So confused, lol.

    • 31.1 berdecinismo

      Maybe, Oska refused the position when it was offered to him in order to pursue a music career.

      Or, maybe, JW’s mother was able to pull some strings to guarantee the position for her own son, at the expense of her nephew.

      Like you, I was under the impression that usually the firstborn child of the eldest sibling would be the one inheriting the family business, but, then again, there’s always variables that impact the choice of successor . . .

      • 31.1.1 Angela

        Yeah, that was my first guess: that Oska turned it down due to his love of music.

        Then again, this seems like the type of family who’d start “heir-grooming” at a young age, so it’s kind of weird that the grandfather (or even his mother, for that matter) allowed Oska to “opt-out”. Especially considering their concerns over Joo-won’s mental stability.

        Speaking of which, it’d be interesting if Joo-won had an older brother who was heir, but died. Particularly if he was tied to that traumatic incident they all allude to, but haven’t bothered yet to explain.

        Anyway, in the grand scheme of things, the grandfather still seems to be the one in charge, which makes me think this was based largely on the grandfather’s decision, and less on office politics. I just can’t see him sitting quietly as one cousin attempts to oust the other. Though I could be wrong.

        Or maybe there’s no big secret to it at all, and the grandfather’s just playing favorites, lol. Or perhaps they already explained all this, and I just missed it.

      • 31.1.2 Laica

        Maybe it has to do with how their patriarch changes his will after every monthly family gathering, and in the past Joo-won has shown more interest/tried harder than Oska to be the heir, and thus is the CEO. But at the first family dinner it showed how precarious it is, as shown by how ticked off Joo-won was by Director Park’s attempts to curry favour with his grandfather.

  32. 32 Alexis

    I loved it when he was just looking at her sleep.. so sweet! Though he’s like the worst bf to have, I will still give it a try if I were Ra-Im. At least, I know he will not lie to me.

  33. 33 PickmePICKME

    OMG I love love love this show. Joo-WOns foot in mouth syndrome is the worst but, I think I understand. I mean, look at his family. Gah. I swear Ra-Im and Joo-Won have the hottest damn chemistry ever. They make everything look intimate and thats why i love em soooo. The sit-ups scene is still imprinted in my head CLEAR As DAY. And that hug scene in ep 9 was so hot. I LOVE EM.

  34. 34 lala

    OH! OH! OH!
    My love for this drama is basically infinite…
    Thanks for the recap!

  35. 35 Ania

    Your recaps are mega interesting. i don’t watch the show but always read the recap – it’s just like a novel for me.


    • 35.1 tariattanahjawa

      You DON’T watch the show???? Why?? *Mr Park’s why*

      Dear Ania, probably you missed the note on
      “1001 reasons to watch SG” but there’s a good thing
      that you don’t watch it, if you do, you won’t be able to do anything. I’m soooo behind my schedule.

      • 35.1.1 teapot

        Lol tariattanahjawa!

        I love your reaction. Yeah, SG has a way of getting in the way of, well… lets be honest, everything.

    • 35.2 sparkly blue tracksuit

      yes, you shouldn’t watch it! or else, you’ll be just like us. nothing is done ever since we made ourselves SG’s loyal viewers~ we kinda live for SG nowadays! and it is dang depressing!!! *just kidding!* 😛

  36. 36 Yvonne

    GirlFriday, I just have the greatest time reading your summaries on SG!

    Really appreciate it! Thank you so much!

  37. 37 mskololia

    girlfriday, you and JB are the real deal…..Thank you!

    “Although I guess we can’t really call it a love square, can we? It’s more like an arranged-marriage-with-cousins-and-a-MerMistress-square. Yeah. I just grossed myself out.”

  38. 38 pinky

    THIRTY-FOUR? now that’s a little pushy….especially for my beautiful hyun-bin 😛

  39. 39 secretgardenmakesmyday

    Thank you so much for the recap! I love reading the recaps even when I do watch the episode right when it comes out 🙂 Your comments are always fun to read and hilarious! Thanks for making time to write all these AMAZING recaps… I don’t know how you can write these quick recaps with such a great voice in so little time!

  40. 40 BlackJack

    Thanks so much for the recap! This serie just keeps getting better and better! So in love with both sparkly tracksuit and Ra-Im!!

  41. 41 Biscuit

    With Ra-im’s dad mentioned how he was trying to save her, I hope the is no literal “bubble” that is about to occur.

    I have a love/hate relationship with this episode. Joo-won stepped up being a jerk (I can’t believe he listens to his mom for everything), but he’s also too cute to dislike entirely. It’s like, this episode had so many moments of JW being an ass, but the scenes still made me squeel.

