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Dream High: Episode 4
by | January 11, 2011 | 227 Comments

Hello, new crack! I’m totally loving this drama right now, and I don’t even know if it’s at all logical, because it’s very by-the-book, in terms of what we expect will happen in an underdog-success story. But…it’s just so earnest, and cute, and strangely suspenseful. I honestly wasn’t expecting this drama to get this good after the first week, but this episode totally hooked me.


Lee Seung-chul – “마지막 콘서트” (Last Concert) [ Download ]

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Hye-mi looks on as Baek-hee performs onstage, and overhears the other students saying that it must be the power of the K-pendant. As Baek-hee finishes her dance, she kisses the pendant for good measure, and thinks to herself: “Take a good look. This is MY world.” Ha. Awesome. I just really dig this rivalry.

Meanwhile, Sam-dong is busy reuniting the lost girl with her mom at the train station, not realizing how much time has passed. He makes a mad dash to Kirin.

At the same time, Director Shi announces the three special entrants who didn’t take to the stage tonight. He sneakily announces that they’d all like to see them perform, and the students start chanting for them to go up. Hye-mi finally stands up, and Jin-gook follows reluctantly.

Once onstage, Jin-gook freaks out over the wall of paparazzi flash bulbs (it looks like a traumatic memory rather than simple stagefright) and drops his mic and walks away. Hye-mi is left standing on her own, not knowing what to do.

As Jin-gook walks out, Sam-dong enters and they run into each other. Perhaps a hint that Sam-dong might be fated to get the girl: he’s running towards her, as Jin-gook is running out on her.

He runs into the auditorium to find Hye-mi standing up there alone, frozen in the spotlight.

Cut to the next day, as Director Shi tells the President what went down, and what the press is saying about the special entrants. He thinks the only answer is to get rid of them, along with Professor Kang of course. We see that this is the real reason he opened up the event to the press. They table the decision for now.

Oh-hyuk brings Sam-dong home (Are ALL of them going to live under one roof? Awesome. Bring on the madcap hijinks!) and he tells Sam-dong that their places at Kirin might not be there in the morning. But he decides that they should go to school anyway just in case. Sam-dong looks up dejectedly at the starless night sky and wonders if everyone’s plucked all the stars away in Seoul.

Hye-mi snuggles in with her little sister for the night, needing some comfort but not willing to admit why. Aw. In the morning, she gets ready for school and puts her shoes on, only to have a heel break off. It’s the final straw and she has an outburst as everyone in the house watches her, and as Jin-gook hears from the other side of the door.

Sam-dong tries to be helpful, but she just pushes him away, shouting that she lied to get him here, and that he’s nothing; he may as well just go home. Aw, don’t break his little heart!

Hye-mi stomps outside and raises her arm to throw her shoe, but Jin-gook stops her. Calmly, he tells her to fix her shoe if it’s broken, and stoops down to put it back on her foot. I’m having flashbacks to the early days of Cinderella’s Sister, back when the boys were cute and smiley and ran around turning people’s shoes around. Sigh.

She blames him for ruining everything yesterday, and he hilariously tells her that normal people cry when they’re upset, not throw tantrums. Ha. She then actually starts to cry, but then he decides that she doesn’t look the way other girls do when they cry (read: pretty). Jin-gook: “You look weird. Maybe you shouldn’t cry.” Hahahaha.

She stares him down, and he sweetly puts the motorcycle helmet on her head, so that she can cry all she wants. Aw, you guys are being so cute. Now I’m going to have crazy Sam-dong vs. Jin-gook wars all over the place. I suppose there are worse things than having two adorable boys to battle over.

At school, a star student arrives to a crowd of adoring fans. It’s RIA (played by Han Ye-in, the spunky little sister in Coffee Prince). It’s nice to add that element too—that some students are already famous while they’re in school, adding another layer of dysfunction, but hey, that’s the world.

Speaking of dysfunction, the girls all get in line to be weighed (publicly, no less) as the teacher tells them all to lose 3kg in a week. Seriously, Show? Gross. Pil-sook is singled out, of course, but thankfully the drama stays firmly in evil-teacher-is-evil territory. I still hate the message though. As if girls in high school don’t have enough worries about their bodies.

To everyone’s surprise, Hye-mi walks in to join the class. The teacher tells her that her status as an official student hasn’t been confirmed yet, and she counters that her expulsion hasn’t been decided either. The teacher scoffs and Baek-hee smiles to herself.

Board meeting time. Predictably, Director Shi has everyone in line to axe Professor Kang and the three students, but President Jung says that they’ll stay, and he’ll leave. Okay, I’m cool with that. He promotes Director Shi to his position, and leaves Kirin in his hands.

Hye-mi and Baek-hee have a run-in in the bathroom, where Baek-hee declares triumphantly that she should leave of her own accord, since she’s going to be kicked out anyway. Hye-mi gives her best glare and looks down at Baek-hee holding onto her K-pendant. Hye-mi: “You’re afraid of me, aren’t you? My dad told me there’s only two reasons people lean on charms like that: when their own abilities don’t cut it, or when they’re afraid of someone else.” Nice.

Baek-hee reels, and then slaps her across the face. Damn! Girlfight already? They start screaming and pulling each other’s hair. (Disappointing, but I suppose it’d be unrealistic if they went all Su Ae on us.)

The other students run in to see what’s going on, and Baek-hee totally fakes losing the fight, as she slumps down and pretends to faint. Hye-mi stands agape, as the other students accuse her of being the bully. Aaaargh! I mean, I know Hye-mi is no lightweight when it comes to the diva showdown, but how can you not be on her side when she gets bamboozled like this?

Baek-hee drops the damsel-in-distress act when she realizes that her pendant is gone. She rushes back to the bathroom, but it’s gone. Outside, Hye-mi puts on her jacket and the pendant falls out of her pocket. She picks it up, wondering skeptically about the so-called lucky charm.

Just then, Jin-gook runs over to tell her that they’ve been accepted. She looks down and smiles. Perhaps it is a lucky pendant after all.

Oh-hyuk walks in to thank President Jung for saving his job, and President Jung just smiles and tells him that the hardest part of the battle is ahead. Oh-hyuk shuffles his feet at that, wondering if President Jung has mistaken him for someone else. This is Kang Oh-hyuk, bottom of the totem pole, fly-under-the-radar guy. President Jung just smiles and tells him that he has the ability to win this fight.

Oh-hyuk returns to his desk to find a note from President Jung along with his own high school notebook. In the letter he writes that Oh-hyuk should read the notebook and remember who he was when he loaned it to his old friend, Jung Ha-myung.

I like that President Jung, Yang Jin-man, and Oh-hyuk are all connected from their high school days, but I find it hard to believe that Oh-hyuk and Jin-man wouldn’t remember him. Too much plastic surgery? Regardless, it’s a passing of the torch, and the inspiration that Oh-hyuk needs to remember that he was a dreamer once.

He flips through the notebook and finds his dream scrawled across the page: “My dream: 20 years later, to be an adult that I wouldn’t be ashamed of now. Kang Oh-huyk, fighting!”

Hye-mi shows her skills in singing class, as Baek-hee starts to worry. She keeps grasping at her collar, where the pendant used to be, nervous over the bad luck of losing it.

Sam-dong shows up at school, where everyone starts snickering at him immediately. To be fair, rumor has preceded him, and his appearance is a little out there, but it’s a harsh welcome even though he knows the circumstances. He looks around campus, and comes across Jason giving an impromptu concert, with Pil-sook adorably playing piano for him. (Why are they so cute?) He’s singing Lee Seung-chul’s “Last Concert,” posted up above.

Sam-dong runs up to the stage (cage?) and takes a mic, asking in front of everyone if Jason’s the top dog around here. Heh. I like your approach, Sam-dong. Just go straight to challenging the jjang on your first day, eh?

