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Dream High: Episode 8
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Awww, yeah! I love when the tables turn in a drama, when the rules change and there’s constant motion in a plot. I’m really liking the pace of this drama — things move briskly enough that we’re never in danger of plodding along, but not so speedily that they don’t have time to resonate, either. Now it’s time for the fast-trackers to get going and leave the rest stewing in jealousy… just in time for our Misfits to surprise everyone with the stuff they’re made of.


Gigs – “짝사랑” (One-sided Crush). This is the song used in the Jason/Pil-sook Post-it scene. [ Download ]

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When Hye-mi gets Jin-gook’s text message to meet at the basement studio, her immediate reaction is to harrumph at the traitor, grumbling that she’s only going to give him a good beatdown for his betrayal… all while primping. You know, a girl’s gotta look pretty when she’s giving the guy she totally-doesn’t-like-or-at-least-would-die-before-admitting-it a piece of her mind. Not that she cares. Because she doesn’t.

Jin-gook’s captor takes him to the airport and says that his father is just trying to protect him, but Jin-gook knows that it’s more like he’s being hidden out of sight because he’s an embarrassment. He’s given a plane ticket to Vancouver, with Mr. Right Hand Man accompanying him to see that he gets settled.

The man walks Jin-gook walk toward the gate, one hand firmly on his back to keep him in line… so Jin-gook waits for the right moment to slip out of his jacket and run away, melting into the crowd. He sheds a pretty tear as he mentally asks his father not to make him hate him (meaning, please don’t do any more things that’ll make me hate you).

Hye-mi waits at the studio for a while before finally giving up. She comes home in a grouchy mood, but as Sam-dong’s mother is there, and she puts on an (uncharacteristically) cheerful face for her benefit.

She even smiles and goes along (albeit with clenched jaw) when Mom brings up marriage, saying sweetly that they haven’t talked about it yet. Sam-dong does get a kick to the shins for blabbing all this nonsense, which, yeah, he deserves.

Jin-gook arrives, intent on finding Hye-mi to apologize, stopping short as Mom enthusiastically greets him, calling him the devoted follower to her son. It’s ridiculous how sweet I find it that these kids all play along with Sam-dong’s absurd lies. Mom pats Jin-gook’s cheek in a maternal gesture and says that he’s her son too, then, and that rattles him a bit, having just come from being dumped by his father.

Mom puts a piece of fish in his bowl as she asks what he likes to eat, and that little gesture is enough to introduce a waver to his voice and a glimmer in his eye as he answers that he likes fish. Aw. He tries to hide his tears as he eats, assuring Mom it’s delicious.

After bidding Mom goodbye, Jin-gook apologizes to Hye-mi for being a no-show, knowing she’s peeved. She confirms that she is — but she’s also noticed Jin-gook’s reaction at dinner and senses that he’s going through something right now, and says she’ll let it slide tonight

As she turns to head inside, Jin-gook grabs her hand and whirls her around, resting his head on her shoulder wearily. Hye-mi pats his head, and he clasps her hand in both of his.

Sam-dong sees Mom off at the bus station, and as she chatters on about how much she likes Hye-mi, his hearing fades in and out again. Argh, if you’re going to make him into bloody Beethoven…! Drama, I don’t care how genius he was, I want Sam-dong to hear!

Interestingly, loan shark Doo-shik decides to foot the bill for the majority of the Rebel Misfit Showcase — a shocking move, since it’s understood that Oh-hyuk is basically digging himself into a grave of debt all by his lonesome. But Doo-shik declares that it’s a fair price “for showing me my dream.” (Omo — Mr. Awkward Loan Shark… possibly becoming a real agency president?)

During a staff meeting at school, Oh-hyuk and Jin-man sneak notes to each other via cell phone, wondering that Kyung-jin might spill the news about their fake showcase to the principal. But curiously, when Oh-hyuk works up the nerve to ask her about it, she says blankly, “Fake showcase? Yesterday? But I didn’t come to the school yesterday.”

The guys wonder why she would possibly side with them. Personally I suspect she may be embarrassed about showing vulnerability in a weak moment, but Jin-man recalls how she’d fallen on top of him (believing him to be Oh-hyuk, I might point out) and his mind goes in a different direction. He sighs, “I think I know why.” LOL. I love how prone he is to flattering his own vanity.

Jin-gook’s father is still intent on withdrawing him from Kirin, so Oh-hyuk asks if Jin-gook agrees with this intent. Getting back a firm denial, he cheerily rips up the form, though he’s under no illusions that this is the end of it — the henchman threatened to take this up with the principal next time.

Jin-gook contemplates the card given to him by the talent agency CEO at the showcase, who has selected him to make his debut next. Despite his initial protests, now Jin-gook thinks of the man’s promise that this is a step toward becoming a world-famous singer.

The rest of the student body soon finds out the names of the students selected for upcoming debuts, which includes a handful of first-years: Shi-hyuk (Jin-gook), Baek-hee, Jason, and Ria. Wait, I thought Ria was already a star…? Maybe she just got a jump on the diva attitude.

Sam-dong and Hye-mi are surprised, not having known till now that Jin-gook had performed at the showcase. They both feel it as a betrayal, particularly Hye-mi, who remembers him telling her he wanted to debut on the same stage with her.

The newly selected are gathered for press interviews, and students gather to watch as Baek-hee is asked who she would thank. She has two answers: Jin-gook, for making the showcase possible for her, and her teacher for telling her that rivals are more important than friends. Naturally that prompts the question of who that rival is, and whether she ought to thank her as well. Baek-hee casts a satisfied look Hye-mi’s way as she says that yes, her rival deserves some thanks for calling her third-rate — after hearing that from her best friend, Baek-hee was spurred with motivation.

Jin-gook has been looking guiltily at his friends, and now shoots a glare at Baek-hee as Hye-mi runs out in tears.

Outside, Hye-mi thinks back to all the harsh words she’d said and finally realizes, “Go Hye-mi, you really were the worst.” Well, enlightenment is better late than never?

It’s Sam-dong who follows her out to ask if she’s okay. She answers that she’s not, because she sees now that while she thought she was Ha-ni (the heroine of a manhwa) when she was actually Naeri (a lesser character). Or Eliza instead of Candy. Sam-dong’s not up on his pop-culture references and doesn’t understand, though he does get the gist of Hye-mi’s self-deprecating mood.

The Top Entertainment CEO, President Yoon, gathers his debut students to tell them that they’ll be beginning training camp next week.

Baek-hee tells Jin-gook she meant her thanks, only to have him answer that if she’s really thankful she won’t talk about him — or Hye-mi — anymore. I like that he doesn’t threaten her, but shrewdly turns it around on her — that if Baek-hee becomes famous, it’ll become clear who her rival is: “That can’t be what you want, is it?”

Zing! What other response could she have but “Why no, Mr. Hot Stuff Whom I Have A Pluto-Sized Crush On, of course not”?

