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Secret Garden: Episode 15
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So the cat’s out of the bag. Frankly I’d thought we’d get some huge changes once this happened, but really, the discovery is played more for comedy than for real advancement. Thankfully, by episode’s end we finally make some progress with the body-swap gimmick that opens the door for some of our questions to be answered. Not in this episode, alas, but at least we’re heading somewhere.


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Both Ra-Him and Joo-wonita find themselves caught in their impersonations by Oska and Jong-soo, respectively. To be sure, it’s not like Oska actually suspects the truth when he declares, “You’re not Joo-won”; instead, he thinks that Joo-won has so thoroughly lost his mind that his old self is gone.

Since she doesn’t want to take this body-swap to the hospital per Oska’s recommendation, Ra-Him fesses up to the truth — that she’s Ra-im in Joo-won’s body (freaking him out by calling him “oppa”). She cites stuff that Oska had said to her that only she’d know (like his offer to let her touch his butt when rock-climbing), and flips him out further.

Joo-wonita also comes clean to Jong-soo, stating that the reason (s)he’s acting strange is because he’s actually Joo-won. Ra-Him calls at that moment to alert him to Oska’s discovery of their predicament, and he invites Jong-soo along so they can get the facts straight.

So the foursome sit around, with Oska and Jong-soo initially thinking this is a prank. To convince them, Joo-wonda says something that only Joo-won could know, reciting words he’d said to Oska earlier about being so sure that he wouldn’t fall for Ra-im, but failing.

Likewise, Ra-Him shares something bound to convince Jong-soo that it’s her: She knows that when he gets a call at midnight, his first words are, “Which hospital? Is he dead?”

At least they get to set the record straight now — Jong-soo realizes that it wasn’t Ra-im who figured out that he liked her, but Joo-won(da). And that the person who told him to never confess his feelings was also Joo-won. While it’s still a hard idea to wrap their heads around, Jong-soo concedes that if he doesn’t believe that it’s true, the alternative is that Ra-im and Joo-won are both crazy, and he dislikes that idea even more.

Ah-young has been reinstated and promoted, so Secretary Kim presents her with a gift of warm boots. She brings up his threat to quit upon hearing of her dismissal, and chides him for acting rashly; if one of them has lost a job, it’s important for the other to keep it. Aw, at least it seems she likes him back now; it was sad for poor Secretary Kim when she was all confused about Joo-won.

Joo-won’s mother gripes to Oska’s mother about Ra-im’s audacity, still incensed over their last encounter (not realizing it was actually her son giving her the smackdown). Oska’s mother reminds her that she’d advised her not to make the confrontation, and even goes so far as to say that seeing how Ra-im has Joo-won in the palm of her hand, she deserves some recognition. She suggests that Mom allow the couple to marry, but keep it out of the official family registry (making it the equivalent of a common-law marriage).

But Oska’s mother makes a slip in referring to her as a stuntwoman, which Joo-won’s mother shrewdly notes she has never said. What is Big Sis up to? What would she get out of suggesting that kind of marriage?

Oska’s mother uneasily brushes it aside and heads out to see her son, who’s in a meeting at the music studio. She delivers her decree that Oska should stop with this pop star business, since he’s had enough time to enjoy it. She doesn’t like seeing him the object of public scorn.

He takes his mother’s concerns to heart — not about quitting, but about being maligned by the public. He’s been feeling that he hasn’t been living right, no doubt bolstered by that blackmailing songwriter’s harsh words that his prior (mis-)conduct is the reason his fans were so quick to turn on him. He stuns his managers by declaring that he wants to make an apology for his past wrongs. This is the diva, humbling himself? Voluntarily?

With that in mind, the team gets to work on an image rehabilitation project, beginning with a list of his offenses (even marked by stars to indicate level of difficulty).

On the list? Things like “Throwing script at music video director of second album” and and “Skipping out of a broadcast saying that you didn’t like the look in the FD’s eye.” LOL. Some prop coordinator must’ve had fun with the list, which includes this gem: “Refusing to let another actor appear because he was better looking.”

There’s a whole string of names that are women he’s dumped unceremoniously, and Manager Choi quips, “I thought I was looking at a list of winners at a year-end awards show.” Oska’s surprised by some of the entries, having forgotten them entirely, like the one about him acting pissy about Big Bang. His reasoning is that he has to apologize for his misconduct before he can go to Seul and win her back.

Tae-sun tells Seul that he won’t be able to sign with her after all, due to his pesky conscience — he bears some responsibility for the songwriter who’s now blackmailing Oska. Seul accepts his decision, but has a final request — to find out the other singers who have chosen to work with Bitter Betty.

At that, Tae-sun smirks and guesses, “Could it be you’re thinking what I’m thinking?” Seul smiles back. Ooh, this is gonna be good. At least it had better be.

Ra-Him sits in a cafe, where the Magic Veil of Unswitchiness lets us see her (as in, Ha Ji-won) brooding. She thinks back to the hike she’d taken with Jong-soo at the stunt retreat, where he’d confided that bit about the midnight phone calls — and that he hoped for her sake that she would get out of the stunt business before she could lead her own team and have to get accustomed to such things.

She gets the good news that she has advanced to the final round of auditions for Dark Blood. Giddy, she tells Joo-won to get ready for a new round of training, to which he balks since it’s unrealistic that he could pass the audition for her.

Ra-im answers that passing isn’t the goal — she can’t even be sure she’d succeed in her own body — but that merely attending such an audition was always her dream — so all he has to do is stand there for her. Plus, this occasion affords one perk — the auditionees are (conveniently!) allowed to bring along one person. Therefore, while Joo-wonda is doing his thing, she’ll be able to watch, which will be a good experience for her.

Although he understands, Joo-won protests that he can’t even ride an elevator — how can he perform her audition for her? The comment piques her interest, but a call from Jong-soo interrupts the moment. The magic veil unswitches our leads to show us what Jong-soo experiences — the weirdness of talking to Ra-im, but hearing her words in Joo-won’s voice. Finding it too weird, he texts her instead, asking her to come by to discuss the audition dilemma.

It’s no less weird in person: Jong-soo can’t look at Joo-won’s body even though he knows it’s really Ra-im in there. He turns his head toward Joo-wonda while addressing Ra-Him, and expresses strong disapproval over their plan to train Joo-wonda to do the audition for Ra-im.