He declares that if they throw down, and he shows he can beat Jason, it means he’s not just some country bumpkin. He asks Pil-sook to keep playing, but she refuses out of loyalty to her crush (aw). Jason asks her to keep playing, and accepts Sam-dong’s challenge, cool as a cucumber.

Hye-mi, Jin-gook, and Oh-hyuk follow the other students in, and Hye-mi worries that he really shouldn’t bust out his singing skills like this. But to her utter surprise, Sam-dong begins, and he’s good.

He’s no prodigy, but he can sing, which floors her, since this is not the same Sam-dong she saw doing that really embarrassing show. He holds his own, but Jason out-sings him with flowery touches. He’s not necessarily better, but he’s much more confident, and Sam-dong ends up dropping his mic and walking away in defeat.

God, I love a drama where two characters can have a Sing-Off as their first meeting. I frickin’ love this scene!

He runs away and broods outside, where Hye-mi finds him. He tells her that he would’ve won had he known the song. What, now? It turns out that he didn’t know the song…he just guessed where it was going, based on the beginning of it.

Oh, so THAT’s the prodigy part—not so much the vocal skills, but his understanding of music. Mkay, I’m just gonna go with it.

He declares it’s just a matter of time before he beats Jason, but worries that his backwater-appearance is something that will take longer to fix. He decides a month will be long enough.

Hye-mi doesn’t want to wait that long, and turns his face towards her. His stunned blinky reaction is so cute. She decides that his eyes are pretty and they shouldn’t stay hidden, and asks him how much money he has—there’s no need to wait a month when she can take care of it in a day. All right! Makeover time!

Hye-mi’s debt-collector shows up at school to get some more collateral on his loan, since he’s unsure of Hye-mi’s skills. He threatens to take Hye-mi away, and gets Oh-hyuk to sign over his house as leverage. He stupidly signs, and Jin-man witnesses the whole thing, surprised at the lengths he’s going to protect a student.

Hye-mi and Sam-dong buy some supplies, and she cuts his hair. Aw, his crazy smitten smile while she does his hair is priceless.

Hye-mi takes the newly hot Sam-dong shopping. He stops in front of a store display featuring Rain: “Is this guy popular?” Ha. She’s like, you don’t even know Rain? He starts to ask, “If I become a star like him…” but trails off. He stands in front of the window and does his best pop-idol stance, getting a laugh from Hye-mi.

On their way home, Sam-dong wonders why everyone is still staring at him. Um, they’re staring at your newfound hotness. Get used to it, buddy. Hye-mi gets a call from Dad and she cheerily tells him that everything’s okay, and is happy to hear that she might see him soon. Sam-dong smiles to see her being a little girl.

Pil-sook comes home with some delicious bread, but decides against it, choosing to starve. We see that her picture frame (probably previously inhabited by Kim Hyun-joong) is now occupied by Jason. Yay for replacing your idol crush with a real one.

But as soon as she starts starving herself, she ends up binging. Well I’m glad they’re actually tackling this with some semblance of realism, and not some magic diet fairy. Poor kid. She just ends up feeling worse about herself than before.

Baek-hee takes extra private vocal lessons to try and stretch her range and hit the high notes that Hye-mi can reach. Her mom catches her and tells her to give up on her pipedream and study; it’s not like she’s talented like Hye-mi or anything. That makes Baek-hee livid, as she screams that Hye-mi lost the audition, while SHE got in. Sad, that her Hye-mi-complex is based on a lifetime of living in Hye-mi’s shadow, led by her own mother.

Jin-gook goes to see his father, where he addresses dad’s wife politely, and with respect, but calls her “Madam.” He thinks there’s been a mistake; Dad deposited a bunch of money into his account on accident. Dad tells him it’s no mistake…he’s to prepare to go abroad.

Jin-gook declines the offer, saying that he doesn’t speak English and he could starve over there. He plans to stay here. Dad warns him that the press is going to get involved and things are going to get ugly, but Jin-gook returns the money and leaves. As he walks away, we see that a photographer is tailing either Father or Son.

I like that his character isn’t disrespectful or the typical rebellious chaebol son. He’s either illegitimate or from a first marriage, but he’s quite desperate to be accepted and loved by Dad, no matter how harsh he seems to be in return. I can already tell you’re gonna to break my heart, kid.

Baek-hee returns to the school to look for her lost pendant, and comes across someone dancing in the studio. It’s Jin-gook, dancing out his daddy issues. Ha. If only everyone could dance out their daddy issues, kdramaland would be a much happier place. She gapes at him, starry-eyed. Looks like another crush has begun.

Hye-mi gets a visit from her debt collector, who hands her a box of beef (well, I guess he’s got to take care of his investment). He asks if Jin-gook is her boyfriend, saying that he was pretty impressive, storming into his office like an action star, to rescue her.

It’s news to Hye-mi, who remembers guiltily that she saw all his bruises and called him a punk gangster. Jin-gook heads home, and when it starts snowing, he sighs that nothing is going right for him today, and worries about his bike being parked outside.

But when he arrives, he finds Hye-mi perching umbrellas over his motorcycle, and brushing the snow off. It’s not the smartest plan, and she struggles to make the umbrellas stay, finally giving up in frustration. She’s about to head inside, but she turns back, coming face to face with Jin-gook, holding an umbrella. He holds it over her head, like a proper knight in shining armor.

He smiles sweetly at her, touched by her attempt to do something nice for him, and she apologizes for jumping to conclusions about him. “I’m not usually wrong, but I’ll admit that I was, this time. You’re not a bad guy.” He breaks into a smile. Why so cute, you two?

Hye-mi’s sister runs out to warn them before they enter: the witch is back. They walk in cautiously, only to find that Oh-hyuk’s sister isn’t so witchy after all, when it comes to cute idol-boys-in-training. Ha. She fawns over Sam-dong, only to become an embarrassing mess once she discovers Jin-gook. LOL.

Sam-dong is a little taken aback when he officially meets Jin-gook for the first time. The whole group sits down to dinner, where Oh-hyuk’s sister makes it clear that she’s going to play favorites. To Jin-gook and Sam-dong: “Call me noona”; to Hye-mi: witch-glare. Ha.

She gets totally sloshed at dinner, and Sam-dong makes the decision then and there: he’s never going to drink. Ever. Hehe.

Hye-mi and her sister breathe a sigh of relief that night, knowing that they can stay at the house now. They smile at their good fortune, and Hye-mi kisses the K-pendant for finally turning her luck around.

Oh-hyuk stays up all night working on a new manifesto for Kirin, called “Dream High,” where he lays out how music should be considered art and not a commodity, and presents it proudly to Principal Shi the next day.

He gets a patronizing pat on the back for all his work, and Principal Shi tells him to take his three special entry students into the university prep class (the class where music goes to die). He realizes that the school has already given up on them and plans to ditch them there, and he digs his heels in, as it sinks in that the uphill battle has just begun.

Hye-mi makes a move to return the pendant to Baek-hee’s locker, but can’t bring herself to do it. She holds on to it, swearing that it’ll just be for a little bit longer. Sam-dong watches her curiously.

She goes to dance class, where Baek-hee confronts her about the pendant. Took you long enough to figure it out. Her toadie starts to search Hye-mi’s pockets, but Jin-gook steps in. Just when you think he’s coming to her rescue, he does the opposite, by telling Hye-mi to cough it up.

He finds the pendant in her pocket and returns it to Baek-hee, telling Hye-mi to act like herself; she doesn’t need a stupid pendant because she’s plenty talented on her own. It’s like a back-handed rescue…which then gets totally wiped out by Sam-dong, who rushes in to deck Jin-gook in the face, for outing Hye-mi. Haha. Fisticuffs already? This love triangle is going to be So. Good.

