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My Princess: Episode 3
by | January 12, 2011 | 231 Comments

My Princess puts a smile on my face. This drama is a ball of fluffy cute humor, buoyed by an often hilarious rapport between Kim Tae-hee and Song Seung-heon. It’s in the bickering vein, but not characterized by constant fighting or shrillness, which is often a danger in bickering romances. Sometimes the mood is friendly, sometimes sweet, and sometimes irritated, and I like that we’re always traveling between those, lest we linger too long in one mode.

With this episode, My Princess beat Sign — after trailing it by a mere 0.1% last Thursday — and scored a 20.0% rating (versus Sign’s 16.2%). Things are looking promising.


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Hae-young tries to think up an excuse for the presence of a woman’s boots at the door while Yoon-ju looks at him skeptically, immediately sizing up the situation. Then Seol dashes out from the guest room to hurry to the bathroom in time. The look of chagrin on his face is priceless.

Moments later, Seol pops out of the bathroom, relieved and relaxed — until she sees the other two still standing there at the doorway. Hae-young tries to ask Yoon-ju not to misunderstand, but she takes the cool approach and just says she didn’t know he had this “side” to him, and calls him cute. For… hiding a girl while she came over? I don’t follow her logic.

In any case, after she leaves, Seol says cheerfully that Yoon-ju’s reaction sure was cool. And so she was, until she leaves — once outside, Yoon-ju looks much more bothered than she lets on.

She heads straight for the arms of Jung-woo, because this drama really wants us to hate her. She rebuffs the guy’s affection and backstabs him professionally, then seeks consolation in his arms? Urrrghhh. Sadly (imo), Jung-woo’s too much of a nice guy and holds her comfortingly.

In the morning, she gets some startling news and hurries to tell Hae-young to stop his grandfather from making a mistake. Chairman Park is, at the moment, holding a press conference throwing his full support behind the restoration of the monarchy. In fact, he’s chosen a truly shocking (but likely effective) way to gain support for the move — the day that the vote goes through for the restoration, he will donate his entire wealth to society. I guess that oughtta shut up naysayers who wouldn’t want to pay extra taxes to keep Seol in her princess finery.

Hae-young tries to get in contact with Seol, finally locating her at the school cafeteria. Before they can leave, a crowd of reporters appears and fires a barrage of questions their way.

Their attention is directed at Hae-young (asking for comment about his grandfather’s announcement), but he covers Seol’s face with his jacket to shield her identity from the horde. She’s confused, but he warns her that if they’re photographed together right now, things’ll get complicated.

Hae-young leads her out, and then they run in earnest from the rabid mob, while curious bystanders include Seol’s friend Sun-ah and Jung-woo. Hae-young manages to shove her into his car before being accosted and smilingly tries to fob off the reporters with jokes and smooth words. He almost succeeds in making his getaway, except for the untimely appearance of a smug, confident reporter who asks directly if the woman is a princess, and that increases the furor.

To put a swift end to speculation, Hae-young declares that she’s his girlfriend. Describing her as a sweet, ordinary student, he asks for them to back off, since they’re freaking her out.

With that, he drives to his hotel and hurries Seol inside — or at least tries to. She resists, saying that as a “business competitor,” she’ll be barred from entry — equating her teeny home operation to this luxury hotel, ha! I love her.

Now safe on home turf, the staff keeps the wall of reporters out of the building. Hae-young ushers her to his suite, which she initially balks at, eyeing him with suspicion. She whacks him in the face out of reflex, then apologizes for acting before thinking. Hilariously, he flinches automatically when she raises her fist, then realizes she was joking and tries to cover up his flinch. It’s adorable.

Hae-young explains that having his photos snapped and his private life exposed can be horrible, which he knows from personal experience. When she asks about his family, he admits Dad has been out of the picture for 20 years. Not dead, as I’d presumed, just gone.

That comment strikes a chord with Seol, who knows how it feels to be fatherless. Seeing her reaction, he offers up a “funny” tidbit, but it’s more sardonic than amusing — that as an 11-year-old boy, he was only one death away from being the head of Daehan Group. As a result, he’s been hounded by reporters since a young age, as well as potential kidnappers and ill-intentioned opportunists. But after enduring all that in the name of being the heir, now that his grandfather says he won’t leave him a dime, isn’t it understandable that it would make him angry?

Seol pats him on the head sympathetically, since to her 11-year-old self, Mom giving her sister an extra bit of sausage would have counted as a grave injustice. Her chipper attitude wrings a smile out of him.

They turn their attention to the TV, where the newest report is all about Hae-young’s girlfriend. Making the report is that smug Reporter Yoo; Hae-young’s statement at the school has now been twisted as Seol is called his fiancee.

Seol presses Hae-young to remove all their photos and videos from the internet — surely Grandpa has enough clout for that? — and even agrees to claim the role of princess if he does. But surely he won’t want her to do that and usurp his inheritance. In any case, she doesn’t believe she’s a princess, because “My father… is going to come back soon.” Aw, sad.

