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Dream High: Episode 13
by | February 15, 2011 | 381 Comments

This drama gives me the warm and fuzzies, but even more than that, it fulfills that hole left by so many dramas where style and fanservice are swapped in as stand-ins for actual plot or continuity. With so many idols, Dream High could so easily devolve into a nonstop fanservice extravaganza, but instead it’s working the performances in to make sense with the plot, rather than just shoehorning them in ’cause they know the fans’ll eat it up regardless.

This episode kept the drama in first place for the night, recording a strong 17.9%.


Sam-dong stands there onstage, hearing dulled, wondering, “Is this the answer the stage is giving me?”

He watches the keyboardist play and counts down to his cue, then starts singing. Problem is, while he’s on time and his voice sounds good, he’s singing in the wrong key, sounding a discordant melody.

Sam-dong sees the confused murmuring in the audience and realizes that something is wrong, and breaks off, courage faltering. But Hye-mi, true to her promise, refuses to let him fail and heads to the second story. She gestures that he’s flat, then indicates the beats so he can get back on track — and he does.

[ Download ]

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Hye-mi mouths along the lyrics as she keeps the beat, and Sam-dong keeps his eyes fixed on her as he wows the crowd, both of them letting their tears fall.

In the end, he gets a standing ovation, and he cries out of pain and relief — his dream’s not dead, but the revival of an almost-dead hope is a painful thing.

Hye-mi and Oh-hyuk meet with Sam-dong’s doctor for notes on how to help Sam-dong, and are surprised when the doctor informs them that his illness has nothing to do with head trauma.

Jin-gook is the guest of honor at a ceremony celebrating his recent No. 1 performance on Music Bank as a solo artist. Even his manager is impressed with the level of his success, but Jin-gook is more moved by a particular congratulatory wreath, sent by his father.

Hye-mi presents Sam-dong with a tuning fork, telling him that if he’s able to grasp the A note as his anchor, he’ll be fine. She starts to rattle off a list of foods he needs to avoid, and Sam-dong cuts in to remind her that the doctor said his head injury has nothing to do with his deafness — so she can stop acting out of guilt. Hye-mi says that she knows, but that doesn’t matter, and that she’ll help him no matter what.

Sam-dong asks if she’s doing this because she likes him, or feels sorry for him. It’s a rhetorical question, and he adds the request that she stop, because it’s confusing him. Aw. It’s the sort of thing you say when you like somebody who you know doesn’t like you back, and you’re trying your best to get over them.

He tells her that she’s done enough and that he won’t do anything stupid, so she can stop worrying about him. And that he’s sorry for making her cry.

The next focus of music lessons is about pitch, and Pil-sook is the only student with perfect pitch. (Perfect pitch is a natural talent where a person can identify any note without needing a music cue.) Kyung-jin tells them that perfect pitch is nice, but what they really need is relative pitch, the understanding of the notes’ relation to each other.

This lesson is particularly relevant to Sam-dong’s interests, because he could perform without worrying if he could always be assured of the right notes. He asks if one can learn perfect pitch, disappointed when Kyung-jin answers no.

Still, it’s worth checking out, so he asks to meet Pil-sook later, and she readily agrees…which gets Jason’s Pil-sook-radar up and his jealousy-o-meter spiking. He asks Sam-dong, then Hye-mi, what that’s all about, but doesn’t get any answers and stands there in dissatisfaction.

Baek-hee is now the new outcast at Kirin, thanks to her showcase disaster. She sits at a cafeteria table, only to have the two girls haughtily move over to a different table. Sigh. The misery of the high school condition is universal.

Ah-jung joins the girls and gossips that Baek-hee plagiarized her showcase song from a songwriter at her agency, and she’s going to be cut loose any day now. That means no other agency will take her on, and her budding career is finito.

Baek-hee is joined at the table by Hye-mi, who sits down without saying a word and sticks her earbud into Baek-hee’s ear. Baek-hee points out that there’s no music playing, to which Hye-mi tells her to just go along with it.

Touched at the gestury but wary, Baek-hee says that her career isn’t over, and that she won’t give up. Hye-mi merely says, “I know.”

Kyung-jin finds Baek-hee sitting alone backstage, and approaches her sympathetically. Baek-hee admits that she knows why she did what she did, and that breaking the rules got her to this point. She intends to ask President Yoon for another chance, and if he gives it, she promises to work hard without cheating. And if he doesn’t…well, she’ll have to start all over from the bottom, hard as that’ll be.

Kyung-jin nods her approval, and answers Baek-hee’s request for help with a heartfelt “I will.” I’ve gotta say, I’m really liking how formerly tough-as-nails Kyung-jin has evolved into this awkward softie.

Sam-dong practices in the studio, trying to grasp perfect pitch. Oh-hyuk cautions him that learning it isn’t easy (or even, perhaps, possible), and that with medicine and care, he won’t lose his hearing. The problem is the tinnitus that comes and goes and drowns out sound — and if Sam-dong were to give up the idea of performing and instead took on songwriting, he’ll have no problem continuing on.

But Sam-dong doesn’t want that — he won’t give up performing, and he vows to rid himself of his weakness.

At half-past five (and therefore well into Pil-sook’s meeting with Sam-dong), Jason is hyper-conscious of the time and trying to talk himself out of caring, or barging in on them. The other students send him annoyed looks since he’s ostensibly listening to music, but instead arguing to himself like a crazy person, and holding up the line at the listening station.

With some prodding from an annoyed In-sung, he finally decides to go. Well, it only took you forever.

In the old Misfit classroom, Pil-sook describes to Sam-dong how she hears pitch, and how her vocal cords understand how much they have to vibrate to produce a particular note. So it’s not just about the sound, necessarily, but about the feel of the note.

Hye-mi doesn’t seem to be jealous of the situation but she’s there nonetheless, watching the lesson, keeping abreast of Sam-dong’s progress. She finds it very amusing to see Jason sidle up to the window, and upon seeing her he comes up with a lame excuse about losing his way to the library.

I love that Hye-mi always sees Jason at his weakest, and that she calls him on his bluff: She offers to take him to the library, and he has no choice but to go along. Well, it’s that or tell her the truth. And we all know he can’t handle the truth. Yet.

The teachers meet with Ma Doo-shik, now the CEO of White Entertainment, who is interested in managing the debuts of Pil-sook and Hye-mi. Each student has her weaknesses: Pil-sook’s is her old photos, considering how this is a cruel, cold world that values appearance more than anything.

Jin-man is disgusted with this line of reasoning and throws a mini hissy fit (“Does a person sing with their face? Or dance with their face?”), which is both hilarious and a little paining since Park Jin-young has seen his share of face-ridiculing in his day. Aw. I’m sorry. Your awesome comic acting totally rocks, if that’s any consolation. Well, plus you’re super-rich and successful.

Hye-mi’s problem area is her personality, and although Jin-man tries to defend her as “not that bad,” he then remembers examples of her rudeness and is shut down by Principal Shi. The principal wonders why Doo-shik picked such problematic students to back.

