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My Princess: Episode 7
by | January 26, 2011 | 233 Comments

Cute cute cute. We’ve got the beginnings of relationship angst, which is tricky minefield to navigate (particularly when it’s loaded on in shovelfuls) but can be so satisfying when done in just the right amounts. And the guilty-conscience-fighting-growing-attraction internal conflict? Oh, count me in.


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Yoon-ju delivers her spiteful warning to Seol with a calm voice and pleasant smile, which frankly makes her even more hateable, not that she needs the help.

The team settles down for a “concept meeting” to plan out Seol’s public image. The assistants toss out ideas, all of which Yoon-ju rejects, citing reasons that backhandedly take a dig at Seol — such as avoiding the “commoner’s princess” tack because that’ll remind people she’s an orphan and adoptee, and likewise shying away from traditional princess garb lest that remind people of her low-rent part-time job.

As this goes on, Hae-young sees Seol growing dispirited and looks bothered himself, but Yoon-ju presses on — aware of her effect but not bothered by it. Yoon-ju gives a little speech about the necessity of representing the monarchy in all its glory, how they must exceed people’s expectations. That they must take care not to appear bumbling. That this task would have been easier with a prince, but alas, a princess is their reality. Oh, poor you and your heavy burden, scorpion queen.

Seol walks out of the meeting in low spirits, and Hae-young talks to her in a consoling way, understanding how she feels. He advises her to prepare herself for even worse attacks in the future, and that compared to what might happen, this was child’s play. Sheesh, pretty man-bot, you may wanna work on your pep-talkery skills.

She tells him she’s used to not being looked after, as though declining his oh-so-generous offer of help. She points out, as Yoon-ju so graciously did, that she’s an orphan. Touché. And sure enough, Hae-young continues to be bothered with Yoon-ju’s strategy. Well, if this is what it takes for him to realize that she’s a snake, then so be it.

A lady in waiting comes to Hae-young’s room in a panic — the princess has disappeared. Hae-young tells her not to breathe a word of this, and rushes out to look for Seol.

A cursory walkthrough of the palace turns up nothing, until finally he arrives at the gallery, where he hears her voice. Not noticing his presence, Seol sits in a car on display, repeating the words “It’s all your fault” in various intonations.

As he approaches cautiously, we see that Seol is actually watching something on her phone — an episode of Queen Seon-deok! — and mimicking Go Hyun-jung’s delivery, trying to be as commanding and regal. She adds names just as Hae-young comes within earshot: “Park Hae-young, it’s because of you! Oh Yoon-ju, it’s all because of you!” while shaking a finger indignantly. Omg, too funny.

Hae-young joins her in the car, using her own words to answer the question of why he’s here, as he shakes a finger back at her and retorts, “It’s because of you.”

She tells him she’s studying, now that she’s found her role model. He asks dryly if she intends to learn how to assassinate (Mi-shil’s specialty), and she answers in all seriousness that she has to learn, since she’s surrounding by enemies.

He’s amused and asks, “Really? Then your most good-looking enemy must be me.” I just love the egos on these characters. They’re matter-of-fact without being (too) snooty, which is so refreshing. It’s just, Shrug. I’m hot. So what?

He supposes that he’s also the enemy she dislikes the most, and the enemy who gives her the hardest time. She just replies that he’s wrong about one of them, and with his curiosity thus piqued, Hae-young refuses to let her out until she answers which one he was wrong about. She refuses, so he pretends he’s ready to spend the night sitting here, sighing that he won’t be able to sleep well.

They’re interrupted by Seol’s two court ladies, who burst into the room, relieved and worried. To cover up, Hae-young explains that he’s giving her a driving lesson (in the stationary car), and she plays along. Either these court ladies are dumb as bricks, or they’re really afraid of offending the boss. I’d say it’s even money.

Afterward, Seol appears at Hae-young’s door bearing warm milk, since he’d said he might have trouble sleeping. She offers the mug while speaking in formal royal language, which is adorable; I love Seol trying to channel Mi-shil’s authoritativeness. Hae-young advises, “You should stop watching sageuks.” Still, he drinks her milk with a smile.

But his conscience is starting to ping, because he can’t forget that he’s really got an ulterior motive despite pretending to be helping Seol. When meets the president for a princess update, he’s asked pointedly, “Aren’t you putting a lot of effort into your fake teacher act? What if you end up losing your entire inheritance?”

Hae-young assures the president that he’ll just watch over her till the press conference, as though that’ll take care of everything.

Yoon-ju introduces herself formally to the staff and continues with the princess grooming, finding amusement in the painful massage she puts Seol through. Seol rightfully accuses her of enjoying this and doing it on purpose out of revenge, though Spiteful Helmet-Haired Bitch replies sweetly that this skincare treatment is for Seol’s benefit.

Yoon-ju assures Seol that there’s no misunderstanding or revenge at work here — and then puts Seol in a short hairstyle meant to make her look elegant. It does NOT make Seol happy.

Yoon-ju dismisses the attendants before dropping the nice facade and the polite speech. Seol asks why she took this position if she dislikes her so, to which Yoon-ju answers that she’s only doing this because the chairman pressured her into doing it, and adds that if he were to die tomorrow, everything would go away. At Seol’s bewildered expression, Yoon-ju accuses her of being either naive or stupid, or acting.

Seol can’t believe Yoon-ju’s so forthright in her maliciousness, but Yoon-ju speaks as though she fears no one, like there’s no way for her behavior to come around to bite her in the ass. Seol wonders how she can speak of her future husband’s grandfather this way, and Yoon-ju replies, “He can’t hear — not unless you tell him.”

Seol works up her courage to declare that she’s going to live it up at the palace from now on. She’d felt sympathetic for Hae-young (and Yoon-ju by extension) for usurping his inheritance, but now? “I’m going to be a princess — and I won’t feel sorry at all!”

Seol receives another visit from her mother and sister and showers them with gifts. Even the normally frosty Dan thaws a bit as she tries on the pretty things Seol bought her, and the reunion is lively.