But Joo-wonda challenges, “And what if I do it?”

The magic veil drops again to show us this scene with everyone in their rightful bodies — aie, this is getting confusing — and Joo-won tells Ra-im that if it’s important to her, he’ll do it. But on one condition.

He moves back into his house, illustrated with another drop (or is it lift?) of the magic veil. Joo-won instructs Ra-im that they’ll be sharing beds and bathrooms, and dangles the threat of “Then I won’t audition” to shut up her protests. With a smile, he declares they’ll be stuck together 24/7 from now on.

That evening, he watches her pretending to sleep in bed next to him, and she asks about the medication in his bathroom. Is it serious?

He tells her about his claustrophobia, which is so severe that his reaction is far more extreme than most people — what other people feel as unease, he feels as horror. He might lose unconsciousness or, in a worst-case scenario, be in danger of heart failure. She muses that that’s why everyone was so surprised when she rode the elevator the first day impersonating him.

Magic veil unswitches them (again?! This is confusing enough without the constant back and forth, thanks) — and now Joo-wonda is staring down at her in his body. He comments, “You know, the more I look at you, I realize I’m really good-looking. How do people talk to me when they’re so nervous?” Hur.

Over the next few days, the two prepare for the audition and continue with work while fervently hoping for rain. Joo-wonda arranges for work meetings to be conducted at his house instead of the office, so that while his directors report to Ra-Him, Joo-wonda can give her signals while lingering in the background.

Seul and Tae-sun embark on their plan to find other singers who have dealt with the troublesome rumormonger, but find that it’s more difficult than anticipated, since people don’t want to get involved in the mess.

All the while, scurrilous rumors about Oska continue to spread, which come with all the attendant internet slander. Aw, poor rich boy hasn’t learned to stay away from the internet during a scandal. He even starts typing a message in defense of Oska, posing as a neighbor, but gives that up. At least that shows he’s got more restraint than your average huffy internet commenter. (Seriously, people, using dozens of screennames to flame doesn’t do anything but create extra work for yourself. I still see who’s doing it.)

Gradually, Joo-wonita improves his fighting skills as he works on his swordplay skills. (With yet more magic veil switchiness.)

Ra-im is thrilled with his improvement, wondering if some miracle might actually allow him to succeed in the audition after all. As they flirt back and forth, Joo-won is reminded of that scream he’d heard way back in Jeju, the one that sent him looking for her when she’d gotten lost in the bike race. Puzzled, Ra-im confirms that it really wasn’t her.

Only NOW does he suppose that the restaurant in the woods was “a little strange.” Gee, you think? She agrees, and asks if he gave that wine to Oska per her instructions. Not about to admit that he ignored her request, he lies and says that he did indeed give it to Oska. It’s not until she admits she drank hers and thought it might have been the cause for the swap that Joo-won comes clean.

Magic veil re-switches them, and they head straight for the Mysterious Garden restaurant in Jeju. However, when they arrive, things are different. It looks… very normal, actually. No longer are those curious little bottles of medicinal wine strewn all over the place.

Furthermore, the ajumma proprietress isn’t the one from before. She answers their questions with puzzlement, confirming that there is no other lady with a gloomy face working here, and they don’t sell homemade wine.

Well, one mystery is solved, but without any access to the mystical wine, they’re stuck without an out, destined to keep changing back and forth with the weather’s whims.

Upon their arrival home, a dour-faced Mom faces them with arms akimbo, standing by packed bags. To their surprise, she snaps that she won’t stop them if they want to live together. But she has one condition: Leave this house. She’s already packed for them.

So where do they go? To Oska’s, naturally. (I love that he gets confused when Joo-wonda speaks and complains, “I can’t get used to this — why don’t you wear nametags?!”)

Oska meets with one of the broadcast PDs he’d apologized to yesterday, who admits that he was touched to get the call, as he’d never gotten an apology from a star before.

The producer had been sitting on some information that can help Oska — until yesterday, he had no reason to divulge it. But the apology unleashed some goodwill, and now he explains that the blackmailing songwriter is going around selling songs to multiple singers. He knows the singer who had bought the song Oska is now accused of plagiarizing.

The pop star is someone Oska has some history with — a woman named Chae-ri. When he arrives to meet her, he finds that there are two people already sitting with her: Tae-sun and Seul.

Chae-ri is a bit begrudging, as she has soured on people whose names start with O — Oska, Oh Seung-ah. (The latter is a nod to writer Kim Eun-sook’s On Air; Kim Haneul played a bratty actress with that name.)

Seeing Seul’s expression, Oska hastens to explain that their relationship wasn’t romantic. They’d been linked in a scandal, which Chae-ri had admitted to, only to have Oska kick up a fuss about it. And after she’d drunk all those consolation drinks with him when he was so torn up about his proposal being rejected!

Even so, Chae-ri agrees to help, having gone so far as to record the song, only to hear Oska’s version being leaked.

(Chae-ri expresses interest in Tae-sun, to which Oska starts to retort that Tae-sun is off-limits. Tae-sun cuts him off before he drops any big news, and answers simply that he already likes somebody. Hm. I WONDER WHO.)

Chae-ri assures them that her management will release the story tomorrow, and leaves. Oska asks Tae-sun to leave so he can speak to Seul alone, and Tae-sun does after shooting him a (peeved? jealous?) glare.

Seul tells him not to thank her, since she’s repaying her debt to him. Oska tells her that he figured out why she rejected his proposal. He hadn’t known that she’d be hurt by words he hadn’t meant, back when his priority was protecting himself.

He tells her earnestly, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry… that I’m sorry about saying the words I’m sorry.” His sincerity brings tears to her eyes as she’s moved despite her better efforts, and she replies that she must not be as mean as she thought, because she doesn’t like seeing him like this — she feels sorry for him.

When she arrives back at her office, she finds Tae-sun waiting for her, having figured out a few things for himself. Such as her taste in music (read: men) running more toward the Oska type, not himself — so why did she court him?

Tae-sun’s annoyed to have been used as a means to piss off Oska, and smirks that she must have been pretty jealous of the way Oska pursued him relentlessly. That wording has Seul raising an eyebrow — does he know he sounds like one leg of a love triangle, fighting over a man?

