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Secret Garden: Episode 8
by | December 6, 2010 | 273 Comments

We’ve got kissing, handholding, bed-hopping, and towel-dropping, and that’s all in the first half hour. Our body-swapped souls get entangled in each other’s affairs, further complicated by the heartbreak rivalry going on between Oska and Seul. It’s funny that both cousins are fighting, but neither is fighting for the same girl…except for purposes of maximum annoyance. Let the best man-child win.


Oska repeats that he won’t give up on the bet over Ra-im, which we see is entirely for Seul’s benefit, as he watches her leave with angry tears forming in his eyes. It has the added benefit, though, of stunning Ra-Him, to Joo-wanda’s great displeasure.

But Oska confesses to Joo-wanda that he’s just using “her,” in this fight against Seul…because he wants the fight to last a little longer. Joo-wanda sees that his cousin is actually sincere about this, whatever mixed-up feelings he’s got going on with Seul.

Meanwhile, Seul leaves to go back to the golf course, and she broods over a past love triangle with a jealous other guy who had promised to show her that Oska was just like other men. Well that’s just too easy, isn’t it? That’s the reason you broke up? Some doofus framed him? Gah.

Joo-wanda caves, and Ra-Him drops the charges. Outside, Oska enacts his revenge on Ra-Him in a childish headlock, which Joo-wanda refuses to help her out of. So she resorts to tickling Oska to get him to let go…and he starts to lose his balance. He lurches forward not to fall, landing him smack dab onto Ra-Him’s lips.

Hahahaaaaa. I knew this “kiss” was coming, but damn if it isn’t still gloriously lulzy.

Joo-wanda’s eyes widen in horror, and Oska is the first to pull away in disgust, spitting and freaking out. Ra-Him just grins sheepishly, as her foot goes up and she touches her lips, with that I-just-kissed-my-idol-oppa dreamy look on her face. Well, on Joo-won’s face that is.

He’s quick to remind her of that fact, running up and rubbing water on Ra-Him’s lips, yelling at her to scrub them clean. He accuses her of doing it on purpose. Well, she certainly couldn’t hide her reaction, though it was a happy accident.

Oska has already fled the scene of the kiss, having been freaked out by Ra-Him’s reaction more than anything. He tries to grab a taxi with no money, pathetically trying to jog the taxi driver’s memory with a song to prove that he’s famous. Joo-wanda drives right past him.

Magic veil of Un-switchiness: Ra-im gets out of the car and tells Joo-won to go ahead without her, as she plans on going back to get Oska. Joo-won doesn’t understand her over-extending care for his hapless cousin…does she like him?

She asks if that’s jealousy, but he scoffs that he’d ever be jealous of Oska, and HER, of all people. Joo-won: “You’d love it if I were jealous, wouldn’t you? Why are women like that?” Because it’s the ass backwards way of getting you to confess your feelings. Don’t you know anything about girls?

He concedes that he’ll be jealous then, if she stops caring about Oska. Haha. Are you actually trying to pretend like your jealousy is a favor? Pffft.

Ra-im isn’t falling for it, and explains that it’s not because she likes him, but because she’s his fan. For all the tough moments in her life—enduring abuse on set, losing her father—Oska’s songs were there for her through them all. She adds that it’s the first time she’s grateful for the body switch, because she has the chance to help Oska.

Joo-won promises to make her regret those words, just as Oska pulls up to the golf course in a cop car. Back to switched bodies. He yells at Ra-Him for leaving him behind (Even as he covers his lips at the sight of her. Heh.) and Joo-wanda steps in to say that it was his idea, because he dislikes Oska, and begins to rag on his has-been idolness, with has-been hair. Haha. Ra-Him can do nothing as she watches Joo-won in her own body insult her idol oppa.

Seul arrives and invites them all to stay for a weekend, since the golf resort is her family’s. Joo-wanda and Oska decline, but Ra-Him sees an opportunity for retaliation. She accepts the invite, and when Seul comes to her side and links her arm, Ra-Him pointedly takes her by the hand instead, to the horror of Joo-wanda and Oska. Kekeke. I love that they’re milking this switch for all its worth.

They start to walk away hand-in-hand, and Oska breaks them up, leading Seul away to talk. He asks what she’s trying to do with Joo-won, who is his cousin, and his younger brother. (Aw, I adore their love-hate brotherly relationship.) He tells her that Joo-won isn’t interested in her, and she laughs that Ra-im isn’t interested in Oska either, since she and Joo-won seem to be dating.

He asks what she’s doing with a guy who has a woman, and she spits back that she has lots of experience with those kind of men. Oska hangs his head at that remark. She adds that she’s not interested in Joo-won anyway. It’s his money and his status that she’s interested in. Ugh. Uh…points for honesty? I guess?

Oska wonders why she’s doing this to him when she’s the one who ended things, but she remembers it differently, as she flashes back to the love triangle, in a moment when the other guy baited Oska into denying that Seul meant anything to him. She of course overheard.

He reminds her that she’s the one who turned down his proposal and went abroad with the other guy. Geez, well then didn’t you already have your revenge? She muses that she was so pretty and naïve back then…what did she mean to him? He thinks she ought to know, since he said it all in the proposal.

They both agree to drop the music video, since Oska plans to scrap his seventh album anyway. Seul confesses to having used the video as an excuse to get close to Joo-won, but now it seems like marrying him will be the faster route. I can see why you loved her in the past, but do you still love her now? Really?

She finds Joo-wanda, and Ra-Him joins them, noticing that Seul’s cheeks are red from the cold. She warms them with her hands, making Joo-wanda’s eyes bug out in anger. Seul blushes and puts her hands on Ra-Him’s cheeks too, as Joo-wanda yells, “Take those hands off this instant!”

Later at dinner, as Ra-Him and Oska barbeque, Seul notes that she loves a man who cooks, and Ra-Him lays it on thick, that she thinks women who appreciate her cooking are the prettiest. She invites Seul over (to Joo-won’s house) so she can cook for her again, making sure to invite her over “late at night, so you can sleep over.”

Both Oska and Joo-wanda gag out loud at the disgusting display. Oska’s had enough, and he drags Ra-Him away to the sauna, to wash everything clean (starting with their lips, heh) and start over.

Oska soaks and Ra-Him comes tiptoeing into the men’s sauna, wrapped up to her chest in a towel. Oska yells at her, thinking she’s doing it on purpose because of their awkward kiss, and so she gingerly lowers her towel to her waist.

She’s about to step in to the pool that Oska is in, so he gets up to get out…

…as Ra-Him screams, bug-eyed, then faints. Pwahaha. What exactly were you expecting, in the men’s sauna?

In the women’s sauna, Seul blathers on about her “perfect” body, and Joo-wanda guesses that it’s all fat, while the body he’s in is all muscle. Heh.

Outside, Ra-im and Joo-won sit down for a drink, back in their own bodies under the mystical veil. Ra-im asks how it was, going to the sauna with a 36-24-34, and he counters that his ideal type has changed, to “a woman who can’t run for Miss Korea.” [Note: Kim Sa-rang, aka Seul, was a Miss Korea contestant.]

It’s not that she can’t; it’s that she won’t. Joo-won: “Yeah…because your skin is dark and you’re ugly.” Ra-im retorts that it’s not a thing for a guy with uneven butt cheeks to say. HA!

He points a finger at her perviness (yeah, takes one to know one, buddy) and she asks him why he’s even out here instead of sleeping. He’s curious about something that kept him up. Why she’s missing something that everyone else has. Ra-im: “There’s so much. What? Money? A House?” Joo-won: “A family.”

She sighs, as she tells him that her mother passed away soon after she was born, and her father told her that her eyes and her laugh were the same as Ra-im’s. Her dad was a firefighter who was brave and saved lots of lives, and he died on the job when she was seventeen.

Joo-won: Who raised you?
Ra-im: I grew up on my own.
Joo-won: On what money?
Ra-im: What the government gave me.
Joo-won: So all my taxes went to you.
Ra-im: Does it seem like a waste?
Joo-won: I should’ve paid more, if I knew I was raising you.
Ra-im: When I look at you like this, you’re not a total jerk.

The next morning, Seul and Oska each wake up in their beds…to find surprise visitors asleep next to them. They both freak out, while Ra-Him and Joo-wanda don’t realize that they’ve slept in the wrong beds, in their drunken haze.

By the time they realize their mistake, Seul and Oska have a glare-off in the hallway.

Commence breakfast of most awkward proportions. Thankfully, Oska’s manager calls to break up the frivolity with some bad news. Someone leaked the title song to his seventh album—the one that was plagiarized. He rushes off in Joo-won’s car, and Seul goes with him, leaving her car with Ra-Him and Joo-wanda.

Ra-Him gets a text from Jong-soo about the script for Dark Blood and asks Joo-wanda about it, excited for the film she’s been waiting her whole career for. She’s dying to do the stunts, until Joo-wanda has to remind her that she’s not a stuntwoman right now; she’s a department store boss.

But HE isn’t, since he’s in her body…so she tries to get him to at least audition for her. She insists that she can teach him, and Joo-wanda calls her crazy and walks off.

On the way to Seoul, Oska can’t take the tension with Seul anymore and ditches her on the side of the highway. That’s what you get, princess.

He goes after Tae-sun, thinking that he leaked the song (not so bright, our Oska) only to find out that the leak came somewhere from Seul’s office.

Joo-wanda decides to do a little shopping in the meantime, and takes his own credit card for a spin, buying sequined dresses that cost a small fortune. Ra-Him refuses to be party to it, so Joo-wanda signs for the purchase himself, telling her that he’ll just take all the clothes back once they’ve switched back.

I love that he actually relishes shopping for himself as a woman, like he’s living out some fantasy of dressing a Barbie doll or something, only now he gets to dress himself like his ideal woman. God, it’s sick AND hilarious.

Upstairs, Director Park gets wind of Ra-im signing for Joo-won’s purchase (hitting a particular nerve because he’s been trying to perfect Joo-won’s signature for weeks). He announces that there is only one reason why a man would be under a woman’s thumb: she must be pregnant. OH, BARF.

Joo-won’s mother keeps tabs on him via a housekeeper, who confirms that he’s acting a little strange lately. She confirms that Ra-im has been around, sending Mom into a tizzy for her secretary to track Ra-im down for a chat.

Joo-wanda steps out of the department store sporting yet another sequined tracksuit. Hahaha, it really IS the tracksuit that would not die.

Ra-Him takes even more issue with it now that it’s on her body, asking if that’s a tracksuit that a person in his right mind would wear. Well, no is the answer, but neither is Joo-wanda of sound mind. Just sayin’.

Ra-Him: “I’m going to kill that Italian artisan!” Hahahaha.

Joo-won’s mother calls Ra-im’s phone…only her son’s voice picks up the other line. She flips her lid that he’s answering Ra-im’s phone now, and demands to see her at once. Joo-wanda shows up, and as soon as Mother sees that tracksuit, she asks warily if they went to Italy together. Heh.

She shows her distaste for Ra-im quite clearly, and offers up an envelope of money, along with a contract that she won’t go near her son again. Joo-wanda peers at the envelope, noting what a tiny sum it is, and then asks if she’s done this sort of thing before. She confirms that it’s hardly her first time buying off an unworthy girlfriend, which Joo-wanda hears with a heavy sigh.

He goes straight to Dr. Lee’s office, and tells her what just transpired with Joo-won’s mother. He asks what “she” should do.

