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My Princess: Episode 4
by | January 14, 2011 | 237 Comments

Is it possible for two guys to fight over two girls at the same time? Truthfully, then it really becomes more about THEM, and not at all about the girls, right? There’s fanfic just itching to be written out there somewhere. I’m having so much fun in this Rhombus of Jealousy and the early stages of Seol’s not-a-relationship with Hae-young that I’m loathe to leave it behind. I hope that we don’t speed through the courtship in this drama, because there’s something very winning about this couple…when they’re not a couple.


Seol gets stopped from boarding the plane, so she and Hae-young try to suss out some reasons why she might be blocked from leaving the country: has she committed any crimes of late?

It turns out as suspected, and Grandpa is the culprit behind the sneaky move. Hae-young decides that it’s time to go to war, while Seol scoffs that he’s trying to go up against his grandfather when he couldn’t even get a couple of news stories pulled down the other day.

She thinks they have bigger worries, since Mom’s about to open that letter she left, and Seol’s faux boyfriend is the first person she’s going to hunt down with the proverbial rolling pin. He agrees that Mom is no joke and they head to the pension to intercept the letter.

They arrive to find Mom gone, along with the Bible where Seol stuck the letter…but they realize it’s Sunday, and she’s at church. So they rush off to the chapel where they sneak in behind her, and Seol convinces Hae-young to reach for the envelope in her Bible while she prays…

…but Mom catches him mid-swipe, so he freezes and bows his head to pray. HA. They tell Mom that they’re just here to pick her up, and Hae-young goes to start the car, asking suavely for Mom’s purse so she doesn’t have to carry it.

But when he digs around for the letter in Mom’s Bible, all he can find are envelopes with money…

Meanwhile, the pastor starts to read people’s prayer requests, and both Mom and daughter look up when he begins to read Seol’s letter out loud. Mortified, both she and Mom realize what’s happened, and as Mom gets singled out in the congregation, Seol and Hae-young make a dash for the door.

They’re followed by the entire congregation, as Mom chases Seol in circles around Hae-young for trying to run away from home. He gets involved to try and stop her, but Mom is too irate, and warns him not to get involved unless he wants to get hit in her place.

At that, he comes out with an apology, saying that it’s all his fault, so she can go ahead and hit him. Of course, Mom takes that the wrong way entirely, as she gasps, “Were you two going to run away together? Are you…pregnant?”

Pffft. Their reactions to the accusation are priceless, and it goes about as well as any denial that you are having an illegitimate child, you swear, can go. To top it off, the pastor recognizes Hae-young as the Daehan Group heir, and publicly outs him. Mom beams quietly, while the pastor shushes everyone to secrecy in the Lord’s name. Heh.

Back at the pension, Mom watches the footage of Hae-young and Seol online over and over, and Hae-young nudges Seol to say that she must be impressed, quite pleased with himself. Oh, Ego. You do find the silliest times to be pleased with yourself.

Mom takes a deep breath, and they close their eyes in anticipation of the barrage that’s about to come their way…only it doesn’t, and Mom swoons that it’s all very romantic. Ha. Seol tries to insist that it’s really not what she thinks, but Hae-young jumps in to confirm that they’re in love.

Seol’s like, we’re what in the what, now? as he tells her that “oppa” will take care of it (LOL) and tells Mom that while it’s true that they’re in love, his family opposes the union.

Then he gets down on his knees to ask Mom for permission for them to run away to Egypt together, and to Seol’s utter surprise, Mom gives her blessings wholeheartedly. Excepting of course that they abide by one condition…

…they ARE going to register their marriage before they go, right? Buh…

Are we getting a marriage contract ON TOP of the princess-meets-a-chaebol thing? Because that’s just awesome. Listen, I know that piling on the kdrama clichés has led us astray once or twice or twenty times before, but I’m nothing if not stupidly, morbidly, hopeful that each new time will not be like the last. It’s not called an addiction for nothing, yeah?

They get interrupted by a team of Grandpa’s henchmen, sent to retrieve Hae-young. He says his goodbyes and promises to return soon. Seol responds with a pointed “how soon is soon,” eliciting an oh-you-lovebirds sigh from Mom.

Hae-young pinches her cheeks, calling her his little Thumbelina, and busts out his best “Do you miss oppa already?” as Seol gags to the side. Will you look at that pout below? I could watch this for hours.

Exasperated, Seol repeats, “Oppa? Oppa? Really, with the oppa?!” But it gets interpreted more like: “OPPaaaaaaaaaaaa” HA. If there ever was a word that had so MANY meanings

Yoon-ju aligns herself with the leader of the opposition (to the restoration of the monarchy, that is), and they discuss the best time to leak Seol’s humble, thoroughly un-princess-like background to the press.

Hae-young comes home only to get yelled at by Grandpa for trying to send Seol away right under his nose, and Hae-young fights back, saying it’d be crazy for him NOT to make a fuss, when Grandpa’s about to throw away his entire fortune.

Grandpa makes it clear that it doesn’t belong to them, since it was a fortune that was built with the last emperor’s treasury, but that isn’t enough to appease Hae-young who thinks it should be sufficient to return the original amount, plus interest.

In his frustration, Grandpa lets it slip that he’s being just like his father. Hae-young’s face darkens at that, as he asks angrily if this is the reason that Grandpa basically disowned Dad. He yells that he’s thought a million terrible things about his own father, trying to understand what he could have done to make Grandpa exile him like that, but to find out that it was over THIS?

He blurts out hurtfully that there’s no way he’ll abide by Grandpa’s wishes now, knowing that this is the thing that made him grow up without a father. Well, damn, can’t argue there, Pops.