Doo-shik wonders that himself, and imagines a scenario where the two girls (who’ve been formed into the group “Sook and Mi”) are guests on a live radio show, hosted by Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Leeteuk. A fan calls in and makes mention of Pil-sook’s weight troubles, sending Hye-mi into a rant against her since she’s recognized the voice as Ria. Gotta say, when Hye-mi seemed like a bitter pill, I had no great liking for her attitude — but now that she’s shown herself to be caring and sympathetic, I LOVE her surly face. It cracks me up every time it’s used as a recurring joke.

Doo-shik backpedals with Oh-hyuk, who says he’s “disappointed” in Doo-shik for being no better than all the other agency presidents who throw money around to make kids into singers.

Jin-man hilariously flip-flops loyalties from one side to the other, and Oh-hyuk smartly maneuvers Doo-shik into proceeding with the debut. At mention of Sam-dong, Jin-man says that it’s too bad he has such stage fright (the explanation that has circulated about his showcase performance), since he has such a strong sense of relative pitch.

Stirred by those words, Oh-hyuk hurries to inform Sam-dong that there may be a way for him after all: Instead of trying to learn perfect pitch to identify all notes, if he just focuses on one note — the tuning fork’s A — then he ought to be able to figure his way around, using the A to root himself and link him to the other notes.

Jin-gook loiters outside his father’s house, feeling buoyed by the wreath his father sent. Gruff Dad isn’t comfortable with those fluffy things normal people call emotions, so he mutters to his secretary, “Why’d you do something I didn’t tell you to do?” But the secretary answers, “But you told me to send it yesterday…” Jin-gook smiles, and tells his father he’s been working hard. He sees that Dad is wearing the watch he gave him and grins wider, and leaves in high spirits.

Jin-gook calls Hye-mi out, who congratulates him for his No. 1 on Music Bank. He scoffs at her trademark blank face, to which she answers, “This IS my congratulations face.” Ha. Love it. He tells her about his father sending the wreath, and she brightens up in excitement over it.

Jin-gook pinches her cheeks to confirm that he’s not dreaming, so she returns the gesture and tells him to confirm his own dreams. So they stand there, pinching each other’s cheeks, grinning like giddy fools. This may be the first time I’ve ever thought this couple was cute, but it’s better late than never.

Sam-dong approaches and Hye-mi quickly lets go of Jin-gook, which is a fact that doesn’t go unnoticed by him. But Sam-dong isn’t fazed to see them together, and congratulates Jin-gook pleasantly on his single success.

A call from his agency darkens Jin-gook’s mood, as he had specifically asked President Yoon to NOT turn his father’s gesture into a promo opportunity. Looks like the president has reneged on his word, and Jin-gook heads off to go take care of the matter.

…and the next thing we know, he’s at the police station for assaulting President Yoon, with reporters swarming around for the juicy story.

Oh-hyuk comes to collect him, and delivers him to tempoary refuge in the old basement studio, which Doo-shik has rented. Sitting there, Jin-gook notes glumly, “I’ve come back to the bottom.” So fleeting, the idol’s fame.

Hye-mi and Sam-dong see the report on TV, which looks mighty bad for Jin-gook. President Yoon works the victim stance by sobbing about trusting a friend, wearing a neck brace and sitting in a wheelchair. Worst of all, the attack was all caught on CCTV.

The Kirin students enjoy a laugh at Jin-gook’s expense, since some Photoshop-happy netizens have parodied the incident with references to Baker King (changed to Assault King) and My Gangster Boyfriend (changed to My Gangster Shi-hyuk). Gossipmonger Ah-jung spreads the story that Jin-gook hit Baek-hee at a previous showcase, bruising her face and necessitating her stage makeup. At least there’s one voice willing to dissent, and In-sung defends his friend.

Make that two: Jason tells Ria (who’s busy speculating on the gangster status of Jin-gook’s supposed bio-dad) to shut up. Baek-hee feels bad for him as well, but she keeps herself out of view.

Oh-hyuk takes Jin-gook home late that night, and they arrive as Hye-mi and Sam-dong are cleaning up the graffiti’d posters and slurs posted up on their front wall. Oh-hyuk’s sister fusses over him sympathetically, but not without trying to fish around for a story. Lol. Can’t blame a reporter for trying.

Jin-gook’s father hears the news with chagrin, and is advised to keep his distance because involving himself would only cause more media furor. He arrives at Oh-hyuk’s house later that night and asks for an explanation, showing some faith that his son wouldn’t have acted like that without a reason. Jin-gook merely bows his head and says through tears that he was reckless, and that he’s sorry for disappointing him. Really, is now the time to be playing the noble idiot? What do you have to lose by admitting the truth?

Instead, Jin-gook just kneels and apologizes over and over.

Baek-hee goes to her mother’s store that night, where Mom has been delivered a special present from the agency president — a box of fresh abalone, an expensive and generous gift.

Mom is pleased to accept, and doesn’t understand why Baek-hee suddenly looks desperate and begs her to return the gift. Such a large gift without reason may just signal a prelude to her being let go…

Sam-dong comes into the room as Jin-gook is sulking in bed and wallowing in his misery. I love that Sam-dong’s first attempt to draw a response is, “Hey, I’m wearing your underwear.” HAHA. But no, you know the depression is severe when that gets no rise out of Jin-gook, so Sam-dong offers to play a little game of “Whose life sucks more?” Hey, I thought this was supposed to cheer him up, buddy.

Jin-gook is in no mood for this, but Sam-dong proceeds, starting with their parents: Jin-gook has no mother, but Sam-dong has no father, so they’re square on that front. But Jin-gook has got a No. 1 TV appearance under his belt, while he hasn’t even debuted yet, so he’s got one up on him.

And sure, Jin-gook has turned into a national gangster overnight, but Sam-dong has a bigger concern: “My ears are ruined.”

Jin-gook is shocked, and that defuses some of his tension. Sam-dong presses his point: “I’m just as depressed as you, but I’m doing my best. Even if there’s no sound, I chase it so I can sing. Do you know why? So I can beat you.” He wants to take on Jin-gook fair and square and be so strong that nobody can pity him, and win — meaning, with Hye-mi.

Sam-dong tells him to buck up and get it together, which is just the thing Jin-gook needs to hear to kick his butt into gear. In the morning, he finds a note from Sam-dong telling him to see him prove himself, since his music test at school today.

In the cafeteria, Pil-sook overhears Jason talking to some hussy named Julie and signing off with an “I love you.” So when he slides over to ask about her meeting with Sam-dong, she glares at him while he explains, just as her senior, that hanging around with guys one-on-one could lead to misunderstandings and scandals — though of course HE’s not the type to misunderstand. It’s just all those pesky other people she has to watch out for!

She retorts that he’d better watch it with the “I love you”s to his precious Julie, and that brings a smile to his face as he guesses, “Is that advice, or jealousy?” She asks him the same thing, but neither one is willing to confess first, so they agree to both spit it out on the count of three…and then neither one says anything.

