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My Princess: Episode 6
by | January 20, 2011 | 279 Comments

Kim Tae-hee is kinda rockin’ it, which I really didn’t expect myself to say…ever. Her character’s kind of an airhead, but in an endearing and sweet way. She’s rather naïve, but the fact that she wants to trust Hae-young despite the fact that she knows better, is really cute. The comedy continues to be light and fun, and while the machinations to get everyone to the palace are less than airtight, the results are worth it.


Seol falls asleep to her apparition of Hae-young, petting her head. She wakes up with him at the foot of her bed, so she assumes, like any other girl would, Apparition the Morning After. As it turns out, fantasy and reality are quite blurry when you’re a princess.

Hae-young smirks at her non-reaction, and introduces himself as her new language tutor. Her eyes pop open as she realizes that he’s not as imaginary as she’d thought, and she sits up, hiding behind the covers.

He wonders if that’s all the reaction he’s going to get, and asks why she’s not screaming for dear life. He perches next to her on the bed and leans in—is she commonly greeted by strange men in the morning, or is she just taken with how handsome he is? Hahaha. The stuff this guy manages to say about himself with a straight face.

He lays it on thick, saying she looked at him like a sleeping beauty greeting her prince, and tells her she shouldn’t wonder how he got here, so much as why. Seol: “It’s a given why. Threats, kidnapping, terror…” Hae-young: “Then why aren’t you screaming?” Uh…because you’re pretty?

He gets on the phone and tells her court ladies that they’re done talking, and they can get her ready now. She freaks out—he’s not here in secret? Nope, no need for secrecy, since he’s now responsible for her.

It turns out that he’s here by the President’s order, as a diplomat, to be in charge of her education and such. If there’s anything I learned from Goong, it’s that there’s a whole lot of studying involved to be a good princess. He introduces himself formally to her in front of the President and Grandpa, and adds that he’s entered the palace as well. As a knee-jerk reaction, Seol shouts way too loudly, “NO!”

Aw, yeah! Palace roommate hijinks? Bring it.

She uses their scandal as an excuse that he can’t possibly live here, but he says that it’s the best way to clear up the scandal—to announce that he’s always been her advisor, and that his declaration that they were engaged was just to protect her from public scrutiny. She fumes at his clever answers for everything.

Clearly this is a maneuver by Hae-young and the President to sabotage the monarchy, but Grandpa can’t really argue with the President. Seol tries to interject, but gets tripped up because she can’t say what’s really got her worried: “He’s too dangerous… …ly handsome. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate while studying.” Heh. It’s not enough to dissuade them, so she’s assigned as his charge.

Later Grandpa asks Hae-young what he’s scheming, and the two butt heads again over this being the cause of Dad’s exile. Hae-young lies that he’s doing what Grandpa wants because he doesn’t want to end up like Dad, but Grandpa sees right through his façade.

She chases Hae-young around the palace asking what on earth he could possibly teach her, and he answers that he’s the only one who could really educate her on being royalty, since he was raised as such himself. She scoffs, but though it’s massively egomaniacal, it’s also not untrue. Korea is a society where chaebol families DO live as royalty of sorts.

He shows up bright and early the next morning to wake her up for her first day of lessons. He greets her with an alarm clock thrown under the covers and a healthy dose of get-your-ass-out-of-bed-princess, prompting her to nitpick that he’s using banmal with her. Though they’ve always mixed jondae and banmal since the beginning, she’s making a point of it now that she’s got the upper hand (higher station means he has to use jondae with her).

He realizes that she’s right, but breaks into a cheeky smile, “But…we’re alone.” Heh. What’s funny is that she doesn’t argue with him, because the only thing that could make him stick to jondae is outward formality (perceived by others); thus, when they’re alone, he wins.

She tries to worm her way out of the situation any way she can, but he basically bullies her into going along with it. She takes her first test and manages to fail every single question, and Hae-young marvels, “So it IS possible to fail this badly. I had only heard of such things.” Hahaha.

She asks for the test back, embarrassed by the zero score, but he holds onto it, with the threat that he has to report on her progress directly to the President. She chases him all over the palace to try and steal it back.

In front of her court ladies, Hae-young tells her to please leave him alone when they’re not studying, and she drags him into his room with her trademark warning: don’t come in for whatever reason, no matter what sounds you hear. Heh.

She jumps up and down trying to pry the test out of his hands, and he totally pulls that oppa move of holding it above her head and laughing his ass off as she wastes all her energy trying to reach it.

When he refuses to hand it over, she plops down on his bed, determined not to leave until he gives it back. He doesn’t think it’s a very good tactic…he warns her not to regret it, and plops down right next to her with a smile.

She screams at first, but then rolls right back over, facing him with determination. Not the reaction he was expecting. She tries to kick him away and hold her ground, only she’s much lighter, so it sends her veering off the bed.

She’s about to fall head-first, so he jumps up to catch her, landing right on top, of course. Heh. They linger in the sexual tension for just long enough for it to get awkward, and they both get off the bed in that oh-it’s-cool-I’m-totally-cool-not-at-all-thinking-about-you-nekkid-nope-not-me way.

He offers to return the test if she wakes up on time for tomorrow’s lesson. Determined to wake up on time, she sets multiple alarms…only she can’t fall asleep from her pounding heart. She ends up in the kitchen and Gunnie bounds up to her happily, scaring her and getting a face full of spit water for his trouble.

He makes her steamed milk with honey “with love” and tells her to come to the kitchen if she ever wants anything, or just wants to see him. Aw, I’m gonna adore this friendship to pieces, I can tell. Also, jealous! I could do without the palace and the ladies in waiting, and even the closet full of shoes and dresses, but a personal chef? I die of envy.

