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Dream High: Episode 7
by | January 24, 2011 | 242 Comments

It’s Showcase vs. Showcase, as the Rebel Misfit Mafia takes on the Top Dogs. And the teams don’t shake out the way you’d think. There’s shifting alliances, crossing love triangles, and best of all, the stakes get raised all around. Dreaming High has never seemed so tough, or so rewarding.


“어떤 이의 꿈” (Dream High version) by San E [ Download ]

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Jin-gook gets slapped by Daddy, and hauled away for some private yelling. Hye-mi grabs Jin-gook’s arm, worried and wondering if she should call the cops. He smiles at her and says it’s nothing like that; it’s his father.

Dad threatens Jin-gook again, and tells him to go abroad if he’s going to do silly, embarrassing things like sing and dance. But Jin-gook holds his ground, and tells Dad that he’s worse for throwing away his son over his career. He tells Dad to just disown him—he’s never asked to be taken care of, and it’s unfair for Dad to throw him away and pick him back up, whenever he pleases.

Look at you, standing up to Daddy. It’s not going to make you any less tortured, by all means, but good for you. Not that I’d want to miss out on you dancing out your daddy issues. Those are good times.

Dad moves to strike him again and Jin-gook winces. But Dad sees that and breaks, putting his hands on his shoulders, feeling remorseful for throwing Jin-gook and his mother away. And then he pleads that he doesn’t want to do it anymore. So then don’t do it anymore, and stop making it contingent on your son’s choices. WTF, Dad?

He even goes so far as to offer to give up his political career and just live as Jin-gook’s dad. Which turns out to be a totally manipulative emotional ploy. Gah. Jin-gook lets out a tear and shakes his head no, basically agreeing to live quietly again for Dad’s sake. He’s told to wrap things up and get ready to go abroad.

He goes to school and starts singing the beginning lines of “어떤 이의 꿈,” (Someone’s Dream) an 80s song by 봄.여름.가을.겨울. (Spring.Summer.Autumn.Winter.) [Original version here.] Baek-hee finds him there, saying that she really likes that song too, and wanted to sing it at the showcase, as a duet. She adds wistfully that it doesn’t matter anyway, since no one’s coming to see her. She explains that her mom doesn’t know what her dreams are, and doesn’t really care to know. Jin-gook finds a connection with her over indifferent parents.

The next day Jason dances alone instead of practicing his duet with Ria. Kyung-jin interrupts to tell him that he needs to practice for the showcase, and Jason just breezes that it’s no fun, and that he’d rather sing it solo, or with a different partner.

Ria overhears as Kyung-jin gets in his face and cuts him down to size: sure he’s got some talent, but he’s not good enough to be up there on his own. He should be thankful for someone like Ria, and be grateful that if he’s up on stage with her, while the cameras are photographing her, he’ll get noticed too. She spells it out plainly, that skills and talent come after notoriety, and adds that if he wants to sing for fun, he can go to a noraebang (karaoke).

Jason stalks out, fuming, and takes it out on his locker, punching the door a few times. Pil-sook, who’s there for her daily lollipop delivery, ducks behind the staircase. Jason whirls around to her: “Hey, Sushi, are you free?”

Aw, yeah! Noraebang bonding time. I love that Jason takes Teacher’s backwards advice literally out of spite, and uses the noraebang as therapy of sorts. Pil-sook just swoons at first, watching him sing, but then ends up joining him, starting with 2PM’s “Heartbeat,” complete with dance moves. Hahaha.

At school, Jin-gook broods and Baek-hee approaches, as Hye-mi and Sam-dong walk up behind them. She asks Jin-gook to come to the showcase for her, since everyone else will get flowers from their families, and she’ll have nobody. He thinks about Dad’s words to quit everything, and agrees. Hye-mi notes Baek-hee with a jealous eye and Baek-hee scurries away.

Hye-mi and Sam-dong interrupt to remind him that their showcase is on the same day. He tells them that he’s backing out, and to do well on their own. Hye-mi hesitates, and asks if it’s because of Baek-hee. He says no; he was always going to drop out anyway.

He walks away and Hye-mi chases him down, asking what happened yesterday to make him do this. He says that he just got sick and tired of chasing after a fake (meaning impossible) dream, and getting excited, and happy, and nervous like a fool.

He plans to drop it all—everything they had started. He puts his headphones on to end the conversation, but Hye-mi knocks them off his ears and grabs the other end of the cord, reminding him that she knows his trick of avoiding the world. Heh.

With angry tears brimming in her eyes, she asks what he meant last night then, when he said he wanted to stand up on stage with her someday. He pretends not to remember and shrugs it off, as Hye-mi turns to him angrily: “Then I must have been the only one…to be excited, and happy, and nervous…like a fool.”

AW. I never thought I’d say this, but my heart is totally breaking for her. How adorably vulnerable is she right now? She turns to walk away, but comes back for one last thing—a swift kick in the shin. Hahaha. Jin-gook watches her walk away sadly, like the Silent Idiot that he is.

Back at the noraebang, Jason wants to go another round, but Pil-sook regretfully has to leave for Rebel Showcase practice. He pouts, making him look even more like a little chipmunk. That’s it. You’re just Chipmunk from now on.

Chipmunk offers to drop her off where she’s going, but she jumps up to stop him, since he can’t know about their super-secret showcase. He just gets more and more curious that she won’t let him accompany her, but she begs him not to ask questions, and rushes out. She adds that she had a great time, and he says he did too.

She heads out but has a moment of crisis, debating between her professionalism: practice is important; and the chance of a lifetime: date with her crush. Oh, the dilemmas of youth. She goes back and forth about ten times (ha) and finally decides to go to practice. Chipmunk sees her and breaks into the biggest smile, as he trails after her. Cuuuuute.