Dr. Lee sighs that his mom is still doing such things (seeming to confirm that she was once on the receiving end of just such a dismissal attempt), and tells him not to see Joo-won anymore. She doesn’t say it in a jealous way, but rather in a very pragmatic way.

Dr. Lee: He won’t be able to protect you. Because he has no reason to protect a common woman.

Whoa. Harsh. And yet, totally true. It definitely hits Joo-wanda right in the kisser, as it starts to dawn on him that perhaps he isn’t such a saint. It also makes me really curious as to just how close he was with Dr. Lee…before she became his shrink.

Meanwhile, Ra-Him gets stuck having to deal with Director Park, who presents her with a slew of things to decide on, and one in particular that Secretary Kim motions for her to sign herself.

Director Park walks away from the meeting bewildered at the sudden 180-turn of polite Joo-won, wondering what on earth he’s up to now. He opens the file that Ra-Him signed off on, and shrieks in horror: He’s changed his signature! Hahaha. Ra-Him signed his name in the girliest manner possible, all hearts instead of O’s, and meanwhile Director Park thinks it’s a way to undermine all the work it’s taken for him to learn Joo-won’s signature.

On her way out, Ra-Him stops to tell Director Park that his voice is “totally awesome.” Heh. She asks Secretary Kim what kind of boss Joo-won is, assuming correctly that he’s pretty much as rude and condescending as he is elsewhere.

They happen upon an uproar in the men’s department, where a VVIP (Really—they make it a point to call them V-V-I-Ps, like one “very” isn’t enough.) is accosting a sales clerk, grabbing her ass and then announcing that she’ll be fired when she dares to talk back.

Ra-Him walks up and tells him to shut his trap otherwise his jaw will come loose…and then decks him. Ha! Love her driving Joo-won’s body around. Such glee.

Ah-young comes home and tells Joo-wanda what happened, as his eyes bug out in horror. He texts Secretary Kim to call his lawyer, confusing the poor guy since Ra-Him is sitting right next to him.

He rushes into the police station, appalled to see Ra-Him sitting there handcuffed, eating soup. She admits to being in the wrong, but Joo-wanda rails into her for being exactly the same as she was that night, when she showed up with that dreaded handbag—that she’s never once thought about him. Somehow you live in a universe where that makes sense, but it doesn’t to the rest of us.

He decides to let her rot in jail, and calls off the lawyer, and even tells the pervert VVIP to press charges and not let up. Ra-Him tries to remind him that it’s his body (which Secretary Kim overhears), but Joo-wanda is having none of it, and leaves.

Just then, a mystical storm brews outside, and it starts to pour. As soon as Joo-wanda steps out into the mystical rain, their souls magically get swapped back. Joo-won finds himself in his own body, handcuffed in the police station, and Ra-im is back in hers, standing in the rain.

She rushes back inside, and she and Joo-won look at each other, as smiles spread across their faces, and Ra-im jumps for joy.

They’re back!


Really, Show? Mystical hoodoo rain? That’s the thing that brings them back? Apropos of nothing? No lessons learned, no big revelations, no walk a mile in her shoes kind of thing? Just whammo, presto, change-o? Boo. Big fat boo.

Is that all they were going to do with the body switch? What on earth is the point of that? I mean, comedy aside (which is a big reason to love it, sure) I hope we’re going to get bigger consequences. There’d better be, Show.

Truthfully, as much as I loved Episode 6’s crazy switcheroo antics, I wasn’t as into 7 and 8, because they seemed to hit a stalemate as far as how much each was going to budge (in concern for each other’s lives and such). I was beginning to wonder if the switch was going to change either of them at all.

So now I’m confused, because neither character has changed sufficiently for me to be done with the body swap narratively, and yet I miss their crackling chemistry when they were in their own bodies pre-swap, so I’m torn. I suppose the door is left open for them to re-swap and un-swap at length throughout the series, every time it rains or whatever other mystical precipitation is in the forecast.

And this is maybe a nitpick, but I’m a fan of rules in a genre piece. If you’ve got a mystical world, there ought to be rules that govern that world, and we as the audience have to be let in on those rules. Why? Doesn’t it take all the mystery out? No. There’s plenty of ways to frame the rules of your world as oblique, and you can always find clever loopholes to surprise us—that’s the fun in ALL of us knowing the rules, ya dig? If the circumstance just changes, for no rhyme or reason and worst of all, in a seemingly random fashion, we lose faith that the mystical world has a purpose and an internal logic. This is going to sound inordinately picky to those of you who aren’t obsessed with supernatural, mythology-laden narratives, but I swear, there’s a reason behind my nitpickery. No matter how loosey goosey you are with the rules, you have to establish them. Because otherwise there is no meaning behind the mystical events.

Whether or not Ra-im’s father is pulling all the strings, or Fate intervened to un-swap them, or the swap is only temporary, or someone spiked the rain with magic mojo…matters, and it matters more than the un-swapping itself. Either I’m going to feel like the body swap was merely a gimmick, or someone’s got some ‘xplainin’ to do.


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  1. Lurkee

    Thank you JB & GF! I truly luv u!

    • 1.1 Sooshi Meo

      For me…I thought that at least one of them has changed a bit. At least JW is sometimes trying to take RI’s situation into consideration versus RI who seems to think she is…a bit self-righteous? Would that be the word? I don’t think it fits perfectly but it does a bit.

      I think that the key to them switching back is actually in when he said “You never think about me not even for 5 minutes.” Because the last time he said that RI (momentarily) realizes that she was wrong. I can’t judge if this is the same for this episode until I see episode 9.

      I do agree that this world needs some rules but I’ve been frustrated trying to figure out this whole mystical body switching magic as well. I am thinking that RI’s mother had some illness that is hereditary and that was why she died. RI’s father has somehow become a magical voodoo man who has switched his soul into an ahjumma’s body. He’s trying to protect her because she will encounter death soon so in order to preserve, keep her alive spiritually, her he has them drink the medicinal wine?

      Was it foreshadowing when Ah Young told “RI” (it was JW in her body at the time) about the dream about him and RI in a car accident, that RI will die?? And the whole rose thing gives off a complete beauty and the beast vibe. If RI’s dad doesn’t somehow maybe find her knight in shining armor or prevent her from getting into some accident before the flower dies then RI will inevitably die?? Maybe RI and JW finally officially start a relationship and they get into some fight after they find out RI’s illness and JW is racing down the highway crying while she is sleeping?


      • 1.1.1 Prissypoo

        I understand how it could just make you wonder what may come next or try explaining why this and that happened. Isn’t it why dramas are doing this to lure us all into addiction? I say just stop speculating as it would for sure drive you more and more antsy when we have to wait a whole week or sometimes longer (for the sub)until the next 2 episodes are out.

        With that said, I couldn’t help but speculate 1 thing why the swap back at the end happened sort of randomly: Since it’s Ra-Him who made Joo-Wonda stay in jail as a punishment for not considering the real Joo-Won’s business and status even though Joo-Wonda did admit she was wrong. In order to make the real Joo-Won suffer in his own body AND mind because his retaliation by asking the pervert to sue him and keep him in jail, the spirit (aka Ra-Im’s dad) swaps them back (probably temporarily) just so Joo-Won can get a dose of his own medicine. With that, bigger lessons learned with deeper relevation, message delivered. Just IMO…

        Well, this is going to be another long week until ep. 9 & 10 are out and subbed.

        • Lilian

          haha..I was thinking that too. Since it’s Ra Im’s dad who’s the “culprit” he would try to protect his daughter. Hence the switch back…..

  2. liz

    thanks for the recap!!!

  3. ninji

    Crap. Have to see episode 7 with subs before I can see – and read – this one. Darn parents not being korean.

    • 3.1 mmmaggie

      LOL @ninji! I remember being young and wishing they WEREN’T Korean. But now, I’m definitely glad I didn’t stumble into an enchanted forest and swap my body. 😀

    • 3.2 DRAMAADDICT4ever

      hahahaha! I agree with you.

    • 3.3 ilikehim

      Its not so bad to be Chinese either. The subs come out THE DAY OF. I dare say they are only a TAD-BIT slower that the Korean broadcast itself.

      • 3.3.1 Prissypoo

        @ilikehim: Where did you see the one with Chinese sub that fast? Please kindly share… Thanks!

    • 3.4 faan

      You can get speedsubs here: http://www.viki.com/channels/1565-secret-garden/posts/3422

      A few lines are usually missing, but I’ve learned enough Korean from watching the dramas that I can figure out what they’re saying.

  4. Sean

    Loving this drama!

  5. chillyperson

    I’m now really curious where this show will lead us since the body swapping is the “selling point” of this drama. I hope it won’t dissappoint me…

    • 5.1 Ani

      Because the body swapping is the selling point, wouldn’t you think that the reverse body swap is temporary and that they just might end up swapping bodies again. It’s possible, otherwise what’s the point?

      • 5.1.1 Agatha

        Well, I think the body swap is temporary, just to give them an idea of the consequences their actions have when they are switched. I mean he threw himself in jail, out of pure stupidity. Yeah he can get out of it but I’m pretty sure it won’t look good on his record. They’ll be switched back next episode, watch.

        • chillyperson

          Maybe the temporary “reverse body swapping” only happens when there’s a thunderstorm and then they get swapped again?

          • Biscuit


            I doubt that this is the end of their body swapping days.

            Either A) Papa figures out something went wrong and he’ll appear in the next few episodes to swap their bodies again, or B) Ra-IM and Joo Won somehow touch eachother (or however) and swap souls again.

            And, no, I doubt Ra-im has a cancerous disease. I have faith that we won’t be going down that road (or there WILL be consequences *grabs plane ticket to Korea…*)

            Though, I must say… I did enjoy the show pre-swapping, but only enjoyed the last few episodes due to the immense hilarity. Yet suddenly, them swapping bodies hasn’t been exactly “exciting” as much as before.. and Ra-him still seems overly girly. Where’s that Kick-ass stuntwoman?

            In fact, I want to see Ra-him moments with Joo-won’s family and enjoy the immense hilarity of how that scene would turn out at a family meal. Heh.

          • sharingann

            i remember at the start of the drama they said something about an autumn rain being very special with the ability to grant what one hearts desires or sumthing like that. i think that has to do with the soul-switching. it will probably be temporary as the effect of the rain might wear off while the dad’s spell may be stronger or worse permanent.

        • hookedonmonix

          I agree, I think the body swap wasn’t enough of a lesson for them (particularly Joo-Won), so they needed to switch back (temporarily) in order to see the consequences of their actions. JW needed to learn how horrible it is to make Ra-im stay in jail (even if it was in his body), and Ra-im needed to learn….?….The virtues of the tracksuit so she’d stop knocking it. Yes, that.
          Because clearly, they (he) aren’t learning anything. But they will, eventually. Because betterment/ understanding is that absolute outcome of body swapping story lines. It’s in the rules.
          As a side note, I do wish Ra-him would experience some residuals from Joo-Won’s claustrophobia. I don’t think she has any of the keys to understanding the weaker aspects of him yet, and I think the clearest opening to that would be through his fear.

      • 5.1.2 Alexis

        I think they got swapped back cos Ra-Im’s dad doesn’t want her girl to suffer in jail??

  6. Fidel

    Thanks for another recap. I think there’ll be more swaps, not only between main male-female duo. Maybe Joo-Won and Oska swap their bodies now. Who knows?

