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Dream High: Episode 6
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This show KILLS ME. Why so awesome? For starters, it looks like 2011’s gonna be another year of bromance. Yee-haw. I’d encourage everyone to get on the bandwagon, but I’m fairly certain you need no prodding. Just hazarding a guess. Dear javabeans: Get your moneypurse ready to be emptied. The showdown is ON, and I’m gettin’ mighty thirsty…


We go back in time a little to see Sam-dong change the evil mural of Hye-mi into a nice one, as he says in voiceover that he’s sorry and that he’ll protect her for sure next time. We catch up to the present, where he knocks her out of the path of the flowerpot of doom, which lands on him instead.

He collapses, unconscious. The ambulance hauls him away, and Jin-gook comes down to survey the damage, and notices a button—one from a school uniform. Gonna go CSI on her ass? Let’s go. Are there any fibers to be tested? There’s always fibers. Meanwhile, Baek-hee, sans button, shakes as she faces her own reflection.

At the hospital, Oh-hyuk tries to contact Sam-dong’s mom, who happens to be out of town. Hye-mi sits in the hallway, shaking as she stares transfixed on her bloodied hands. Jin-gook comes and silently takes her hands and wipes them clean. (Aw, why am I such a sucker for this kid and his white knight bit? Gah.)

She asks, her voice shaking, “He’s not…going to die, is he?” Jin-gook smiles and reassures her that Sam-dong is stupidly strong. Hye-mi starts to cry, as she says it’s all her fault—if she hadn’t taken out the trash…no, if she hadn’t brought Sam-dong up to Seoul…no, if she hadn’t come to Kirin…none of this would have happened. It breaks my heart when people do this very universal thing in the wake of tragedy.

Jin-gook sits down next to her and says that if she keeps going backwards in what-ifs, then none of them should ever have been born. Well that’s just the saddest thing you’ve said, Daddy Complex Boy. Eeesh.

They get word that Sam-dong is fine…except he’s still unconscious. Hye-mi watches over his bedside, holding his hand through the night. In his sleep, Sam-dong remembers the day Hye-mi left for Seoul, and his mother’s request that he sing her a song.

He sang for her, tears falling, his voice faltering, but his mother heard his angelic voice for the first time that day. She had cried, and asked if he wanted to become a singer like his father. He had said no; he was going to Seoul for a different reason. Mom knew right away that this was about Hye-mi: “Does that girl like you?” Sam-dong: “Yeah, I think she does.” Aw, it breaks my heart that he really thought so.

He wakes up, startled to see Hye-mi asleep right next to his pillow. He smiles without realizing the situation, and then it slowly dawns on him that he’s in the hospital because of the flowerpot incident. He says to himself, “Thank goodness…that you’re okay.”

Hye-mi opens her eyes to find that SHE’s in the hospital bed, while Sam-dong sits and watches over her. Ha. She runs over and asks if he’s okay, asking what her name is and how many fingers she’s holding up. Sam-dong laughs, but when he answers all her questions, she grabs him in a hug, crying.

He breaks into a huge grin, as he pats her on the back and tells her that it’s okay. I love that he’s the one who nearly died, but he’s comforting her. So. Cute. Jin-gook sees them from the doorway, and walks away, head down.

At school, Pil-sook gets the call that Sam-dong is on the mend, and Jason comes up to ask her if it’s good news. He gets all up in her personal space to do so, knocking her backwards in shock from the close contact with The Pretty.

He oh-so-gallantly offers a hand to help her stand up, and she swoons in joy, jumping up and down….until she turns around to see him walking away arm-in-arm with Ria. Oh, man. I’m totally having flashbacks to that one boy in high school that every girl loved, and feeling EXACTLY like this. Why is there always a boy like this in high school? Is it like, some law of the jungle or something? Raaaarrrgggh. Don’t! Mess! With her Heart!

At a staff meeting, Principal Shi glosses right over Sam-dong’s accident, calling it a mere safety issue, and Oh-hyuk counters by declaring it an act of terrorism. He’s alone in trumpeting the cause though, and gets shut down by the principal, who doesn’t want a formal investigation to create any more negative press about Kirin.

At the hospital, Hye-mi declares that she’ll find the culprit and make them pay. But Sam-dong tells her not to do anything, since that person is already in a hell of her own making. So wise, country boy.

Baek-hee is doing exactly that, as she cleans off the graffiti in Hye-mi’s locker to assuage her guilt. Jin-gook walks up to her and shows her the button that he recovered at the crime scene. He asks to see her sleeves, but she hides them, saying it wasn’t her.

He pulls her arms up, but the button’s already been replaced, and he wavers as Baek-hee starts to cry. Dude, you are never going to be a good detective if you’re this weak to tears. Better stick to the dancing.

She asks if he can’t just trust her. Even if everyone else thinks it was her, even if no one is on her side, can’t he believe in her? It’s sad how much truth is mixed in with her lies. She’s the classic defense-trigger-hair-poofing-cat, lashing out because she doesn’t believe anyone could ever love her for being her. Jin-gook tells her okay, and to stop crying.

At home, Jin-gook and Sam-dong fight over his stuff being everywhere, and Jin-gook smiles, reassured that he seems fine and back to normal. Minus the giant bandage from his head wound, but normal. Jin-gook tosses Sam-dong’s coat aside, and makes a joke that it must be special if he’s so protective of it—did “Rude-o” buy it for him? Sam-dong gets defensive: “Why is Hye-mi Rude-o? She’s not rude!” Jin-gook: “I never said it was Hye-mi. You must think she’s rude.” Ha.

