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My Princess: Episode 8
by | January 27, 2011 | 465 Comments

There’s lots of drama in this episode, but very little fun, which doesn’t really serve this show well. Some shows can run the gamut from comedy to melodrama with equal effectiveness and sometimes much more emotional gain, but this one buckles a little under the pressure, because it’s not equipped for weighty stuff. When we do find the cute moments, we’re golden, but it’s a bit of a wild goose chase in this episode, to find the nuggets hidden amongst all the soulful staring. Jung-woo saves this episode with some much-needed levity and a helpful dose of common sense, making him Prince of the Castle for the week.


Hae-young tells her to “forget this,” and then kisses her. Next thing we know, she’s asleep and he tucks her in for the night. Wait, is this the anti-Sleeping Beauty? Isn’t the prince’s kiss supposed to wake the princess from a deep sleep, not put her in one?

He broods for a while, and then leaves her behind, because he’s tortured like that.

It turns out that ditching her is more than your average guilt-by-kissage, as today is the day of The! Press! Conference! Well thank ye drama gods, because I was not going to tolerate this stupid plotline for one episode longer.

Seol wakes up to find that she’s alone, and goes looking for Hae-young out by the sea. She gets carried away by Hae-young’s henchmen (which are, strangely, Grandpa’s henchmen—what, you couldn’t get your own?).

Once locked in the car, she tells them that Hae-young will come to take her back, so there’s no need for this, as it’s not like they’re kidnapping her in an act of terrorism. Hearing those words come out of her mouth just reminds me that I insanely watched an entire drama relying on her to save the world. Hur hur.

Seol’s faith in Hae-young is so sad, especially since it’s about to bite her in the ass in…three…two…one…

The henchman’s phone rings, and it’s Hae-young. He passes the phone to Seol, who naively asks him to come get her. Hae-young sighs as he tells her in plain language: “I threw you away.” He tells her that he’s not coming back, and that she won’t be attending the press conference today, no matter how hard she tries. Cue bells of “I Geddit, I Geddit…Oh Crap.”

Meanwhile, preparation for the press conference gets underway, as Yoon-ju and Grandpa both get word that the princess has disappeared. It seems that Yoon-ju isn’t in on this plan, which makes me feel a little better that Hae-young isn’t plotting against Seol with the wicked witch.

Time for The! Press! Conference! Finally! Everyone gathers and flutters over the missing princess. Hae-young makes them wait in order to make a grand entrance (oh, you drama queen), and tells them that the princess will not be attending today’s press conference.

He then announces the palace’s official position on Seol’s father and his past, essentially clearing his name of the crimes. But in so doing, he names her adoptive father as the culprit, and even adds that Seol wanted to use this press conference to clear her father’s name. While that’s not untrue, it certainly leaves out that whole part where she didn’t want to throw her other father to the wolves to do it.

Jung-woo sneaks out to call Seol, who finally answers after begging for her phone back. She asks Jung-woo to prolong the press conference for as long as he can, and that she’s on her way to explain everything. He wonders if this is all Hae-young’s doing. Well, it certainly looks that way, doesn’t it?

Hae-young walks out, leaving the press clamoring with questions. Jung-woo stops him in the courtyard to ask if he kept Seol from coming here by force, and if he understands the magnitude of what he’s done. He takes the betrayal personally, saying that despite not liking him, he did think that Hae-young’s concern for Seol was real, and that he was in the very least, a trustworthy man.

Hae-young: “Well you thought wrong.” He can’t help himself though, and tells Jung-woo to back off from Seol, since his concern for her seems to overstep the normal professor-student relationship.

Jung-woo is quick to answer that it DOES go beyond: “Seol is more than a student to me. Lee Seol is living history, and she’s a dream that I’ve been chasing my whole life.” Well, it’s not the most romantic thing a girl wants to hear, but I’ll forgive you since you’re wearing your spiffy Indiana-Jones-in-the-city look today.

Hae-young glares as he muses bitterly, “It must be nice, being able to take sides so definitively.” Jung-woo: “It IS nice, and I plan to do so from now on.” Yee-to-the-haw. Bring on the dogfights.

Seol watches news footage of the press conference from the car, and realizes what Hae-young meant. Back at the palace Yoon-ju asks him if he was with Seol last night. He says he was and wanted to be, but stops at that and doesn’t give excuses. She says she doesn’t care, since she trusts him, but adds that his plan will hardly induce Seol to give up the throne.

Yoon-ju points out that what he did was, in the end, a choice to protect Seol. Grandpa agrees, though he’s angry about where he’s stashed the princess in the meantime. Hae-young: “She’s somewhere…crying.”

Sure enough, Seol requests the car to turn around, and she heads straight to Mom’s house. Mom and Dan see the press conference on the news, and reel at the shock of Seol’s direct betrayal.

Seol runs to the door, crying and screaming for Mom to let her in so she can explain. She heartbreakingly cries out to Mom over and over, saying that she’s sorry, that she was wrong, that this isn’t how it was supposed to be.

Mom listens from inside, her heart breaking as she holds herself back, wanting so much to let her in, but unable to. She says aloud to herself that it’s okay, that as long as she lives a good life at the palace, there’s nothing else she could ask for. She says that she knows in her head that Seol isn’t to blame, but her heart isn’t letting her face Seol right now.

Jung-woo appears behind her, and gets her to stop crying. He presents her with a simple choice—to stay here with Mom and Dan, or to return to the palace. She doesn’t know how to answer, and he points out that what should be a simple answer isn’t one, for her.

He tells her that he guessed that after what went down at the press conference, he’d find her here, and so he came…but he had hoped he wouldn’t find her here. Because this is where his student Lee Seol would be, sure, but the princess—she should have appeared at the press conference, no matter how late.

He points out that she’s not acting like the princess because she doesn’t consider herself as one. He adds that other than being spun in circles by Hae-young and Yoon-ju, she’s not doing anything.

Jung-woo: Before you are your parents’ daughter, you are Korea’s history. A history that needs to be put right again, and a history that is yet to be written. [This is what you are] To me, and to Korea.

Back at the palace, Hae-young takes out the picture of his father, the glass now broken in the frame. Symbolism! Secretary Oh tells him that he made the right decision (to clear Lee Ahn’s name) but Hae-young is quick to make it clear that it’s hardly going to be difficult for him to bully one little girl out of the palace, and makes his position against Grandpa known.

Yoon-ju looks at Dan’s profile, and wonders if the royal satchel that she claims to have is the real deal or not.

Grandpa gets word that the princess has returned, and in getting a report from his henchmen, finds out that she and Hae-young shared a room last night. He flips his lid, at which the henchman stutters that there was only the one room, and it’s not like a man and a woman sharing a room necessarily means they… But Grandpa goes ahead and has a fit anyway.

Seol and Jung-woo arrive and she heads straight for Hae-young. She runs into Yoon-ju first, in front of the staff, and Yoon-ju ices her with, “You’re late…very.” This time, not to be outdone, Seol ices her right back: “Yes. You must have been happy…very.” Niiiice.

After they clear the room, Yoon-ju remains with Jung-woo, and makes a dig that his student is so unpredictable. He just wheels around to say that it’s what makes her likable—that no matter how unpredictable it is where she might pop up next, it’s guaranteed that wherever it is, it’ll be bright because of her. Aw. He turns to add that Yoon-ju was like that…once. Burn.

Seol runs to Hae-young’s room, banging on the door and shouting for him to come out. She’s doing a lot of crying outside people’s doors this episode. After a while of brooding and avoiding, he finally comes out to face her.

She lays into him for leaving her there, hitting him in a fit of anger and tears. She cries that her family won’t see her because of what he’s done, and he coldly tells her that she herself said that she’s used to being an orphan.

He tells her that she should have expected as much, if she’s going to be a princess, and that she should have known that people would do this to her.

Seol: I did know. I expected this from other people. But not Park Hae-young. A reason? I don’t know. Proof? I don’t have any. But I just believed…that Park Hae-young would protect me.
Hae-young: What are you? What are you to me? Why did you think I’d protect you? Without any reason or proof, why are you putting me beside you at your whim and blaming me? …. Do you want forgiveness? Do you want your family back? Then give up being a princess. If you give it all up, you can return…to your family…and to me.

Whoa. Now THAT I wasn’t expecting. It’s both tragic (because he means it) and down and dirty (because he’s now dangling himself as a reason for her to give up the throne).

He leaves her crying alone in the hallway.

The next morning, Yoon-ju assembles the court ladies to ask if anyone knew about Seol’s disappearing act the night before last. She makes it clear that she must be told every single thing about the princess, from her footsteps down to her sneezes. Okay, creepy stalker. She adds that if Seol manages to escape again, someone here will pay the price with her job.

Seol spends the whole day calling Mom and Dan over and over, with no answer from either. Dan finally gets sick of it, and spitefully texts Seol from Mom’s phone, telling her not to call anymore. Worst sister ever.

Seol makes a move to head out the door, but gets stopped with a desperate plea from her court lady that without Yoon-ju’s approval, Seol stepping one foot out of the palace means that she loses her job. Seol remains trapped in the palace, stewing all day, until Yoon-ju arrives to start a new catfight.

She tells Seol that there’s rampant speculation in the press about whether the princess is sick, or dead, and blames her irresponsible behavior. Seol states plainly that she’s alive and well, so they can dispute the rumors, can’t they? Yoon-ju shoot back that other than being alive, Seol isn’t really good for anything. Yeesh.

She tells her, commands her, really, to get dressed to go to the hospital and play sick for the public. She basically calls her a third-rate celebrity, and for her to do at least that much.

It finally pushes Seol into action, and she tells Yoon-ju to assemble her entire staff. She has something to say to all of them, as the princess.

She comes out where the staff including Hae-young, Yoon-ju, and Jung-woo are assembled, and gets ready to address them. She stands on her tiptoes trying to look at everyone in the room, but finds that her highest heels aren’t doing the job. So she gets up on the couch to address the room with authority. It’s both adorable and regal—in other words, the perfectly princessy thing to do.

She apologizes for missing the press conference and for all the rumors milling about, which she plans to start correcting.

Seol: I didn’t know who I was, or what I was supposed to do. This circumstance that I came up against…scared me, you see. The reason I entered the palace was to clear my father’s name. But now I know—that my father is not just my father, but the monarchy’s history.

She announces that she’s calling for a re-do on the press conference. Oh dear lord, are we doing another press conference? But! We just got rid of the last one!

Yoon-ju confronts Hae-young about what on earth happened between him and Seol that night to make her act like this. He just brushes it aside, but Yoon-ju says that she thought they were on the same path…is that not the case anymore?

He asks what path she means, and she spells it out: M-A-R-R-I-A-G-E. Duh. He reminds her that he said he wouldn’t marry her if he became penniless. He says it’s the last thing he can do for her. With tears in her eyes, she asks why he thinks that’s what she’d want; if he wants to make her out to be that kind of woman.

He answers that it’s true he was never impassioned towards her (ouch) but that he’s always wanted to take care of her, and to honor her father’s loyalty to their family. Oooohhhh…double ouch. That is the WORST possible thing you could say to the woman who loves you. Geez, I’m shuddering.

Instead of rejecting the man who clearly thinks of her as an obligation, she stupidly asks him to marry her now then. She calls his bluff, noting that he can’t do it, because it leave him no out…and because he’s feeling something for Seol. He denies that he’ll do anything with Seol, but Yoon-ju sees right through him: “You already have.”

Jung-woo presents Seol with a history of her family, and they have a good flirt over whether he’s giving it to her, or just showing off that he does super important research. She catches him smiling at her, and actually calls him on it: “You’re totally looking at me like I’m so cute right now!” OMG, she cracks me up.

She wonders if she can pull it off, being the princess, and he encourages her, with the reminder that all her days from here on out will be recorded as history, just like her ancestors. He tells her to be careful, and especially not to write love letters to just anyone. Ha.

Seol realizes that if she’s going to be recorded in history, there’s a few things from her past history that needs to be erased. She starts making a list of all the things that need to be erased, starting with her comments in online forums. Hahaha. Future princesses be warned: your life online can haunt your reign. Discretion advised.

Hae-young walks into the gallery, and she hurriedly crumples up the paper and sticks it in her mouth. What are you, a goat? He pulls it out and starts to read it, wondering what the titles are: “What is this? Do you watch porn?” Seol: “NO! I only watched the trailers!” LOL.

He gets on the phone and has someone just sweep the online history, stopping to ask: “Do you watch porn on foreign sites too?” Ha. She wonders why he’s being nice to her again, and what backhanded move he’s got planned next. He asks how she plans to pull it off, with her limited skills.

She reminds him that even in her part-time job, she played a princess. Hae-young: “That’s right. Because of you, every foreigner who visits Korea thinks princesses are pretty.” She’s about to spit back another retort, until she realizes what he just said.

Seol: “What…what did you say?” Hae-young: “That you’re pretty.”

She starts to stammer and he follows it up with: “Are you being swayed right now?” She glares at him, trying to figure out if he’s doing this just to mess with her. Seol: “Are you testing me?” Hae-young: “I’m testing ME.”