  7. yellow2006m

    I can’t believe it

  8. jay

    “So all my taxes went to you.”
    “Does it seem like a waste?”
    “I should’ve paid more, if I knew I was raising you.”

    Awww. XD

    • 8.1 Ojou_Belle


      That was definitely an “AWWWW” moment.

      He really has feelings for her it’s just that he’s

      too stubborn to admit it…or too blind to see it clearly

      at the moment! I can’t wait to see when he finally

      admits or relaizes that he loves her so much that

      he’d die for her. I think JW will do anything to save

      her in the end…lke the opposite of the Little Mermaid

      story he’s so hung up on. Instead of the mermaid

      sacrificing her life, it’s gonna be the prince.

      • 8.1.1 Mary Mary Mary

        Awww… thats sad even to think about

        • Lilian

          eekkk….I hope the sacrifice wouldn’t be that big too…
          both of them sacrificing would be good!

          both needs to learn to bend more =)

    • 8.2 sleeplessinwgtn

      I love the way he puts it.

  9. dana

    Nice! Thanks, I’ve been waiting for this. How adorable is he when he sees his cousin naked and he faints. Lol.

    • 9.1 rainyrainy

      that scene , just by remembering it I laugh loudly , it was a priceless scene and hunbin was rocking :)
      I wish I can see BTS about that scene , I bet they had to shoot many times becoz they won’t be able to stop laughing .

      • 9.1.1 Lilian

        I want to see rge BTS of the kiss XD

  10. 10 Sgfan

    i have been waiting for the recaps thanks coz stuff happened at the end. i think we haven’t seen the end of the soul/body swap

  11. 11 dana

    Well, ok, it hasn’t he, it was she, but still. Cute!

  12. 12 Anne

    Thanks for the recap! Looks like it will be an awesome episode again. But with the body swapping… I have this feeling that it isn’t the last time this will happen. I get the feeling that it will happen between the two some more throughout the series :\ Just my thoughts though… I really hope that wasn’t the end of the body swapping though because it WAS the point that attracted me to the drama in the first place and for it to be resolved so quickly and cleanly is.. rather disappointing :\

  13. 13 anne

    yay! i’ve been waiting for this recap since yesterday! thanks jb!

  14. 14 fan

    I heard that the netizens in korea think that in ep 7 ah young’s dream was foreshadowing the drama’s end…. which was somebody (joowon or harim … forget which one) ends up dying!

    do you think this is true?

    any thoughts?

    • 14.1 mik

      Well it’s just rumors, i wouldn’t take seriously what other viewers say (since we all have our own thoughts)…plus there’s also word going around that in an interview the writer said it was going to be a light drama compared to her others…whatever that means.

    • 14.2 JAM

      well, i’ve been wondering what Ra-im’s dad was referring to when he said he did the body swap to protect Ra-im. Protect her from certain harm? So Joo-wonita will ‘get’ it rather than Ra-him? But they’ve swapped back to their original bodies already so I’m at a lost.

      • 14.2.1 Serious

        i know i am so confused about that.. and remember that Ra-im’s dad (in the photo) smile turned into a frown AFTER Joo-won looked through her stuff in the locker… so i’m wondering if it’s just Joo-won’s existence… like with his personality at that time, he would ruin Ra-im. So by exchanging bodies, or souls, he can come to understand her and actually not ruin Ra-im’s life but… idek D;

    • 14.3 etalo

      i think the dream might be hinting us that scene, but i hope later gt wateva miracle which happens to save them both. It’s a magical plot, so shouldn’t they just let both of them stay alive. i dun like it to be sad ending, although i think this show keeps heading towards sad plot.

  15. 15 Ina

    10x 10x 10 :) You are wonderful :)

  16. 16 Birdie

    They are not doing the body-swap just for the laughs I hope. Usually mystical events happen for a deeper meaning. Sorry i still think Binnie is playing Ra-im too girly ,too stereotype female. Ra-im is independent,tomboyish and has a defiant look about her before the body-swap. Isn’t it too easily interchangeable this body-swap thing turning out to be?

    • 16.1 fan

      I totally agree with you on the sterotype female hyunbin is playing ra-im……but i guess it adds to the comedy… and he’s too cute! lol

    • 16.2 Anvesha

      I feel he plays her too girly mostly around Oska’s presence.. which can make her girly “you know, the whole I’ll rather go blind” scene

      I hope there is a deeper meaning behind the switch back and both better be alive at the end!!!!

      • 16.2.1 rainyrainy

        yes I agree with you , hyunbin in playing a girly RI only with oska , remember when RI had that lunch with oska how she was behaving like a 17 years old girl and same when she met him after she was out of the hospital how she was shy and smiling so girly .

    • 16.3 cat

      I agree with you. I feel like the Ra-im had totally disappeared for last 3 episodes.

    • 16.4 DRAMAADDICT4ever

      I agree with you Binnie is playing Ra-im too gilrly, maybe the shock of the swap brought the girl inside Ra-im out.

  17. 17 Fiona

    Hey! I was hoping that someone could help me with finding the song title is plays at the beginning of the episode, in the jail scene. I’ve scoured the Internet for the soundtrack list, but I haven’t been able to find anything.

    If anyone knows, it would be of great help. Thanks!

    And thanks girlfriday for the wonderful recap!

    • 17.1 fan

      I LOVE this song!!

      it’s by one of the guys from the group 4men…

      shin yong jae : 이유

      here’s a link to the song if you want.


      Enjoy :)

      • 17.1.1 mmmaggie

        Thank you, @fan!! I swear, Dramabeans has the best commenters. And recappers.

      • 17.1.2 engl

        thanks so much! i was looking for this song forever but couldn’t seem to find it. 감사합니다 ~

      • 17.1.3 geanna

        homg thanks! i was looking for this song for the longest time! loving this song since the 1st time i heard it in SG! komawoyo! :)

      • 17.1.4 Fiona


        Thanks so much!

        • fan

          haha… no problem!

          It’s one of my favourite songs now! lol

  18. 18 kitsune88

    YES YES YES!!! A girlfriday recap! Though I’m still anxious for some english subs.

  19. 19 orangy911

    I was surprised at the fact that they switched back. I totally agree with you in terms of the characters not going through a significant change. I really hope this is explained in the next episode.

    The Seul and Oska loveline is really tiresome. I find myself skipping through their parts. I mean…just get together already! Stop with this annoying jumping and dancing around the fact that they lurvee each other. XD

    Other than that…I’m loving this drama. Hyun Bin’s screams and Ha Ji Won’s surly attitude make my day.

    • 19.1 WitchyMage

      I too am holding out to see how this is explained. I admit that their swap back did make me jump in joy a little since Joowon just asked to have himself thrown in jail. *cackles evilly*)

      Seul and Oska are totally supposed to just get together, but they can’t seem to find time to just talk about why they broke up – they seem to be the typical drama couple.

      I think Hyun Bin has been told to act girly. We’ve never seen Raim be so close with Oska that often, and that one time when he praised her saying she’s “cool” she was so girly, shy and embarrassed, which is why when it’s Ra-Him near Oska, Hyun Bin needs to act that way. At least I think the only times I remember Ra-Him being girly is with Oska…

  20. 20 mastille

    I think they switched back because Joowon got arrested so Ra-Im would be in danger if she stayed in his body. Or maybe because Joowon already rejected the dangerous script for Ra-Im where she might have been fatally injured or something? But yeah, I can see the father changing them back and forth for his daughter’s benefit. In that way the last scene made total sense for me.

    I actually liked this episode even more than 6, I was laughing the whole time… and when I watched it raw and Oska was grabbing Taesun by the collar I was on the floor… I really think they were hinting something there… and anyway it’s only episode 8. I didn’t expect to see the two change dramatically solely because of the body swap, so I’m optimistic that future episodes will keep the story and character development going in a good direction.

    • 20.1 sophie

      >>> I didn’t expect to see the two change dramatically solely because of the body swap, so I’m optimistic that future episodes will keep the story and character development going in a good direction.

      I agree!

    • 20.2 maricon

      I totally agree with you on this one. In a previous episode we saw the father watching them so i’m not surprised by them returning to their bodies, it would suck however if it was the rain that did it because THAT would be lame.

      • 20.2.1 WitchyMage

        I hope it’s at least induced magical thunderstorms that changes them. It would bother me if it was normal weather patterns that changed them back and forth (and there can only be so many thunderstorms within the one drama before I get tired of it).

    • 20.3 Daniela

      My thoughts exactly! I think this will continue until Joo-Won realizes that he loves (not only like) Ra-im and he decides to protect her. if this is the idea, the words of doctor Lee also fits, because for the first time he will find a reason to protect a woman. Leaving her in jail is not exactly protection and dad wont leave his daughter (soul) in jail, thats why they switch. I hope that when he leaves jail, the switch back. If they dont,I wouldn’t mind very much, because i like the chemestry anyway, but its like gf said, we need reasons or rules…or something!

      too long jajaja

      Jeje i hope i made my point. im not very good at writting in english. Thanks for the recap! ( No se si puedan leer español, pero pueden ponerlo en un traductor jajaja.) Muchas Muchas gracias por el capitulo!! Lo espere con ansias desde ayer que termine de ver el raw 8. son adoraderrimas las dos.

      • 20.3.1 leslie

        hahaha…me da gusto saber que otras q hablan espanol miran esta drama.
        :) saludos

    • 20.4 Daniela

      My thoughts exactly! I think this will continue until Joo-Won realizes that he loves (not only like) Ra-im and he decides to protect her. if this is the idea, the words of doctor Lee also fits, because for the first time he will find a reason to protect a woman. Leaving her in jail is not exactly protection and dad wont leave his daughter (soul) in jail, thats why they switch. I hope that when he leaves jail, the switch back. If they dont,I wouldn’t mind very much, because i like the chemestry anyway, but its like gf said, we need reasons or rules…or something!

      Jeje i hope i made my point. im not very good at writting in english. Thanks for the recap! ( No se si puedan leer español, pero pueden ponerlo en un traductor jajaja.) Muchas Muchas gracias por el capitulo!! Lo espere con ansias desde ayer que termine de ver el raw 8. son adoraderrimas las dos.

    • 20.5 Daniela

      My thoughts exactly! I think this will continue until Joo-Won realizes that he loves (not only like) Ra-im and he decides to protect her. if this is the idea, the words of doctor Lee also fits, because for the first time he will find a reason to protect a woman. Leaving her in jail is not exactly protection and dad wont leave his daughter (soul) in jail, thats why they switch. I hope that when he leaves jail, the switch back. If they dont,I wouldn’t mind very much, because i like the chemestry anyway, but its like gf said, we need reasons or rules…or something!

      Jeje i hope i made my point. im not very good at writting in english. Thanks for the recap! ( No se si puedan leer español, pero pueden ponerlo en un traductor jajaja.) Muchas Muchas gracias por el capitulo!! Lo espere con ansias desde ayer que termine de ver el raw 8. son adoraderrimas las dos.

