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Secret Garden: Episode 17
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The final stretch brings us tears, tears, and more tears. Seriously, there’s a lot of crying; so much that I wonder that the actors didn’t collapse from dehydration. It also brings us decisions, some life-or-death, as well as goodbyes and angst. All with a liberal dash of Noble Idiocy. It’s Secret Garden: The Makjang Edition!


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Witch-Mama kneels to beg Ra-im to let go of Joo-won, to not use this knowledge to cling to him. She offers enormous amounts of money as compensation for her father’s life, as though clearing that debt will let the couple end on a clean break.

But her pleas are short-lived, because Mom grows insulted to not gain Ra-im’s immediate acquiescence, and interprets her silence as more resistance. She orders Ra-im to end it with Joo-won in a way that will spare him pain, then come to her for money.

At first I thought we were meant to interpret Mom’s kneeling supplication as indication that she has a heart after all, but I’m not so sure based on the rest of the conversation. She tells Ra-im not to attach extra meaning into this coincidence — Joo-won was merely one life out of many that her father saved. So I don’t think she’s doing this because she can’t stand to be indebted to the hated girlfriend’s father; I think she’s just afraid that Ra-im will reveal the truth to Joo-won, whom she thinks is better off in the dark about his accident.

Joo-won heads to the action school to see Ra-im, since she told him she had to go back for an additional shoot, only to hear from the other stuntmen that there was none. He comes to Ra-im’s place and asks how her shoot went, knowing that her answer is a lie.

He sends Ra-im out on the pretense of wanting fruit, and asks Ah-young what the deal is. Ah-young answers that today’s the memorial of her father’s death, and she tends to get depressed on that day, but he doesn’t buy that.

Joo-won finds her sobbing at the fruit stand, and in his frustration he yells at her for lying and to stop crying. He softens that by wiping her tears and giving her his scarf and gloves.

He guesses that his mother dropped by again, which she denies; since she’s not willing to fess up, he heads off to get the truth from someone else.

Joo-won confronts his mother’s personal secretary, asking if his mother dropped by Ra-im’s neighborhood today. Joo-won sees through Secretary Kang’s uneasy attempt to claim ignorance, as well as the lie that his mother jetted off to Hong Kong for a break. He leaves a message for his mother that he’s going to do as he pleases now (hasn’t he been doing that all along?), raising his voice for his mother’s benefit since he’s aware she’s eavesdropping.

Perversely, Mom is proud of how smart her son is for cottoning on to her lie, then orders 24-hour surveillance on Ra-im.

Seul calls Oska over to inform him that Tae-sun is leaving Korea today. He muses that none of his girlfriends have played that hard to get — earning him a hard look from Seul — and thanks her for the tip, but adds that he’d hoped she called him to talk about themselves. He asks for another chance, sure that he’ll do better this time around.

Seul offers him the teeniest of openings, telling him to go ahead and keep begging every time they meet. If he does, she’ll consider it. Oska recognizes a sliver of hope and promises to beg his heart out, and even earns a smile from Seul for his boyish enthusiasm.

While waiting to depart, Tae-sun’s lingering look at a banner bearing Oska’s face indicates that he’s the reason for his departure. Although the drama hasn’t said as much, I think it’s pretty clear that he’s got a crush on Oska that he knows is doomed to remain unrequited.

Oska catches up to Tae-sun at the harbor (after first trying the airport), and pesters him to sign with him. Fine, if he doesn’t want to be managed by Oska, then how about Tae-sun be the one to manage him? Doesn’t Tae-sun want to help? Isn’t that why he wrote a song for Oska?

I do think it’s hilarious how easily Oska’s words can be interpreted in a romantic context (“Why do you keep your feelings hidden?”), which he remains oblivious to but which does not go unnoticed by Tae-sun.

Finally, Oska gets tired of arguing and picks Tae-sun up, slinging him over his shoulder like he’s a bag of rice (or Yoon Eun-hye), and carries him out.

Jong-soo gets the call from the American director that Ra-im has won the role in Dark Blood, and shares the news with a confused Ra-im. Jong-soo explains that she has Joo-won to thank, as he tracked down the director, flew him here, and set up a special audition for her. (Such VIP treatment in the name of love causes Jung-hwan to marvel that he wishes Joo-won liked men so he could date him, too.)

Ra-im remembers Joo-won promising a miracle to get her that role, and runs off to find him.

She arrives at LOEL as he’s being briefed on a new “wish upon a star” promotion by his executive team, and calls from just a short distance away. He accepts the call, telling her he’s not busy at all, and dismisses his team.

She tells him about her miracle, and he hears the good news with enthusiasm. She says that she knows what he did but he waves it off, saying that she got the part for herself by impressing the director.

Ra-im’s voice starts to waver as she cries, overwhelmed with the lengths he went to for her, and cuts the call short with a lie about filming. And then she leaves. (WTF? You ran all the way over, and you don’t even bother to show yourself, or tell him the truth? Sometimes Ra-im is just too meek for words.)

As she turns away, she runs into Seul, who sees her teary face. At Ra-im’s suggestion they end up at the museum again, where Seul asks what the matter is, offering to help.

Ra-im repeats the familiar refrain about how she and Joo-won are so far apart, and that the distance makes it feels like they’re not together even when they physically are. This line of reasoning drives me absolutely nuts (not least because it’s been stated many times before), but that’s mitigated by the fact that Seul has the same reaction. Seul tells Ra-im that she’s encountered the most obvious of obstacles, and that she didn’t give up on Joo-won only to have Ra-im falter at this:

Seul: “Are you going to dump Kim Joo-won over outside reasons that don’t have to do with the two of you? Were you so cool-hearted as that? If the distance between you is too great, then run. If it doesn’t feel like he’s next to you, then hold him.”

Who knew Seul would be the calm voice of reason here?

Mom hears about the strings being pulled for Ra-im’s audition, and again marvels at Ra-im’s audacity. Finally she concedes that she picked the wrong target, and starts calling stockholders.

Joo-won finds out an hour before a special stockholders meeting is to take place… whose purpose is to dismiss the CEO. Meaning, him. Mom’s playing hardball.

Mom ignores Joo-won’s call as she sits with Ra-im, presuming that the latter has done as bidden, broken with Joo-won, and is here to collect her payoff. She’s affronted when Ra-im says she cannot give Joo-won up, and surprised as well, although it defies logic that she could expect Ra-im to have agreed this time when she hasn’t all those times before. Has Mom been in a different drama for the past dozen episodes? Or maybe she’s the one with memory issues.

Ra-im says that since her father gave up his life to save Joo-won’s, she will live her life protecting him. Mom barks that Ra-im will be the sole flaw in her perfect son, which makes me think she doesn’t understand the meaning of the word perfect — I know mothers are blinded by love, but really?

Ra-im cries that she’ll do better, and work hard not to bring him down. Mom bites out that the only thing she can do to help him is disappear. To which Ra-im says that she loves him, and that their love is real, pleading for her to approve to the match.

Mom makes a decision, and answers the phone that has been ringing constantly. It’s Joo-won, and she puts him on speaker as he confronts her about her sneaky maneuver with the stockholders. Ra-im is horrified to realize that Mom has attacked Joo-won as well, and chokes back sobs as he declares, “Fine, take everything away. I can’t give that woman up, ever.”

Mom accepts that challenge and tells him to go ahead. Then she assures Ra-im that she is done messing with her — now she’s just going to ruin her son’s life: “Joo-won will never beat me. If a child goes astray, the parent has to go even further astray to beat him. I’m telling you I can do anything! Even if that means breaking Joo-won.”

Uh, if I can’t have him, no one will? I think this is the moment when Secret Garden abandons all pretense of being a fantasy rom-com and goes full-on makjang. Please tell me there’s a birth secret in there too, and maybe some incest? Enemies switched at birth?

Mom tells Ra-im that the stockholders meeting is approaching, where he’ll be betrayed, all because of Ra-im. Um, Mom? I think you’re the one doing the betraying here. Again, she fails to recognize the meaning of words.

Ra-im can’t have that on her head, and at the last minute she breaks. She kneels and agrees to break up with him, sobbing as she promises to disappear into bubbles like the Little Mermaid, and begs her not to ruin Joo-won.

Mom’s so ice-cold that even at this juncture, she’s just annoyed that Ra-im forced her to go this far to prove her point. How awful that ruining lives is so inconvenient for you.

Joo-won accepts that he’s going to be fired, because that’s preferable to leaving Ra-im. He’s a bit surprised at himself for finding himself in this situation because of love, but it doesn’t appear he’s too bothered about it.

Secretary Kim is much more worried about the consequences, and offers to resign if his boss is fired. Joo-won answers that he’ll be fired automatically since he’s Joo-won’s hire, and tells him not to call him “President” anymore. To which Secretary Kim immediately whines, “Joo-wonnie hyung!” LOL. This man is hilarious.

Ra-im heads to Joo-won’s library, where she picks up Alice in Wonderland from the bookcase and inserts a sheet of paper into its pages.

