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My Princess: Episode 2
by | January 6, 2011 | 245 Comments

Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched, but I will concede that My Princess is definitely faster out of the gate. It’s breezy, it’s charming, and…it’s So Purty. But also, I’m surprised by how cute they are. I mean, who knew—stick a Hand Towel in a comedy, and voila…personality!


Seol is elated to have Hae-young as a guest at the pension, and happily shows him the rooms. She calls one of the humble rooms the Royal Executive Grand Presidential Suite, which just makes him scoff because he actually IS someone who would stay at a suite with such an unwieldy name.

He wanders about the place, looking at photos of Seol with her mother, deciding that she really isn’t Grandpa’s type. Over the phone with Grandpa’s secretary, he says that he’ll be staying a few days to make up his mind whether or not to bring her, and that she approached him first knowing who he was. He adds with a note of bitterness that he didn’t know that Grandpa was so devoted to his children. Ew, so you’re going into this thinking she’s your aunt? That’s going to make the naked run-ins a little less sexy. Just sayin’.

The next morning, Seol wakes him up by wafting the smell of bacon throughout the house. (Can I just say, best way to wake up, ever? Add coffee and I’m yours.) He comes down hungry, asking where the nearest restaurant is. She tells him that it’s an hour an a half away, right next to the nearest grocery store too. She then offers him a place at the table, for a small fee of course. She up-charges for the bacon. I love how shameless she is about earning every little penny.

Yoon-ju gives another interview at the museum, and the reporter asks how she got started on this lost monarchy project in the first place. She answers wistfully that it was her first love. She means that literally of course, as we see in flashback Yoon-ju and Jung-woo researching the project, and her pouting that this is his idea of a date. He swears that he’ll uncover the truth (the lost desdendant), and she goes along with him as he does all the legwork and research, growing invested in it. She adds that in the end, it was only after she became the museum’s curator that she found the missing link.

Jung-woo walks up as she finishes her interview, and over coffee he basically gives her a chance to apologize…which she doesn’t do. When he asks her why, she says that it’s because the President (of Daehan) wanted it, and she and her father can’t deny the President’s wishes. Jung-woo, hurt but trying to reason that she had a hard time with the decision, wants her to say something to appease his wounded heart. But she decides she can’t handle the guilt, and walks out, asking him to call her when he’s feeling better about it. What, now? Wouldn’t step one be you apologizing? Gah.

In case the magnitude of her betrayal is lost in translation (I mean life-to-drama, not Korean-to-English), an academic can spend an entire career on one line of inquiry, looking for one artifact/discovery/missing link, and though he may have done 99% of the work, she swooped in and did that last 1% that gave HER all the credit. She stole his baby, his life’s work, right out from under him. And that’s not even factoring in the love angle.

Grandpa goes to see the President (of Korea) and they discuss how the plan to restore the monarchy is going. It seems weird to me that the President would be in on a plan to restore a monarchy and thereby decrease the weight of his position as top dog, but maybe I’m just thinking of it too one-dimensionally. Or too logically? Sigh.

Later that night, Hae-young comes running into the kitchen in nothing but a towel (sadly, not a Hand Towel), screaming that the water is freezing cold. Seol whirls around to avert her eyes (lest she take in too much of The Pretty) and tells him that hot water is also an up-charge. Ha.

She turns around with veggies as blinders and adds that she’s going to the store to pick up some stuff, and that he really shouldn’t be so stingy about the hot water. Hehe. Hae-young stands there shocked, although it’s hard to say what shocks him more: her veggie-eyes, or her unparalleled cheapness.

He can’t sleep, so he tosses and turns, and then heads outside when he hears some noise. He comes out to find Seol sitting outside with the dogs, watching Roman Holiday projected on the side of the house. Aw, I love watching movies outside.

He smiles and joins her, saying that he never gets tired of this movie. As they watch, one of the shutters swings open, and Seol runs up to put it back, so that she stands there for a second, with Audrey Hepburn’s face superimposed on her own. Oh, symbolism. You are not subtle, Show, but this was just one reference that was not going to go untouched, if I know k-dramas.

Hae-young takes the opportunity to ask if this is the house she grew up in, and she says that it pretty much is, since she’s lived here since she was six. He asks tentatively where she lived before then, and she says here and there…and the orphanage.

He wonders if she remembers anything about her birth parents, and she teases if he’s going to find them if she does. He says that he can, but she just laughs it off. She doesn’t know if it’s memory, or fantasy, or just what she imagined, but there’s only bits and pieces that she remembers.

The one thing she does remember: that Daddy dropped her off at the orphanage, saying, “I’ll be right back.” She smiles wistfully, as she adds that “right back” has taken a a really long time. Hae-young sighs that she must’ve harbored a lot of resentment. She counters cheerily that everyone does at some point with their parents—didn’t he, even once when he was little? He can’t help but smile at her sunny disposition.

Hae-young asks what she’d do if she found her birth parents tomorrow. Why, found out how much she’d inherit, of course. And after that? Find out if she has any siblings…to see how much her share would be. Ha. Even Hae-young laughs to himself, wondering how such a little thing (he calls her “pea-sized”) could be so single-mindedly obsessed with money.

She gets a call from her research supervisor, frantic that she was supposed to book a room for Professor Nam to stay, and so she asks for Seol to put him up at the pension and pretend that it was all a coincidence. Seol jumps at the chance to have a fateful run-in with her Professor Dreamy, and wakes up the next morning to decorate the whole place with loving care. Even the dogs get all dressed up.

