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Kim Joon cast as a cop in new drama
by | January 15, 2011 | 43 Comments

T-Max rapper and newbie actor Kim Joon (whom you may recall as the “Yo-yo-yo!” bro from Boys Before Flowers) is joining the cast of Serious Crime Squad, the cop drama starring Kim Seung-woo and Song Il-kook. With such big names at the top, I’m betting the still-very-unpolished Kim Joon will have a smallish supporting role, but I do love his character description: a cowardly cop. Ha! Bring it on.

Serious Crime Squad is a procedural police drama that is adopting the ripped-from-the-headlines tactic that has served Law & Order so well for years upon years. Each of the detectives has a distinct personality and the episodes will showcase various investigative techniques. The show is being promoted as “refreshing and satisfying, with a realistic feel.”

Kim Joon’s character is Shin Dong-jin, specializing in cyber-crime investigation. He excels in his field but has an innately timid and fearful personality; the sight of a corpse tends to make him faint, which is, unsurprisingly enough, frowned upon by his colleagues. As such, he’s described as a unique character who’s rather unpredictable.

I do think Kim Joon has a long way to go in terms of acting skill — he really benefited in Boys Before Flowers by being allowed to act as eye candy without having much to do dramatically — but I can’t deny he’s got personal charm. I can see him playing a comic, quirky character much better than one that’s dependent upon a solid dramatic performance, so I hope this role suits him.

Sunwoo Sun has also been cast, and for a relative latecomer to the acting scene, she’s proven to be pretty strong with roles as a spoiled chaebol in Queen of Housewives and a spoiled chaebol in Will It Snow For Christmas. Okay, that makes her sound limited in range, but her two characters were pretty disparate in personality, and I think she’d make a kickass cop. Joining her as the other female lead amongst a mostly-male cast is Park Sun-young, who played the feisty (and rabbit-toothed, lol) lawyer in Sons of Sol Pharmacy.

Serious Crime Squad will follow Dream High on Mondays and Tuesdays, and premieres on February 28.

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43 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Nokcha

    Sounds interesting. I like the casting so far.

  2. Daniela

    Cejitas! I love this guy’s eyebrows. I agree, he has charm and the character sounds fun, so despite his lack of acting skills, he could do a good job.

    • 2.1 Jenju

      Omo, I thought I was the only one! I was worried when he went blonde but in the end it only made them stand out more. rawr.

      Hispanic? I don’t know that many hispanics that love Kdrama and the such so it’s awesome to read your “cejitas!” comment lol.

      Sooo excited for him. He needs more opportunities to spread his wings and season himself. Cuz I think he could grow to be a pretty decent actor.

      • 2.1.1 VanillaSalt

        I’m Mexican and I friggin LOVE Kdramas and Kpop.

        • Jenju

          Yay! More sistahs!

      • 2.1.2 Nikki

        I’m half-Mexican I love me some KDRAMAs too.

      • 2.1.3 Daniela

        Yes, Im mexican! Saludos!

  3. kay

    yay! i like this guy, esp. after reading that 10 ASIA interview

  4. janu

    at last! been waiting for him to do some other dramas.
    I know he didn’t act much in BOF, but still I have the hope that he’d do a good job someday 😀

  5. aloedrinker

    It’s time for you to shine KIM JOON…. without the other 3. I would love to see you back again. Yiipiiieee…

  6. Sammi

    YAY! I always felt like he had potential, but BOF really wasn’t the drama to show his skills… Let’s see what he can do with this one. FIGHTING, oppa!

  7. Lacey

    YAY im excited i love Kim Joon believe it or not out of every guy in BOF Kim Joon was my favourite!

  8. Z

    Aw, I missed Woo Bin! If only I had even the slightest interest in cop shows… unfortunately, I do not. So I guess I’ll keep missing him.

  9. Nina

    it was about time!!! i seriously missed him!

  10. 10 Kender

    Yesyesyesyesyes!! Oh man, I love this boy (and his eyebrows).

    It’s a shame I have zero interest in this show. :/ Maybe if it turns out to be more like NCIS than Law & Order. Oh well, we’ll see.

    • 10.1 SadieStarr

      sme hre…i lyk the sound of his character..but i alwyz found law&order laggingg..i love NCIS though

  11. 11 leonardswench


  12. 12 gia

    Yo-yo-yo!” bro, glad that you’re back. …

    • 12.1 birdscout

      LOL! I loved his random English in the first 10 or so episodes of BBF that I watched.

