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Dream High: Episode 12
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If I could write a song about how much I love Dream High, I’d perform it in my own showcase called “Ode to Dreaming High,” and it’d have background dancers, a laser show, confetti cannons, and fireworks. It would have a dance interlude by Yang Jin-man in Hammer pants, and then it would close with a hip-hop version of The Nutcracker, because that’s what I hear the cool kids are doing these days.


Hye-mi overhears Baek-hee’s tearful declaration that she won’t lose out her spot in group K to Hye-mi. But that’s exactly what happens, as Baek-hee gets put on ice by her manager: she’s out, and Hye-mi’s in. She has to watch as Hye-mi walks into the room and take her place, and she waits nervously outside.

Hye-mi comes in with her decision. As she comes out, Baek-hee asks her what she’s decided, as she bitterly admits that her fate is tied to whatever Hye-mi has chosen. She adds angrily why it’s always her. Hye-mi muses that it’s funny—she said the exact same thing when Baek-hee got chosen to debut before her. Seems they’re more alike than they realized. She tells Baek-hee that she didn’t sign, and when Baek-hee asks why, she replies, “I don’t know…why would I?”

Jin-gook greets Hye-mi excitedly, asking if she’s signed on. She tells him that she turned it down because it’s not the right time for her. He’s disappointed, but accepts that there’s probably a reason, and a reason why she can’t tell him. Yeah, his name is Song Sam-dong. He used to wear your underwear. Or possibly Baek-hee. Whatever.

They rush off to school, where Oh-hyuk is giving his test lecture as part of his hiring interview. They watch with Jin-man from outside, cheering him on nervously. Oh-hyuk takes a deep breath and goes to the front of the class…only to be interrupted by the entrance of Principal Shi.

He kicks out all the students and brings in a group of board members to serve as the mock students. He himself sits front row center, just to ruffle Oh-hyuk’s feathers. It seems to work at first, and Jin-man watches nervously, saying that if he loses this ki war with Principal Shi, it’s over.

Oh-hyuk braces himself, thinks about his tactic, and then a smile spreads across his face, wiping off the triumphant grin on Principal Shi’s face. He commands the lesson with confidence, even playing to the older audience with songs they’d recognize from their youth. He scores the highest, fair and square, beating Principal Shi at his own game.

He enters the office to thank Principal Shi for his warnings. What used to feel like harassment became lessons for him to learn, and Oh-hyuk confesses that they made him become a better teacher. Aw, that’s cute. I don’t doubt that it’s sincere, but it’s also a good way to get under the principal’s skin. He wrestles his old teacher ID badge out of Principal Shi’s hands with a toothy grin.

Just outside, Jin-gook and Hye-mi hover, waiting to find out the results. Oh-hyuk flashes his badge and goes for high-fives…which Hye-mi denies with a sour face. She’s still mad that he never told them, and she pouts that she thought he was leaving them forever. Aw. I love her begrudging friendship with Oh-hyuk.

Jin-gook picks up her arm and high-fives Oh-hyuk anyway (heh) and even tries to get her to bow to her teacher. That’s going too far for Hye-mi, and even Oh-hyuk says it’s okay. Begrudging acceptance is one thing, but deference is not Hye-mi’s style.

Once Jin-gook’s out of earshot (though he still hears them), Hye-mi tells Oh-hyuk that’s she’s worried about Sam-dong. They find him banging on the piano angrily, and when Oh-hyuk comes in to ask about the showcase, Sam-dong says he’s not performing, and there’s no real reason.

Hye-mi rushes up to ask him what’s really going on, and that she can’t help him if he won’t tell her. He just silently goes back to playing the piano, and Oh-hyuk drags her out of there for the time being.

Over at Top Entertainment, the manager tells the members of K that they’ll all be performing at the showcase this time around, with solos. He wants to determine which of them is best suited for a solo album, and he’ll use this opportunity to decide.

His songwriter takes out a folder to hand out songs to each member, and Baek-hee freaks when she sees that it’s the same folder she poached her song from. To top it off, her manager tells her to perform her own song at the showcase, since she touted herself as a singer-songwriter. Well that’s karma for ya.

Jin-gook decides to go with “My Valentine.” Jason: “You’re…singing…a ballad?” Jin-gook asks if it doesn’t suit him. Jason: “Yeah…a lot.” Ria asks which teacher Jason’s choosing for his showcase coach. Jason: “The opposite of whoever you choose.” Heh, I’m liking his one-liners more and more. Jason and Jin-gook choose Oh-hyuk, and so does Baek-hee. Everyone’s surprised since she’s Kyung-jin’s little protégé, and she keeps their fallout to herself.

In-sung interrupts to ask Jin-gook to hand off Hye-mi’s notebook for Sam-dong. He fills Jin-gook in on the details of what’s been going on with Sam-dong and his trip to the dark side.

He finds Hye-mi and asks if she took all those notes for Sam-dong. He tells her that he’s mad—not about the notes, but that she didn’t tell him that Sam-dong was in trouble. He says that they could’ve looked for him together. Oh, you would’ve just made it worse, but I suppose it’s not your fault that you don’t know that.

Later that night Kyung-jin gets wasted on a bottle of wine, feeling sorry for herself. Oh-hyuk comes to get her, and she asks what his secret is: Why do his students thank him and follow him loyally, while hers never say thank you, never acknowledge her on their albums, never give her flowers on Teacher’s Day? Ha.

She wonders if maybe she wore glasses like him…and snatches his glasses off his face. Heh. Oh-hyuk hauls her out of there as she blabbers on. Once in the car, she asks with tears in her eyes if maybe she’s the problem then. She thinks of Baek-hee, and then tells him that she has a student who’s on her way to becoming a monster…what is she supposed to do?

Oh-hyuk tells her that it’s best to help that student come to the realization on their own, and that he has a similar problem right now. Cut to Sam-dong, playing piano alone in the dark, as Oh-hyuk continues in voiceover that he’s drowning and refuses to grab his hand for help, as he sinks further and further.

Sam-dong rests his head on the keys and plays one note over and over, as the sound dulls and fades. He bangs on the keys angrily and slumps to his knees on the ground. Ack, you’re breaking my heart.

Oh-hyuk’s sister walks home after getting sloshed at the same bar, and on her way home, she has a fateful meeting with young man who gives her his scarf and walks her home (a cameo by 2PM’s Chansung).

She thinks she’s dreaming the whole thing up, but he walks her all the way home. He’s surprised that this is her house, and she says that it’s under her brother’s name, but it’s technically hers. When he says to keep the scarf until they meet again, she goes in for a kiss.

The camera swings around to reality, where the recipient of the kiss is actually a very surprised Man Doo-shik. Hahaha. He returns to his office, mulling over Fate, and how he happened to take all the steps that led him here. He has a moment of enlightenment and decides to reincarnate his talent agency. Aw, yeah. Wheels in motion.

At school, Pil-sook poses awkwardly while In-sung gets ready to snap a picture with her cell phone. Jason casually walks in front of the camera…and then casually walks back, asking what In-sung is doing. In-sung: “I’m taking a picture of Pil-sook.” Jason: “Pil-sook? Oh, were you standing there? I didn’t know!” Hahaha. Subtle as a bulldozer, this kid.

Pil-sook tells him that they’re taking a new profile picture for the showcase, because all her old pictures are pre-diet. He decides a cell phone photo won’t do, and takes her to his agency’s studio.

And the costume he chooses for her? An angel, complete with wings. Ha. Pil-sook is too shy to come out and thinks this is overkill. She’s not wrong. But Jason tells her she has to stand out at the showcase, and he asks their photographer to do him a favor. He agrees, musing that Jason’s certainly got a lot of girls: “Your cell phone’s full of pictures of that one girl, now who’s this?” Pil-sook pretends not to hear, but it gives her pause.

Please, let it be pictures of her, pre-diet.
Please, let it be pictures of her, pre-diet.

She poses for her shots, and Jason watches, pleased as punch, but also with one hairy eyeball on the photographer, just in case. Heh.