Mr. Right Hand Man is also at the school to try to press his father’s dictate upon him again, but Jin-gook is holding firm. He’s already been noted as a debut student, which would make backing out of Top Entertainment a big mess: “And Father hates messes, doesn’t he?”

When Jin-gook gets home, Hye-mi ignores him while Sam-dong asks him about this debut business. Jin-gook wants to speak to Hye-mi in private, but neither Hye-mi nor Sam-dong are willing to humor him.

Sam-dong even stands up to him and won’t let him take Hye-mi away, leading Jin-gook to an unexpected, high-handed solution: He picks Sam-dong up, deposits him on the balcony, and shuts him out. Heh.

Turning to Hye-mi, he apologizes for not keeping his promise: “But wanting to stand onstage with you… I meant it.” He says this debut wasn’t what he wanted, but he couldn’t help it from happening.

A bit bitterly, Hye-mi answers that it must be nice to get that debut through no want of his own, when she wants it so badly: “I’m not angry at you. No, I don’t know if I have the right to be angry at you, when I’m not anything to you.” The implication is that they mean nothing to each other, and he tries to protests, but she steps back and tells him dully, “Congratulations on your debut. But I can’t say it with a smile.”

In a studio, some random actor (Nickhun, in a cameo), dressed as Romeo, lies in the death throes (or whatever) when a phone call comes through from his “Juliet.” She (Ria) sings him a song and revives him with her angelic voice… is the concept of the CF, which doesn’t work out so well because Ria has a voice to make the dead turn over in their graves, but not rise from them. Funny how she’s debuting as a singer, then. I guess her appearance is supposed to make up for the warbling.

Romeo can’t get into the spirit of the moment, and neither can the producers. They can’t hire another singer because it’ll be apparent it was a lip-synch job… unless they use one of Ria’s Kirin classmates who has a good voice but no hope of debuting.

Who could that be? Enter Pil-sook, who dubs the song to great success, while being told she’ll be credited properly.

Excited about this big career moment, Pil-sook tells her parents the good news. She wants to share her happy moment with someone else, but she’s so shy that as she dials another number, she adorably mutters, “Don’tanswerdon’tanswerdon’tanswer…

But Jason does answer, and then sneaks up behind her as she announces that she’s going to be credited in the upcoming CF. Aww, I foresee a broken heart in the near future. But Jason congratulates her, and these two are so cute it’s ridiculous.

Baek-hee, bolstered with her recent success, now confronts Hye-mi (sporting some very Kyung-jin-like eyeliner) with a superior smirk and hands over the K pendant. No longer the insecure hanger-on, Baek-hee declares that Hye-mi will need it more, and that Baek-hee no longer hates her, or considers her competition. Burn.

Weary and beaten down, Hye-mi just sits there with her head on the table, where Pil-sook comes to join her, seeking some advice.

Pil-sook thinks Jason is starting to like her for real this time, and offers examples that are solid enough that Hye-mi deems them promising indeed. Her opinion bolsters Pil-sook’s good spirits, and as she exults, Hye-mi looks at her in a curious way. She says, half-surprised, “You’re pretty. Why didn’t I see it before?” Hye-mi calls her a star — as in, a leading lady, not just a sideline character. Aw, the unlikely friendship between these two is pretty cute.

Sam-dong heads to a manhwa rental store to ask about the characters Hye-mi mentioned and busies himself in reading. Hilariously, Jin-gook looks at him curiously — Sam-dong gives him the cold shoulder — and asks if he’s wearing his underwear again (HA). Sam-dong just covers himself with a blanket (LOL) and refuses to answer.

At school, Pil-sook works up her courage to leave Jason a note in the form of a heart-shaped Post-it: “You don’t know how I feel.” Puzzled, Jason looks around and finds another Post-it on a nearby locker (which begs the question of what would’ve happened if that student got there first…), and that reads, “No, that’s okay.”

Jason quickly realizes that those are lyrics to a song (the one posted above), and as he follows the trail of heart-shaped breadcrumbs, they say:

You don’t know how I feel, no that’s okay
That time on the way home, you smiled at me
You’re beautiful, more than the sunlight
I like you, more than the universe
I must have a crush on you
I must really love you

Finally, the last note are Pil-sook’s own words: “If you feel the same as I do, come up the stairs.”

His expression grows more serious as he sees Pil-sook waiting for him at the top. She’s sitting there praying for him to come up… and just as I’m thinking he’s not gonna do it, HE DOES IT. AHHHHHH!

Jason sits next to her and says that he didn’t know she liked him so much. She’s fast on her way up to Cloud Nine, but the next words send her crashing back to earth: “Sorry. I do like you, but I don’t think I feel the same as you do.”

Disappointed, she asks why he came up the stairs, then, instead of just going. Jason says that he couldn’t just go without replying — argh, you and your stupid supposedly-American-but-totally-not-really-American-(because-Americans-have-crappy-manners-frankly-let’s-be-honest)-politeness and manners!

Putting on a brave face, she laughs it off through her tears, saying she must have mistook things again and rushes off.

Yet more heartbreak awaits her as she visits her parents’ restaurant, where Mom and Dad are watching TV with their cameras out, ready to take a snapshot of their daughter’s big moment. But to her horror, Pil-sook sees that she’s been Smelly Cat’ed, and it’s her voice singing along to Ria’s angelic, pretty, thin image. Worse yet, the written credit is given to Ria as well.

This time Pil-sook joins Hye-mi in the headdesking, saying sadly that she must not be a leading lady after all. Hye-mi pats her hand, and it’s a sad, touching beat as they just sit there, tears falling in silence.

In a photo shoot for the soon-to-debut-idols, President Yoon congratulates Ria on her CF, and asks about her voiceover artist. Ria confirms that the girl isn’t debut material (and therefore no threat to the con) since she’s 30 kg overweight.

Overhearing, Jason confronts Ria for taking credit for Pil-sook’s voice. Ria lies that she wasn’t in on the plan, but Jason calls her out for the shoddy excuse.

On his last night in the Misfit house, Jin-gook sees Hye-mi trudging home, but as she has been diligently giving him the cold shoulder, he quietly leaves without saying anything. In her room, Hye-mi finds a box he’d left behind, containing his spare helmet and his earphones. That, finally, unleashes a flood of sweet memories, and she starts to cry.

Sam-dong finds her outside later, standing in the cold wearing the helmet. When he lifts the helmet off her head, he sees that she’s been crying and asks what’s wrong — but something in her tone warns him as she asks, “Can I really tell you what’s wrong?” and he says no, he doesn’t want to know after all. Hye-mi barrels past his protests and says he ought to know, admitting that she’s crying because of Jin-gook.

Sam-dong yells at her not to say it, then reconstructs the truth in a way that he can handle — that yes, she’s crying because of Jin-gook, but it’s out of jealousy because he is debuting first. Holding back tears, he tries to smile and assure himself that this is the truth. Poor, heartbreaking boy.