Chairman Park understands that Hae-young did this to protect the princess, but he’s upset that the move may undermine his own objectives.

Yoon-ju politely tries to suggest that Grandpa was hasty in making his announcement about his exercise in noblesse oblige, but he says he’s relieved that his old dream is finally realized. They’ve found the princess and the stage is set.

When she’s alone with her father, Yoon-ju vents her hurt and displeasure about this whole princess business. All her life she has lived suppressing resentment of her father’s dedication to the chairman, who always came first. She put up with it, thinking her day would come when it would all be worth it, but that hasn’t happened.

Dad considers her an important person in swaying Hae-young to the chairman’s side, but she declares that she cannot live like her father. She then turns to Reporter Yoo for reasons unknown, but knowing that the reporter is a sleazeball, this just solidifies her status as the Bitch of the drama. You know, in case you weren’t sure.

Yoon-ju then heads to Hae-young’s suite, and once again awkward timing intervenes as Seol emerges from the bedroom.

At first Yoon-ju is upset with Hae-young, believing the obvious. She still thinks Seol’s name is Eun-byul (from that encounter at the museum) and points out that although she and Hae-young haven’t exactly had a passionate relationship, it’s understood (by themselves and their families) that she and Hae-young would marry.

So to get everything into the open, Hae-young makes the official introductions, defining the relationships clearly to both parties. Yoon-ju is the woman he will marry, and Seol is the princess his grandfather has located. Immediately Yoon-ju’s disgruntlement fades, and she joins in with Hae-young’s offer to help.

Seol continues to deny being the princess, and Hae-young interprets that this means she’s holding out for more from him. In exchange for agreeing to go abroad, what will she ask of him? He anticipates that this matter will take three years to settle in its entirety, and offers to send her anywhere she wants, and to take care of her family in the meantime. Yes, hide the problem, Hae-young, and it’ll just go away! Like herpes.

I’m not sure if she’s merely stunned or if she’s perhaps a bit insulted by his high-handedness, but Seol accepts his offer with a challenging tone — she’ll go away if he gives her all his wealth. He warns her not to joke or piss him off, because he can be quite unpleasant when angered.

He has been instructed to bring Seol somewhere, but she is in no mood to oblige him — not until he says he’ll take her to meet her father.

He takes her in a helicopter to avoid running into the press, and as Seol looks at her fancy ride, she recalls a memory of another day when she’d seen a similar helicopter in the sky. She’d been a young girl, who’d accompanied her father to his construction job. The memory of her doting father has her in tears, though she smiles them away.

Oh, this isn’t going to end happily for her, is it? The look on Hae-young’s face is a dead giveaway; he observes Seol’s nervous anticipation with a regretful expression.

Upon their arrival, they join the chairman and Secretary Oh. But her face takes on a confused expression when she’s led to a gravesite — and the chairman addresses the deceased as “Your Highness.”

As though anticipating her pain, Hae-young looks away when Seol looks at him, trying to absorb what this all means. In denial, she bursts out, “I told you my father wasn’t dead! Where is he?”

Hae-young advises her to hear the truth, which he has been waiting so long to hear, but she doesn’t want to know any more, thinking that the truth means her father abandoned her.

Chairman Park explains that he was responsible for her father’s death, and relates the story.

It turns out that Seol’s father had known of his highborn origins, but he’d voluntarily left that identity behind, and was surprised to be tracked down. He’d told him that the “bad fate” between the chairman and his own grandfather (the last emperor) was all in the past, and that he wanted to leave it buried.

The chairman hadn’t been willing to do that, so Dad had slipped away in the night with Seol. The chairman had followed with his men, so Dad had hidden Seol in a side street, promising to come back right away, and turned back to deal with his pursuers. But in the process, he’d been hit by a car — the one carrying the chairman, who’d been speeding off to find him. Oh, this is so sad, and made even more so by the music.

After hearing the story, Seol kneels by the grave dully, sapped of her energy. She turns to go, and the chairman urges her to give her formal bow to her father. He adds that she doesn’t have to forgive him, and with a hard look his way, Seol agrees that she probably won’t — she won’t ever do anything to make him happy. Even if that includes bowing at her father’s grave.

Hae-young finds her sitting at the bus depot, where she bitterly vows to do things expressly to antagonize his family in the future. He calmly reasons that that’s only going to hurt her, and that her father would be saddened by it.

He offers her the one way to get her revenge upon his grandfather: Destroy the monarchy. But she knows that he’s not saying that to help her — he’s saying it out of his own wish to protect his inheritance. He calls it a win-win for both of them, and so she agrees to go along with his plan, on a condition. She wants a photo of her father, which he retrieves from Secretary Oh.

At school, news of Seol’s chaebol fiancΓ© has spread, and her two officemates are eager to hear the details, particularly since she’s taking a leave from school.

Yoon-ju meets with her to give her study abroad documents, and now that she’s been assured that she hasn’t been replaced in Hae-young’s affections, she takes on that friendly-but-ever–so-smug attitude, telling Seol that she need not pester herself with meeting Hae-young again. She’ll handle all the arrangements, and besides, she and Hae-young are practically married anyway.