He dismisses that casually and walks out, leaving her to figure it out.

Audition day arrives, and the Dark Blood crew arrives from the U.S. while auditionees gather for their shot at glory. Joo-wonita shivers in the cold anxiously, but when Ra-Him asks if he’s nervous, he retorts that he’s not the type to get nervous. While shaking with nerves.

A text message from Secretary Kim alerts them that Grandpa CEO is at the department store, and if he finds out that Joo-won didn’t come to work, there’ll be trouble. No problem: Ra-Him can pop by the office to show his face, make up an excuse about a meeting, and hurry back in no time.

While Grandpa waits impatiently, griping about his irresponsible grandson, Director Park starts to slyly bring up the possibility of filling Joo-won’s vacant seat. Interestingly, his sister (Ms. Fourth Wife) is the one to cut him down, telling him he’s overstepping. She’s also the one who speaks affectionately to Ra-Him and ushers Gramps out, saying they were just dropping by for a quick visit.

With that taken care of, Ra-Him is free to return to the action school, where Joo-wonda waits, and she heads to the elevator.

That immediately piques Director Park’s interest, who races to the security room, ordering everyone out for a lunch break. Finding the camera of the elevator, he’s stunned to see Joo-won (Ra-Him) actually entering the elevator calmly.

Moments later, the elevator jerkily stops. Ra-Him intercoms to the security room for help, but none is forthcoming. Acting on a hunch, she calls out, “Director… Park? You’re there, aren’t you?”

In the control room, Director Park jumps nervously, freaked out when Ra-Him states into the camera, “I know you’re there watching me.” Scared, he runs out of the room while Ra-Him continues calling out to him.

All the while, Joo-wonda has been waiting out in the cold as most of the people head into the building, and time is running out. Only… it’s then that it finally starts to rain — and just as they’d suspected, the water triggers the re-switcheroo.

Joo-won’s spirit leaves Ra-im’s body… and crashes into his own. In the elevator.

At first, Joo-won is pleased to realize the switch has happened, until he takes stock of his surroundings. The lights are flickering on and off, adding to the eeriness, and his breathing starts to quicken until soon he’s gasping grotesquely.

Doubled over in pain, he tries to call for help, but there’s nobody left in the security room, thanks to Director Park. He can barely call out a plea for help anyway, and he starts to collapse.

Back at the action school, Ra-im squeals in delight to be back to herself, since she can do the audition herself now. She starts to text Joo-won the happy news… until she remembers where she left his body.

In the elevator, he collapses and starts to reach for his (Ra-im’s) cell phone. She picks up as he manages to eke out, “I told you I can’t ride the elevator…” before he falls unconscious.

Ra-im screams his name, but he can’t answer.


Good setup for some interesting possibilities, but I was expecting the episode to go out on her giving up her audition to race back to the store, so the way it ends feels a bit premature to me. I actually would have preferred if she realized the truth, put the pieces together, and raced back without even needing the phone call to convince her. All along Joo-won has been the one pursuing her, so this would have been the first time she would have to make a real, concrete decision about their relationship — because, as has been pointed out so shrilly to her by his mother, she has nothing to lose, everything to gain. (Other than pride.) By giving up her dream to save his health, we have stakes. (Finally.)

I’m glad that the soul-swap actually brought about circumstances with real consequences, other than the comic ones of friends wondering what had gotten into Ra-im and Joo-won. Now that it’s come, I find myself wishing it had come a lot earlier. It isn’t that this drama has been slow exactly, because every episode is always full of witty dialogue and humorous moments, but it’s been curiously leisurely in its actual plot trajectory.

We still don’t know what mysterious accident Joo-won suffered in the past, or what the body-switch is for, or how Ra-im’s father is making it all happen. Who Are You is a drama where the body-swap had immediate stakes and established its rules early on, and then did one of my favorite things in a drama — it evolved its rules in almost every episode or two.

I know I’m the one bringing up the comparison but I don’t do it to start any kind of fanwars about which was better — both dramas have their strengths and weaknesses and there’s probably no point in taking up a round of “Who’s Better?” But I bring it up because I think it’s interesting to see a show with some similar traits that accomplished its purpose in a very different way. That was a drama that also hinged around a very unlikable hero — one who’s probably harder to like than Joo-won upon introduction. But what Who Are You did so well, and what I’m not getting from Secret Garden, is an evolution of the main character.

Although Joo-won has softened a little bit since the beginning, ultimately I don’t think he’s changed at all. Not in a significant, fundamental way. His view of the world has sorta been opened a little because of Ra-im — inasmuch as he acknowledges that there are poor people now, when previously he hadn’t even fathomed the concept of a woman paying rent on an apartment. But actual character development? I don’t see it. (In Who Are You, the hero shows marked, gradual, and consistent development to the point where, at the end, you feel you’ve traveled a mile in the hero’s shoes as he undergoes some really monumental character changes.)

All this to say: Yay for plot development. Too bad it’s fairly late and lightweight, but I guess that’s better than nothing.


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      • 1.2.1 ZigzagCatcher

        Sorry…posted this as a reply by accident…and I answered my question! this drama really had its awesome moments among others but I rather liked the angst more than I usually do in a drama which was a bit strange! He killed it in that elevator scene though…wowzers! πŸ™‚

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        hi there, can you please give me the title of that song that played at the end where he was trapped in elevator? thank you!

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    I wonder what would happen to Joo Won!!! [though the elevator scene was a little bit predictable…]

    I love watching both Oska and Jong-soo’s reaction to their body swap!!! The never-confess-for-the-rest-of-your-life and the sauna incident!!!

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      • 6.1.1 Janny

        especially when you’re a person that has no idea what claustrophobia actually feels like, which i bet he doesn’t. I mean it’s rather easy for an good actor to deliver feelings like love, pain jealousy etc, since everyone has experienced those feelings personally, even if it was in a different situation. But delivering something you have no clue about THAT convincingly is an outright amazing performance. Yes, i totally cried and this totally made me realize that hyun bin is probably one of the best actors out there. πŸ™‚

        • tweety

          well said!

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      the scene Ra-im screamed into the phone, it a bit…(dont know how to say), i think she should run straight to joowon, instead of wasting time screaming.