Oska finds her there, and she tells him they won’t be able to continue their “one-on-one fanmeetings.” He assumes she means she’ll be too busy with Dark Blood, and she lets him believe that.

Joo-won drops by bearing flowers and presents Ra-im with the bejeweled Cheshire Cat accessory he had made for her. Steeling herself for the eventual break-up, Ra-im keeps her distance and knocks his gift aside, picking a fight about the bag instead of accepting his gift gratefully.

He asks if he’s made a mistake, but she tells him coolly that she’s about to become very busy, and wants a break from their relationship. He should know how important this opportunity is for her, and he shouldn’t call anymore: “It’s just annoying and difficult.”

Hurt, he tells her he has no intention of agreeing, and bursts out, “How can you act like this too? Do you even know what I’ve given up to be with you?”

She returns, “If you were going to give it up eventually, you should have done it sooner — before I tired of you.” Ouch. When she asks him to leave, Joo-won gets up without a word.

As soon as he does, she lets her tears fall, while Joo-won goes home and drowns his sorrows in drink, then finds his pills and takes one.

But it’s not long before he goes back, telling Ra-im that he doesn’t know how to navigate this kind of conflict — he knows how to fight about petty things like being jealous of another man, but not this.

Ra-im cuts to the chase, telling him that the man who died rescuing him thirteen years ago, in that accident that he can’t remember, was her father. She thinks of her father every time she sees him, and can no longer look at Joo-won comfortably — it makes her feel too sorry toward her dead father.

She reminds him of his offer to be the Little Mermaid: “I’m asking you, disappear like those bubbles.” And while that isn’t how she really feels, it’s as effective a reason as anything she could invent, and Joo-won has no defense against it.

He researches old papers until he finds an obituary, which confirms that Ra-im’s father did die saving him. (For the curious, the obit explains that Dad died in a house fire while rescuing someone from the elevator, which then fell with him in it. The rescuee was identified as the heir to a certain “L” department store.)

As he makes this realization, again we hear narration from Ra-im’s father. It’s not something being said in the present day but a part of his prayer to God to look after his wife and child if he should die in the line of duty.

Ra-im heads back to her father’s memorial tablet to tell him, “I’m sorry for loving him. Dad, I’m truly sorry.”

As Ra-im gets ready on the morning of the movie’s first shoot, Ah-young shares another of her dreams, which she’s convinced is a good one this time. In it, Ra-im and Joo-won were sitting at a gorgeous table in a snowy field, drinking flower tea. There was a third person there, someone she didn’t recognize, and when the couple drank the tea, rose petals rained down from heaven.

Ra-im briefly considers that the tea could have been wine, but doesn’t really give the dream too much thought.

The day starts out with a high-speed car chase along roads that have been blocked from traffic. Driving a car, Ra-im skids, spins, and weaves among the other stunt cars, repeating the stunt multiple times.

Everything is going well until an impatient driver refuses to yield to the production team, annoyed that the road has been blocked, and just drives through the barricade. Really, drama? That’s the best setup you could come up with?

The trucker gets in the way of the high-speed pursuit being filmed, and comes into the intersection just as Ra-im’s car comes in the other direction. Oh, so the stupid driver not only ignores traffic blockades, but he doesn’t even pause at intersections? Argh, I hate this plot point so, so much, especially since it could have easily been done better.

Ra-im sees the danger and swerves, but it’s too late to avoid collision. She clips the truck and spins into a tree.

Joo-won is standing at his window when Secretary Kim rushes to him with the bad news, and he accidentally knocks over a vase, sending red roses crashing to the ground.

At the hospital, Ah-young is a sobbing mess, the stunt crew is fighting their own tears, and Joo-won walks with leaden steps. Not only may Ra-im never wake up again, the doctor believes she is brain-dead.

Fade to white.

Joo-won narrates, “Half a month has passed. She is still in a dream. Seeing her peaceful face, that means I’m not in her dreams. So, she must be waiting for me. She must be waiting until I go to her.” He visits Ra-im day in and day out, spending nights in her room, always holding her hand.

Joo-won looks up information online, which appears to be an address… until we realize he’s looking for rain forecasts. Okay, that’s just the saddest thing ever, that he’d want to swap souls at this stage just to let her live.

Oska finds him in the library to tell him that he saw Ra-im here some days ago, and it had given him an odd feeling. She’d told him to be happy, like they wouldn’t see each other again, and had been looking at one of his books.

Joo-won heads to the shelves, where he finds the paper she’d left in the copy of Alice in Wonderland. Opening it, he finds the last page of The Little Mermaid, which ends, “And the Little Mermaid turned into a bubble and disappeared.”

Ouuuch. As if it weren’t bad enough that she’s possibly brain-dead forever, for this to be her goodbye? It’s like telling him, “You got what you wanted,” even if that wasn’t her original intent. That’s harsh.

Clutching the page to his chest, Joo-won sobs and falls to the ground.

Mom receives a flower delivery with a note from Joo-won telling her he loves her. Mom smiles for perhaps the first time ever, thinking this reminds her of his twenty-year-old self.

Later that night, the cousins drink beer together and Joo-won laughs his head off while Oska shares a funny story. It’s evident that he’s overdoing it, and Oska points out that the story’s really not that funny, but he laughs himself red in the face.

(The anecdote: At a restaurant, Oska’s manager had gone up to pay, and the proprietor asked what was with the cameras. He answered that Oska is a singer, and the lady exclaimed that she’d have to be sure to get an autograph: “But… is that a man or a woman?”)

Joo-won surprises him by offering him a gift, which turns out to be a bunch of designer accessories that Oska had been coveting.

After going through more beer, both cousins sleep on the couch. Joo-won opens his eyes and addresses the sleeping Oska, “I knew all along that you always lost to me on purpose. Thanks for that, hyung.”

At the hospital, Joo-won overhears from the doorway as Jong-soo sits with Ra-im, showing her footage from her sageuk action role. He urges her to wake up, trying to bargain with her, saying that if she wakes up, he’ll let her go to Joo-won. Aside from the fact that she was never his to begin with, it’s sorta sweet, and I’d venture to guess that Joo-won thinks so too.

Joo-won writes a letter to Ra-im, which starts out fairly prosaic about the wind in the trees and such.

But as he continues, his meaning becomes clearer as he writes, “I hope you’ll see the things I see. You’ll stand at the window where I stand, and lie down in the bed where I lie down, and read the books I read.” It’s like a goodbye and a welcome all at once, as he prepares her to live out his life, pending another body-switch.

He starts to cry in earnest as he writes on:

Joo-won: “If we could be together even in that way… then that’s enough — let’s think of it as being together. That’s enough for us to consider ourselves as happy as other lovers.”

Aw, you’re sort of breaking my heart here. The whole double-sacrifice thing is not my cuppa tea, but if you’re gonna do it, I suppose ripping out the hearts of your audience is an effective way to go all-out.

With that, Joo-won takes Ra-im’s body from her hospital bed and drives them off in his convertible to await the coming storm.

As he sits in the car, he tells her, “Don’t love some other man — live alone while thinking of me. And don’t be too friendly with Choi Woo-young. That’s incest.” LOL. He just had to get that in.

He adds, “This may be the most selfish decision of my life, but since it’s the decision of a leader in society, respect it. You were always really cool — be cool in the future, too.”

He kisses her forehead and says, “I’m going to miss you a lot. I love you.”

And then, he drives into the storm.


A caveat: I hate when a drama’s key angst comes from Noble Idiot Syndrome, and this episode is all about it, on several fronts. But putting aside my personal pet peeve about people sacrificing themselves and breaking up under the logic of “It’s for his own good,” this episode does a pretty good job with the setup. Or rather, it goes completely trite and tiresome with Ra-im’s part, but then punches you in the gut (in a dramatically effective way) with Joo-won’s.

I have long since tired of Joo-won’s witchy snake of a mother pulling shenanigans and being offended when she doesn’t get her way. All of her stunts in this episode are, frankly, things we have expected of her and have been done by her in previous episodes (with the exception of going freakishly possessive with her “I’ll ruin him, just to prove he can’t beat me” speech). I understand why Ra-im still treats her with respect, but her meekness has been wearing thin, so forcing her to break up with Joo-won under false pretenses is one of those scenarios you just know is gonna happen, and drives you up a wall when it does. Not to mention that it’s been used in so many dramas that it’s already a well-worn trope.

On the other hand, Joo-won’s decision to literally swap out his life for Ra-im’s works a lot better for me on an emotional level, and also on a dramatic/mythical level. It recalls the best part of My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, when you give us the dilemma that only one can live, and the couple is desperate to find a solution that doesn’t require one or both of them dying. That’s a conflict I can get behind, and it’s unexpected and has true stakes, other than “Mom’s gonna be mad at me and cut off my credit cards.”

I suspect that the next episode will give us Ra-im’s half of this story, because this episode was all about Joo-won coming to this decision. Frankly I haven’t been too happy with Ra-im’s passive, withdrawn attitude as of late, and I hope that her reaction to waking up in Joo-won’s body will give her the chance to do something other than cry.