      • 20.5.1 Daniela

        Oh sorry for the repeted post

  21. 21 gita

    thx.love this drama, coz so many awesome scenes…

  22. 22 Haj

    i kinda automatically assumed they’ll switch back soon

  23. 23 herogal

    first off, i’m loving this drama! hyun bin and ha ji-won are pure <3! secondly, i do love that we get to see them back in their own bodies again because, as girlfriday mentioned, i miss the chemistry between them as themselves. just a theory, but i think they switched back because her dad "saw" the whole conversation in the jail and didn't want ra-im to be stuck in jail so he switched them back. whatever the reason, i don't think we've seen the last of the body-switching…

  24. 24 Nina

    As much as I like the established base for the drama, they f’ing better switch their bodies back because this drama is about switching souls. There is no climax in this episode at all when they go back to their original bodies! So, show, you better switch them back now, or something is gonna happen.

  25. 25 habut

    humm im torn too

    Joo-won and Ra-im
    Joo-wonda and Ra-Him

    if only its

    Joo-won and Joo-wonda *sigh*

    • 25.1 gisselle

      i would love that too.

  26. 26 Jomo

    “Magic veil of Un-switchiness” made me LOL at work!

    It is only ep 8, so there are a lot of episodes left for both growth, switching back, and ‘splaining. If the first (that’s what I’m calling in.) switch taught them enough about the other to forgive and kiss, what would be left to do?

    I agree with you, though, that Joo Won’s line about Key Lime not thinking about him makes no sense.
    First of all, he told her very specifically what her bubbly options would be if she were interested in a relationship with him. Kiss and leave. She gave her answer in a slap.

    What more does he expect her to do or to say about his proposal? The only thing she has learned about the rich from the rich is that they hate the poor.

    The earlier episodes, he talks about giving her charity, “treating her like a poor and lonely neighbor.” Now that we learned she was on public assistance, those words are much more cruel than even he intended.

  27. 27 buhdoop

    *SPOILER* I read somewhere that they have 2 switches? So they may switch bodies again *END Spoiler*

    • 27.1 buhdoop

      Okay just read all the comments so not much of a spoiler :)

      I really hope they continue to switch back and forth at key moments of their growth and what not.

      I really like some peoples theory that the Dad changed them back to keep Ra-Im out of jail.

      • 27.1.1 noob

        i also read from korean news sites that there might be another switching 😛

        • buhdoop

          OOO, great, now I am excited to see when/if it happens!

  28. 28 sophie

    Thank you for the recap, and welcome back JW and RI! To be honest, I was starting to miss them. Don’t get me wrong, both actors are amazing, but I was getting a bit tired of RaHim being too girly and Joo-wanda being that much into other women’s physiques. Those are not their typical behavior, and I missed them.

    I’m not sure what caused their bodies to be switched back either. To me, drinking those special wines/concoctions to switch the bodies back would have made more sense!

    In any case, I have the feeling this is not over yet. Who knows, the next body switch could be voluntary too (just a wild guess, here, not a spoiler).

  29. 29 mermaid

    Anybody knows what it was about regarding the mermaid tale Oska mentioned to Joo-Wonda while he was behind bars? It seemed to have an effect on Ra-Him which Joo-Wonda nervously(?) observed? What did he say about the mermaid tale?

    • 29.1 habut

      Oska: JW didn’t tell you about the Little Mermaid?
      He is a shocking bastard who thinks the tragic story of the Little Mermaid is the world’s first ever story about a mistress.

      • 29.1.1 moomincandylalala

        Thanks for the clarification… really wanted to know the true meaning as was confused watching this part cuz was not sure if this discussion was adding positive or negative points for JW in RI’s eyes.

        • dramarama

          me too!! i didnt know why the two were looking at each other with seemingly meaningful/understanding eyes once oska clarified how joowon views the little mermaid story. can anyone clarify further on what sorta realization/understanding raim may have gained from oska’s bit??

          • habut

            the problem is… to clarify i would have to give my take on it, don’t qoute me on it cuz that would make me totally out to be a straw-grabbing-guess-it-all ranter.

            anyway. guess to say… the lil mermaid story is not the point. At the mention of the story, Joo-won and Ra-im are jogged of the event before the slap. He may or may not realize why he deserve the slap, but Oska saying it out loud made him worry about how Ra-im would react.On the other end, Ra-im realizing Joo-won is a hard (disturbing) person to understand. When Oska said he would help her to understand Joo-won “inner self” and she reply “okay, please make sure to help”, we can assume that she meant “please help me understand how this nut job function”.

            -one more assumption (bear with me) lets go on some tangent. Ra-im’s (and everyone else, except Disney) lil mermaid bubbles ending = a tragic self-sacrifice love. Where Joo-won lil mermaid bubbles ending = a love that was not meant to be but was given a chance to play out. hence his request for a “hug”. what take it up one more notch is that, he fully understand that he is saying to fool around, but he doesn’t see the severity. cause in his mind, why wouldn’t anyone pass up a chance to “fool” around with such a great handsome man.
            ~ *exhale* thank you for bearing with me

      • 29.1.2 mermaid

        Thanks! I like your take on the lil mermaid bubbles ending from JooWon’s perspective. I could not understand why JooWon would say what he said but now I do.

      • 29.1.3 Wina

        Does that mean that JW described their relation as little mermaid because he thinks RI is powerful like mistress? Is that what mistress means? But then how does this relation to to definition that habut gave as “a love that was not meant to be but was given a chance to play out”? Y do they keep on mentioning little mermaid throughout the drama and it kills me cause i feel like im missing something important!! plz help me understand o i might explode from not knowing what’s happening

  30. 30 Carina

    At first I was reallly disappointed with the magical rain swapping thingamajic, but after thinking it over a bit, I think it’s not so bad, narratively – most likely, they’ll keep switching and un-switching throughout the series, which may actually make for a lot of delicious narrative fodder (also, I was beginning to think that everyone around them was being stupid for NOT realizing that the two of them had switched. Now sure, in real life, mystical things like that don’t happen… but if two of my friends with such extreme, polar personalities started acted like each other, I’d surely call them out on it (“why are you acting like you switched bodies?”). So I actually like that the prospect of Ra-im and Joo-won alternatively acting like themselves and like the other as they switch and re-switch will be hilarious to watch and do more mental damage to all other characters than listening to Mariah Carey for a week straight).

    Also, I’m trying to be hopeful here… but I hope that the switching will be satisfying narratively in the long run. Already I get a certain measure of satisfaction out of the fact that their souls getting into their right bodies at this moment means that Joo-won is being held at the police station for a crime he didn’t commit, and that Ra-im, now in her proper body, will have to deal with the damage Joo-won did to her career while he was behind the wheel. It gives them an opportunity to clean up each other’s mess, make some progress in their own proper lives – only to then be switched back, and have the tables turned again. I AM hopeful that we will get a proper narrative conclusion to the body-switching eventually (both of them changing and coming to understand the other through literally walking in their shoes) AND that we’ll get some explanation and rules (if it’s something like that they switch every time it rains, they’ll figure it out)…

    But maybe I’m just a bleeding optimist and I’ll be sorely disappointed, with my expectations gutted, dried, and left out in the magical rain to rot. We’ll see!

    (Also, does anybody else love the reactions of Joo-wons side-kick? The one who’s interested in Ah-young. I LOVE the way he reacts to Joo-won being ‘eccentric’, he does the most hilarious shocked grimaces, and I think he’s a pretty interesting character in general. I think this drama could do without Seul and Jong-soo – they’re kind of the stock second leads that exist mainly to be an obstacle – but I’m pleased to say that I find a lot of the minor characters quite winning).

    • 30.1 momosan

      Secretary Kim. He had me from the second he went OMO! at the thought of eating the deer that had been given to Joo Won.

      On the other hand, I want to feed Seul to alligators.

      • 30.1.1 ktb

        Ditto on the secretary. Every time he’s on screen, his reactions and dialogue are hilarious. The eating-the-deer scene “Omo” is one of the best.

        • supah

          Aw, I’m so glad Kim Seung-oh’s being appreciated. Though his Secretary Kim character is a bit anticlimactic given how compelling his ‘lost soul’ dark, twisted gangster character in Giant is/was…

          Plus, he was one heck of an adorable child actor too, back in the 90s. He really does deserve bigger, better roles now.
          I mean, he kind of reminds me of LOTR’s Captain Faramir who was quite mesmerising, and then he went and did that role in Van Helsing and it was totally WTF? Talk about going for a role waaay beneath oneself.
          But oh well *shrugs* at least he’s getting noticed.

        • noob

          I agree the man is on fire :) in acting that is LOL… I laugh everytime he’s onscreen.
          I recently had a chance to watch that movie with wonbin (a man from nowhere(?)) and he plays one of the main villain roles – I went 0_o because he’s so different from his light quirky character from Secret garden, I hope to see him more in other projects!

      • 30.1.2 momosa

        My thoughts too! How and Why would anyone like her at all.. she has no redeeming quality. And by the way, people with such rich background do not go for Miss Korea! They think pageants are for the lowly.

        • Glomp

          Uh…When they said she was a Miss Korea contestant, i think they meant Kim Sarang, the actress, not Seul, the character that she’s playing.

          • WitchyMage

            I don’t think Seul (the character) competed in the pagent as well. They are just saying that she has the body for it.

          • WitchyMage

            I too don’t think Seul (the character) competed in the pagent. They are just saying that she has the body for it.

    • 30.2 kimchi216

      I’m pretty sure they’re going to switch back and forth everytime it rains otherwise they wouldn’t have mentioned the indian summer thing at the very beginning in the weather forecast.

      Also if the writer screws me over in the ending like she did in Lover’s in Paris imma punch her. in the face.

      • 30.2.1 Jomo

        I will join you in the face punch.

      • 30.2.2 Ojou_Belle


        I don’t want to see Hyun Bin cry again

        the way he did with AMFL.

      • 30.2.3 swimmingrose

        You are very perceptive to remember “indian summer” thing! I think you might be right…there has to be a reason why they included that bit at the very beginning, right?

        Also, it’s not related to this comment (just curious) but does anyone have any ideas why the drama is called “secret garden”?

        • Bengal

          @swimmingrose : does anyone have any ideas why the drama is called “secret garden”?

          My answer: When I first heard the title I immediately was reminded of the novel I read as a kid, but at the time I had forgotten what the story was about so I didn’t suppose there were any connections. Until I watched the first episode, I began to realize that there was something in the drama that very much reminded me of the novel and that was Joo-won’s estate: the beautiful gardens and trees and natural settings. So I then wiki-ed the novel to be reminded of the plot because I swore that the story was about an isolated boy… oops sorry to have been so long winded… okay, fast forward… The Secret Garden is a novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It’s about a girl who changed the life of a family by entering their life and changing their dispirited, backwards and pessimistic ways… the son of the family was a sickly boy but after meeting her he started to come alive… so there… I’m pretty sure to myself that the drama’s writer was inspired by this novel… it’s a really good book… check it out if you have time :)

          Hope that helps

      • 30.2.4 anais

        Also if the writer screws me over in the ending like she did in Lover’s in Paris imma punch her. in the face.

        Oh, totally. I’ll be there cheering you on. At the end of Lovers in Paris, I was sooo furious, especially for Lee Dong Gun’s character who’d been through the emotional ringer. To think his heartaches were all figments of the heroine’s imagination/script.

      • 30.2.5 habut

        WAIT! chotto matte! i want to “semi” defend the ending. it the writer’s provocative (trying to be) take on destiny/fate/a box-within-a box-within-a-box. in the end the message was “a love like that can happen to anyone, anywhere, at anytime”.

        needless to say you can punch her maximum of only 2 hits. hit #1 for newspaper have a picture of same girl and same guy. hit #1 for confusing the viewer. hit #2 for not giving me the 2 year leap i expect out of a korean drama. ~grrr

      • 30.2.6 momosan

        Me, too….or four in this case. I’ll beat down on my screen if they go LiP.

