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Secret Garden: Episode 18
by | January 10, 2011 | 374 Comments

I’m glad this show comes with its own shrink. It should be a new requirement in all k-dramas. I mean, if you’re going to start making such sharp turns, it’s only fair that you provide your own medical care for those of us who suffer from the whiplash. I’d like to dedicate this recap to my 21-year old self: If anyone comes by insisting that you loved this drama in the future, run. Run away.


Joo-won drives off into the Storm of Magical Soul Swapping, breaking my heart into a million little pieces.

Oska paces back and forth at home, the box of coveted goodies giving him enough pause to think that something’s up. He gets a strange anxious feeling he can’t shake off, and when Joo-won doesn’t pick up his phone, it finally dawns on him that he might just be that crazy…

Meanwhile Jong-soo is yelling at the hospital attendants for letting a coma patient disappear. Yeah, it’s not the soundest of plot points, is it? Oska runs in, yelling at them to check the CCTV, but he already knows where Ra-im is. He tells Jong-soo that Joo-won’s gone too, and he’s pretty sure they’re headed towards the nearest rainfall, to swap bodies.

He’s called the cops on the way over, and they report that they’ve found them. Oska rushes over as they’re unloaded at the nearest hospital, and has them transported to the original hospital in Seoul. What’s with all the trucking back and forth of coma patients? Anyway, they’re both unconscious, and Oska calls Ji-hyun to do what she can.

Each family waits by their bedsides, Joo-won’s mother in hysterics and Oska and Jong-soo keeping watch, waiting for any indication of a swap. Finally, Joo-won wakes up, and Oska stands over him, calling his name.

But it isn’t Joo-won; it’s Ra-Him, waking up in Joo-won’s body. When Oska keeps calling her “Joo-won,” she touches her face and realizes that she’s been swapped. Shaking, she asks what happened, and if it rained in Seoul.

Crying, Oska says, “What about my little brother?” Oof. Heartbreaking.

He tells her that it didn’t rain; Joo-won took her into the rain on purpose, to switch their bodies. She cries, “No, no it can’t be. It can’t be. It can’t be!”

She cries uncontrollably, just as Mom and Ji-hyun run in. She cries, “Where is Kim Joo-won? Where is he?” as Mom and Ji-hyun try to make sense of what’s going on, and Oska cries.

She gets up and runs into Joo-wonda’s room, where Jong-soo jumps up, asking who she is. He realizes that it’s Ra-Him, and hugs her. Ra-Him cries, saying that Joo-won swapped them, ready to die to save her. She looks at her body lying there, and cries for Joo-won, not knowing what to do.

Mom chases her in there, freaking out about her precious son being hugged by riffraff, and orders her henchmen (since when does she have henchmen?) to take Ra-Him away. Jong-soo tries to stop her, shouting that this isn’t Kim Joo-won, but Ra-Him calls her “Mom” and says that she’ll go. She tells Jong-soo that she can handle it, and leaves with Joo-won’s mom.

Back at Joo-won’s house, Ra-Him gets a clean bill of health from the family doctor, and she manages to send Mom away, but not without a dig at “that girl,” of course. She parks a whole army of henchmen at Joo-won’s door, ordering them to keep him away from the hospital, knowing that he’s bound to try and go back to see Ra-im.

Inside, Ra-Him gets up to rush back to the hospital, but Oska stops her. She cries, “I have to go to him. He’s waiting for me.” Oska: “I get that your damn love is grand and all that, but you have to wait.” Ha. It’s both funny and heartbreaking, because he knows it’s not her fault, and yet he’s so frustrated with Joo-won, and still grieving over his crazy actions, driven by such a grandiose love. Because to him, it just means he’s lost his little brother.

He asks her to wait a day, so that Mom doesn’t freak out, and she apologizes that she didn’t think of it that way. Oska goes back to the hospital, and stands by Joo-wonda’s bedside.

Oska: You crazy. How could you? How, how could you do such a thing, you crazy fool? Is this woman the only thing that matters to you? Is your family nothing? You throw a pair of shoes at me…is that it? It’s going to rain eventually. So what am I supposed to do, lock up Ra-im every time it rains? Is that what you want? I can’t. I don’t care how much you hate me. I can’t protect your love. Even if you cry and shout and go crazy, I’m going to live seeing my little brother that way!

This kills me. It was the most heartbreaking part of the last episode for me as well, when Joo-won spent the night with his hyung, knowing what he was about to do. Their relationship is the most heart-rending for me because it keeps Joo-won’s grand mythic gesture tethered to reality and the tragic consequences of his actions.

Despite Oska’s warnings, Ra-Him heads out anyway, unable to leave Joo-wonda alone. She handily beats the guards who try to stop her, but then gets stopped by the housekeeper who brings her the mail. In the stack is the letter that Joo-won wrote.

With the Magic Veil of Un-switchiness, Ra-im sits in Joo-won’s car, and cries as she reads the letter:

Joo-won: Now I think that this magic spell we’re under is a gift from the gods. So, just like a person who’s received a surprise gift, smile with happiness. If you laugh with your heart, I’ll hear it. Because I’m a much more powerful person than you think. Shave my face nicely, and dress me in the clothes that I like. If we could be together even in that way… then that’s enough — let’s think of it as being together. That’s enough for us to consider ourselves as happy as other lovers.

She holds the letter to her heart as she cries. The veil comes back as Ra-Him drives back to the hospital.

She runs in to find Jong-soo still sitting there, outside Joo-wonda’s room. She asks why he’s still here, and he answers that Joo-won might be scared all alone, and that if someone were outside waiting for him, he might return. Aw, is everybody trying to break my heart all at once?

Ra-Him’s eyes fill with tears at the gesture, and she bows before going inside. The veil returns, as Ra-im comes into the room.

She cries as she tells Joo-won that it must be their fate, that one of them has to disappear into bubbles. She says that she’ll be the one to do it. (What, are we really going to do this, Show? If we keep going back and forth on the See-Saw of Love Sacrifice, I’m getting the hell off this ride.)

She says that as soon as the Little Mermaid fell in love with the prince, her fate was sealed. But he’s supposed to be the Little Mermaid, remember? Now all of a sudden, everyone’s clamoring to be the friggin’ mermaid.

She says that she’s going to make everything right again when it rains, and begs him to stay in his rightful place once they switch.

At home Oska drinks as he thinks back to how strange Joo-won was the other night, laughing at his stories. He realizes now that it was his last goodbye. Seul sits with him, trying to help, but confused since Oska isn’t really explaining things to her so that she’ll understand.

He says that he’s always lost to Joo-won because he was the hyung and the adult. But he wonders how much of a hyung and an adult you have to be, to die in someone’s place.

As Ra-Him sleeps holding Joo-wonda’s hand, her father appears in magical dreamland and watches them together with a heavy heart. And then, through some magical maneuvering on his part, Ra-im and Joo-won start to hear each other in their dreams, as they imagine meeting each other in a field, at a lavish table set for two.

In dreamworld, they sit across from each other and smile, and then they wait for the one who invited them…Ra-im’s father. He shows up and holds up a new bottle of flower liquor, saying that this wine is the beginning and the end of the magic.

As he pours a glass for each of them, he tells Joo-won to forget him now, and his promise, since he’s fulfilled it beyond the call of duty. He tells Ra-im to be loved, and that as much as she has kept her head bowed, to now live the rest of her days being loved. He tells them that the magic is over now, and to consider it like a handshake between people who’ve just met; the real magic begins now. Blech. Sorry, I choked on the cheese.

Listen Show, this benevolent magic from daddy dearest is really taking all the air out of my tires. I thought it was fine when his choice to do the spell was driven by selfish motivations to save his daughter, but now, if his intention was to put everything back anyway, it just drips of plot contrivance. Why couldn’t he have stayed a flawed, selfish father with some hoodoo up his sleeve? What’s wrong with that?

Daddy disappears, and as Joo-won and Ra-im drink the magic wine, it starts to rain rose petals, just like in Ah-young’s dream.

And then, just like that, they wake up…in their own bodies. Yep, Just. Like. That. RA&*%^$! Goddamnit. Now I’m pissed off about the last episode and a half. All that angst, and this is the resolution? So lame.

They each wake up to discover that they’re in their own bodies, and as they get out of bed, the camera pulls back to show their floors covered in rose petals. Ra-im wakes up in the hospital the same, relieved to be back, and runs out to find Joo-won.

But Joo-won seems a little more than confused, even by his own face. Oska comes in, thinking that it’s still Ra-im in there, and Joo-won calls him hyung and asks why they both look like this. He asks where this is, and why he’s not at the hospital…and if his friends made it out of the fire okay…

Oska looks at him in shock, as he realizes that Joo-won came back all right, but as his 21-year old self, right after his big accident.

WHAT. THE. FUCK. Dude, somebody send Daddy back to Hogwarts. Your magic is all screwy!

Oska asks Ji-hyun to meet with Joo-won, and she comes back to report that Joo-won is okay, but is probably suffering from shock. He’s regained his memories from the accident, but in exchange has lost all his memories since. He also can’t remember the fireman who rescued him.

She says that he’s taking it all pretty well, and is happy to find out that he’s the president of LOEL (over his hyung, neener) and he’s excited to wake up an adult. Haha. Despite the rampant whatthefuckery of bringing in the mother of all exasperating tropes (that would be AMNESIA), it is kind of hilarious to meet the 21-year old Joo-won. He praises his own taste as he looks around his house, and Oska confirms that Joo-won is now 34, while he’s 36. Joo-won: “You look it. But me…” Ha.

He catches up with the basics, and also fills us in on his past with Ji-hyun, as he says that she dumped him three months ago. She corrects him: that would be thirteen years and three months ago. He’s surprised that they’re still friends, but she says it’s because she’s so good-natured. Heh.

Meanwhile, Ra-im rushes over, and starts crying at the sight of Joo-won back in his own body. She rushes over and hugs him, calling him a jerk for pulling that stunt, and that she was scared she’d never see him again.

Joo-won just stares at her, wondering who she is. He has a vague memory of seeing her at the hospital, and Oska thinks that maybe his memory is coming back after all. Ra-im looks at him in shock, and Oska tells her that he’ll explain, but that Joo-won is 21 right now.

He asks who Gil Ra-im is, asking if it’s someone he knows. It was the first thought he had when he woke up, but he doesn’t know why. Ra-im starts to cry, and he looks curiously at her, “Are you…Gil Ra-im? You?”

She nods and Oska and Ji-hyun leave, thinking that maybe Ra-im will be the best trigger for his memory. He looks her up and down, asking her how old she is, and what she does for a living, shocked that he knew a stuntwoman, of all things. He asks what they were to each other.

Ra-im: “You loved me. And I loved you.” Joo-won reels at that, not believing it for a second. He wonders if there’s perhaps another Gil Ra-im. She says there probably is, but she’s the one that Kim Joo-won loved.

He accepts it for now and says that he’s got to clear some things up, so to leave her number and go. Ra-im: “You were a jerk even when you were young, huh?” Pwahahaha! Hilarity.

He’s like, what the…but she just smiles at him. She tells him to check his cell phone for her number, where he’ll also find pictures of her. Ra-im: “Now, no matter what you do, I like you. Now, no matter what you do, I can forgive you. For the sole reason…that you’re alive.”

He puts on his sparkly tracksuit (Amazing…that’s the thing you pull out of your closet when all of the clothes are new to you?) and goes for a walk. Ra-im appears next to him, walking alongside him like she used to, and he wonders to himself why he’s thinking of her.