Sam-dong takes it back, saying that Hye-mi is sweet and that she smiles and laughs all the time. Jin-gook’s antennae go up…she smiles?…all the time?…in front of you? Hehe. Sam-dong is mighty pleased to have a leg up on Jin-gook, and says with pride that he thinks she really likes him.

Not to be outdone, Jin-gook says that she doesn’t smile in front of him…because she’s always crying when she’s with him. Ha. Sam-dong’s eyes get huge: “Wha…she cries? In front of you? Why does she cry in front of you?” It’s Jin-gook’s turn to gloat: “Dunno. She must be…comfortable with me.” These two crack me up.

Sam-dong (shouting by now): “Do you like her?!” Jin-gook feigns disinterest, and Sam-dong reminds him that he can’t change his mind later, as if they’re claiming the last piece of pizza or something.

Sam-dong goes to change, and as he unzips his pants, Jin-gook looks over and sees that he’s wearing…something curious…. Jin-gook: “Is that…MY UNDERWEAR?!”

Pffft! Sam-dong: “Since when is there a your underwear vs. my underwear?”


Jin-gook jumps out of bed and tells him to take them off this instant, as he literally chases him around the room to take off his pants. I really, really am Not. Making. This. Up. I know what you’re thinking, but I swear, I’m not having a lucid dream. It’s like Show loves me or something.

He finally gets Sam-dong pinned on the bed and starts to pull his pants off…


Forget Hye-mi. Can these two just end up together, fighting over underwear and bickering off into the sunset?

They get interrupted by Oh-hyuk with some bad news: Sam-dong’s mom found out about his accident and fainted (as all proper kdrama mothers are wont to do). He rushes home to reassure her that he’s fine, and tells her that she was misinformed; he lies that the teacher called to invite her to the showcase, and that nothing happened to him.

She breathes a sigh of relief, and gushes over her son’s transformation into a city boy. She asks if everything’s going well with Hye-mi, and he lies again that Hye-mi is totally smitten with him. Aw.

But when he arrives back in Seoul, Hye-mi is standing at the bus depot, waiting for him. Startled, he asks if she’s here…because she’s worried about him. She pretends not to be, but betrays her worry over Mom and his health. She tells him not to run around anymore, and to stick close by, at home. He trails after her with a smile, promising to stick realclose from now on. Heh.

They have coffee (where Sam-dong does a hilarious impression of Jin-man singing his Park Jin-young song), and Hye-mi’s debt collector happens by. He stops in to congratulate her on winning first place on her monthly exams, and moves to pat her on the head. Sam-dong intervenes, asking who the hell he is, but Hye-mi makes an excuse that he’s a friend of her father’s, and drags him away.

Outside, she tells Sam-dong to stop interfering in her affairs. Hye-mi: “If someone goes to pat my head, let them. If a flowerpot is headed at me, just let it. I’ll take the hit myself. Don’t get involved anymore.”

Sam-dong doesn’t understand why, as he just blindly adores her and wants to protect her. Hye-mi tells him that she already owes him so much…she doesn’t want to owe him anymore. He starts to tell her that she doesn’t owe him anything, but she cuts him off, saying that it’s a burden for her.

Ouch. She’s saying it to protect him, of course, but it’s not unwarranted either, because she’s not in love with him (yet), and just keeps feeling sorry for putting him in harm’s way. He stands there dumbfounded, watching her walk away. Aw, poor puppy! Also, is it wrong that I’m totally smitten right now?

At school, the Misfit Mafia gets excited for the upcoming showcase, and Oh-hyuk eagerly asks them how many tickets they want for their family members. Pil-sook wants two for her parents, Sam-dong one for his mom, but both Hye-mi and Jin-gook say zero.

Over the loudspeaker, Professor Maeng announces that this year’s showcase, which has the purpose of showing off the new crop of talent to scouts from various agencies, (gah, as if high school isn’t enough pressure) has been decided on different criteria. Rather than going strictly by the midterm exam scores, they’ve calculated “other” factors, making the freshman group of five Jason, Ria, Baek-hee, and two others from their class.

The Misfits scoff at the rampant favoritism and rigging to kick them out of the showcase, and Oh-hyuk fumes. Way to knock the wind out of someone sails, when he was just five minutes ago gushing at the first-ever showcase by the university prep class.

They’re not the only ones left in the dust either. Baek-hee’s rival Ah-jung, angry to be passed up yet again, decides needle her with some guilt. She sees Baek-hee go into a changing stall in the girls’ locker room, and she fakes a phone call with a friend, saying loudly that everyone’s talking smack about Baek-hee throwing the flowerpot and not deserving a spot in the showcase.

But it turns out that someone else is in earshot too, as Hye-mi comes out of a stall, calling Ah-jung out for her cheap and obvious tactics. She says loudly that Baek-hee may be lacking, but she’s not capable of dropping the flowerpot.

She opens Baek-hee’s curtain to say it directly to her face: “Because the kind of person who would do that…is a monster.” Oooooh, burn. Baek-hee washes her face, trying to shake off Hye-mi’s comment. She steels herself and decides that Hye-mi’s the one who made her into a monster.

Kyung-jin announces that Jason and Ria will have a separate performance just the two of them. She’s giddy, while he sighs. Could it be…you don’t want to sing duets with anyone other than Pil-sook? Okay, clearly I’m getting ahead of myself.