At practice Pil-sook sulks that she had the debate of a lifetime to come, and Jin-gook’s just dropped out like it’s nothing. Jin-man worries that they can’t pull this off without Jin-gook, not to mention the risk of doing the Rebel Showcase at all. They all start to cave, but then Hye-mi stands up, ignoring his protests to be heard, and decides that they can rework it.

Jin-man whines that no one is listening to him, until Hye-mi tells him that he should replace Jin-gook in the dances, dangling the carrot that if he puts on a uniform, he could pass for a high school student. HA! Jin-man immediately melts at that, insisting that it’s true, while Oh-hyuk just scoffs at the absurdity.

They rally together and start practice, as Jin-man decides that he should dance a little badly, since he’s supposed to be a student…but then wonders how he’s going to pull that off since he’s so naturally awesome. Pffft. I’m loving Park Jin-young in this. So. Much.

Jason’s followed Pil-sook all the way there, and peeks in to watch them practice. Yay for Chipmunk jumping ship! Jump ship! Jump ship! He heads to his own practice for now, as he and Baek-hee learn their moves from Kyung-jin.

Jin-gook, meanwhile, gets his paperwork in order to go abroad, as Daddy beams in delight. Baek-hee’s mom ponders her showcase invitation. Pil-sook presents her parents with her Rebel Showcase invite, and they squeal. Sam-dong’s mom puts on her finest hanbok (Aw, how cute is she?) as she prepares to head to Seoul.

Hye-mi and Sam-dong stay up late to cut the paper confetti for the show, and Hye-mi starts nodding off. Sam-dong thanks her for doing all this, and she replies that it’s to repay him for everything he’s done. He starts to tell her that the debt’s been repaid already, so she can just be comfortable around him now, as she falls asleep and starts to fall…

He catches her and she lands with her head on his shoulder, as Sam-dong has the most adorable moment of OMG-OMG-OMG to himself as he tries to figure out what to do. He can’t quite bring himself to touch her hair or look directly at her, so he sits awkwardly like that, basking in the moment.

Jin-gook comes home and walks in on them cuddling sweetly like that. Serves you right for bailing. It’d be awesome if jealousy is the thing that brings him back. Heh. Sam-dong shushes him and Jin-gook broods.

At the studio, Jin-man walks in on Oh-hyuk playing Sam-dong’s song, and they play around with it, adding a verse and a bridge. It brings them back to their high school days and all the songs they wrote together. Love these two.

It’s Showcase Day, and Ria makes a point of reiterating Kyung-jin’s words to Jason, angry because he doesn’t like her back. She tells him that he ought to stick close to get any attention, and that performing with him is a burden. Well that’s a great thing to tell your hot-headed duet partner just before the show.

He walks out, just in time to overhear a teacher on the phone, saying that he has to go to the school to pick up a CD. He remembers that Pil-sook’s showcase is going on at school and they can’t be found out, so he offers to pick up the CD himself, making up an excuse about forgetting his costume.

As he rushes off, the teacher yells, “Eee-son-ah!” which cracks me up, because Jason in Korean is three syllables: Jay-eee-son, so the teacher is treating his one name like a traditional Korean name, thinking Jay is his surname and Eee-son is his given name. I am perhaps the only one who died laughing at this, I know.

Oh-hyuk is surprised to find that scary debt collector guy is actually being quite generous and helpful with the showcase, adding a giant professional banner to make everything look legit. He says he feels like Candy, adding that he’s just like Terius, helping him out…and then the two grown men realize the awkward of that statement and break away. Heh.

Oh-hyuk rushes out to meet Sam-dong and Hye-mi, and has them listen to this song they just finished…Sam-dong’s eyes widen to hear the song that he wrote, completed. Oh-hyuk says that he and Jin-man finished it, and that it’d be nice to finish the showcase with a song that Sam-dong wrote himself. Hye-mi can’t believe that Sam-dong wrote a song, and Sam-dong just beams at Oh-hyuk’s proposition.

Kyung-jin arrives at Kirin to pick something up, noticing that there’s people about. Ruh-roh.

Jason sends the music that they need for the other showcase, saying to himself that Pil-sook ought to thank him. But he’s stopped in his tracks by the sound of her voice ringing in the halls.

She’s practicing her duet-turned-solo, as Jin-man (actually dressed in uniform, HA) laments that Jin-gook’s part would really make it so much better. He then offers to sing it with her, and Pil-sook jumps to say no. Jin-man: “Why…don’t you want to sing with me?” Hehe.

But before he can finagle himself into the duet, Jason appears to save the day. Jin-man shrieks and hides his head under a desk like an ostrich, as Jason offers to sing the duet with her, since they’ve already practiced it together at the noraebang. Pil-sook floats on cloud nine. Yay for Chipmunk saving the day, and jumping ship! The Misfits welcome you.

Hye-mi walks up on the empty stage and thinks back to Jin-gook’s declaration that he wanted to stand up on stage someday with her, and she starts to text him the same words…but decides against it.

Both showcases get under way with final preparations, as things start coming to a head. Baek-hee gets a call from Mom, who’s there in the audience, but wondering when she’s coming on, because she’s asked someone to watch the store for her. Baek-hee overhears the teachers fretting over Jason’s disappearance and Ria’s tantrum, thinking that they have no opening act anymore.

Jin-gook shows up backstage to wish her luck and head out, but she stops him, pleading that she really wants to show her mom once that she’s really good, and stand up proudly in front of her. She asks Jin-gook to help her. Aw, yeah! Jin-gook and Jason switch places? Love the dramatic twist. The Misfits are going to be SO pissed when they find out where you really are.

Meanwhile, Kyung-jin gets the call that Jason is MIA, so she heads back into Kirin to find him…only what she comes upon is a filled auditorium, with Oh-hyuk pulling the strings. She tells him that what he’s doing isn’t good for the kids or their parents, since if they have no chance of living their dream, he shouldn’t be filling them with false hopes. She thinks he’s being far crueler than she is.