They get called to dinner by Grandpa, who makes the announcement that Hae-young needs to do something to make it clear to the public that Daehan Group no longer has any ties to the monarchy…marry Yoon-ju.

Everyone sits with bated breath, and then Hae-young answers that he will, not for Daehan or the monarchy, but because he wants to. Seol and Jung-woo both stare agape. And then, Yoon-ju one-ups him with her answer: That SHE won’t marry him.


Wah, where did all the fluffy fun go? We barely recovered some of it in the last five minutes, but it was sorely missing all episode long. I really only like this show for one reason, and that’s silly, frothy, evaporate-into-fluffy-clouds fun, and well…this episode had none of that. **princess pout** It’s not like I hate the drama when it’s all angsty, but its weaknesses really start to show at the seams when the whole episode is spent in Serious Stuff, because…well… I hate to point out that the emperor has no clothes on, but this show doesn’t exactly hold its water in the Serious Plot Department.

I get that the characters are all taking the angst seriously, but I’m not, so there’s a gap that gets widened when I’m not pulled in by much more compelling things like romance and funny hijinks. Seol’s angst is a little more raw (and better performed, truth be told) so I connect a little more with what she’s going through, but now that she’s got all that crying out of the way, I’d really like to see her do more of what she does towards the end of the episode, and stand up to Yoon-ju and Hae-young instead of whining that the universe is messing with her.

But mostly, please, bring back The Cute. Bring it baaaaaaaack.


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  1. starling

    thanks for posting!
    first? x)

    • 1.1 Jessyl

      Thanks for the recap!
      Wow, ep 8 has more romance than comedy. I love it. Story is more exciting with more complicate, logical plots.
      I laugh a lot when professor tells princess not to write love letter because all her activities will be recorded as history.
      Can’t wait!

  2. danna

    yet to watch this episode..but i agree the cute rules this show!

  3. crazyunnie

    This show is my new crack! O.o

    • 3.1 crazyunnie

      I actually don’t mind that it’s not as cute or fluffy.
      A drama gets boring when its fluffy for too long.
      A little angst on episode 8 doesn’t bother me.
      I love this show! :)

      • 3.1.1 Ashley

        I agree. I actually really enjoyed The Serious, and even the press conference (and the importance attached to it) did not bother me. I actually feel like this show has some “magical realism” going on, and once you buy into the premise you have to buy into the stakes in order to enjoy it. If you don’t accept the restoring the monarchy plot angle, than the whole thing is sunk.

        • clichique

          My thoughts exactly!!

          I know I FIRST enjoyed this because of the cute and the fluff. And the characters, oh the characters, they are so awesome. And I want to see Seol and Haeyoung end up together!! And we all know that for that to happen, angst is going to happen sooner or later.

          But yeah. Dramas can’t be eaten up like cotton candy. Because you’ll get sick of it after the fifth of sixth time. There’s got to be some bitter in it, something more than just cute and fluff, and I’ve gotten onto this restoring monarchy plot line, so I’m up for the ride.

        • m a r a

          Good point, Ashley. The whole idea of restoring a monarchy and a long lost princess is pretty out there, so, I find the more forced dramatic plot points to be in keeping with that outrageous concept. I think the realism lies in the internal conflict within the characters.

          While I hope the show doesn’t take itself too seriously with the melodrama because it definitely has more charm when it indulges in the fun and cute, I think we need a few episodes of angst.

          • Donna

            I agree to that.

          • Sooshi Meo

            Ah, to put it in the words of HY…”When you have decided to live as a Princess, you should have expected this much.” So, as an audience we should as well. She can’t be on cloud 9 all the time with everyone in the palace against her with the obvious few who aren’t.

        • pigrabbit

          I’m right there you with! I didn’t mind the angst–I almost felt it was necessary because of all the fluff. Just as long as Sul’s character continues to grow a backbone, I’m still on board ^.^

          • Ashley

            Yay! So glad I’m not alone! :)

      • 3.1.2 Jenny

        …hi…hi… i can’t stop laughing when HY asks if LS sees porn oversea?…..hi…hi …so funny…. the end of ep 8 is very, very exciting when HY agrees to marry YJ but YJ says…. everything is hotter…. i like the cute, lovely, logical conversation… love MY PRINCESS! can’t wait for
        ep #9

      • 3.1.3 niKai

        After 4 episodes or so, i did wonder if this drama is going to continue with being all cute and fluffy, and i was kinda worried. Because if it continues to not taking itself seriously, then the drama seems to be lacking substance. So i’m actually not minding the angst. I personally thot it’s much needed to balance the cuteness. and it doesn’t make the drama any less entertaining. As long as it doesn’t get draggy like most rom-coms when they are heading into their second half of the series, that would be all i’m asking. so far so good.

        • ann

          yess!!! so i’m not the only one who wants to get some serious epi … it’s not that i don’t like all candy fluffy cute funny moments..it’s just that u can’t go all the way to 16 i mean 16 epi just on the base of cuty cuty stufff.. so i really DO want something serious, angst act along with fluffy act… i can take all those bucketful of tears..ONLY IF THEY DON’T OVERDO IT!! fighting MP!!!

      • 3.1.4 tinatot

        mee too… i like the serious part…
        what can i say? tae hee and seung heun are just so effective and the story is on the right track.
        love it!!

  4. maria

    you know– you might be on to something with this “prince of the castle” business, girlfriday. kinda like “king of the lab” in Bones. i would be psyched to have these two duke it out in a competition for something like that every.. epi? 😛

    jung woo, prince of the castle!

    also– *princess pout* LOL

    • 4.1 asea

      hahaha agreee 😀 (although Bones isn’t the same without Zach and with that annoying girlfriend!!! I so over Bones now sadly)

      I lovee the prof so much this episodeee 😀
      I am pretty much having my first second lead syndrome… he’s just too charming… and lol@ “I’ll forgive you since you’re wearing your spiffy Indiana-Jones-in-the-city look today.”

      • 4.1.1 maria

        oh noooes! SLS is VERY VERY serious, we have pills for that, honey. ..here, i’ll share mine with you :) …where are the friday OT people when you need pills for second lead syndrome?!?!? 😀

        • asea

          I am hunting for other drama staring him as the main lead so at least I can sleep knowing he’s happy with somebody else in another universe… 😛

          • kdramaqueen

            he was lead act in 18 vs 29. he played a movie star whose wife got amnesia after an accident, and forgot everything about their marriage.

          • luna.tic

            watch Bad Couple, Dang-Ja & the botanist is hilarious!

      • 4.1.2 fionnula

        I agree completely with Bones! Though I did find Wendell a laugh – and that other guy who is highly depressed and appeared in Avatar.

        I mean as soon as they stopped the whole Bones/Booth would they/would they not thing and Brennan rejected Booth the show started going downhill. I haven’t watched any of this season at all because it was the only reason why I loved the show in the first place and the idea of Booth cheating on his gf gets me v. upset because I really think Booth is quite loyal and his loyalty is what makes me love him so.

        Anyway, apart from the Bones rant. I love the bit where Jung-woo and Seul have the flirty moment. Jung-woo is such an adorable second lead. I cannot believe I am kind of rooting for both guys because I love them so much. The best of both worlds really. And (can’t remember the name of the actor who plays Jung-woo) he look’s amazing now that he’s lost weight. After My Princess, I hope he takes lead in a drama soon.

    • 4.2 asianromance

      woohoo! another Bones fan!!! *high five* I also vote Jung Woo prince of the castle! I think he won rounds Episode 7 and 8! Haeyoung seriously pissed me off here, messing with her family!

      • 4.2.1 asea

        Seol is so nice, if I were her, I would be really cold to Hae Young afterwards =/

        Jung Woo definitely the prince of the castle! 😀
        Seol always so happy near him.. (Alas.. female, at least in drama, love the bad choice more)

        I would love to see more jealousy from Hae Young (he deserve to be tortured!!!). Can we get Jung Woo as the tutor now? At least teaching her about the history :)

        I also want Jung Woo to be one of Seol suitors advised by Grandpa or something (tho it is close to impossible they would go there)

        • f


          I♥SEOL SO MUCH!!!! GO PRINCESS!!!!

          • YY

            ME TOO SQUEEEEE

          • LeMonS

            He already can’t control his feelings He shouldn’t be doing the things he’s doing right now (in his right “i want to keep my money” mind). Silly boy. That is one slippery slope of LOVE.

      • 4.2.2 SM

        Yeah! another Bones fan…. love the show but it starts less interested in last season since they denied their feeling .:(
        I think it is not too bad for an eps with angst or crying but pls don’t overdo it… :)

  5. Hanni R.

    I am sorry to hear that The Cute is diminishing because even though I don’t watch this show, I have been following your recaps and it seems like that is one of the show’s major strengths. Once again, thank you for a thorough and honest recap.

    • 5.1 Ashley

      Oh you should watch it! The recaps are great but this is one that really benefits from being actually watched. Some shows are “better” in recaps but this one is adorable when you watch it!

      • 5.1.1 Prinsesa

        Really? I’ll watch this then, I was only planning on reading the recaps for this, heh. I’ll wait after the series is completed before watching. For now I’ll enjoy JB and GF’s recaps. (More often than not, the duo’s recaps are way more enjoyable than the actual show.)

        • kdramaqueen

          watching the show and reading the dramabeans recaps is like watching the show with your bestie.

          love you, guys, jb and gf!

      • 5.1.2 Hanni R.

        Well that’s good to know. Thanks!

  6. Eve

    why is it that she seems to forget that she’s mad at him? it’s like she forgives him every single time….

    • 6.1 crazyunnie

      Because she’s a nice person?
      I tend to forgive easily.
      Maybe her character is that way.

      • 6.1.1 Eve

        in less than 12 hours? he just ruined her family… that’s not easily forgivable/forgettable…

        • flowerpower

          I agree with you, how can she forgive him that easy? I don’t care about the sister but her mother was deeply hurt by all this, and I have seen how much Seol loves her mom, so I expecter her to be more angry at him for betraying her like that.

        • asianromance

          grandpa said he had caused her dad’s death and she forgot after an episode!

          • flowerpower

            You are right! I guess when it comes to dramas logic is out of the question!!!!!!!

        • nonski

          kinda right on that note eve…one flaw :)

    • 6.2 f1yh1gh10

      haha, i think its because:
      1) its a drama. she HAS to forgive him.
      2) her character. she’s just an overall cheerful and kind girl.
      3) he’s hot. 😀
      4) she likes him, (but she doesn’t know it yet).. you know? she cares for him, but she can’t admit it because she doesn’t even know how she feels. it’s still the 8th episode, so at least 1 person is gonna know how they feel about the other, and 1 person is gonna be completely clueless.

      • 6.2.1 reverie

        ha….ha… so true, it’s drama 101 rules:
        “….so at least 1 person is gonna know how they feel about the other, and 1 person is gonna be completely clueless.”

        • nonski

          lol….i read that late…not a flaw…but a drama reality

    • 6.3 kay

      it’s because his overwhelming hotness :)

    • 6.4 Ashley

      Did you watch? Because even though the exchange near the end is cute, she is definitely still mad at him.

    • 6.5 clichique

      I think the reason is she realizes she’s not really mad with him, but mad at herself not being able to prevent this mess.

      Hence why the lecture the professor gave her in the car outside her mom’s house stirred her to action. She realized she wasn’t doing everything she could, that she wasn’t really EMPOWERING herself.

      IF she had better handled things instead of being cheerful & happy & dilly-dally around the beautiful place that is her palace (and man, that is a GORGEOUS house, might I say), she could have prevented this.

      Plus I think part of it is just because Seol is optimistic and she realizes there is no point lamenting over spilled milk. She’s gotta look forward and she believes in herself enough to believe that she can save this entire situation. But yeah her personality’s got part to do this..

    • 6.6 YY

      It’s cos she’s anticipating taking a hot shower with him, ten packs and all sometime in the near future, God willing….she’s totally shallow….the hot shower’s all that’s on her mind, her family doesn’t matter one hoot…..she’s worried that if she’s still angry with him, he totally won’t be inviting her to take a shower with him….so she won’t be able to take the hot shower with him….so she’s just planning ahead….the forgiveness now is part of her Hot Shower Strategy.

      • 6.6.1 kdramaqueen

        errrr, really? that is a long-winded plan.

      • 6.6.2 nonski

        hahahaha … what a plan

    • 6.7 rainyrainy

      @Eve I was thinking the same when I saw her talking with him at th end of the epi , I mean she was so angry she was hitting him and accusing him for stabbing her at her back , accusing im for not being what she thought he is : his protector , but at the end of the epi she was talking with him as if nothing happened , ok she may be naive and goodhearted but not this is a bit much
      @GF thanks for the recap :)

    • 6.8 Jomo

      It have been better if she had a flashback scene before the one with him near the car.

      We could have remembered all the tender moments she had with him, mixed in with his honest stating that he will try to block her.

      Maybe see a little weakening of her anger toward him before he shows up to tease her.