The boys tussle, and get interrupted by Kyung-jin, who sends them to the proper class…Kirin’s graveyard.

In a montage, we see that the ensuing days are hard on the three kids, especially Hye-mi, who gets hazed like nobody’s business. At one point she gets egged, and Sam-dong runs up to shield her with his jacket. Their English lesson by Jin-man consists of conjugating verbs like “finish, give up, and deny,” heh, and they sit deflated.

Hye-mi walks out, and Sam-dong takes Jin-good aside to talk. He tells Jin-gook that if he apologizes to Hye-mi for making her out to be a thief in front of everyone, then he’ll apologize for hitting Jin-gook.

Jin-gook says that he was just trying to knock some sense into Hye-mi, because in her own words, those sorts of trinkets are for people who have no skills to rely on. But Sam-dong explains that it’s not about her singing. When she had that pendant, her father called: “If you had seen the look on her face, you wouldn’t have taken it away from her.”

Is it possible for her to date both of them at once? Can there be some kdrama rule of exception for a case like this?

They get interrupted by Hye-mi, who calls everyone to attention with a bullhorn in the middle of the auditorium. She announces that she’s no longer going to take their terrorizing her, and she puts up a challenge: if she beats Baek-hee in the midterm exams, then everybody apologizes and the terror stops. She vows to show everyone that the pendant’s original thief was Baek-hee, who stole her audition out from under her.

Sam-dong stares drop-jawed, and Jin-gook smiles, now satisfied that Hye-mi has returned.

Baek-hee asks what she gets if she wins. Hye-mi says that she’ll acknowledge that she’s a thief, and accept everything they say about her. She adds, leveling a glare: “But don’t worry, because I’m gonna win.”

Aw, hells yeah!


What a difference a week makes. I liked this drama for what it could be last week, but now it’s totally stepping up to the plate. Why am I so invested? I don’t even really know. I think the cast of characters is just really refreshing, because while the story’s setup is predictable, the characters are interesting subversions of the typical one-dimensional archetypes. Everyone’s got surprising layers and reasons for us to love AND hate them, from the prickly heroine down to her nemesis, who’s overcompensating for all her lack of self-esteem.

I love all the friendships and love triangles that cross, double, and triple-cross…it’s exactly what you want in a high school drama, complete with dance-offs. I mean, what’s with the awesome?

I’m glad we’re settled into the school now, because the backstory was necessary but dragged the thing down. We all just wanted to get here, and now that we are, it’s shaping up to be quite the addictive ride. Sometimes you just need a drama like this: one that you know will be utterly satisfying and deliver on its very simple premise.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that the boys in this drama are SO distractingly pretty. What?


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  1. leslie

    i love the Hye Mi..she’s cute ^_^ like my girlfriend

    • 1.1 chong

      and i love taecyeon. ^^

      • 1.1.1 Dalia

        NOOOOOOOOOOOH leave my Taecyeon Oppa Alone ~ he’s my nampyeon U_U ~

        • pabo ceo reom

          I left a comment on the last episode post about my strangely growing addiction to this drama. But my god I am WITH you gf. I still have no idea why (and quite honestly I don’t really care at this point), but pack me my dancing shoes and sparkly microphone and ship me to the crack house!

    • 1.2 florance

      It´s kind of sweet that you like suzy because she looks like your girlfriend. All the more I hope you watch it together with her. It would be endearing!^^

    • 1.3 Esther Ahn

      This comment is cute!!!!

  2. javabeans

    I freaking love the sing-off. I love that they used Lee Seung-chul (one of my all-time favorites), and I love that they both rocked it. And I love how crazy-nonsensical it is that the prodigy didn’t know the song but sang it perfectly — not because he could guess the tune, but because he JUST KNEW THE LYRICS? Does his prodigy extend to clairvoyance?

    • 2.1 girlfriday

      I KNOW, right? It kills me, but I’m eating it up!

      • 2.1.1 javabeans

        Totally. Oh, and I love that the part with Jason holding the note — which seems pretentious out of context — is actually something Lee Seung-chul does with the song, which you can hear in this live version: http://www.mediafire.com/?d6ay2ss91v5yl5c (at the 3:30 mark).

        Okay, I just love Lee Seung-chul.

        • girlfriday

          Now I have the urge to go re-watch Rock Rock Rock. Damnit, Show.

          • javabeans

            I wish we had different color boxes. Because it kinda looks like I’m having a conversation with myself, lol.

          • girlfriday

            Well, technically, there’s no one to confirm that you’re not

          • javabeans


          • maria

            didn’t you just? ;p … LOL 😛

          • Memmy

            LOL… you two…

          • JiHwan

            You girls are totally crack heads!! but hilarious nonetheless! hahahaha

        • mmmaggie

          Okay, FINE. I wasn’t going to watch this show because of time…. and the fact that I can’t stand Ham Eun Jung, and the type of girl she is playing in Dream High is one I hate the most — but if BOTH javabeans and girlfriday are raving about it, I can’t resist. BUT if this turns into something like Cinderella’s Sister, I’ll… I’ll… keep reading Dramabeans. 😛

        • ilikehim

          I friggin LOVEEEED it when Wooyoung was singing!

      • 2.1.2 im_eve

        wow the fact that you girls “chatted” about a drama for THIS long…my interest IS piqued!

        and i do adore wooyoung/jason ^^

    • 2.2 Beng

      maybe he learned the lyrics and the tune after Jason sang the first few lines when he enters the “cage”. So maybe not clairvoyant but some kinda “photographic memory”?

      Sam-dong also did it with “My only hope”. I don;t think that song was ever aired in the backwaters where he lives. Or is it?

      • 2.2.1 Dafné

        Well actually that’s what I understood when he said he didn’t know the song. That he had only heard it once (from Jason in this case…)
        I’m disapointed if that’s not the case… genius ok, but magic? ^^’

  3. paper

    The sing off was so effing EPIC *^*

    But then the rest of the episode was blah 🙁
    Can’t wait for next weeks epi though xD
    Thanks for the recap GF <3

    • 3.1 paper

      OMFG …. ok the language barrier makes a HUGE difference x.x
      This episode seemed kick ass after reading the recap ;A;

  4. angell

    OMG i can’t believ im thinrd anyways uum i want to say youre awesome and I love this,, and i watched the raw vid oh my god i didnt get it but thanks to you i get it now!!

  5. sosoxrah

    My favorite parts are the Hye-mi + Sam-dong moments. I think that’s the main reason why I’m sticking with this drama. 😀

    • 5.1 florance

      Oh, I´m dying! Sam Dong is so freaking hot and sweet! Kim Soo hyun is a really great actor, he was and still is (gorgeous perfomance as little goo soo in Will it snow for christmas) Sigh…more Sam Dong, please!
      The moments between Hye Mi and Sam Dong is heartwarming, but I wish that the character of Hye Mi would be less bratty. I hate brattiness.

    • 5.2 boo

      you and i both!;D

      I really really hope he’s gonna end up with Suzy coz they’re just cute together, what a puppy love!hehehe

      • 5.2.1 Butch

        zEtLki I’m not easily imrpsesed. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂

  6. scarlett

    I’m really rooting for Eunjung’s character now. I think she really should win because she needs her own confidence. Otherwise, she’ll never overcome her fear.

    • 6.1 superfilthy

      LOL me too. She needs that pendant more than anybody in the main cast =))

      Besides, Hye mi came off as extremely bratty. Only now can I begin to have a little patience with her character 😛

    • 6.2 churasan

      I’m rooting for Eunjung too. I don’t know why… but Hye-mi character in episode 1 was really just too snooty for me and just gave me a bad impression. She’s got the two guys anyways, so Eunjung should at least win the talent part since she’s got no guys… LOL 🙂

      • 6.2.1 scarlett

        I also had a hard time feeling for Hye Mi’s character since I don’t see her pains expressed that well. I don’t think I’m going to root for her anytime soon.