Seol asks Hae-young to switch rooms so that she can put Jung-woo in the room opposite hers (for the oh-so-casual late-night run-in, of course) but he refuses, getting more irritated by the minute as she spouts on and on about how wonderful this other guy is. Heh. I love that he’s not outright romantically interested in her, but the very act of putting some other guy above him insults his vanity. Nothing like jealousy to stir up feelings.

They hear Jung-woo arrive, and Seol rushes up to her room to change, asking Hae-young to go stall him for a few minutes. He balks at first, but then realizes it’s his chance to size up the guy, so he heads out. Jung-woo arrives and Hae-young literally looks him up and down, greeting him coldly (Song Seun-heon does one thing really well—and it’s this, the I’m-so-awesome-so-who-are-you-thinking-that-you’re-awesomer-than-me thing.)

Seol comes out, feigning surprise over the coincidence (but…you put up a welcome sign with his name on it…) and Hae-young scoffs at her sudden 180, dressed up for her professor and fawning over him.

Jung-woo asks who Hae-young is, and she starts to describe him…but Hae-young cuts in by putting his arm around her. “I’m the person she’s going to be sharing a roof with, very soon.” He kisses her on the cheek for good measure. HA. Love it.

Jung-woo is surprised, but happy for her, and she tries to protest but Hae-young railroads the situation, telling Jung-woo that he’s to stay in the Royal Grand Executive Suite, which is just across the way from THEIR room, so he can knock if he needs anything. Keh. He drags her inside as she flails about, trying to say that this isn’t what it looks like…

Inside, she lays into Hae-young for messing things up, but he’s quick to remind her of her over-acting to “help” him with Yoon-ju. She fesses up to harboring some resentment towards Yoon-ju that’s personal, which he thinks is just jealousy over Yoon-ju’s popularity. (What are we, in high school?)

She wonders why he’s so determined with a woman who’s got another guy she’s going to marry, and besides, she seems the type that feigns innocence in front of men. Hae-young defends Yoon-ju’s honor, and even Seol is impressed with how much he seems to like her. She says fine, they’re even now, and orders him to behave, or there’s no dinner. He grumbles to himself that she’s always threatening him with food.

He gets a call from Grandpa asking him about Seol. He answers that she’s grown up well, but he hasn’t had a chance to bring up the reason why he’s here. He doesn’t know how to get her to come along, when he doesn’t really know why himself. Grandpa just says that he’s waiting, and to bring her soon.

Outside, he stands back as Seol flirts with Jung-woo, noticing yet another artifact in his book that she thinks she’s seen in her house…but is quickly corrected by Jung-woo’s colleague that that would be ridiculous. Oh yeah? We’ll see just how ridiculous it’s gonna get.

He asks Jung-woo how he feels about Yoon-ju stealing his thunder. Hae-young’s ears perk up. He adds that he ought to hurry up and marry her; dating too long is a bad thing. Hae-young glares, realizing the connection now, and Seol tries to diffuse the situation. She rushes into the house with Hae-young in tow.

He demands to know if the Yoon-ju they’re talking about is his Yoon-ju. She pretends not to know what he’s talking about, but he can tell she’s known all along. She finally spills the beans that yes, they’re the same person, and that Yoon-ju and Jung-woo are first loves at that. He fumes, as Seol asks if he has the confidence to beat Jung-woo.

That just raises his ire, as he insists that he’s not someone who loses to anyone. She points out that he’s already lost to Daehan’s heir…and then apologizes for poking at a sore spot. She tells him that they can help each other—he gets Yoon-ju, and she gets her dear professor. He’s like, what now?

She starts laying out the master plan, as he drags her inside. He tells her to pack her bags—they’re going to Seoul. She doesn’t see why, especially with guests here, but he just blurts out: “I think you’re my aunt.”

Uh…. She thinks it’s as ridiculous as it sounds, making him repeat it over and over. She’s younger than him, he has no proof, and she doesn’t understand why her parents aren’t the ones here, if it’s really true. He tells her that his grandfather is sick, and that he’s only known for two days, so he’s as floored as she is by the whole situation.

She freezes up, wondering if he’s here to ask her for an organ or something to save Grandpa, which he disabuses her of right away, and then she wonders if she’s just going to end up tied down to a starving family. He’s like, you’ve seen me, and you don’t know the answer to that? She counters that she’s only ever seen him swipe his credit card everywhere, so she doesn’t know, does she? Heh.

He takes her down and tells Jung-woo that something’s come up that’s going to turn Seol’s life upside-down, so he asks them to excuse her for leaving. He does it in the rudest way possible, of course, so she tells him that it’s her life and her business, and tells Jung-woo calmly that something’s come up. Hae-young rushes her away and she stops him, insisting on bowing a proper goodbye to Jung-woo, and Hae-young just spits out that from now on, he’s going to be the one bowing to her. Ha, you don’t even know the half of it, buddy.

On the drive back to Seoul, she asks what his grandpa does for a living. He answers vaguely, and then decides he ought to tell her since she’s clearly not getting the full picture. He asks if she threw away his business card. She says she has it, and takes it out. Hae-young: “What’s my name?” Seol: “Park Hae-young.” Hae-young: “What’s the name of the museum you were at yesterday?” Seol: “Hae-young Museum….” It finally dawns on her that HE’s the Daehan Group heir.

They pull up to the giant mansion, where Grandpa and the entire staff are lined up outside to greet them. They get out and Grandpa is helped up out of his wheelchair, and proceeds to get down on his knees in front of Seol. He greets her, head bowed, as “Your Highness…”

They’re like, what the…? As Grandpa takes her hands with a smile on his face, calling her Princess.

