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Dream High: Episode 2
by | January 4, 2011 | 134 Comments

So far, I like. It’s not So You Think You Can Dance, the drama version, (and someone please get on that, stat) but it shows promise to become something like it, so I like what I’ve seen thus far. It’s actually got a healthy dose of drama-comedy-song-and-dance, though I’d like a little more of the song and dance, and well, I could stand for more comedy in everything.

I think the drama is still finding its footing, and the performances are uneven (with some of the worst by veterans, whereas the newbies are holding up okay in contrast), but there’s two crucial things I like about it at the outset: the premise, and the tone. I do trust that this drama will do one thing, and one thing well—deliver on its setup of dreamers-to-stars in a satisfying way. Whether or not the performances will hold up is another story, but what the hell, let’s dream high, shall we?


Hye-mi kneels in front of President Jung, and begs for him to save her. Cruelly, this school has a live feed of every audition into the room where the other auditionees are waiting, so everyone sees her moment of humiliation.

President Jung tells her not to beg—it’s not even what third-rate students do, and so she tries to recover by harrumphing that she wasn’t kneeling just now…she was looking at his nostrils. Uh…not so quick on your toes there, eh Hye-mi?

Baek-hee smirks, showing her hidden All-About-Eve tendencies rather quickly (although I suppose if not, I’d be rooting for her as the heroine automatically). As Hye-mi turns to leave, she declares that she’ll show them that President Jung’s decision was the wrong one. Baek-hee speaks up that SHE’ll show them that it was the right one. Nice. I like this war already. Diva Showdown 2011: Wannabe Popstar Version.

Hye-mi and Baek-hee practice their first Fierce-Off, as she stops to glare on her way out. Baek-hee shows that she’s not quite up to par, because as soon as Hye-mi leaves the room, she faints. Ha. That’s what happens when you expend all your ki on a glare. She’s got a ways to go if she’s going to keep up.

Baek-hee is helped up, and she turns around to ask President Jung one last thing. She wants to be sure that he picked her for her skills, since she’s been told her whole life that she’s inferior and will never live up to her pipedream. He smiles as he looks down at his own Kirin medallion, and silently hands it to her. He tells her that it’s a good luck charm, or however she wants to think of it.

Baek-hee is moved to tears, at the first acknowledgement she’s ever received for being anything other than third-rate. She cries and thanks them over and over, declaring that she’s going to work really hard. Aw, I sort of wish this was the first role I’d seen of Ham Eun-jung‘s, because she’s great here. This is why I’m a fan of idols’ early roles being high school students, because it fits them to a tee, and it doesn’t stretch my suspension-of-disbelief too hard. (Now I realize that my hatred for her in Coffee House may have been at least 50% about the character, and not all her.)

Meanwhile, Jin-gook’s friend is having some performance-anxiety-related toilet issues when they call his name, so he asks Jin-gook to stall for him. Jin-gook does the only thing he can think of: to cause a ruckus with a fire extinguisher, forcing security to back him into the audition room.

President Jung looks up at him and tells him that if he’s trying to buy time, he should just dance instead; he’s a good dancer, no? Jin-gook immediately freezes up at that and walks out.

Just outside the building, he catches Jason dancing, practicing for his audition. It’s a nice little moment, as Jin-gook looks on, captivated. It gives him pause, perhaps about the almost-audition and his own angsty reasons for not dancing, but he turns and walks away.

As he gets on his motorcycle to leave, Hye-mi appears, trying to dodge the debt-collecting gangsters, and asks for a ride out of there, not knowing that it’s him. When he turns around, she scowls and turns down his offer. He speeds away, but when he sees the thugs from the other day standing around waiting for her, he turns back to pick her up.

As they ride off, Sushi Roll Girl, whose name is KIM PIL-SOOK (IU), is up for her audition. The teachers want her to take off the ridiculous costume, but she’s too shy to do so, and President Jung allows her to sing, sushi costume and all. She belts out a song, as we cut back to Hye-mi and Jin-gook, riding away to the river.

He drops her off there, and tries to ask for his helmet back, but she walks away, pretending not to hear him. He yanks it off her head, only to find that she’s crying, and now embarrassed about him seeing her that way. He gently puts the helmet back on her head, so that she can cry comfortably. She looks up at him, for the first time without a scowl on her face. He leaves her with the helmet and rides off.

Back at Kirin, the teachers are wowed at Pil-sook’s vocal chops, but insist she take off the costume now. She finally does, revealing a shy, chubby girl with glasses. She hunches downward, trying to hide her face, as the teachers talk back and forth about God not giving with both hands, yadda yadda, blech.

President Jung smiles, not at all phased by her appearance, and leaves the decision up to Director Shi, who decides to give her a chance. As she walks out, President Jung tells him that she’ll become very pretty. Uh…I hope that’s not an advertisement for plastic surgery, because that’s not a message I can get behind, Show.

Pil-sook walks out of the audition elated, as she jumps up and down, and takes out a picture, saying, “Oppa, I got in!” She kisses the photo, which is of Kim Hyun-joong. HA. That’s a kind of meta that makes me laugh.

We see that along with Pil-sook and Baek-hee, Jason and Jin-gook’s friend have all gotten in to Kirin. Director Shi comes to find President Jung with the list of incoming students, announcing that they’ve only chosen 97 when 100 was the goal. President Jung tells him that he’s got three students in mind—one is a kid he’s had his eye on for some time, while the other two showed up today.

That one mystery student is SONG SAM-DONG (Kim Soo-hyun, finally!) who Director Shi recognizes by name. We’re given just a brief glimpse of him in his poor country home, his face covered in dirt, as he sews a rice bag for some unknown purpose. Director Shi warns President Jung that no teacher will want to take that kid on as a student, and President Jung answers that he’s already got a teacher in mind…

Enter Professor Kang, bottom of the totem pole and thisclose to getting fired today. Ah, so he’ll be the teacher of the misfits, eh? Standard setup, sure, but I always like a story about underdogs. And I like Eom Ki-joon.

Hye-mi gets a text from her little sister that they’ve been kicked out of their house today, and she finds her scrounging through the heaps of trash for a few precious belongings. She declares that she isn’t going to that crap school, and when asked about Baek-hee, she tells her sister never to bring up that name again.

Baek-hee, meanwhile, is doing an exorcism of her own, throwing out every picture and belonging she owns with associations to Hye-mi. She even takes a pair of scissors to her matching pigtails, making me a little afraid and a little triumphant at the same time. I like to see her breaking out of the Hye-mi-pa role, but damn, put the scissors down, girl.