Speaking of duets, Sam-dong sings a song he wrote in the basement studio, and in walks Hye-mi, singing the other half. How freaking adorable are you? He’s positively glowing as she sings that she’s in love with him…

…only when the song ends, he looks at her, and she turns into Oh-hyuk. Ha. Sam-dong literally shudders. Oh-hyuk marvels at the song, wondering if Sam-dong wrote it himself, while Sam-dong turns away to get his head on straight. He says with heavy sigh, “My dream keeps running away from me. It keeps running away…it’s becoming hard to see. What do I do?”

He broods at the dinner table, and Noona wonders why he’s so out of sorts. They explain that it’s because his mom is coming up to Seoul just to see him perform in the showcase, which is…not so much with the happening anymore.

Hye-mi’s little sister chimes in, wondering why he’s so glum, when all he has to do is put on a fake showcase for his mother’s benefit. They’re all like, whaaa? Oh-hyuk thinks it’s a brilliant idea, saying that they should turn Sam-dong into Cinderella for a day. Jin-gook balks that there are no mice, no pumpkin carriage, no fairy godmother. You sure do know a lot about what’s required to turn someone into a Cinderella. Just sayin’.

Hye-mi asks what they need to do first. Sam-dong looks at her agape. Aw. They sit down to ask him just exactly how much he lied to his mother. Sam-dong: “I just embellished…a little….”

First off, he’s supposed to be the best singer-dancer in the whole school. We watch as Fantasy Sam-dong dances, making all the girls literally fall over, and Jason to come sliding in on his knees, begging to be taught how to be like him. Keh.

Next, he’s the most popular boy in school…. Cue “Almost Paaaaaaradise,” (LOL) as Jin-gook and Fantasy Sam-dong enter the school with god-like backlighting, a la F5. To top it off, Sam-dong adds in voiceover that Jin-gook is his toady, as Fantasy Jin-gook offers to carry his bag and swoons after him. Ha.

Finally, he admits that Hye-mi is supposed to be madly in love with him. Yesung’s “It Had to Be You” swells, as Fantasy Sam-dong gestures at Hye-mi to come closer. Fantasy Hye-mi says in voiceover: “Hye-mi-ya…is what he called me,” as she walks over to him and he hugs her. HAHAHAHA.

Seriously, this show’s meta is pitch-perfect. I die.

The entire household reels at the severity of his lies. Oh-hyuk: “If you didn’t have a head wound, you’d have gotten hit right about now.” Hehe. To everyone’s surprise, Hye-mi still offers to help, prompting an “Omo, are you two dating?” from Noona. But Sam-dong jumps in to explain that she’s just doing it to repay her debt to him.

Jin-gook sighs and then joins in to help, eliciting a smile from Hye-mi. Aw, Misfits Activate!

Pil-sook arrives at school the next day, trembling as she holds a piece of paper in her hand. Jason opens the door for her, and she stops to ask him if his opening the door for her all the time is just his (good) manners. He nods yes as her face falls, and she thanks him meekly. Aw.

She heads to the teachers’ office, where she leaves a notice of withdrawal from Kirin with Professor Maeng. She says that she doesn’t think that she’s going to lose any more weight, or get a chance to perform, so she’s going to look for a new means of living.

Jin-man overhears and yells up a storm at Professor Maeng, blaming her for kicking the loser class out of the showcase, and stomping all over a girl’s dream.

Pil-sook heads outside to clean out her locker (the contents of which includes a pot, HA) and Jason watches her. He takes the lollipop off his locker and walks over to ask if she’s really leaving. He tells her nonchalantly that it’s too bad. “I really wanted to sing a duet with you someday.”

Errrr! You can literally hear the tires screeching in her brain. Stuttering, she asks why. Jason: “Because I like your songs. That day when you sang your audition in that Sushi costume…I was taken with your voice.” Oh swoon.

She actually runs off, practically in the middle of his sentence, to tear up her withdrawal papers. She declares that she’s going to try really, really hard and lose a bunch of weight, and be totally awesome. Aw, how cute is she?

Oh-hyuk calls Jin-man in to help with the fake showcase, which he tells him will take place on the one day that the school will be totally empty—the day of the real one. Gah, I freakin’ love the idea of a Rebel Showcase.

He asks Jin-man to plan the performances, and Jin-man gets swept up in the excitement, only to realize that he swore he wouldn’t help them anymore. But the kids enter and Sam-dong thanks him over and over for helping them. You’re stuck now.

Sam-dong starts bobbing his head around, as he tells Jin-man that he really wants to dance in the showcase. Jin-man: “What…what is that….what are you doing?” Sam-dong: “A wave.” He shakes his head, and then ends up teaching them all how to do a proper wave.

Oh-hyuk gets the debt collector to come and rent out the auditorium for the showcase posing as an agency rep, and then convinces his sister (a reporter) to come and be the press. She refuses, until he shows her footage of Jin-gook taking off his shirt, at which she caves, with a side of drool. Pfft.

Jin-man takes them through dance rehearsals, where Jin-gook gets paired with Hye-mi. Robot Girl doesn’t get it, so Jin-man has to show her, landing all cuddly in Jin-gook’s arms. When they finally do get it right, Sam-dong breaks them up, dissatisfied with all the skinship.

Next it’s his turn to go with Pil-sook, and she worries that he won’t be able to lift her. He assures her that it’ll be fine… *crash*.