        • cookiesx

          It’s so hard for me to root for Hye Mi at this point. It’s either how the character has been written or acting on Suzy’s part (which I think is alright so far).

          Baek Hee’s character transformation also pisses me off. Why does she need to turn into a b1tch to prove herself? I hope throughout series Baek Hee changes for the better.

          Honestly, I don’t care if Baek Hee doesn’t get a guy. I’d rather she gain confidence and becomes a stronger independent person. I’m crossing my fingers that Hye Mi gets her wake up call soon and becomes less snobby and realizes how much she hurt Baek Hee and how big of a part she played in her former ‘friend’s’ transformation.

          • maria

            i think there’s more to Baek Hee than the guy. she’s trying to prove herself so damn hard because even now, even apart from Hye Mi like this, in her head, she’s still just a shadow of what hye mi is. psychologically, i must say her characterization has been compelling!

          • scarlett

            same thoughts exactly. Pairing was never a concern to me. I’m more concerned about how the characters are developing. Transformation aside, I like Baek-hee’s character since it is more realistic in a high school setting and that is what makes Baek Hee more compelling (regardless of the acting).

          • straberryxox

            Me too. I saw this episode and I really don’t like her attitude. Especially when she “steal” the pendant and would not admitted. She said that it belong to her and that the pendant choose her. I mean in the last few episode she was admiring Baek Hee’s pendant and in the fight she grabbed Baek Hee’s pendant. Worst of all in the end, Sam-dong protect her!!

            I don’t see the logic? Why in the k-drama universe would that be justified!? It would be like a thief saw a antique necklace and want it, “without knowing” he took it, then he claim that he was the “chosen one”. WTF

            To me I really don’t like this episode. In addition I really don’t like how Baek Hee is characterized and how the scriptwriter portray the development of the character. In this drama the scriptwriter portray the scenario where the weak is always good (and will have people protect her) and the strong is bad.

            Maybe it is me, maybe it is the acting, the scriptwriting but I really don’t want to watch this drama anymore.

          • elsie

            Ugh. I’ve pretty much written off Hyemi and this drama. She has such an ugly personality… and now she’s a thief? Terrific! The speech she makes at the end? C’mon. They should apologize to her for calling her a thief? She is a thief and a liar. She’s just too much of a person you wouldn’t want to know in real life.

          • ni

            i think in her mind since she picked it up she didnt steal it. but her speech at the end was kinda harsh tbh lol she thought it rightfully belonged to her!! how much confidence does this girl have? in any case, i love her character, cos shes bratty, but we also see her nicer moments. i love that shes getting served – all the bullies should humble her somewhat. i really hope bakhee will win in the midterm exams so hyemi can get rid of her pride and work hard for her future.

        • Alex

          I don’t think Hye Mi is a thief. If I was unlucky all along and some lucky thing had touched me, I would have held on to it to the end. Seriously, I understood how Hye Mi feels and I would hate Taecyon (now what’s his name in the drama? hehe) forever to reveal me like that. But I’m glad Hye Mi came to her sense and do it her way/or…bratty way. I don’t like any girls in this drama, so far yet, So b*tchy, The guys are yummy! lol

    • 6.3 ilikehim

      What? Even with her move of putting a pin in the girl’s shoe AND feign as victim?
      Nah, i cant support that.
      Lack of confidence does not give her the excuse to do those to others.
      She was sympathetic and root-able until ep 4.

    • 6.4 YAY

      I’m totally rooting for eunjung’s character too. I really hate HM. She’s such a bitch. I didn’t like the whole pendant issue. HM is the thief. what is up with her overconfidence? I hope she loses and will apologize to everyone and work harder to gain everyone’s trust. gahhh SD should not have gotten her back. i like taec’s character for pointing out the truth

      • 6.4.1 stella

        hye mi is really annoying..she’s just too much i think..that’s not called being confident,in fact,it’s pathetic!what’s up with those two guys that always defend her?luckily taec doesn’t really defend her about the pendant issue..i like eunjung..i hope her character will stay innocent but she gonna be selfish like hyemi i guess…it’s the principal who choose baek hee,why all of sudden that hye mi claims that baek hee stole her place during the audition?it’s not baek hee’s fault if hye mi doesn’t have manners!

  7. crazedlu

    i had my doubts about this one, but i’m feeling it more than “my princess,” even though “my princess” is good too. in fact, i like it A LOT. i’m glad for finally getting a good dose of high school drama.. onscreen that is. diiiigg it.

  8. Angskeet

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    • 8.1 Alex

      Look like another Justin Fever hair heheh

  9. Mel

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  10. 10 Angskeet

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  11. 11 Beng

    oh, i’m so loving this drama too. Yes, its quite predictable as i can follow the story even without the subs or the recap yet. I love all the characters. I think i can say the 6 are all good actors and knows how to protray their characters in the drama. I love also the 2 teachers…

    go go go dream high!

  12. 12 Angskeet

    oh shoot two guys after hye mi already? mind if you share one with me lol

    • 12.1 maria

      get in line, sister. 😛

    • 12.2 Autumn

      i call dibs on Sam-dong.

  13. 13 sora

    Now I’m totally in love…. am I dreaming high right about now? LOL

  14. 14 Blanca

    I don’t care what everyone else says, I’M GONNA MISS BAE YONG JUN!

    • 14.1 maria

      no one can deny the pretty. 🙂

      but it’s literally like watching Him HYun Joong… everytime i watch him in a drama, i ogle so hard at him, and then a scene ends and i’m like, “where’s the pretty?!.. what just happened?” …O_O @_@

      • 14.1.1 Severine

        Ahahahaha, ditto. I forgot to read the subs when BYJ was on because I was too busy staring and listening to the pretty. Luckily, this drama has plenty of other pretty to ogle at.

  15. 15 Ashley

    I LOVED this episode. I am loving the rivalry, the motherfucking sing off and other little gems. Hye Mi’s sister is adorable. She stuck her tongue out at the teacher’s sister during that drunken debacle that was dinner and it cracked me up. For such a fluffy drama, there’s lots to love.

    But I have to say, I cracked up when Jin Gook was dancing out his daddy issues to “Lil Freak” by Usher. It’s a song about menage a trois. At least they knew to cut it before Nicki Minaj’s part.

    • 15.1 balletbabe

      LOL I was think the same thing about the song choice, like “ahhhh ummm”

  16. 16 dreamoscope

    i really cant choose who i want hyemi to go with. seriously. both of them are so nice to her its just unreal. usually in kdramas the main lead is a jerk, and the second lead is a super nice guy, this time, both are really nice and sweet. i think they just know what people loves.

    the sing-off <3 OMG. it was gorgeous. i love how jason was so cool about the whole thing. confidence goes a long way 😀

    and jason/pilsook loveline should get more airtime. definately. and i really really hope they make them sing duets.

  17. 17 budeng

    God I can’t wait for the next episode, seriously.

  18. 18 strawhatz

    wow kim soo hyun’s voice is really great….he’s just awesome in every way…i’m a big fan

  19. 19 momo

    “She vows to show everyone that the pendant’s original thief was Baek-hee, who stole her audition out from under her.” <————- I didn't know HyeMi been smoking weed all up till now. Till this point, she still think she's the SHIT and everybody else is the shit.

    • 19.1 Serena

      Couldn’t agree with you more!

    • 19.2 shoes&socks

      The reason she acts like that is because it’s her self defense. She’s actually going through alot…if u’ll remember, she became practically homeless and now what she has to go through at school and the debt collectors..
      In this ep there are moments when u can see the kindness in her
      I did like baek hee before, but shes turning out so evil…
      ahaha I can’t wait to see the look on director shi’s face when the three in the “university class” become the three most successful

      • 19.2.1 Natalie

        EXACTLY! i can rationalize completely the way she behaves—- her mother left the family (cheated with the teacher guy, Oh Hyuk?), her father just abandoned her in Seoul to run off with debtors, leaving her to pick up the pieces AND take care of her sister. Girl obviously should have issues. She’s already handling a lot better than an average teenager could.