While taking out the trash, Oh-hyuk finds a stash of crumpled drawings, which he assumes are Hye-mi’s. Hye-mi sees the manhwa images and knows right away that it was Sam-dong, in response to what she’d told him about being Naeri — he’d made her into the heroine. He has redrawn the Misfits into these manhwa characters, even adding in an evil Baek-hee with her evil eyes.

Hye-mi asks Oh-hyuk if she seems like a Naeri, and he agrees, which makes her grumble that he could’ve at least fibbed to make her feel better.

Oh-hyuk clarifies that if the drama of Hye-mi’s life were to end here, she’d be Naeri, as the girl who insulted her friend and let pride be her downfall. But if her drama were to end later, “Then the story changes. If you realize your mistake and reflect on it, fix it, and mature — then you can be the heroine of that drama.” He assures her that she has plenty of time to grow.

In class, Hye-mi shows Sam-dong the drawings, and immediately he lurches after them. In the brief runaround, her hair gets caught in his jacket, and while he works to untangle them, she asks how the story continues. He doesn’t know, but she declares that she thinks she does — it’s time for them to win now. Yes, please!

In the halls, Pil-sook attempts to evade Jason and ends up drawing his concern when she hits her head on a locker. She asks him to quit acting out of sheer politeness, but he says that she keeps weighing on his mind — which is precisely the type of term that kdrama heroes tend to use about heroines that they don’t know they’re in love with yet. Pil-sook brightens at this proof that he doesn’t hate her, and he clarifies that no, he does like her — as a friend.

With new hope, Pil-sook asks if he’d reconsider his answer (about likng her) if she were to come back thinner and prettier — say, in 200 days’ time. Jason thinks to Ria’s comment that Pil-sook might have debut potential without her extra 30 kgs, and agrees.

This fresh motivation spurs Pil-sook into action, and she seeks advice from her teacher, wondering if it’s possible for her to lose 30 kg in 200 days. The teacher answers (ugh), “There are no ugly women in the world, just lazy ones.” Oh, I hate you so much, just for the sheer principle of it.

So over the next few months, Pil-sook works at her new diet and exercise regimen, and the Misfits watch as their classmates — arranged into the group “K” — make their debuts and enjoy a swift climb in popularity.

Finally, by day 200, we finally see Pil-sook — aptly singing to “Video Killed the Radio Star,” although perhaps it’s not so apt anymore, since she’s newly slim and prettified.

By now, K is a sensation, and a mob greets them as they pull up to Kirin. Jin-gook beelines for the Misfit class — it’s empty — and amusingly, so does Jason.

Neither guy has found who he’s looking for, and they split off into opposite directions. Happily, Jason finds a welcome lollipop stuck to his locker, just like old times.

But he walks right by Pil-sook, not realizing who it is until she stops him, giving him a chance to read her nametag. His eyes widen to see how much she’s changed.

Jin-gook prowls around looking for Hye-mi, and comes upon a dance studio where a crowd has amassed, watching two students inside. The backlighting makes it hard for him to make out the figures, and he squints as he tries to figure out who he’s watching.

It’s only gradually that he and a shocked Baek-hee are able to discern that Hye-mi and Sam-dong are the center of attention, impressing everyone with their dance moves, including them.

As they dance, Oh-hyuk’s words to Hye-mi repeat:

Oh-hyuk: “Your drama has a long way to go before it’s over. So don’t force yourself to go quickly. If you go slowly, you can see a lot more, in more detail, than the people who go quickly. If you ask me who would grow more between those two, I’d say it’s the one who goes slowly and sees a lot.”


Yay for reversals! I’m a sucker for this stuff — I just eat it up. Obviously we all knew that our Misfits were going to succeed eventually, but this introduces an interesting, not-quite-black-and-white rivalry with Jin-gook in the wrong group, and Jason stuck there as well. There’s also that foreshadowing that K has ascended too quickly to make it for the long haul, while the gradual, slow risers will be in it for the long haul. I’m fully expecting lineup changes and group shakeups, as they did with the defection of Jin-gook to Team Hotshots, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens from here on out.

I’d been anticipating yet half-dreading Pil-sook’s transformation, because the issue of starlets and weight loss and prettification is a touchy one at best, and positively incendiary at worst. Again we get into the issue of Dramas Aren’t Reality vs. Art Reflects Culture and Shapes It, So Don’t Be a Damned Idiot About Representing Things Irresponsibly. And while there may have been better ways to approach the issue — like Pil-sook being motivated, of all things, because of a guy (realistic, but sadly so) — I can accept the 200-day agreement because of the way Jason reacts (thankfully).

If he’d just agreed to rethink things when she got skinny, I’d have wanted to hit him over the head with a tire iron and disavow any affection for the Milk Couple (so-called because the real-name smooshing — “WooU,” from Wooyoung and IU — means milk in Korean). But the drama makes it a point to indicate that Jason is thinking of Pil-sook’s debut potential, and couches his agreement in the terms of wanting her to succeed for herself. A bit clunky, but better than the alternative, yeah?


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    I’m still rooting for JG-HM shipping.. but I really love the shift of dynamics of all the character relationships in the drama especially at the last 10 mins of ep 8!! I did not see it coming.. so I am happy to be constantly surprised by this drama. Of course there are still cliches abound and sprinkled.. but I think the sum is greater than all of its parts.. or is it the other way around. Anyway, I am hooked.

    Thanks JB, GF!!!

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    I'm really happy that this drama is soooo proving many of us who had doubts about 'teen-idol drama' wrong ^_^

    • 8.1 hookedonmonix

      I can’t quite settle on who I want to root for. And because I’m not sure, I go with the ever mature vote-for-who-you-think-is-going-to-win strategy. Theoretically, it’s a good strategy. In reality, though, I’m standing with one foot in each ship and just as it looked like the HM/SD ship was sinking, the show threw him some crumbs and I’m unsure again. Really, I think it’s a matter of not totally wanting to jump ship on SD, so I look for any excuse to hold out hope, trying to keep in mind the K-dramas where the female lead wasn’t into the male lead until late in the game.

  9. S

    I.am.disappointed. Why can’t you cry more?
    There are a lot of people who would like to see you cry rather than smile. They say crying is real emotion while smile is..meh..just fake.
    Oh! One more thing, Hyemi,
    Don’t steal, be honest but betray your friends, don’t make up for it and change your mind very often. In that way, you can grow up. You can learn these things from Jingook. And remember ‘cry’.

    I love this show where people ship strong and spunky girl with loser dude. AWESOME.

    PS thanks Javabeans for the recap.

    • 9.1 siam

      sorry, but I totally don’t agree with you.
      crying is “real emotion” ? Really ?
      Did you ever smile, or laugh for real in your life ?
      I can show you many dramas where the “crying act” was obviously and painfully F.A.K.E.