Yoon-ju catches up to Hae-young as he leaves, and tries to get him to calm down a little before driving off. But he turns to her and says that if the monarchy is restored, and he’s left penniless, he won’t marry her. Ouch. She knows it’s out of a protective and caring love, but it’s still gotta hurt, because real love wouldn’t be held back by that.

Hae-young goes home to shower-brood (rawr) and decides to suit up and meet with the opposition leader to ask for a favor—to lift the no-fly ban on Seol. He answers that there’s a better way to take care of the princess, since he’s heard that she’s grown up without much ado: they splash the headlines with her identity, and let public opinion do the rest. Hae-young may have been willing to cross some lines, but I don’t think he’s going to cross this one. I hope.

At home, Seol wakes up to find Mom cooking a year’s worth of side dishes for them to take to Egypt (oh, mothers). She reminds Seol to say a proper goodbye to her professor (meaning in a professional sense) but it makes Seol realize that she had also written him a letter, covered in hearts and sprayed with perfume no less.

She calls him in a panic, and Jung-woo confirms that he got the letter, but hasn’t opened it yet. He smiles sweetly at the hearts and looks rather pleased, but Seol insists that he not read it, and rushes over to campus to stop him.

When she arrives he ends up rescuing her from a couple of reporters, and she gushes at how cool he is…until he kills it with heaps of praise on himself. Seol notes rather dryly that he’s quite the ego-maniac. (I don’t know what I love more—that both the guys are this type, or that Seol is the type to call this behavior out each time.)

She tries to get the letter back, but Jung-woo is all too happy to taunt her with it, saying that he’s SO popular that he gets letters from his students. She lies that it’s a chain letter, but he just laughs at that, and she lets it slip that it’s a really embarrassing love letter and she can’t bear to look at his face anymore if he reads it.

He just smiles knowingly, asking how she planned on going to Egypt then, if she was so worried about what he thought of her. Mortified that he read it already, she hangs her head, as he tells her that he was especially moved by the part where she tells him not to get a girlfriend while she’s gone, and to spend his nights alone, eating ramen, thinking of her. Ha. He’s adorable. Too bad there’s no alterna-verse where the cute nerdy professor gets the girl.

He asks why she doesn’t want to be a princess, and she says simply that she likes her life now the way it is. She doesn’t want all her secrets laid out, or to have antis. She adds that her sister Dan would be the president of her anti-fan club. The sad part is, that’s not a joke.

They get interrupted by a phone call from the office, where the phone is ringing off the hook in search of Seol. She runs out to find that the press is all over campus, having found out her identity. Damnit, Hae-young.

The story is all over the news, and Hae-young comes across a TV in the office, his face going white when he sees the story. Oh, whew. I was scared for a minute that you had betrayed her identity. He runs off to find her.

But when she answers her phone, she’s busy running like mad away from the reporters, and only manages to tell Hae-young that she’s at school. He hears her scream as she runs away, and then she hangs up.

He speeds over there and steels himself to walk past the wall of reporters in the hallway to get to Seol. Jung-woo opens the door and the guys have a stare-off because, well, it’s been twelve hours since their last face-off.

Hae-young stares dramatically, and pushes Jung-woo out of the way to get to Seol. There’s absolutely no reason for him to do so, which Seol goes ahead and points out (heh), but he just has an outburst and wrist-grabs her into the other room.

Yelling at the top of his lungs, he asks what the hell she’s doing there, when he told her to stay put at the pension. She doesn’t see why he’s so mad about it, until he adds, “Because I was worried!” Oh, swoon. Goddamnit, gets me every time.

Jung-woo decides he won’t be outdone this time and tries to stop them from leaving. Hae-young tells him that HE’ll deal with it since it concerns his fiancée, to which Jung-woo just says that he has no way of confirming whether Hae-young is her fiancé or her kidnapper, so unless they’ve got a flight to catch to Egypt, there’s no sense in trying to wade through all the reporters now.

Seol totally swoons at her professor, while Hae-young rolls his eyes in disbelief that she told yet another person about their super-secret Egypt plan. Whoops. Seol: “Um, the letter got here faster than I thought…” Hae-young can’t believe she wrote yet another letter. Heh. His exasperated looks at her expense crack me up.

He asks what on earth she wrote in this one, but Jung-woo steps in to defend her, not missing the opportunity to posture: “Don’t worry about the contents. It was just a cute love letter.” Oh, snap. One point for the professor.

But Hae-young gets to be the knight in shining armor after all, as his team of henchmen arrives, parting the sea of reporters for them to make an exit. Yoon-ju shows up with them as a Daehan representative, and tells them that Grandpa is expecting them.

Hae-young entrusts her to stay behind and do damage control here, adding for Jung-woo’s benefit that she knows him better than he knows himself (okay, it’s getting a little ridiculous for you two to be fighting over two girls AT THE SAME TIME, but whatever). Jung-woo reels at seeing her in this capacity, although I would think it shouldn’t surprise him.

Hae-young and Seol drive off, venting their frustrations out on each other. He thinks they just have to wait until the no-fly ban is lifted, but she tells him that the circumstances have changed—now the whole country knows that she’s the princess, so how’s she supposed to run away to Egypt now?

They stop at a gas station, and Seol covers her face in the least stealthy way possible, and Hae-young tells her that she’s just drawing more attention to herself. Seol: “Even if I hide my face, am I still pretty? [enough to recognize]” Pfft.

They get mobbed again, and are forced to really run away, so Hae-young drives them all the way to the ocean. Seol starts to fall asleep, so he stops the car to rest a while. She wakes up with his jacket on top of her, and Hae-young asleep.

She puts his jacket over him, and stares at his sleeping face, fascinated by his long lashes. She can’t help herself, so she touches them lightly, comparing them to her own, and then the other eye, playing with them and saying out loud how long they are.

