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ATHENA: Episode 5
by | January 4, 2011 | 56 Comments

I think this drama is finally finding its groove. The first few episodes felt like the writers were just trying to establish all the relationships and reconnect everyone so that they can all end up in one place. This episode finishes that up, so the story can really come into full force with all the double crossings and spy work. One gripe: Sean Richard’s character needs a friggin’ name! 😀

So. Thanks to Ki Soo’s stupidity bravado, his mistake is the shot heard ’round the villa. It tips off the baddies, and they go off to set up defense.

The DIS teams make their way up to the building and take down every single terrorist in their way, Son Hyuk taking a couple of them down by himself. Jung Woo avoids the DIS team as he goes up to the building, while Jae Hee can’t believe she’s paired up with a former North Korean “agent.” She quickly loses Ki Soo, leaving him to find his way around himself.

As NTS watches on from their headquarters in Korea, the terrorists put up a tough fight. Jae Hee comes upon two terrorists and shoots them down, but is shot herself in the arm by a third one behind her. He’s about to finish her off when he gets shot in the head – by Son Hyuk on the second floor. He gives her a “look”, and takes note of her presence even though he had explicitly said no.

Ki Soo wanders around the neighborhood, lamenting at how good of an agent he used to be. (He talks to himself too by the way – crazy much?) Two terrorists come up behind him and Ki Soo suddenly turns around, gasps in surprise, and fires two shots that kill both agents immediately. Heh – crazy lazy bum still got the skills!

Sean Richard goes around the back to infiltrate the villa. Son Hyuk arrives at the front lines, picking off all the baddies with his pistol. As they fire back, he grabs someone’s rifle and starts blasting away at the second floor. Hye In arrives at the scene by herself and comes upon four other terrorists. Once they all follow her into a narrow alley, she steals one’s rifle, rams it against another’s torso and uses all the bullets up on him. Then she takes the rifle and butts it against the others’ head. Jung Woo comes upon the scene, with his pistol aimed and ready, but he ends up watching Hye In release a strangling cord from her watch, and twist it around one of the terrorists’ neck.

They lock eyes. Hye In tugs hard, then untwists the man from her cord. Blood splatters across her neck, but she holds her gaze steady at Jung Woo. Suddenly, she grabs a nearby axe and throws it…right at the terrorist approaching Jung Woo from behind. Jung Woo stares at the dead body in shock, and when he looks back, Hye In is gone.

Min Hyuk makes a decision – since his team in China have not seen Kim Myung Guk arrive yet, and his team in Italy is getting creamed, he chooses to escape with Soo Young in tow. DIS finally enters the villa just as Min Hyuk and Soo Young escape through the top floor.

Son Hyuk figures out where Min Hyuk has gone and sends his teams after him. As the baddies are distracted by the fight with DIS, Soo Young takes the opportunity to make a run for it. She runs around a corner – and is caught by Jung Woo. He introduces himself as an NTS agent, and holding her hand, he starts shooting at the terrorists while fleeing. Jae Hee rounds a corner and shoots down the one terrorist putting up a tough fight against Sean Richard. He and Jae Hee lock eyes, registering each other’s presence, before moving on. Oooh *sizzle*…

Min Hyuk and his remaining baddies chase Jung Woo and Soo Young, trapping them behind a car from the constant gunfire. Jung Woo tells Soo Young where to run and then gets up and shoots back; he runs off just before the car in front of him explodes from a gas leak.

Jung Woo is disoriented from the blast, and he can’t manage to run fast enough before Min Hyuk’s lackey comes up behind him with a gun to his head. The lackey is about to shoot when he gets shot down first – by Son Hyuk.

Min Hyuk takes the chance to grab Soo Young in front of him. DIS, Jung Woo, and late-in-arrival Jae Hee aim their guns at Min Hyuk, so he threatens to kill Soo Young. Son Hyuk orders Jung Woo to cease – he’s already disobeyed orders once, so he better not do it again. Jung Woo lowers his gun, but inches forward towards Min Hyuk.

Min Hyuk tells him to stop, but Jung Woo won’t. So he raises his gun and is about to shoot when a bullet goes through his head first. Who shot Min Hyuk?!