      • 6.2.1 Carolyn

        Watching the last scene was kind of disappointing (except for Hyun Bin’s great neck vein pop, I noticed that too haha). I kept thinking that Ra Im would immediately realize where she left Joo Won’s body as soon as the switch happened, and take off for the department store, audition be damned. When she started screaming into the phone call, I was like, “Seriously? Stop yelling and GO ALREADY. Jeez.”

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    • 9.1 SilentReader

      Yeah, tell me about it, but I felt the other way around, I just couldn’t see him being all villain, he’s way better in Secret Garden imo. And I just have to comment on Javabeans’ comment, I actually like Secret Garden because they don’t make Joo Won change, okay fair enough most people want their hero to be likable, change from a man-child to a man who cares and will give up everything for their loved one (too common in too many dramas). But I like how without even changing Joo Won’s characteristics, the audience still love him, besides it shows that he is a man of his own characters.

      • 9.1.1 sara

        totally agree with you, I like the way that Joo Woo’s character wasn’t changed, it is more reality and believable. I wish it gets extension, I really like this drama.

      • 9.1.2 syer

        couldn’t agree more with you.. we don’t need him to change because that’s who he is. I like the character because he is so confidence of himself but still loveble… which is very rare and unique.. joo won.. just be your self…

      • 9.1.3 urbanscrappy

        I agree as well. I like the way in this drama how there aren’t these sweeping character changes. I think the changes are there but they’re very slight and I like the drama all the more for that. It makes things more real for me. People change in every drama; let’s do something a bit different please.

        Just because someone isn’t imbued with all the qualities we like doesn’t mean that they’re a bad person, as most dramas make us believe by changing all perceived negative characteristics. People aren’t black or white, I like the shades of grey in this drama.

        Here’s for reality! Please don’t change Joo Won, in the words of Mark Darcy ‘I like you just the way you are’.

        • tweety

          yes, yes, yes, agree!

      • 9.1.4 Lucille

        I agree. I also like the fact that the changes taking place in JW and RI are small. Even though their changes are teeny tiny, they both have learned to love (accept) each other’s differences. He likes her because she is a tough talking, bad ass stuntwoman and she wouldn’t be with him if he wasn’t a strong enough man to handle her and persistent. Also, because of the switch they are both learning about each other’s world.
        Honestly, what type of changes are we looking for in JW? To me his biggest flaw is that doesn’t hesitate to say what’s on his mind or what’s in his heart. Even if what he has to say is unpopular or hurtful. He has always been honest with her about everything. I like that in a man. If you don’t tell me straight what you are thinking, then I won’t know.
        RI is the same. What type of changes are we looking for in her? She has always been alone (death of parents, stunt friends, and she seems to have only one girl friend). So, it is difficult for her to accept such a dominating presence in her life, but she is doing it. She has also always been honest with JW. She is trying to understand him more by reading the books he likes. If anything, I think she is the one who has changed the most. To go from being independent to trusting this ‘crazy’ is a big adjustment.
        Maybe because I’ve watch these episodes 3 and 4 times, I am reading too much into the characters, but I think their subtle changes are inline with their background and personality types. Neither one of them are a traditional kdrama caricature.

        • Houstontwin

          I don’t think that JW understands his own heart in the early episodes. He is confused by his attraction to Raim. Moreover, although he may be direct in expressing his own thoughts, he has a serious problem in listening to, and feeling compassion for others (though in the last couple of episodes he may be improving a little).

      • 9.1.5 Lucille

        I agree. I also like the fact that the changes taking place in JW and RI are small. Even though their changes are teeny tiny, they both have learned to love (accept) each other’s differences. He likes her because she is a tough talking, bad ass stuntwoman and she wouldn’t be with him if he wasn’t a strong enough man to handle her and persistent. Also, because of the switch they are both learning about each other’s world.
        Honestly, what type of changes are we looking for in JW? To me his biggest flaw is that doesn’t hesitate to say what’s on his mind or what’s in his heart. Even if what he has to say is unpopular or hurtful. He has always been honest with her about everything. I like that in a man. If you don’t tell me straight what you are thinking, then I won’t know.
        RI is the same. What type of changes are we looking for in her? She has always been alone (death of parents, stunt friends, and she seems to have only one girl friend). So, it is difficult for her to accept such a dominating presence in her life, but she is doing it. She has also always been honest with JW. She is trying to understand him more by reading the books he likes. If anything, I think she is the one who has changed the most. To go from being independent to trusting this ‘crazy’ is a big adjustment.
        Maybe because I’ve watch these episodes 3 and 4 times, I am reading too much into the characters, but I think their subtle changes are inline with their background and personality types. Neither one is a traditional kdrama caricature.

      • 9.1.6 d_ahjumma

        I totally agree too.

      • 9.1.7 abc

        well, i personally think the main reason ppl still love Joowon eventhough he didn’t change much for the better is because he’s hyunbin. that’s all. lol.

      • 9.1.8 abc

        well, i personally think the main reason ppl still love Joowon eventhough he didn’t change much for the better is just because he’s hyunbin. that’s all n not entirely credited to his character’s characteristics.

      • 9.1.9 HUH?

        For me, I think Joowon is changing, and faster than people do in life.

        1) He never expected to take notice of someone like RaIm — but he did.
        2) He never expected RaIm to mean more to him than a Little Mermaid — but she is.
        3) He never expected to go to battle with his mother for her — but he has.
        4) He hates what she does for a living because it puts her in danger — yet he is busy training to make sure that she doesn’t miss her opportunity to attain her dream.
        5) He has soften in his relationship with Oska. He has moved beyond competition to one of support.
        6) And although he is determined to have his own way, he has a way of putting RaIm first. When it began raining and Joowon was complaining about his car getting wet, the first action he took was to cover RaIm with her hood. When she loses the opportunity to audition, he works like help to get her a miracle.

        One of the way he identifies himself in the first few episodes is as someone who doesn’t care about other people, and as the series goes along, we see him begin to care about not only RaIm, but Ah Young and Secretary Kim–look as the liberties he now allows Secretary Kim to speak with him without firing him.

        A little off-topic, but goes back to caring about RaIm–I love the fact that in this drama PEOPLE READ!!

        They read to understand each other. I just love the fact that books are important to these people.

        • outofcontrol

          I agree with you. The fact that JW has let Raim in his heart has weakened his almighty armor, and he has become more caring and sensitive. These changes do not happen overnight.