She makes a move to get out of the car, when Hae-young grabs her hand, startling her. Seol: “How long have you been awake? Pervert!” He points out matter-of-factly that she’s the one touching him while he’s sleeping. She asks why her seat is reclined then, and he says it was to stop her from snoring. Ha.

What I love is that when her stomach growls, he smiles at her sweetly, asking if she’s hungry, like a real oppa would. They go to a seaside restaurant out of the way and are happy to see that no one recognizes them out there.

The waiter (Gun, or Gunnie, played by Lee Ki-kwang) gives them a bottle of soda on the house because Seol is pretty, just giving her another tick in the See, I’m Pretty, Everyone Says So column. Hae-young doesn’t miss the chance to scoff.

The news comes on and the waiter announces to the neighborhood patrons that they should all vote pro-monarchy, since he’s got a job at the new palace, if it goes through. The day’s events are followed by a story on Seol’s father, who is reported to have spent his days jobless, penniless, and a petty criminal. Hae-young realizes that this is the mode of attack that was implied when he met with sour-faced opposition man.

The people in the restaurant badmouth Seol’s father as a thief, making her stand up and insist that they’ve got it wrong, angry tears brimming in her eyes. They look up in surprise, and Hae-young drags her out of there before she draws any more attention.

Outside, Seol cries as she remembers being at the ocean with her dad in the winter, making a snowman and falling asleep while he carried her piggyback. She turns around and declares to Hae-young that she’s going to Seoul to meet with his grandfather, since he’s the most powerful man she knows.

She plans to ask for Grandpa’s help in clearing her father’s name. Hae-young asks what she’s going to do if it turns out that everything they’re saying is true. Her father was on the run and abandoned his little girl—what wouldn’t he do?

Seol reminds him that her father never abandoned her. She turns to walk away, when Gun runs up, apologizing for not recognizing her earlier. He tells her brightly that he doesn’t believe all those rumors on tv, and tells her that they’re here to pick her up.

Grandpa and his army pull up, and he tells Seol that it’s time now for her to greet the nation as the princess. She wonders if she has the right, when all fingers are pointed at her. He reminds her that she already IS the princess; she just has to decide to come with him.

She pauses to glance at Hae-young, but her look says it all: I’m sorry. And she gets in the car with Grandpa, leaving him standing on the bridge.

When they arrive, Seol gets out of the car to discover that home is now a winter wonderland palace, complete with guards in feathered hats. Her jaw drops, as Grandpa asks like a proper fairy godfather, “Do you like it?”


Yeah, I think it’ll do. Jealous that the entire next episode will probably be spent in palace-discovering hijinks, complete with twirling in full princess garb.

What I like is that the couple gets along for the most part—their bickering is more flirty, less vitriolic—but the main conflict is their opposition over the monarchy. And not in some lofty idealistic way, but in a very practical sense, as there is only one position of power, prestige, and wealth, and the two of them will be fighting for one crown, so to speak.

But in general, I really hope that we don’t spend any more time than we already have in establishing all the pro-/anti-monarchy business, as it takes the comprehension of a kindergartener to know who’s on what side. What we need more of is Hae-young vs. Jung-woo, and Seol embracing her inner princess (which doesn’t seem so hard based on her high opinion of herself, which seems to be the general rule of thumb with EVERYONE in this drama, heh).

The misunderstandings with Mom, the various letter-chasing, the many different ways “oppa” can be read—these are the highlights, whereas the backstory is pretty one-dimensional, and the reporters-chasing-wreaking-havoc is gonna get old, really really fast. I certainly hope they can come up with a bigger baddie than the paparazzi as we go along.

So far I really like Kim Tae-hee and Song Seung-heon in their roles. They’re a little hammy, but it works with a comedy because it’s a convention of the genre to overact with glee. It’s a nice change of pace to see them so funny and sweet, and downright pleasant, even if there’s no subtlety to be had in the performances or the writing. They’re just charming, and so delightfully cute together.


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  1. Sushi

    LOL you guys are so…….. ROMANTIC XD

    the mom is hilaaaaaarious

    • 1.1 Sushi

      I also feel a little conflicted
      I dislike yoon-ju but I LOVE PARK YE JIN (argh family outing made me love her)

      • 1.1.1 maria

        well, i never got to watch family outing and ARGH, i hate her character here!

        • yakunamo

          almost similar to her part in “What Happened in Bali” hahaha

      • 1.1.2 iin

        i kno…i love her in FO too…man thats y im having a hard time hating yoon ju since i keep thinking about yejin the fish slayer…lol

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        I like her in Family outing and that’s it. Never feel like watching her other drama. I don’t know I think she looks a bit odd.

      • 1.1.4 Okie Dokie

        I feel the same way. I LOVED sweet and savage YeJin, but I always hate the second female when they are just bitchy with nothing else. So conflicted when I watch this with YeJin’s character. However, it’s good acting to make me hate her so.

      • 1.1.5 Nadi!

        I feel the same way I looove Yejin so I can’t hate yoonju. whenever a part comes up where I feel I hate her I think of her FO moments w hyori 🙂

        • PickmePICKME

          You know, I can not stand the Yoon Ju girl for anything. From episode one I knew I was Going to hate her with a passion (not everyone can be Yoon Seul-bahahah) but seriously, her second lead is petty, and the way she’s just blatantly using the sexy professor is just disgustuing. Totally pisses me off. And Lee Seoil’s sister is already grossing me out. Ugh, I wouldnt mind these two characters that musch, but I have a feeling the writer is going to make them vindictive as ever. And petty mean spirited people are the worst: Lee seol’s sister and Yoon Ju. Ugh

      • 1.1.6 nomujoha

        IKR. everytime i watched a scene where park ye jin is so annoying i started to think about FO when she was the sweet savage yejin XD

    • 1.2 Dalale

      Behind the scene of MY PRINCESS (ep 5 or 6)


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    awwww..the cute 😉

  3. dany

    Thanks for the recap, a hilarious episode, I really enjoy the show, it makes me forget about all my problems.