Sniper Hye In from the building across. Son Hyuk tilts his head, knowing who it is. A startled Jung Woo tries to figure out who it is, but when he looks back, the sniper is gone.

The Chinese team finally sees a car heading over with Kim Myung Guk in it. But when they check, there’s no one in it. Instead, a bunch of police vans and unmarked SUVs surround them. Nyah-nyah.

Kwon must make formal apologies to Son Hyuk over the phone about his agents’ brashness. Son Hyuk makes the excuse that Washington DC isn’t happy about the interference because it seems like Korea is hiding something from the US.

Back at the command center in Vicenza, Jung Woo wants to have a word with Hye In about what just happened. She remains vague but says that she cannot get personal with him at all.

Ki Soo is dying for a reward or compensation for his good work in the mission. (Yeah – you were really good at revealing your presence and ruining the element of surprise.) Kwon reassures him that he will be rewarded, and then tells his team to prepare for Soo Young’s return to Korea. Jung Woo is supposed to leave with Jae Hee, but when he spots Hye In driving away, he ditches his ex and drives after his new love.

Of course, she notices, and once out on the highway Jung Woo drives up to her. She speeds ahead and cuts him off, continually preventing him from coming up next to her. Aw you guys – stop flirting on the road!

Eventually she leads him to a fortress overlooking the city, and there he asks her if her real name is Hye In. She says she’ll respond to that if he wants. So he asks her one serious question: has she eaten yet?

Commence date! A real one this time, not a dream. Though Hye In is a little unsettled at the notion that this is a date, she accepts spending time with him. Jung Woo wonders if they can continue dating when they’re back in Korea, but she vaguely (again) tells him that she doesn’t know what will happen when they go back. They go around Vicenza, sightseeing and taking in the beauty. Eventually they reach a gelateria and Hye In asks if he could get some for the both of them.

Sure thing! But once he comes out with a cone in each hand, she’s already gone. Instead, Jae Hee comes up to him – where the hell has he been?! She’s been looking for him! She notes the ice cream and wonders if he was with someone. Jung Woo nonchalantly denies it, and then hands her the extra one. He’s still obviously looking up and down the street for Hye In, but with no sign of her he decides to just go back first – leaving Jae Hee with a melting ice cream cone.

Back in Korea, Kwon announces to all agents that the Italy mission proved that the NTS has a big hole in their security. They don’t even know who was behind the kidnapping. From now on, they will have to step up security and protect everyone and everything relate to nuclear technology. Privately to Chul Hwan, he admits that he thinks there is a mole in their midst.

Poor Ki Soo – he returns to his mahjong parlor only to find out that his men gambled away a lot of his money, and the police have raided his place. Ki Soo tries to bribe the detective, and then tell him that he works for the government. The detective still calls for his arrest, so Ki Soo phones Jung Woo for a little help. Jung Woo agrees to speak to the detective, but once the conversation is over the detective only says to his men, “Arrest this bastard at once.”

Hye In quits her job at the exhibition hall and meets Son Hyuk; the mission in Vicenza had blown her cover. Son Hyuk thinks it’s a great opportunity for her to rest, but Hye In says that she plans to apply to NTS and steal the intel from within; this breach into NTS might make up for their recent operation failure in Vicenza. After all, she does have Kwon’s trust in her. And she can exploit Jung Woo’s interest in her.

Meanwhile, Jung Woo tries an advanced version of Facebook stalking – Secret Agent Database Stalking. Except, he isn’t her “Friend” doesn’t have clearance. He tries to get Sung Chul to give him access and explains that she’s a Black agent, but Sung Chul tells him there’s no way there would be any information on her. Her privacy settings are set way too high, and her profile would most likely be bare.

Chul Hwan catches Joon Ho and Jae Hee walking together and informs Joon Ho to prep for combat training again – he’s going back in the field. Jae Hee will personally train him. Joon Ho freaks – he’s not ready to go back in the field. But Jae Hee tells him he’ll be fine; he needs to try now or else he’ll be scarred for life.