      Personally, faced with his adorable teasing, my anger would last .000712 milleseconds.
      He is the almighty and powerful HAND TOWEL for crying out loud.

  7. the don

    thx 4 the recap

  8. Sera

    Thank you girlfriday!

  9. ck1Oz

    LOL..okay bring back the ‘cute’.

    Sigh back to waiting for ep 9.You are my last stop.Besides viki now.

  10. 10 AmbieH

    **princess pout** dont forget the wiggle and feet stomping.. lol

  11. 11 hpn88

    They’re not even trying to make us sympathize with Yoon-ju one bit are they. This was the first episode I watched instead of reading the recaps actually and the second she came on, I instantly hated her.

  12. 12 anna

    Looks like it’s going down the same path as Secret Garden. Too bad though, it was just too cute.

    • 12.1 Hanni R.

      Yeah, that one started out with so much potential!

      • 12.1.1 asea

        :( I love secret garden but I would have to agree.. When is the SG writer joining the My Princess team?

      • 12.1.2 flowerpower

        I actually think Secret Garden was so much better! By episode 8 I was already hooked and it always had me asking for more, and more, and more. I know some people thought that it went down the drains but to me there was not a single episode that had me bored. It is true that it did have me asking some questions at the end, and I know they will never get answered, but it also made me happy and satisfied in other aspects, so SG is actually on my top ten list of best dramas of all times. Like I said before, to fully enjoy a drama I just prefer to leave logic out the door.

        This is just me, so don’t throw stones at me please.

        • belleza

          I actually think My Princess has been MUCH better than Secret Garden. Better written conflicts, more interesting female heroine, more interesting use of film score, better allusion to fairy tales/pop culture, etc.

          But the difference is that SG was more romantic. It started from Episode One on the premise of one or both wanting a relationship, which is a radical departure for K-dramas.

    • 12.2 R

      There’s no comparison whatsoever between the 2 shows, neither on the quality of acting, directing, editing, music nor on the script itself.
      You might not have liked the way SG “solved” the twists and mystery, but comparing the witty dialogues of SG to this, is like saying that Danielle Steel is the new Jane Austen.

      If we have to compare, than it seems to me this is taking more the direction of Mary Stayed Out, fun and cuteness ending in a blur of tears and insanity.

      By the way, I’m one of those who, despite not liking this show, always comes back here for the witty recaps. Therefore, thank you again for those! :)

      • 12.2.1 nonski

        yup, witty recaps…i look forward to this as well as the drama….forbid, but pls let this not turn into Mary…coz i was overwhelmingly disappointed with Mary….i didnt finish watching the drama but just read the recaps….i didn’t have the strength to finish watching it …. else, i’d end up hating it..

      • 12.2.2 bd2

        Yeah, there is no comparison btwn the 2, MP is actually fun to watch, unlike SG.

        Is MP a great rom-com?

        No, it has its flaws, but despite them it gets the “rom” part largely right and the “com” part is pretty reliable.

        SG got neither of them right – the romance btwn the main leads wasn’t developed properly and hence, unbelievable, and the constant fighting and bickering btwn the primary and secondary couples, as well as the competing guys was just irritating/tiresome – unlike in MP where the fighting/bickering is much more enjoyable since it has the right amount of fun/humor.

        As for witty dialogue (which is a must for me), I was hard pressed to find any in SG; MP not only has the more believable dialogue btwn the characters, but also one laced w/ more fun/humor.

        • belleza

          “SG got neither of them right –”

          SG was an emperor with no clothes. We have to ask ourselves this — if you weren’t a fan of Hyun Bin or Ha Ji Won, could we have stomached the one-sided douchebaggery?

  13. 13 gigganggolli

    …well its time to dwell on the story not just the cutey cute couple…I for one like how the story is going, I mean we have that cute part in the beginning and now for the real drama and prove your self watchable coz really your too old for the cutey cute-cute-cute part… Bring out your true color, man and be a man so that finally the story will have something to tell not just cuteness……

    • 13.1 mp

      “Bring out your true color”
      u said it ma fren!!! ya give us more than cute act>>>

  14. 14 Aloedrinker

    oh GoODY rutten eggs, I really dislike that girl. I really want Seol to step up and said “move away. I’m the princess. You have no right to ordered me around” things like that.

    • 14.1 watchumlots


      Seol should put that Yoon-Ju in her place:

      I am the princess in this crowd, YOU work for me!

      The rest of the staff would fall in line, that statement would totally diminish Yoon-Ju’s imaginary authority.

  15. 15 seoulmusic

    argh! haeyoung! so mean :(

  16. 16 lei

    i don’t mind the cute being a little MIA in this episode. this was a turning point for seol to take the lead and not just be yanked in all different directions by hae young and the evil witch, as professor cutie said. i hope they follow through on this path in the next eps (not the cute diminishing, but seol being more assertive, specially with evil witch)

    i also like that aside from the adorable kitchen assistant (i don’t think he’s a chef yet, too young!), seol had another ally in the younger court lady. i hope we see more of kitchen assistant in the next eps. he and the nice court lady can join forces and help seol fight miss evil witch.

    • 16.1 Ashley

      I LOVED the younger court lady. I hope we see more of her!

      • 16.1.1 lei

        another thing i liked is that the lackeys (or at least their leader) isn’t just a faceless, emotion-less drone clad in a black suit. he reacts when strange or stupid things go on around him :)

        maybe kitchen assistant and nice court lady can recruit him to help seol. but then he’s too loyal to grandpa…

      • 16.1.2 JD

        Having her assist Seol in her mischief will be so much fun! I love it when there are loyal rebellious right-hand-men/women in the scene 😀

      • 16.1.3 Jomo

        Me, too.
        She reminds me of Son Ye Jin.
        She can do a lot with very little screen time.

    • 16.2 Jomo

      You are right about this being the turning point.

      In order for any hero/heroine to grow, they have to be completely cut off from support. It is a sad reality in all story telling — from the greatest literature to Disney movies.

      That’s why none of the Disney heros have both parents. Why would any parent allow their child to stand alone and suffer if they could help it? How can a child reach his/her true potential if they can go crying back home?

  17. 17 bishbash

    this drama is cute only when Seol is with either Hae Young or Jung Woo. Or both.

    and then this episode has too few such scenes.

    *princess pout*

    thanks girlfriday! 😉

    • 17.1 asea

      and too much screen time for evil queen :(

      Btw Hae Young and Jung Woo combo also cute 😛

  18. 18 Amber's Cube

    Thanks Girlfriday.

  19. 19 crazedlu

    meh. enjoyed this episode even less than the other’s. i must be one of the few who don’t think kth’s as pretty as korea makes her out to be. =O

  20. 20 Jasmin

    Dear writers & PD’s….stick with what you’re good at. Fluff & Cutesy. Don’t try to disguise yourself with heavier stuff. Stick to what you’re good at and run with it. Please. For the sake of the fans who actually gave this drama a chance b/c of the fluff & stuff.

  21. 21 lunarscope

    Was anyone else taken by surprise by Yoon Ju’s decision NOT to marry him? I mean, i know it was probably the most logical/realistic thing to say after everything HY said to her before… (even if she is a bitch, that’s gotta hurt) But I was just not expecting it. I mean this is k-dramaland.. and MY PRINCESS! Logic and realism have long been rejected… or so i thought…heh

  22. 22 Jane

    She’s the princess, can’t she just fire the bitch queen??

    • 22.1 I'm not Jomo, really

      How does that saying go?
      Nobody can make you feel inferiour without your consent.

      People with power only have it because we cede it to them.

      She is learning now what it means to be powerless despite being in a supposed position of authority. Hopefully this feeling will lead to her understanding of how to gain the upper hand with Raisin Head.

      It’s like the idea of glamor – it’s all illusion.

      She has to BE powerful first, then she will deserve people’s loyalty.

    • 22.2 izzie-bot

      she can. she just doesn’t know she can. being a princess wasn’t her purpose for entering the palace that’s why she’s being bullied – her intentions do not include wielding power.

      and she doesn’t know how to use grandpa, whom she totally can manipulate via the guilt avenue. but she doesn’t have it in her to do it since she’s a nice girl.

  23. 23 flowerpower

    I just hope our princess grows some backbone pretty soon, because she is letting fish-lips lady, jung woo, her sister step all over her. Come on! she is the princess for Gods sakes!. Funny they mentioned QSD on the previous episodes because one of my favorite scenes on that drama was when our lady Mishil was trying to bully the new appointed Queen just like she did to her sister when she was young, but the QSD responded “How dare you ( don’t remember what class distinction she used) touch the Queen”, with that she left Mishil speechless. I just hope something like this happens when our lovely princess says to Yoon-ju ” How dare you treat me this way! I am your Princess!!
    Then I can go “Yes! in you fish-face evil lady!!!!!!”

  24. 24 Portia

    Ah…I know, you’re probably right about the fact that the drama is weak when it’s being serious, but honestly I’m so sucked into it at this point that I didn’t even notice!!!

    While I’m watching I just sit there thinking…”Ooh!! I want those shoes! Oooh…he’s so pretty…and him…and…and…can I have her dress? And…ooh, fun, a silly scene! And oooh…the ANGST…the pretty, pretty angst!!!!”

    Completely ridiculous, but I can’t seem to stop…I’ve lost my heart (or at least my hormones) to Mr. Hand Towel and I don’t think I want to get it back!!

    (Just don’t tell Hyun Bin that I’ve betrayed him…I would feel bad about that, seeing as how he’s going into the military and all…) 😀

  25. 25 Noypi

    CHILLS down my spine when Hae Young said “and come back………..TO ME!!!” AHHHHH!!! How freakin amazing is that?? Totally did not see that one coming too GF! I had to replay it again.. LOL.. and all Lee Seol could do was stare at him.. she was speechless.. WOW!! I’m liking the angst.. I’m in a emo mood so I like it.. hehe, hopefully we get more CUTE back next week!! 😀

    • 25.1 YY

      YES, that was the best part of the ep.

      • 25.1.1 Jomo


      • 25.1.2 Severine

        Yes! Loved that whole scene, I was literally at the edge of my seat the entire time. So much tension and chemistry between those two. *sigh* I wish all drama angst was that good.

        • Noypi

          Yes!! I’m watching that part all over again RIGHT NOW.. I keep replaying it, the way he said it as if he was Pleading but in a soft whisper.. the way she took one breath right after he said it like she wants to pretend he did not just say that.. the way he kept pacing while she was crying outside and how he almost went back outside to help her… GAHHH.. I really love that scene..

          • minsun

            Yes!!! Goosebumps… that has to be the most romantic confession!

          • loveit

            “the way he said it as if he was Pleading but in a soft whisper.. ”

            Oh yes! I keep replaying it too! The words by themselves make me think that he is dangling him self to her as a price for LS not to be a princess. But the way it was said make me melt and feel his yearning to be with LS

          • Gerri

            OMG u said what exactly i felt watching that whole scene. It was so beautiful.. hv re watched many times and still my heart breaks everytime for them.

          • Dian

            I kept replaying that part, too! I was so surprised when he said, “… and to me”

            That’s like a confession already! At Episode 8?? Even Seoul was dumbstruck. I love these two.

            I generally prefer to watch their funny and cute scenes, but for the first time ever I also liked watching their angsty scenes. They touch my heart.

            I think KTH and SSH both performed well in comedy and drama. This is my first time watching them and so far I’m not disappointed.

    • 25.2 mel

      like you all–that “and come back to me” was just so out of nowhere that until now I keep returning to that scene to make sure Hae Young really did say it to Lee Seol….SUPER HUH???!!!! then “I’m testing me…” he then turns round to say he’ll marry the evil witch of the west… is that his way of protecting the princess?

      Okey show, bring on the angst… princess hurry up with more backbone… and melt that witch away with your magic slippers and her own broom!!! Opps sorry wrong story.. but it’s great that both men, Hae Young and Jung Woo keeps putting evil witch in her place…. and of course saving face by rejecting the marriage offer from grandpa and HY, well, there’s gotta be a deal here somewhere for the witch–put the princess and everyone on the spot.. The witch of course wants it all, so I wonder what deal she wants in order to accept the marriage proposal, stop the ceremony to re-establish the monarchy? of course–that’s her ultimate goal. Hmmm, the witch is smarting from all the “burns” she got from Hae Young and Jung Woo…! and the princess is standing up to her–so MY do hurry up with the backbone!!

      Thanks GF for this recap and JB too, can’t wait for the next episode…

  26. 26 Fiona

    Thank you so much for the recap! I’ve been refreshing the page for it…

    My favourite part was where he asked if she watched porn, and she goes on to say only the trailers~

    Yoon ju is so bitter…but then again, if she said yes, I would want Seol to just stop them (and stop Grandpa from controlling her life, surely she’s more powerful!)