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        I think the selfish part he was referring to is more of him realizing that Ra-Im may be utterly miserable to find out he did something like this. I mean who will not be to know that your loved one gave up his live for you. Ra-Im would have to live with this fact for the rest of her life.

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        Also, it is a one-sided decision, since Ra-Im (or even anyone in the drama) can have a say about it. In two ways, he is selfish.

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    TS, if he really loves Oska, loves a fool! How are they going to resolve that?

    • 25.1 B

      Unfortunately, it’s an irreversible condition when the brain stops responding to stimuli. The doctors are then legally bound to declare the patient brain dead and pull the plug. Could it be a mistranslation, or perhaps the writer failed to do proper research?

      • 25.1.1 Jomo

        There is a big difference between in a coma and brain dead…

        • Tyme

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          • Jomo

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            There’s the magic word I was desperately looking for!

      • 25.1.2 Dux

        Dude, I don’t think Lime needs any life support at the moment, so there is no plug to pull. In addition, it’s all up to the family if they decide to continue to force feed her or to let her “go” like what Terry Schiavo’s husband decided. Don’t make us docs look like killers

    • 25.2 kirikhin. [:

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    • 25.3 gemma

      dang it. lost my comment b/c i forgot to put in my email! argh…

      ok…i don’t understand how ra-im “might” be brain dead. what is so lacking in korean medical technology that a person is not unequivocally declared as brain dead? what do the doctors believe might change? i don’t understand this. my friend died at the age of 19 because she overdosed on ecstasy. the doctors were quite quick to declare her brain dead, and at that, her family pulled the plug. i’m not sure i am enjoying this trope. i fear this drama is seriously headed into meloland with no hopes of ever returning to rom-comland, and i don’t like that! if this is the case, then it may mean that ra-im and joo-won are doomed to live out the rest of their lives sharing joo-won’s body??? please don’t disappoint me, Show! i really want a happy ending!

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    Btw, did one of the episodes ever explain how Ra-im’s father predicted this?

    • 26.1 izzie

      Btw, did one of the episodes ever explain how Ra-im’s father predicted this?

      No explanation yet. But this scene had appeared in Ah Young’s dream before. And she mentioned RI’s father watching over them.

      Now the interesting part is, in AY’s dream, was it Joo-Won driving the car before the rain, or Ra-Him doing it post-rain?

      • 26.1.1 Jomo

        AY’s dream was
        the president driving and crying while Key Lime was sleeping…
        My guess is post swap, Ra Him driving.

        • izzie

          Right. I forgot about the crying part. Must be Ra-Him indeed, as Joo-Won wasn’t in a situation to panic.

          Unless the rain doesn’t fall, and Joo-Won realizes that RI’s vitals are falling (lower pulse rate, less breathing, skin is cold) and rushes to the hospital to save her.

          • izzie

            but then again, Joo-Won was already crying before he got them off the shoulder and on the highway to drive to the storm.

    • 26.2 maria

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    • 26.3 izzie

      Speaking of Ra-Him’s father… I wonder if his voice reciting the Fireman’s Prayer is his voice from heaven, or a memory recurring in Joo-Won’s head. Could he have recited it while he was trapped in the elevator/fire with Joo-Won?

  27. 27 izzie

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    Btw, I hope he hits the brake before the rain falls on them coz that would be another accident waiting to happen as it would take some time before Ra-Im wakes up in Joo-Won’s body and realizes what sort of situation she’s into. *expecting full-on drama moment to a scene where Joo-Won waits for the rain to fall on them.*

    *sigh* My Princess is two broadcast days away from washing off the aftertaste of angst. :(

    • 27.1 xylophonic

      I so know what you are saying. I recently started My Princess because I knew the angst was coming up in SG and apparently MP wasn’t as craptastic failure as most of us had predicted (and it’s not! Yey). I should have saved the second episode for today to watch after SG 17! Sigh. Foresight.

      • 27.1.1 maria

        yes, the only cure to the heartwrenching feeling of hyun bin crying like that is seeing Song Seung Hyun nekkid, subtly flexing his arms because he’s “cold”.

        ah kdramas. i love you.

        • ck1Oz

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          Nope.I’m someone who doesn’t cry in life or drama.The ending and his words and his tears…KILLED me.I still haven’t recovered.

          This is not really me writing.I am up in that ‘snowy field’ waiting for rose petals to fall.

          What are the chances of getting a glimmer of hope at the end of ep 18? I don’t think all of us will last till ep 19 is RI or JW-as-RI is still in a coma.

  28. 28 momosan

    I have no idea what they word used, but whatever it is, it can’t mean brain dead. They must have meant coma or possibly vegetative state. Because brain dead + no equipment sustaining life = all dead.

    And since we’re in drama land, I’m not even going to point out that in reality if you really were in a coma, you’d be hooked up to more than a simple pulse-ox. Or any of the other reality bending parts of that sequence.

    No, I’m not going to point that out because I was too busy weeping buckets at HB’s angst. GAHHHHH!

    • 28.1 izzie

      I was wondering too… where’s the oxygen line?

    • 28.2 Lahlita

      Such random and hilarious observations, Momosan. After watching a few telenovelas, I’ve come to the realization that comas are magical. When you’re in a coma, you get a queen-sized hospital bed with a duvet and 600-threadcount black satin sheets, a gold nightrobe, round-the-clock makeup, hair and nail care, and your body never requires the intake of nutrients or the expulsion of waste. All you do is lay there looking angelic and peaceful while Victor Juan Manuel de la Soledad weeps over you, holds and kisses you, and wails to the heavens. No machines necessary.

      Sign me up for the next coma!

      • 28.2.1 momosan

        This being a k-drama coma, JW should have known that he just needed extra humidifiers.

        Here’s hoping HJW got to get some nap-time in during those scenes. 😎

        • maria

          i know, right? there’s a humidifier rule, Joo Won! but at least Ra Im actually looks like she’s in a coma, pale lips and all (pale lips on an actress?? whoa, artist! daesang!! :P)

          i believe lahlita, that what we take away from your realizations is that should you sign up for the next coma, make sure it only happens to you in one of the latin countries.

      • 28.2.2 Minnetter

        Lol are you describing like every single Mexican drama ever? or just any drama ever? hahaha … yes comas are magical in dramas… but unfortunately in real life not so much…

        • Lahlita

          So true, Minnetter. In real life, comas are awful. But in dramas medical tragedies are fun!

          Years ago I was watching a show where this girl Charity had heart trouble. She was rushed to the hospital where everyone stood around her bed fighting and screaming at each other. Doctor Eve rushed in and, without donning a headcap, a surgical mask or gloves, and without administering any form of anesthesia, proceeded to grab a scalpel and hack into Charity’s chest. She then reached into charity’s chest with her bare hands and massaged her heart. While everyone was still screaming at each other. Standing around Charity’s bed. Yelling at each other over Charity’s open chest cavity. While Doctor Eve was performing heart massage. Mind you, Charity’s bed — and therefore Charity — wasn’t even in an operating room; it was still in the hallway of the hospital!

          Later that evening Charity woke up, walked out of the hospital, put on a really nice ballroom gown and went to her senior prom, which was being held on a party boat. A party boat that later exploded. I swear….

          I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Secret Garden has the most realistic TV depiction of a coma that I’ve seen in a while.

          • bbstl

            omg, thanks for making me laugh, I’ve just been crying over SG all day. *sigh*. I love Binnie.

          • asianromance

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          • absothe

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          • Iseul

            You wouldn’t happen to be talking about “Passions” are you? :p Oh man, the memories lol.

            SG has me feeling all sad now. :(

          • Minnetter

            OMG I think I would like to kill, no, I mean maim or hurt very badly that director and suggest that he get a medical doctor as an advisor or else he’s just insulting the audience… but then if they actually did that we’d end up with a medical drama and not a romantic drama… oh poo…

          • Lahlita

            @Iseul Yes, I’m talking about Passions! Hahaha, wasn’t that just the most RIDICULOUS storyline? Oh, my God. Not even my obsessive, desperate love for Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald (so hot) could keep me watching that rubbish after a few years. Ah, good times. 😀

          • maria

            the level of ridiculousness in this little beat is EPIC!! LOOOOOL what show was this? …and where can i download it, please pleaaaase??

            apparently the cure to Hyun Bin’s heartwrenching crying is YOU! LOOOOL!

          • Iseul

            @Lahlita- I watched it for Ethan and then Fox. :p What a terrible soap opera in general though.

    • 28.3 Flibber

      lol you’re trying to inject facts and logic into a kdrama. I gave up on that a long time ago- let’s just enjoy the ride ^^

    • 28.4 beng

      Maybe she’s in just a very deep sleep like what happened to Jung-in in Mary Stayed out all night. There are cases when the brain doesn’t want to wake up due to trauma sustained. well in as seen in some dramas at least, hahahaha =)

      Whatever it is, i just love Hyun Bin. Though i watch the episode without subs yet, i was able to understand their angst being good actor they are. Somehow, i felt what Hyun Bin will do when he saw HJW in coma.