    • 9.2 geanna

      totally agree! his character in Ahjusshi makes me O_O!!! damn creepy!!! he’s such a great actor! after watching Ahjusshi, when i saw him being all cute and dorky and innocent in SG, i got chills! like “damn you psycho!”… but then again, that shows how much talent he has~ i love all SG’s characters!

      • 9.2.1 Houstontwin

        I just adore Secretary Kim. Speaking as a mom, I think that he is great husband material!

        • asianromance

          I love Secretary Kim (he’s the only guy in this series that would want to marry), especially in this episode for:
          1. texting with his hand and phone behind his back. pretty darn sexy!
          2, doing a wonderful impression of Director Park and the fourth wife when he was recounting the events to Ra-Him!

          • Houstontwin

            You clearly understand Secretary Kim’s remarkable appeal!

  10. 10 annie

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    • 10.1 Jenni

      I will faint D8

    • 10.2 Ani

      We can’t say bite your tongue when it’s through a forum, so bite your fingers? HAHAHA. Highly doubt they’d kill one of the main characters when they’re only half-way through the drama. *laughs nervously* I hope not. XD

  11. 11 ilikehim

    Its the cutest thing EVER when Hyun Bin continuously calling Oska “Oppa”. Kills ME.

  12. 12 vannie

    happy new year everyone!
    what a great episode! can’t wait for the next one!

  13. 13 Jenni

    I’ve been waiting all day.

  14. 14 eve


    Happy 2011 everyone!

  15. 15 cecilia

    Cant wait for the next episode.. So excited^^

  16. 16 curioser

    kudos to binnie for the last scene. love him. thanks you for the fast recap JB ^^

  17. 17 yen_nguyen

    Yes, after episode, why do I still feel that RI is not that much into JW.
    RI’s emotion toward JW is “like” much more than “love”, and I need “love passtionately”!

    • 17.1 Houstontwin

      Raim is so unaffectionate. Is she rationing her hugs and kisses?

  18. 18 Ani

    Man, I’m totally in the boat for an Oska and Tae-sun love line now. I can so see it. Maybe it’s just my imagination since I’m seeing this from the recap (because I haven’t been watching the drama. I know, SHAME!), but the pictures show that Tae-sun and Oska could make a really cute couple. I mean, that look that Tae-sun shot at Oska and Seul when he was being excused? My gosh, to die for. I don’t think they’ll really go there in this drama, but is it too much to ask? HAHAHA. Thanks for the recap jb. JAIYO~

    • 18.1 Informantxgirl

      Ani, you have read my mind! πŸ˜€ The moment Oska grabbed Tae Sun’s wrist, way back when, I was like, “They need to get together. Make it happen, writer, make it happen!” Sadly, I’m thinking the writer won’t make it happen. Sigh. I like Seul so much more than I did at the start, but she’s an obstacle to the Oska-Tae lovin’, isn’t she? Maybe she can date…action school Cupid?

      In other news, I can’t believe how awesome Secretary Kim is. At first, it seems like he’s just going to be your typical put-upon minion, but then he does he little fits and sulking and it’s brilliant! I love him! I ROFL every time he says something. When he cried to Ah Young “Did the president smell you?!?” I almost fainted, I was giggling so hard. Love him.

      Thanks for the recap!

      • 18.1.1 Freedom

        Totally agreed with you about Secretary Kim… I know his acting in SG is in an exagerated form but BOY, is he funny and so likable at the same time?! Yes, throughout SG, there are many really good comic scenes with dialogues and such but I have to say, when Secretary Kim was sobbing with snorts coming out from his nose when asking Ah-Young how come Joo-Won knows so much about her, that just tops it all for me!

  19. 19 Tania

    LOve ya!!! I have been waiting so desperately, gosh is 11:16 in oregon ^^

  20. 20 cookieem

    I am off the tangent here a little. but any of you think JW resembles Jay Chou (the Taiwanese singer) much?!

    Anyways, yay for the recaps!
    Thanks & Happy New Year.

    • 20.1 Ani

      In some angles I can see where you might be coming from (especially with the similar cheekbone thing going with the grooves/dimple-like-grooves things…. *sigh*… you know what I mean), but Hyun Bin has a sort of longer face (you know, more towards the oval-triangluar direction). And, I’m going to get skewered for saying this in a kdrama/kpop/everything-kworld forum, but comparing them, Jay Chou wins younger boy cuteness points. Although, I say they are both cute hotties. Very very cute hotties. I look forward to seeing Jay Chou in The Green Hornet, bad English line delivery and all – although people have to admit, his English is better than most, and I know because my dad’s English still sucks on the major side. Oh, curses being an ESL individual, but at least I can say I speak/read/write in two languages right? Now, to work on a third. XD

    • 20.2 Kate

      In Ireland and MNIKSS days, they were incomparable, but these days.. yes, I see some resemblance from them.

    • 20.3 smalltank

      yes, he does vaguely look like jay chou πŸ˜›

    • 20.4 min

      nope, never think so and now that you have brought up, i still do not think so.

      they are not comparable…

    • 20.5 istar

      no, I don’t see any resemblance at all.

  21. 21 Kate

    I think it is more realistic that JW does not change so dramatically. JW lived his life for 34 yrs this way, how can a person change so easily? Who Are You has elements of μ„±μž₯λ“œλΌλ§ˆ and Secret Garden is not even close to that topic.

    • 21.1 Rose

      Yeah, cant agree more.
      he lives like that for 34years.
      and just like you i think it more realistic if his character changes not so dramatically.

    • 21.2 op103d940

      I agree – while JW has experienced more than one paradigm shift, it can take a while for them to stick and become extensions of one’s habits. Although the timeline is accelerated in the Kdrama genre, I’m glad to see that his character development is still more subtle than drastic so that the core personality – the one viewers were introduced to – remains somewhat intact through most of the genre.

      • 21.2.1 op103d940

        Oops – meant to write last four words as “most of the series.”

    • 21.3 Houstontwin

      We learn from Oska that JW has not always been this way. He changed after the accident. Oska really misses his “younger brother” from years ago. Maybe there will be a big character transformation when JW recovers his memory.