  4. diadda

    And we finally have me making videos again 🙂

    Thank you My Princess for your awesomeness. I swear the next one won’t be this sad.


    • 4.1 Jomo

      Nice one!
      I really liked how you juxtaposed her happiness with her father “at home” on the cold beach, with her standing alone “at home” in front of her new grand palace.

      • 4.1.1 diadda

        Thank you!

        Both of the scenes were so depressingly lonely in my opinion and I thought they belonged together. Lonely from the memory of her father and then the only thing left from him a title.

        To me this is a sign of a very good drama. If you feel like crying at one moment and then feel like cheering or laughing the next, only to be angry and ready to hit some secondary lead in the head… This is what dramas are about!

        My videos are not that great, but I have fun throwing them together when the dramas are this good.

  5. maria

    i find i’m invested in them already as a non-couple. the hi-jinks that they get up to during the small beats are what really draw me in, as opposed to the “big conflict”. LOL, although truly, you can actually already see (well, more HEAR, i guess) these two falling in love. the tones are more affectionate, more concerned, more urgent. and the jealousy bits are funnY!
    hand towel is being funny! my mind is confuzzled. O_O

    also, does anyone else notice that during dramatic scenes, SSH always shakes his head sideways when emoting? ….it’s weirding me out. …but then, those moments finish and he’s back to being pretty. 🙂

  6. freethepeas

    Thanks for the recap, I can’t wait until the next episode either, especially with the possibilities of princess gowns and adorable antics from the main couple. I love the church bit, I wish I had time to be watching this. Ah well.

  7. izzie

    what an episode! 😉

    the conversation with the mommy was a winner! 😀 I was squirming in my seat, my arms flailing, at every sentence uttered by the mother. and then I realized, I was mirroring Seol’s reaction. 🙂

    also, loved the head bodyguard’s reaction to the “son-in-law” and the cute acts. 😀 priceless!

  8. red_pill

    It’s strange. I actually find myself fangirling over Kim Taehee and how adorable she is (like a little puppy!). <3 this drama and all the prettiness and cuteness it is.

    • 8.1 paper

      Same here xD
      I hardly ever fangirl over a girl character in a drama but Kim Taehee is just too sweet & cute not to fangirl over 🙂

      If ever I wanted the romance to continue off-screen its for this drama x3

      Kim Tae-hee and Song Seung-heon would sure make a cute couple *^*

      And Mr. Hand-towel would do best if he keeps doing comedy & not super EMOtional dramas ;A;

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    love love this show! Totally have to say, both leads are doing a great job at making me laugh and smile and giggle at all the right times. Can’t wait for next week!!

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    This drama is such a surprise, I’m loving it! It’s a nice thing to watch after a stressful day!

    I’ve been trying to find a good drama to watch after SKKS. I thought it would be Secret Garden, but it seems to be My Princess. I’m probably alone in this, but I’m “enjoying” this drama more than Secret Garden (don’t kill me!!)! And the main reason is because I like both the main leads, whereas in Secret Garden, I haven’t liked the main guy since the beginning! So sad, because I really like the main girl and Oskar, but I hate the guy (though I don’t hate Hyun Bin at all, he’s playing the role well, I just don’t like the character), so I didn’t really feel invested in their relationship! But here, I really like both main leads! You can really see the chemistry between them!

    • 10.1 someone

      omg ditto! with everything you just said…can you believe i’m still missing SKKS?

      • 10.1.1 la dee dah

        No, I believe you! I’m also missing SKKS and the cast! I’m keep listening to “Too Love” on my player!

        • nello

          too love is such an awesome song *_*

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      I AGREE! I dislike Joo-won’s character with a passion. Too overpowering and all about himself.

      I never had an ounce of excitement for Secret Garden, but for My Princess, I’m so desperate that I resort to watching raw episodes!

      • 10.2.1 la dee dah

        Oh, that makes me feel better. I thought I may have very weird taste since everyone seems to be raving about Secret Garden and I find it… okay… I’m the same, I’m waiting in anticipation for each new episode of My Princess! I hope they keep this momentum up!

    • 10.3 bd2

      I’ve said it before, SG is a totally subpar drama; not even going to refer to it as a rom-com b/c there is little com, much less rom (the relationship btwn the 2 leads wasn’t developed properly at all).

      SSH and KTH make a totally more engaging pair than HB and HJW, in no small part due to the better script and chemistry.

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    LOL! Mr. Hand Towel vs. Prof. Comforter. 🙂 I’d love to read/see that story.

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    The episode is so funny and romantic. I love Hae-young the best. He’s so adorable when he’s being sweet and tender with Seol, but he’s the cutest when they are bickering…

    I think the next conflict is the Sister, Dan. I wonder if she’s gonna pose as the real Seol, like what always happens in Kdrama land when great inheritance are at stake.

    But i do really want them to register their marriage, hahahah =)

    • 17.1 Okie Dokie

      I was thinking the samething. That she would just steal whatever Seol had ever told her and fake it as her own life to take the Princess role. She’s going to do something. The mom might help her as well since she favors Dan.

    • 17.2 goldfish

      me too!! that’s what Ive been thinking also I HATE HER she’s a damn social climber -.- ihate her sister why can’t she be a like seol attitude sweet & funny. She’s selfish~ I wish her mom wont do that kind of stupid thing T_T i can watch it if that thing would happened -.- too much conflicts makes me scream!