Hye-mi and her little mini-me sister drag their stuff along in the streets, and end up at the studio that Jin-gook took her to, when his friend returned her photo. Refusing to go to Kang Oh-hyuk’s house, she insists that they can manage on their own and sleep here, despite the rats. Oh, yes…RATS.

Jin-gook arrives home and tells his hyung that he went to Kirin today, and his friend balks that he could ever get into a place like that. He counters that his friend’s dream of becoming a lawyer is just as crazy, and Jin-gook declares that if he gets into law school, he’ll wear a miniskirt, shave his eyebrows, and dance like Girls’ Generation. Ha. Now that’s something we’d all like to see, methinks.

Unfortunately, due to trouble back home, Jin-gook’s friend has to move out of the apartment. Looks like Jin-gook is back on the streets. He packs a bag and broods on a rooftop, overlooking the city. He thinks back to earlier when he watched Jason dance, and in a moment of inspiration, he busts out the same dance, move for move. Aw….yeah! MOAR, please.

He heads to the studio, where he finds Hye-mi and her sister asleep in the car. The package of yogurt drinks on the dash reminds him of when they first met, as kids, fighting over the last pack of yogurt drinks on Christmas. Back then he was hiding from his mom, who was about to send him to an orphanage, and Hye-mi had cried for him, this kid she just met on the street.

He looks at her fondly as she sleeps, wondering aloud just what kind of girl she really is.

In the morning he heads out to pick up some food for them, which is right when the thugs happen to recognize his motorcycle, parked outside the studio. They nab Hye-mi and take her away, as her little sister chases after, memorizing the car’s license plate. Jin-gook sees her pass by in the car as well, and chases after, but loses them.

In a move of ridiculous proportions, the thugs take her to a nightclub and put her in a lounge singer’s outfit and stick her up on stage, telling her to sing to repay her father’s debt. Ironically, the song is the same trot song that lost her the Kirin audition, and she refuses to sing. But…you agreed to put on the outfit? Anyway, she throws her shoes (her favorite mode of attack) and runs around the nightclub in circles, trying to get out.

Just then, the doors slam open, and a shadowy figure enters through smoke in slow motion, ready to kick some ass. We expect it to be Jin-gook, but in walks the nerdy Kang Oh-hyuk. HA. I was about to groan at the overuse of cheesy slo-mo and the hero’s entrance, but now it’s hilarious. Glad Show’s got a sense of humor.

Oh-hyuk flashes his teacher’s ID card like a sheriff’s badge, and announces that Hye-mi is a student at Kirin. Hye-mi stands there shocked, as her little sister trails behind Oh-hyuk, coughing at all the music-video smoke in the doorway. Ha.

He takes responsibility for the girls and takes them to his house, and Hye-mi agrees in her surly way that this is only because of money, and nothing else. At home his sister has a fit that he’s taken the girls in, but he tells her that this is the only way he can live. He was fired from Kirin, but President Jung gave him one last chance to survive: bring Hye-mi (and the other two students) in, and keep his job.

Hye-mi overhears and looks in his bag at the name of the other students left to track down. The first is Song Sam-dong, who we get another glimpse of, as he finishes his rice-bag cape and tests it out with a smile. Gah, I’m so intrigued by his character and it’s driving me crazy that we haven’t officially met him yet.

The other is Hyun Shi-hyuk, which is Jin-gook’s real name. He arrives at the nightclub to rescue Hye-mi, but gets trapped by the gangsters for his trouble.

At Kirin the new students meet each other for the first time, as Baek-hee, Pil-sook, and In-sung (Jin-gook’s friend) introduce themselves. They go to their first class, with star teacher SHI KYUNG-JIN (Lee Yoon-ji), who cracks the whip right away, and threatens them with the possibility that if they slack off, she’ll happily send them to the Beginner’s Class, the place where music goes to die. It’s illustrated by zombie students who are forced to study (the horror!) instead of dance.

Jason arrives late, also part of the star class, along with the others. Pil-sook in particular swoons at the pretty.

Director Shi whines at President Jung’s insistence on including the three special entrants, on top of which he’s chosen a new teacher to replace one who’s going on maternity leave…

Cut to Park Jin-young as YANG JIN-MAN, a struggling musician, who’s selling his keyboard as a last-ditch effort to hang on to his girlfriend (to buy a ring for her), but can’t manage to do it.

Hye-mi thinks about what she overheard Oh-hyuk saying, that if he didn’t find all three special-entry students, the whole deal was off. She heads out to track down Song Sam-dong herself, and tells Oh-hyuk to find Shi-hyuk.

She arrives in the countryside and finds signs with Sam-dong’s name all over them, and follows them to a local broadcast of a star-search-type show, where Sam-dong is gearing up for his big break. They run into each other in passing, and Sam-dong is hit with the twinkly sounds of crush-at-first-sight.

Meanwhile, Oh-hyuk decides to track down Shi-kyuk, aka Jin-gook, and finds him collapsed at his studio, bloodied from his run-in with the gangsters.

At the same time, President Jung tracks down Yang Jin-man at home. Jin-man answers the door scratching his ass, and then promptly shakes President Jung’s hand with the same. He thinks it’s some prank, but President Jung scouts him as a new teacher for Kirin. Is anyone else surprised that Park Jin-young seems to be the more natural actor than Bae Yong-joon?

Sam-dong takes to the stage, surprising his mom who is under the impression he doesn’t even like music. Hye-mi is shocked as well, to see that the weirdly dressed kid from earlier is the guy she’s looking for.

The MC asks him why he’s here, and he says that it’s to help his mom sleep at night, since she’s always up worrying that he’ll die a lonely bachelor. Amused at that, the MC tells him to go find a pretty girl and bring her up on stage with him. He locks eyes with Hye-mi, sitting in the front row, and with a gulp, he heads down toward her…

Jin-man wonders if President Jung has made some mistake—how could he want someone like him as a teacher? Isn’t he scared what might happen? President Jung answers that he is, but that’s the kind of anticipation he likes…not knowing at every new meeting, whether that relationship will be destined for good or bad…

Sam-dong walks up to Hye-mi, and bravely asks her to come with him. She looks up at him in shock, as he takes her by the hand and leads her up to the stage.


I only wish we had actually gotten to witness Sam-dong’s performance before the next episode, since we’ve waited forever and a half for him to even appear. But I like the setup for his character, and of course Kim Soo-hyun is already showing such interesting colors, even in the two minutes of screen time he’s gotten. More, please.

I guess I’m finding myself chanting that a lot over the first two episodes—MOAR please, Show—whenever we get glimpses of the awesome that could be. So far it’s still just that: a COULD BE-vibe, showing flashes of fist-pumping awesome, couched in between all the necessary maneuvering and plot setup.

