Dramabeans Podcast #5
by | February 25, 2011 | 117 Comments

Time for another podcast! Here’s Numero 5…

In which javabeans and girlfriday discuss:

  • our Dream High–My Princess bet;
  • the upcoming 49 Days;
  • Return of Iljimae, how we miss it, and Jung Il-woo’s Mane of Glory;
  • our issues with Athena and IRIS;
  • My Princess, cuteness, and the dullness of bad villains;
  • Dream High, its awesomeness, and who we think K is;
  • and Uhm Tae-woong joining 1 Night 2 Days.

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Songs Used in Podcast (In order of use)

“I Wanna” by T-Formation
“Main Theme Song” from the Return of Iljimae OST
“매화가 흐드러진 날” from the Return of Iljimae OST
“Dream High” from the Dream High OST
“Falling” from the My Princess OST
“세상을 너에게” from the Story of a Man OST
“21st Century Bubble Monster” by The Hi-Lites


117 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. caddie


  2. SoSo

    thanks guys

  3. lixin64

    Yay! I love these. Thanks! =]

  4. aPam


  5. lunarscope


    been waiting forever for this :DD
    thankyouthankyouthankyou so much!!!

    • 5.1 Ida

      thanks- much ‘ppreciated!

  6. olivia

    yay!!!! been waiting for one of these

  7. Mawiie

    Wow just in time to celebrate my spring break with a marathon of dramas! Thank you very much!!

  8. mud

    YESSSSSSS!!!!!! Thank You, javabeans and girlfriday! This is a godsend for my studying block.

  9. changmynho

    Hello! I’m a new follower of dramabeans and I would like to ask, what is a Podcast?

    • 9.1 bee

      a podcast is a series of audio or video file that are released like episodes (and often downloaded). the word “podcast” is a combination of POD (“playable on demand”) and “broadcast.”

      Dramabeans podcasts are audio of Javabeans & Girlfriday just… talking about dramas, movies, actors… (:

  10. 10 nanamiaki

    thank you thank you thank you! i love you guys so much! <3

  11. 11 lovenyc52

    yay!!!!!!!! i’ve been dying to hear you guys battle it out between Dream High and My Princess 😀 This is a nice treat for my Friday night of staying in 🙂

  12. 12 SoSo

    you both sound sooo sleepy,especially gf….hehe
    somebody looks fangirly over jung il woo ,yet u r soooooooooooooooo right
    P.S.:dream high made my (day,month,year!!)with sam dong-hye mi pairing

  13. 13 Yumi-chan

    I love these podcasts- so zippy, witty, and fun. 🙂

  14. 14 Portia

    Yay! Podcast! Thank you for doing this…I love it…perfect ending to my Friday sched.

    I’m also looking forward to UTW being in 1N2D – I feel like he never gets a chance to show how funny he really is when he’s in dramas, so maybe he’ll have the chance now.

    And your action-drama-faceoff idea had me thinking that I wish I could see Kim So Yeon and Hyun Bin in a drama starring opposite each other…just imagine the intensity of that!! Seems to me that the electricity those two could generate would be enough to power a small nation…

    • 14.1 kyun

      oh wow how did you come up w that pairing.. it would be amazing if that come true (!!!!) when I imagined them in one of those dramatic scene ie. stare-off battle i could literally see electricity..

      HAHAHA i got excited just by the thought xD

      • 14.1.1 Portia

        I know…they both have the ability to just make a scene crackle, don’t they??? Together I’m pretty sure they’d make screens explode. 😀

        • myweithisway

          That has to be one of the hottest pairing ever *drool*

    • 14.2 Lenita

      this is a GREAT pairing idea!

    • 14.3 anna hae

      oh. that’s some VERY interesting pairing there! let’s hope the drama GOD is listening to us. 🙂

  15. 15 chigusa

    that was so long, but i actually heard the whole thing and repeated my favourite parts 😀 woohoo!!!

    but i’m in disagreement with both on you on the identity of K 😀 i think it’s going to be eunjung/baekhee!