Jason huffs, “Forget it” and leaves, while Pil-sook sits all peeved. But then he turns back and sits down again, admitting, “Okay, I was jealous. You?” She admits the same, and AAAAGHHH THESE TWO ARE SO CUTE.

Hye-mi grabs Sam-dong (pushing him against a wall, rawr!) before his test to check on his condition, and tells him to look to her if his hearing fades out again so she can signal him.

She’s not sold on his assurances that he’s fine, but he points out that she can hardly follow him around all his life sending him hand signals, and promises to demonstrate so well that she won’t ever worry about him again.

There’s an adorable moment in the testing room when Jason and Pil-sook both reach for their test music and draw back shyly, urging the other to go ahead. Then they decide to both go on the count of three, which is hilarious because you just know they’re the couple who gets sickeningly lovey-dovey at everything, cooing, “No you hang up first. No you. No really! Okay, on the count of three…” I love that Kyung-jin puts the kibosh on that ridiculousness with an eyeroll.

The test is simple: Sing their selections a cappella, two students per song, complete with harmonization. The piano will start them off.

The Milk couple had looked excited at the prospect of singing together, so when Jason realizes he has the same music as Hye-mi, he sends the most hilarious sad-puppy face Pil-sook’s way. Adorable.

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Hye-mi and Jason perform well, with just a few flat notes each. [ Download ]

Next up: Sam-dong and Pil-sook. Jin-gook arrives at the school in time to join Oh-hyuk and Jin-man outside the test studio. Before starting, Sam-dong asks if they can nix the piano, wanting to start off a cappella, which shouldn’t be a problem for his partner since Pil-sook has perfect pitch.

It’s a strange request since this would be a handicap for most students, and the teachers are nervous at Sam-dong’s show of bravado. Kyung-jin warns that he can’t complain about his grade, then.

With that, Sam-dong starts them off a cappella, and when Pil-sook joins him, they’re perfectly in tune with each other. [ Download ]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Everyone’s amazed, and Jason’s really tickling my fancy in this episode, with the way he smiles widely when looking at Pil-sook sing, then grimaces when he looks at Sam-dong, then smiles again at his honey. Silly, transparent boy.

Kyung-jin admits that she’d thought Sam-dong was full of hot air — but sure enough, he and Pil-sook both managed without any mistakes. A+.

Jin-gook watches in with a mix of admiration and, I think, bitterness (or at least self-pity) that Sam-dong managed his demons so well. Sam-dong chases him down in the hall to tell him that it’s Jin-gook’s turn to dig himself out of his own abyss, reminding him that he won’t wait for his showdown forever. So he’d better get on it, pronto.

Sam-dong turns back at the last minute to toss something his way — the K pendant, which he no longer needs.

At the lockers, Hye-mi sees Baek-hee in a daze, stumbling over her own feet and swaying dangerously as she walks up the stairs. She follows her to the roof, where Baek-hee approaches the railing and slips one foot out of her shoe.

Hye-mi interrupts, playing the moment lightly by chiding her for walking around with her shoelaces untied, bending down to tie them for her. But when she looks up, she’s startled at Baek-hee’s expression. In tears, Baek-hee cries on Hye-mi’s shoulder and says pitifully, “It’s all my fault, what happened to Jin-gook. He hit President Yoon while saving me.”



I need to knoooooooooooooow!


Oooh, great twist! After I was all ready to sigh that Jin-gook’s reckless moment seemed overplayed for something relatively small, this is a welcome revelation. So the question is: Why exactly did Baek-hee need saving?

I have a couple of theories. Perhaps Baek-hee went to the agency to beg the president to take her back, and he got angry and was about to get violent with her, which Jin-gook saw (while there to talk about his own beef with the prez) and stopped. OR… and this is more unsavory, but perhaps Baek-hee was begging for another chance, and President Yoon saw fit to take advantage of the situation by offering a sponsorship situation (sponsorship = casting couch scenario). I don’t think she’d offer that herself (what with her vow not to break the rules anymore), but the guy always seemed a bit scummy… It would be an interesting way to address one of those common issues that everyone knows about but doesn’t address openly (at least, not until recent years).

As much as I’m a fan of bromance, I appreciate that the Sam-dong/Jin-gook storyline in this episode went much deeper than that. I love that Sam-dong beelines for Jin-gook after his test (rather than, say, Hye-mi or his teachers) and pushes him to dig himself out of his funk. These characters care about each other too much to let each other slide into misery, but they’re not afraid to tell each other the harsh truth, either, rather than coddling them. Like with Hye-mi and Sam-dong — she is essentially let off the hook by the doctor…only she realizes she perhaps doesn’t want to be let off the hook. Or rather, she wants to help regardless of things like obligation and guilt.

It’s this kind of tough love that Baek-hee lacks, and while strength of character is at least partially innate, it doesn’t help that she fell prey to exactly the type of cutthroat, superficial system that feeds off of her weaknesses and insecurities. In contrast, our Not-Quite-Misfits-Anymore have built up a support system, and I love that the round-robin with the K pendant is a nice motif to illustrate that. They know they can’t save their friends from their demons, but they CAN push and encourage and persuade their friends to save themselves.

Last but not least, here’s the ending clip, with Taecyeon/Jin-gook singing “My Valentine” on Music bank. [ Download ]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


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        Wait, Kim Soo Hyun is not the lead???? I am so confused now…

        • queencircles

          I’m pretty sure Soo-hyun is the lead. I think that this show has just done a good enough job with the triangle and development of each character that Taec is getting more airtime and back story and response from the girl then a normal second lead usually gets.

          Man, I just gotta say again how much I love the opening sequences. The great performance, then the bubbles falling and then fading into the stars behind “Dream High”. Just so pretty!

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          i.e. HyeMi was not jealous and Jason was, etc.. I read there are plenty of subtle negation of what I speculate to be a good premonition of HyeMi & Sam Dong relationship πŸ™

          (I truly hope deep inside my heart that HyeMi and SamDong with have their happy ending, though seems that I have been constantly reminded that SamDong might be the lead, but whether he is the main lead who will get the girl, that’s another story in different level)

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    Thank you dramagods!! Hehehe I mean, JB and GF! πŸ˜‰

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      also, your theories are SO. GOOD.

      i hope it’s the latter, more unsavory option you’ve suggested because i think that would be an interesting (and BOLD!) issue for the drama to address.

      i LOVE the passing off of the K pendant. where, oh where will it end up?!!!

      i can’t believe there are so few episodes left. BOO!!! i will surely miss the Kirin misfits.

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        i think it’s the latter scenario too, because BaekHee would be acting more of a victim than the one at fault here if it had just been the first one– OOOH!! DRAMA!! πŸ˜€

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          why would she not be the victim if the 2nd scenario was it? lol

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      By the way, I agree about the cliffhanger. I NEED TO KNOW! I hope they play it for the sexual harassment angle, because that is a very realistic scenario, and it would make more sense the Baek-hee is contemplating self harm. I like that the show isn’t all bright and shiny “I’m gonna be a STAR!” moments, and we actually get to see the darker side of a cutthroat industry that really is ultimately about selling yourself to the best of your ability, and there is always someone there to take your place.