But Mom and Dan have come at Hae-young’s request, to go over the matter of Seol’s adopted father. The mood is killed when Hae-young asks her mother to confirm that Dad had once been arrested for selling a forged version of Emperor Sunjong’s letter, which angers Seol (and Dan, for that matter). But Hae-young insists that with the press conference approaching, Mom is better off telling the truth.

Mom sadly confirms it, saying that she’d tried to stop her husband because Seol might need the document later to search out her birth parents. Hae-young tells them that they’ll have to reveal this truth at the press conference.

Dan turns her anger on Seol, accusing her of plying them with gifts to soften the blow of selling out her adopted father to save her biological one. Seol may no longer be a part of her family, but if this information is released, Dan’s career and her future are ruined — nobody will ever hire her.

So Seol confronts Hae-young, asking why he was so nice to her when he was just going to do this. He counters that he’s still treating her well — this is all to clear her bio-dad’s name. But Seol can’t sacrifice one family for another, refusing to clear dad in this way.

Exasperated, Hae-young calls her greedy: “I’m about lose everything because of you, but you don’t want to lose anything at all.” Well, put that way I suppose Man-Bot’s got a point, albeit a flawed one since what he wants is money and what she wants is to not cause people pain. But yunno, potayto, potahto.

Furiously, she declares that she’ll take care of this on her own, and warns him not to interfere at the press conference. Ooh, a threat. Too bad Seol woulda been more effective if she hadn’t announced her intention to her adversary. You’ve got to work on your poker face, girl!

Gun finds Seol staring off into a tomato plant, cheering her with his usual friendliness and jokingly referring to himself as an uljjang. Seol responds to his display of ego by saying he’s suffering from a “prince complex.” Said the girl with the princess complex, which was figuratively true long before it was literal.

Sensing her mood, Gun tells her to feel free to come to him to vent her worries, lending her his shoulder to cry on (or yell at).

Deciding that perhaps she might benefit from sharing her worries after all, she calls Jung-woo. Her plan: To locate any and all people who knew her bio-dad to vouch for his integrity. If she can show the world that he’s a decent man, she may be able to avoid giving up her adopted dad as a sacrificial lamb.

Jung-woo promises to do his best. He asks if she still has the pouch that once belonged to the empress, which was left with her years ago. While she has a vague memory of it, she has no idea what happened to it, although we do — ten to one it’s the pouch Dan had in her desk.

Seol invites Jung-woo to eat with her, and who should they find in the dining room but the Hae-young and Yoon-ju. Hae-young pointedly says that the princess shouldn’t be hanging around random other men, and keeps glancing over at Seol throughout the meal. Yoon-ju does as well, while the other two ignore them and smile winningly at each other.

Hae-young criticizes the way Seol cuts her steak, which is so petty that I love it. Especially since Jung-woo understands perfectly what’s going on, and takes Seol’s plate to cut her meat up for her while the other people pretend they don’t care.

So Hae-young slides his plate over and requests the same service, since it appears the good professor is particularly skilled in this arena. He even references the bathroom incident that transpired the last time Seol had steak, and has the nerve to add that his toilet got stopped up that day. Oh man. You’ve really got it bad when your version of pulling a girl’s pigtails equals humiliating her with talk of her bathroom habits.

Then Yoon-ju jumps in to criticize Seol’s conversational skills, which prompts Jung-woo to defend Seol by saying Yoon-ju’s conversation is much worse, and then Hae-young criticizes Jung-woo, which brings Seol to his defense. This four-way snipe-o-go-round is enough to make your head spin. I LOVE IT.

Jung-woo surprises them all, however, by explaining that he’s actually here for a meeting… with Chairman Park.

The old man hears from Jung-woo that Seol doesn’t have the embroidered pouch, and explains that he is asking Jung-woo because he can’t trust Seol’s answers, as she doesn’t trust him either. He tells Jung-woo to search for the pouch while working at the palace, which is a fairly flimsy excuse to bring him into the palace — but if it gets our quarreling quartet all up in each other’s living spaces, I’m all for it.

They both agree to keep this meeting a secret, Jung-woo specifically requesting that the chairman not tell Yoon-ju about it.

Seol is thrilled to hear that Jung-woo will be reporting to the palace every day — and naturally, that makes Hae-young pissy, and he gives Jung-woo a particularly rude dismissal.

Jung-woo declines Yoon-ju’s request to speak with him, and leaves her hanging by saying he’s quite at ease these days. (Read: I am SO over you.) Oh, I’m liking him more and more.

Seol calls to check in on her mother that night while sitting in her new hideaway, the antique car on display. Hearing Hae-young enter with Yoon-ju, she ducks down out of sight.

Yoon-ju makes a reference to the car being entered without permission, and Hae-young covers for Seol by admitting that he’d done it. Surprising both women, Hae-young responds to Yoon-ju’s comment that Seol is a troublemaker by saying sympathetically that she’s probably acting out of self-preservation. He reminds her what it was like after Yoon-ju’s mother died when they were kids and they’d leaned on each other. By contrast, Seol is alone in the palace.

But Yoon-ju long traded her heart in and replies that pity is for those who deserve it, and tells Hae-young what Seol had said earlier about intending to live it up in the palace without guilt. Contrary to her intention, though, Hae-young isn’t upset; that means he can feel less sorry to Seol as well.

Outside, Hae-young catches a glimpse of Seol burning some papers — the stories about her adopted father’s crime — which indicates her decision not to choose between her fathers. He doesn’t interrupt, and instead opts to brood alone, as he so often does.

Mom and Dan are relieved at Seol’s decision not to discuss Dad at the press conference, and Mom sends Dan to the palace with a large box of homemade rice cakes. Dan ditches the food at the bus stop — such a pill, that one — and heads to the palace empty-handed, where Yoon-ju greets her.

Given that it would seem these two have the most cause to gang up against Seol, it’s sorta gratifying that they haven’t, and that it’s Dan who is holding out. She doesn’t like Yoon-ju — or, more to the point, doesn’t trust her — and has no reason to go along with her. Seeing that Dan won’t be cooperating, Yoon-ju turns cold(er) and tells her to quit loitering at the palace without a reason.