The next morning Hae-young is disappointed by Seol’s tardiness, and freaks out all the court ladies by barging into her room unattended. He hovers above her to wake her up, only she answers, “Professor?” in her sleepy daze. She puckers her lips at Dream-Jung-woo, raising Hae-young’s ire past the point of reason.

He picks her up and slings her over his shoulder, blanket and all, like a Seol burrito, and stomps out to the main courtyard. He dangles her above the fountain and Seol shrieks, announcing that she’s up now. He doesn’t care; he says smugly, “Oh, you should’ve said so sooner!” …as he plops her into the fountain and walks away. Keh.

What’s even funnier is the staff’s reaction, like the princess just got shot at or something. One of them yells, “CALL 119!”

She gets cleaned up and stomps into the library, asking Hae-young if he sent the test to the President already. He hands it to her and tells her to shape up and take their lessons seriously from now on, and adds a jogging regimen to her daily schedule. She eyes him warily, asking if he’s really given up his quest to overthrow the monarchy: is he really going to make her into a princess? He sort of lies, but can’t quite lie fully—he asks rhetorically if she really believes he’d give up.

They get called to a meeting with Secretary Oh, who gives her the profiles of the main press members who will be at her upcoming press conference. She looks it over eagerly, looking forward to the chance to speak up about her father and clear his name.

Secretary Oh tells her that her father won’t be discussed at this press conference, and she looks at him confused. Hae-young sighs that this is his grandfather’s way of doing things, and walks out.

Yoon-ju gets a send-off from the museum as she prepares to transition into working for the monarchy. One of Seol’s two main court ladies (the older one) shows up to meet with her, and Yoon-ju gets a status report on Seol. Sneaky. The woman seems to be one of Yoon-ju’s employees, who’s also doubly indebted to her for funding her daughter’s surgery.

Yoon-ju tells her not to come see her anymore, and to pretend not to know her at the palace. She does get news that surprises her: Hae-young has entered the palace, unbeknownst to her.

Hae-young meets with the opposition leader, and chastises him for leaking the rumors about Seol’s dad when he expressly told him to hold off. He gives a stern warning about acting on his own.

Yoon-ju texts Jung-woo that she’s getting ready to enter the palace, and that she’d really like it if he came with her. Wait, are they all going to live there too? Palace roommate FOUR-square? Hahaha. Drama, I like your style—if I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go ALL OUT.

Seol requests a trip, and shows up at Jung-woo’s office, where she’s met with smiles. I like that he likes her too, and is aware of her undying crush. It’s a much more compelling triangle that way, since these two, without interference from Hae-young, would probably end up together.

She consults him, her bamboo forest, on what to do about the press conference, and especially about Hae-young—where his loyalties lie and what he’s really around for. Jung-woo tells her that the answer is right in front of her, and to go ahead with lessons and such, to figure out what Hae-young’s true motives are. Besides, he’s the real expert in how to deal with the press, so he’ll have the answer to the press conference question too.

Back at the palace, Seol tells Hae-young that she went out to meet Jung-woo, and Hae-young stops her right there. “Don’t talk about that guy in front of me.” Oh, you.

Meanwhile, he heads back to his apartment to triumph over the reclaiming of all his stuff, in exchange for his entering the palace. Yoon-ju comes by with wine to tell him that she’s going to be entering the palace as well, and learns that Hae-young asked to be assigned there, wanting to keep Seol close.

While she’s there she gets a call from Jung-woo (which Hae-young answers) and runs off to meet him. He accepts her offer for the job, saying that it’s a rare opportunity for research, and that he would’ve said yes right away if it hadn’t been for her.

She wonders why he bothered to tell her that, if he’s going to take the job anyway, wondering how he’s going to face her tomorrow. He laughs bitterly that it’s nothing compared to the pain she’s caused him over ten years. He calls her utterly selfish, to the point that she’s probably never once considered his feelings in ten years. Well, I’d say that’s about right.

He tells her that he’ll be fine facing her at work, because she’s nothing to him now. He walks out, his words stinging as she sits alone. On their own they betray much more emotion, as Yoon-ju cries, and Jung-woo turns over a picture of them as he broods. Hae-young joins in on the broodfest, knowing that she left to go meet Jung-woo, and it IS kind of funny that he keeps getting left behind by women who are entangled with Jung-woo. It makes the rivalry deliciously layered.

Seol stays up all night trying to prepare for the press conference, but just ends up doodling in her notebook, trying to figure out Hae-young, drawing hearts all over Jung-woo’s name, and then writing a letter to Mom saying that she misses home and Mom’s cooking.

But Mom and even her sister Dan show up the next day, and she runs up to hug them. Mom sees Hae-young and takes him aside, still calling him “Park suh-bang,” meaning son-in-law. She catches herself, but he sweetly apologizes for all the lies before, and tells her that his nickname is Park suh-bang anyway, so she can just keep calling him that. Aw.

She asks him to look after Seol, and he hesitates out of guilt, so Mom grabs all the cash in her wallet—what looks like thirty or forty dollars’ worth—and puts it in his hand, asking him to look after her. Aw, Mom is so cute and quaint.

Yoon-ju The Destroyer walks in and introduces herself to Mom. It turns out that she’s called Seol’s family here, for her first order of business—to remove Seol from their family registry. Mom stares in shock, and Hae-young sighs.