Inside, Hae-young argues with Grandpa’s secretary to let him in the room, but he’s not allowed. Secretary Oh tells him that he wished that Seol wasn’t found either, but it’s something they can’t help now.

Inside the glorious library that I would give my left arm to own, Grandpa shows Seol a picture. She recognizes it as Emperor Sunjong. He begins to tell her the story of how Emperor Sunjong entrusted his son to a loyal man, to take him into hiding and bring him back when the country was re-stabilized.

She clears it up thusly: she is Emperor Sunjong’s great-granddaughter. She takes it all rather well, saying that her dream when she was little was to be a princess. Ha. He takes out a picture of another man, but she doesn’t recognize him. He asks her to remember, but she tells him that she has no memory before the age of five.

He begs her to remember something, and she can only recall bits and pieces, like crying in an alley, a strawberry hair-tie, a helicopter…

He takes something else out of the box and hands it to her. She opens the pouch, and inside is a little girl’s strawberry hair-tie. She looks at it in wonder, as it finally starts to sink in that she’s really the one Grandpa is talking about. She looks at the man in the photo as she realizes what this means—is that her father? Where is he now? Can she meet him?

Grandpa hangs his head, asking forgiveness…her father is no longer living. She gets up and storms out, angry at being handed a family and then having it yanked away once she let herself believe.

She runs out, past Hae-young, saying that his Grandpa must be ill (in the head), right? He said that her father is dead and that she’s some princess—that’s just crazy. She tells him not to stop her, and walks off.

He decides to follow her, and chases in his car, stopping in the road to at least take her where she’s going. But he sees that she’s crying. She can’t stop as the tears keep coming, and she yells angrily that it can’t be true—her dad can’t be dead. “My daddy, he promised. He said he’d be right back!”

She cries and cries, “I waited so long! He can’t die like this!” Hae-young pulls her close and holds her as she cries.

He takes her home, but she realizes once she’s there that her sister changed the lock code on her. He wonders that she doesn’t even have a key to her own house, and she tells him that it’s her sister’s house, and that sisters often fight. He asks if they’re related by blood, which they aren’t—she isn’t even actually older, as they’re the same age and got adopted together, and Mom decided that even twins have an unni and a younger sister, so they should play rock-paper-scissors….and Seol lost. Ha. That’s the cruelest way to decide a family hierarchy if I ever heard of one. If I had been that kid, I’d resent rock-paper-scissors my whole life.

She tells him to leave since she’s got plenty of places to go, but he can’t very well do that and still be prince charming, can he? He takes her to his place, and shows her to the guest room, quoting the same rate that she did at her pension, and joking that hot water is extra.

She washes up in the bathroom, and says to herself in the mirror that it’s not her; it can’t be her, and her father isn’t dead.

Elsewhere, Seol’s mom takes her sister Dan out shopping for a new outfit, the only point of which is to set her up as the Cinderella-unni type, bad-mouthing Seol when she has the opportunity. It looks like she’ll be the thorn in our heroine’s side for the duration.

Seol comes out to find that Hae-young has defied the space-time continuum to make her a steak dinner. She’s surprised that he can cook, and he just replies that he can do everything…he’s perfect that way, and it’s quite a burden. HA. This guy cracks me up.

She refuses to toast to his pompous vanity, but does praise his cooking as she eats her steak on her fork like a lollipop. Hae-young gets a call in the middle of dinner from Yoon-ju, who’s just outside his door. She rings the doorbell and he panics, rushing Seol into the guest room with her plate, telling her to stay put.

He sits down with Yoon-ju while Seol eats up the rest of her dinner crouched down on the bed, but then she starts to get an uncomfortable look on her face…

Her stomach starts to make noises as she does the bathroom dance, trying to hold it in, and finally she calls Hae-young to tell her that it’s an emergency. He hilariously tells her that she’s an adult now, so she can take care of it herself, and hangs up.

They end up texting back and forth, with Seol threatening to just go in one of his designer bags (Ha) until he finally ushers Yoon-ju out awkwardly. She senses that something’s up, and then on her way out, she looks down and sees a woman’s shoes. He starts to try and explain, letting the door close again behind him…

…which is right when Seol runs out thinking that she’s gone, and makes a mad dash to the bathroom.


So far I like it much better than I had expected, because it’s breezy and funny, and less lost-daughter-princess-drama, which is, minus the fluffy princess part, a very makjang-esque setup. But the show is sticking to a delightfully comic tone, which makes the birth secret stuff go by fairly well. I just hope that the plot continues to move along this briskly, and that we don’t get too entrenched in the birth secret back-and-forth that’s bound to happen.

Regardless, I do really like Kim Tae-hee and Song Seung-heon in these roles. They really should have done comedy sooner, because they are SO much more believable as these types of characters. She’s fantastic as a sunny character, and he’s hilarious as the vain Mr. Awesome…who totally doesn’t get how someone couldn’t see just how awesome he is. It cracks me up. When he puts the intense face on and starts to over-emote, we’re back in Hand Towel territory, but there’s enough hilarity and princely charm that carries him past that.

Cute. Cute. Cute.


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    • 1.1 lois

      to clarify – that joy was from the recap being up not me being first… because people who go FIRSTTTTT bother me lol

      • 1.1.1 jossy

        I’m pleasantly surprised with show thus far!!! and being pleasantly surprised is a pleasant surprise in itself. lol
        I’m kind of really digging this drama.. what a great start to 2011!! Great Recap GF!

        And this is WAY off point, but I was caught a segment of Balls of Steel the other night that featured the Pain Men, ugh.. one of the guys tasks was to rub chunks of onion directly onto their eyes(balls).. needless to say, that faired as well as you’d expect..
        British People….. 😀

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          LOL i love how random that onion story is 😀

        • don't kill me, but....