The these-students-are-destined-for-greatness stuff is definitely ham-handed, for sure. I could really lose Bae Yong-joon’s character and be MUCH happier. But I don’t mind the way that each of them is brought out of different settings and circumstances, and the way they all converge over one dream in one place. I just want to get there a little bit faster, or maybe even just with a little more screen time for characters like Sam-dong, who is supposed to be the star, yeah?

I don’t know if the show is ever going to lose that self-important vibe (which I suspect it will, once we get past the opening setup, really) but even if it stays that way, I can forgive a lot if they buoy it with a lot more of the performances. I say we stick to our strengths, Show. More dance, fewer gangsters; more song, less Bae Yong-joon.

Other than that, I liked Episode 2, and hopefully it showed more of what’s to come. Pass the popcorn, and the dance tunes.


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  1. livvy

    Yay!!!! i’m first!!!

    • 1.1 Ani

      Um, Congrats? Sooooo….. did you like the episode at all? Enjoyed reading the recap? Found anything fascinating you want to share with the group? Like how AWESOME it is that JYP was scratching his bottom? I mean, I’m not familiar with the guy except for the fact that he’s the Boss (read: Owns) for 2PM/2AM, Wonder Girls, etc., basically he’s some head honcho. But I love it when Big People can even scratch their bottom for shows. JYP being a whacky musician in this drama at that? Love it. I even love Cape Boy. Why? I love whacky characters. They’re fun to watch.

      • 1.1.1 Ani

        @livvy Sorry, the “first comment” thing has become quite an annoyance for me. But whatever, I’m an old nag like that. As you were.

        • Lenita

          haha, this is actually the best second comment to those yay firsts! 😀

  2. hmm

    So far… it just feels like they decided to make “Nonstop” an hour long drama, rather then a sitcom.

  3. hpn88

    Phew, I’m glad that I’m not the only one who thinks BYJ has been really…stiff. His face looks the same the WHOLE time. Its like he had a ton of botox and now all he can do is smile serenely like Buddha.

    And now that you mention it, this does need more dancing! They should have started the whole series with a huge epic dance sequence with all the characters.

    My favorite part of the episode was the motorcycle ride with IU singing in the background.

    • 3.1 livvy

      LOL @ “smile serenely like Buddha”

    • 3.2 yun

      lol @ comment to BYJ

    • 3.3 Dara

      Dam dok (Legend) in modern clothing. (hope I got the name right)

    • 3.4 Maddy

      best comment of the night!

      “smile serenely like Buddha”..

      Totally was not going to leave a comment tonight, but because of THAT, I had too!

      Thanks for the recap GF.

    • 3.5 anais

      As soon as I saw that last BYJ photo, I thought, “woah, stay off the Botox!!”

    • 3.6 Elaine

      LOL at BYJ comment.
      It describes his character so aptly.

      And I love that scene too. Pretty sure that song is in part 1 of the ost, IU’s voice is just <3

    • 3.7 alex

      I actually thought that his monotonous expression is so creepy it’s scary. Like there’s a serial killer hiding inside. And he has this whole master plan going on, he’s acting mysterious, accepting students according to some weird code… Like he’s setting a scene for a horror movie. How am I supposed to sleep at night…? :(

      • 3.7.1 alex

        uh, and I love the show so far otherwise, I just want this creeper to go away!

    • 3.8 Miyumi

      Haha. You are so spot on with the ‘smile serenely like Buddha. 😀

    • 3.9 MARJ_EMP

      OMG Im laughing so hard at the “smile serenely like Buddha”!!! it definitely made my day..LOL.thanx

  4. anon

    is taec the main character here? o.O

    • 4.1 luna.tic

      i was wondering the same thing. i actually am interested in the show because of Kim Soo Hyun. i hope to see more of him in the coming episodes.

  5. balletbabe

    I love that they played Ne-yo’s “One in a Million” when Jason was dancing!! He dancing was a little off but I love the song so the scene made me = )

  6. miss_procrastination

    Thanks for the recap!

    I am so ready for this drama. I can’t wait to see more of the students interactions. IU and Wooyoung are shaping up to becoming one of my favorite couples. Too cute.

    • 6.1 ilikehim

      Yea, Wooyoung AKA Jason’s face/expression when he walking in late, i swooned along with Ms. Sushi.

      Taec/Jin Gook is already put in “second-lead-situations” and its only the second ep (ie his little childhood memory of HyeMi, subtly comforting her and helping her…), yeah, he’s definitely NOT ending up with the girl.

      • 6.1.1 Rina

        LOL…I was feeling the same as Sushi girl – swooning at the pretty.

  7. izzie

    can’t wait for the subbed episodes. :)

  8. ni

    ah, i didnt think you’d post this early, but i kept refreshing the page, just in case and voila! 😀 thanks so much for the quick recap. this drama is quite easy to understand – i wasn’t too bothered by watching it without subs. its enjoyable so far – not great, but definitely fun to watch. KSH’s character is the most interesting so far – thank God they let a real actor do this role XD I also like that from the romance angle, both Jin Guk and Sam Dong seem to have equal chances with Hye Mi. That ought to be interesting.

    lesson from Dream High: Korean Americans like to wear hats and act like they’re from Step Up.

    • 8.1 dreamoscope

      LOL to that last sentence 😉

  9. Hajung

    I watch for IU! To be honest I hate suzys acting, but is okay b I watch this while doing hw so I don’t actually have to watch hEr act much.
    I’m so interEsted in a pOssible Jason and oilskin loveline!!

    • 9.1 Hajung

      Whoops, I man pilsook, not oilskin. Stupid autocorrect.

      • 9.1.1 alphabetsoup

        This made me laugh. :)

        On another note though, I’m waiting for the drama to jump into the action, because most of the things that occurred in these two episodes were pretty easy to guess. However, I’m still hopeful that this drama, if not impress me, will still entertain and be an enjoyable journey. I can’t wait to see more of their growth (as characters and as actors)! I, too, am looking forward to seeing more of Kim Soo-hyun…

  10. 10 rty

    to me ,, suzy’s acting is not bad, it still bearable to me.
    she’s lack on face expression

    • 10.1 milkywayxx

      it’s all part of the plan.. 😉

  11. 11 Dara

    Thanks GF.
    I like this ep, specially the song, the dance like you said MOOOOre please! If this show continue to show great songs and dances , I’m satisfied.

    The kids were ok for me and OMG KSH is hottttttttt! even with this less screen time. Me tooo with the ending, why do they end with the preview of last night?, I felt like I was cheated waiting for KSH and then they just ended it.