Seol finds out from Dan, who just sneers at Seol’s whimpering, telling her to get it together and do a good job, otherwise people will point fingers at their family, saying that Seol was raised badly. She adds with disdain that she’s had to work so hard to earn what she has, while everything comes so easily to Seol. Ugh. There are always these people in the world. Wah, wah, wah. You are the only one who suffers, wah. Let me build you a cross, oh righteous martyr. Blech.

Yoon-ju presents Mom with the document that will put Seol in the royal family registry, and therefore out of theirs. Seol cries holding onto Mom’s arm, as Mom asks what happens to the insurance that she took out for her daughters to live on if something should happen to her. Aw. She begins to cry at the thought of leaving Seol here all alone, with the feeling that she’s sending her daughter out into the world with nothing.

Mom signs the registry and leaves, asking Hae-young once more to look after Seol. He tells her not to worry, but then as he watches her leave, he whispers an apology.

Seol weeps in her room like a little girl, crying, “Mom, Mom,” over and over. Hae-young listens from the hallway, unable to go in and comfort her.

He comes in the next morning, and she’s clearly been up all night crying. He tells her that he’s sorry for his part in duping her mother initially, and tells her it’s time to study. She looks utterly defeated and close to calling it quits, but she finally gets up for her lesson.

Study montage time! Are these two going to fall in love in the library too? They prepare for her press conference in front of a camera, and he has her practice her introduction about a hundred times, at one point critiquing, “You’re not trying to seduce the camera.” Ha.

In trying to find out more about her father, Hae-young comes across a new dilemma for Seol—there’s a record that her adopted father tried to sell a royal artifact, replacing it with a fake. Basically, it boils down to one of her fathers, either her biological father or her adoptive one, is a fraud, and it’s her choice which line of investigation to pursue.

They get called to a dress shop to get fitted for her press conference outfit, and Yoon-ju is there waiting. She takes the opportunity to escort Seol downstairs, and while they’re alone, the claws come out.

She tells Seol to enjoy it all (the good life) while she can. Seol innocently asks what she means. Yoon-ju, cutting down to banmal with a blood-curdling mean-girl tone, tells her that whether she walks out of her own accord, or they have to drag her out of there, she won’t be living in the palace much longer.



Well, I suppose no one’s meant to like Yoon-ju, so they’re going full-force with the Wicked Bitch of the West routine. I just sort of wish she had more spunk, if they were going to make her evil, more like Personal Taste‘s In-hee Bot, rather than the subdued and emotion-repressing version here. I mean, sure, she’s going to out-scheme Seol, but are we really supposed to believe that both men are going to wrestle with the decision: Yoon-ju vs. Seol? I think not.

Perhaps that warning to Seol was the first glimmer of personality, although I pretty much think she’s going to stay her boring self. They should have combined the sister with Yoon-ju; both are wet blankets, but Dan’s not burdened by silly things like conscience or love.

When it’s all fun and games, this drama is at its best. I sort of lose patience with the downturn in tone when people get all broody, but thankfully, there’s so much awesome in the comedy that it keeps me engaged. I can’t WAIT till Jung-woo and Hae-young are living under the same roof. I hope they have to share a bathroom.


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  1. applecherries

    i hate Yoon-ju ><

    • 1.1 BJ

      Haha! I was going to type the EXACT same thing!

      • 1.1.1 mik

        at this point..i can’t bring myself to hate on yoon-ju (yeah she did questionable things that makes me dislike her, but i don’t hate her). I mean..what she said at the end was needed to be said..at least she told her straight to her face that there are those who don’t want her there. Maybe she’ll take a new perspective on things instead of a flaky one XD

        • haneul.

          If you can’t hate her for being a b*tch to Seol, hate her for betraying her bf.

          • Josina

            For the moment I’m holding off on the hate, although the hair doesn’t help…

            I’m sure she has her reasons (probably to do with her and her dad living a life of servitude to GP and Hae Young) and she is a much more mature character – whereas Seol is, dare I say, a tad bit naive for her age. Okay, a lot.

            Same goes for sister Dan. We don’t know yet why she feels as if life has been harder for her than for Seol. Dan seems quite a focused person, determined to succeed, whereas Seol is quite happy to flit about and dream of professors. Seol is also very good at wheedling herself out of situations – which is cute in 5 episodes, but perhaps it gets on your nerves after 15 years?

          • Jomo

            Did you all notice her coffee mug had a large B
            on it?

    • 1.2 Ashley

      You said it.

    • 1.3 asea

      I hate her too :(.. but not as much as Dan!!!

      I hate people that blame their misfortunes to others the most [personal experience sadly…]

    • 1.4 paper

      I shout out “bitch” every time she comes on xD

      “I can’t WAIT till Jung-woo and Hae-young are living under the same roof. I hope they have to share a bathroom. ”

      OMO i would love this show eternally if that happened! These two guys click in such an awesome way 😀

      Any talented fanfic writer here? 🙁

      • 1.4.1 homi

        Cut and pasted from Writer YY’s fan fic: Enjoy!

        MY PRINCES: A Midnight Encounter

        (Setting: Mr Hand Towel’s bedroom. Midnight. Mr Hand Towel sits in an armchair. He is troubled. A knock on the door is heard.)

        Mr Hand Towel: Who is it?

        (Enters Prof wrapped in a comforter)

        Prof Comforter: It’s me…may I?

        Mr Hand Towel: OMO! Prof?!!!! What are YOU doing here? At this time of night?

        Prof: I’m Prof Comforter. I came here to do some….comforting…..
        (makes pouty kissy motions with lips. Sways suggestively towards gaping Mr Hand Towel.)