  27. 27 goldcinnamon54

    I miss the fluffy and cute, but I want LS to be mad at HY a little longer. He did, after all, betray her…even if she understands what she means to the country now, he has truly turned her into an orphan (poor LS). Plus, he really can’t stand when she’s mad at him; he just doesn’t see it. He’s always trying to make up with her (sigh)

    • 27.1 MAVY

      You know the worts part is that relationship like that are so real its tragic. There are just people that we can’t help but forgive and at th same time they can’t help but need our forgiveness even if they are going to screwup again its at horrible cycle…

      • 27.1.1 clichique

        There’s a word for that:

        Vicious cycle, anyone?

        Seol can’t stay mad at Haeyoung that long because deep down she likes him. And Haeyoung can’t keep up the “I’m your worst enemy” act that long EITHER because he likes her. So these two keep hitting the on-off switch, dancing in relationship limbo. And this is when we get the cute scenes, i.e. porn websites and Seol looking like a goat.

        • fionnula

          Where does Seol look like a goat?

          • YY

            when she was chewing the paper like billy goat gruff

        • minsun

          I’m happy with the vicious cycle, if Cute is what i get:)

      • 27.1.2 JD

        Reminds me of me and my sisters. We’d get into a really big ugly fight, but the next day, we forget that we were mad and accidentally talk to each other again.

        It is a bit unbelievable though since the issue isn’t some small petty issue, but a betrayal of trust and friendship. Maybe it’s ’cause Seol sees that Hae Young isn’t completely a bad guy with cruel intentions…she knows he’d a potentially good friend, but the current circumstances doesn’t permit that.

  28. 28 MAVY

    No wonder HY is a diplomat he is a master in the art of manipulation….. but then no matter how good you are at getting what you need you always cry when you have to give up what you want…. He is playing with double stakes here or he looses Seol and get his money, or he Gets his money and Seol- which is mighty tricky- Or he looses both Seol and the money…. He in a way is been like Seol, he wants it all. Using his self as stakes is both brilliant and evil.

    Now I get that we all love the fluff in My Princess but you know what it is doing the angst nicely, maybe it need to work a little more on the balance of both, but its getting there… One love sweets but too much of them is nastier than eating spoiled foods, there is nothing better than getting to eat both steak and cheesecake in the same dinner… ok i should stop with the metaphors…

    On a lighter and pervier note, how awesome of a joke is it that LS watches porn trailers?

  29. 29 f1yh1gh10

    i didn’t mind the seriousness too much, because you know, you can’t exactly go through a drama with 16 episodes of cuteness, right?

    so, it was all right. i definitely love the cute-siness of this drama, but you know the tears were gonna hafta flow sometime. i want to make sure seul knows that he loves her…. then again. this is ep 8.

    yeah i agree. 0% of sympathy with yoonju in real life. park ye jin is a good actress. she makes it easy to hate her. 😀

    as usual, i’m hoping this whole marriage-blowoff that haeyoung agreed to (and yoonju didn’t, probably because she wants him to actually love her) is plotted out carefully. i think the weaving of the “YOU CAN’T BE A PRINCESS BECAUSE THEN WE CAN’T BE TOGETHER” was good, cuz it surprised me.

    • 29.1 f1yh1gh10

      haha i meant, 0% of sympathy with yoonju. i love her in real life.

    • 29.2 YY

      *stamping petutantly* I WANT I WANT 16 EPS OF CUTENESS!!!!!

      • 29.2.1 YY

        typo *petulantly sorry LOL the amazing engrish spoken in kor dramas is rubbing off on me

  30. 30 theedie

    Actually, I found I rather liked this episode. Granted, I LOVE (L-O-V-E LOVE) the cutesy stuff and definitely missed it in this episode, but I didn’t think the serious stuff was as hard to buy this episode. Hae-young is dealing with some rather serious conflicts within himself between choosing his own family or choosing Seol and at the moment he’s convinced he has to choose his own family. Very interesting since it parallels Seol’s own decision. They both either have to choose their families or their new fates. Seol’s trying to keep both, but can’t and Hae-young is coming to grips with the same reality. I found the conflict coming up in this episode to be a bit more real and compelling than say, the conflict that occurred in Mary Stayed Out All Night. If this show was all fluff and cute, there’d be no substance. Which was what Mary basrically was and that turned out to be agonizing. I find this drama balances it better and am loving every single moment.

    • 30.1 ooh

      i like your review..just realized LS and HY were in a sense having the same dilemma. How did you find SG? I loved SG but i was a little disappointed with its final episode…

      • 30.1.1 theedie

        Actually have not watched Secret Garden. I have skimmed through the episodes along with reading the recaps here. At first I was all for it, but overall was disappointed for the lack of oomph with the whole body switching gimmick and the ending was more lackluster than I would have liked.

  31. 31 chuachumill

    what dis show gonna be..hae young went broke..seol give up the pricess thingy n they live happily ever after?nooooo!!seol will be better with mr prof hottie..let hae young cry….BLOODDDDD~~~HA3

  32. 32 jossy

    porn trailers ftw! lol

  33. 33 xylophonic

    I actually think the angst was quite well done. I especially loved the mother-daughter scene, pretty much broke my heart into miniscule shards.

    I think KTH is doing a fantastic job; still, I can’t say the same for SSH, and I love him best when he’s doing the Funny/Cute. When he’s channeling the angst, it’s just…bleh. I get nothing. Or very very little.

    • 33.1 clichique

      The head tilt. THE HEAD TILT. WHEN WILL HE STOP IT. It’s all I saw in East of Eden. Heck, even in Autumn In My Heart, I feel. And Summer Scent. THE HEAD TILT. I SEE IT EVERYWHERE.


      • 33.1.1 lunarscope

        LOL I soo agree!! It drove me crazy before but now i’m just gonna crack up everytime I see him do it… which will probably sap out all the angst for me.. not that i was feeling much of it from him anyway. Definitely much better when he’s being a egotistical goodhearted jerk :)

        • clichique

          Agreed. I like egotistical goodhearted Haeyoung. But he needs to go through hurdles of angst first………

          Which can only mean…


          • YY

            clichique sweetie, you’ve been OBSESSED with this head tilt thingy for a mighty long while now….ok what head tilt? I don’t see any….err….you sure it’s not in your mind?

          • clichique

            LOL it does seem like I am obsessed with the head tilt.

            IDK, I think this all goes back to the time when I was really excited about East of Eden and it turned out to be a total flop and even though it offered copious amounts of Song Seungheon in his glory (read: copious SSH choco abs + wifebeater moments). I just could not connect with his acting. He did this head tilt thing and it DROVE ME INSANE.

            It also did not help that Lee Dahae got TOTALLY WASTED in that drama thanks to a brilliant (read: sarcasm) plot switch by the writer. She was supposed to be the female lead but she got put in the corner by Lee Yeonhee and let me not get started with her non-acting skills.

            So yes, this all stems back to the bitterness I still hold onto from East of Eden. Damn that drama. It caused me so much hatred and bitterness that I will probably never get over.

          • YY

            If you’re talking about head tilts, the King of Head Tilts must be the guy in You Are My Destiny. He played Yoona’s love interest. Every time he spoke,good gawd, his head would tilt to the side and start waggling like crazy….he used his head to stress every single point he was making….HORRIBLE!!!! I stopped watching cos of his head.

          • clichique

            Agreed. Bobble head acting is not acting. Sorry, but just…. no.

      • 33.1.2 YOO

        oh God , i thought i was the only who saw the head tilts thank god am not the only one . i can’t concetrate whenever his being serious because am looking at his head . lol i say drama does not fit this show .

        • saraha

          Me too. Anytime angst comes in the way of SSH/HY, he tilts his head and LOOKS DOWN. Frankly, it is annoying! Doesn’t he have any other way to show dark feelings?

      • 33.1.3 asianromance

        hear hear! I knew something weird was going on with his head when he’s acting his emotional moments, but couldn’t really put it in words. Now you’ve hit the nail on the head: the head tilt! I think if we can just get his head to stay still, we can make a fine actor of him yet. I think he did the comedic bits pretty well- even better than KTH. But for the whole package in My Princess, KTH > SSH.

      • 33.1.4 halcyon

        wahhhh!!!!! why oh why did i read ur comment??? before reading this i was totally cool with the way SSH act..but now evertime agnst act comes i starts to solely concentrate his head.. alas..u’re so true.. HE DOES TILT HIS FREAKING CUTE HEAD….hope i’ll be able to forget abt his head act. m tryin!!!

      • 33.1.5 Madita

        But…but I DO LOVE HIS HEADTILT …really.

        I like his acting in this drama, didn’t expect this from him :)

    • 33.2 lavender

      Buhahahahahahhahahahaha. It is so true. I never noticed until you went off on one of your rants in another recap. Now all I can see is THE HEAD TILT. You’ll taint SSH for the rest of us, I swear.

  34. 34 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap, girlfriday! LOL i crack up every time you or javabeans go “Symbolism!”

    I’m not sure if it’s the medication I have been on and am probably currently in withdrawal from, but I found that I couldn’t really enjoy episodes 7 and 8 as much as episodes 1-6. I really needed The Cute and the positive emotions. There was just too much angst and negative and there was also the fact that I feel so sad that Seol is pretty much alone and trapped in this castle. Everyone is either against her or just clueless abt what is really going on. And Haeyoung, that backstabber! I would love to trample on him and Yoon-ju with Seol’s heels. When will Seol get her money from the Daehan group? Can she fire Yoon-ju once she gets her hands on the money?

    I’m glad Seol made that announcement to hold another press conference! Atta girl! I hope she keeps up this flash of spirited backbone. And I’m glad for Jung-woo- unromantic person that he is- he is still a ray of sunshine!

    • 34.1 Daniela

      I also crack up with Symbolism!

    • 34.2 xylophonic

      Seol gets money? From who? I thought the Chairman was donating all of his wealth to society if they accepted Seol as the princess. I may be wrong?

  35. 35 Celest

    I’m actually liking the seriousness in this episode. I mean, a show can’t always be fluff…right? Think of all the brain cells that could get lost…

    I am loving slightly-open-Hae-Young. That “come back to me” and “i’m testing myself” line made my heart skip a beat more than that kiss did last episode. FINALLY. Our prince of calm and cool is finally starting to crack!

    The only thing that really bothers me with this show is the importance of the pouch to the storyline. I mean I get that it’s a legit piece of history but I have no idea nor do I get why it could be a huge deal if Dan comes up with it rather than Seol. I mean, they really can’t believe that Dan could be the real princess…right? It sounds totally ridiculous.

    • 35.1 YY

      But I want fluff….*bawling*

      • 35.1.1 MAVY

        It will be there DO NOT WORRY TO MUCH, the Gods Of Dramas are been good to us this year.. they no we can’t be treated like we were las year… or there shall be a revolt!!!! No really see that by the end of the episode the fluff was back? the writers know it’s a must, they sold a comedy not a tearjerker.

        • MAVY


    • 35.2 I'm not Jomo, really

      Did someone say that someone is trying to get into the Princess’s pouch?

  36. 36 chuachumill

    WAIT..did seol totally forget about the kiss?yup..i think so~~!

    • 36.1 JD

      I actually hope she does. It’ll be quite sweet if Hae Young let slip later on that he actually already kissed her, hahaha

    • 36.2 YY

      I think she has temporary amnesia cos of the soju and the stress….she should start regaining her memory of that kiss next ep. SHE”D BETTER!!!!!!

    • 36.3 Jomo

      I don’t think she forgot.
      Right after he tells her he abandoned her, she brings her hand to her lips, and it stays there. (There’s a screen cap of it.)

      Even if it is only muscle memory, (so appropriate in this case)
      it’s in her head somewhere.

      • 36.3.1 samgetang

        jomo, where is the screencap of that scene? cant find it….

        • Jomo

          Above and to the right of the words:
          The henchman’s phone rings,
          HY’s photo driving the car is on the left.

          Seul holds the phone with one hand, the other is directly below her mouth.

          • samgetang

            oh! got that, thanks jomo! :-) yup, very subtle…but looks like she did remember :-)

  37. 37 Prinsesa

    Got it, porn trailers only! Hahaha.

    ..but I shouldn’t be posting comments like this, should I? Could become a problem in the future.. LOL.

    Enjoyed your recap! Thanks GF!

  38. 38 alice

    “Whoa. Now THAT I wasn’t expecting. It’s both tragic (because he means it) and down and dirty (because he’s now dangling himself as a reason for her to give up the throne).”

    Exactly what I was thinking. If she became princess then they can’t be together and that’s why he wants her out.
    No previews =((
    I liked this episode even though it didn’t have much light heart comedy in it as much as the others. In every drama there has to be a climax… what would a drama be without it?

  39. 39 Mushi

    Man, it’s like you guys can predict what I’m going to do. Just finished watching this episode subbed and then decide to head over to dramabeans. What do I find but a recap of that same episode? 😀

  40. 40 m a r a

    I started out being meh about this episode, but once I just forgave and tried to understand the logic of the plotlines and the motivations of the characters, I didn’t mind this episode anymore.

    I’m just afraid that with the inclusion of the head writer from Secret Garden to the My Princess team, then, the story might go downhill. I’ve never seen Secret Garden, but I heard a lot of complaints about its later episodes, considering that it started on a good note.