    So far I like the tone and vibe ‘find your dream to the top’ thing. I ‘m on it for now. Sorry Gf, I still love Mr. Bae, Hehe and that’s good cuz I don’t have to share!

  12. 12 AcrobaticUrchin

    Am I the only one who felt the whole kidnapping/lounge scene was more than just a little ridiculous? Maybe it was just her in that outfit. XD

    I want an expansion of the dancing and school-fun glimpses we’ve had so far (yeah… I know we’re still in the exposition). I’m hoping that next week it will get over the could-be phase, and more into the awesome-ness.

  13. 13 strawhatz

    lol i also thought that jyp’s acting is quite good….while byj bleh…and everytime he smiles, i cringe….it would be better if they could add more kim soo hyun and less byj….the only reason i’m watching dream high is because of kim soo hyun, but after watching the first two episodes, i actually began liking the other kids and will continue to watch the rest….more kim soo hyun pleaseeeee

    • 13.1 Pat

      BYJ is only in 4 episodes.

  14. 14 Joanna

    I LOVE IU! Ahaha i’m so glad to be able to see A BIT more of her in this ep. I think ep 2 was a lot better than ep 1 and the plot’s actually kind of interesting. :/ I can’t get over JYP though. He reminds me of a gorilla. But his acting is good for a first timer 😀

  15. 15 dreamoscope

    i was wary of the first episode because it looks like it doesn’t have a proper plot, just full of cliches, but reading this i actually feel that the plot is tightening up, and characters backstory is starting to fall into place together.

    i actually like the school scenes, the place is a total architecture eyecandy. so im hoping once sam dong, hye mi and jin gook all become students, everything became more interesting.

    rooting for jason and pilsook, they look adorable already, and from what we see in the preview, i cant wait till some interactions between them.

  16. 16 Dw193

    Funny. . . I have that same Kim Hyun Joong picture in my locker. . . without all those hearts. Helps me get through my day :) hahah
    I love IU’s character. The sushi costume was ADORABLE. *sigh* Now to wait a week for Sam Dong’s performance :(

  17. 17 cookiesx

    I’m really confused at this point, is Kim Soohyun going to be the male lead character or is it Taecyeon? Could someone clarify?

    I think I saw in the trailer that Samdong agrees to go to Kirin because he thinks Hyemi likes him. This is what happens in the trailer, Samdong asks her why she agreed to go on the stage with him and Hyemi replied “I like you”. Then, she tells him that he must attend Kirin.

    She just manipulated Samdong’s naïvety. O_O
    How will this girl become a likable person? That’s what I want to find out.

    Also, I hope Baek Hee doesn’t become a full-on b*tch. She doesn’t need to be. I hope her character grows to be a stronger, assertive person through out the show & if her character is going to become a b*tch I’m okay with it being at the same level as Lee Shi Young’s character in Playful Kiss. XD

    Okay. End of rant. Thanks for the recap =)

    • 17.1 kay

      samdong is the main lead for sure!

    • 17.2 Rika

      I hope Sam Dong is the male lead. He’s so adorable. Not that Taecyeon isn’t a hottie… but sometimes cute>hot.

      Ughh Baek Hee is already annoying me. I didn’t like her from the beginning. She’s just so dependant and tried to be EXACTLY like Hye Mi. And the actress tries to be too cutesy (like in Coffee House). And now she’s going through a rebellious phase and acting like she’s so independant. I wish it were a more genuine transition between being friends and being enemies. Ah well…

  18. 18 asianromance

    Thank you for the recap, girlfriday!

    Kim Soo-hyun! Kyaaa!! hate the hair but love the rice bag cape!

    I could also lose BYJ’s character too. His character has an uncomfortable puppetmaster type of feel. I hope his character can stop winding the clock by episode 3 and let everything flow since there are only 16 episodes.

    I’m guessing IU will lose weight in the drama because I’m pretty sure the posters for drama kept her normal look.

  19. 19 megan

    nice recap.

    I gotta say my favorite scene of this entire episode has got to be when Jinguk walked in on Jason dancing. I’m not sure why. But, I totally loved, esp. when he tried to copy the same moves when he was on his own.
    It’s like, when he saw Jason dancing with such passion..kinda wondering why doesn’t he just do the same, since he loves dancing..
    I hope that made sense. haha.

    Ohwait, I also LOVED Pilsook, she was so ADORABLE! omg
    and when she swooned when Jaeson walked in the class.( cuz he was looking good.) I’m totally gonna love this couple. I wanna squish them both. LOL

  20. 20 Amg1

    GF, thanks for your hard work!!!
    Eun Jung FTW!!!!
    I really like this drama, not rocket science just a feel good drama, and I agree the music so far is the best part of the show!!!!

  21. 21 maria

    i think it’s kiiinda working that kim SooHyun is geting such little screen time during these *building* episodes, just because, LAWRD my interest is SO piqued, it’s not even funnY!!

    i like the boy characters here, i’m no so much engaged by the girls, so i hope we get to see more depth to those characters.

    taec’s little dance was a really good beat as well. it was potentially a huge *cringe*worthy moment, but it played out quite naturally, actually. i find myself getting surprised by things like that in this drama. PJY, for example..

    i was laughing and shouting MORE right alongside ya’ll. all right. i’m in. 😛

  22. 22 JD

    BAHAHAHA I didn’t know JYP himself was in the drama!
    I really like Taecyeon’s character. He’s protective and kind (even when the girl is a total bitch)–every girl’s dream. Plus, he looks frickin’ good here!! Way better than when he was in Cinderella’s Sister.

  23. 23 tildy

    So You Think You Can Dance! I call it my teenybopper show. Never miss it.

    Don’t ask me why, but I find BYJ’s face oddly hard to look at. It could very well be the stiffness. I liked this episode better than the first, and will stick around to see if it gets better. Thanks for the recap!

  24. 24 jyyjc

    iu’s sushi costume looks kinda like that puppet thing in the SAW movies.

  25. 25 SL

    I can’t figure out what the couples are supposed to be in this drama…
    IU & Wooyoung probably..
    Who’s Suzy gonna end up with lol?

  26. 26 sora

    i’m lovingggggggggggg itttttttttttttttttttt

  27. 27 Li~~

    T__T I feel like I’m the only one who still can’t bring themselves to say anything all that great about this drama. I think it’s the idea of a cast that’s like ALL idols–I still can’t accept it especially when 3 of them haven’t even been in ONE project and now all of a sudden they’re helming one.