Ra-im is back at the hospital, and Ah-young yells at her for giving her the scare of her life, as the girls have a happy reunion. Joo-won shows up and tells Ah-young to send in the man out in the hall. She goes out to find Secretary Kim, who wheels in a cart with a grand lunch by candlelight. Ra-im laughs and so does Secretary Kim, who notes with a smirk that the stuff Joo-won does is exactly the same. They have a good laugh over it and Joo-won gets pissy, asking if they’re friends. Ha.

She does the same thing she did the first time he set a lavish table for her, and puts the candles out. He can’t believe that he ever liked someone like her, and asks the typical Kim-Joo-won questions, like who her father is and what family she’s from. She just tells him that he does know her father, but doesn’t say anything beyond that.

She surprises him by calling out the fact that he can’t stop thinking about her, and that it’s the reason why he’s here. Ra-im: “Do you want to know why? Because you love me.” She tells him that he followed her around like crazy and that he’ll be back tomorrow, so she gives him an excuse to come. She tells him that eventually he’ll tell her that she’s strange and curious to him, and he just covers his ears and walks out, not wanting to hear it. Heh. I sort of like the idea of her dating the 21-year old version of Joo-won. Can he just stay this way, and not get his memory back?

I love the way she looks at him, like you’ll see just how crazy in love with me you’re going to be, kid.

Ra-im returns to the action school where she’s greeted with confetti and party hats. Jong-soo hugs her, which is right when Joo-won walks in, telling them to separate. Joo-won: “Were you a two-timer? Were you two-timing me?” Heh. He pompously tells everyone to leave the room, and Ra-im tells the guys she’ll explain later, and takes him upstairs. He looks at them agape, “Do I know you guys too?”

She can tell that his memory hasn’t returned, but when she makes a move to kick him in the shin, he involuntarily moves back in step. He looks at her accusingly, asking why his leg just did that: did she used to hit him? She looks up at him slyly, not denying it. Ra-im: “Your body remembers me.” Rawr.

She calls him Kim Ddol-choo, her nickname for him (basically short for Loser Tracksuit), and he realizes that she’s making fun of his outfit. He laughs, saying that this is no ordinary tracksuit…and he unzips it and shows her the label. HA.

Ra-im swoops in for a hug, thanking him for coming by like this. She sighs, “I guess I’m going to end up loving the 21-year old you too.” He’s taken aback at first, but then can’t help himself, and totally melts into her hug. OMG, 34-year old Joo-won drove me batty, but I frickin’ love the 21-year old version. So cute.

He leans his head in and puts his hands around her, saying sweetly, “Will you?” I love how awkward he is.

Ra-im then goes to see Joo-won’s mother, and stands up to her for the first time. She tells her that they won’t break up, for whatever reason, because they’ve been to death’s door and back, and now every second of their lives is precious. She refuses to back down, and tells Mother matter-of-factly that she isn’t scared of her anymore.

And then, with a big breath, she blurts out, “Please give me your son! I’ll take responsibility for him and make him happy.” Pwahaha. Love it. What a great reversal for her to ask for Joo-won’s hand.

Joo-won sends Secretary Kim over to Ra-im’s to fetch her over to his house (which they also laugh at). She walks in and he tells her to move into the house (whoa, movin’ fast there, little buddy) so that he can figure out why he liked her so much.

She just laughs, telling him that it’s not the first time he’s said those words. She tells him that he’s done a lot to try and convince her, to move in, to share a bed, to shower together…

He perks up at that, smiling that they must be closer than he thought. He moves closer to her, “So, were we close enough to kiss? Like this…?”

He gets up and leans over her, going in for the kill.


Hahaha. It’s kinda wrong if you think about it, but I totally want 21-year old Joo-won to go for it! He’s so much more adorable and less weighed down by darkness than his older self. I kind of want them to stay this way, and for him to never get his memory back. Would that be so bad?

At least Ra-im finally stood up to Mom, though it sure did take her long enough. I just can’t believe that of ALL the possible mystical and life-threatening barriers that they get past, she is the one that’s still standing. I mean, what? I find it odd that we still have two episodes left, but she’s really the only obstacle left, and she’s just harping on the same old stuff. Yawn.

I really hated the resolution to the life-sacrificing-body-swapping mess of a plot, which sucked all the dramatic weight out of that storyline. And I yelled obscenities when the amnesia followed suit, like Show was trying to kill me or something. But then the result of the amnesia was surprisingly light and funny and cute, so that was really this episode’s saving grace. I definitely have a bit of emotional whiplash from the melodrama-turned-makjang-turned-comedy, but at this point I’m not really that surprised. This show jerks me around so much it’s sadistic.

Just when I thought that the drama had finally validated itself and found a reason for the body swap, AND the mystical veil (I know!), it totally did a 180 and shot itself in the proverbial foot. That rose-petal magic dreamland hoodoo crap made me wanna barf all over the pure white snow. But lo and behold, barely post-pubescent Joo-won appeared out of nowhere and saved me from driving a spork through my heart.


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  1. Alex

    When JW remember RI after being amnesia, I immediately remember The movie “50 first dates” hehe, falling in love all over again…yee ha!

    • 1.1 paper

      LMAO I know right xD
      Though that movie was cute :3

      GF~ If JW goes broody in the last 2 episodes I will be the one driving a spork through my heart ;A;
      I mean FFS~~ that certainly was not the best solution to the friggin life-sacrificing-body-swap 😐 But it was definitely saved by the cute & adorkable 21 year old Joo-won <3333333333333

      Thank you very much for the recap *hands over a box of cookies*

      • 1.1.1 chong

        i’ll drive the spork too

  2. Ace

    Yes!!! Thanks GF! Been waiting for 12hrs for this..

    – I’m so charmed by the young Joo-won. Still arrogant, conceited, & neurotic…no wonder Ra-im’s also falling again for the 21-yr old, expensive, hand-stitched, sequined Italian tracksuit owner (I guess he also forgot that he prefers the French lace-patterned tracksuit nowadays).

    When Joo-won said to Ra-im, “I’ve seen you, at the hospital” does that mean he saw her 13 years ago?

    – So touched by Jong-soo when he stayed at the hospital so Joo-wonda wouldn’t feel lonely.
    – Oska is absolutely wonderful as Joo-won’s hyung

    – cheers to Ra-im’s Dad for ending the soul-swap…

    – and to Ra-im for finally standing up to Joo-won’s mom.

    [I know it’s stupid but just had to wonder how Ra-im paid for the taxi fare after she woke up from the hospital?!?!…and did they let Ha Ji-won walk in the snow in a hospital gown? Hope she wore really good thermal underwear. ;0 ]

    Anyway, bring on the cute please for the last two episodes!

    Just want to share some fan-made MVs for Hyun Bin’s 그남자 and Sung Si Kyung’s 너는 나의 봄이다:


    • 2.1 Jomo

      Wae?Why do I click on these things at work?
      (Specifically the HB one!)
      I have tears blurring my vision as I type here!!

    • 2.2 Letsallplaythefool

      “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time”. … Good old Abe Lincoln is proven wrong on this one.

      Fooled to our heart’s content and even grudgingly despise the thought its about to end.

      Ah, foolhardy me loving this SG spell never mind that I’ve been hold hostage too (albeit willingly) to the lead’s cute-tity.

      Thanks for the really great fucking —— recap.

    • 2.3 Lee

      you can pay when you get to your door if you really need too and The snow walking Ra Im was imaginary, but I give Ha Ji Won props for doing that scene.

    • 2.4 kappy

      Ace! Your bracketed thoughts were mine, too. (Taxi fare? and…good thermal underwear, let’s hope.) Heck, your other thoughts were mine, too, come to think of it. Thanks for the links (though quick-draw-McGraw SBS yanked the first one already). Am so looking forward to the next two episodes, but with bittersweet anticipation ’cause that will mean the end. Sob.

      • 2.4.1 Ace

        ahahaha! kappy! I missed you! so we’re still on the same wavelength huh? 😉

      • 2.4.2 SG-addict

        Am so looking forward to the next two episodes, but with bittersweet anticipation ’cause that will mean the end. Sob.

        For the first time in 9 weeks, I’m dreading the arrival of Sat and Sun. :(

  3. Memei

    For some reason, I thought both 17 an 18 are a little cramped. It felt like the coma and amnesia thing should have been played out longer, three episodes won’t hurt. They spent too much time in developing the loveline (not that i didn’t love their bickering) and cramped the amnesia and coma in two episodes only.

    But, whatever Memei, I still love Secret Garden. Going gaga over it.

    • 3.1 berdecinismo

      Thanks for pointing that out.
      I agree that the story at this point seems a bit rushed/cramped.

      And, who doesn’t want a couple more epis. with 21-yr-old JW.


    • 3.2 maeumi

      My exact thought. The continuity and the editing were messy for the last two episodes. the pace and the tone are uneven and not as smooth as the previous episodes. Lame solutions to crisis are not helpful as well. It’s like they’re trying too hard to come out with new material.

      From the bottom of my heart, I love the drama still but I am not as excited as before honestly. It’s unfortunate really as I usually would be dying for the last two episodes. I am just praying for a decent ending so that SG would not be a total what-could-have-been forever for me.

      • 3.2.1 chocolat

        I read someone’s comment @ another blog:
        “Sometimes I think that maybe, SG is originally meant for 16 episodes that’s why it’s been so draggy halfway through the episodes.”

        Had to agree. But then the writer crams 6 episodes-worth of story in two episodes, which only makes me wonder why she drives the story this way. It reminds me of Ra im driving Joo won’s convertible a short distance (and really fast, too), stopping abruptly then going for the finish line at breakneck speed again. Much as I hate weepy melodramatic scenes, she could have fleshed out the conflicts presented in Ep 17 more. Argh.

  4. izzie

    This show is a Frankenstein! :(
    Still like to watch it but did it really have to go thru a zigzag?

    • 4.1 grateful1

      Yes, I’m suffering from whiplash from watching Show go from rom-com to tearjerker makjang, and back to rom-com again so quickly. But I think I figured out what was behind the mood swings — Show must have been on her period! Think about it– the sobbing, the raging, the feeling like the world is coming to an end– no wonder Show was acting like a total Drama Queen!

      I can just hear Show singing: It’s my pity party, and I’ll make you cry if I want to…. act like a makjang if I want to….. even give him amnesia just as she’s coming out of her coma(!) if I want to….. you would cry too, if it happened to you…..

      Anyway, I’m glad Show’s back to her playful self.

      • 4.1.1 izzie

        Apparently, the show as a whole, has been playful. :( to our expense. But still like it. The show is sadistic and we’re masochistic. :(

      • 4.1.2 qpank

        Show must have been on her period!
        what a comment O cant help myself laughing out loud .People in next room think I ve gone bonker came to find out what happened to me ….hahahah

        • izzie

          Lol! 😀 PMS! (post-makjang syndrome…)

          • chatzilola~

            XD lol, yes~~

        • Mawiie

          Nahhh I bet that the writter got body-swapted with the one who writes all the daily makjangs 😉 And by the end of the episode it must have rained in Seoul

          • izzie

            And by the end of the episode it must have rained in Seoul

            and drenched the laptop of the writer so she had to re-write the episode again – in a hurry – because the next day is filming day? :)

      • 4.1.3 Jemrie

        That was hilarious! I think you hit it spot on! LOL

  5. Raitei

    Yay! It’s finally here! Thanks for the recap. I actually haven’t read it yet, but I’ll surely do after watching ep 17, which I’m currently doing.. 😀

  6. olivia

    Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! & YES!!!!!