      But the thing that shocked me in your post was the “real emotion” part…C’mon, there is no “one real emotion” over others !!!
      we all feel different emotions, which are all real !
      if you feel the need to cry to feel emotions, then it’s too bad for you, because you’re letting way too much other interesting emotions pass you by…

      (sorry for the rant…but I really needed to say that)

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        I’m sorry. I thought this is what JG/HM shippers want. For Hyemi to cry and grow up in Jingook way. I’m just being supportive to JG/HM shippers.
        Plz accept my apology.

        • lunarscope

          hey, no need to apologise 🙂 Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, so it’s cool.. 😀

        • Beng

          I think Hae-mi is maturing faster than JG. Up until now, he hasn’t really confronted his father and tell him in his face that he can’t hide him anymore. Hae-mi, on the other hand, have seen her wrong ways and trying to make up for it. Yes, she hasn’t apologized to Baek-hee yet, but sometimes you need to prove first (to the person you offended) that you’ve changed before you can really apologize. But, wait a minute, i think HM did offer her (BH) the olive branch when she returned the necklace. However, BH continued to be in her bitter ways.

          Just my opinion too =)

          • S

            That’s what I’m talking about. Hyemi is way stronger than Jingook. I’m just so sick of people keep telling Jingook makes Hyemi better (HA as if she needed him). That loser doesn’t even know where he stands but goes back and forth between things. He’s the loser type but people keep saying him like hero makes me sick. They say Jingook let her cry blah blah. If she stays with him, she needs to cry more because of his wavering and weak personality.
            Omo what’s happening to me. I was so nice a while ago.
            Ok I need to stop. I think I’m not good at sarcastic. That’s why people keep misinterpret my comment.
            For Now I just make myself clear. JINGOOK IS THE LOSER!!!

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      Are you a JG-HM shipper or no?
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          ok, I just went for few hours, and wooow so many replies..
          my bad, I didn’t get you were sarcastic..
          *playing the “I’m french” card*

          oh yes. I support Sam-dong.
          Jin-Gook. You’re pretty, but that’s all I’d say about you.

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      haha lol i love it..im sick of people saying they suit each other and connect in an emotional level.

      and im like what the? the boy changes his mind every frickin minute..he does not act on his issues he justs..wait for it…CRIES his issues..come on dude your the guy toughen up..if you want something sooo badly act on it. sheessshh.

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    Thanks for the quick recap JB!!
    After 7 episodes, this is what I’ve been waiting for.. Pil Sook transformation. I absolutely LOVE Ja ee son expression when he saw Pil Sooklooking all pretty. Kept repeating it several times. Should have closed ur mouth there man, or u gonna start drooling… 😀
    The love shuffle makes things more interesting! Cant wait for episode 9!

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    I LOVED the ending!

    Ok, the bit with Pil-sook getting skinny was a bit cringeworthy, but in the drama I thought the way they used her diet and exercise regime as a way to do the time jump was a wonderful idea. Plus, I just ate up Jason’s double-take at Pil-sook — Wooyoung is doing a pretty credible job with his character, I think. It helps that the Milk Couple’s storyline is too adorable for words.

    I like where the end of episode 8 leaves us — ready to start on a new leg of the story. Sam-dong and Hye-mi are now clearly ready to bring it and bring it big time. I can’t wait to see how the allegiances will realign and shift. I’m enjoying that things aren’t so black-and-white in the conflict, because life is rarely black and white.

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  13. 13 Noypi

    “This time Pil-sook joins Hye-mi in the headdesking, saying sadly that she must not be a leading lady after all. Hye-mi pats her hand, and it’s a sad, touching beat as they just sit there, tears falling in silence.”

    I UNEXPECTEDLY CRIED ON THIS PART!!!!! When they both just sat there, heads down, and tears falling, it broke my heart!!! I’m so glad I gave in to DB and GF, and watched this drama… My new addiction, alongside My Princess!!

    OH NO!! School is back, why get addicted NOW!! WHY!!! LMAO

    • 13.1 ilikehim

      The friendship is sweet.
      They both can be each other’s emotional support.
      Fortunately, after Baekhee, HyeMi has learned to treasure her friends more.

  14. 14 Natalie

    The black/white thing is going to go on for episode 9 too, but this time Jason’s on Team White with Hye Mi and Sam Dong!

    From the episode stills they’re definitely drawing influence from Black Swan, hahaha.

    And unfortunately Team Hotshots has hideous costumes sorry to say.

    Love the episode, I cried when Pil Sook and Hye Mi held hands, it was so sad. A little bit too, when Jin Gook lost it at the dinner table.

  15. 15 john

    When I read in the recap about HyeMi telling Jin Gook that they mean nothing to each other…my heart almost broke.

    I think I see the writers ending the drama with HyeMi and Jin Gook coming together as a couple given how well they work together in episodes(though that may just be because they’ve had more dramatic scenes together as compared to any other coupling in the drama). I can kind of see Hye Mi with Jin Gook with Sam Dong dying(because of these constant health problems)

    • 15.1 Madison

      I seriously gasped when I read your last sentence

      SAM DONG CANNOT DIE!!! NO WAY!!!! omg if the drama killed off sam dong…………………… this is too scary of a thought

    • 15.2 Beng

      you scared me too!!!

      Sam-dong is who Hye-mi needs, otherwise with Jin-gook, both their burdens will not end. Hye-mi also needs a loving Mom like Sam-dong’s.

      I was so happy seeing him dancing already, meaning he’s OK. so don’t anybody go killing him.

    • 15.3 yuna

      i was thinking too that they might kill sam dong character with his health problem to make hye mi and jin gook end up together at the end. i want migook couple but i adore sam dong and i love him for being on hye mi’s side all these times. he’s the person whom hye mi can always count on.

      • 15.3.1 gustave154

        sam dong gets brain damage and hye-mi has to take care of him… thats a pretty good if sad ending..

        • littlefirefox

          No dying pweaseee, why doesn’t he just go to a doctor already? lol

        • anais

          That’s a makjang, emotionally manipulative ending. Bad in my book.

    • 15.4 e

      the minute the head that way im out of this drama.and will forever stay away from any drama of the same production team…they will surely hear rants from me

  16. 16 just a girl

    Hey I take offense. I’m American and I have impeccable manners. Oh wait, I’m first generation…uh never mind.

    • 16.1 Ashley

      I’m an American, and while my manners are alright (I’m a military brat, so I had to pick up SOMETHING) I think we’re more well known for being friendly than polite. On that front, Jason’s portrayal makes sense to me, because he’s more friendly with strangers that he does not care about than a Korean would be.

      • 16.1.1 hookedonmonix

        Yeah, I think that what they’re calling politeness is more a matter of having a smaller gap between the way we treat friends and acquaintances.