    • 15.1 lunarscope

      oooh! I like that thought 🙂

    • 15.2 msim

      Me three.
      Baekhee has the drive, the obsession and the work ethic; she’s a competent singer and a good dancer but has the potential to be a highly commercial pop product (like Beyoncé, B.Spears, K.Perry).
      American award shows are rarely concerned with art – they usually celebrate the most popular or commercial.

      If this were the Mercury Prize; I’d go for Pil Suk as the winner.

  16. 16 John

    Yes. I’ve been waiting for this. Thoughts on what dramas you’ll be covering next?

  17. 17 samgetang

    I was wishing for this before I take some time off from kdramaland 🙂

    Thanks, JB and GF!!! 🙂

  18. 18 Sam

    awesome love you guys <3

  19. 19 jo

    aw, taengoo <3

  20. 20 너랑 반대

    ‘K does not have to be the hero of the drama’….i agree…

    i now wish it were baek hee. because she has a supporting role yet she has the backstory of a hero. and unlike sam dong…she won t be getting a consolation prize….well, she ll get jin gook but if that s the only thing she gets out of it i won t deny feeling a tad disappointed for her character.

    by supporting role w/ the backstory of a hero i mean: the sidekick who climbs the social ladder. it would also provide a good ethical ending: only once she goes back to being her sweet caring self can she succeed….we d get morals like: hard work leads to success (despite her not having any particular talent)….any nobody can make it (which would be coupled with jin gook s hyung passing the bar exam). so along those lines we d get perseverance and hard work as a key to success but also being true to oneself and being sympathetic.

    i know it s unlikely but i wish she were K.
    i think during the first episode they had given hints that K would be a male though…i m not sure why but i ve been convinceed since ep 1 that K s a male…i think they said 그? not 그녀? or maybe they showed the back of a man walking to the stage? i forgot but i recall something had hinted that K would be a male…

    speaking of the humour with the typography : welcome to saengchori is full of this kind of pop culture humour.

    • 20.1 xylophonic

      I agree with you, I think her being K would be the perfect resolution to her character development. Frankly, I’d be disappointed were it anyone else, because surviving the showbiz environment has really been solely Baek-hee’s conflict.

      (Jin-gook had his daddy issues, which is pretty much resolved; Sam-dong learned to accept and deal with his hearing problem; Pil-sook overcoming the circumstances of her weight loss, Jason learning to put more effort into things and create goals to work towards. Hye-mi is a bit harder to pinpoint for me, but I suppose her conflict was the romantic quandary between Jin-gook and Sam-dong, and the decision between classical and pop.)

      I’m not saying I’d be like, MAD or anything, but I just feel that Baek-hee’s character has been much more central to actual success in the business.

  21. 21 ewin

    how random would it be if Jin-man is k? LOL!

    • 21.1 LOL

      LMAO, I would love that.

      • 21.1.1 blast

        me too !! hilarious but i wish it is

    • 21.2 bella luna ;)

      or “K” is for Kyung-Jin.

  22. 22 chillyperson

    Yay!! This is awesome! I’ve been waiting for a long time haha

    Can’t wait to listen to it =)

  23. 23 brookeeve


  24. 24 LJ

    You guys rock!! Some people write really well but just don’t sound as interesting or half as funny in ‘real life’. Clearly, the 2 of you don’t have that problem at all!! This totally made my Saturday afternoon. Thanks Javabeans and Girlfriday 🙂

    1 thing re Yoon-ju, I believe that every now and again, we are vaguely ‘informed’ of her motives and a line or 2 were throw in a about why she’s so pissed off at Seol&so against the re-establishment of the monarchy. However, these ‘tidbits’ were never thoroughly explored or pursued..