Jin-gooks asks Hye-mi about Sam-dong, and she says he still hasn’t told her what’s going on, and she’s ready to give up—she’s done all she can. Oh-hyuk comes to showcase-prep class, and can’t believe there’s five whole students there, who have chosen him as their advisor. He’s especially thrown by Baek-hee’s presence.

He begins, but gets a call from Jin-man, who wants to be put on speakerphone. He starts to tell the kids about the mindset that they have to be in to conquer the stage. Baek-hee asks who’s on the phone. Jason: “This guy…he’s large, but he’s got a liver the size of an anchovy.” (Little liver = scaredy cat.)

Case in point: he’s lecturing them from just outside the room over the phone, because he doesn’t want to get caught. Someone would tell this guy that they’re not really the Rogue Class anymore, except it’s too fun to watch him squirm. Oh-hyuk catches him, but just lets him continue his covert teaching.

He has them do an exercise in ki-warring. They stare each other down in pairs and sing a refrain from a children’s game to get the other person to back down. Jason beats Pil-sook at first, but she comes back fighting. Hye-mi and Baek-hee stare down, but Hye-mi beats her with a self-assured smile, as Baek-hee lowers her head.

Oh-hyuk sits down next to Jin-gook, saying that Sam-dong really ought to be here for a proper match, but he’ll have to do. He offers to fill in, but when Jin-gook levels his best blue steel, Oh-hyuk chickens out immediately. Ha.

Hye-mi cleans up Sam-dong’s room, and finds a piece of paper shoved underneath the bookcase. It’s his diagnosis from the doctor. She reads it, trembling, and then looks it up online, to find out what it means.

Sam-dong comes home to find her like that, and she asks if it’s true. She asks if it’s because of her, because he saved her. He denies it, like the hero that he is. She asks how it happened then, but his eyes dart back and forth, and he responds with the same answer, “No.” She realizes that he can’t hear what she’s saying.

She ekes out, “Can you hear me right now?” Sam-dong searches her eyes, unable to hear but not wanting to let on. He just repeats himself again, “I said, no.” Crushing.

Hye-mi stands there dumbfounded, as tears come pouring down. She runs over to hug him, crying that it’s her fault. He cries too, as he tells her angrily that this is why he didn’t want to come home, why he said she’d regret bringing him here. He didn’t want to burden anyone else with what he’s become.

She takes his hand as she falls to the ground.

Sam-dong: You said before…that you wouldn’t give up. That you would pull me up. Go ahead and pull me out. Please…pull me out.

Aaack! How can you break my heart so badly? Sam-dong was heartrending before, but his “Save Me” declaration just put me over the edge.

They stay there like that, crying together while she clutches his hand. Oh-hyuk walks in alarmed, asking what’s going on. Hye-mi cries, “Teacher, help us.” Oh my god, she’s breaking my heart too.

Oh-hyuk sits alone in the dark as he reads over the diagnosis. He tries to hold back the tears, and then braces himself to go talk to Sam-dong. He says with a smile that it’s an condition that can be controlled with medication, and that it won’t change his daily life.

Sam-dong says with a defeated look in his eyes that if his hearing fails him while he’s onstage, it’ll ruin everything. Oh-hyuk says that it’s a one in a million chance, but Sam-dong reminds him that his condition is one in a million, but it happened to him. Oh-hyuk doesn’t know what else to say to that.

At school, Pil-sook sits down with her lunch at an empty table, and finds a cell phone there. Someone else says it must be Jason’s, since he was just sitting there. She eyes it nonchalantly, but the temptation starts to overwhelm her.

She looks away and her hand starts reaching for it…but she pushes it away. She vows not to stoop that low. Except one teensy look…but no! And she goes back and forth like that for a while, basically in a tug of war between her dying curiosity and her sense of decency.

She starts to crack again as she leans in close…but Jason swoops in snatches it away, panicked. Jason: “Did you see any of the pictures in here?!” Pil-sook answers honestly that she didn’t, and he sighs in relief. Oh, you SO have pictures of her in there. Why didn’t she look? Okay, I’m not advocating her sneaking a peek, but! The Cute!

Jin-gook practices his solo ballad at the piano, and Baek-hee asks if he’s really going with this song instead of a dance number. He says that he’s shown them his dancing and rapping, but in order to win he has to show them a different side.

She realizes that he wants the solo album just as much as she does, and asks good-naturedly if that makes them competitors now. She asks if Hye-mi told him why she didn’t join K, and he tells her that she did.

Baek-hee insists that she didn’t ask her to give up the spot just for her, but she did anyway. She clocks Jin-gook’s confusion, realizing that he didn’t know the real reason. He tells her that she’s not alone in her corner, like she always thought. Jin-gook: “Someone’s on your side. It’s Hye-mi.”

He finds her sitting in their old classroom, head on the desk like she always is when she’s lost in thought. He tells her that she’s grown up, to give up something that she’s wanted so badly, just for a friend.

He doesn’t push her to tell him what’s wrong, and just says that there must be a reason. She leans on him without a word.

Sam-dong comes back to school, walking through the halls of Kirin just like his first day, and feeling just as lost as he was back then too. He finds Oh-hyuk teaching class on the stage today, as he tells the kids that the stage will speak to them and tell them whether they can make it as soloists.

Pil-sook takes him literally, putting her ear to the floor with a knock, making Jason embarrassed for her, while the others don’t really comprehend what he means. He tells them that on the day of the showcase, as they perform, the stage will answer whether or not they’ve prepared, whether they have the right to stand there—and the stage never lies.

Sam-dong watches from above, and asks, “Will it answer me too?”

They head back to class, where they’re met by Jin-man, wearing a crazy video game visor to shield his face. From his POV, the visor screens each person in the room with the following info:

Oh-hyuk: Danger. Good points: None. Bad points: A help to life…NOT.
Hye-mi: Wild. Good: Voice volume. Bad: Difficult personality.
Jason: Cocky. Good: Dance, Singing (a little). Bad: Arrogance, Refusals are severe, Has a lot of girls, Resembles a bird.
Jin-gook: Strong. Good: Has a lot of strength. Bad: Has a lot of strength.
Baek-hee: Exertion. Good: Effort. Bad: Truthfully this is the first time I’ve seen her.
Pil-sook: Gluttony. Good: Singing, Emotive. Bad: Minus those things, all, especially appetite.


He addresses the class in Robot Voice, because he somehow thinks that it hides his identity from them. Omg, cracks me up. They just look at him like the loony toons he is, but pretend not to notice, for his sake.

Sam-dong walks in and joins the class, and Jin-man breaks Robot character for a second, to whine that he turned in his music so close to the show. Oh-hyuk asks if this means he’s performing at the showcase, and Hye-mi beams. Her reaction doesn’t go unnoticed by Jin-gook.

Jin-man works with them over the coming days, even teaching Pil-sook how to dance, much to his chagrin.

It’s Showcase Day, and Ma Doo-shik shows up in his formal agency capacity as White Entertainment, which he clears with Principal Shi. And the rivalry with Top Entertainment is on.

He comes across Oh-hyuk’s sister, who happens to be wearing his scarf. He points it out, jolting her out of her fantasy with horror.

Backstage, Hye-mi asks Sam-dong if he’s starting his music again, if that’s why he’s performing in the showcase. He says that he’s here because he’s going to ask the stage whether or not he can put his hopes and dreams into music again.

If he can perform without a hitch, if he gets applause and gets scouted, then he’ll allow himself to hope again. But if something happens to his hearing, then his performance will crash and burn, and he’ll walk away from music, and never look back. Hye-mi says that he won’t mess up on stage today: “I won’t let you.”

Baek-hee prepares and Kyung-jin comes by to wish her well. Baek-hee asks why she hasn’t said anything about her plagiarizing her song. Does that mean she’s saying it’s okay for her to cheat?

Kyung-jin makes it clear that she doesn’t approve. “But you won’t hear anything I say right now. So I’m going to let the stage tell you. That cheating is wrong.”

And sure enough, when Baek-hee takes to the stage, she tells herself it’s going to be okay, but she starts faltering under pressure. She sees the songwriter whispering to her manager, and she buckles under the guilt and the shame, ultimately falling to the ground. She gets booed off stage, and comes face to face with her own demons.