  7. tweetpandora

    Yay finally thank you chicas much much appreciated!!

  8. vannie

    when i saw this without subs i thought JW is gonna do a go jun pyo on us with that memory loss thing!
    oh no just 2 more ep!

    • 8.1 AmbieH

      me too! I was all “dammit! no BOFs!” lol but this version is much easier to swallow~

    • 8.2 lovenyc52

      haha i TOTALLY thought of BOF too!! and thought that Ra Im was going to be the one initiating all the re-enactments of scenarios. but i like it’s JooWon ‘courting’ her like his 21 year old self would to try to figure her out.

    • 8.3 ilikehim

      Yea, i was seriously worried that they would pull a Gu Joon Pyo on us. But thank goodness they took the comical and the-i-dont-remember-our-past-but-21-yr-old-me-still-falls-for-you-again approach.

      Who else have the SLIGHTEST SUSPICION that Joo-won feign Amnesia (or already regain memories of Ra-Im but continue act ignorant) to get Ra-Im to move in with him..? Sorry for doubting, but Joo-won IS a sly one.

      • 8.3.1 Gummie

        Oh, yeah, there is that possibility too. But I’d rather he isn’t feigning it. Can’t really explain why though.

        • ilikehim

          I guess it IS more romantic that he isnt feigning it but cant help falling in love with her again..like it was inevitable, destined love?

          • Gummie

            Oh, yeah, definitely in that sense

      • 8.3.2 jiaxin

        OMG! that would be soo good lol but then im not sure if they could make it last 2 more episodes

      • 8.3.3 sobohomom2

        I sort of thought that in the last scene, when he started to make the moved on RI that JW seemed more like his old self–but that could just be a quirk in HB’s acting. JW does have motivation to fake his condition since he and RI broke up before her accident, so if it is a charade it may be to make her really open up to him again.

        But, I also thought that if JW really is supposed to be psychologically 21, he may just be taking advantage of RI, since what 21 year-old man wouldn’t want to smooch and hug such a beautiful woman? Who knows what he’s really feeling–21 year-old men are very fickle.

        • hoi

          yes i agree…
          he’s that kind of person. he’s taking advantage of RI,
          if he’s feigning amnesia, will RI feigning amnesia too after JW back to his old self? take turns to feign amnesia, hahhah…

          ps. the letter JW wrote to RI,,,o o o o so touching, i have to praise Kim Eun SOo, she’s such a wordsmith in some kind…

        • Lik

          Hi! I also think that Joo-won could have been faking the amnesia—- somewhat similar to what Soo-Hyuk (Lee Dong Gun) did in Lovers in Paris, as LIP and SG have the same writer.

          Yes, I also agree that maybe Joo-won wants to have some happy days with Ra-im, since she’s been crying too much with him prior to the accident

      • 8.3.4 Jemrie

        Was wondering myself after that last scene, I wouldn’t put it past the show to do that although I don’t really understand what his motive would be. This show seems to go in any direction it feels like regardless of logic so I’m thinking it’s possible. Wonder how they are going to resolve this in two episodes and give this show a sense of satisfying completion. Kind of worried about that.

    • 8.4 twylah

      true. somehow, this is the amnesia trope that was easier to swallow. wasn’t even that much bothered about it: all because it brought us 21 year old jo woon! so adorable!

  9. Sumi

    I admit the plot has been more than a little topsy turvy but I can’t even hate the crack-attack Secret Garden has become because of HJW and HB. They’re so golden in playing their respective roles, playing each other and in HB’s case playing a younger version of himself that SG’s already labeled itself as one of my favorite dramas. Damn. I feel cheated…then I watch the scene with the lunch and then I cackle with glee.

    *Le sigh* I’m too soft for this nonsense.

    • 9.1 Gummie

      *Le sigh* me too.

      I’m mad the Show becuz I can’t even hate her now.

  10. 10 myweithisway

    This is the ending???

    ARGGGHHHHH Not cool, drama, not cool.

    • 10.1 jo

      ugh. no. two more episodes to go.

  11. 11 balletbabe

    OMG when Osaka realize that Joo-won went back to the age of 21 the first thing that popped in my head was Hana Yori Dango Returns!! Anyway, I liked this episode. At I first I was like “oh oh where are we going with the ‘Noble Idiot Syndrome'” but then cause this is a fantasy drama it somehow turned out a-okay and now we are back to the comedy! I must say I love the 21 year old Joo-won, he’s even more blunt and funnier ^_^

    • 11.1 Leslie

      I thought about hana yori dango too!

    • 11.2 Minnetter

      ok I love Oska, I always knew it but now it’s for sure^^ He’s just like the best big brother ever! <3
      Also 21 year old Joo Won is hilarious, he's practically the same but less weighed down with the darkness of what happened and since he remembers what happened in the elevator for the most part, he may not feel as traumatized because he can begin to exorcise his demons^^

      I watched this episode raw last night and I am quite surprised that I understood a lot of what they were saying and if I didn't quite get the finer points I understood the gist of it! I'm happy my self-taught korean is improving^^ But I love reading the recaps so that I can see if what I understood is basically what happened^^ yay!

      thanks GF for this recap though I don't quite agree with not liking it's crazy twists and turns because I rather they did it in two episodes and got rid of the melo so we could have some more fun with them before saying goodbye!

    • 11.3 Mounty

      I loved the 21 year old JW too!! He’s very cute! But the only thing is, that it will probably take another at least 10 more episodes for Ra-im to constantly hang around him like he did to Ra-im before he lost his memory. But we only have 2 eps to go, so the best way is to probably go for some kind of object or person that switches his brain on. But I really hope there’s no deus ex machina involved…

  12. 12 kristin

    Man oh man. I know in my HEAD that this show has been jerking me around, and that the swap plot point was wrapped up lazily, but I admit I cried my heart out when I watched 17 (more than once…) and 18. I love the Ra Im that openly loves Joo Won. She’s so funny and warm, so much better than meek Ra Im. And young Joo Won is just plain old funny – his immature antics are so much more likeable when he’s got wide-eyed youth on top of it. Despite its flaws, I LOVE love this show, and I’m so sad it’s almost over. And PS. Hyun Bin pretty much broke my heart about 10 times in the last two episodes. Fantastic.

    • 12.1 kristin

      And PPS. I was so concerned when the amnesia reared its head, it would be the ugly, mean, crying kind (a la Boys Over Flowers) so how refreshing is it that it’s the adorable, I-may-not-remember-you-but-history-repeats-itself kind? I can get behind this kind of amnesia any day.

  13. 13 izzie

    WHAT. THE. FUCK. Dude, somebody send Daddy back to Hogwarts. Your magic is all screwy!

    That’s what happens when they drink only half the effin’ cup. :( screwy magic.

    The dream part was the downhill part. Can’t they think of a better way if unswitching the two? Not that I hate the 21-mind thing, but I just wish they used a better vehicle to get there.

    • 13.1 marypeg

      Lol. That was the funniest line of the recap. Man I was totally hating the middle part of the episode… I thought my eyes were going to get stuck roofed up in my head, especially when amnesia happened…but that turned our to be actually great. I dreaded that we might have a BOF asshole scenario, but I love 21 year old joo won! So cute!

    • 13.2 MEK

      you guys make me laugh so hard…sometimes the comments are better than the recap…hahahahahahaha

  14. 14 stars4u

    This show..
    It drives me crazy but I still love it no matter how crazy and absurd it gets!!!

  15. 15 A Simple Thing

    I’m so psyched about this ending – I like the fact that although it’s like it was at the beginning, with JW doing the chasing, RI is now reciprocating the feelings, instead of constantly chasing him away.
    Though the bit with the leg automatically jerking away?
    And the return of the Sparkly Suit that Never Dies?

    I’m so ridiculously happy right now! And it makes up for all the times we wanted RI to just admit she liked JW and revel in it…

  16. 16 lovedramas2

    And with the amnesia part, I must say that I keep thinking back to BOF – not because they are similar in tone (which they aren’t) but b/c in kdrama world – they both have the really rich boy storyline — mean mean jerk and falls way over for a common girl. The psycho controlling mom and amnesia to top it off!

    I agree with GF. At least with amnesia here, it’s the cute fun kind… not the really annoying kind as I’ve seen in many dramas.

  17. 17 Ladymoonstone143

    Thanks Girlfriday for an awesome recap.

    I was crying most of ep 17 and part of 18…and when the AMNESIA happened I was like…whoa..the writer even squeeze that element…lol

    BUT…I love the 21 year old Jo woon…I mean, there role will be reverse because it will be Raim who will be after him and showing her love.

    I know the crying will be over and I will just enjoy the fun of eps 19 and 20 next week because I know it will be back to the element that I fall inlove with on the first place…. the bantering and the sweet scenes of the lead characters. I hope more kissing too…lol

    I wish Hyun Bin is single. Him and Ha Ji Won will make a great pair..so much chemistry…:))

    • 17.1 Ace

      “I wish Hyun Bin is single. Him and Ha Ji Won will make a great pair..so much chemistry…:))”

      hahaha…you don’t know how many times I’ve asked myself since last week (it’s because of SG OST Part.5, Hyun Bin’s “That Man”) when he and SHK would break up. ㅋㅋㅋ

      HJW vs SHK — so who’s the best Hwang Jin-i? 😉

      • 17.1.1 Jomo

        If wishes were real, and I had one, I certainly would NOT send HB to HJW, but to ME ME ME ME.

      • 17.1.2 Ladymoonstone143

        Hmmm..I will still go for HJW…that girl is so versatile. Be it action, drama, rom-com..you name it…she is the girl…:)

      • 17.1.3 Vaidhi

        Ha Ji Won…. she nails Hwang Ji-i….as she does Ra-im

      • 17.1.4 snow

        ha ji won wins hands down! no contest whatsoever.

      • 17.1.5 bishbash

        if HB keeps changing a girlfriend after working with someone new, then it’s not so good, no? 😉

        and I agree with Jomo! :p

        • ghaylet

          “if HB keeps changing a girlfriend after working with someone new, then it’s not so good, no?”

          very true.. and I certainly wouldn’t want another Jen-Brad-Angelina debacle.

        • mskmouse

          didn’t his gf song hye kyo date her co-actors too? ;p

      • 17.1.6 bathala

        Hmmm. Hyun Bin’s real life GF is a hottie. ‘Nuff said.

  18. 18 AmbieH

    “WHAT. THE. FUCK. Dude, somebody send Daddy back to Hogwarts. Your magic is all screwy!” the best!! lol

    on to another fangirl note did anyone notice all the JYJ pics in the last epi lol….

    Im glad Ra Im is finally standing up… but I have to say that unfortunately the mother character is someone Ive met… some bitches stay bitches….

    i love this damn show!

    • 18.1 vannie

      jyj..i noticed that too! i like the scene where ha jiwon is leaving the dept store after seeing JW but lol next thing i see is yoochun! its supposed to be a sad scene but i cant help but smile for quite a while

      • 18.1.1 Gummie

        And I thought I was the only one who laughed at that lol

        • goldenflower

          haha, I thought it was intentional. Product placement! Micky Yoochun!

          • AmbieH

            i had to stop and play jyj for a second lol… it was like find jyj and big bang episode lol

    • 18.2 kappy

      I noticed the JYJ pic too. That made me go and listen to my favorite SKKS song (For you it’s separation…).