At home, Hye-mi, Sam-dong, and Jin-gook mull over stage decorations, and Hye-mi shoots down the boys’ outlandish and costly ideas. They decide on paper confetti and large fans, which she remembers seeing outside of the debt collector’s club.

They sneak in to see if they can nab the fans, only to come across Oh-hyuk discussing payment for renting the auditorium. He says to just add it, with interest, to his existing debt (the house as collateral). Hye-mi confronts Oh-hyuk, demanding to know what he’s talking about.

She finds out that Oh-hyuk took care of her original debt by putting up the deed to his house. She reels, not understanding why he’d do such a thing. She says with tears in her eyes that this isn’t right…he’s the bad guy… She runs off, and Jin-gook follows after her.

Sam-dong looks over at Oh-hyuk, shocked that it wasn’t free to rent the school auditorium. Why is he going into debt for a fake showcase? Can’t they just not do it and be done with it? But Oh-hyuk assures him that this isn’t for him; he just really wanted to see the kids perform, and simply paid for a really expensive seat to the show. Aw.

He repeats Sam-dong’s worry that his dream keeps running away from him, and says that it’s time to take a good look, so they can chase after it. Sam-dong is moved to tears.

Jin-gook chases after Hye-mi, catching up to her in the middle of a crosswalk just in time before she gets pancaked by traffic. Oy, kdramas and the Zombie Traffic Walk. She looks up at him, a tear streaming down her face, as she repeats that Oh-hyuk is supposed to be the bad guy.

Hye-mi: “He’s my dad’s worst enemy. But every time he acts like this, I begin to question my dad.” Jin-gook just silently holds her as she cries. So pretty, this drama.

At the bus stop, she tells him about her mother running out on them to live with Oh-hyuk, and how confusing it is for her when he’s kind to her. She expects him not to understand, but Jin-gooks says he gets it—it’s a feeling he’s familiar with.

He wonders if they’ll ever get to debut, and he tells her that if there ever comes a day, he wants to stand up on that stage with her. She smiles and says that they’ll debut, and she’ll stand up there with him.

They arrive in front of the house, just as Jin-gook’s father gets out of his car. He tells her to go inside without him, and walks up. He asks Dad what brings him here, and Dad crumples the Kirin showcase announcement in his hand. He slaps Jin-gook in the face without a word.

Hye-mi gasps, and Jin-gook puts his hand to his stinging face, and then stands upright, steeling himself for a showdown with Dad.


Not quite as awesome as the last episode (what could beat the awesome that was the Misfit Mafia doing SNSD?) but this drama is totally rockin’ my boat, with the crazy hilarious moments of drama meta (parodies actually done right) and the real-life meta. (Who knew you were so funny, Park Jin-young?) Seriously, I just about died when he was showing Jin-gook how to dance. Taecyeon’s face totally broke character, but it was so funny that I didn’t care.

I’m so digging this little drama that could, because although it’s flawed and sometimes the acting leaves a lot to be desired…it has so much heart, and it’s not too cool for school. I love the spirit of the misfit class struggling to make their dreams come true, and I find myself literally shouting at the screen, “YES!” or “NO!” like a fool.

What can I say? High school is serious stuff.


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      Lastly, Sam-dong’s “wave”!!! Head-bop! What is this, the chorus of T-ARA’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep”?!
      (cue: Follow me, follow me…!)
      (actually, I was thinking of those ornamental dogs placed in the cars, which bops its head whenever the car moves…)

  14. 14 f1yh1gh10

    omg so this drama is really really taking the time slot for where i’m supposed to be studying for finals.
    well..this drama seriously rocks.
    i loved this episode so much..but here’s
    a NEGATIVE part:
    is it just me who thinks hyemi and jingook have great chemistry but couldn’t stand it if samdong had a broken heart???

    • 14.1 abcz

      same here!!
      i love jin gook-hye mi pairing more but sam dong is the 1st lead so arghhhhh

      • 14.1.1 :D

        i won’t bet on sam dong being the lead yet
        this drama keeps messing with my mind!
        one moment, sam dong is being super awesome to hye mi and the next moment jin gook is being just as awesome

        • jeanne1123

          i agree. this show with its love triangle keeps messing with my mind. but i love hye mi-jin gook pair so i hope they’ll be the otp though the promo pic suggests the exact opposite. but still… hye mi-jin gook fighting!!! love you both.

          • jazz

            I’m agree with you guys. Hye Mi – Jin Gook is sweet, yet I can’t stand seeing Sam Dong alone!!
            This is the best love triangle I’ve ever seen in dramas.

    • 14.2 claire

      I think exactly same.I really want SamDong to be happy with HyeMi ,but jk and hm seem to have deeper connection~~

      • 14.2.1 Lurkee

        I agree! I agree!

    • 14.3 Sammi

      YES!!!! I love Hye-Mi with BOTH of them!!!! Why can’t k-dramaland be FAIR?!?! I really hope second lead syndrome doesn’t come in here… Hye-Mi falling in love with another guy would be preferable, methinks, to her choosing between these two!!

  15. 15 danni

    Woot for an episode more about Sam Dong!

    Lol, the parodies just about killed me, especially the F4 one. I never thought I’d be happy to hear Almost Paaaaaaradise! again. And Jin Gook and Sam Dong wrestling over underwear? Best scene ever. Yeah, I love this show.