        It would make my Bad Guy rant look like frolicking puppies.

        Not that I want to anticipate bad things. No, I’m still happy here in SG land. I foresee angst (I mean, there are 12 episodes left, we need some angst) but nothing that will make me do a beat down.

        I’m enjoying the banter.

      • 30.2.7 binbin

        me too~ although i only watch a few eps of Lovers in Paris but I googled the ending, omg is completely unacceptable if SG ends the same or whatever alike.

        i bet the SG fans will surely anti Kim Eun-sook’s drama forever!

    • 30.3 commenter

      i totally agree with your analysis and also trying to stay optimistic about this whole soul swapping thing. i do really miss JW and RI in their own bodies but if the soul swapping is only for comedic effect, i’d feel cheated somehow.

    • 30.4 Jae

      Maybe the potion ie the medicinal drink wore off

  31. 31 shinhyesungluv

    I’m pretty sure that the two will swap bodies again and that this unswapping has a reason… especially now with Joo Won in handcuffs.

  32. 32 kyun

    you posted this just as i finished watching the raw- perfect timing! Thank you for your hard work and time :)

  33. 33 Abby

    I think that it’s temporary… or anything… caus the guy just totally left the girl in the police office and say :”Stay in jail”. And I guess that we’ll see how, after they change back, he would manage to get out of trouble…
    Also, them switching back was completely unpredictable, because everyone thought that they’d be in the other person’s body for like 10 eps… and I’m SURE that if they’ve also got back their own body, some other interesting stuff is going to happen.
    But then, if they don’t change body again, it would be a bit deceiving since the main plot of this drama was supposed to be the body changing.
    On the other side, even with a few days in another person’s body, they’ve learned quite some stuff for themselves.
    I just love Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won’s couple in the drama that I sometimes find the parts with Oska and Yoon Seul really long, but I guess that they needed that to make a drama…
    Anyways, I just hope that everything would be explained in the next episode and that it will stay super funny. Also, I REALLY hate when we can’t see the preview…!

    • 33.1 buhdoop

      Me too! I really want to see the preview of episode 9.

  34. 34 Mary Mary Mary

    Thanks for the excellent recap!! I got a feeling their body is going to swap again because no lessons have been learnt in either parties yet! If this was the only body swap then I would be greatly disappointed!

  35. 35 Precious

    I’ve been stalking dramabeans since yday! I think them switching back has to do with the rain, remember in the first episode when the weather forecaster said something about autumn rain and spoke directly to him. This is turning into a mystery as well as a comedy, please don’t introduce cancer, I don’t think i could handle the melo part.

  36. 36 shaz81

    thank you so much !!!!

  37. 37 Khin Nwe Aye

    I agree the lack of frame of reference for the magic happenings is a bit tiresome. And the only positive results I can discern due to the body-swap is JW becoming a bit more human with his “I would have paid more taxes…” remark and not for once disparaging RI’s poverty. And JW gets some credit for changing his ideal woman body type but he has to spoil it again by harping on RI’s “dark skin”. By the way, is RI’s skin really darker than his or Seul’s? But Seul looks over-madeup with her white face, and RI looks tanned and healthy, in my eyes. Are Koreans also obsessed with fair skin, just like other Asians?? Just curious as a matter of cultural thing. In my own country, Burma, too fair skinned is more enviable but in olden days brownish skin is more preferred. Thanks for the wonderful recap, Girlfriday. People like you are a god-send to non-Korean viewers like us who are desperately trying to understand what’s happening when we watch the raw vids at least twice before the subbed versions become available.

    • 37.1 cheerios

      Ha Ji Won’s skin is naturally tanned, I think. I think her skin is the darkest out of them all hahaha.

      And yes, I think Koreans are obsessed with fair skin, but i’m not saying that they don’t find tan skin attractive on certain people (Lee Hyori!)

      • 37.1.1 Joly

        I don’t care skin colour and HaJiwon acting skill is so adorable.She doesn’t have cosmetic surgery just like HB shows sth under her t-shirt .
        People have their own unique appearance and charm.I respect that.

    • 37.2 anais

      Yes, Koreans are very much into melanocracy, just as Western Europeans were for a long time, for pretty much the same reasons:

      Fair skinned = not a field hand, i.e. nobility
      Darker skinned = field hand

      Skin “brightening” products are just as popular in Korea as they are in Japan.

      • 37.2.1 Qwenli

        I happen to like Seul’s fabulous skin

  38. 38 Yiya

    woot it’s up!! *happy Ra-im dance*

  39. 39 @.@

    I love that they switched back at the end of this! I’ve been loving EVERYTHING about this drama so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 40 ni

    i think there was something at the beginning of ep 1, where the weather forecaster said that the Indian Summer (?) can be a joke or for real…and something about the rain. and it did rain when they first switched bodies, they just didnt get wet.
    LOL lucky they didnt live in southeast asia or south america LOL theyll be switching back & forth every 5 minutes XD

    • 40.1 noob

      in episode 1, didn’t that forecaster woman call JW by his name? and he stared at the TV with a weird face? I thought that was weird… i really hope this story isn’t just a fabrication of JW’s deranged mental state (b/c of his unstable mental state)…that’s precisely why I hated the ending of Lovers in Paris… how it was all a story made up by the main girl…-_-” ohh still makes me so angry… ok gonna stop now…

      • 40.1.1 samiam618

        and sadly that magical storm thing appeared right after the forecaster. i’m starting to think this is all an illusion

  41. 41 kaigou

    Wait… wasn’t it raining the night they switched? I wonder if the rule might be “when rained on” that switches occur, along the same lines as a few famous anime — “when dunked in cold water” and so on.

    Which means that they’ll likely switch back, and then back again, and if so, I can see that setting up all sorts of crazy antics. It might also explain why they started doing the mystical-veil thingie, to get viewers used to seeing that as a reminder now, of just who-is-who, rather than trying to add that notation in after it all gets really confusing.

    Or it might be that it’s not “getting rained on” at all, but is a time limit (that then would naturally get shorter, if the laws of genre & tension apply), or some other factor… but if they switch back, I can only imagine the craziness they’ll get into, trying to figure out what caused the switch and how to undo it.

    If genre rules apply strictly, I foresee at least a few scenes of them insisting everyone redo previous actions — off to the sauna! now, to bed! now, to the studio! now, find someone to punch! as they try to puzzle out what, exactly, causes it.

    Or I could be completely wrong. It’s been known to happen. (Heh.)

  42. 42 Tweetie

    I am so glad that I am not the only one that ws thinking that they are not really utilising the mystical aspects to its full potential, I was actually disapointed with the way they did the switch in the first place, we do need something to convince us that this is ‘real’, credible and so far that aspect of the drama is not working for me, like girlfirday I think that it is all haphazzard at the moment…But despite that I am loving the drama, waiting for the english subs is driving me crazy!

  43. 43 Fasiris Fay

    I had thought the swap would have lasted the whole series so am confused about this change of events. Either they’re going to re-swap or there’s something else going on….
    And totally agree with you GF about the rules thing. I wouldn’t call that nitpicky-ness, but just a general expectation of creating and establishing a fantasy world. That’s one of the things that made Gumiho so great, was that there was this established set of rules and norms, within which the story and the world operated. Of course there were loopholes and surprises, but they were part of that world. What is up with magical rain??

  44. 44 pumpkinattack

    Thanks for the recap! Totally agree about the switching… it can’t just be random. I hope we get the rules soon.

  45. 45 Nars

    Just a side thing, there really isn’t a way for Oska to get in trouble over the plagiarized song, right? He hadn’t released it, it was leaked.

  46. 46 Anonymous

    I think they switched because RI (in JW’s body) was about to go to jail, so the father made it rain. They will probably switch again soon.
    The tracksuit convo was so funny!

    • 46.1 Noypi

      Just posted a comment right under you and I was thinking exact same thing… =)

  47. 47 Noypi

    My theory (I haven’t read any of the comments),

    Since it IS Ra-Im who is really going to suffer in jail (just in a different body), the mystical powers trying to keep her from suffering made it happen so that they switch back and Joo-Won will be the one to suffer…

    And I think once Ra-Im is out of harm/danger they will switch/ swap bodies again…

    Just a guess..

    Loving this series…

    • 47.1 js

      yes i agree.
      i think maybe is her father trying to protect her. Actually i love they change back because it’s something i never expected…

      P.S. i hope Oska will not get back with the 2nd lead girl Seul >< I am not a fan of their past.

  48. 48 Fan

    Hilarious episode and winningly recapped as usual- thanks GF! :)

    What I love most: The moment they changed back! They just had their lives given back to them and were off-the-records happy… and yet each other were the only people who can understand why. :)

    Changing bodies as a metaphor for love- being literally in each others’ skin, and it being an experience that is impossible to really explain to anyone else. :)

    What I’m not loving: Actually what bothers me most, even more than the lack of narrative ‘responsibility’ (i.e., trying to make rules that don’t bend at the least narrative need), is that the characters aren’t really changing as you pointed out GF.

    Why is Ra-Him apologizing all the time still, and Jo-Wannita being an ass?

    Even his comment about paying taxes sounded like more of his ‘charity talk’… which actually annoyed me. Nothing wrong with what he said but the way he said it… like he single-handedly supports all the orphans in Korea… still rubs me up the wrong way!

    I love them, but wish they were better- still it’s early days yet, so I’ll wait and see if all the love and laughter comes up to more than just forgettable fun.

    (Keeping my fingers crossed for a truly kick-ass series that starts on high and goes from height to great height! Keep it up SG!)

    And of course, many thanks to GF and JB for all your efforts helping us understand the subtleties here!

  49. 49 yayaya

    I’m so glad that your site is not powered by Tumblr or I would be buggin right now. Love this drama.

  50. 50 charitee

    i’m not sure if someone else mentioned it [since i just kind of glanced over all the comments] but i don’t think the switch back is permanent. i think it’ll be kind of like cinderella in that they’re in their own bodies for a little bit but once it hits a particular time [like maybe when the rain stops], they’ll go back to being swapped again. i think it’s too early for the body swapping to be completely over with esp considering why it happened.

    • 50.1 charitee

      jkaay…you also did at the end. aahahaha [i also just kind of glazed through that…my b].

  51. 51 celia

    i liked that they swaped back actually :X
    cause there soooo cute and i wanna see some loveee<3

  52. 52 Maui

    Got to agree about the switching back being premature unless the switch happens again somewhere down the line. Aside from the hilarious scrapes these two are getting into, character wise they haven’t learnt much from/about each other yet. And the relationship between Oska and Seul is getting tiresome – it just doesn’t have an emotional impact I think(?) they’re trying to convey. That doesn’t mean the characters themselves are tiresome, just together addressing their relationship they are.

    But man I laughed so hard at Hyun Bin in the sauna… poor Oska is so confused at his weird cousin.

    • 52.1 Anonymous

      On a side note, I’m confused about why they keep mentioning the little mermaid and how that connects to how Joo-won treats women.

      • 52.1.1 buhdoop

        I think it has to do with the little mermaid being, in essence, a mistress.