      Also, I’m overjoyed that the K pendant has passed out of Sam-dong’s hands, because if he’s not K, he’s totally getting the girl. I know I keep going back and forth on this, and until this episode I genuinely thought I was headed for a heartbreak with the Sam-dong/Hye-mi thing, but for the first time since early in the show I have hope! I wasn’t sure I could take another Moony moment πŸ˜‰

      Thank you again for the recap.

      • 3.1.1 reeen

        Jin-Gook-Ah sounds kind of like like Chin-gu-ga (friend)… who knows, it might be a telling name that hints that he’s only going to be Hye-Mi’s friend at the end πŸ˜‰

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        Yes I was surprised jb didn’t have sexual assault as one of her theories… I sorta assumed it would have to be that, it’s pretty common in tv-world.

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      AND YAY FOR SAMDONG’S SMILE ONCE AGAIN!!!! though his emo and “i don’t care” attitude really cool and makes me squeal so loud in front of the screen, his smile really melts me inside. love it love it love it. <3

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            1) Jin Gook is not interested in her.

            2) B*H has some serious issues-she tried to kill someone and has just been stopped from killing herself. She may have been sexually molested. She needs a shrink, help from her teachers, and good friends more than anything else.

            3) And just in case you didn’t get it I repeat ‘Jin Gook is not interested in her.

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        how would they wreck everyone’s ship preferences? The viewers don’t get to choose who ends up with who. Who gets paired with who was already decided from the beginning. It was canon that Jason and Pil Suk would end up together. Now I don’t know if Hye Mi will end up with Sam Dong or Jin Guk, but whoever she ends up with has already been decided from the start.

        • bobo

          actually, dramas are heavily influenced by viewers’ opinions. they don’t want ratings to go down, so if viewers feel strongly about something, they will change it. the only exceptions are the dramas that are pre-shot. the guy who plays sam-dong has been getting a lot of attention lately, so I’m betting on him!!

          • Kaja

            Guys it is obvious that Sam dong and Hyemi will end up together. i dont know how many of u picked up the little signs from the drama, but hyemi is definitely feeling for samdong and it has been clarified that she takes care of him bc she wants to and not bc of the guilt. and didnt u guys see her taking her hands away from Jinguk as soon as samdong steps in.

            and also the actors Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy will be holding an event where they watch the final episode of dream high with their fans, so that shows that they r the main leading couple of the show and this is how it is going to end. most of the viewers want the samdong and hyemi couple to work out and so imagine the actor skhs and suzy watchin the final episode where suzy does end up with Jin guk(GOD NO!)..But ya my point is if that does happen, then the fans are not going to be too happy are they?

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    • 7.1 Severine


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      ^________^ Well…..honestly, I felt like I REALLY want to meet both of them in REAL person & I expect that I will trip in South Korea someday, of course! =)

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    Oh. And for DH and it's adorableness. But mostly for you guys for recapping this so quickly.

    But can I mention how happy I am they did NOT drag on Sam-Dong's angst? THANK YOU, Drama, for making that an important point but moving on. In the meantime, Jin-gook's angst, however, continues….*sigh*. Is it so hard just to give him a normal-er life for once? The angst has been going on 13 episodes already, geesh!

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    Tinnitus has a many different possible sources though the only ones I can think that are treatable by medication are definitely not from nerve damage (the only way I can see SSD getting it at such a young age)

    Probably genetic, but indeed manageable in many cases.

    Go SSD!!! Things are FINALLY looking up for you!

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      i’m so surprised when samdong give K pendant to Jinguk.
      now the question is who is K? i think the pendant will go back to baekhee lastly.she’s the one who needs it the most right now. since she believe in it and how the pendant give her confidence.

      cant believe 3 more episodes to go. dream high <3

      • 17.1.1 iamdea

        i think it’ll end up back to BH too! i noticed that the pendant gets passed along once the current owner of it is able to overcome their obstacles. minus BH to HM. i can’t wait to see how K is but i’m guessing it’ll be JG.

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    Ok, i’m just a sucker for the milk couple.

    • 18.1 Ashley

      I hope they show us their first kiss. It’ll be ever-so-cute but also HILARIOUSLY awkward.

      • 18.1.1 jem

        I don’t think they will since IU has never kiss before

        • ivy

          I think IU has more relationship experiences IRL than her agency would allow her to let on because of her innocent image. Jiyeon outed her on the variety show Heroes when she lied (she said she’s never had a boyfriend). And then she sheepishly admitted that her agency wanted her to say that. LOL

          but yes. I doubt there’d be a kiss scene for the milk couple. they’re already cute enough as it is

          • gustave154

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          • Severine

            I will now revert to my thirteen-year-old self as I type/scream at my computer:

            kiss-uh! kiss-uh! kiss-uh!

      • 18.1.2 bella luna ;)

        during that awkward moment after they admitted to feeling jealous, Pilsuk shoved the bread she’s been chomping on to Jason’s mouth, and he takes a bite – in that moment where a kiss was expected to ensue. in conservative Korean: it’s like they kissed already.

  19. 19 singingzombies

    Also Pil-sook has perfect pitch!?!? That’s kind of awesome. It’s really rare. (I’ve never met anyone who’s had it. I heard once it was like 1 in 1000 people but I can easily be wrong there) Supposedly they easily can identify notes the same way normal people easily identify color. That’s always amazing to me since I am so bad at even relative pitch.

    Who knows. She could be the next Mozart lol.

    • 19.1 ionizable

      i didn’t know perfect pitch was that rare! three girls in my high school music class had it, you could play any note on the piano and they’d be able to tell you what it was. they weren’t even particularly gifted music students, since all of those students went to a nearby arts-focused high school.

    • 19.2 bobo

      yeah, it’s fairly rare but I know a couple of people born with it. I also know a lot of people who learned it.

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    • 20.1 Katey B

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      If you really want to see an amazingly instant hair length ‘extension’ check out LS in My Princess.

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  22. 22 Yuki

    This drama is so well-made (well, except some musical genius factors)… luv the pace, the conflicts, music…
    and Jason, Pil sook are so cuteeeeee…. Jason is looking like a bird more and more… hahaha… luv these two….

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    this episode was so daebak, I LOVE the way they handled this samdong angst arc. I think they’re going to take the sponsorship angle with baekhee, the manager, and jingook, which is a really great twist that I hadn’t even thought about. this show just keeps on surprising me. πŸ™‚

    I read somewhere that in the next episode pilsuk and samdong will spend more time together and jason and hyemi get jealous…. well, jason is definitely the hot-blooded type that is probably a possessive boyfriend, but I think that means hyemi and sam dong will end up together?? HOPEFULLY? *crosses fingers hard*

    I think jin gook will end up as K…. and he’ll probably go off to America, because he supposedly wins the Grammy’s, right?

    • 27.1 sehseh

      No spoilers for episode 14 yet.