    However, I just watched the second episode, and I thought it was less offensive than Episode 1. Although this was largely due to the appearance of Kim Soo Hyun.

    I guess I’m still gonna wade through though because I love high school drama and I love music more.

  28. 28 Daniela

    What I’m doing here?? I don’t like musicals!! Well, I don’t like the parts when they sing. But I love if they dance. Even better if they ONLY dance. You know, love Step Up, hate Glee. I’m strangely waiting the next episode! And I hope more dancing and a little singing. I don’t know about the actor Kim Soo-hyun, but his character intrigues me and I really like him.

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 28.1 ni

      lol im the opposite: love Glee, hate Step Up. But I do like watching them dance. Now if only they could just dance and not talk…or act…at all. Now THAT’s what I call a great movie 😛 At least Glee is funny o_O

  29. 29 Jane

    The rice bag cape is freaking awesome. :)

  30. 30 tildy

    Oh, and it cracked me up that Sam dong was on Jun Gook Norae Jarang. My parents watch it, lol. That xylophone thingy = sounds of my childhood.

  31. 31 blahibloop

    i’m so glad there’s actually a positive opinion in existence. everybody has been bashing this drama left and right because its cast is idol-dominated.
    thanks for your recaps and comments! i enjoyed them. :)

  32. 32 mangowango

    love reading your comments, javabeans! and i totally agree with you. thanks for the lovely recap. i look forward to them all the time :)

  33. 33 yokee

    im an absolute BYJ fan, but im not gonna be partial.
    agree. YJ has got lots more to improve on acting but to me he’s an eye candy..too bad.
    agree. PJY surprised me too for a first-timer.
    to those who wants less of BYJ, well he’s gonna be on till about epi 6 though of cos then i will be the one shouting for MOAR! HA!
    and fyi, Kim SooHyun is the main lead ^^

  34. 34 AuntieMame

    Thanks so much for the recap and review. Since I watch the raw videos, it’s really nice when a reviewer confirms my take on what I’ve seen.

    As for BYJ, botox aside, isn’t his acting the same as before? (Admittedly, it’s been a long time since I watched “Winter Sonata”.)

    I’m enjoying each of the student characters. And, I love the little sister character and the actress who plays her. She is just as precocious here, as in her previous role in “Three Sisters”. hmmm … she sang pretty well in that drama. I wonder if she’ll sing in this drama, too.

    Thanks, again, GF for such a speedy recap. I’m looking forward to next week’s episodes.

    • 34.1 AuntieMame

      Oops, forgot to mention what cracked me up the most…

      I thought that nightclub scene was a dream/nightmare. I was LOL when it turned out to be real!

      • 34.1.1 dreamoscope

        i thought it was a fantasy sequence .___.

        • AuntieMame

          Not according to GF’s recap.

  35. 35 Kara

    I watched some clips of ep.2 and PJY’s acting is better than I expected, he’s so funny!^^

    BYJ, he’s absolulety the best actor here lol, calm and subtle acting, fits his chairman character perfectly.

    KSH <333 i just love this boy hehehe. Eunjung's acting is the best out of all the idols in this drama. Suzy made me cringe too much in ep.1, hope she'll improve.

    • 35.1 opal

      I am with you on BYJ. I know many critizing his acting but I think he carries his role well. He is the President and sure he had his own stories and he is the mediator of all the idols. Love BYJ…

      Still don’t like the girl who is in coffee house….though. don’t know why.

  36. 36 Nani

    I think that BYJ and Kim Hyun Joong have been hanging out too much because BYJ’s acting and expressions remind me of KHJ….

    • 36.1 luna.tic

      LOL i second that!

    • 36.2 Autumn

      ah!!!!! that’s it! the KHJ vibe. i couldn’t pinpoint it before but now i know. well, that certainly explains the stiffness.

      • 36.2.1 Pat

        Both of them have only 2 random expressions. Smiling, NOT
        smiling. But somehow they stand out……….. discomforting.

    • 36.3 shoes&socks

      I was thinking the exact same thingggg
      Idk, I kinda want taecyeon to be the main lead here….I’m not really attracted to/intrigued by Kim soo hyun’s character
      I was wondering, how did they make iu look like that? Computer edited, or…?

    • 36.4 girlatsea

      I was thinking the same thing every time he was on screen. It’s really creepy how similar their expressions are.

  37. 37 doublen

    My 16 years myself screams desperately to watch this TV show. But reality reminds of undone work and assignments :(
    Will just follow to dramabeans recaps, and if the show turns out well, will watch it later all 16 (?) episodes.

  38. 38 cheekbones

    Sam-dong really is the most intriguing character so far. Kim Soo-hyun looks a bit like Kenichi Matsuyama here, with that hair…. Looking forward to seeing him more !

  39. 39 DC

    I actually agree with you with the premise and tone of the whole drama. I think it really grabs people’s attentions! The reason for me saying this is because my parents and I always watch dramas together as a family bonding moment, and we always start new dramas and see how they are and if we decide to keep watching them. I actually watched the first 2 episodes before them just cause I was so excited for this drama. lol After watching them, I wasn’t too sure if my parents would like it, but I turned it on for them anyway. Like many viewers, they weren’t too hooked by the beginning of the drama until, like what javabeans said, around the 45-min mark where it got very interesting. Soon we were starting the 2nd episode, and their eyes were wide open so interested and enthralled. It kinda surprised me how much they liked this drama. I seriously thought that this would be one of those dramas like Boys Over Flowers or You’re Beautiful where the fanbase is all girls and it was only popular for it’s so called “hot” cast. But this drama actually proved me wrong. It’s a great drama to watch with the family, and though this may sound corny and lame, watching this drama with the family was actually a great way to spend some quality time with my family. I’m really excited to see where this drama will go. Though hopefully they’ll be able to put everything into its short 16-episode arc!

    Also, I’ll be faithfully reading the recaps as well just so I don’t miss anything. Thanks! ^_^

  40. 40 DC

    hehehe maybe I wrote too much… >.<;;; Sorry about that.

  41. 41 ririzzang

    Taecyeon + Kim Soohyun + Park Jinyoung + music= heaven.

  42. 42 Autumn

    this show has become my guilty pleasure. i know it’s flawed but i am liking it.

    man, i am still a lil peeved at the lack of Kim Soo-hyun T-T. he IS the lead, right??

    Suzy’s acting is ok, she does cold and bitchy alright, but most of the time she’s quite flat. i need more emotions from her, coz so far, her character intrigues my interest the most and i want to be able to at least connect with her.

    oh i agree with you on the plastic surgery comment, if they are going towards that route with IU’s character, i will be spitting mad. on another note, i hope they make her sing more. ^^

    thanks for the recap.