Next it’s Sam-dong’s turn to take to the stage, and he steels himself. He gets up in front of everyone, but as the music starts, his hearing starts to fade out. Ruh-roh.

He looks out at the audience, and Hye-mi watches with bated breath, as he raises the mic…


Ack! Cliffhangers! Will his hearing come back? Will he sing anyway? Will he show his genius cred and blow them away even if he can’t hear? Maybe Hye-mi will keep her promise and save him somehow.

I love that Hye-mi and Oh-hyuk found out about Sam-dong’s condition. I was worried it’d get dragged out, but this show always does a good job of putting just enough weight behind each conflict, and then sending a reprieve just in time. I like that while Sam-dong is still on his heartbreaking journey to hold onto his dream in the face of these obstacles, that Hye-mi will hold his hand and take her turn to be his knight in shining armor. He’s protected her and been her guardian angel; now it’s her chance to do the same for him.

What’s really effective about the love triangle for me is that it’s not about declarations of True Love or love till the hereafter. It’s just high school, and going with your feelings, and leaning on your friends who are there for you. I like that in the end, the journey is for Hye-mi to grow and become a better person, which is what Sam-dong makes her do, and what Jin-gook notices in her.

Baek-hee’s road is nicely carved too, because we’re not letting her off the hook with a simple AHA! moment and a guilt trip. She’s got rock bottom to hit before she can look herself in the mirror and face what she’s done.

Jason, Pil-sook, and Jin-man continue to be 31 flavors of awesome, as per usual. Can we please have Robo-Teacher do every lesson?


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        I really think Sam-Dong will be the K. 😉

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          • biniBningPunkista

            I have this theory that Hye-Mi WAS decided on giving up her debut, waaaay before she went to the entertainment agency. It has something to do with what Mr. Kang told her about debuting for the wrong reasons. Then hearing what happened to Baek Hee, that must have been a real throw in only to solidify her decision. as for Sam Dong… why would he be holding back Hye Mi? I think he would throw a fit if he learned that hye mi would hold back just because of him. That is if i have analyzed his character well.

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      I do feel sorry for Baekhee. Was that already established that she dropped the flower pot? Or did I miss something. If she did, she surely deserves to suffer and she will suffer the consequences. But it doesn’t mean that’s it. Baekhee did some wrong things, for sure, this downfall will teach her and I hope she will come clean to all the wrong things she had done and sincerely sorry for it. I believe that we all deserve a second chance and so is Baekhee. She is not total bitch like YJ in My Princess. She is just a kid who wanted to be acknowledged. She is trying her best to achieve her dream the way she knows. She just didn’t get a good start( humiliation and belittlement from HyeMi and bad influence from her teacher’s advice).

      I am most sincerely sorry for Samdong and I guess this is his hurdle which I’m sure he will overcome. And he’s got people supporting him. If this didn’t happen to SD, his life would be too smooth. This is his share of burden to bear and through this, it will strengthen him more, could discover more of his hidden talent if it comes to that path(many great musician/composer were deaf) and test the loyalty of the people around him.

      All things happen for a purpose and we deal with it’s consequences. This is another lesson(amongst many simple yet great lessons) I’ve learn from this drama. The plot is developing in a very realistic way and every character is very relatable(for teens and adults alike) in their strive to achieve their dreams and growth in life.

      • 5.4.1 Mark

        I agree with the comment that these are kids in HS, where mistakes are made. I am curious to see how the writers will take the Sam Dong and Baekee conflict as her evil actions have major consequences for an innocent man’s life.

      • 5.4.2 bee

        Maybe it’s because they’re in high school that it seems so extreme to me. Dropping a flowerpot on someone’s head (It’s pretty clear that it was her)? Putting tacks in someone’s shoe? Plagiarizing a song because hers sucked? (Okay, this one I can believe of a high school student.)

        I can understand why she might be the way she is, but I can’t excuse her behavior. And I also believe that everyone deserves second, and third, and fourth chances. All I’m saying is that I’m glad that at least one of the awful things she’s done has caught up with her, and I’m hoping that she’ll begin to acknowledge her own failures (one thing about Baek-hee that really bothers me is that she blames other people for her mistakes instead of just owning up to it. Hye-mi, her teacher… maybe they weren’t the best role models, but they didn’t force her to do the things she did, you know?)

      • 5.4.3 anais

        The show did establish that Baekhee was the one who dropped the flowerpot. (Pink studded bracelet on the wrist of the hand dropping the flowerpot. Then, Baekhee staring at herself in the mirror, her pink studded bracelet visibly shaking as her jittery hands cupped her face.)

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        • milky143

          No the character’s in drama haven’t learned that BH is the one who dropped the flower pot but I can’t wait until they find out!!!! (but the viewers found out as mentioned above) She will totally crash and burn and slowly make the climb back up the right way this time….using the talent she has and own up to her own mistakes. but she fell hard and shestill has further to fall with all that other ish she’s done….@ bee what century are you from i’ve seen high schoolers do worse things than dropping a pot on someone’s head…google it…HS is fierce….

          • bella luna ;)

            I think everybody knows that Baek-Hee dropped the pot. It just wasn’t confirmed. What makes me curious is what everyone’s reaction is gonna be when word gets out on Sam Dong losing his sense of hearing because of the incident. Moreover, how is Baek-Hee going to settle the score with Sam Dong, cuz she owes him big time.

          • bee

            Oh.. sorry. I’m potentially biased. See, I went to a private high school in the middle of the ghetto, so all the parents who were worried about their kids going to the local public schools (which were crazy scary. people getting shanked and shot at all over the damn place) sent their kids to my school, so we were a fairly tame bunch.

      • 5.4.5 Pat

        I agree entirely with you. I feel sorry for Baekhee, especially because she didn’t exactly have it the easy way from Hye Mi in the beginning. Although it may seem trivial, years of a bad ‘friendship’ can have significant consequences. I hope at the end of the drama, each character finds their own success and learns from their mistakes. It wouldn’t exactly be a good message if a person who’s just be misled by life become unsuccessful and kicked out by her own group.

      • 5.4.6 singingzombies

        I wouldn’t be surprised if the drama didn’t follow the whole Baek Hee/Sam Dong “you screwed my life over” storyline too far. For one, their characters have had absolutely NO interaction from the beginning. If they were going to go for a big dramatic confrontation, at least I would have had some build up for it rather than a random face-down later with SSD going “YOU!!! …you’re that girl Hye Mi doesn’t get along with… and like clings to Jin Gook… and…”

        Also, such thinking is just not healthy for SSD. What happened, happened and it sucked bananas out a series of unfortunate events but its not fixable and it would be better for him to think forward.

        Example: In the drama Worlds Within, Hyun-Bin’s (of Secret Garden) character was breaking up a stupid drunken brawl caused by the most annoying and stupid character of the cast where he was struck in the eye and eventually lost vision in it.

        Said vision-loss eventually forced Hyun-Bin’s character to give up his passion as a drama director (he didn’t have the depth perception to coordinate shots and well in general need good vision to be a director) It sucked big time, but he didn’t go around blaming people for it even though he easily could of. (He did wallow in self-pity alot but hey so is SSD at the moment)

        A good kick in the rear by Song Hye-Kyo’s character and he’s moving forward again, and to be honest that’s what I wanted to see more than revenge. Just like for SSD, I would be more happy to see him… well happy rather than pursue revenge.

        Pretty good comparison since DH’s injury screwing over a character’s dream pretty much matches World Withins version to a tee. The only difference is that the characters were adults and didn’t explode into emotional puddles (but still did the whole self-pity, lass at the people you love parts)

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      • 15.2.1 Ani

        I think part of it could be motivated by her crush, but I don’t think she’s realized those feelings just yet, so I wonder if it has more to do with Oh-hyuk’s speech about helping these kids reach their dreams. I mean, she sees how his students love him and are hard workers and is slowly realizing how she’s not as good of a teacher as she thought. As with Baek-hee’s case, she sees how she pushed her kids in the wrong direction. Maybe wishful thinking on my part, but I do think that seeing Oh-hyuk’s interaction with his kids struck a chord in this woman that she didn’t realize was there.