      • 21.3.1 Freedom

        Good point, Houstontwin! There are still quite a few things they’d need to explain too. So, let’s see… Too bad there are only 5 more eps to go. But then, I think a total of 20 eps is just perfect of this kind of rom-com.

    • 21.4 asianromance

      I also read romance novels on top of watching dramas, so i do see the True-Love-changes-him-for-the-better trope quite a lot that I guess I find JW a bit refreshing for not changing so fast. We can still recognize the tracksuit-wearing brand-mongering asshole we fell in love with in episode 1. Not that I also wouldn’t mind it if JW does a 180 and becomes a good person and learns some financial sense.

      My imagination likes to think that JW will continue to change and grow after the series ends and that hopefully he will be a decent enough human being for his future kids to look up to.

  22. 22 MaryF

    Oh My God!!!

    I got nervous πŸ™

    what would happen to him!!! :'(

  23. 23 Dux

    So glad I refreshed the page a million times to wait for your recap… Love it!

  24. 24 PickmePICKME

    Seriously, having secret garden to look forward to was the 4th best new years gift i could ever have. 1-3 being my life, my family and god. Heheh I felt like saturday would never get here. heheh. But omg, I feel so sad about kim joo won. gosh, ra im that girl!! SOMEONE SAVE MY HUSBAND!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 25 Dian_drina

    Can’t believe I’m reading epi 15’s recaps nOw! It’s so fast! Thank you, Jb:D

  26. 26 whatis

    OH MY GOD… damn cliffhanger!
    I completely agree… I would most preferred if Ra-im just ran straight there instead of making the phone call… or at least… call and run at the same time.

    The entire time she’s screaming into the phone, I’m screaming at the computer “RUN FOR IT!!!! WHY ARE YOU STILL STANDING THERE????” Though I’d say the most practical way is to call Secretary Kim to help Joo-won out, since he’s already inside the building.

    The whole scene watching Hyun Bin collapsing was craaaaazzzzyyyyyy. Next episode, why are you 24 hours away??

    • 26.1 Serious

      The words from my mouth..

    • 26.2 Gummie

      I second you on the “run and call at the same time”. I was feeling extremely impatient during that scene. For all the time she’s standing there and crying, I wish she had made a bee line to him.

  27. 27 marigold

    if you think the magic veil of switchiness is confusing, the poor actors who have to act it out are probably feeling schizophrenic. though I think hyun bin is doing a flawless job, esp the office-meeting-at-home scene when he has to play a joo-won-body that is really ra-im, pretending to be joo-won.

  28. 28 jojo

    i actually thought this episode was pretty darn good (besides the excessive use of the magic veil lol). hyun bin’s acting in the last four minutes was great–i almost felt claustrophobic along with him.

    anyways, thanks for the quickquick recap, JB!:D

    but i did notice that ever since the ‘bed scene,’ your fondness of SG has decreased quite a bit): the commentary is very terse and a bit biting lol. i hope the next few episodes will turn that around!(:

    happy new year, everyone.

    • 28.1 maria

      i agree with you, i am reading a bit of terseness in the commentary, i am somehow feeling that a lot of love was lost by the bed scene debacle, and it’s kind of a shame, because in my own humble opinion, i actually do feel like the show’s getting stronger, and moving along quite nicely.
      i know that the writer reserves every right to write up the recaps any way she likes, but since bias always seeps into any writer’s piece, i admit that i have experienced more joy reading recaps of shows she actually still LIKES. JB’s a very transparent writer, i think. i feel like we always get a glimpse of what she’s feeling, when i’m reading her stuff.
      not to say it wasn’t a very good and solid recap, of course. but yeah, i guess i’d also use “a little terse and biting” along with that praise.

      • 28.1.1 jojo

        glad i’m not the only one feeling the same way!

        you wrote down my thoughts perfectly.

      • 28.1.2 jfc

        I don’t get terse and biting commentary at all from the recaps. Perhaps we all project something that isn’t there sometimes.

        • maria

          the “isn’t there” part is debatable, but as far as projecting goes, oh OF COURSE! πŸ˜› that’s kind of precisely my point. we all *taint* any material we dish out; at some level, some transparency WILL be seen. or felt.
          in any case, the debatable nature of it is precisely why i prefaced my opinions with “i feel like…” etc. i do not claim these opinions as fact at all, tyvm. πŸ™‚

          • jfc

            I guess that’s why there’s a section for comments : )

            My reading of the recaps differ from the above poster. However there will always be differences of opinions, I just don’t like it when posters criticize the way they are recapping the drama, of course it’s their opinion of the show, why is it coloring how you feel about it? if someone doesn’t like it, why does it matter to you if you like it? everyone should enjoy what they enjoy and dislike what they dislike. I guess that part offended me a little…”why aren’t you loving this as much as I am?”

            For me I’m enjoying the drama, loving the chemistry but a lot of other parts are falling flat for me, I ‘m not liking the writing of the drama itself…hope to see a good ending at least, I’d like a few more revelations of why JW is the way he is.

    • 28.2 Rose

      so sad
      i felt the same way too..

      • 28.2.1 curioser

        I feel the same way, but not sad though, its understandable. Everyone is entitle to their own opinion and feeling then again how you expect a critic be “neutral”, what is neutral here anyway. A critic is not a robot, like the product that they criticize, they’re also a product of society. Well, I go to Dramabeans more for the REVIEW than the recap, love love love the recap too though, let alone the super fast like this one^^ And I’m pretty sure JB and GF still enjoy SG.

        Happy new year guys. Please excuse the poor English.

    • 28.3 jojo

      Happy New Year! Would please choose another user name for your comments on this site. I have been using jojo for a long time and it is a little weird to see comments and opinions (which are not mine) being posted. Thank you so much!

      • 28.3.1 lovedramas2

        Same with me!! I noticed that there is someone who posts with my original name “lovedramas” and it wasn’t a very nice post at all, rather negative in fact. But then, JB said in this recap that she can see all the IP addresses anyhow πŸ™‚

        Thanks JB for a quick recap πŸ™‚ Love it. I’m very interested in what’s going to happen. Doesn’t the law of dramas say that there has to be this “separation” period btw the main couple? I’m not looking forward to that. I kinda like how JW is soo into RI.