        • YAY

          I agree that her life sucks, but her actions don’t justify it in any means. I can’t agree with the way she acts at all…

    • 19.3 E

      Yea I can sympathize that she’s going through a rough time – but that just makes her just like BH. She’s just as much as a liar and trying to save her own skin by her actions except for different reasons (BH for acceptance from her peers and parents/HM for her pride). They’re just selfish young girls – I just hope they’ll find a balance between finding happiness without sacrificing their moral standards.

      I was really hoping they would become friends again…but I guess I’ll have a while more. I hope it’s not all the way at the end.

  20. 20 JD

    OK, I swear, I think every comment I will write about this drama is going to be about how good Taecyeon looks. And his character is! so! cute! I really want him to end up with Suzy, but I guess that’s not gonna happen :/

    • 20.1 nomujoha

      YEAH taec is really good looking. but some people think he’s not because of the stupid mushroom hair on “Cinderella’s Sister”. XD

      • 20.1.1 Alex

        OH no, I’m in contrary, I love his stupid hairdo, upper dupper cute

    • 20.2 Crew


      I think he looks like a younger Song Seung Heon in that picture.

      It doesn’t hurt that both of their bodies are beautifully sculpted.

    • 20.3 :D

      am I the only one who thinks him an hye-mi will end up together?…Idk i think it’s pretty obvious, since the other boy’s feelings seem like they will be one sided. the scenes with hye-mi and taec have the most chemistry.

    • 20.4 Alex

      You guys think that the two nice dudes should go for the main lead actress? I dont think Hye Mi deserves any of them. I think All the dudes should go for Pil Sook, she’s at least the most adorable and kind girl so far in this drama.

      • 20.4.1 YAY

        agreed completely. HM deserves neither

  21. 21 POGA

    Ahaha, I was waiting forever for the recap! I cracked and decided to watch raw, even though I was “…????” at the screen the entire time.

    And of course, after reading this, I STILL end up rooting for Hye-mi. lol. Usually I go for her kinds of characters, too…but never have I rooted for BOTH male leads and I find myself rooting now. Awww…can’t both guys get her? Jin-gook AND Sam-Dong? I don’t want either to be heartbroken….(and since the promo pics heavily suggest it IS Jin-gook being heartbroken, ending up with Baek-hee…there’s gonna be some real sadness there).

    I love how none of the guys are jerks. I mean, for once…there’s not some rich son who’s annoying and arrogant, genius who is stand-offish, and pauper who has nothing. They’re all like…Jin-gook is rich and has issues, but he seems just like a normal guy without the arrogance. Jason is super-talented, yet he remains kind to Pil-gook, not using her, but just a generally nice guy. And Sam-Dong isn’t losing out just cuz he’s from the countryside, he’s there, too. PLEASE don’t change these guys, Show. Actually, please don’t make Sam-Dong and Jin-gook mortal enemies..I’m looking at a show that encourages the bond of these underdogs, haha.

    Liking this Show more and more.

    But lol, I just have to laugh at Taec’s “I can’t even speak English” as I go “….Taec, you speak flawless English, considering you spent almost a decade in Boston” cuz it’s just…lol. Hard to picture. (But I guess this means he won’t have any English lines, since he supposedly doesn’t know it…unless, of course, he’s lying about that. Awwww. I was anticipating that English.)

    • 21.1 dreamoscope

      i agree completely. i love all the main guys’ characters in this 😀 they are just… flawless. yes, both appearance and character. im usually bitter when everyone ended up paired up in a drama, cos in real life it doesn’t go like that. but for this i dont care, those 3 leads need to end up with a girl. jason with pilsook, and while i still havent reach proper decision on who to ship jingook/samdong with, i just wish they both end up happily paired 😀

      dream high, im hooked.

      • 21.1.1 POGA

        lol, I realized I wrote Pil-gook -_- Ahahaha. Shipping Jingook/Pilsook? lolllll. Nah, cuz she’s too cute with Jason.

        But yeah, usually I’m like “Geesh, don’t pair up just for the sake of it” but this time I’m like “SHOW DON’T YOU DARE LEAVE A SINGLE ONE HEARTBROKEN.” Considering I know Jin-gook will be (ah…Taec, one day, you’ll get the girl, really) judging from the promos…I just want all three happy. And plus, Jason and Pilsook is just too cute.

      • 21.1.2 shoes&socks

        he’s too good for her….she doesn’t deserve anyone….

        • Natalie

          i like her but i completely agree. i just don’t see anything special between them (yet…)

        • dreamoscope

          from the interviews they said that pil/son is a pair. samdong likes hyemi, but hyemi likes jingook.. and baekhee likes jingook too. so in the end it depends on jingook and who he choose, basically. except if in the middle hyemi suddenly likes samdong more. but idk. i kinda like hyemi with samdong and jingook :X and well.. i dont ship baekhee with anyone since she’s evil. lol. but maybe she’ll turn nice in the end.

          am i the only one that thinks that all 6 of them gonna end up in the rejects class? i mean pilsook is going there next ep.. i have a feeling jason gonna be put there to help the others or something. idk. please dont seperate jason and pilsook. they are the reason im watching this so intently. lol

        • hapacalgirl

          Frankly I don’t think HyeMi deserves either of the guys. She is so incredibly arrogant. I get she has issues and this is a defense mechanism but it doesn’t mean she is right. She has yet to show that she has learned anything from this ordeal and remains her “I am better than everyone” attitude. Until I see some genuine kindness from her I don’t think she deserves anyone.

    • 21.2 Autumn

      “Actually, please don’t make Sam-Dong and Jin-gook mortal enemies….”
      i second this. i could do with a little Bromance as well.

      pfft, i also laughed when Taec said that, it’s so ironic. i hope they don’t make him speak engrish though. it’s quite painful to listen to fluent english speakers trying to speak engrish.

    • 21.3 pigtookie

      “I love how none of the guys are jerks. I mean, for once…there’s not some rich son who’s annoying and arrogant, genius who is stand-offish, and pauper who has nothing.”

      Because the Hyemi and Baekhee are taking these roles? I wouldn’t say any of the leads’ characters come off as fresh, as they have been done before in kdrama history. But I like the dynamics and how they encounter each other. This genre of high school trainees is refreshing after the other genres we’ve had lately, and makes me curious the way You’re Beautiful did, because I feel a little more connected to kpop at this stage in my life.

      lol funny how jason’s english is so fail, huh? when taecyeon can speak it.

  22. 22 bee

    THIS SHOW. I love it, I love it, I love it. And it’s so… I don’t know. Predictable and basic but I’m fucking addicted. I’m half realllly excited for next week because it means more drama crack and half really unexcited because it means starting spring semester. Eeeek D:

  23. 23 angell


    SORry I like himmmm better

    oh baby Hye mi is sooooo confident i like that

    thats’s right screw baek hee over she is a wannabe. i didn’t like how she put thumbthaks in jeong ah jeong’s hoes BITCH

    • 23.1 dreamoscope

      i liked baekhee until that moment she put thumbtacks in ah-jeong’s shoes. thats just so cheap. i wish they didnt write her into such evil character :X

    • 23.2 Devill

      Well HyeMi is a fake bitch. She pretend to save BH from those girls in episode 1 when those girls called BH’s “HM’s slipper” but today, HM herself used that term again to belittle BH. SCREW HER!