  43. 43 Emeldy

    I am so liking Taec and Suzy’s character right now. I am so rooting for them . Kim Soo-hyun I am waiting…. I am sure he can convince me to change ship. That show’s how engaged and excited i am about this drama.

    Well about Suzys acting, i like her spunky character. I am convinced. I don’t see where the negative comment is coming from. The girl from Coffee is still giving me annoying vibe though, did not like her at all in CP. Taec is amazing.

    P.S I have zero knowledge about K Pop. 1 hour ago i though Miss A Suzy was her name. Had no idea that Miss A is a girl band. Sooo anyone out there who think that Suzy can’t act. I have to disagree. Now i have to Youtube Miss A MV…..

    • 43.1 sonje

      miss a is addicting. The reason they won many best rookie last year they dance well, unlike most other girlgroup they have a stable voice when they sing, their songs are also addicting. My another girlgroup fave instead BEG and 2NE1 ( Even their fans are fanatic and scary, as scary as KHJ’S blind girl fans lol. At least 2ne1 sing well )

    • 43.2 Rovi

      (Fuck my Internet connection…!)

      miss A is composed of 4 members: Fei, Jia, Suzy, & Min
      (2 of them are Chinese (Fei & Jia))

      They were formerly called “JYP Sisters” during their trainee days, & Hye Lim was formerly part of the group…until she was called by Fate into Wonder Girls…

      For starters, try “Bad Girl Good Girl” & “Breathe”.
      I especially like BGGG for its spunk (and a nice starting song for the group)
      For identification, Suzy is the one in the ponytail.

      One of my fave members is Min, who can do dances kkap mode even Jo Kwon could do nothing but gasp & stare…
      (I swear, I think they’re like twins in their past lives…)
      Oh, and Min had been a trainee under JYP for like ~7-nearly 8 years, & Jo Kwon is one of her trainee-mates…

  44. 44 sonje

    lol surprise the boss JYP really do well? Taec mentioned JYP made many NGs.
    IU I love her, she is really talented. She kissed kHJ PICS at dream high, in reality she kisses TAEYANG’s pics LOL.

  45. 45 Stephanie

    “More dance, fewer gangsters; more song, less Bae Yong-joon.”
    I have a sneaking feeling that BYJ wants to do this show to appeal to the younger generation and not just ahjummas

  46. 46 nynaeve

    “Pil-sook walks out of the audition elated, as she jumps up and down, and takes out a picture, saying, “Oppa, I got in!” She kisses the photo, which is of Kim Hyun-joong. HA. That’s a kind of meta that makes me laugh.”

    Sorry, I just have to ask this question: What makes it a “meta thing”? Are IU and Kim Hyun-joong in any way related?

    • 46.1 djes

      Oh, i guess it’s because Kim Hyun Joong showed in ep.1 as cameo, and he’s now under BYJ’s company Key East.
      It’s like, everyone is connected? From all idols out there, ‘coincidentally’ Pilsook’s idol is KHJ?

    • 46.2 mycorrhizoid

      I think it’s because he appeared in the first episode. IU is known to be a real life fan of Taeyang and Yoo Ah In, but I’ve never heard of her mentioning KHJ before.

    • 46.3 Mia

      It’s because Kim Hyun Joong is playing himself, a popular hallyu idol star, in this drama. Pil-sook (IU) is probably idolizing him, as in the drama’s story. Not sure about reality. I also wonder if there’s any relationship between those two characters.

  47. 47 djes

    I love the Suzy’s mini me! She’s so cute, dare I say, she’s way better actress than Suzy too!

    I like it so far. I hope it’ll get better, so you can win your bet, girlfriday! 😀

  48. 48 tABER

    “Baek-hee smirks, showing her hidden All-About-Eve tendencies rather quickly”

    BAE-HEE is nowhere near “All About Eve” I’m thankful Bae-hee survives the stab in the back by Hye-mi. Should Bae-hee look at Hye-mi with love and devotion? I love that Bae-hee showed the confident that even though she herself think Hye-mi is better don’t mean she not good herself. I think looking into Bae-hee character negative because she did not break is jump ahead; I’m looking at the character as refreshing for holding it together. They did not show anything of substance about Bae-hee character to think she wasn’t a survior all along, just because she loved and devoted herself to Hye-mi did not mean she lived for Hye-Min but was thankful that they live for each other. Hye-Min is the heroine we get that but Bae-hee is not the witch because she inspired to be like Hye-Mi (career wise) not personality, but it obvious she going to have to tap into that inter bitch to survive Hye-Mi self absorbs character. I don’t like nothing about Hye-min at this moment, so they doing a great job because I think that what we suppose to feel as she change into a “STAR” from a” DIVA”. Until I start to see that I’m not going to look down on Bae-hee just to justify Hye-min obvious rude character.

  49. 49 rich

    In fairness, this episode is much better than the first… I think I want to give this drama a chance. :)

  50. 50 red_pill

    I was hoping episode 2 would win me over completely (lots of Kim Soo-hyun would’ve helped), but I’m still conflicted. Sigh.

    Hopefully when everyone’s gathered at the school, finally.

    PS. Is it just me, or did anyone else get an “Audition” (the comic book) feel from this episode? Sam-dong = Dal-bong, maybe?

  51. 51 orangy911

    I’m still having doubts about the show…but the second episode was definitely much better. Maybe it’s because I got to see more of Kim Soo Hyun. I’m more interested in the side characters than Hae Mi and Shi Gyuk/Jin Goo. I think the producers tried to make Jin Goo look all bad-ass with the fighting and everything…but I find myself skimming over those parts. I don’t know. And Hae Mi’s character just grates on my nerves. I’m going to keep watching and hope that I find Hae Mi endearing soon.

    On a side note…I might be reading too much into this. But I didn’t realize this while I was watching, but seeing “Yang Jin Man” made me think about why Park Jin Young’s name seems so interesting. I might be going out on a limb, but I think the “Yang” stands for Mr. Yang, the president of YG, “Jin” for Jinyoung, and “Man” for Lee Soo-man, the mastermind behind SM entertainment. Anyone? XD

    • 51.1 Rovi

      OMG, you’re right!!!

      YG – Yang Soon-hyeok
      JYP – Park Jin-yeong
      SM – Lee Soo-man

      The pop entertainment triad, FTW!