  19. 19 izzie

    That tracksuit… I thought it was just one of the effects of his traumatic experience that he wears those crazy outfits. But that taste *sigh* he was born with it, after all! :(

  20. 20 iidrama.com

    It is good show. Thanks for the recap. thanks that this good show. At least 18 was not like esp 17, crying my hearts out in that one.

  21. 21 Jinjoo

    does this mean this drama isn’t really that great based from your comment/s? i nver watched it (yet) so i’m contemplating now.

    • 21.1 mia

      u should watch it and experience the craziness! it’s not so famous for nothing… it is a gem of all gems!

  22. 22 tracy


  23. 23 soysauce

    DANG JB & GF are soooo fast! I love you both! I’m commenting before reading this. GAAAHHH, the snow came at the right time. Now I have time to watch this and let it sink in. 😀

  24. 24 lovenyc52

    yay~!!!!! thanks for the awesome recap GF :)

    was totally dying after the end of ep 17 and tried to watch ep 18 raw only to get to the dual dream sequence and get totally lost cuz i had no idea what was going on.

    i agree that the way they resolved the body switch is total bullshit…. but i am absolutely LOVING 21 year-old JooWon and the return of ballsy Ra Im. And I love that he (or rather, his body/subconscious) remembers parts of Ra Im. His reflex when she was about to kick him was awesome… and sooo glad that Ra Im FINALLY stood up to the witch mom.

    I hope the last 2 eps are just fun romcom and brings it back to the hilarity and antics that made me fall in love with the drama in the first place…

    Death to Makjang SG~!!

  25. 25 xiaoSxin

    from watching ep 17.. and then.. 18.. I feel like this drama gave me a slap in the face. 17 has such good potential. It has laid down so many good setup for 18. but then no. I got a very hard whiplash watching ep 18.

    I’m still watching it bec.. what the heck.. 2 more eps?? let’s cont it til the end.

    Plus Hyun Bin’s song makes me swoon. Not because he is a good singer. it’s a decent song and his voice is raw. I love it bec it’s him singing it. ^^

  26. 26 aceyyy

    14 hours of refreshing paid off!! thank youuuuu

    WORD at the emotional whiplash…. i loved the cute at the end but i didn’t know if i was allowed to have the cute… after 1.5 episodes of EXTREME ANGST T___T

  27. 27 xObiO7

    i loved it! when i read the transcap yesterday after reading ep 17 recap, i loved it. i loved it more reading gf recap it. i hated how easily the switch was over and hated more that out of all the usual kdrama tropes, amnesia came out as a result of the sacrifice. but i get it. gil daddy said he’ll forget it and live anew. i get it because it’s easy for me to see the reasons behind why these parents did the things they did. even if it’s in drama form. so i took it in and strapped myself down for the last three eps.

    this one was awesome!^^ two eps left!=P i just hope joowon gets his memory back by the middle of ep 19. the pacing was crazy fast this week. i’d be pissed it if slows down to a standstill for the last two eps.

    thanks gf for the recap!^^

  28. 28 sophie

    Eh. The storyline could have been better, the show had so much potential, and the editing of the last few episides hasn’t been great.

    But I’m ok with it all and they don’t seem to bother me that much. There are worse series. Regardless of the ending, SG would still be one of my favorites. The storyline could be a bit cliché and/or illogical, but there are so many other little twists and aspects (the humor, the scenary, the acting) that make up for it.

  29. 29 tweetpandora

    I don’t like the resolution either I hate the way they have used the magic in this drama!! But on the otherhand glad that no one died, loving the return of comedy and chemistry!! The show has actually managed to re-hook me!

  30. 30 CityHunter

    Amnesia? Are they channeling BOF?

    • 30.1 izzie

      Or Winter Sonata since it’s snowing. And then go Stairway to Heaven with RI’s head injury.

    • 30.2 Anon106

      I had this EXACT same thought! Oh trendy k-dramas.

  31. 31 moomooye

    I actually thought that once they drank the wine, they would just end right there, and they would both wake up but in each others bodies and stay like that for the rest of their lives. Wouldn’t that be fun?

  32. 32 Lan

    I think the memory loss makes sense. Ra Im’s father tells Joo Won to forget about his promise with Ra Im’s father (probably to protect his daughter when he’s gone), and with that, his burden and tragic memory. It was tragic enough for Joo Won to change his personality a lot to become a ‘darker’ Joo Won. So now that dad unleashes him of his burden, he’s back to the 21 year old Joo Won and things will go from there.

    • 32.1 sophie

      I totally agree.

    • 32.2 ghaylet

      exactly my thoughts too..

    • 32.3 mia

      i think so too :)

    • 32.4 kappy

      I like your way of thinking.

  33. 33 xiaoSxin

    WHAT. THE. FUCK. Dude, somebody send Daddy back to Hogwarts. Your magic is all screwy!

    BEST LINE EVAAAARRR. Girlfriday you rock!!!!!!!!!!

  34. 34 d-addict

    oh gee. ha ji won, even as Ra im, ended up being the noona in this love story after all. ;9

    anyway, this age-downing sorta de-masculinized joo won for me. GAH. charisma you may have Joo won, Jr. but 21 is too far from 30. I really, reallly look at him as Ra im’s MYOO cat stuff toy now: TO BE HUGGED WHENEVER POSSIBLE AND NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. =D Hug hiiiimmmm, Ra im. Don’t let him get away.

    Anyway, whiplash. yeah. Watching the scene the first time, I found it hard to believe Joo won “forgot/had amnesia” because…I dunno, what comes to mind is that “Hyun Bin (and I, as viewer) certainly DIDN’T. And neither did RA-IM via Ha Ji won. LOL

    • 34.1 d-addict

      Also, I now hate that drugged wine! arrgghh.
      But it does remind me of the cake/liquor Alice imbibed in (and only in) Underland….
      Joo won and Ra im acquired their bottles of wine from Secret Garden.
      I’m beginning to wonder if that forest is a “Dream Sequence”, too. :8 But they drank the wines only when they got to the hotel/sauna, so how did those dream bottles make their way to reality?

      Here’s what I told my friend episodes (and seemingly centuries) ago. lol

      “I hope the story will end happily and no one GETS SICK, DIES, HALLUCINATES OR DREAMS ABOUT THE WHOLE THING. I want Joo won and Ra im to be REAL. That’s it. I’ll get mad if another “dream” (or worse, “hallucinatory”) scenario happens. >.< I think the two accidents are connected, too but i can't get a handle on the nature of the accident. I think jw was a better person all round before the accident. He and oska were def closer then..? bec the past eps were too funny, i forgot how 'mentally vulnerable' jw was. It was in ep 14 I got reminded he was taking anti anxiety meds..JW…just…don't you ever get another amnesia then forget Raim..! arggh.

      This makes me laugh now. HOW many things in my list came true? They tick themselves off one by one.

      • 34.1.1 Eileen

        Did anyone else think the “dream” was a bit like a wedding?

        • izzie

          thought it was a pojangmacha in heaven. 😀

          • mskmouse

            haha! LOL

  35. 35 red_pill

    At first I wasn’t happy with the memory loss bit – but 21-year-old Joowon is so adorably TWENTY-ONE and endearing that I warmed up to the idea. At least we seem to be heading towards a happy ending, and I want to throw out a THANK GOD for that.

    • 35.1 red_pill

      Okay, I thought about it some more and have a faint theory. My theory is that Fate (with a capital F) was supposed to have our two main characters meet right after the accident because it’s implied that Joowon must’ve made some promise to Raim’s father while being saved (most likely about taking care of her) and he does remember her vaguely from the hospital (where she probably went hearing about her father’s death). Only Joowon lost his memory of the accident, screwing up the Grand Plan. And so Daddy Dearest was setting Fate right by forcing them together.

      That’s it. That’s all I’ve got. ^^

      • 35.1.1 Jomo

        I’ll buy that for a dollar.

        Do you think we will find out if JW remember her face from 21 at the hospital?

      • 35.1.2 d-addict

        oh yeah! i wondered, too, if JW and RI knew each other (or Joo won knew Ra im) before the accident, only Joo won forgot..;0

        • kappy

          Oh yes, good thinking!

      • 35.1.3 red_pill

        I definitely think there will be a mention of a scene (hopefully a flashback) of the two meeting at the hospital at ages 21 and 17.

        • sophie

          Yes, I think your theory can be valid, and there could definitely be such a scene.

      • 35.1.4 addicted to SG

        I actually think the same as you……There must be a reason why Ra-im father has the switch happening…..
        The next two episode will complete the explanation

        Awith all the fantasy and the memory issues of KJW, the amnesia makes sense to me

      • 35.1.5 ghaylet

        very nice theory.. it makes more sense..

      • 35.1.6 watchumlots

        I’ll buy that for $2!

        Sounds like a plot device that could save this drama.

        Are you reading these blogs drama writers? Since the dramas remain trite with re-used plot devices, I guess not.

        This has been a fun drama with good actors, great cinematography, and underused seconds. How much fun would it have been to have seen Joo Won compete with Jong Soo for Ra Im? Or, for Jong Soo to have misinterpreted Oska’s interest in Ra Im? Much more fun than 4 episodes of Ra Im and Joo Won bickering!

        JB & GF give the best recaps! Thank you!

      • 35.1.7 asianromance

        I’ll buy that too! Good thing the writer has generous people like you to cover for them!

  36. 36 Hipployta

    Aww…I’m okay with resolution…I totally buy Daddy doing that in a dream considering he managed to take PHYSICAL gender-swapped form and take over someone elses restaurant. Too bad Daddy said, “You Can Forget Me” A bad choice of words considering the result but…


    When I read the spoilers about memory loss I wasn’t sure but I am not completely sold. We get to see Ra-im making moves and everyone enjoying how it’s happening all over again but without the risk-avoidance involved on the first go.

    • 36.1 Hipployta

      It should say I am NOW completely sold…I like it a lot LOL

  37. 37 Informantxgirl

    Yeah, a lot of it was pretty unbelievable, but I kept coming with rationalizations for it. Like how JW spirited RI away – he probably just bribed whoever was on duty to look the other way. And how Oska had them moved to Seoul – still looking out for the family name. (Although why no other family members show up…were they keeping JW’s condition a secret?)

    I thought the joint dream was corny as hell, but it was okay, since everything else was either angsty or cute enough to offset it.

    I like that he’s falling in love with her all over again, and that she’s so confident he will. It’s really sweet and romantic, only I feel like 21-year-old JW will feel less compelled to give up his riches for a woman. Will that be their final conflict?

    Also, WHERE IS HAN TAE-SUN? (sorry for the use of caps) After that awesome, sexy caveman move Oska pulled on him, you’d think we’d get a little something. I know the ep was crammed, but still…need my Ssun fix.

    • 37.1 izzie


      He disappeared like a bubble. Alas! He’s the mermaid!

      Now all of a sudden, everyone’s clamoring to be the friggin’ mermaid.

      • 37.1.1 Que263

        OMG I missed him this episode too :((
        But I don’t think they could have fit any more into this one. There better be lots of Tae-Sun in the last 2 eps or SG and I will have serious problems!

      • 37.1.2 kappy

        “He’s the mermaid!” That was funny.

        I, for one, didn’t really miss him ’cause I mainly enjoy the main couple (and also Oska).

      • 37.1.3 samgetang

        LOL! he sure is :-)

  38. 38 Jomo

    He puts on his sparkly tracksuit (Amazing…that’s the thing you pull out of your closet when all of the clothes are new to you?)

    If Key Lime puts on her spark-trackly suit, Joo Won will HAVE to fall in love.