      • 17.2.1 Trish

        I don’t think her mom, will she was giving seol’s money to the priest person thing to help her pass her classes right? But yeah Dan is so gonna be posing for the real princess saying Seol is a fake, but will take money and disappear prolly. OR maybe she has something that will mussy seol’s rep, or something of her fathers that will muddy both seol’s and dad’s rep but choose not to? OR maybe she IS the real prin–okay i’m taking this too far.

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    can’t Hae Young and Lee Seol become siblings or something along that? coz i really love the way they act around each other~ just like siblings! dang love their bitter sweet interactions!

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  19. 19 dom

    “……Seol embracing her inner princess (which doesn’t seem so hard based on her high opinion of herself, which seems to be the general rule of thumb with EVERYONE in this drama, heh). ”

    TRUE! they don’t have any complex about themselves, well at least physically.. maybe that’s why the actors look comfortable with their roles… *insert evilsmirk*

    the drama is so sweet and fluffy…and I LOVE how they bicker/ flirt…it’s like that they unconsciously attracted to each other but remained distant for a professional reason.. *reminded me of bones-booth*

    • 19.1 acta.est.fabula.plaudite!!

      same here!! I was always thinking about Bones and Booth throughout their interactions!

    • 19.2 goldfish

      yeah… she embraced her inner princess coz Hae young caused that publicity & seong father history was revealed but of course her father was penniless that caused him to do bad things that’s why for seong’s loved to her father she sacrifice her freedom just to clean his father’s name.

  20. 20 ditdut

    I’m really enjoying their dynamic as well. But I guess things will change a lot now that Seol has decided to embrace her status. It’s gonna be more like.. Princess Diaries 2?? He’s my enemy but I can’t help myself falling for him kind of thing?

    Which is a shame because I love that these two acquintance is not of distaste to each other. Their bickerings, they’re often friendly, flirty, and downright sweet. I don’t want it to completely change the dynamic to say, Secret Garden’s Joowon/Raim dynamic.

  21. 21 Lahlita

    Is it possible for two guys to fight over two girls at the same time? Truthfully, then it really becomes more about THEM, and not at all about the girls, right? There’s fanfic just itching to be written out there somewhere.

    Unni-yah, you naughty git! Laughing my mothereffing butt off. Girlfriday, your ability to find slash-eroticism in absolutely anything just kills me. You really should just go ahead and write the alternative-universe script yourself. I’ll start it for you, round-robin style.

    Mr. Hand Towel: *Le sigh* I’m so exhausted from fighting over those girls. Let me take off my shirt, relax for a bit and count my abs.
    Door: *knock knock*
    Mr. Hand Towel: Come in?

    >snerk< And that's where I stop, lest it get too hot for cable up in here. 😉

    • 21.1 YY


      (Enters Prof wrapped in a comforter)

      Prof Comforter: It’s me…may I?

      Mr Hand Towel: OMO! Prof?!!!! What are YOU doing here? At this time of night?

      Prof: I’m Prof Comforter. I came here to do some….comforting…..
      (makes pouty kissy motions with lips. Sways suggestively towards gaping Mr Hand Towel.)

      Prof: TADAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

      (Prof throws off his comforter to reveal his full glory)

      Mr Hand Towel: OMGGGG! GOOD GRIEF!!! Prof! Have you lost your mind???? You….You’re NAKED!!!!!

      (Prof throws back his head and starts to pole dance around the coat hanger in the middle of the room.)

      Prof: So….big boy….what do you have to say?????

      Mr Hand Towel: GOOD LORDY ME!!!! You’re going to catch a chill …. it’s freezing, man!

      Prof: Huh????????

      (Mr Hand Towel swiftly grabs a dozen hand towels and forcefully drapes them over Prof Comforter even as the prof struggles to throw them off unsuccessfully.)

      Mr Hand Towel: Here, man…hurry! You’re turning blue!!!!!

      (Grabs Prof and pushes him towards kitchen. Opens microwave where frozen steak is warming up. Shoves Prof full-frontally in front of it.)


      (Mr Hand Towel pulls screeching prof away from microwave.)

      Mr Hand Towel: That’s better…..you’re all pinky and warm now, Prof….what a relief! Hey…wait…where are you going????

      (Prof runs out the door.)

      Mr Hand Towel: Hey, Prof! Come back here! I’m ready for some comforting now!!!!!

      • 21.1.1 zach


      • 21.1.2 homi

        hahahaha omg hilarious!

      • 21.1.3 homi

        better name would be prof perv

  22. 22 Kpan

    I love it! Thx for the recap! Even though this drama is packed with a lot of famous cliches and fits the k drama stereotype (i.e rich guy, poor girl, rich guy in love with rich girl through marriage, bitchy rich girl, a parent is out of the picture for each main character which causes psychological trauma, she said, he said…blah blah blah) i feel as if its a fresh new drama. The actors are ADORABLE! i love Song Seung Hun and Kim Tae Hee! they’re acting makes me smile unconsciously and lol like crazy! I love how Song Seung Hun portrays Park Hae-Young, you really get to know the characters well. same goes with Kim Tae Hee and Lee Seol. I TRULY hope this continues. I’m really happy ^^

    • 22.1 Alvina


      I think I “get” HY more than I normally do other male leads. I think it’s both the way he’s written and SSH’s characterization but it’s nice:
      -He has the male brooding sadness with his grandpa and his childhood “lack of daddy” syndrome
      -He’s independently successful
      -He hate’s the “monarchy” situation but doesnt hate on Seol
      -He’s so cute and preetty.


  23. 23 Jomo

    I like this like I like the screwball comedies of yesteryear.
    Get handsome actor to look really silly, glamorous starlet to be cute and cuddly.

    Roman Holiday will be coming back, I think.