In the shooting range, Joon Ho shakes as he raises his gun. A flashback shows us when he was a new agent and was dealing with a criminal who had held a victim hostage in front of him. The victim was crying for Joon Ho to save her. Jae Hee comes in from behind, distracting the criminal. Joon Ho takes the opportunity to shoot the man down, but the criminal also involuntarily pulls the trigger and kills the victim. The sight of the victim’s face haunts Joon Ho – so much so he can’t even practice shooting.

Secretary Choi and Director Han come to visit Kwon at NTS. The price for getting the Americans involved int he rescue mission is that they will want all the information on the nuclear technology. Kwon reassures them that he will withhold the core information.

Secretary Choi leaves first, and Director Han has a request – he wants Kwon to help him see Jae Hee. The kidnapping of Soo Young has made him concerned over his own daughter’s well-being, even though he knows she wouldn’t care. A flashback reveals her announcing her intention to become a field agent so that she can find Jung Woo. If he tries to stop her, she will never see him again.

Jae Hee is called to Kwon’s office and has a chilly meeting with her father. She tries to leave, but Director Han asks her one thing: he knows she was injured in Italy, so is she OK? He knows she resents him but he still stands by his decisions in the past. Jae Hee declares that she will love no one else but Jung Woo, and then leaves. She bumps into Jung Woo on the way out, who notes her watery eyes, and moves on.

Sung Chul waits outside the police station with some tofu for his buddy Ki Soo, who is absolutely miffed at being abandoned in the station. Ki Soo tells Sung Chul to never come to him for favors anymore, and that he’s declaring war against Jung Woo. Aw – Ki Soo is too cute, but an angry informant can also be quite dangerous…

Son Hyuk and his DIS team arrive at NTS, which elicits a resentful glare from Jae Hee and sparks Sook Kyung’s interest (‘cuz Cha Seung Won is so hot). Kwon gives Son Hyuk all the (allowed) information about the reactors. It turns out that DIS may also get some office space in NTS, approved by the President, so Kwon has no choice but to accommodate him. Sook Kyung is the only one excited at the news, while the other NTS agents are pissed as hell that DIS is encroaching on their territory. Jae Hee and Jung Woo confront Kwon on the matter, but Kwon advises them not to act rashly. Besides, just because they’re sharing information does not mean they are giving all the power to DIS…

Chul Hwan then calls a meeting, formally telling them to cooperate and share all information about the nuclear reactors with DIS. In addition, Hye In will now join the team as a field agent. Jae Hee makes note of Jung Woo’s reaction (jealousy in the works?). Jung Woo wonders why she’s now in NTS, and Hye In says she’s just following orders. She lays it on thick – with a bright smile she says she feels better seeing a familiar face in her new work environment, making Jung Woo smile like a school boy.

Of course, Son Hyuk receives the report that the “confidential documents” regarding the nuclear reactors aren’t that “confidential,” so he calls Hye In to do some side work. However, Hye In finds out that she doesn’t have clearance to certain servers because of the new security restrictions.

While the field agents are all out on a dinner/drinking event, Hye In sneaks into the server room and manages to hack into one of the computers. However, an agent appears behind her and points a gun at her head: “Who are you!?”


It was in this episode that I stopped trying to compare Athena to IRIS, or stopped trying to line up the characters from this one to the characters of the predecessor. Jung Woo is far more charismatic and interesting here than Hyun Joon. Yes, I question his ability as an agent sometimes – since he was kind of slow in piecing together the clues about Soo Young – but his imperfections also make him a little more relatable. When he stumbles after the car explosion, it makes him more human than superhuman. And superhuman agents can be boring; Hyun Bin was an excellent spy, but always moody. Jung Woo is a ho-hum agent (his flaw), but at least he’s relatable as a person. As for Hye In, I can really believe that she’s a Black Agent, or whatever she is, because Soo Ae does so well in selling that role. Her role would have been likened to Kim Tae Hee’s but it’s not the same; disregarding the caliber of acting skills, Hye In comes from a way darker place than Seung Hee. Jae Hee is not supposed to be another Kim So Yeon – their characters are nowhere alike (and again, the acting caliber is not the same). I do want her to be a little more aggressive though; but since most of her interactions are with people she likes so far (Jung Woo, Joon Ho), I’ll cut her some slack. For now.