      • 23.2.1 Mochi

        woahh you got to relax.. = =
        O: everyone has there opinions so theres no need to overreact

  24. 24 jamie

    so many good things about this episode, but i love that it’s the girl giving the makeover to a guy instead of the other way around…. makes me smile inside 🙂

    thanks for the recap!

    • 24.1 shamwow

      exactlyy!!! unexpected right? wow koreans are really something

  25. 25 angell

    lol i like how this drama is unexpected..

    It is evident that the director positions the audience to root for hye mi and not baek hee…

    though shes a bitch
    the main story line for this drama is how she improved
    and her firiend as well

    at first when i saw sam dong’s jolly face in episode 1 (for 2 seconds) he looked really nothing to me but then knowing how most kdramas work, i knew he was going to be a lead.. don’t ask but while watching k dramas i tend to think oppositely

    for example when i saw Taec, he didn’t interest me enough albeit his gentle manly ways to hye mi..

    so far, the director is trying to make the audience think that hye mi and taec are going to have love lines in the future.. with sam dong’s presence it has now apparently a love triangle. but i still root for sam dong

    • 25.1 shamwow

      I agree and I’ve also noticed that unlike most kdramas, in this dramas the female lead is is more high class than the guy
      hye mi and sam dong

      and of course unlike typical kdramas

      there are no jerks in this ^^

  26. 26 LaLa

    Thanks for the recap!

    I’m really starting to enjoy this drama, but I think it’s mainly thanks to Kim Soo Hyun.

    But I also like Baek Hee, and I really hope they don’t make it impossible to like her by turning her into some evil, psychotic school girl.

    And I don’t know if it’s just me, but each episode I dislike Hye Mi more and more.

    • 26.1 bee

      Really, I’m the opposite.. I like Baek-Hee less and less with each episode… Putting a tack in someone’s shoe is messed up. And then pretending to lose the fight so the other girls would pity her? Oh, helllll no. That, in combination with her getting mad at her mom… She’s already halfway to psychotic, evil schoolgirl land. Bon voyage~

      • 26.1.1 LaLa

        Well I don’t think she did it because she’s a bad person, I just think she did the thumbtack thing out of desperation to prove herself to Hye Mi, which I think is stupid, like C’mon girl! You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. But the fainting thing, yeah even I was like WTF? get up!

        But I don’t think they’ll make her completely crazy, because I think she might have a thing with JG, so he has to like something about her, or maybe it’ll be one-sided and she will become ultimate bitch.

        The thing is, I really like Eunjung, so I think i’ll always like her character a little extra, because she brings this cute charm to Baek Hee.

        Whether it’s Hye Mi, the character, or Suzy’s acting, I still don’t think i’ll ever like her, because she tends to look and act pig headed, though I have to admit the scenes with her sis make me soften just a little bit. But hopefully over the next couple of episodes i’ll warm up to her. 😀

  27. 27 balletbabe

    OMG I don’t know which male to root for, Jin-gook or Sam-dong! Ahhh, I’m all confizzled >_< Help!

    • 27.1 esther

      root for sam dong 🙂 they’re sweet together! according the the posters, jin gook belongs to eunjung anyway.

      like everyone else has said, i hope they stop making eunjung into some evil bitch that’s impossible to like (because i love her…and so far her evilness is having a positive effect on me instead of a negative one. her character’s more understandable…..and as for suzy’s character, hyemi…not sure if it’s because of her acting but i’m still not getting to love her. i’ve never loved the second lead once before….this drama is really something. and of course eunjung :))

      • 27.1.1 Balletbabe

        But if you look at some of the posters there are some where Hye-mi is stand next to one guy but then in the next one she’s next to the other and even one she like somewhere in between : (

  28. 28 dramaboy1

    well i hope this drama doesnt lead to a fad of dramas just clobbing a bunch of pretty idols together, who honestly have awful vocal skills (other than IU, of course) to be actually considered singers.

    • 28.1 orenji

      suzy is pretty good in singing.

    • 28.2 dramafan88

      Hey, all the lead actors – Eunjung, Suzy, Woo Young, Kim Soo Hyun and IU can sing … except for Taecyon who is a rapper 😛

      How can you say they are awful singers?

      • 28.2.1 dramaboy1

        i excluded iu…just because they call themselves singers doesnt mean that they have strong vocal skillls…they may be good at singing considering that they have to dance at the same time…but their vocal skills alone are unimpressive

        • Natalie

          i will say that IU is the most talented of the bunch as she can base her talent on singing alone, but i was pretty blown away by Wooyoung’s vocals today. He’s got a really great voice. Probably the best out of 2PM.

          i’m not sure if Suzy’s vocals are dubbed over in the drama, i have a feeling they are (but i think she’s still a pretty decent singer) but if they aren’t, she’s a pretty phenomenal singer herself.

          (anyone knows about how she hit her high notes in ep 1 and this one?)

          • Ashnia

            Taek CANT sing period. His singing voice is terrible. Hes not that great as rapper no where near the likes of say GD and TOP. Especially TOP who can base his talent as rapping alone the amazing acting is a plus for him

            Anyway, Eunjung is decent singer and rapper. She is a actually the 2nd lead singer in T-ara and the main rapper.
            And I cant say much for her acting talents but when she debuted with Miss A I was actually pretty blown away with her singing talents. If you look at JYP group Maknaes their all pretty bad at singing. But Suzy is pretty good. Although I think her voice here is dubbed.

            WooYoung is also pretty decent singer as well. When Jay Park left 2pm, WooYoung became the 2nd lead singer after Junsu. Junsu is the best singer in 2PM but I love WooYoung’s voice more.

            And of course IU is IU.

            But other than Taek, the rest of the cast has a pretty solid singing background.

        • haneul.

          She doesn’t get to show it off that often, but Eunjung actually has strong vocals. She just doesn’t show them off that often because of the type of songs T-ara sings.

    • 28.3 dreamoscope

      well they’re meant to go to a school that hone those vocal and dancing skills, so for now its forgivable that their vocals isn’t totally amazing. wooyoung and KSH actually blew me away with the 4th ep. their vocals are actually better than i thought it would be, esp KSH.

      besides, they’re trying to become idols anyway. many idols out there have awful vocal skills.. but they’re still idols right?

  29. 29 John

    I’m not sure if this was a question that was asked already but what are the dramawriter’s ( or s’) previous work(s)?

    • 29.1 dreamoscope

      im curious too. cos i went to search her in google and found absolutely no match
      the director directed some dramas already tho, and from memory sassy girl chun yang is one of them, no wonder the visuals so nice and polished 😀

  30. 30 LeMonS

    Ok, if Baek-hee wasn’t jealous of Hye-mi before, wait till she finds out she is LIVING with those two boys. Baek-hee’s guy lackey isn’t quite measuring up (and you can tell from a distance). Ha!

  31. 31 Autumn

    I think i am starting to like Baekhee. I seriously didn’t know what to think of her at first, she was confusing to me. i mean, i can see what they were trying to do with the character, i just could not sympathise with her…well, until this episode. Not that i am rooting for her now, but i just love how it’s not just a simple case of good vs bad.

    “Haha. Fisticuffs already? This love triangle is going to be So. Good.”— oh i know!! i am already having internal shipping wars with myself. why are they both so adorable??? speaking of adorable, i totally aww-ed when they showed Pilsook’s picture frame. this show is turning me into a mushcake.

    oh and i love Oh-hyuk’s sister, she’s hilarious. but they seriously should stamp “cougar. beware.” all over her face.

    thanks for the recap.

  32. 32 Sumee

    OMO I am actually liking the show..really finding it cute 🙂

  33. 33 cinderella

    I am def starting to get addicted to this drama! I think this will be my crack (along with My Princess) this season… Too bad the subs over at viki aren’t complete yet… So glad that your recaps are able to somewhat fulfill my addiction! Thanks GF!