        Prof: TADAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

        (Prof throws off his comforter to reveal his full glory)

        Mr Hand Towel: OMGGGG! GOOD GRIEF!!! Prof! Have you lost your mind???? You….You don’t have a stitch on!!!!

        (Prof throws back his head and starts to gyrate and pole dance around the coat hanger at the corner of the room.)

        Prof: So….big boy….do you like this ( drapes himself languidly around the pole)….or this? (clambers up pole and dangles nakedly upside down)

        Mr Hand Towel: GOOD LORDY ME!!!! You…You…

        Prof: I I what what? (giggles)

        Mr Hand Towel: You’re going to catch a chill …. it’s freezing, man!

        Prof: Huhhhh??????

        (Mr Hand Towel swiftly grabs a dozen hand towels and forcefully drapes them over Prof Comforter even as the prof struggles to throw them off unsuccessfully.)

        Mr Hand Towel: Here, man…hurry! You’re turning blue!!!!!

        (Mr Hand Towel grabs Prof. Prof submits with an ecstatic sigh and clings to Mr Hand Towel’s neck and smothers it with kisses. Mr Hand Towel drags prof with difficulty to nearby kitchen. Opens microwave where frozen steak is warming up. Shoves Prof full-frontally in front of it.)


        (Mr Hand Towel pulls screeching prof away from microwave.)

        Mr Hand Towel: That’s better…..you’re all pink and warm now, Prof….what a relief! Hey…wait…where are you going????

        (Prof runs buck naked out the door clutching his scorched balls)

        Mr Hand Towel: Hey, Prof! Come back here! You forgot your comforter!!!!!

        • StarBuzz

          HAHAHAHA disgustingly hilarious!

          • Khin Nwe Aye

            This is just naughty, naughty, but sends me into a fit of giggles. I wonder who’s the author of this piece, who seems to have a wild imagination, maybe a tad perverted, to create such a scene! But I love it, though I’m afraid when I watch nesxt week’s episodes, I’ll forever remind myself of the professor doing a naked pole dance and will never be able to take both male leads seriously again! Anyway, neither of the two actors has such an effect as Hyun Bin, so I can take it.

        • yvonne

          ROFL…..prof pole dancing? Bring it on!

        • :D

          this is a BIT out of character, esp. for the Prof

        • crazyunnie

          OHMYGAWD My eyes cannot unread what they have just read O.o

          I might have nightmares. Hahahahahaha =D

        • zach

          I’m going to die laughing LOLOLOL DIsgustingly hilarious!

        • blubell

          Nightmare on Elm Street Kor version HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        • dom

          this is insaannnneeee..*rolling and laughing*

        • miss jay

          just knew they were falling for each other

        • paper

          Thank you homi <3 😀
          That made me giggle 🙂 I'm all happy now before my exam 😀

          Do you happen to have anymore? 😀

          • YY

            Grandpa poledancing with his secretary?

          • paper

            OMO YY <3
            Yespleasethankyouverymuch 😀

    • 1.5 Stephanie

      I hate Dan.

      • 1.5.1 preview6please

        she’s quite obviously jealous. She tried so hard all these years and still gets beaten by her happy-go-lucky sister. It probably comes from her being not so happy even with all her achievements while seol is so happy despite not having such things. i’m pissed that she can’t see how much lee seol puts up with her just because she sees her as her one and only sister.

        i loved this episode though, kim tae hee did well in the family registry scene. and i loved how they’re starting to touch on the future love between seol and haeyoung. loved the preview too.:) guys always have the same reaction when they see a girl come out from those dressing rooms. gotta be one sure way to get a guy’s attention.:)

        • bd2

          KTH has really been impressing me w/ the crying/emotional scenes for Seol.

          She did a better job in the family registry scene than the actress who plays her adoptive mother.

    • 1.6 izzie

      She reminds me of No Min-Woo in MGIAG. Only, he’s prettier.

    • 1.7 PickmePICKME

      You can say that again!!! Gosh, her hairstyle enhances my hatred for her hehehe. But w.e

    • 1.8 bd2

      At this juncture, there is nothing likeable about Yoon-ju (feel bad for PYJ).

      While Dan has been pretty b!tchy to Seol, her actions/attitude are a bit more tolerable since there seems to be some emotion behind them (for whatever reason) other than simply being a cold, hearted b!tch that is Yoon-ju.

  2. Alvina

    Seriously. With Seol so… perfectly charming, I dont see how YJ is even competition. But then, guys dont like to loose and who knows how guys think.

    That said, I think there’s amazing chemistry in this drama. I find the storyline ho-hum but what makes me come back for more is just how cute Seol and HY are together.

    I want my own HY. He reminds me of Hwanhee actually (for anyone watching Stormy Lovers). The strong bad boy with lots of hurts who’s not a….bastard lol. <3

    • 2.1 applecherries

      I can wait till the four interact in the palace but too bad the trailers show her disappearing… I hope she won’t just run away from Yoon-ju after saying that she won’t run away from being a princess anymore.

  3. pumpkinattack

    Hooray! Thanks for the recap. ^^

  4. katiamon

    i can’t get enough of these two! drama gods heard our prays after a dissapointing 2010. thank you for the summary girlfriday!!!! 🙂

    • 4.1 Kim Yoonmi

      What about My Girlfriend is a Gumiho? TT That was a good drama in 2010.

  5. pumpkinattack

    I’m happy to say that this drama does end up to be fun and a bit intriguing. I mean, the whole “I’m a princess!” theme has been done before (even with the, “oh, but I don’t know how to be a princess” aspect, too). But it’s hard not to like how adorable Seol is and what great chemistry she has with Hae Young.

