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Gu Hye-sun directs festival trailer
by | January 30, 2011 | 57 Comments

Actress and budding director Gu Hye-sun is back behind the camera as she takes on the directing of the official trailer for the International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul. She’s done a trailer of this kind before, for 2009’s 7th Asiana International Short Film Festival, so she’s got some experience, even if the trailers are super-short (approximately 1 minute in length).

As you probably are aware, Gu has spent the better part of the past two years focusing on her interests outside of acting, such as songwriting, drawing, writing, and directing. She does have an acting project in the works (the drama The Musical), but for whatever reason, it has yet to secure a broadcaster or a timeslot and has been languishing for a while. One wonders when it’ll finally see the light of day — will it be like Birdie Buddy and fade into nothing, or Paradise Ranch and hit airwaves eventually?

It appears that she’s more interested in directing than performing at the moment, and she has been writing her next feature length film, a vampire romance that she intends to direct. Truth be told, I prefer her as an actress, and it’s the area where I think she’s strongest (though, funny enough, her biggest project — Boys Before Flowers — is pretty much her worst acting performance), though I’m sure it’s her prerogative to spend her time developing other interests.

This year’s festival (the 13th) takes on the theme of women in action, which’ll serve as the main motif of Gu’s trailer, and takes place on April 7 through 14.

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57 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Aqua

    Wow.. wonder how it will turn out… she seems to be reaching out to other ideas, which I think is good, since I really don’t like her acting that much… lets see what happens.

  2. Fasiris Fay

    huh, not my favourite actress but maybe her directing will be good?

    • 2.1 MEIKO**** ^-^

      not my favorite actress (omg! i can hear that icky “almost paradise…” song in my head again! urg!) either but i admire her determination to try out other interests!

      and she seems like a genuinely nice person.

      I dont find her pretty but in that photo above, she, surprisingly, looks sooo pretty!

  3. GG

    I love Gu Hye Sun…

  4. jandoe

    she kinda feels like a one-hit wonder at the moment, with BOF being her (so-called) greatest hits-of-sorts.

    but i kinda like her, hopefully musical will get an airdate

    • 4.1 thruthteller

      Horsehockey! ‘Pure in Heart’ was a huge hit for and far better than Boys Over Flowers or any other daily drama before or since…

  5. Lina

    She is multi-talented but she’s not exceptionally good in anything. I like her paintings, though.

    • 5.1 saraha

      I agree. It’s like she’s trying to be a jack-of-all trades and master of none.

      • 5.1.1 jisun

        i agree. i read that a lot of people dislike her for that reason. their jealous that she gets all these opportunities but they say she should focus on one thing to be the best at it and get acknowledged but shes not even doing that.

      • 5.1.2 Biscuit

        You can’t be master without being a beginner somewhere first.

        I think that, yes, she’s trying a lot of things. But I think it’s great that she’s trying to find what fits for her.

        And honestly, isn’t the fact that she’s trying to grow in one specific area (directing) right now… well, prove that she IS trying to be master of something?

  6. hanaoguri

    Gu Hye Sun seems to be a Jack of all trades but Master of none! I think BBF opened the doors for her to try a lot of new things but I am hoping she would do another drama soon…Something that would show off her acting ability because I do believe she can act! Heard she is doing Absolute Boyfriend….lets see how that goes ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 6.1 JD

      Gu Hye Sun seems to be a Jack of all trades but Master of none!

      Totally agree.

    • 6.2 saraha

      She’s doing Absolute Boyfriend in Taiwan. I don’t think it will do anything for her career in Korea– she needs to pick a good project.

  7. Birdie

    I have to disagree about her acting in BOF. I think she managed to pull off Jandi character,as intended.She deserve d the excellent actress award. Her acting in Pure 19 and the King and I was good. Hope the Musical has an air date soon. Her paintings are interesting. Her short film, the cheerful caretaker, was well-done and won the audience award. I had the opportunity to watch her first full-length movie,Magic. I was impressed with her efforts. The cinematography was good as any experienced director. The music was really good. The story has depth, but was a little difficult to understand. She will prove to be an excellent director in time. If all of us can be like her, just do what we enjoy and not worry about failures and what others think , we will be happier.