Dan challenges, “And if I have a reason?” and brings up the issue of the empress’s pouch.

Hae-young receives a call from somebody who knew Seol’s father, who had made several attempts to contact him. It turns out that the matter was covered up by Secretary Oh, who thought it best that he remain in the dark.

Secretary Oh means this in a protective way, because the discovery of a witness would cause Hae-young to lose his own father — because his dear dad wasn’t perhaps as noble as Hae-young remembers.

A flashback shows us a man in a suit — Hae-young’s father, we presume — with young Seol, as her father came rushing in to claim her. Seol’s father had reminded him that he wasn’t to mess with his daughter, while the rich man had warned him to stay out of his sight — and especially his father’s — or risk death.

Then, complicating matters, young Hae-young had entered just as Seol had been leaving. Gah, is there no drama storyline untouched by Fate?

Hearing the story, Hae-young shakes his head in denial, angry at the implication and refusing to believe that his father would have tormented the emperor’s heir. He asks if the secretary is making this story up to turn Seol into the princess, clinging to the fact that he doesn’t remember any of this. But clearly he’s rocked by the possibility that it’s true and breaks down, just as his image of his beloved father starts to crumble.

Seol is excited that this witness has surfaced, and asks to meet him right away. Hae-young drives her, keeping his own feelings under wraps, and they arrive at a harbor some distance from home.

As they approach the man’s home, Seol has a memory of being a child and living her with her father.

It turns out that this man had fished with Seol’s father back in the day, and produces a photo to support it. Even without the concrete proof, Seol is starting to recall more memories, which are stirred by this location.

She and Hae-young have dinner at a local seafood restaurant, where Seol indulges her good mood with a bottle of soju, ignoring Hae-young’s caution to lay off the sauce. Despite her insistence that she’s got a strong head for liquor, she slurs a bit as she asks Hae-young if he’d still be upset with her being a princess if his inheritance had nothing to do with it. He recites all of her outlandish behavior (dancing in the street, asking a stranger to hand over his receipt, and so on) to point out how very un-princessy she is.

After asserting that he’s merely her teacher and she’s the princess, Seol flops over, dead drunk. She staggers her way out in the snow, and falls over. Deciding that the expedient thing to do is to carry her off on piggyback, Hae-young warns that if she vomits on him, he’ll throw her into the ocean.

Seol teases and prods at him, covering his eyes playfully and talking in a flirtatious baby voice about how his eyelashes are the best. She asks him to give them to her (lol), which earns her a dry look from him, though he answers grudgingly, “Yours are pretty too.” Aw.

Seol is basically the most adorable pain in the ass ever as she sing-songs, wags her feet, and makes cute demands of him to tie her shoelaces in that sageuk royalspeak. Finally, he sets her down and grumbles that she’s pretty fearless to get drunk in a strange neighborhood. She gaily replies that she trusts her protector — what could happen to her with him here?

That unwarranted faith in his character pings his guilty conscience, and Hae-young looks at her intently. He sighs, “You really drive me crazy,” not knowing what to do with her; things would be easier if they hated each other.

But she replies — answering his question from before — that of the three choices he’d given her, it’s the disliking him one that’s false. (Which also means that she finds him her most handsome enemy, as well as the one who gives her the most difficulty.)

Pulling him to her, Seol gives him a kiss on the cheek. After she pulls away, he stares at her for a few long moments, then looks away, unsettled.

When he looks at her again, he prefaces his next move by instructing her, “Forget this.”

With that, he moves in for a kiss.


If we’re going to have a villainess mucking up the works, at least she’s the kind who’s very easy to hate — not much depth from a story point of view, but at least it’s satisfying to watch her fall victim to her own bitterness and, ultimately, failing to undermine our heroine. Yoon-ju’s the kind of person who has to convince herself that she’s happy, when really, she courts misery with her overwhelming desire to make something of herself and prove that she’s better. In contrast, Seol’s a much happier person, even when she’s down in the dumps, so Yoon-ju will always be foiled by her own insecurity and manipulation. I can live with that, and in fact wouldn’t mind her going even more over-the-top — all the easier to have fun anticipating her demise.

Yeah, the plot can be a little flimsy, particularly with the overwhelming importance attributed to one measly press conference. Or should I say, The! Press! Conference! The one, singular, make-it-or-break-it event upon which the future of the entire monarchy rests… NOT. For now, it gives us a handy deadline by which certain conflicts must play out so I’m content to let that slide, although I find myself laughing a little bit more with every mention.

My Princess does share the low-key plot and focus on relationship-building of the director’s previous drama, Pasta, and you can feel the similarities in directing choices as well. The upside of that for this drama is that even at its least developed, a monarchy/conspiracy/princessy drama has a lot more going on than one that focuses the weight of its conflict on how to make linguine.

Plus, Kim Tae-hee and Song Seung-heon? Just adorable together.


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  1. Vision

    Been waiting for your recap :). I love this ep!! So sweet ^^

    • 1.1 Jenny

      KTH, SSH acts well. They are both good looking. The storyline is good.
      I saw ep 8, it’s more interesting than ep 7. It’s funny but more romantic. After many funny scenes, it’s good to have romantic & excitement. The end of ep 8 is perfect & i’m curious what will happen next due to no preview.

      • 1.1.1 Salpa

        Yeah! very good drama! it has both comedy & romance!
        Love it! Casts did good job. Storyline is more interesting!

  2. Jenju


    It’s already subbed and I was JUST about to watch but now I’m super glad this is out so I can read the review first buahaha

    I’m such an addict.

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      you know ur addicted when…..

      you can’t sleep until you read the recaps!! haha i am such an addict… thanks for ur hard work JB!

      i swear i need a new hobby..;/

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        Exactly.. my eye lids already drooppiiieee. but still fighting to read the recaps.. thank you.

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        me tooo!!

        I’ve been updating for several hours ignoring the OBVIOUS clock staring at me accusingly “Are still up searching for drama updates??!! Get to bed!!”