  34. 34 Anonymous

    I like everything so far except for what Baek hee is becoming. I really dislike that in trying to make Hye mi more likeable/”the better character” the writer has made Baek hee such a horrible character. (It’s like they’re trying to make Baek hee so dislikable in order to ensure the audience will cheer for Hye mi.) I mean, I think they’re taking her “evil character” too far, while also being a little inconsistent. I really hope they don’t make her develop into the become “ultimate bitch” because really? If they can forgo the usual “douchebag vs white knight” setup and make both the lead males equally “root”-able, why not do so for the females as well?

    • 34.1 Wesley

      Agreed… it’s like they’re trying to make HM more likeable by making BH evil. Although she’s made some development in how she treats the two guys, she her attitude toward everyone else is still the same. At this point, HM is still completely arrogant, haughty, and unable to realise/admit her wrongdoings. She is convinced that she’s done nothing wrong and the way she tries to justify her wrongdoings are ludicrous. Even though BH is becoming evil, I will still root for her until HM stops thinking she’s God’s gift to mankind and starts treating others with respect.

  35. 35 Daniela

    I like this more. This was a good episode. I had never experienced this. I usually like the male lead more. Sometimes I like second leads but I always want the girl end with the male lead because I know she will (in the dramas I’ve seen, yeah). But this time, oh god, I love them both. Really, why can’t she go through mitosis like Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory? That way everybody would be happy! Sam-dong´s smile…gorgeous.

    I’m in Hye-mi’s side now. I know that Baek-hee is not bad, she just have issues (and her mom is not helping) but what she did in fight scene in the bathroom…not cool, girl. That’s just so [insert the English equivalent for mosquita muerta here].

    Maybe my opinion changes through the episodes, but right now, this is what I think.

    • 35.1 Daniela

      Oh, thank you for the recap!

  36. 36 daisy

    I FREAKING love this drama!!! THe leads are awesome and im totally inlove w/ sam-dong!!! *___* and yes im rooting for him and hye-mi. shes my girl. and baekhee? well looks like shes gona become some evil conniving bitch. =x. AND we all LOVE evil girls!!! LMAO! oh show, bring on the drama. is why i love thee. and boys. ahem. ^___^

  37. 37 Natalie

    Like what girlfriday said, this show has completely taken me by surprised (I was always going to watch for Suzy, Eunjung, Taecyon, Kim Soo Hyun and IU but I expected fluffy drama silly crap, AND IT ISN’T) — the first episode was totally what I expected, self-important and cheesy, but the ensuing episodes have presented us with layered, interesting characters. Hye-Mi and Baek-Hee are both great and complex female leads although I’m officially Team Hye-Mi as of this week— I suspected I always was, but yeah…

    Jin Gook and Sam Dong. OH GOSH. I AM SO TORN BETWEEN THE TWO FOR HYE-MI. I’M NOT EVEN GOING TO PICK SIDES BECAUSE I JUST SIGH IN FRUSTRATION AND DELIGHT EVERYTIME THEY GET THE CUTE ON WITH HER OR THEMSELVES OR OTHERWISE. WHY SO CUTE, BOYS??? And Taecyon’s improved this week! I’m really happy that this set of idol actors are working their butts off to improve.

    • 37.1 Natalie

      oh can i just say again, I love Hye Mi. Very much. She’s stepping up to become one of my favorite kdrama heroines, crazy as that may sound to people.

      i get where she’s coming from, right from the first episode, the way she acts, and everything. her background is pretty messed up, and she’s pretty normal for someone with such a dysfunctional background. all she has now is her sister, her pride and her talent, so obviously she’s going to build a wall around her. So i get the arrogance. She reminds me a bit of Hwang Tae Kyeong…

      i’ll keep defending her character until/if they ever mess her up.

      • 37.1.1 shoes&socks

        exactly my thoughts.
        Baek hee….with the fainting thing to get pity….just,no. Cowardly. At least hye mi can face baek hee without like an entire class backing her up
        Although i want baek hee to become nicer, If they do mke baek hee completely evil, I won’t mind because that’s how I feel about her now..

      • 37.1.2 dreamoscope

        funny how if hye mi’s character was a guy, people wouldnt have much of a problem with it. she’s like a goo jun pyo/hwang tae kyung clone. lol. which made it interesting cos she’s not the typical kdrama girl leads 🙂

        rooting for her too. tho i dont know who to ship her with.

        i used to like baek hee, but the moment she put thumbtacks on the other girl’s shoe, thats the moment i decided that no im not going to tolerate her. at least hyemi is being mean outside, to shield herself. baekhee is being so nice outside, but inside she’s so vile. sigh. i dont like what the show is turning her into.

  38. 38 anny

    thanks for the recap.
    i can’t wait for next ep.
    I’m happy that the viewer ratings went higher every week.

  39. 39 Krystal

    Omg, I’m in love, but I want Baek hee To get with Jin gook tho, i dunno why, but I feel that way. And I really start to dislike hye mi somehow. Lol I’m weird. Jason and pil sook ftw! Hahaha.

  40. 40 Mayounaise

    Been reading some pretty good reviews of this drama. But I’ve been wary of another crack drama esp since current circumstances forbid me from having one. Am hoping that I’ll be able to start watching it when it reaches the second half of the drama while keeping my fingers crossed that the show will maintain its pace… ^^

  41. 41 sophie

    hye mi is too cruel to be the main protagonist.baek hee is also step by step getting more rude.annoying girls..
    this show is just helped by the boys and pil sook (before she become thin princess in some next episode,after that, she’ll be equal annoying like hye mi and baek hee) #sigh

  42. 42 hh176

    Yay! Thanks a mill for the fast recaps, both of you! Really appreciate them! 😉

    To GF, re your statement on ‘Is it possible for her to date both of them at once? Can there be some kdrama rule of exception for a case like this?’

    Well, Mary did this with JI and MG in Mary Stays Out All Night, no? lol 😀

    I just can’t wait what’s going to happen in the next episode!

  43. 43 Ellie

    Lee Seung Chul? Wow, that brings memories from eons ago, when I was at Yonsei for a summer, and we were all singing 안녕이라고 말하지마 and 사랑하고 싶어! Ahhh, the good old days.

  44. 44 goss

    I do find myself warming up like hell to Baek-hi rather than Hye-min, despite the director trying to turn the former into a villain so the audience sides with Hye-min.

    Hye-min already has background drama!angst so I really didn’t see the point of that – maybe it’s ’cause the actress or character comes off as very standoffish and bratty without enough of the inner turmoil and vulnerability showing through. She seems more like a Queen Bee fallen on hard times who hasn’t actually matured despite all of that. I can’t see her as an underdog at all and there are moments where her reactions to people have me going “oh honey, you reap what you sow.”

    Baek-hi on the other hands falls more into your stereotypical female lead role actually, and these latest twists to turn her into something more tarnished at times feels rather ham handed. Still, stemming out of the character’s desperation and coupled with the actresses abilities, you can tell why she’s doing it. I liked the point where she watches Jin gook dancing ’cause you can tell she hasn’t really changed at all and she’s still very much the starry eyed fangirl.

    I’m worried at the moment that rather than turning Baek-hi into a credible rival to Hye-min, who basically wants her old friend/idol to acknowledge her and open up to her, the drama is going to turn her into an extreme bitch so that despite Hye-min’s stand offishness, there’s always someone around who the audience hates more.

    • 44.1 nell123

      Exactly, why I can’t sympathize with the leading girls in this drama. They’re trying to turn on of them into saint and the the other into villain way too fast and that’s why the development of their relationship seems forced. And also why is it that it’s the girls that turn into vicious vipers from the very first episode? Every other character was presented in more balanced manner than HM and BH. BH needed 5 min. to turn from a naive meek girl into a mean b!tch. We are supposed to root for HM even though she hasn’t displayed any redeeming qualities yet. They are both more like caricatures at this point. Add to that the bad to passable acting and the boring storyline and you don’t get a pretty picture. Pretty idol faces (and bodies 🙂 ) can’t get you very far. I’m seriously thinking about dropping this drama in favor of “My Princess” which is amazing because I’ve never thought that there will come a day when I’ll call KTH + SSH a charming and engaging couple.

