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Queen of Reversals surpasses Athena, another extension?
by | January 11, 2011 | 85 Comments

The battle of the Monday-Tuesday dramas is heating up, as MBC’s Queen of Reversals noses ahead in the ratings. Monday’s broadcast pulled in 15.7% (AGB Nielson), beating SBS’s Athena: Goddess of War for the first time. Athena began its run with explosive 22.8% ratings, but has steadily declined over the last five weeks, landing at 15.2% on Monday.

The growing ratings might be a factor in MBC’s decision to offer Queen yet ANOTHER extension. It’s just by one episode, due to a scheduled preemption on January 31 for the 2011 Asia Cup. Because most Monday-Tuesday dramas end on a Tuesday, MBC wants the show to go out with an additional episode, bringing the total count to 33. The production has yet to agree, mostly due to the fact that the entire cast and staff have already been exhausting themselves with the current extension, although I’m not sure what one episode either way will do. If the drama decides against the offer, MBC plans to air the last two episodes on a Tuesday night, one week earlier. Perhaps the extension is yet another move to give The Duo an extra week before premiering. Couldn’t hurt.

As far as the current ratings battle, they seem to be leveling out, which is about where they fare with me on the to-watch scale: that is, some Mondays I start with Athena, and others I start with Queen. Strangely, I like them equally too, but for wholly different reasons, as they inhabit two completely different ends of the drama spectrum. I like the dark spy world of Athena peppered with funny antics, and well, Queen is boring one minute, and then coffee laced with crack the next minute.

It’s taken the extended episodes (twelve more added to the original twenty) to flesh out Park Shi-hoo‘s character, and now he’s totally taking over in leading man territory. It’s just enough to take me from skeptical, to hopeful….to downright delusional. I don’t think I’m alone, though, as the drama is pushing the Kim Tae-hee/Gu Yong-shik pairing in a way that it wasn’t before the extension. All the romantic moments are reserved for them, which is either a really good sign (*crosses fingers, throws salt, does chant*) or a totally evil move to fake me out. I’m preparing an effigy in case it’s the latter.

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85 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. dany

    Well I prefer Athena, it’s much better, or that’s my opinion, anyway.

  2. birdscout

    I’ve only seen up to episode 20 so far, and I was wondering, girlfriday, how you felt about the forced kiss that GYS planted on KTH against her wishes, especially since he seems to relate it directly to his mommy issues. I love PSH as GYS but was a little disconcerted by this kiss, especially after all the discussion of Joo-won’s and Ra-im’s “bed” scene.

  3. tantrumg

    i’m totally with you on the Kim Tae-hee/Gu Yong-shik pairing – really hoping that’s the way it’ll end!! *throws more salt and joins girlfriday in the chanting. crossing fingers AND toes*

  4. diablita

    i am watching queen of reversals without subs and not understanding what they are saying, i find the lead actress unattractive but still loving the drama and kept on watching. =)

  5. anon

    the man can rock em aviators
    What is with PSH and coming up from ehind to steal the leading lady at the 11th hour???
    from now on he should stop taking on projects that give him second lead

    • 5.1 elle loves kdrama

      I totally agree!

    • 5.2 ag

      Totally agree! I like QoR more because I’ve invested so much time in this one. Ha! Slow,but enough to keep me interested,especially since PSH has stolen the lead role (again). All I can say about Athena is,check your brain at the door and just enjoy the ride. Jung Woo’s character pisses me off (not the actor!).

    • 5.3 Tracy.

      LOL! it’s exactly what I’m thinking, next time whoever plays the lead in a drama where PSH is the 2nd lead better watch out.

  6. girlatsea

    I kind of want to watch this… But school just started again and I’m watching My Princess and Dream High… Is it really wise to start another drama?

    • 6.1 OxyR

      I don’t think it’s a good idea to start another drama since the school already started. However, if the school has a long break (spring break or summer), then you can do marathon (hopefully this drama will end by then..lol ). The best part is you don’t even have to wait another week for a new episode! Streaming it online or downloading it.
      Wow! I’m such a mommy!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 6.1.1 girlatsea

        Hahahaah, thanks though! I appreciated it! I need to do really well this semester so I think two dramas is enough. I could definitely marathon it during spring break or something. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Alex

          Hahaha…I’m going to put this off too with school starting again I can’t afford to get distracted. I’m watching Athena and Daemul and postponing the rest of Home Sweet Home.