          Speaking of balls of steel, I’m surprised how many commenters are ballsy enough to post their comments as a reply even though their “reply” has very little (or, in some cases, nothing) to do with the post to which they’re replying (e.g. 1.1.1). I think it would be nice if we’d all try to exert some self-control and take our place in line. Just sayin’…

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            Aren’t u the same. Foot in mouth. “just sayin'”… We can comment where ever we so desire my dear.

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            Its just easier for me to comment anywhere I please b/c I don’t read all of the comments and I hate scrolling down. 🙂

            I don’t think anyone here would have minded if SSH stayed out of the shower longer. Haha. Amazing body. I haven’t watched any of his other projects I don’t think except for Autumn In My Heart (Oh, my, that was him!? I like him better here) but I’m liking his acting here. KTH, SSH, RSY all look amazing here and my eyes feel blessed. Haha. It is funny and they keep it light hearted so I don’t have to cry every second b/c something sad happened. I can’t wait!!

            Could someone tell me why SSH is referred to as Mr. Hand Towel?? Thanks. Oh, this reminds me of Goong but I’m liking it better. 😀

  2. rich

    Woah! I’m liking this drama a lot… I hope it will continue to be this awesome. *please, please, please*

    I think Kim Tae Hee should stick to this kind of role ’cause it’s perfect for her… and oh, mr. hand towel is so hot over there. *drool*

    I love the dogs! So cuuuute!

    • 2.1 gi

      Yeah, Kim Tae Hee seems to be more suited for this type of role. I think she’s absolutely adorable in this! I’ve never seen hand towel anywhere else, but he’s not doing bad in my opinion either, plus he’s super hot!

      • 2.1.1 rich

        Yea… I’ve always seen Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Heon taking drama and serious roles which I think is too heavy for them. But here, they’re awesomely cute!

        He’s hot! Super! If I’m in her shoes and saw him with just a towel on, I’ll turn into a fan girl and scream out loud. =))

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          I’d maybe hold a camera over my eyes, but definitely not veggies!

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            camera! why didn’t she think of that? 🙂

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          I’d grab him….you won’t hear a squeak from me!

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            I’d vault over the counter so fast before you can say HAND TOWEL and yank off that towel!

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    I am watching the episode now! I love it (:

  4. stars4u

    I was surprised with the cuteness of this drama despite knowing its a romcom.

    [The king and the servant reversal with SKKS!]

    • 4.1 Eun Young

      They must have done that reversal deliberately, right? I have to admit: I got a laugh out of it.

    • 4.2 Severine

      I noticed that too! And Seol’s mom is Chae Kyang’s mom from Goong!

      • 4.2.1 Ojou_Belle

        Another thing I noticed is that the front gates to the

        Grandpa’s house looks like the front gate to KJWM’s

        house in Secret Garden. Am I right?

        • DeeDee315

          Hmmm not sure abt it being the same house as in Secret Garden, but it’s for sure is the same house & gate as in Snow Queen (2006). I find it funny when the same settings & actors keep showing up in drama after drama.

  5. lunargen

    This episode, literally every 5 minutes I would burst out saying “OMG TOO MUCH PRETTY… O_O” Then all brain function ceases for like a millisecond or so. TOO MUCH BEAUTY THAN MY MIND CAN COMPREHEND! >_<

    ps: Thanks for the recap!!

    • 5.1 mskmouse

      I totally agree. They look really good together!

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    Yes! Been waiting for this recap. I wanted to find out what was going to happen next, and my ISP is being mean and refuses to let me watch more than two videos on the net a day. Thanks, GF!

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    Thank you so much 🙂
    I love the chemistry between the two!

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      Nice recap!

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    I am also liking this show. Thanks for the recap.

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    Absolutely Love this!!!! Please dont go downhill and continue with the awesomeness!!!

    • 10.1 gala

      that’s funny, cause that’s exactly what my 3 friends [hardcore kdrama lovers] kept saying. we’re all so afraid of a good drama going downhill, but that’s expected. heh.

      what i like about it the most is Seol’s obsessiveness for money. it’s not something deep but very shallow actually. and it’s a nice change. im a wee bit tired of having a kdrama female lead being “obsessed” with earning cash for good reasons. it’s a nice change that it’s all about her shallowness to go to Egypt to make her professor HERS. lovin it so far.

  11. 11 roswara

    love the dogs….

    Thanks for the recap…
    Me too…been waiting between Dream High vs My Princess….

    Javabeans, Girfriday….fighting!!

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    Haha thanks for the hilarious recap, i gotta go check out this drama now!

    Btw, whats all this references to “Hand Towel”?

    • 12.1 laputacastle88

      im also confused; why is song seung heon Mr Hand Towel anyway?

    • 12.2 kay

      SSH being serious = wooden acting = limp, wet hand towel

      plus his name sounds like song soo gun which means hand towel/handkerchief

      • 12.2.1 grateful1

        Thanks for clarifying that. So much for my somewhat salacious but totally off base theory!

      • 12.2.2 kyun

        aaaaah XD im sure lot of people didnt know that so Thank You! again for clarifying it for us

        • JAMBO

          9 months later…..yes, thank you for clarifying the Hand Towel reference. My brain’s getting fried trying to figure that one out.

          Didn’t realize that both actors are not exactly known for Oscar-worthy performances. I didn’t think either actors were that bad in their previous movies (KTH in Restless, SSH in Summer Scent). Oh, well! I’m no Siskel nor Ebert.