    • 28.4 asianromance

      huh? how can you even tell that “ever since the β€˜bed scene,’ your fondness of SG has decreased quite a bit”????

      this is only the first commentary since the bed scene commentary (which was only last week)! Not enough to notice a pattern and correlation!! And why does terseness, (if there IS terseness. I don’t know. I can read it both ways.), have to stem from that scene?

      I love Secret Garden and am actually downloading those 700mb per episode files so I can rewatch it over and over again, but that doesn’t mean I can’t and won’t dislike parts of it and that I am blind to its faults.

      Since it’s her blog, javabeans has the right to feel whatever she feels abt the drama. She also has the right to dislike the drama or even drop it. I am sure that we all don’t like everything she or girlfriday likes either (I actually don’t get the Coffee Prince mania. dropped it halfway. *ducks*).

  29. 29 crook

    thanks for the recap

    I hope that last weeks random wank hasn’t colored your impression of the show nor your enjoyment of recapping. It’s your blog and you have every right to say whatever you believe. I’m sure most of us are grateful fast recaps so that we don’t have to wait until subs come out to know what’s happening. Hopefully you don’t feel like doing SG recaps is too much like a chore these days.

    Anyways, this epi was a bit slower than the last two, but the ending sets us up nicely for some genuine character development this next episode. However, based on the preview, I sort of doubt we’ll get any. Plot wise, SG is meandering like crazy and I miss the dashes of whimsy from the earlier episodes. Still, I’m still enjoying the heck out of this show mostly due to my love of Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won and their crazy chemistry. Also, I wish they’d stop with the magical veil of switchiness. Part of the fun of body swaps is actually watching the actors swap roles, plus, it’s super confusing when they’re always going back and fourth.

    Also, Binnie acted the heck out of that last scene. It was actually hard for me to watch as I could feel his suffocation. There’s a fine line between gripping and over the top with scenes like that, and he did a nice job of pushing just to that line but not crossing it. Props to him.

    • 29.1 maria

      i couldn’t quite place what it was that impressed me most about binnie’s acting in that scene, and i think you nailed it! ..it was so easy to go over the top with a scene like that, but i think he restrained himself quite nicely, while still being able to deliver the full effect and gravity of that scene. a one-man show. gripping!

  30. 30 paper

    Thank you πŸ˜€

  31. 31 Amber

    Wow!I’m touched by their emotional development.It’s like they both have grown a bit.Keep up the work writer.I like Ha Ji Won’s Ra Him character than her actual Ra Im.She’s more like I’m a stuntwoman with chaebol character.love u!

  32. 32 Hajung

    Just curious, how are the ratings on secret garden these days?

    • 32.1 Gummie

      It’s 29.5% or something around that, for both Seoul and National. They’re doing well. Hope SG can push through 30% by the time it closes.

    • 32.2 SG-addict

      Here’s the episode ratings chart.

      For a new year wish, I hope SG’s ratings will break into the 30% region soon! πŸ™‚ Hwaiting, SG!

      JB, I’m sorry you didn’t (from the look of it) enjoy this episode as much as I did. Nonetheless, many thanks for the recap!

  33. 33 crook

    oh another thing, I think romantic comedies in general employ the love-has-changed-me-for-the-better trope too often, and this especially applies to kdrama heroes who start out cold, distant, and asshatterish, but become a perfect gentleman once they fall in love with the heroine. Not every storyline needs the Mr. Darcy redemption arc.

    To me, it’s much more realistic and romantic to portray people as accepting of their partners faults and loving them because of it not in spite of it. Fundamentally, I don’t want to see either Joo Won or Ra Im back down in the relationship, and I don’t want them to become different people because they’re in lurve. So far, they still have that bickering, blackmailing, kinda physically violent relationship (that sounds so wrong when I type it out) and it works for them.

    Even if the elevator thing happened in episode one when Joo Won was nothing more than a pesky stalker, I think Ra Im still would have given up her audition to save his life because that’s the type of person she is. The fact that she likes him adds to her panic, but ultimately, her choosing JW over the audition isn’t some sweeping romantic gesture although I’m sure it will be portrayed as such.

    • 33.1 maria

      yes, one thing that the show has working for it is that it never really made me think that this was a Darcy story. in fact, this explores the lead as more a Mr. Collins type, don’t you think? but there is that romance that is left unexplored in the Austenian version of mr. Collins, perhaps because he was truly only a side character/ plot device there. here, it seems, Elizabeth has fallen in love with Mr. Collins.

      if i’m not too bent on my romantic norms and ideas, and i’m not constantly searching for “mister darcy” in the story, i find that i’m liking this new angle, actually. there’s something whimsical about “Mr. Collins” trying to be romantic and being in love WHILE being Mr. Collins, don’t you think? πŸ™‚

      • 33.1.1 hanamichi-san

        OMG. i love pride & prejudice!!! Mr Collins is the shit! hahaha. I agree with yah.

        I watched Reese Witherspoon’s “How Do You Know” last week. It was a crappy movie but Owen Wilson’s character seriously reminded me of our Kim Jo won. He’s totally unapologetic for his shortcomings/ wrongdoings, instead saying that if you look at his track record he’s already making lots of adjusments (though from your eyes they’re really really miniscule). His character was funny but effing selfish…

      • 33.1.2 Houstontwin

        Mr. Collins was an obseqious toad, not handsome, rich and aristocratic like JW.

        • maria

          NO WAY. lol, okay, get back to me once you get in a liiiittle bit deeper there. πŸ™‚

    • 33.2 Kate

      Can’t agree more. If Joowon’s character changes, SG would just lose it’s stregnth for me. I like how Ra-im and JW come to accept flaws of each other, bc it’s much more realistic than a character’s dramatic development/change in perspective or personality. Atmosphere of the drama can become tedious when a character develops unrealistically. ..It’s obvious that the writer wants use body-swap as a tool to just make both understand each other better, but not as a tool for both to go through enlightenment.

      • 33.2.1 Daniela

        “It’s obvious that the writer wants use body-swap as a tool to just make both understand each other better, but not as a tool for both to go through enlightenment.”

        i think the same

        • tweety

          you hit the nail on the head!

    • 33.3 Sean

      I couldn’t agree with you more, well expressed !

  34. 34 gingganggolli

    …great scene i cant wait for the next. I wonder if this will make major decision for all parties, the mom, Jo-won and Ha-Rim.

    Thanks java as always you never fail to bring the best recap in 2011.