  7. elle loves kdrama

    I really hope he gets the girl! In fact, Park Shi hoo should always get the girl ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 7.1 tyasawa

      lol agree ๐Ÿ™‚

      he’s too charming to ignore! I watched the 1st and 2nd episode and despite liking it, I was quite bored.. now I am fully on board since the story kinda shifted toward him..

      I am gonna be so mad if she does not end up with him

  8. Jules

    Lol, I honestly haven’t been watching Queen of Reversals, but out of curiosity… does it seem that this going to be another case of “How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor” with Park Shi Hoo starting off as a second lead and then swooping out as the main?

  9. Emi

    I really hope PSH gets the girl! The drama really seems to be going in that direction. She barely has any time with the Ex at all.

    I’m still wondering who plays the cop guy? I got ridiculously fangirly over him when he busted out the English in ep 23. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 9.1 marissa

      Me too; his English speaking style is all kinds of awesome. You can find his name on the drama’s thread on soompi; saw it but forgot the name.

  10. 10 miss

    I’m sorry,
    But I think Kim Nam Joo’s char name is Hwang Tae Hee, and not Kim Tae Hee ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My Princess Symptoms anyone? hehe

    • 10.1 vannie

      yes its hwang tae hee. i got lost there for a moment what kim tae hee is doing in queen where ryt now she’s just a princess lol!
      i watched up to ep8 now and i hope though that hwang tae hee ends up with gu yong shik coz if not i’m not gonna continue watching

  11. 11 rouby

    I don’t wacthing queen,,,, and don’t know about the story,,, but its so interesting if park shi ho as the second guy,,,can get the lead lady,,,,..and its make me want to wacthing this drama,,, maybe,,, later after finishing another drama,,or when holiday,,,
    Thanks to GF,,,,everything about park shi ho always make me interesting,,,,,,

  12. 12 kk

    QOR! i actually wanted to watch Athena and skipped QOR because i really loved QOH and it just doesn’t feel the same without the original cast. But Park Shi Hoo was just too irresistible i guess. I started watching QOR when the drama was into its 12th or 13 episode and i had to speed through the first 10 odd eps! (not that there is anything much to watch cause PSH wasn’t featured much) Now that the attention is on him.. my Park Shi Hoo syndrome is acting up again >.< i re-watched Family Honour and PP (to swoon over him while i achingly wait for Mon and Tues to come ๐Ÿ˜€ )

    • 12.1 JAM

      Hmmm… should i watch Family Honour? I’ve never attempted such a long drama but if PSH is there… well, i might give it a try after QoR. Good idea? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 12.1.1 Kfangirl

        If u like PSH, Family’s Honor is a must-watch!! He’s all kinds of suave & I was completely fangirly over him in this one!! ^^

      • 12.1.2 kk

        Defnitely!!! PSH in FH is superb! you will fall in love with him all over again ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. 13 mommy

    after KJW in MSOAN, Oska in SG, PSH in QoR = my 2nd lead synchrom!!!
    Park Shi-Hoo, GO GET THE GIRL!!!!!!…….
    We (female crazy fans) know you can do it!!!!! FIGHTING

    • 13.1 mommy

      oups sorry, I meant “synDromE” (& not “synchrom”)

  14. 14 Min

    athena is pretty bad since ep 5 or 6… same thing happened with iris, i’m so happy the ratings are not good – it’s only natural to lose interest ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. 15 pumpkinattack

    I couldn’t agree more… I’ve begun to hope as I’ve never allowed myself to hope…

    I’m getting hooked into Queen of Reversals because of the glimmer of hope that Kim Tae-hee/Gu Yong-shik might end up together! Wouldn’t that be crazy?! Am I also delusional? If so, I hope my delusion never ends.

  16. 16 yui

    in that pic…seems like the lead actress didn’t get under plastic surgery for her nose…hehe..that’s good…natural pretty i thought..okay..it’s ssooo out of topic…

    well..i like park shi hoo oppa…but now i’m watching SG,my princess and some thailand lakorn…emm..athena or this drama ya??confused…but for sure it’s okay daddy’s daughter..i pass! skip! *mianhe donghae oppa*


  17. 17 mariama

    i am waiting before touching this drama. i LOVE park shi hoo and i am not going to sit for 33 hours if he is not getting the girl. so i am doing what i did for summer desire, see who she ends up with before i watch, so fingers cross because anything with PSH in it i HAVE to see it . just love that guy because he is AWESOME. hehe

  18. 18 ceire

    I’m still DYING to watch this but I refuse to do so before I know who she ends up with. If it’s Mr. I-Rock-My-Sunglasses-Like-No-Other, then I’m in ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 18.1 PSH Forever

      Me too. I hope kor drama bosses finally realise one thing…..PSH can NEVER be the second lead. It’s just impossible!