        • Sammi

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    Swelling? No SSD doesn’t suffer from pain and there would be alot more issues than hearing loss.

    Hmmm, oh well drama logic dictates medical science in said dramas all the time, and this is actually pretty easy to swallow then say a chronic illness that kills you after you have sex too many times (man that drama summary kills me every time I read it)

    Great recap. I feel your enthusiasm the whole way and its so contagious it makes me enjoy the drama even more.

    Awesomeness, keep up the fun!

    • 20.1 rowensage

      From what I’ve learned (I’m just a first year medical student though so I could be wrong!) If the blow damaged any structures in the auditory canal or if the nerve that sends sound signals to the brain was damaged but not severed it could result in intermittent hearing loss.

      • 20.1.1 singingzombies

        That’s what I figured. Nerve damage, but such a condition wouldn’t need to be treated with medication so I threw that out.

    • 20.2 ivy

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      • 20.2.1 ck1Oz

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        However the leads are too young for that…aha…unless they were born with heart disease drama-style.

        Hahaa…now I’m curious what drama?

      • 20.2.2 singingzombies

        Cupid No Itazura (2006)

        The man can only have sex 7 times before he dies so… yeah lol. Them Japanese and their crazy plots lol.

    • 20.3 Peijin

      It seems like he might have Meniere’s Disease. It’s when the fluid in your ear is elevated. People who have this have ringing in one or both ears (tinnitus), hearing loss in the affected ear or ears, feeling of fullness in the affected ear, and vertigo. When people have vertigo “attacks” they can become temporarily deaf in the affected ear or ears. I have some of these symptoms. My doctor thinks I might have hydrops. The vertigo attacks are awful. I just had several vertigo attacks that came and went everyday for over two weeks. My doctor said I had what he called a massive attack. I think Sam Dong might have Meniere’s Disease, but he doesn’t seem to be having any vertigo attacks. I think he might have an atypical form of Meniere’s Disease.

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    Also, how cool would it be if they all stuck it to the Top Entertainment president and signed with White Entertainment instead?

    • 22.1 yansi

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      • 22.1.1 yansi

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    • 28.1 anais

      now i really dont care who ends up with hyemi. im now more invested at their individual growths all of them )

      I’m beginning to suspect that this was the Show’s original intent, for us to get over wanting a love story & its fairy tale ending and to focus to oneself and self-realization as the key to one’s happiness.

      I am all for that message.

      • 28.1.1 Sammi

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    In the last scene, when he raises the microphone, I stopped breathing. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

    “Please, let it be pictures of her, pre-diet.
    Please, let it be pictures of her, pre-diet.”
    I join to the pray!! But at the same time I’m sure that those are pictures of her pre-diet.

    “Jason, Pil-sook, and Jin-man continue to be 31 flavors of awesome” I couldn’t agree more. They are just…how to put it…THE BEST. They are already in top ten of favorite characters.

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      • 34.1.1 bella luna ;)

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  35. 35 Katherine

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    Mr. Loan Shark is probably one of my favorite characters (which comes as quite a surprise) because he is such fun to watch… In the beginning, he was pegged as the mean loan shark who was out to make life difficult for Hye-mi, but I love every single one of his scenes because there are just such fun to watch…

    On a side note, there is still one scene that I have waited weeks for Baek Hee to witness. I know that Baek Hee has already experienced her karma (and there’s probably more to come) but I am desperately waiting for her to see the friendship between Hye Mi and Pil Sook. Similar to how I enjoyed the bromance scenes (post-heartbreak) between Sam Dong and Jin Gook, I absolutely loved the relationship between Hye Mi and Pil Sook. It is utter bliss to watch and I hope that Baek Hee gets to witness even just one of their little moments together, although I know that she’s already on her way to hitting rock bottom. I hope that it’s THAT scene that pushes her to be a better Yoon Baek Hee…

    • 36.1 anais

      Re: Baekhee witnessing HM & PS’s friendship.
      Oooh, you are soooo right!

      And I love Ma Doo Shik. I love the actor who plays Ma Doo Shik. Love him in everything. He reminds me of a big old mastiff – all gruff & tuff looking but then utterly goofy with a big slobbery drool looping down his jowls (FYI. big, brachycephalic dogs are notorious for their drools.)

      • 36.1.1 bella luna ;)

        my heart broke for him and his pair in QSD. :(

        I’m glad his character is having his love story goood in this show. but Chansung as his younger version? LOL! hilarious! and hooray for him setting up his own entertainment company – something I’ve been anticipating for him to do since the rogue showcase. It’s also the best way that he could make Hye-Mi pay up for her debts.

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  39. 39 No1_AntiElitist

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    If there’s an “incorrect” way to watch a series, I think that’s how I’m viewing Dream High. 😀

    Can’t wait until tomorrow’s (today’s, really) episode!

    • 39.1 dramaintrigued

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  40. 40 Katey B

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    I just have to mention that Jason and Pilsook are just sooo adorable. And did anybody noticed that Jason was wearing glasses like Pilsook? I have no doubt that he was already in love(unaware) with Pilsook even before the diet but he is using this to challenge Pilsook to do diet for her sake. Which in turn helps Pilsook to challenge Jason to work more and aim a goal. They do complement each other. And the pictures in Jason’s phone are surely Pilsook’s.

  42. 42 DP

    I really hope that Sam Dong’s storyline will develop in the remaining episodes, but it seems that the writer will add another storyline regarding JinGook from watching preview of episode 13.

    I believe Jin Gook’s storyline has consume 10 episodes of the series why can’t the show gives Sam Dong more screen time, It’s obvious that Sam Dong’s storyline is way more interesting than Jin Gook.

    • 42.1 Hehe

      Totally agreed with you.

    • 42.2 anais

      But I think Jin Gook’s storylne took a major backseat since he and HM got the kiss in Japan. He’s totally faded into the backdrop. The only times when he’s foregrounded is when the Show pointedly portrays JG noting he is no longer HM’s go-to-confidant.

      And this I say, all despite being a staunch supporter of JG (although not necessarily of JG-HM).

      All the characters have evolved quite a bit, even JG. The dynamics are entirely different now.

      • 42.2.1 la dee dah

        Agree with you there! Supporter of Jin-gook (and Sam Dong, Hye Mi, Pilsook and Jason). I like his storyline, he’s really grown up and taken charge of his life somewhat since the beginning, found some happiness. And it’s not like Jin-gook’s storyline was dominant in all those previous episodes (so many other storylines were happening), it just seemed that way to people that don’t like his storyline.

  43. 43 tonia

    OK!!! I do love the story and all but everytime I see Suzy on screen….I blank out…..I just can’t feel her acting. I love the supporting actors though. For me the one who makes me love this is IU’s character and Jason (though Wooyoung’s acting leave much to be desired also). JYP is HILARIOUS! Also their teacher (don’t know his name…he is just perfect for the role and thank God a real actor)…Don’t really care for the T-ara member….she’s not bad but just for me I unconsciously edit her out same with Suzy….I love Kim So Hyun (did I spell the name right) He is another bright star for me when I watch this. It has an engaging story but the actors not so much except for those mentioned about. :((

  44. 44 Ashley

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  45. 45 Schmazel

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  46. 46 belledbadgurl

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  47. 47 crazedlu

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  48. 48 belledbadgurl

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    i can’t stop laughing when bgm playing winter sonata…

    • 48.1 anais

      bgm playing winter sonata…
      Is that what it was? I thought it was familiar.

      Another point for DH.

    • 48.2 obsession

      lol… me too! i was like: a parody of Winter Sonata????

      hahahaha… i can’t stop laughing during that part :p

  49. 49 Dara

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    Thanks, GF for your recap.

    • 49.1 Jomo

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      My theory is that the OTP is based on purely physical attraction – reality and rationality be damned. The genes of one being calling out to replicate with the best possible match.
      The 2nd lead, on the other hand, is the one she should end up with because he would be the best companion for her.

      I am still firmly in the JG/HM camp, even though our numbers are dwindling every week!

  50. 50 Ace

    My favorite scene was Pil-sook saying “Annyeong, Jason” hahaha! I love IU right now…she is so cute!