      The supposed ‘jealous’ scene you said are spoilers for this episode, and the more accurate translation is that HM and Jason is concerned with PS and SD learning pitch together.

      Jason is jealous, and HM is glad that SD is getting up on his feet.

      • 27.1.1 sara

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  28. 28 Ani

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    And I laughed and felt sad at the same time about JYP’s comment about the way people look. It makes me sad for Changmin (of 2AM), who I actually think is cute but is often made fun of for being the Second COming of Inbong. XD

    Plus I can’t wait until the couples are finally hooked up. Milk Couple. The Teacher Couple. And Hye-mi and her one true pairing (which I think will be Sam-dong, but we’ll see). Dream High HWAITING~

  29. 29 imoan.naomi

    I spent the vast majority of this episode giggling foolishly over Pillsook and Jason, but as soon as I saw the CCTV footage of Jingook’s fight I knew what happened (my money’s on the “casting couch” scenario).

    Poor Baekhee, she really had no idea the kind of Pandora’s Box she opened when she decided to steal that song. That’s why it’s so important for impressionable kids to have proper guidance. (Kyungjin, I’m talking to you…)

    • 29.1 Ash

      Same. I think the President was about to take advantage if BaeHee and JinGook beat up the president.

    • 29.2 Jomo

      And as we have learned from other drama’s, sometimes the footage released isn’t the only footage of an event.

      It will also capture BH going in to see him, and maybe running out just before or after the fight?

    • 29.3 bella luna ;)

      KyungJin better get ready to be a proper support system for Baek Hee this time.

  30. 30 Jasmin

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    • 30.1 h311ybean

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      • 30.1.1 SoloJacen

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      • 30.1.3 gustave154

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      • 30.1.5 chocobi

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  31. 31 Senstar

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  32. 32 h311ybean

    Yay! I have been waiting all day for this!

    I was surprised that Baek-hee was somehow involved in the assault incident, too. (On a side note, WTF is up with her hair?!)

    However, I hope my theory is right that President Yoon is physically abusing Baek-hee (as in just plain hurting her because she’s not making him any money) rather than anything having to do with sponsorship. (Or I guess it’s possible that he’s suggesting a sponsorship and she refused, so he hit her.) Anyway, I think there is definitely some element of physical violence in that relationship because of Ah-jung’s gossip about Baek-hee covering bruises with makeup. I don’t think Jin-gook had anything to do with that at all.

    And as much as I would love Sam-dong to overcome his condition and become the first Korean Grammy winner, I don’t think he’s “K.” It is most probably one of the girls – I may be wrong, but it seems to me that they were the only ones who formed some kind of rapport with Bae Yong-joon’s character, enough to credit him later in their careers as the one who started it all. I guess Sam-dong or Jin-gook could credit him with that, since they were admitted to Kirin on his recommendation, but there was just no bond there for us viewers to appreciate.

    I can’t believe this show has only 3 episodes (and a special) to go!

    • 32.1 h311ybean

      And I realize I am dreadfully slow on the uptake regarding K’s identity. OK, it’s definitely not Sam-dong. Now Jin-gook has it and unless he gives it back to someone who’s already had it, or Pil-sook needs it, he could very well be “K.” OK, fine, whatever, it’s not a huge deal to me πŸ™‚

      Also, I bet that Julie = Jason’s sister. ^_^

      • 32.1.1 chocobi

        I bet she’s her mom!! πŸ˜›

        • V V

          It more likely mom cos no brothers will say that to their sisters publicly

    • 32.2 Beebs

      Crazy thought but Teacher Kang is someone that could credit BYJ lol. I mean he wasn’t motivated to teach seriously befor BYJ had faith in him. But yeah like I said, crazy thought.

      • 32.2.1 h311ybean

        OMG I hadn’t thought of that! πŸ˜€

  33. 33 Daniela

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    Oh, Pil-sook and Jason, you just make my day. ADORABLE.
    It’s great to see Sam-dong smiling again and fighting against his illness. The conversation with Jin-gook was very good but sad at the same time.

    Unfortunately, the only times that i had seen the actor that plays Jin-gookΒ΄s father, he is playing the bad father and a very angry one. When Jin-gook arrives to his house, despite the things he said, his face looks happy and if I remember well, he smiled and he looked loving. I want to see him in a role where he plays the loving father. I think it would suits him. When he is smiling like he means it, I want to hug him.

    Thank you for the recap!

    • 33.1 estel

      In Coffee Prince he’s nice…r. In the last half he’s even actually nice.

      • 33.1.1 mary

        He’s also kinda nice in Lovers. As nice as a gangster boss daddy can be.

  34. 34 iamdea

    Jason and Pil-sook is soo cute! it was funny how when PS was singing he was grinning but to SD you can tell he wasn’t happy.

    now about BH, i think she was being taken advantage of, JG saw and beat the crap out of him. make sense with the CEO sending BH’s mom a gift. also i don’t think he’s all that injured, he’s faking it. hope he gets caught soon. >:( he really did seem shady. BH needs to come out and tell what happened. i mean if they caught JG on camera beating up the guy, they should have caught BH going in the office right?

    all this is going on and with only 3 Eps left….

    i’m glad SD is smiling again in this Ep. πŸ™‚ HM is definitely falling for SD she just doesn’t know it yet… πŸ˜‰

  35. 35 hpn88

    I think they’re going to play it as the sexual harassment angle, which is going to be pretty brave for the drama to do. I’m curious as to how they’ll deal with in now. I just really hope that they deal with it in a fitting manner. It seems to be a significant problem in the industry (I’m thinking back to the actress from BOF and several others). I commend the team for having the guts to even approach the issue in a drama like DH.

    Props to JG’s character for not saying anything about it, and I hope they have a scene with him and BH. I guess he needed to get out of his old agency to get the pendent.

    Chipmunk and Pilsook…..FINALLY!!!!!! *throws confetti*
    and the cheek pinching scene with JG/HM had me giggling.
    also the radio show scene with HM was priceless.
    and I also love all the songs in the ep.
    the SD/PS version of the song i think is better than the original, but the Jason/HM duet is such as good song! and I love the valentine song. Its amazingly cheesy, but so cute at the same time.

    • 35.1 anais

      Ditto re:
      * cheek pinching scene
      * HM & Pilsook radio show scene

    • 35.2 anais

      I commend the team for having the guts to even approach the issue in a drama like DH.

      Props to JG’s character for not saying anything about it, and I hope they have a scene with him and BH. I guess he needed to get out of his old agency to get the pendent.

      I too hope that the Show will use it to comment on the casting couch practice. I can’t help but wonder how the fact the show is being produced by Bae Yong Joon and Park Jin Young factors into the show’s momentum and now its ability to have some latitude, if it indeed does level a very blunt critique of a widespread industry abuse. And with Baekhee, there’s an additional layer of her being a minor. Pretty damning.

      • 35.2.1 anais

        Oh and ditto re: JG keeping mum. Ever since I finished watching this episode, I’ve been mulling over it.

