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49 Days’ Lee Yo-won in Sure
by | February 27, 2011 | 62 Comments

Here’s a fashion spread with Lee Yo-won (Queen Seon-deok, The Recipe), star of the upcoming drama 49 Days. I love to see her looking so chic and polished, since most of the time she’s not very made-up for her roles. Well, minus the crazy ornate costumes and crowns when she was Princess Duk-man. But the preview for 49 Days shows her as a low-key, lifeless character, which I’m assuming will change drastically once her body gets inhabited by a new soul.

I gotta say, I’m pretty damn excited by this drama, especially since the trailer promises something different from the current k-drama landscape. (Am SO not interested in the power struggles of the rich and richer.) And I’m also now obsessed with the idea that all reapers look like Jung Il-woo…because that would be GENIUS. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go to their afterlife, if Jung Il-woo was motioning for you to come hither? Let’s go, Pretty! Screw this plane of existence…I’m going with you!

The production is helmed by writer-PD combo So Hyun-kyung and Jo Young-kwang (Brilliant Legacy and Prosecutor Princess), and also stars Jo Hyun-jae, Bae Soo-bin, Seo Ji-hye, and Nam Gyuri.

49 Days premieres Wednesday, March 16, following Sign on SBS.

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62 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. niKai

    a long-time fan. she’s pretty. and like you said, her drama roles rarely give her the chance to doll up. too bad.

    • 1.1 sosoxrah

      Agree. This is the prettiest I’ve seen of her. I wouldn’t have recognized her in the second pic. But I like how she gets a chance to get all dolled up for a change.

      • 1.1.1 zimbab

        ohh try to see her in marie claire.. that was more stunning than this..

  2. angelpur

    2nd pic is the prettiest (although she’s beautiful in all of them), me thinks. and omg those shoes in the 3rd! ~

    can’t wait for 49 days. hope it will be a blast!

    • 2.1 fanny

      I think the same too, but I won’t recognise her as Lee Yo-won in 2nd picture…she looks so different, a little bit looks like Park Min-young.

      • 2.1.1 hellomisbrenda

        Park Min Young WHAT T*F??!

        BIG NOOOO….don’t ever similize that Park Min Young with THIS Lee Yo Won..MEH !

        lee yo won is a natural creation of beauty while Park Min Young is just…. errr…. her face is made by KNIFE ?! LOL

        • j

          i was SHOCKED to see her before pictures
          i mean i get the nose and eyes thing with k celebrities but jaw SHAVING?
          whatever she did her surgeon was damn good

          • zifhana

            Nah ! so i’m start thinking….

            perhaps Park Min Young’s doctor take Lee Yo Won as the sample project his patients “upcoming” face.. LOL

          • Beng

            oh =O, where can i see the picture?

        • Reina

          Oh c’mon ppl, dont be too harsh on PMY. Yes I know I know she the exact definition on fake beauty. But no use moaning on spilled beans & its been discussed over & over again here, at least she herself admit it. I blamed it mostly on her mom though, I heard she persuaded her daughter. Weird!

          Now back on topic. I like LYW. Def. not glamorous or super sexy type, but she has her own beauty and appeal. She has sort of smiling eyes. I think she suited LSG more than GHJ for Hong sister next drama. GHJ also attractive, but in more mature way, therefore I think LYW/Im Soo Jung will be better. But she has 49 Days already, & so far she pretty there.

          • jo

            ugh. that’s what Korean parents do. They pursue their kids to do plastic surgery. Nothing “weird” about it. PMY went under the knife, simple as that. PMY and Nam Gyuri are like the twin sisters made by knives. haha.

      • 2.1.2 asianromance

        i can see it as a cross between PMY and other ppl – only in the 2nd pic though. my fave is the first pic. reminds me of a cross between YEH and someone else.

        can’t wait for 49 days!

  3. Ace

    “And I’m also now obsessed with the idea that all reapers look like Jung Il-woo…”

    Oh, yeah! I’d also be like, “Take me with you! Take me with you!”