      • 28.4.1 jaykay

        hyun bin’s performance in this drama has got to be one of his best.

    • 28.5 anais

      actually, you can be brain dead but body alive. that was the terry schiavo case. of course, ra-im would need a heck of a lot of machinery sustaining her life, so she’s not brain dead.

      besides, then there’d be no soul to switch.

      • 28.5.1 momosan

        Nope, Terry Shiavo was in a persistent vegetative state, not brain dead. It’s a big dif, actually. Brain dead means gone. As in normally kept on machines only for the family to get there or organ donation to take place.

        Ra Im is in a classic k-drama coma. In which she just has to be peacefully in a bed with a pulse ox attached breathing humidified air. ::snerk::

        • anais

          Ah, I see re: Terry Schiavo.

          But as for brain death, thanks to modern technology, the heart and the rest of the body can be kept alive, primarily for the purpose of organ transplantation.

          As for K-drama coma, truly snerk.

    • 28.6 e

      momosan i was wondering about that too. brain dead means mechanical ventilation, iv lines, and a whole lot of contraptions and even if she was in a coma she would still need at least an oxygen mask or else she’ll die of respirator arrest oh well it is kdrama land and not an episode of dr. house

  29. 29 zan

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    this has been one of THE best dramas i have seen in a while and although some may get tired of ra-im crying 24/7, it just showed me what an amazing actress she is and how much she really loves joo-wan.
    the ultimate sacrifice, eh? makes sense, hes grown as a person because of love. at first, selfish, now self-less.

    i really hope this drama ends on a happy note.

    • 31.1 Niki

      May i say that i’m absolutely addicted to SG and HB and JW’s acting is utterly superb. This is one heart-wrenching episode and i’m steeling myself not to watch ep 18 without the subs.

      In reality or fantasy, i don’t think the act of dying in place of your love one is self-less. In fact being the one left-behind is more torturous. When you’re dead, you don’t suffer or have earthly feelings. Whilst the one left behind would feel the guilt, the loss and the pain of the others sacrifice all his/her life. So would you condone your love one to a lifetime of pain till death? or would you prefer to carry that suffering instead? Food for thought, no?! XD imo, surpassing the live of your love-one / carrying on after the passing of your love one would be a more noble act.

      P.S (i’m really not referring to “you” as in jaykay but to “you” in general terms.)

      At least Joo Won knew that what he’s going to do is utterly selfish. I kinda pity RI if the body swap does succeed. The girl has so much guilt and grief on her shoulders that if she woke up knowing JW is in her vegetative body becoz he wants her to live, it’ll be the final nail on her coffin instead. Sigh….kdrama…..do we really have to go down this road again? I don’t want a I’m Sorry, I Love You ending. :(

  32. 32 dancingpanda

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  33. 33 Lahlita

    So apparently, wha’ ha’ happen’ wuz, when Woong-ah tore the last page out of The Little Mermaid to protect Miho-nie from the sadness finding out that the mermaid disappeared, he just left it laying around. Ra-im then came across that page and, used it for her note. But she forgot that she was in a drama, where torn pages equal torn hearts, torn souls and lost ki. Woong-ah, this is why you don’t litter, fool! Le sigh.

    Man, this was sad.

    • 33.1 rainee

      LOL that was good :))

      • 33.1.1 balletbabe


    • 33.2 teapot


    • 33.3 VanillaSalt

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      • 33.7.1 anais

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    • 33.9 Moozy

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    • 33.10 im_eve

      ahahaa i decided to comment even before finsihing the recap lest i forget what i was gonna say, but you got it all covered!

      was thinking the whole same thing! that was really funny..and cute..coz i luv both shows..they both so fuzzy in the heart..& effective in d use of Little Mermaid! that book might just be in the best-sellers in KOrea by now!

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    My tears were falling as I watch the episode…especially at the end part. And reading this recap and to understand the parts that I didn’t get…am crying again.

    I think I never cried as hard in any kdrama (not even the Chuno ending) than that part where Hyun Bin discovered the torn page of the Little Mermaid. I was like……the guy is superb. I was sobbing as loudly as he was. Great acting. I always admire men who can cry with such abandon…and still look tough.

    First thing tomorrow when I wake up is to stalk for the raw episode. I just hope no more crying because my poor heart can’t take it anymore…

    • 36.1 AcrobaticUrchin

      “First thing tomorrow when I wake up is to stalk for the raw episode.”

      That’s exactly what I’m doing! I have my USA vs. ROK clocks set up so I can countdown the time to when the RAW will be available (which is approximately 17 hours after it airs).

      This was just too sad! ;.; I need something happy to happen in this next episode (though, honestly, I’m not counting on it).

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    It reminds me too of MGIAG; same premise where only 1 of them could live.

    This is so sad… :'(

  40. 40 xylophonic

    Ahh, I thought I had reached a drama-induced crying peak when I watched the mother-daughter roof scene in the last episode of Brilliant Legacy. I was wrong indeed.

    Scene that got to me most was when Joo-won was writing that letter to Ra-im. That “let’s consider ourselves happy for all that” message was really freaking sad.

    I, like you, definitely did not appreciate the dumb car accident setup. Seriously, he drove THROUGH THE BARRICADES? Who even does that??

    I was glad (kind of) when Ra-im told Witch Mother that she definitely doesn’t want to leave Joo-won, but seriously I think the past ten episodes should have been sufficient in letting you know that asking for permission is not going to work!!

    But for all that 17 was definitely my favourite episode, hands down. (I experienced some confusion at the end when Joo-won took Ra-im from her bed, since I hadn’t caught on yet that he was planning to switch bodies. I was like, “What are you doing with the comatose patient?? Gyah!” But I get it now. Heh.)

    Hyun Bin does a really freaking excellent job. That is all I can say.

    Btw, is this 18 episodes or 20? I am not certain.

    OH and another thing!! How much do I love that Seul is totally not the typical second lead? And actually offers help to our somewhat clueless main lead? And actually makes sense and is doing it with good intentions? I probably liked her better in this episode than Ra-im, actually, more for the fact that she actually serves a purpose, rather than being annoying and petty as second leads can so easily be.

    Finally, thank you for the recap! :)

    • 40.1 snow

      it’s 20 episodes.

    • 40.2 marypeg

      Yea. Seul’s awesome. I really like her now.

  41. 41 snow

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  42. 42 izzie

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    I’m SO eating chocolates!

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    • 46.1 beng

      Yeah, it’s a good thing it’s Sunday now. I’m crying since dawn this morning as i waited for the raw episode to come out. Hyun Bin made me cry buckets, his is really one true love…

      Question though, if it’s brain dead, will that mean Ra-im wouldn’t know whats happening around her? i heard comatose patients sometimes can. But don;t know about the brain dead people cases. Doctors usually ask the family members of brain dead patients it they want to remove the life support. If they can breathe on their own, then Euthanasia is out. But i think all dies without life support, or is it?

      They should have just written comatose like sleep rather brain dead. Well, anyway, i just remembered that it’s a fantasy drama, so anything will happen. Please just make it a happy ending one. With the grandfather spanking the butt of his daughter for doing those things to his favorite son.

      Oh another thing, if Ra-im will live in Jong-soo’s body, it will just mean we will see more of Hyun Bin or will the show switch it again on their own, oh well let’s just wait and see Episode 18

      • 46.1.1 ruthie

        good! i thought i was the only one thinking about this. brain dead people or even comatose people needs a life support. coz definitely people on this situation are intubated and on ventilator for them to breath=for their organs and system to function and if they are taken off from it, then they are pretty much considered to be dead.

        well, any drama that has a medical issue squeezed in it gives me a good laugh… this is what i get, working in the medical field…

  47. 47 VanillaSalt

    OHHH MYY GOODD!!! I think my heart just god ripped out and torn into a million pieces man, show, I thought I’d be done with heart ripping after my girlfriend is a gumiho. oh! and my prediction was right after all (see episode 16 pg 2 of comments)


  48. 48 mizzychan (。◕‿◕。)

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    this episode kills me :(
    i was crying even just by reading the recaps @_@

  49. 49 Nana

    Am I the cold blooded one here? I didn’t even cry, I am pissed off. I loved this drama as it was a fantasy rom-com, now it goes into melodrama.

    What I always hate whenever this arc comes up is that they just need some volunteering sacrificed lambs to prove that their love is worthwhile. Ah yeah, and also using-the-dead-to-bind-the-livings technique.

    • 49.1 ...

      agree. there were good moments in the drama, but the whole angst/noble-idiot-syndrome thing is really annoying now. couldn’t they have come up with something more original?

  50. 50 Mawiie

    Thanks a lot for the recap! I should seriously contain myself and not read it before seeing the actual episode, but I have no self control lol.

    I’m not sure if someone can answer me, but did Joo-Won sacrificed himself knowing/thinking that the next swap (if indeed there is one) will be the ultimate one? Meaning that Ra-Im will “live back” in his body forever, while he’ll be a coma as long as she’ll be. Or did he considered that there’s the possibility of switching back, thus putting Ra-Im back to her comatose state? Because if that’s the case, isn’t he sacrificing himself “for nothing”? I don’t mean is as a criticism since I do see the emotional impact, but on a rational side, is there really a purpose?