I’m personally hoping that Jae Hee gets with Sean Richard. That look they gave each other in Italy – *crackling with chemistry*. He just might be the “Kim So Yeon” of this drama for me – the quiet scene stealer who will make me fall in love with him even though I shouldn’t.

Funny how the non-pairings are heating up the screen more than the would-be pairings.

What I am afraid of is that Athena will mimic IRIS in doing a lot of romantic flashbacks. I don’t mind flashbacks if they add substance to the story – such as understanding Joon Ho’s past, or seeing Jae Hee’s state of mind when she entered spy work. But two flashbacks of Jung Woo thinking about Hye In? Unnecessary. I agree with aberdeen_angus about the editing – editors, literally, cut to the chase!

Also, I’m really starting to hate this Kim Myung Guk fellow – I want him to just be done with the nuclear reactor! Then everyone can stop getting all twisted up in their pants over where he is and stopping him! The real drama can come from who will use the nuclear reactor first or who will steal it successfully. 🙂


56 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. alex

    Thanks for you recap , very plesant . I agree that Athena is a real fun to watch : it has its own dynamics . Many characters are now interesting and the two male leads are so hot : which one can we choose ? Both ?

  2. swui

    Oh I didn’t notice the chemistry between Jae Hee and Sean Richards…It was that obvious?

    I read an interview JWS did and he said his character is a little weak in the early phase…and that he envies LBH for his Hyun Jun because he started as really intense.

    Character wise not much complaints..buut the plot is really thin…everything circles around this Prof Kim and his unfinished nuclear project…if this is gonna be the theme for the entire series…it’s one helluva weak plot. I’m hoping to see more…

    • 2.1 Sarah

      It was quite obvious for me. A brief lock with brimming chemistry. Jae Hee got plenty eyes locking chemistry with Son Hyuk and Sean Richards here. Hope the filming team realize this and make use of it as best as they can.

      • 2.1.1 Revy

        It was also obvious for mw too. JH needs to either get with SH or Sean Richard. She needs to forget abt JW since he has moved on

        • LaLa

          Agree! I’m not liking the “i’m still in love with you please love you” storyline. It would be so much better if she were a little spunkier and colder, because he’s obviously over her. And I have this feeling that there’ll be something between Son Hyuk and Jae Hee, which I actually really like

    • 2.2 Biscuit

      I’m pretty sure that most will center around that plot/theme.

      For me, this series doesn’t really seem to be as much about the plot then it is about the characters (so far, IMO).

      It seems like so far, all these smaller plots so far have been merely reasons putting so-and-so together, the personal competiton between SH and the director, etc.

      Like the Russian Mafia episode. Perhaps it seemed like the plot was so short because it wasn’t really about the mafia, but more about Jae Hee and Jung-woo meeting. Or the episode in Italy wasn’t so much about the President’s daughter, but bringing SH and the rest in meeting NTS/NIS, and the starting point where Jung-woo is slowly getting more involved in the case with Prof Kim.

      I think these smaller events will lessen and that once the relationships between everyone and back history is layed out, the plot will thicken.

      • 2.2.1 swui

        That’s my point…thicken into what???? There’s no mystery bad guy…err..maybe just a little mystery regarding JWS’s parents….otherwise, I can’t see where the plot CAN go…to improve and add some intensity that it is clearly lacking at this point. So surprise me, Show, but really, do it quicker!

  3. sunshine

    I loved this episode bc everyone was just so badass in it. But goodness gracious, Jung Woo, you would suck as an agent! Not just be mediocre, completely suck. It’s not the actor’s fault since that’s the role he’s given, and I’m not hellbent on reality because this is drama. However, why oh why would you stumble towards someone who is holding the president’s daughter hostage and point a gun at him even though he’d warned you that he would shoot? Thankfully, sniper Hye In got him. It also irks me that he’s blown Hye In’s “black agent” cover to practically everyone he knows. WTF. Well, the writers end up making it a moot point by making her a field agent.