    I was wondering if Yo-won has always been that petite (didn’t watch QSD) so I googled her and found that she’s always been like that. 😉

  4. janna

    I’m having a serious case of hair envy.

    • 4.1 zifhana

      ahhh me tooo….

      envy to all she owns….

  5. mayke

    You know what? My dream is, I want to look like her after i married and become mom. She like what? married for pretty long time, a mom, and still looks like that!?

    • 5.1 Rosemarie

      I know rite? Such an unfair world *envy*
      How come she still looks like 20 years old something woman? Ironic she in The Recipe movie, for I want to know the recipe of her cuteness.

    • 5.2 Ushella

      Leeyowon should make a book contains her secret to have a gorgeous bady like that !

      i am SURE she will make Big MONey !! Believe Meee !!

      PS : i also want to buy !! LOL

    • 5.3 louisea

      hmm… married for 8years and still maintain like that?


      • 5.3.1 camille

        Not only married, but a mother of a seven-year old???

        Indeed, *all-girls-dream*.

  6. Dara

    Too skinny!

    • 6.1 QD

      … agree… especially last pic… and its a photo so she might even be skinnier in real life. Pls dont starve … its not a good role model.

    • 6.2 siam

      well, remember Photoshop ?
      Koreans tend to photoshop a LOT, so it may be that she’s not that skinny in real life…
      Look at that, for example :


  7. ckdarkraven23

    Yey!!! They’ve glammed her up!!! I absolutely adore Lee Yo-Won! 😉

  8. Rina

    she is sooo pretty and i can’t wait for the upcoming drama 49 days

    Love her first picture!!

  9. ditdut

    does she ever show any facial expressions?

    • 9.1 dramaaddict

      I agree, and how much did the photographer retouch those pictures. I like her…but she does not really look like that

  10. 10 jin

    Oh I really love her. Indeed, she was not given so much chance to doll up in most of her dramas. I wish just for one time 49 Days would dress her up like that when she’s working as a store clerk, LOL.

    • 10.1 Queraania

      hahahaa… which store who will hire someone like her just to be a clerk? it’s too waste…

      i bet she should apply for a Top Model Agency… 🙂

  11. 11 Müge

    Actually I had no interest in the drama at the beginning. After watching the trailer, it changed and I’ll give a try;)

  12. 12 Cahya

    Lee Yo Won is one of most young-looking Kor actress ever, especially considering her age. Adore her so much! Can’t wait for 49 Days.

  13. 13 ninimi

    Yeay !! Hello world ! this is the Pretty Lee Yo Won !!

    yeah you’re rite GF… most of her drama didn’t give her chance to show her beauty, most of them hide them in…

    but a diamond will always sparkling !

    still can see her cuteness and hotness .. LOL

    aahh yeh! i Hope 49 Days will give her chance to show her Hidden treasure ! hehehhe

  14. 14 jangjang

    Anything that has Bae Soo Bin, I’m ALL FOR IT. So much man candy on this drama! No complaints here! ;P

  15. 15 Ushella

    Leeyowon should make a book contains her secrets to have a gorgeous body like THAt !!

    i’m sure she will make a Big Money !!

    PS : I will be one of her customer. :p

  16. 16 Lenita

    gorgeous lady. out of the current and near future line-up, i’m most looking fwd to this drama.

  17. 17 supah

    Wow! I’ve always found her pretty but she looks great here, and could barely recognise her in the second pic.

  18. 18 Eunha

    Wait, wait, wait! 49 Days isn’t a movie? OMG. I think I just found my drama fix during midterms.

    Crap. XD

  19. 19 Kay

    You’re right, her roles always make her out to look dowdy and homely…she’s never been dolled up or looking glam so these pictures are a pleasant surprise..I think she looks amazing =)

  20. 20 ilovebinderclips

    omg!! so beautiful, and such a transformation of perspective…

  21. 21 maui

    hey..i’ll tell you a secret! LYW also went under the Knife..google it! ^^

    • 21.1 Reina

      No she’s not.