    • 50.1 moomooye

      Yeah, i’m confused as well. I wonder how JW is so sure this body switching will work out right. What if they end up switching bodies but his body just go into a coma, and he just wakes up i her body? How does he know that it’s not her “soul” isn’t damaged?

      • 50.1.1 felixng

        Many religions believe the soul never die. Buddhism believes in reincarnation which mean the soul only leaves the body after its death to wait and be born again into another body. While Christianity doesn’t believe in reincarnation, their teaching says that after death, your soul will go to heaven with God.

        The body is just a “machine” for the soul to manipulate. If Ra Im’s soul gets Jo Won’s body, she’ll be back in the picture.

  51. 51 annie

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    and I dig the song sang by Hyun Bin oppa. Awesome, now I need to rewatch my princess to lift a litle bit of my sadness.

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    • 53.2 Moozy

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      so loving SG!

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    Love, K

  57. 57 tori

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  58. 58 Jenny

    I know it is too cliche with the brain dead theme but seriously man it brought me all to tears. When i heard about this twist, i was a bit disappointed, at least was expecting something else. But this is so sad. Jokingly, with so much humor, it seems we failed to observe how deep they were in love and this damn episode gave tears all together!
    Thank you sooo much for the episode. I was dying for it!

    • 58.1 jaykay

      i agree! i knew they liked eachother but i didn’t know to what extent their “love” was.
      this episode CLEARLY shows how much they have fallen for eachother and that they are genuinly IN love.
      love is about sacrifice, when you put that person before yourself.

      i’m VERY impressed with hyun bin and ha ji won’s performance in this drama. it has to be one of their best yet.

  59. 59 jaykay

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    YOU SEE BIG BANG! hahaa. i’m big bang obbsessed

    and when secretary kim called him hyung and joo-wan asked if he was crazy.

    SO SAD:( can’t wait until tomorrow for episode 18.

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  61. 61 yuna

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    on the contrary, what i believe is that it would be joo-won who will wake-up in ra-im’s body. ra-im is brain dead and only her body is alive so it must be joo-won’s soul in ra-im’s body that will come to life.

  62. 62 asianromance

    Thank you for the recap! I think driving through the barricade is not as nonsensical (I hope that driver gets jailed! of course in dramas, they often just end up disappearing and no one cares because the focus is on the injured lead) and being able to take a coma patient’s body out of the hospital like that. Is it because JW’s rich?

    this episode is so angsty that I skimmed through it and will watch the video in its entirety only when the subs come out. I knew the Noble Idiot trope will come out to rear its ugly head in this drama, but I wasn’t too annoyed by it in this episode overall because it’s not the sort of angst generated by second leads or by corporate sabotage. I also loved how they snuck in some comedic moments. And the brotherly love between JW and Oska brought me to tears. (and who else thought it was HOT when Oska carried Taesun. 100 times better than the YSH and YEH pairing in My Fair Lady. )

    Thought they overdid Ra-Im’s part because it was established during the second switch when they were at JW’s mom’s house that Ra-Im was going to trust in JW from now on. That was one of my favorite parts of the drama- when she said that. For me, it was a milestone. But I guess it wasn’t a milestone for everyone else. So I was disappointed that she couldn’t trust in him to solve everything.

    I was also surprised that all of this happened in episode 17. Thought it was a bit too early. This should be an episode 18 or 19 sort of episode. Will 18-20 will even more angst?

    Okay, I know I’m going to be bursting people’s sad bubbles here- but wouldn’t JW and RI keep on switching every time it rains. So even if RI comes back, when it rains again, wouldn’t JW return? So it’s not like JW will never see his mom or Oska again- it’s just that he will never be able to meet Ra-Im ever again. In the end they will be sharing a life instead of him sacrificing a life???

    • 62.1 Gummie

      About the carry part, it’s funny how TaeSun didn’t put up a lot of fight. I think he’s secretly enjoying it lol

    • 62.2 luvthisdrama

      I guess you are right about the switching. Unless, Ra-Im’s guardian decides to pull the plug on Ra-Im’s comatose body.

      • 62.2.1 Jomo

        Wouldn’t JS be her guardian?
        Now that you mention that “pull the plug” thing, and how everyone is in her room chatting with her, telling her to come back, there is no way she is medically “brain dead.”

      • 62.2.2 izzie

        In this drama, there’s no plug to pull since RI wasn’t hooked on anything but the monitor – no life support system there. Unless they smother her with a pillow. *shudders*

        • crook

          yeah, once you get into the logic of how Joo Won, who is not legally related to Ra Im in anyway, can just pick up a brain dead patient and waltz out of the hospital, you’re going down the rabbit hole.

          I just shut off my brain when it comes to the realism. Like, how Ra Im doesn’t even have a scratch on her face when supposedly she’s braindead??!?!? Or how a braindead patient can survive on an O2 stat montion attached to the hand alone and not ten thousand tubes and catheters coming in and out of her.

          I guess having to watch Joo Won remove her urine cath wouldn’t have been too romantic so I’ll just let it go.

          • izzie

            I guess having to watch Joo Won remove her urine cath wouldn’t have been too romantic so I’ll just let it go.

            LOL. Totally unromantic indeed! 😀 That thing is not so easy to remove as the water that keeps the tube from slipping out have to be sucked out with a syringe before the whole thing can be removed. I doubt Joo-Won would know that. But then again he can learn it from the Internet. 😀

            She must have been in diapers. LOL.

    • 62.3 yuna

      “So it’s not like JW will never see his mom or Oska again- it’s just that he will never be able to meet Ra-Im ever again. In the end they will be sharing a life instead of him sacrificing a life???”

      woah!!!! this might be true. it reminds me of an old movie where two lovers were cursed thus they are “always together but eternally apart”. by day the woman becomes a hawk, by night the man becomes a black wolf. neither has any memory of their half-life in animal form; only at dusk and dawn of each day can they see each other in human form for one fleeting moment, but can never touch. :(

      but with sg, i’m speculating a happy ending with our OTP. :)

      • 62.3.1 momosan

        Yep, the Ladyhawke scenario. In Ladyhawke, a couple is cursed and so during the day, he’s a person and she’s a hawk while during the night, she’s a person and he’s a wolf, so while they always together, they are never together as a couple.

        A cult classic Ladyhawke….

        • yuna

          momosan… it’s nice to bump at you here. :) i often see you in ockoala’s playground. 😉 and yeah, you’re right.. the title of the movie is Ladyhawke. it’s just i forgot already how it ended. and i’m hoping that joo-won and ra-im’s fate wouldn’t be like them.

  63. 63 Gummie

    Oh, yay, I’m so glad to see that I’m not the only one who is tired of Ra-Im’s meekness and passiveness. Just like you, I think the reason I hadn’t cursed at the show for heading to the Noble Idiots land was because Joo Won’s part has been done so well. Though I was unaffected by the angsty atmosphere (more like frustrated with the first half), I was really captivated with Hyunbin’s performance.

    What bugs me about RI is that I don’t understand why she has to beg his mother’s allowance to be with him?!! It is NOT that JW has never told her about that aspect. Back to their pre-date time, he used to beat that idea on her head over and over again that his mother would be ruthless to him and he might likely be disowned if they ever got together. She even got annoyed at him for that. She SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that before she went to the party. I thought by going forth with her feeling, she accepted the fact that shit would hit the fan and they would try to deal with it TOGETHER. But, seriously, now she decided it was too much and folded under pressure? What kind of characterization is this?

    I always have a nagging thought that the writer has neglected to develop her female lead and it really shows now. It is just unfair and irritating to let the guy grow and change so much while his counter part is always the same, and in such a redundant way.

    • 63.1 asianromance

      I find that a lot of kdramas rom-coms tend to do that with their leads- the guy always gets more development than the girl, but it has become glaringly obvious that the writer has abandoned ship on the Ra-Im characterization. I wouldn’t have minded much except this is HA! JI! WON! Ha Ji-won is acting her heart out and I feel like she deserves a better Ra-Im.

      • 63.1.1 anais

        in total agreement.

        just today i was thinking how underdeveloped korean drama heroines tend to be. what the heck is that all about, especially when many screenwriters are women!!!

        is it reflective of some collective unconscious desire to invite dramas’ primary viewers (women) to imagine themselves in place of the obviously undeserving heroine?

        • anonymous too

          yoon hee of skks was also sassy and cool at the start, then she became a little bit of a cry baby towards the end…gaah! i want strong, clear headed, intelligent women for heroines!

          • asianromance

            I guess she had to cry so that she can’t outshine Sun-joon or be stronger than Sun-joon. Look at how he won that academic battle they had (the one where the prize were the tangerines)!!

            I see it in romance novels all the time. She can be strong spy-assassin and kick the asses and slit the throat of dozens of men, but in the face of the hero, she is always weaker, even if the only way he could be stronger than her would be if he had superpowers.