        • bella luna ;)

          with JG keeping his silence about the incident, I believe that it’s casting couch, which could be in consideration of Baek-Hee. if it was a non-sexual related incident, JG wouldn’t have to keep mum about it and BH wouldn’t have to feel so bad as to contemplate harming herself.

          I’m really at an awe with how the Show stitched everything together: the cute, the fun, the giddy, the dreamy, the serious, the scary, and the social commentary. if only the idols’ acting chops were great, then it would have been perfect. but altogether, I’m happy with how the Show is doing. totally my 2011 drama crack! πŸ˜‰

          • anais

            with JG keeping his silence about the incident, I believe that it’s casting couch, which could be in consideration of Baek-Hee. if it was a non-sexual related incident, JG wouldn’t have to keep mum about it and BH wouldn’t have to feel so bad as to contemplate harming herself.

            Yeah, that’s why I thought it was casting couch as well.

            Which then made me mad that Baekhee’s reaction was to hurt herself. Not because I can’t understand it but because I realize this is the reaction of many women in Baekhee’s situation. I say, fry the offender! I want some righteous rage.

            And I want to smack Baekhee’s mom and all parents who rob their children of self-confidence. (Thankfully Jingook’s father is showing a bit more decency.)

          • h311ybean

            These are very good points about how it could very well be the sexual harassment angle. I still maintain that he’s responsible for that bruise on Baek-hee’s face that Ah-jung was gossiping about.

            President Yoon = creeps on minors + beats up on women = deserved what he got from Jin-gook

          • anais

            I still maintain that he’s responsible for that bruise on Baek-hee’s face that Ah-jung was gossiping about.

            That bruise was only a figment of Ah-jung’s gossipy imagination. There was no bruise. Ah-jung was saying that she’d heard that the reason why Baekhee had the star makeup over her eye was because of a supposed bruise. There was none. We saw that immediately before and after their performance.

          • anais

            Long story short, Ah-jung was making it all up because she is a gossip.

          • h311ybean

            Oops, I thought she was talking about something else. Way to not pay attention. Sorry about that, I’ve been really distracted by RL lately.

  36. 36 polkadots

    whew! i love this ep so much:) the jason and pil-suk team up is really convincing.. and i pity baek-hee in this while i’m loving the character of hye-mi even more.. *sigh, i can’t wait for next week πŸ™

  37. 37 Bluefyre

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    I loved the a capella! Ear candy!! Thanks so much JB!!

    Can’t wait for next weeks’!

  38. 38 SoloJacen

    The theory that popped into my mind right after that was the second one too. Sigh, Baek Hee… I’m echoing your I NEED TO KNOWW here all day!! It’s driving me nuts!


    I’m losing it….

  39. 39 Sam

    Who would have been able to guess that such an idol loaded drama would turn out so good! I’m always on the edge of my seat after each episode! A week is too long of a wait!

    Wooot! WooU couple!! Be still, my beating heart. <3<3

  40. 40 sorcy79au

    YES!!! Thanks JB for the quick recap. I stalk this website early on a Tuesday and Wednesday hoping the recaps will come up quicker than you and GF can possibly write them.
    I adore this drama and can never wait patiently for the next episode. I believe that is the secret to an awesome series/drama. Making the audience want for more now now NOW!

    Loved the JS and PS moments but then I always have.
    I also think the JG saved BH from an unsavoury rendezvous with the manager of K. Never liked him to be honest, so that is my theory.

    I wonder who the K pendant will go to next or is it going to stick with JG? I read somewhere about someone’s theory that the pendant brings the bearer up from the pits of despair (or something along those lines) and that PS or JS won’t receive the pendant as what on earth could happen to them that would make them that low? I don’t want either of them to suffer (cause they are AWESOME!) but I would like for the pendant to go through the whole group, to keep us all guessing on who “K” is.

    I don’t want it to end… :'(

    • 40.1 Yuki

      PS/JS don’t need it, they are each other’s lucky charms ^_^

  41. 41 Xin

    As the show progress, I am really falling in love with Jason and pil sook! There are so CUTE!!! I really like the misfits friendship. It’s hard to find true friends.

  42. 42 chuachumill

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    quote “anneyong jason…”super cute!

  43. 43 Angskeet

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  44. 44 Ace

    Thanks JB! When I watched this very early morning, the first thing that I thought of after watching Sam-dong and Pil-sook’s duet was, “I wish JB will have a download link for that song”. =) I replayed that scene at least 15 times last night. Had fun watching Jason at turns look surprised and annoyed at Sam-dong. That’s how I look when watching a movie/TV and then someone interrupts my viewing pleasure.

  45. 45 bee

    wheee, i watched the episode sans subs, and was surprisingly able to catch enough dialog to get a good gist of what went on. i’m proud of me[: but i’m not gonna lie. i’m going to watch this with subs tomorrow anyways, hahha.

    but OH MAN. I just now realized that that’s a helluva cliffhanger to have to wait an entire week for. For some reason I kept thinking the next one would be out tomorrow, so I was like, no biggie. But… a week… I just… wow =/

    • 45.1 anais

      where do you get the subs so quickly?

      • 45.1.1 poo

        u can get on viki, epdrama or dramacrazy

        • anais


  46. 46 brookeeve

    I want to address the music stuff real quick. I went to a music based high school, we had like seven choirs and five bands, and so often dramas get it wrong.

    I love the fact that only one kid in that class had perfect pitch. I can’t stand that people act like it’s something that all musicians have. It drives me nuts. In the four years I went to that school, I met one kid with perfect pitch.

    I also like the way that they decided to teach Sam Dong to go with one note and then step his way to the other notes. That’s the way most musicians are taught. We had to learn a silly little interval song to learn our steps, but that wasn’t so bad. Also, the sight-reading test was awesome! It’s really hard to do that! I can’t imagine doing it as a duet… that’s nuts. Sam Dong was pretty smart in not letting them touch the piano, because Pil Sook could just adjust the key to whatever he started in. Unfortunately, in real life, when you’re doing a sight reading test they touch the piano keys at the beginning and the end to see if you’ve gone sharp or flat during your singing. Also, I thought that it was cool that Pil Sook knew how the notes felt, because all of my teachers rammed that down our throats forever.

    There’s a couple of other things I wish they would address: health of vocal cords, elocution, breathing, diet, etc. but I’m super happy at how they’ve treated the musicality of this show. πŸ™‚

    • 46.1 Bluefyre

      I agree. I’m a music major and I really appreciate how they handle it. It’s nice to see the nitty gritty stuff of music come out of the closet. Everybody just thinks/says, “Oh you’re a music major? That’s kind of simple/easy right? What do you do in it? With it?”

      Drives me nuts sometimes! LOL.

      I don’t have perfect pitch, but it sure is hard learning relative. Grr. My lowest grades are in Sight reading/sight singing. Wish there was a quick fix. πŸ™‚

      So yeah…the Sam Dong-Pil Sook scene and the whole pitch thing was much appreciated.

      • 46.1.1 Bad Minion (Lahlita)

        You’re a music major? Mazel tov! I can’t read music for crap. Like, at all. I’ve never been able to read music so you music majors have my respect.