    On the 1 hand if the writers were to spend more time justifying that angle, the character YJ may become more intriguing, sympathetic even.. but if that’d take away the screen time from the super duper KEWT OTP, I much rather she remains the YJ-bot that she’s been presented as.

    Also, Dream High has been a great ride&everything (and is definitely better in terms of plot development etc..) BUT, as it comes down to it, I sort of find it a bit harder to emotionally invest cos the main characters are too darn young it’s almost depressing. SIGH.

  25. 25 SamDongFan

    But Sam dong hasn’t really met the director dude so i believe K will be baek hee 🙂

    My money is on Baek Hee cause he’s the one who gave her confidence that she could become a star.

    • 25.1 bella luna ;)

      what if director dude is Sam Dong’s father?

  26. 26 sara

    wow! just last night I thought about when you girls want to make another podcast, and now it’s here!!! thank

  27. 27 danna

    OMG…i was just thinking today when you guys would post your next podcast!…thanx so much..*of to listen*

  28. 28 somuchsoju

    Thanks for the new podcast, JB and GF. I say you both deserve a booze. 😀 I LOVE your MP recaps! Til next time!

    • 28.1 somuchsoju

      I mean, until the next battle. 😀

  29. 29 cha_maeri

    I want K to be Baek-hee! Or at least I want her to have a good ending.

    • 29.1 Amber

      I too want Baekhee to be K.Am I asking the miracle?I just want her to be more than a weak villain.I supported her even before u guys.Fighting Eunjeong ssi.

  30. 30 djes

    yay podcast!

    I can really understand when you’re talking about Dream High ( I passed MP completely ), and I’m planning to catch up with IRIS and Athena ( for eye candies, don’t judge! 😛 )

    Park Jinyoung is, AWESOME. I’ve saw many variety shows of his ‘students’ and how he can be scary sometimes, and how he favors the girls more than the boys, but what I never caught before is that he can be that hilarious.
    If I’m Kim Soohyun I want to move to JYPE instead of with Keyeast.

    UTW on 1Night 2 Days! I only watched few eps of the show, because I’m more a Yoo Jaesuk’s fan instead of Kang Hodong, but I like the show. With UTW joins the casts, I’m really looking forward to see him.

    UTW can be awkwardly adorable – I saw him once in Happy Together with his Cyrano castmates, and he was so funny, because he’s kinda innocent.
    It’s weird to describe him like that, but what kind of man who thinks that his dog called him ‘oppa’?

    • 30.1 lovepark

      Uhm Tae-woong is totally adorkable!! He was funny-weird in that Happy Together episode. I liked how he was so serious about it, but no one else believed him and thought he just misheard and was weird. Good luck to Uhm on 1N2D!! They already started filming with him on the 25th of Feb!

      Park Jin-young is awesome in Dream High. I only liked some of his old songs and didn’t like him or his recent activities but Dream High made me look at him in a new light. I heard he was kind of eccentric, but I was completely amazed that he could poke fun of himself in that manner. It’s great!

  31. 31 clichique


    On Yoonjoo dressing as a Yeti.. LOL. There’s a great Man Repeller article on over-excessing of the fur.

  32. 32 jakebot

    i really enjoy these podcasts. i love that the written voices of both of you are in concert with the way you both speak. it’s both entertaining and informative both on a cultural and social level. frankly, it’s fun to listen to people on the inside of the culture harping on elements that i would even as an outsider (i grew up in the south-not exactly the bastion of Korean culture. the long and the short is that i am a fan! keep up the awesome, ladies!

  33. 33 yumesan

    what?!! Uhm Tae-woong joining 1 Nigh 2 Days?!
    I’m gonna start watching again!

  34. 34 liinus

    Such sexy voices. The meow was like RAWR! So onomatopoetic.

  35. 35 Neimat Ilyas

    YAY another Podcast~!!!!!!! You guys remind me of me and my sister. SOOOO FUN!!! Keep doing more!