  19. 19 d

    ya…hope Queen of Reversals is going to the direction we all (or most of us) hoping it will..since after the extension and the focus of the lead is obviously shifting…>_<''

    killing a flower now:
    Kim Tae-hee <3 Gu Yong-shik ? Kim Tae-hee </3 Gu Yong-shik? Kim Tae-hee <3 Gu Yong-shik ??….

  20. 20 katz

    The first episode of QOR didn’t hook me in me at all. I only gave it another shot because of Park Shi Hoo and also because I kept reading about the budding romance between the two in the later episodes. And now, I’m hooked – line and sinker and all. Park Shi Hoo is way way way too charming and cute! I’m staying hopeful *fingers and toes crossed* That said, I might have to rewatch PP again some time soon.

  21. 21 alex

    I love watching both QOR and Athena . Just as you do , sometimes it’s QOR the first and then A thena . Both of them are refreshing because I don’ t care for the characters . But the dramas are all fun and very well acted . And the stories are not at all boring . What else for those dull winter days ?

  22. 22 coffevampire

    PSH win!

  23. 23 cille

    i REALLY like QoR and i’m watching it first before athena. i swear with the drama pushing for the Kim Tae-hee/Gu Yong-shik coupling, it’s like a whole new drama! i too would rather they end up together – such chemistry!

  24. 24 tildy

    I’m loving QoR, but haven’t checked out Athena yet. I’ve got my fingers crossed that Park Shi Hoo gets the girl. On the one hand, I feel like the relationship between Hwang Tae hee and her husband had a lot of wasted potential. If they resolved to try again, a little wiser, then I think they could work out. But Gu Yong shik is just too darn compelling!

    LOL, I guess Kim Tae hee’s name is stuck in everyone’s heads?

  25. 25 MJP

    I haven’t watched any of QoR.

    I have watched Athena and am greatly disappointed (same feeling I had with MSOAN/MMM. I watched Athena up to episode 6 so far and am still waiting to see Choi Si Won as much as what I have seen him in the Stills and Interviews and Previews.

    I think the casting/writing of the main lead needs some major improvements. They should have put Choi Si Won or someone more charismatic in the lead role.

    I also think they ramble a bit with the script, which requires me to wait for recaps or subs and still find myself wondering. I find myself skipping the raw episodes in major portions.

    I think episode 2 was killer with that action scene, but haven’t been impressed again.

    I will keep watching, because I like to follow things through, but if it gets any more frustrating, I may just drop it.

    If QoR is good I might check it out.

  26. 26 grasya

    i’m rooting for Tae Hee and Gong Shik!
    i’m still at epi18 though.

  27. 27 JAM

    YES!!! I’m liking the extension idea to feed my addiction but pity the casts and crew. Prefer Park Shi-Hoo’s character in here rather than Prosecutor Princess where the latter is pretty predictable. In QoR, the shenanigans in the office balances out the romance.

    Girlfriday, some recaps or more comments on this show please? Pretty please? ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. 28 asianromance

    i feel a bit bad for Jung Jun-ho with Park Shi-hoo stealing away the beautiful Kim Nam Joo, but there really is something abt Park Shi Hoo. Not to mention his body is totally hot (I first saw him shirtless in Iljimae and daaaang!!)

  29. 29 singingzombies

    Athena has such good production values. IRIS falls behind in terms of action sequences (even if said action sequences appeared to have happened in la la land and never occurred, they are still impressive eye candy for a tv drama)

    But seriously, I feel like the characters sometimes belong on a Saturday cartoon show they are so simplistic and hollow. The show leads you by the hand to every plot twist, you feel like your intelligence is insulted and even more baffling is that the characters (main character mostly) seems to have less spy instinct/intelligence than the average action-oriented viewer (filling each episode with constant WHY HE SO STUPID)

    The ratings drop is totally understandable since the target audience seems to be either attention-deficit action-oriented viewers or action-oriented newcomers. Its hard to look forward to each week with such boring cliff-hangers. (End episode right in random still of an action sequence cuz that’s exciting!!! Will the punch connect?!?!? Find out next week on Crappy Cliffhanger Drama!!!)