  13. 13 hanamichi-san

    I really like KTH in this series, it reminds me of LDH in My Girl. But so far I haven’t been annoyed by her overacting unlike LDH..

    I think I’m starting to have a “woman-crush” on her.
    Must be nice to be sooooo pretty! ^@^

    seeing Mr Hand Towel’s abs in real life is not bad too!

  14. 14 Sweet

    Love this.
    We would Iof thought two pretty face plus comedy is a delightful show!

  15. 15 Celest

    Some very good things in this episode
    1. The Roman Holiday reference. But I swear, if the ending is similar…
    2. I’m glad that they’re not dragging her self realization of being a princess past episode 2. As much as I love Secret Garden, the fact that it dragged to almost 6 episodes that the main characters switched bodies kinda irked me.
    3. We get to see a bit of KTH’s range as an actress.
    4. Ryu Soo Young. Different looks (nerdy, professional, sophisticated) but all adorable.
    5. Song Seung Heon. Particularly, that *one 😉 scene. Sue me.

    The only thing I felt the drama could have done better was to focus more on KTH’s shock/grief. She did what was required of her wonderfully so maybe it’s the writing that was the problem. And I certainly hope that Dan Ah being Lee Seol’s “twin” and the exact same age won’t be a problem later on…hmmmm.

    Thanks for the wonderful recap! =D

    • 15.1 Anon106

      AGREE with 1. But I think I won’t quibble that much if for some reason they go with that ending but execute it WELL. And I think Seol’s shock/grief will come into play later in the series.

    • 15.2 Alvina

      ahh, her sister being somehow involved would KILL me but I dont see how they can twist that in, you know, considering the strawberry hairband! LOL

      Roman Holiday….ugh! If it’s the same, then this drama shouldnt be in the genre it’s in currently. If they do that to us or give us some kind of Coffee House-eque ending, please warn me now. My heart cant take a broken road romance.

      • 15.2.1 KDJ

        I don’t like the sister. I had this feeling that somehow she would be a very big trouble for Seol. She could be claiming that she’s the real princess, since they’re from the same orphanage, same age, and lived together (that way she can accuse Seol of stealing her “memories” of the strawberry tie, etc). She’s big trouble!!

    • 15.3 anonymous too

      oh you, how can you hope that her sister being the same age and also adopted not be a problem later on? this is a drama after all hehe 😉

      • 15.3.1 Afro Goddess

        I totally agree with you. I was thinking the same thing. It makes me want to wait until I know at the end before I invest in it. If she ends up not being the princess I doubt he’ll be able to marry her.

        I never understand why they just can’t do DNA testing and get over with.

        • Kim Yoonmi

          What’s a DNA test when there is adoption involved in a drama? What’s that?

          It’s like saying that you have to can receive phone calls when you’re in a K-drama airport. Or that if you have a cell phone call from someone you don’t like, you can ya know, JUST TURN THE THING OFF. (It has an off button–I’ve seen it on Korean Cellphones). Or that OMG you can actually leave a message on a cellphone. ^.~

          Do DNA tests exist in K-drama land?

          • beguileiota

            Haha yes, a logical sequence of events (such as a DNA test) simply cause the physics of k-dramas to self-destruct. I presume we’ll go through a somewhat convoluted, mildly unrealistic journey to prove she’s the princess.

    • 15.4 rose

      hahaha i didnt notice that yet wooo will they pull out the mistaken not so mistaken identity again , that would be a little dissapointing , oh crap sometimes it really bad if the drama will go downhill …. sorry im still having bad guy syndrome …..

    • 15.5 KDJ

      I don’t like the sister. I had this feeling that somehow she would be a very big trouble for Seol. She could be claiming that she’s the real princess, since they’re from the same orphanage, same age, and lived together (that way she can accuse Seol of stealing her “memories” of the strawberry tie, etc). She’s big trouble!!!

  16. 16 miss_procrastination

    This drama is epic win!

  17. 17 Anon106

    I waited until the second episode to see if I was going to be watching it. And I agree with with you and JB about the appeal of this show. Really, I think it’s Kim Tae-hee that wins me over the most because I just LOVE her character. And I can already picture her trying to deal with “how to be a princess” lessons.

    And while Hae-young is going to be Seol’s love in this series, I’m still not there yet with them as lovers. I agree with the comments from episode 1 as seeing them as happy friends. And while you can argue that they’ve already got romance between them, I just really love seeing them in this somewhat intimate friendship stage. Or more like, we are friends who are going to share really personal and deep things RIGHTAWAY because we are secretly destined to be together even though we don’t know that yet. Maybe it’s just me. But I really like it. I find both Hae-young and Seol interesting like this.

    • 17.1 Lilian

      It’s really fun to watch Kim Tae Hee in this show! She totally fits the character…. XD

    • 17.2 Lilian

      It’s really fun to watch Kim Tae Hee in this show! She totally fits the character…. XD

      and I like it that later on when hae Young falls for her, he has to fight with the Professor for her love…

      haha! and he thinks he’s the best and sure win =)

  18. 18 Alvina

    Seriously, if only they did this drama just a bit earlier. I mean, KTH and SSH arent aging badly in any sense of the way but it’s weird to suspend my belief that the characters are playing the roles they are after seeing them in so many other, older roles. ahh well, I’m thankful for it now.

    Aside- Cutest fluff worthy scene EVER was where they were outside watching the movie. FRIENDSHIP! <3 It warmed my heart that they dont hate each other.