  36. 36 hannah

    I agree it would be soo funny if Jin man is K. lol
    But I still think SD will be K. even if that means he’ll get everything. 🙂

  37. 37 anna hae

    I love the thought of the battle of bad-asses Kim So Yeon and Ha Ji Won. They are the only K-actress I can imagine doing action scenes convincingly. (Su Ae can too, but, imo, she lacks the ummphh factor)
    I would totally tune in for the reason of them kicking asses of each other.

    for the fact of UTW joining 1n2d, firstly, it comes off random at me but then I remembered his quirky and adorable sides in Happy Together, so ROLL IT ON, MAN!

    aside from that, I truly enjoy this JB and GF! thank you.

    • 37.1 Sukispop

      I would love to see Ha Ji-won and Kim So-yeon in a scene(or two or three), together, kicking ass and being beautiful and sexy in their badass selves.
      But, if they’re fighting each other, I’d be torn as to whose side I’d be on…as I love both of them! So…I’d love to see them, together, fighting a common enemy…like, say, a dozen bad guys with bad hair, bad teeth, and all wearing the same black suit. 😉

      Oh, and in that IRIS scene, where Kim So-yeon and Kim Tae-hee were fighting each other in the train(subway?)…was I wrong to be cheering on Kim So-yeon? Wasn’t Kim Tae-hee the “good guy”? LOL

      • 37.1.1 anna hae

        ahh. yes, yes. I’ll definitely be torn on which side I’m gonna cheer for, as me too love both KSY and HJW almost equally. they’re my ultimate bias.
        both of them fighting bad guys together would make this world a better place to live. 🙂

        and THAT IRIS scene!
        that was supposed to showcase some of KTH’s kick-assing action, but oh well, KSY managed to stole the spotlight smoothly and got the cheer from audiences.

        • Sukispop

          anna hae,

          I like the way you think. LOL 😉

  38. 38 ivy

    thanks for another great podcast.
    it’s kinda sad that the 49 Days vs. What’s Up thing ain’t gonna happen since the latter has been canned/shelved at the moment.

  39. 39 Sojuboy

    LOL, Javabeans sounds like a valley girl.

  40. 40 Jomo

    Somewhere out there there is a portrait with mad talent.
    Somewhere out there there is a portrait doing Shakespeare.

    That is so true about that scary scary Bae Yong-joon. God, I hope he doesn’t come back with his face uncovered.

    • 40.1 bella luna ;)

      yes. it’s Dorian Bae.

      • 40.1.1 Jomo


  41. 41 biankoy

    *Jung Il-woo’s “Mane of Glory”

    I miss it too TT__TT

    *Kim So-yeon kick Ha Ji-won’s ass*

    LMAO. hahahahaha.

    although i love this two!

    and i think they kinda resemble each other..
    HJW is a tinier version of KSH hehehe

    *Bae Yong-joon and Dorian Gray*

    funnnnyyy!! hahahahaha

    *Lee Yoon-ji*

    I also love her too! at first I thought that her character is the typical bitch teacher in black, but now in the recent episodes she IS fun!

    I can still see that dejected walk, after hearing all about
    On-hyuk’s love affair with Hye mi’s mom hahahaha

  42. 42 j

    Who is that in the picture o.O *curious*

    • 42.1 anna hae

      I think that’s SNSD’s Taeyeon while DJ-ing for ChinChin.
      correct me if I’m wrong.

    • 42.2 Aisuo415

      Yeah, that’s Taeyeon from a girlgroup called SNSD. She wasn’t DJ-ing for ChinChin though, that’s a picture from a Miero Beauty N Banana endorsement.

  43. 43 queencircles

    Podcast! yessssss!!!

  44. 44 mskololia

    Thanks for the latest installment…. They’re always enjoyable.

  45. 46 minayuki

    I already listened to it and laughed so much!
    You two are so funny.
    Looking forward to podcast #6 already!

  46. 48 Nancii

    whats up may not be airing?! nooo

  47. 49 ajewell

    Awesome pod-cast as usual!! You two are so hilarious.