        • asianromance

          I agree and do think this has something to do with the female writer and female audience using the heroine as a placeholder/vessel for themselves and their desires (of molding the bad boy heroes into proper men). Not that all female audience members react to rom-coms that way, but I do find that I more often think “Oh, if I was the heroine, I would have reacted in this manner instead” than “Oh, if I was the hero, I would have done this instead”.

          The heroine is also usually already “perfect” by episode one except for 1. not much experience in love and 2. minor flaws that can be easily ignored, are charming, and are pretty forgivable if we see them in our friends (If Ra-Im was my friend, I would probably hug her and feed her ice cream rather than yell at her to make more sense). Where can you go from there?

          Moreover with the placeholder theory, notice that the bitchy heroine is much LESS forgivable than the uberbitchy hero. The female audience members don’t tend to consider themselves bitchy; so they are stuck in a dilemma where they were prepared to identify themselves with the heroine and are affronted to find her ‘tainted’ with bitchiness and aren’t able or aren’t willing to identify with her or feel unpleasantly forced to identify with her. Therefore, the heroine has to be nice and inoffensive.

          • anais

            Yeah, I’m not so into identifying with the heroines in general. I find myself tending to identify with the men – in SKKS, Sunjoon. Although definitely not with Joowon in SG.

            Argh. As much as I loved Candy and still love Candy, I don’t need all my heroines to be Candy or Annie or Candy’s nemesis Isabella or Elisa or something like that.

            Or rather for them to go from Candy to Annie every single k-drama.

          • anais

            Oh and Ra-im, I’d so have ditched her a long time ago. As a boyfriend and as a friend. The Ra-im I dig is the Ra-im from episode 1 who kicked the thief’s butt and then the ungrateful rich hoity-toities.

          • Gummie

            Exactly why I was irritated with RI becuz I can’t identify with her. If she were my friend, I would hug her. And then beat some sense into her head when she calmed down.

            I wouldn’t say I want my heroines to be flawless or always rushing head first into the problems, I just want them to be more consistent and rounded out.

          • anais

            Argh. I keep seeing more in your post!! :)

            The heroine is also usually already “perfect” by episode one
            But I’d like for them to stay awesome, especially because the drama ought to test them and they should develop through those challenges in ways that are consistent with the character. Instead, there’s a split that occurs always. Candy at the start. Annie by the end. Gah.

          • anais

            I can’t help but think of My Name Is Kim Sam Soon as the counterpoint.

            Although I myself couldn’t get into her (primarily because I am not into Kim Sunah at all), KSS is the least perfect of heroines at the start of the story but proves herself probably the most self-respecting of all the heroines I’ve seen. Sometimes so much so that I wondered on what she was basing all her chutzpah.

            KSS, with its solidly flawed but absolutely self-respecting heroine, garnered incredible ratings and those figures ought to have driven home the point that viewers actually want something other than heroines who go from Candy to Annie. (And that these KSS type heroines need not all be acted out by Kim Sun Ah every single time.)

          • asianromance

            yeah, I also thought MNIKSS would bring out a whole flood of dramas with heroines who remain strong throughout even during the most vulnerable of times, but…yeah…. MNIKSS also showed that you didn’t need to take the cheap route of having an eviiiiill second female lead to make the heroine look good, but vacuous evil second female leads still prevail.

      • 63.1.2 Anonymous

        I agree. I mean after episode 13 after Ra-Im cried in front of the mother, she has been crying non-stop. Where is the strong and cool female lead of the first 10 episodes? It kinda disappointed me coz I really liked Ra-Im but they have reduced her to a weepy mess recently.

      • 63.1.3 Gummie

        I know, I would love to see Ha Ji Won given more challenge to work with. I dare say her character is a bit flat and simple.

        • sapient

          Totally agree. It seems that she cannot stand up for herself. That’s a major flaw in her character. I was frustrated for the first half of episode 17.

    • 63.2 Birdie

      Thank you for bringing it up. I am not pleased with the scriptwriter for the non development of Ra-im character. Even when she found out that she is in love with JW,she was very passive. Also the writer did not use the body swaps for the characters to develop a deeper understanding of each other .Too bad -for all the good and fun parts, it is not without its flaws.

    • 63.3 miss

      there is another heroine in a korean drama romantic comedy who change gradually for the entire drama…. MA HYE RI in prosecutor Princess :)

      ohhhhh can’t get enough nly think PP recently, LOL

      • 63.3.1 anais

        You’re right. Absolutely.

      • 63.3.2 kdlover

        Yes totally agree!! That’s why I love Ma hye ri character sooo much!!

    • 63.4 Anonymous

      One thing I love about Ra-Im is her drive and passion for her work. Fortunately the writer did keep this aspect of her character consistent throughout the drama.

      Maybe it’s because I am career-minded myself, but I like that Ra-Im has her own dreams and aspirations. That, unlike other female leads, her world doesn’t seem to revolve around the make lead. I hope that when the drama end, she can fulfill her dream of becoming an action director.

      • 63.4.1 Gummie

        Oh, I definitely love that aspect from her. I don’t mean to see her world revolve around him. I’m career oriented myself too. I’m just sorta frustrated that she’s too submissive to other bullies and passive in the pursuit of happiness. And her methods to solve the problems are… awfully inconvenient.

  64. 64 miss

    I’m abit wonder…..maybe this question sounds stupid, but Do even Ra Im soul is stil in her body? She is in a coma-dean brain after all…. Her soul maybe it’s not in her body. SO would their soul can be switch?

    • 64.1 Gummie

      I don’t think we should even be bothered about it. This is a “God in the Machine” sort of plot device. You just have to accept that the switch will happen, brain-dead or not.

      • 64.1.1 miss

        haha my mistakes… 😉
        all i can say, let’s just enjoy the ride :))

        overall I love the comedic element on this drama despite it has flaws :)

        I just want comedic element won’t fade away and dissapear in the upcoming episode…

  65. 65 Noypi

    So THIS is where we end up on Ep17… Ra Im basically brain dead and Joo Won deciding to give up his alive self once the storm comes just so Ra Im could live….. Yea, you got me there.. Now I’m crying like a freakin BABY.. T_T

    Oh drama gods, please give us a happy ending.. I know u will but y u gotta make me cry… T_T

    (Thanks for the recap JB)

  66. 66 Kuging

    GOSH I was crying while im reading the last part. I cant imagine myself when im actually watching il probably burst out crying here in cafe. that sucks.

    bring on the tears, Show il have it as breakfast,lunch,dinner.

  67. 67 bleu

    “I know mothers are blinded by love, but really?”

    Really. Really really! R E A L L Y..hehehehe

  68. 68 bluelime

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    but my heart is shattered from ep 17.

  69. 69 omega

    I have a box of tissue next to me while watching drama and also reading your recap.

    Before the recap, I thought hew was going to die with RaIm. Thanks for your recap, and now, I understand the meaning of the letter and the episode, it made cried more.

    I love everyone except his mom. Seul is a much better person now.

    I want a happy ending!!!!!!

  70. 70 ann

    such a heart broken episode…joo won really make me cry…i’m crying while watching the raw episode…and i still cry even when i’m reading this recap as well…keep up the good work, hyun bin…thanks javabeans for the fast recap… ^^

  71. 71 kpopfan

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  72. 72 grasya

    i haven’t seen the raw of this episode, but i can’t stop crying…aish.

    i hate it when the angst comes. i wonder what will happen if their bodies don’t switch?

    thanks for the recap.

  73. 73 diarylara

    it will be happy ending,..trust me.. :)

  74. 74 Stephanie

    last two weeks! Even though we know we hate the old drama antics. Aren’t you glad that this drama lengthened the fun the first 8 weeks and sped past all the angst in 1 single episode to arrive to a very unique noble-esque decision?
    sheesh! Talk about complaining the first 8 weeks about lack of plot movement and then hating it when it came.
    This is the first bad comment I had about your commentary. I just hope you’d stop concentrating so much about this drama’s bad points and more on the usual witty insights you give. I mean bad points have to be addressed but not repeated. It just sorta becomes nagging.

    • 74.1 anais

      Funny. I thought she was being far too generous with her review.

      As for JB’s critique that the drama was slow in going for a while is as valid as her observation that this episode was full-on (and very rushed, in my opinion), overcompensatory makjang. Rushing plot movement is equally problematic as providing no plot movement.

  75. 75 c

    Apparently the last sequence was foreshadowed in Episode 7 with another of Ahyoung’s dreams!

    “Ah-young…relates a curious dream she had last night. Her dreams are always spot-on, and this one featured Ra-im and Joo-won speeding along in a car, watched by “ajusshi.” She means Ra-im’s father…”

    I’m guessing this other, happier (? we’ll have to see) dream will be a scene in one of the upcoming episodes. This episode was so makjang it made me cringe (a car accident like that? really?) but Joowon really made it for me. How far he has come.

    Fortunately there are three more episodes so I’m guessing it can’t be just a simple sad ending. We’ll have to see!