    That, and there’s the added fact that there are so many people around her with clear motives and unclear motives. It makes me think a little bit back to City Hall… Where the love was there, but they were on different sides.

    Don’t lose to me! *swoon*

    • 5.1 Noypi

      Oh! Lovin the City Hall comparison!!! 😉

    • 5.2 epyc

      “Don’t lose to me”. You got me – good old City Hall days!

    • 5.3 clichique

      This is so true. The City Hall comparison is definitely coming out (is it because they have the same writer or something?).

      Just like in City Hall, you know that the main leads are going to be standing on two sides of the battlefield. And in both cases, the leads see it coming. Which makes their love(s) even more heartbreaking (in both cases). Similarily, you also see the dynamic of their relationship, one that starts with trust and friendship/allies, that both sides become eventually aware that this will degrade into enemies.

      In that case… I will be really sad if that happens. Since it will be hard on the characters.

      But I am looking forward to watching Seol grow and become a stronger person, and to watch as Seol and Haeyoung confront their growing feelings, how all that will pan out, etc etc.

      See, looking at what I’ve just read… I feel like there isn’t a great need for mega evil witches Yoonjoo and Dan. Because there’s a lot to be explored just between Seol and Haeyoung, you know? There’s a lot of meat there to be explored. IDK, maybe I just really dread the bitchfest, because Yoonjoo has got “manipulative bitch” written all over her face.

  6. stars4u

    I can’t wait til these two get more entangled with eaxh other… I didn’t expect both of them to have this kind of chemistry together…

    • 6.1 YY

      HY and the prof?

      • 6.1.1 stee

        hahaha win!

  7. Qd

    I’ve stalking thus blog and ta da!!!! Recap time!!!! Can’t believe I stayed up till 4.43am to get this!!! I’m officially addicted to dramabeans!!! Love you two geniuses to bits!!!! Jb & gf kamsahamida! Thanks for all the laughs and especially ‘The guilty escape ‘ !!!!! You always brighten my days!!!

    • 7.1 myweithisway

      I’m impressed at your dedication, you should move to a place where the recaps come up say around 10 PM =D

    • 7.2 nonski

      same here….official addicts of this drama 🙂

      love gf and jb….mwah mwah mwah,,,,thanks

  8. lovepark

    “I can’t WAIT till Jung-woo and Hae-young are living under the same roof. I hope they have to share a bathroom.”
    That would be epic!

    I liked your description of Dan. She is so self-absorbed and WHINY! wah, wah, wah, wah is right! Double blech.

  9. Jenju

    For joy!!! Thank you so much!

  10. 10 nadia

    hmmm, should I continue watching this drama? dream high seems more exciting, but the first two episodes of my princess went by quickly. ahhh i can’t wait for the emotional angst though, esp from hae-young, so i should just watch it.

  11. 11 goldcinnamon54

    I think I hate her more. I REALLY CAN’T WAIT til she gets her comeuppance! And this drama better give her some BIG COMEUPPANCE! None of that sissy “she’s a product of her circumstance” BS. I’m talking left out on the street, grandfather hates her, HY hates her, JW hates her, and the whole world knows her schemes comeuppance. UGH!!!

  12. 12 funkypicklez

    two of the sexiest men competing for two of the same women living under the same roof?
    dayum. i know the palace is huge… but not big enough for both of their egos.
    let us hope the palace doesn’t explode for another 10 episodes because i’m really loving my princess ^^

    • 12.1 estel

      i know the palace is huge… but not big enough for both of their egos.

      Hahaha sooooooo true! I’m really digging that neither one of the them is a tortured, “I don’t know my own self-worth” type; they both have a very healthy ego, and it’s too fun to watch them battle it out and posture. With the two of them under the same roof, hopefully there will be lots of pointed banter over the breakfast table and/or someone will see someone else naked. At this point, I’m not even picky as to who’s involved, as long as it’s not Yoon-ju.

  13. 13 :D

    please let there be a snow day tomorrow so i can watch this week’s episodes of Dream High and My Princess anddd study for midterms

  14. 14 Schmazel

    My heart went out to Seul when she was crying and went “Oma…oma…omaaaaaa…”.

    Oh and the professor! When I saw him in Lawyers of Korea I totally fell for him. 😀

  15. 15 eve

    ok… he just placed her in the fountain. she could have just gotten up and yet she kicks the water and bends her head towards the fountain water? the writer should have just written that scene as a “drop into pool scene”… and not placed into fountain by the drive way scene… how far did he have to carry her anyway???

    • 15.1 eve

      sorry, not drive way.. center court yard?

  16. 16 Sera

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  17. 17 clichique

    Thank you so much, girlfriday!!

    I am really, really obsessed with this show somehow. I attribute this mostly to the endearing nature of the characters, and I can see how the leads end up falling in love. Mainly, Haeyoung is not some misunderstood brat who is a total jackass (my main problem, these days, ala SG).

    This episode killed me with the cute & fluff. Omg, Song Seungheon singing, dancing around stupidly, making ugly faces… My god. I practically died.

    One thing though. I’m not really inclined to believe Haeyoung has had real feelings for Yoonjoo. Especially in the scene where Yoonjoo has left him to go meet with Professor McHot, and he reads the book that Yoonjoo and the Professor wrote, but never quite realized that the book was coauthored by them both. I mean, this is a woman that he’s “loved” for pretty much his entire life? – considering they were pretty much betrothed since, well, forever. Even if the engagement was informal, but everybody knew. How was he wholly unaware of the Professor? How does he know so little about her?