        I don’t have absolute pitch but I’m awesome with relative pitch. My college roommate was in an a cappella group, and when she would write arrangements, she would start with the melody, then sing it to me twice. The third time through I would come in with a harmony and she would use that for the mezzos and sopranos. If the song had a higher-pitched melody, she would take my harmony and knock it down one octave for the Altos.

        Sarah McLachlan was the BEST music for harmonization. “Mary,” “Elsewhere,” “Witness,” “Obsession” and “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy” were some of our favorites. We would blast it through our room and just emote. Ah, good times.

      • 46.1.2 pam

        Hi Bluefyre. Since you’re a music major, maybe you can help me with this:

        When Teacher Shi played the first chord, Pil-sook identified it as “B2, D3, G3” and was told that she was correct.

        Now I don’t have perfect pitch, but I do sing and have studied piano for 13 years. I had serious doubts about them being those particular notes because B2, D3, and G3 are on the lower end of the piano. So I tried them, and they don’t sound alike. It was more like B5, D6, and G6 (3 octaves higher, LOL).

        Then when Teacher Shi tapped the glass, Pil-sook said “G5” and was told to be correct again. It seemed plausible, but just to be sure I tried it, too. It sounded more like Fβ™―5.

        I wouldn’t have been so particular if they hadn’t made that claim that she had perfect pitch. Am I wrong, or are the acoustics in that room playing tricks on me? Or maybe the sound editors tweaked the parts where they played notes? Gah, why am I obsessing… >_<

    • 46.2 anais

      Ditto on everything. One can cultivate better relative pitch and do exactly what they taught Samdong to do, but perfect pitch, yeah… I remember a choir audition during which I was asked to identify chords and the pitch of individual notes in arpeggios, and although I’d sung and played piano for over a decade, I gave up.

      Oh totally, the diet part. No milk before a performance.

      • 46.2.1 Bluefyre

        Ugh. Diet. Haha! I want a scene like that!

        Kyung-jin(?) lecturing them about no milk, nuts, chips, soda, cold food/water, etcetera etcetera before a performance!

      • 46.2.2 brookeeve

        Also, no lemonade! Or anything with lemons, really. And no peanut butter. Actually, if you don’t eat at all the day before a performance, the happier they are! LOL!

        • Bad Minion (Lahlita)

          Although apples are OK. Denyce Graves always eats apples the morning of a performance to keep her throat moist and limber, and we all know what a goddess she is.

    • 46.3 h311ybean

      Besides his hysterically funny portrayal of Jin-man, I think this kind of thing is what JYP brings to the table. I have to admit that at first I thought it a bit much that he and Bae Yong-joon were collaborating on a drama (and appearing in it, to boot), but I look forward to seeing JYP’s character every week – and now I appreciate how his technical knowledge of music and the entertainment industry has made “Dream High” a lot richer.

      • 46.3.1 Katey B

        I wasn’t at all excited when I first heard BYJ was doing this drama. Now I have an appreciation. Still I am glad his character had a limited appearance.

      • 46.3.2 kaysee

        I couldn’t agree more with your comment. Well said!

    • 46.4 Q

      I remember my interval songs! Perfect fifth was Twinkle Twinkle little stars, perfect fourth was Amazing Grace … But oh how I long to have perfect pitch; would have made aural exams so much easier. The way I normally go is hum the note, then go in a scale downward until I reach my lowest note, which is about an E/F. Otherwise I’d be lost completely. I am also incapable of working in any key other than C major, so if I have to come up with chords to a song, I do it in C major then transpose LOL.

      I’m no expert on the subject but I find it interesting how my friend, who has perfect pitch, is entirely incapable of singing in tune. She is actually worse than your average non-muso. Anybody care to explain to me how this is possible?

      • 46.4.1 brookeeve

        Personally I’ve never heard of someone with perfect pitch not being able to sing in tune. Perfect pitch is very, very, very rare, so I don’t ever believe someone who claims they have it until I’ve seen it.

        I’m not saying your friend doesn’t have it, I’m just saying I’m skeptical of it.

        • michelle

          an old high school friend of mine (we’re no longer friends since we’ve drifted apart) had perfect pitch, but before she joined choir and learned how to utilise her voice, she was absolutely terrible at singing. I remember people telling me that she was horrible at singing. Now people say that she has an awesome singing voice. Her perfect pitch just came from playing the violin for 6+ years and the piano for 8+ years. And my high school teacher, who also had perfect pitch himself, confirmed it when she auditioned for choir.

      • 46.4.2 Bad Minion (Lahlita)

        The theme song for “Rugrats” was all about thirds in C major. It was awesome and so easy to play.

        Also, while perfect pitch exceedingly rare in the West with our stress-pitch languages, it’s much more common in the East where tonal languages are spoken. There it’s not so noteworthy. There have even been some studies showing that Tibetan tonal speakers will speak the same word in the exact same note on different days. That’s brilliant stuff right there.

        • Jomo

          not so noteworthy

          Tee hee! Pun!

          Wow! That must be a very difficult language to learn, and one where it would be EASY to offend just about everyone with tone errors!

          • Bad Minion (Lahlita)

            Hahaha, I didn’t even notice my own pun. Go, me!

            No language is hard to learn if you’re a baby. Barring some physical defect, babies are born with perfect hearing — and I do mean perfect. They can hear and differentiate every sound and every tone in every language. That ability rapidly atrophies (we’re talking only months) as they receive aural feedback based on the language of their caretakers. For instance, a Korean child almost never hears “f”, and hence never learns to make the sound, so when they hear “f”, their brain maps it to the Korean consonant that’s most similar to it; P. Ergo, Coppee Prince or Pashion Show. That’s why it’s so important to expose children to other languages at an early age. There will never be another time where language literally forms your brain. A bilingual nine-year-old will learn a third language more easily than a monolingual nine-year-old will a second.

            That being said, tonal languages are their own beast. Blech! I’ve got several languages under my belt, but none are tonal, so whenever I try to repeat Mandarin phrases, my Chinese friend cries from laughter. I really suck at it. Pfft. πŸ™

        • Q

          This may explain why everyone I know who has perfect pitch is Chinese :/. Mandarin has four different ‘pitches’ at which words are spoken – the same pronunciation but at a different pitch will create entirely new words and thus many hilarious misunderstandings. I tried expressing these pitches to my Korean friends once but they just looked very confused and said I was repeating the same word four times. Cantonese has something like seven or eight pitches. But have you ever heard a Chinese person try to speak French? It’s horrific. I guess every language has its own … attributes?

          • Bad Minion (Lahlita)

            Yep, that’s exactly why many, many perfect pitchers are Chinese. That nonsense pisses me off too, because I try to hard, but fail even harder. My Chinese friend was trying to get me to say “your mother is [something],” I don’t remember. Anyway, I got the pitches all wrong and ended up saying “Your horse is a whore.” Yeah, she laughed so hard she choked. I hate her. πŸ™‚

            On the other side of the coin, yes, I have heard a Chinese person trying to speak French. And English. And Spanish. Horrific is right. It’s so unpleasant. Goes to show that every language has their own rubbish, but the tonal/atonal chasm is especially evil.