  4. boylovescat

    “And superhuman agents can be boring; HYUN BIN was an excellent spy, but always moody. Jung Woo is a ho-hum agent (his flaw), but at least he’s relatable as a person”

    Dear Kaedejun,
    I am just wondering if you are having SG syndrome since the Iris guy’s name is hyun joon.

    • 4.1 kaedejun

      LOL – good catch

      SG syndrome’s really got me hard…

      • 4.1.1 molly

        I noticed that too, thinking, “OMG HYUN BIN WAS IN A SPY MOVIE?!” Ah well. But now we know what to hope for in his next role…

    • 4.2 belleza

      Yeah, that’s the thing. Jung Woo isn’t a superagent. In fact, he’s probably a rather mediocre agent, as he was stuck in a desk job.

    • 4.3 Itstuesday

      I got excited thinking Hyun Bin was in a spy drama!! LOL JSW does suck as an agent,but I’m waiting for him to turn into a Super agent by the end of this drama. or not

  5. emtee

    1. I think the dossier in the last episode has Sean Richard’s character name as ‘Andy’. Not that I could see much beyond the huge typo of ‘PERSNAL’, but I did think I saw his name (or alias).

    2. Did you clock the head-to-toe perusal Son Hyuk gave Jae Hee as he passed by her at NTS HQ? HOT. I’m pretty sure that’s the ill-chosen romance that will make me happy if Sean Richard doesn’t get someone. So much smolder. Sigh.

    • 5.1 swui

      Oh I definitely saw that head to toe perusal….LOL

    • 5.2 Non

      emtee, you’re right, Sean Richard’s character name is “Andy”. But I think I heard Son Hyuk called him so. Whatever, his name’s “Andy”.

    • 5.3 LaLa

      yes! I was like heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!

  6. aX

    Am I watching the same Kdrama?

    Who is Sean Richard?

    • 6.1 LaLa

      He’s Son Hyuk’s right hand man! You know the one who speaks english like all the time? You might be confused because he doesn’t yet have a name so the recappers are referring to him by the actors name.

      • 6.1.1 aX

        Ohhh! Okay, thanks!

    • 6.2 elle loves kdrama

      He is the guy Son Hyuk keeps talking to in English. He is just called by his real name (Sean Richard) because his character does not have name in the show yet.

      I must have missed the connection between Jae Hee and Sean Richard, because I am so blinded by Son Hyuk-lol

      • 6.2.1 aX

        I missed it, too! :X

    • 6.3 judoka

      he’s cool ~~ hehhe, saw him in JeJoongWon too

  7. nell123

    “….One gripe: Sean Richard’s character needs a friggin’ name! :D”

    Yeeep. He’s way too hot to be nameless. :)))
    I personally call him “The alluring evil Ken doll” because
    a. his hair is always perfect and
    b. he looks amazing in suits.

  8. luraaa

    Thank you! I’ve been watching the raw episodes and I agree, the show picks up as it progresses. Too bad the ratings are decreasing; I would feel so bad for Jung Woo Sung and the entire cast and crew if this show didn’t hit well. I hope it gets more international exposure though, because of the actors.

  9. dany

    Thank you!

  10. 10 anna

    That “facebook” comparison is hilarious! LOL

  11. 11 minho

    thnks for the recap.i really think this drama is getting better not tht it wsnt good bt besides the action a storyline is slowly being laid out.cant wait to see choi siwon in action.they better give a name to Sean richards´character:)

  12. 12 Anon106

    I wasn’t going to watch this until you wrote that this episode seems to pick up its stride. Which is now enough to make me curious. But one issue, I’ve never watched IRIS. Should I watch that first before starting Athena?

    • 12.1 sunday123

      I have the exact same question.
      I watched the first episode and I was soooo lost in all the technicalities and I had read the first episode’s recap at least 5 times to understand why things were happening.

      Maybe it was just that first episode (or maybe it’s just me. hahahhaa).

      • 12.1.1 aX

        Episode 1 is just like going down memory lane. Don’t worry, you won’t miss anything from Athena by not watching IRIS. It’s two different storylines with a few characters (like the President) that are in both Kdramas.