    I have to admit, the singing scene with Hye Mi and Sam Dong pissed me off that it wasn’t real, but it was hilarious hearing Oh Hyuk’s voice coming out of Hye Mi.

    Poor Sam Dong, I didn’t know he really thought that Hye Mi likes him. That’s so cute and so sad that if he doesn’t get Hye Mi, I will be massively disappointed.

    Pil Sook+Jason=Awesome. Seriously, I just smile whenever these two are on screen, they’re so cute.

    Can’t wait for the Rebel Showcase and thanks for the recap gf!

  16. 16 :D

    “High school is serious stuff.” mhmmmm

  17. 17 Cassandra

    Yay! I just finished watching ep. 5 and I replayed the Genie cover about 30 times. Jin Gook’s friend’s reaction was so cute. I’m totally in love with this show, thank you for the fast recaps, they really tide me over until the eng subs are out.

  18. 18 lia

    aaaaahhh can this show be any cuter? it’s getting better with each episode.

  19. 19 marypeg

    These poor actors…are they freezing?? You can see their breath at every scene practically. When they were outside it was cool, but its at the school too. It keeps distracting me! Turn on the heat!

    • 19.1 Daniela

      Yes! I want to buy a coat for everyone. I froze just watching them

      • 19.1.1 AmbieH

        yes! I thought I was the only one who was like “look Taec ears are redder then angry baby”

        • Rovi

          Well, BTS, Taec was placing hot packs inside his shirts due to the cold…and he was wearing those jackets for the cold…

          Search for “Real 2PM” at YouTube, and one of the vids there is like a BTS Taec version of “Dream High”

    • 19.2 Mina

      Oh my god, me too! It bugs me so much!

  20. 20 bee

    Oh my God, he almost had Sam Dong’s pants off. Oh myy God. I’m dying. (For the first time all week, I’m glad I don’t have a roommate anymore omg.)

  21. 21 Daniela

    “Forget Hye-mi. Can these two just end up together, fighting over underwear and bickering off into the sunset?” You just read my mind. That was my favorite scene of the whole episode.
    When i heard “Almost Paaaaaaradise” and watched the entrance, i laughed ot loud, but when they were practicing waves, my stomach hurts. Taecyeon was laughing and when i saw him i just laughed harder.

    I love both, but Sam-dong…I..just…can’t control myself. I was thisclose (hehehe i learned that reading this blog and i love it) to hug my computer.

    Pil-sook and Jason, cute. Super Cute. I´ve felt the way she did when she saw Jason with the other girl. It’s awful. But, after that, Oh happy moment!

    Thank you for the recap! I’m hooked already. Let’s see what “My princess” is preparing for us.

  22. 22 hpn88

    I died at the wave and the parodies. It feels odd to say this but JYP has become a scene stealer. I know that when he comes on, its gonna be hilarious.

    I really like that Oh hyuk is maturing and growing as a teacher along with his students. Its a growing experience for him as well.

    ALSO GRRRR Jingook’s Dad. I really want to know what his dad’s deal is. From what I’ve gathered, JG’s the illegitimate child who the dad wants hidden because elections are coming up soon. Am I right?

    • 22.1 Daniela

      Hahahahaha yes, you got it right.

    • 22.2 anais

      The actor who plays Jingook’s dad – he always plays that character. The bad daddy with the illegitimate child who is waaaaaaaaay too handsome to have gotten his genes from that aforementioned ugly, bug-eyed daddy.

      Remember City Hall? Really, you want me to buy that Cha Seungwon’s hottie came from Choi Il Hwa’s loins?

      And that he sired Lee Seo Jin’s hottie in Lovers?

      Were Choi Il Hwa not always cast in such a role, I’d have pointed out another meta in Dream High: In Cinderella Unni, Hong Ki Hoon’s bad daddy Chairman Hong was played by none other than Choi Il Hwa.


      Taecyeon/Jingook – your mommy must have been hoping to pull a Moses to make sure you would live a comfortable life. Unfortunately, she picked Choi Il Hwa who’s got monopoy on the role of bad daddy with an inconvenient illegitimate child.

      • 22.2.1 Rovi

        OMG, it’s that evil dad-politician from “City Hall”?! And Evil Daddy Hong from “Cinderella Sister”?!!!


        …well, we can’t do anything about it; it’s there already…

        …but we can all swoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon that “Evil Daddy” (악부배우 akbu baewoo) produces such HOT KIDS in all 4 dramas…!!!

  23. 23 E

    I was a big BaekHee fan but I was hoping she’d quit with the evil….I hope she falls straight to the bottom of the ladder at school soon and gets together with the misfits! haha

  24. 24 minnieme

    So cute! Can’t wait for next week! God… here goes my semester…

    Does anyone else wonder why Hyemi is always walking around bare-legged in the middle of winter?

    • 24.1 Daniela

      That is one of the questions that I have while watching this drama, along with “Where is the heat in that school?” and “Why don’t you use heavy jackets?”

      • 24.1.1 gemma

        i can’t seem to get over that either…why the heck is it so cold in the school that we can see their breath? it’s kind of annoying me…those poor actors/actresses…

      • 24.1.2 POGA

        lol, if you watch the BTS, they DO use heavy jackets. Actually. They basically have a jacket. A blanket. And more jackets, if they can grab it (especially when outside). Plus, Taec has like, 23948203852095 heatpads (…okay, it’s like, 6) underneath his dress shirt when he’s actually acting…

        …it’s just, when the camera starts rolling, they have to take the jackets off (…to make it look prettier?) and turn the heat off in the rooms because it’s “too noisy” apparently. Meanwhile, the actors freeze to death….