    I suppose it’s because JW looks like a 5- year old kid trying to woo the girl her likes, so there’s a little tinge of innocence and the hurt isn’t intentional. So in the end, I’m like, “Awwww.”

    Btw, is JW really 34 or did he just say that to make the dude stop using banmal towards him?

    • 41.1 momosa

      So true. He is a like a kid fighting for his favourite toy. Most times it’s emotional and sometimes physical. The forced kiss in last episode was him desperately claiming ownership and this episode has him saying ‘we kissed’ like ‘you belong to me’.

  42. 42 We Yumi

    Thanks for
    “he can take his MerBubbles and shove them up his arse.”

  43. 43 monique

    Thank goodness it finally happening I am so happy cant wait for nxt episode

  44. 44 sue

    Is it just me or did Hyun Bin get even more handsome? He looks so FINE in this episode ..

    the end was so sweet T_T .
    I want a happy ending for them, I need a happy ending Plzzzzzz

    Thanks for recaps GF, Really appreciate it

  45. 45 Rainyrain

    thankuuuuuu for the recap 🙂
    I’m so in love with this drama and with JW , he is a jirk yes but I’m still be his shipper .
    Loved also the fact that we finally were able to see , in an obvious way , RI’s feelings for JW .
    The last scene , no comment , my silence will be my only way to show how much I looooved it 🙂

  46. 46 Sarah

    love the recaps but they feel empty without the song of the week!

  47. 47 jen

    love love love
    but i’m still wondering about the body switch. was it just for laughs or will there be another one?

  48. 48 jojo

    Thanks for the recap and analysis GF. I am loving Secret Garden more and more. It is rapidly becoming my second favorite Kdrama…right behind City Hall.

  49. 49 My2Girls

    It is really nice to see how much Hyun Bin has grown as an actor. My introduction (read: gateway drug) into Kdramas was about 5 years ago with My Name is Kim Sam Soon and though HB was fine in his role Kim Sun ah was the one I fell in love with. In the earlier episodes of Secret Garden I was blown away with HB’s comedic timing and physical work. He has made me laugh out loud so many times while watching this my husband thinks I’m going crazy. Now in the more angsty episodes he has made my heart do dips and flips (that is when he isn’t making me want to backhand him across the face!). I am now really sad that I didn’t hunt him down while he was filming in Seattle earlier this year. I just felt it would be too stalkerish but now I wish I had seen him in person. Oh well! I am proud to say that I love Hyun Bin!

  50. 50 Ashley

    Joo-won turned the corner from annoying asshole to annoying ass in this episode. There is a slight difference, as the annoying ass has the possibility of being very cute.

    • 50.1 teapot

      Good call.

      To me he didn’t quite make it all the way though. I think he stopped part way at annoying asshat (probably a finer grained distinction that exists only in my mid, but still…). Here’s hoping he makes it all the way to ass soon, and keeps right on going.

      • 50.1.1 tariattanahjawa

        Like this comment.
        But, I think he’ll keep on going, pass the ass and land on the heart (chessy) with this two scenarios (sorry guys couldn’t help myself, Saturday far-far away, need to spill out this addiction):
        Raim saved Joo-won and made the entire family -evil mom included- indebted to her, and bless their union. Nah, too cheesy, I prefer this one:
        Ra-him saved Joo-wanda while filming an action stunt on a rooftop. Ra-him got seriously hurt, Joo-wanda freaks out, running down the stairs, nope! Scratch that, he step into the ELEVATOR in a heartbeat while screaming her name (“Gil Raim, wake up, don’t you dare leaving me! I won’t forgive you! Is that the best you can do!! *heh?*). Then we got that scene from AY’s dream. Of course, we need the magical shield appears in this scene. Joo-won speeding thru a TUNNEL as crying a whole lot, trying to get Raim to the hospital. Claustrophobic solved. Magical shield done. Ra-him gets hospitalized. Joo-wanda begs his own family to stay by Ra-him’s hospital bed. The entire family swoon seeing ‘her’ love, devotion, misery, etc etc especially granddad as a romantic-fool himself. And one beautiful morning after Ra-him recovered, boom they swicth back. Raim of course fall over heel with Joo-won at this stage, plus she heard Joo-wanda’s heartbreaking anguish while she’s in coma, and I bet he read her Alice and Wonderland too. Then granddad approved them and hushed evil-mom forever or else she’ll lose her inheritance. Social-status-issue solved.

        And now I should get back to work. stop reading this recap and commenting on others comments *sigh*

        • zj

          i like your second scenario!! 🙂 so it’s assuming that Joo-wanda got hurt in Ra-Im’s body at the start? I like how the granddad hushes evil-mom !

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