    I absolutely loved this episode and it's mixed bag of secrets with emotions and the lovely pretty faces and all. I also love the almost comical aspect they've included with the opposition party leader, the president, and the grandfather. I'd love to see if they take the more serious route.
    It reminds me of this drama with Lee Minki and Eugene where the Presidential Family was involved. It was a lighthearted afair that was fun to watch but it couldnt be taken seriously as a drama.

    I hope they find a nice balance.

  19. 19 zan

    this is definitely getting really interesting.. hope the drama gods dont disappoint me..

  20. 20 mojadora

    where does this song seung heon = mr. hand towel came from?

    • 20.1 asea

      I am wondering about that too.. maybe I missed something 😀

    • 20.2 Shay

      Saying Song Seung Heon can end up sounding like son soo-gun, which is Korean for handkerchief or hand towel 🙂

    • 20.3 Jane

      Yep, I’m wondering the same thing… I must be really slow. -.-‘

      • 20.3.1 lunargen

        I don’t know if I just dreamt of it or what, but I think he’s named Hand Towel coz he had a scene in some drama somewhere (I forgot which, East of Eden?) where he had nothing but a hand towel on. OvO

        • Tracy

          I thought it was cos it was so hot while filming the cast and crew wiped their hands on him thinking he was a hand towel cos he was dressed all in white and looked like a hand towel

  21. 21 poo

    i was thinking this is gonna be just a typical drama bt hell no! This is way awesome! It is amazingly funny and moving at a very fast pace…both d actors r doing grt including the 2nd lead guy ^^ hope it continues like this.
    ooooooh forgot to mention ‘the speedo/ shower scene’ 😛 perv much? lol

  22. 22 Almontel

    I am loving this series too…thanks for the recap. At least i can understand what the story is about after watching it without subs!!!

    Love this couple already!!!

  23. 23 alphabet soup

    “Seol comes out to find that Hae-young has defied the space-time continuum to make her a steak dinner.”

    HAHA! I was thinking this too throughout that whole scene.

    • 23.1 Alvina

      it’s instant steak! Microwave style. Duh you guys 😛

      • 23.1.1 Jen

        LMAO! Maybe he has a George Foreman Grill? It only takes me 3 minutes to grill a medium rare steak on mine. Haha.

        Even so, it’s the magic of television.

      • 23.1.2 YY

        He’s a bachelor. He pre-cooked it a week in advance. He spends Sundays whipping up steaks and then deepfreezing them. He microwaves and eats steaks from Mon to Sat if he isn’t eating diplomat dinners outside. Her steak actually tastes like chewy rubber but she being deprived of steaks thinks it’s heaven.

        • YY

          That’s why she got diarrhoea. And that’s how he manages to stay so slim. The frozen steaks are natural laxatives.

          • Alvina

            LMFAO! love you guys

          • girlatsea

            LMAO, oh my god.

          • samgetang

            hahahaha! the microwave explanation is acceptable…but all the other explanations are even better. LOL! 🙂

    • 23.2 Lee

      I was thinking more of the cooking show type thing “and this is one i (read:someone else) made earlier”.

    • 23.3 JAMBO

      LOL, I seriously had to look up the definition of space time continuum just to be sure i’m not misunderstanding. The recap is not only entertaining but also educational. Tee Hee!

  24. 24 mellowyel

    After reading these recaps and listening to the soundtrack (which is surprisingly awesome – Taru, Lucite Tokki and some other nice indie people) I think I’ll watch this drama this weekend. The premise doesn’t do much for me, but I think the cute may win me over, at least for a few weeks.

  25. 25 Molly

    This sounds so fun and breezy, like you said. But, mind if I ask how the Hand Towel thing came about?

    • 25.1 Eun Young

      Read comment 20.2. (12.2 discusses it as well.)

  26. 26 maria214tx

    call me weird have not watched the episode but thought I would read your recap first as usual JB u all did an excellent job.
    hope u guys will not get tired of doing the recap till the last episode.
    thanks again.

    • 26.1 Jewels

      Dear JB thanks for the recap. I usually watch dramas based on your comments. Your positive comments on the first episode raised my curiosity, and you were right as usual, and I added another drama to my viewing list.

      Maria214tx…. If you think you are weird, then I must be absolutely crazy and need counseling. My viewing habits are as follows.

      1. Watch RAW version first. This way I get the gitz of whats going one, but most importantly, I get to focus on the interactions and faces.
      2. Read Rebel Souls live screencaps.
      3. Watch it again RAW
      4. Read Dramabeans
      5. Watch is with English caps
      6. Rewatch with English caps just to make sure I get all the dialogue.

      Now I bet you would want to know how much time to I have to spare??… lol Call me crazy or looney, but I love and I am addicted to kdramas!

      • 26.1.1 kyun

        OMG we nearly got the same habits…HAHAHA
        mine’s exactly the same as yours, in that same order except that i skipped no. 3 and 6


        • bobodybob

          Mine is similar too, except i watch the raw live usually, unless im busy and then it gets downloaded asap, i also skip 3 and 6 like hyun but i then rewatch the entire drama when its complete in marathon format ^^. I should probably be studying for my degree right?

  27. 27 Autumn

    there’s so much cuteness and prettiness in this show, it’s almost unbearable.

    thanks for the recap.

  28. 28 diarylara

    Kim Tae Hee is so beautiful,her act as a cheerful woman was so natural,..can’t wait to see the 3rd episode…^_^

  29. 29 asianromance

    Thank you for the recap!

    “I think you’re my aunt.” –> hilarious misunderstanding with a nice holler to the faux-incest storylines, especially when SSH was in the mother of all faux-incest kdramas, Autumn in My Heart.