        • Ashley

          Exactly. You stated it better than I did 🙂

    • 16.2 Jomo

      I think the original comment about Americans is they tend to be polite in a friendly way. They can be warmer and more open with people they don’t know well, whereas K’s tend to be more reserved.

      The danger is that this friendliness could be taken as “I like you a lot.”

      It’s not a knock against K, nor, I believe is it inaccurate for our societies in general.

  17. 17 vannie

    pil-sook & jason..yeah so cute its ridiculuos!

  18. 18 Madison

    Dream high has been SO good lately! That quiet moment between Hyemi and Pilsuk was so heartbreaking, I totally teared up. 🙁 It’s great to see Hyemi grow while still retaining some of her cold attitude.

    I LOVE that loan shark dude is shaping up to be an unexpected ally! I was a little worried that we were going to have too many villains in the drama (loan sharks, JinGook’s dad, meanie teacher, Baekhee, etc), but I like how now most of the villains are just the main characters themselves – they need to overcome their own fears and inhibitions.

    I hate to say this, but Dream High is totally setting up Sam Dong as the secondary male lead. :/ I think it’s obvious that Hyemi is going to end up with JinGook, as much as I hate the idea. Sad.

    • 18.1 Beng

      No, i think now JG will be threatened by SD as he can surpassed him in talent and everything, including being a sweet guy. There are still 8 episodes, we can still wait and see.

      SD is still the selling point of DH, the hidden arcenal, unfortunate, the Idols has more fans than him =(.

      But who would have thought that he can dance that beautifully? I never expected it. Can;t wait for episode 9

    • 18.2 rio

      NOOOOO….i want sam dong and hyemi to end up together….TOGETHER *shoves jingook away*

    • 18.3 Teasha

      Well they obviously tricked you and I.I loved the twist of fate. In any other drama, JinGook would have been the guy. I have my mom watching right now, and as much as she loves Sam Dong, she feels that JinGook’s winning Hyemi’s heart.

  19. 19 Moha

    YEEEEEEEEEEE, I loveddd the ending dance part. XD Even after multiple replays, I am still not sick of it.

    I’m really hoping for a SamMi ending, and although I know it’s extremely unlikely, this show keeps me crazy with all the little bits of Sam Dong and Hye Mi…
    Either way, I’m happy with the way things are going, and I just hope Sam Dong doesn’t meet an unfortunate endingg. D:

  20. 20 Maddy

    Ah, this was the episode for which i’ve been waiting. I can finally side with HM now because it’s finally dawn on her that her actions at the beginning were product of her pride not of circumstances.

  21. 21 kay

    yay i love this show!

  22. 22 Anks

    SamMi , SamMi , SamMi all the way.
    Can’t help but fall for Sam dong…
    hook, line and sinker

    • 22.1 Noypi

      OMG, i have not read a comment with “hook, line and sinker” in a looooong time.. or maybe i havent been paying attention with comments lately but darn, that line just brought me back to my REALLY addicted days.. LMAO.. ^_^

      • 22.1.1 Anks

        come to think of it I hvn’t seen it in a long tym either 😉
        lets just say , this unni has lost it completely …

  23. 23 singingzombies

    Yah, the whole Pil-sook transformation plotline is kind of a touchy issue because if presented poorly it just makes you want to hit someone, and I think they handled it fine considering.

    Say what you will about Jason. If there is no attraction in a relationship, they really is no hope. You can be Will and Grace but that is all you’ll be. So even if they had go in the route that now he suddenly finds her fetching in addition to be amusing and fun to be around I have no problems with it. As a guy, I definitely can cite times when you see an old female friend in a new light because of a new look, more often because they are carrying themselves in a new way, living their life in a new way, but its like its hard to NOT notice them now. Ultimately I think its more of a self-confidence issue.

    I’m not saying all girls should strive to have supermodel bodies. That is an unrealistic waste of their time and stressful at best, and its kind of sad that modern culture still seems to want to perpetuate that standard. Though caring about your self-image IS important and being happy with how you look and your own self-image affects ultimately everything you do in life. When I notice a girl its usually that. Its the way she dresses (purposefully, not sloppy) the way she handles herself with other people, the way she handles her responsibilities and time.

    60 kgs in 200 days hmmm its not sickenly unreasonable. Needing to lose it to make a debut is sadly the truth. Wanting to do it to make a guy notice you is pretty realistic. Rather than see that weight loss makes her life suddenly become awesome (because thats not the message here) I would like to see her life become awesome because she feels confident and happy about herself. (shes actually got a pretty good family support structure and now she has friends in the Misfits. Fix the self-confidence and self-image issues and she’s pretty much good to leave everyone else still dealing with some major drama issues in the dust)

    • 23.1 lucertola

      Even though I understand what you’re saying, I find Korean girls way too skinny. In my opinion PS was just fine the way she was. If she could have get more confidence in herself and her talent (leaving her kilos intact), she could still have tried her fortune. Even abroad. Or at least why did they need to make her so skinny as she is now in her ‘new look’. Wouldn’t it be better if she’d kept 10 kilos more?

      Sadly it seems that especially in Korean pop business, you need to be too skinny if you’re a girl & have few plastic operation. <__<

      • 23.1.1 anais

        Really? You thought Pilsook was fine as she was? She was definitely overweight in a way that – had she continued in real life as she had – she would have had health problems.

        In the past year, I gained 10 pounds, which puts me at 10-15lbs over my ideal weight but these extra 10 pounds on my tiny frame have meant all sorts of health problems – more debilitating migraines, more severe endocrine problems, etc.

        Granted, my case is extreme and Pilsook certainly didn’t need to go all the way to skinny little thing, but she would have benefited medically from losing weight. According to the Show, she lost 30kg / 60lbs, on that tiny frame. (I shudder at the thought of my frame carrying 50 additional pounds… The pain I’d be in, just the thought of it makes me want to cry, because the pain I already deal with is more than enough.) Even an additional 10kg / 20lb on such a tiny frame would have exceeded a healthy BMI. Tiny people just don’t have as great a leeway as taller people do.

        • lucertola

          Well, she needs mussels for keeping her weight intact & a healthy body. So I’d suggest PS to do some sport (dancing for ex ;)) and gain some mussels instead of loosing weight.
          For me the middle version was just fine.
          Now she is way to skinny.
          But I also agree that she should have been eaten in a healthier way. Still being tinny doesn’t mean you’re healthier than before.

  24. 24 crazyunnie

    Philsook = awesomeness
    I love the chipmink + sushi couple even more than the main love triangle. =D

  25. 25 Purpleclouds

    About politeness, I think most Asian cultures are very polite, well mannered & respectful to associates, friends & relatives but very shut out, cold to strangers they don’t know.