      • 51.1.1 Alvina

        Poor DSP in that case XD

    • 51.2 alexthegirl

      Dang it! You beat me to the “Yang Jin Man” analysis. Probably because I started this drama just today and am totally late to the discussion. haha I thought it was hilarious when I realized that’s how they came up with his name. :)

  52. 52 cheburaschka

    till now, i´m a little comfused about the story. i watched the two episodes today with subs and i can not say that i like it nor that i don´t like it…
    i tink this drama has no line….who are the main characters???

  53. 53 Rovi

    “He thinks back to earlier when he watched Jason dance, and in a moment of inspiration, he busts out the same dance, move for move. Aw….yeah! MOAR, please.”
    Do I smell a TaecWoo fan (& fanservice pairing) here??? “Baby & the Beast” pairing!!!

    “Is anyone else surprised that Park Jin-young seems to be the more natural actor than Bae Yong-joon?” -> JYP, with his only acting shown in “Nobody”? SRSLY?!!!

    • 53.1 Rovi

      oops, let me restate my last paragraph…

      JYP, with his 1st acting stint in “Nobody” MV? SRSLY?!!!

  54. 54 Mia

    WEll, it’s interesting enough to keep me watching. The most intrigue characters for me are Pil-sook and Sam-dong. I can’t wait to see the development of those two characters. JYP actually did a good job. He seems to fit that role perfectly.
    I laughed so hard at the entry of Oh-hyuk and the little girl, so cheesy that it’s cute and funny.
    I wonder if Pil-sook has some kind of connection with Kim Hyun Joong, beside idolizing him.
    Thanks for the recap. It helps a lot after watching the episode with no sub.

    • 54.1 Lilian

      omo…the part where she kisses KHJ’s pic! That was awesome….. XD

  55. 55 Min

    this ep was not as good as the first..i’m afraid i won’t continue watching this

  56. 56 E

    This show is really pulling in all their shots – putting JYP in a drama…with Bae Yong Joon. It’s like their own little playground and they get to promote whoever they want to (Kim Hyun Joong is in Bae Yong Joon’s agency) then having the cast filled with JYP singers? Anyone see JOO?

    It’s worse than product placement…but I have to say that it’s a show I’m sort of enjoying. Still skipping over Bae Yong Joon’s plastic face…but the younger characters are pretty interesting.

    The acting is a little….bleh but what do I know about acting? The only person I’m not doubting when they talk is Eun Jung really – everyone else is kind of making me roll my eyes… -__-;;

    I’m hoping for no evil girls in this drama – I’d like to see them all achieve their goals without turning into crazy eyed people.

  57. 57 E

    OH on another note – I LOVE Kang Oh Hyuk and the little sister – they may steal the show more than Suzy and Taekyeong.

  58. 58 Vendetta

    Is it Sam-dog, am I the only one who thinks he looks like the L’s (deathnote) lost brother? XD

    I need to start watching this drama soon, right after I’m done with secret garden<3 WOOO!

  59. 59 momo

    Anyone here read korean? i have a planner book and need help translating:'(

  60. 60 Leah

    “It’s not So You Think You Can Dance, the drama version, (and someone please get on that, stat) ”

    OMG THANK YOU. SERIOUSLYYYYYYYY. I’m glad I’m not alone in wanting this. When I saw the promo for this after a Mary stayed out all night episode, that is exactly what went through my mind. I read the description and it made me hope you guys would recap it so I could keep my eye on it to see if its any good. :p

    So thanks you two, you’re the best and i’ll certainly be doing that!!!!!!!!


  61. 61 zam

    I read that open auditions were held to cast the roles but I wish the actors were not idol stars but rather either established actors whose musical talents will be revealed or simply new stars to be discovered (ala Glee). Too many idol stars are going into acting. While I can’t fault them for wanting to broaden their talents or the entertainment agencies for wanting high ratings, I feel like they are taking over the acting industry as well. I really just want the existing actors to hone their skills. This is quite a fresh concept (at least in kdrama since I haven’t encoutnered a similar drama) and it would have been great to see an actor surprise us with his/her musical talents.

  62. 62 Eleven11

    Just realised who Kim Soo-Huyn reminds me of in those photos – Oguri Shun! om nom nom

    • 62.1 Alvina

      omg, Oguri Shun in Binbo Danshi?

  63. 63 POGA

    You know, the promotional pictures so said Taec was going to be second-lead–or at least, the lead not getting the girl he wants first. But this just cinches it, the whole memories of the past/being protective/truly talented but somehow refusing to do what he dreams…it’s got “second lead” written ALL over it. And inevitably means, I’m going to be rooting for Taec’s character. Of course.

    Actually, at this rate, I’m going to root for all 3 in the “underdog” class. Well, since it IS an idol drama at least I can be reassured of a happy ending here.

    And I echo. MOARRRR. More dancing, please. (More 2PM, but that’s just the total Hottest in me, ha). More dancing, and less of all that stuff we didn’t need.

    And I wanna hear Sam-Dong sing. And watch his miraculous hair-cut part, as well. Cuz we know that’s gonna happen, too.

  64. 64 sharonlh

    who’s rooting for baek hee for the diva showdown?

    i think they will make baek hee into a very bitchy character and hye mi into a very you-wanna-pity-her-cuz-she’s-in-all-that character.

    this will certainly be taec and suzy baised cuz they are in jyp thats why. i mean jyp ent is part of the production in this drama!

    i love song sam dong! he’s too cute!

    the preview revealed that the love triangle will be of taec/suzy/soohyun

    and then there’s eunjung/taec/soohyun.

    i putting my bet on baek hee becoming very bitchy wanting to put hye mi down. (prolly try to get those 2 guys to not get hye mi) which causes hye mi’s life to be full of unfortunates and hye mi will be stong(given her character) and stand up for herself (and prolly be the eventual heroine/winner) and get the guy.

    but i still hope baek hee will not stoop to a bitch’s level and just prove herself to be a great singer while maybe getting attention of both guys?(i doubt so!) but let’s not forget who cause her to stoop to that level (if she ever does), it’s her BEST FRIEND/REAL-LIFE-IDOL hye mi.

  65. 65 Alvina

    I love catching the random KHJ moments but honestly, seeing BYJ like this makes me wish even MORE than KHJ would stick to just being a singer. What kind of career will he have, I wonder, if his mentor, a living legend, cannot impress the next generation.

    Ah well.

    I was initially super excited for the show’s concept but I’m hoping to see more. So far, it just reminds me of those random American disney shows where the underdog beats out the other potentials to win. I basically have the story right there dont I? lol

  66. 66 Triple S

    Omo, Kim Hyun Joong <3

  67. 67 Canto

    I tried watching a bit of episode 1 but couldn’t finish it.