  30. 30 Nana

    I watch QoR solely for PSH. The cat fights are lame. And the sub needs to come out sooner.

    I like Athena better than IRIS. Pros for better set of actors and plot wise. But funny, Athena is supposed to be a thriller or suspense of some sort (with all the guns and gadgets), I find it somewhat relax to watch in a Sunday morning.

  31. 31 Sukispop

    Thanks for this article, girlfriday!

    When I first heard of the possible extension(s) for QoR, I had really mixed feelings(as in I think this is a baaad idea!) about it. I honestly felt that this was, at best, a typical 16 episode rom com.

    But. Since they’ve been focusing on PSH’s character, Gong-shik, and his smoldering affection towards KNJ’s character, Tae-hee, this drama has gotten really good and soo compelling! PSH brings us such a fun and charismatic character in Gong-shik, and he always has amazing chemistry with whomever his female foible is. KNJ has been wonderful as HTH, and with PSH in their scenes together, they really raise this drama by several notches.

    I’m relieved, after having read the other comments, that I’m not the only one who’s seriously cheering on Gong-shik and Tae-hee to get together. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • 31.1 Sukispop


      I wrote Gong-shik when I meant to write Yong-shik.

      Sorry about that.

  32. 32 Tracy.

    Great news for QoR!!!
    Today’s ep.26 AGB ratings for QoR has surpassed Athene even more:
    QoR – 17.4%
    Athena – 13.8%

  33. 33 ditdut

    Whew, I guess Park Shihoo does have a tendency to be so charming in his role that he overshadows the male leads. I’m still bitter about Kim Seungwoo in How To Meet a Perfect Neighbour.

  34. 34 sleeplessinwgtn

    OMG, everyone’s watching QoR because of our dear PSH. I have only seen 1 and a bit episodes and will wait until it’s finished for the same reason as most of you – PSH gets the girl. I will investigate Family Honour & HtMaPN for PSH.

  35. 35 mya

    I’m finishing family honor.. been watching since last friday but now slowing the speed simply because I don’t wanna stop watching him… he’s so *sigh* great with his crybaby attitude, the suave, the romantic.. *faint* plus the script is one of the best I’ve ever watched in Kdrama… and the OST all fit together very well.

    A week before watching FH I finished How to Meet Perfect Neighbor and I love his look there, with a little mustache… but afterward he’s only with fresh clean look… wonder how he looks with a little long hair like Lee Philip in Story of a man, a face like in HTMPN…

    Subtitles for QoR is a little slow so, I was not able to catch up with the series lately… but it’s ok… gonna buy the dvd right after it ends airing…

    PSH fighting! ^^

    • 35.1 kk

      i know! his crybaby attitude just MELTS me ๐Ÿ˜€ how he is so clingy after he got married..AWWWWWWW

      • 35.1.1 PSH Forever

        I first saw PSH in Perfect Neighbour. I thought he was so attractive. Weird show. It started off with the other guy being the focus then PSH took over! I was so happyyyyy!!!!! Then I watched Ijimie and rooted for him all the way. He was so so charismatic he was like the lead. After that I went on to Family Honour and loved him there. I cried heaps. Loved him in Proseccutor Princess. Was so upset when I found out he was second lead here?????!!!! And am now excited to find out the sudden turn of events. If he gets the (ugly) girl, I’ll watch this show. But seriously PSH, you can do a lot better than that ahjumma…..just saying LOL

    • 35.2 sleeplessinwgtn

      Hi mya and all PSH fanatics,

      I’ve been looking for a website to watch Family Honour but the videos in mysoju are not working. Do you know of an alternative website?

      Thanks in anticipation!

      • 35.2.1 nauna

        Dramafever has all the episodes. I know, cuz I just finished rewatching it there:)

      • 35.2.2 mya

        I’ve tried many sites but it seems they got the videos from viki… viki admin told me the FH videos were removed due to SBS copyright… so, I guess in future, it’s gonna be hard to watch SBS dramas streaming online… Btw, I bought the FH and HTMPN drama to feed my hunger, LOL .. ^^

  36. 36 ami

    started QOH because of potential of the switch in leads. PSH ftw!! I’m going to have to stop watching if it doesn’t happen!