      Kim Joon looked smashing in the pics from his Andre Kim runway stint.

    • 12.2 jossy

      i really like him.. As for his infamous “Yo Yo Yo ma Bro”line I wanted to stab my own ears,
      But thats not KJs fault, BOF was a hot mess I lapped up! Heh.

  13. 13 Melissa

    *is now dead*

  14. 14 danna

    welcome back kim joon!…it’s been like 2 yrs…almost exactly 2 yrs

  15. 15 rich

    Yay! Good for him! I really want to see him in another drama cause I find him cuuute! ^^ Although yea, his acting needs to be polished though. But I think this role is perfect for him. XD

    Can’t wait! ^^

  16. 16 Purpleclouds

    He’s very likable. Hope he does great.

  17. 17 Yoyo!

    I like Kim Joon!I am from Singapore and Boys over Flowers is airing here in Singapore now.Kim Joon’s quite charming!

  18. 18 Emeldy

    He was actually my Fav in BBF. He is a charming guy and very good looking. Wishing him the best.

    P.S I am one of those who thought BBF was a crap and i was watching Cain and Abel when it was airing.

    • 18.1 Krysc

      yeah, me too! 🙂

  19. 19 Porcelain

    Prince Song!!! I actually thought his character was the most “sane” out of BBF coz the rest just seems high strung after a while…

    Sigh… what a dreamy looking boy… with the right projects, I can see traits of a young Gong Yoo or Cha Tae Hyun in him… a little comic but very charismatic…

    Hwaiting Joon ah…

  20. 20 asianromance

    “whom you may recall as the “Yo-yo-yo!” bro from Boys Before Flowers)” —- LOLed at this!

    I don’t keep up with south korean news (except for k-entertainment news) and would be interested to see some of the cases that comes up in south korea.

  21. 21 Thatgirl

    Hmmmm…. I don’t usually watch Cop dramas, but if Kim Joon’s in it, I’ll give it a shot. How many episodes are there?

  22. 22 JiHwan

    I’m loving the casting, minus Song Il Gook. Its funny how similar genres/story lines always come in pairs as with President and Daemul, Revenge of the Gumiho and My girlfriend is a gumiho, and now this and Poseidon.

  23. 23 moonymeia

    Kim Joon, what took you so long, sweety??? I was even starting to miss your engrish.

    • 23.1 Thatgirl

      Same here!!!!!

  24. 24 Korea Stars

    I like his face……….:D

  25. 25 Cherry

    Wish him luck!
    By the way, i love your new banner (se7en-park han byul)

  26. 26 hitsugaya

    i love to watch kim joon in a new drama~ i want to watch pygmalion love but i couldnt find the episodes online~ does anyone know where i can watch it? i wanna see kim joon speak japanese~ tehee

  27. 27 badmarkz

    waah, been waiting for his acting comeback like, forever. i’m glad somebody gives him chance. though, so far, the only role i’ve ever seen him is just that ‘minor flower’ in bof, i can see that he has potential.
    or maybe i was just blinded by his charm.
    anyway, can’t wait for his performance on this.

    gogogo, my sweetie~!

  28. 28 chasen8888

    He’s back, although his role was somewhat small in BOF he showed potential. I look on this drama as school for him as he will be acting with some experienced/veteran actors/actresses therefore allowing him a chance to improve his skills. Hope the drama is enjoyable.

    I’m optimistic.

  29. 29 sarang

    Yay, horay……..
    I Have wait to long her next drama, I hope this role suit for him and he can do great acting for this drama

  30. 30 SadieStarr

    i love his voice 😀 &those eyes…but yea…he didnt do much in BOF…so looking fwd to this role ..i alwyz luv cowardly cops :p

  31. 31 Luz

    Am dominican And I looove him too! love Korean culture.

  32. 32 grace, the one from Jersey, USA

    I think that he did a really good job of acting with
    the comparitively small part that he had in BOF.
    Anybody notice though, how charming he was
    when they had to broadcast that last-minute,
    fill-in, emergency F4 special talk show?

    I think that this boy is…..WAY TALENTED.
    And I loved his ridiculous Engrish. He made
    “Yo, yo, mah bro” memorable and very funny.

    Playing the part now, of a weenie cop?
    It should be fun! GOOD LUCK, JOON! 🙂


  33. 33 Andrada

    Kim Joon este cel mai talentet si mai dragut actor,cantaret…. din cati exista. Nu cred ca exista cineva mai talentat decat el. 😉 😡

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