        Don’t judge me CLOCK!!

        oh man My princess is sooo worth it

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        No, you know that you’re addicted when you are going skiing next week and actually checked whether the hotel has wireless so you can watch the next episodes….. (it does. It didn’t last year. I am ridiculously relieved….)

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      Are you talking about eng subs and if you are what site did you find the vids at?!?!?!!!!!!

      • 2.2.1 Jenju

        Hi! I watch my dramas at viki.com It’s a great community but if you don’t like it there’s also dramafever.com, mysoju.com and dramacrazy.net

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          I prefer to watch it in dramacrazy.net coz dramafever and viki dont let me watching on their site..

          but its super fast uploading and subbing in dramacrazy than others…

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    JB thank you for your hard work!

    I totals love this episode, only getting better!!!

    KTH FTW!!!!

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      I meant “totally” !!!!

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    thank you!

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    lee gikwang! sooooo cute =)

    • 5.1 cklein

      *throws up*

  6. crazedlu

    meh. dream high! haha! nah, this story’s alright. it’s just not weaved as well as dream high. i just LOVE that last shot though. love the positioning of both characters.

    • 6.1 cklein

      i agree. same old romcom execution. nothing is new. This came out a little bit of a big deal because the leads are new in the genre, other than that,

  7. Eve

    here come the standard piggy back ride and a kiss that seems to last forever….. banzai!!!

  8. Maui

    Maybe it’s really just me but the acting lacks at some portions… like KTH’s overacting at certain beats, PYJ’s stiff upper body which I noticed before but only bugs me now and SSH’s head side turn during emotional moments (thanks to whoever pointed that out totally ruins it hahaha can’t quite take him seriously now)… still following the drama though, it’s like cotton candy – all fluff but oh so fluffy!

    • 8.1 miss unknown

      I agree!!! LOL…I love this drama so much, but I do believe something is lacking in their acting…all of the actors seem a little stiff to me..but whatever, it’s a good drama! LLOL…fun and laughable, but I wouldn’t want to watch it again though..

    • 8.2 Birdie

      Yeah, I find KTH overacting annoying,and the other actors lacking in their acting,too. I had stopped watching MP, and is now following Sign, which is getting more interesting.

      • 8.2.1 R

        I came back to this episode because a friend was lamenting about the acting, the overall boredom ot he last episodes and the kiss. I fast forwarded most of it, but I’m in agreement with my friend: that kiss is… emotionless.

        First, there’s no music.
        Sure, an auteur film can afford a music-less first kiss as a way of experimenting new filming techniques, but in a drama which is supposed to make the fluffy romantic hearts skip a beat, that silence made it awkward and luke warm – if not downright cold.

        On the other hand, from the very beginning the soundtrack of this drama hasn’t been in line with the moods each scene wants to portray. Using the ubiquitous doremi while she cries her heart out and when she’s thrown into a fountain does not help empathy.

        Second: throwing in a kiss on ep.7, almost out of nowhere – I still have to see the tiniest spark of sexual tension between these two – seems more like a trick than a treat. More or less like showing a naked torso and a small towel on ep.1
        Unless they intend to make them elope on MooGyul’s hippy van, which wouldn’t be such a bad idea, since I smell a repetition of that silly craziness (which, btw, had a kiss on ep. 7).

        • singingzombies

          Preview shows forced engagement for episode 8 which makes the kiss more or less mandatory to get the plot moving along. I was also surprised to have the plot moving this quickly. Pasta didn’t have the main couple get together till episode 12 of 20 and the director has the tendency to drag plot developments as long as possible.

          Other things that threw off about the kiss is that its shot from pretty much 7 camera angles with rapid cuts between angles (awkward and annoying when I just want to see the damn kiss) and then settles on the 30 foot shot away from the kiss (where you can barely see the two let alone the kiss) and I pretty much thought (This was terrible edited… try harder)

          Yah, it was pretty silent but I was still in an fluffy emotional high from the drunken flirting so the lack of music didn’t really bother me.

          Overall, I’m just happy to not see the plot drag since this is right where most dramas do and the kiss could have been worse. It could have been an annoying spinning kiss camera shot. Ugh, that is so overused, and extremely disorienting.

          I don’t know about everyone else, but for me, My Princess is my “Feel Good” drama and Dream High is my “Feel Awesome” drama. Yay for 2 things to look forward to weekly.

          • Justine

            “I don’t know about everyone else, but for me, My Princess is my “Feel Good” drama and Dream High is my “Feel Awesome” drama. Yay for 2 things to look forward to weekly.”

            I totally agree! I watch My Princess and I feel happy but I don’t really count the days till I can watch it, unlike Dream High, which I look forward to like crazy every week.

        • elsie

          I had gripes about the kiss too. SSH doesn’t know how to kiss? He tilted his head all weird… and what the heck is he doing taking advantage of the drunk girl and telling her to forget about it?

          I did think KTH humming Mishil’s theme song when she was being carried was funny though.

          • aiqcn

            I agree with you. As much as I like that he kisses her, I feel bothered that HY takes advantages of Seul while she is drunk.

          • Sadhana

            oh no, I didn’t see it as taking advantage of a drunk girl. I saw it as a moment of weakness – he just gave in to his undeniable attraction to her. We all agree that she is the most adorable pain in the ass; poor guy can only have so much self-control, right?

            (PS: Nothing SSH does is wrong to me, haha)

        • clichique

          Really? You didn’t see any sexual tension?

          I actually think the chemistry between these two is great (which is also why I wish they’d just get together in real life if they haven’t already). Throughout you see the two of them acting in a way that’s more than friends/tough to classify, due to their complicated royal family/anti-royal family stances. I feel like this chemistry build-up has been built up pretty well. And finally, in yesterday’s episode, when Seul is drunk, she kisses him on the cheek, letting down her guard thanks to the alcohol. This stirs Haeyoung, who has gone through much turmoil in this episode, and this is why he tells her to forget about this, and then kisses her.

          IDK, I felt like the build-up was just right….

          • R

            This is probably my main problem with the drama. I look at them and they make me smile, but I never thought… come on, hug, kiss… something. On the contrary, I often feel a little awkward for them, as if they were cousins, or siblings.
            You know when you identify yourself with the character and would like to enter the screen and… be there? Well, here is a big, fat NOPE for me.
            I’m detached, despite the efforts of showing a half naked man at the beginning or keeping these two in close proximity to each other.