    Anyway. That’s just a detail. But it just further proves Haeyoung has little REAL emotional attachment with Yoonjoo…. which means his real emotional attachments are his budding attractions to cute & bubbly Seol!!

    Also, bravo Kim Taehee. You are so awesome in this show. Even her crying scene with her mom and alone.. Bravo. You have pushed over my earlier problems with your acting. Why didn’t you do these sorts of things earlier??!

    P.S. Anyone else wish Song Seungheon and Kim Taehee would just get together in real life?? They would make the most beautiful babies ever… and in my eyes, definitely overturn the Hyunbin+Song Hyegyo glamor couple…

    • 17.1 dom

      Hahaha!! their babies will be ridiculously gorgeous!!
      they might be the royal couple beating off every single celebrity couple out there..

      • 17.1.1 alice

        agreed. They would be the angelina jolie and brad pitt of korea. even tho, there are many worthy of that title, the most good looking of those couple would definitely go to ssh and kth.

    • 17.2 blahblahblah

      I completely agree with your post!
      I love HY as a character, so different from kdrama leads these days.
      Also with the YJ and HY thing, yeah it’s a minor detail but that distance between them will definitely help HY and Seol get together 😉

      Dude, SSH and KTH would be the most amazing couple. No one can say one isn’t suited for the other because they both are equally and extraordinarily talented. Nobody would say anything except for how perfect they are. Heh.

    • 17.3 dmatrix95

      Ditto with regards to SSH and KTH. I could not believe how good their chemistry is. I like them a lot.

    • 17.4 samgetang

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    That would be the awesomest thing EVAR. Omo. Hae-young and Jung-woo have the best male posturing fests I’ve ever seen, it’s absolutely hilarious to watch. The whole pen-grabbing last episode? Priceless.

    Now, if only I could figure out how to get two gorgeous, intelligent men to fight over me…

    • 19.1 dom

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    • 19.2 Sadhana

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    loving the show
    thanks for recap

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    Sigh…I thought these last two episodes were boring. Cute and all, but the advancement in plot is slow.

    • 22.1 R

      I didn’t even notice there was a plot…
      Even the fluffy gets boring, at some point. This drama is a collections of silly goofs badly soundtracked.
      I don’t think I can go on.

      • 22.1.1 little_mun

        Personally I think there is a plot but it’s kinda subtle. Since the first episode of My Princess, there have already been so many mysterious details that need further clarification.

        1/ Why wouldn’t her real father agree to come back to the palace? Why did he run away and get into an accident?

        2/ What did Hae Young’s father commit against the royal family to be exiled?

        3/ How about Yoon Joo’s hidden thoughts and complicated emotions?

        I could think over too much and be wrong… But there is a possibility that HY’s father is the one who caused Seol’s father to experience hardship and commit crimes. That explains why the Chairman didn’t help Seol clear up her dad’s name.

        • R

          My comment on the plot was meant to be sarcastic. Of course the show has a plot, even harlequin romances have one.
          But I do think that there is no substance whatsoever beyond the goofs and round-eyed embarrassment, and those tend to wear thin, at some point.
          Therefore, either the show changes its tone and becomes the trite he loves me he loves me not, let me weep for the nth time, or it stays as it is, solely based upon comic misunderstandings. Equally boring, in my book.

          Please forgive me if I sound harsh. The critic is not adressed at you or any of the commenters here, of course.
          This is definetly not my cup of tea, therefore I won’t spoil the fun anymore and just go watch Dream High, which I find WAY better on many levels.:)

  23. 23 Mrs. Hand towel

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  24. 24 Ani

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    • 24.1 Ani

      I meant rock-paper-scissors to decide who would be the older sister.

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    oh! gf I do like your thoughts (:

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      • 27.2.1 YY

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        • izzie



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          • Sadhana

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      • 27.2.2 eve

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        • YY

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          • YY

            gosh guys that sounds horrible….pretend you didn’t read that.

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    LOLOLOL! I can’t wait too! Dramas these days are turning me into a pervert 😛 Dream High and the underwear fighting lol…the shower scene in this one…bromance in MSOAN…yeah babay! 😀

  29. 29 E

    I hate YoonJu just because she thinks she has a right to wreck the royal family for her own benefit….HY has a right– she has none whatsoever. I hope her father brings down the reign on her soon!

  30. 30 piggierabbit.

    “Clearly this is a maneuver by Hae-young and the President to sabotage the monarchy”

    I don’t get it. So the President ISN’T part of the plans to restore the monarchy?

    • 30.1 clichique

      He admitted earlier to Haeyoung that he doesn’t wish to see the monarchy restored. I think this was episode 5? Or maybe episode 4? But I think it was 5…

      • 30.1.1 piggierabbit.

        Oh. Really? Wow. I guess I FF-ed through that part.

      • 30.1.2 Daniela

        The only thing that I don’t get it is why he agrees first with Grandpa if he doesn’t want the monarchy. The citizens are the ones who decide if the monarchy is restored or not, maybe he hopes that the citizens can make the choice he wants and the monarchy issue can die forever and Grandpa desists. I don’t know. im making assumptions.

        • Alvina

          I think some kind of secret political planning is going to come out in the future. I dont really care for that plot line though; it’s just a device to get them together in my book XD

          • ck1Oz

            It was in Ep 5 when he was talking to HY.It was because the Geung Da party has opposite views to the President’s party regarding the monarchy.