    • 12.2 ...

      nope dont need to watch iris cause athena is a spin off.

      • 12.2.1 Anon106


  13. 13 hpn88

    soo ae is just soooo badass in this episode that i don’t even care that she works as a double agent for a shadow company trying to control the worlds energy sources

    and ditto on jung woo being a pretty clueless agent sometimes.

    and sean richard…can I call mine or has been spoken for?

  14. 14 Biscuit

    I felt mixed about his episode.

    For the first half, I was going “Oooh, ahhh”, while the second half was full of “huh? wuh?”.

    I enjoyed Jung-Woo’s character that he’s “human”. He’s the male lead and could have been made into a superman, genius, too-perfect-to-be-true agent. But he’s got enough flaws to make him human, but skilled enough to be believeable to be an agent.

    Then there was Hye-in. With her, she was characterized from the beginning to be 99.9% perfect. And I’m thinkinig, how could she NOT notice some guard?

    There must be reasons or else I’ll be completely upset over this.

    • 14.1 luraaa

      Hmm. About Hye In. She’s been shown that she’s a good sniper, but I don’t really find her that perfect, because we still haven’t seen a glimpse of any weakness from her character (actually there is one little scene in ep7, but that’s me digressing and spoiling). As to why she didn’t notice the man coming up behind her, I would like to think that everyone in the headquarters are skilled and capable agents, thus Hye In not noticing someone. And also, that scene makes up for a perfect cliffhanger.

      I love that they made Jung Woo more human with his flaws because it makes it more believable for him be an agent and a person. I haven’t seen Iris yet, but from what I’ve read on kaedejun’s comments, I don’t think I would like seeing a perfect, Superman-like agent in the form of Hyun Joon. It would make Jung Woo too slick, and he’s already in a slick show where everyone still looks pretty despite all the guns, fights, chases, and anything you can think of.

      What I don’t like, is the same as some of you– the flashbacks and the endings. The unneccessary flashbacks are definitely annoying, because the editor makes it look like the audience are senile and forgetful. And Jung Woo Sung doesn’t even compensate for it, even if he’s the one doing the reminiscing. Okay. Maybe a little bit. But it still annoys me.

      The ending scenes are so bad. In every episode this show has aired. It’s like, the editor wants it to be a cliffhanger, or to make us hang on to the last scene, but is not enough to make me anticipate the next episode. Gah. I’ll just enjoy this show since I’ve already started on it anyways, and the cast are doing a great job.

      • 14.1.1 Biscuit

        I agree also with most of what you have said.

        I suppose it’s just that I’ve had too high of an expecation from Hye-in. It just seemed like she was in another league of her own. Although it’s true she’s good as a sniper, she also excels in physical combat and merely seemed as one who would have higher senses to pick up someone walking from behind her.

        Or perhaps I just feel that way when she killed off 4-5 men by herself at a single moment, while the security guard could have killed her at that moment if he fired.

      • 14.1.2 aX

        I just finished episode 8… of course without subtitles. I’ve watched up to episode 5 with subtitles.

        Now episode 8’s cliffhanger is MORE LIKE IT!!! It makes me want to see episode 9 really bad but it’s too bad I’d have to wait until next week.

    • 14.2 aX

      hahah I wondered, too, but I guess noone’s perfect. 😉

      She seemed completely engrossed that she must’ve put her guard down. No pun intended. 🙂

  15. 15 msim

    It’s a mixed affair.

    Plus: spies, gorgeous locations, great actors, shiny, glossy black hair everywhere.

    Minus: tepid tension, cheesy flashbacks (can you call it a flashback when we get to see scenes we’ve just seen 30 minutes ago – we’ve got brains, Athena people, no need for those) and the cheesiest music.

    I really really want to love Athena but I merely like it a little.

  16. 16 Antonia

    Thanks kaedejun.

    Don’t like their way of handling the camera, it is moving up and down all the time, and also the night combat, you only see blurred features of the the baddies and DIS agents, had to paused many times to identify them.