    I’m so torn over who K is… I can’t wait for the new episode. Really, it could be anyone!

    Also, for some dumb reason, I thought it would be funny if the pic you chose for this pod-post was the caption from episode 13 of Dream High, when Doo-shik imagines Hye Mi and Pil Sook’s radio interview. It would’a been so meta, lol.

    • 49.1 ivy

      wow, i agree, esp. about the Sook & Mi radio pic.

  48. 50 Jenn

    Does K have to be a guy though?? If there no gender specified, I kind of want to say it would be Baek Hee..because theyre calling her Ms. K.. and because in the first episode, K thanks President Jung. President Jung gave BK the pendant at first and gave her an opportunity to join Kirin. Also, BK mentions in her video that she will try hard to make the name K a top star in korea and to watch over her… plus she is now aware that she needs to step it up and work really hard. She worked very hard when she had HM as a rival…and now that she has her bad reputation and got fired from the K group..she has that as a motivation to stay determined and work hard to achieve her dream again. …

    But I guess I take that back..I re watched the beginning of the first ep..and K going on stage is a guy. -__-

    • 50.1 bee

      On Baekhee as K: the whole making-K-a-top-star thing was said in episode 14 or 15 wasn’t it? In the podcast, they say they recorded it BEFORE watching those episodes, so for all we know they’ve changfed their minds (: But the thing is, several people have a claim to it, and Director Jung gave them all a chance.

      Baekhee- Like you said, he gave her a chance at the audition and accepted her. Her overcoming her evil personality and the sexual harassment stuff are her Big Obstacles to Overcome in the show, so she has a legitimate claim to be K.
      Hyemi- Jung rejected her at the audition (to teach her a lesson) and then gave her another chance by making her a special recruit. Her problems with her dad/debt collector, overcoming her hatred for her teacher and becoming human (instead of being the Hyemi-bot) are her Big Obstacles, hence her claim.
      Samdong – Jung gave him a huge chance. He’s from the middle of nowhere, and Jung somehow stumbled upon his talent and made him a special recruit. They went to a lot of trouble to get Samdong to Kirin. His hearing problem is his Big Obstacle and his claim to being K.
      Jin Gook – Jung also gave him a chance, he was the third special recruit. He had given up dancing because of his dad, but they got him to come and join the school and he debuted. His daddy issues and his assault case (they’re still prejudiced against him even though it was cleared up as a defensive maneuver) are his Big Obstacles, and hence his claim.
      Pil Sook – Was the fat girl with great talent who didn’t think she’d be given a chance, so she hid her appearance during her audition. Even after seeing her face, Jung gave her a chance and accepted her to the school. She worked hard to lose weight, so all her weight related stuff is her Big Obstacle/claim to being K.

      They all have some claim to being K. It can be anyone. President Jung gave them all a special chance, and they all started at Kirin at the same time. That’s the point of the pendant being passed around, and not just staying with the original owner. It helped everyone in some way. They’ve all had some big motivating force that made them lose hope about their dream and then have to work hard for it again. All of them.

      • 50.1.1 bee

        OY. long winded comment is long winded, sorry ):

    • 50.2 ajewell

      Don’t worry, it’s made clear from the very beginning that K can be either a man or a woman, so Baek Hee is still a possibility. That’s why in the opening scene, there is a lot of ambiguity when referring to him/her, and why the photograph shows ALL of them, not just the guys. Not to mention the importance of the pendent, and how it made its rounds to all the major contenders.

      I think part of the confusion is a result of the subs – where they mistakenly used “he” / “him” when there was actually no specific pronoun given. And when K was walking to the stage, he/she was purposely hidden so that no gender could be established. So don’t give up yet! Anything can happen.

      (Personally, my money’s on Jin Gook, for all the reasons JB stated in the podcast. Though really, I’ll be happy with whoever it is, including Baek Hee…)

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