    Although Gregory Peck had a career with a lot more weight to it, SSH carries himself similarly.
    Here are some photos that show a resemblance.
    Dark dark eyes and eyebrows.



    It was hard to find a photo of young GP that wasn’t very very serious.

    • 23.1 Jomo

      Once more with an h in the right place.


      • 23.1.1 ag

        I loved Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday. Thanks for the photo link!

    • 23.2 ditdut

      I find Gregory Peck to be one of THE hottest hollywood star ever. He’s brimming with charisma. It’s like whenever he smiles, I’m ready to drop my panties.

  24. 24 angeli

    i really love this drama very very very much…i just want you guys to post all the episode recap here…every weds and thurs i check whenever there is recap here..thank’s very much….its here..can’t wait for the next episode…i hope that u will post all the episode recap here…thank’s a lot..

    absolutely nice…

  25. 25 Uden

    The storyline calls for more shower scenes, as we ALL know that great ideas are born in the shower.
    WHAT??? I’m not implying anything….I swear!

  26. 26 QD

    Waiting for your recap the whole day!!! Loving it!!!!!! Thanks So So Much!!!!!!!!!!

  27. 27 JOYce

    3:14am and still reading! Thanks girls 😀

  28. 28 grateful1

    I just want to say chongmal kamsahamnida to GF, JB and the other recappers for the time and energy they put into getting just the right photos and screenshots to make their posts extra-delicious. They do such a great job of capturing the most memorable moments via facial expressions, etc…. and, yes, I am especially grateful for the screenshot of SSH in the shower. 😛 Oh, and that pic of Binnie from the post a couple of days ago (about his upcoming films) totally did. me. in.

  29. 29 Tom

    Do u see that KTH says she loves “someone else”. ..ha…ha.. …. it implies no opportunity for SSH….ha…ha… she implies “me” .. ha… ha…..…… their conversations in drama makes me can’t stop laughing…ha…ha…..
    This drama is so interesting! everything heats up! can not wait!

  30. 30 endodo4ever

    This show is seriously growing on me. I’m tempted to rewatch episode 4, just for the cute.

  31. 31 BeeBee

    I’m hooked! real good drama!

  32. 32 carelinwen

    I think Mr Hand-towel has Superman abilities… i.e. he can change suits in a blink of an eye.

    Did anyone realized that Haeyoung was in a beige suit in the school, then somehow manage to change into a black one on the way running to or in the car? And after eating in the restaurant, he changed back to the beige suit before reaching the bridge!

    Then again, maybe all you were distracted since the shower scene…

    • 32.1 Nom_Kitteh

      Shower scene? What shower scene?

    • 32.2 Linda165

      The beige one is his coat, you can see the dark suit under it.

    • 32.3 Cece

      I was distracted by that shower scene! LOL. Hae Young was wearing a black suit throughout the episode, but was wearing a beige/tan winter jacket/coat for the school scenes.

      • 32.3.1 Linda165

        OMO we replied at the same time 🙂

      • 32.3.2 YY

        black, beige, brown, outer coat, inner coat…..who cares?? All I see is tan, water droplets, abs and more abs…..

        • Sadhana

          hahaha!! You guys are hilarious.

          Is sexy-brooding-shower-scene a staple in all Kdramas?? Cause I wholeheartedly approve! I totally enjoyed Lee Dong Wook’s in “Scent of a Woman” too. That was the first Kdrama I ever watched (I am a newbie) and during that scene I was like “uh…what…whoa….WHOA….HOLY…..”

          Now, I am LOVING My Princess. SSH is gorgeous in and OUT of those suits….!!

    • 32.4 carelinwen

      I must have been distracted by the shower scene too then…

      So it’s an outer coat. If that was in the car, then why show him ‘sacrificing’ his black suit coat for her when she was sleeping.

      • 32.4.1 Biscuit

        Because there’s more fangirliness when the lead sacrifices his own jacket for the girl, even if he’s the one who ends up suffering the cold.

        • YY

          Well, if he were a true blue gentleman he should sacrifice more than his jacket for her; he should just strip down to his black speedo, and pile the rest of his clothes on her. That would keep everyone happy. Imagine her waking up to him clad only in a speedo! he he

  33. 33 Nom_Kitteh

    Thanks for the recap, GF. This was my favorite episode so far, and I have already watched it twice.

    The pacing, which while perfectly fine in other episodes, really picked up here. There were rapid-fire rounds of witty, fun exchanges in every scene, laced with hijinks and shenanigans and truly moving moments of gravitas. I adore how exasperated Hae Young is with Seul telling the whole world about super-secret plan about Egypt, but is still completely at Seul’s beck and call. She has had him by the wrists since the first episode, not the other way around.

    The car scene melted me. I like how the drama intersperses fast-moving comedy with quiet, gentle conversations. I also loved this episode because in it I glimpsed the first faint stirrings of…feelings: In the car we get the first gentle moment of the two noticing each other as people, and each noticing the other noticing, even though each is still not conscious of anything. Aww.

    • 33.1 Minti

      It melted me too! Also love how Hy looks sadly at the empty seat after Seul left.

      • 33.1.1 Jomo

        Yes! That look said more than 1,000 words.

  34. 34 rich

    Love it, love it, love it! 😀

    I wish for more Hae-Young and Jung Woo battle. XD

    I wish for more funny bickering moments between Seol and Hae-Young.

    More cutesy stuff for me I guess… I’m afraid that when the real drama start, I’m not sure if both lead actors can take the lead. But I’m really loving this drama so far so I’m going to drop all expectations I have and enjoy this. ^^

    And oh, I love Jung Woo to pieces! I wish he’ll have more airtime as well. 😉

  35. 35 danna

    i skimmed through recap cus i’m not watching this yet…until i caught a glimpse of the cap with SSH in the shower and then i scroll back up again….and then down and up again to ogle some more…did anyone else end up doing this?