      • 44.1.1 goss

        Completely agree! It’s all way too fast and way too soon – it would have flowed better if the writers had taken their time with this since it just feels rushed.

        I’ve noticed that for a lot of people, the thumb tack incident made them hate BH and root for HM which I find a bit ridiculous.

        I mean, while sabotaging the competition with a thumb tack is definitely low, personally, I find the emotional/verbal cuts from Hye-mi and BH’s mother to be far more insidious and dangerous.

        BH isn’t used to cutting down people so she resorts to desperate measures – doubt she knew how to battle against someone who’d used their mother’s *death* to gain support.

        And definitely get you on the lack of redeeming qualities. I don’t understand why HM has two guys after her where her attitude and the way she communicates with people comes of as extremely arrogant and judgmental. There are actresses who can inbue characters like hers with moments of vulnerability but this one doesn’t have the acting chops.

        • JadeJoker

          I am 100% for this mini-thread.

          It’s driving me crazy that so many people love HM so much. For me, I have nearly dropped this drama multiple times due to HM alone. It kills me because I love everyone else. (Yes, even BH) but I can’t root for HM.

          Her only two redeeming acts so far are:
          1. Sam-Dong’s makeover
          2. Apologizing to Jin Gook.

          I don’t mind having a lead that is a total *ahem* – IF its about her finding her way and learning HUMILITY. But so far HM has not learned to take herself off a pedestal. The pendant “ownership” speech was such bull I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Even if BH was not present HM would still have been cut. The point was President Jung saw all her arrogance and close-mindeness through the performance and wasn’t interested in a student like that. Her persistance kept him interested which wound up helping her but he would never have given her the necklace either way. I’m appalled at HM’s sense of entitlement – remnants of her spoiled upbringing no doubt. I don’t mind confidence but this is over the top. That irks me. She’s full of herself and still feels like the world should kiss her feet. WHILE she insults it.

          The biggest defense for HM is that she’s going through a lot. Yet, from what the first episode showed us, its clear shes someone who was ALWAYS like that. The way she looks down on others and acts like the top dog. And even though she’s no longer in a position to get away with her nastiness, she still feels it is within her right to demand that others apologize to her for not liking her because of her actions. I’m sorry hon, but you reap what you sow. Yes, the bullying is extreme and always unacceptable, but the general dislike amongst your peers – that’s what you deserve. Notice how you’re the only one being harrased and not SD and JG. It has nothing to do with the special student status but YOU and that god-awful personality of yours.

          Also, I am getting exasperated with all the BH hate. While I respect other peoples opinion, I personally find the reasoning weak. The tack was a shitty move, yes. But, like Goss mentioned, BH’s actions is just a physical manifestation of the abuse she received from HM and the negativity from her mother. I’m not saying that they made her do it either (but they sure didn’t help). I’m saying that this is her equivalent. For me. BH is the most interesting character of the show. I think, of all the characters, Pil Sook and BH have the hardest battle to fight. Themselves. And learning to find their self-esteem. Though PS at least knows she has talent. BH worries her acceptance to Kirin was pure dumb luck, she has no support from the two people that matter the most to her (because despite what people say I still believe BH cares deeply for HM but she’s also really hurting from HM’s continued rejection and lack of acknowledgment) As someone whose always lived in the shadows and who valued her self-worth through others she is stumbling along her own path to find the (her) spotlight. Even if it means channeling her inner b*tch to get there. I find that BH’s inner struggle is a realistic portrayal of the average high school student searching for an identity. Even if it may not be their own.

          I really hope that the writers don’t distort BH’s character too much. I don’t want her to reach the point of no return. Because, save the PS x Jason storyline, I will have no real motivation to continue this drama otherwise.

          I just can’t hop on the bandwagon and root for HM. She has a long way to go before I can accept that. Or the fact that she has two sexy and amazingly sweet/compassionate boys crazy for her. I don’t think she deserves either. As for BH, while getting her paired up would be a bonus, I don’t see that happening. I just want her to love herself at the end. That would be the best ending for me.

          Admittedly we still have 12 episodes left and a lot can change before that point.

          • JadeJoker

            Oh wow. Massive reply. I didn’t even notice. Sorry >.<

    • 44.2 asianromance

      I’m also worried that the story will just feed Baek-hee’s character to the wolves just so the audience can sympathize with Hye-mi. I hate it when writers do that. It is such a lazy move. I think I will sympathize with Hye-mi once she feels truly remorseful abt how cruel she was to Baek-hee.

      Even if Baek-hee is heading the evil route, I just really want to hug her. I’m glad that both girls won’t be fighting over the same guy. though it sucks that Baek-hee falls in love with a guy already in love with her rival.

      (thank you for the recap, girlfriday!)

      • 44.2.1 goss

        Yes, character assassination at its finest and what galls me is that we’re barely a few episodes in and its already at full throttle.

        Hye-mi probably annoys me so much, not just ’cause of the arrogance but that even when we know she’s hurting, she lacks any sense of empathy for others.

        Am very anxious that not only will BH end up being a cardboard cutout by the end of the drama but that any possible romance will get axed because of it – even if she has chemistry with one of the male leads.

  45. 45 yellowpills

    I’m all for Hyemi!!

    I understand this type of girl XD too much pride and fear to show how you really feel


    and I’m like…. dying to see more WooU, seriously this pairing is fire XD

  46. 46 Usi

    Maybe I’m getting too old but the more I see of this drama the more it bores me to dead. Hell, even Mary was refeshing compared to this.

    Don’t missunderstand, I’m not say this is crap. It is just I’m full. Why must be a heroine be nice? HM was so refreshing first.

  47. 47 Serena

    I’m still not liking Suzy’s acting much…

    She pretty much has the same facial expression for every scene though I think that scene with Hye Mi’s sister was quite good. But still…meh. I hope she improves in the coming episodes.

  48. 48 Q

    I do love when a drama twists its relationships like this, so it’s not just 16 eps of waiting for one couple to finally get their happily ever after. High school ain’t about true love, it should be all hormones and rash decisions and awkwardness. Crushing on the boy 3 rows behind you in Calculus; crushing on your best friend’s girlfriend; crushing on that one person you know you’ll never have but enjoy crushing on anyway. My personal favourite is when people seem to simultaneously fall in and out of love with the same person multiple times.

    On another note, I really hope DH is going somewhere with its heroines because I don’t think I can get behind morally ambiguous characters with psychopathic tendencies. What say we ditch the girls and just have 10 episodes of Sum-dong, Jin-gook and Jason having spontaneous epic song and dance battles?

    • 48.1 Sae-byuk

      “Crushing on the boy 3 rows behind you in Calculus; crushing on your best friend’s girlfriend; crushing on that one person you know you’ll never have but enjoy crushing on anyway. My personal favourite is when people seem to simultaneously fall in and out of love with the same person multiple times.”

      OMG, you just described my high school experience to a T, right down to the guy in the back corner of my Calculus class. I very rarely sit in the back of a class, but I somehow migrated right next to him…best math class I ever took.

      I don’t know what Hye-Mi’s going to do because all three of the main guys are winners. Date ’em all in quick succession? That’s what one of my ex-boyfriends did in high school. He dated three of his best female friends (including me), one right after the other, and the other two he fell in and out of love with multiple times. He and I only fell in and out of love once, but still…your description is so accurate. 😉

  49. 49 Jane

    i love taecyeon!!

  50. 50 Sam

    can’t wait for next episode…

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