Seol pointedly says that Yoon-ju sure has a lot of men she’s practically marrying, since everyone knows she’s also in that kind of relationship with Jung-woo. Yoon-ju waves it off, saying that she tends to attract these kinds of rumors (since she’s, like, sooooo popular). But when Seol replies that it’s a good thing Hae-young didn’t believe that rumor, Yoon-ju looks a little worried. Serves ya right.

Seol is lost in thought as Jung-woo walks by, though her face lights up when he calls her. She assures him that all the stuff about her marrying the diplomat are untrue, adding that there’s someone else she likes, which he immediately understands to mean himself.

He says that she must really be a princess, to which she answers, “How did you know?” She realizes she’s slipped when he admits he was just fishing around, and she asks him to keep it a secret.

He gives her a ride home, just as Hae-young pulls up behind them. Immediately the dick-off resumes, and I love that even though nobody’s pretending to be anybody’s lover this time, the guys still macho it up with each other. Old habits die hard. An example: Hae-young asks pointedly why a professor is taking a female student home in broad daylight, to which Jung-woo responds that he must only give women rides in the dead of night.

Hae-young retorts, “And what do you know about me?” Jung-woo replies that it’s public knowledge that he, the famous chaebol heir, is in an uproar about the potential loss of his inheritance, and adds that he and Seol aren’t even really engaged. Plus, she likes somebody else, a pointed reference to himself.

Hae-young shoots a disgruntled look Seol’s way before catching sight of a reporter down the street, talking to her sister Dan. Hae-young quickly pulls her toward his car, and she urges Jung-woo to hurry away as well.

Oblivious to them, the reporter asks Dan for information about the engagement, to which Dan says that she’s not Seol’s family. Ouch. Why so bitchy, favored daughter?

Arriving at her mother’s house, Seol looks around and confirms that no shifty types are around. Hae-young takes this opportunity to warn Seol against the dangers of riding in the cars of men like her professor, not that he cares, of course, or is jealous or anything. (I love how transparent Hae-young is.)

To which Mom pops up to say that the same goes for him. She’s intensely curious about this strange man with her daughter, and Seol asks if Mom has seen the news lately. Hilariously, Hae-young puffs up a bit, expecting some fawning coming his way. But Mom reminds her that she always shuts off the TV after her daily drama, and he deflates in disappointment. HAHA. Inadvertent ego setdown.

Seol tries to lie about not knowing Hae-young, but Mom isn’t having it and guesses they’ve just been on a date. Hae-young trades exasperated looks with Seol as Mom continues her interrogation.

Mom gets half the truth and fills in the rest with her own imagination, assuming that Hae-young had fallen for Seol after staying as a guest at this house.

He tries to answer her questions honestly (but vaguely), but Mom jumps to all the wrong conclusions, saying a few things that make Seol grimace (like how he must have a hard time working for Daehan, which he defends by saying the company isn’t that bad).

Mom also asks intrusive questions about his family, financial status, and assets in that way that Korean moms do — thinking she’s being all smooth and subtle while her kid cringes in shame. Yeah, subtle like a bulldozer.

She shoves the two kiddos into Seol’s room to relax until dinner, where Hae-young immediately locates her photo album. Seol tries to wrest it from his grasp, thinking he’s going to mock her, and ends up landing on top of him — just as Mom comes back in.

All flustered, the kids jump up and try to look calm while hilariously failing, and Seol covers up her embarrassment by yelling at both of them.

But it turns out he took her album to add a snapshot to it — the sole existing photograph of her father. Now that he’s fulfilled Seol’s condition for agreeing to his plan, she asks when she ought to plan on leaving the country. He answers that sooner is better.

In the ensuing days, Seol prepares for her departure, though she doesn’t tell anybody of her plans. It’s easier to leave first without all the questioning, so she packs and writes her mother a farewell letter, explaining that she’s heading to Egypt for a three-year trip, financially enabled by a lottery win.

On departure day, Hae-young finds her waiting for her flight, writing a list of things to buy her mother and sister. He offers to take care of the list for her then walks her toward her boarding gate.

She’s still a little uncertain about this trip, but Hae-young gives her the nod to encourage her onward, and she presents her boarding ticket.

Yet to their surprise, upon checking her passport, the gate agent asks her to step aside, as she has been barred from leaving the country.


So very cute. The charm of this show is really in the interactions between Seol and Hae-young, not necessarily the plot or even the romance angle. I can definitely see how the attraction is building and will flare up at a later date, but for now I like that they’re buddies and co-conspirators — comfortable enough to bicker and speak their mind, but still with enough of a distance that they’re making new discoveries about each other. Like bonding over their longing for their absentee fathers.

I don’t even really care that the whole monarchy business is a total macguffin, and frankly I have no need to see the politicians yammering out their differences over it. I mean, it’s such an obvious contrivance that you either accept it or you don’t, and in that case I’m gonna just suspend my disbelief anyway.