    • 24.2 HalfALu

      I’m right there with you wondering that too! I feel so sorry for them when I see their breath while they’re talking, but then I’m like…hey, go throw on some pants, sister! ^^

    • 24.3 Balletbabe

      I know right, the girl who play Hye-mi seems to like showing her legs : / Even in the middle of winter apparently. In every video and performance that her group Miss A has done she is ALWAYS wearing a skirt!!!

    • 24.4 Sae-byuk

      She appears to be wearing flesh-colored stockings in the show…not that it helps the issue much. Still not appropriate for the weather.

    • 24.5 haneul.

      Because if you go to Korea, there are tons and tons of girls who do the same thing, and it fits her princessy image.

  25. 25 asianromance

    thank you, girlfriday!

    I actually thought this episode was better.

    It is stupid of me but I have been won over to Dream High because of this line: “Since when is there a your underwear vs. my underwear?”

    Poor Jin-gook. Even with the horrible dad, he’s like the most normal one in the group. Sam-dong, some lines are not meant to be crossed…I think jin-gook and samdong may just be my next lee sun joon and moon jae shin!

    I think this drama will be good as long as it goes light on the romance and continues focusing on these misfits reaching their dreams. As much as I hate how Baek-hee is such a villain, I like how Baek-hee is not a 2-dimensional villain. I like how there is still a bit of conscience in her. Hopefully she will make a change well before the end of the drama.

    • 25.1 h311ybean

      The “your underwear vs. my underwear” bit reminded me of Sun-joon and Jae-shin squabbling over sleeping arrangements in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, LOLz. Love it 😀 and I am loving this show!

  26. 26 AmbieH

    Oh GirlFriday.. How do I love thee?

    “Gonna go CSI on her ass? Let’s go. Are there any fibers to be tested? There’s always fibers.”


    I love when you recap!

    • 26.1 Alvina

      Lol, for real. The “Do not mess with her” was classic.

      We all know guys like that -__-
      Wooyoung (?) plays Jason like a true Idol; someone too perfect.

      I’m totally falling for the teacher though; whatta cutie. I mean seriously, just mix Sam-Dong, teacher, and Jin-Gook and there’s my ideal man lol.

      Can someone explain what’s the deal with Teacher and Hye-mi’s mom? Did she die?

      • 26.1.1 AmbieH

        my other fav phrase “close contact with The Pretty.” lol

        As far as teach and HM mom, they had a affair and she leave the fam if I caught that correctly in the first or second epi.

  27. 27 Alvina

    Life is not fair when one girl (even if she is just a drama character) has two incredibly hot guys after her.

    Jin-Gook better get with Baek-Hee (or SOMEONE) soon because I’m raging at HyeMi right now lol.

    In the end, I just want Sam-Dong to get his girl XD

  28. 28 lovepark

    Sam-dong was super cute in this episode, and I love his budding relationships with everyone (Hye-mi, Jin-gook, Oh-hyuk, Jin-man, etc.) I enjoyed the scene where he sings in the basement thinking Hye-mi’s there but then Oh-hyuk’s voice comes on. It was both funny to see his wild imagination and sad to see Sam-dong depressed about his fleeting dream. I especially liked it how Kang Oh-hyuk can’t answer his question at first but answers it later after giving up so much for these kids. Oh-hyuk isn’t simply words but actions, too.
    Kang Oh-hyuk is awesome! I’m totally looking forward to the new episodes. I can’t wait to see the showcase showdown! Let the battles commence!

  29. 29 HalfALu

    You guys totally have to re-watch when Jin-man teaches the misfits to do the wave. Hye-mi bot is hu*freaking*larious!
    Love ittt!

    • 29.1 typicrobots

      I know! JYP: “Hye-mi, what are you doing? Chin up, chin up!”

      I also love that Taec broke character during that scene because LOL, you know that’s his everyday life with JYP.

      • 29.1.1 POGA

        lol. Which makes it even funnier. “…Man, it’s like this every day, and I even have to deal with him on the FILM set?!”

        “…here we go again.”

        lol, I love the thing where, seriously, Taec probably heard of it and was just like “….oh. Again. Why?!”

  30. 30 Alvina

    Am I the only one who thinks that Kang Oh-Hyuk (teacher) kind of looks like Tak Jae Hoon? lol

    • 30.1 Alvina

      no wait. nvm. it was the scruff from the earlier episodes lol.

  31. 31 Yuki

    I nearly doubled over from laughter when I heard “ALMOST PAAAARADISE” XDD

    Gah, this show is just too cute.

    I’m on the Hye Mi + Jin Gook bandwagon for now, but man, this show keeps making me doubt myself.


  32. 32 Sana

    Does anyone else think this drama somewhat resembles glee?

    • 32.1 Severine

      Definitely. Glee is one of my favorite shows and the reason I like DH so much is because it reminds of a Korean Glee.

    • 32.2 h311ybean

      I was thinking the same thing. However, I appreciate that it’s not a blatant copy of Glee and has some of the elements that make it a uniquely Korean drama (gambling debt plotline, anyone? :D).

      • 32.2.1 Natalie

        honestly considering how Glee has been awful since the end of season one and mediocre all season two— if Dream High keeps up its pace I’m going to put it higher than Glee, no doubt.