    Haeyoung’s steak was probably a spoiled leftover – no wonder it was giving Seol diarrhea! Seol and Haeyoung sort of remind me of Yoo-rin and Gong Chan from My Girl. She’s loves making money and he is rich but nice guy.

    the political side of things is still a weak point for me in this drama. I can imagine wanting to restore the monarchy for cultural purposes, but really, if you restore the monarchy, then a lot of the citizen tax dollars will have to be diverted towards supporting this monarchy, unless the Daehan group volunteers to financially support Lee Seol and all her progeny till the line dies out.

    Love the Seol and Haeyoung scenes as they seem to have a good friendship going on. I hope they don’t fall in love too soon, since I enjoying how comfortable they are with each other and the lack of awareness of the other as a man/woman.

    I haven’t watched all of KTH’s stuff, but who’d ever thought we’d see her do a I-need-to-diarrhea scene!!

    • 29.1 koreandramasrock

      The money thing is a great point. I have been suspecting since ep 1 that grandpa is going to give all his money to the new “pwincess” which will lead to a conflict of interest btw the lead couple (esp when they fall in love!). That would be a typical kdrama storyline. I hope I am wrong.

      • 29.1.1 minah*

        I saw a scene where the grandpa’s secretary was holding a file called “Asset Reduction” or something like that… perhaps that indicates that the grandpa DOES plan to give the majority (maybe, all?) of his wealth to the restoration of the monarchy. Plus, the secretary told Haeyoung that he hoped Seol would not be found because it would be best for Haeyoung, himself, and all of the company. I think he hoped for her not to be found because it would mean that the wealth shared between them would not be reduced or given to Seol. That’s what I think anyways…

        Thank you for recapping. 🙂 I am loving this show. It’s exceeding my low expectations… and gosh, SSH’s smile is to die for. <3

        • aya

          i’ve read somewhere when i was looking for synopsis for this drama that the Grandpa will give her all? the money since the money for him to start the company came from the emperor anyway…also didn’t he say to Seol when they were talking that he ran away with the rest of the money when he was still a young man??? well yeah i think that’s what it said from where i read it.

          • asianromance

            that makes sense! though I’m not fond of the idea of a president wanting to restore a monarchy, funded by the money of a huge corporation- reeks of potential political shenanigans, though we know that Seol and Haeyoung are the good guys.

            (i wonder if Yoon-ju will still want Haeyoung after she finds out that all his money will be Seol’s. No wonder they made Haeyoung a chaebol diplomat– so that he can have his diplomat job to fall back on)

    • 29.2 lunargen

      If you looked close enough, in one of the scenes with the Daehan Secretary (I forgot which episode though), he was looking over documents which were for transfer of properties and holdings. I think that’s how they’re going to inject wealth into the monarchy. The secretary’s wish that Seol wouldn’t be found also reflects this plan as he said he didn’t want it to be detrimental to the Daehan company and everyone else involved.

    • 29.3 kyun

      “I haven’t watched all of KTH’s stuff, but who’d ever thought we’d see her do a I-need-to-diarrhea scene!!”

      thats definitely what i thought of that i never thought she would ever do that kind of scene, considering her image and all, but owell i LOVE that scene ;D

  30. 30 c3sS

    I am loving this show. Thanks for the recap.

    On a side note: funny how MP’s King and right-hand man actors had their roles reversed in SKKS, unless I was mistaken.

  31. 31 steph

    thanks for the recap!!

  32. 32 koreandramasrock

    Kumawo GF! I love your recaps!!
    By the way, who else things that the “twin” unni might state that SHE is the REAL pwincess and that her dongsaeng is a faker?
    So far the drama has been very predictive except for the cuteness of the main couple who are surprisingly not fighting like cats and dogs from the start like every other couple in recent kdramas. That is DEFINITELY refreshing for a change.

  33. 33 Daniela

    It made me laugh so hard again! I’m starting to like this very much. I like her, but in this episode he wins me (Did I write it well?). As you said, the “vain Mr. Awesome” attitude is hilarious. I think I’m going to love him, I hope. But she is quite awesome too and they have good chemistry.
    Double thank you for the recap (I forgot to say it yesterday)!

  34. 34 asea

    I love princess stories… and predictably love this drama. However this goes beyond my expectation tho 😀

    Seol is soooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeee!! I can not wait to see how the drama will be when the leads start liking each other romantically 😀
    I’m liking the professor too, he’s so cute when he teases her… And that Indiana Jones getup from episode 1 still haunting me (in a good way)

    I already loathe Yoon-Ju and Seol’s ‘sister’… Grrr!! I don’t know how annoyed I would be when they start being a real pain later on in the story.

  35. 35 Noypi

    I am surprisingly enjoying it VERY VERY VERY much… now I have a weekday series to follow..

    I’m only watching this with Secret Garden….

    • 35.1 acta.est.fabula.plaudite!!

      me too 🙂 this and secret garden

  36. 36 Ani

    HOLY CRACKERS! Cute doggies! And when he was sizing up the Professor? I totally remembered why I thought he was cute once upon a time. Bring on the CUTENESS SHOW!

  37. 37 carshii

    i love how i already watched the episode but routinely check dramabeans for recaps~~ i love watching dramas but i love ur comments on them!!!! thanks for the recap guys!!

  38. 38 mangowango

    i really thought ‘dream high’ was going to be better but i’m enjoying this so muchhhhh!!

    and i found the part where the dogs were watching the movie with her incredibly hilarious. but maybe it’s just me hahah. the dogs are soo cute!

    • 38.1 samgetang

      yeah, mangowango! the dogs are cuties 🙂 they are like synchronized swimmers haha!