  53. 53 Rainyrain

    thanks GF , rocking update as always , concerning the body switch , if I still remember I read somewhere that the souls swap will happen again and I think that’s a true info since the danger from which RI’s faher wants to protect her is still existing which is according to me the stunt scne that she has to play in that ” dark blood ” scenario , so I think we’e gonna have another switch of souls maybe soon .

    concerning epi 8 , I enjoyed every bit of it ( ok will be sincere but I focused more on RI/JW scenes ) .

    we started to have some hints about each of the character’s past :

    – The misunderstanding between oska/Seul , we know now that it was caused by some envious guy ( supposed to be friend ) and none of the two talked with the other to clear the problem .

    – Where’s RI’s family : we know now that she is orphan mother and father dead and that she lived alone for a long time .

    – JW’s past relationships with the opposite sex : we can understand that he has some relationships before ( maybe serious ones including the doc I think ) but his witch of mother stopped those relations before growing .

    That scene at the police station when oska asked JW in RI’s body to help him to make Seul suffer promissing her to tell her all JW’s secrets like the one about the mermaid , in that scene I loved how JW in Ri’s body looked to RI in JW’s body ( a kind of sorry look to a hurt RI in JW’s body , really loved that scene .)

    The scene in the sauna when RI in JW’s body saw a naked Oska and fainted was priceless , I was laughing so so so loud , kudos to Binnie , he was great .

    The after sauna scene with RI and JW was one of bestest moments of this drama and the change they made showing the real JW and RI with their own souls was greatly done ( I’m loving how the director shows the real JW and RI whenever it’s a scene where the two are going to show their feelings , personally , such scene wouldn’t have its impact on me if it wasn’t done by the real JW and the real RI without the souls switch, so I thank the director for showing the real RI and JW whenever it’s an important scene . This scene shows clearly what are JW’s feeling for RI , he changed his standard ( of the girl he wants to marry or be with ) for her and he is willing to pay more taxes if he knew it was paid to her to raise up , it was a cute scene and he was talking so naturally as if his feeling where something natural for him and that he is not anymore doubting them . Now it’s RI who has to realize her feelings for JW , I’m sure she is starting to love him or at least he already has that tender place in her heart ( otherwise she won’t tell him about her family which is a personal matter that we won’t tell anybody about it ) but she has to know that she cares for him and I think it will be the realization of AY’s dream which will make her know her feelings for him ( I still think it’s not the real JW who was crying in AY’s dream but it’s RI in JW’s dream and I think that the switch will happen a second time when RI will do the stunt for the new scenario , that blood something scenario , and it will be JW in RI’s body who is gonna be hurt ).

    Another scene also made me also think : it’s when JW in RI’s body went to the doc and asked her if RI has to continue seeing/dating JW , the lost looks the doc had when she was answering made me wonder if she wasn’t in love with him and his mum took care of the thing and him wasn’t able to protect her ( maybe we will see/know more about the doc in the upcoming episodes ), I loved the statement she has done , that he won’t be able to protect her becoz she is an ordinary woman . wish that will made him think about if he is gonna be able to continue his relation with RI and that he will be able to stop anyone ( the witch mum included ) from interfering .

    The last scene at the police station : let me say I give reason to JW here , RI in JW’s body should have thought a little bit about JW’s position before reacting irrationally , I think what JW in RI’s body told her was very much deserved but poor JW ( the real JW ) it’s him who’s gonna be jailed .

    No preview , very bad , how will I be able to wait till next weekend inshallah , the wait gonna kill me , wish we will have a written preview at least , very soon.

    SG fighting

    • 53.1 sophie

      >> it will be JW in RI’s body who is gonna be hurt

      That’s one of my guesses too.

  54. 54 xiaoSxin

    I read from soompi that they will have another body/soul swapping again..

  55. 55 natalie

    I think they can only swap during raining day! then when the rain ends their body swap back.

  56. 56 Lee

    I think that it’s a preview for them or dad’s magic wasn’t quite strong enough this time so he’s gonna try higher doses. I hope that joo has to spend the night in jail himself. I also think that they might get comfy back in their own bodies and when they least expect it *wham* they get hit with magic mojo again.

  57. 57 John

    Now what can/ is going to happen with this drama? I feel like unless the writing from this point on is stellar, this is one big wall to try to overcome.

  58. 58 bobodybob

    I just love the fact that the dress Joo-wanda insisted on buying is the one he fantasised about Ra-Im in in his Sexy fantasy….. hehehe.

    • 58.1 moomincandylalala

      I noticed that too! that was awesome!! Hope we actually see her in this sexy gear at some point and not just the sparkly tracksuit

    • 58.2 Glomp

      No wonder that dress looked so familiar! Lol at his sparkly choice! Thanks for pointing that out!

    • 58.3 Neurotic not Crazy

      I noticed that he took the opportunity to dress her the way he fantasized her being.

      Which makes me wonder, did he also get the sexy librarian outfit and the school girl uniform? The sexy librarian would be okay the the school girl uniform might be cause for concern.

      After the hissy-fit over the bag, I’m surprised he didn’t buy her twenty!

  59. 59 Siu

    I can’t help thinking that Joo Won was picked from the very beginning by Ra Im’s father for the body swap. The hocus pocus, despite being still unexplained, did start from episode one when Joo Won thought the TV commentator was talking directly to him from the screen. Ra Im’s father talks like he wants to save his daughter from something, what we don’t know yet, but is he trying to save Joo Won too? It’s bugging me and I’m beginning to think there’s a connection somewhere.

    It’s hinted at that Joo Won had an accident or some traumatic past event, and Ra Im’s dad died on the job. Perhaps there’s a connection there.

    Or perhaps I’m just grasping at straws and want there to be a more logical connection than just mystical rain!

    • 59.1 DRAMAADDICT

      Good to know I am not the only one thinking of that scenario. I also feel that perhaps there is a connection betwen Joon Won’s accident and Ra Im’s dad death. Maybe Joo Won was trapped during the accident and Ra Im’s father’s died saving him( I am just speculating). If this scenario turns to be true just imagine the guilt Joo won will feel since she did become an orphan after her fathers death. Wow!!! my drama addicted brain just went wild.

  60. 60 x0mi07

    GF and other beaners!^^ here’s a bit of an explanation (more like foreshadowing) for the switching!^^ i know the sudden switch-back is a bit disappointing but i read this somewhere: –> when you watch episode 1, the very first lines went like this:

    “Do you all, by any chance, know what an Indian Summer is? It means the little bit of summer that comes at the end of fall and right before the cold winter. During that little bit of summer that returned, the Indians would hunt for the winter. So that’s why they called the Indian Summer a gift from god. This fall’s Indian Summer has been accompanied by news of unprecedented amounts of rain.

    If it does rain, we might be getting a gift from god, don’t you think? That’s a little joke. BUT THE JOKE MIGHT BE HAVING TO WAIT FOR THE RAIN. Mr. Kim Joo Won” – The weather girl on Joo Won’s TV who appeared to be talking to him through his TV.


    So apparently, we missed this part even in JB’s recap of the first ep. I checked back on it and there wasn’t any mention of the TV talking to Joo Won. I guess according the secret garden PTB, waiting for the magical indian summer rain to appear will be playing a big role in this drama.-___-;;

    i know it’s not much but i hope that explained a bit.^^ i haven’t watched it yet but thanks sooo much for the recap and review!^^

    • 60.1 tess

      good point! I do recall the Indian Summer rain being mentioned now, but hadn’t thought to connect it.
      I still think the body-swap happened because of RaHim’s speech that Joowanda still hasn’t learned to think of his needs for even 5 minutes. It seems like that was the trigger. And my prediction is that in their own bodies, they’re going to come across a moment or two when they’ll find they want to switch back bodies to help the other out. And in having this desire, they’ve “learned the lesson”.
      Still, I am curious what Ra-Im’s dad meant about “protecting” her. Maybe finding her a rich husband who will take care of her? haha. But he did have a lot more sadness in his eyes when he said it…I doubt it’d be something so shallow.

      • 60.1.1 x0mi07

        i think it’s cancer….>,,<

    • 60.2 buhdoop

      I love what both of you guys are saying.

      I agree with the rain thing at the begging! Now that you mention it, it totally makes sense.

      And I love tess’s Idea about helping each other out by switching back. I so hope that is the case.

  61. 61 MsRetta

    As always Thanks for the recap.

    Haven’t watched the latest episodes yet, however I have one request from this drama at this time…please please please no terminal illness.

  62. 62 Anonymous

    I like that at the beginning of this Oska admits to “Ra-Im” that he is making use of her to spite Seul. Will find it hard to root for him if he deliberately get close to Ra-Im and leads her on for ulterior motives. Now he is still making use of her but at least he is frank about his actions and apologizes for it. At least emotionally he is not deceiving Ra-Im and it kind of excuses his actions a little. I like Oska but I find his love story with Seul tiresome. He is way WAY funnier as a character when he is being the dramatic clueless diva; but everytime Seul appears he goes into his brooding “I have hurt before in love” mode and all the energy seems to sap out of him. A lot of people seems to think that Oska will eventually fall in love with Ra-Im, I wonder why?? So far the love connection between him and Ra-Im is pretty weak despite Ra-Im’s crush on him. Will prefer it if they become good friends instead and support each other in their respective love issues. Love the scene in episode 5 where they gang up to make fun of Joo-Won. They seems so playful with each other.

    I am among those that are glad that Ra-Im and Joo-Won has switched back. Episode 7 and 8 has many funny moments and I laughed out loud at them but the emotional pull isn’t there. Like others, I miss the chemistry between them pre-switch. It true though, that the switch seems pointless. So they gained some perspective on each other’s life but neither of them seems to have changed for the better with it. Joo-Won is still an arrogant bastard and Ra-Im still lack self esteem. So I hope that after they switch back they will improve a little, maybe Jon-Won will learn to pause a little before he verbally abuses Ra-Im with his harsh words again and maybe Ra-Im will gain a little more confident in her personal life. Not too worry about the mystical rules thing because frankly the whole setup is a little illogical in the first place. You’ll think that two people whose souls has been switched will be more concerned with 1) finding out how it happened and 2) finding out how to switch back. Instead they seems more concerned with keeping up appearances and somehow seems confident that someday they will switch back. Now I just take it that there are mystical forces (aka Ra-Im’s dad) behind the scene pulling the strings. I’m sure that eventually the reason for the switch will be revealed later on. For now I’ll just leave logic at the door and goes along for the ride. I hope that in the episodes to come we see some major development in the relationship between Joo-Won and Ra-Im. How about a date between our couple and they get along without quarrelling for once? The fights between them are HOT but it can get tiring after some time. Love the scene in episode 8 where they chatted by the firepit. Tender and quiet moments like these are a nice balance to all the crazziness going on.

  63. 63 Jess7Sa

    This better not be the end of the switch. Just like the rest, I hope the next eps don’t dissapoint us, and hopefully there will be another switch. Seriously!! somebody needs to confess their love!!!!! Does not matter who… ra-im, joowon, T and O_(oska) !!!!!!!!!!!

  64. 64 lala

    It’s pretty true that the plot doesn’t develop much during the body swapping. But it’s quite reasonable.

    I was very pleased by these eps.