    • 32.3 Jomo

      Glee showcases the talent better. They have a lot more time to rehearse, record and autotune the songs. They make so much money off the iTunes versions, which was the goal from the git-go.

      It’s too bad this production team can’t have more time, because we know the talent is there. I complain a lot about this point with the Kdrama system. START EARLIER! Give yourself more breathing room.
      Rant off.

  33. 33 indigowine

    Goooo Girlfriday!!! I’m putting my money on you when you two first initiate this face-off bet.. and my oh my I really love how Dream High turns out..


    Yay for soju!!

  34. 34 POGA

    “Forget Hye-mi. Can these two just end up together, fighting over underwear and bickering off into the sunset?”

    lolllll, yeah, can’t we just do that?

    I’m still firmly a sucker for Jin-gook (which I expected and all, but still). I am going to cry buckets if/when he loses (’cause Sam-Dong is listed as first lead, dammit, and in the promo pics HE’S the one with Hye-mi most, while Jin-gook ends up with Baek-hee (who, idiot, stop believing her for once, Jin-gook). On the other hand, if puppy loses….urgh. Either do a mitosis on Hye-mi or just have them both complete the best bromance in the world and stick together forever.

    And seriously, I have to wait until next week, the day before my finals, for the explanation of Jin-gook vs Evil Bastard of a Dad? Really?

    Oh, and about the whole we-see-your-breaths-in-the-air-even-though-you’re-in-a-amazing-school. Apparently, while the actors are rehearsing, they keep the heating on (and lol, if you ever watched Real2PM, you’d notice…Taecyeon has a crapload of heat-pads under his shirt, like, about 6 of them, to keep him semi-warm while he’s acting). But apparently, they have to turn off the heaters during the actual filming because the noise is too loud and drowns out everything else. So yeah. They’re freezing, then. Outside scenes…well. Taec puts on heatpads. No idea what the other people do.

    • 34.1 gemma

      that heating issue is CAR-RAZY…

  35. 35 Ani

    As much as I love the Misfit Class (dude, Gokusen and Class 3-D made me root for the delinquents, underdogs, etc. like it’s nobody’s business… not to mention High School dramas), I have to admit that I totally love JYP’s character in this. I mean, he’s the hard on the outside bloke with the gooey buttery self on the inside. And I love Oh-hyuk and how he believes in his kids. But if anything, I really want to see more interaction between Jason and Pil-sook. I mean, I love the big girl side of things and although she’s bound to lose all that weight, if there’s a love relationship with Jason, I hope he likes her before she loses all that weight. It’s what’s on the inside that counts bro!!! All in all, HWAITING dear drama that has all the right moves. X)

  36. 36 Severine

    Just finished watching the fifth episode and what do I find when I’m done–GF’s wonderful, amazing, super-fast episode 6 recap! Thank you so much, I really appreciate all you do for us drama addicts!

    I’m really diggin’ this show now, so glad I continued watching. DH has so much heart. I love the misfits, I love the love triangles, I love the singing and dancing, I love the parodies, and, yes, I love the bromance(s) (Oh-hyuk & Jin-man fighting!).

  37. 37 sorairodaisy

    INDEED from episode 1 I never thought it would get this good. Super glad I can see the ‘raw’ versions as soon as they get out!!! more crack drama 8)

    btw I do agree w/ that indecisiveness on the lead pairing part…though it’s pretty evident she’ll end up with samdong 😉 happiness both ways!

    and i can’t wait for the jason x pilsook development…and more of those hilarious antics *cough bromance… X)

    • 37.1 Louise

      I don’t think this is pretty evident. I mean the sweet guy, that do everything to the girl and protect her everytime never get the girl.

      I think the lead pairing is Taec and Suzy… is more evident if you think in it. She is more interested in him, also they share a past memory (it is like a kdrama law that couple that share a sweet past get together). Also all the stares for each other…

      Noooo don’t break the heart of my lovely Sam Dong! Really he is so sweet I wish he gets the girl, but I know it won’t happen… but the main guy also deserves love… otoke??? Can’t decide. T.T

  38. 38 prncssptri

    thanks for the awesome recaps! this week’s episodes have been so great!! jingook/samdong bromance over underwear is hilarious! to add to that all the parodies literally making me LOL.

    samdong/hyemi are adorable but jingook/hyemi have overflowing chemistry, it becomes ridiculously sweet!!!!! i can’t choose sides!

    and JYP…. you’re so awesome.

  39. 39 orenji

    i love this episode more because there’s a lot SD-HM moments.

    if anyone interested,they released an official version Suzy singing Winter Child.


    it’s slightly different with the one she sang in the drama but still soothing and beautiful. omg..i totally loves this drama right now.

  40. 40 chuachumill

    im looooving GF recapsssss…like..EVERYTIMEEE~~LOVE IT!!

  41. 41 Lurkee

    I was in the Hyemi-Jingook ship yesterday… and today still, I think…. I so envy Hyemi!

  42. 42 LeMonS

    I never would have guessed that Park Jin-young would have been so good, but I am LOVING him. When he threw whatever it was at Hyemi in the last episode, I almost died.

  43. 43 Just Me

    Oh, I’m in trouble. 40yr old me so likes Dream High. What? Am i still stuck in high school, with all that angst and pimples!?? *shudders*
    I think its rather the sight of all these cute man-boys…..whatever, either way, boy, is this ahjumma in trouble.