            I’m no expert.I was just on ep 5 yesterday.Annyeong pumpkin…fancy seeing you here 🙂 MP subs are coming so much faster than DH.Guess everyone loves a pretty Pincess and God’s gift to women 🙂

    • 30.2 izzie

      Because if he openly opposes the restoration of the monarchy, he will be accused of clinging to power. It’s a political tango. They will have to reform the government structure, and probably have a Prime Minister in place of a president. That doesn’t sound so encouraging for a political leader who hasn’t served his full term yet. Just my thoughts.

  31. 31 Daniela

    Every time i see Yoon-ju i have to relax my shoulders. She looks like a stick and that I get tired just seeing her, it’s like she had a big dictionary over her head all the time.

    Seol makes me laugh but Hae-young crack me up. Too bad that he is going to be sort of the bad guy in one point.

    “I can’t WAIT till Jung-woo and Hae-young are living under the same roof. I hope they have to share a bathroom.” When that happens, that will make my day. I hope that happens on the next Wednesday. Oh, no. In the next Wednesday I will only have 5 more days of vacation…more vacation or Jung-woo and Hae-young living together?…I think I’m ready for school.

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 31.1 YY

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    • 33.1 clichique

      LOL!! I love you for this comment..

      Iono, I saw a small green bag in the elevator with him and Seol. Which means he probably did buy the underwear (good for him).

      • 33.1.1 YY

        Phew the green bag….that’s a load off my mind….I seriously don’t know what’s up with me. I keep thinking of speedos and boxers. It’s all Izzie’s fault…..Izzie girl, are you there? I can’t stop thinking of HY pedicuring in fetul position in speedos…..HELP!!!!! Now I’m thinking ear waxing, chest hair trimming, but he’s chest-hairless, so I’ll substitute with armpit/nostril hair trimming….what have you done to me izzie? btw speedo+pedicure=spedicure….got a nice ring to it….

        • MAVY

          Ohh I understand your pain I keep seeing SSH in red hot briefs….. and now ‘Im thinking of spedicure……

          • YY

            Mavy it’s serious…..I can’t walk past men’s underwear in a departmental store now without thinking of HY.

          • izzie

            speedo+pedicure=spedicure….got a nice ring to it….

            yeah! LOL. it sounds like a new tech gadget / spa service. 😀 and you can market it as “Hae-Young Spedicure”.

        • izzie

          oh. my. goodness. I am totally being blamed for speedo/towel/boxers mirages! 😀

          sisters, it’s not my fault that your imaginations are wilder than mine. 😀 heh.

          now, if only Hae-Young could prepare instant steaks in Speedos…


          • YY

            omg!!!! HAHAHAHA Now I can’t look at steaks without thinking of HY in a speedo and an apron and nothing else…..feeling a bit nauseous here….uurghhh

            HY IS EVERYWHEREEEEEEE!!!!!!

          • samgetang

            izzie! YY! you two are just too hilarious! LOL! 😉 you make MP watching, recap-reading, and commenting so much fun! hehehehe! you have brought speedo-shower-towel-boxers- and now with steak and spedicure all thrown in like a romp in the crazy wild side of kdramaland 😉

  34. 34 ballebabe

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    • 34.1 Sophia

      I second this request, absolutely LOVED Hae-Young’s dance! It was so completely unexpected, didn’t know SSH had it in him!

      • 34.1.1 Alvina

        haha, third that request. SSH has so many unexpectedly cute scenes in this drama.

        • nonski

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    • 34.2 JFMO

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    so jealous of KTH of getting those bed scenes with SSH- even though nothing is happening in the bed- i would melt if SSH were to just merely sit on the edge of my bed!

    “I hope they have to share a bathroom.”– me too! maybe there will be an underwear-sharing too, a la Dream High!

    I also agree that they should have combined the sister with Yoon-ju. It doesn’t look like they are doing much with the Lee Dan character anyways. Would it really take a lot of energy out of the writer to make her a little bit nice?

    So glad the professor told Yoon-ju off today! I can’t wait to see the look on Yoon-ju’s face when she sees his interactions with Seol. I agree that Jung-woo and Seol would have hit it off if Haeyoung never interfered.

    I’m enjoying KTH’s acting so far- in both the funny and dramatic parts. SSH is adorable in comedy, though some of his dramatic parts are a bit awkward (i think it’s the way he moves his head). I really like how despite the chaebol status of his character, he really is establishing himself as a boy-next-door/ideal-son-in-law type of character. I love his interactions with Seol’s mom.

    • 37.1 Alvina

      lol. HY is like that charming smart kid in class who all the teachers love and all the kids love, who gets in trouble because of his smart mouth, and has a family issues.

      I love him too. <3

      I hope Dan turns out to be an ally; I think that'd be pretty cool writing. Somehow making her foil Yoonju's plans or something.

  38. 38 jjune02

    잘 보고 갑니다~

  39. 39 f1yh1gh10

    i really love this drama, and for some reason, even though i like park yejin, is it just me who thinks she kinda looks like a mouse? both kim tae hee and park yejin are beautiful, but maybe because her character is evil, she looks kinda ugly.. please don’t bash me, i really thought park yejin was so funny in family together, i just think sometimes she looks kinda..odd..

    • 39.1 f1yh1gh10

      ok i made no sense at all. i called her beautiful and ugly. nevermind. i just meant that in this drama, they dont’ make her as pretty as she could be..

    • 39.2 asianromance

      It is amazing how important a good hairstyle and clothes are. The look she has in My Princess ages her 10 years. She looked really pretty in Hateful But Once Again with bangs, longer hair and looser clothes. That drama was in 2009 and she looked around late 20s. She also had more than 2 expressions in that drama.

      I do think she can look kind of weird sometimes because of her posture- it’s so straight sometimes that her body looks too tense.

  40. 40 Almontel

    Thanks for the recap!!!