            I don’t want to attribute this to the actors though. It probably is a simple question of personal taste.

      • 8.2.2 sophie

        Ditto about KTH overacting being annoying. I just keep seeing the actress acting too, and not seeing the actual character. I fastforwarded most of the scenes of MP so far, as the story and plot don’t seem to interest me much yet.

  9. sakaburo

    rarely in kdrama have i found a character as endearing/sweet as KTH in this show. love, love, love this character. sweet, honest, perhaps a little slow on the uptake, but full of moxy. count me in on the lee soel train. aigoo. if this heads down some kinda makjang retarded path i’m gonna be eight shades of annoyed. seriously, i feel far too invested in this nonsense than i should be.

  10. 10 sajor

    thanks jb!

  11. 11 clichique


    Now… onto the mess that Haeyoung has become…

    I feel sorry for this boy. It seems now that everything he is holding onto is slowly falling apart. His father? Not the great image he had held onto (and hated his grandfather so adamantly for). His stance? Oh, you know, just complicated by his growing guilt and feelings for Seol. And, of course, his feelings? Can’t happen because he’s got to hold onto his stance. This kid is a walking turmoil and contradictory feelings.

    Again, this is so refreshing. Because, you know, Haeyoung is not some manchild or total snob and has normal human feelings, like GUILT (okay yes I am bitter, obviously).

    What’s interesting is how he is slowly letting go of a stance he should be making – pitting himself as Seol’s enemy. Even if he is SUPPOSED to be her ally… I mean, look at the episode 8 preview. He makes the decision for her by saying her foster father was the person in the wrong. Anybody with some common sense would know that if he had announced that it was Seol’s birth father, it would have been more beneficial. But did he? No, he didn’t.

    Seol is so freaking adorable. This needs to be said all the time. And you know what? I like that she has spunk. And does not let Yoonjoo step all over her. Yoonjoo is freaking malicious, but she still takes it with great attitude and everything. I can see Seol growing and standing up and letting that bitch, Yoonjoo, take a taste of her own medicine.

    I really hope the writer does not turn Seol into a crybaby later…… So far she really seems to have a backbone. And I’m really likin’ it!!

    Episode 8, come to me sooner!!

    • 11.1 YY

      From the preview, I don’t see any romantic moments in ep 8….sad…it’s going to be one misunderstanding after another….I hate misunderstandings! …so Goong!

    • 11.2 Autumn

      but isn’t his decision of incriminating the foster father an act of betrayal to Seol? especially after she had specifically told him that she will not take that route and he clearly knew that doing so would hurt her and her family. so i don’t see how it will it be beneficial to him in regards to his relationship with Seol…it’s a lose-lose situation really.

      • 11.2.1 YY

        I also felt it was betrayal on his part….how could he do that to her?

      • 11.2.2 MAVY

        And, iin a way he is mostly doing this to cover up for his father, its either using the witness as Seol had suggested, instead of having to choose between her fathers….. he does this to save his Dad’s image not for Seol.

        On another note, we can see from the previews that Seol kind of forgives him really easy ..

        And I just have to say this.. WTF grandpa!!!! okay why are ou stressing so much that JS and HY sleep in the same room or seem have something… wouldn’t that kill two birds with he same stone? See YOu get your princess and monarcgy and your grandson is not left disinherited…. Actually in a very quintessential way you secure power and money with marriage….

        So, grandpa when you get all pissy and bothered by it I can only assume that theres another torrid birth secret waiting to come out………………… Please Gods of Dramas dont let me right cause I am going to feel like this is some tipical mexican novela… and those are just embarrassing……..

        • clichique

          Actually you’re right…. Maybe I was just giving him the benefit of the doubt. But you are probably right. It is a lose-lose situation for him no matter what.

          Yet, I still think he chose a “lesser of two evils” in a way. Ish. If he were seriously committed to booting Seul out, and since Seul wasn’t present at the press conference and only he was, this means he could have just straight up said Lee Han was the culprit, bla bla bla..

          I think the going rumor is that Haeyoung’s father is the one who deliberately ran over Seul’s father, i.e. murder. And this is what Grandpa is desperately against, and I can only think of something like this that can make Grandpa SO angry with his son to boot him out of the country, i.e. to cover up his murder.

          • Lan

            Right. And that’s probably the reason why Grandpa is against Seul and Hae Young getting together. When Seul findns out what HY’s dad did, she won’t be able to forgive him. I think Grandpa already saw it as that Seul and HY can never be together.

            There’s no way the story was as simple as Grandpa ran over Seul’s dad by accident. Just sounds ridiculous. Grandpa isn’t such rash person.

          • momosa

            Grandpa paused for a second to wonder why Prof didn’t want Yoon Ju to know about the satchet. He must be beginning to suspect something – you know what they say about old men like him, they are quick and sly, nothing escaped their attention. In fact I think he must have even sensed something when Yoon Ju asked to be Director of Foundation.

            Yeah, I think the story must be more complicated with HY’s father.

          • MAVY

            That rings true to my ear/eyes…..It can lots of things… but anyways I’ve been asking my self this since the morning… where is HY’s dad? and I he coming back? cause been it he was so intent of not allowing his father to give his money for the establishment of the monarchy.. now that it is actually happening is he going to show up?

  12. 12 Nana

    That’s it. Those two females are the bitchiest bitches in k-drama land.

    • 12.1 joannaeek


    • 12.2 Nom_Kitteh

      You should check out Queen of Housewives and On Air, luv.

      • 12.2.1 JD


      • 12.2.2 Jomo

        While under a different name, she was equally evil in What Happens in Bali.

        She must be a confident actor if she is willing to have an entire group of people hate her with a passion,

  13. 13 Nom_Kitteh

    Thanks, JB!

    So far, now into ep-7, this show has hit all the right spots for me. I am disappointed in the kiss coming this quickly in the storyline; it means the end of the glorious tensions and easy/but-not-that-easy-really banter.