  76. 76 anais

    OK, I read through ALL the comments to see if anyone else thought that the editing and pacing of this episode was completely wacked and on speed, but no. Apparently I’m the only one who feels this episode was totally forced and false. That the only genuine moments in this episode were Hyun Bin’s final moments preparing himself to switch with Ra-im. And notice that I said Hyun Bin, not Joo-won.

    • 76.1 grateful1

      I can’t say that the episode felt totally forced and false to me, but it certainly did much of the time. Actually, I’ve been having these feelings for a few episodes now, but especially so for this episode.

      Based on the early episodes, I thought this was going to be a quirky rom-com with lots of whimsy, quick-witted banter, and fiery sexual-chemistry. But now it feels like I’m in a full-on makjang, complete with makjangish music– and it kinda feels like Show has a multiple-personality disorder.

      However, despite all of that, the emotional punch got to me, too– but I
      didn’t cry as much as I did for “Flowers for my Life”.

  77. 77 Kitchel17

    this better have a happy ending!! too sad,i was crying so freakin much

  78. 78 ayn

    The book Alice in Wonderland plays a strange role in this drama… It keeps appearing randomnly..
    I really, really hope that it isn’t some clue that the ending of Secret Garden will be similar to the ending of Alice in Wonderland…
    A dream

    • 78.1 anais

      Wouldn’t be the first time from this screenplay writer. Cough Cough Lovers in Paris.

      • 78.1.1 asianromance

        *small voice* I actually liked the Lovers in Paris ending.

        but I think I’d prefer a more straightforward ending for this drama.

        • anais

          *small voice* I actually liked the Lovers in Paris ending.
          How so cuuuuute of you!

          I was soooo furious at the Lovers in Paris ending because I had been so heartbroken over Lee Dong Gun’s character’s heartbreak.

          Imagine that every single tug at your heartstrings for Guhro turned out to have been for naught because the whole of SKKS turned out to be one of the stories Yoonhee penned for the bookstore. GAHHHH!

          • asianromance

            My heart broke for Lee Dong Gun’s character too (Soo-hyuk!!!! *sobs*), but I never thought she was good enough for him!

            I thought the ending pointed to several versions of Taeyoung that exist- whether she existed in a different time, incarnation, reality or non-reality, or was just a doppelganger (okay, just outed myself as a bit of a sci-fi/fantasy geek)- and how all those Taeyoungs are destined to be with all the Kijoos that exist, since earlier in the episode she was like “do you think we would have met if it wasn’t for Paris?”and he was like “yeah. definitely” and abt how they were destined to meet. (easy for him to say since they’re in a kdrama and everyone knows that a big city in a drama is shrunk to the size of a city block).

            I think one Joo-won is enough for the world and all worlds to handle. And you can’t just copy him. He is made one cell by one cell at a time…

          • anais

            Interesting. You remember Lovers in Paris so much more thoroughly than I do! :)

            And agree. Not good enough at all for Soo-hyuk. OMG, still breaks my heart.

    • 78.2 teapot

      And I will just DIE

    • 78.3 izzie

      Something about the forest screaming incident in Jeju still bugs me. RI & JW discussed it more than once and I think it will be a factor at how the ending will turn out.

      • 78.3.1 Jomo

        I was thinking about that, and the theory that she really died or almost died in the forest.

        BUT, if he zombie juiced her long enough to do a body swap in Jejedo, and that is what her father did to save her, he failed because she is NOT safe now. She is in the same state as post forest death/almost death.

        If he failed, why did we hear his voice over tell us he did save her after she was too late to audition?

        Was that clear at all?

        Unless the “body swap as life saving” succeeded because once all that was set in motion in Jejedo, he knew JW would fall in love with her enough to sacrifice himself out of his body, and she would end up in JW’s.

        BUT, if that were the goal all along, why didn’t he pick a woman whose life he saved to become the vessel of his daughter?

  79. 79 Haj

    i sobbed like a baby in this episode. When I realized that Joowon was going to sacrifice himself I couldn’t take it, I cried my heart out. I mean, full-on sobbing, not just falling tears. :(
    I do think the crazy driver was dumb, they could have done ANYTHING that makes more sense, such as, i don’t know, even a patch of ice that the crew missed.
    It occured to me that if I was Ra-im and I woke up in Joowon’s body, him in my comatose one, I would just switch back asap. We’d probably have a system where we share Joo-won’s body.

  80. 80 lovedramas2

    I haven’t seen the episode yet just read the recaps :) love the recaps – thanks JB.

    All I thought was where is her father to do some fantasy rescue for his daughter? Sniff sniff. Very sad episode indeed.

  81. 81 gbo

    if she’s brain dead, won’t the switch just make joo-won’s body be brain dead, and ra-im’s body alive. just to be switched back again at the next rain storm?

    oh sorry, was i surprised that there’s logic holes in a kdrama? how silly of me.

    • 81.1 c

      yeah i really don’t get the logic of joowon’s big decision, because if they really do switch every time it rains they would be switching all the time (until the comatose body really dies, i suppose)

      • 81.1.1 Jomo

        I’d like to see that somehow both characters end up in HB’s body.

        Some “All of Me” moments where HB has to play BOTH characters fighting each other would be funny.

        Steve Martin did an unbelievably comic job doing that.

    • 81.2 Gummie

      I found that confusing too but coming from JW’s perspective, it is understandable. I take it that he’s just too desperate to be logical. It something I can tolerate.

    • 81.3 Minnetter

      Well I don’t know, I would come to the same conclusion as Joowon did, because it is the soul that is switching and not the body, and since what’s supposed to be wrong is her body then it has nothing to do with her soul, so once she’s in Joowon’s body who is perfectly alright, then she will be alright too and Joowon is the one who’ll be unable to wake up in her body. it’s so complicated I gave myself a headache…

  82. 82 BIG BABY

    I cried like a baby… :< A HUhuhuhuhuhu

  83. 83 hime

    thank you for the recap! my heart goes out to Binnie on this episode. love the way he admits his weaknesses to Gil Ra Im. JW momma is a witch indeed! wonder how she would react if she learns about the switch. haven’t watched episode 17 yet. will wait for 18 and hopefully we’d get something uplifting. :)

  84. 84 Ace

    I admit that Hyun Bin completely owned this episode. It’s just too bad that I didn’t cry at all in this episode. Nearly lost it when Joowon was writing the goodbye/welcome letter to Ra-I’m and his song was playing in the background but since it was already around 3am when I watched this, and my eyes were really sleepy&tired (did a MGIAG marathon the night before) plus a there’s this little annoying ache in my left temple…argh! I wasn’t able to give this episode the full reaction it deserved. Some things I liked:

    •I love Seul. Why can’t all 2nd female leads be like her? She was pretty annoying at the beginning but I loved her since the LOEL VVIP Christmas Party. And she’s so pretty too with a flattering style/hairstyle for a 2nd lead. Love the smile at Oska & love the advice to Ra-I’m at the museum.
    >Loved Oska and his bromances with both Tae-sun & Joo-won (in a sweet real brother type of way)
    >Director Kim is as funny as ever. I watched Ahjusshi the other night and I still can’t reconcile that that psycho was Director Kim.
    >Ah-young, Jong-soo and Jung-hwan are also some of the people to love in this drama.

    I really don’t mind the makjang aspects and the angsty turn of the drama…I just hope for a satisfying ending and wish really, really, really hard that I wouldn’t hate the last 2 episodes like some other 2010 kdrama that I’d better not name here. =)

    Thanks JB for the recap (I know this isn’t easy for you.)
    I can’t wait to watch this again tonight before the next episode and give it my full attention with all of my faculties working 100%.

    • 84.1 asianromance

      yeah I think the nice characters in this drama helps mitigate the makjang aspects of this drama. If this was a makjang, Seul will try to seduce JW while RI is comatose. or maybe even try to kill RI while she’s comatose! or maybe she hired the driver to cause the accident or had cut her brakes, etc. And Jong-soo and JW will have an argument over whose fault this is and then get mired in guilt and self-flagellation! Secretary Kim will be secretly evil and plotting to sabotage LOEL while JW is away at RI’s bedside. Ah-young would be her bitchy roommate who thought she deserved it and Jung-hwan will be Ra-Im’s rival at work who is a sexist pig! oh the imagination goes wild!

      • 84.1.1 anais


        I think you’ve a second career in the works as a makjang scenario developer.

    • 84.2 Ace

      Hehe, just realized that it’s Secretary Kim not director. In the words of Joo-won (complete with hand gesture, though mine is sincere), Sorry!

  85. 85 VanillaSalt

    Did anyone else what how in the world Joo-won took her out of the hospital? it’s like, hello!? this woman’s in a coma! how did her doctors allow this?

    • 85.1 c

      lol i know right, but there are far more illogical points in the drama (& every other kdrama) to argue with & ponder over

    • 85.2 izzie

      It must have been quite a chase in the hospital – something that we didn’t see – coz if I’m not mistaken, vital signs monitors are supposed to be hooked up to the nurses’ station to alert them of something wrong going on, just in case. And RI being taken out of the room would just do that.