    • 40.1 DRAMADDICT/4ever

      I think you should give SG a try and judge for yourself, who knows you might end up liking it, or end up hating it because it is just matter of preferences. Personally I loved that drama until the very end, and as matter of fact I am still suffering from SG-withdrawal symptoms.

      • 40.1.1 m a r a

        Thanks. But I don’t know. Secret Garden just never appealed to me. Maybe one of these days, I’ll give it a chance.

    • 40.2 alice

      true for me about SG. I love the drama but the ending was kinda… iffy. I liked the whole body switching storyline and the chemistry between the main actors was amazing but the ending just seemed like it was a quick tie to all loose ends. But you should give it a try… watch it for Hyun Bin’s Blue sparkly suit, him wearing a bra, and his amazing kissing… that man is the bestest best kisser i’ve seen on screen so far. The BTS were also pretty funny too.

  41. 41 JD

    I actually welcome the angst. It’s spurring the show onwards into the conflict, and that’s what the fluff episodes were denying us. I want to see problems arise and tensions occur and things get fixed and make-ups happen but all in reasonable sense! But of course, everything should be taken in moderation and I’d vote for a balance of both fluff and angst.

    I adore Seol. I’d say she’s the perfect balance of both fluff and angst. She brightens up the screen with her antics and comeback sayings, but has me crying the next with her pain-filled heartfelt tears (THAT SCENE WAS ABSOLUTELY HEARTBREAKING!). I hope she’ll retain this character throughout and not stoop down to a Eunjo (cough) where she’s gonna cry every frickin’ episode.

    Also, Jung-woo is the leading prince so far by a good mile or two. He is absolutely a charming second lead! And I love that he can stand so strong with a clear head against a woman who broke his heart. Probably one of my favorite second leads out of Korean dramas!

    • 41.1 xylophonic

      Totally agree with you on Jung-woo, right now I am definitely rooting for him even though I know no man can be leading man over Mr. Hand Towel. Kdramaland does not allow things like that.

  42. 42 clichique

    I just want to say…

    I am glad to see Seol does have a backbone. I can see it in the little mini-bitch-offs that Yoonjoo and her have. She’s not gonna let Yoonjoo step over her. No. She’ll talk back. She will grow into the assertive princess that she should be. I look forward to that day… when she will make Yoonjoo eat dirt and triumph!!


    Haeyoung and Seol… what to do with the two of you. Seriously. But you have the mini-confession Haeyoung has… and sort of with Seol (but her more unknowingly)…. I am looking for this to be resolved.

    AS USUAL, my personal opinion is that this angst is NEEDED. I don’t want to eat cotton candy every episode. I want some meat. And meat means angst. You gotta have it. Otherwise there is no storyline (read: Mary Stayed Out). Personally, I think the angst is handled fine here and I wouldn’t prefer it any other way. Yes, I do have some problems with Song Seungheon and THE. HEAD. TILT. But Kim Taehee is hitting really spot on with the crying scenes and everything.

    I feel like this drama is either hit or miss with people. Some people either watch it just for the cutesiness or others (like myself) take it a bit more seriously. For me, the characters drive me forward and the chemistry between the leads is overwhelming so of course I’m looking forward to the problems being resolved and the two of them getting together in the end…… which, with a REAL STORYLINE PREMISE means that we will be getting angst.

    • 42.1 YY

      clichique, there you go again with the head tilt thingy….I can see it’s gnawing at you this head thing…ok, girl, you need help….and I’m here for you. Maybe if you try NOT LOOKING at his head when he’s emoting, and looking elsewhere….like his eyes? He’s got really beautiful long lashes….or his tummy???? I tend to look at THAT a lot, esp when he’s in a vest….the vest is so tight it actually accentuates each of his six packs I swear….like a camel’s hump….except that a camel’s got 2 and he’s got 6….oh sorry, got carried away there a tad *blushes*…now where was I? ah, the head tilt…

      • 42.1.1 Gerri

        @YY lovvy yr solutions! will definitely try them out even thot hv no problem with his ‘head-tilt’ thingy.

      • 42.1.2 clichique


        There is something wrong. I know so many guys who have great eyelashes. And here I am, relying on mascara and fake eyelashes (okay I lies, I hardly wear makeup, but if I were to, I’d have to use the above) trying to make my eyelashes longer because I’m not blessed with…. male genes that guarantee me beautiful eyelashes??


        LOL. I love you, YY. I did notice that the 3 piece suit was a little tight on him (read: six packs too hardcore for that suit, he might as well just take it off). But then Yoonjoo suddenly came into the picture and I was completely turned off by the bitch vibe in the room..

      • 42.1.3 Jomo

        I have only been sniping on this thread, so I want to weigh in on the side of “I really like this Show.”

        Can I say it again? The Hand Towel is hot.
        Like the kinds they give out on long flights.
        Steamy and dreamy, so nice on my face.
        I’ll take him head tilted or not.

        • samgetang

          hahaha! head tilted or not 😉

  43. 43 piggierabbit.

    Maybe I’m reading too much into this line, but does anyone have an exact “meaning” of it?

    “If you give it all up, you can return…to your family…and to me.”

    Is this a direct revelation of his (somewhat there) feelings for Seol? As in—give up being the princess and let’s be together?

    • 43.1 clichique

      Yup. Mini confession.

      Sigh. Haeyoung you tortured soul.

    • 43.2 maria

      trufax, man.

      a mini-confession is still a confession. i believe he’s being so cavalier about revealing it, because he actually feels like there’s no chance in hell for it here..

      oh, hae young, how wrong you will turn out be— how statements like that are gonna bite you in the ass soooo bad. 😀 ..can’t wait!

      • 43.2.1 Jomo

        Not to mention the whole “You’re beautiful” conversation.

        After she made him repeat it, the look of longing he shot her made me catch my breath. Practically commanding her to read his mind so he didn’t have to say anything else.

        I have been in that pre-confession phase of a relationship.
        I remember the HOPE and PAIN being intermingled, and not knowing if I should sing or cry.

        • samgetang

          awww…jomo…that’s bitter-sweet! tnks. now i have more idea about that 2 scenes with HY and LS. how should a girl handle that kind of back-handed confession? ladies always get into trouble when they read too much into mini or oblique indirect confessions….so hard!

          • samgetang

            you know, “return to me” could mean “return to me as your teacher” and “you’re pretty” is just that an offhand, neutral admiration of your looks 😉 unless the guy has spelled it out for the girl then maybe best to wait for the guy to do so? :-) or you can ask pointblank and have all your worst fears confirmed, hehe…or not! 😉

          • YY

            He said return to me….which means she was his originally then she left him, and now he’s asking her to go back to him…..so I’m confused….duhhh…when did she ever belong to him?

          • YY

            @ samgetang thanks for destroying all the romance: return to my teaching????? LOL….and the pretty admission….guys do that all the time…they flit from one girl to another and say you’re pretty and watch the girls melt….players

          • samgetang

            haha! YY, sorry about that. not about to destroy the romance, my dear. i dont think Seol lost sleep over that almost-confession 😉 which is just right. otherwise she’d be devastated when she heard grampa marrying him off with the loveless curator, argh! so see… sensible is good, hehe. keep it cool until the guy declares his feelings in a more clear, confident and direct way and he proves his worth 😉 im old-fashioned, sorry 😉

          • samgetang

            maybe the reason he said “return to me” was because before she took on the princess role, she was playing his fake fiancee role…which he actually enjoyed (remember how he played the oppa to the hilt in front of her foster mother!) so in that way, she was his 😉 thinking about it in this light, i think he misses playing the role of her fake fiance despite himself 😉

  44. 44 Jessica

    This was definitely my favorite episode thus far. I usually don’t like it when dramas get angst-y, but for some reason it really works for me in this drama–although I was reminded in the last few minutes of how much I missed the comedic banter between Seol and Hae Young. I love how the romance is developing in this drama. It really is a lot of fun, and I like how present it is throughout each episode. I just hope that Seol matures as a result of her hardships in this episode and begins to stand up to Hae Young and Yoon Ju (mostly Yoon Ju) from here on out. I’m looking forward to Seol becoming a stronger and more dignified princess.
    Btw, anyone know if the preview for episode 9 is available somewhere?

    • 44.1 clichique

      Sadly, no preview for 9 up yet..

      They’ll probably put up a preview like the day before episode 9 on the website or something totally lame like that and make us sit on needles for an entire week. Yeah. Story of my life.

      • 44.1.1 Jessica

        Oh no, I don’t think I can wait that long! Now I’m not gonna be able to think of anything but My Princess for the rest of the week. Oh well, I guess I’ll just go google more pictures of Song Seung Hun 😀 Better yet, maybe I’ll just watch Summer Scent. Or He Was Cool. I haven’t seen that movie in years.

        • nonski

          i was downright devasted knowing from here without the preview…whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! no preview?!!!!
          why the heck did they do that?!!!
          omg….i’m living the remaining days before the airing of the next episode thinking of the preview..waaah!
          bring on the preview!!!!

          • nonski

            devastated…i mean

  45. 45 Dara

    Another Press!Conference! ??? LoL.
    Thanks for your recap, GF.

  46. 46 Katey B

    Thanks for the recap.

    Don’t need any more drama angst right now. I’ll save this episode till next week when hopefully I can follow it with some cute or at least some great singing:)

  47. 47 dany

    thank you for the recap.

  48. 48 YY

    No preview. Ok, my wish list for next ep. I want:

    1.a welcoming ball for Seul….she’ll be the belle of the ball and HY will be Prince Charming.

    2. They search with their eyes for each other across the crowded ballroom.

    3. They give each other poignant lingering looks above the heads of evil witch and lovely Prof.

    4. Seul escapes into the enchanted garden. HY goes there in search of her.

    5. They kiss – a real kiss – under the stars.

    • 48.1 clichique

      LOL right out of Disney fairytale land.

      Wish this could happen.

      If this were an American show, the “escapes into enchanted garden and he goes after her” turns into a raunchy sex scene…… OKAY. YY you have fully corrupted me. I hate you.

    • 48.2 clichique

      Also, are you… perchance, Chinese? Idk, because YY means something in Internet Chinese speak and I keep thinking of that every time I see your username, LOL

      • 48.2.1 YY

        yes , I am….but can’t write a word of mandarin LOL

        • YY

          Are you chinese too, clichique? If you are, GONG XI FA CAI to you…..Happy Lunar New Year! May Rabbit Year bestow a thousand blessings upon you and your family!

          • clichique

            LOL yes I am Chinese too!!

            Happy rabbit year to you too!! I’m going out to eat in Chinatown for lunar new year… which is a Wednesday. And you know what Wednesday is? Yes, episode 9 time.

            I hope Chinese subbers are still up and running then (out of my selfish reasons of wanting to watch the episode like only a few hours after they air)… But you know what I respect their work ethic.

          • YY

            Wo shi hua ren. Ni ye shi hua ren. LOL Wo men shi hao peng you haha. Yeah, looking forward to the eve dinner..gee, ep 9 is on the same nite? Oh, well…guess it’d be too much if I say, hey guys, sorry to cut eve dinner short but I gotta rush back home to see MP…haha

          • lavender

            I literally laughed, obnoxiously out loud at this comment. Who still says that? You have been watching to many period dramas. But Happy Happy Rabbit Year!!

          • rainerust

            Sorry, had to chip in here…Anyone realised that China’s clamping down on P2P sites? …er, wait, do y’all download or stream from Chinese P2P sites? You do, right? Since I see you’re reading Chinese subs. So, where are you getting your Chinese downloads/streams from?

            Also, Happy Lunar New Year (soon)!

            I haven’t watched any episode except one for My Princess, but have been following the recaps faithfully. I like what I’ve been reading so far (no time to watch the drama), and am crossing fingers that the writers manage to find a nice balance between the angst and the Cute.

          • YY

            Hi guys! Happy New Year! Yeah, I felt very chinesy and magnanimous saying the “thousand blessings” wish….felt my chest puffing up (and out) cos I felt so proud of my humble self…ha ha can’t wait for the eve dinner…love eve dinners…..I can’t read Chinese so can’t watch chinese subs….pity, but I understand 98% spoken mandarin….it’s a great feeling to go to YT and watch Love Buffet the moment it’s uploaded without any subs. I’ve also studied Hanyupinyin and improved my Chinese tremendously through that.

    • 48.3 mandak

      @YY wow..u should be the writer..ur wish seems interesting..

      • 48.3.1 YY

        It’s the result of reading torrid romances with torrid covers and torrid contents which do not stop at chaste kisses, Disney’s Enchanted, and McDreamy and Meredith making eyes at each other across the dance floor in Greys Anatomy.

        • samgetang

          YY…you mentioned the word torrid three times in one breath…deep breath…slow…deep…preview asthma breathing mode….hehehe

    • 48.4 fan

      My absolute FAVOURITE part about this episode was when he said the line “i”m testing me”

      I was like ahhhhhh
      …. his slanted helpless “smile”

      it melted my heart!!

      and when the president tells yunjoo and haeyoung to get married haeyoung looks at seul with the saddest eyes!!

      ahhhh… He’s falling in LOOOVVEEE!!!!