I have no interest in Yoon-ju’s character (heh, could you tell?), because in addition to not caring much about Park Ye-jin’s portrayal either way, she’s just a boring (but necessary character). But I’m consoled by the knowledge that at least the love triangle with Jung-woo ought to be good, because I just love these two boys when they’re trying to get the better of each other. Sometimes I don’t even think it has anything to do with Seol (cue the fanfic?) but that these two men just rub each other the wrong way (snerk) and bring out that antagonism within each other. I could be very, very happy watching how this threeway conflict shapes up.


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        Hae-Young’s grandpa was the Emperor’s servant’s kid. The Emperor is Seol’s grandpa.

        … which should mean that Seol’s dad should only be a few years younger than the daehan chairman. Seol’s dad could have married late, and Hae-Young’s dad could have married early, for the leads to be at almost the same age.

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    Anyway, I don’t care about the monarchy set up either but I can’t help worry about other potential plot contrivances about it (kidnapping being the looming trope). I guess that falls under the “Know What I’m Watching so Suspend My Disbelief” mindset and I should just let it ride. I can’t really do much else. I just…really don’t want it to randomly pop up. Plus, I feel like princess lessons (if they do happen) are going to be awesomely clever and unexpected. Shoot, my hopes are now raised. But yay for cute. Because yes. SO SO CUTE.

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    Kim Tae-hee and Song Seung-heon must genuinely enjoy each other’s presence because there is no way anyone can fake/act the level of bantering ease that KY and LS have with each other. I love the two characters’ interactions so, so, so much. They both actually TALK with each other. They communicate! They ask questions. They listen. They empathize. They sympathize. They comfort each other. They pal around. SO KE-YOOOOOT.

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    And I just have to say, I absolutely love Haeyoung. Not because he’s SSH (your oppa’s smokin’, ockoala, but that doesn’t bias me too much) but because he’s adorable. Petty, sweet, silly, mature (etc etc etc) all rolled into one tall, well-dressed package. Yes please. β™₯

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    While this drama isn’t very addictive and I don’t really feel a pressing need to know what happens next, it sure has a lot of charm and brings a smile to my face. You hit the nail on the head on haeyoung and seol’s interactions. I’d be perfectly satisfied watching them just end up as good friends from now till old age. I’m actually a bit afraid that when we get to the part where they start having feelings for each other, we’d lose this sort of friendship and camaraderie.

    Kim Tae Hee/Seol is winning but Haeyoung/SSH is getting to be pretty lovable himself. It really looked like it hurt when Seol hit him in the face.

    I’m pretty upset with this drama making Yoon-ju such as obvious bitch. They’ve steered clear of the haughty chaebol stereotype with Haeyoung only to step deep into the secondary female lead is an unsympathetic bitch trope. It is lazy writing to put one woman down so badly in order to make the other look good. Why does one have to antagonize the other? And it really pisses me off that there is room for two charming guys, but no room for two charming women or even room for one charming woman and one moderately likable woman.

    Yoon-ju is like Jaeyoung 2.0 (Jaeyoung from Wish Upon a Star), but worse because of what she did to Jung-woo’s character. Like girlfriday said in the episode 2 recap, she stole his baby! I wish he would have pushed her away and coldly told her he’d never forgive her for what she did. I can’t wait till Jung-woo have his moments with Seol and make Yoon-ju regret that she tossed away such a great guy.

    • 25.1 miss

      I agree with u! I hate when a writer create an evil woman character, especially the role second female lead!! Could they just create a nice woman character to compete with the female lead??

      • 25.1.1 goldfish

        weee!! for me i love it & its cool u know.. it brings color to the story.. dont u like it, they did well on acting it as a villain ^.^ so expect more to that ive got the feeling that L.S sister would teamed with Yoon- ju to take her placed as a princess….

    • 25.2 sg

      Isn’t Yoon ju the same actress as Jaeyoung in Wish Upon a Star? They sure look alike…

      • 25.2.1 Alvina

        Actually, I think Jaeyoung is…better looking? I dunno. There was a witchy-ness to her character but I couldnt hate her because she looked like a little girl playing dress up.

        I kind of wish the same character was playing YoonJu in this drama. I think I wouldnt hate her as much lol.

        • YY

          I remember her! I remember her! *jumping excitedly* She had funny lips!

      • 25.2.2 Jomo

        Same bad girl from What Happened in Bali as the rival to Ha Ji Won.

    • 25.3 beggar1015

      Frankly, my problem with the Yoon Ju character is that I can’t understand why either one of these guys would be interested in her. She’s so… lifeless. Cold. If the writers are going to make Yoon Ju the villain, at least make her an interesting villain. Nobody likes a boring bitch.

  26. 26 izzie

    lol. It’s just odd that Hae-Young and Jung-Woo are ego battling at this time, and for a new girl – Seol – when for years Yoon-Ju had been shuffling time between them. Oh well, they don’t know about the other back then. πŸ˜€ Well then is it just apt that they’re now battling over the better girl?