    It probably also the end of HY’s constant refusal to acknowledge LS’s charm or beauty (e.g., the waiter had an eye problem apparently which is why he winked at her; the waiter was a country bumpkin with low taste; etc.). But I like that his very, very, very first real compliment is about her pretty eyelashes, and even that is grudgingly offered. How ADORABLE is that?

    So, I’m kinda bummed that the low-grade flirtation has ended so soon. But, I can live with it as long as the angst is not piled on too heavy, and their friendship continues to build. I also hope LS continues to remain center of the drama. I really liked the introduction of HY’s father into the story but I hope that this doesn’t mean that the drama is going to get male-lead-heavy. Kim Tae Hee is too good an actress to get sidelined and Lee Seol is way too adorable and compelling character to get sidelined!

    Also, I hope evil sister turns out to be not-that-evil.

    • 13.1 xiaoSxin

      gloriously magical.. and absolutely adorable. ^^ Are we watching it again together tomorrow??^^

      • 13.1.1 Nom_Kitteh

        yay, xiaoSxin is here!

        Oh hell yeah we’re watching it together tomorrow. Missed you terribly today. Who else would notice plasticy sounds on mattresses?

        • xiaoSxin

          LOL.. ^^ We’ll try again next week!!

    • 13.2 Nom_Kitteh

      Hmmm…a paragraph missing…somewhere in there: To summarize the missing paragraph:
      Yeah, I’m disappointed in kiss coming so early (early for ME), but a) it was also perfectly introduced into the story and b) it made perfect sense to have it occur then and there, what with the buildup of the tensions/emotions/wants and all that, and c) it was of TEH AWSHUM variety of k-kisses

    • 13.3 clichique

      I too hope that Dan turns out to be decent. I can see it in her. In Yoonjoo…. no. She’s just bitch through and through. Call it blind faith, but I feel in the end Dan’s conscience and just the fact that they have known each other for so many years and that sort of family bond can’t be broken that easily, no matter what.

  14. 14 Raine

    Anyone notice that the song Seol was singing while getting a piggyback ride from Hae-young is Mishil’s theme song? XD That totally had me laughing my heads off haha. I love all the Mishil referencing in this episode 😛

    • 14.1 elle loves kdrama

      YES! I noticed it too! I had to rewind to that part because it was simply TOO funny! I really love this drama, it’s fuzzy-ness wrapped in cuteness!

      I wasn’t a big fan of Pasta, but I liked it specifically because the two leads got together (and stayed together!)”early” on during the show. I hope it happens with MP as well, because these two are just too darn cute 🙂

      • 14.1.1 Pat

        I liked Pasta better for superior acting chops.

    • 14.2 ckdarkraven23

      Yeah!! I thought about that too!!! It was Mishil’s theme song!!! This silly girl is belting out Mishil’s song!!! hahahaha;)) she must really like Mishil 😀 *love her too* I wish Seol could learn a few pointers from Mishil so she could kick Yoon-Ju’s butt. That girl is getting on my nerves!! Grrr! Someone should put that social climber in her proper place!

  15. 15 TgM4

    Thatz wat i was waiting for…amean c’mon 7th ep and still no kiss hehe… first kiss in k-dramas generally happen in the 6th / 7th ep…well am happy nw 😛

  16. 16 JD

    The car scene made me laugh out loud, and the four-way snipe was hilarious.

    Also, I wish there was some slight indication that Hae Young likes Seol before he kissed her. So far, it’s only her that has the symptoms of lovestruck (her staying up all night due to the bed incident), and from Hae Young, I get the image of a friend who’s only worried about his frenemy’s well-being.

    BTW, am I the only one who’s disappointed on how the kiss scene was played out??? The lack of music spoiled the mood for me. It looked wayyyy better in the pictures!

    • 16.1 clichique

      Really? I liked its complete silence and really appreciated how there wasn’t any (bad) dramatic music covering up that moment.

      It’s a really tender moment that should be appreciated, I feel. In all its silence. To savor the angst that is to come and the whirlwind of feelings around these two, which is making a loud enough noise in itself.

      • 16.1.1 JD

        Oh, I totally agree with you on all your points, but I’d say this was more of an editing effect problem. The silent effect seems to work best when there’s music before that certain scene, so that it’s stops and we are aware that it’s supposed to be a moment of effective silence. It also could work the other way around–have no music before the kissing scene (which happened here) and cue music when kiss happens so that it’s elicits that moment of appreciation.

        It’s just my two cents, of course; I’m not trying to start any heated debate 🙂

      • 16.1.2 YY

        I liked the silence too…very sensual, like heightens your senses, and I could even hear the click sound his lips (or some other organ) made…one short sharp click…lol now you’ll think I’m a perv…but sort of felt like the music director FORGOT to insert music in, more accidental than deliberate…dunno I may be wrong but I’m really scared of the music director guy, or whoever it is that puts in the music…cos he has a terrible knack for destroying THE MOMENT….remember the second ep?? was it he hugged her and omg circus music started to blare very very oddly. But I felt this kiss scene was palpable….I could feel the heat and the tension with the silence.

      • 16.1.3 momosa

        Liked to silence too! Think it’s most appropriate for such tender moment and we understood completely HY’s state of mind of ‘should not’ but ‘wanting’.

        A nice moment like this completely stands out as most shows nowadays are never lack of background noise whether appropriate or not.

      • 16.1.4 Sadhana

        Nicely put! I felt that way too.

        The music really bothers me in this show, so the silence was welcome during this pivotal scene (where I was totally squealing and writhing in my chair…haha)

    • 16.2 lunarscope

      I think HY feelings for her kind of show in the worried gazes her way and the smile on his face when/after she’s been around (the car scene and the scene where he drinks the glass of milk she gets him) I agree with you that maybe they could’ve been more emphasised.. but I blame the directing, rather than the acting or script. A lingering gaze, or closeup at a certain angle can do wonders….