    • 50.1 SpongeBob

      Frankly, I think there is too much hype about Dream High. i expect these young idols to be able to sing, dance and act better. The only one who can act is perhaps the chap who plays the elder brother of Kangmu in Giant.

      the few episodes I watched were full of camera tricks which left much more to desire. How much more one can desire where BYJ’s acting is itself really sucks. likewise, his production is at best mediocre.

      am glad to have sole off all Keyeast shares at the peak!! Phew!!

      • 50.1.1 bella luna ;)

        hyped up or not, I don’t care. I enjoy watching the show and that’s what matters. not a big fan of k-pop idols. for them, I don’t have high expectations when it comes to acting, esp for those who are in it first time. so long as the acting is pretty decent, I’m fine with it.

  51. 51 cantika

    love Hyemi n SamDong, i repeat their scene over and over, and when Hyemi start her falling tears, i cant help my broken heart:(( Love Suzy and Soo Hyun acting!

  52. 52 k

    does anyone know the title of the song (plagiarized one) that baekhee sings?

    • 52.1 hmmm...

      “Someday”? Oh, I just joked on JYP for his own plagiarized song on the OST.

  53. 53 mh

    Great episode! Awesome recap! The Jason-Pilsook couple act really funny. Great contrast to the heavy stuff with SamDong’s hearing and BaekHee falling from glory. This drama has done crazy stuff with BaekHee and Hyemi. I’m cheering for one, then the other, then both.

    Way off topic, but what happened to Joo? I saw a poster of her in one of the shots in ep 11 and thought it would be funny if she appeared as a student in a shot with the same poster.

  54. 54 ivy

    After watching ep12, it seems like Hyemi and Jin Gook kinda ‘got together’ (aka. they’re currently dating)? Look at all their natural but lovey dovey mannerisms around each other, and how he’s ‘kinda angry’ with her etc. Even though Jin Gook was hardly on the screen during ep11, I guess the writer wanted viewers to surmise that HyeMi and JinGook has still been in constant contact (like via text messages and the sort). Like in ep 11 when JG went to find OH, Oh Hyuk said that JG and HM’s words mimicked each other’s. Did HM perhaps prod JG to seek OH out?

    And by the way, this observation is coming from a SamMi fan.

    • 54.1 S

      Well, I think you don’t observe enough. If you watched these scenes carefully, they wanted to show how the so called emotional connection between HM and JG is slipping away. The way HM didn’t confide anything to JG because she doesn’t trust JG anymore. The way HM didn’t look for JG when she needed help.

      Do you notice that HM didn’t smile at all at the sight of JG. That is not the sign of girl in love.
      There is nothing JG can do to make HM smile anymore.

      On the other hand, SD can bring out all kinds of emotion from HM. Frustration, anger, worry, happiness, sadness I mean all kinds. The connection between them becomes stronger that HM cannot smile and happy if SD is down. The mere presence of SD can bring a smile on HM’s face. Even JG can notice. How can you not?

      • 54.1.1 e

        SO TRUE. hands down i agree with everything you say.

      • 54.1.2 SUNSHINE

        Yeah ,I am 1000% of your mind

        • amna87

          so true

      • 54.1.3 hmmm...

        You didn’t see the part when HyeMi was feeding JinGook, or when she placed her head onto her arm? How is that proof that their connection is slipping away? They act like a regular high school couple. Not a serious romantic couple, but a realistic HS one.

        • Hairlove

          HY doesn’t know she is loosing her attraction for JG when JG reproached her for not asking for his help…her laying on his arm n feeding him felt like she was trying to make him feel better like thing r great between them but THAT IS NOT the case,,,,,SD is more of the case here

          • tiffani

            …I don’t get how you got that? She seemed more amused by the latter, and the former was her way of seeking comfort from him. I think it was more like showing how comfortable she is showing him affection. And how different her affection for him is from her affection for SD.

            I’m not denying that she does have feelings for SD now (although I can’t suss out if they’re purely platonic/guilt induced or not)…it’s almost like Bella/Edward, Bella/Jacob for me…idk

      • 54.1.4 ivy

        haha i noticed all that too but i prolly didn’t digest it well. sry… i’m an inarticulate dimwit. i specially made those comments because of the noticeable lack of JG in ep11 (of course i liked that it was Sam Dong centric) &
        despite there being no ‘apparent’ continuation in ep11 after the ferris wheel incident i thought/assumed/imagined they cld’ve gotten closer after that even though it wasn’t shown

        and while i didn’t talk about all that but I LURVED how they SEEM to be steering Hyemi towards Samdong on the emotional front. She’s showing genuine concern towards him and really felt heartbroken for him. And it’s kinda apparent that she doesn’t share any of her actual feelings or concerns with JG, whether it be regarding debut or SD’s illness. But despite all that… I thought that, on the surface, at the very least… they seemed to be like closer than before? i think i’m making zero sense to anyone. oh wells. i’m going back to hide in my cave. and i need some sleep. orz

        • grateful1

          @ivy: You’re clearly neither a dimwit nor inarticulate, so enough of that, arachi?

          I think Show wants to keep us guessing– we see that HM and JG are displaying a little more physical intimacy, but we don’t see much in the way of emotional intimacy. OTH, this epi brought us a major turning point in the relationship between SD and HM, and now the dynamics between them are such that they could easily board the Emotional Intimacy Express.

          I agree with those who have said that it’s really nice to see how Show is keeping Romance simmering on the back burner for now, giving the characters time to grow and learn from their individual Heroic Journeys.

      • 54.1.5 Luz

        You read my mind! Even JG noticed how HM is around SD.
        And the show isn’t showing it just to make JG ‘jealous’ is showing to make JG see how HM doesn’t notice it, but he and others notice how she has been acting around SD.

        For me, this is a evidence she will end up with SD.

        Also the preview for episode 13 said that Jason and Hye Mi will feel ‘nervous’ because SD and PS will get close..
        hahahah I get Jason being nervous, but HM? Why would she? Jealous of PS? Jealous that SD is smiling to PS not her? Is accepting PS’s help, and not hers? I guess she likes him but didn’t notice it yet. hehehehe xD

        As for JG.. is not love, just a connection they have because of the past, if it wasn’t it, I wonder if they would get along too weel. I bet that no.

      • 54.1.6 la dee dah

        I really don’t see it that way. She obviously is together with Jin-gook now, he knows she’s upset about Sam Dong and Baek Hee, she leans into him for support. Even if they are a couple now, how can she be all happy happy when SD is acting the way he is and all that crap with Baek Hee? It’s not really fair to say it’s because she doesn’t have any feelings for Jin-gook, ’cause she obviously does. And while SD brought out all these emotions in Hye Mi nowadays, that is the same as what happened with Jin-gook before, he was making her frustrated, mad, sad, happy. And I remember people complaining about how Jin-gook was making her feel all these bad emotions while SD was always making her happy, now it’s the opposite.

        The only time Jin-gook and Hye Mi really were able to have any couple-time without any worries in this episode was when she fed him (which by the way I found funny ’cause he bit a part of the wrapper off, ha ha).

        But who knows what happens in the future. She seems to be caring more about Sam Dong. And Jin-gook notices. But I’m just glad he’s not doing the whole mad jealous “why are you looking at him, only hang out with me” type of attitude you see in other dramas.

        So now, I don’t really care who gets with who, as long as everyone is happy. That means Sam Dong, Hye Mi, and Jin-gook! Oh, and Pilsook and Jason, but you know they were have a happy ending (hopefully, they better!!).

        • sehseh

          Thank you, I feel exactly the same.

          At the end of the day, Dream High is about achieving their dreams, so I don’t think OTP is the biggest issue anymore.

          I hope everyone have a happy ending in the series.

  55. 55 Ace

    Download link to Dream High OST including Kim Soo Hyun’s “Dreaming” and “My Valentine” by Taecyeon and Nickhun (feat. JYP):


    • 55.1 Katey B


  56. 56 Steph

    I love how you liken Hye mi to the knight in shining armor and Sam dong as the gaurdian angel and not vice versa/

    This show is breaking my beliefs on what is conventional and boring. You can be conventional but not boring. Out of all the normal kdramas there are, this one is the best.