    I liked the fast resolution, myself. You knew we were gonna get there, why suffer? I am looking at YOU Winter for the love of god, just END IT!Sonata!

    21 year old Joo Won is the cutest freaking thing since, ever, and 21 year old Joo Won looking at Key Lime as a purely sexual object is too hot for words. Even before he loved her he loved her. The idea that he would tell her to move in with him, and expect her to agree is balls itself.

    • 38.1 13thangel

      as written above:

      “Your body remembers me.” Rawr.

      That. XD

      thanks for the recap, GF!

  39. 39 Ani

    I love Oska and Joo-won’s interaction. But sadly no siting of Tae-sun in this episode. Oh well, on with the kinky stuff… or not so Kinky. XD

  40. 40 izzie

    I wonder if DumbleDad will have another appearance.

    • 40.1 Daniela


    • 40.2 Jomo

      DumbleDad! Great one!

      • 40.2.1 izzie

        LOL. that was prompted by GF citing Hogwarts. :)

  41. 41 Imcrazyce

    “WHAT. THE. FUCK. Dude, somebody send Daddy back to Hogwarts. Your magic is all screwy!”


    Girlfriday, maybe it’s because The Book of Magical Spells doesn’t really translate well from Latin to Korean.

    • 41.1 mia

      LMAO AGREE!!

    • 41.2 Alma


  42. 42 Lenita

    this is the first time that i’ve waited so eagerly for a recap. really. now i know why people keep asking and refreshing (previously irksome to me, i don’t know how you and jb handle it).

    i’m still reeling from it all. but contrary to all, these last two episodes are imo great, great drama. sniff.

  43. 43 Celest

    WHAT THE EFF!?!?

    You have no idea how many times I’ve said that out loud in the last two episodes.

    Am I the only one that wants to throw a chair at the screen? I feel like my brain went through the Twilight Zone and then got sucked in by the plot bunny black hole. Whoever wrote the last two episodes should get blacklisted.

    First the good things:
    Yoon Sang Hyun as Oska in this episode was fantastic. His acting when he found out that JooWon was now JooWonda totally blew me away. Once again, Hyun Bin shows his phenomenal range and RaIm FINALLY shows some back bone.

    And then the not so good things:
    The Little Mermaid reference. It’s a good reference, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like they’ve sucked it dry to the bone. If I hear The Little Mermaid one more time (which I’m sure will happen), I’m gonna have to hurt someone.
    The “Dream” or whatever it was sequence. I felt like it was a lackluster way to resolve the switcheroo issue. It almost felt like a cop out to me. I get RaIm’s Dad’s motives but like you girlfriday I was confused as to why the magic is ending JUST now and why at all.
    The whole 21vs34 thing. Doesn’t make sense at all. Props to Hyun Bin for making the plot bunny a little more bearable, but once again, I’m not sure if this was the right way to approach and conclude the plot line regarding JooWon’s accident.

    While I’m glad they switched back and that RaIm is alive and well, I am confused and worried as to how this show will end next week. I feel like the last two episodes were just a dream (oh god if it is…) and that the PD and writers were on crack while filming and now, this show is trying to come back to its original tone which is starting to lose its effect and magic on me. No pun intended.

    • 43.1 Gummie

      You know, I totally agree with you about the bumpy trip we endured through ep 17 and 18. But, Alas, I’m already at the point that no matter what Show says or does, I will like and forgive her. For the sole reason… she’s got some greatly lovable characters. *cough*JooWon*cough*Oska*cough*cough*

      Good thing SG’s loop holes showed at the last few episodes, becuz if this trite plot showed up in the beginning, I’d have dropped it like it’s hot.

  44. 44 Jomo

    Oh! I forgot!

    I love how JWv21 makes a comment about him not looking like he’s 34 years old.

    I think that is a nod to all the netizens who called BS when that made that point suddenly and several times the SHOW.

    Reminds me of the Winnie the Pooh movie where the gopher keeps saying “I’m not in the book, you know!”

  45. 45 Niki

    I screamed at my screen half way through this episode… I’m just glad we avoided death and “it was all just a dream” scenario.

  46. 46 dramaloverr

    i want 21 year old joowon for myself, he’s sooo adorable!!

  47. 47 endodo4ever

    I hated the way episode 17 unfolded but then episode 18 came along and took up crazy a few notches and I was definitely yelling all sorts of obscenities…until the last fifteen to twenty minutes of the drama. I hated the switching and the daddy magic crap that occurred, which had me headdesking and facepalming all over the place. And yea, basically what everybody else has said already.

    Two things redeemed this episode: 1) Hyun Bin as 21-year-old Joo Won. So. freaking. cute! 2) Hearing Hyun Bin’s version of “That Man.” That song KILLS me, not because it’s sung well, per se, but that it was sung with heartfelt emotions.

    But seriously, 21 year old Joo Won is so freaking adorable. I liked the younger version of JW better and I’m glad to see that confident Ra Im is back. Didn’t like the Ra Im I saw in episode 17. Major kudos to both Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won, since I know Binnie has been quite sick for the past several weeks. Hope the entire cast gets some major rest after this fiasco, er, drama is over.

    • 47.1 xiaoSxin

      yes i love the 21 year old Joo Won too. but the whole set up is so WTF.. i wanted to bail right then and there..

      • 47.1.1 endodo4ever

        I know, I know. I was WTF’ing the whole time myself. I think I was more pissed off yesterday night, after I finished the episode. This morning, I’m frustrated but not as angry. The setups were cheesy and contrived. Like I said, KES needs to go to poopooland if the finale is full of headdesking & facepalming!

        • xiaoSxin

          I don’t think my head will survive another weekend of HEAD-DESK.. Not after last night..

          • endodo4ever

            How about headpillowing instead of headdesking? 😛

          • celestialorigin

            After reading GF’s recap, the last half is actually making sense & HB is way too adorable to get irritated by XD. So stay with me fr a couple more eps!

    • 47.2 Gummie

      Yeah, I was almost gone rage at the Amnesia bit, luckily, the 21 JW swooped in the screen and most of my irritation melt away. So not fair :(

  48. 48 sosoxrah

    I can’t get over the fact that Raim is in such good spirits about Joowon’s amnesia… she doesn’t seem worried at all that he’s like this, although his cute character tries to alleviate all the dramatic events that happened earlier in the drama. And how will they completely ignore how Raim’s dad is the significant link that keeps the two together? How will Joowon’s amnesia help him understand any better? gah… What happened to this drama??

    And what about the Jongsoo’s run-ins with Joowon’s sis? Is anything gonna happen bt them in the last episodes? I feel like there’s still so much story to tie together as we near the end that it may become a bunch of chaotic resolutions between all the characters at full speed… I don’t mind that this drama has been unpredictable and makes me wonder what will happen next, but I feel like it lost its flow…

    • 48.1 xylophonic

      I think it’s understandable how happy she is about JW’s amnesia, not that she’s thankful for it, but purely because he’s alive, like she said. He’s not too different, to be honest, and he KINDASORTA still remembers her, and he’s a lot more lighthearted. Just the fact that he’s there (and admittedly with a lot less emotional baggage) is enough to make her happy, which I think is a nice testament to their love (and such).

  49. 49 Yoori

    O.M.G .. did anyone notice the little moment ….
    when Ra Im arrived at Joo Won’s house (after he send Secretary Kim to ask her to move in) and both of them sitting on the sofa … the stare between those two were sizzling with chemistry!!! The way he looked at her in silence … wow, totally stole my heart! Sooo much chemistry and I absolutely love the 21 year old JW!!!!

    • 49.1 jusash

      YUPZ – I totally loved that look they shared too.
      Especially that electric one fr Joowon, and the casual way he was just sitting, and looking. The one meaningful stare swoons a thousand viewers types.

      Further helped by how in sync they both looked in their blue clothing (though I am old enough that I found her jacket ‘dated’, even if it’s now ‘retro-in’).

      And yes I know I am shallow but also totally loved the shades of blue on Joo-won’s top.

      • 49.1.1 izzie

        but am I so glad that it’s not the ahjumma lace top that got resurrected? 😀

      • 49.1.2 kappy

        Yes, loved the look they gave each other, too. What came to my mind was, “Wow, that was a long time in silence and just staring.”

        Also loved the gradations of blue of JW’s sweater.

  50. 50 jen

    show stop playing with my emotions!!!!

    even so, i love this drama so much!!

  51. 51 momosan

    Can I add Save The Last Dance with it’s infamous double amnesia?

    Okay, let’s face it with another cast we’d all be going WTH?!

    But no, some how they’ve sucked us along this far. Rumor had it that they were editing 18 right up until just before air time and it shows. But hey, that’s the system.

    Let’s see if the writer can pull rabbits out of her hat in the last two episodes. (and I’m taking bets on whether the “wish upon a star” hand thingie was the heaviest foreshadowing a k-drama could to hit us with – personally I think it’s a dead cert on that one.)

    On the up side – Oska concert! I’m for watching YSH eat up the screen as Oska any day. 😎

    • 51.1 Jomo

      How about an Oska /Tae Sun duet?

    • 51.2 xiaoSxin

      well. that’s probably why the editing sucks big time in ep 18??? It was cut from one scene to the next.. without the flow of story connecting to it!!!!! it could also be the crappy writing..

    • 51.3 izzie

      Rush editing happens a lot. It’s one of the most toxic times of post-production where the crew mutates into fierce creatures for a few hours before airing, and then transform into neurotic caffeine junkies while watching the ratings trend as the show goes on air.

      I remember Sex & the City having alternate endings to their finale. It’s pretty much the same thing.

      • 51.3.1 d-addict

        :( i didn’t like some of the background music, too. there were new ones (i think) this ep. the loud cheesy instrumental….?

      • 51.3.2 Jomo

        Do they ever go back and re-edit to fix the blaring cuts and glaring errors in continuity?

        I would insist on that if I directed one of these drama.

        • izzie

          Maybe they will – for the international and DVD releases.

    • 51.4 sobohomom2

      If there’s an Oska concert, that means at least 1/4 of the last show will be dedicated to the concert, so the rest of the plot will probably be resolved in compressed time.

      The last two episodes might not be as rushed and erratic as 17 and 18. I’m pretty sure that the winter holidays and SBS awards threw everything off kilter–no excuses for inconsistencies in the script, though…

  52. 52 ciiii

    i have been waiting this recap..check this web every 5 seconds..millions of thanks to GF!!

  53. 53 Cheery

    Hahahaaha, even though the whole getting-back-to-life thing doesn’t make sense, i really want Joowon to stay like that, he’s sooooo adorable!

  54. 54 singingzombies

    That has to be the hospital with the worst security in the world. In one episode you have:

    1. a coma patient kidnapped in the middle of the day
    2. Ra-him sneaking in after hours to see Joo-wonda
    3. Ra-im sneaking out after waking up still in her hospital gown
    4. Ra-im sneaking back into the hospital in her hospital gown.

    Oh, and I hate amnesia, the hardest to swallow plot device in the world for me and the only reason I haven’t seen the Hong Sister drama built around that trope. But immediately after my WTF, the show was really funny again and I guess I was happy for the break in tension. Too bad it had to come at the expense of amnesia.


    • 54.1 izzie

      But it has the most advanced IV system: the dextrose doesn’t have to be plugged into Ra-Im’s vein. It’s connected to her via wi-fi. (twice she left/was carried out of bed and the IV didn’t have to be pulled off.)

      • 54.1.1 momosan

        It’s a magic IV.