While that’s not untrue, it’s also just as cruel to judge a couple of freshmen who have yet to spend a semester at your supposedly stellar make-a-star school now, isn’t it? Oh-hyuk pretends to give in, and then scoops her up over his shoulder, and carries her kicking and screaming into the janitor’s closet. He locks her in there, telling her that she can hit him all she wants later. Ha.

The shows start, with both showcases doing different renditions of “어떤 이의 꿈,” / “Someone’s Dream.” Pil-sook and Jason do the sweet earnest ballad version with a little funk, while Baek-hee glams it up for the showy updated version, with Jin-gook as her partner. Well, there goes your good relations with Papa, not to mention the girl you like. Whoops.

“어떤 이의 꿈” as sung by Pil-sook, Jason, Baek-hee, Jin-gook. [ Download ]

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While Baek-hee’s rendition is flashy and well-choreographed (and the slick overall package), Pil-sook’s vocal chops win by a long shot. Backstage, Baek-hee thanks Jin-gook for helping her, especially since she got a standing ovation from her mom. But Jin-gook in turn thanks her, since he really came here to run away. He’s now realized what he really wants to do, and who he really wants to be with…

He thanks her and leaves, and Baek-hee scoffs: “So the person you want to stand beside…isn’t me?” On his way out, Jin-gook gets stopped by a manager, who recognizes him by his proper name, and as one of the special entrants hand-picked by President Jung.

At Kirin, Sam-dong gears up for his performance, and Hye-mi asks if his mom is here. She asks what he actually told her about them as a couple, and he sheepishly replies that Hye-mi is head over heels; that she’s the Chun-hyang to his Mong-ryong. Ha. (Think: Juliet to his Romeo.)

This kid and his lies. Heh. Hye-mi sighs, and agrees to be his Chun-hyang for a day, putting up her hand for a high-five. Hilariously, he ducks for cover thinking she’s going to hit him, and she has to teach him how to high-five. Oh, country boy.

They head out to the stage for their duet of “Maybe,” which they start by meeting in the middle of the stage and holding hands. Gah, so cute! They’re adorable, of course, and close out the showcase with a bang. A rip of their performance:

“Maybe” as sung by Hye-mi, Sam-dong. [ Download ]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

After the show Sam-dong sits in the dressing room, still reeling from the excitement. Oh-hyuk finds him, happy that he had a good time. Sam-dong tells him, grinning from ear to ear, that he can see his dream so clearly now, and the path to it, and all of it looks so bright and happy. Aw.

But just then, he starts to lose consciousness, as all the sound around him dies out, and he struggles to keep his eyes open. OH NOES. Oh my god, if you go tragic artist on me, my heart might not be able to handle it! Noooooooo.

He almost goes down, but then regains focus and the feeling goes away. He shakes it off like nothing happened, thinking he’s just heady from being onstage. But Oh-hyuk, shouldn’t you know better and have him checked out, on account of his very recent head trauma? No? Grarrrrrrr.

Kyung-jin starts to cry in the janitor’s closet, tired and scared of being locked in. She finally takes a deep breath and runs at the door full force, running smack dab onto Jin-man. She mistakes him for Oh-hyuk and starts bawling, asking why he came now, and Jin-man stares up at her in shock. She screams when she realizes who it is, and walks off pretending to be fine. He swoons. Uh-oh, I smell adult love triangle. But their bromance was just getting back on track!

Oh-hyuk takes to the stage, and to everyone’s shock, he confesses to the audience that this is a fake showcase, put on by students who were kicked out of the real one. He says that parents always ask him if their child has potential, if they’re able to fly, or just jumping off a cliff with no wings. (Using Kyung-jin’s words from earlier.)

Oh-hyuk: Truthfully, whether these students have potential…I don’t have the answer. But of one thing I’m certain. That these students, more than anyone here, want to fly. … Because they love the stage like crazy, because their dream is so beautiful, they believe that their road is a happy one. Telling them not to start because they might get hurt…is cruel, is it not? I think loving something like crazy is potential. I saw that potential today. So trusting that potential, I want to tell them to try and fly. I don’t know how big their wings are, but I want to tell them to start. And to make sure the road is happy, I’m going to put my full strength behind them.

Yay for rousing speeches! Goosebumps, really. (Even Jin-man cries.) He adds that they’ll all need safety nets, to break their falls—family, to support them and love them no matter what. He asks them to cheer them on, and thanks them, and the audience breaks into applause. Aw, so loving Teacher right now.

He’s greeted in the dressing room with high fives from the Misfits, and comes up to Hye-mi, who hesitates. She puts her hand halfway up, and it’s enough for Oh-hyuk to meet it with a high-five. She smiles, probably for the first time ever, directly because of him.

Jin-gook presents Dad with his papers to go abroad, apologizing. He says that he’s sorry for going to Kirin in the first place, since it really was an act of rebellion, and he didn’t really take any of it seriously. He apologizes for knowing that Dad had a dream, but messing with it anyway.

Jin-gook: I’m sorry for not taking your dream seriously. Once I had a dream of my own, I realized…that there are no dreams that should be laughed at in this world.

He tells Dad that he won’t be going abroad, and that he’ll stand up on stage someday; that this isn’t a rebellion, but a true dream. Dad reacts as expected, declaring that he’s blocking his path. Jin-gook tells him that he’s going to root for Dad and become a son that he can be proud of, and asks Dad to root for him too.

He leaves the office in high spirits, texting Hye-mi that he has something to tell her, and to meet him at the studio. But once outside, Jin-gook is greeted by Dad’s toadies, who cart him away. What, are you going to lock him up till he complies? Sigh, kdrama fathers.


I just love this show more and more each week. I love the rousing underdog-to-soar-to-new-heights speeches, I love the song and dance, the funny moments, and the dramatic turns. My heart totally lurched when Sam-dong almost went down, and now I’m just on pins and needles about where this kid is headed. I had a feeling that if he wasn’t K and they went with Hye-mi being K in the future, that Sam-dong might become her songwriter. But now with this looming over them, there’s this sense of urgency in everything because we don’t know how long he’ll…be able to hear…or (gulp) stay alive… … No. You wouldn’t do that to us, Show, would you?