    Notice that the drama sprinkles bits of Jason, pilsook and jin man after every angsty scene. I love how the show cares for our fragile hearts that way hehe

  57. 57 htet lay

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  58. 58 SUNSHINE

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  59. 59 rivald


  60. 60 Kem

    I think Sam Dong and Hye Mi have more connection than Jin Gook and Hye Mi. Back to the previous episodes, when Jin Gook went to debut, Sam Dong was the only one who practiced with Hye Mi, who sang every duets with Hye Mi ( Jin Gook had never done such a thing). Hye Mi said that Sam Dong was the one who saved her, who helped her. While Jin Gook understood her situation but did nothing except hug her , Sam Dong cheered her up to find her real passion in music.

    Sam Dong makes Hye Mi smiles. Sam Dong brings to her the real emotion. Hye Mi feels happy when Sam Dong does something really babo (hehe). When she with Jin Gook, all she can do is crying. So when she wrote the song “Dreaming”, she was thinking about the whole time she has spent with Sam Dong, from the beginning until now. If she liked Jin Gook, she would think of him instead of Sam Dong.

    I’m not DongMi shipper. I just love Sam Dong. But I said about the feelings when I saw the two couple, and I think Hye Mi might like Sam Dong a little much more.
    ( but she hasn’t recognized yet ).

    Anyway, I want Sam Dong to be K at the end so if he had Hye Mi and the chance to be K, it would be unfair for Jin Gook. So Jin Gook would have Hye Mi, and Sam Dong would be K. Sam Dong can follow his passion in music, his love for singing and composing music. ^^

    By the way, I love Pil Sook and Jason. So cute together xD

    • 60.1 Luz

      I agree.

      I also think the have a better connection, is just HM never stopped to think about it. But when she had to make the music she maybe realized how important SD was for her, and then she doesn’t knowing too well what she really is felling, decided to help him, and said she won’t give up, I really think she likes him and doesn’t realize it…

      HM and JG just have more a strong friendship in my opinion than a ‘love’ relationship. T

      They care for each other but just because they have a similar past and that makes them more ‘close’ to each other, but besides this, beside this past, I ask, what make them close now? What connect them?

      If you think in it, nothing. JG wasn’t there for her, JG was following his dream and left her behind… and don’t tell they are close now because they shared a kiss.. a kiss is a kiss :) just that… I think JG has a complex, is not love, he just need someone who understand him, and since HM share this past with him, he believes she is who he loves, but in my opinion, both JG and HM are wrong about it. They saw wrong their friendship…

  61. 61 shu

    jason and pil sook is awesome… now that we are pretty sure that the girl in his photos is her!!

    then comes, when? did he take it.

    did he, secretly snap shots of her always. or take before he knew he was not going to see her for 200 days? or couldnt handle it and took snapshots (just like joo won) of pictures of her out of temptation.

    cant wait for the truth of his photos to be out. thank goodness pil sook didnt think that it was probably another girl he liked and decided to give up on him.

    i love that she’s getting more and more confident, and jason’s looking at her more than ever, concerned and sensitive to her every action. =]]]

    oh, and i thought jason was probably unconcious-ly jealous and protective of pil sook against in sung and his photographer… =]

  62. 62 ck1Oz

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    I just stare at the screen and squeal every time they are on! Wooyong your 3 months practising for this drama paid off.IU….please please ask for the kiss scene as well.

    GF thank you so much for the recap.I am now ready for ep 13 in 2hrs time.Yay!!!

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    im so eager to watch this ep..
    i really enjoyed the recap.. thanks again!!

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    1. The scarf scene: The Winter Sonata background music KILLED me…

    2. Pilsook and the phone: She’s so cute that I would totally buy one of her just to stick in my pocket for entertainment.

    3. Jinnam Robot: The comments in the visor were hilarious.

    I love this show! Thanks for the recaps!

  65. 65 Janet

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    Javabeans, you almost made me choke – good thing I wasn’t drinking coffee…….

    • 65.1 Janet

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      I love you both.

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    P.S: Samdong looked so hot when he walked in that class, nowonder why hye mi put that big fat smile on her face 😉 😉

  67. 67 Samz

    And i love your recap about SamMi* He is totally the knight in shining armour… Who likes to wear Jingooks Underwear :)

  68. 68 Hairlove

    BH so sad but I hope her character learns from this mistake. I noticed she changed hair style is she tryin not to stand out anymore.

    I hurt for SD n HM no comment until I see todays episode

  69. 69 Cherry

    Poor Samdongie, i know you can do it (sing without the need to hear) Aja!! ^^

    Now, about JG-HM couple, at the begining i thought they’d make a cute couple but now i’m disappointed, they really don’t have any chemistry, i just don’t, no, can’t like their moments together!!
    I have a feeling(honestly!! Away from my bias towards KSH) that the pairing won’t last long & HM will eventually be with SD =)

    • 69.1 Luz

      The problem isn’t the pair itself. Is the actress… however she get’s paired with, it won’t show chemistry, because of her bad acting. We all can see a crazy in love SD, but not HM, be it with SD or JG. That is the problem. :(

      • 69.1.1 Luz

        Oh I got wrong your comment, LOL I read SD-HM not JG-HM. In the case of JG-HM, the problem is their acting skills… or the way the writer do their ‘tragic-past-love-story’

      • 69.1.2 wnjy

        i beg to differ. there is really great chemistry between suzy and soohyun (hyemi and samdong). the problem shouldn’t be the main actress’ faulty acting skills, should it? :) sometimes, two people just don’t have chemistry.

  70. 70 Samz

    Im curious to know what Hye mi and Samdong were talking about back stage before he performed. Hye mi said “Your stage, I will not let it ruinned” and Samdong said “You… Based on what?” Ahhh i wanna know the rest of the conversation!! :$

    Samdong is really trying to keep his distance with hye mi ! When she held both of his arms at back stage, he actually took a step back so she would let go. Poor Samdong he really wants to get over her but she’s not helping :(

    Oh yeah, and i know karma is a bitch but somehow i don’t feel that much hatred towards baekhee anymore, she spoke to pilsook and somehow that made me feel that baekhee actually wants to be a part of something, she just wants to be good at one thing without having to come second all the time.

    But yeah… She shouldn’t have been that aggressive though towards hye mi and the cheating work etc..

    Oh and I love SamMi :)

    • 70.1 Jomo

      Im curious to know what Hye mi and Samdong were talking about back stage before he performed. Hye mi said “Your stage, I will not let it ruinned” and Samdong said “You… Based on what?”

      Me, too! At first I thought maybe we’d get a nice kiss from HM!

      Who has the K medallion now? Could she have given that to SD?

      Could she have given him some sort of hearing device, or something that will allow him to feel the vibrations of the music better?

      If SD has perfect pitch, which we are assuming he does, he really doesn’t need to HEAR the accompaniement in order to get the notes right. He does, however, need to be at tempo. So if he could feel it, he could perform his song.

      NOBODY HAS MENTIONED Ludwig van Beethoven’s cameo in the bgm. The hero of all deaf musicians!

      • 70.1.1 Samz

        Samdong has the K right now, but to be honest if he’s going to end up with hye mi, i think Jingook will be K. But who knows, This show is un-predictable ahh

        In the next ep preview i saw the tuning fork hearing device, so hopefully that will help Samdong :)

        And yes! Lets hope that nice kiss would happen in the next episode 😀

      • 70.1.2 bella luna ;)

        “He does, however, need to be at tempo. So if he could feel it, he could perform his song.”

        this is where Hye-Mi could help. if she could do little rhythmic moves to the music – while at Sam Dong’s view, he would know the tempo. she could just do a headbang/nodding movement like we do when we listen to a song we like.

        • bella luna ;)

          aand, she did it. ep. 13. 😉

  71. 71 @.@

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    did anyone else squee at the bit where Jason takes out his notebook to write notes when Top Entertainment’s manager spoke to them about their solo stages? he had adorable drawings of Pilsook before and after the diet! props to the production team, so awesome-ly cute that I had to pause it to stare at it!