    I wonder if Yoon-ju is truly in love with Hae-Young, or she’s just attracted to his inheritance.

    • 26.1 BJ

      I would think its the latter

      • 26.1.1 izzie

        yeah. I really suspect that too. It might be her way of revenge for being second priority in her father’s eyes because of Hae-Young’s grandfather.

        There are things that I’m wondering about in this story:
        – What makes YJ’s father so loyal to HY’s grandfather?
        – Where is HY’s mother?

        • keke

          inheritence. she (pyj) says so in one of the interviews, i believe.

          • Lilian

            er…totally agreee…she probably has feelings for the professor but repressed it becoz of the wealth/status that she can get thru Hae Young….


    • 26.2 Jomo

      And by attracted to his, um, “inheritance” you mean what he displays in the shower?

      You can put quotes on “anything”, and it “means” something else.

      I like “hand towels” because of their “threadcount” not their “versatility.”

      (Heck! I don’t even know what that means!}

      • 26.2.1 samgetang

        jomo, hahaha!

      • 26.2.2 izzie

        LOL! Jomo, you’re way too dazed, sister! πŸ˜€

        At some point, you’ve got to stop staring at that shower scene photo, that way you can recover. πŸ˜‰ And taking it off (THE PICTURE, not the speedo/towel – although you might halready have, in yer mind.) from your desktop wallpaper would be a start. πŸ˜‰

        by “inheritance”, I meant the “money” not the “hunny”. πŸ˜‰

        I also like hand towels because they’re “handy.” (Pls. don’t ask why.) πŸ™‚

        @samgetang: How about you? Why do you like hand towels? πŸ˜‰

        • samgetang

          hand towels, i love
          face towels, i adore
          bath towels, i long for
          if they were once wrapped
          around the speedo-man
          whose “inheritance”
          is not just about 6-dollar figures
          but also 6-pack abs
          (i know, i know, it doesn’t rhyme at all, hehe
          but gotta do this fast
          before the towel turns into bowel)

          ohhh…what am i saying? πŸ™‚
          i think i ate some of that
          instant steak by
          mr hand towel…

        • izzie

          oh, sis, be careful! Jomo might misunderstand “steak.” πŸ˜€

          • samgetang

            hahahaha! jomo, pls spare us πŸ˜‰

      • 26.2.3 YY

        Wow Jomo you’re so “deep”. I’ve learnt more from you about the subtle use of inverted commas than from any of my English teachers, that’s for sure. Ok, now to try out the “Great Jomo Theory of Inverted Commas”:

        I’m so looking “forward” to DB’s “recap” of My princess which I’m “sure” is going to be”great” as “usual”….. wow, everything becomes questionable when you put inverted commas LOLOL

    • 26.3 samgetang

      i know, izzie! this is way too complicated for my simple brain to handle…and on the trailer of episode 4 all 4 of them will face each other *shudders*

      have the same q’s as you and let me add: where is Seol’s biological mother? no mention of her or maybe i just missed it?

      Yoon-ju is bound to be more evil as she tries to form alliances with all the characters in the story that have ill-will or -feelings for Seol….she is going to be a major manipulator! no wonder she’s/they made her face more stony and cold for the onslaught that she is to create in the very near future πŸ™‚

      maybe her father is so loyal to HY’s grandfather because he was the one driving the car when it hit Seol’s father…

      • 26.3.1 izzie

        aaannnddd… who will HY’s father favor for his son: Seol or YJ? πŸ™‚

        • samgetang

          the professor?

          • izzie

            riiiiggghhhhhtt!!! πŸ˜€

      • 26.3.2 goldfish

        hmmm… maybe or maybe Hae- young’s father bumped on L.S. father..

  27. 27 BJ

    Thanks for the recap!!! I love this show its so cute! Totally agree with you as I really dont care about Yoon-ju either. I have never seen her in a drama before but is she always this stiff??

    • 27.1 bluebell

      I think she’s a very good actress who deliberately acts stiff and nervous and uptight to portray herself as someone who’s always on the edge and acting a role as good girl-future daughter-in-law. She’s actually insecure, unhappy and tense inside. The actress potraying this character is really good.

      • 27.1.1 am

        I agree. Park Ye Jin is surprisingly good.

        Bringing life to a very lifeless character? I’d give her props for that. Her character is very strong and independent and she has an underlying trait that melts that facade in which draws the two men to her.

  28. 28 izzie

    Also, am I glad that in this story involving chaebols there is no evil chaebol mom! πŸ™‚ (but there’s potentially-evil chaebol dad – IF Hae-young’s father is still alive.) I guess the bitchy rival and the evil sister will make up for the absence of an ECM.

    • 28.1 samgetang

      somebody’s gotta be evil, i guess πŸ™‚

      i dont have a very nice feeling with the bitchy rival, as you call her…

      the evil fake sister also gives me the creeps…

      and yes the chaebol dad? where could he be?