Aaaaaaargh. Did I mention that this show is my new crack?

And just a reminder: no Episode 8 tomorrow, as Korea is playing in the Asia Cup semi-finals, against Japan. Talk about a ratings sweep. Even my grandma’s gonna watch that.


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  1. queencircles

    omg this ep was good. 🙂 lovin this show!

    • 1.1 queencircles

      I’m such a freak. I typed so fast ’cause I wanted to be first. Anyway. I’m sad there’s not going to be another episode until next week!

    • 1.2 Peachy

      Pilsook & Jason’s karaoke date is so cute. I love IU’s voice.

      The scene when Hye Mi fell asleep on Samdong’s shoulder is super cute. Samdong is so freaking adorable!

      The showcase was incredibly awesome. Yeah, I’m totally in for the underdogs. huhuhu

      I hope Samdong will get the girl.
      Although, my guess is Jingook will end up with Hye Mi because Samdong doesn’t have a triangle with another girl. (seems like the person who is first lead always has another triangle. right?) Anyway that’s my opinion and I can be completely wrong.

      I really think Samdong will be the K…. lol

      Thanks for recap! Like u lots!

      • 1.2.1 noi

        i also think like that!!! samdong’s the K!
        and we still haven’t figure out how BYJ discover samdong. or i’m not watching it carefully?

        but i had a bad feeling of samdong’s death… oh please no… :'(

        thanks for the recap!!!

        • Lovely Gumiho

          excuse me but what does “K” mean??? hehehe…. <3 and I love love love SAM DONG!!! I hope he really gets Hye Mi <3 He's super CUTEEE <3

  2. CG

    Thank you so much!

    • 2.1 pabo ceo reom

      Forget DREAM high…I’m just high off the show. Love, love, love. Underdog vibe + youthful exuberance = gets me every time. I’m really pulling for these kids!

  3. crazyunnie

    This drama is so addicting!

    • 3.1 crazyunnie

      That mention of Chun-hyang and Mong-ryong totally gave me 2min flashbacks from Hello Baby. =D

      • 3.1.1 flamingmushroom

        lol. i thought i was the only one who had that flashback.


    • 3.2 Mayounaise

      Yes it is sooo addicting!

      I’m on episode 3 right now. Didn’t plan to go as far as that, I was only patiently waiting for all of the episodes to air and then watch it in one-go. But alas the pull is too strong! I transformed into a hopeless addict at the end of episode 1…

      Gonna have a real bad withdrawal since my internet connection is slowing down and I’ve only downloaded it to episode 4… :'(

      Anyhoo, has a bet been made yet on who’s the real K? Am pretty sure that it’s the sushie girl. You know what they said: it’s the quiet ones that you need to watch out for!

  4. ilikehim

    Why is GF recapping Ep 7?
    LOL. Is she doing what she did with SKK Scandal (aka taking over the good eps)? ^.~

    • 4.1 girlfriday

      You know it. I challenged jb to a dance-off, and won.

      • 4.1.1 Madison


        javabeans/girlfriday, my favorite kdrama pairing!!!

      • 4.1.2 javabeans

        I demand re-match satisfaction! I challenge you to a sing-off next.

        • girlfriday

          Damnit. Will never learn all the songs in the universe to keep up with you. Well I’ll just have to win, 천재-style, like Sam-dong.

          • javabeans

            Not if Mr. Genius ends up deaf! Muahaha. Step outta the way, K’s here now.

      • 4.1.3 Elaine

        We demand the video.

        • aPam

          I second that!!!!!!!

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        pics/ vids or it didn’t happen!! LOL

  5. kc

    jin gook and baekhee’s connection are starting to grow.

    you know waht? id rather see jin gook die than see him paired up with baek hee…aiy

    • 5.1 bishbash

      i second that. altho i know my heart will break for whoever that doesn’t end up with hye mi. 🙁

      my princess was my 1st crack of 2011. but i welcome dream high as my second crack! 6 episodes in 2 nights! that’s how crack-y dream high is! 😀

      • 5.1.1 anti Baek-hee with Jin Gook

        i third that. i know hye-mi was really mean to her at the beginning but when she dropped that flower pot, she went to the point of no return for me. pleaaaaase Show, no Jin Gook Baek-hee coupling.

        i’d rather have my heart break 99999999999999999999999.. times over whoever doesn’t get hye-mi than see Jin Gook with her (and that’s saying something)

        • anais

          This was the first time I was tempted to change my avatar to something more like yours: “anti Baek-hee with Jin Gook, take 2” or some’ng.

          No matter how much the Show makes Baek-hee sympathetic, her raging sense of entitlement – and my general distaste for people who treat other people as things to be possessed against will – makes me automatically anti-Baek-hee.

          I will be especially angry if the Show uses misunderstanding to drive a permanent wedge between Jin Gook and Hyemi. I hate forced points of no return.

          • anti Baek-hee with Jin Gook

            heh doo it!

            i find baek-hee’s character rather hard to stomach.

            can’t wait til next ep!

            redeem yourself please jin-gook

          • jubilantia

            Agreed. Although, I really like what they’ve done so far; generally if a mean-girl-who-was-once-nice plot line is there, it’s this *~big revelation~* around the middle to latter half of the series, and here we start from the beginning, watch her rise, fall, and hopefully we’ll get to see her rise again.

            I’m hoping she can get over her entitlement, but I still don’t think her and Jin Gook will end up together.

            If anything, it would be awesome if K is actually a Hye Mi/ Jin Gook duo- like they promised each other last episode. I hope and think that Baek Hee will find her own confidence and end up on her own.

          • nickbw

            Oh yes, yes, yes, I so agree. I think Hey-mi is ‘K’ but though I love the Pil-sook and Jason vibe my heart is totally for Hey-mi Jin gook, while Sam dong is a pillock!