    • 72.1 Ace

      when you mentioned it, I was like, “really? where? where? where?” LOL had to go back to that scene and press pause too. saw it now so thanks for the tip. it is so cute.

      just watched ep 13 and let’s just say that the green monster’s going to appear with regards to the milky couple…

      as to the rest…welllll…i’m just going to wait for JB’s recaps to see what she thinks of it.

    • 72.2 pam

      ME, ME, ME!:-D

      I was just searching through all the replies to see if anyone else saw it! Everyone else keeps talking about the photos in his phone, but his doodles are proof enough of affection for me.

      LOL, I paused and stared, too! Now if only I can figure out how to post a screencap…

  73. 73 bella luna ;)

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    found my new tongue twister.

  74. 74 polkadots

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    i am really sick of seeing how hye mi goes back to jin guk for support after knowing what she has done

    also taec yeon’s acting is getting to me, im not too sure why
    but he’s acting is stiff, not as bad a kim hyun joong in BOF but when he act, he tries really hard and doesn’t come out fluid

    where as baek hee, sam dong, hye mi all come out beautifully

    also when he smiles, it feels so forced

    on another note, i really feel for sam dong, i wasn’t really interested in any other story lines other than sam dong and how he was to overcome his illness, everything else came second

    go sam dong

    • 77.1 Jomo

      hye mi goes back to jin guk for support after knowing what she has done

      What has she done?

  78. 78 Mai Nipin

    thanks for the very quick recap! I was really glad to find it.

    anyway..I really love Pil Suk & Jason’s story. IU with her so tiny & so-adorable voice & cute (though not very good) acting engages me to this drama. Wooyong caught my attention in this drama although I’ve been seeing him on youtube.woooo love them!! so much!

    and I have a curious question about the previous episode..well Sam DOng & Hyemi messed up as wedding singers right? Ma Dooshik is kind of connected to them right? wasn’t he even contacted by his “friends of friends” about it? It must have caused trouble for him but there is no follow-up story about that.

    about Hyemi she just doesn’t appeal to me. I agree with the rest of the comments here. well she can cry, frown, express surprise but I feel like there is no character in it. hah!

    I really like teacher Meng’s storyline..I think she is starting to fall for the nerdy Teacher Ohyuk?? I really like her beauty. Fierce in the outside but soft & sentimental. I also love her black outfits, hairstyle & black eyeliner.

    And I was so surprised that Ma Dooshik indeed put up his own entertainment agency. I’ve thought of it when he met his ‘friend’ I think the president/assistant of Top Entertainment? (not so sure)

    I’m thinking that Ma Doo Shik will be the one to debut the “K” that will win Grammy..with the help of Ohyuk’s sister I guess.

  79. 79 Beebs

    I think that Suzy has done a better job of acting when she is around KSH, in the last few episodes. But let’s be honest. In episode 12, it’s pretty clear that her character HM is still pretty close to JG. He was always in tow right behind her in ep 12, she fed him, and even leaned on him. I just think Suzy doesn’t do a good job of acting with Taecyeon.

  80. 80 sylde

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    awesome recap! merci beaucoup <3

  81. 81 Samz

    Samdong doesn’t care from which angle he’s been taken from, but with Jingook i think he’s trying to be ‘Perfect’ too much. Thats just my opinion, Samdong is more laidback and he looks good from any angle 😛 Or maybe that’s just his amazing acting skills. Gah dayum i love this dude

    But from this episode, what made me realize is that throughout the whole of hye mi/Jingook scenes, she did not smile one bit. She was depressed the whole time. Then BOOM! She saw her guardian angel walked in… And sparks fly, she smiles, + Jingook saw it.
    He needs his daddy’s love, that’s what he needs…

    • 81.1 Bad Minion (Lahlita)

      It’s partly Soo-hyun’s amazing acting, and partly the fact that he really does look good from any angle. Taecyeon is very handsome (the boy is seriously fine, unf!) but Soo-hyun is beautiful. I won’t say delicate, but there is something very classical about his face. His features are all very bright and beautifully defined, but also soft somehow. I don’t know. But whatever it is, he has the kind of face that photographs beautifully from every angle. And he’s so wonderfully expressive. I am loving this boy so much.

      Taecyeon’s face has more planes and angles. He’s sharper and more rugged (and foine, holla!), but it does also mean that one needs must watch the angles. Unfortunately, he seems a bit hampered by that, but I’m sure he’ll improve with time. He’s got plenty of natural charisma so all he needs is the skill.

      • 81.1.1 yongshin

        Your description of Samdong was like straight from a romance novel. lol. But I agree soo much.

        • Bad Minion (Lahlita)

          Yeah, well, what to do? The boy is prettee. 😀

          • bella luna ;)

            can’t imagine what a Soo-Hyun/Ah-In drama face-off would to me. pretty vs. pretty. acting chops vs. acting chops. but I would love to stand in the crossfire. I’m not even thinking about who would win. I wouldn’t care.

      • 81.1.2 Bluefyre

        @bella luna

        Omo! You went and did it! Now a drama with Kim Soo Hyun and Yoo Ah In is on the top of my wish list!

        Please make it happen? Pretty please! 😀

        • bella luna ;)

          just thinking about it makes me giddy. :)

  82. 82 chloe

    I just love this drama. I died and cried when KSH/SD cried and asked to be saved. Suzy did a good job here. This drama is well balanced and has great rhythm. The writer is doing a great job!

    Jason and Pil-sook scenes are just adorable and just enough. And a great complement to the angst driven KSH/SD scenes. Too much of the “cute/adorable” scenes would loosen its adorable effect. I love Jin-man. He just cracks me up… All the characters here play a pivotal role in making this drama a success and feel complete.

  83. 83 Rina

    Thanks Girlfriday! As always…your recaps make me laugh – making people around me think I’m crazy.

    I look forward to watching JYP as Jin-man, just to see what they have him doing next. Wish I had a teacher this quirky back in high school, maybe I would have paid more attention to some of my lessons.
    Jin-man, Pil-sook, and Sam dong continue be my favorite characters.

    Oh Sam-dong, you’re sure breaking my heart. Can’t we have someone sing “Unbreak my Heart” that Toni Braxton song in your showcase? I hope his performance goes well. I’m strongly SD/HM!

    Love that Ok-hyuk’s sister was drunkenly imagining Ma Doo-shik as a young idol (Chansung). Maybe this the wake up call to lay off the wine?

    • 83.1 Carinne

      I too look forward watching PJY as Jin-man. Being a dorky teacher seems to be his calling. We need 2PM and rest of JYP staff to vouch for that. Ah, I had a great P.E. teacher just as great in high school. He liked us so much, he planned a field trip for my class year to go up to his hill top estate for lunch. He was like another version of Bruce Jenner, the Olympian, always in running shorts, shoes, and tank tops during class sessions. I will never forget Mr. G.

  84. 84 Carinne

    I, frankly, was screaming like a fan girl when Chansung was forced to kiss. A rare occasion which I find highly amusing. All in good humor. A real ROFL moment for me when the sober veil lifts to see Man Doo-shik with a kiss stamped on him. (After knowing how popular those BHS from You’re Beautiful were released out, it’s only natural for a show like Dream High to offer the same greatness, especially, this BHS takes of Chansung’s and Oh-hyuk’s sister’s smooch fest. Who here agrees with me?)

    Go, Team Angel and/or Nerd glasses couple, Pil-sook & Jason. Enough said.

    And I too am glad IT’S ABOUT TIME someone else is aware of Sam-dong’s hearing disorder. Be still my heart. Please make it a curable challenge SHOW.

    • 84.1 Rina

      Me too, I’m glad they didn’t drag out the angst of Sam-dong silently suffering regarding his hearing loss. I’m hoping for an experimental treatment that miraculously or at least partially cures him.

    • 84.2 Severine

      Right there with you. When Oh-hyuk’s sister planted a big one on Chansung, I was like…how in the world are they going to resolve this one? I didn’t even have to wait a split-second to see Mr. Loan Shark’s shocked face. I just knew there was lurve in the air for those two. So many hilarious supporting cast couples in this drama. I’m eating it up nom nom nom.