      • 54.1.2 Nom_Kitteh

        I wish my hospital had wi-fi IV. Last time I was in, the incompetent nurse splattered blood everywhere while stabbing for a vein. Korea is obviously much more advanced.

      • 54.1.3 samgetang

        hahaha! izzie girl! dextrose via wi-fi! south korea is just way too advanced :-) hahaha! the props people will have some answering to do…

        • izzie

          haha! sistah. this drama has gone crazy with the hospital scenes. 😀

          – I’m guessing the urine catheter and the feeding tube for the coma patients are on wi-fi too. 😀

          – LOL @ MomBot (Joo-Won’s Mom) flaming Jong-Soo for hugging her son. “Stick to your standards!” she yelled at JS – which can be translated in many, many ways. *wink* *wink*

          – MomBot’s goons are straight from “Matrix” – they multiply on her cue. :)

          • grateful1

            haha! sistah. this drama has gone crazy with the hospital scenes.

            Yeah, apparently it also has psychic nurses– like the one who rushed over to JW’s mom and Ji Hyun to tell them that JW had regained consciousness– despite the fact that Oska was the only one in the room when it happened and hadn’t alerted anyone.

          • samgetang

            my dear sistah! actually, ra im is not in a coma…she just happened to be sleeping in in the hospital so no need for all those catheters, IV and other whatnots… :-)

            told you! evil mom is proving to be more dark and sinister with “matrix” goons on cue that multiply like gremlins, haha!

      • 54.1.4 kappy

        Amazing, those south korean hospitals and their technology. What I would have given for a wi-fi IV when I was in the hospital…

        • izzie

          me too! a nurse made an embroidery out of both my hands. :( (talk about the needle going thru and thru, leaving a bruise bump on my hand.)

          • kappy

            I know exactly what you mean. After 5 attempts for a vein I was like, “I need an IV specialist! An expert! Someone who’s been doing it for years and years and years!”

          • samgetang

            nurse must be a sewer in her previous life, haha!

          • izzie

            … or a traditional tattoo artist. :(

          • samgetang

            …or into acupuncture :-)

          • izzie

            … with totally wrong needles! <_<

      • 54.1.5 come2noona

        wi fi…. LOL

    • 54.2 kappy

      I agree about the low security hospital. People can just come waltzing in and take patients with nary a word against it? But because this is the kdrama world, I find myself accepting it, of course.

  55. 55 YOO

    what can we say or do . show is unpredicatble . this is what we get for watching a story with mythical happenings and veils of unswitchiness .

  56. 56 Smoke & Mirrors

    Was I the only goggling when Jong Soo hugged Joo Won ?

    I thought hell would freeze over before I see that happening.

    I like JW at 21, but I want him back as before.
    Claustrophobia free this time.

  57. 57 Nana

    One vote for Jowon to go for the Forever21 mode.

    If that was granted, I shall forgive the lame magic thinggy (though I kinda did since it was cut short in 1 -2 eps).

    • 57.1 teapot

      phtttt!!!! JooWon: Forever21. Now that calls for a banner.

  58. 58 Birdie

    Honestly they are lucky to have good casts as the story is nonsensical with doses of bits from other dramas. It is as if the writer has little ideas and do not know how the plot should go. Should it stay a rom-com? Wait it is a makjang. No- it is a fantasy…. Who cares- it has good ratings. The viewers are already hooked.

  59. 59 AcrobaticUrchin

    I really hated the whole amnesia bit (I mean.. really? Although, it’s dramaland so I really should have expected that if there was a coma, amnesia would be sure to follow). But I thought they did a cute job with Joo Won’s 21-year-old self… absolutely adorable! I just had to watch his scenes a couple times because they were too cute!

    I actually sort of liked that they resolved the body switch the way they did… but it happened too fast. If it had taken longer, or there had been some attempts to switch them back that didn’t work, etc., etc., it would have been nicer. I just wanted cute and I got it… even if it’s deliverance was somewhat lacking. I did like the Ah Young’s dream was actually a premonition.

    I can’t wait for the cute to come in the next two episodes. Is it bad that I really don’t want Joo Won to regain his memory? Or maybe just bits and pieces of it? I think a young-at-heart-Joo Won and the spunky Gil Ra Im would work just as well as neurotic-Joo Won and spunky Gil Ram Im.

  60. 60 sophie

    This is a bit off-topic, but am I the only person who doesn’t want the sparkly tracksuit to be given away as a prize at the upcoming concert? I’d be happy for the lucky winner, but it’s such a special tracksuit. I think HB deserves to keep it, as I’m sure it has a special meaning to him. Or maybe they should keep it as a memorabilia at SBS? Or have it auctioned and have the proceedings go to a funds for stunt actors or firemen families, etc?

    • 60.1 d-addict

      i didn’t want the tracksuit to be given away, too. =( HB should just keep it, frame it and show it to all his grandchildren. I wish he’d take it with him to the military, too. And wear it when he’s lonely. LOL^^

      • 60.1.1 sophie


      • 60.1.2 kappy

        Oh, that is too funny. I can just see him now doing his military drills in that sparkly thing. He can be the decoy.

  61. 61 ag

    Ok,I’m a coward. I couldn’t bear to read the recaps for episode 17/18,nor the comments. Kinda like an accident scene,where you look,but don’t really want to see anything horrible,but you look anyway. Maybe,next week,after all is said and done,I will have the heart to watch the last 4 episodes. I’m not in the mood to be bawling my eyes out right now in front of my laptop! There has to be a happy ending to this,huh? Regardless,I really enjoyed this drama for the fabulous acting!

  62. 62 evelia

    Thanks for the recap. Still like the show even with its crazy plot lines.

  63. 63 Venus

    Aishhhhhhh my head hurst!! this damn last 2 episodes having been worst that a rollercoaster ride..srly so much ups and downs it has left me with that blank xpression of ok that was the ride?..uhmm moving on…

    Really, I agree GF WTF!!!! was that whole voodoo crap from dad..omg where is the “Book of Shadow” or the “Charmed Ones” when u need them….srly if writters are going with the whole mythical/magic aspect they need to do some serious research…..is just left me feeling WTFFFF!!! is that it? the whole angst is over?…the whole Rome & Juliet crap was for nothing?…

    They should have keep the whole body switch for at least another episode…and see how JWR acclamate herself to her sorrounding and “permanent” situation….but boy…this episode was totall whiplash moment after the other….**heads hurts**

    However, I do love JW 21yr. old self…..well I guess the next rollercoaster ride is coming up…aishh I hope the next ride the seats are better….

  64. 64 elisa

    so therefore, it’s established that hyun bin is the shining star of this drama. he makes all the strange plot lines OKAY. omg seriously, i don’t even know what i would’ve done if 21 year old joo won wasn’t adorable… agh WHAT IS UP WITH THE DREAM + AMNESIA. AFKDLJADLKFJAFJ

  65. 65 mee

    love <3

  66. 66 kdlover

    I love 21 year old joowon too bring back the romcom!!

  67. 67 babybunnie

    wow all that stuff you said at the end was what exactly what i was thinking. just when i though this drama was one of my favorites. it decides to take all the “korea drama cliches” smash them into two episodes but i like the 21 year old hyun bin which made me happy at the end so i guess all is well.

  68. 68 Anon106

    Seriously, THANK YOU so so much for this hilarious recap. I gave up on any plot cohesion a number of episodes ago but am glad to see that you can still see the show for what it is and laugh at the best parts.

    I have my actors’ glasses on at this point. I’m rooting for Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin. What surprises me is how much I’ve gotten to love Oska as a character.

  69. 69 fromdblock

    now..all that’s left is a satisfying ending and this drama would be on my top list!

  70. 70 fjoajoaa

    I love how everyone in korea is going crazy for this drama, so many celebs are anticipating it. hahaha. I can’t believe this episode hit the 30%

    • 70.1 d-addict

      yeah! imagine..so many curious people tuned in to watch how the “driving into the storm” thing got resolved and they got this…probably the most messed episode in the series. lol the number of cliches mashed into this ep alone is epic.

  71. 71 jojo

    Thanks Girlfriday for the recap. LOL reading it and am still laughing…you have made my day! Eagerly awaiting the last two episodes…

  72. 72 muggle87

    Just when i thought the show was going to kill me with that amnesia thing, they give us cute 21 year old joo won. i couldnt stop smiling when ra im hug him and he hug back slowly with cute smile in his face. aigoo its like falling in love all over again.

  73. 73 Daniela

    Oh, this drama..is really something. It’s crazy, and I still here, loving it. At first, I hoped that the Magic Veil of Un-switchiness didn’t disappear while Joo-wonda was unconscious, but at least they used it.
    OMG, Oska, you are love. All the things he said to Joo-won (well, Joo-wonda) broke my heart. I smiled from ear to ear when Jong-soo hugged Joo-wonda.

    Then, I started to get pissed. First, I didn’t like the dream scene. Dad looked like a waiter (I don’t know, maybe that was the idea); it was too slow for me (Drink fast!). Dramatic purpose, I know, but damn, it was so cheesy. When they wake up I was like “What? You make me cried last episode like half an hour, I even cried a little after and now you end it like this??”.
    Finally, the worst thing: AMNESIA. I hate sudden amnesia, in books, dramas, TV, in any story. If you establish the amnesia since the beginning or part of the plot, it’s ok, do it. But sudden amnesia sucks. It’s like always appears when the writers don’t know what else to introduce. I bet they have a poster that says “When in doubt, give them amnesia”.

    And then, 21 year old Joo-won started to talk and I was happy again. At the scene when Ji-hyun and Oska are talking, my anger disappeared. And since 21 year old Joo-won back to scene till the end of the episode I was laughing and very happy again. I also love how Ra-im handled the situation. She was like teasing him and she was so great. When she hugged him and first he was surprised but hugged her back, she moves his head doubting if put it on Ra-im head or not. At that point I faint. SO.CUTE. Points to the writer for handled the horrible thing that is sudden amnesia into something fun and cute.

    (Oh, that was long) I have a confession to make: I have bad taste, because I love the blue sparkly tracksuit. If I had one, I would use it.

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 73.1 d-addict

      “Finally, the worst thing: AMNESIA.” bwahah my initial thoughts, too (worse, because i didn’t understand what they were saying.) When I read the transcap, I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. After watching the episode….lol. I KnEW it couldn’t have been the translator who’s confused. The writing just lost me. ^^ But Daniela, when we started on this SG journey, JW was already in the middle of his 1st amnesia, right? It feels so weird. He came out of his first amnesia, only to have another one in REVERSE. Gah. First Amnesia is Dream Sequence #1 and the body switch was only a dream sequence within a dream sequence. The Meal in the snow….is a dream sequence in a dream sequence in a dream sequence (???). And now, we lose the 3-dream sequence styling….to end up with only one: Amnesia #2.

      • 73.1.1 Daniela

        Hahaha im confused now. Well, yes he had a kind of amnesia, but since it was established that was more like blocking memories, this is the “real” amnesia. I think Ji-hyun said it at some point. That’s why I think this is sudden amnesia. Plus, he only blocked a few memories and now he lost years of his life. About the dreams…I’m kind of confused hahaha, but I hoped I get your point.

        • d-addict

          i’m sorry for confusing you :c His amnesia after the accident was rather selective. Yeah, the second amnesia came from nowhere. Just when I thought JW would remember his past…he lost his present. GAH.

          For Joo-won, Jr (current, jan 11, 2010 edition), his 21st-34th year now only seem like a “dream” (to me, the viewer). (since, as of now, Joo won’s lost years 21-34 and cannot really label them as memories, so Dream they shall remain, for Joo won until he remembers them.)