    • 7.1 cantika

      second that^^

    • 7.2 GG

      I agree with you Birdie

    • 7.3 tangee

      YES, “””If all of us can be like her, just do what we enjoy and not worry about failures and what others think , we will be happier.”””
      The girl is having a ball of a time and she shows that she is making the most out of life itself…
      Think she’s talented in so many ways…

      • 7.3.1 angelineong

        Yes.I agree with u ppl. I love her n her chemistry with min ho. Most ppl jz being too jealous to deny it.

  8. jacq

    Umm…… not a fan of hers after BOF. Hope she’s good at directing….,

  9. haydn

    i think her best acting was in jieun’s MV. LOL i was astonished by her acting in that~ made me shed a lot of tears!

    i didn’t particularly CARE for her character in BOF. i mainly watched it cause i wanted to compare to Hana Yori Dango. LOL it was “alright” IMO. i was impressed with LMH though.

    anyways, i think GHS has so much talent! my aunt and cousin went to her art exhibition in seoul. T_T they said it was AMAZING. i’m really jealous of her talents. i can’t wait for The Musical to air too ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. 10 Crew

    I keep forgetting she’s with YGE. In my mind, Gu Hye-sun has no similarities to Big Bang and music, even though she was supposed to be in 2ne1.

  11. 11 Purpleclouds

    I adore her in BOF. I’m still waiting for her scheduled drama Taiwan’s version of “Absolute Boyfriend” which is now on freeze cuz of Wu Chun’s busy movie shooting.

    • 11.1 tangee

      me too. adorable she was…

  12. 12 danna

    idk if she’s a good director based on what i saw from her movie Magic (Yosul)…it was just so depressing but i can stand depressing movies if they at least made sense which was not the case here…. it was just so all over the place…i do think she is a better actress though (certainly not in BOF)

  13. 13 yui

    i like her,but i don’t like her acting in BBF..maybe cuz i watched J version and Taiwan version..sorry no offense..but i should say that she’s talented..she try to do many things,,that’s good..but..find the best for you..good luck unni..

  14. 14 happyjack

    The best of the lot returns upon request. Those in the know keep inviting her back (fellow directors, actors, producers, etc.), while those with no “gifts” other than to criticize stew in their own juices. Eat your hearts out, oh ye of zero talents. Fight on, Goo Hye Sun!!!

    • 14.1 tangee

      Well said… Fighting!! dear Hye-Sun

  15. 15 Aya

    even if it’s overly simplifying:
    quantity # quality

    but heads up: how many well-known, big-budget, box-office-hit female directors does korea have? Lee Jeong-hyang maybe, Lim Soon-rye and… yeah. There’re enough woman-in-need-to-be-saved in dramas all over the world, let’s see what she’ll continue to come up with as a director. If it’s crap, call her out on it or make suggestions for improvement.

  16. 16 Christy

    she’s a renaissance person and that’s a good thing!

  17. 17 Carinne

    I am anticipating for Korea-Taiwan collaboration, Zettai Kareshi.

    I miss her long hair.

  18. 18 billydbeagle

    I like Gu Hye Sun a lot! She’s a good actress and I love her attitude towards life. She tries, she may not be good at first, but she tries again. Just proves that you can’t put a good man (or in this case – woman) down!

    Wish you the best in your new endeavor, Gu Hye Sun!

  19. 19 daisy

    I reall adore her personality;maybe she isn’t the best;but she will do her best nd her personality is full of good attributs;she doesn’t do anything just for popularity ; she is her own girl!

  20. 20 eunjoo~~

    oh whatever with the criticisms! I love this girl because if she wants/pursue something she goes forward and does it! I heard not only she’s directing a trailer for this film festival but also preparing another movie starring her friend Nam Sang Mi then 2 of her new dramas! What can I say…love her!! how can she do all things..super woman hyesun ssi! hwaiting

  21. 21 Dara

    I was frustrated with Gum Jun Di but fell in love with Makino in Hana Yori Dungo instead. I’d say the Japanese version is better in term of storyline and its pace, only lose to the Korean adorable Gu Jun Pyo (and the future City Hunter).^^

    Seeing her do many roles, I’m kind of hmm…may be she doesn’t know what she ‘s really good at.