    • 21.2 camille

      You know, I spent one hour googling & I never found it. I have wasted my time…

      • 21.2.1 ninimi

        hahha.. rite… it’s just wasting time to seacrh it coz you wouldn’t find any….

    • 21.3 ninimi

      LOL !!!

      you’re kidding…

      first time i know her from Queen Seon Deok , i’ve seacrhed all over google to find if she did something to her face, but what i found is just…

      NATURAL & CLASSIC BEAUTY all the way……..!

      maybe she’s not that stunning at first time we saw her, but the more we see her , the more pretty she will be.. 🙂

      and i never get bored of her beauty, coz it’s so classic…

  22. 22 nika

    Oh, she’s elegant & beautiful, I love the 2nd photo the most. I hope 49 Days will doll her up, it will be a great change.

    Looking forward to seeing her in 49 Days!

  23. 23 Cam

    Woooooooooooooow! ^_^

    I like seeing Lee Yo Won’s picture because she seems very gorgerous like that, mm! (nods) I will be possible to look forward to this drama, ofc.

  24. 24 Alexis

    Ah, she’s very beautiful, heh! =D =D

    Oo, she’s very natural with her beauty when she’s used with lightly make-up at mostly than this pictures of her (cuz’ of make-up).

    She’s better with her natural beauty, that’s my opinion! =)

  25. 25 QSD

    Although Yowon doesn’t doll up in almost all of her roles, she still can exude the cuteness and charm. I’m gonna stick even more tighter to the screen this time seeing how much more of her classic beauty displayed from the trailer and images so far.

    • 25.1 louisea

      agree…. she’s awesome without any make up…

      with or without make up, she’s still pretty..

  26. 26 camille

    I like seeing Lee Yo-won in different styles, as always she’s stunning with make up… cute & lovely with her natural beauty.

    • 26.1 camille

      I mean… while she’s cute & lovely with her natural beauty.

  27. 27 ck1Oz

    Didn’t you guys watch her in Surgeon Bong Dal Hee?

    I loved her in that drama.Absolutely love her.

    • 27.1 breaker

      She’s so Cute and curly in SBDH, and i also like her bong dal hee characters. she’s s good actress

  28. 28 tinpra

    Y’know the frustration of wanting more My Princess now had me re-swearing off watching current k-dramas…but I totally want to give 49 Days a shot. All the pretty pictures of the pretty actors isn’t hurting this feeling, either.

  29. 29 midz deok..

    Lee Yo Won is my idol and shes so cute and pretty and of course shes not use knife to mad pretty look like that shes NATURAL BEAUTY…

    shes the cuteness mom ever i seen love her so much
    shes not only pretty shes also friendly..
    cant wait for 49 DAYS ..


  30. 30 Pat

    I dont think plastic faces are pretty just fake.

  31. 31 belleza

    Lee Yo Won started modeling when she was 14 or so (tall, face the size of a CD, you know your Popseoul factoids 😉 ), and she more or less has been modeling through her active acting career. She usually does casual spreads, but when she is glammed up, the transformation’s always kinda shocking. Choi Ji Woo’s like that too; very plain Jane in her roles, haute couture in her spreads.

    Here’s a treat for y’all!! CHA SEUNG WON and Lee Yo Won together in Position’s Korean cover of Yutaka Osaki’s I Love You.


  32. 32 lourdes muncada

    i’m really so happy that she’s finally back…

    i’m happy for you Ms. Lee Yo Won..

    i’m your # 1 fan from phillippines..

    hope to see you!!!

  33. 33 shvan iraq


  34. 34 maria

    Lee Y9o won is indeed adorable…. she is pretty even if she is not glamorous in some of her roles. as Yi kyung she was always in pony tail which was not properly done but still look beautiful. it won’t take long and she will have a teenage daughter… I wonder how the girl looks like now….

  35. 35 SuperSonic

    Felicito, que palabras…, el pensamiento admirable

  36. 36 fea

    you’ve got to be kiddin’…but lee yo won is coming out once again in her latest film, ‘The Devotion of Suspect X’! yay! I’m so excited! lol

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