  39. 39 Tracy

    What happened to his speedo? Couldn’t see it at all. Damn! I’ve only watched halfway of ep 2. No speedo so far. No shower too. Just wet towel-clad guy. I was so upset I cried. That’s why I had to stop watching halfway. My tears were fogging up the screen. There’d better be another shower cum speedo scene by the end of this ep or I’m finding my way to the shoot and forcing SSH to strip at gunpoint.

    • 39.1 Don't Call Me Mr Hand Towel

      The reason why I wear a speedo –

      My grandmother always says:

      A speedo a day keeps the aunties at bay.

  40. 40 dany

    Thank you!

  41. 41 Moozy

    Like this eps recap and also ep 1 recap. Will watch it once the eng sub comes out. ^__^ Thanks JB & GF for the recaps!!!

  42. 42 peep

    I seriously had to pause the video and spend 5 minutes just laughing when she said she was going to do her business in one of his designer bags. LOL.

    This show is just so cute so far! I hope it continues to do so, it might just end up as one of my crack dramas that I have to watch, say like *cough* Secret Garden *cough*.


  43. 43 cathy

    I love this drama ,KTH is very cute .

  44. 44 gingganggolli

    aaw! this is getting better…. thanks GF and JB. Its the next big thing for me after my SG obsession…

  45. 45 suzi q

    I have a bad feeling about her “twin ” sister. Who goes and changes the front door lock on your sister and leaves her sister standing out in the cold snow? I would come back and beat the Beejeesuz out of her. There is something rotten going on between those two.
    I know how Lee Seol feels when you eaten something, and you think your stomach is going to explode. Funny scene. I couldn’t stop laughing at her expressions.
    This one is so much better than MSOAN……

  46. 46 Dr Phyll

    I’m shocked at how shallow some ppl are watching this drama for abs, six packs and romance. Don’t you see the bigger issues here?

    The scene where he comes into the kitchen in a towel is very significant for health and safety-related issues:

    1. Wear thick clothes in winter or you will catch a chill.

    2. Bathe in hot water in winter or you will catch a chill.

    3. Wipe your body thoroughly with a towel after showering.

    4. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Notice she holds up an onion and a red pepper to cover her eyes, not a sausage or meat patty. Red meat is bad for health.

    4.Kitchen tools and utensils are kept neatly in drawers. Safety first in the kitchen.

    5. Kitchen is well-ventilated and brightly lit. Sunshine and good health are vital for good health.

    • 46.1 YY


    • 46.2 beggar1015

      You forgot the most important issue:

      Before taking a shower, check with your hostest to see if there is any additional charge for hot water.

    • 46.3 samgetang


    • 46.4 zach

      One more issue overlooked here:

      Cover your eyes when you see shocking stuff to avoid brain seizures

  47. 47 [email protected]

    good thing Park Hae Young is different from other stereotype chaebols that appeared in most kdramas (bad, bad temper, SPOILED, bad manner chaebol). so far i like his chaebol character.
    and Lee Seol is so cute. the woman is so natural with acting comedy, she should’ve done this earlier.

    • 47.1 Alvina

      For real! In the first episode, when she dragged him around at the art show, I thought he’d go haughty chaebol-type batsh*t on her but…he didnt. Instead, he did this adorable question mark with his face. And he goes along with her antics.

      SSH, I thought you were just a pretty face but this drama is making me fall for you all over again XD

      They’re a great pair.

      • 47.1.1 Lilian

        haha…yeah. One Joo Wonnie in Secret Garden is enough already. He is THE haughty chaebol guy of the year…..

  48. 48 JD

    I actually find their fast friendship kind of unbelievable. Him fisting popcorn into her face when they barely know each other? I was like whaaaaaa?

    I think Ep 1 was more enjoyable than Ep 2. All in all, still entertaining and cute! Can’t wait for next week!

    • 48.1 YY

      At the rate this relationship is progressing I’d say they will fall in love ep 3, kiss in the snow (no rain) ep 4, make out on swing ep 5, make out in bed ep 6, get engaged ep 7, get married ep 8, get pregnant ep 9 (she, not he), have a baby ep 10. Hmmm…..that leaves me with another 10 eps. Oh well….

      • 48.1.1 Melissa

        I believe it’s rinse and repeat after that.

      • 48.1.2 YY

        More things have happened in the first 2 eps than the whole of PK

        • Justine

          Hahaha I agree!

        • izzie

          More things have happened in the first 2 eps than the whole of PK

          and MSOAN combined. 😉

          • samgetang

            hahaha! agree with everyone 🙂

      • 48.1.3 goldfish

        I believe in ep 6- 14 more conflicts she’ll face, her sister & yun- juu would make her fall down… I think this story has a season 2 were they could be engaged…

  49. 49 blahblahblah

    This drama is so cute! I hope SSH’s character does more of the Vain Mr. Awesome thang cuz its freakin hilarious, who knew SSH could be so cute and funny? I hope the jealousy brings on the cute cuz it’s making the show really entertaining.

    KTH is so cute with her attitude and the way she pushes and pulls SSH especially when he thinks so highly of himself. Hehe.

    I hope to see more of their chemistry and funny tidbits as the drama goes along cuz it’s making their performances really enjoyable!

  50. 50 SteamyBun

    I can’t wait to actually start watching this! Song Seung Heon was the very first Korean actor I got to know, thanks to He Was Cool. It will be neat to see him older and in a completely different kind of role.
    Until then… why the heck am I reading the recaps? lol. I always scoffed at ppl who did that, and now I’m doing it.

    • 50.1 Jomo

      Just curious, why not read the recaps?

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