    Plus I would watch a show with just him and his secretary any day.

  37. 37 JAM

    Just finished Ep 26. Wonder whether is it due to the extension but am seeing the Noble Idiot and Queen of Coincidences kicking in. GAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!

  38. 38 miss

    whahhhh After knows what’s going on in episode 26, I’m starting to worry if Tae Hee will back to her ex. Maybe the problem between Tae hee and Yong SHik will give Jun SUu a chance to re-start his relationship with Tae Hee. ๐Ÿ™

  39. 39 PSH Forever

    The lead actress is so unattractive….she looks like psh’s mum or auntie. PSH is prettier than her. I bet he’d make a lovely girl with a makeover.

    • 39.1 PSH Forever

      First makeover….replace abs with boobs LOL

  40. 40 ACD

    I can’t be the only one that doesn’t want Tae Hee to get back with her ex. She dumped him for such a stupid reason, he told her pretty much everything up front except who exactly his ex was. Either way he can do so much better he is way more confident without her, I hope they never get back together.

    • 40.1 miss

      It’s not just Tae Hee’s fault…. Also I think Jun Suu has fault too. Despite what he said about his relationship with Yeo Jin , He never said it before Tae Hee found out everything… and it’s too late, Both of them likes never match in this drama and the writers never give both of them (until now) a chance to restore their relationship.

  41. 41 mememomo

    Epi 26 is so heartbreaking. I really hope YS & TH gets together.

  42. 42 Dramamia

    Well, I’m disappointed with Athena comparing to Iris. I was about to give up after epi 2 but managed to finish epi 6. I don’t think it’s compatible to Iris but seeing its ratings in a free-fall mode makes me feel bad for the production.

  43. 43 hhills84

    Iยดm very happy another time…Park Shi Hoo hawting!! You can win her heart.

  44. 44 yogurutu

    I really like this drama. Everything about it is done so well–the lines, the humor, the directing, the music (…well, sometimes. The songs are so good, but it seems like they only have three songs in rotation)

    I saw a couple articles arguing that ์—ญ์ „์˜์—ฌ์™• feels like it is turning into a second-rate drama, using an forced loveline between a chaebol and a divorcee–that the storyline has turned from realistic to self-gratifying. I disagree–not all drama turns second rate the moment it becomes “gratifying”, and although I am really enjoying the dynamic between Hwang Tae Hee and Gu Yong Shik, none of it feels particularly unnatural, forced, or unrealistic.

    I think that it is all in the title! The queen of ์—ญ์ „! I think without the extension, I would have definitely expected Tae Hee to get back with her husband Junsu, but to call success at work as well as reconciling with her husband, who deceived her for six years, a real ์—ญ์ „ is so weaksauce.

    I think, maybe since I am not married yet, feel like Tae Hee from the beginning was cheated of a true love life and marriage because of the conditions that had brought her and her husband together (pressure, age, etc). And I don’t mean to say that that isn’t love, but it’s a little sad to realize that for someone with such a forward and ambitious personality, she had to settle for someone whose feelings towards her were spurred by the conditions that surrounded them, rather than despite them, and I think that’s what made their foundation so weak. Yong shik, on the other hand, has feelings for her DESPITE the fact that the two are from a very different place, that he has a place in society and that she is a divorcee with a child, which makes his love all the more unconditional, and more right for Tae Hee, who hasn’t been able to experience such affections. I’m not saying that Taehee and Junsu didn’t love one another, but it’s just… different, and to anyone with any romantic notion of love, it’s a little sad.

    And maybe if it really does work out between Tae Hee and Yongshik, it might just be an ajumma’s frivolous guilty pleasure of a story, but if we are going for a real ์—ญ์ „, Tae Hee deserves to start anew at a new place, experiencing love as we all want to fantasize it. That should be the real reversal!

    I think the unrealistic nature of the story only comes from the fact that he’s a chaebol (and I agree, dramas resort to using chaebols way too much. I wonder if any writer has even met a real one), but I think his background is there to pose obstacles to emphasize that they’re going to fight for their love rather than be pushed into it, which is what all women want their love to be like, right?