        • anais

          When Baekhee says incredulously “the person you wanted to be with wasn’t me?” all I could think was how she could possibly have entertained such a delusion in the first place.

          • NKB

            I know right? I have been properly brought up by Kdramas to know that the bad girl should never get the guy…she should wallow in the misery of her own making. As much as I LOVE the Sam dong/ Hye Mi pairing I would rather Jin Gook end up alone as all second lead usually do. This is weird as I’m usually the one crying over the second lead (read Moon Jae Shin) wishing he could get the girl. Baek Hee’s pitiful act really doesn’t make me feel anything for her.

            But was I the only one who laughed at the kidnapping scene? It was so fake. I could see that they were blatantly acting….no tension no nothing. When Jin gook ducked at the blow he obviously knew was coming and then did this really slow HOP over the railing I was like come on….really? Okay I’m just going to go with it because it’s necessary for the show. Lol! Can’t wait for next week…it looks AMAZING!

          • peanut butter

            You know, I thought so at first, too. I thought “what now?” until I realized…oh, it kind of makes sense.

            Jingook gave her the pendant back while humiliating hymen, agreed to go to the showcase for her, and sang with her. Since baekhee doesn’t know the whys, I can see it a bit.

          • anais

            @peanut butter – you meant “humiliating Hyemi,” right? Not hymen, because that would be a major Freudian slip. 🙂

            As for Baekhee’s belief that Jingook was into her, just because a guy is fair doesn’t mean that he likes you. You just happen to be the beneficiary of such fairness.

            And he agreed to attend the showcase because it fit in with his own interest (of trying to close the door on his being at Kirin) and agreed to sing with her out of pity.

            It’d be one thing for her to want him because he’s awesome. It’s another thing for her to want him because she reads his awesomeness as interest in her. The latter is dang narcissistic.

          • tmi129

            Not that I’m a Baek Hee fan by any stretch, but I wasn’t as offended by her ‘not me’ comment at all. OF course, it’s delusional, but it’s been well set up that BH’s a little delusional. I mean, she used to think that her and Hye Mi were super best friends when HM treated like a servant. It’s consistent with her character.

            Also, it’s a pretty good parallel with Jason/Pilsook, in that PS was reading too much into things because Jason was a bit nice to her. And BH’s got more reason to be delusional, since as far as she see, JG is nice to only her and sometimes HM (let’s not forget she’s not privy to all of JG and HM’s intimate conversations.) while J was nice to anything that moved.

            And please, they’re high school girls. It’s natural and realistic for her to be upset and a bit narcissistic about it.

            I’m completely rooting for HM in this rivalry, but BH’s not one-dimensional…so I don’t get all this hate.

        • i hate baek hee and kyung jin too

          ugh i HAtE baek hee. ive hated her since ep 2.
          i remember reading the recaps for earlier eps, and so many people were pro-baek hee and totally bashing hye mi.
          bet they’re rethinking now.
          how could you possibly like her after all this??
          the only one baek hee deserves…is possibly jin gook’s friend in sung or something. i dont like him either…

          and i dont know if its just me or not, but i absolutely HATE that lady teacher too (kyung jin i think?). she is so evillll.
          when i first saw her, i thought she’d be the one cool teacher who’d actually try to help the misfits. but then….she started yelling at pil sook for not wanting to take the sushi costume off…
          ugh. i hate her.

          • gustave154

            baek-hee is just going too far. and the teacher too. why are you encouraging to do bad things? o.O

          • nickbw

            Yes, I so agree and the teacher is just freaking scary!

    • 5.2 kc

      i cant believe i just sounded like a desperate ex

    • 5.3 R

      I… sixth that? LOL

      I think they are doing a very good job in defining this character, which is, alas, very believable. Baek Hee is the kind of dangerous, slightly deranged personality that can go to great extent to fullfill her delusions. I see her getting worse before she can try to redeem herself at least a little.

      And it’s interesting to see how, true to her personality and her eagerness to be recognized, her performances are based all on glamour and sex-appeal, making those of the so-called misfits standing out for sobriety, vocal qualities and beautiful honesty.

      • 5.3.1 Anjo

        No, you were not the only one who laughed at the kidnap scene. That scene was so ridiculous… Like… really?

        • kc

          the kidnap scene, it didnt bother me at all. Here’s my two two cents:

          jin gook is sort of like used to being kidnap once in a while… the feeling is not new to him anymore. he felt the need to resist but maybe it was like tired and like… “they’re going to take me no matter what so whats the use of resisting anyway”..

          i toadily understood that feeling… aaaanyway

          • POGA

            Seconded. He was basically like “……again? Really?” And then it was a “should have expected this” expression. It was like he tried just for the sake of trying, like, he knows he’s been caught but he’s still gonna try to escape because that’s how he is. But he knew it wouldn’t work, though he still made a run for it.

  6. Hanni R.

    Yay, GF! Thanks!

  7. Jenn

    I am so in love with IU & WooYoung. I am a Chipmunk-Sushi shipper!

    • 7.1 yokee

      i second you ^^

    • 7.2 anais

      The scene in which IU/Pilsook goes back and forth on the staircase, torn between her competing dreams, was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO endearing. I <3 IU forever! She's sooooooooooo adorable! I just want to bite her!

      너무너무너무너무너어ㅓㅓㅓㅓㅓㅓㅓ무 귀여워!!!!

      • 7.2.1 anais

        Oops, I meant when she pleads Jason not to ask more about where she must go next. Oh my god, so freaking cute!

      • 7.2.2 Natalie

        that was my favorite scene, interestingly! I always have weird favorite scenes. I think it’s because although I LOVEEEEEEE IU like crazy, I was so worried her acting would be … not good and I thought that was such a solid comedic moment. I was laughing like crazy in that scene!