      And omg the silent kiss would’ve worked if the soundtrack wasn’t so messed up. The music felt so intrusive, didn’t seem to flow with the rest of the show but stuck out like a sore thumb chasing the spotlight…

      • 16.2.1 Josina

        from Hae Young, I get the image of a friend who’s only worried about his frenemy’s well-being

        As Lunarscope points out, this could be down to the directing – he does a lot of brooding on his own or just listens to her cry without interfering, all of which doesn’t necessarily translate to ‘I want to be your underpants’ for every viewer.

        Having said that, I think HY is really in denial when it comes to Seol, so perhaps he was taken aback by the degree of his attraction himself. I expect he hasn’t met many straightforward (drunk) women in his diplomat/chaebol life, if Cruella is anything to go by.

  17. 17 Sera

    thank you so much javabeans!

  18. 18 Daniela

    Damn you spoilers! *Sigh* it’s my fault for searching it, I know. The good part : the kiss is I like you very much but I can’t, plus the guilt. I’m not discovering anything, he said it, but that’s why I like the kiss, it’s sort of forbidden for him to like her but he can’t help it.

    The dinner scene, LOVE IT. On superficial notes, Hae-young is handsome but I feel more attracted to Jung-woo. In a physical way. I really like the personalities of both of them. They have this ego but they release it in little doses and that make them cute, funny and yeah why not, more attractive. Confidence is the key.

    Thank you for the recap!

  19. 19 lunarscope

    OMG I ADORE THIS DRAMA!!! I loveee Seol and im starting to love Hae Young too… and I love them together <3
    I find Yoon Ju boring as a character.. or maybe it's just that the actress isn't bringing any onscreen charisma to the role. Like Dan is far better because she actually make you hate her.. with Yoon Ju I just feel indifference, which makes me feel inhumane… but thankfully the problem's with the antagonist and not the heroine :)) I freaking love the interactions between seol and HY. I hope they stay cute throughout the drama and don't get too caught up in their angst. I love how HY defended Seol against Yoonju and his grudging acknowledgement of her prettiness!! AND I LOVE LOVE LOVED the kiss on the cheek… it was so cute and HY's reaction was perfect.
    Man, this drama's got me in deep! ^^

  20. 20 Saps

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    Thanks for the recaps!

  23. 23 anne

    Problem with this drama is that it barely has an ost! In important scenes such as the kiss, there’s only silence and no music to enhance the scene which sucks!!

  24. 24 Carinne

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  25. 25 absothe

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    • 25.1 YY

      Yes! Yes! The car harks back to the titanic era. Very…titanician…Indeed I thought of titanic!

    • 25.2 Jomo

      Definitely!! I wonder if they will have the same funsexytimes…

  26. 26 Sumee

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    ..pls don kill me 🙂

    • 26.1 Sumee

      I meant his EYES ..TYPO**

      • 26.1.1 JD

        I actually like his eyes! They’re perfectly almond-shaped and his eyelashes are just darling.

        • YY

          his eyelashes are soooo longggg…so obvious when he closed his eyes to kiss her

        • Sumee

          yep ..its just that black eyeballs are so big in comparison…i know that in Korea they have these lenses that make the retina looks bigger & rounder in shape ..so may be he is using those ! 😉

          • YY

            Sumee, remember Red Riding Hood leaning in close to look at the Big Bad Wolf in Grandma garb, asking: “Grandma, why are your eyes so BIGGG?”
            And Grandma Wolf answered: “All the better to see you with, my dear!”

            The point of this story…why, nothing! JUst that when you talked about black eyeballs and retinas, it reminded me of it! hahahhaha

            (I know I’m loony….all that palace intrigue is affecting my mind)

          • Sumeeo

            @ YY i know red riding hood is the first thing that pops outta mind..i am actually waiting for the movie too in march ! 😉
            PS many of us are loony here on JB..always count me in for being that !

          • diane

            i guess both KTH and SSH are not wearing those lenses.
            they dont really need it cause their retina is just beautiful naturally. it’s obvious when you watch the show in high definition quality:)

  27. 27 c3sS

    I am bursting with giddiness over this drama. But then again how can you not, SSH & KTH are just oh-so-gooey-gaga together (and to think I’m not really a fan of both but I love them in here).

    Watching YoonJu & Dan sniping at each other was satisfying indeed, but poor Seol later 🙁

    Much mahalo for the recap.

  28. 28 chuachumill


  29. 29 YY

    I’ve only watched the “important” parts without subs….liked the kiss, wish it were longer…sigh….so romantic the part he took a moment to decide what to do,and his words before he kissed her made the whole ep special. I wish there were more such scenes between two of them….a stolen glance across a crowded room, that kind of thing.

    Guys, I am so bored with the whole palace intrigue thing. If it were not for the two of them, I would have stopped watching a long time ago. And what is wrong with the sister? Why does she hate her so much? So annoying! The other girl has reason to hate Seul but the sister? Seul treats her so affectionately….but I get a feeling she’s going to turn nice towards the end. The mym crying broke my heart though….and I don’t even understand a word they’re saying haha

    Those steaks they were eating…hmmm…looked pretty tough to me….frozen steaks must be a speciality in the royal household

  30. 30 Autumn

    *squee* i loved the kiss, and the lead up to it, it was adorable…and magical. *replays*

    KTH is seriously rocking her role as Seol. I cracked up when she was trying to imitate Mishil, muahaha, that’s my girl. why brood and cry in silence when you can release your anger through dramas. HY, please take note.

    thanks for the recap.

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    • 31.1 blubell

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    • 31.2 yuli

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      • 31.2.1 yuli

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    that just made my day. my sentiments exactly 😀

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        How rude….Grandpa’s appeal crosses age and all barriers. Btw, I hereby regret to inform you that you have been barred from joining the I Love Oppa Grandpa Fan Club.

        • yuli

          golly gee, I’m crying…. *sniggers*

          • Nikki


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    The song that Seol sang when she was on piggyback ride was OST of Queen seondeok, mishil’s theme. lol I laughed so hard.

    • 38.1 orbiter

      Me too!!! I thought that was one of the best drama moments evah 😀

  39. 39 Emma

    I like the kiss too..but I think they use too many shots from different angles!!!! Can’t stop laughing at the night driving lesson car scene and the 4-way breakfast/ lunch/ dinner?? I think KTH and SSH carries the whole show…Any scene without them or one of them seem a little bored…MP fighting!!!