    The lead actress sucks… big time! Maybe she’s a great singer, but when acting, her face has zero emotions, whether surprised, frightened, sad… it’s all a perpetual scowl, and even then not much of a scowl… just a 25% mini scowl, so her face looks blank… really blank.

    She may look pretty if she smiles, but who would know from the show? Her blank look shows off her prominent, undulating nostrils, that’s all.

    She can’t carry the show.

    I am sad over Bae Yong Jun, isn’t he the pioneer who sparked off the korean wave in asia countries… Winter Sonata is a classic in that way.

    Handsome Bae Yong Jun… what happened to him? His face has a wierd quality about it… though one can’t quite put a finger to it. It is seriously channelling Michael Jackson… really hope he lays off the Botox for a while and doesn’t turn more into a wierdo. He was handsome! He was an auntie-killer!

    Gimme the old Bae Yong Jun back!

    • 67.1 superfilthy

      Agree 😛

  68. 68 superfilthy

    Seriously, suzy’s character is starting to intensely piss me off. 😐 WTFMAN? And we’re only at episode two.

    I don’t think I’ll ever care when Eun Jung’s character gets super evil anymore. Hye-Mi needs to remove stick from butt. *rollseyes*

    Also, who is the lead male here? I thought it was Kim Soo Hyun at first, but after two eps, I feel like it’s Taec. o.O

  69. 69 yearofglad

    I’m so excited to see what 3 and 4 bring!

  70. 70 pabo ceo reom

    It definitely picked up for me this episode. I see the chances of awesome and I just hope they’ll bring it on the new few episodes!

  71. 71 chatzilola~

    i thought the intro to ep 2 would be included in this recap but i guess not D: the part where baek-hee reveals in voice over that her “prayer” at the kiri school fence was actually for herself. ._. i really started disliking her character from the part where she fainted and cried. i also think the dramatic change from “follower” to independence is a bit overdone >o< im liking suzy's character more.

    kim soo hyun and IU's characters are my favorites – u –

  72. 72 Lilian

    wah….who is Kim Soo Hyun? My first time seeing him….but he is cute! and can’t wait to see more of him =)

    I also enjoyed the humor, luckily I don’t have to see Taecyeon in action again, being a superhero rescuing her again! That is so cliche…at least the teacher made me laugh! hahaha…

  73. 73 Ayame

    I really don’t know why Taec and Wooyoung was casted in this drama. Taec’s acting in Cinderella’s Sister wasn’t all that great for him to be casted in another drama and I don’t think he could really dance…Chansung would have been better.

    Now about Wooyoung. Yes he is adorable…hands down he’s hot when he dances and that little bout of English was also adorable. But as I was wathing he parts I was wondering if anything why wasn’t Junho casted in this role???He can dance and sing just as good if not better than Wooyoung and as I know it he took acting in school. Soo why was he left out???

    I’m keeping my mind open because I do like the drama so far its just that the members from my favorite Kpop group is making me wary.

  74. 74 Xueh

    am i the only one who doesn’t get the plot? First the director say he can only let one of them pass (so he chose Baek Hee), and goes so far as to say he doesn’t accept 3rd rate students. but then he selects her.

    Even with the extra criteria of ‘it has to be all three’ it still doesn’t make sense.

    If he wanted her he could’ve just accepted her and then put her down during the process.

    Plot is just too contrived.

  75. 75 Pogo

    Thank you Beans! For one who is watching this show for visual entertainment with practically no aural comprehension, your detailed recaps are MORE than helpful! But episode 3 was kind of boring, huh??
    > I am dreading Kim Soo-hyun’s makeover, ‘cos he looks so adorable with that weird perm.
    > I like the shrimp sushi costume a lot and really want one for myself.
    > I look forward to reading more! Thx agn

  76. 76 jeanne1123

    Can someone tell me if Kim Soo Hyun’s the main male lead? Where can I confirm/see/read it? I just want to know. Please?

  77. 77 jeanne1123

    Jin gook Hwaiting!

  78. 78 Lady Seoul

    Aw, I’m loving this drama, because of sushi girl & mysterious English/Korean man! IU <3333

  79. 79 pumpkinattack

    “Meanwhile, Jin-gook’s friend is having some performance-anxiety-related toilet issues when they call his name, so he asks Jin-gook to stall for him.”

    Actually, this really cracked me up! Usually Kdramas take every opportunity to max out the toilet humor, but this is surprisingly a realistic use… As in (as a performer who takes auditions)… I’ve heard a joking term “ABS,” or audition bowel syndrome. There you have it. More than you ever needed to know.

  80. 80 Justine

    Okay this isn’t about Dream High but more about the banner on top. It’s kind of in sepia and it’s the side profile of this guy wearing black framed glasses, lounging on a sofa. SOMEONE TELL ME WHO THIS HOTTIE IS, YOUR HELP WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED.

    Anyway, about Dream High, I was actually gonna dismiss this after hearing about the poor acting from the lead girl, but I finished watching that week’s Secret Garden and My Princess and decided to give it a shot. I actually quite like it! I don’t think that acting’s terrible at all. It’s passable, and I find myself smiling at some parts.

  81. 81 Eep

    Dear JB n GF,

    Are you going to do the recaps for ep 3 onwards???????OmO

    Hope you do…
    I need my weekly fix…
    It ep 6 now……..

    Lots of <3,
    dramabean stalker.

  82. 82 donnapie.wordpress.com

    Is it just me or does anyone else here thinks that Bae Young Joon has a Michael Jackson vibe emanating off him? hahaha!

  83. 83 PigHumidifier

    i left this episode disliking the girl that got rejected from the school even more. shes so spoiled and proud, but the guy seems to chase her and like her all the mroe for it
    the only person she seems to care about is her little sister, and even that seems like a bitter, forced relationship.
    she isnt winning me over at all. in fact, her increased ungratefulness has annoyed me to the point where i will wring my hands at the screen and shout at her.

  84. 84 aishan

    hey (: thank you so much for putting all these online. but i was wondering whether i was dreaming or did sth happen to your website? cos i rmb reading till ep 11 for dream high here but now there are links for only the first two.(:

  85. 85 shane

    do u know the song that jason danced when jung goo caught him?

  86. 86 Toasty

    Is it just me or is there uncanny resemblence between Kim Hyoon Juung and that director dude from this show?

  87. 87 Carolina

    Harro! anyone knows the name of the song that Pil-Sook, sushi girl sings???

    • 87.1 zazuki

      it’s some day by IU aka sushi girl:)

  88. 88 Dream High biggest fan

    could anyone help me? by telling me the song that Jason was dancing on while practicing before his audition, I’ll be sooo grateful <3

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