    Could I say working sexual harassment from Son Hyuk ?,
    and most probably he knows the profile of Jae Hee (PR) before coming to DIS ?, He knows many confidential info first hand about South korea’s security, he has many fillers working for him.

    The black rose agent, although her character is ruthless
    but her expression doesn’t portray such, most probably being distracted by not so serious agent Jung Woo,
    he has his shortcoming personality too. Sometimes JWS actions like he is modelling.

    By the way my curiosity about the chain that Jung Woo wore while bending trying to retrived the gun during the kidnapping shoot out, noticed that it looks like a couple ring hanging to the chain, or could it be his own personal costume jewelry.

    Jae Hee although a smiling tough agent but always with a sad eyes. Will she escape death in the final combat ?.

  17. 17 yui

    the only pic which made me stuck was…SIWON OPPA’S PIC…sorry sorry so biased! hehe…but yeah..thanks for the recap, i saw the ratings were not that good, but then..ur recap made me want to watch it now..thank you

  18. 18 Lilian

    Somehow to me this show doesn’t have much of a storyline…..I’m also not that interested in action so I guess humour does it for me….and the fact that I like mysteries…

    i want to know why Hye In is a double spy and I can’t wait to see Siwon in action =D

  19. 19 Kimys

    thanks for the recap kaedejun!

    i can’t wait to see something happen between Jae Hee and Song Hyuk.. that will be awesome! i hope they won’t use too much the jealousy of Jae Hee like they did in Iris between the 2 man leads.. i hated it and i would hate it even more here..

  20. 20 blyssxoxo

    Is anyone noticing how hot is that pair of black heels Hye In is wearing in the last picture? Woo!

  21. 21 Lee

    I absolutely LOVE this show! I’m completely hooked..The action sequences are so nicely done. It’s a lot better than Iris! can’t wait to watch ep5. Hope ratings improve!!!

  22. 22 Asa

    I don’t know why all the descriptions about Jung Woo’s character kept comparing him to James Bond. He’s no ladies man (looks aside) that’s for sure. More like a lovesick puppy.

    This show kind of has me rooting for the bad guys. LOL, Son Hyuk is hot, Sean Richard is fiiine, Soo Ae has that apathetic hotness going on (sad that’s being cracked away but I think we all know where her character is going), even the old white guy who heads Athena has that ‘I’m tanned, rich, whachoo gunna do aboot it?” charisma.

    The good guys…eh.

  23. 23 Dyah

    Dear DB,

    Where’s the recap for Athena eps 6??

  24. 24 Fatima

    waiting for Jae hee and Song Hyuk to happen!! they look so hot!!!!

  25. 25 kimkim

    i want to know ..why JW and JH got sepperated… in their past… they loved each other… so what happen to them?

  26. 26 kimkim

    i love lee ji ah so much… shes so pretty,, shes good in fighting scene,,,

  27. 27 chyinho

    What is the name of the song playing background when Jae Hee is called into the room to meet his father in the office?

  28. 28 mikimeun

    i just love soo ae & Cha Seung-won, hmmm sean richard is getting popular among the ladies ^.^

  29. 29 Jules

    what do you mean by “acting caliber” and who are the better actresses in your opinion?? (IRIS compared to athena)

    • 29.1 Jules

      oh who are the better actors too?

      • 29.1.1 kaedejun

        Kim So Yeon > the female actresses in Athena

        Su Ae > Kim Tae Hee (I don’t think action/melodrama is really her genre. She’s better in My Princess)

        Jung Woo Sung ~ Lee Byung Hoon (I mean, comparable. I think Jung is a better actor with just a crappier character)

        Cha Seung Won > Jung Joon Ho/Lee Byung Hoon (I just think Cha is better at acting as the cold bastard)

        as for “acting caliber” – i just mean their skill and level in acting. How much I can believe their character, and how much I can disassociate the actor from the character. For example, if i keep seeing Lee Byung Hoon instead of Hyun Joon, then I don’t think he’d be a great actor. If I keep seeing Kim Tae Hee rather than Seung Hee, then she’s not good in making me feel invested and connecting to her character.

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