          • Daniela

            ahhh. now i understand. thank you :)

  74. 74 gr33nl3af

    haha..again, couldn’t agree more about your comments.. this drama could have been cut down to like 16 episodes.. i think the standard should be 16..whenever its 20, it kinda gets screwy because the extra 4 eps are like 99.9% of the time unnecessary and they just want to make the drama longer. totally thought it could end when they both woke up but no..he has freaking amnesia!! the whole magic business is pretty dumb and the whole dramatic accident/evil mother in law/amnesia parts are all so cliche. if joo won wasn’t so endearing and entertaining, it really wouldn’t be worth it to watch it till the end..

  75. 75 Movma

    The best drama i’ve ever watched!! Damn!! So in love with it!!

  76. 76 berdecinismo

    GF: “This show jerks me around so much it’s sadistic.”

    So true, so, so true. . .

    This show is so unstable, it seems schizophrenic with all the random plot twists . . . maybe, at the last minute, the production decided to hire M. Night Shyamalan for a nonsesical resolution.

    “What a twist!”

  77. 77 mastille

    I loved this episode, not in small part due to the fact that my prayer for seeing a 21 year old Joo Won was answered! =D Did anyone else predict that would happen?

    I bought the amnesia thing though because, unlike in other dramas where it’s “OMG! He fell off a terrace!” or “OMG! He rolled down a hill!” or “OMG! He got hit by a car!” or “OMG! He got hit in the head with a bat and got amnesia AGAIN!”, in this one it’s actually set up and fits really well into the story.

    Assuming JW’s trauma came from witnessing RI’s father die, and RI’s father had asked him to help his daughter before he died and due to the trauma he didn’t remember, having the father get rid of the memory of that trauma in return for what he did for RI now makes sense. To me I saw it as if the warlock had gone back and ‘not saved him’ in a way – while ‘saving’ him in another way. That is, Joo Won lost the years of his life after the accident as if he wasn’t saved – but he regained his innocence and whole, happy self as if he was saved. Maybe if JW had remembered back when it happened to help RI the father would have done this earlier. So maybe the father was still a bit selfish till the end after all.

    Anyway, I am all for the amnesia plot here – the way it’s used – not just as a “romantic test” plot device but also as a character revealing and story driving one – sells it entirely for me. The parts that were not as well done were the over-saccharine dream sequence (which by the way I think would have sold the amnesia thing to more viewers if done right) and the details about the accident and hospital, and some of the music editing and quick cutoffs. But I think the overarching storyline is pretty sound, and I think it’s refreshing to get away from the melodramatic part so fast in a kdrama. And Hyun Bin is SOOOOO cute.

    I think there’s nothing wrong with him staying 21, especially if it turns out that it’s a kind of necessary ‘sacrifice’ that happened when he tried to save RI as I suspect… something like that would really sell this show to me. The magic has to stop sometime. But I probably would love this show even if not because of the stellar acting. =D

    • 77.1 xylophonic

      Agreed absolutely with everything you said! I liked how you worded the RI’s-father-saving-JW-in-exchange-for-what-he-does-for-her, it’s pretty much what’s been hovering around in my head for a while but wasn’t put into words. I think how that her father meant all this as some sort of lesson, especially from the way he told RI to ‘be loved for all the times she bowed her head’. I suppose it makes some sliver of sense, but good lord. That dream sequence made me want to scratch my eyes out. We could have fondue party with all the cheesiness going on.

      I like 21-year-old JW, yeah, sure. This is also a minor quibble but does he really not regret missing 13 years of his life?? Man, if I woke up one day and found out I was 13 years older, I would eff shit up. Guh.

      • 77.1.1 d-addict

        maybe Dumbledad’s memory-erase program has anxiolytic effects, too. No need for pills! bec JW certainly didn’t seem freaked out upon finding out he’s lost years of his life. I mean, if that happens to me, I’d be all about the “HOW did this happen??” “WHY did this happen??” and Ji hyun will have to dose me in pills, pills and more pills just to tamp down the anxiety.

        • xylophonic

          Yep, that’s the realistic response anyway. But I suppose they didn’t want to weigh down the lightheartedness with such a minor thing as waking up 13 years older than you thought you were, and distracting from his (new? old? reincarnated?) romance with Ra-im. Realism second, and all that.

  78. 78 yix

    Dios!!! El sabado me hace llorar como no se como rio desbordado y el domingo me hace llorar y reir, por que juegan con los sentimientos de las personas por que??? pero igual amo a JW de 21 :”> kkkk

    • 78.1 watchumlots

      Let me help here:

      English translation:

      God! Saturday made me cry like I don’t know, like an overflowing river and Sunday made me laugh and cry, why do they play with people’s feelings, why?

      But I like the 21 year old JW.

  79. 79 AuntieMame

    There have been so many dramas where the last few episodes just peters out. I’ve often wondered if it is because there is such haste at the end because the filming schedule is so tight.

    It’s really too bad that so much work and effort should be negated due to a lack of time.

    Thanks so much for a hilarious recap of ep. 18.

  80. 80 teapot

    I’m onto you Show. You think you can just sub in adorkable endearing 21yo JooWon at the last minute and I’ll forget and forgive his asshat, jerky self of the rest of the series and… oh crap, its working.

  81. 81 lovethedramagirl

    Personally I have no complaints with this drama. I walked into expecting to laugh, cry and route for a couple with great chemistry. I got that and more. The fantasy stuff is just the trimmings. Why does it have to be deep? It started off light and airy and it appears that it is ending that way. I think people are getting over analytical about this drama.

    Heads up everyone – This drama is not based in reality folks. It’s a drama meant to entertain you, torture and sometimes make you want to pull out your hair. Based on the feedback, I say it has done its job. We are all waiting with bated breath for the next twist and turn. Yeah I got whiplash but it the rollercoaster kind. The kind that makes you get back in line over and over again just the get that rush!

    10 Things I Love About this Drama

    1. The multifaceted relationship between Oska and Joo-Won – better than brothers
    2. Secretary Kim and Joo-Won budding relationship – he will follow you to the end; you got a friend in him
    3. Aye Young – for being a true best friend with strong sense of logalty ties (love the hospital scene – Girl you Rocked It
    4. The step-grandmother – Finally someone who doesn’t overstep their boundaries
    5. Joo-Won’s Mom – Yes, her for staying true to her *itch self even when learning the debt she own’s Gil Ram’s father
    6. Seul – from turning from ice cold witch to fairy godmother dispending sage advice
    7. Jong-soo – for being the good guy even when it kills you and serves no purpose (you won by heart staying by Joo-Won’s side)
    8. Osk for being every girl’s dream and every man’s true Hyung! I have never found you to be more sexy.
    9. Joon- Woon – for being the most adorable, sexy jerk in the world who you can’t help but fall in love with
    10. Gil Ram – for being the best kick ass girlfriend who didn’t walk away because of an accident – instead you choose to protect him by walking away and quickly learning the best way to protect him is to stay by his side – I love quick learners!

    • 81.1 sophie

      well said!

      • 81.1.1 AmbieH


    • 81.2 rosesarered

      agree on all points!

    • 81.3 Sara

      agree …agree ….you love what you love and everything works for me in this drama…particularly the awesome chemistry between the lead and other side characters that have enough development which make us love them all…the funny and touching moments…the wonderful scripts and I can forgive all the bloopers and jinx and just enjoy the ride. Looking forward for last episodes this week and of course the withdrawal symptom thereafter

    • 81.4 ContentedOne

      Totally agree .I find if one watch a drama with a mind that is too analytical or too much “expectation on how- things- should-be ” Then you deprive yourself a better enjoyable ride.I totally totally love with SG each and every episode.I just hope the ending is good.So far is PERFECT for me.Sometimes I do not read the recap
      (though I respect dramabeans profesionalism) just so I keep the memory of my favourite drama as I perceived !

  82. 82 Rina

    Thank you girlfriday for the recaps! I had to keep my giggles silent since I was reading this at work.

    I was dissapointed how the whole coma/end of the spell was resolved. Oska melted my heart with his love for his little brother, and I love how Jong-soo was there for JW at the hospital.

    I love, love, love 21 yr old JW – wish I could have him :(

  83. 83 I LOVED IT!!

    I loved it, every bit of it with no complaints…
    This is the only drama that interest me enough not to skip any parts… The best drama I’ve seen in a long time..

  84. 84 hoo


    The best part of this epi was the Oska-JooWon interactions. I love that this drama gives the secondary characters such important roles and not just as evil plot devices (mother aside)

    At this point I’ve totally given up on making sense of the plot and am just enjoying what’s left of the ride. The characters and the actors’ chemistry make up for all the nonsense.

    I wouldn’t exactly call SG a character driven show since the body swap premise played such a big role, but it’s obvious the writer spent more time developing the characters and their relationships and giving them special quirks than writing a cohesive storyline. Thank god for the awesome cast who manage to keep this drama afloat even at it’s most makjang and ridiculous.

    Hyun Bin is forever perfect gorgeous wonderful magnificent etc. etc. That is all.

  85. 85 kit

    the means getting there made no sense at all, and while it may have been whimsical and pretty in the beginning, it’s just annoying now.

    BUT. oh gosh, seriously, hyun bin and ha jiwon save this drama. i couldn’t stop laughing over he lost his memory. the moment he did i was all OSDJFIOSDJFOISDJ but the script is amusing, and they just make it hilarious.

    so i guess we’ll just have to do what we do for every kdrama, and throw logic out the window.

  86. 86 bbstl

    I love this show! It’s funny that the writer has thrown in all these tired K-drama tropes (kind of like the way she’s thrown in many references to other shows and stars) and then she U-turns them into another direction. 21-yr old JW is inspired. It’s also fun to have the show veer off into a “noona” relationship after we saw that one of JW’s fantasies was the “oppa!” girl. I dread a crummy ending but feel like the writer has shown her deft hand over and over, leading us to the *throw shoe at screen* moments and then redeeming the story. I for one am glad to settle in for the rest of the ride (and miss SG so much when it ends).

    One thing that has astonished me throughout the show is Mom’s wardrobe – I mean, really? Now I realize that is where JW got his love of all things sparkly. (And I love that they cast an actress as Mom with the same big round nostrils as HB! Not that I would ever obsess about his face or anything . . .)

    My wish for the next two eps is that we see Grandpa and Mrs. do something to support JW & RI and shut down Mom. And that the big concert is Ssun’s!

    • 86.1 bathala

      About the JWM’s wardrobe … the hair really irritates me.

      • 86.1.1 kappy

        Same here. GAGGING on the wardrobe and hair. Just adds to the witchiness. Come on, omoni, is this the best you can do? Are you sure?

  87. 87 gigglegagaing

    just finished watching ep 18. well. it wasnt as i expected, remembering how ep 17th brought me to tears like crazy! i was kind of disappointed actually. they turn it around so quickly and i just cant wrap my head around the magic and flowers all over both rooms. its just too unrealistic-though the whole soul swap is very much unrealistic. hahaha.

    i was hoping for something with more sense..though i appreciate the later half of the episode. it was funny and it reminds me of how much i love the old rude joo won. he was so cute. and hyunbin is awesome!

  88. 88 mommy

    finally, we see RI fight for JW: express her feelings, hug him…
    NOW Show, I would like:
    – a bench kiss + real kiss from RI
    – a sexy time (in the shower, on bed…whatever I will be happy) ^_^
    – Oska ends up with Seul, JungSoo with JW’s sister

    • 88.1 AmbieH


    • 88.2 Kiwi

      lol sexy time FTW!