  86. 86 mastille

    Thanks so much for the recap!

    I liked Ra Im a bit better than the last episode, just because she kind of tried not to be a Noble Idiot in the beginning – and I feel like she didn’t tell JW she was there when she was thanking him over the phone because she didn’t know how to actually face him yet.

    And then she tried to stand up to his mom again – but remembering how he himself was the one that said it would be impossible for him to give up his business and lifestyle first and wanted to be the Little Mermaid, I can see why she changed her mind. He’s not giving up on her if she says she doesn’t want him to get attacked by his mother because he’ll say it’s his choice – so she has to pull out the big guns. And yeah, the whole melodrama thing is cliche, but both HJW and HB convinced me so thoroughly that I didn’t mind. In fact, if this is the climax of the makjang – if the real makjang-caused angst and scenes of Noble Idiocy end in episode 17 out of 20 – then I’m good. If it was the last episode, I would be… okay, but I know this show can do better than that, so I’m waiting to see how it’ll up the plot.

    Also, when I think of Noble Idiocy I think of My Girl, and while My Girl infuriated me (two years separation because of an evil ex? Total coldness from Yoo Rin for like at least two whole eps? What?) I felt like I could kind of relate to Ra Im here. I just think she could have displayed more affection for him before, say in eps 15 and 16…

    I saw the little mermaid page as a message to JW to hint at the real reason she tried to break up with him… and omg again HB’s acting… and HB CAN SING… those just blew me away. I could rewatch all the melodrama again just for him.

    Ahhh I really want this to end well… maybe there’ll be some magical way to bring both of them back, but Joo Won might be returned to his 20 year old personality, as if he’d lost part of his life or something for her? Everyone keeps saying how different he was… and I would REALLY like to see that… and it would be cute if he forgot Ra Im and she showed affection to him and made him fall for her all over again… omg that would be AWESOME. Show, please do something AWESOME to sweep out this melodrama. Pretty please?

    • 86.1 Free

      fully agree with you regarding your last paragraph !

      • 86.1.1 Ace

        😉 wish granted…

        • mastille

          YAYYYYY!!!!!! =DDDDDDDDDDD

  87. 87 nightluna

    I cried just reading the recap!! Where are the english subs!!! SG WHY CAN’T YOU STAY AS A RON COM!! you’re ripping my heart apart…But oh please, brain dead due to a stupid driver who refused to follow procedures? it just makes ra im’s accident seems non-sensical!!!

    • 87.1 Minnetter

      well it never announced itself as a rom-com, it even has melodrama in it’s description so the tear jerking plot had to be brought out at some point and I guess it’s now… but everyone’s going to be happier in the next episode… mostly

  88. 88 berdecinismo

    Sad chapter, but I just have a bone to pick with the last sequence of the episode . . .

    I just don’t understand why JW had to take comatose Key Lime out of bed to do the body switch.

    I think it was demonstrated (in ep.15/6–Joowonita in elevator, while Ra-Him outside at audition) that their soul-switch does not require both individuals to be in each other’s vicinity or both to be rained on–it suffices if one is exposed to the rain in order to trigger the change.

    On another note . . . I know I’m supposed to suspend reality with kdramas, but there’s no feasible way in any country on Earth (especially ‘advanced’ countries like S. Korea), that a comatose patient could be taken out of a hospital inconspicuously . . . for me it’s stupid seeing distraught JW and vegetative Key Lime driving off to unhappy fate.

    I’m just hoping for a satisfactory outcome to this charming story, free of gimmicky, overused kdrama stereotypes . . . /crossing fingers*

    • 88.1 nightluna

      oh don’t be such a spoiler…the drama obviously wanted a more heart-wrenching goodbye between joowon and raim… if joowon just go out to the rain by herself, where’s the drama!

      Another thing, their first switch doesn’t need any to be exposed to rain…

      Or you can think it another way…joowon wants raim’s body to die so that she will be forced to live her whole life in his body?

    • 88.2 asianromance

      maybe it has to be with barometric pressure when it rains instead of raindrops hitting one of them, because both of them were inside and in different parts of Jeju when they first switched (he was at a rented villa and she was at a sauna)

      It looks like the LOEL dept store and the site of the auditions were probably 15-20 minutes apart and close enough to rain in both places (even if the raindrops don’t hit both of them) . It seems like this place JW is driving to is much further away that is possible that it was completely sunny where the hospital was and rainy where he’s heading.

      • 88.2.1 ghaylet

        good point…

  89. 89 Elle-Emme

    wow i have no words

    got my tissues ready
    Binnie is sure giving it his all before he goes to the army

    wae wae wae ?

  90. 90 Sammi510

    When Ah Young lost it, I lost it. Beyond sad. Great recap. Thank you.

    • 90.1 anais

      Totally!!! Love Ah Young and Secretary Kim. The actors playing these two characters are really doing a fabulous job.

  91. 91 jennnn

    @ Startulle actually, its not a romantic comedy, its put into the genre of “melodrama” and “romance” LOLOLLL

    thats why i was like HUH, are they mistaken?! theres nooo way this can be a melodrama when everythings too damn funny!

    but then BAM the recent episodes have hit, and there your melodrama awaits! HAHAHA

    anywhooo, i saw the preview of episode 18, and im pretty sure gil ra im in joo wons body is going to do something that will come to their advantage during the switch.

    lets hope lets hope! :)

  92. 92 elle loves kdrama

    Thanks for posting the recap! I am so glad I stayed up late to catch the show (although I have to work in less than 5 hours), the recap was a wonderful surprise!

    As many others have mentioned, I really loved Seul in this episode, she is so much softer, but still badass.

    Ra Im, Ra Im, what happened to you? You were so strong, and driven. Do women really change that much after falling in love? As JB said, I really hope tomorrow’s episode shows your side of the story.

    Joo Won, I LOVE YOU!

    Good night, all 😀

  93. 93 kdramasFTW

    this recap totally made me cry like i did in the last episode of MGIAG BY THE WAY… how come JooWoon needs to bring Ra Im with him to go to the rain????Isn’t one person enough like in episodes where Ra-Him gets rained in front of the police station while JooWonda is inside without being rained at. Another, is when JooWonda gets rained at outside and Ra-Him is inside the elevator. Thus, only one is needed to get rained at in order to have a soul switch.

  94. 94 raccoon 너구리

    i abhored how the mum ends up being the all out baddy and how makjang it turned out to be. so over the top dramatic. won t deny i teared up as joo won drove off.

    i know it s stupid but i also cracked up at the EPIC FAIL potential:

    that ra im ends up brain dead in joo won s active body (not much use there…) and joo won ends up fully conscious in a comatose body.

  95. 95 Daniela

    Oh, like many of you, i cried. I knew that Noble Idiots appeared, but at the end, I just let myself go and it didn’t bother me. Plus, she (the writer) gave me (well, not ME, us, but I was hoping that) the thing that I wanted: Ra-im refusing to break up wiht Joo-won. And I liked her reasons to do that…and 30 seconds later, she stole me that.
    The three possible scenarios of Ra-im answer. First scenario: she doesn’t leave Joo-won ( for 30 seconds). Second scenario: she leaves Joo-won because he is the reason of his dead father(used like an excuse and it works) and third scenario: she leaves him (the definitive). This is irrelevant, but I like it.
    It seems that Joo-won make a huge change. I don’t know about that. I like baby-steps Joo-won but I guess that in order of the self-sacrifice he had to change more and fast, so the coma is a good reason for that. The fact that when he arrives to the hospital he doesn’t cry, he is just like in shock, the way he says “I love you” when they are in the car with silent tears, (if the translation is good) The way he starts his letter, and his last words when they are in the car. All good.

    Ah, moms. This mom is kind of old-fashion, so she is like some of the old-fashion telenovelas moms (well, some of them still exist in telenovelas when I turn my T.V. on, if I ever turn my T.V on a telenovela). We need a bad guy or a bad person. Second leads are cool people so the writer leaves that burden the mom.

    At the end, I like the episode, even if is a very angsty one. Mostly the Hyun Bin parts. Ra-im crying doesn’t bother me because doesn’t surprise me. It’s like the way she comes in the package. But I would love more development for her, like JB and some of you of had said.

    Thank you for the recap!

  96. 96 BJ

    !!!!!!!! I tried so hard not to cry in this episode but nooo Jo Won had to do the noble act of sacrificing his own life for her really hit all the right spot. I love this drama so so much and I really hope the ending will be happy. Fantastic i can hardly wait for tonight! Thanks for the recap!!

  97. 97 Francesca

    I’m crying so much… T.T this is the saddest eps :'(

  98. 98 tachan

    cried so much in this episode and didn’t expect to cry again by reading the recaps…..sob…

  99. 99 Sam

    I think my poor heart has just been ripped out of my chest…… That was really heart breaking even if it was really cliché

  100. 100 Mel

    *** selfish sacrifice *** haven’t seen it, it’d be raw now anyway, eng subs where are you? … always the life saver JB and GF’s recaps….. thanks for the tears…

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