      • 28.1.1 YY

        The chaebol dad ran away after flying into a rage over his father’s insistence on returning the prince to the crown. The dad stumbled upon a secret garden and proceeded to switch bodies with a big white dog that was sleeping there. He then galloped into a thunderstorm, got zapped by lightning and split into TWO white dogs. Tired out by what they had gone through, the two white dogs then followed a kind woman home to her little cosy farmhouse inn.

        Yes, the two white dogs that appeared in ep 2 are, or is, the missing chaebol daddy.

        • Jomo

          From another story here on DB, I would guess that the dogs very treat is Snausages.

          • samgetang

            LOL! had me in stitches! YY and Jomo, you are both so funny! you both should be writing your own rom-com stories soon…together with izzie! She’s got a cool imagination, too…and got a fabulous way with words πŸ™‚ it will be a major riot, i swear!!!! πŸ™‚

          • izzie

            together with izzie!

            LOL. samgetang, sistah… thank you. but for the sake of the sanity of whoever will get to read it, I wouldn’t recommend that. πŸ˜‰

          • izzie


            Secret Daddy… Sausage Garden… πŸ˜€ sounds totally wrong!

          • YY

            Sausage Daddy?

          • izzie

            “Sausage Daddy?”

            … ew. πŸ™

          • samgetang

            oh no! this is going to be a secret sausage scandal! Kim Gab Soo to the rescue….:-)

        • goldfish

          woah where did you get that source :O

  29. 29 poyi

    loving ALL seol’s outfits & hairstyles
    makes her even more radiant

    and seol’s friends
    are pretty cute too

    • 29.1 keke


    • 29.2 goldfish

      agree! she’s simple yet gorgeous ^_^

  30. 30 kay

    yay! can’t wait til tomorrow’s episode. i love these two πŸ˜€

  31. 31 milan1010

    this drama is so far so good…really cute…

    btw, javabeans, are you only reporting rating around Seoul’s area and not nationwide? coz i;m rather confused…..dramawiki stated that 20% is for Seoul’s area….

  32. 32 Ek-jek-ku-tif

    I’ve been waiting for the recaps…. thanks for coming down to it so fast….
    I have a feeling that in the end, like Marry Me Marry, the 2 guys will be friends that tolerate each other… not necessarily liking each other but still friends anyway…

    • 32.1 bluebell

      I like your name LOL

      • 32.1.1 samgetang

        haha! me, too!

        • Ek-jek-ku-tif

          Haha.. thanks… it’s a “Lee Seol” rip off…

  33. 33 PickmePICKME

    ” Ouch. Why so bitchy, favored daughter?” lmao i loved this!!! It was so funny. I already dislike fake sister, she’s gross. And i already hate two-timing sleeve ball who wants her way, yoon ju! Love lee seol and hae young, and definitely jong-woo. This show just happened on me, but i like it

    • 33.1 goldfish

      I agree i hate her sister, i think she would caused lots of trouble in ep 5 & 6 or maybe in future episodes.. she would teamed with yun- juu

  34. 34 theedie

    Thanks again for the the recap JB!

    Anyways, DAE not really like the soundtrack for this drama? It’s very reminiscent of music from the 90’s/00’s and not in a good way. It’s not particularly horrible and it’s not like they’re trying too hard (the way Hana Yori Dango did), but it’s veering a little on the cheesy side.

    Also, the OP credits sequence is horrid. It’s like an amateur photoshopper cut it together. I know someone who could do a much better job than that.

    Other than those two things, I’m loving this drama to death and am hooked on it like it’s crack. I need moar. MOAR I say!

    • 34.1 pohonphee

      Same, I don’t like the OST either. It just doesn’t suit this drama breezy atmosphere to my ear. Yeap it sounds like music from 90’s.

    • 34.2 girlatsea

      Aww, I actually really like the OST. Probably BECAUSE it reminds of the early 00’s aka Princess Diaries. hahahah

  35. 35 helma rivers

    this is the first kdrama that I have watched w/out subs ‘coz I just love to watched song seun. the story is so good and yes the chemistry of those 2 are really something. and that is why I always read ur drama recap ‘coz I have no idea what their talking about. ur also funny w/ur recap. thanks alot.

  36. 36 Lemon

    Thanks JB I’ve been so excited to read this recap all day! I just came back from school and it was a great read:D

    One thing I like about My Princess is that it started off very fast and didn’t waste time with the setting up, which could be necessary but very boring (ie Dream High). This show reminds me of the good older romcom dramas that didn’t have idols, had decent actors and a fun plot. Like My Girl.

  37. 37 dany

    thanks for the recap, this show brings a smile on my face.

  38. 38 YY

    I loveeee this show so much. I was smiling from the sec it started. Smile got wiped off by that ol’ plastic fish face though….don’t understand a word of what she’s saying but i know it in my guts that it’s BADDDD. Evil fish face go fry your fish somewhere else grrrrrrr hate hate hate u!!!!!!

    Ok I loveeee the way he’s so protective over her, the way he holds her hand tight when they dash from the crowds, the way he pulls her coat around her to keep her warm, the way he looks at her with such concern when she’s not looking….he’s so sweet. Lovely lovely guy. They look so good together, the perfect couple.