  22. 22 aik

    oennie.. you are I N C R E D I B L E

  23. 23 Dara

    Love Makino in Hana Yori Dungo more. Gum Jun-di kind of confused me. Hope she will do what she do well.

  24. 24 julie

    to be offered to do the trailer of International Womenโ€™s Film Festival in Seoul, little by little she is already gaining the respect as a director. among her works as a director, cheerful caretaker is her best so far. i hope her next full length movie will be more commercialized and can be easily understand by the audience. i am anticipating more of her works as a director rather than as an actress though i’ve watched already all her dramas

    • 24.1 dee

      Yes, I hope her next movie ‘Peach Tree’ is well done and get more success than the previous one.


    To be assigned to do the trailer for the prestigious SEOUL INTERNATIONAL WOMEN FILM FESTIVAL just prove to us that KOREAS ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY do believe in her talent and her capabilities as a director.Just for an update she is not doing Vampire for now because she thinks it is better to do that in the summer so she is in preparation now for the movie PEACH TREE a fantasy family oriented movie with NSM and RDH in it.And also they resumed shooting for her drama THE MUSICAL so don’t worry it will have its station and time slot too,it wouldn’t fade into nothing because it has a good cast in it.She might not be a master of anything but she has a lot of talents which she uses for a good cause and not only for herself.I love her for being so simple down to earth doesn’t use expensive jewelries bags and clothings.BOF was the drama that made her very popular so that means she acted well there too.

  26. 26 weissman

    I just saw that on 5 October 2010 that a live-action adaptation of Absolute Boyfriend will be filmed and it will stars Taiwanese actor Wu Chun of Fahrenheit as “Night” and Korean actress Ku Hye Sun “Riiko”. I wonder when this will make it out.

    Does She speak manderin?

  27. 27 [email protected]

    I thought in BOF, her acting seemed awkward too, but I thought it was just me since it still managed to do really well. Everytime she said Gu Jun Pyo in a somewhat angry way, got on my nerves, but I didn’t say anything

  28. 28 dahlia

    GHS is the best ๐Ÿ™‚ love everything about her.

  29. 29 grace, the one from Jersey, USA

    OK, I know that I’m gonna get hammered by
    her fans, because I don’t think that she’s the
    greatest thing since sliced bread, but here
    goes anyway……..There were three things
    about her performance in “Boys over Flowers”
    that I found to be particularly distasteful:

    #1. In every scene with food, she had the
    table manners of a goat. Stuffing her face
    with so much rice at the school cafeteria that
    her cheeks were puffed out like a blowfish
    (when the three evil girls approached);
    eating shrimp (and rice?) when Mom told
    her to stay skinny so she could catch a rich
    husband at school; and the date with Jun-pyo
    at the expensive restaurant that had the
    freshly sliced raw tuna, she was eating so
    much, so fast, that she should have thrown
    up. If I were Korean and also “a commoner,”
    I would have been beyond insulted at her
    coarse portrayal of “poor people” eating food.
    Being poor doesn’t automatically mean that
    you eat like that. Manners cost you nothing.

    #2. Yelling, yelling, and more yelling ~ in scenes
    where it was absolutely un-called for. 25 episodes
    of this kind of “acting” became a bit too much to
    have to put up with.

    #3. No “acting” chemistry with the male lead of Gu
    Jun Pyo. Need proof? Watch Episode 25 after she
    is dragged out of the pool. There a shot of LMH
    calling her to wake up; then he makes the decision
    to give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Although
    the camera is aimed at LMH, you can see a very
    fast shot of the right side of Gu Hye Sun’s face.
    Ever drink a glass of unsweetened lemon juice?
    Yep, that’s the face she’s wearing…….The next
    scene is Jandi coughing back to life, but her face
    from the previous scene is memorable. Maybe
    that’s the reason why Lee Min-ho has “respectfully
    declined” to work with her again?


    But…..where normally I would applaude anyone
    trying to stretch their wings to new endeavors,
    what I really can’t stand about this woman is
    her arrogant bragging.

    Read the interview:

    In this interview GHS states that while “directing”
    some film, and doing some other projects,
    she is also training her five dogs at home.
    OH, PLEASE. Give the reading public some
    credit for being intelligent. When someone
    feels it necessary to toot their own horn
    as much as she does, she makes herself
    quite clearly into the mediocrity that she is.