  35. 35 bee

    I would just like to be clear that I know you can see our IPs and if I change my name it’s really because I get tired of them quickly.

    Oh, but speaking of Who Are You?, I really liked that show. Now I want to go watch it.

  36. 36 Jomo

    I loved the look of the snow sword practicing.
    They looked like they were really enjoying themselves being with each other, and enjoying the teaching/learning relationship.

    I liked how HJW was able to have a JW smirk on her face with how well Joo Wonda was progressing.

    The pair would never be able to have the same intensity that Ra Im and JS had in their beautiful fight scenes, but it was still moving to see them working well together.

    Why or how did fight scenes become romantic? I guess it is just like dancing…

  37. 37 cheerios

    the plot doesnt carry the show, it’s the actors. i truely enjoy watching hyun bin and ha ji won that i really dont care about the story development. i can watch them interact and argue for the entire epiaode and wouldnt get bored (wasnt Full House like this? lol) it is superficial but it is a light series, not dramatic and not something to praise about in terms of plot and character development.

    • 37.1 Joebs

      I agree with you! Sometimes I do think that the plot development goes slowly but I tend to look over that weakness because the actors are so compelling.

  38. 38 staceyy

    I just had to watch ep 15 RAW and couldn’t wait for the it to be subbed ^^b

    But. oh. my. god. the whole time JW was in the elevator, I was gripping my mouse so hard my hands start sweating like crazy. I almost couldn’t breath myself… Great acting, Hyun Bin!!!!


    • 38.1 k drama addict

      or call 911 right? LOL!!

  39. 39 Serious

    Loved this episode to pieces. and dang I did not see the last soul-exchange coming.. I thought it would just be the late-for-the-audition problem until it rained hur….

  40. 40 Wendy

    No. 1 rating in terms of viewership for epi 15 in Seoul and Korea. Yeeha

  41. 41 poo

    I hope Ra-Im goes out in the rain again and switch back.

  42. 42 Ging

    It was mentioned earlier that Ra-Him’s dad died in an accident – it could be the same accident that Joo-Won was involved that’s a connection I believed.

  43. 43 omega

    Is it true No. 1 rating in Seoul and Korea?
    Well done SG.
    With so tremendous support from both local and international fans, the writer has to give us some thing good in return….

  44. 44 karened

    And Chae-ri is the exact character name that actress had in On Air too!

  45. 45 hanamichi-san

    I just watched episode 14 w/ english subs and it made me think of Jo Won’s BIG incident that Oska’s been babbling about. When Jowonda’s talking to Ra-im’s dad’s photo (or was it Ra-im he’s talking to?), he said “I feel like I’ve met you once before, & were in an intimate relationship/ friends” I’m kinda thinking that maybe Ra-im’s dad saved his life in a fire and Jo Won was stuck in an elevator hence the phobia & the intimate relationship..

    I dunno, I guess Im just trying to fill up the slow progressing plot πŸ™‚

  46. 46 w

    Anyone know how many episodes are there left?

    • 46.1 SG-addict

      Total 20 episodes. So, 5 more to go.

  47. 47 byul1232

    FYI, the actress who played CHAERI in this episode was ALSO on the drama On Air. I was quite surprised but happy to see her. Sneaky little cameo ^^

    • 47.1 Jomo

      Also in Lover in Paris

  48. 48 Daniela

    (It’s very late here, but I’m not sleepy) Thank you for the recap! i also
    get a little bit confused with the veil and all, and i love when they
    were training in the snow. I like the ending scene. I believe him. I
    believe he has claustrophobia.

    I like that he hasn’t change that much. Maybe only with Ra-im, a little
    bit with Oska. i like him more now, thats for sure, but I’ve always liked
    him. yes i want to slap him or kick him sometimes. I dont know if is
    realistic or not, i still dont know in which situation on k-dramas i have
    to use realistic because in one episode, i can say ” its a drama, it
    doesn’t supposed to be very realistic, its a escape from reality” and in
    the next episode, i find my self saying “This is realistic”. I think it depends on the situation, but i still have my doubts, so…

    In another post i said that the reason that he hasn’t changed much is
    because he had been living like that 34 years and i stick to that (i see
    many others think the same). I also said (and quote) “maybe because i
    know he will change. Otherwise, i will hate him”. At this point, with his
    little changes, i dont think i will hate him (i hope i dont change my
    mind in the next episodes). I feel this is also a Joo-won thing, and its because the way Hyun Bin portray him. i dont know if i tolerate this personality in another character in any k-drama.

    Hmm, i always talk about Joo-won. well, i love everybody else, especially
    Oska. I also like Ra-im, but she is in second place, tied with Oska,
    maybe. Hahaha that was very random.

    Happy new year!

    • 48.1 SG-addict

      “i always talk about Joo-won. well, i love everybody else, especially
      Oska. I also like Ra-im, but she is in second place, tied with Oska”

      I’m with you on that! Love JW to bits! :p

  49. 49 gigglegagaing

    oh come on now. you’re asking too much from the writer. you want character development-softer joowon and etc-, but then again, if the writer gave you that, you’ll be “this is such a cliche character and story” and all that. now you cant have them both. so just settle ans enjoy the show, will you?

    • 49.1 dgirl

      Totally agree with u…. Just wanna say that JB always have something to be criticized and asks too much for such a great drama like SG. Sometimes it bothers me. So, I prefer just to read the recap and leave her comment. LOL. I love SG n just wanna enjoy the show…. (^^)

      • 49.1.1 dancingpanda

        While I also enjoy watching Joowon’s character the way he is, JB is entitled to her own opinion about the plot development. Writing recaps must take a lot of effort, so please respect her as well as the other recappers. Happy new year!

      • 49.1.2 Houstontwin

        I read dramabeans because I love JB’s insightful and witty comments, even when I don’t agree with them(although in this case I do agree!).

  50. 50 hannahkimi

    hi there,

    thanx so much for this recap. i really appreciate your hard work of the recaps. these are the only entertainment i have on a cold weekend.@_@

    i totally agree with you that the plot developtment in secret garden is little slow, maybe they have to fill the 20 eps somehow. but i donΒ΄t see the same way regarding JW character dev. i think it is more realistic that people change their view slowly. it is more fairy tailly to believe a continous changing in mind….


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