    • 7.3 jubilantia

      GOD SERIOUSLY. They are sooooo adorable, and I love that they just initially were drawn to each other. None of this love dodecahedron crap, just sweetly singing together from the beginning, even if from separate rooms.

      And also, the fact that Jason could have been totally disgusted by Pil Sook’s behavior, but he saw into her soul. Or her voice, Little Mermaid style, but her soul is already linked with her voice, so it doesn’t matter.

  8. hookedonmonix

    I am loving pil-sook and jason the very most out of this whole show. so cute.

  9. E

    haha I laughed when the teacher called him EE SEUN too!! I had a fit….I had to replay it to make sure I had heard it correctly. lol

    This episode was pretty good – I just don’t want to see anymore evil BaekHee. PilSook and Jason are just the epitome of adorableness!

  10. 10 Maxie

    I love Jason and Pil Sook. They make me smile everytime they are on. I hope Jason joins the Misfits.

  11. 11 Jen Y.

    D: oh man.. This show is my crack too. I’m supposed to have two package per week to live by… Next Monday seems so far away… ;___;

  12. 12 PARKJISUNG7

    this really is a feel good drama and all the shortcomings of this show just get glossed over by that! i swear if korea loses to japan on TOP of no dream high imma be pissed… like… pissed.

  13. 13 K.

    I love Dream High, but football all the way! The game is gonna be awesome.

  14. 14 stars4u

    oh no!!! no tragic illness for Samdong please!!! I want him to be K!!!

    • 14.1 Sgcrazed

      Omg I thought it was going to be a breezy drama what is this show brain tumor,what lose of hearing may be death grrrrr I hate the direction of this story line

    • 14.2 Jane

      Just so long as he doesn’t die, deaf is ok, Hyemi will still love him and his awesomely adorable optimism will carry them through. If he dies though… I really don’t think I can handle that.

  15. 15 Yiya

    The karaoke scene with Jason and Pil-sook.. yeah, I was giggling creepily through it all. The cuteness is just too much for my brain.

  16. 16 maria

    noooooooooo episode 8!!!!!!!!!!

    lol, i’m so hooked on dream high, and jason and pil sook = <3 haha!

    also, i used to love eun jung sooo much, i can't believe how much i hate her here O_O she makes me blood boil!

    • 16.1 nickbw

      Me toooo!

  17. 17 bee

    this is ridiculous. why am i so giddy and jumpy and excited? this drama is so damn cute it makes me squealll. i had to do some deep breathing exercises before i could even sit still enough to read this.

    yeah i have problems. DONT JUDGE MEEEE. actually, judge me. maybe it’ll force me to become a normal human beinggg D:

  18. 18 lovepark

    Thanks for the speedy recap and your hardwork girlfriday!
    I adore Oh-hyuk, and I’m really liking Park Jin-young as Jin-man. These two are hilarious!
    I found Jason to be really cute in this episode, and I hope he doesn’t turn into a jerk in episode 8 where it looks like Pil-sook might confess.
    Overall, a lot of the characters are really cute except for a select few… (*cough*Baek-hee*cough*), and I’m actually really starting to like the shark loan dude Ma Doo-shik. He has a heart and is slightly a 허당… Lol at the Candy comment by Oh-hyuk (he had to add the hair comment).
    Last comment: Kang Oh-hyuk was AWESOME this episode (like always)!

    • 18.1 Erana

      am i such a crybaby like Jin Man cause i shed a tear with Oh-Hyuk’s speech… and I can’t believe he’s the same guy I saw on Happy Together… so dashing!

  19. 19 sora

    thank u sooooooooooooo muchhhhh

  20. 20 suril

    yea… been waiting for this….
    thanks for the speedy recap… glance through the raw clip and was wondering what was going on….

  21. 21 dreamoscope

    omg im so rooting for pil-son 😀 yayy.
    jason is all sorts of adorable in here, he’s starting to move off from being that mystrious no1 guy to the guy next door. when he smiles he’s so incredibly cute. i really hope he joins the misfits class 😀 and i heard IU is going to be all pretty next ep? 😀
    i love it that both IU and Wooyoung is getting more and more screentime 😀

    oh jingook why ~_~;; i thought he had better reasons to be performing with baekhee, but apparently not -.- ugh.

    and why is jingook’s neverending problems makes it seems like he’s the main lead? :X

    and no samdongggg i hope nothing happens to you ><

  22. 22 misse.

    OMO. asia cup whyyy!??

  23. 23 AmbieH

    oooooohhh chip-su/munk-shi!! my fav couple still lol!!

  24. 24 Mel

    sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… monday is too far away. sigh sigh sighhhhhh…..

  25. 25 gustave154

    the show just keeps getting better and the ratings too!
    Sam-dong and Hye-mi FTW!!!

  26. 26 hpn88

    AWW yeah! This ep was all kinds of cute with jasonxpilsook being incredibly adorable. Seriously, the norebang scene was undeniably cute.

    I was really liking the way they were treating the parent issues in the series, until the dad has JG kidnapped. Grrrr. They were doing so well until then.

    Also, I sense a bucket load of angst coming up in the next couple of episodes (judging from the end of the episode). I hope this means a whole bunch of ballads and softer numbers and/or dancing out their issues to Usher again.

  27. 27 Angskeet

    still rooting for samdong…they make his character so cute and adorable

  28. 28 Moha

    Wait, the problem with Sam Dong’s hearing is because of the dropped flower pot hitting him right? :O

    And the thought of Sam Dong dyinggg never crossed my mind. D: if you do that to me, Show, I’m breaking up with you.

  29. 29 hapacalgirl

    I am liking this show and have gotten over most of the JYPness of the drama and drama music (he is the music director so it makes sense) but I wish JYP would give Eunjung a proper chance to show off her vocals because he has already given Suzy and IU more than enough instances to show what they got vocally. I hope that with Baekhee’s post-showcase debut in the drama (according to the preview for episode 8 she gets to debut after the showcase) they give Eunjung a solo OST because Eunjung can really sing. Also I like Taec but since this is a joint production with KeyEast and JYP I would of hoped that the compromise was that JYP could cast whoever he wants as long as Kim Soo Hyun was the lead because it irks me that he is starting to appear to be the classic 2nd lead in this when his talents are heaps and bounds above the rest.