    I came to America as a little girl and remember to this day how nice & polite people are to a stranger (me); saying hello and good morning with a smile when passing by on the street/place. Guys let me have a seat on the bus, open the door for me, hold open the elevator door to wait for me to get in, a total stranger to them. People are so free to give out encouragements, compliments, and say thank you for the tiniest of help. Honest, direct.

    I am Asian and I feel Asian families are more tight with kinship love, more so than Westerners. Other than that, Westerners are more kind to, helpful even to strangers.

    O, love ep 8! 🙂

  26. 26 moccholate

    yeah, i’m agree with you, i think Jason is thinking of Pil-sook’s debut potential..
    i think after Jason hearing Ria said a bad thing about Pill Sook weight rather than her angel voice, Jason realizes Pil Sook can only succeed after she loses weight cuz she has so much talent and if he has to use her crush on him to motivate her to lose the weight then as her friend, so i think Jason agrees with that deal ~ this is the right choice,,
    can’t wait to see more love line between Milky ‘WooU’ couple, they’re so cute together =]

  27. 27 heh...

    “Your drama has a long way to go before it’s over. So don’t force yourself to go quickly. If you go slowly, you can see a lot more, in more detail, than the people who go quickly. If you ask me who would grow more between those two, I’d say it’s the one who goes slowly and sees a lot.”

    Hye-Mi: Actually… there’s only 8 episodes left. If we go any slower the drama would drag like Cinderella’s Sister, and that drama had 21 episodes.

  28. 28 Daniela

    Ah, the scenes on the table were awesome. There was two, TWO! heartbreaks in this episode! Sam-dong made me cry. But by the end this gets better for those two hearts.

    The Milk couple, OMG. Cute is not enough to describe it. I have to send a gift basket to the person that made the casting. Javabeans, you just write my thoughts on the weight loss. I would like that the motivation came from only her instead from a guy, but the motivations of Jason are well-intentioned. In the end, she wins. I’ll miss the chubby Pil-sook. She was cute before and she is cute now.

    Hye-mi and Sam-dong look good dancing together. I like very much the dance at the end.

    Thank you for the recap!

  29. 29 S

    EVERYTHING starts with Jingook but EVERYTHING ends with Samdong.

    The girl met Jingook first.
    The girl met Samdong later but she particularly went and looked for him (Forget fate. This ain’t SG. This is about chasing after your dream)

    Jingook made the girl to gave the pendent back which is swoon-worthy grand gesture which made the girl honest and independent (roll eye).
    Unfortunately this incident led to someone dropped the flower pot on the girl’s head which ended up Samdong saved the day.

    Jingook promised the girl to stand together on their first stage (yawn)
    Samdong sang a beautiful duet with the girl on their first stage

    Jingook performed the opening song.
    Samdong sang the closing song.

    Jingook practiced the dance with the girl.
    Samdong danced with the girl in front of the whole shoool.

    The girl falls for Jingook first.
    But at the end….?

    SamMi shippers!! Hang in there. This is just the beginning.

    • 29.1 Natalie


    • 29.2 crazyunnie

      I REALLY, REALLY hope this is true.
      Best. Theory. Ever.
      SamMi forever <3

    • 29.3 miss

      hwahhh I LOVE YOUR THEORY!
      You give me some HOPE, LOL


    • 29.4 Moha

      “Forget fate. This ain’t SG. This is about chasing after your dream”

      Awwyeahh, When you say it this way, it makes me believe that SamMi has a chance, because of the big dream theme in the drama. 😀

      SamDong, defy the stupid drama curse of main-lead-always-winds-up-with-guy-who-hurts-her-the-most!

      • 29.4.1 lunarscope

        exaclty! And remember how Sam Dong’s original “dream” is HyeMi too… while Jinguk’s dream is to debut and I dunno make his Daddy proud or whatever.. And if dreams do come true… that can only mean one thing right? 😉

    • 29.5 DP

      I Really Love your Theory……..

      I wish Hye Mi will end up with sam dong eventhough up to episode 8 it’s seems that sam dong has became the typical second lead as others have pointed previously.

      If Hye MI ends up with jingook it’s only following the traditional K-Drama formula.

      Come on show surprise us.

      Best Regards to all SamMi shippers.

    • 29.6 xiaoSxin


    • 29.7 yuna

      woah… i love your jin gook/sam dong tally! i believe hye mi and jin gook are meant to be but i adore sam dong so much. right now, i’m shipping SamMi couple and i dunno if it will still be same once jin gook redeems himself. omo, this is driving me crazy!

    • 29.8 rio

      I LOVE YOU


    • 29.9 @.@

      You are genius. I’ve read all the racaps, and I’ve seen episode 1 so far (school has delayed my progress). I soooooo want Hyemi and Samdong to be together! Samdong cannot have the sad ending that my ideal type Moon Jae Shin had.

    • 29.10 chrislawrence

      arrgh! but I still can’t choose!! I approve both of them!

      >.< I'm gonna be heartbroken either way.

      The only couple that is going to make me happy is Pilsook and Jason…I mean come on…its obvious in this ep isn't! :3

    • 29.11 Ashley

      I really, really hope you are right.

    • 29.12 e

      HAHA!! i love this samMi ship full steam ahead haha.

      i just remembered what SD said in ep 4 to his mom question:
      SD’s Mom : what if youre not a genius and the girl does not like you?
      SD: its simple im gonna make it happen.

      haha you go SD make your dreams happen!..at least your fighting for your dreams and your girl not “crying it out” *cough*JG *coughs*

      • 29.12.1 HighVoltage

        SamDong is just too adorable to not end up with Hyemi. And when Kang told HM that she had time to take it slow and BECOME the leading heroine it made me think of SD. He might be the second male lead right now, but he has the potential to develop into the hero and get the girl at the end. After all, this drama is all about the underdog.

  30. 30 Noypi

    BTW, Dramabeans, I kinda wished you also added the part when Oh Hyuk gave the drawings of Hye Mi to her and they were talking about her life as a drama etc… and at the end she ended up calling him TEACHER KANG instead of bad guy or ahjushi… and he was about to leave until he realized what happened and came running back, being OH SO CUTE and HAPPY that she called him respectfully… and then she retreated back and denied saying that… HAHAHA.. and so he gave up and just thought he heard it wrong.. LMAO, and she just smiled.. hahaha, I LOVE THAT SCENE TOO!!! <3

    • 30.1 Mayounaise

      ah… so that’s what Hyemi saying…
      Thanks for pointing that out! 🙂

    • 30.2 anais

      So many great scenes in this episode. Above-mentioned totally included.

  31. 31 theasianstalker

    I didn’t expect the 200 days later part 😛

  32. 32 Miyoung

    I watched the Hyemi/Pilsook desk scene so many times. I also definitely cried a little. That quiet beat is now my favorite in the drama so far.