    So from the way things are going, I predict a kiss as early as ep 5. What do you guys think? Hmmmm I wonder if he’ll be wearing a speedo in that shower of pain?

    • 38.1 bluebell

      A kiss per ep would be good

    • 38.2 samgetang

      why not a kiss on episode 4…while HY is in the steamy shower….oppps! πŸ™‚ much too early, no? πŸ™‚

      • 38.2.1 YY

        I just finished ep 4…..am bawling now…..there’s no kiss, no speedo, just a speedy flash of abs…blink blink and it’s gone boohoohoo I feel cheated, guys, cheated…..

        • samgetang

          awwwwww! πŸ™ we demand for damages for unfulfilled expectations and misleading advertising!

          • izzie

            goodness! no wonder why the ratings soared! πŸ˜€ everyone was anticipating the shower scene!

          • samgetang

            ratings will plummet if we don’t get a glimpse of d speedo!!!!

          • izzie

            what’s next after the speedo? πŸ™

        • samgetang

          a kiddo usually follows a glimpse of a speedo πŸ™‚ oppps!

          • izzie

            LOL! that’s dangerously teetering to a conversation similar to the one that pastmidnite had triggered in the YAI photo thread. πŸ˜€

            I’m sensing talks on “cloning” any time now. πŸ˜€

  39. 39 Daniela

    Happy drama! I’m enjoying this so much. At this point, if Hae-young and Seol end end like friends, I wouldn’t mind, they look so cute just being friends. But I know they gonna end up together so I’m waiting to see that too: attraction, romantic attraction.

    Jung-woo and Hae-young encounters: more please. I love when those two faced each other.

    Thank you for the recap!

  40. 40 ajanne

    ..been waiting for ep3 recap..thanks a lot!!!! YEY πŸ™‚

  41. 41 YY

    Did evil girl sleep with the ex after leaving HY’s house? cos she was lying in bed in a skimpy lacy thing…. I thought if it had been purely sleepover, she would have worn something more comfy like his old shirt? Just curious

    • 41.1 samgetang

      my thoughts, too. maybe she has sexy nighties hidden in his closet just for this kind of emergencies πŸ™‚

      • 41.1.1 YY

        LOL emergency nighties

        • izzie

          like dial “911-Prof” or “1-800-Prof” whenever you have an unexpected sleepover for emergency nighties.

          i wonder how much is the delivery fee. πŸ™‚

      • 41.1.2 izzie

        or… it’s the guy’s. πŸ˜‰ she just borrowed it.

        • samgetang

          hahaha! izzie! LOL! that must be it!!!! πŸ™‚ you nailed it…

        • YY

          omg! I knew there was something fishy about that prof!

          • izzie

            Secret Nightie? πŸ™‚

          • samgetang

            hahahaha!!!!! with some “fish”net stockings in the closet….secret nightie LOL πŸ™‚ this is getting interesting πŸ˜‰ who says the plot is flat?

    • 41.2 izzie

      Yoon-ju while hugging Jung-woo: “I’m not in a very good mood right now… I need to be comforted.”

      if Hae-Young is Mr. Hand Towel, is Jung-Woo Mr. Comforter? πŸ™

      • 41.2.1 samgetang

        hahahahahahahaahahahahahhaaha! love it πŸ™‚ mr comforter LOL!

        • izzie

          we totally objectify these guys, don’t we? πŸ˜‰
          (it’s payback time, you guys! payback time!)

          • samgetang

            LOL! πŸ™‚

  42. 42 churasan

    I was surprised how much I am enjoying this drama. It’s so nice and refreshing to finally see a romcom where the leads are not bickering all the time. That type of storyline was kinda getting old and I’m glad that My Princess avoided that because the drama probably would have been more predictable. I think KTH does so much better in this type of role than serious storylines too. Can’t wait to watch more!

  43. 43 Don't Call Me Mr Hand Towel

    Ladies, I have an important announcement to make.

    But first: A brief summary of my respective states as showcased in eps 1-3 so far:

    1. Man – human, able to express and emote naturally

    2. Wood – wooden, unable to emote naturally, can only express the emotions SAD and BLANK FACE

    3. Cloth – hand towel, no longer recognisably human, bland, dull, capable of putting everybody to sleep within seconds of speech

    I have been a mix of all of the above mentioned three states: Man, Wood and Cloth so far in eps 1 to 3.

    But today, I am delighted to inform you that in ep 4 I will showcase an ENTIRELY NEW STATE – my fourth state: the Steamy State!

    However, I must warn everybody that this state may cause the spread of strange symptoms across Korean Dramaland.

    The Steamy State and its Symptoms

    – Causes sufferers to break out in cold/hot sweat

    – Causes sufferers’ eyeballs to protrude for a minimum of 5 minutes. Some have been known to protrude for 20 minutes at any one time!

    – Causes sufferers’ mouths to hang open for 5 minutes (minimum).

    – Causes minds to cloud and fog.