  85. 85 Jomo

    Did anyone notice that the B&W mural behind the Principal – with arches, stone wall and lamps – is the same one in Hae Young’s apartment?

    • 85.1 bella luna ;)

      they cohabitate? :(

      • 85.1.1 Jomo

        Two responses!
        Omo! That is funny!

        • bella luna ;)

          heheh. now that I think about it again… ew! indeed!

  86. 86 Bad Minion (Lahlita)

    The scene of Hye-mi with Sam-dong while he was asking to be saved made me cry when I watched it. Damn, Soo-hyun can act. Absolute magic, that boy is. He brings out the best in Suzy. I’ve always been completely in Sam-dong’s corner because I just love him so much, but Hye-mi has finally touched my heart as well.

    Reading the recap makes me teary-eyed again because of what Hye-mi said to Oh-hyuk saem: “Teacher, help us.” Help us. I think that right there is my favorite line in the entire show. That one line completely encapsulates the transformation Hye-mi has undergone throughout the series, and cements what Sam-dong means to her. They’re in this together. His pain is her pain, his broken heart is her broken heart. She can’t be whole while he’s in pieces. That, my friends, is pure, unadulterated LOVE. Is it romantic love? I don’t know, and frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. But it’s real, and it’s beautiful, and I’m so proud of Hye-mi for how far she has come. Her friendship with Pil-sook. The sacrifice she made for Baek-hee. Her cute I-don’t-know-what-it-is with Jin-gook. Her openness and selflessness with Sam-dong and the way she lights up when he enters the room. “Teacher, help us.”

    *sniff* I’m going to get fired because I’m always on this darned website. Girlfriday, you’re a legend!

    • 86.1 bella luna ;)


      but I read somewhere that in the next episode, Sam Dong will get upset at the sight of Jin Guk and Hye Mi in a sweet moment, (could be a misunderstanding perhaps?) which would lead him to sign up for a contract to debut.

      Just want to hug Sam Dong and tell him that it’s going to be alright. Although it’s legal, it still doesn’t feel right. :(

      • 86.1.1 bella luna ;)

        question (OT), whenever you read, “spoiler. avert your eyes.” do you avoid reading it? or does it serve as a billboard to you for info that you just can’t wait for?

        • Bad Minion (Lahlita)

          Heh, it serves as a billboard, so it’s probably better that it not even be mentioned (there’s an Open Thread for that). Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what comes to pass. We know how important Sam-dong is to Hye-mi but Sam-dong doesn’t. We see her smile every time he enters a classroom. He doesn’t. We know that she composed an A+ song with him as her inspiration. He doesn’t. We know she spent the entire episode moping around, completely miserable and worried about him. He doesn’t. So he’s going to go and do something rash. Poor baby. But regardless, I love their friendship. They’re good together. I don’t know that they’re endgame, but they’re really lovely.

          • bella luna ;)

            Oh well, then, sorry for posting the spoiler. :) I’ll try to restrain from doing so myself next time.

            It is indeed very typical of a person who is consumed with self-pity, to misunderstand and not see the acts of people around him. I could imagine how much a loser Sam Dong thinks he is: he thinks he lost the fight for Hye Mi, he’s losing his sense of hearing, and the last thing he would want is for the girl he loves and his rival to know about his condition and feeling sorry for him – that would make him feel more like a loser. It would take great effort on Hye Mi’s part to prove that she truly cares for Sam Dong, because he could just see it all as an act of pity.

            I’m still about to watch the episode, so I’d like to ask this in relation to what you’ve mentioned about Sam Dong not seeing the things that Hye Mi does for/because of him: when Hye Mi said, “Teacher, help us.” was Sam Dong able to hear it?

          • bella luna ;)

            saw it already. Sam Dong heard it, judging by his reaction. :)

      • 86.1.2 Beebs

        Yeah I read that written preview. It wasn’t true though. He didn’t look jealous at all. A lot of these written previews have been wrong lately.

    • 86.2 Samz

      100% agree to this :’) SamMi is just pure love

  87. 87 Fasiris Fay

    yayyyy loved this episode, and totally agree that the conflict of sam dong suffering silently was solved quickly.

    can’t wait to see the next episode!

  88. 88 chuachumill

    omg…ive watch samsong sang…TEARS OVERFLOWINGGGGGGGGG~~

    • 88.1 chuachumill

      oppss…sorry…typo *samdong.lol

  89. 89 p3rk3le

    I’m so glad they lost an ep during that week. Cos even numbered episodes have more exciting endings so you can stay interested for a week, but now DH has the even numbered ep followed by the next one the next day~ huhuhu

  90. 90 bella luna ;)

    I don’t get Kyung-Jin’s monster meter for her students.

    Putting a tack inside a classmate’s shoe. (Physical injury which could lead to infection.) Not a monster.

    Dropping a plant on a classmate’s head. (I’m sure Kyung-Jin knew that it was Baek Hee, judging from her guilty expression during the faculty meeting where the incident was argued over.) Not yet a monster.

    Plagiarizing a song. (No physical harm/fatal threat to anyone.) Becoming a monster.

  91. 91 Ashley

    I am becoming more and more depressed over the fact that Sam Dong is probably not going to get the girl. If she’s still into Jin Gook at this point… :(

  92. 92 Banu

    I’m gonna soooo die if Sam Dong ends up deaf..

    YAY Chansung my fav 2pm member.. SOOO gonna watch this episode NOW.. >> XD

    by the way: THANK YOU>>>> ^__^

  93. 93 chisaicherry

    i hope that samsong will get the girl, what a poor boy.

  94. 94 In Lalaland

    Did I miss something? They are in high school? Geez, the whole time that I’ve been watching this, I thought they were in college. In the beginning wasn’t Baek Hee saying that Hye Mi was going to apply to Julliard and that Baek Hee can’t make it into Julliard so she’s applying to Kirin instead? But Kirin is HIGH SCHOOL? Someone please help me clarify.

    As always though, many many thanks to Girlfriday and Javabeans for there AWESOME recaps of DH. LOVE THIS SHOW AND LOVE YOU GALS!!!!! xoxo

    • 94.1 bella luna ;)

      in your first three sentences, I thought you were just being sarcastic. cuz from the title, I thought it was obvious. it has pop idols (dream) + school setting (high).

      dream high can be understood in two ways: to dream for great things (noun), and high school where you pursue your dreams (verb).

      Juilliard has a Pre-College Division where they teach kids from elementary to high school. Hye Mi could be entering the high school division.

  95. 95 mira

    i just love this drama:X and pil-sook and jason are so cute!

  96. 96 Samz

    i finally know what they were talking about backstage :’)

  97. 97 Samz

    I miss Samdongie’s smile so much :'(

  98. 98 joguker

    awesome drama really! and i was just telling myself a few days ago that i was not gonna watch any school dramas anymore because of silly plots!
    Great great stuff here!it is hearty it is touching it is never boring, full of eye candy.The only minus point would be the acting: yeah they are still young..

    Grindy remark: Is it just me or did everybody else notice the ridiculous outfits the director enjoys to wear? the suit with a collar fur was really something!

  99. 99 asianromance

    Thanks for the recap!

    I really like how this drama knows how to be entertaining and still delivery some positive messages.

    “It’s just high school, and going with your feelings, and leaning on your friends who are there for you. I like that in the end, the journey is for Hye-mi to grow and become a better person, which is what Sam-dong makes her do, and what Jin-gook notices in her.”–> I really like this too! While it is fun speculating who she is going to get with, I really like seeing them all growing as individuals and as just friends. I can’t believe it is episode 12 already! I hope they sort of develop Samdong’s interest in the idol profession. While I hate having Samdong losing his hearing- it looks like it is making his desire to sing and perform take the driver’s seat while his puppy love gets a break.

    So what exactly is his condition again that can be controlled with meds?

  100. 100 Samz

    Wow… I was watching Ep13 preview on youtube and Someone decided not to warn other people if they are giving us actual spoilers from what happens in the next ep.. This just ruins it now, don’t think i can have a good night sleep tonight. AHHH i was actually really looking forward to the next ep :'( But now i know whats NOT going to happen.

    Completely killed my mood.

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