          • thirteen

            Errr… In Montreal and no doubt countless places around the world, there are lots of Chinese people who speak perfectly good French and English. I don’t think a Chinese person speaks other languages “horrifically” because of the tone.

    • 46.5 Jomo

      They spent so much time talking about how he can overcome his pitch issues, but did they talk about tempo?

      Although I heard Ringo Starr was as reliable as a metronome, not many people can feel tempo accurately. It is so elusive.
      How can he keep time if there are bunches of tempo changes, rallentendo’s or accelerando’s. The other folks can give him visual cues, maybe more subtle than HM’s, I guess, but they have to know to do it.

    • 46.6 michelle

      I find sightreading easy, thanks to my high school choir teacher. Sure, I’ll need a musical cue for the first note, but after that, I can go on from there. Also, being able to sightread is the only way anyone can get into the advanced choir at my high school and my college choir.

    • 46.7 Schmazel

      Speaking of relative pitches…did anyone notice that when OH hit the tuning fork when was talking to SD abt learning one pitch to get the rest, there was this graphic thingy that appeared, and amongst all the keys, there was a ‘h’? LOL. Go take a second look at the episode around the 27minute mark. It is there. Heheheh.

      • 46.7.1 pam

        LOL, I saw that, too.

  47. 47 Deeliteful

    OMG….LOVE this show!!!
    I love that Sam-dong doesn’t just HAVE perfect pitch, he has to work hard to keep his dream. I thought they were going to play the “perfect pitch” role for him. Or just let him be a song writer

    I just LOVE the milk couple..I just want to pinch their cheeks and rub their heads (don’t judge me!)…but they’re soooo cute!!!

    I don’t know but I like the the HM/JG pairing and I doubt its going to change in the next 2 weeks but this drama has surprised me so much…you just never know now…

    and Sam-dong is just <3 <3 <3!!!!

    • 47.1 Katey B

      Yeh. Another for HM and JG! Though I’m happy whatever happens as long as ‘the current’ B*H doesn’t get paired with JG. If B*H has a total character makeover in the next two episodes I will be VERY surprised as I think she needs a whole lot of head work done. If it does happen and she pulls it together in just two episodes I think I might be disappointed actually. I’d like her to move towards becoming a legit talent but not happen to be one overnight. And yes even though she’s debuted I didn’t think she was all that good.

  48. 48 orenji

    if anyone interested, the song that Samdong sing in the beginning is actually Kim Soohyun’s very own song. they released it this week.

    Kim Soohyun – Dreaming.


    how awesome is that..love his voice. love him. <3

    • 48.1 Bluefyre

      Love how they released an OST album this week instead of the part 1, 2, 3…etc. Plus 2 new songs! Yay!

      Totally can’t stop listening to “Dreaming”!! Love KSH’s voice! He’s no Kyuhyun…but I still love his voice! I less than three him! πŸ™‚

      “My Valentine” is nice too. Taec and Nickhun…who would’ve thought these two 2PM rappers would sound so nice.

      • 48.1.1 gustave154

        i agree i knew taecyon can sing but JYP told him to rap in 2PM… nice to see him singing a ballad! =)

    • 48.2 Lisa

      Here’s one with English subs


  49. 49 poo

    ok so JG and HM are officially a couple? What abt Sam DOng? Not that i hate JG/ HM as a couple but i feel so heartboken watching SD, i mean that boy is getting nothing, he lost the girl, he lost his hearing , what more now? Make him happy pleeeeese πŸ™

    • 49.1 h311ybean

      No way! :-O She let go of him when she saw Sam-dong! They’re cute and all, but Sam-dong should totally get the girl!

      • 49.1.1 sehseh

        It’s a double-edged sword.

        IF Hyemi doesn’t let go of SD, she will definitely be bashed as selfish and insensitive to poor SD feelings.

        Whatever HM- SD relationship will turn out to be in the remaining 3 episodes, HM is currently JG’s girl aka dating.

        • sehseh

          Oops, I mean if HM doesn’t let go of JG’s hand…

          • lala

            when was i established that they are dating?

        • h311ybean

          I still think that Sam-dong and Hye-mi should end up together because I don’t need to write yet another fan fic where the poor second lead gets the girl! :-p

          • over analyzing

            okay.. maybe i’m just getting my hopes up with the sam dong and hye mi couple… but i really hope so.

            When HM was singing that song with Jason during their testing it was a break up song and when they were singing it- it showed JG coming into the school (it showed alot of JG).- so maybe its a reference stating that HM and JG aren’t meant to be- the song stated something like “you were too late, were breaking up already and it hurts , it hurts so much, but I feel its more painful to stay together”

            When Sam Dong and PS was Singing their song it was about falling in love and it seemed like SD and PS was looking at HM and Jason. It just showed alot of the SM/HM and PS/Jason couple. The song went something like “I can’t hide my feelings anymore. I want to give you everything. I’m always beside you (next to you), Can’t I love you. In your heart can’t it be me”

            So anyways I may just be over analyzing it just because I am a SD and HM lover.. but the song just fits them perfectly.. I rewatched that part so many time. I really hope SD ends up with HM.. I don’t really care if he is K or not.. But if SD doesn’t end up with HM.. I will not be rewatching this drama.. I love this Drama it so good.. but when your fav couple doesn’t end up together.. it doesn’t make you want to rewatch.

          • BIP

            I’m with u completely!

          • Bree

            Ok i seriously was beginning to think I was the only one who noticed that…. Cause everyone I talked to about it had no idea what I was talking about until they saw the song translated then it all became clear. ^_^ I’m a SD/HM shipper to the end and I think they have sooo much more chemistry *don’t bash me JG lovers because I like him as well* I just don’t think HM and him work out so well unlike SD and HM their chemistry is off the hook right now ^^… So I’m still holding a torch for them and hoping they end up together ^_^. If not then well he has to be K then hehe

        • nickbw

          I think that’s right. It’s been three or four episodes when HM wouldn’t let JG talk – explain because she was so mad, hurt by his not taking part in the unofficial concert, then she finds he’s been with BH. The Tokyo episode explained everything to her and she was immediately forgiving because she has deep feelings for her. She is fond of SD too but not romanticly.
          The last two episodes were so fantastic, this ids one of the best bromances ever. I love Suzy every time her tears roll mine run too. I felt so bad for BH in this and just loved how HM was able to support her. It was also great that SD was nice to JG. All in all the character development and constant movement in the plot is just magical. By the way there’s another series to come!

  50. 50 calypso

    hope they release baekhee’s version of dreaming in full!!!

    i totally feel for her character, she’s the most sympathetic one in a way because she’s got no support system, lacks self-esteem, has had an inferiority complex bolstered by her mother (single parent family) and her bff, vulnerable quick rise to fame, lack of talent, etc (although kyungjin and hyemi and jingook seem to be stepping in to help)

    thanks for all the music clips!!!

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