    As far as the Pilsook weight loss thing… I actually think they hit it on the nail. I work in Hollywood and I have a plethora of stories about body image obsessed celebrities. It sucks, but the reality is that to make it in the cutthroat business of entertainment, women (and men) can’t let themselves get “lazy”. I’m also glad that the drama gave Jason a way to help motivate Pilsook, and my fingers are crossed that he’ll eventually tell her why he answered that way and/or that she realizes that she lost the weight for herself, and not strictly for Jason.


  33. 33 anais

    OK – even though I’m not a Hye Mi/Sam Dong shipper, I do not want him to die.

    However, I am all brokenhearted for Jin Gook. I’ve already gone on at length on another blog about this, so I won’t blather again here. Or not. This is what I wrote elsewhere:

    What I’m hoping is that Jin Gook never ceases to understand Hye Mi or root for her success, even without him. And that Hye Mi grows strong on her own, which is what Jin Gook would want for her – for her to be able to stand on her own two feet, on achievements she can claim as her own doing. And in doing so for Hye Mi to realize Jin Gook never betrayed her. That becoming a Candy-like heroine is to realize that it’s narcissistic to think everything, including Jin Gook’s debuting without her, is all about her and to accept that he did indeed have his very own, very valid exigent circumstances for the choices he made that had nothing to do with her but choices that had very material repercussions for him. Then, have a moment of regret for not giving him the opportunity that he so sincerely reached out for before his debut. Then, in the end, for Hye Mi and Jin Gook to stand in the poignant silence of mutual understanding and appreciation, which they have done so well.

    • 33.1 Prinsesa

      Ha. What I’d give for this to happen..
      But I’m satisfied with the way things are, I think its necessary that they go through this phase.. Drama is doing so good!

      Also, I do not want Sam Dong to die, that’d be real sad..

      Thanks JB and GF for the awesome recap!

  34. 34 AuntieMame

    The acting by KSH was fantastic in that scene with HM in her helmet.

    All the emotions of the heart-break, dread and finally, rationalization is reflected in his face and eyes.

    It’s incredible that someone his age can pull such emotion and depth out of himself. He’s better than some veteran actors, such as ‘hand-towel’.

    Thanks so much for the recap!

    • 34.1 HighVoltage

      I was thinking the same thing. At that point you could clearly see and feel the extent of his pain. It made me want to hug him so bad. KSH brings SD to life which is probably why I like the character so much.

      Another thing I noticed in this episode is that if you look at KSH’s face while they’re celebrating Jin-gook’s debut back at home, you can notice the exact moment SD realizes the extent of Hye-mi’s love for Jin-gook. It’s amazing when an actor has that much control over his expression and tone of voice.

  35. 35 gbo

    LOL re: smelly cat’ed !!!

    i love milky couple. as for the weight loss transformation, at least they made it seem like jason was doing to help pilsook’s career, and it seemed like he’s interested in her anyway. totally agree- clunky, but better than nothing.

  36. 36 laya

    Yay, finally! Been waiting for this recap. This is my new addiction, haha. Thanks, JB!

  37. 37 hapacalgirl

    Am I the only one who thought that what Baekhee said needed to be said. I mean maybe its because I don’t hate any of these characters (this isn’t real life you know?) but I thought she was genuine in what she was saying (and I think those tears were real and not meant to be a show for a reporter). I think for HyeMi to grow she needed to hear how much hurt she inflicted on her friend and why her friendship has become this rivalry because I don’t think HyeMi has fully realized till this episode the effects of her previous actions and I think this is the first time Baekhee has ever stated out loud to HyeMi just how much HyeMi had hurt her. Also I get JG’s is frustrated but I think he was over the line in how mean he was to Baekhee post-interview.

    I am just glad that HyeMi has come to this realization and Baekhee has finally verbalized it because maybe they can now have a real competition and eventually be friends in the end.

    • 37.1 anais

      I think you’re right. It would have been better for Hye Mi to have realized it sooner on her own but sometimes a rude awakening is the only way. And you’re also right that this levels the playing field for the competition to really take shape.

      But I don’t think Jin Gook was out of line. Baek Hee has repeatedly been overstepping and imposing her feelings onto Jin Gook, and Jin Gook was drawing the boundary. But then, I <3 Jin Gook, so I may be biased. 🙂

      • 37.1.1 hapacalgirl

        I don’t think he was out of line in regards to his response to her thanking him but I did think he was out of line in regards to her mentioning the third-rate comment. I mean I get he wants to protect HyeMi but I didn’t see Baekhee’s comment as trying to hurt HyeMi but rather showing to HyeMi how HyeMi inspired her and how she hurt her because like I said, I don’t HyeMi has ever really thought about her how her previous actions hurt others. I don’t know , JinGook treated Baekhee as though what she said in the interview was meant to attack HyeMi when I don’t think that was Baekhee’s intention which is why I think he was over the line.

    • 37.2 Maddy

      I feel the exact same way. A lot of people seems to be wrapped in the fluff, which is incredibly adorable as well, but I was really bothered by the fact that up until now, HM has never really understood the hurt she’s inflicted on BH. I almost feel like she didn’t understand why BH acted the way BH did until now.

      This was what I’ve been waiting for to really like her because I don’t think she’s made any revelation or really changes yet. Which is why I think it’s a cheap way out to turn BH into someone the audience hates more than HM and not really work on HM depth until now.

  38. 38 cinderella

    Java, I absolutely agree with you about LOVING reversals! I am an absolute sucker for it… While I do love Jin-gook and Jason’s reversals (previewed in the next episode), what I love most is the way they treated one of the most used kdrama cliches (loan sharks)…

    As we’ve seen in the first couple of episodes, it seemed like Prez Loan Shark was going to be one of the characters who were gonna make our heroine’s life difficult (as in most kdramas). However, Prez Loan Shark is actually turning into quite the good guy. He might not be rooting for these kids to succeed as much as Kang Oh-hyuk but he is definitely helping them without adding extra $$$ to Oh-hyuk’s debt. Let’s face it, this is very much unexpected…

    Another example of an almost reversal is the Machiavellian teacher, Kyung-Jin. Her prior advice to Yoon Baek-Hee made me picture her as another character against our heroes, but with how she’s somewhat helping out Oh-hyuk and Jin-man, she’s very slowly winning me over. I cannot wait to witness this love-triangle. It’s not an outright reversal but it is definitely unexpected.

    Loving DH! It’s like crack!

  39. 39 Sumee

    AWwwwwwwwww..to all the cute & sweet ..& YEh to the plot 😉

  40. 40 piggierabbit.

    As cheesy as they might sound on paper, Oh-hyuk’s little motivational speeches sound so right to me. And I’ll admit it, they make me tear up sometimes.

    • 40.1 piggierabbit.

      OH YEAH.
      I forgot to mention.

      I love this episode. Hehe.

  41. 41 Beng

    Kim Soo Hyun is so talented and versatile, i think there’s nothing this guy can’t do. Maybe in his next Kdrama he’ll be a dark person, like the role of Kim Kang Woo in “Story of a Man”, sweet face with an evil mind.