    • 29.1 Birdie

      Your personal dislike has clouded your judgement. Her acting in BOF are approved by the directors. Maybe you are not aware that the actors do not as much control to the script or character development. Her character as as written, call for her to eat in that manner-she was supposed to be a bright, noisy, ” common ” character. The characters in her family ate in that way as well. Lots of BOF fans including myself found that there were natural onscreen chemistry between her and LMH. As to the reason LMH declined to work with her- you are referring to her directing a movie with him acting,right? If you had watched the whole interview, he stated the reason very clearly,and it is not what you think. Please get your facts straight first. She is known to have a lot of energy and can multi-task well. I see nothing wrong about her training her dogs. At least she is trying with the help of her family members., whereas some people get a pet and neglect them.

      • 29.1.1 tangee

        Well said… I am of the same view here… fighting!!

      • 29.1.2 angelineong

        Birdie, u r absolutely right. I lov min ho n hey sun together. He seemed to show to much interest in her each time, unconsciously

    • 29.2 ll

      Dear, it seems that you’re very much affected with Goo hye Sun’s portrayal of Geum Jandi. Why not try to be objective in giving your views? Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. However, with your comment, I can’t just bear reading it. So, it seemed that you’re very much concerned about her eating habits. Did it not occur to you that it was just a role she was playing? In what way did she brag? Come on, you’re just too “distressed” with the Goo Hye Sun effect on us. Loosen up, my dear. Let love reign in your heart!

  30. 30 girlatsea

    She strikes me as very odd. It doesn’t help that her acting isn’t all that great… I’m sorry but I just can’t bring myself to like her.

  31. 31 Stephanie

    Yes I agree, it was her worst. Having watched and read the japanese and taiwanese version of boys over flowers, I really disliked her portrayal of Jandi. So I didn’t like her at first. BUT my parents started watching “sweet 19” or something like that and I was hooked.

  32. 32 Yinnie

    Vampire romance? VAMPIRE ROMANCE?

    Well, that’s originality out the window….I’m suspecting creativity is currently on it’s way out too.

  33. 33 am

    I liked her song Brown Hair. No wait, I love it ‘coz it’s one of my most played songs on my playlist.

    I think she did okay in BOF and I haven’t seen much of her acting nor directorial stints so i don’t know what to make of her yet. But I like her so I’ll probably look forward to her behind the camera projects.

    • 33.1 Nuts

      She was good in Pure 19, but it has a lot of episodes. You can catch it on Mysoju. As to the 2 short films she directed- the Cheerful Caretaker and the one about a father and daughter, are worth watching. Magic is available on Viki. Magic has mixed reviews. I love the music and cinematograhy there. She has potential and lots of creativity.

  34. 34 ziya

    well, in my points of view, GHS is an increadibly talented person..she like to explore her self potential n try it out..we, as human, should do that..she is a good example for us in order to find the potential within us rather than critize people n think that person is not good is x a wrong thing to try something new in life..i like the way she thinks especially when she said that , i just want to do something that i like without thinking too much about the failure or the successfulness…if u dont do it, u will never know how it gonna turn out to be..right?just support her..aja2 fighting GHS..

  35. 35 yea

    I applaud her for having the ability to be an artist, actress, director, songwriter, and the list goes on:) She has the ability to pursue and produce her talents for everyone to view!! This is an AWESOME accomplishment.


    Why not try it all? I am so jealous ๐Ÿ™‚

    She is one of my favorite Korean Actress !


  36. 36 mark

    Taiwanesse and Japanese version of BOF?
    totally agree, i haven’t wacht Hana Yori Dango, but MERTEOR GARDEN with Barbie Xu in it is so good, i’m impressed by tough character of Barbie as Sanchai. and Sanchai also has good manner even though she’s poor, Meteor Garden gives me so much impression than Boy Before Flowers

  37. 37 Veronicah

    Haters,i cudn’t find anything wrong with BOF,don’t hate on her she played her character well.if anything was wrong blame the director and the script writer not the actors!

  38. 38 angelineong

    I hate those anti fans who critisize hyesun. She always put in her best. She has the most acting scenes in bof. She even suffered frost bite but she kept on. Lmh does show off screen interest in her. Jz observe how he steal glances n tease her. He touches her so naturally.