  65. 65 gracey

    i knew they were going to have to switch back and i’m actually liking that they switched back in this episode.

    just they really do need to explain this mystical stuff because right now it makes no sense!!!

    but what i do think is important is that they switched right after hyun bin said something along the lines of, “you never think about things in my perspective” which in kdrama language the same thing as, “i cared for you, can’t you do the same?”

    so in that sense, i’m okay with the random shift back because…they give bitty clues…

    thanks girlfriday :)

  66. 66 diadda


    7 and 8 video is above.

    Oska dedication video is below.


    • 66.1 Jomo

      I have this giant smile on my face watching these!

  67. 67 l1lskyl1l

    i actually like the sudden switch back since it gave the audience a surprise of how fast they switch back. Maybe there’s more to it after this which there better be one.

    so far this drama is great making me looking forward to what’s next.

    thanks for ur recap n opinion =)

  68. 68 mathhomework

    So I’m pretty sure no one’s gonna read this, but I thought the switching back of the bodies was a slick move by the writer. The most important part of the ending was that Ra-im truly realizes that she has never thought of things in his perspective, not even once which was the problem a few episodes back, where he decides to be all mean because she doesn’t think about his feelings.

    So now that they switched back, they are bound to know more about each other than anyone. I really wonder how this goes… I’m sorta waiting for what will happen next, in the next magical switching.

    • 68.1 Glomp

      I agree with you! I don’t think the switch is pointless. Well, at least on Joo Won’s part, now that he has experienced for himself how snobby his mum is. But not so much for Ra-im, except for the deck-the-guy-who’s-the-VVIP incident. Now that they’ve switched back, not only do they’ve to clear up the other party’s mess, they’ll also see for themselves the consequences of their own actions when they were in the other body. Joo-wanda didn’t go for the audition that Ra-im wants so desperately whil Ra-Him’s reckless action landed Joo Won in the police station…

      I think the first soul swap is to set up for the second soul swap, where the real personality change (and character growth) happens. I think they’re going to be more considerate of their own actions during the second switch and it’ll be interesting to see the difference in their reactions between the two switches.

      On a side note, I can’t wait to see Joo Won’s reaction when he sees that his signature has been changed. Haha.

      • 68.1.1 commenter

        i never thought of the body swaps that way but really good predictions. i hope the writer is reading this somehow =D all the stories about her mess up with LIP is scaring me a bit for the second half.

      • 68.1.2 buhdoop

        Oh, I love what you said! That makes so much sense for them to be more considerate of the other during the second soul swapping.

      • 68.1.3 Dorotka

        And I was wondering about the signature (with the lovely heart) as well 😀

      • 68.1.4 rainyrainy

        ” On a side note, I can’t wait to see Joo Won’s reaction when he sees that his signature has been changed. Haha.”
        check episode 10 written preview on soompi and u’r gonna find ur answer :)

  69. 69 JD

    Actually, the fast body switch back doesn’t mean there were no lessons learned. I can actually see them learning their lessons or revelations or whatever /after/ their switch, the switch being a trigger that makes them understand or appreciate one another or something. I think it’s a lot better since everyone expects the body switch to occur at the end of the drama.

    I just wish there was no papa trying to save his daughter in this one. Why can’t some magical shit happen without having this big bad secret behind it all? Why can’t we have some sort of cupid shooting body-switching arrows for fun? It’s too bad that everything has to have a reason; it kills the fun

  70. 70 Herro


  71. 71 badtanline

    hey! that jerk actor guy who duped seul and oska is played by Lee Jun-Hyuk! (he of i am legend and city hall and three brothers!)

    • 71.1 frumbie

      yeah! i was watching him with his cap on and i was thinking that he looks familiar. then it finally clicked when he took off his hat when he was talking to Oska

  72. 72 greyfl

    To me, Track-suit is actually the sign that shows Joo Woo is a man for Ra-im. Ra-im is a stunt woman who lives in her sweat shirts. Joo Woo is most comfortable in wearing the track-sui. But, he is a arrogant, rich guy. So he wears shiny, sparkly, track-suit to differentiate himself from others. The bottom line, they both literally live in their track-suit. The only difference is one is normal and the other one abnormally shiny. Haha.

  73. 73 Kacey

    As always, thanks JB and Girl Friday for making us understand about these wonderful Korean dramas.

    I have been thinking for a while why they need to body-switch and why the dad wanted it to happen so badly that he had to engineer things. While (hopefully) there won’t be anyone dying due to a dreadful disease such as the big C, it seems to me that the script for the dream movie where Ra-Im will be part of, as promised by Jong Soo, is a clue. If you guys remember, some of peeps at the action studio think that Ra-Im is not yet ready to do car stunts and in that movie, she will be doings lots of it. Maybe that is where she will meet a fatal accident where she will be maimed, maybe cause her to be a paraplegic or something for the rest of her life which the father does not want for his only child who raised herself, since she has no one else to care for her. And with Joo-won in her body, he definitely will not take that risk. So the dad will continue to switch them until the stunt is given to another person. Just thinkin’….

    • 73.1 rainyrainy

      I’m thinking the same , I also think that ” dark blood ” scenario is the key for all the dad’s worries .
      I also think the dad is fearing the stunts of this film and that’s why he did the body switch so RI won’t do the film ( and I’m talking here even for RI’s body since JW in RI’s body won’t accept to do such dangerous stunt )

  74. 74 Katey B

    If ever there was an unsubbed episode that needed explaining this was the one. Thank you GF!

    Looking forward to seeing some more sexual sizzle on the screen between Ra-im and Joo-won. Roll on Ep. 9!

  75. 75 misse.

    thanks GF! …i think this might end up being one of those dramas we just watch without questioning …so in the end we enjoy ourselves rather than rack our brains trying to find the actual meaning behind the plot development? haha in all its been an extremely entertaining ride so far!! ^^

  76. 76 mellowyel

    As someone who is equally “obsessed with supernatural, mythology-laden narratives” I totally agree with you, GF. But if you think about it, if her dad is pulling the magic strings, it would make sense if he would switch them back to prevent Ra-im from spending some time in jail. It does make it kinda annoying because the writers can do whatever they want and simply end it with “the dad did it” but hey, they’re the writers. I read a spoiler somewhere saying they’ll switch again at some point though, so let’s anticipate the return of Ra-Him and Joo-wanda! Or Joo-wonisha, which is just as great :)

    Thanks for the recap!

  77. 77 LJ

    It’s so interesting how all of us are watching the same show and yet there so many different interpretations out there (&all reasonalble ones too)!

    I’m not sure if it’s just me but I believe that the ‘swap-back ‘ process was initiated as soon as Joo-Wanda exclaimed that Ra-Him never once put himself in her shoes (not even for 5 minutes)… The timing was interesting cos I believe as soon as Joo-Wanda announced that line, lightning strikes.. and I thought that was a sign that something has started to brew.

    So maybe Ra-Im’s dad’s intention was to make Joo-Won understand things from Ra-Im’s point of view better.. Hence maybe in the future JW will think think twice about insulting her as cruelly&appreciate her motives that much more. Although he didn’t get a chance to walk a mile in her shoes but it’s at least 0.5 mile&he got a taste of what it’s like to be treated in a demeaning manner (by his own mum nonetheless).

    Of course, I can’t be sure but thought I’ll throw it out there and see if anyone else have similar understandings…

  78. 78 asianromance

    thanks for the recap, girlfriday!

    I was also a little disappointed with episode 7 and 8 because when you compare them to episodes 1-5, episodes 1-5 was much more amazing. The tension was amazing and the story was moving (none of that we hate each other and now we like each other deal). After the swap, the scenes were hilarious, but I didn’t feel much purpose in the swap since the story stalled a bit. We only got Joo-won noticing Ra-Im’s body was covered with scars and some background on their families. But nothing was taken further. If they were going somewhere narratively with this, then I would have liked them to stay switched to carry it out. BUt as it seems like they weren’t going anywhere when switched, I’m glad they’re switching back. And I hate the clothes that Joo-won makes Ra-Im’s body wear. It’s like he’s trying to dress her like his mom and aunt.

    Now, I’m curious to see whether more mystical things will happen to them (I don’t think Ra-Im’s dad is going to rest until Ra-Im is in Joo-won’s body and it would make more sense. ) or will things go back to where episode 5 left off (which would make the switch sort of like some filler on an acid trip)?

    best line ever:
    “I should’ve paid more, if I knew I was raising you.”


    I think Oska does have some affection for Joo won. I think he indulges Joo Won sometimes. I remember when in episode 5, Joo-won gave Ra-Im his room and moved into Oska’s, Joo-won ended up getting the bed.

    • 78.1 Anonymous

      I believe they shared the bed since they woke up in bed together. Joowon was just sitting in the bed first.

      But I agree that Oska does really care for Joowon and in some sense Joowon cares for Oska in his own way.

      • 78.1.1 rainyrainy

        yes I think even if in appaerance they seems not liking each other but they do care for each other , I remember that scene ( after the body switch ) when oska came out of the shower half naked and RI in JW’s body was shy oska said that he kind of the sweet JW of before the accident who likes joking with his hyung ( ok I’m not sure about it but I think it was like this ) is back and also remember how oska was so concerned about JW when RI in JW’s body told him that she forgot her house secret number and how he was asking her/him to call his doc and do a check up .

  79. 79 TD

    Well I think Joo-Won just has a huge ego and can’t fully admit that he likes her because she isn’t in his class. That is why he always insults her like a jerk when it seems like a moment they are connecting. I think the cancer thing is just her getting hurt during a stunt and the only one that can pay for it is Joo-Won. To me, I think that the switch was just for them to learn how they each lived.

  80. 80 Anonymous

    Uh, they are going to get switch back again right? Because really? That’s it? I feel like they haven’t even learned anything important or whatever. I mean they sort of did, but it’s small.

  81. 81 mamaj

    Actually, I loved the switch-back! It’s the perfect chance for Raim’s revenge! I bet she’ll make him try to get himself out of jailtime and let Joowon stew in his own juice in jail. I agree that the 1st switch could be some sort of trigger that will help them change: JW could learn to be less arrogant and egocentric when he learns that his employees are starting to like and respect him better after experiencing Ra-Him’s kindness while inside his body, and Raim could learn to love and respect herself more after seeing how Joowonita was able to defend her while inside her body.
    And yes, the 3rd party guy in Seul’s and Oska’s flashbacks is indeed the former rock star who liked the female lead in I Am Legend! What a difference!
    And kudos to the theory that the beginning was the prelude to the eventual switch (thanks, x0mi07!), where waiting for the indian summer rain will be the irony for JooWon.
    All I can say is, hooray for the return of their sizzling chemistry! I’m sure that, now that they’re starting to become friends, JW and Raim will start to understand a bit more about each other before eventually becoming lovers, don’t you think?
    And yes, I suspect that JW’s psych experienced a similar fate (remember how the mom treated her when she asked about the possibility of older women getting pregnant?) and chose to become JW’s friend instead.

    • 81.1 x0mi07

      you’re welcome!^^ trans from the subbed ep on dramacrazy cuz i was lazy to check the SRT. credits to those who subbed and thanks to the soompiers for mentioning it first.^^ <3

  82. 82 punch

    i think, hope, pray, bet that that the switch is temporary. It makes me wonder and ask for more and not angry or disappointed

    i have faith in the show

  83. 83 f1yh1gh10

    as long as both of them end up:
    1) together
    2) happy
    3) ALIVE
    4) in love forever

    then i will be one happy girl. :)
    <3 <3 <3 binnie… and i agree..surely this isn't the end of their body swapping! but maybe after this, they'll learn a lesson, and then be more considerate of each other, and FINALLY ADMIT THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!