  49. 49 ditdut

    I agree. I don’t necessarily hate the drama, but the flaws are more glaring when we’re not being shoved the Cute Moments. When Prof Hottie and Seol were flirting, it was cute. But we only got like 2 minutes of that. The Dirty Noona porn thing was super adorable, for the whole minute of it.

    I want Seol to start standing up for herself against Wicked Bitch and actually does some princess training. I mean she’s a college student too, she needs to pull more weight.

    Park Yejin disappoints me with her Wicked Bitch. She rarely moves a muscle, it’s so grating. I wish I’m having more fun hating her character, but it’s just so bland.

    • 49.1 beggar1015

      Park Yejin disappoints me with her Wicked Bitch. She rarely moves a muscle, it’s so grating. I wish I’m having more fun hating her character, but it’s just so bland.

      I agree that up to this point the character of Yoon Ju has been too bland a b*** to waste my time hating her. But I will give credit due that in the last couple of episodes her claws have been out.

      I don’t know what Park Ye Jin’s problem is. While I’ve only seen her in one other drama (QSD), I know she can act better than this. Is this her choice to play the role this way? Is the director making her act like this?

      • 49.1.1 Sooshi Meo

        I feel the same. I get irritated with her rather than hate her. And I get extremely annoyed with Seol for not doing anything. All of YJ’s actions seem to backfire on her pretty quickly with HJ and Nam on Seol’s side.

  50. 50 Autumn

    I actually liked the angst in this episode, i thought the show handled it pretty well, given the materials it has. then again, i’ve basically gave up on the narrative logics in this drama, so i guess it was much easier for me to enjoy it.

    Professor Nam was indeed awesome. it’s so good to know that there’s at least one person who Seol can trust/depend on, and to think i said he was boring a few episodes back…i am taking it all back now.

    I didn’t expect HY to give himself away like that either. oh poor boy is so tortured, he wants to protect/support her but can’t openly do so because they are supposed to be enemies!!! it’s cliche, i know, but i am eating it up anyway.

    Seol is still lovable, even when she’s being a total crying wreck. But i really really hope she won’t continue to let others trample all over her. c’mon girl, steel your backbone and start bitch-slapping ppl who did you wrong!

    thanks for the recap.

    • 50.1 cathy

      I totally agree with you , poor HY , lovely LS , handsome Prof , and loveless Curator .

      • 50.1.1 samgetang

        haha! cathy, that’s cute! like how you describe all of them in one word, hehe…loveless curator..oooohhhh!

        • samgetang

          errr…two words…

  51. 51 Li Lian

    I like the angst in this episode, it does move the story forward, now it will become clearer as both of them make difficult choices to then get together.

  52. 52 mei

    it’s because his overwhelming hotness —>totally agree with you=)

    thanks for the recap

  53. 53 Daniela

    Meh,we need the angst,so welcome angst, I dont mind you. Just dont become major Angst or something. This Happy Drama needs The Cute.

    I love Jung-woo. Please, smile and laugh more often.

    Thank you for the recap!

  54. 54 f



  55. 55 momosa

    I don’t know if anyone has started counting the allies. Here we go-

    1. Young cute chef (100%)
    2. Younger court lady (close to 100% by gut feeling)
    3. Professor (51%, dubious but maybe he’s not so bad)
    4. Hae Young (a possible crossover from enemy)

    Really, not many though.

    • 55.1 Jomo

      So funny! I was doing the same thing.

      Like any Dickens novel, Shakespearean battle, or the Island of Misfit Toys, the army/family/Rebel Alliance starts out weak and small but eventually wins because of Heart! Justice! Abs! Cue moving musical motif…

      • 55.1.1 Josina

        Rebel Alliance – hah! No guesses who would make a GREAT C3PO. Hell, I’d buy one…

  56. 56 Leigh

    the potato comment had me cracking up….you’re so witty. Thanks for the recap, it really made my evening. As for the angst…I think it’s needed to balance all the cutesy…they have to grow as characters, I suppose. Love the professor type but a pretty face always makes gets to me…btw, I love the tilt of the head…

    • 56.1 YY

      Now, cos of clichique’s comments about the head tilt, I’m so aware of HY’s head…oh dear….

      • 56.1.1 samgetang

        the head tilt is kinda cute 😉 makes me do the same..like im looking at the leaning tower of pisa…only cuter…him, that is, not the tower haha! he is the leaning “towel” of korea 😉

  57. 57 YY

    Can someone pls explain to me cos I’m confused…so the President gave HY a job as tutor to the princess so that HY will try to influence her into dropping the princess thing and leave the palace? So HY is actually not supposed to teach her anything at all, but spend his time with her poisoning her mind against the monarchy reinstatement? So HY is following his own heart and not listening to the president’s orders, and is actually teaching her to be a princess? HUHHHHH??????? So confused….it just goes round and round and round

    • 57.1 Josina

      but spend his time with her poisoning her mind

      I’m not sure whether he was supposed to be THAT proactive, but he is certainly there to help block the whole scheme, from what I understand.

      I didn’t mind this episode, because Seol does need a kick up the backside if she is going to take this whole princess thing seriously. Good on the prof for spelling it out clearly for her and making her face up to it, although my suspicion was right: he isn’t really interested in Seol as a person, but as a living artefact. Gosh how romantic.

      • 57.1.1 YY

        I try not to think too much about the monarchy plot or I’ll get a headache. Better to concentrate on the fluff. It dulls your reasoning power.

        • Josina

          Maybe that explains the head tilt: Hand Towel has had the monarchy plot explained to him and still hasn’t recovered from his incredulity.

          • YY

            HAHAHAHAHA so funny!!!! so he goes around shaking his head in deisbelief…hahahahhaha

          • izzie

            makes me feel like a mutt watching him as I tilt my head in sync with his. this can’t be good, I’m mirroring the Hand Towel! :(

          • YY

            so if there’s ever an SSH Fan club meeting, members would all be walking around with tilted heads hahahahah

          • izzie

            cue “Thriller” as bg music to depiction above.

      • 57.1.2 izzie

        “living artefact”

        … a description more applicable to Yoon-ju.

        • Josina

          Oooooh, now I get why she morphed from Cute Girl (geez Prof, patronising much?) into Living Artefact – it was a ploy to attract the attentions of a man who is more interested in dusty inanimate objects.

          Only, it’s backfired, so the next ploy was to get engaged to someone else. Now it makes sense. Honest.

          • izzie

            as many had pointed out… she’s looking ooolder (great job, hair & make up team) by the episode. which still confuses me whether she wants to appeal to Prof. McHottie, or to Grandpa.

          • Josina

            Well this is what you get when you string multiple men along: trying to appeal to all of them just turns you into wreck.

          • Jomo

            Shhhhhhh! Izzie!
            Ixnay on the Grampa! YY is listening…

          • izzie

            “Ixnay on the Grampa! YY is listening…”

            skunk-funk! XO

            there. said it… 😀

          • YY

            Izzie you calling my oppa a skunk now?

            See that shadow that just flew past your window?


          • I'm not Jomo, really

            Quick! Izzie! Before she gets in the window!

            Use the Hand Towel words of Power agains YY:
            “This. Now. Forget.”

          • YY

            that dead mosquito all squashed and twisted on the wall? ME.

          • YY

            That dead cat in the toilet bowl?


          • izzie

            am i too late with this? *electric swatter in hand*

          • YY

            IZZIE YOU ARE SO DEAD cross-stitched prettily across your pillowcase?


          • izzie

            “your pillowcase”

            Grandpa’s gift, by the way.

        • samgetang

          izzie, YY, josina…loved your funny banter here…hahaha! i love the ‘Thriller’ music background. But we want HY to be just wrapped in towel, haha, while doing the moves…outside in the freezing cold korean winter, arghhh! while YoonJu fits the zombie feel to a T and JungWoo dons his McHottie attire ala Indian Jones, asian version. And the princess? She’l have her own thriller group composed of her ladies in waiting with grampa and his lovelerly cane beside her doing his own MJ interpretation…

          • izzie

            “But we want HY to be just wrapped in towel, haha, while doing the moves…outside in the freezing cold korean winter”

            do you really want whatever that can shrink… shrink?

            *chews more Joo-Won sanity pills*

          • samgetang

            oh my izzie! you ruined the face mask sheet i had on cos i was laughing out so loud at yr comment, hahaha! 😉 oh yeah…your shrinking note about the shrinking note had me shrieking like a goat, hehehe!

          • Josina

            do you really want whatever that can shrink… shrink?

            Ah, but it wont. Hand Towel fixes that which can shrink with his stare, points at the cold Korean winter and says:

            This. Now. Forget.

          • samgetang

            josina! hahaha! the amnesia-inducing magic words…i almost forgot :-)

          • izzie

            you ruined the face mask sheet i had on cos i was laughing out so loud at yr comment

            sowee! :) we can always ask Yoon-Ju for a spare. I’m sure she has some. (not so sure what her face masks can do, though.)

            Ah, but it wont. Hand Towel fixes that which can shrink with his stare, points at the cold Korean winter and says:

            This. Now. Forget.

            LOL! and when winter cold wakes up, the Hand Towel is gone.

          • samgetang

            I think YunJoo has a different face mask. A battle mask. Permanent type. Invincible. Non-corrosive. Impenetrable.

  58. 58 mandak

    i totally like this episode..none of the episode in MP get me boring..just made me a little serious when it comes to politic..anyway, i luv HY and LS..yeah of coz the PROF is good but still the prince charming is PHY..he is too handsome..hahaha btw, why seol shocked when heard grandpa want PHY and OYJ to get married?? hahaha, maybe she is jealous..lol no preview for ep9, i can’t wait for the next episode..MP has a interesting storyline for me so keep it up supporting MP..

    • 58.1 bd2

      While there was a hint about it earlier, this ep. pretty much confirmed it for me that the Prof., while finding Seol, cute and charming, is more interested in her being “living history” than he is romantically.

      He is the ultimate bookworm.

      • 58.1.1 Josina

        You can just hear him hum to himself: got myself some crying, talking, sleeping, walking living history….

  59. 59 Donna

    yeah, bring back the “CUTE” (LOL)! thanks for the recap

  60. 60 maggie

    Love the drama…so far.

    KTH’s acting in this drama fits her. She has the rom-com touch…so doe SSH, but…his crying or sad scenes are still the same from his earlier days of acting. He sucks at it (lol sorry fans).

    I too am glad they gave seol a backbone, I really hate it when they give characters like her no backbone and drag that storyline all throughout….its tiring really.

    btw, is it just me or does PYJ look 10 yrs older than SSH… I believe he’s only 2-3 years older than her in real life.

    • 60.1 xylophonic

      Haha, I agree with you, she does look older than him! I do a double-take every time she calls him ‘oppa’. xD

      • 60.1.1 ooh

        yup she looks old..i wonder why..even professor looks older than HY..when in fact he’s younger

        • tinpra

          He’s younger? Color me surprised. I would have definitely said he was a few years older than HY.

        • YY

          HY’s better looking than everybody in this show with the exception of Seul and Grandpa.

    • 60.2 mandak

      hahahaha i totally agreed with u maggie..PYJ looks older than SSH..she looks ugly with the hairstyle..lol

  61. 61 kdramaqueen

    I have nothing against angst. It’s necessary in a romance drama, or else things can get on the boring side.

  62. 62 izzie

    “Future princesses be warned: your life online can haunt your reign. Discretion advised.”

    so if JB or GF suddenly turn out to be a princess, what fate will befall this site? *recaps, comments and conversations flashing before my eyes* :(

    • 62.1 Josina

      Only if they recapped porn. Or rather, the previews :)

      • 62.1.1 izzie

        i guess one of the casualties would be the Mr. Hand Towel shower scene thread.

        • Josina

          And most of the slash fiction, probably.

          Then again, one of the princesses in my country talks to trees, Fergie was caught having her toes sucked, princess Stephanie was just a leetle bit unchaste, and then there’s the ones who are depressed, have bulimia, or cheating rat bastards for husbands.

          • izzie

            yeah, those monarchs… My Princess is SO realistic. :)

          • Josina

            it’s getting there. She was giving those tomatoes a puzzled look, and the girl needs all the confidants she can get. Taling to Trees is probably an Advanced Princess Skill.

            As for the toe sucking, well, this is kdrama after all. We’ll just have to use our imaginations.

          • izzie

            “As for the toe sucking, well, this is kdrama after all. We’ll just have to use our imaginations.”

            I don’t want to imagine who would to that to whom in this drama. Oh, thoughts! Go away! Go away!

          • Josina

            Don’t worry, this is kdrama. They will just play ‘this little piggy went to market’ with their cute little perfectly shaped tootsie wootsies, and then the camera hides behind a pillar. Or goes for an extreme long shot.

        • Jomo

          I remember the Hand Towel Shower Scene thread like it was only yesterday…Prominent veins causing brown-outs across the interwebs. Cold winter had no chance against the heat generated by the imaginations of those thread-posters.
          Abs a dripping
          Towels dropping
          People drooling
          Eyes a popping
          Oh yeah…I went to college to get more knowledge and all I can think of is THAT.