  36. 36 Anon106

    Haha, you’re right, it’s not called an addiction for nothing.

  37. 37 cathy

    HY and LS are from different background but not totally different personality , She is not from very poor family , middle class , and she is educated , smart with good sense of humor , they both have good heart , would like to marry by love not by convenience , not greedy . In K drama , characters as handsome guys from super rich families not working , only playing around met and love the poor girls , less educated , poor manners , opposite personality ….. for me in real life that kind of relationships never last long .
    In MP the gap of personality , intelligence , view of two main characters are not big , that why they ‘re subconsciously attracted to each other .
    LS in the next epi she will learn how to present herself in the public eyes , how to deal to clean her father name , she is smart , strong willpower , charming attractive she will win he heart of K people by using both her brain and her heart ..

  38. 38 Z

    This show is the Best Thing Ever! Or, at least the Best thing since my last Best Thing Ever! Seriously, so funny. And the mom is the best character in the show. I’ve been cracking up at her antics the last couple of episodes. I hope the keep her around even after Seol moves into the Neverland Ranch, or wherever it is that Grandpa has her set up.

    As much as I understand Hae Young’s chagrin over losing his inheritance (I mean, would it hurt Gramps to keep back a couple million for the boy?) I keep wanting to tap him and Yoon Ju on the shoulder and whisper “Um, you’re still a diplomat and she’s still a museum director. You’re not exactly going to be begging on the streets.” The whole I’ll Be Ruined and Wont Be Able to Marry the Woman of my Dreams argument doesn’t hold much water. Just admit that you guys want ALLLLLLLL the money… I mean, I would too… just sayin’.

    I also want to whisper to the Chairman “Sir, it was your pushiness that killed the previous heir to the throne… you might want to back off just a little.” You would think he would have learned his lesson after running a man down in his chauffeured vehicle, is all I’m saying.

    Anywhoooo, I’m having so much fun with this! And the Professor is the best second lead ever. It’s awesome that he’s just as pushy and full-of-himself as the main lead! Goodness, I would have to shoot myself in the head if he was all “I’ll be noble and silent and protect her from behind…” But how awesome is it that he’s like “Come on, I’m way cooler than this doofus!” I don’t even have Second Lead Syndrome. I want her to end up with both of them. There’s got to be somewhere on this big planet of ours where female polygamy is allowed… have them all move there.

    Sooo much fun! Can’t wait till next week.

    • 38.1 HalfALu

      Omo! I tooootally agree with you. They could both live in her big mansion (in opposite wings, of course). BTW, it’s hilarious that you called it the Neverland Ranch ^^
      And mom should move in too, to referee and provide comic relief!

    • 38.2 FlyingAngela

      Although you are right about the fact that Hae Young and Yoonju have jobs and shouldn’t be worried about money necessarily, why would the previews show Hae Young being attacked by loan people? Does that mean he honestly needs the inheritance to survive? And how much does a diplomat make anyway?

      For some reason this show has got me hooked. Can’t wait for next episodes’ craziness. The cute bickering honestly makes the entire show. Plus, I think I have Polyandry syndrome now too. Professor is way to cool to ignore.

  39. 39 -_-


    SSH in the shower = HOT…i kept replaying that scene over and over when i was watching it, i couldn’t help it…

    why do i feel like i want Seol to get with the professor instead of Hae Young

    • 39.1 maechan

      yeah me too… in the first episodes the professor was like.. ummm ok… but I totally loved him on this one: full of himself yet lovely! <3

  40. 40 maechan

    I’m not sure why, but I think I’ll be diskling her sister… Dan, I just get this feeling from the advances :S

  41. 41 safa

    i hated Professor in 19:28 and still hate him whenever he appeared on the screen in this series!
    thx 4 the recops

  42. 42 1aco

    Love the drama :wub: but what with fast editing.. Every time there is a comedy scene every 2 sec. there is a new angle.. I just hope they will slow the pace of the editing a little bit..

    • 42.1 beggar1015

      I know, it’s so annoying! This is my main complaint of the show so far, this unnecessary editing.

  43. 43 girlatsea

    I love everything about this drama. I love Kim Tae-hee and Song Seung-heo, and the Professor (who’s name has escapes me right now.) CHARMING, is all I can come up with right now, but that’s what it is. I really like how all the characters are pretty full of themselves (SSH and the Professor omg.) And that eyelash scene, oh man.

    I also love how they keep bringing us the pretty. MOAR Lee Ki-kwang! MOAR.

    Can’t wait for next weeks episodes!

    • 43.1 girlatsea

      Now I have to watch this week’s Dream High episodes. I have yet to decide on whether or I like it or not. We’ll see!

  44. 44 Magnolia

    I like MY PRINCESS to much. I can not stop laughing. It is really interesting, exciting!

  45. 45 marypeg

    I love the look on the henchman’s face during the pinching cheek ‘do you miss oppa already’ part and when the mother calling him park son-in-law, he repeats it to himself. haha. very subtle but very funny.

  46. 46 Severine

    Oh how I love this show. I’m totally surprised by how funny it’s turning out to be. The “oppa-ing” combined with the cheek-squeezing and mom’s giddy expression while watching all of it…priceless. I also love how Hae-young even sizes Gun up when the boy runs up to tell Seol that Gramps is looking for her, the macho peacock syndrome is very strong with this one.

    Also, the music during the last scene by the car and when she was being driven away was PERFECT. I was starting to have doubts about whoever was arranging the music for this drama, but that little xylophone piece made that scene.