    • 43.1 hookedonmonix

      I’m in the next boat over, being 33 and loving this show. I have a general love of high school drama, though- as long as I don’t have to live through it again.

  44. 44 Eve

    JYP is surprisingly a pretty decent actor…. who knew?

  45. 45 sora


  46. 46 gumiho lover


    Jin gook: TAKE THEM OFF!!!



    Oh did anyone else laugh a lot when the Director shi was seen in EXACTLY the same clothing as Directer Jung??? Glasses, sweater and scarf??? ahahahhaa

    • 46.1 yongshin

      I noticed it last episode and lolling too much. I love the scarves!!!

    • 46.2 Jomo

      I was looking for someone to point this out!

      This actor really is funny. He has no fear to appear ridiculous — while he is being evil. I get the impression that he comes up with his own material. In Secret Garden his expressions would change from supreme confidence to huge doubt in milleseconds. I love every second he is on screen.

      I like that while he is proving to be the bumbling nemesis, he displayed some heart with he selected Pil Suk.

    • 46.3 girlatsea

      I noticed this too and almost died. It was too funny.

  47. 47 Q

    @32 — I thought of that at first but now I disagree. Glee is much more witty and musically focused. DH is more about relationships between the main characters (I think Glee is more about the separate journeys each kid goes through). The main difference really comes down to the characterisation of both dramas … Glee, like any good American High School drama, portrays characters vividly and realistically. I mean, the main character is really a bitch but we still root for her because she is naive and just really hilarious. Dream High, like any good Korean High School drama, does the exact opposite of that. Every character is beautiful and polished but they are obviously not found in real life, which I think is the charm of Korean dramas. Korean idol dramas need to have this demi-god-like appeal with all the main characters because, let’s face it, the acting is generally not so good. But the prettiness and cute make up for it.

    Aaaaanyway, this episode had me giggling and squealing and ‘aww’ing the whole time. That scene where Jin-gook semi-molests Sam-dong in an attempt to retrieve his underwear? PRICELESS. I am not ashamed to say I watched that scene twice. What IS bugging me is the fact that Baek-hee has seemingly sucked in all the evil of the universe and friggin’ commited attempted murder (I still can’t believe Baek-hee actually threw that pot; that is seriously psychotic behaviour and she needs a therapist asap). While Hye-mi has suddenly become caring and misunderstood, you can tell that this is actually a part of her character which she had kept hidden under all that bitch. I’m not sure how they can resolve this nicely but if they end up making Baek-hee revert back to the sweet and pigtailed best friend like she never threw no flowerpot and someone’s head I will rage.

    • 47.1 Natalie

      Haha I did think of Glee too, but I honestly think that at the rate that Glee is going, and if Dream High keeps up its pace it’s going to be way better than Glee for me, because come on, who is anyone kidding, Glee hasn’t been good since the end of the first season.

      I don’t think the characters are unrealistic! the reason i connected with Hye Mi’s character immediately, as well as Baek-Hee’s (ep 1/2) character at first was because Hye Mi reminded me of a younger me, and Baek Hee of girls I knew and I thought that was interesting. And there’s a girl like Pil Suk everywhere. The boys are a bit too awesome though, I will admit.

      • 47.1.1 girlatsea

        I agree. Hye-mi reminded me of a younger me as well. I find her character particularly refreshing because there ARE girls like her out there. And we’ve all been Pil-suk at some point in our lives.

      • 47.1.2 Q

        Ah yes I think I am still kind of like her >_> oh dear. I do agree that her character has characteristics which are commonly found. I mean … like … when I watch Korean dramas, most of them are just fictional characters to me. There’s something lacking that just makes me know these people are not real. I still cry and laugh with them and all but in the end I can’t find people in my life who fit them well.

        Lemme give an example. I can basically describe each of these kids with one or two words and that basically sums them up entirely. Hye-mi is snobby but kind. Jin-gook is rash but caring. Sam-dong is sincere and KYUTE. With a good character, there should be a whole boatload of things I can say about them … but there really isn’t. And yes, there are plenty of shy and insecure girls out there like Pil-sook but those girls are much more than just that. Pil-sook, for me, is more of a concept or a stereotype rather than a person. Her traits are certianly relatable but she just isn’t fleshed out enough for me to consider her as realistic. Do I make sense? .___.

      • 47.1.3 Lovely Gumiho

        me too 😀 I’m actually quite like her… I love her toughness cause it makes her be strong and unique… I’m loving this kdrama <3

    • 47.2 R

      I think she needed a therapist even when she played the part of Hye Mi’s little dog.
      It was never true care, it was pure, dangerous envy masked as adoration.
      If she had been a true friend, knowing (or thinking) her performance may be not as good as Hye Mi, she wouldn’t have asked to be paired with her in such an important audition. Even if Hye Mi hadn’t been so unsensitive and cruel at the beginning, a character like Baek-Hee would have turned out to be just as spiteful and petty as soon as she got an opportunity.

      As much as I know this is only a drama, these kind of characters are easily found in real life too. Even more so when it comes to the entertainmente business, where competition is at its highest.

  48. 48 jorosh

    if there’s such a thing…just 2nd best episode, so far! so what’s next??? LOL

  49. 49 budeng

    Hye mi cried a couple of times in this episode and if she’s going to be like this I think I’ll loose grip of her tough personality that I’ve loved. I hope she won’t loose her angst.

  50. 50 ck1Oz

    GF…I was LOL-ing out at your comments.

    It feels like repressed high school emotions coming off you 🙂

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