    At last, we get a glimpse of the ‘spark’ between our 2 main leads and I’m lovin’ it!!!

    omo…why does that other woman have to live in the palace too? i’m more than happy with just The princess and her chaebol under one roof!
    i guess she’d make her meet the green eyed monster, ke ke ke…

    i too love the interactions about her mom and the future son-in-law…

    can’t wait for next week!!!

  41. 41 Quaggy

    Thanks for the recaps, Girlfriday! I probably would have never given this drama a shot if you and JB hadn’t shown me what a sweet, fabulous show it is.

    The one things that I do not understand is the need for Dan as a character, when they already have Yoon-ju doing the evil-bitch-on-wheels thing just fine on her own. I get that Dan probably supposed to be the key to yet another plot to take Seol down, but come on! We already have the opposition leader and any minions that Yoon-ju might have. What’s the point?!

    Unless of course the twist is that Dan is bitchy-but-NOT-evil (like an older, snarkier, less talented Hye-mi) who will turn on anyone who tries to use her to hurt her sister. Now THAT would be totally awesome!

    Speaking of characters who aren’t quite what they seem, my money is on the grandpa as the real Big Bad of the series, just based on how he treats his own family and the disdain he heaps on Hae-young even after he thinks he’s gotten his way.

    • 41.1 Alvina

      I hope so too. I hope that the mother SOMEWHAT rubbed off on Dan in that she’s not a complete a-hole.

      I mean, she’s studying to be a lawyer right? I hope she puts those skills to use somehow lol.

      • 41.1.1 loveit

        oh yes, I am hoping that Dan is not evil too, especially for the mother’s sake.

  42. 42 curiouscat

    Thanks so much for the recap. I just have to say that I just can’t stand Yoon-ju’s hairstyle! What is up with that?

  43. 43 dany

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  44. 44 tigerl21

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    Thanks for the awesome recaps. I love your commentary and it’s nice to fully understand what was going on when watching it without subs…

  45. 45 sugarpunch

    It strikes me that in most of the romcoms, the heroine’s snooty nemesis/evil love rival always has shorter hair. Think Personal Taste’s Inhee, Mary’s Seojun, Dream high’s Baekhee. Hm, just an observation.

    Man, Yoonju brings back memories of Inhee from PT and JaeYoung from Wish upon a star. They really get on your nerves…

    Anyhow, Hae-Seol FIGHTING!

  46. 46 Gerri

    I am so hiding in my wk cub. now soaking up this recap but constantly looking over my shoulder that my boss wont catch me 🙂

    LS & HY see both of u lock lips (HOPE) next epi… CANT WAIT!

    • 46.1 Prinsesa

      Nyahaha! Me too! One of my staff has seen me, but she just try and say anything! Ha! I have 13 episodes to look forward to/recaps I have to read secretly because in my part of the world the recaps get posted midday and I have such restraint that waiting until I get home is near impossible (I normally copy the text and paste it to Notepad, that way, it wouldn’t be obvious. shhh 😉 )

      • 46.1.1 Prinsesa

        *That’s 14 eps more for this drama

        • dany

          Are you sure? I know the drama has 16 episodes, so just 10 more to go.

          • Prinsesa

            Oh really? Haha. Guess I was hoping this to have 20eps

      • 46.1.2 nonski

        u from the philippines?

  47. 47 YY

    I’m worried……why does HY keep repeating his Hulk-speak: You won’t like me when I’m angry? A foreshadowing of bad stuff to come???? Or good stuff to come????? Good stuff like in Gone with the Wind; Rhett gets MAD and carts Scarlett upstairs to BED….. I’m hoping it’ll be that….after all it’s greg peck-audrey hepburn all over again, classic heroes used to do that when the heroines got them mad….punish them with some good old fashioned bedding!

    • 47.1 MAVY

      Ohhhh YY!!!!! I like love you right now… cause for a while now HY reminds me of Rhett…….. when I see LS and HY I think of Rhett and Scarlett, but with Rhett with the more devious side…..

      • 47.1.1 YY

        Mavy he’s very old-time, from the snappy suits to the debonair air to the hands in pockets kind of stance…..all he needs is a Clark Gable/Humphrey Bogart kind of hat….what do you call it…a fedora? The one MJ wore in Smooth Criminal.

        • MAVY

          Hahaha yeah a fedora.. ohh can you picture him with only red briefs and a fedora?……..

          • YY

            OH. MY. GOD. *froths at mouth….slides into deep faint*

    • 47.2 clichique

      LOL “Hulk speak.” You crack me up (I love you).

      Sadly, I don’t think we will see any of the aforementioned “hate sex”/”angry sex” scenes, but I would love to….. Kdramas are too mild for this stuff.

      Although I did see the Rhett-Scarlett emotional dynamic between them. Like Seol (Scarlett) being blindly attracted to the Professor (Ashley) despite having the attention of wonderful Haeyoung (Rhett). Eh… sorta a stretch but whatevs. LOL.

      • 47.2.1 YY

        Wow you’re right…lot similarities between gentle ashley and prof, and hard sarcastic Rhett and HY….that’s so cool!

  48. 48 Francesca

    I love this drama to pieces! ^__^ so early to heal my SG withdrawal but it is nice!

    • 48.1 zach

      me too

  49. 49 hermosa5790

    what a terrible hairdo she has. yoon ju’s. everytime i look at her, i can’t help it. she reminds me of that ice queen viper mother from hell in boys over flower!

  50. 50 QueenPinay

    mixed feeling towards Oppa HY! 😛 he’s too charming to be a villain! hahah

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