    – Robs sufferers of coherent speech. Sufferers continually proclaim OOOOOOH and AAAAARGHHHH over and over again.

    – Causes sufferers to mutter over and over the words “abs”, “packs”, “hot” and “speedo” (not necessarily in that order).

    – Capable of inducing swoons, screams and mob rampage (not necessarily in that order).

    • 43.1 zach


    • 43.2 bluebell

      So he’s transformed from man to wood to cloth to air? Very complex ke ke

      • 43.2.1 samgetang

        hahahaha! πŸ™‚

      • 43.2.2 Alvina

        ah, but I would think that with this drama, he’s done an even more complex transformation:

        Cloth to Wood to Man to Air

        It practically makes me fear what might happen next.

        • YY

          Plastic maybe?

          • izzie



      • 43.2.3 Jomo

        He’s a bender!!
        When he gets in the shower, he has completed the list:
        Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation(hotness), and the Air Nomads

        He’s a bender with beautiful long eyelashes!

        • berdecinismo

          @ Jomo

          +1 for awesomeness in referring to “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

    • 43.3 goldfish


  44. 44 goldcinnamon54

    I love how Seol looked betrayed when he asked her what she wanted in exchange for leaving the country and I hate how Joon Yu thinks she’s entitled to the chairman’s inheritance. She was all tears and uncertain when Hae Young was hanging out with Seoul, but then she finds out that he’s not with her and then her smug attitude comes back. B**ch! YOU didn’t work your ass off for that money and plus, I’m pretty sure the chairman got that rich through some connection with the former King so Seol is more entitled to it than her.

  45. 45 red1

    i just love this drama. my fave scene in this episode is when seol’s mom caught them on the bed…. SSH’s trying to act nonchalant and just walking around looking so flustered had me falling off my seat in laughter!
    can’t wait for tonight’s choco bar treat (did i just say that?)

  46. 46 p3rk3le

    I love it when you’re excited about a drama. It makes your recaps so much lovelier to read~ as in, take Secret Garden for example, that made you frustrated, there are parts that i wanna pat you on the shoulder and ask you to just relax and enjoy it xD I dont say it in a bad way, its always fun to read your recaps even when we don’t necessarily love the same things ^^

  47. 47 124y

    SSH is super hot! i mean, he is always handsome but only after watching this drama make me feel he’s HOT!

    • 47.1 Jomo

      I know. I love how they are giving him full reign (no pun) to touch KTH.

      Every time he grabs her or protects her or lets her fall on him, I get a little breathless.

      In the preview, it looks like KTH gets to fulfill our collective fantasy when she touches his long eyelashes.

      I don’t know how SSH could pretend he was sleeping like that. Eyelashes are very sensitive for a reason. I would love to see the outtakes on that scene.

      • 47.1.1 YY

        My fantasy doesn’t stop at just TOUCHING his eyelashes……nope, that’s way too tame for me! I’d grab him and kiss him right there and then. And after that I’d yank out an eyelash or two for keepsakes.

        • izzie

          my goodness, sister, get a hold of yourself! πŸ™‚

          breathe… breathe… easy…

  48. 48 JD

    The golden key to this drama is Seol and Hae-Young’s interactions, definitely.

    Freakin’ Hae-Young is so cute with his awkwardness! I LOVE that he’s not always confident and doesn’t know how to lie and doesn’t know how to coolly handle every crazy situation like all those other Mr. Cool Guy leads out there. He definitely knows how to handle that blank “uh-I-don’t-know-what-to-say-so-help-me-out-here” stare.

    Is Jung Woo gonna end up liking Lee Seol? I forget if I read that somewhere or is it a hopeful figment of my imagination. I just don’t want him to like Yoon-ju anymore. She sucks. And might I add that her character is sooooooooooooo boring. I just wanna fast-forward all the scenes with her in it.

    I really hope this drama keeps its light side until the very end. Bring on the angst, of course, but, please, oh please, not the way Cinderella’s Sister did it. Moderate is the way to go!

    Thanks for the wonderful recap. <3

    • 48.1 Lilian

      I hated Cinderella’s sister…well especially after they had grown up…

      I don’t think this will be full of angst. coz the angst is already out in the air. Hae Young wants the inheritance to be his.. $issue out, she knows he has a “fiancee”, so no hiding of this too…..she is certainly the princess , so no “sudden” twist that she is not……

      what’s left is the falling in love for both of them, coz Lee Seol isn’t attracted to him yet! and he isn’t really too……

      and of course the grandpa has to accept them too! I have no idea why he says Hae Young must be with Eunju!!!

  49. 49 dom

    can’t wait for tonight’s episode! I smell the president is going to appear soon!

    I agree with you.. YJ is quite disappointing for a second lead.and PYJ portrayal kindda umm.. how to say it, nervous. everytime she’s on the screen i wanna yell.. DON”T FORGET TO BREATH, GIRL!
    well, maybe it’s just me, or her neck muscle is always looks like that.

  50. 50 anonymous

    KTH is really cute ^^

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