          • izzie

            unlearning is amazing. amazing.

  63. 63 izzie

    Hae-young: “I’m testing ME.”

    can i test him too?


    i need a drink…

    • 63.1 Josina

      Served by a cabana boy, by the sounds of it….

      • 63.1.1 izzie

        nope. by the Hand Towel in a tutu. (i’m so drunk already.)

        • Josina

          Hah! Fluff overdose. It better be pink…

          • izzie

            I’m seeing purple. Is that bad?

          • Josina

            Very regal. Don’t forget the tiara.

          • izzie

            will Lee Seol sparkly headband do?

          • Josina

            As long as it matches his eyes.

          • izzie

            and if it matches his boxers, instead…?

          • Josina

            Your imaginary Hand Towel is wearing boxers too? Mine is just wearing a purple tutu. Damn my x-rated imagination, must be the porn previews.

          • izzie

            “must be the porn previews.”

            Seol, is that you?

        • Josina

          Drat, I’m going to have to ask Hand Towel to use his amazing amnesia-inducing powers again. Although I might have those powers myself…. hmm.

          Forget. This.

          Is it working?

          • izzie-bot

            I think it is. I’m seeing twinkling stars…

          • Josina

            Hmmm…. could just be the Joo Won pills though.

          • samgetang

            hahahaha! :-) sooo funny 😉

  64. 64 bumisawah

    Hi, all. Girlfriday thanks for the recap, U made my day. This is my first time commenting, and I don’t mind the angst at all… It makes me speculating some stuffs.
    I think I know why HY chooses to sacrifice LS’s foster dad, it was to protect his own dad. As Secretary Oh had mention, HY’s dad sin will possibly appear to the surface if someone testified about LS’s dad. What if HY’s dad sin was more than threatening LS’s dad, what if he was the one who drove that white car (the killer). Coz the president (grandpa) arrived that day with helicopter… Grandpa probably sent him away because of that (to cover up for him, to avoid lawsuit). That will explain why grandpa willing to give all of his property out of guilt. That will also explain why HS tries to pull himself away from HS and agrees to marry YJ. So what do you guys think?

    • 64.1 izzie

      If I were Hae-Young, I’d be pissed off too. Big time. If the suspicions about his father were all true, then he has the right to know. I prefer that the grandfather let him know everything and let him choose where he wants to stand, rather than keep him in the dark about his father’s history and harbor resentment towards the wrong people. He’s a full-grown adult, he should be able to handle it – although many adults still act childish… but give the diplomat some credit.

      • 64.1.1 bumisawah

        Grandpa is really into secret stuff, remember that he ordered HY to pay visit to Lee Ahn grave for 20 years without explanation. Nevertheless, even HY know about his father now, this matter still the biggest Daehan family secret that cannot be revealed.

  65. 65 Tess

    Even though I didn’t actually cry, Seol is so believable that I felt like I was the one sobbing, and by the end I felt quite emotionally exhausted!

  66. 66 VIE

    I love this drama and it definitely gets even better. I believe that the angst they’re starting to pull in in this drama is just right. What else will happen if they went on making cute moent all the time! That just puts entire monarchy princess prestige down to the dump. And I would hate to see that in this drama.

    I was so amused regarding Hae Young’s honesty to Yoon Ju. He admitted not having feelings for her and that marrying her was all for the sake of the gratitude he felt for her and her dad. SHE IS A CHARITY CASE.

    She had just been slapped on the face, and not only does it hurt to hear that from them man you are going to spend your entire life with. But knowing Yoon Ju’s character, who is so full of insecurity and ambition, she has got to be scarred. This episode is a great take down of Yoon Ju from Hae Young, Lee Seol and even Prof Nam, which made me love this episode more!

    • 66.1 samgetang

      Can’t agree with you more! Exactly my sentiments on these last 2 episodes.

  67. 67 esther

    thanks for the recap, GF! this is a pretty boring episode overall so i just skipped to the nice bits when i read your review. thanks ^_^|||

    WOW, last ep (7)’s preview i was SO SURE they were going to get married. yoonju’s not so hateful now..i realise she has her own pride :)

    this ep seriously covers all the relationship linkages. we see haeyoung loves seol so much…
    seol was falling for him in the last ep, but this ep was kinda meh…
    haeyoung–> yoonju because of gratitude of service by her family and not love…
    jungwoo–> seul because he thinks she’s living history (workaholic passion..)
    yoonju looks pitiful. she was indirectly dumped by both her guys in this ep ALONE. LOL.

    • 67.1 momosa

      Once Han Young realize that Yoon Ju is doing everything for herself, there will be no more pity/charity and their ‘relationship’ can be thrown out of window. Then enter our love story between HY & Seol!! 😉

  68. 68 Samantha Lim

    I just love pretty things and beautiful surroundings. This drama is loaded with it. Well some parts are just plain simplistic, but am really having fun watching! love your recaps: )

  69. 69 rainyrainy

    there’s something I can’t understand so please galz could you clarify it to me , why HY can’t be with LS if she is a princess , I know he is going to loos all the wealth if she accepts to become the princess but he already have his work as a diplomate so he has his own earnings and won’t depend on her so what’s the problem with him being the princess’s hubby , can’t get this part :S

    • 69.1 bumisawah

      I think the reason is very simple, people will see him as a gold digger, who marry the princess to get his inheritance back.

    • 69.2 Jomo

      Question: Why HY can’t be with LS if she is a princess?
      Answer: Because that is exactly what will happen, but it will take 8 more episodes.

      • 69.2.1 YY

        Yeah, listen to Jomo. She’s so wise. She’s like an owl. But wiser.

        • YY

          Jomo’s like wiser than the wisest owl.

          • YY

            Jomo’s so so wise all the owls bow to her when she goes jungle trekking.

          • YY

            They used to call her Jomo the Wise back in high school.

          • Jomo

            Stop talking about my ass like that.

            Yes, he is a very nice donkey, but he’s not that smart.

        • Jomo

          Actually, like, I am so stupid.
          Your name.is.wise.


          if that is on purpose, you really are the wisest.
          If not, I have changed how I say the YY in my head.

      • 69.2.2 cathy

        very wise answer , thanks you make me laugh so hard like a fool .

      • 69.2.3 Severine

        LOL. So true. Let’s just hope there’s a bunch of cute involved in those 8 episodes.

        P.S. I just looked up what YY stands for and snerked. Now I’m thinking of “Noonas of Darkness,” which I think sounds like a Yoo Seung-ho fan club DB readers would belong to.

        • YY

          omg.What does it stand for????? I picked YY at random. Is it…umm…BADDD?????

          • Severine

            YY can stand for yi yin, “to fantasize\sexual fantasy”

            Haha, no need to despair, YY actually has a TON of meanings in Chinese…but naturally I focused on the one most pertaining to Seol’s affinity for porn previews and DB reader reactions to SSH shower scenes. 😀

          • YY

            omg hahhahahah I’m rolling in laughter hahahhah is that crazy or what! I only think pure thoughts! All my fantasies of Grandpa are me pushing him in a wheelchair and me fixing his dentures.

          • samgetang

            Yi Yin! You can be the leader of the Sisters of Darkness (are you sure this is not a horror film? argggh!)

          • Jomo

            YY you are cold-busted.

            Yer pure?
            Notso sure.

          • YY

            Jomo, you cut me to the core. I assure I am pure EVERYWHERE- body, mind and soul. I think pure thoughts every single moment of my life. I am purer than the purest driven snow. In fact, I am purer than pure. The word ‘pure’ was created with me in mind. Iam the living personification of pure.

  70. 70 Gerri

    Like some of you, i enjoyed ep 8 every much. The angst factor is just right.

    Mesmerised throughout with LS and HY showdown outside HY’s room.

    The ending expression of the 4 at the end of the dinner table is so contrasting – good cliff hanger for the next epi. CANT WAIT FOR ANOTHER WEEK!

  71. 71 qilliea

    exciting drama! can not wait!

  72. 72 selo

    Before, it’s funny. Now, it’s more romantic! Interesting!

    • 72.1 cathy


  73. 73 Evma

    I really like her dresses here and in how cute she represents them. She looks absolutely adorable.

    This drama is entertaining and most especially your recaps. I love them. Thank you very much indeed.

  74. 74 Maki

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  75. 75 Cathe

    I love the parralelism of emotions here. I was given time to sink in every drama scene, and cope it all up with the porn-and-pretty part.

    I really think this show is good. If not, it’s on its way there. They just need to stop being such hypocrites. If they are mad, stay mad. If they’re in love… well, just stay in love. Stay in love FOREVER. HAHAHAHA. Consistency, please!

    Thank you so much for this! It feels good reading the caps and the comments after watching the episode. Oh man, I have to wait for another week. I might as well watch all the past episodes again… HIHI.

    Seol <3 Hae-Young

  76. 76 ooh

    what did Hae young mean when he said he’s going to marry Yoon Ju not because of Daehan group or the monarchy but because it’s his decision? is it truly for the sake of that director or is he testing Lee Seol (maybe he’s hoping LS is gonna save him from that director)? lol

    • 76.1 Ninan

      i like your comment. At that moment, I expect Yoon Ju will immediately agree to marry Hae young regardless Yoon Ju understand Hae young does not love her. I also expect princess would like to marry professor & princess would like her marriage happen befores the marriage of HY-YJ. I expect the conflict will escalate to that. Perhaps, i’m wrong
      because Yoon Ju says she does not want to marry HY. Perhaps, she feels angry that HY says he does not have passion with her. Perhaps Yoon Ju denies marriage with the hope everybody will encourage the marriage, then she will accept to show her nobility. Who knows? I’m curious to see what happen next? Very interesting!

  77. 77 safa

    I do not think it went to sleep immediately after the kiss!

    In the cityhall(The same writer
    ) there is a scene Shin Rey had difficulty sleeping with Joe Guk in the tent during a camping trip, we see this scene, after one or 2 ep

  78. 78 minsun

    I. HATE. YunJoo.

    But I do love how the two of them are so cute together, even after the hallway scene. She seems to worry about his impression of her, and he takes great delight in calling her bluff and teasing her. He is sooo far gone he can’t help himself!!

    Oh the last scene was EPIC. So much staring 5 ways going on!

  79. 79 Ninan


  80. 80 Fafa

    thanks for the recap.
    i am so liking SSH ringht now. he is goooooooooooooooo!
    and KTH is also acting much better than she did in Kumiho.

  81. 81 myPRINCESS!

    wait someone explain to me how the broken glass frame of haeyoungs dad is symbolism? o_0

    • 81.1 izzie

      Broken image. That’s what it is.

  82. 82 cathy

    It seems like not many viewers appreciating SHH acting skill as HY , for me poor HY his inner conflict is to big involving LOVE LS LOVE LS NOT , SACRIFICE MY INHERITANCE SACRIFICE MY INHERITANCE NOT …… and i find his acting is not so bad ,still prince charming with tender look hopefully we will see more romance , more angst , more comedy for the next 8 epi .
    HY loves LS for sure but not enough to die to loose everything for her which i find more logical , realistic ., as a mother i hate to see my son loses all his hope in life for the girl , love comes and goes , in your life you might encounter to few soul mates at some point of your life , not like in drama only one in your entire life if you lose her and your life has no meaning anymore you had to commit suicide , so stupid , brainless , my opinion as a mother .

  83. 83 cille

    i loved gyosunim the best in this episode. although i know who the OTP is, i’m experiencing pain for the second lead already. *sigh*

  84. 84 lilly

    Lol the funniest here is how 99,9% of people are not agree with Girlfriday recap (which is great !). This must me the first time I see that here…

  85. 85 Vicky

    I’m loving Hae Young’s confused feelings for Seol and that he is subtle and not subtle in letting her know.

    But I agree I miss the cute.

  86. 86 elasa

    Wow! too exciting! what will HY do? money & love? I’m itching to see ep 9, can’t wait!

  87. 87 suzi q

    Always enjoy your recaps.Thanks.
    Boy!KTH cried buckets in this episode, and I did too.
    I was so confused regarding Hae Young’s earlier feelings toward Yoon Ju.!I enjoyed Park Ye Jin who played Yoon Ju. I agree. Seol should get her act together soon, because she’s The Princess and stop Hae Young and Yoon Ju from pushing her around like a puppet. Can’t wait for Seol to stand up to her for good or get her goat..Can’t stand Seol getting mistreated for any more episodes.
    What a Wimp Hae Young turns out to be when grandpa says he should marry Yoon Ju and Hae Young just meekly agrees. Why should he listen to gramps when gramps gave all of his wealth away? Hae Young doesn’t love Yoon Ju, but he is willing to marry that bi-otch?
    Also, I was surprised at the end when Yoon Ju said she would’t marry Hae Young. Isn’t that what she wanted a little earlier from him in the first place?
    RATS! No preview.Have to wait another week to find out.