    As a drama though I do like the Pilsook and Jason couple more than any of the OTPs (they are so freakin adorable).

    • 29.1 shoes&socks

      i think one reason they might not give baek hee a chance to really sing is because she techinically doesnt have as much talent as hye mi and pil sook (at least in the drama). thats why she has the flashy costume and such in the showcase

      i think… (?)

      • 29.1.1 gustave154

        yup i think hye-mi has the talent. Baek-hee’s going for the britney spears path. and thinking about it… britney actually won a grammy! baek-hee is K CONFIRMED?

  30. 30 rowensage

    I think what I like about this show is that all the story lines are interesting. With the Kdramas I’ve (granted not that many) I always like the main story but I have to skip through the side story stuff. This drama I don’t mind watching the adults or the kids because both sides are fun and interesting ^_^

  31. 31 sehseh

    I’m not mad at JG, maybe a bit frustrated. It’s not like he purposely ran off to the real showcase to perform with BH. He was there because he pitied BH, and he has no purpose (guilt, guilt) at the fake showcase. Can expect him to ditch performing yet hang around in the misfit showcase right? It was just coincidence that he was there at the wrong time, and psycho BH turned on her waterworks.

    The only flaw JG made is his softie heart. Why can you just flatly reject the pleading-for-mother-affection-crying-sleeve-tugging girl?

    • 31.1 sehseh

      I mean *Can’t* expect him

  32. 32 K

    Omo!!! I freakin’ loved this episode… YAY for the new crack n am totally siding with GF on this being better than MP which is adorable but seriously no contest! Love pil-sook n jason n find them the cutest…my heart just stopped when sam-dong almost went down–gahhh..i’m so tired of these k-drama cliches’ abt always intending to kill the most adorable ones who are the sole reason that i tuned in to the show in the first place btw…I mean..what’s wrong with baek-hee-kill her…haha,j/k..thanks GF for your great recaps-love ’em as always 🙂

  33. 33 Armellelin

    Okay, I have really strong feelings about my theories about this drama but.. this new twist with Samdong really is messing with my theories, lol.
    K, in my plans.. is Taecyeon/Jingook. From the beginning when the camera was following “K”, it was Taec’s build + blonde hair (which he had before for 2PM promotions, I think?)
    Also, I think the pairings in the end would be: HyeMi/Taec, Samdong (alone or with compensation character), BaekHee (alone or with compensation character), JinMan>KyungJin>OhHyuk, Mafia dude/Ohhyuk’s cougar nuna, and then of course, Pilsook/Jason.

    EP 7 WAS AWESOME. Thanks for recaping!

    • 33.1 anais

      mafia dude & oh hyuk’s noona, huzzzaaah!! Second that!

  34. 34 deissy

    so kawaiii!!!!!!!!! love this show! *_*

  35. 35 maria

    i have a theory that all of them TOGETHER make up K. am i deluded? …quite possibly. 😛 …would be awesome, though

    • 35.1 rowensage

      I thought that too! I think that it will be all 6 of them or just Baek Hee. But that’s just me!

    • 35.2 anais

      same here. but based on the interviewer’s questions in episode 1, I got the impression that it would be just one person.

    • 35.3 absolute

      i totally was thinking that too!!

  36. 36 Crit

    Dream High is NOT that kind of drama. SD will be fine.

    • 36.1 Madison

      gosh, I really really hope your right. I keep getting deceived by this season’s kdramas left and right! (see: mary stayed out all night and secret garden…. both were NOT what I signed up for in the beginning… even though I ended up loving secret garden)

  37. 37 cookiesx

    Right now, I’m only following Dream High for PilSuk/Jason couple (They need a couple name, ASAP!) and so far I haven’t been disappointed. =) It’s so. freaken. cute. <3 <3
    As for the main love triangle, I'm rooting for Sam Dong with Hye Mi. I hope the writer's give Baek Hee a chance of redemption and then maybe she can have Jin Gook? Also, can everyone be friends by the show's end? Pwetty please, Show?

    • 37.1 obsession

      hahaha… they are known as ‘Milky Couple’ among the fans 😉

      • 37.1.1 nad

        why are they known as the milky couple?

        • orenji

          Wooyoung + IU = WooU

          WooU (pronounced it as uyu) means milk in korean.

        • cph

          don’t quote me on this, but since it’s Wooyoung/Aiyu couple, it would be Woo-Yu (Milk) in Korea… hence the ‘Milky’ Couple >.<;

          • nad

            oohh..thanks =)

      • 37.1.2 jjak

        or the JaeSook couple? (x
        (Jae-son, from korean pronunciations, and Pil-sook.)
        Pil-son just sounds weird though.
        but i love the milky couple! xD
        i was rooting for them ever since ep 2! lol.

    • 37.2 cookiesx

      & yeah thanks for the recap, forgot to say that. =)
      & LOL @ WooU/Milky couple thing. I don’t know about the nicknames for these couples since I don’t really follow this drama obsessively. =P

    • 37.3 Eleven11

      All I can think of them as now is Chipmunk and Sushi. Love it.

      • 37.3.1 jjak

        Chipmunk + Sushi = AWESOMENESS/CUTENESS to DIE for!

    • 37.4 stella

      hey..they are WooU couple(milky couple)

  38. 38 asd

    I love Pilsuk and jason so cutee O:

  39. 39 ndr

    Thanks GF for the recap! Loving this drama more and more!