  84. 84 rhumball

    i’m think that the swap will occur again.. who knows the switch is the “rain”.. cuz they’re talking about “indian summer rain” story at the beginning of the series.
    but i’m curious what the dad is trying to save ra-im from. is it sickness? i just hope they will be more creative and it wont be cancer or that type.

  85. 85 ry

    waiting forever for the recap
    cant stop thinking about this drama

  86. 86 mimi

    i think the switch is awesome (it better be), because its a good departure from the usual “switch till dramatic climax and then return to original state forever n ever more”.

    although we still can’t see the logic behind the mystical swtiching but im sure it will unfold gradually just like for the first 4 episodes it kept viewers hanging on for what will make them swapped bodies. i think the scriptwriters purposely kept the logic because they hv something up their sleeves.

    Like the other comments i believe they will switch back which creates a background for more comedy (possibly angst?because they would b complaining a lot again)and more experiential learning. although this time round they would already have some experience and knowledge about each other which will further change them especially abt the way the look at each other, their own paradigm abt the world n the rich n poor.

    also ra-im has to be protected from a jail term, now that joo-won will b the one suffering as he’s cleaning up ra-im mess. oh well he should do some gd once in a while =P

  87. 87 catcoffeecream

    I don’t think it’s the rain/thunderstorm that’s CAUSING them to swap souls. I think the weather only happens to ACCOMPANY the main event (SOUL SWAP) to serve as a visual punctuation or something.

    Given this drama’s penchant for flashbacks, I think the rules will be explained in that manner, too. I’m still antsy about DAD’s primary motive for the switch (ehh..if he’s saving RA-IM from SOMETHING, what was it?? and why did the potion work only for days? or DID something go wrong with HIS plan?)

    In the last two episodes, Joo-won and Ra-im haven’t been aggressive about finding a permanent solution to their soul-swapping. They haven’t even tried to figure out HOW they became swapped but I think, in due time, they’ll find out WHY they “needed” the change (whether they want to find out or not).

    No matter how seemingly random everything seems now (except for Oska and Seul’s LOVE story which, for me, is almost disappointingly straighforward. Yeah, I know they have issues to work out..their story almost seems like it deserves another 16 episodes to solve….but this isn’t THEIR story/drama….I was right in assuming that Seul wasn’t presented as totally antagonistic (in terms of being set up as a strong contender for Joo-won’s affections) in the past episodes because she’s another leading lady in this drama (ala Yoon Ju in Coffee Prince??) I’m sure things will get their explanations in DUE TIME. :) I only hope those explanations are SATISFACTORY. I am confident it will be presented WELL (because EVERYONE in this drama seem to be PROS), I only fervently hope the MOTIVES/REASONS/RULES would make SENSE.

    i LOVE Joo-won and Ra-im, anyway so I’m biased. And I missed them terribly. The past two episodes were fun but I want to see my two favorites back in their proper bodies, even if it’s only for a short while. Because, there wouldn’t be any forward movement, romantically (emotionally, YES but physically..NO?) speaking, unless they’re in their right bodies (and err..minds?)

  88. 88 Katherine

    Its temporary for now. I heard that they’ll be swapping bodies again later on in the show. What they’ve shown so far when they are swapped, is that they both can be so hard-headed still although for Joo-won he has finally seen the effect his mother has on his personal relationships & Ra-im can now see why JW is what he is. What I find really sweet about JW is that he appreciates his family even though they are dysfunctional etc but at least he has one compared to RI (To me I found that cool).
    I’m interested in which direction the show will go since they’ve swapped back now & also what leads them to body-swap again later on.

    I do agree that they should make it clearer for us on the whole mystical aspect of the show but I have a feeling they’ll explain it later. All we can do is watch and hopefully enjoy what is being shown.

  89. 89 just a fan

    tee..hee.. :)

  90. 90 catcoffeecream

    Is it only me or does anyone share my view that Dark Blood and imprisonment are err…shallow reasons for soul swapping and that there had to be something more at stake before anyone (in this case, DAD) would resort to a “horrible way” of “solving” something? There had to be someTHING more at stake (if someone isn’t in mortal danger) otherwise, why bother doing something terrible if it isn’t to save a life (or something as terribly important?) I’m squeamish about anyone being at risk of dying so I wish what Ra-im’s dad is saving her from is ANYTHING but death…because I sure don’t want Joo-won OR Ra-im to die. Whatever the nature of that (as of now invisible) threat, I’m confident all the characters will surpass them and everything will end JOYFULLY. Pleaaaasssee.

  91. 91 Del

    Has any of you seen the French cartoon “Prince and princess” ? This whole drama remind me a of lovely story in it :

    A prince and a princess kiss…

    and the prince is transformed by the kiss into a frog !

    oops… the princess offers to repair the damage with another kiss… but then she’s transformed into a bird !

    So they kiss again, and each of them transformed again and again into all kind of animals : elephant, cow, whale, birds, insects, cats, baceteries, squirrel, etc.

    At the end, suddenly they recover a human shape… exept that they’ve swapped bodies ! The princess has the prince’s body, and conversly…

    … and the princess refuses to kiss anyone anymore : “I’m tired of being locked into that castle all day ! and want to go out and hunt”

    the prince (in his she body) : “but then what should I do?”

    the princess : “I suggest you start learning how to sew!”.

    I really love secret garden, I think that there is a lot of potential to swap, swap again and un-swap…

    I’m really loving the recaps! thank you so much javabeans and girlfriday!

    • 91.1 buhdoop

      That is the cutest story.

    • 91.2 anais


    • 91.3 emily

      Aww that’s such an cute story, but sad for the prince though he’s stuck as a girl unwillingly D: and they can’t even be with each other or else they’ll transform again =_=

  92. 92 afifah

    yah, it’s a little bit disappointing to me, it was just rain!!

  93. 93 Ashley

    I bet they switch back. I’ll bet because Ra-Im’s Dad is controlling everything he saw that she was in trouble in the man’s body and he switched them back. They’ll probably switch back and forth hilariously several times.

    • 93.1 Ashley

      You can tell how tired I am from the awful way that post was written, but yes, I’ll bet they do some kind of device, like every time they get hit by magic rain they switch back and forth.

  94. 94 belleza

    This show needs more The Great Oska. This is The Great Oska’s world; we just live in it.

    At some point, you realize that the whole point of the show is to watch Binnie do his Jo Kwon impression and Ha Ji Won hit on women. THAT’S IT. Neither actor is really invested in portraying the other character; the performance is all meta wink-wink at the audience. If you weren’t already fan of either the two, then the body switching hijinks are not nearly as delicious.

    The Great Oska’s the difference in this show. He’s the K-drama equivalent of The Situation. When he shows up in a scene, you know you’ll get a Situation. The gender confusion merely multiples the number of times we get to bask in Oska’s glory.

    The ratings move would be to do the next body switch — WITH A DIFFERENT DUO. Oska and Jo Won. Oska and Seul. PLEASE MORE OSKA!!!

  95. 95 Neurotic not Crazy

    I finding it difficult to wait for the sub. After watching it raw and reading the recap I just want to immerse myself in the drama. Its a terrible cycle. You wait for the raw, yearn for the sub, then start counting the minutes until the new raws show up.

    the Joowon/RaIm relationship is very interesting. They are really dribbling the information about what makes him tick out verrrrry slooooooooooooooowly. I don’t know if we have more information about RaIm, but she is an easier character to understand.

    Joowon, not so much.


    It’s interesting that he thinks the story of the little mermaid is the story of the first mistress. Because the mermaid gives all and get nothing in return. And dies unacknowledged of a broken heart.

    It’s interesting that he can’t categorize RaIm. He know she isn’t marriageable, but he still can’t but her in the category of mistress. So for him she is eternally caught in between both roles and therefore forever unsettled and unsettling. Perhaps he knows that even if she does fade away her absence would leave a gaping hole in his life.

    It’s interesting that he has this clear dichotomy between wife and mistress, but neither of those roles are conceived in a way that brings him love or happiness.

    Perhaps his coldness about what most people might see as an intimate relationship (s*x/love; wife/mistress; whatever) comes from years of being burnt badly. How would you react if every time you begin a relationship with someone who interests you romantically they abruptly end the relationship without an explanation [because without your knowledge your Mom scared the life out of them and bought them off]

    After the 3rd or 4th broken heart I’d get a little businesslike too.

    • 95.1 Jomo

      “Perhaps he knows that even if she does fade away her absence would leave a gaping hole in his life.” Very nicely put!

      Remember in Episode 7, the scene in the car when they used the “magic veil of Un-switchiness?”
      Key Lime tells him he can think back to what he learned from his “cultural exchange” with the poor after he gets married.
      JW smiles that very sweet but secret smile. Is he thinking: “Ah, but I will be marrying you. You will not be the Little Mermaid in my story.”

      Please say yes!

      • 95.1.1 Miu

        I recall that smile very well! I hope he was thinking that too! 😀

  96. 96 Maggie Y

    I have a feeling the switcharoo is only temporary…. I mean… the drama is 20 ep after all? Isn’t it a bit too early to lift up the curse? We’ll see next week!

  97. 97 emily

    At first I had thought that when Ra im and Joo won switch they would be in their proper bodies, seeing as how Ra im is more manly compared to Joo won (remember the car scene?) But the way they acted it out was rather odd, because it seemed like Ra im was extra girly suddenly, and Joo won suddenly became a cold jerk…

  98. 98 kiki

    thank youuu so much!! now I can watch the raw ep and have a clue in whats going on XD! hate waiting for subs.. of course I’ll watch it again when the subs come out ^^ and totally agree with u in the rules-matter-thing

  99. 99 diadda

    Personally now I think they are going to pop back and forth between each others bodies at specific intervaled moments until some other big thing happens. At first they will think it is random and be happening at odd even inconvenient times, but then they find the pattern, which will lead them to the cause of the whole thing.

  100. 100 dramarama

    i LOVED this episode… or all the episodes rather… but esp this was i was just DYING of laughter, esp toward the end after the big punch and the secretary is so confused at his boss’ text… hahaha! and then when joowon-in-raims-body rushes to police station to find raim-in-his-body gulping down sullungtang hahaha!!!

    anyway. the way i saw it was: the dad, who made the change, changed them back so that his daughter wouldn’t suffer in jail. and also that this change back to their norma selves would be short because nothing – other than some really awesome hilarious moments – was achieved from the initial change yet.

    also: i do NOT think the dad meant that he was trying to rescue his daughter from cancer or anything when he vaguely said he’s trying to save her. i took it as he meant save her from herself – this lonely, mannish road she’s took on to survive on her own for such a long time. to save her from loneliness, to save her so she can find love/fulfillment.

    thoughts, other takes??

    oh and p.s. i REALLY dont get the little mermaid thing. what does joo won think of the little mermaid story?? and why does raim-in-joowons-body give joowon-in-her-body a meaningful look after oska spills the beans??

    • 100.1 dramarama

      oh i LOVE this drama does the unexpected. i totally didnt see this switch-back-to-normal coming so early!! i thought it’d be ages and only after lots of lessons learned that the switcheroo happened but the fact that no, until that big final switcheroo, there may be more of these little temporary reversals makes things all the more exciting bc it’s unpredictable.

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