  89. 89 Moozy

    Tears in the earlier part of the episode.. But all ends well. Even if JooWon is now “21”. I think he’s cuter. The SwEeeeeetttness is back to SG yeeaayyy!!!

  90. 90 Katey B

    What a bonus to have the subbed episodes out so fast this week.

    I got into this episode so much more than Episode 17.

    So glad to have Ra-im back on form and no longer being a wuss.

    Like someone above commented I hope we get some movement on the other characters’ relationships too.

    Only 5 days to go till Ep. 19…

  91. 91 ockoala

    Wow. The magic flower wine (1) switched their souls back, (2) woke Ra Im up from that coma, and (3) TELEPORTED Joo Won back to his own bed in his own house.

    I am amazed at the chutzpah of Kim Eun Sook. At least the dueling two screenwriters of Mary Stayed Out All Night bisected the drama into two wholly unrelated parts of suck.

    Even Mu Gyul’s random kidnapping and his personality transplant in the second to last episode PALES in comparison to the WTF deux et machina KES pulled right here.

    All to get Joo Won to be his adorable 21 yr old self again. What I give to have a competent and sane screenwriter for once write an denoument that doesn’t make me want to retch. First M3, then SG, my dramas watching is painful.

    • 91.1 samgetang

      nodding with you, ockoala! kdramas seem to be playing sadistic gods to our poor masochistic selves of late. :-(

      i thought MSOAN’s writers were the best of the worst. only to find SG writers trying to compete in this category :-) all the pressure must be getting to them…or maybe all the body-switching back and forth made them dizzy :-)

      GF is right – good thing this drama has its own psychiatrist 😉

    • 91.2 d-addict

      ^^ I also snerked. Ra him falling asleep holding Joo wanda’s hand in the hospital….was that a dream, too?? Because HB woke up @ home! What?? Did Oska? Secretary Kim? His MOM? transport him while he was sleeping? Sighhh

      Bec. of the pull-my-hair-out Magic plot of Unswitchness, there were moments in my episode when, even when I triiieedd reaaallly hard to stay put in my 3-d drama watching chair complete with 3-d glasses, I get jerked out of it to be set down rudely in the real world.

      Instead of seeing Joo won and Ra im, I only see Hyun Bin and Ha Ji won. (And their twin eyebags!) Instead of crying, feeling for them, whatever, this distant no-shutting-up banshee in my head keep intruding with thoughts like “HB and HjW must find this plot absurd. They must SO regret taking on this show. They’re losing sleep for this?? HB: darn. last project before MS, too. HJW: This is why….I do movies more? Why did go back to the small screen? WHY?! (ala Dir. Park) LOL .

      Don’t get me wrong, I love SG. But you know what Seul says about the worst opponent you (the Show) could have is a fan turned anti-fan (which I’m not. truly. not yet.)

      I hate that the show made HJW look like she took on this role just to look pretty and be cute because I’ve seen her in better projects.

      • 91.2.1 rayray

        ahhh I was so confused about that part too!! how did Joowonie’s body get transported back to his home after the whole dream sequence thing?? are we supposed to dust that under the rug and attribute it to ‘magic’?

        • Thaya

          The twin airbag i like it!!!!! this is the the best wording to describe their best chemistry so far…..

          Adore it….

  92. 92 Lee

    I kinda get the whole 21 thing it’s like when someone regresses, his mind reset to being 21 but I think that he has to deal with the whole fire thing when he was/is that age so he can go back to being 34 having dealt with it. Why they couldn’t do it when he was 34 I guess is that even though he wanted to he would be too fragile to handle it. So in short it’s a way of letting him deal with it then (21) instead of now (34).

    • 92.1 mia

      i kinda think about it like that too.. he has been living his 13 years of life in misery, erasing the most traumatize moment in his life just to survive.. even at 34, if he would want to try to face the reality that a man died because of him, he can’t do it. because he has been too fragile from the beginning… so the best way for him to be a burden free 34 year old is by restarting his life, at 21.. when it was all had just starting… he actually needs to deal with it since the very beginning… so i kinda agree with Gil daddy sending him back to his 21 year old self :)

  93. 93 BlackJack

    I’m totally loving this episode! I didn’t find the plot lame at all and was kind of worry if this episode was going to be about Ra-Im turn to swap with Joo-woo then it was going to be all sad again! It’s wonderful that the body swap is over and that Joo-woo is his 21 yo self!! I hope that in the next episode they would actually show the accident that happened in the lift because i have a feeling Joo-woo made a promise to Ra-im’s father saying how he is going to watch/look after Ra-im cuz in the dream her dad said Joo-woo did beyond his expectation!! Gosh I’m going to miss this show so so much!! I’m all ready for the big happy ending!! Sigh show you owe me!!

  94. 94 Nom_Kitteh

    At this point I think we should make all this fun by betting whether or not Secret Garden (where is the titular garden, and why is it secret?) will beat the hijinks of Bad Man.
    Someone needs to end up in a mental institution, at this point, and someone needs to shoot someone. Only then will I be satisfied.

    “I’m glad this show comes with its own shrink.” Haa-ha. True words are true.

    Free neck braces for all!

    • 94.1 ockoala

      BG needed the mental institution arc bc Kim Nam Gil wanted the chance to act like a googly-eyed crazy person. It was all part of Gun Wook’s master plan! Couldn’t you tell? BG was such an airtight plot, so brilliantly conceived!

      Here? I have no f-ing clue what KES wanted to do. Other than be cute on top of the insane. Seriously, the plot of M3 episode 15 still gives me indigestion. I did not need ep 18 of SG to come along so soon thereafter.

      • 94.1.1 Nom_Kitteh

        “JW is RI’s secret/lost brother but oh-no-not-really”
        Dude, this drama is totes missing some wincest, and the writer seems crazy enough to grant us some.

        “BG was such an airtight plot, so brilliantly conceived!”
        LOL. (At least I hope you were LOLing while writing this o_O 😀 ).

        “I have no f-ing clue what KES wanted to do”
        I doubt it if KES knows either.

        The mess of Ep. 18 really points to a fundamental flaw in K-drama-land, which is the writing of shows while they’re airing. Even the most talented writer cannot produce anything of value in a couple of days.

        It’s terribly unfair to the actors. HB took this part based on a script about switching genders. He didn’t get what he signed up for. We didn’t get what WE signed up for.

        The fact that JGS had to write the final episode of M3 shows a real crack in the system. That, and all K-writers need to enroll in basic Fiction Writing 101 classes on meaningful conflicts, conflict resolution, and conclusions.

        • ockoala

          In my review of BG, I said (quoteth myself) “what the fraking frak frak went on in this drama!” – so yes, I was LOLing at my own snark, and at how any person can try to convince me BG was anything other than a complete mess plot-wise.

          Anyways, HB will come out of SG unscathed. A very solid performance for him. KES did not have a plot meltdown in either CH or OA (which was extended), so I am blaming this on her own too-smart-for-myself attempt at being cheeky.

        • asianromance

          while I think a good chunk of the wtf-ery that usually takes place at the end of a drama series can be blamed on writing the show as it airs, I also think that the writers should come prepared to be one step ahead, especially when the writer has had several dramas under her belt already. Make rules for the world you are building when you are incorporating a fantasy element and have several outlines ready.

          But then again, actors/actresses have been going sleepless for years during the latter end of a drama series, so even very experienced directors/production crews haven’t learned to not cut things so close. It’s inhuman how some actors/actresses are getting like an hour of sleep each night. Then during their waking hours, they’re out in the cold trying to act out lines and emotions from a script they have just received that day.

          I heard abt JGS rewriting the end of MSOAN. Not that I encourage actors/actresses to rewrite things when they don’t agree, but after being sideswiped by the mess that was MSOAN, JGS was smart and really considerate to give the cute, happy ending that the audience wanted as a salve to their crushed hopes instead of the melodramatic rub-salt-in-my-wound ending the writer originally wrote.

          • kappy

            Good points. My question is: Why, oh why, must it be that way? The cramming and sleeplessness that continues with these drama productions? That one-hour-a-night sleep stuff is rather inhumane. Can’t they prepare a leeetle better? Oops, that was more than one question.

    • 94.2 bbstl

      LOL and JW is RI’s secret/lost brother but oh-no-not-really.

    • 94.3 samgetang

      LOL! Since I intend to finish this drama, save me a piece of that free neck brace please, nom_kitteh. Thanks!

      I will not be surprised if all the characters switch souls in the end or evil mom becomes sweet and approves of their union because RaIm in fact is the missing princess of a little kingdom with a secret garden (which would explain the title) or Director Park suddenly turns up to reveal that Jong-Soo is actually the real son of evil mom and he was actually switched at birth with Joo Woon and so JW is now free to marry RaIm or someother whiplashy turn of events :-)

  95. 95 Jenni

    Thanks for recaps :’D
    And I’m just SERIOUSLY GLAD BoF didn’t repeat in this drama, or else I’d be screwed :B

  96. 96 JD

    “WHAT. THE. FUCK. Dude, somebody send Daddy back to Hogwarts. Your magic is all screwy!”

    “Just when I thought that the drama had finally validated itself and found a reason for the body swap, AND the mystical veil (I know!), it totally did a 180 and shot itself in the proverbial foot. That rose-petal magic dreamland hoodoo crap made me wanna barf all over the pure white snow. But lo and behold, barely post-pubescent Joo-won appeared out of nowhere and saved me from driving a spork through my heart.”


  97. 97 bubble

    I don’t mind all the nonsensical and illogical plots as long as it’s fun to watch. My only complain so far is the dream sequence that undid their body-swap spell. It’s too cheesy for my liking and the visual effect feels a little out of style with the drama as a whole.

    The idea of using such a dream sequence to undo the spell is sloppy writing in itself. But even so, it could have been executed better. Perhaps with the dream set in the restaurant back in the enchanted forest. And without the rose petals or the cheesy looking decorations.

  98. 98 SujuSarang4Eveer

    “WHAT. THE. FUCK. Dude, somebody send Daddy back to Hogwarts. Your magic is all screwy!”

  99. 99 fanny

    at least they’re not suffering cancer or something :)
    I don’t like the amnesia too…but I forgave it since the drama back in it’s light funny tone,
    I don’t think 21-yo joo-won mature enough to stand up in front his mom and defend their love (he even doesn’t remember it).
    so maybe that will be the major problem in the next two episodes?

    • 99.1 STory

      Yeah, JW mom is like the Great Wall Of China, a great obstacle that both of them has to overcome.

      Btw, love 21 year old JW! Glad the amnesia lets us see the 21 year old, pre-claustrophobia side of him.

  100. 100 Kpan

    Oh ugghhh….The resolution to the “brain dead” thing and body switch was REAL dumb. I mean, if the dad had the power to revive Ra Im from her near death experience than whats the deal with the body switch? Didn’t he say that he abracadabra’d the body switch to save his daughter in the expense of Joo Won’s? And the dinner resembling Alice in Wonderland thingy…kinda cheesy. Then! the Dad totally messes up his little spell and makes Joo-Won lose his memory? On purpose? By accident? Who knows? (except the writer) I’m a little pissed, but i gotta admit….can’t wait for to see the ending ^^.

    • 100.1 Lenita

      I guess it’s to show each other, or at least to show Ra im that he loves her that much. Noble Idiocy indeed, but it wouldn’t be a drama without it.

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