  42. 42 lunarscope


    Okay it’s official: ima jumping on that Hye-Dong ship!!!

    Also just wanted to say.. I’m really suprised by how much I’m liking Hyemi now. I really really disliked her at first and sympathised with Baek Hee initially. Even after Baek Hee dived into her miserably evil downfall.. it took awhile to warm up to Hyemi. She is an unusual kdrama heroine and I’m loving it 😀 I also love that the drama is making a point of emphasising it with the whole Ha Ni Naeri thing…

    Thanks for the recap jb 🙂

    • 42.1 asea

      🙂 me too!! I hated Hyemi at first, now I feel like I am able to sympathise with her more + Sam Dong is so awesome (Obviously a Sam Dong – Hye Mi shipper) + Jason and Pil Suk are so cute together … I can live with these two become a couple in the end, feel a bit pessimistic about Sam Dong and Hye Mi, but please do not make Sam Dong deaf and without the girl 🙁

      • 42.1.1 gustave154

        maybe sam dong can become a genius composer like beethoven and write/compose awesome songs for suzy thus making them a husband-wife duo who wins Best New Artist, Song Of The Year, Album Of The Year and Record Of The Year at the Grammys =)

  43. 43 djes

    As far I know, Sam Dong is the main character, so even though I root for Jin Gook – Hye Mi, I do believe that Sam Dong is the one who will end up with her……..or maybe they all won’t be together as couple after all.

    I really like how they dealt with Pilsook’s transformation. Jason definitely wasn’t trying to make her skinny just because he doesn’t like her fat, but he really did like her as a friend only at that moment.

    I’m contemplating to tweet to JYP ask him not to kill/make Sam Dong dead/deaf! hahaha.

    And call me biased, I think all the kids doing their acting quite well. I’m engaged to the drama, I was staying up until 3 AM this morning just to watch it RAW. Hahaha.

    Kim Soo hyun, should he debut as new member of 2PM? 😛 he needs to work out the abs then? hahaha. Cutie Pie, I don’t want he changes, one Taec is enough!

    Random : Taec apparently read comments / critics about his acting on DH, and he said on his last tweet that he’s amused that people said his ears are distracting! hahaha. Taec, for me, your face is distracting.. in a good way! *shameless noona fan*

    I’m so looking forward for tonight’s episode. And I’m totally happy that they won’t extend the drama. Even that DH is so addicting, I think 17 eps are enough.

    oh! JYP, he’s soooo awesome! Looking forward for his dance session on ep 9, wish he brings back his plastic pants…….or no?

    • 43.1 heh...

      Just because you are the main character doesn’t mean you have to get the girl at the end. Samdong might have a bigger purpose to the story which makes him very important.

      • 43.1.1 djes

        I agree. that’s why I do think that there’s probability that the four of them won’t end up as couple.
        But I want Milky Couple comes true! 😀 they’re sooo adorable together.

      • 43.1.2 gustave154

        I hope that head injury don’t interfere with story later… 0.o

      • 43.1.3 DP

        Well if sam dong really have a bigger purpose for the story than fine, i can bear with hye mi and jingook pairing or even if none of them actually end up together.

        But what if jingook is actually the one that achieve that “bigger purpose” and Sam dong became deaf or dying? woah that is too much to handle.

        Anyway, there are no rules that requires someone to choose between pursuing bigger purpose or having the love of their life , or even considering either one is more important than the other, especially not in K-drama land.

  44. 44 im_eve

    ha! had to stop reading midway to just say this…

    Smell Cat’ed…hahahaha

    • 44.1 im_eve

      oops SmellY i mean hehe

  45. 45 ck1Oz

    Ep 8 rocks.I was totally waiting to get to the last few minutes.

    Jason going to the classroom looking for Pil Sook and smiling when he saw the candy….aigoo.

    I can’t wait for tonight!

  46. 46 Sgcrazed

    Great show but I would rather they address SD hearing issues sooner than later.

  47. 47 yui


  48. 48 JG

    What I want to know is that when is HyeMi going to find out that Baek Hee was the one that threw the flower pot.

    • 48.1 Sgcrazed

      May be the truth will come to light when SD hearing problem is addressed I have a theory that flower pot could have caused the damage maybe he still has a blood clot in the brain that wasnt detected the first time OR it could what will save his life after getting hit on the head whatever illnesd

      • 48.1.1 Sgcrazed

        This was ment to be deleted but it.somehow ended up here sorry must have been still asleep

    • 48.2 Sgcrazed

      May be the truth will come to light when SD hearing problem is addressed I have a theory that the flower pot could be what makes SD deaf maybe dead OR what actually saves his life…..sooo I might end up saying thanks to BH coz she saved his life when she was pleading temporally insanity

  49. 49 p3rk3le

    IU’s transformation reminds me how TOP and Hyuna used to be really fat before their debut and now they’re considered some of the hottest kpop idols out there xD

    • 49.1 ata

      Mte with TOP but hyuna wasn’t that fat, she was chubby.. You should have seen suju ryeowook.. that guy was really fat too.

      • 49.1.1 Beng

        HUh? he was fat before? Ryeowook? but he’s so skinny now. cant’ imagine him fat, or maybe i should say he needs to bring back some of the fat =)

        • ata

          Yup, he was fat as TOP before debut.. I don’t think i save any of his old picture but i’m sure you can find it if you google it.. I agree that he’s really skinny, i guess he doesn’t want to get fat..

          • noi

            it’s a bit scary for me to see ryeowook’s reversal 0.o but thankfully the diet didn’t make his voice different <3

      • 49.1.2 p3rk3le

        aaaw Wookie <3
        but really, TOP.. I can never, like, somehow in my mind it doesnt make any sense!!!
        but yeah, I think its cool they lost that weight, not only because it makes them look hotter (and thus rise their self esteem) but they're healthier now. Too thin, too fat is never good..
        speaking of Suju tho, Shindong looked so good when he'd lost that 10 kilos. Too bad he went back, that belly……. its huge! xD

    • 49.2 Fallensnow

      Chansung too. 2pm members mentioned before that he lost weight to debut and worked hard to chisel his abs. His a big eater so I’m not too surprised.

      • 49.2.1 ilikehim

        Hes a friggin MONSTER! LOL
        He’s STILL eating that much now, but he works out.
        I love Chanana!

      • 49.2.2 p3rk3le

        oh, speaking of Chansung, wasnt 2AM’s Changmin also really fat?!

  50. 50 Fallensnow

    awesome episode; awesome review! 😀

    In a different note, can you imagine if this episode actually came out last week instead of this monday? I get that it’ll definitely be more dramatic that way (and hinceforth, all the episodes will be weighed a little “off” in climatic cliffies) but personally, I’m SO glad there’s another episode this week – I’d have teared out my hair if they had stopped it as they did right here >_______<

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