    I feel like the writers are headed for Hye-mi/Sam-dong and a Baek-hee/Jing-gook pairings with a healthy dose of the newly-named Chipmunk/Sushi pairing 😀 But I’d really like to see Hye-mi and Jin-gook end up together. Isn’t it like a rule of thumb for kdrama childhood sweethearts to end up together? On top of that, they’re super cute together!

    After this episode, I really think that Jin-gook is ‘K’, especially after those scenes with his father. But who knows? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    Looking forward to next week’s episode!

    • 39.1 Sadly...

      Baek hee won’t be with anyone.

    • 39.2 Jomo

      Not that I don’t want the HM/JG pairing, cause I do, but childhood sweethearts very often do NOT end up together…

  40. 40 Cassandra

    Yeaaah! Thanks for the recap, I’m dying waiting for the subs and this is just enough to tide me over. So, are they showing three episodes next week since ep 8 is preempted?

    And kinda random, but is anyone else wondering how that car got into their practice room? I mean it’s small, but not small enough to get in the door let alone down that staircase…

  41. 41 obsession

    this episode is uber cute! and i’m glad that Jason-Pil Suk’s story got more airtime… and the heartbeat’s parody just epic that i laugh my ass out… kekekeke! i’m so loving when GF refers Jason as Chipmunk, coz it really makes me giggle!

    i think Jinguk-Hye Mi conflicts will start… it seems like, Hye-Mi shows that she has a special feeling towards Jinguk but everything gonna change soon… huhuhu!

    i don’t know whether i wanna congratulate the writer for creating Baek Hee’s character that way, til makes me kinda hate her character so much! or Eunjung that plays her character well…

    thanks GF for such a great recaps 😉

    • 41.1 rio

      omg i feel the same way! i saw the preview and it seems like hyemi feels something for jinguk..and she was crying and she was about to say the reason why she was crying when samdong stops and pleads that she doesnt say it…maybe she was about to say that she’s sad because of jinguk and samdong doesnt wanna hear that the girl he loves is somehow in love? with jinguk BUT I REALLY DONT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN….

      sorry that was long…haha i had to let that out

  42. 42 Cilllaaa

    Did you guys see the preview for ep 8? mannn ooh mannnn when Samdong screamed at Hyemi not to tell him why she was crying, i wass likeee ahhhhh what, whats going on?! cause he wouldnt like yell at her like that.

    anddd in ep7 when Samdong lost his hearing for the small moment i was like noo nooo, are you seriously gonna keep hurting my beloved SAMDONG!?!? :/

    arghhhhhhhhhhhhh and no ep tomorrow. 🙁

    • 42.1 rainerust

      Okay my guess? She’s going to tell him she’s crying cos of Jin Gook and of cos that’s just going to break Sam Dong’s heart into itty bitty pieces.

      I really wish Sam Dong could get the girl but…looks like it’s going to be JG…and yeah I suspect he’ll be K in the end…

    • 42.2 tmi129

      I’m crossing my fingers for them finding out about SD’s brain issues (please don’t drag this out, show!) and HM cries that she’s responsible and he should go back home or something.

      Yes, delusional scenario is delusional, but I much prefer this to the JG/HM pairing. SD is too cute to be left alone…

  43. 43 jengirl4116

    If they have Sam-dong go deaf (or die) from the head injury I’m going to be more upset than I was at the end of Bad Guy.

    That would just be too much. I want this drama to end on an uplifting note; preferably one that is not painfully bitter sweet.

  44. 44 POGA

    I saw the previews, and…next episode….

    Hye-Mi seriously leaks so many tears when confronting Jin-gook. And Jin-gook looks so…sad. And Hye-mi steps away from him, when he reaches out. T_T URG. Jin-Gook. STOP being noble hero tricked by evil main lead and getting his heart broken.

    And dammit, Show, did you HAVE to break up the original mis-fits T_T. I just KNOW it’s gonna be broken slightly. But then of course, they’ll find out about Jin-gook’s father and sad story and….re-build? lol. It’s all the makings of a typical drama, but Dream High makes it all work and good again.

    And yet I’m still rooting for Jin-gook. I don’t feel happy in Hye-mi/Sam-Dong or Baek-hee/Jin-gook moments at all. Awww.

    lol. I felt very happy in Pilsuk/Jason moments, though. Loved those lots.

    • 44.1 nickbw

      Wow you have nailed it for me every word you say I feel.

  45. 45 crazedlu

    oh my fuh-LIP! i freakin LOVE this. been waiting for this recap from you guys all day. looove it. yunno, i can’t believe they’re pulling this off. insane. i love it! 10 Q vedy mucho.

  46. 46 Blabbermouth

    Thanks for the recap! I’m still waiting on completed subtitles before I watch it but from the looks of things, it will be an awesome episode with lots of super cute Pil-Suk and Jason moments!

    Each time I watch this, at the back of my mind, I’m always speculating, waiting when they’ll drop hints as to who “K” is.

    The boys are breaking my heart. I think this triangle with Hye Mi is too effective. I can’t decide who I want her to end up with. Jin Guk and Sam Dong are both ridiculously charming and I can totally see how they help develop Hye Mi’s character.

    Damn, I may have to jump ship as well from My Princess. Dream High is really starting to grow on me.

  47. 47 Beng

    this is my current crack too. I’m soooo addict that when you said there’s no episode 8, i feel like i’m dying =(.

    Plus i don’t want Sam-dong to be sick and die, it’s ok if he will become like beethoven, but don’t kill him please, Writer? ok, ok, ok?

  48. 48 rowensage

    Jump ship Jason!!!!! Jump Ship!!!!!!

  49. 49 myweithisway

    Chipmunk is MINE! I will not hesitate to fight dirty for him!

    Do not touch….scratch that: DO NOT APPROACH

  50. 50 xiaoSxin

    This episode is solid. I don’t care who HM ends up with anymore bec I am so rooting for JAson and Pil Sook to be together!! They are adorkable together it is so cute! Love these two!

    • 50.1 bobbie

      LOL. I totally agree. Jason <3 Pil Sook Forever!!

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