    • 46.1 Severine

      P.S. Thanks for the super-fast recap, Girlfriday! Saving the day one drama addict at a time. ^__^

  47. 47 asianromance

    thank you for the recap!

    I think this is the episode that pushed the series from liking it more and more into loving it despite some the flaws that girlfriday mentioned. From the moment Seol was disallowed from flying out of the country, I thought “omg, the letter! the letter!” and then relished the next 10 minutes where everything spiral out of control and built up to the scene where everyone gathers outside of the church.

    Before the series started, I thought if the series had any chance of being good despite the acting, it will be from Kim Tae Hee and her charm. Now Song Seung Hun is refusing to be the dead weight and is ready to outcharm Kim Tae Hee. Aegyo SSH/Hae-young is just too precious! Love his scenes with Seol’s mom.

    And i love all those aigoos and other korean exclamations in this series.

    A bit mad at the grandpa though. I loved him in Wish Upon a Star, but over here…it’s like dude, your car ran over Seol’s dad and no one ever talked abt it? I wonder how much he spent to wipe that blood off the streets and off his car. Nary a day in court for this. Rich people sure get away with a ton of stuff. And he wants to turn Seol’s happy, normal life upside down so HE can feel less guilty. And now we find out that he exiled Haeyoung’s dad. I love Haeyoung and Seol together, but I think Seol would have still been happy with the Professor too. If this princess thing never arose, I am sure she would have hit it off with the Professor by graduation time.

    And I hope Dan doesn’t end up evil. Do we need TWO evil women in one show? I was hoping that Dan will end up like Oska, who is mean to her sis but will protect her in really dire times.

  48. 48 omama007

    thank you for this wonderful recap..i love reading them after watching every episode…but still it doesn’t satisfy my craving for this drama!!!

  49. 49 Canto

    Complaint! (Putting this double post on the right episode I have qualms with).

    Whoever chose the music/ soundtrack for this drama sucks!

    The background music in the scenes, especially episode 4 is seriously jarring and distracting from the drama.

    Usually the background music/ soundtrack serves to enhance the emotions of the viewer, helping to lead the viewer into a fuller experience of the drama but what’s with the crazy, unsuitable background music choices? Not once but many times, I pulled back from the drama, and noticed the music, in a BAD way.

    Really cheesy. Something impt was happening on screen, e.g. Seul sobbing her heart out at the beach, and the background music placed her in a bad video game with repetitive music. It was seriously distracting, man.

    At best, I was trying to figure out the crazy music, and it sounded like something you’d heard at a third-rated spa, which was supposedly trying to relax you, but you just felt stressed ‘cos you’ve heard the unsavory tune and wierd aimless beats repeated too many times.

    At one point, the music made me wondered whether I was playing a 80s old video game, you know the kind with two dimensional, bad graphics. At another point, the music made me felt as if I was stuck in a cheap spa, having a painful massage done, and hearing bad music.

    Seriously… we can’t find more suitable, romantic music? It seemed easy enough in nearly all of the other k-dramas we have watched before!

    • 49.1 beggar1015

      And this is my second main complaint of the show. Like the scene in the hospital with Yoon Ju and the politician. It sounded like someone practicing their tuba in the next room. The music is really distracting.

      • 49.1.1 Eve

        yeah… it’s really did sound like someone was playing tuba in the next room… really laughed when that scene came on…

    • 49.2 asianromance

      some of the music IS weird (sounds like someone is using those old midi files) but I don’t find it too distracting. If i have to choose between that or to hear an obnoxious song blasting every 3 minutes, I’d choose the weird midi sounds.

      I love the actual songs in the drama, though- like Every Single Day’s “Sunset” and Lee Tzsche’s “Falling”.

      • 49.2.1 FlyingAngela

        Yeah the music drove me up the wall. The whole “princess feeling” of the music was just awkwardly placed and made it sound like there was music the entire time, which completely distracted me from the line delivery…. ugh.

        That said, the actual OST is not bad. B2ST’s song is quite addicting.

        • Sadhana

          I agree – the music is jarring and it distracts me from their dialogue a lot. I never feel like it goes with the current scene, so it’s just annoying.

          It stands out to me more because I just finished Secret Garden, and I LOVED that OST. I thought the songs perfectly matched the scenes without being too intrusive. And during a particularly emotional scene, the music would hit me in the gut and really drive it home. I had to get that OST after the show was over! haha

  50. 50 stee

    Am really enjoying this drama so far ^^ Hopefully it’ll never get too angsty, the vibe of this drama right now is perfect. Most importantly, the vibe between LS and HY — loving it! The friendship-confidante start of their relationship is so refreshing and fun to watch 🙂

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 50.1 Alvina

      That preview is making me scared though because of that last scene where she throws papers at him. I dont want there to be scary tension already! I like their friendship too!

      • 50.1.1 YY

        I think she threw the papers before she fell sick cos she was wearing her jacket and jeans….which means she fell sick after she threw the papers. She collapsed cos of fever then he nursed her through the night (c’mon, seriously, is that all he can do????), cooked porridge for her in his microwave, and got ready breakfast while finding the time to shower and change into a white bathrobe (which means he’s actually not wearing anything under the robe WOWEE!!!!!) and she wakes up and comes out also dressed in identical bathrobe (which means she’s also not wearing anything underneath). Seriously, can’t they think of something else to do than eat porridge in white robes????? Like READING THE NEWSPAPERS!!!!! What do you think I mean hahahahaha

        • Vision

          Did I miss something?? He wasn’t wearing a bathrobe.

          • YY

            Omg! You’re right! I kepr thinking he was wearing a bathrobe cos of the white shirt. Argh! I’m so disappointed! Just shows how much I want him to wear a bathrobe I’m even seeing him in one when he’s not LOL. Thanks for enlightening me!

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