    • 87.1 Midori

      If they which to play on viewer intelligence which K-drama tend to do a lot off the time. He did want to marry Yoon Ju, I felt in the beginning episode he had true feeling for her along with the new fond reason of obligation. I would have rather have Hae Young have a change of heart because Yoon Ju is a bit** and he found out she been sleeping with the professor for the pass 10 years. Too have him act like he never felt any thing for her, but loyalty makes his new fond feeling for the Seol to be a little insincere…….

      • 87.1.1 Madita


        He did agree to marry YJ because if he does so, he will protect Seol and the company/holding from bad accusations in the press…?

        YJ denied marrying HY because the affair-rumours of Seaol an HY is bad press, negative for the royal family, so HY and Seol can never be together…?

        Don’t know really. As the writer of this drama is the same one who wrote also the fabulous CITY HALL, I suppose some supprises are awaiting us …

        Thanks for the recap GF…

        PS: I do love his Headtilt – its cute :)

  88. 88 Bluefyre

    I concur with girlfriday about bringing the cute back XD

    Thank you!

  89. 89 @Imaginefilms

    I’m surprised. And noo i dont agree with you. The serious plot definitely holds up for me. While I love the cute, this episode had a good mix of both the cute & the serious. i mean…Hello?? This IS a DRAMA. Its supposed to have drama in it. Good drama. Which it does and doesn’t fail to disappoint. I liked ur summary but disagree with your review. Haeyoung told her 1) return to me 2) you’re pretty 3) do you have feelings for me? All in one episode. Mr. Hotshot is actually starting to confide his feelings for her….not once but 3 times in just one episode. I really don’t see how their adorably cute and drama-packed romance doesn’t suit you. So sad. oh well. Can’t please everyone right?

    • 89.1 samgetang

      yay! so agree! :-)

    • 89.2 halcyon

      100% with ya!!!…totallyyyy lobbbb both angst epi…

  90. 90 lonerfish


    I actually love that. :)

  91. 91 Aly

    “Dark noonas!” Lmao porn ftw. Totally cracked up at that part. But yes, please bring back the cute, light fluffiness. Also loved the part when Seol makes her speech in front of everyone. IN YOUR FACE YOON JU!

  92. 92 alice

    When I become princess please delete all my comments from your website. LOL!!

    • 92.1 Jomo

      You forget only he wields the Hand Towel Words of power:
      “This. Now.Forget.”

  93. 93 Zoe

    I loved it! The facial expressions from Mr. HotAbs were actually compelling and subtle.

    **hands raised** I know why they’re emphasizing the Press Conference–it’s a Roman Holiday reference. That’s the big climax at the end of the Hepburn/Gregory Peck movie. Actually, Mr. HotAbs looks like him at times.

    Yay Professor! HATE Yoon JU! Good acting, and I hope she doesn’t have anti-fans.

    Some commenter made a REALLY interesting comment: could the sister be the real princess? Would that solve everything for the romance?

    • 93.1 Jomo

      She doesn’t have the memories with the Prince.
      On the beach, at the helicopter, at the fisherman’s house.
      Seul remembers being alone with her father.

  94. 94 grrrrr

    okay someone pls explain to me how the broken glass frame symbolizes something? i mean what does it symbolize?

    and i am totally digging this kdrama right now 😀
    SSH ftw <3333

    i mean, i do miss all the cutesy stuff, but i feel that it was a good thing they brought a little more seriousness into this episode because then it equals everything out.
    LOL i almost died when he was like "youre pretty" ssh &kth <3

  95. 95 Taber

    Finally a little more depth, enjoyed this episode.

  96. 96 katiamon

    thank you for the recap GF, i think you where a little harsh on the show because i’m still hook up. what i really liked is that the kiss happened but has not been taken as “the trascendental fact” or “the twist of the story” and it seem that Seol really forgot about it. i mean, in another drama she would be thinking about it, acting like an idiot and giving it too much of a thought. yes! finally some girl power! (or soju power???… anyway)
    Also, i’m starting to develope the 2nd lead syndrome: Jung woo is just too cute, intelligent, polite, etc, etc… i just love him and laughed a lot with your comment of the “Indiana-Jones-in-the-city look” it just cracked me up! sorry Hae Young, but you are starting to lose some points in me ranking… you’re still #1 because of your declaration of loyalty to Yoon-ju (burn b****, burn!), like a kick in the crotch for a dude, muahaha!
    today i watched the episode with my mother and had to take the role of translator for the subtitles because she doesn’t know english (we speak spanish ’cause we are from Peru). it was funny and i think i got an accomplice.

  97. 97 LK

    All drama needs, well, drama of course. I like the comedy in My Princess, but I’m glad it’s more than just that. I’m quite enjoying the princess plot. I find it quite interesting without it being overly dramatic. I’m glad to see that Seol’s character is slowly growing and finding more strength to fight back. That damn curator needs a slap in the face… or more.

  98. 98 Jenny

    Professor says “not to write love letters to just anyone”. Ha….ha…. so lovely! LOL!
    KTH (LS) with paper in her mouth…. so cute! so lovely!
    the story heats up!!! can’t wait!

    • 98.1 Salpa

      yes! conversation is cute, lovely & funny!

  99. 99 Gerri

    Besides loving MP, love this site too!
    Very lucky for me to ‘stumbled’ onto your site.
    Have always been a passive reader and now i m ‘writing’ :)

    Thank you JB , GF and everyone.

    Happy Rabbit year!!

    • 99.1 YY

      Happy Rabbit Year Gerri!

  100. 100 samgetang

    Thanks, JB and GF, for the beautiful and speedy recap of epi 7 and 8!

    I feel that this drama is going along just right….episodes 7 and 8 are pivotal episodes introducing the serious stuff which will give heart and soul to this drama. We cant have fluff all the time…although the fluff here is not nauseating but adorable and charming…and we love them to be sprinkled generously in all the episodes. :-)

    But now we see loyalties being tested, challenged, questioned and revealed. Princess Seol’s response is very characteristic of her and not pretentious as what you’d expect from someone with royal lineage. She is her simple self, trusting as a child, but people-smart, too, which would maybe endear her even more to the people in the future…when they get to know her better.

    I love how Prof Comforter is not only comforting her in these episodes but also strengthening her backbone for the gruelling work ahead of preserving the history of their people. I can see his relationship with Seol taking on more depth and also for a higher purpose than just to provide her with a college crush.

    Although Mr Hand Towel is not as lovable in these 2 episodes for following his grampa’s wish to reveal Seol’s bio-father, we see that this created the necessary conflict in the story and provided the catalyst for Princess Seol to take on a more concrete decision as to her own loyalties. It is not bad that this is also the very same pivotal event for him to face his own growing feelings for Seol (and with Yoon Ju’s help to boot, haha). Still we see Seol giving people and her relationships with them the higher importance rather than the abstract idea of the monarchy and history although these are also important. In the end, this will be proven right because if she is to be a benevolent royal figure, she does not just have to have the form but more so the substance which is above all the care and concern for people and relationships.

    Yoon Ju has been very revealing in this last episodes. We see her being taken down from her lofty peg. But she surprises us when in the end she does not play along with the marriage deal. I hope we will see more substance and depth from her. And she will be the worthy rival of our Cool Princess, as Prof nicely puts it.

    My Princess is definitely working out its cute magic and unfolding it’s royal story in a way that is not self-absorbed nor self-important. Truly enjoyable and I would say surprising for a rom-com which everyone said will be acted by lead actors who are not too great in this area! It’s good to be pleasantly surprised…and be proven wrong for the better! 😉

    • 100.1 YY

      He still hasn’t proven he’s hand towel material. She’s supposed to weep into him and the tears are supposed to magically disappear into him cos he’s a hand towel….I don’t see that

      • 100.1.1 samgetang

        Hi Wise One (according to Jomo), and always your wise comments deserve a nod! Oh, we saw him, if I remember right, being her hand towel for 2 scenes (when she was crying after finding out about her bio-father, the prince, and when she was sick). But we can have more of that cos there were many times when he was the one causing her to be towelled -off (throwing her in the fountain…and making her cry with the!presse!conference!). Oh what’s with all this biz about hand-towelling? can we just have the real thing? like in the beach…her and him, wrapped in towels? :-) or flashback to shower scene, pls…

        • YY


          • samgetang

            wow…all caps! YY, you seem to like that a LOT, hahaha! I think writers will reward us if we are good enough and dont complain much after all the angsty stuff and political-royal mayhem with yes! a beach scene! (in the middle of winter, take that! hahahaha!)

          • Donna

            @YY & samgetang hahaha I like your ideas it’s good..it’s good (BEACH in the middle of winter) you make me laugh hahaha. I hope Kim Eun-sook can review all your comments she might need you guys for her next script (wink wink)!

          • samgetang

            hey, donna! i think if we are very very good and nice, writers can even add another bed scene, with both of them jumping on and off the bed, in towels; another vintage car scene with iPad (or was that the Samsung counterpart?) viewing the not-really-porn trailers she wanted to delete, again in towels; and, another fountain-dumping scene but now only in towels…after all these scenes are over the whole production crew would have run out of towels, ehehe….so shower and beach scene will now be sans any towel at all! opppsie!

          • Donna

            hahaha “samgetang” you never fail to make me laugh!

    • 100.2 izzie

      Agree with all the points you raised.:) was thinking of the same thing.

      Can’t live on fluff alone. Though it lessens the laughs, the serious stuff moves the plot forward.

      Also, Seol keeps her character as one that the masses can relate to. It’s important that she keeps it if she’s to connect effectively to people. Although a spine would be great for her to have, but she’s forming it now that her intentions are going beyond merely clearing her father’s name.

      Yoon-Ju is a PR nightmare. She can’t give a girl a proper image to begin with. What makes her think that because she’s able to dress up museum manequins, that she’s good as a fashion consultant? And what’s with the uptight look? A fashionazi if I ever saw one. More than Seol, I think she’s the one with the princess complex playing with people like dolls and toy soldiers. Yeah, she’s just a hate-bot. Funny they mentioned Mishil, Yoon-Ju can’t even level up to half what the former is.

      Re: beach towels in winter cold… two words: frozen delight. 😉

      • 100.2.1 Jomo

        What about your one word: shrinkage?

        • izzie

          okay, three! :)

          frozen delight. shrinkage. (doesn’t fit, though. what’s delightful about that? hmm.)

          • samgetang

            Dressing up mannequins, that’s her frustration…LOL! I think YuJoon is just that. Frustrated. Period. Hahahaha!

            After some shrinkage, now it should fit! 😉 Now, it’s truly frozen delight!

      • 100.2.2 samgetang

        @izzie: yeah! we’re noonas of brightness (as opposed to sisters of darkness, haha!) that’s why we think alike on these things 😉

        i’m all for the spine for Seol. love how you say it: “…but she’s forming it now that her intentions are going beyond merely clearing her father’s name.” the conflict was necessary, even if it meant jeopardising the friendship she’d built with HY, because this pushed her to show some teeth (fangs? 😉 and it actually pushed the friendship to the next level…

        i hope to see more pleasant surprises now from hate-bot, as u call her haha, after her nice change of spots 😉 she is brat princess complex personified if ever there was one 😉 im staggered by her misguided sense of entitlement. her pa is to blame for sure. how did she grow up to be such a brat? i think HY’s grampa played a big role in this, too (see, he even offered to give her the museum! when he won’t even retain an underwear for his own grandson!) weird 😉

        • izzie

          “i think HY’s grampa played a big role in this, too (see, he even offered to give her the museum! when he won’t even retain an underwear for his own grandson!) weird”

          – that’s easy. It could be that grandpa wants Yoon-Ju in a jungseok-maeri kind of way. (ew.) so he showers her with gifts. and then on another “shower issue” he’s jealous of hae-young’s shower scene so he took away everything from him – shower and speedo included. No place to brood in undies, no undies to wear for brooding. Old man plays dirrty.

          YY might pay to be in yoonju’s shoes. (maybe not in her hair, though).

          • samgetang

            now i get it! you are truly a genius, izzie. hahaha! grampa is a shower grandaddy after all! he is a D_M! (sorry, YY!) showering gifts to arrange a marriage, my foot! and stripping off everything from HY just so he cant do the shower scene anymore for any of us, the old man sure plays dirty! LOL! 😉 no, no, no…we dont want a shower scene from him, pls. :-) let’s not give him that pleasure….(oh no! wrong word, i guess)

          • samgetang

            YY might pay to be in yoonju’s shoes. (maybe not in her hair, though).

            – hahaha! so funny! you crack me up!

            and the brooding undies? perfect! LOL! 😉

          • Josina

            YY might pay to be in yoonju’s shoes. (maybe not in her hair, though)


          • YY the Pure

            I am busy thinking pure thoughts. I will not respond to your mockery. * floats away*

          • samgetang

            LOL! Floating YY! precious 😉

          • izzie

            if I didn’t know better, YY is floating in thoughts of Grandpa. 😛

        • izzie

          “yeah! we’re noonas of brightness”

          Of course. What are we members of the fellowship of the moon for? 😉 moonshine bright.

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