    Yikes I wrote like.. 8 times more than what I wanted to write. I really want to talk about this drama, but it’s hard to find english-speaking who are really into it, because it’s targeted towards an older audience…

    • 44.1 miss

      whahhh I love your overall Though! I really agree with on most part. I’m glad I can finally discuss this drama, cause the drama is not popular at all…

      But one think I’m disagree is Jun Suu is not cheated her at all, Jun Suu just doesn’t tell her the truth about her ex before She found out everything. He think it’s fine when a married couple have a secret. But it’s a mistake when you keep a secret about your past with your ex who still keep contact with u.

  45. 45 Bo

    @44 I appreciate your reflections on the story so far. The foundation of the marriage was really weak- and one sided! What was shown was that she did all the work and sacrifices being the dominant one (she had the money then) while the husband was such a weakling. I would have divorced him when he used the house I sweated for as a collateral for his friend (take note- not even mine) which is what happened in this story.

    Like you said, nothing is forced it’s but natural for a rich lonely man to find something worthwhile in a strong and talented independent woman (strengthened by the fact that she is married with a child yet striving to regain their economic status) after being with rich spoiled condescending women/bitches (pardon my french).

    I like what’s going on so far, hope this continues till the end of story otherwise a lot of women wanting to break out from the mold will be heartbroken . . Hear that writers? Hoping . . . .

    • 45.1 yogurutu

      I hope it continues too!

      Honestly, I know that there are a lot of women who stay together with their husbands even despite the fact that they cheat because they are afraid of having failed their marriage (like Taehee’s sister). It’s sad, but it’s the harsh reality for married women, and especially in Korea.

      Even though Junsu didn’t cheat ON Tae Hee, he DID start having feelings for her to spite his ex. And to anyone with a sense of pride, that’s devastating to find out, that your love with your husband, no matter how much of it was real, was initiated off his lie and revenge.

      I say Yong Shik and Tae Hee all the way, at least to stick it to the system! Women don’t need that crap!

  46. 46 Renee

    I’m so glad more and more people are talking about Queen of Reversals! There are more commenters here & even on Soompi than there were a few weeks ago, which is awesome because I’m dying to talk about this drama (Park Shi-hoo *swooon*!)

    Agree with yogurutu on everything, esp. about the emotional imbalance pre-marriage contributing to the break-up. Tae-hee was already insecure about Jun-soo’s affections, and his lying about Yeo-jin just pushed things over the edge.

    Plus, I don’t think their personalities make a good marriage match. He needs someone sweeter and she needs someone fiercer (i.e., Yong-shik). They could be good friends, however.

    One more thing: hate the current noble idiot plot-line. Here’s hoping we get a speedy (as in next episode) resolution. My hope is that Jun-soo tells Yong-shik what’s up.

  47. 47 Ashyln

    I couldn’t agree more! Hope Yong Shik and Yai Hee get together somm and have more romantic or hilarious scenes between them!

  48. 48 jemrie

    I really like this show, I started it with doubts but was intrigued by the workplace drama actually! I was curious to see how her character would overcome the obstacles. I am torn… I feel as though it is still possible for her and her ex to work things out, with a fresh new start. But I am so in love with Yong-shik, I can’t help be charmed by him and my heart breaks for him. In a way I find him the lead even more so than Tae-hee. So even though I feel reconciliation with her husband would be the more right choice since she invested so many years in to the relationship and had a child, I can’t help but long for her to pair up with Yong-shik, not really for her sake but his. See that’s what I am worried about, I don’t think she is as invested in him as he is in her. I think her and her husband needed the seperation so they could grow, especially her husband, now we see him rising to potential that was stifled before. So perhaps the marriage is only hindering them as individuals, I hate to say so but there seems to be an important element missing and I don’t know if reconcialiton can fix this. But is she really ready to invest herself in another relationship that comes along with a ton of obstacles? So I am on the fence, wondering if any of these people are truly good for each other but… I am so charmed by Yong-shik I think I just want him to get what he wants. Darn this drama I am confused!

  49. 49 lola

    queen of reversals is very wonderful dramaa i love it from the first time espeically park shi hoo he is a very charming i love him so much and i wish goo yun shik anad tea hea will become couple

  50. 50 bluelime

    park shi hoo is so talented. i love his portrayal of goo yong-shik! i hope yong-shik ends up with tae-hee.

    ps. does anyone know where i can watch ep 28?

    • 50.1 TT

      It hasn’t been aired yet

      • 50.1.1 bluelime

        thanks for the info! =)

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