  40. 40 Jewels

    Thanks JB for the recap.

    I just love the chef. He is so freaking adorable. I also love the little kid from Playful Kiss who is portraying young HY.

    I was caught off guard with the kiss….but it was a nice surprise, and I actually liked the no music/silent effect.

  41. 41 loveit

    The kiss scene works out really well. I was worried that after looking at all those pictures the impact will be lost. But wow, the scene sent flutters to the heart. And seeing it with no music makes it special….quiet like the whole world is silent while they kiss…

    • 41.1 somuchsoju

      Ditto! I was worried that music might ruin the kiseussin mood but boy, was it so heart throbbing aside from the fact that this couple is very, very visually explosive. And, when they locked lips, closed their eyes, voila the eyelashes! Love the scene!

    • 41.2 clichique

      Seems like the kiss scene was really hit or miss for people… I was one of those people who really liked the silence, but I guess a lot of other people are complaining about the complete silence…

      But, really, looking at the music choices this drama has had…….. I really don’t want any of the OST to be playing during the kiss scene. Totally would ruin it.

      • 41.2.1 samgetang

        agree! the silence makes the kiss more dramatic and tension-filled. when you are in the same situation, it would be the same sans sound or music…all senses attuned just to that one kiss 😉

  42. 42 bloodsugar

    De-lurking to say thanks, Javabeans! 🙂 I’m really enjoying your recaps.
    Also–this series is making me appreciate Mr Hand-towel! He’s actually extremely convincing here. 🙂

  43. 43 Obsidian

    Thank you for these re-caps! I’ve stopped watching the drama since I’ll be starting school next week so I’ll just stick to your amazing recaps to keep me updated 😀




    • 44.1 Jewels

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      Thanks so much for your efforts, it so greatly appreciated.

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  46. 46 stars4u

    The OST posted above reminds me of Princess diaries… or I think I’ve heard it somewhere but I just rally can’t remember…

  47. 47 asianromance

    thank you for the recap, javabeans!

    I was actually a bit angry after watching this but you calmed me down. I guess I was in a bad mood because I was loving the series (especially Seol and Haeyoung) and suddenly yesterday, I started hating everybody but Seol, Seol’s mom, Gunnie, and Jung-woo. Why are all these people making Seol unhappy and bringing their dirty political crap/backdealings into Seol’s life?! She doesn’t want to cause people pain and she doesn’t want to taint the name of her adopted stepfather, but it feels like everyone else in the drama is poo-pooing her feelings and the dilemma she is in. Haeyoung and Yoon-ju, how would you like it if i dig up a bunch of stuff abt your dads and announce it on tv?

    I’m just so angry FOR seol. And the palace that is supposed to be her home is more of a prison than a home. Even her own room is not her sacred space! I wanted to get my own press conference to dirty Yoon-ju and Haeyoung’s dads names and wanted to announce that this grandfatherly chairman caused the king’s death (you think you can get away with a hit and run and making the little girl wait 20 years for her father, huh!)

    • 47.1 YY

      You know what, I think HY’s father deliberately ran Seul’s father down, so it wasn’t hit and run, but murder. That’s why they can’t be together and why Grandpa is so deadset against any relationship between the two.

      • 47.1.1 Josina

        Interesting theory. From what we have seen in this episode you might be right. It would also explain why Grandpa is so angry about his son.

      • 47.1.2 sajor

        i was thinking in the same line too.. but then it may be a little too hard for the couple to be together in the end if that was the case.

        • YY

          seul has to forgive HY’s father, then it will be ok. That would take easily 5 eps…God, I can imagine the drawn out angst ….oh, peleaseeee

          • Josina

            And it would explain why Seol’s father told her to stay put in a different spot. He was trying to draw attention away from her, knowing how far HY’s father would go.

            I wonder if HY’s father comes back to Korea to help thwart the Princess Plan, because he stands to loose his lifestyle too, if I’m right in assuming that he still lives off the family fortune.

          • YY

            Do you think the father’s still alive? cos we don’t really know….just that he was driven out.

          • Josina

            I thought he was still alive, but perhaps I’m mistaken. (Drat, no stealthy 50+ ninja assassin terrorising the palace…)

          • YY

            Josina, maybe that’s why seul’s poor father had to sneak away in the night when grandpa was sleeping cos he was terrifed HY’s father would kill his little girl….I think grandpa didn’t know about the son’s plans to kill seul and her father; he probably only knew after seul’s father was knocked down….must have confronted the son after seul’s father died, and maybe the son admitted everything. Then grandpa chased him out of the house.

          • Josina

            YY, than sounds very plausible. Until now we could have considered Grandpa’s dismissal of his son as high-handed or erratic, but if the son has committed this crime, then sending him away makes sense for a chaebol who has to protect the good name of his empire.

          • Cathe Ryne Denice Sarmiento

            Your conversation had greatly made me think about the possibility! I feel bad for the two of them, so many things are bringing them apart. 🙁

      • 47.1.3 asianromance

        awesome conspiracy theory!

        still, someone needs to be punished here! whether it be grandpa or HY’s dad (if it’s the dad, the grandpa should be imprisoned for covering up a murder! guess his loyalty to the king was always shallow.).

        a man has been killed off and there was no justice! I need a “My name is Inigo Montoya [or Lee Seul]. You killed my father. Prepare to die” scene.

        *sigh* I need Jung-woo’s smile

        • girlatsea

          Oh my god, The Princess Bride reference. LMAO, I’m dying.

      • 47.1.4 x0mi07

        OMG YY i love you! i hope your theory is right that would be SO romeo and juliet! *swoon*

  48. 48 shelly

    OMG ……. first kiss …..

  49. 49 diadda

    I liked how the princess-to-be was trying to learn how to be a royal from dramas. (Park Ye Jin’s old drama to be precise.) nice bit of fun there.

  50. 50 Topaz

    Wow….first kiss……love it….. love MP

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